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Name: Rafalia Tredecim
Race: Excrucian/Faerie
Height: 188~ cms
Weight: Lighter than she seems


As above, though she does not always wear her uniform of the Bleak Academy. More than bearing a commanding presence, she is undeniably beautiful. This is somewhat more than physical appearance, because when you look upon her there is something bigger and grander behind her visage.

Physical Attributes
Strength: Incredible
Agility: Fantastic
Endurance: Incredible

Magic Power: High
Rafalia's magic draws on the power of the Outside to let her cheat the rules of the world and do things that aren't supposed to be possible. Her alien skills with it produce unreal results.

Changeling: The magic otherfolk use to slip into places. They use it to conceal their night-eyes and other small things like scars, to seem more normal. With appropriate care and work, Rafalia can conceal wounds and sickness too, or mimic a particular person's mannerisms and appearance. Regular use can make the effects quasi-permanent.

Night-Craft: The art to build nightmarish minions and other vile things from bodily fluids, shadows, dreams and soil. Rafalia may mold unusually sturdy things out of dirt and sand, spin her nightmares into bronze thread, and distill darkness and dirt into poisons. More relevantly, she can make servants sympathetically connected to her and empower them to perform simple tasks. With sufficient time, she can construct elaborate creatures and frightening monsters from the soil, blood and her nightmares, though they have at most Amazing to Incredible attributes, though lasting minions take several days of work to create.

Other Abilities:

Heartless: Rafalia has no heart. Her body is unnaturally alive, so blood loss and deprivation don't mean much, and her wounds close easily. In addition, she can't truly be moved by sympathy, wounded by empathy, or touched by compassion. She still has genuine emotions, but her soul is hollow.

This curse is so intimate with her being that she can temporarily afflict others with it. When she does, they become unshackled of sentiment and their feelings numb. All it requires is her presence and intent, but she can't effectively extend this to more than one person, and it will only linger for a little while if she doesn't keep her attention on the victim.

Impossible Dexterity: Rafalia moves with inhuman grace and precision, making even comparable beings seem clumsy by comparison. Her borderline perfect balance and implausible nimbleness are an axiomatic quality. Against direct opposition, her reaction speed and deftness increase to match it in the Agility rank.

Supernal Sight: Rafalia's unearthly eyes grant her night vision sharper than an owl's and sight keener than an eagle's, attuned to the slightest details and hints of motion, and the ability to see intangible things. She can discern the strength of people's resolve as a colored mist and focus to perceive immaterial or invisible beings.

Look Into The Void: Rafalia's gaze can fill you with paralyzing fear, bearing down with suffocating vastness. Anyone with less than superhuman physique or notable supernatural power is completely frozen, while others still feel the pressure though it doesn't physically constrain them, and may be progressively exhausted if it lingers. You don't actually need to look her in the eyes for this to work, as she can affect even people turned away, but you can break free immediately if you have some powerful form of resistance. If she leaves or stops it will go away on its own even if you don't do anything.

Seize The Untouchable: Rafalia has the unearthly ability to grab or strike intangible things and forcefully drag them into material form for a short time. She can grasp insubstantial objects and physically interact with them as well, allowing her to yank a gust of wind from the air or hold and choke a bonfire in her hands.

Rider of the Outside: Rafalia is a exceptional hunter. She is greatly skilled at riding and tracking, swordplay and archery. If she calls, her pale horse will generally come riding over from the night or a shadowed corner like it was waiting for her.

Iconic: Rafalia is a symbolic, evocative creature, and her ability to be recognized cannot be impaired. No matter how tattered she ought to be she can always fix her standard appearance, or barring the believable limits of that she can instantly restore the way that she is supposed to look.

In flip side to being recognized, Rafalia can become unremarkable and difficult to notice. She can seem just another face in the crowd in her casual clothes, difficult to spot and more difficult to realize she's important.

Storyteller: Rafalia is a living story, and her miraculous existence in the boundary between ideas and life allows her to change and make true the kind of narratives she belongs in. When she becomes involved with a mystery, Rafalia can obtain convenient ominous clues, or otherwise find hooks that can serve to guide others forward. She can appear when something interesting is happening, preceded by rumors and omens, or manifest herself in places where she's not, ingratiated into the location or someone's life. She can transform other's lives in often slight, barely magical ways by acting as a cathartic influence.

