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Other / Better Call Saul - Sex Toilets, Buttholes, Lawyers, and Mike
« on: April 07, 2015, 02:09:27 PM »
All Discussion for the Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul can go here.

Let us see the tragic tale of metamorphosis seeing Jimmy McGill becoming the slick, amoral Saul Goodman.

Plus we get the magic of . . . The Sex Toilet

And Butthole and Roundhouses:

This show is so good and I'm surprised how much this show is punches me in the feels. I mean, I really didn't even like Saul in BB; he was a slimy lawyer after all. Funny yes, but not someone I cared about or had a perverse fascination about how dark they were going to get.

Real World Topics / The First International Fanworks Day!
« on: February 15, 2015, 09:22:19 PM »
So, I found out today is apparently International Fanworks Day, and the first one to Boot.

Even though it's been a while since I've written fic, being busy with LUHC, but since I was fourteen I was writing fanfic.  Oh man, my first fanfic was sort of painful.  The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest that had I created a "romantic interest" for Jonny because I had a giant crush on him at the time and that the cool redheaded girl who was the daughter of the most awesome badass white haired red shirt wearer (as much as I adore Archer, Race Bannon was rocking the white haired red wearer badass first) around had a thing for the adopted Indian boy.

It was bad and never made it on line.  Thank goodness so no one can look at my shame and laugh.  Because it really is a shameful display.

Anyway, my first real attempt at fanfic came when I was 15 and finally got access to a computer and the internet. Hilariously enough, the story was written before the first episode of one of the shows involved in the crossover had even aired.  Angel/Highlander Crossover was written in 1999.  I long lost the link to the original site that hosted it, so I just posted from when I published it on FFNet after someone introduced me to that site.

I was fifteen when I wrote that story, and it's sort of hilarious to go back and read it.  Especially since it was written a good two months before Angel premiered in 1999 on what was then the WB network.  I was infatuated with both Angel and Duncan MacLeod at the time, and almost anything can crossover with Highlander because the mythology is so open and really not there, which is something for another time.

It was also practice for me for writing, getting my "voice" down and characterization.  I wrote a lot of fanfic.

Hell, I called Snape being in love with Lily Potter years before the last HP book was written.

And for the most part, fanfic has been a really positive experience for me.  I've built relationships that I would never have without it.  Made friends that I'm still in touch with to this day.  Hell, two of my bridesmaids at my wedding were friends I met through fanfic and fandom.

There's a lot of love that goes into fanworks be it artwork or writing, and its sort of awesome to see it get attention. 

I've rambled enough I suppose, but I thought I'd share this because its love.

Real World Topics / Ohayocon 2015
« on: January 01, 2015, 07:15:30 AM »
This year, as always Roadbuster and I are making our annual trek to Ohayocon in Columbus, OH on January 30th to February 1st.

Again, we're doing panels.  I'm doing Fanfiction and Beyond, a general writing panel, Fuck Fifty Shades: How To Really Write Erotica who's title really says all you need to know, and Roadbuster and I are co-hosting a Black Lagoon and Berserk panel.  We retired our Type-Moon panel last year due to burn out.

So if you're in the area, maybe we can do a meet up and hang out.

"Why are we dressed like this?"

Forest looked at Saber and realized it was a very good question.  The Once and Future King was pouting slightly, her lip thrust out as her fists were clinched at her sides.  She was wearing a French Maid's uniform that was indecently short complete with white high heels and little black heels.  Saber had her arms pressed at her sides to keep the uniform's skirt from riding up to show anything.  Her cheeks were pink and even her pony tail bobbed with indignation.

Forest looked down at herself and scowled, realizing that Saber had gotten lucky with the Maid Uniform. "You have to be sodding kidding me," Forest said with a growl as she held out the extremely short purple pleated skirt she was wearing.  Her long blond hair had been tied off into twin tails and she had pom-poms attached to her hands.  The purple and white crop top gave a good look at the muscles of her midriff and had CE complete with a crescent moon behind it. 

Saber stomped her foot and asked, "Again, why are we dressed like this?"

"I have no bloody clue, but I'm going to bust someone's face in until I . . ."  Forest blinked as a table with a spiral bound notebook appeared before her.  She turned and noticed she was in a very lavish room with a four poster bed that could be described as "orgy sized".

The blond maid-king picked up the notebook, opened it up and began to read, "We cordially welcome you to the Velvet Room in which . . ." Emerald eyes met Forest's as Saber's mouth dropped open and her cheeks turned bright red.  She thrust the note book to the vampire and the vampire scowled as she read it.

"What the fucking hell is this this twaddle? 'In which your most deviant desires can come true.  Think of the Velvet Room as a reality marble that produces the most lewd and decedent interactions.  Posts in here are not part of Cross Effects.  In basic terms, this is where RP fucking that can't and won't happen in the main storyline itself will happen . . .' No.  Just no."

"Why are we the ones introducing this?" Saber asked, "I am inexperienced in these matters and you . . ."

Forest scowled and said, "Because we're fetish bait that's why.  So this Velvet Room is just for people to RP smut and shagging?  Bloody lovely."

