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Name: Oriana

Race: Combat Doll

Age: 10

Height: 5’5

Weight: About 200 pounds


Physical Attributes:

Strength: Fantastic

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Legendary

Other Abilities:

Artificial Body: As a doll Orianna is devoid of most of the weaknesses that other living beings have. She does not need to breathe, eat, sleep, or other such things, and she can endure temperatures hot enough to turn metal into slag or cold enough to freeze people solid with ease.

As she is made of detachable parts Orianna can trivially remove parts of her body. Doing this to her entire form does leave her rather helpless as she does need to manually attach whatever she has lost. It also allows her an unnerving amount of control over her own body as she can twist and shift segments of her body independently of each other nearly any way she wishes.

Orianna also has a core, a cube about the size of a human heart, that sits inside her chest. This is the only truly necessary part of her as it is the source of her consciousness. It can be extracted from her body and exposed to the air without any negative consequences..

Perforating Blows: Through a skill she has copied, Oriana's limbs behave like supernatural weapons in combat, puncturing and severing her foes with every blow.

Emulation: As a close range combat doll Orianna was built to emulate Perforating Blows, the main skill of a powerful fighter before her creation. However, while she was made specifically to copy that ability she can extend her replicating to other abilities. Things such as high speed movement techniques or the skill to deflect the force of tremendous blows without effort are what she attempts to mimic. These things can take days if not weeks to master but  she can see progress much sooner if she witnesses the ability in person several times. The results may be imperfect but undoubtedly have impact.

Origin: Orianna was created to model and defeat the current champion fighter. In appearance, personality, and soon skill she was identical. Physically she was superior. Once she had learned all that she needed to it was merely a matter of sending her out to do her missions. There was a bit of a struggle at first; she was under the delusion that she was a ‘person’ and not a doll for quite some time. Ordinary growing pains.

Now Orianna is very nearly a model doll. So long as she has her master everything is right. And if she ever loses her master then all that is required is to acquire another and obey. No matter what she does it can be washed clean in purpose and service.

Weaknesses: As a specialized model it is incredibly difficult for Orianna to repair herself without the aid of a specialist. Otherwise any damage she sustains can't be healed.

Likes: Obedience, battle, soft things, hard working machines

Dislikes: Disrespect towards the master, dolls pretending to be free, discourse about dolls since there’s nothing to talk about
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Name: Ketsumoto Uchiten
Race: Evil Spirit
Age: Something close to 900 years, current form looks to be in his early 20s
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: Around 130 pounds
Eyes: Swirling crimson and black.
Hair: Black


Physical Attributes
Strength: Amazing
Agility: Amazing
Constitution: Incredible

Magic Power: Very High
Uchiten is a master of curses, a powerful mage of incredible spiritual power. Aligned with the eastern tradition of Onmyodo, he possesses knowledge of many occult mysteries, but his magic is first and foremost limited to this specialty.

The practice of curses is the expression of a wish that some form of misfortune or adversity will befall a certain entity that is the target of the curse. In Onmyo magic, a Curse is embodied by spiritual power and empowered through negative feelings to bring about calamity to its destined target. Curses can take many forms, and the stronger the intent, the more malicious the curse. Feelings by themselves can be dangerous depending on what shape they assume, so Onmyo curses can bring about truly terrifying effects: they can control a person's mind, poison their body and thoughts, or even kill them. Eliminating a curse is a process called removal or breaking, which expels the feelings behind it from the sufferer of the ailment, often resulting in the reversal of the curse back to its master, or someone else.

Lacing harmless gestures and words themselves with curses is the mark of a skilled hexer, and doing so is a simple matter to Uchiten, even when dispensing particularly powerful ones. Just communication, whether verbal or not, can become a curse in and of itself, and strong intent can birth similar hexes. When purposely channeled, these can be the equivalent of high grade enchantments, and Uchiten has the ability to exploit these idiosyncrasies to great effect and strongly affect others through them. He can take a person's hurtful words towards another and cause them to ravage the first's soul or rot their flesh, curse someone with feelings of disorientation or loneliness to become lost, or even use the true names of individuals as a way to affect them from afar.