She's also really good at interior design.


Soul Carving Blade:
This is Rafalia's abhorrent weapon, a night-colored sword with the power to sever miracles and the cut the soul as easily as it does flesh. It can nullify or break supernatural powers and strip away all immortality, but greater wonders can only be weakened or twisted. The sword is inseparable from her, and she can conjure or dismiss it at will.

Bow and Arrows: A ebon bow that looses arrows of solid starlight; these do not falter in power before they have crossed truly prodigious distances. She can conjure and dismiss it at will.

Pale Horse:
An exceptional hunting steed that is unhindered by obstacles in thorny and forested environments or the dark, and has the power to cross planes of reality (this is probably useless in the Nexus, unless someone literally creates an otherworldly dimension between her and her destination, or something). Effectively it's just convenient transportation or a means to handle a chase while allowing her to focus on something else, as it won't act independently. Its Physical Attributes are the same as Rafalia's base attributes.

At the end of the world where the true thing beyond things is, lies the Bleak Academy. Rafalia came there, or from there, where she learned the arts of waging war and crafting horrors by which to put the world through ordeals. She swore to the Cant of the Warmains, like a doctor swears the Hippocratic Oath, and set out to put Creation to the trial of her blade.

Before the Bleak Academy, she murdered gods and tempered herself with the deaths of heroes, giving worth to the things that were deserving of it. Before that, she walked the lands without life where she lost her heart and danced with the mad and fair people.

Once she met a flower of evil who charmed her by his apathy, who in turn fell into the trap of her test. Who despite himself, swore he would overcome her tribulation and then her. She grew to love him for it, and he offered his hand to kill the darkest and evilest god so that he could return that love. For persisting in the face of the unfathomable and succeeding, she tried to take his life; he defeated her even then, and made her his bride in chains. Her soul was swayed by his devotion, but she did not abandon her mission and he did not forsake his role. Their treason did not change them, but made them more than themselves.

When the Headmaster of the Bleak Academy shot down the Sun, and all of creation and the lands beyond drowned in the outside, she waded through the waves of oblivion, carrying her spouse on her steed until they found the only place that was still unequivocally real. They arrived at Town, and she saw that in that oasis surrounded by nothingness there was worth which had nothing to prove, that there was meaning, and there they stayed.

Rafalia is a test of ideals. She will seldom lay her hand on a strand of hair from your head, or turn her sword against your flesh. Instead, she will push you forward and make you destroy yourself. She'll curse your efforts with misfortune, make no good deed go unpunished, and condemn your decisions to turn on you. She will answer your wish with betrayal and turn the world against you. She will make you pick up the pieces of your rusted heart. And in the end, if you still have not regretted, if you still believe and walk forward no matter how thankless and hellish your path, she will take your life herself and keep your selfish mistake, your life's work, in her heart.

That is what she used to do. She's mellowed out a bit in Town, in Fortitude, where there is no world ash to burn down and no desperate war against reality to win.

And then she tripped through the world and crashed into the Nexus.


Cold Iron: In her essence runs the blood of the terrible lords of shadow and thorns, so all the same does the grudge of iron extend to her. It causes her pain to the touch, and wounds it opens will be slow to heal.
Tentacles: These are very bad. They'll make her all relaxed and helpless cause she'll be expecting massages out of them.   
Dark Handsome Gods: More precisely, the dark and handsome god of all evil, who has claimed her as his fiancé despite the impossibility of it.

Likes: Chips, heroes, netflix marathons, interior design, stories of struggling
Dislikes: Community slackers, anti-heroes, Deceivers, pain
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Name: Grigori

Race: Human

Age: 28

Height: 5’5

Weight: Average for her height


Physical Attributes:

Strength: Human

Agility: Human

Constitution: Human

Magic Ability - Divine: All magic is based off of the principles of chaos and order. Chaos is power and imagination, the force behind all magecraft. Order is direction and control, that which gives focus to that raw power. At her base she is already a prodigious spellcaster, but there are two ways by which Grigori may extract greater power from her spells.

By drawing more upon the powers of chaos she can amplify its effects, but this opens room for error. The spell could turn against her, be released indiscriminately, or transform her into a carrot. For obvious reasons she refrains from doing this despite the fact that the difference in power outclasses her normal output. The other option is to create a runic array granting order additional power at the cost of flexibility.

