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The Police

The police are, obviously, a very powerful and faction within the government of Nexus City. As the ones in charge of keeping the peace and protecting the general populace from supernatural threats, they have a great deal of say with how the government is run. They have a close relationship with the Cherion corporation, and the two often work hand in hand with each other. The police provide protection and legitimacy to their company, and they provide cutting edge biotechnology and medicine to the force.

While they call themselves the police, it would be more proper to describe them as a small army, capable of rapidly responding to dangerous threats with precise and calculated strike teams. There are several smaller subdivisions within the force as a whole, and working with/for them can prove greatly beneficial for the involved persons. However, the flip side of this applies as well, and one would be wise to watch their back if they got on their bad side.

There are four main distinct entities within the organization as a whole, with some overlap.

The first of these are the ones most similar to a traditional police force, and are fittingly called the Police. They are at the bottom rung of the chain of command. They're mostly made up of normal humans or some rather weak mages or supernatural beings, and spend most of their time patrolling the vast labyrinthine streets of the Nexus. Their ranks are open to most people, and all go through a one year long mandatory training regimen, where they build up their body's muscles, learn how to shoot, various basic tactics in the case of a firefight, and finally the myriad of rules and regulations they must follow as part of this organization. If one was prt of the military in their life prior to joining the force, they would be able to test out of parts of this training. They'll mostly be made up of people with human or exceptional stats without any additional powers beyond basic magic abilities, at most.

Above them are the Enforcers. These are the people who are sent in to quell riots, fight most monsters, and to garrison at high value locations, such as a police station or a hospital. They all go through extensive training, and are highly experienced in urban warfare. Only extremely exceptional individuals are recruited directly into the enforcers, and the majority of them are people from the Police who showed exceptional promise and were offered promotions from there. They're all at least straight exceptional and expertly skilled, and many of them are quite a bit above that, being capable of some form of magic, regeneration, being stronger than humanly possible, etcetera. Most of the higher ranked members are battle-hardened Enforcers.

And then finally, there are the Elites. They're technically a part of the enforcers, however they're de-facto independent, and are given great leeway in how they operate and run their section. They're the strongest of the strong, and are all extremely dangerous opponents on their own, let alone in a group, which is usually how they operate. Each elite is completely unique, with an extremely powerful or useful ability and are most often extremely strong physically as well, although this is by no means a defining feature. There are many powerful mages within their group as well. Elites are deployed to the most dangerous of situations and to protect the most vital places in the Nexus. Their might is a driving factor why these places are only targeted by big name gangs and utter fools.

Finally, there's the administrative side and specialists. These are the people whose talents lie in things other than fighting and going out into the field. Experts, utility mages, and even the lowly secretary. All of them and more can be found in this group.

However, for all their might, the Nexus is large, and they simply can't maintain the required manpower to police the entire thing and maintain order. They're constantly being overworked, and often lose good men to the violence of the city. They tend to protect some parts of the city better than others, favoring neighborhoods filled with people who pay their taxes, particularly wealthy neighborhoods. In some parts of the city, they have barely any presence at all and there is almost no public order.

Mercenaries and Vigilantes

Alongside their official permanent workforce, the Police also put up bounties for more dangerous criminals. The rewards can be significant, but one has to register as a vigilante in order to claim the prize. The Police hold no responsibility for Vigilantes who die on the job.

Named Elites

Name: Police Chief Jacob J Armstrong

Race: Human

Height: 250 cm

Weight: 355 kg


Physical Attributes

Strength: Legendary.

Agility: Fantastic


Other Abilities:

Supernatural Resistance: Jacob is resistant to all sorts of supernaturally powered attacks, and passively reduces damaged received by him by half. This, paired with his already monstrous strength speed and durability, makes him extremely difficult to damage, let alone defeat him.

Martial Arts: He also is extremely skilled in hand to hand combat, to the point of mastery.

FlightJacob has the power of flight. Pretty self explanatory.

Name: Chief Intelligence Elite, Alvis

Race: Human

Affiliation: Nexus Police, Nexus Enforcers, Nexus Elites

Age: 7 (356)

Height: 4’ 3

Weight: 53 lbs.


Physical Attributes

Strength: Human

Agility: Human

Constitution: Human

Magic Ability: Extremely High - Alvis’ magic is mostly focused to enhance his natural capabilities as a telepath. All of these abilities require physical contact with the victim’s head to utilize them but they allow for much more freedom to look into the thoughts of others and even enter their mindscape. Within it and with the aid of mana he is able to alter and influence it himself in order to create an illusory world within someone’s mind where he retains total control. He is also capable of going through memories, creating new memories, and even removing them from someone’s mind. He can practically give them amnesia or go all the way and simply crush their mind and leave them as a vegetable. This all requires time to do, which is why most of his subjects are kept restrained in case of any incidents.