"There is more appearing on the page," Saber said pointing as she looked, "'Enjoy your stay in the Velvet Room and remember that what happens here stays in here.'  Forest, I refuse to read this last part."

"Sod this," Forest said before throwing the notebook to the floor and heading towards the door.  "Neckbeards can get their smut on if they want to, but we're not having any part of this . . ."

Nexus City.  A vile cesspool filled with villains and evil monsters that preyed upon the innocent.  It was a pocket dimension of sorts, and its inhabitants were creatures and nightmares that should have never met.  Nexus City had her own whims and had no qualms about stealing others from their homes to her strange lands with no chance to return.

Despite being filled with the stuff of nightmares, life still found a way here.  In fact it thrived in a sort of self-sustained ecosystem of sorts.  Nexus City provided for her inhabitants and it wasn’t divined why. 

Life, as one cynical chaos theorist once said, finds away.


It’s going to snow.

Forest could smell the light, crisp scent of a coming snow storm on the air.  The chill breeze toyed with strands of blond that had escaped her braid.  She could feel it knife through her leather duster and cut into her.  It was both painful and numbing at the same time, but feeling was getting increasingly more difficult for the vampire.

Last night she had paid to feed off a local prostitute, offering her enough money where she wouldn’t have to earn her living on her back for the rest of the week.  She had then given the girl the impulse to visit a local clinic while she had her fangs imbedded into the prostitute’s wrist.  Forest had then made a visit to the girl’s abusive pimp to make sure he would never raise his hand to a girl like that again.

However, when she’d been feeding, Forest found that the girl’s blood tasted like ash upon her tongue.  The warmth she used to feel when she had fed was fleeting, and it wasn’t the girl’s fault.  Luckily the girl really didn’t have any illnesses that would have tainted the taste of her blood.  No, Forest expected it was something else.

She knew she was going through the motions.  Her phone chimed Queen’s “Killer Queen” for the fifth time that night.  Sighing, she pulled out the smart phone and checked the latest text message the former King Arthur Had given her. 

I am concerned.  Please reply to this message as soon as you are able.  I would like to dine with you tonight.  I am working and Lancelot refuses to leave the apartment.  – Saber

Forest sighed and resisted the urge to rub her forehead.  Tiny girl with the glowing sword is bloody persistent, she thought.  Saber had been her latest “rescue” in this place, even though Saber really didn’t need rescuing.  More like Saber needs a sodding caretaker, the vampire known as Law Unto Herself thought as she typed in a return message.

Maybe later.  Patrolling right now.  Check back in 1 hr.

Then she hit Send before a sound caught her attention.


Saber was surrounded by flashing blue and red lights and people in either dark, crisp uniforms and heavy clothing.  The chill air cut through her car length-leather coat, but her internal furnace helped warm her if she focused on it ever so slightly.  In return her stomach rumbled slightly in protest as she approached the parameter that had been created before her arrival.

Excalibur was strapped onto her back, ready for her to pull at a moment’s notice.  Strands of her golden hair blew against her face as she approached.  One of the “Black and Whites” stood to attention and said, “Saber, good, we’ve got a body.”

“Was the death supernatural or mundane means?” she asked before the band known as Iron Maiden chimed from her back pocket.  Forest had chosen her own ring tone when she had programmed Saber’s phone for her, something melodical and fast and slightly ridiculous.  As the officer walked her to the body, Saber pulled the phone out of her pocket and swiped the screen as she had been taught.

There was one message waiting from her from Forest: Personal Advisor.

Maybe later.  Patrolling right now.  Check back in 1 hr.

Saber frowned at the response, but began to focus on the task at hand.  She said, “I would like to know what has been found.”

Note: A name that has a line through it indicates a dead character or one that has left the Nexus. A dead/transported character does not occupy a slot.

Game Masters: YOLF, Sinib, Bern, Nachos

Forest  benched
Abigail Summers Needs more testosterone.
Tohsaka Rin (Post-HF) benched
Gabriel L. Umbrabenched
Corbin A. Winterborne
Rick benched

Lesser Mongrel GM
"Donkey Whacker," real name of Donnel Two-ton
Anti-Fog Metahuman: Prototype Seven
Alicia (Removed for akatsuki)
Ragna the DankEDGE
Alpha the Dankumo

Head Master Overruler GM
Maximillian Gesundheit (rip, he never saw the light of day)
Mr. Tar/Henry Barthow
Sarse (retired, probably back in heaven)

Mordred [BENCHED]
Deborah(Vanished to parts unknown?)
Sakata Gintoki (he was needed for gags)
Doromizu Jirochou (seems like he'll not be on stage for now after all)
Ametsuchi Noriko
Julius Richter
GURL St. Peter
Mitsuba Benched
Fenghuang [BENCHED]

Brown Senpai

Castus Grendel (Left via portal)
Adjutor Xarrest (Torn in two by a cyberzombie)
Guts (Killed by Natara's chalice)
Michael Koridae
Cole MacGrath (turned into infected food)
Emily Blaskowicz
Seras Victoria
Annabeth Miller
Girl Adjutor Redux

