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The Cheiron Corporation

Role: The Cheiron Corporation is well known throughout the Nexus primarily due to having their name stapled onto a majority of hospitals and pharmaceutical stores in the city. Their close relation with the police allows them a degree of safety involving their smaller stores due to predetermined patrol routes.

But the company is not entirely clean in its dealings either. The lack government supervision makes it easy for samples and specimens to go missing without too much of a fuss. The Cheiron Corporation uses several puppet groups to hide their more clandestine operations. There they practice their heretical sciences in order to create superhuman soldiers and other experimental beings. Due to enhancing their own officers the police usually look away unless Cheiron does something especially overt, and it is not uncommon to see an Elite who was recently near death back onto the streets after a session in one of the private Cheiron clinics.

Blow up hospitals, blast apart too many drug stores, or somehow break into the private testing facilities of the corporation are sure to earn Cheiron’s disdain. Repeated behavior is enough to earn your own personal hit squad.


Superhuman Soldiers

(Commanders can have Strength or Constitution at Fantastic)

Strength: Incredible
Agility: Exceptional
Constitution: Incredible

The main bulk of Cheiron’s military might, hospitals of decent size can be expected to have multiple of these defenders inside them. Smaller clinics and stores might have one if any depending on their relative importance.

Armed with reinforced weaponry, combat training, and healing factors capable of repairing minor wounds and staunching the bleeding from more major ones they can pose a rather potent threat. Many are also armed with their own biological weaponry. They can spit acid, make bone claws, and twist their bodies around as if they had no bones depending on the soldier.


Strength: Exceptional
Agility: Incredible
Constitution: Exceptional

This is a relatively broad term that encompasses all of the tracking creatures that Cheiron has at its disposal. However, this is a role primarily made up of enhanced animals with modified senses. They can include anything from dogs to pigeons depending on their specific purpose and how they are supposed to be used.


Strength: Human
Agility: Human
Constitution: Fantastic

These organisms are implanted into buildings. They slowly grow, carving out the interiors of walls to fill them in with an even more durable fleshy form. Then the Spawners live up to their namesake and begin to produce creatures. Doglike beasts that are not much better than the average wolf but are connected by a hive mind to have perfect teamwork and are spawned in the dozens. Cheiron uses these to guard areas in hordes or use specially attuned handlers to lead packs of them out on hunts along with their Hounds.


Strength: Fantastic
Agility: Incredible
Constitution: Fantastic

Deep inside their testing chambers Cheiron creates monstrous beings from scratch. All of them are large, and they each have a myriad of powers. Some breath flame, radiate scorching heat, and strike at their enemies with burning limbs. Others are slow and ponderous, creeping around with surprising stealth as they ensnare enemies in webs and birth stunted children to attack their opponents. Some even wield crackling electricity, bombarding their foes from a distance and slowly approaching as time passes.

No matter the case Cheiron deploys these creatures carefully and decisively. Dedicated handlers train them to attack high profile targets, but even then their rage and bestial nature leads to them being deployed alone. Anything else would risk infighting.

Special Agents:


Strength: Incredible
Agility: Fantastic
Constitution: Incredible

An assassin for the Cheiron Corporation, Wraith manipulates a strange form of energy. It seems inherent to his body, and with it he is capable of turning invisible, creating decoys that lack any real physical presence, and even transforming into energy.

He can enter this state for less than ten seconds, and because it removes his natural stealth by turning him into a loud crackling construct of power he makes use of his new form to greatly enhance the bone blades that come from his arm. In this state he could even inflict lethal damage on creatures more durable than himself.

After this state has faded he loses access to the rest of his abilities for a short period of time. A little bit less than half an hour.

Cheiron has used its experiments on Wraith to cloak their own more covert facilities. Certain research bases can only be discovered by interrogating an official or Wraith himself.


Strength: Incredible
Agility: Incredible
Constitution: Fantastic

Mimic is a dog. Or at least, that’s what it appears to be. Mimic is a being made of black tendrils and is approximately human shape. Vulnerable to fire and distasteful of light, it infests other organisms (dead or alive) and puppets their bodies.

What makes Mimic such a valued member is because of its ability to partially infest other beings. While it cannot gain full control, it can insert parts of itself into another organism. At most it can fit enough of itself into a wound to control a limb, but once it does so it is rather difficult to remove. Against a being of equivalent strength Mimic can immobilize the wound, weaker than it allows complete control, and stronger than it involves a significant decrease in maneuverability.

