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"There is no need to thank us for the hospitality. What we have offered you is a shameful reward for such a service as the one you performed. It is we that must apologize for this failure on our end." Saber said and gave him yet another bow.

"If there is anything else you require don't hesitate to ask. It would be our greatest honour to fulfil any request you may have." It was the least they could do after all, they'd lose face no matter what. Now it was just about minimizing the fallout.

"I'd need to expose you to unprocessed magical energy, then. Hitting you with a spell wouldn't do, otherwise that'd be my win button against people without magical potential. But honestly, I'd need to find a method to expose your body to it. Hmmm, wait a moment. Since you drink blood, then I have an idea. If I could fill my blood with magical energy and you fed on me, maybe it'd work. But, you won't feel great after that, obviously."

There was no risk she'd accidentally drain her dry or something. She'd be too preoccupied with the side-effects. "I'll ask again, are you really sure you want that?"

Medaka glanced at her hands and body, as if she had just been transported into a new body.  Then, she sighed and said, "I will bare any pain to find the answer.  As for the person who turned me.  I am from another world.  I don't know if she would know of my potential."

There was no magic in her old world, nor any evidence of vampires.  Shinobu did not tell her everything about the nature of her vamperism, so even parts of that were still a mystery to her.  She didn't care about side effects.  She would get her soul back regardless of the consequences.


"Now that's more difficult. Your talent might be so dormant that you are not awakened to it. If I your soul was forcibly exposed to a flow of magical energy it could be opened up, if there's any. But that'd be painful and I only consider that since you can regenerate. But you lost some of your soul? Your potential might be diminished already by that. I cannot guarantee what could happen.  You might have enough potential, but with your complete soul, or reclaiming your soul after awakening your potential could have unexpected side effects."

That was a real dilemma. She'd only resort to such method then if the vampire had enough resolve and only after thinking things through. "I don't know. I think it might be wise to consult with the person who turned you into a vampire. Shouldn't they know more about your nature?
Medaka Kurokami

Medaka placed a hand on her chin and leaned forward.  "I don't think so.  I have never met any ghosts, but that may be because I cannot see them."

"That complicates matters. Or, maybe I have phrased it in a manner unfamiliar to you. Can you see spirits or ghosts?" She did too, so while that didn't guarantee that Medaka had a potential for her magic, it still increased the likehood to an extent.

Medaka nodded and said,  "Yes there are many different types of mages that exist in this city.  Considering the nature of this place, I would not be surprised if I had an affinity for a different type of magic if yours does not work for me."

In response to her question about laylines, the blue haired vampire began looking around.  "No, I do not think I do."

"You would look for someone else like that fire mage? I guess so, but considering that you have committed yourself, I have no choice but to test you. But first, are you aware of existence of leylines? Or perhaps can you see magical energy? If you can't, then don't worry, there's still some chance you might have it in." She explained, her tone of voice implying that it would be easier to train her if she could see magical energy or those leylines.

Anastasia wasn't usually for any dangerous methods for awakening someone's magical potential, but Medaka could regenerate after all. Maybe her body could endure strain if she had some potential. But if she had no potential to begin with, no method would work.
Medaka Kurokami

Medaka nodded and said, "Yes I am.  I will look for someone else if it turns out I have no potential, but I am not one to give up easy either.  If there is even the slightest chance I could learn this, I shall take it."


"I know you cannot die of old age, so any such argument like that it will take years will fall on deaf ears. Still, though, are you ready to become my follower as an apprentice? And to abandon notions of learning from me if it turns out you cannot use a magic like mine?" Those were not casual questions. She'd need to answer them seriously for Anastasia to consider teaching her.
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