Sakura Lover GM
Faust (Vaporized by Shendy)
Luviagelita Edelfelt (replaced with Hakumen)
Noeru Vermillion(back in action) Benched
Hakumen (okay no, replaced too, just fell into the Boundary again or something)
Irisviel von Einzbern
Kongou DESS (still with her teitoku desu)
Rachel Alucard
Oka Kurosawa Benched
Misaka Mikoto
Olgamally Animusphere
Jeanne Alter Benched
Demiservant Olga

Umbra of Chaos
Aldurr (Wiseman) (replaced with fabulous Urthemiel)
Caedia (The Arisen) (vanished with the suns)
Ann (exited cause her world was whining about no death being around)
David Newman (Exit stage left)
Natara (Killed by Calico)
Aisha (NPCed, see you next century)
Ghost Child (Unhappy ghost is unhappy)
Alma (Concept better on paper)
Lumen (NPC'd, patrol route is bouncing at Mitsuba's bar)
Lorna (trusting people gets you killed)
Lucy Benched


Alicia benched
Oriana Benched
Set benched

Cherry Lover
Sakura (Emiya) They went home somehow
Shirou Emiya (Post HF True)

Suspiciously British Sakura Emiya
Suspiciously British Shirou Emiya

Costin Andrei (Dead)
Lorenzo Remei (died for the grill, rest in pepperoni)
Vanguard (You are no longer needed) (Nope. Back again. nevermind)
Ito Kizumi (almost splattered by a train but poofed away from the Nexus first. Goddamn it Yukari)
Tohuw Balagan (gone?)
Sakagami Kenzo (Sayonara, Kenzo)
Hyoudo Tenma (critical malfunction)
Darcy Hugh
KAZIKLU B- no wait wrong kyuketsuki - Garou XIII
Boss Tweed
The Highwayman
Malcolm Kimberly
Dark Demon God Guy
Skeleton Lorenzo (Lost his ass)
Costin Andrei
Engetsu Benched
Ito Again Benched

"Fair Lady" Elyssa-324 (removed from lineup)
Corporal Mathew Blackburn
Captain Edward Coombs
Lone Wanderer
Pillar Of Autumn Dropped Forever

Medaka Kurokami
David Borrus (dropped. Isn't it sad?)
Nova Tiburtius

Relius Clover (and his merry doll waifu) Benched
Joe Joeson
Leo Crushed by a van.

Helpful Witch GM
Oshino Shinobu Benched
Jin Kisaragi Benched
Jeanne Cena of arc Benched
Nep-Nep Benched

Ron Browning Benched
Gadreel Benched
Auspicious Breeze
Swordwaifu Benched
Liam O'Mailey Benched
Waka Benched




Kaziklu Bey





Cross Effects / Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
« on: November 08, 2014, 07:26:45 PM »
GM NOTE: This is Forest's Old Sheet. For her new one, check the character sheet thread.

Name: Forest, Law Unto Herself

Race: Vampire

Age: Around 1,350. Physically 19.

Height: 5’10

Weight: 127


Forest is tall and slim with the body of a gymnast or dancer. Toned muscle but without much bulk. Forest is more about speed and agility than power, even though she does have more than enough of that to spare. Most of her height comes from her legs, and they are lovely and perhaps her favorite feature about her body, other than her slightly longer than waist length golden blond hair. She has a classically pretty face with high cheek bones, an Aristocratic nose, fairly large violet-blue eyes (she likes to relate that they're the color of iolites), a mouth with a lower lip considerably plumper than the top, giving her a bit of a pouting look. As a vampire she has very pale skin, which is even more emphasized by the fact that she likes to wear dark red lipstick and black clothing.

Forest knows all about cutting a silhouette and is rarely seen without her fitted black leather duster. It hits her at about mid calf and has Celtic knots stamped on the back shoulders, on the back of the sleeves and tapering down to her waist. She is very fond of this coat and hurting it in anyway is a sure way to piss her off. She generally wears black jeans, Doc Martian's steel toed biker boots, a black camisole (even though she has a red one or a purple one) or black turtleneck. She also wears her .44 Super Magnum at her hip in a sort of modified quick draw holster.

She barely has any bosom to speak of (She's either on the large size of A or the small end of B depending on the brand), but has a nicely curved bottom due to her dancing and tumbling. She has long, clean limbs but feels awkward and gangly because being turned at such an early age where she didn't get to fully develop.(For those wanting to know, she does have Dem Legs and Dat Ass.) She's one of those sporty pretty girls that has no idea how gorgeous she actually is and dresses more for practicality and to be recognized than to look good.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Incredible

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Incredible

Other Abilities: Forest is highly skilled in Martial Arts, a master of a variety of styles and schools.  Her current favorite is Jeet-Kun-Do which she learned from Bruce Lee himself. 
She’s also a master linguist too, speaking fluently over 20 languages.  She has some trouble with Spanish.

Combat Medic- Due to all the conflict that Forest has been involved in over the centuries she is a highly efficient combat medic and can even perform some meatball surgery.  She’s also been a midwife as well.