By carving runes into an object she inscribes the spell onto it can flood it with more power without having to worry about chaos' effects. The issue lies in the fact that if created on the fly the difference is nearly negligible to her own output. The more precise and detailed the runes are the more power she can flood into the array without worry. To reach a level of power beyond her average ability she would need to make a precise array with a large amount of the object’s surface covered in tiny symbols.

To Grigori there are few spells beyond her power and comprehension to cast. She can conjure conflagrations, shatter the earth, drown beasts with a mighty wave, and cleave a squad of soldiers in two with a slash of wind. Withering curses can cripple her foes as hexes bring their flesh to a boil. With a flick of her hand she can raise the dead as shambling creatures and with runes can create powerful abominations. She can create portals linked to a runic circle or set up powerful barriers.

Cores of magic and inscriptions can bring mighty golems to life or serve to power continuous spells. This becomes incredibly important when Grigori works on constructing defenses and fortifications. Her usage of runes allows her to create self sustaining spells of great potency that require little attention at all. Runic magic also allows her to cast multiple spells at once without much distraction to create powerful combos.

It is even possible for her to elevate her senses by perceiving the world through the lens of her soul, allowing her to visualize and hear beings far faster than her (Incredible). One of Grigori's most favored spells weaves her magic into the materials around her. This allows her to maneuver them freely at speeds equal to her own reactions. She can maintain this control even if the materials she manipulates are damaged, such as the fragments of a smashed boulder or molten rock if it has been heated enough. However, this is far from the sum of her ability. Grigori is the inheritor of knowledge stretching back countless generations and thus skilled in many forms of magic.

Unity: What is perhaps considered mastery of magical talent is the ability to act with unison with another as the gods did long ago. By engaging in physical contact Grigori can link her own magic to another mage over the course of a minute, intertwining their spirits and abilities with one another for a period of time. During this state they enter a state of perfect synergy, sharing the sum of their magical knowledge and power along with greatly amplifying the effects of their spells. This can be broken by the loss of physical contact. Because of the closeness of the ability and the fact that forming such a thing leaves Grigori incredibly vulnerable to attack on a spiritual level if the other person reacts negatively it is only done with great trust or desperation. Or if she tricks them.

Other Abilities:

Inheritor: The lineage of Grigori’s family is one of constant and unending success. Each child in their line has been more powerful than their parents, ensuring a slow but steady increase in power. However, just as her mother was an exceptional mage so is she. Her offspring is insured to be even greater than her if she ever bothers to have them.

Poker Face: In a fight between mages the worst thing you can be is obvious. In the midst of a battle whether she’s losing or winning Grigori can always manage to keep what she’s actually feeling hidden.

Origin: Grigori wants to live forever. She doesn’t consider this an especially selfish goal. It seems rather sensible, all things considered. There are so many things left to learn, things to see, people (of worth) to meet! She can’t let herself die yet!

There are worlds of magic to explore. She knows it. They lie just beyond the horizon. There might be powers beyond her understanding. Abilities she couldn’t dream of! How could she simply sit around and wait?

So she set forth. Generally killing and setting up stone research fortresses that she inevitably abandoned that served as decent dungeons for young adventurers. Her antics never made her particularly favorable in the eyes of either the worshippers of Stribog or Chaos, but it was of not great concern to them. Not until rumors of her summoning the god of death began to circulate. But thanks to the Nexus those rumors would stay rumors.

Now she is simply stranded. And a bit peeved. But overall rather fine considering that it wasn’t the worst arrival she has ever made.

Weaknesses: Runic arrays are very fragile. If even one rune is damaged the magic will be trapped inside it before building up and exploding.

If she’s surprised enough to use chaos to boost her magic it will blow up in her face about nine times out of ten. It’s a terrible ability to rely on.

Grigori lacks any close quarters combat experience and can be easily caught off guard when she’s constructing an array or researching.

Likes: Magic, the idea of living forever, mages of equivalent talent, she has a slight penchant for destructive magic, spicy food (preferably with noodles), dragons, research, new forms of magic

Dislikes: Considering her mortality, making average progress on her projects, crazies, content people, devout worshippers of the gods, mediocre mages
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Name: Jeanne D’Arc (Alter)

Race: Avenger Class Servant

Age: 19

Height: 159 cm

Weight: 44 kg


Physical Attributes

Strength: Fantastic

Agility: Fantastic

Constitution: Incredible

Magic: None

As a servant, Jeanne possess an immense amount of prana in her body. During the singularity at Orleans, she was even in possession of a holy grail, which she used to summon dragons and servants en mass. Unfortunately for her, she no longer possesses such a convenient object anymore and can no longer summon anything of note.

