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Race: Human, obviously.

Age: 19

Height: around 5'6

Weight: About two tonnes.


Physical Attributes

Strength: Fantastic(can boost to legendary)

Agility: Amazing

Constitution: Fantastic

Other Abilities:
Superhuman Physique: Due to an experiment done on her by Kokonoe when she was young (she doesn't like to talk about the details), Sakura posesses inhuman physical aptitudes, especially in strength and stamina.

Standard Blazblue Shit:
Ars Magus: Utilizing ars magus, a combination of magic and science, Sakura can do such things as create barriers to protect herself, conceal herself and create a small short-period (less than a second) surface in the air to either jump a second time or dash forward or back. She can overload her barrier and "burst", which she can use once in a while to escape someone's grasp and gain distance. She can't use her barrier for a short time after that though. She can use an overdrive to enhance her physical abilities even further(slightly into legendary) for a short period of time.

Hand to Hand:
Sakura is extraordinarily good at hand to hand combat, particularly grabs and throws. She's really super good at throwing people. She can easily grab people and throw them high in the air, before jumping up and slamming them into the ground with enough force to crack solid cement or throw someone through a wall.


Kokonoe's Thingamajig
Some sciencey tool she stole from Kokonoe. It's a big metal club-like thing a bit longer than her arm and two or three times as thick. It's extremely tough, strong enough she can't dent it with her hands. She's not quite sure what it does other than beep and blink every once in a while. It seem to be super durable, however, so she uses it to smack things. It doesn't seem to damage it so it's fine, right? When she's not hitting someone with it she carries the large object around on her back.

Origin: Sakura doesn't really remember who her parents are. They either abandoned her, died, or both. It doesn't really bother her though. When she was small, she was rescued by a large, red man who she first knew as the Red Devil. She never understood why he was called that, honestly. He was so kind, so gentle, and so mellow...

She much preferred his real name, Tager.

She was raised by this man in the laboratories of Sector Seven, as his adoptive daughter. It wasn't an easy place to grow up, and she very quickly learned to stay out of the way of the scientists, especially Kokonoe.

Long story short, she grew up into a strong and attractive woman with a bit of a daddy complex. She was pulled into the Nexus, and makes her living doing odd jobs in her field of expertise, combat.

Weakness: Sakura has very few ranged options, and if you can keep her at range, she doesn't really have a fallback plan. She can also be kind of a ditz. While she is extremely durable and difficult to critically injure, she possesses no regenerative ars whatsoever, so if you do inflict a serious wound, it will stick, and hinder her until she finds someone to fix it.

Likes: large men, good guys, men stronger than her, good food, making alot of money, spending alot of money, her friends, people she doesn'5 have to worry about her strength with

Dislikes: Bad people, Kokonoe, Ragna the Bloodedge, being modified, Hakumen, People referring to Tager as the Red Devil, acidentally hurting/killing people
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Name: Hazama

Alias: Yuuki Terumi

Race: ? ? ? Ghost

Age: Unknown, but has lived through countless time loops and stuff

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 61 kg


Physical Attributes

Strength: Incredible

Agility: Amazing

Constitution: Incredible

Magic scale: None. However, he is a hotshot at using ars magus, pretty much magic that isn’t magic that uses seithr.

The first notable difference is its use of seithr as opposed to mana. Seithr was released in large quantities into the world during the Dark War by the Black Beast, an immeasurably strong monster that wiped out nearly half of the world’s population. Seithr is harmless to humans in small quantities, but in larger dosages it is a highly toxic substance that is lethal to humans and mutates animals into powerful and aggressive monsters.

Ars Magus was developed by the Great Sage Nine during the Dark War to allow humans to utilize the powers associated with magic in order to fight the Black Beast, which was completely immune to conventional weapons. Humans were unable to manipulate magic in its base form, and after a great deal of research, Ars Magus was developed to circumvent this problem.

By using science to manipulate the vast quantities of seithr that leaked from the body of the Black Beast as a fuel source, a user can generate a vast number of effects. In order to activate an Ars Magus, one has to recite an “Ars,” or spell.

Some people have higher aptitude than others in the use of Ars Magus. For example, to activate a specific Ars, the average person would require twenty units of seithr while someone with a high aptitude for it might require only ten, or even five units to achieve the same effect.

He can use his ars to create a barrier that lets him jump twice or jump then hop sideways mid-jump like some videogame character.

He can also use ars to summon snake energy things that he adds to his attacks to make them hurt much more. His ultimate attack involves chaining someone up with his Nox Nyctores, send him flying with it and summon a bunch of the snake guys to make an even bigger snake guy that eats you for MASSIVE damage, but is tricky to pull off and leaves him open and tired afterwards.

Finally, he can use his ars to summon top hats, knives and gel his hair?

Other Abilities:

Puppet: His body is a puppet vessel built for Yuuki Terumi by the man himself, Relius Clover. It’s sturdier, stronger and better than a normal human body, and is also the Blazblue! Pretty cool, huh? Like the Blazblue, it runs on Seithr which the Nexus has sufficient amounts of without being deadly. This lets him manipulate seithr and thus use ars magus with much more ease, but it is a double edged sword since anything that would remove seithr or nullify it would not only neuter him, but cripple him to the point he’d be very weakened.

The science guy: While he is no Relius Clover, Hazama seems to be a pretty knowledgeable and smart guy who isn’t stranger to the scientific approach. Heck, he invented a bunch of stuff like the Blazblue, and is knowledgeable about cauldrons, the boundary and the susan unit. This means he’s no chump when it comes to being a nerd.

Dance Skills: Hazama is a top notch dance master with moves so sick he incorporates them in his knife fighting style. Graceful like a cobra, as deadly as a viper, deceitful like a snake, he is a very skilled fighter despite appearances.

Boundaried: Hazama isn’t quite human, his mind has been exposed to countless time loops, meaning he has also been exposed to countless reruns of bad television. This is enough to drive anyone mad, just look at that poor trash heap Arakune. However, while he is certainly crazy he is by no means insane.

Due to his peculiarities, the fact he isn’t quite human and the fact it’s been exposed to the motherfucking boundary means that his mind is pretty much the last thing you want to see. It also probably means he has IMMENSE control over himself and self awareness, that and being an observer and all.

Hate Ghost: Yuuki Terumi is an entity that feeds off sadness, despair and hate. Literally. The more hate is directed to him, the stronger he gets and the stronger he gets the more you hate him. But even so we all love the man. It also observes him passively, which means he needs to be hated in order to SURVIVE. Luckily it’s not really a problem.

Observer: Hazama has the power of observation. By looking at phenomena, as in, anything around him, whatever is around him becomes real instead of just another possibility. He basically confirms the existence of things, i see therefore it is kind of deal.

Soul Eater:
The Blazblue is really a Chinese knockoff of the black beast, Rags having the shitty knockoff while Hazama has the real awesome knockoff. The important thing to note is that the Blazblue works on life force, souls and all that good stuff, which includes memories. Hazama has been shown to "eat" memories from people, like how he made Jin forget about that one time he disarmed his brother in a friendly brotherly match.

However, it is a bit tricky to pull off and becomes more feasible if the target is weakened/unconscious, like a Pokemon. However, the memories aren't always completely gone and it is very possible to recover them with the right conditions.


Balisong butterfly knives: Knives summoned with an ars that he carries around. They aren’t really that special, but being able to parry powerful blows from bigger and stronger weapons one can assume they are quite sturdy and, being an application of an ars, can interact with magic or spirits in a way.

Nox Nyctores - Gemini Anguium Ouroboros:

Nox nyctores are powerful weapons crafted with the souls of the black beast. Originally made by the bitch Nine, they are weapons that can interfere with causality to a degree. That and the fact they hurt the soul makes healing from wounds inflicted by one considerably harder than normal wounds.

Ouroboros manifests as chains with a snake-like head and a blade-looking tail. The chain seems to move at his will remotely, but can also be commanded with Hazama’s movements for more complex actions. Despite appearance, the chain is deceptively fast and strong, useful in many versatile ways.

Offensively, the chain can prove to be a powerful ranged weapon. It is very fast and strong, enough to be seen as a blur for even more perceptive characters, and a blow from it is strong enough to pierce through a normal man’s chest.

Defensively, Hazama can wrap it around anywhere or his whole body to protect himself from even extremely powerful blows. If he envelops his whole body with it, he can form a “barrier” made of Ouroboros that can even block other types of powerful attacks, but such a barrier has gaps that physical means could penetrate assuming one is quick enough to strike in blind spots where the chain cannot shift its configuration easily.

Utility wise, Ouroboros can wrap and bind opponents, drag, move and slam them as the chain pleases, kinda like Hazama’s relationships. However he  only has the head and tail to do so, and such moves leave him more vulnerable due to having less chains to do other things like protecting himself. He also can’t bind people for very long unless he’s already kicked their asses to substantially weaken them.

Mobility wise, Ouroboros can zoom in very, very, VERY quickly and  bite down anything, including nothing. The chain will then reel back rapidly and drag Hazama along. This greatly amplifies his mobility options, and makes him an absolute monster in aerial combat. However, he can only get where the chain bit down and can’t quite defend or attack when using it this way since he uses the entire chain to pull this off.

Due to the nature of Nox Nyctoreses, Ouroboros can influence the mind of those it interacts with. Of course, being the crazy bastard he is, Hazama is all but affected. But needless to say, it is such a powerful Nox in that regard it mindfucks those it hits as well, amplifying their emotional wounds and vulnerabilities massively and picking their mind apart along with their body, but this can normally be resisted to an extent unless the target has been considerably weakened.

