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"Dunno, was thinking about setting up another sort of gang here. Maybe taking over one of the bigger ones already around. But that can get pretty annoying. Having to check my food for poison and break traitor legs gets really fucking boring after a while." She finished this can too before dropping it on the ground.

"Let's go do something else."

Jeanne Alter

"Fine by me. I saw a bank we could rob while wandering around." Jeanne just wanted to cause some chaos and wreck some stuff right now. This way she could accomplish that plus help out her new master as well! She felt like it was a good idea. She pointed to the right. "It was that way, I think."

"I highly doubt you would do any of those things...." Lizzie turned away from the conceited mage instead taking look at the ghost like projection of her sword companion.

"... And you, how did you sleep through all that? Is the whole composed innkeeper thing just an act to hide your true slothful self Engetsu? Should I be careful in case you fall asleep mid battle? the Godslayer was pouting now. "I though we had something special...." Yup she was just messing with him now. But he deserved it after falling asleep like that.

"Oh her? She's dead... dead to me the moment she joined hands with the evil organization that's restricting the distribution of my pudding. I should have known something was wrong when I saw her dress like that but I was way too distracted, it's all my fault. So it's up to me the heroine to save the day...."

The CPU calmed down as they soared ever higher. "... After my long overdue nap, a hundred years should be enough to charge me right up!"


"Mmm, those certainly sound like curious pets," the changeling mused, the vines around Nero's hips sliding in between her thighs, under the bikini, and pulled themselves snug against her folds before starting to rub back and forth, a few stray vines wrapping around the bud of her clit and tugging and squeezing at it.

"As for you," Emily continued, turning to Rider, switching over to the role the lavender-head seemed to want her to play, "Have you already lost the ability to speak coherently? Then I suppose it won't matter too much if I do this."

With that, some more vines came up to wrap themselves around Rider's throat, squeezing down for a little while, only to let go long enough for a gasp or two of breath before squeezing back down.

"Now then," she turned back to Nero, a warm smile back on her face as she drew closer, slipping her hands under the string bikini to strum the hardening nipples with her fingers, "Tell me more about these pets of yours."

"And then I came here silly~" She moved around him so that she entered his field of view once more. "Came here just in time for a delicous treat." She tooks a step closer, ever smiling as she did. "Why are you looking at the sky? Is it more interesting the me? Am I not charming enough for you? Is that it?" another step, still smiling.

Always smiling.

The light in the sky began to dim, giving way to a dazzling splash of orange.  "I am a half vampire remember?" she asked.  "My preference for the day and night is more dependent on my personality than my biology.  In any case, I don't mind going back to your place if you would have me."

She wondered what kind of place this girl lived in.  After all, she did say she was a soldier.

Rider responded to Emily's statement with an aroused smile, continuing to moan with pleasure as she watched the tendrils wrap around the clearly-aroused blonde's body, her own arousal growing as she watched the tendrils go to work on the attractive girl.

Then, with Nero suitably bound, Emily returned her focus to the purple-haired servant, Rider's excitement and anticipation growing as the changeling spoke about roses, before the vines began to form buds.

Soon after, sharp thorns began to grow from the vines, digging into her breasts and drawing a sharp hiss from the bound servant. Small drops of blood flowed from her ample bosom as the thorns did their job. Soon after, the vines around her thighs followed suit, drawing another pained hiss from the girl, her face now screwed up with discomfort.

However, whilst she was clearly in pain, she was also very obviously extremely aroused, and only growing even more so as the pain from the thorns shot through her body. She was bound and "helpless" for the girl to do as she wished, and she couldn't wait to see what other torments Emily could think up.

"Probably gonna want something commissioned then. Or find a pretty eccentric place. Or a Halloween costume store. All three work out pretty well, really." One day, she would be rewarded for all her backbreaking labor. Truly, she was the servant that made masters unworthy of her.

"Nah nah, this is nothing. Casual stuff. Wouldn't even hold up for a couple of days. Like cheap glue. But it is fun to do!" She skipped over, walking on the backs of the bowing figures. "Soooooo, what's next?"


"Shopping, of sorts." The demoness answered quickly, focused on her speedy drawning of her defenses. She'd moved her way past a wall and was a quarter of the way done already. Only three walls left. "While my clothing is flawless, I wish to obtain something that is more befitting of a demon queen such as myself."

"Nah nah, this is nothing. Casual stuff. Wouldn't even hold up for a couple of days. Like cheap glue. But it is fun to do!" She skipped over, walking on the backs of the bowing figures. "Soooooo, what's next?"
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