Pressing a hot object up against the infection will slowly kill it or at the very least force it out of the body.


Strength: Human
Agility: Human
Constitution: Human

Horde is a collection of insects that can come together take take the shape of a human. It is the spymaster of Cheiron. It can literally be a fly on the wall, or a centipede in the wall, or any number of insects in your building. And each are specially enhanced in order to act as listeners or watches for any kind of conversation. Cheiron’s spies generally deploy a few parts of its body around to ease the issues of travel when overviewing a place.


Strength: Fantastic
Agility: Incredible
Constitution: Fantastic

A researcher for the Cheiron Corporation, Mother’s laboratory is herself. Having sufficiently altered herself, she spins sequences for new organisms and other chemicals within herself constantly and consciously. She is responsible for producing a myriad of Horrors, Hounds, and Cheiron soldiers personally.

In combat she is known for using a variety of toxins, acids, and other liquids that she can develop on the fly. However, she is also capable of spawning any of the many creatures that she has already designed. While creating something like the Spawn or Hounds would only take a few moments, throughout the course of a battle she can have enough time to create Cheiron soldiers from scratch. If the battle is truly long or she has time to prepare Mother could even create a friendly Horror. Well, friendly just to her, but the idea holds.


Strength: Exceptional
Agility: Incredible
Constitution: Incredible

The head of Cheiron’s new Soul Division, Tesalus specializes in rituals and enchantments involving souls and aura, a mystical energy that can be produced by souls. With it she has shown the power to alter, twist, and fuse the souls of other entities within her chambers. In fact, with time she can even create a soul from nothing but raw aura. She can read the souls of others with but a glance, ferreting out the secrets of their nature. Tesalus has also infused her cloak and several spears with powerful souls, allowing her to make them better tools. She can control three spears at once, manipulating them without even touching them. Each channel destructive power with aura that allows them to harm even the toughest of beings and move at speeds similar to herself. The cloak is black thread patterned with runes and filled with aura that acts as an autonomous defense capable of reacting to things that even Tesalus could not. Small arms fire is all but useless and it can withstand a large amount of blunt force as well. Tesalus’ cloak also repels harmful magic, effectively granting her a High amount of magic resistance.

The Founder

Strength: Fantastic
Agility: Fantastic
Constitution: Fantastic

The Founder is not a single entity. In truth, he is spread out across all of the major shareholders of the Cheiron Corporation. A type of hive mind that connects all of them together, he can choose to speak through any body he chooses. However, the form that he fights with is that of a large, faceless humanoid about 3 meters tall.

Capable of growing new sensory organs and limbs, The Founder has nigh unparalleled control over this body. Unless an attack destroys part of his body or tears it off he can usually just close the wound, and in the latter case he can fuse the flesh back into his form if he manages to get his hands on the part.

However, The Founder’s combat form does contain a vulnerability. Scattered within its body are several baseball cores. These are what link it to the hive mind that is The Founder as the creature itself is mostly mindless. While there are enough for the first few destroyed to be redundant, destroying enough of these cores will slow the body down and lower its reaction times and flesh shaping abilities.

Places of Interest:

Installation 01: The first and primary research facility of the Cheiron Group, this really only contains one thing of interest. A single glass vial of pure life force that has been used by the group for massive projects and undertakings. Many of the creatures that they have find their origins from the sequences spun after studying this, and it remains one of their greatest and most well guarded resources.

The building itself is actually buried deep underground. There are a variety of fake labs scattered around the nearby area that are filled with Spawners, a few Cheiron soldiers, traps, and the occasional stomping ground of a Horror. Hounds also patrol the area, alerting both the fake and actual research facilities of an intruder.

The actual building is no less guarded and is the home base of Mother. It contains numerous areas that can be sealed off and have a Horror unleashed followed by a deluge of poisons. Elite soldiers and beasts guard the area, and without some significant planning and a powerful group defeat is all but certain.

Installation 13: One of the myriad of research facilities in the Nexus, this one serves as the home to recent Soul Division of the Cheiron Corporation. Here a different methodology is pursued. While it is home to many beings that are for the most part identical to the ones produced by Cheiron, they achieve these ends through the alteration and fusion of souls. The body is then forced to conform and shift in turn. They provide services involving the repairing of souls as well for a price. But the greatest use The Founder has for them and the major reason for their creation is their ability to bind souls to a location upon death. Many of the head researchers are indisposable to Cheiron, and with the aid of Tesalus a grand ritual has been formed within the depths of the facility. There the soul is drawn after death and traditional Cheiron methods are used to reconstruct the body before implanting the soul.