Blazblue: Hazama, being the amazing guy he is, CREATED the Blazblue. That’s right suckers, even if the Blazblue itself is a fake that taps in the power of the azure, his fake is the original and thus less fake thus better. While Ragna’s Blazblue is his arm, Hazama’s is his ENTIRE BODY, which once activated improves his physical abilities all around to a degree, boosts his strength to Fantastic and releases a visible snake aura thing in his proximity.

The Blazblue gradually drains all life in its range and gives it to good ol’ Hazama. However, he needs to stand there and activate it, which makes him vulnerable. If hit, his Blazblue stops working for a moment, and since the Blazblue is his body you want to combo away and not let him recover in order to disable the life drain for a longer period.

Origin: A longassfucking time ago in a town called kickapoo, Yuuki Terumi was chilling and lol-ing and kek-ing with his buddy/servant/bitch Relius Clover when their soup cauldron went haywire and became the black beast.

That was a major pain, but luckily they both survived and got thrown in the boundary and everyone except the rest of the world was fine. Relius had made a shining brand new body for Terumi, named Kazuma Kvar, who was rused into doing his bidding but eventually they became kinda the same so it was like they were both doing their own bidding so it was cool. However, the cat fucking bitch had to ruin everything and kick Terumi in the balls so hard he became her manservant to defeat the black beast along the six heroes. Or so she thought.

Because Trinity was such a retarded glass-eyed bitch, it was easy to trick her into removing the mind eating curse. Seriously, she was so stupid he’d be surprised if she still wasn’t after his junk after he killed all her friends. Or tried to anyway. You see just as he was about to murder everyone, the now deceased Nine’s fucktoy Jubey just HAD to pull out some random ability out of his feline ass. Hakumen then dragged him down the boundary and that was supposed to be it.

But it wasn’t.

You see, while Kazuma was pretty much fucked due to the boundary doing what the boundary does, Terumi’s spirit survived. Again. And luckily Relius had made a spare body just in case, Hazama. However due to lingering effects of the mind eater curse or something, they didn’t fuse quite as perfectly, so while Hazama and Terumi are the same person they aren’t. It’s confusing, but bear with it.

Anyways now with the six heroes out of the way, they didn’t let their plans get in the cauldron. They built the prime field devices and founded the N.O.L and had a great time. After the events of continuum shift, he revealed himself due to finally being observed as good old Terumi again, and being the pussies that they were the losers skedaddled.

Relius and Hazama were investigating phenomena in different continuum shifts when suddenly, something dragged him, blew his life link and pulled him in.

Weakness: Aside his Ouroboros, he has absolutely no long ranged poke, and using it offensively limits his options in other areas. Extending his chains, like any chain weapon ought do, which inevitably leads to openings such as when he has to pull the chain back to him.

His knife skills are pretty damn good and he can use them to fight against people with bulky weapons, but they are still not very effective against weapons that have longer range such as anything bigger than a knife. Thus he needs to get REEEEEALLY close when going for melee, and going REEEEALLY close means he can’t use his Ouroboros’s defensive capabilities effectively and is more vulnerable.

Likes: Pain, suffering, inflicting people pain or suffering, inflicting people pain AND suffering, despair, manipulating and toying with others, killing people, hurting people, killing people by hurting them and making them suffer, humiliating people, stomping on people to death, you get the drivel by now, hard boiled eggs, but most of all himself.

Did I mention he likes hurting others?

Dislikes: Joy, happiness, kittens, being looked down on, stupid shits, everyone who isn’t himself to a varying degree, pretty much the entire blazblue cast when they’re not entertaining him, having to NOT kill or hurt others unless it’s to kill and hurt others more later, time fucking loops.
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Name: Emiya Shirou

Race: Human (Magus)

Age: 24

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 79 kg


Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red, beginning to fade slightly.

Spoiler for Hidden:

Physical attributes:

Strength: Exceptional (can reach Amazing with reinforcement)
Agility: Exceptional (can reach Amazing with reinforcement)
Constitution: Exceptional (can reach Amazing with reinforcement)

Magic Ability: Low (Overall poor magus who excels at projection and related magic).

Affinity/Origin: Sword


Projection: Also known as "Gradation Air", projection is the ability to materialize objects using prana, according to the user's imagination. However, Shirou can use a version unique to himself that he calls "Tracing". Tracing differs from Gradation Air in that it is used to create copies of items that already exist, however the items also have their entire history reproduced, including the skills of those who wielded them, along with the shape and substance. All items that are reproduced using Tracing are not perfect copies of the original and suffer a rank down. The items that Shirou can trace the most efficiently are swords; while capable of tracing other items, the cost in prana makes it considerably less efficient.

Reinforcement: Magecraft designed to push something’s basis for existence to the utmost. It is the same as adding something to an object that is already complete, therefore failure will cause the target to receive it as a poison and be destroyed. Success requires a good grasp of the inner structure to fill openings with Prana. Reinforcing the purpose of existence would be increasing the sharpness of a knife, the nourishment of food, or the physical strength and durability of muscles. It is impossible to reinforce something vague. This is the one area of magic in which Shirou is competent, even able to reinforce his own body.

Unlimited Blade Works: Shirou’s reality marble, a world containing infinite swords. Copies of every weapon he has seen are stored there. Shirou is not yet aware of its existence and, as such, cannot call upon it. Nevertheless, it still exists and, given knowledge and enough time, he could learn to use it.

The contents of Shirou's UBW are limited, containing only the few weapons Gilgamesh chose to use in his sight, plus anything he has otherwise seen since. He does, however, go out of his way to find new swords whenever possible, to increase his ability to protect people.

Other Abilities:

Use of technology: To compensate for his magical limitations, Shirou has learnt to use technology to aid him in battle when necessary. He possesses some equipment designed to take down magi with minimal fuss, much like his adoptive father did, although he avoids using guns for close-range combat.

Rifle: Shirou possesses a high quality, accurate hunting rifle with a high bullet velocity and an attached scope, enhanced using magecraft to make it even more accurate. With that combined with his ability to reinforce his sight, he is capable of shooting things from a very long distance.

Body armour: Shirou wears reinforced state-of-the-art body armour into battle, designed to protect against being shot, as well as other damage. With the application of reinforcement, it is essentially impossible for a person of normal strength to pierce it, and even armour-piercing bullets are not sufficient to do so. However, a shot to the head is still capable of killing him, although self-reinforcement or dodging may protect him to a limited extent if he is aware of the attack.

Archery: Shirou is an exceptional Archer, and can also trace a bow and arrow with little difficulty. He uses this in conjunction with his magic to trace and fire swords as arrows, using their properties against the enemy.

Sword fighting: Shirou has mastered the art of fighting with the twin blades Kanshou and Bakuya. Whilst he’s not on the same level as Archer, he has significant experience in their use, although rarely against extremely powerful enemies. He also possesses the ability to create and fight with other kinds of swords and knives.


Shirou doesn't remember his original life before the fire. To him, his father has always been Kiritsugu Emiya, and he has always been Shirou Emiya. For years, he wanted to grow up to become a superhero, for nearly as long as he can remember. Then, his life changed forever when he was chosen to be a master by the Holy Grail.

After the events of the Fate route, Shirou was living with his sister Illyasviel, who realized something was wrong with their friend, Sakura Matou. Realising that she was being tortured by Zouken, she informed Shirou of her plight and, then, using her wishcraft, she gradually removed the worms from Sakura's body and killed Zouken. No longer desiring to live in the house where she had been tormented for so long, Sakura moved in with Shirou and, with her oppressor gone, she soon confessed her feelings to him, and the two started to date.

Unfortunately, not long after, his beloved sister's body began to fail, and she was taken ill and died. Grieving, and with his time in school nearly over, Shirou decided he wanted to become a true hero, travelling around the world and saving people. Not wanting to put Sakura in danger, he reluctantly decided to break off their relationship. However, the distraught girl pressed him until he told her the truth and, then, persuaded him to allow her to come with him, as his sidekick and lover. That was 6 years ago. Since that time, they have travelled the world saving people, as well as finding time to get married. Now, they've found themselves mysteriously in the Nexus.

Weakness: Limited sense of self-preservation, meaning that he's likely to put himself in danger to protect others, particularly Sakura. Finds it difficult to ignore those in need of help.
Likes: Cooking, protecting people, heroes, Sakura, Saber, Illya, swords, archery.
Dislikes: People getting hurt (especially Sakura), amoral mages.
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Name: Emiya Sakura

Race: Human (Magus)

Age: 22

Height: 158 cm

Weight: 55 kg


Eyes: Purple
Hair: Purple

Physical Attributes:

Strength: Exceptional
Agility: Exceptional
Constitution: Exceptional

Magic Ability: Medium.

Since obtaining freedom from Zouken, Sakura has trained herself in the use of her magic. However, despite this, her ability is still somewhat limited. Additionally, whilst most of the worms inside her are gone, a few still remain, draining her prana slightly and causing her minor discomfort.

She possesses an affinity with her birth attribute, Imaginary Numbers, as well as the Matou element, water. She also possesses the Matou family trait, binding, along with her natural Tohsaka affinity, transfer of energy, although she has limited training in the use of the latter.


Jewel magic: Due to her Tohsaka family heritage, possesses the ability to use jewel magic. Due to limited training, her ability is fairly limited in this area, however, she does possess a few jewels and can fill new ones with prana, albeit inefficiently. Due to her inexperience, they are mostly saved for emergency situations, where she can use them somewhat like a grenade to get out of a tight situation.

