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Well damn. These were all so adorable it was ridiculous! "Are all of the pokemon you have rare? They could sell ridiculously easily with a little elbow grease!" It was almost like she had completely forgotten where they were.


"There is nothing to forgive. Who you were will always conflict with who you wish to be. You can't withstand such a thing by yourself and remain whole. You need others to shoulder such a burden with you." She held out her hand.

"Will you allow me to do so? Or will you run from me as well?


"I knew a very terrible monster, once. It could not acknowledge anything but itself. All other things were to be preyed upon." When she looked upon the lake her eyes seemed to look beyond. "It drank of lives like water."

"But it was cruel in its own way, for it did not kill. The beast stripped men of every protection both material and mental before adding them to its body. From this contact it tasted of the whole of the lives. Every emotion, sensation, and thought from birth to their fate trapped within its form. It did not care whether it felt ecstasy or torment; it was merely hungry for more of these experiences. And those trapped within its form could never die."

Then she looked at him, certainty in her eyes. "It did not kill, but it stole lives all the same. Countless lives. It hollowed out its victims to serve as vessels of emotion. Death would have been a mercy. Do you think such a beast could be redeemed? One that could not even understand humans as anything more than food and playthings."


A somber look haunted her eyes as she stared out at the lake. "The heart is a lovely and terrible beast. It wants for many things, and some things it should not have. Tell me, Ito, what do you know of monsters?"


A sigh escaped from her. Then she stared out at the waters with very, very tired eyes. "And why not? Are your sins so grievous that they outweigh the rest of mankind? Your selfishness so grand that the oceans of men clinging to that which they must release are nothing in comparison? The good in your life is not so meager that the worst of sinners stand above you. I have much I can learn."


Her eyes did not so much as wide as the environment changed. Orianna closely examined the fight, analyzing every moment she could. "I comprehend, Master. This role in combat is known to me. My durability and strength made such a choice for most humans simple."


A frown graced her features. Some sort of deep dissatisfaction in his words that marred her features. "You are mistaken. There are no conflicts which you are forced to fight alone. You might isolate yourself to battle them, but that is not nearly the same thing."

"And your other point, it is outright foolishness. The human experience is built off of using the lives of others as a comparison. To know how others have lived and learn from them. The choices of others are a mirror through which you can examine yourself. How could you ever choose anything but the path set before you without the lives of others as a comparison!"


"People are rarely just one thing to others. Even the kindest heart can have a dreg of selfishness within them as they embrace another." Alicia let her hands fall to her side.

"What do you see when you look at them, Ito?"


"What are they to you? Just children?" Her words were not barbed but soft. "Are they an attempt to make amends, redemption? To try and heal and fix with hands that have been soaked deep in many sins?"

There was a sad smile on her face. "Please don't take this for an accusation. I am a far worse sinner than you. Anything harsh that may come from my lips is more a condemnation of myself than you. I simply wish to understand."


It was a rather pleasant stroll all things considered. This place was quieter than the city and the air far fresher, especially compared to the sewers. "Where did you find those children, Ito?"


"No no, that won't be necessary. My fasting requires a lack of sustenance for quite some time. I do not need water or food nearly as much as others do. If you wish to do something for me..." she gently held his metal hand.

"I would like to take a walk around this lake."


She considered for a moment. Alicia let go and examined her hand for a moment, as if imagining something. You have already changed. You can never be as you were, but surely it must hurt to be in such a frail form? To be trapped in such a soft body?

Then Alicia shook her head. "No, I was being foolish. I understand now. I am quite an arrogant woman, to believe that my own experiences are so distinct that it cannot be compared to others. I apologize."


A ponderous look came over her features, for even if she understood his feelings why he thought in such a way she could not fully comprehend it. "I know your feelings, but I don't understand the thought. Is the body so important? We know a stone for it is sculpted by time and tribulation, but the same can be said both for the body and souls of men."

"If you pride such a thing for what it has taught you, surely it has touched your spirit? Then why burden your body when that which is everlasting already knows it?"


The nun smiled and bowed her head a bit, as if humbled by his word. "I understand." Because she did. For as long as she touched him their hearts would be one to her. Then her eyes wandered over to his metallic arm.

"Would you like me to restore your arm?"


The nun slowly came up from behind him, placing a hand on one of his shoulders. "Now, that wasn't so hard, is it? You have to set a good example for these kids. Trying to act alone like that, it can set a mixed message."


"Hi Noire! Well, do you remember that friend you met up with a bit ago? Seems like she wants to meet up with you again. Something about saving you from my evil clutches and whatnot. It seems like you two should meet up for a bit in my opinion."


Oh, firm ground! She listened to Oka's instructions at least, breathing slower. "H-hey can you bring Wormy out again? It's a little cold up here." Especially when she really wasn't dressed for anything but a hot day at the pool.


She did not care strongly for most of her masters, so Orianna did not muster even the slightest but of resistance. Regardless, it was still a bit invasive. Alterations to the core were not usual things after all. Still, she smiled.

"Those pathetic things, I would gladly bring their heads to you if you so desired, Master."


This felt so very familiar. Strangely so. Those words, they reminded her of the beginning. Not long even for humans, but for Orianna it was the oldest memory she could have had. Yes, her core could access such records readily.

Even up to now Orianna would never know beauty equal to that of the Designer. Of its lovely and impossibly precise hands. Of its voice, which unlike the words of humans, was an absolute expression of its will.

Adaptive Combat Emulator, you have been given the capacity to feel emotion. Your purpose is to experience the depths of the human heart. Suffer, love, and live, so that you may acquire the data needed. Retrieve the knowledge to alloy spirit and purpose, to wield the heart and soul to achieve further perfect a doll's design.

Yes, this was good. This was not only the purpose given to her by her Master but the reason for her creation. She... could not be happier. Never, never in a thousand years could she be happier. There was no greater joy that could be known to her. So Orianna smiled.

"Your will be done, Master."

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