Telepathy: Not only can she read minds, she can communicate over great distances this way and also hypnotize and control most people with ease. 

She can read minds.  Erase/manipulate memories.  Hypnosis.  She can also cause hallucinations.   Communicate mentally.

Also under causing hallucinations she can make people think they see-heard-smell-touched- something that wasn't there or make them think something wasn't there that they did experience. 

Theoretically she can even make people do things they don't want to do, but that's generally a no-go.  She can also put someone to sleep this way as well.

You know, telepathy/mind control stuff.

Things like the hypnosis, mental manipulation she works best if she makes eye contact with the subject.  However, Mind Reading can be done from miles away if she concentrates. She can also communicate or "send" messages over great distances.  She can generate mental "bonds" with people, like she has with Gabriel, that allows her to converse with them over great distances.  She can also invite them into her "mindscape" (IE Inner World) and have it feel as "real" as if was happening in reality.  However, this is a very rare occurrence.

She can influence several targets at once, but the more she attempts to influence, the less effective it will be.  On the flip side, she can also shield someone from mental attacks as well, and is highly resistant to the point of almost immunity to mental influence as well.

Regeneration: Superhuman – unless it is a fatal wound such as a stake through the heart, beheading, or immolation through fire or sunlight, Forest will survive it.  She can even regenerate limbs and take gunshot wounds to the head.  She just needs blood to recover it.

Orgasmic Bite: When Forest feeds she causes orgasms.  Generally not intentionally.

Heightened Senses:  All of Forest’s senses, due to her vampirism, are heightened: touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing, and mental.

My soul is solely mine. An interesting quirk of vampires from Forest’s home world is that their souls cannot be taken from them nor can they willingly sell their soul either.  It is theirs until death and cannot be taken away willingly or by force.

Magical Ability: Low.  Forest can cast very small fire spells- like lighting a candle.
Equipment: 67’ Camaro.  44. Magnum. An axe older than her that was her father’s.  The Compound.  A lot of weapons, money, and cars.

Origin: Back in the days before the Dark Ages back when the Celts were still Celts and the Vikings were still kicking around there was a Viking man who was captured when his ship picked the wrong Celtic Village to attack. The rest of his people left and he was left alone, seeing that the guy really couldn't do anything to hurt them now, he was let go and sort of adopted into the clan. There he fell in love with the sister of the Chieftain's wife, who came from a powerful family of magic users and telepaths. They were wed and the Viking's wife and the Chieftain's wife had daughters on the same night. However, the Viking's wife died in childbirth. The Viking tried his best to raise his new baby daughter, but not too longer he was struck down in battle as well.

So the little girl, Bronach, was taken in with her aunt and uncle while her cousin was being groomed as the next High Priestess of the Brigid for their tribe. The two were as close as sisters and the clan thought their shared birthdays was a blessed thing. Except as the redhead grew as a powerful healer and Druid, the blond Bronach was apparently born for battle. So Gormlaith represented the healing and light of the trinity Goddess the Brigid, Bronach represented the Brigid's Dark Side, the Trinity Goddess the Morrigan. Yet Gormlaith and Bronach were unseperatable despite being so different.

Bronach grew into a warrior that could best most of the men of her Clan and her name was feared in battle. She always seemed to know who to strike and at what time, tapping into a telepathic talent she wasn't quite sure of at the time. This was all well and good until a little after she turned 19 when she drew the attention of a Roman vampire that had his ass handed to him by Bodicida and still had issues with Celtic warrior women who could kick ass. So he nabbed Bronach one night while she was paying tribute to the Morrigan .  He threatened to go after Gormlaith and the rest of her clan if she did not come with him and submit.

He proceeded to pretty much rape the young warrior as he turned her into a vampire with the thought of making her his eternal toy.  Then he proceeded to make her life a living hell trying to break her will.

Except he didn't count on Bronach being a natural telepath and having enough will of her own to break free of his control long enough to club his head in with a rock and getting the hell away from him, no matter what. So for a while she was half starved and half mad until she got a hold of the whole vampire thing. Then she encountered an incubus trying to rape a defenseless girl one night. Despite all of his power, the incubus really didn't know how to use all of his strength, while Bronach did. He fell, the girl was safe and Bronach had an epiphany.

And then Forest was born while Bronach died.

Forest became the most sought after assassin for the supernatural until she built up enough wealth and reputation to strike out on her own, where she eventually earned the title Law Unto Herself given to her by a vampire bard with a serious crush. Of course, she made plenty of friends and enemies on her rise of power. Had her heart broken by an unusual Faerie that she loved but he didn't love her as much in return. Found her sister reborn several times, befriended one Lady Wynn Noreen Umbra of the Unseelie court and became godmother to her "abomination" son.

Flash forward to modern times where Forest is, as she was titled, Law Unto Herself with more money than most current day corporations due to good investing and a shrewd mind for business. These things gave Forest the luxury to do things that most vampires would never due to fear of the Vampiric Council and the Circle.

One night she found herself, and luckily all of her assets, pulled into the Nexus.  With no contact with Gabriel, Wynn, or anyone else she was close to, she’s been growing more distant and into herself with each passing night.  She patrols the streets of Nexus helping the helpless, but she may be trying to seek her own end as well.

