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Name: Plutia, Lady Iris Heart

Race: Console Patron Unit

Age: Around a hundred years old

Height: 164 cm

Weight: 49 kg


Physical Attributes

Strength: Heroic (Legendary)
Agility: Heroic
Constitution: Heroic

Magic: Extremely High
Plutia is an extremely skilled magical user in the use of lightning magic but she also knows some magic from other schools. Her mana reserves are fairly large but would drain rather quickly if she were to go heavy on the casting, thankfully they replenish over the course of a few hours.

Lightning Magic: Her main offensive capabilities lies here, she’s capable of both enhancing her own physical blows with lightning making them hit with the equivalent of legendary force while also coming with the other properties associated with lightning such as electrocution. She is also capable of attacking at range with it, although the range attacks usually requires a bit of concentration but is far more powerful as a result. At her strongest she can even blast entire buildings apart with her lightning, being her most powerful spell it's not something she can easily replicate and she'll require rest after a few uses. Plutia cannot buff her melee strikes and strike at range at the same time, she's limited to one apllication of it at a time.

Voodoo: She can establish a link between a object she’s holding (usually a plushie) and an enemy she is fighting, making it so that anything she submits the object to is transferred over to the enemy. Establishing a link takes some time though and can be broken if they leave visual range.

Size Alteration: Plutia can change the size and mass of anything she’s holding and then throw it, it’s maximum scope is roughly the size of an elephant with the mass of a tank, the effect is a bit delayed and the mass increase doesn't occur until after she has thrown it. However she can only do it to inanimate objects that she can hold in her hands and it only works one way, that way being making it bigger. The bigger and the more mass she wants it to have when landing, the longer she needs to prep it and it takes several seconds for the full effect.

Healing: Her healing is pretty potent and she’s capable of fixing grevious wounds in one go and even make limbs regrow in a short period of time. However it is limited to one person at a time and takes several seconds to perform. Furthermore it can only treat injuries, any diseases or other ailments cannot be cured by it.

Other Abilities:

CPU Goddess: Plutia is the Console Patron Unit of the nation called Planeptune. As the Console Patron Unit she's tasked with being the nation's guardian deity and in exchange draws power from her subjects faith commonly referred to as Share Energy. Being a CPU she's both immortal of the unaging kind as well as immune to all common diseases. She also stays in peak physical condition no matter her diet. All CPU's are also capable of flight at speed comparable to their agility level.
Share Energy usually lies dormant in a pocket dimension, ready for her to draw out a moment's notice. Share Energy replenishes over time with the rate of it and the size of the reserves being proportional to the number of believers she has. Although that is how it usually operates but due to some strange anomaly she has found herself permanently trapped in her transformed state, as a result her two personalities have somewhat fused for good and for worse.


Whip Sword: A sword whip fusion of absolute madness, the blade is made of fanged segments that split in a way making it behave like a whip. This nigh unbreakable tool is perfect to punish people with. It’s sharp edges guarantees that anyone struck by it will not be having a good day.

Origin: Plutia is a Console Patron Unit hailing from the Ultra Dimension, there she is the guardian deity of the nation of Planeptune. By far the greatest nation on the continent all thanks to her. It’s so great in fact the other pitiful nations could never hope to ever be more than a shadow in comparison, and only a fool would ever claim otherwise. She’s been it’s Goddess for many many years now until one day while going off to see her bestest friend Noire she fell through a portal and ended up in a strange city. Stranger still she was in her big big form, and someone needed to be punished for this but she was soooo…. sleepy.


Limited Stamina: Plutia has limited stamina mostly for mental reasons as she simply can’t bother mustering the energy to do stuff half the time.

Overconfident: Plutia is likely to underestimate her opponents as she sees them all as being below her, their true place being beneath her boot.

Magic Resistance: Seeing as Plutia prefers to fight using her magic, anyone with magic resistance will have an advantage over her.

Likes: Noire, plushies, Bullying, Bullying her friends, Bullying Blanc. Naps

Dislikes: Other people bullying her friends, getting pulled away from her naps. People trying to stop her from bullying her friends, that’s the worst.
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Name: Anesa

Race: Human

Age: 100~

Height: 6’3

Weight: Proportional to her height


Physical Attributes

Strength: Heroic

Agility: Fantastic

Constitution: Heroic

Magic Resistance - Very High: Holy protection against magic. It is raised to Extremely High if she drinks from her grail before combat.