Additionally, because Jeanne is a servant, she can’t be harmed by mundane attacks. In order to harm her, one needs to attack her with something that has spiritual presence, such as magic, an attack from a supernatural, or anything another servant throws at her. For instance, while a person crashing a car into her would deal her absolutely no damage and only inconvenience her, a servant doing the same might be able to deal some real damage to her, depending on the mass and speed. She can also go incorporeal in order to turn invisible and phase through walls, however, while she is in this form, she cannot meaningfully harm anything herself, either.

Finally, servants require somebody to form a contract with them in order to provide them with the mana they need to survive and to anchor them to the world.

Self Replenishment(Mana): A class skill of the Avenger class, this serves to grant her effectively limitless amounts of prana, to the point she would effectively be able to support herself without any issues, provided she had somebody anchoring her.

Other Abilities:

Dragon Witch: As a result of being produced artificially by Giles’ wish upon the holy grail, Jeanne possesses the power of dragon-kind within her. This grants her a unique form of charisma which makes dragons obey her and allows her to bolster her allies morale, causing them to fight harder better and braver. With only a swing of her flag or a spoken word, she can force dragons under her control and make them obey her. It also has the effect of granting her the ability to supernaturally strengthen her allies in battle by twenty percent.

Furthermore, it functions as a form of the riding skill, allowing her to “mount” anything she so desires and “ride” it as if she was a master of the vehicle or animal. She can even use this to commandeer a dragon and ride them around, if she so desired.

Avenger: Avenger is a Class Skill of the Avenger class, representing the state of an Avenger as one that gathers people's hatreds and grudges onto oneself. It is easier for one to accumulate loathing and resentment. When Jeanne receives any damage, she also gains a fair amount of magical energy proportional to the damage that she received. She gets less than she used to, as her avenger rank has lessened since the events of Orleans and she no longer desires to destroy the world. Negative emotions towards an avenger immediately turn into strength.

Memory Correction: Memory Correction is a class skill of the Avenger class. While people often forget small things immediately and even large events can fade from somebody’s memory with time, there are some things an avenger will never forget. They remember the source of their resentment, down to the finest detail, and can never be caused to lose that memory. If she attacks someone related to her resentment in a sneak attack, the potency of the attack will be greatly multiplied.
           Roar, O' Rage of Mine
Le Grondement De La Haine

The Noble Phantasm of Jeanne Alter. It takes the form of the fires that consumed her at the stake, the physical manifestation of her resentment against the traitorous Frenchmen. These flames can effectively burn anything to ashes, transforming grudges from Jeanne Alter and anyone around her into mana to burn the opponents' injustices, impurities and self-righteousness to the bone.

Furthermore, the stake was stuck into her image as she was burned at the stake, and as a result, she is able to call forth a number of them alongside her flames when she attacks.


Her Flag Jeanne Alter's even now possesses the same flag that Jeanne herself normally carries, however, it is merely one of her weapons now and has lost all its defensive powers.

Sword A midnight black sword she carries around her waist. It possesses no special properties as a noble phantasm, but she can use it to fight if she so desires. As it is made of pure prana along with the rest of her armour, if it were to get destroyed she could easily recreate it.

Origin: Jeanne Alter is not a proper hero like most every other servant. She does not exist on the throne nor is she based in any historical fact nor any mythological basis. She was created when Giles de Rais cast a wish upon the holy grail to create a Jeanne who would take vengeance upon France for forsaking her. His wish was granted, and she descended down upon France as the Dragon Witch, summoning swarms of wyverns and an army of servants to lay waste and remove France from history. Luckily, she was stopped, and was subsequently summoned to Chaldea. She now has found herself in the Nexus.

Weakness: As a servant, if you kill her master, she’ll disappear very fast unless she gains another contractor. As she has renounced her role as a saint when she became the dragon witch that descended down upon france and has subsequently become an Avenger, Jeanne no longer has a shred of her absolute magic resistance. Because of this, she is vulnerable to magic and any powerful mage could capitalize on this fact to devastating effect.She ended up failing, being stopped by the true Joan of Arc and the protagonist, and faded out of existence. However, she later returned and invaded Chaldea, but was eventually defeated again, before ending up being summoned. After hanging around with the protagonist for long enough she calmed down a fair bit.