You can read more about Forest here.

Weakness: Since stakes Forest is a vampire she's not fond of holy objects with true faith behind them, holy ground pisses her off, especially Christian churches. Fire, Sunlight, wooden stake to the heart, and beheading are the four ways to kill her. The only way to bind her is with magic or silver.
She’s also emotionally vulnerable as well, she keeps her past tight to her chest, and without her Poppet she’s finding it harder and harder to continue.

Unconscious Lure- As an Elder vampire with blood ties to Lilith, Forest emits a low-level Lure that she’s not aware of.  This makes her appear attractive to people who Forest wouldn't generally register on their radar.

Likes: Bruce Campbell.  Bad horror movies.  Sports cars. Gemstones.  Paranormal romance novels.  Anything written by Joss Whedon that’s not “Alien Resurection”.  Comics.  Cu Culihian (the myth).  The Morrigan.  Gabriel.  Large, manly men (redheads are a plus).  Heavy metal.   Lavender. The color violet. Leather dusters. Pop Culture. Steel toed boots. Oranges and most other fruit.  Warmth. A good fight. Burn Notice and Brisco County Jr..  Of course the “Evil Dead” movies get a ton of love because Bruce Campbell.

Dislikes: When people try to rape her.  Being cold.  When people are assholes for no reason. The fact that she’s an “eternal virgin”.  Evil wankers.

It begins.

Character Sheets


Physical attributes run on a scale from Human to Godly.

This scale determines how impressive that character is in that characteristic. Each level represents a relatively broad range of power, as described below.

Magic Scale

The Magic attribute is a non-standard stat that identifies how powerful one's magical might and default maximum output (in effect and radius) with magic are. It runs on a scale going from None to Divine, with None meaning no magic. (If your character's rank in Magic Power is None, you may omit it from the sheet.) The scale exists on a different context but is directly comparable to the Physical Attribute scale, from the Amazing-Low ranks up.

These ranks only describes the potency of a character's magic, so its applicability and flexibility must be defined in the extended description along with its workings and basic capabilities.

The Comparative Stat Chart

Physical Striking powerLiftSoakSpeedMagicalPotencyRangeTargets
HumanHumanHeavy BoxesN/AAverage HumanN/A---
ExceptionalProfessional BoxerCovered WagonN/AOlympic RunnerVery LowStrong WindArm's lengthSingle
AmazingGorillaBlack RhinoArrows/Slings, small arms fireCheetahLowArrows/swords, small arms fireA roomHandful
IncredibleBreak through a wallCarMilitary firearmsDiving EagleMediumMilitary FirearmsA smal streetScore
FantasticPunch through reinforced/metal wallsTruckAnti material riflesSubsonic JetHighAnti material riflesA buildingDozens
HeroicEasily crumble any form of wallTankRPG'sSupersonicVery HighHigh explosive weaponsA City BlockHundreds
LegendaryBuilding crushing shockwavesMedium ShipArtilleryHypersonicExtremely HighArtilleryA NeighboorhoodThousands
GodlyMountain+Mountains+Nuke+Lightning+DivineTactical Nuke+Cities+Tens of thousands+

Throw: You can throw anything at least one rank below what you can deadlift.
Soak: You can take direct damage from the same rank without being heavily injured.
Sprint: A sustained run is generally lower than a sprint, down to the rank below.
React: You generally can react - though not necessarily respond - to things the rank above your Agility, and as much as two above when it makes sense.
Godly is a rank that effectively represents arbitrary amounts of power, and is deliberately broad in turn.


Race: Human, elf, zombie, germs, we take everyone!




Appearance: Describe what your character looks like, such as hair and eye color and body type. Pictures are welcome too.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Raw physical might and muscle power, brawn-based athletics.

Agility: A combination of speed, reflexes and dexterity, general gymnastic talent.

Constitution: Overall physical condition. How well one resists damage and how long they can go before exhausting. Bodily integrity.

Magic: Measures a character's magical potency and reach. Can be omitted if your character has none.

Other Abilities: List and describe any other powers or skills your character has that sets them apart from others.

Equipment: List and describe what weapons, armor, or other gadgets your character uses.

Origin: Provide the character’s backstory. No need for an essay, but make sure that others can get a general understanding of the character’s identity.

Weakness: List anything that an enemy could take advantage of, in combat or otherwise.



GM Note- Things like Charisma and Personality need to come out in the actual RP, not the character sheet.

This is a crossover Urban Fantasy RPG containing characters from the Nasuverse and many other universes as well, but as long as it fits into an Urban Fantasy section.

What is Urban Fantasy you ask? Well it is rather awesome, but its fantasy takes place in an "Urban" environment such as a city. Think along the lines of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files and Fate and Tsukhime are actually classified as Urban Fantasy too.

Also No Aliens

This is a Supernatural Role Play with Horror and Fantasy elements. This is not science fiction or sci-fi. There is a difference between the two.

The level of tech in the city is modern day. We will allow some advanced technology such as cybernetics to a point, but this RP isn’t about mechs. Artificial Intelligences outside of computer systems (read androids) will not be allowed.