Using curses, Uchiten can also lay magical bindings and oaths with severe consequences or deadly repercussions if broken, though these must be based on circumstances brought upon by the target themselves. Simpler curses allow him to inflict compulsions and unfortunate circumstances upon people, or temporarily twist the qualities of objects to a lesser degree.

Though it takes preparation, he can raise magical fields covering buildings or small streets which bestow cursed qualities upon the enclosed space, such as gradually robbing all those who walk in it of willpower, physically weakening them, or twisting paths into more labyrinthine forms. And using ritualized resentment or  sacrifice, he can create familiars lethal to humans, twisted specters of hunger or obsession which obey his orders forcefully.

The least refined of his magical skills is to harness the entropic potential of cursecraft through the inverted pentagram. In Onmyodo, the regular pentagram is closely associated to the Wu Xing, a conceptual scheme of destruction and renewal that represents perfection; with its opposite he can degrade these connections, and steadfastly dismantle wards or complex spellery that rely on precise flows of power.

Other Abilities:

Evil Spirit: Uchiten is a powerful specter who is essentially a bundle of grudges and malice in the form of a person, bound to the identity of a ghost. Since his physical form is sustained by spiritual energy and has no necessary biology, he is nearly impossible to slay and can recover from most wounds in little time so long as he has magic power to spare, which recovers by resting. If severely damaged, he can disperse into black mist to reform elsewhere and feed on the spiritual energy of helpless humans to replenish faster. Since he's a spirit he doesn't need to obey the laws of physics, so he can float and fly easily. And he can see just fine in the dark, as befits a denizen of the night.

Spiritual Presence: If he wishes to make it felt, Uchiten's spiritual power can force lesser spiritual beings to their knees and inflict palpable pressure on those sensitive to these things, though this makes him stand out like a beacon. His strong essence also grants him resistance against magic, blunting the effects of hostile spells on him by one rank.

Troublemaker: Uchiten has a knack for reading people and understanding when they are at their most vulnerable, and he can endow his words and mannerisms with an unnerving quality that would put most people on edge.

Origin: Ketsumoto Uchiten was once a son of a noble family and a student of Onmyodo who became an Onmyoji of the Imperial Court during the late Heian Period. Since he was young he had been praised for his talent at divination and been greatly inspired by the fame and prestige of Abe No Seimei, of whom he was a contemporary and one-time student. His quest for success led him down the path of power, and he grew stronger and stronger in Onmyo magic over time. Unfortunately, his indulgence over power led him to engage in dark passions and evil desires, and over time he turned to the forbidden arts and the taboos of Onmyodo, seeking to increase his own power even further.

His dealings were discovered, and he openly turned on the Onmyo Bureau and the Imperial Court rather than let himself be taken in, starting a brief campaign of spiritual terror on the capital that was quickly subdued. Making enemies of the remaining Onmyoji at the peak of their forces, he was eventually caught and killed despite his great power, and the dark sorcery he employed was cleansed from the capital.

However, his death did not mean his end. His spirit lingered on as a wraith, bound to the world by resentment. Over many decades, his hate festered and his desire to cause even greater chaos and death as revenge grew. Uchiten's spirit was slowly driven mad and his soul corrupted. After almost two centuries of nurturing himself with curses and twisted desires, devouring lesser spirits and yokai to sustain himself, and feeding off the evil of the capital, he ascended to the ranks of the yokai and regained proper use of his mind.

During the centuries that followed, he accumulated power and slowly tormented Japan from the shadows, facing off again and again versus the Onmyo Bureau and its successors all that time as a constant enemy. Eternally locked in a dance of despair and strife, torturing his foes - there was nothing more than Uchiten wanted.
While it seemed that struggle could carry on forever, he was defeated - but miraculously, he did not perish. Instead, he appeared at Nexus City.

Likes: Chaos, death, destruction, corpses, despair, watching the struggles of those beneath him, humans
Dislikes: Necromancy, happy families, having his fun disrupted

Weaknesses: Anti-spirit weaponry or magic. Anti-evil effects. His most powerful curses all require some form of communication of intent or feelings, so he needs to speak meaningfully to inflict them if there is no other means by which to engage the spell.
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