Shadow dimension: Sakura's shadow magic allows her to absorb stationary people and items into a shadow dimension. Whilst inside, the person or item is completely subject to Sakura's whims. She can control the environment they are in, project an avatar of herself into their mind and convert anything inside into prana. However, she currently has limited training in its use. As a result, it takes significant effort and focus for her to prevent any item inside from dissolving, preventing her from using it for long-term storage or for anything other than immediate transportation of people through her shadows. It also takes her a significant prana expenditure and some time to absorb a willing victim, and considerably more time and prana to absorb an unwilling one.

Shadow tentacles: Using her natural affinity, Sakura is able to produce rudimentary magical tentacles, which she can use to attack and bind enemies. Additionally, her Matou magecraft allows her to use the tentacles to drain prana from anything they touch.

Shadow familiars: Using her shadow magic, Sakura can create semi-autonomous shadow familiars. These familiars will follow her basic intentions, but are capable of acting on their own to achieve those intentions, and have a rudimentary level of independent thought in this respect. To create them requires an initial prana input, followed by a small constant prana input to maintain them.

The shadows are of variable size, from very small shadows used for spying to far larger combat familiars. Their size depends on how much prana Sakura puts into them, and they can grow or shrink depending on this. However, producing a shadow giant of the size of the ones seen in HF requires her entire prana supply and, since she lacks her HF counterpart’s mana regeneration, doing so would be extremely painful and also exhausting.

These shadows are also all connected to her main shadow dimension, and can absorb things into it, although less effectively than she can do so with other magic. As well as using them for this purpose, she can, to a very limited extent, use them like walls, to attempt to direct an opponent in a favourable direction or to entrap them.

Shadow transportation: Using her shadow dimension, Sakura is able to travel to any location with a shadow familiar. She is also able to use this ability to transport other people or items to her location or from her location to any other familiar.

Shadow Archery: Sakura can fire shadow arrows at enemies using a bow she also creates from her shadow. These arrows are highly corrosive to anything they hit, especially magical entities.

Other Abilities:

Cooking: Sakura is an outstanding chef.

Archery: Sakura is a talented archer.

Gun training: Sakura is trained in the usage of many different types of gun. Unlike Shirou, who excels at long-distance sniping, Sakura prefers to use more powerful, shorter-range weaponry, although she is still a good marksman thanks to her archery training. She also often acts as a spotter and short-range protector for Shirou when he is attempting to snipe an enemy.

Knife training: For short-range fighting, Sakura is trained in the use of knives for combat. She also carries several combat knives on her person whenever possible, in order to defend against any unexpected attack.

Body Armour: Sakura wears reinforced state-of-the-art body armour into battle, designed to protect against being shot, as well as other damage. With the application of reinforcement, it is essentially impossible for a person of normal strength to pierce it, and even armour-piercing bullets are not sufficient to do so. However, a shot to the head is still capable of killing her, although self-reinforcement or dodging may protect her to a limited extent if she is aware of the attack.

Origin: Born Tohsaka Sakura, Sakura was adopted into the Matou family at age 4. She was in the care of the family head, Zouken, who tortured her mentally and physically on a daily basis in an attempt to turn her into a second Grail. Despite his inability to use her as he intended, the Grail War continued as normal, with the Rider-class servant Sakura had summoned being given to her brother and, then, defeated by Shirou's own servant.

After the War, Sakura's life continued much as it had before. The one exception was the arrival of Shirou's new sister, Illyasviel, who Sakura quickly befriended. However, not long after, things began to change. Sakura noticed the worms inside her beginning to weaken and die and, soon enough, she was free of Zouken's control, although some residual worms still remained. After having everything explained to her by her saviour and the boy she loved, they offered to allow her to live with them, and she gladly accepted. Soon enough, she found the confidence to confess her feelings to Shirou, and the two began to date.

Unfortunately, not long after, Shirou's beloved sister's body began to fail, and she was taken ill and died. Grieving, and with his time in school nearly over, Shirou decided he wanted to become a true hero, travelling around the world and saving people. Not wanting to put Sakura in danger, he reluctantly decided to break off their relationship. Sakura, however, was utterly distraught at the idea and, remembering an old wish to become his sidekick, she offered to do exactly that, following him around the world saving people as his sidekick, lover and, eventually, wife.

During this time, Sakura made some effort, at Shirou's insistence, to get in contact with her estranged sister. She was able to patch things up to an extent, and even gain a few tips on how to use her jewel magic, but Rin's stubbornness and their busy schedules ensured that they remained somewhat distant. Nevertheless, Sakura still does love her sister, and wishes they could be closer, although she is also often infuriated by her overly magus-like behaviour.

Finally, after six years of travelling, Sakura and Shirou found theirselves in the Nexus, with no idea where they were or how they got there. Seemingly unable to return home, they now have to make a life for theirselves in this new world and, maybe, save some people here too.

Weakness: Shirou. She loves him with all her heart, and would be utterly devestated if anything ever happened to him.
Likes: Cooking, Shirou, pretty flowers, gardening, Archery, heroing with Shirou, Rin.
Dislikes: Rin, Shirou being in danger, bugs, abuse.
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Name: Forest
Spoiler for Hidden:

Race: Vampire
Age: Like really freaking old.  Ancient.  Over 1,000 years old.  Looks in her late teens though.
Height: 5'10
Weight: 125-ish
Physical Attributes:
Strength: Amazing
Agility: Amazing
Constitution: Amazing
Magic Ability: Low
Forest does know one spell- it’s a small fire spell that she can use to light small fires such as pilot lights or candles.
Other Abilities:

The power to mentally receive and/or transmit information.
Mind Reading: Forest can read the minds of others.  (For the sake of the RP, if a character is actively thinking in her vicinity Forest can hear it if she chooses unless they are blocking their thoughts.)

She can also “download”, store, and process thoughts from others this way (for PCs it would only be if the player allows).  IE: If she needed a combination to a lock or to help learn a language.  The harder the task is, the longer it takes to absorb and gain.  Because of this, she generally uses this for simple things like learning the layout of a building if she’s never been there before and needs to get around fast.
The more intense the thought, the “louder” it seems to Forest.  Also people who are particularly intelligent project their thoughts more than say someone of below average intelligence.
Communication: Forest can communicate by “speaking” into someone’s mind.  It has the same basic connotations and functionality as if she was having a verbal conversation with someone else.  However, if Forest gets “loud” it’s akin to having someone shout in their ear.
Mental Manipulation:
This is the ability to manipulate what others perceive or don’t. Like making people see things that aren’t there (she’s fond of making people see chickens) or not see things that are there (“What absurdly large gun?”).
This allows her to also send impulses into people’s minds as well.  Like perusing things that aren’t there or to act irregularly.  Or to ignore things that are there in front of them as well.
She also has mild emotional manipulation as well.  She generally uses this to spread calmness or quiet unease.
Memory Access:
With focus, Forest can read past someone’s current thoughts into their memories.
Mental Bonding: (For PCs if their player wants to have their character have a mental bond with her.)
Forest forms a mental bond with a person.  This bond can be temporary or permanent, as it is with Gabriel Umbra.  This bond allows the other participant to communicate with her over great distances as well as share thoughts and feelings to her and vice versa.

If Forest does not shield herself, the other party in the bond can witness her thoughts and feelings as easily as she can theirs.
She can choose to share what she is physically and emotionally feeling with the partner as well.

People who have bonds with Forest cannot read each thoughts or communicate that way unless she decides to open up a communication channel.  Example: Character A cannot have telepathic communication with Gabriel just because they have a bond with Forest.
Telepathic Shield: Forest can hide her thoughts from others and is guarded from mental attack.  She can also shield her mental presence from someone else if needed.
She can also protect multiple targets at once with this ability.  However, the more people she shields the more toll it takes on her, weakening her, and she can only shield people within a city block radius from her location.

She can also block one being from influencing a group of people if they are in range.
Telepathic Relay: Forest has the ability to act as a mental relay station for a group of minds, allowing said minds to "speak" to one another through the user.
Remote Telepathy: She has the ability to use telepathy over great distances.  However, it’s easier for her to do so if she has familiarity over the subject in question.  (Like if she already has an established bond.)
Telepathic Combat: An ability that Forest picked up when she was alive was that she would read an opponent’s thoughts to see how they would move next in a fight.  The more cornered she becomes in a fight, the faster she’ll start to rely on this so she can attempt to turn combat to her favor or to survive against someone who is much stronger than her.

Mental Immunity: Because of her strong telepathic ability and skills, Forest herself is pretty much immune to mind control and mental manipulation.  If someone attempts such a thing on her, they would see imposing black crystal walls and hear the caws of a murder of crows growing increasingly louder. 
Regeneration: Forest can heal rapidly from any physical injury as long as it isn’t fatal (see weaknesses).  Bullet wounds, cuts, and stabbing can heal moments after the damage has dealt.  She can even recover lost limbs as well. If a limb is severed but can be recovered and grafted she would have full use of it in about an hour.

If she needs to regrow a lost limb it takes three days to regenerate it to full functionality.

Heavy head trauma (such as getting shot with a lower caliber bullet or bludgeoned) will knock her unconscious.  The worse the trauma, the longer it would take for her to wake up.  She generally suffers from short term amnesia after a head shot until she feeds again to spur the more fine tune healing.

It’s In the Blood: Different supernatural blood can affect Forest in different ways. 

Werewolf blood can energize her: intensifying her senses and giving her a slight boost in strength and speed.

Fae blood (or any other highly magical being) has an intoxicating effect on her.  It can run the gauntlet from a loss of inhibition and giddiness to an almost aphrodisiac effect.

Blood can also help her heal even faster.  IE if she’s lost a limb.  It is needed to regain her short term memory after head trauma.

