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Well damn. These were all so adorable it was ridiculous! "Are all of the pokemon you have rare? They could sell ridiculously easily with a little elbow grease!" It was almost like she had completely forgotten where they were.

Oka Kurosawa

"They're all unbelievably rare gems I worked super hard to find and train! They're irreplaceable!" Oka exclaimed in a huff. "None of these are on the list of pokemon I sell. I wandered around a haunted house for a week just to find where Mimikyu here was hiding. And I'd consider that to be lucky."

Wow thats rough.  No wonder she has trouble making friends, he thought to himself.

He rubbed the back of his head.  Now that he thought about it, this probably wasn't the best idea.  "Well, truthfully, I can't tell if its going well with Rin.  Sometimes it looks like she is really into me and other times it looks like she thinks i'm unreliable."

Not to mention the apartment.

Sakura Matou

"Oh god. What, did she call you boring or normal or something like that?" Sakura asked him with an incredulous look, waiting for a responce before continuing.

But did she actually do anything about it? She implied believing that dealings of a darker sort had taken place there. If she didn't actually act on that belief and try to get to the bottom of it she was acting quite foolish or arrogant or both. Saber shook her head at that and thought about how to best present it to her master.

"Did you at least try to find out who did it. If someone had him killed, they could have much more easily have you killed as well if they were after the position if what you've told me about his skill. It could be that whomever did it wanted you to take the position since you would be easier to control." Such a tactic wasn't uncommon at all.

Olga Marie

Olga slowly shook her head. "I looked, but I never managed to get anywhere all alone, isolated as I was at Chaldea. Nobody there believed me, and it was hard to bring in any new people, especially in the high level positions.

She realized it kind of sounded like she was making excuse after excuse and fell silent for a bit.

"Leff wouldn't have done it and Roman's too— as much as I hate to admit it—weirdly dependable in situations like this. Or maybe the word I'm looking for is content. He doesn't have the drive required to mastermind a murder.

Olga leaned back into her seat and looked up at the ceiling, absentmindedly putting her hand under the table and pulling up her pantyhose. "Maybe things would have been different if we'd made it back to Chaldea. I'm sure I'd have been able to glean some important info from the bomb that was planted at HQ."
Relius Clover

"Very good," he said, his voice ringing through the shadows.  The dark void faded from her vision, returning her to reality.  "Then let us take a walk."

After exiting the shop, Relius guided his new doll to a sewer top a block away, walking in complete silence.  The closest thing to communication was the slight syncing of their feet as their shoes clacked in near unison on the ground.

There was a pragmatic reason behind this choice of location.  It was a place worth collecting data as a wide assortment of strange creatures often exist in the depths of the sewers.  Moreover, this was one of the places where the authorities had a limited reach.  It was the perfect place for a combat test and a great opportunity to discover something he may not on the surface.

Sure enough, not long after they descended into the manhole, the two came across a green haired woman with a dog wandering through the sewers.  "Good morning," the scientist said in a detached jovial tone.  "What brings you to the depths of the city on this fine morning?"


"Wow, rude. Can't you go a little easy on me pal? That's clearly not the message here, what do I look like some sort of psychopathic murderer or something? Sheesh." She sighed. "Yes it's the people OF COURSE it's the people? Take a fucking hint already. Yes I eat faces. There, happy? But on my defense, and counterpoint, they totally have it coming."
Costin Andrei

"Pfft, fuck if I know. What kind of half-assed question is that?  Don't tell me all the crap around here turned your brain retarded or something buddy." She laughed her inquiry off. "Why, don't we all take walks around here? If you're going to hide something don't go poking your dick where it doesn't belong."

And with that, she pouted, totally offended by her remark. "Well, if you must know, snacks here come cheaper. It's the taste of freedom babe!"


If she was upset, she didn't show it, for the faint and fangless smile on her face didn't fade in the slightest at the provocative response. Irene looked over her shoulder at the sanguine canine, speaking freely. "If you don't have a rat's arse to give about my questions, that's fine. Questions only hurt the thin-skinned and the guilty."

But impudence could get you killed, or put you on the path to end that way.

"And by snacks do you mean the beasts, or the people?"

"I..." He couldn't finish his words. He had been foolish, to say the least. Even that woman from earlier told him similar words. But he smiled, and tried to hold her hand. But suddenly, his expression shifted painfully. Ah, his arm. It must've suffered some damage.

"Ah, tch." He winced, arranging the machinery to reattach the metal limb. "Hey, um, I could use your help." He told her, trying to hide some embarrassment.

Well damn. These were all so adorable it was ridiculous! "Are all of the pokemon you have rare? They could sell ridiculously easily with a little elbow grease!" It was almost like she had completely forgotten where they were.


"There is nothing to forgive. Who you were will always conflict with who you wish to be. You can't withstand such a thing by yourself and remain whole. You need others to shoulder such a burden with you." She held out her hand.

"Will you allow me to do so? Or will you run from me as well?

Sakura glared angrily at the two of them, trying desperately not to shout angry abuse at them or break down in tears. How dare they mock her suffering? They had no idea what she'd been through.

"No, it is not funny", she replied, clearly angry and upset. "You have no idea of what happened to me, and yet you mock me as if it was some minor, harmless incident."

Then she turned to the girl.

"That ribbon is the only thing I have left to remind me of my sister, and of the times before I went through the magical 'training' that left my hair like this. Please return it, it is extremely important to me", she said, calming herself a little.


"Pft. Sorry, sorry." Rosa waved off Sakura's anger. It really was funny though. As if she knew what real pain or suffering was, that was a hilarious thought.

"But that monster chose to change. I have no doubt of that." He smiled serenely. Somehow, he felt their bond had grown stronger. "But you can't erase your sins. No matter how hard you try. I just can't stop seeing them. They curse me, day and night. I can't sleep, all I can do is run away."

He looked down at his metallic fist and squeezed it, his smile turned bitter. "I was born as nothing more than a weapon. I was meant to serve my purpose, kill without remorse or questions and die. So why? Why?"

Tears streamed down his cheeks.His metallic fist trembled, so much that the stump began to bleed.

"Why does it hurt so much?"He muttered to himself, holding off anger unlike anything else.  He could kill all his family, he could kill the one he swore to protect, he could kill the mother of a family of Oni. But he couldn't kill his emotions. He'd remember, he'd always remember. He could do nothing but remember. This was his curse, for having committed the gravest sin of them all.

For no son who'd murder his father and feel joy in his heart would be allowed in a kind heaven.

"Forgive me." Was all he could muster.
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