Other Abilities:

Grail King: Anesa has a variety of powers and an equal amount of restrictions regarding her behavior and her ability to fight. For example, prior to entering combat she must recite a prayer and drink from a holy cup. If she fails to do so all of her stats go down in a rank for the duration of the fight. However, doing so successfully revitalizes her. Any wounds, diseases, and toxins will be instantly healed. Curses are broken so even powers that inhibit such healing are negated, and she will not grow weary nor have her fighting negatively affected by physical trauma. Magic and other supernatural abilities hold no sway over her mind or spirit during combat. If she does not enter combat after partaking of the cup or attempts to take multiple drinks it will burn her insides as punishment.

Lord of Horses: If her enemies rout Anesa may call forth a beautiful white warhorse (Heroic/Heroic/Fantastic) and a mighty lance. Once she does so she has no choice but to pursue her opponent and engage them in combat again. From that point she will not be able to retreat from the fight, and if forcibly dismounted the horse will immediately disappear.

Gracious Mercy: As a warrior, Anesa is obligated to offer and accept the surrender of her opponents so long as they have not betrayed her prior. If she does so any wounds inflicted by that person are healed. Failing to do this makes the wounds inflicted by them slow to heal, unaffected by Grail King, and impossible to remedy with magic or supernatural powers.

Oathkeeper: If Anesa makes a promise she is incapable of breaking it, no matter the consequences. Even if the cost is her life she is compelled to do so. If necessary, she will even lose control of her own body. However, she is also empowered by her promises. So long as it is in defense of her oath, she cannot suffer the loss in physical attributes by failing to partake from her grail before a fight.

Combat Veteran: With her decades of experience in combat Anesa is an incredibly capable warrior. While her personal weapon is the sword, she is easily capable of fighting off her foes with nearly any sort of weapon, even her bare hands, without a degradation in performance.


Holy Grail:

Her drinking cup, blessed by a high priest. It is the third one she has had made. If lost she has a sort of sixth sense for telling where it is, although even with that it could take her time to find. It is otherwise no different than any other metal cup.

Sun Sword: Manifested whenever she enters in combat, it is a blade of seemingly ordinary metal that shines with a divine light. It burns both unholy creatures and monsters, and exorcises ghosts and spirits. If its blade rends the innocent, it will shatter and remain broken for the duration of the day.

Lion’s Armor:

Spoiler for Hidden:

If pressed in combat Anesa can coat herself in a powerful set of armor, requiring a Heroic strength character to hammer down on the same area with blunt force several times to make a significant dent. It lowers the potency of all physical attacks against her by a rank. She is not allowed to dodge any of her opponent's strikes once she wears the armor. If she does, it immediately shatters and her constitution is lowered by a rank for the rest of the fight. As punishment for her lack of valor, the armor cannot be invoked for the remainder of the day.

Champion’s Lance: Called forth when Anesa uses Lord of Horses, it has little properties other than the capacity to harm immaterial entities.

Origin: Born as an otherwise normal girl, Anesa has been led by destiny to where she is now. Every ritual and regulation, she knew them as well as her own two hands, and she could not stop herself from performing them.

But she hopes for the day where her recitations may cease, her hands are empty, and she may live as herself.


There are a variety of obligations with no benefit which Anesa must follow. She can never strike an enemy from stealth, ambush them, or attempt to use some poison or magic to slay them. Anesa must confront them directly. Other underhanded means such as taking hostages are similarly restricted. She cannot intentionally deceive another. 

Stealing or destroying the grail is also rather effective. If stolen she must recover it and if destroyed she must go through some effort to recreate it. The ceremony of partaking of the grail does require several seconds. As the grail is a normal physical object it is very easy for it to be inadvertently damaged in combat as she usually keeps it on her person.

Likes: Horses, long walks on the beach, banquets

Dislikes: Lies, having to go without food for too long, hypocrisy
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Name: Rundas

Race: Demonic Shade

Age: died at 20

Height: 165 cm - grows to 185 when displaying her true form, which happens whenever she exerts a considerable amount of power

Weight: Normal for her size.