Art of Fighting: Forest has studied unarmed combat for most of her existence.  Part of it is because she gets a thrill on trading blows with an equal, but another part is, in her world, a lot of supernaturals don’t really have skill with their supernatural ability.  Because of this, and for a love it as well, Forest has mastered multiple forms of martial arts in her lengthy existence.   

At this point in time, she’s the one that masters come to learn from if they knew what she had learned over the ages.

Axe To Grind: While Forest is more than proficient at most melee weapons, she is best with an axe.  This is a skill that came from when Brónach was alive.  She knows how to best use it against other weapons, even when at a disadvantage.

Lilith’s Lineage: Forest is an Elder in her point of origin and has some unique abilities that vampires sired after a certain point don’t.

The first of those is she can actually use semen as a limited form of feeding.

The second is that she has a subconscious Lure that she’s not even really aware that she has.  (Gabriel knows of it.  He hasn’t told her because of it because it’s Gabriel.)

This Lure causes her to appear more attractive and desirable to people who’s “type” she wouldn’t normally be.  It also makes her appear far less of a threat than she is, much to her chagrin.   It also causes people to notice and approach her that normally wouldn’t as well.

Orgasmic Bite: Part of the Linage of Lilith.  Forest, whenever she bites someone, causes them to orgasm.  She cannot stop this and she doesn’t get off while doing it much to her chagrin. 

The only person she’s bitten and they haven’t gotten off on it was Gabriel, thank the Lord and Lady.

Genre Savvy: Being a giant nerd who reads a lot, watches a lot of TV and movies, and has been around a really long time she generally has a “basic” idea of how things work. 

“Never, ever say you have a bad feeling about this.”

Linguist: Through her travels, and with the use of telepathy, Forest can speak a number of languages.

Has trouble speaking and understanding Spanish though.

Pony Car Enthusiast: Due to her love of muscle cars, Forest is an extremely talented driver.  She can coax things out of cars that even professional race car drivers (normal mortal ones mind you) would have trouble believing until they saw it.  She’s also learned basic upkeep over the years such as oil changes, how to perform a tune-up, tire changing, fuse replacement and maintenance and upkeep.

Of course, she can drive a stick shift.

An Ear For Music: A sort of random talent, but because of her love of music, Forest studied up somewhat on music theory and how to play the violin.

PARKOUR WANKERS! Dance Dance Revolution: Forest knows how to parkour.  She’s also an accomplished gymnast and knows how to ballet dance.  It helped build speed and precision with her martial arts back in the day.

Heightened Senses: All of her senses are heightened: sight, scent, hearing, taste and touch.  Sight, scent, and hearing far beyond a human into animal territory to make her a better hunter. 

She also has a sixth sense that alerts of her danger and supernatural otherness within her near vicinity.

Because her sense of touch is heightened it makes pain and pleasure that much more intense for her . . .

Ain’t Got Time to Feel: Forest became well acquainted with pain a long time ago.  She’s learned to either ignore it or to keep working despite it while she heals.  Things that might down someone else in agony, Forest would keep going out of sheer stubbornness.

Invitation Only: Forest has to be invited into a living area before she can physically enter it.  However, if she’s invited once then she has permission to enter it whenever she wants, until the home/apartment ownership changes hands.

This is not an issue for entering another vampire’s lair though.


1967 RS Z/28 Camaro: The Forestmobile itself, the infamous muscle car.  It still has most of the original factory specs, save for a modern radio so she could better listen to music.  V8 Engine and 4 speed manual.

The .44 AutoMag: The semiautomatic version of the .44 Magnum. Clip holds 7 rounds and Forest generally keeps a round chambered, giving her 8 shots before she has to switch magazines. Currently her primary gun because she doesn’t have to reload as often (8 shots vs the Revolver’s 6).

The .44 Magnum Revolver: Forest actually prefers the revolver to the AutoMag because it’s she can have custom bullets made/make for it, it’s more accurate, and it’s actually a bit more powerful than the AutoMag.  Plus she just more comfortable with a revolver than the automag.

She generally only has one of those guns on her person at one time.

The Compound: Her base of operations and home.

The building is four stories with a full basement and completely subterranean level that serves as her living quarters and provides her protection against daylight because it’s completely underground.

The top story is a dormitory of sorts that can house many people if needed.  It’s also used as a storage area.  The 3rd floor is more plush guest rooms complete with some of them having their own baths.  The second floor houses a living room, a gymnasium, and conference room.  The first floor has the library and kitchen.  The basement leads to the garage.  The basement is also where she keeps her armory and a shooting range.

The subterranean level is Forest’s living quarters with a study, her bedroom, an absurdly large bath, a room for her crystal collection, and a private living room.  There’s also a panic room as well.

The panic room is almost completely impenetrable.  It’s reinforced by heavy spells to keep things out and keep Forest safe within.  (Could be broken into with enough “Fantastic” force.)

The compound also is fortified:

There are alarm wards that let Forest know if someone is breaking and entering.

Her living quarters were reinforced like a bomb shelter, and could theoretically survive a heavy explosion. 

Other wards include:

Lost and Confused - If someone has not been to the compound or being taken there by Forest, there is a ward that will trigger that will make the person trying to get there not see it despite passing it over and over again.  If Forest is leading them there or they’ve been in there, this becomes a non issue. (This only affects “mundanes” those who are not supernatural at all.)

Invitation Only- Forest can easily turn on a switch that only allows people to physically enter with an invitation by her.  If someone has not been invited and tries to gain access they will find themselves blocked by a strong mystical forceshield.  (Can be broken with “Incredible” Force.)

Harm None- Forest can also activate a “non-violence” spell that calms people from wanting to do violence.

Small Armory: Forest has a small armory.  It used to be larger, but she sold a lot of stuff when she got here.  Still has a MG 42 and a rocket launcher though.

Money: While not as well off as she was in her home dimension, Forest had to adapt quickly to her new lack of means in the Nexus.  So, she remembered her time with some Vikings and got rid of some unsavory elements and absorbed their resources as her own.

She also occasionally turns bounties in as well.

So while she’s not Bruce Wayne Rich, she’s more than decently well off.

She is looking for a safe investment to start building on.  Just Nexus really doesn’t have anything “safe”.

Origin: A long time ago there was this lost tall blond dude with an axe who shacked up with a Pict clan.  He fell in love with one of their priestesses and she reciprocated.  She got knocked up.

She died giving birth.

Distraught, this warrior/pirate dude named the surviving Brónach, which meant “Sorrow” and then . . . Died suicide via battle, leaving Brónach orphaned and in the care of her mother’s family.

Things kind of sucked for young Brónach.  When puberty was starting to hit, she started to be able to read people’s thoughts. She was crushed to find out that her uncle wished that she had been a boy because that would have been easier to deal with because he already had one daughter.

Almost in defiance of this, Brónach took up her dad’s axe and became one hell of a fighter. She used those mind reading skills to make her virtually unbeatable in the skirmishes that a Scottish barbarian culture used to have way back in the day.  She grew up, learning what she could of her dead father and the crow goddess he held in reverence.

Until one night she met a Roman Bastard who’s mind she couldn’t read and who she couldn’t beat back with her axe.

He was a monster, and even though Brónach was a bit of an outcast amongst her people, there were still people she loved and wanted to protect.

Like her cousin and her comrades in arms.

So when this Roman Bastard gave her an ultimatum: come with him and let him make her like him or see her people slaughtered before her, she chose to go with him.

Which really sucked, literally, because the Roman Bastard was a vampire. He made Brónach’s turning as unpleasant as possible because he wanted to see if he could break her.  Even though bloodied, beaten, and defiled, Brónach was anything but compliant. 

Becoming a vampire intensified her mental abilities to the point that she could shrug off his control over her.  So she bashed his head from a rock and ran.  She ran to find her father’s people on the island to the south and lived with them for a time.  When it became apparent that she wasn’t aging, Brónach left, drifting from place to place, lost, alone and learning to control her abilities and hunger.

Until one night years and years later, standing on the bow of a ship shaped like a monster, was someone who offered to actually teach her how to be a vampire.  She spent years with them, learning from the jovial warrior vampire as she found somewhat of a family with him and the men and women he traveled with.

During their travels, she renamed herself Forest, putting Brónach at rest.

Eventually, she parted ways with the Vikings (it was very messy and she doesn’t like to talk about it).

Forest eventually became one of the most sought after mercenaries for the supernatural until she built up enough wealth and reputation to strike out on her own, where she eventually earned the title Law Unto Herself given to her by a vampire bard with a serious crush. Of course, she made plenty of friends and enemies on her rise of power. Had her heart broken by an unusual Faerie that she loved but he didn't love her as much in return. Found her beloved cousin reborn several times, befriended one Lady Wynn Noreen Umbra of the Unseelie court and became godmother to her "abomination" son.

Flash forward to modern times where Forest is, as she was titled, Law Unto Herself with a good deal of money and freedom due to her hard work, saving, and when the stock market became a thing, good investing. These things gave Forest the luxury to do things that most vampires would never due to fear of the Vampiric Council and the Circle.

One night she found herself pulled into the Nexus.  She patrols the streets of Nexus helping the helpless, but is quickly finding herself in over her head against beings more powerful than her.  She’s questioning her existence, her validation, and reason for being.  She’s terrified that she’s a relic who’s outlived her usefulness and has no idea what to do with her existance now.

Weakness: Losing a limb- if Forest cannot graft a limb back it takes 3 days for her to regenerate it.

Beheading. It could be argued that destroying her brain completely would do the trick as well, but it would have to be completely destroyed. 

Wooden Stake through the Heart. Pretty much instantly kills her.

Sunlight.  It takes a few minutes for sunlight to completely immolate her.

