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"Jeanne, I'm so glad I found someone else sane in this city." Then she whipped around, grabbing a parked car before hurtling the mass of metal at the front door of the bank with a thunderous crash as it made an opening.

"C'mon, I wanna see if we can beat my old record!" Then she dashed in.


"Bwahahahaha!" Amazing! She couldn't have asked for a more perfect master! Jeanne burst inside the bank and was greated by a cacophony of noises. The guards were yelling and screaming what might as well have been gibberish as they opened fire on the two girls, and a screeching alarm blared in the background. Jeanne burst in and began working, punching a group of guards and turning them into gloriously red splattermarks on the walls, an unwavering smile on her face the entire time. "Let's have a competition, Master! Who can take out more guards, you or me?" Another group of them burst into flame.

"There is no need to thank us for the hospitality. What we have offered you is a shameful reward for such a service as the one you performed. It is we that must apologize for this failure on our end." Saber said and gave him yet another bow.

"If there is anything else you require don't hesitate to ask. It would be our greatest honour to fulfil any request you may have." It was the least they could do after all, they'd lose face no matter what. Now it was just about minimizing the fallout.

Olga Marie

Olga bowed as well. "Yes, if it is within the bounds of my power, I'd gladly do so for you, Trivik." Olga followed Saber's lead without fault. "Do you require a room of a certain size? Or any other accommodations?"

"Sure, why not? It's better than lazing around this dump any longer." She walked over towards the entrance slowly, her shadow returning back to a normal shape. "But if we're gonna leave let's at least put on a bit of show, right? Can you blow this place up?"

She had to have something special. No way someone like that was just super strong, that'd be way too boring.


"I suppose it would be best if we simply went our separate ways then." A shield of mana wrapped around her form before she began to fly away from the area with her wind magic, propelling herself away from the two at great speeds


"Oh, it some holiday where people dress up as monsters and demons, things like that. I'm sure it had some cultural significance at some point but it's all about getting candy now." The Messengers demonstrated, popping out with a variety of ghoulish designs.


Elizabeth cackled in delight at such an amusing festival. "Yes, that's perfect! I love it! How utterly sacrilegious! Mhm, that seems perfect! Let us make our way there posthaste." The demon turned to her prostating slaves. "Minions! Compile a report on the city for me to read posthaste!" The humans ran quickly to do their mistress's bidding, ecstatic to be of some sort of use to her. She then turned back to Lucy and smiled at her. She was a good girl, and she'd make an even better servant.

Medaka nodded, her face hard with renewed resolve.  "Yes I am," she said, stepping closer to Anastasia.  She was already baring her fangs.


"Hell no!" he growled, maintaining the force he was putting on the shirt.  "If you don't want to wear it, i'm taking it back."  He knew that if they both had the same amount of leverage with equal strength, this tug of war would last forever.  So, after a second, he intentionally released all of the force of the pull, allowing himself to fall into her.  He would try to trip her with a quick sweep and catch her in his arms.


So you wanna play?

Instead of going along with his pull she put her foot down to brace herself and pulled back as hard as she could. Meanwhile her aura enveloped the shirt to make sure that it would be able to handle the strain they were putting on it.

"I'm the one doing the whipping here... LET GOOOO!" She yelled out as she pulled.

"Well ya wanted this right?" She fished the brand new old calender from before out in the open and dangled it infront of the skeletal captain. "And drop the kiddo will ya. I'm a full fledged CPU and has been since the dawn of cupcakes, so I would probably take offense to that if I wasn't the nicest goddess around and all that."

She smiled cheekily at him while still wacing the the thrice damned thing before him like a piece of delicous candy.

Some time later

There was a good reason why the werewolf didn't track down Lorenzo and others. She didn't have exactly a choice in this matter. Distracted by quite a loathsome stench, she attention focused on something else than the old bag of bones that so unceremoniously dumped her. Why those guys kept crawling out of the mwoodwork even as she routinely murdered each such creature whenever encountered?

She met that kind of a corrupted monster in this city first by the bay. Some kind of oceanic mutant emerged from the sea, driving her deeper into the rage that never completely left her. Splattered by a giant wolf, the monster died ignominiously. Obviously, she refused to even touch that kind of meat, and other creatures free from such taint left corpses of such beings alone. Anyway, she had no means of uncovering the source of the infestation. So every occassional encounter just soured her mood with the knowledge that all she could react. Thankfully, she didn't bump into them every fucking day.

"Now, I'm really annoyed." Salmons, known as Ellie under her human identity, muttered under breath as she walked down back home, wearing her tracksuit that she had on her before she met Lorenzo. Pedestrians instinctually avoided her as her rage boiled stronger than usual. She'd keep her rage contained, or she hoped so, but she couldn't guarantee what could happen if she had displeasure of running into something spiritually corrupted again. She swore that this city was normally so untainted in comparison to her world that she was put on edge even more by aberrations that stood out.

Oka twitched. What in the world were they talking about!

"What, why are there cheerleaders!?!" She complained vehemently. "How could you degrade the glory of the competition by adding something as cheap as sexual appeal! This should be a glorious battle, without any distractions, where the only goal is fame and potentially money and power!" Oka had to put her foot down. This was ridiculous.

Auspicious Breeze

"E-Eh?" What glory of the competition? How could having cute girls there cheering someone on be a bad thing? Breeze couldn't help but look at Oka like one of those 'aliens' she'd heard so much about (they must be like faeries). "That's kind of moving the goal at the last minute if you tack on money and power after saying say sex appeal is bad ..."

Oka Kurosawa

Oka shook her head. No no no, this girl just didn't understand. And the way she was looking at her was ticking her off! "It's not! Prize money is an important part of any competition! But cheerleaders sully the experience! They're simply a distraction!"

"Ah, how scary, scary."
Contrary to his words, the boy smiled, unable to restrain a chuckle.

"Okay then, just lead the way."

The Godslayer ddn't stick around to listen to the dumb excuses of the sword, cause that's what they were dumb excuses. No she couldn't stick around when the target of her recent ire was getting away right in front of her eyes. Not even dignifying Engetsu with a response she kicked of the ground with monstrous force and soared after the mage like a mighty beast of legend.

Her right leg extended to perform an earth shattering kick intent on sending the filthy magic user back to the ground.
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