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Sakura glared angrily at the two of them, trying desperately not to shout angry abuse at them or break down in tears. How dare they mock her suffering? They had no idea what she'd been through.

"No, it is not funny", she replied, clearly angry and upset. "You have no idea of what happened to me, and yet you mock me as if it was some minor, harmless incident."

Then she turned to the girl.

"That ribbon is the only thing I have left to remind me of my sister, and of the times before I went through the magical 'training' that left my hair like this. Please return it, it is extremely important to me", she said, calming herself a little.


Rider smiled once more at his comment, enjoying his flirting even as she continued to throw him around and race ahead towards the finish line. She smiled again, this time more sadistically, as he crashed into a car and almost hit a truck. It was obvious that her plan was working. Even if he managed to stay on the bike, there was no way he could launch his own attacks whilst he was being thrown around in that way.

In response to his second comment, Rider also chuckled. Perhaps this was something they should explore later. Before she could make a comment to that end, though, she felt a strong tug on the chain. Looking back, she could see that he was obviously attempting to stop himself. At first, she pulled back, dragging him along a little but, as he began to dig in, she soon realised that, eventually, even her strength would not be enough to continue to drag him along. So, as soon as she felt the tug become too great, she simply let go of the chain, leaving him trailing uselessly behind her.

"Well, apparently I'm better at using chains. Maybe later we can see who is better with the whip...", she said as she sped off into the distance, a slight hint of lust combined with a strong tone of amusement in her voice.


"Impressive", the servant said as the man managed to grab hold of a car and somehow get back on the bike he had been riding, blushing once more at his flirty comment.

Still, despite his acrobatic movements, her actions had managed to gain her the lead. However, he had already demonstrated his willingness to attack her from behind, and she didn't particularly want to risk her bike getting damaged by his attacks, even if she should be able to dodge them. So, in an effort to prevent further attacks, she continued to pull him along, using her control of the chain to attempt to pull him into obstacles and occasionally jolting it forward or swinging it to the side in an effort to force him off the bike or, at least, to keep him off guard.


Sakura frowned. She really didn't want to explain her past to this girl she'd only just met.

"'s personal", she replied, before sighing.

"It's not something I like to discuss, it's not a pleasant memory", she added, hoping the explanation would be enough but fearing the girl's total lack of empathy would cause her to demand more details.


As soon as she heard the girl's question, Sakura stopped eating, her face falling at the mention of her past.

", it was altered by ..magic", she replied in a sad tone, obviously not wanting to go into detail.


It was an unusual choice, to say the least, but Sakura didn't really object to the choice of food. Ordinary restaurants held relatively little appeal for her and Shirou, since any place which could serve meals of the quality they could achieve at home was generally not one they could easily afford. So, when they did wish to go out for a special meal, they usually chose something a little more exotic.

As such, she simply began to eat, picking up a piece of bread and dipping it into the cheese before placing it in her mouth.


Rider blushed momentarily at the man's response, finding herself slightly turned-on by the teasing. She found herself once again impressed by his riding skills as he again dodged her attack, this time even riding backwards for a moment before, rather surprisingly, choosing to intercept the incoming nail with his hand.

Immediately, Rider felt a sharp tug on the chain she was holding, one which would surely have dislodged any normal person from the bike. Fortunately, though, she was not a normal person, and she simply allowed herself to be carried along by the tug, even gaining some ground on her rather foolish opponent.

"What, are you trying to give me a helping hand?" she asked, mockingly.

With that, Rider made her own move. Swinging her arm in order to make the chain rotate with it, she aimed to pull him off his bike and send him flying into the wall of one of the buildings by the side of the road. Given her strength and understanding of her weaponry, it would be very difficult for him to avoid or counter the attack.


Sakura sighed, annoyed by the girl's total lack of regard for the fact that she'd stolen the ribbon, or that it had sentimental value for Sakura.

"OK, I'll wait for now, but I'm not buying you any ribbons until you return it", she replied.


Rider found herself impressed by his acrobatic avoidance of the attack. She knew he was a skilled and fast rider already, but she hadn't expected him to possess her skill in avoidance also.

She smiled at his comment, amused and slightly flustered by the dominatrix part. She kind-of wished she'd made some kind of bet over the result of the race, dominating him and punishing his hubris would have been fun and, even had she somehow lost, she would likely have enjoyed the reversal as well.

"Oh, a dominatrix, am I? Does that mean you want me to dominate you?" she responded with a smirk, hoping to put him a little off guard as she continued to race.

Her previous maneouver had lost her the lead, but she was sure she could out-pace him. However, she also knew that, were she to overtake him, he would simply resort once more to his previous tactic.

