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She stood, unbothered by the feeling. Merely nodding at his statement. He was her master after all. "Would you like me to feign a response, Master?" After all, if a doll could not feel pain what need would it have for such things as physical pleasure?

But her masters had not desired an uncaring combatant. So she learned to pretend. Better to wear pleasure, and joy, and satisfaction on her face. Pretending as if she was fine and enjoyed every situation was necessary for her service.
Relius Clover

Astounding!  Absolutely astounding!

The scientist grabbed the girl's breast, squeezing the fat ever so slightly.  "Perhaps, but I doubt it is in the same way," he said, reaching into her soul and her memories.  He saw a man using her as she was designed, a tool for punishment and retrieval, nothing more than a thing to be used.  However, it seemed he failed to understand the nuisances of the soul, the power of emotion.  The creator seemed more attuned to this, more aware of her purpose.

He forced feeling of purpose into her mind as he grabbed her other breast.  This was the true test.

But did you teach them what to do once they've been wounded in such a way, she wondered. Still, it was time for them to eat! "Come on, children. Let's see what your teacher has decided to cook for you today."

Rosa began digging into the food leisurely, as if she didn't actually care all that much if she ate or not. It seemed like she was just having fun, really. "So, Purple--" Rosa wagged her bread in front of Sakura's face. "What's up with your hair? You seem way too weak to have fancy hair. Did you dye it?"

She seemed to be completely ignoring Blackmore.

"No I like him, not as much as you but he's interesting, and would you stop talking like this it's rude to our guest" The servant wouldn't say anything more on that matter, Sakura was clearly after something but she didn't feel like entertaining her master's whims today.

"It is the house that has much to fear, his throwing skills are second to none. On a more serious note, there's a number of security measures here that might kill you if you try to get into locked places so try not to do that okay." Naturally she was still keeping him in her grasp, her mood at an all time high in comparison to the other people present.

Joe frowned.  That sort of response meant that she was too uncomfortable to talk to him about it yet.  Well, we did just meet, and through Rin, he thought.

"Yeah it looks-" he said before Jeanne made her comment about the traps.  "Oh.... ok.  Well, it looks nice.  Don't worry, I won't stay too long.  I just need someplace to stay until I get this whole apartment thing sorted out."

He sighed.  That could take months, years even!
Sakura Matou

Jeanne's words helped Sakura calm down a lot. She was still the most important. Everything was ok still. Nothing was changing. The world wasn't crumbling around her. She let out a big sigh of relief.

"I'm sorry." Sakura said to Jeanne mentally. "I was being dumb again. Please don't go too far, at least until my sister gives up because she's an idiot. I know you're mad at her but she's just going to take it out on me..." Sakura sounded resigned to taking further abuse from her sister seemingly in perpetuity.
She turned to face Joe. "No no, take your time. We have plenty of room." Sakura spoke seriously and tried to convince Joe to her utmost. "I just had something stupid on my mind, it wasn't anything against you." Sakura obviously noticed the bulge in his pants, but even though she clearly glanced at it, she didn't mention it at all. She wasn't going to get mad at a man for his body getting aroused. That'd be stupid.

"Come on, I'll show you to where you'll be sleeping." Sakura took his hand boldly and smiled, as if to affirm the fact they were friends. It just happened to bring her closer to him and Jeanne.
Onigaru's Students

One of them beamed proudly and repeated the teachings that had been drilled into all of them. "Fist's aren't for hurting others. You don't need to just protect yourself, but also your soul! Osu!"

"OSU!" They all cried in unison.

And all of a sudden, a gentle yet aromatic smell filled the dojo, tickling all of their collective noises. It was faint, but its great smell lingered fiercely and made even the fullest of stomach rumble and the pickiest of mouths drool. Just what could be going on behind that kitchen? Perhaps it wasn't a bad idea to investigate.

She didn't so much as hesitate for a second. "Such a thing has already been done to me before, Master. This body did not originally have the capacity to engage in intercourse with humans. Those modifications were made relatively recently. Should you will it I will not resist."
Relius Clover

The puppeteer burst out laughing.  He was now within shoulder's length from her body.  With a single step, he crossed into her space, grabbing hold of her chin with his hand.  "And then, you would allow me to do whatever I wish?  May I violate your body, or simply modify it to fit within my desires?"

With her level of intelligence, surely she knew what he was implying.

"I find it hard to believe your father didn't have any associates who could fill the role of director in your place. Or did they simply not approach you?" She brushed off the question about the post by countering with one of her own. Not like she wanted to bring that up right now.

Olga seemed to be enjoying the wine, of course she would after she had picked it out for them, there was no way she could do wrong there.

Olga Marie

"Sure he did, they could have easily taken on my role, if I wanted to lose my position forever. I think it's quite possible they'd have stolen my title as one of the twelve in that case. I don't consider that outcome even remotely acceptable." Paranoia or not, it wasn't clear, but she was most certainly worried about losing everything her dad had built up. "There's no way I'd have been able to regain the position of director if I'd relinquished it."

Olga shook her head and took another sip. "Plus, I'm not convinced it was actually a suicide. Last I talked to him he seemed perfectly happy and I wanted to get to the bottom of it."

Noire had defeated the monster, said her goodbyes to Julius, and shown herself as Black Heart to the populace, explaining what she'd done. She'd felt her shares go up some from it and was feeling good. Then Noire got a phone call from her good friend, Lucy. So of course, she answered it. "Hello?" Noire asked. "What's up?"
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