Likes: Denying the existence of god to believers, jokes, hanging around Jeanne, Giles

Dislikes: God, Belief, Jeanne, having faith
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Name: Sakura

Race: Human

Age: 19

Height: 5’4

Weight: Average for her height


Physical Attributes:

Strength: Fantastic

Agility: Fantastic

Constitution: Incredible

Magic Ability - None: Sakura has absolutely no magical skill at all. She doesn’t even know a single thing about magic. However, she does have a large amount of magical potential. She could theoretically learn but it would take a great deal of effort and time on her part.

Other Abilities:

Deep Shadow: Sakura is capable of freely manipulating her shadow. It can expand in size and twist around irrespective to the light shining on it. One of its most basic abilities is to serve as a storehouse for her.

The shadow turns exceptionally dark and anything on top of it begins to sink as if it was mud. She can stuff as many things as she wants into there and releasing them takes about as much time as sucking them in. People who are caught in it that are Exceptional or below have pretty much no chance of getting out and can only halt the pull if they manage to grab onto something not in the shadow. Anyone higher than that can pull themselves out of her shadow with strength alone. Incred or higher can break themselves out of her shadow if they somehow get sucked in entirely.

Fleeting Shadow: Sakura can detach her shadow from herself to have it go sneak around. It has Fantastic agility and can hide in the shadows of others or dark areas. Sakura can hear and see everything that it does. If both the shadow and Sakura occupy a dark space it can instantly return to her.

Shadow Men:

From her shadow Sakura can call forth forth three minions. They are Amazing in stats and are armed with dark weaponry. Usually knives or bats that they use to pummel and shank people to death. If they die she can trivially respawn them.

Connecting Shadow: Attaching her shadow to another’s allows her to make a one sided to them on a level nearly as deep as the soul, jacking into their very being to get a read on them. While this can give her near perfect teamwork with someone, she more usually uses it on enemies. This lets her anticipate her enemy’s moves even if they’re by instinct.

Shadow Arsenal: Like her minions but better, Sakura can call forth all kinds of dark and powerful melee weapons from her shadow. Usually they’re just bats, knives, and guns though. Sometimes a chainsaw. The good thing is that they’re strong enough to not shatter when exposed to the unnatural weaponry and force of most supernatural battles. However, unlike her minions all of her weapons are ‘alive’. Her bat could grow teeth and bite you or her knife could start sprouting tendrils to push itself deeper into your body.

Shadow Mimic: If you are unlucky enough to be knocked out around Sakura her shadow can get a taste for yours. This can take a few minutes, but once it’s done Sakura can take on your form through the transformation of her shadow. This does not affect her physical stats.

Omega Shadow: When she’s in a serious fight Sakura usually calls back her minions to use her shadow to its fullest extent. Like this it can be considered an extension of herself and shares the same stats. A hand could burst out to grab your leg, or a monster mouth could devour you, or a big shield can pop up to protect her. It can’t really die but it can be damaged enough to sink back into a flat state to regenerate for a few seconds. The max range on the shadow in this state is about 5 or 6 meters. She cannot use Connecting Shadow, Shadow Men, or Deep Shadow during this state.

Weaknesses: When Sakura uses Fleeting Shadow she lacks the ability to use most of her powers. This makes her reconnaissance rather dangerous for her. Her ranged options are also rather limited. Her best option usually involves pitching a shadow baseball at people’s heads.

Origin: Sakura doesn’t bother to think too much about her early childhood. She was mostly traded around from foster home to foster home for a while after being abandoned by her family. Eventually she took matters into her own hands and just left.

That nearly ended up with her getting her head smashed open by some thugs. Then her shadow ate them. Then she fed it the rest of the gang. As it grew stronger so did she until she eventually plateaued. But by that point she was basically a kind of unholy terror and made a gang around the fact that she was an unstoppable monster.

It was a pretty good time.

As a petty warlord she beat the crap out of her rivals with her bat and ruled as the mostly top dog. To her, the Nexus is just like home!