Fire.  She can burn to death/ashes.  However, she really doesn’t burn any faster than a human.

Silver.  Silver isn’t fatal to her at this point, and in fact she’ll heal from a wound dealt by silver almost as easily as by steel, but silver can bind her.  A slim silver chain can bind her and keep her from escaping unless she can slide her hands/body free.  She cannot break it though.

Garlic. Garlic cannot kill her, but it’s unpleasant if she ingests it and can even blister her skin with prolonged contact.

Have to Have Faith For It To Work On Me. Religious items can repel her/ward her back, but they have to be wielded by someone who has true faith.  Just the item alone isn’t enough to do it, the person behind it has to believe in the power behind it or just that it would work.

“Theoretically, if someone thought a Chrysler symbol would repel me hard enough it probably would.”

Necromancy. A powerful enough necromancer could control her, but they would have to be extraordinarily powerful to do so, and they could only control her body, not her mind.

Blood Is the Life: Forest can only drink live blood from a living source.  Cannot drink from the undead (literally, she’d throw it back up) or stored blood.
Likes: Edgy makeup.  Gothic clothing. Fruit! Orange juice.  Oranges.  Citrus.   Good heavy metal.  80’s horror and action movies.  Bruce Campbell.  The Evil Dead series.  Really porny paranormal romance novels. Pop culture.  Comic books.  Mythology.  Pony Cars.  Crows.  Ruggedly handsome men who are taller than her, super bonus if they’re also redheads.  Gabriel.  When Wynn isn’t Grabby.  Fingernail polish. Kids. Electric Blankets. The Morrigan. The color purple/violet.  Lavender (the plant). Leather dusters and steel toed boots.
Dislikes: When strangers touch her without permission.  That Roman Bastard.  CGI laden movies with bad plots. Most modern music.  Cloying sweets.  People who mistake over use of body spray as an alternative to bathing. Being told she can’t do something because she’s a girl or some other reason.  Being judged by what she is instead of who she is.  Being cold. Jukeboxes that don’t have Iron Maiden or any heavy metal on them.  Being alone. 
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Name: Joe Joeson

Race: Human

Age: 26


Weight: 155Ib


Physical Attributes

Strength: Human

Agility: Human

Constitution: Human

Other Abilities: Just a normal dude.


Gun: A typical pistol, Joe carries this gun to fight off supernaturals. 

Grenades:  Look a pistol is obviously not enough when you're living in the nexus.   Sometimes more firepower is necessary.  He typically carries these inside his work bag or pockets.  There are contingency plans for when guns are not enough.

Origin: Joe is an ordinary man born in the Nexus.  He goes to work, tries not to die at night and goes home to his apartment.  In his free time he looks for a girlfriend through online dating and has a few hobbies. Thats all there is to him.

Weakness: Standard Human Weaknesses

Likes: Comics, movies, nice evenings, slow news days.

Dislikes:Vampires, Werewolves, Any other forms of overpowering danger.
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Name: Lorenzo Remei

Race: Undead magic fire ghost skeleton

Age: 26

Height: 6”2

Weight:178 lb



Physical Attributes

Strength: Exceptional

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Incredible

Magic Scale: High

Pyromancy Specialization: Lorenzo is highly proficient in the spell craft of fire, being able to manipulate and bend great amounts of fire to his will without much effort and quickly surround an area in flames. From fireballs to blasts of heated pyre, he can deliver as much fire gusto as there can be, his flames capable of burning up to a thousand degrees. However, it is natural to say that the hotter and the more fire Lorenzo is controlling, the more it is taxating to him.

While Lorenzo can expand or extinguish fire at will, an almost spontaneous combustion so to speak of, if he wishes to unleash his pyromancy, a source of fire or a spark is required, that and oxygen to feed the flames.

Fire elemental creation: Imbuing fire with a shaped will and harnessing it's life, Lorenzo can create flame-like familiars that not only serve as scouts, but can even be used offensively by exploding remotely at will. This ability is not mere pyromancy, but something that is more alike to speaking to fire itself.

While Lorenzo's senses are linked to the familiars, the opposite is untrue. They can, however, communicate to him without speaking at all. This applies wherever they could be. Surprisingly enough, this ability is rather mana efficient, although controlling many at once is not. Do note that the familiars can grow in size, being able to cover wide areas if fed with enough flames. Making them grow without a large amount of fire nearby is possible, but much more taxing without the fire readily available.

On the other hand, the larger they are, the stronger they will be and the wider the explosion will be. Finally, these familiars can take many shapes, preferably that of quick birds that can reach diving speeds of 160 mph. It is also important to note that the familiars can be imbued with varying levels of intelligence and sentience.

Other Abilities:

Masterful Swordsmanship: After years of training at the art of the sword, Lorenzo has acquired a tremendous mastery of sword fighting, being able to hold his against sword masters with any blade through through his deceitful fighting style.

Hawk’s Eye (included in agility): Because of the harsh seas, Lorenzo developed his perception and eyesight to a great extent.

His eyes sharper than most men’s, he can quickly avert his gaze at a moment’s notice and analyze all elements that surround him to the most scrutinous detail. The pirate’s eyes can detect movement at speeds that would be normally impossible to notice, giving him a great edge in battle.

Undeath: Being an undead fiery skeleton, killing him the normal easy way ain’t gonna happen. He can just replace broken bones and shrug off physical damage like a tickle. Only special weapons, magic, anti-undead anythings and cute ladies can hope to topple him. Or you can somehow extinguish the flames that coat his body, that kills him too.

While being undead has many pros, it also has its share of inconveniences such as the inability to eat, sleep or have sex. What good is hiding your skull inside changing rooms if you can’t kiss cuties on the cheek??? Not that he would ever condone such underhanded tactics...


Rapier: A seemingly simple steel rapier. Light, solid and sharp, it provides a great close range offence when coupled with his skillful swordsmanship. The blade is coated with harmful venom that cripples those affected, slowly paralyzing the body from the wound.

However, this sword is no regular blade, for it is in fact a “key” to unleash “the Fiery Moon”, a colossal spectral ship that will soar into the skies if Remei was to dig the blade into the ground and utter the required incantation. Because this rapier is a great artifact, it will not be destroyed easily, and will reform even after being shattered, although the required duration of the blade’s recreation depends on the severity of the damage.

“The Fiery Moon”: Plunging his sword in the ground and chanting, Lorenzo summons a colossal burning front half of a magic haunting ship that leaves a ghostly trail of fire behind it. It is the very manifestation of Lorenzo’s dream of becoming the greatest pirate, a subconscious memory of his fallen ship materialized into ethereal form.

Even if the ravages of time and her opponents (Sepulchure) have been unkind to her, even fallen and burning, it boasts a beauty unlike any other.

Like a falling comet, a sword of fire cleaving the skies, the boat boasts speed competing with massive Dreadnoughts (40 km/h) and amazing destructive power. The damage is spoken through a massive amount of cannons that, when fired at full power, pour burning magic burning metal balls on its opponents like a lass squirting calamity from the rainy heavens.

While the cannons are immensely powerful and have a wide scale and range, to the point a house will crumble into ashes and rubble if hit directly by one of its barrages, they are not meant to be used against individual. As a whole, they can cause serious damage to a location, but they are not able to be aimed with precision at smaller scale structures.


42 cannons:

Main Deck: 18 cannons

Gun deck:
20 cannons

Forecastle: 4 cannons

Bow: 2 triple-barreled bow chasers

Even if it's not any sturdier than a regular boat of it’s (huge) size, it does have a sort of particular property that lets it slowly repair itself. Even damaged, it will grow back to it’s original form, although the greater the destruction, the longer it will take for the ship to recover, up to a day or more if entirely annihilated.

While he can handle this lesser version of his ship with much more ease, it is still a final trump card that leaves him open when summoning it and taxes him.

Spyglass: A spyglass telescope composed of a metallic cylindrical casing; it contains lenses that magnify images from a distance.
This spyglass is light and sturdy, thus easy to carry around.

Awesome pirate clothes: This amazing piece of fabric didn’t summon itself. Why waste gold on defenses, information or shelter when you can buy swagger?

There was once a pirate who sailed his seven seas. He had many companions, and even more lovers, but one day a beast sunk his ship, leaving the captain as the sole survivor. He found himself in an island, and after a while stumbled upon the Nexus. He lived bravely, condoning love, manliness and freedom above all else. However he died tragically saving a cute girl he had taken under his wing.

Bring us back to the present, Anna is an accomplished scholar who is nearing her elderly years. Knowing that her death may come soon, and having lived a life full of regrets after the death of her son, she sought the forbidden arts of necromancy in order to see him one last time. That idiotic, foolhardy boy, he just wanted to see her one last time. Kindling the flames of her life one last time, she performed the taboo and brought the dead back to life.

Being summoned by a mage, part of her memories had been implanted in him. He knew she had sought her son, and knew full well that he was not the one she had sought. The woman had failed, and used up the last threads of her body and her light in order to be granted this one miracle. Perhaps she knew it too, but he never confirmed it. Perhaps it was the right thing to do, even if it meant deceiving her.

In her last dying days, he had told her stories of books he read, tales of fantastical adventures and pirates at sea. He tended to her like a son, and even when she laid blind on her deathbed she cared for him like a mother.

She died a few weeks later, and for that he would weep. But in his heart, there was a fiery resolve that could not be shaken. A wish that resonated in all his being, shining his dark path with incandescence.



Magic resistance greatly limits his options since it nullifies most of his firepower. Anything that would extinguish flames not only lessens the effect of his own but can also weaken/kill him. Using his own flames is risky because his life depends on them, so having no nearby source of fire or combustion leaves him in a disadvantage.