Installation 13 is also all but alive. Not only does it have a powerful security force but its very foundations are infused with souls that have been altered to obey Tesalus. Similar to a poltergeist the building can manipulate most of the objects within it and that make it up. It would require powerful magic or an exorcist to disrupt the power that the Prophet has over this building.

Nexus General Hospital: Offering a variety of treatments, the Nexus General hospital is one the largest in the Nexus. It does lack the sheer amount of defenses as Installation 01, but it makes up for it with its capacity as a high priority building to call on the elites when needed. This coupled with its internal security team makes for a powerful deterrent.

It offers treatment for most any disease or injury (albeit at varying costs) but Cheiron also deals with less urgent needs. Cosmetic changes are common and due to the company’s technology can be incredibly thorough. There are some dragons running around the Nexus who were certainly not massive fire breathing reptiles when they talked into the hospital for their surgery.

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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - The Third Time's the Charm? Nexus Factions Thread
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The Police

The police are, obviously, a very powerful and faction within the government of Nexus City. As the ones in charge of keeping the peace and protecting the general populace from supernatural threats, they have a great deal of say with how the government is run. They have a close relationship with the Cherion corporation, and the two often work hand in hand with each other. The police provide protection and legitimacy to their company, and they provide cutting edge biotechnology and medicine to the force.

While they call themselves the police, it would be more proper to describe them as a small army, capable of rapidly responding to dangerous threats with precise and calculated strike teams. There are several smaller subdivisions within the force as a whole, and working with/for them can prove greatly beneficial for the involved persons. However, the flip side of this applies as well, and one would be wise to watch their back if they got on their bad side.

There are four main distinct entities within the organization as a whole, with some overlap.

The first of these are the ones most similar to a traditional police force, and are fittingly called the Police. They are at the bottom rung of the chain of command. They're mostly made up of normal humans or some rather weak mages or supernatural beings, and spend most of their time patrolling the vast labyrinthine streets of the Nexus. Their ranks are open to most people, and all go through a one year long mandatory training regimen, where they build up their body's muscles, learn how to shoot, various basic tactics in the case of a firefight, and finally the myriad of rules and regulations they must follow as part of this organization. If one was prt of the military in their life prior to joining the force, they would be able to test out of parts of this training. They'll mostly be made up of people with human or exceptional stats without any additional powers beyond basic magic abilities, at most.

Above them are the Enforcers. These are the people who are sent in to quell riots, fight most monsters, and to garrison at high value locations, such as a police station or a hospital. They all go through extensive training, and are highly experienced in urban warfare. Only extremely exceptional individuals are recruited directly into the enforcers, and the majority of them are people from the Police who showed exceptional promise and were offered promotions from there. They're all at least straight exceptional and expertly skilled, and many of them are quite a bit above that, being capable of some form of magic, regeneration, being stronger than humanly possible, etcetera. Most of the higher ranked members are battle-hardened Enforcers.

And then finally, there are the Elites. They're technically a part of the enforcers, however they're de-facto independent, and are given great leeway in how they operate and run their section. They're the strongest of the strong, and are all extremely dangerous opponents on their own, let alone in a group, which is usually how they operate. Each elite is completely unique, with an extremely powerful or useful ability and are most often extremely strong physically as well, although this is by no means a defining feature. There are many powerful mages within their group as well. Elites are deployed to the most dangerous of situations and to protect the most vital places in the Nexus. Their might is a driving factor why these places are only targeted by big name gangs and utter fools.

Finally, there's the administrative side and specialists. These are the people whose talents lie in things other than fighting and going out into the field. Experts, utility mages, and even the lowly secretary. All of them and more can be found in this group.

However, for all their might, the Nexus is large, and they simply can't maintain the required manpower to police the entire thing and maintain order. They're constantly being overworked, and often lose good men to the violence of the city. They tend to protect some parts of the city better than others, favoring neighborhoods filled with people who pay their taxes, particularly wealthy neighborhoods. In some parts of the city, they have barely any presence at all and there is almost no public order.

Mercenaries and Vigilantes

Alongside their official permanent workforce, the Police also put up bounties for more dangerous criminals. The rewards can be significant, but one has to register as a vigilante in order to claim the prize. The Police hold no responsibility for Vigilantes who die on the job.

(More to be added later)

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