Physical Attributes

Strength: Heroic

Agility: Heroic

Constitution: Fantastic

Magic Scale: None

Other Abilities:

Demonic Arsenal -Fangs of the Wild Hunt:
By drawing from her connections to the underworld, Rundas can create demonic lances that she wields in combat. By lifting her arm up, she summons a row of dozens thorns that rush forward from her position to impale her foes, and by pumping her fist she forms about a handful of them in the air above her foes in order to send them crashing down on them.

They are mighty, travel at legendary speed, and can pierce through heroic foes, but while her weapons are far from slow, there is a slight delay in both cases that makes it possible for characters of comparable agility to avoid the hellish spears.

Ragnarok: By channeling and focusing her demonic energy and hatred in her arm with a delay about as slight as her other spears, she can physically launch a greater spear with legendary force and speed, and shatter a building under her devastating throws. She throws her weapons with unparalleled accuracy. It is a devastating attack not because of some ultimate offense, but because it is a potent projectile that can be fired continuously and accurately.

To put it simply, if one does not actively try to avoid or block them they will not miss no matter what.

Skilled fighter: Rundas fought countless battles with her spear, but while her intuition and technical knowledge is masterful she employs a wild, feral style that exhibits its raw brutality fully without lacking in precision or finesse.

Heart of vengeance: As a vengeful spirit, her mind is incredibly hard to corrupt and mold. Her grudge is strong enough that it makes bending her memories and emotions a nearly futile effort. Her will is an extraordinary thing, the fact she has kept her strength and endured the pain of being constantly burned is a testament to that. But because her heart still throbs with pain and flames, she can never be freed from them.

Heart of avarice: As a spirit of greed and hunger, she keeps whatever she takes and steals on close clutches. Whatever she may claim as possession can be moved and stored in her shade. This includes her former body and her great treasures. However, she is dead, and because of that everything she once owned is also dead. They are nothing but figments of greed and delusions, illusions of wealth and power as fake as her appearance.However, a lie can be as believable as truth, and only the most skilled in the perceptive arts can tell the true nature of her manifested treasures.

Heart of treachery: As a spirit of betrayal, she was once betrayed and will betray in turn. However, she seems to be fighting her nature ever so foolishly, as if she could escape her sin. But on that night, the witch of the wild hunt tore her liars tongue. She may never tell a lie again.

Hollow: Rundas is neither dead or alive. She is only a shade, able to feel and act in the physical world but devoid of something. To put it into perspective, she is a bucket with a pierced hole at the bottom, thus no matter how much she tries to fill herself she will always be empty.

Demonic Nature: Being a demon, she crosses the line between life and death. While she uses an illusion to appear human, her true form is an oddity devoid of flesh that does not bleed but cracks and releases its lifeforce like a miasma if shattered.


Motorcycle She has grown fond of riding such devices.

Gift for a liar: A pocket mirror that will always remind her of her sins. It can reveal any illusion for what it truly is. It was neither stolen nor taken, but gifted to her by a cursed someone.

Origin: Rundas was once an ambitious warlord feared and respected throughout the lands. Thirsting to expand her rule, she consorted with a witch in order to gain greater power and influence, and deceived her in order to go as far as to steal her power. But the sorceress survived and sought revenge, tearing apart her group through malady and famine before tearing her soul.

If she survived, it was only due to her power which transformed her into something hollow and monstrous. She became a mistress of the wild hunt, and like many other demons she would have eventually forgotten her name and humanity. But she refused. She was born human, and she refused to die as anything less. She was too greedy to let go of her stolen power, and too ambitious to forget her former life, and because of that her greed will never be quenched. But perhaps she will find something that can satisfy her in the Nexus.

Weakness: Holy artifacts and attacks act on her body as if it were human, and covering her body with holy water will also utterly cripple her constitution. Her ranged pressure is powerful but she is unarmed for a moment whenever she launches her spear. Even then, she cannot strike at close and far range at once, and the slight delay makes it more manageable.

Likes: Competent people, the thrill of the hunt, glory and victory, hedonism, stabbing things, determined women, modern society, worthy warriors to crush under her heels, herself and enjoying companions useful to her, drinking, trampling and desecrating the weak, her bike.

Dislikes: Idiots, goody two shoes, people who talk too much, weaklings, cravens, uselessness, needless carnage (a war is preferable to a massacre), those who won’t go for what they desire, witches, losing her bike.
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