So, as they reached the turn, Rider jumped off the roof and, waiting for him to move out from behind the truck, she launched another attack. This time, though, she only threw one of her nails at his wheel. The other she held back, waiting for his evasion attempt. Then, when he was in mid-air, she would take aim once more, intending to send the chain through any gap on ther bike and into the road behind. If it worked, his momentum would send him flying off the suddenly-stopping bike, and the bike itself would likely be damaged beyond repair.


To Rider's annoyance, the man responded to her demand by smashing up a piece of concrete and throwing chunks at her, clearly intent on damaging her precious bike. Fortunately, she was just about able to avoid having her bike hit, even using her leg to kick away one of the incoming pebbles but, even for her, dodging fast-moving rocks on a bike was extremely difficult and, sooner or later, one would hit its target.

Realising that she couldn't win this race fairly, Rider allowed herself to slow down and turned at an angle, aiming herself so that she would cross his path. Then, as he crossed her path, she materialised her nails before throwing them both whilst keeping hold of the chains, aiming for the spokes of his back wheel. If either nail managed to hit, he would certainly crash as the nails got jammed in the fast-moving spokes.


Sakura internally sighed at the girl's actions and words. She was clearly not the most stable or reasonable of people. However, precisely because of that, she knew better than to contradict her. After all, she could not survive the sort of abuse that had been inflicted on the man. So, a little reluctantly, she agreed to the girl's statement.

"Yes, of course", she said with an enthusiastic tone, hiding her nervousness.

Yet, despite her nervousness, she still desired to have her ribbon returned. She didn't really trust the girl to follow through, and she didn't want to waste money buying ribbons only to find her own was not returned.

"Can I please have my ribbon back?" she asked, remaining polite despite her well-hidden annoyance.


To Sakura's surprise and shock, the girl responded to the man by pushing him hard into the ground, leaving a small crater where his head impacted. Momentarily worried that she might have casually killed the man, Sakura considered backing-off and calling for help, but, to her relief, the man spoke, clearly hurt by the fall but seemingly undamaged.

Once more, Sakura did her best to hide her emotions, only perhaps a slight hint of surprise and shock showing through. However, she could see that she needed to be very careful around this girl. If Sakura upset her like this man had, she could easily get killed by the reaction, perhaps without the girl even intending it.


Sakura found herself a little frightened and very annoyed by the girl's response. The creepy way in which she smiled did not give off a good impression, and her words showed absolutely no consideration of the fact that the ribbon was Sakura's and she had absolutely no right whatsoever to possess it.

However, Sakura was an expert at hiding her feelings, kept all of this buried, continuing to smile politely at the girl despite her annoyance and the pain she felt in her neck. Fortunately, she was soon placed back on the ground, reaching up to rub her neck as the two of them discussed the possibility of eating. Sakura was feeling a little hungry, plus she wanted her ribbon back and she also felt that annoying these people was not in her interests, so she decided she would agree to their suggestion even if she would perhaps rather eat at home with her beloved.

Before she could give a response to either of them, though, she felt herself slapped hard on the back. Fortunately, though, her balance was good, so she only took a step forward before controlling herself, rather than falling to the floor as a less-well-trained person might. Then, composing herself, she spoke.

"I could go for a meal with you, if you would like", she said, addressing them both, before turning to the girl.

"Could I please have my ribbon back?" she asked, politely. "I promise I'll buy you lots of ribbons if you return it."


Rider rolled her eyes as she heard the sound of her opponent crashing through the house below her. Aside from the fact that wrecking people's houses for a race was a little over the top and likely to attract unwanted attention, it was also inevitably going to slow him down to keep bashing through doors and walls.

Indeed, as she expected, his theatrical efforts had allowed her to catch up and even overtake him. Continuing to travel as straight as possible, Rider headed further upwards, leaping between rooftops with ease. Suddenly, though, she felt a small object whistle past her leg at high speed, obviously thrown by her opponent. Not slowing down for even a second, she spoke up, a little annoyed.

"Hey, don't do that, you might damage my bike!" she said.

After all, her bike was expensive, and she enjoyed riding it a lot. She would be quite annoyed if it got broken, even if she could get Shirou to fix it easily enough.


Rider once again found herself impressed by the man's skill as he managed to react to the oncoming car and send his bike up into the air, easily avoiding the vehicle as he flew through the air at high speed.  Still, despite his skill, he was still following the road and, after smiling at his confident comment, Rider decided to take the more direct route, responding to him as she did.

"Not bad, but can you do this?" she said with a smile.

Heading towards something she could use as a ramp, Rider used it to fly up into the air, landing on the roof of a nearby house. From there, she continued to head upwards, cycling over the rooftops in order to get to the skyscraper quicker than she could along the road.

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