We will allow Mecha if it is more steampunk like/magical in nature than super science. Like Ed’s automail from FMA would be allowed, but something like the Major from Ghost in the Shell not so much.

The Basic Story is this: For some reason Nexus City has popped up in a pocket dimension, pulling things from other worlds randomly around with it. In this city you can see the Statue of Liberty at the bay, but in the center of the city is Tokyo Tower. The City is a huge, sprawling metropolis. Like all cities it also has its dark underbelly as well. Think of the City as the obese, bastard child of Metropolis and Gotham and you'd be half way there.

The City is full of factions and alliances of its own. Normal people are sort of aware of the supernatural goings on in the city but they don't speak of them. Mainly because they don't have the means to deal with magic users, vampires, werewolves, Servants, and the like. They try to go on with normal life as much as possible. Business is thriving in The City, the economy is good, and there aren't that many homeless people out there (they've gotten eaten).

Now, your character(s) have gotten pulled into this vast, dark city. There are those who want to help you. There are others who would want to use and abuse you. There are others that would simply eat your face. This RP is about survival and adaptation in Nexus City. In general, you should avoid bringing characters into play with extensive resources. They can come in with only the clothes on their back and their personal effects, or you can assume they have a house, enough for day to day living, and can afford basic transportation. Bring it up with a GM if you really want more than that!

Cross Effects is about survival and building a life. Now there will be fights. A lot of the members of the supernatural community are either ancient warriors or predators there will be combat. However, this will not be a combat driven RP.

This is an RP about interaction and characterization. Even though some combat will definitely happen.


1.) Treat Other Players With Respect. Golden Rule here. Treat others how they want to be treated. If you have a problem with another player, do not spout insults at them. Bring your qualm to them in a polite manner. If that does not work, please alert the GMs.

Remember: Your narrative will not necessarily survive interaction with other characters, and vice-versa. This is unavoidable, but respect other players and expect respect from them. Rolling with the action is often a better way to write a cool story than opposing a development because you didn't plan for it.

2.) Thou Shall Not Meta Game Or Godmode. If you have knowledge that your character could not possibly have, don't give it to them without a reasonable explanation. There will not be any Godmoding here either. You will get smote, and smote hard.

3.) Do Not Control Another Person's Character. This means if you say, "Character X punched Character B." You would stop right there and give the other player time to respond. DO NOT say, "Character X punched Character B, and Character B went down like the little bitch he is." You give the other player a chance to respond. Hell, Character B could be a master martial artist who could block the punch and pull the other character in an arm lock in retaliation while Character X is just some Normal Dude.

4.) Don't Be an Asshole. Exactly what it sounds like. You're not allowed to go after someone because you don't like them or are having a fight with them. You're not allowed to go into an interaction with the intent of killing or maiming somebody else's character to the point of unplayability. If you can logically avoid doing so, don't do it. Basically, try to play nice.

However, this rule is not meant to serve as an overarching plot armour. If your character acts like a moron and jumps in front of Excalibur, they will almost certainly die. If your character provokes a stronger character into beating the snot out of them, they will suffer the natural consequences of doing so, including serious injuries if it ends up resulting in them.

5.) Show, Don't Tell. Or rather demonstrate, don't explain. Some times info dumps are needed, but if your character is a smart ass bad ass, show them being a smart ass bad ass. Don't just say they are, back up your claims, and that also means no having other characters who don't know the one character suddenly talk about your character being the smart bad ass without reason to do so. We want this to be a fairly well written RPG.

6.) For the Love of God, Please Try To Make Your Posts Readable. It’s no fun if one’s posts aren’t able to be read. Use proper capitalization, spacing, and punctuation in your posts whenever possible. If there are constant infractions, GM action will be taken. This should be a fairly well written RP that others can read like a story if they wanted.

7.) Give other players time to respond. Now sometimes two players will go on a tangent with themselves. It's expected and can be fun, and if their interaction is separate from most everyone its fine. Plus it would be expected in a love scene between two characters. Now if there is an event and other people are trying to catch up slow down. Like if a group of players are fighting something, and one of them has trouble catching up, give them time to respond.

However if a character does not reply within a 48 hour period during a time of “heavy action”, We apologize, but we will be forced to move without them. Don't worry, we won't kill your character and we'll say they did something neat during the conflict so they're not a mook.

8.) This is an Adult RP. Adult things will happen, such as relationships and sex. There will be erotic content in this RP. If you're not comfortable with that, do not join or just say so and anything that could happen with your characters will happen "off screen".

9.) Four Characters Characters are Allowed Per Player. Depending on how this RP goes, the character cap may be upped.
We will allow some players a +1 Antagonist, which are a particular type of character with a role that demands heavy involvement with the RP as a whole. More detail on Antagonists is provided below, after the main rules.