Being undead, anything that works well on them works well on him. His bombastic larger than life persona also means you might as well throw the stealthy approach out in the water.

Pyromancy is a passionate craft, the arcane powers he uses and that sustain him are partially fueled by resolve, strong emotions and life essence itself. Weakening either of these will greatly compromise the quality of the flames and weaken him considerably. Alternatively, while weakening his magic somehow might not break his resolve, it can seriously weaken and cripple him outright.

His ship takes time, chanting and requires him to lay his weapons down and not burn anyone, which leaves him vulnerable.

He is also still unable to swim.

Likes: Wealth, adventure, discovering new places and things, fruit, food, women, men, the heat of battle, honest people, companionship, tea, treasure, pleasure, the wonders of modern society and capitalism, family, treachery.

Dislikes: Being tricked, bad food, sea monsters, smug rich people, smug people, self-righteousness, swimming, being sick, being undead, killjoys, the french, those who would harm a lady, his loved ones being hurt.
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Name: Anastasia

Race: Human

Age: 21

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 63 kg


Physical Attributes:

Strength: Human

Agility: Exceptional

Constitution: Exceptional (Incredible with a spell)

Magic Ability: High

The source of Anastasia's magic are Aetheric Winds, magic energies which leak over to the material world through a membrane that separates realms of the mundane from realms of the divine. Those Winds naturally coalesce within leylines which also encompass the Nexus. Drawing powers from Aetheric Winds is a dangerous proposition. Any major misstep may attract attention of godly beings, from lesser spirits to even Gods themselves. Thanks to her harsh training she learned how to properly draw the power from leylines, minimizing the risk to which she is exposed.

Ice Elementalism: Anastasia's specialization as an Elemental mage is ice elementalism. She can create large quantities of ice and manipulate it in variety of ways. She can hurl shards of ice at her opponents, call down localized ice storms, freeze the enviroment and people (completely mundane people may instantly die when frozen, but regenerative capabilities, superhuman endurance and/or resistance to magic may let someone survive) and shape the summoned ice into weapons that she can wield. By focusing almost completely on ice elementalism, she does not need to use incantations to help her shape the raw energy of Aetheric Winds into spells from that school of magic. She can also choose to not affect her allies when casting spells with an area of effect. The range of her spells is around 300 meters.

Aegis: When the need to protect herself outweighs potential risks of casting this spell Anastasia may gather Aetheric Winds around herself to try to resist an attack. Her durability increases for a moment to an equivalent of Incredible Constitution, but this unrefined spell runs a risk of summoning unwanted attention from the beyond.

Counterspell: Anastasia may potentially counter a spell with enough slow time of charge for her to react as long as it is a magic that does not come from within the magic user (i.e. uses external source such as mana from the environment, another realm of existence or if the spell is a miracle that relies on channeling power from a spirit or deity.). Obviously she cannot counter spells of mages who surpass her in magical power.

Witchsight: Her passive ability to sense Aetheric Winds and other manifestations of the supernatural. She has no problem with recognizing what is mundane and what is not unless somebody obscures their nature from detection.

Other Abilities:

Archery: Before Anastasia was forced onto the path of magic she had spent a portion of her childhood learning the trade of a hunter. She is proficient with the use of longbow and honed her skill in conjuction with her magic capabilities. It is often overkill to blast opponents with the full strength of her magic so she is fond of picking off lesser opponents using a bow of ice that she magically manifests, piercing them with arrows made of sharp ice.

Outdoors Survival: Both her early childhood and the harsh training she has endured contributed to her skill at handling hostile enviroments. She can navigate well just by heeding stars and knows how to survive in winter conditions.

Unyielding Resolve: Wielding Aetheric Winds require great willpower. As a side-effect, most forms of mind control simply do not work on Anastasia.

Equipment: Only what she can afford with her modest wage.

Origins: Anastasia used to be raised in a family of woodsmen before agents of the Kingdom unceremoniously abducted her once she started manifesting signs indicating that she could wield Winds. The harsh training and indoctrination molded her into one of many Battle Mages who were employed by her country mitigate disadvantage in numbers when facing the onslaught of barbaric tribes of greenskins from the East and raids of pirates from the North. While such treatment didn't turn her into unfeeling machine, Anastasia was mostly resigned about the role she performed and deprived of any ambition to change her status. In fact, even if she is now free, she could not think of applying her powers for her own goals. Without any proper government to serve (as the so called government of the Nexus could be called a farce that couldn't control even a single city), she took the first job she could find. Now the management of the general store where she works are her commanding officers, and she serves as best as she can. All shoplifters and other criminals learned to stay away from the store.

Weakness: Aside from the risk associated with her brand of magic, she cannot cast spells in zones completely devoid of Aetheric Winds.

Likes: Doing her job, cold weather, brief moments of peace

Dislikes: Rogue mages, criminal scum (especially undead, greenskin and demonic criminal scum), shoplifting

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Name: RED

Race: Code (genetically modified human with psychic abilities)

Age: 16

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 60 kg


Physical Attributes

Strength: Human

Agility: Human

Constitution: Exceptional

Other Abilities:

Feel no pain: Partially due to the countless experiments on her and her dependence on painkillers, RED has developed a frightening resistance to pain. She could cut her feet and walk on the marrow of her bones and still keep her smiling chipperness. But sometimes, when she least expects it, the pain comes back. That’s when the candy helps.

Psychic: RED is a Code, treasured children who had grown unique abilities after the Great Divide ( a war that had plunged the entire world into chaos between mages and humans). In order to close the gap between men and wizards, the humans had created Codes, manipulations of the  genome using the very magic that worked against them.

RED’s code is SCARLET OMEGA, the ability to generate and manipulate Ω waves, psionic energies that are the basis for all psychic powers and can even interact with supernatural forces like magic, making them an useful tool against them.

Because of her psychic abilities, she can fight back and easily shield herself from psychic attacks. Her mind is protected by Ω waves, so reading, influencing or controlling it is very difficult.

When she distorts them, these waves manifest as seven invisible ‘branches’, powerful arms that vibrate and move according to her will.


When she manifests her branches, her skin and hair turn blood red, eyes turn black with yellow irises and the tattoos on her body glow black.

These arms can easily rip and punch a car apart, move around and can even wrap around her to deflect bullets and defend her from impacts as hard as a speeding car smashing into them.

They can extend up to 10 meters, but lose power and hardness when far away from her, because the vibrations need to weaken in order for the limbs to extend. While she can move them as she pleases as if they were her own limbs, it is difficult to split her attention effectively between half the arms performing one specific, precise task and half the arms performing another.

Because they move to her will, outsmart and outmaneuver her, and you’ve outsmarted and outmaneuvered the limbs. Thus, the more arms she uses the more difficult it is to multitask and be precise.

Finally, while the limbs are normally invisible, there are many ways to reveal them. When they move rapidly, they shimmer for a moment and become somewhat visible. The same can be said when they apply considerable force on a body, or if a body applies considerable force on them.

If one was close enough, he might notice the faint distortions in the air that make out their shape, assuming he was sufficiently calm and perceptive. You could even feel the air vibrate around them, and of course it goes without saying that creative tools like powder or even water can be used to detect the hands.

That is, if they don’t catch you.


White jumpsuit.

Candy: They’re painkillers she’s addicted to. Well, some of them are normal candy too. They are both part of the reason she has slipped and is clinging to sanity.


RED doesn’t remember where or why she was born, even her name seems like a hazy thing whenever she thinks about it. Red, ghost, monster, devil… she’s had so many names she can’t be sure about it anymore. Even if she had a life before then, there is no trace left for her to recall.

All she remembers are the white walls and the white men, and that it was scary and it hurt for a while. But whenever she’d paint the walls red, the white men would praise her and call her a good girl. Sometimes when she was really good, they’d give her candy which would make the pain go away.

It felt good, so she smiled and listened. After a while, she didn’t even need to cry when she was being cut open, so she never cried again. Oh! Actually, she did cry one more time. Or did she? Honestly, she can’t remember that much either.

You see, there was one woman in white who would stand out. She’d often pass more food to her, look at her with these strange sad eyes, saying those silly things to her, and one time she even argued with the white men! They didn’t like it, so the next day she was assigned inside the white room.

RED doesn’t remember what happened, but she remembers the room turned red and for some reason her eyes felt funny. She doesn’t remember feeling sad or anything. Odd.

The next day, there was no longer any white room. Just a silent red house with silent red walls and silent red men and a smiling white girl. She stayed for a few days, or weeks, in truth she never knew the difference.

But after a while, it got boring. So she tore the red house down and left to look for other white rooms so she could paint them red. It was the one thing she was good at, the one thing she ever did.

But at the same time she didn’t want anyone else to have to be in a white room like hers. Even if she had forgotten she would pray every night for a hero to come, this did not stop her from becoming a superhero.

And one day, she woke up in a strange place. It was neither white or red, and for the first time in her life, RED was confused.


RED is very childlike, cheerful and carefree, which makes her easy to manipulate. She can only use the ‘branches’ of her code so many ways at once, and her body is relatively normal so she can’t react to quick and surprising foes.

As powerful as she is, she is a weapon and not a fighter, her skill in actual combat leaves to be desired. However, she can always grow in that regard.

Finally, damage to the brain can severely cripple her psychic power, so go for the head.

Likes: Sweets, being outside, not hurting, sunshine, rain, cute animals, playing, having fun, having friends, being praised, playing rough, the color red, being a hero, hugging others, helping people, smiling.

Dislikes: White, mean people, those who hurt the ones she cares for, selfishness, boring people, meat, complicated words, being hated, being caged, herself.
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: Liseth

Race: Human

Age: 20

Height: 6’1

Weight: Relatively light. Kind of. She’s a little heavy.