Likes: People who look like her, sucking up to her, staying up past 12 to read dumb shit on the internet, hitting things with her bat, ramen before 11 pm.

Dislikes: Getting called out on her bluffs, people breaking out of her shadows, getting called edgy, having to clean the bloodstains out of her hoodie after someone calls her edgy, ramen after 11 pm.    
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Name: 'Dogtooth' Okami

Race: Wolf-Man

Age: 26

Height: 8 feet tall

Weight: Fairly heavy due to musculature


Physical Attributes:

Strength: Fantastic

Agility: Fantastic

Constitution: Fantastic

Magic Ability - None

Other Abilities:

Instinct: There is nothing more reliable than a beast's instinct, Okami is a testament to that. His training and keen senses in the arena made him a fearsome foe to say the least. Additionally, his battle intuition is  sharp, to the point he can clash evenly with masters and see through feints of deceptions during battle, as well as being able to reflexively avoid ambush attacks or traps. His movements are rough and cannot be compared to martial arts, but not a single motion is wasted, every strike hits with power, fluidity and purpose. While he has no such ability, some even came to tell he could see two seconds in the future.

Canine Scent: Okami's scent is a scary thing. Though how much is attributed to his instinct is a mystery, he can smell lies or deceptions, as well as using it in conjunction with his keen intuition to read people's surface thoughts. If he has a scrap of blood or anything to detect a person's scent by, he will be able to track it kilometers away. To put it bluntly, you cannot hide from his nose.

Wolven tongue:  As a member of an ancient race deeply linked with canines, he can command wolves and dogs with nothing more than a word and understand the meaning behind theirs.


Fur scarf: A scarf and his one remaining memento of his family. He will treasure it above all else.

Origin: The wolfmen are an ancient tribe that lived as one with nature before the dawn of man. As humans cut down the forests and the trees to build their great palaces, disease and wars drove them out of their territories, until the once great tribe was nearly driven to extinction. His village was one of the few remaining, and for a while they lived in peace and harmony. But that peace would not last.

Now rarer than ever his kin were seen as a rare commodity, nothing more than beasts to be ripped from their homes and sold to the highest bidder. The young Okami was but a child when he was trapped during a hunting expedition and captured by a slaver guild, then brought to the master as a trophy.  His new master was a renowned monslave hunter, and his champions were amongst the most prestigious in the continent. It was because he saw a fierce will in his eyes and the potential of such a rare breed that he decided to train the young Okami, and with a harsh whip he broke and molded the young boy into a warrior fit to be a champion.

His master was cruel, but skilled in both the art of combat and the art of manipulation. He would promise the young boy freedom if he claimed the champion’s belt. He had nothing to return to, no home to cherish, but he still wished to live. Which is why he took them down one after the other, and soon became the arena’s favorite.

He was only 17 when he took his friend’s life and claimed the title of champion. His days as a gladiator over, Dogtooth disappeared, and his master was nowhere to be found as well. That is how his legend came to an abrupt end.

In the Nexus, he found himself alone, lost. He was offered to serve justice and become a part of the Elites. Without a home to go back to, he made his own. This time, he'll protect it for sure.


Okami’s family had been hunted down for their teeth, and because of the trauma he fears people uncovering his nature. Thus, he will go to great lengths to hide his mouth, even if it means giving up on exploiting an enemy’s opening, or outright stopping a fight.

While he is not one to be easily moved by panic, always keeping a calm and stoic attitude, he has a deeply ingrained fear of fire, and exposure to that element can cause him to grow sloppier as he tries to contain his panic and rage.

Silver is also lethal to him, and acts like a poison that can cause him excruciating pain and incapacitate him, or outright kill him. A sword or bullet coated with that metal will go through his body as if it was human flesh.

Finally, he has an absolute code of honor that prevents him from taking advantage of certain situations. He will not strike an already downed opponent twice, and his sentimentality makes children much harder for him to deal with, though surprisingly he has no issue going all out against women.

Likes: Flowers, nature, meat, being shown affection, animals (especially cute little puppies, they’re like little brothers to him), his comrades, those with whom he forges bonds deep enough to consider them part of his family, bellyrubs (he will NEVER admit it).

Dislikes: Violence and cruelty, especially towards nature. Fire, cages, being teased, being made fun of for his appearance, people who boast of his abilities (he finds it embarrassing but secretly likes it), those who threaten his pack.


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