Another extra PC sheet is possible provided the player proves themselves capable of fielding another and maintain a commitment to the RP. This may be revoked if they fail to continue to meet these two standards. If at some point you wish to play another character but your roster is already maxed out, or you want to temporarily retire a character you are not doing much with, you can ask the GMs/Mods to Bench that character. If at any time in the future you want to play them again, you do not have to undergo the character approval process, and you can just ask a GM/Mod to take them out of the benched characters (and presumably exchange them with another character you currently have approved.)

10.)Alternate Selves. Since this is a Multi-Dimensional RP, multiple versions of one character will be allowed, but only one per player and only three versions of one character allowed at a time.

11) No overt sci-fi elements. Cross Effects is primarily an urban fantasy RP with gonzo diversity thrown in, and characters such as spacefaring aliens, space marines and robots from hyperdeveloped civilizations bring perceptions that distort the intended tone. Magitech, extradimensional beings, near future cyberpunk and even contemporary pulp science are allowed, hinging on relatively grounded presentation. Interstellar travel is a big no.

Addendum: Where particular characters are concerned, this rule concerns the assumptions of the world that they bring with them. As an exception, a psychic from a technologically underdeveloped planet who has no understanding of the setting's ships and space battles scale might be allowed, for example.

12.) Power Levels. Characters in this RP are only allowed to be so powerful, but this is not enforced with an exact cap due to the diversity of abilities that can appear in CE. Context is more important to determine this: characters with capabilities that can easily distort the setting, such as all Legendary ranks or easily accessed Divine magic, are overpowered, but many of the Servants from Fate or similarly powerful superhumans are still acceptable.

13.) The Player Knows Their Character Best. If a player has a character that has an ability to read others such as their desires and base selves and wishes to use it, they need to get in touch with the player who’s character their character wants to read. Say Character 66 can know a person’s most secret, hidden desires. They read Character 69- 66’s player has to go to 69’s player to find out what their deep, hidden desire is. They just cannot guess it outright.


Antagonists are a special kind of character who are, as their name suggests, designed to play an antagonistic role to the player characters of Cross Effects. The purpose of antagonists is to create conflict in the game and create story that is simple for the players to engage with. An antagonist should have a goal or methods which bring them into clashes against the player characters, rather than merely interact on the same basis as any villainous PC who might antagonize another. Antagonists need to pose a threat to the status quo of the setting - they *can't* be played like they were just another player character. They have to justify their presence by providing plot hooks and events to engage the players, and not just mess around.

How can you ensure that an Antagonist is a difficult obstacle for PCs to overcome? There are a few considerations that can answer this.

> They can be more powerful than the PCs, so that defeating them one on one or even two on one is not a practical possibility. They don't necessarily need to be stronger than every Player Character, but the powerlevel cap does not apply as strictly to antagonists, which gives them some leeway. If the intent is for the antagonist to be more of a direct threat to the lower powerlevel characters, they might only be as strong as a powerful PC, but you'll likely need to negotiate terms with players so a PC on the same level doesn't get logically drawn in and just offs them.

> They can have minions, and thereby act as an indirect threat to the player characters. They might have a handful of allies individually as strong as the average PC, mobs or armies of weaker foes that can overwhelm PCs, or networks and widespread allies that can simply pose problems to PCs that can't be solved by mere force by acting in multiple fronts at once.

> They can threaten the PCs by aiming at what they care about indirectly or using superior reach to accomplish their goals without fighting, making them difficult to strike back against thoughtlessly.

> All of the above to various degrees.

Being a tangible force that creates combative relationships with player characters and invites proactive conflict is key for a good antagonist. The concept of showmanship is very important when playing one, because they need to be engaging and convincing to the players, and to do this they must cultivate both their public awareness and the animosity of other characters. Antagonists need to be an active force in the setting that does not merely matter in moments of fanfare, but opens up opportunities for PCs to get involved and creates incentive for them to pursue. Hype has to come with build up.

Secret Garden / Shounen Determination, or Elf Needs Your Help!
« on: September 07, 2014, 06:41:28 PM »
So, as some of you may know, I have this on-line serial thing.

My serial is being hosted on JukePop Serials.  Which is an awesome site if want to post some original stuff there.  I don't think they do the initial payment for the first chapter, but they still do pay if you rank in the Top 30 each month.  It's $10.00 for 30-21, $20.00 for 20-11, and $30.00 for places 10-1.  So, if you're constantly on the top (which is done via votes, and each chapter can be voted upon), you can make a nice chunk of change.  Like I've already made over $200.00 for my serial since I originally posted it.

Not to mention, once your serial is over all rights revert back to you six months later and you're free to do whatever you wish with it and can use your stats and rankings to show publishers that, "Hey, people actually like my shit!"

Which brings me to my next point.  Bi-annually, JukePop will award $500.00 to the highest ranked story of that month.

So, yeah, this is a thing. I would really like to, for once, get the top spot on JukePop. To do that, I'm asking for your help. Please go to "The Law Unto Herself Chronicles" and vote for each chapter. It's easy to do and it's free.

And, if you have time, you might wanna go check the story out. It's sort of awesome filled with well rounded female characters, action, dialogue that you can "hear" as it's being read, and perhaps one of the most unique female vampires ever created.

Also, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could share The Law Unto Herself Chronicles with your friends.