Physical Attributes

Strength: Human

Agility: Human

Constitution: Human

God Machine: There is an order to the world. Perhaps not one that can be seen or felt but it exists. Liseth is not only attuned to this order but something inside her has emulated it. Has learned its secrets and how to slip through the cracks in reality as it does in order to let Liseth achieve her mundane goals.

Many of these powers are very subtle. For example, from her pocket Liseth can pull out anything that could reasonably fit inside of there. On a grander scale she can open empty closets and boxes to find things that she has seen before inside there. Perhaps not the exact object but close enough but close enough. She can disguise conversation she has as ordinary chatter or whisper across a room as if she was right next to you. She can even erase evidence of her existence from an area, gain knowledge from consciously created things or structures as if she had made them piece by piece, unlock mundane objects and machines, and even vanish in the crowd to the point where even the most advanced cameras couldn’t spot her in it even if it had ages to do so.

However, there are more overt backdoors in reality that she can take. As long as there is no one around to witness her movements Liseth can move impossibly fast (Fantastic speed). She can pretty much walk out of the way of bullets or finish a race faster than most supernaturals could ever hope to. However, the moment she enters someone’s line of sight she is dragged back to reality and resumes normal speed.

She can also connect openings. A door may lead to another room inside the same building instead of an exit. But this a relatively localized phenomena. While you may end up somewhere else in the block you won’t end up on the other side of the city. She also has to know where these other openings are. Liseth can’t just send you randomly through doors.

Now that she has more experience Liseth has a few more options available to her. With a moment of time and privacy from the eyes of others she can instantly change her clothes as she sees fit. This goes well with another ability which allows her to assume the skills of any job at a professional level so long as she's wearing matching attire. Liseth may also speak to machines. She can tell them to do things such as open a program and type a message or refuse to work.

Her more overt abilities have also advanced with the power to outright tear a hole into reality leading to another plane of existence. The worlds of the Fae, the Underworld, and the many other strange and wondrous realms that border the real world are available to her. This doesn't protect her in any way from the dangers of these places, but it's still pretty neat.

However, her most potent ability is the ability to create Infrastructure. Unseen to even most supernaturals, the gears and pistons of Infrastructure hide within the structures of society and respond to Liseth's unconscious demand for additional power. It exploits the occult processes of the world through careful manipulation of those within its boundaries. It's nothing overt. Maybe you absentmindedly decide to fold a couple newspapers that ultimately end up getting burned up in fulfillment of some strange system.

Regardless of how it occurs the Infrastructure stores the power gained by exploiting these processes and uses the surplus to grow and collect even more energy. A cycle that allows Liseth a greater deal of power than usual.

When within the vicinity of her Infrastructure Liseth is aware of everything inside it as if it was her own body. When combined with her innate understanding of how a building was created and what it is composed of that makes hiding from her near impossible.

She can also enhance her natural abilities so that she can fill up rooms on the other side of a building with her powers so long as they are unobserved, or she can link up several doors and windows at once along with remotely locking and unlocking doors to keep someone confused or trapped in a building unless they start breaking things down.

It does take time to perform this act. Even after all this time Liseth only has Infrastructure at her own home and at the bar she frequents. Destroying the physical place that the Infrastructure is rooted in can destroy it, and unless she's either inside it or in the immediate vicinity its benefits are not available to her. Infrastructure also typically has a keystone. A vital component that will stall the machinery if it is removed or destroyed.

Cooking: She can steam rice, boil water, make scrambled eggs, and fry bacon. That’s basically it. Don’t judge.

Driving: She can drive, but she can’t do it very well. Liseth is terrified of actually steering a car.

Gamer: MLG. Plays all kinds of games. RTS, RPGs, map painting, FPS, and some more action and stealth oriented games. Sometimes she does fighting games as well. Mains White Justice against the Black Menace.

Quick Reader: She reads pretty fast. Comprehends about as quickly as well. It was a useful skill in English class, but wasn’t as useful outside of it.

Big Eater: Even for someone of her size Liseth can eat a pretty hefty amount. Only her equally hefty metabolism keeps her in her current state.

Origin: Liseth is completely normal. Or rather, she’s almost completely normal. She can’t remember when she heard the stealthy song of the orderly machine that didn’t really change her life all that much, but she knew she was young. There was something comforting in the grinding of gears and the flawless sound of shifting pipes. It resonated in her, and it wasn’t long before something inside her began to sing back.

It didn’t really alter her life in any spectacular way. She still went to school, played video games, argued with her parents and siblings, and binge watched anime while reading crummy fanfiction, but it was still there. Then one day she was out of lunch money and pulled out a twenty dollar bill to pay off the meal anyways.

Still, things didn’t get much different. It was more handy than life altering. She graduated high school, went to highschool, and just lived her life as simply as possible. Sometimes she would open the door to her house and enter her college, but so what? It was easier, less scary than driving, and she could erase any record of it if they found anything. She had a few 'jobs' here and there but they were mostly covers for the theoretically infinite amount of cash at her disposal. She took a loan and bought a house to everyone’s worry but her own. Furniture just happened to appear out of nowhere in no time and she had settled into a comfortable, leisurely life. Then the Nexus happened.

Weakness: She’s only really good at getting places. Can’t fight, can’t swim well, and at best knows some high school first aid. Almost everything can kill her.

Likes: Games, her online friends, anime, sleeping the day off, not having to pay for anything

Dislikes: Being reminded she isn’t home, people who talk like they’re objectively right, people who don’t look at all the facts, having her game time interrupted, being interrupted while listening to music, having to cook, having to drive, having existential crises in the shower, etc
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Name: Meti

Race: Human

Age: 22

Height: 5’8

Weight: Somewhat light.

Spoiler for Hidden:

Physical Attributes

Strength: Exceptional

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Exceptional

Other Abilities:

Master Swordsman: Meti has reached an impossible level of skill in regards to the sword. Her cuts, singular and perfect, slice apart all mundane materials. Her strikes, even when slower than her opponents, perfectly parry their blows, even if their skill is equal to what normal humans would consider akin to a master swordsman, and she does it without the slightest effort. Projectiles that she can react to are all but useless at her level of ability. If she can cut it then it will not harm her.

Example skill:

The Maybe Sword: Until a cut is made who can tell where her blade will strike? When Meti attacks her movements are impossible to read. Before she swings she lacks any style or stance, and when she does make her slash the sword is remarkably deceptive. Strikes filled with the intent to kill are mere feints, while cursory cuts are revealed to be deadly moves. This is only worsened by Meti’s capacity to redirect her blade. She can shift it in any direction, even the opposite one, without seemingly any loss of momentum.

Insight: When dealing with swords Meti is remarkably quick to catch onto its details. Even when holding a completely unfamiliar blade she will instinctively know how to properly use it. She also has some idea of what the blade wants. While most are fine just cutting people apart and shattering lesser weapons some may have more sophisticated desires that she seeks to fulfill.


Sword Cart: Meti has a cart filled with mundane swords she lugs around. It’s rather heavy despite her efforts, but it’s the only way for her to carry the small arsenal otherwise.

Origin: Meti is a child from a long line of reputable sword wielders, but she was exceptional even among them. At ten she defeated her father in combat and took his place as head of the family. He would never forgive her for this, and she would never forgive him for being such an irresolute swordsman.

In time an attack would be made against her by a branch of the family under her father. The fire licked at her flesh. She killed them all anyways. Then she simply took their blades, the family’s ancestral sword, and left. Anything in her way she cut down.

Eventually she got over it (kind of). What were those petty grudges to the immaculate beauty of a sword? So she relaxed and simply journeyed. She challenged swordsmen across the land. Those that lost also gave up their blades. If their sword was especially wonderful or their skill considerably atrocious she cut off a hand as well. Sometimes she had to kill them.

Weakness: She has no defense to magic. Ghosts and other intangible beings also cannot usually be hurt by her as most of her repertoire is made up of completely average swords. Meti can also be put somewhat off balance by large amounts of fire and while it won’t win a fight it’ll give you some advantage. As Meti’s swords are entirely mundane anything that they don’t cut through will probably shatter them. If her opponent is skilled or strong enough the cracking and ultimately the destruction of her blade will be inevitable, and if she’s far from her cart she can run of swords. She’s also nearly useless without a sword. Even if she does use the rest of her body when fighting all that does is complement her swordplay. Even a kick would be something to set up a slash. She pretty much can't fight without a blade

Likes: Cutting, swords, sword maintenance, sword training, sword maintenance equipment, cool lakes

Dislikes: Knives (just use a sword), staffs (that’s just the raw material for the hilt of a sword), polearms (if you need to overcompensate for something the sword is the original and best way for that), her burns


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Name: Neptune, Nep-Nep, Purple Heart

Race: CPU

Age: 10000+

Height:164 cm

Weight:48 kg

Spoiler for Hidden:

Spoiler for Hidden:

Physical Attributes




Other Abilities:

CPU Goddess : Neptune is the Console Patron Unit of the nation called Planeptune. As the Console Patron Unit she's tasked with being the nation's guardian diety and in exchange draws power from her subjects faith commonly referred to as Share Energy. Being a CPU she's both immortal of the unaging kind as well as immune to all common diseases. She also stays in peak physical condition no matter her diet.

HDD Form :

As the goddess of Planeptune, Neptune is capable of undergoing a transformation using a Hard Drive Divinity disc. This changes her to her goddess form Purple Heart. In this form she becomes substantially more powerful and she also gains the ability to fly However due to the large strain put on her body she's only able to maintain it for a few minutes. She also gains a sword that looks like it originates from some far eastern land.

