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The priestess nodded as her brow furrowed in thought. "Yes, I think we should start with your tailoring skills. Power is power, but the master is more interested in acts of creation than destruction. However, if needed your skills as a problem solver would be quickly put to use."

She looked over the party and smiled. "I take it you appreciate being eyed at?"


Tarset leaned in a bit, gently taking hold of the material to examine it. "Yes, this is rather fine craftsmanship. There is definitely a place for this, especially considering the Master's activity. You can work with more durable materials, yes?"

Even with the general upbeat attitude, it didn't stop the two from attracting attention. While they were more or less used to Tarset's own attitudes about clothing, it was undoubtedly true that Molly's own attributes had their own special charm. Some were trying to be subtle about it, only taking glances at the situation, but others were just plain staring as they ate from their dishes.


Her sigh was rather audible, not quite fed up but with a tinge of vague amusement. "If anything, it would be a disgrace to refuse your friendship after you have shown such hospitality. To more carefree merriment?" She raised her glass.


With the movement stopping for a moment Tarset smiled. This was going well! "I am a presenter, setting up these events to show the public that we are here and willing to accept and speak with them. You can consider me our face. You, well, I'd need to know a bit more about your talents. This nen may be useful for fighting, but surely you can do more than that."


Her ears twitched a bit as she heard the voice circling her. Then she simply shook her head. "Nevertheless, I'd rather everything be clear. It would be quite a pain to have to toss some alloy onto Sigurd so that I could keep track of what was going on."


Her features softened for a moment. "No, I cannot stop you. Nor would I disregard your aid if it was given. However, I can never see you as an ally. You are not someone that I can put my trust in, to know with certainty that you will fight by my side. I am sorry, Lorenzo."


As the party continued some of the cultists noted the child watching them from the sides. One of the women broke off from the group, heading towards the boy. She kneeled down a bit so they were eye level and smiled. "Do you wish to join the festivities, child?"


The blonde sighed, and when she blinked there was that kindness and amiability again. "Then you would be a poor comrade. To join a cause on a whim would make leaving it just as easy, and it would forever make me question your loyalty and the validity of your aid. I must decline."


Anesa closed her eyes for a moment. "The world is indeed quite cruel. That is why it manufactures those that can do so. The traits needed, the attributes requires, the pressure that is delivered in such a specific matter, there is no matter of chance or luck. Heroes are made because they need to be, to make the world seem less fierce and more fallible."

Then her eyes opened, terrible and cold. It was in every way no different than the world, a stare in which no human and only 'humanity' could exist. "I told you once before I have no tolerance for liars or deceit. So then, Lorenzo, do you see yourself as someone who was made to save others?"


She tossed the apple up a bit. "Enjoying the world isn't a necessary condition for protecting it. Fires burn, plagues spread, there are people who were born to do certain things. If that person was born to 'protect humans' then they would do it no matter what."

Anesa took a bit of the apple. It was sweet, but a tad spicy as well. And it was gone in an instant. "The meals one makes says a lot about them. Thank you, Lorenzo."


The priestess laughed as she was brought into a dance with the maid. She followed up as best as she could, her tattoos static yet twisting into ever new patterns in the eyes of those beheld her. Besides the napping blonde, the group erupted into cheers, dance, and suddenly playing music.


The knight's plate was beyond spotless. All of them were. Every glass had been emptied, and every bowl picked clean of each grain of rice. Yet somehow she looked as austere as ever, utterly noble in spite of everything. "Hm? There's not much I've needed to do for the past few weeks. It has mostly been a matter of patrolling and cleaning the streets of the occasional injustice."


The knight didn't do anything unsightly such as openly salivating at the meal. But still, this was undoubtedly a wondrous display of food before her. Campaigns and months of combat rarely lended itself to delicious food. "I am greatly thankful for the food, Lorenzo."

Her fork darted down faster than the eye could see, tearing through food at a breakneck pace.


She closed her eyes, fingers playing with petals. This wasn't anything grand or terrible, but she couldn't help but appreciate the notion. Not because it was special but simply the sentiment. "It doesn't feel like anything in particular, but thank you. Should we go on and get our meal now?"


Her frown grew a bit deeper. "I have never experienced such things before. There was nothing to forget in the first place." Her hand rose up, fingers pressing against the warm petals of the flower as she looked at Lorenzo.


Her fingers wrapped around the stem of the rose with a bit of a frown. "Such a thing, it does not suit me, Lorenzo. While your efforts are appreciated, I'm not meant to be appreciated in this sense. Nor is it something that should be done."


Eventually as the two traveled ever deeper into the forest, they began to notice the change in the environment. Mostly the massive paths that had carved through the forest, trees and rock formation crashed and smashed under the weight of an enormous serpent. It appeared that even giant venomous serpents needed to eat often. The trail clearly led deeper into the wilderness, and there it seemed that the creature had began to exercise subtlety. While it could be tracked if one examined close enough for the imprint of its scales upon the dirt, it had began to wind around and through the brush rather than go straight through it.

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

"Come on, don't you know it's illegal to try to proposition kids like that? But fine, I'll tell you a bit. I-" He stopped for a moment, his brow furrowing up in confusion. "Ah, hold on one second. I have it somewhere in here, I think." He ruffled inside his coat before pulling out a small plate.

"Here you go! It's pretty long term, and we don't all agree on the points, but that's mostly it. They're pretty loose ideas, no point in having anything set in stone yet."

It seemed to be a transcription. The lettering didn't seem to be in any modern language, but anyone who read it could quickly hear seven voices, one after another.

Spoiler for Hidden:
"Our directives--"

"No, our wish! Our desire!"

"Collect seba, delight in our Sekhem."

"Direct our servants, form the circle."

"Read the stars! Tear the name from these skies."

"Renew ourselves, attain that which was lost, become the lords of this space."

"Brothers, sisters, let us pray. That we may rise above the Law-- that we may live without suffering."

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