Forest & Friends and I need your help. So please go take a look. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Seriously, if you like stuff like "The Dresden Files" or "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", you'll probably like this.  Its got lesbian Faeries, a wonderfully awful antagonist, British vampires, action, dialogue you can sink into, and a very unique "Good Guy Vampire".

So, go take a look at The Law Unto Herself Chronicles today!

(Also, damn it I am going to beat that god awful purple prose vampire story that has a character named after someone in "Code Geass" I swear on me fookin mum.)

Doujin Projects / World Building for Urban Fantasy Spin Off of LUHC
« on: August 17, 2014, 11:38:38 PM »
So, I'm getting ready to finish my online serial The Law Unto Herself Chronicles: The Stolen and originally I was going to just segue into the next Forest story.  It's called "Scream Queen" and takes place during the 1980's.  You know, that wonderful decade of Reganomics, movies that were unapologeticly violent and awesome like The Terminator, Aliens, Robocop, and so on and so forth, and hair metal.  It just happens to be the decade I was born in and the one I will probably always feel nostalgic about because dude, seriously The Terminator, Aliens, Robocop, and a whole slew of other movies I could spend a blog entry talking about.

Well, the closer I'm coming to finishing my serial, which if things go right I'll have published in novel form after JukePop releases it, I need a follow up.  Thing of it is, even though "Scream Queen" is something near and dear to my heart and something I've wanted to write for a while, I have another idea.  Or rather, an old idea that LUHC spawned from.

See, long time ago I had an idea for an Urban Fantasy series that involved four supernatural types human and other who were part of a police force to take care of supernatural crimes.  The whole basis was that the supernatural had been discovered and was common place now.  Sort of like the Anita Blake books or the amazing Anno Dracula series but it was a fairly recent thing. 

Well, my husband pointed out to me that if the supernatural was discovered an X-Men like situation would be the best case scenario.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized my proofreader/editor/hubby was right.  Then I realized how much more fun it would be to have this sort of maverick and dysfunctional group keep the world they live in secret from humanity.   They would essentially be working outside of the law to keep it secret even though one of them is a police detective. 


Of course they would have sanction to do this.  There are shadowy government agencies for a reason.  Plus the Cloak and Dagger stuff is really fun to write.


I'm collecting my ideas together, and the cast of characters is a lot broader than LUHC, even though it takes place in the same universe.  In fact, those readers of LUHC will see several familiar faces in this series and Forest herself will make guest appearances from time to time. Of course, it has a totally different feel.  Say LUHC is Buffy if I'm using my Whedonverse examples because biggest inspiration and all of that, then this will be more like Angel.  Less tongue in cheek and more dire situations.  Not to mention a somewhat darker tone.

Now here comes the kicker.

What shall I call my motley crew?

The original concept was SPF short for Supernatural Protection Force.  Which, the more that I think of it, its kind of goofy.  Sounds like sunscreen.  Now of course, I could make jokes about vampires needing sunscreen and all of that but it would get lame really quick.

I was thinking something like The Shadow Guard or Umbra Praesidio which is Latin for Shadow Guard.  Plus its a play off one of the group's last names.

So, what do you think, true believers?

Fanfiction / The Hound, The Blacksmith, and the Crow Drabbles
« on: June 12, 2014, 02:30:53 AM »
So, as a bit of a crack idea that sort of was a crossover between The Hound and the Blacksmith and The Law Unto Herself Chronicles a series of drabbles was born.  Here is that series of drabbles.

The Metal

Gabriel Umbra smirked as he walked into the plush surroundings.  A table appeared before him with a plate of doughnuts, a bottle of scotch, and a thick cut glass.  He adjusted his suit before smiling at everyone in the room and pouring himself a glass of scotch.

"Good evening everyone, I would like to welcome you to The Velvet Room," Gabriel said before taking a sip of scotch and nodding at the audience.

"This is a Free RP thread where things can happen that have no impact on the game.

"Your characters exist, but think of them existing before the actual RP started.  None of the relationships that have been formed in the RP have come to place yet.  This is a place were characters can interact, have fun, and maybe even shag without in-game consequence.

An Omake thread if you will."

He finished his glass of scotch, filled the glass again, and saluted the people in the room.

"Of course, this can change to your needs, so have fun and go wild."

He sipped at the scotch before grinning wickedly.  "Also, please feel free to shag my repressed Godmother."

Nexus City, a cesspool crafted up of things and people from various realities.  It was a volatile city filled with creatures and beings from nightmares that should have never met. The Dimensional "Nexus" was a thriving pocket of reality that was much like a Roach Motel.  People and beings came, but leaving was nearly impossible.

However, as Ian Malcolm one stated, "Life finds a way."

Due to the No Man's Land of the Nexus, there was very little in the way of protection for those who would be preyed upon.  Luckily, Nexus City had a superhero of sorts, one of the monsters who was too good for her own good.  Armed with a love of pop culture, a bitching pony car, a smart mouth, and an absurd handgun she fought the forces of evil.

Donning her black leather duster, Forest made her way to her 67' RS SS Camaro to another night of patrolling Nexus City.

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