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"Probably gonna want something commissioned then. Or find a pretty eccentric place. Or a Halloween costume store. All three work out pretty well, really." One day, she would be rewarded for all her backbreaking labor. Truly, she was the servant that made masters unworthy of her.


"Nah nah, this is nothing. Casual stuff. Wouldn't even hold up for a couple of days. Like cheap glue. But it is fun to do!" She skipped over, walking on the backs of the bowing figures. "Soooooo, what's next?"


"Yeah, just gonna give'em a sec." She waved her hand as the Messengers filed out, each popping back into her body. Then from the strip club the various gang members, patrons, and workers filed out, prostrating themselves before the small demon girl.

If one looked closely most of their faces were still flushed, their bodies still overwhelmed with emotion and sensation. It probably wouldn't hold forever unless the other girl did some things to them, but Lucy was pretty sure she would. "One free gang with a side dish of randoms."


Ohohoho, this was cute. Still, she was perfectly fine with this much. "Hmm, well there are a few groups that come to mind. Most of the groups here are pretty weak though. This is one of the dumpiest dumps you could pick out."

Several of her roaming Messengers relocated, moving towards the place in question. They rifled through the minds of gangers, overwhelming them with religious mania and euphoria. Simple human minds were so easily manipulated, as easy to crack with pleasure as they were with pain. They would be rather accepting of their new demonic goddess. Loyal little puppets.

"Well, there's one over this way!" It was only fair to balance the scales. William had it so easy!


Despite it all Lucy seemed incredibly comfortable. As if this was normal or even mundane. "Well, probably my boss. I haven't seen anyone quite as strong as him yet, and I've been looking around for a while. Well... there's you. But I've only seen a little."


Mhh, well, Lucy could tell when she was being tempted, and this was some nice temptation. Something you really grabbed by the horns and rode for a good couple of hours. The Messenger had already dissolved back into dark energies but it would be popped back out soon enough.

"Well, alright! You just gotta remember to take some responsibility for me. I can get myself into trouble sometimes."


The Messenger did in fact stretch. Their bodies could be rather malleable all things considered. Its face even took on a visage incredibly similar to William's! "Well, if he looks like that it was probably him. Although it would have been rude for him to come here first and not even tell me about it. Hmph!"

"Anyways, I'm Lucy."


"Well, my boss is mostly giving me a break. I don't need to do a ton so I wanted to figure out what the big deal was about." One of the Messengers peeled itself out of her body, popping out on top of her head. "This little guy led me to you."


So tiny! This was just affirmation that demons were the best after all. Lucy knew this of course, she was the Grand Pimp™️ of demons a couple lives ago. Solomon didn't have jack on her! "You could probably turn this whole place into a crater, huh? Thanks for not doing that, Great Demon Queen Elizabeth."


Led by one of her reborn Messengers Lucy sauntered over to a particularly scummy part of the Nexus. They had sensed something really big! It reminded her of that time they had found out where William was. Good times. It felt like forever ago.

Eventually she ended spotting this little demon girl and Lucy knew that was it. So she waved excitedly at her. "Hey! Over here!"


"Dunno, was thinking about setting up another sort of gang here. Maybe taking over one of the bigger ones already around. But that can get pretty annoying. Having to check my food for poison and break traitor legs gets really fucking boring after a while." She finished this can too before dropping it on the ground.

"Let's go do something else."


"Sure, I'll accept you as my servant. It'd be a waste if we did all this just for you to pop out of existence or something anyways." What a shitty mastery. If she was just gonna be keeping Jeanne around she could at least get some rent or something.


"Oh shut up. That was nothing. But I guess it was good enough. So, how do you wanna do this contract thing?" Despite her words there was at least a degree of respect in her eyes now. Instead of being a plain projection it was a circle on the ground, constantly shifting and moving.


She let out a harsh bark of laughter as she attempted to force the other girl down with all her might. "Well, with all the damn weaklings around here what was I supposed to expect? You could have been some dumb bitch not good enough for licking my shoes clean. But nevermind that, this is starting to get fun!"

The counter was cracking under the forces exerted on it, just a moment more needed before the whole thing broke apart.


So she thought she was strong, huh? This was either gonna be stupidly sad or actually surprising. "You know, if you disappoint me I'm gonna break your arms and legs. Might still keep you around though. We'll see."

Sakura settled into the same position, her hand grasping the other girls. "Go!" She didn't even try to hold back in the slightest. At the rate she was going she could crush an ordinary guy's hand to pulp and rip his arm off with the sheer force she was exerting.


"Well well, you gotta be useful for me to even think of that as an option. Come on, show me what you got! The only thing that's worse than a loser is a nobody who acts up." Sakura raised a foot and stomped on the ground lightly, shattering it and pulverizing the floor right beneath her shoe.

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