Other Abilities:

Telepath: Alvis was born with the natural ability to listen into the thoughts of the people around him. He honed this ability over time to look farther and farther within people until he was capable of ferreting out the deeper thoughts of other people without being noticed. He was prodigal for his age and eventually learned how to influence other people by sending his own thoughts and emotions to them masqueraded as their own. While he is certainly skilled a strong enough mind or will can force him out and people experienced with telepathy will be able to recognize his foreign influence and dismiss it.

Foci: The nature of magic is slightly different where Alvis comes from. He utilizes internal foci which are places within his body that he concentrates on to gather mana to perform his spells. He has a total of four which means that he is taking in four times more mana and has four times more the capacity of the average magus. With all of this surplus of mystical energy he is also capable of doing a rough transfusion to other magi who require it. Much is lost in the unwieldy process but it is possible.

Name: Safiria

Race: Vampire

Age: approximately 5000 years

Height: 6’ 3

Weight: 160 lbs.


Physical Attributes

Strength: Fantastic

Agility: Fantastic

Constitution: Fantastic

Magic Ability: Medium - Safiria is relatively skilled in the art of illusions. She mostly uses them to hide her home from others and to give herself the features of the living. The vampire has also learned a few spells in order to compensate for the weaknesses that plague her race. During the day she can wrap herself in a cloak of darkness that even keeps the sun itself at bay and allows her to ignore the usual pain of its light. Fire will break apart any part of the darkness it touches and it must be reapplied.

Other Abilities:

Draining: Safiria has gone beyond the need for her kind to drink blood. All blood does is provide them an easy way to take in lifeforce which vampires need. She simply skips the middle man and can directly siphon lifeforce from her opponents with physical contact.

The Cold: A psychic ability that Safiria has had all her life. It allows her to intensify emotions within an entity whether they be positive or negative. This is accompanied by the person feeling a freezing cold which was the basis of the name. Those with enough willpower can resist the more overt attempts but it is much more difficult if she’s already using a powerful emotion you’re feeling right then.

Regeneration: Safiria can expend her stolen lifeforce in order to make her body reform and come together. As long as she has enough spare lifeforce she can theoretically recover from anything as long as enough of her body is intact. Wounds caused by fire and sunlight cannot be recovered as easily and take time to heal. Minor wounds heal basically instantly, and limbs within seconds. Even cutting off her head wouldn’t be enough to instantly defeat her, although it would require a significant expenditure of blood.

Name: Jack Perkins

Race: Human

Height: average

Weight: average


Physical Attributes

Strength: Amazing

Agility: Amazing

Constitution: Amazing

Magic Ability: Extremely High

Jack has extremely limited magic, but at the same time, it’s also an extremely powerful and versatile tool that he can use to deadly effect. He has the power to create and manipulate rain and water, and is capable of easily compressing it into a high pressure blast of water that can pierce even metal or diamonds, create equally high pressure shields, or create solid weapons that hit as hard as any strong and durable metal weapon, among other things.

Other Abilities:

Acrobatic:Jack is extremely acrobatic and is skilled enough to use it to dodge in combat.

Equipment: Jack carries a cane around, but it isn’t special or particularly useful in battle.

Name: Police Combat Golem Mk 7, also known as Melissa

Race: Magical Construct

Height: 5’11

Weight: Heavy as fuck


Physical Attributes

Strength: Fantastic

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Fantastic

Other Abilities:

Inorganic Life Form Melissa, as a magically constructed golem, does not react to pain as a normal human or other animal would. She is designed to be able to feel it, as to allow her to know where she’s damaged or if she’s in danger, but at the same time to be able to fight to the end without suffering any of the ill effects from it. It doesn’t scare her, nor distract her or could her mind. To her, it’s just part of who she is.

Furthermore, as an intelligent magically constructed golem, she is intelligent enough to understand orders and to perform her job perfectly, but is incomplete in many other ways. She views justice in an extremely black and white way and is inexperienced with normal human day to day interactions, as they were deemed unnecessary to program into her. She is theoretically capable of learning, but sees no need to attempt to do so.

Finally, she is capable of surviving injuries that would cripple or otherwise kill a normal living being. Even if she’s destroyed, she can always be rebuilt, perhaps even stronger, so long as her creator lives. As such, he is well protected by the police at all times. However, this is not to say she is expendable. As an extremely advanced and powerful golem, building her requires at minimum nine months in ideal conditions, and potentially far longer. She is also expensive to maintain, materials and mana wise. As such, only two of her exist at this time. (Each of them have a different name and superficially look different, but otherwise they’re essentially the same model.

Equipment: Melissa can be equipped with basically any kind of police or military gear one can imagine and use it well.
Note:There are other, similar golems as well. Feel free to make some up to suit your needs and propose them!

(More to be added later)

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