Appearance Purple Heart

Physical Attributes




Neptune Break

The ultimate final attack, legend has it this mysterious technique could even break the game. Whether or not that's true, it's still a devastating high speed combo that's destroys the opposition in 15 crushing blows. can only be used once in a while. Using this while in HDD form makes her go out of it.

Equipment: Wields two swords of great quality in her normal form and one in her goddess form. The sword she wields in her goddess form is a manifestation of her powers and thus is virtually indestructible.

Origin: There's a number of nations in the world of Gamindustri, all of them ruled by a Console Patron Unit like Neptune. Neptune herself has ruled as the goddess of Planeptune for a very very very long time. So long in fact that it's hard to even remember how long. Well ruling might be overstating things as bit as the day to day affairs of the nation is handled by the administration of the Basilicom as well as the oracle Histoire. She mostly (read 25 hours a day) played video games like a total shut in otaku. And only occasionally, very occasionally, saved the world from whatever villain that wanted to destroy it. Not that most of them were even that bad to begin with in retrospect. No. This is not the time to ruin the main character’s introduction, they were totally bad guys, who stole candy from children and all that mean stuff. Anyways, Where were we? Oh right introductions. Let's just cut to the chase. Neptune like the usual klutz she is fell through a portal....again.

Weakness: She's naive but also genre savvy (note: she's both somehow, don't worry about such minor details when there's villains to smash.) Her HDD form isn't a permanent transformation and she's usually unable to use it for a while after it's been used.

Pudding, Lazying off, playing video games, pudding, Being the main character, pudding, Plutie, video games. Someone's who's name might start with Ne....Nah that can't be right.

Eggplants, mean people, villains, people who make her work, eggplants. Having her name pronounced the wrong way.
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Name: Butler

Race: Abhuman

Age: Unknown

Height: 190 centimeters

Eyes: Hollow, but the center of his one visible eyesocket shines with a yellowish light


A tall, lean man dressed in a formal suit vest set completed by gloves and immaculate black shoes. His face appears like that of a fleshless skull, with an eye patch covering his right eye socket.


Strength: Fantastic

Agility: Incredible


Magic Ability: None.

Other Abilities:

Teleportation: Butler is able to disappear from one place and reappear at another in an instant, up to a distance of tens of miles. He can also stretch this power to bring other people and large objects with him.

Total Life Support: Butler can ignore every kind of physical need such as sleeping, eating and breathing, is unaffected by environmental conditions of every kind, and is immune to the negative effects of toxins, disease, radiation, pressure and vacuum. His body is also unaffected by the passage of time.

Fighting Skills: Butler is an extremely skilled combatant, experienced in wrestling, martial arts, and firearms.

Myriad of Proficiencies: Having a honed logical mind, Butler is skilled with languages and sleight of hand, acquainted with military protocols, an experienced driver and pilot, and knowledgeable in the occult. His awareness and attention to detail also border on superhuman. He possesses other needed proficiences of a butler, of course. And he makes great tea.

Mental Resistance: Butler has been trained in mental resistance, and so has an unusually efficient ability to withstand things that target his mind.

Who Butler was before he became the being he is today is largely a mystery. The most certain fact about his past is that he has always served a master to the best of his abilities, no matter who that may be, and only left them once they were permanently struck down from their position. His first and most important employer was a magician who dabbled in the taboo, who he once served as a human. This long-dead magician was the one who gave him his current body by reaching past boundaries that mortals should not touch, and shaped the person who he is today.

Weakness: When he teleports, there is an opening that can be exploited, like the action of opening and stepping through a door. This delay makes it at best dangerous to use the ability in combat or similarly risky situations.

Likes: Serving others, tidiness, entertaining masters, showing off his skills, dedicated people
Dislikes: Unprofessionalism, boorish people who fail despite ample chances to tip the scales in their favor
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[13:38:48] Kat: Even the toilet god?
[13:38:56] Helligator: No one worships toilets.
[13:39:00] Helligator: Don't be a shitlord.

[04:32:08] Helligator: I can't make dragons in power armor like this

[19:50:12] francobull III: [...] why are you being all assive aggressive?

[23:32:37] Helligator: use the narrative as a means to convey an interesting story and cool conflicts with the openness you're allowed
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Name: Gojira

Race: Mutated Kaiju, formerly a Gojirasaurus

Age: Unknown (Became sapient when arriving at the Nexus a few weeks ago)

Height: 6 feet 6 inches

Weight: 200 lbs



Strength: Fantastic

Agility: Exceptional

Constitution: Fantastic

Magical Ability: None

Other Abilities:

Atomic Breath: A powerful energy beam that glows a neon-blue. The heat ray burns at extreme temperatures, and causes a small explosion on the point of impact. This ability requires around four seconds of charge up, and it causes her dorsal plates to glow noticeably blue. Excessive use is draining, forcing her to rely on physical fighting for the most part.

Nuclear Pulse:
A burst of short-ranged energy that explodes outwards from her entire body. Knocks foes back, but, like the Atomic Breath, is taxing on her radioactive heart.

Regenerator G-1 Cells: These mutated stem cells reside in the bloodstream, quickly latching onto damaged flesh and healing her body. While they can't regrow limbs or prevent death, they allow her to heal rather grievous injuries in the matter of hours or days (Depending on the injury).

Burning Form:

When Gojira lets her rage overtake her, she overclocks her heart (which is essentially a biological nuclear reactor). Her body's temperature reaches to the point that being in close proximity to her could cause wood to spontaneously combust, steel to melt, and flesh to burn. Her Atomic Breath becomes more powerful, taking on a red violet color. This form could only be maintained for a couple of minutes, or else she risks her body melting. Afterwards, she would be on the verge of passing out due to spending most of her nuclear power.

Gojira has the ability to breath underwater as well as air. She is also a pretty strong swimmer.

Heat Resistance:
Gojira is immune to natural heat hazards (Up to and including taking a swim in a volcano), and has high resistance to heat based attacks.


None. She only has the clothing on her back.

Gojira was once a dinosaur, surprisingly. She was of a species that survived the K-T Extinction, and lived on the Bikini Atoll island chain. During World War II, her slumber was interrupted by American soldiers, whom she promptly slaughtered only to be laid low by artillery fire from offshore naval vessels. The reptile somehow survived the encounter, and was there when the United States used her island for atomic bomb tests.

The radiation altered her form, the pain turned her into a monster.

Gojira quickly grew in size, rivaling skyscrapers in height. She gained the ability to breath atomic fire, and her wounds would rapidly heal. In the year 1954, she left her bombed out island, seeking revenge on those who hurt her so much. She soon found a colony of those puny apes, the inhabitants calling it "Tokyo." The Queen of the Monsters promptly brought fire and brimstone to the city, swatting away the pathetic resistance the humans put up with ease until she tired and returned to the sea.

A few days later, a couple of humans dived to her resting place, and set off something in the water. The pain was so intense - it was like her body was literally dissolving. Gojira tried to swim away, but she couldn't escape. With a final, defiant roar, she tried to destroy the human vessel that floated on the surface above her, only for her body to fail. The beast drifted to the bottom of the bay, eyes closing for what she thought would be for the last time.

Miraculously, she awoke again, but not in Tokyo Bay. She was in some new city, with a form that mostly resembled the very things she hated most. But with this new body came intelligence and clarity - though she despises humans, she respects the power that some of the other inhabitants of the city have. The Nexus shall be left intact...for a time.

Weaknesses: Physically, Gojira is weak against electricity and low temperatures. Destruction of her second brain in her waist would also paralyze her from the waist down - at least until the Regenerator G-1 Cells heal her. Enemies that have high strength could also seriously hurt her. The beast's arrogance, short temper, and pride would often get her into trouble. Though her nuclear heart naturally produces power, it can only produce so much at a time and the lack of atomic power plants in the city prevents her from recharging "on the fly."

Gojira also lacks finesse while fighting. This means that, while she has a mean roundhouse kick, she doesn't have any form or discipline when going into melee, instead relying on brute force to overcome her opponents.

Strength, confidence, warm places, fish/whales as food, respect, swimming

Those who don't know their proper place, the cold, humans
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Name: Adjutor

Race: Human?

Age: Late 50s to early 60s (Looks to be in her late 20s due to the modifications slowing her aging significantly)

Height: 6’1

Weight: ...Maybe a bit on the heavy side, but it’s muscle, I swear!


The eyepatch was a one-time deal, never to be seen again. Mistakes were made.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Incredible

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Incredible(Fantastic Stamina)

Magic Ability: Medium. While possesses a massive reserve of magical power, Adjutor generally doesn’t make as much use of it as she could, focusing more on the physical side of things.

Elemental Magic: While she’s been improving her capability with fire, earth, air, and water elemental magics, most of her skill lies in defense, both with and against her elements, and utility. For the most part, she’s limited to mediocre manipulations like pulling up some cover from the ground, pushing herself along with a quick gust of air, or walking across water by making it push her up.

Miscellaneous spells: She’s picked up some magic for hardening and reinforcing, though it only works on inanimate things. She’s also managed to reverse-engineer the technique for binding and unbinding the metal bound to her, which is how she got her hands on more after escaping. She also has knowledge of a number of rituals for more rapidly restoring her mana on her downtime, ranging from ritually prepared potions to tantric rituals, and a few more inbetween, though these require too much time to set up to be usable in the midst of a battle.

Other Abilities:

Mana Sight: As a side effect of the modifications, Adjutor can see mana and observe its flow and movements. While it served to help build her skill with magic, her experience with various mages allows her to discern details on the type of magic someone has a predilection for by observation. If she could find a proper teacher, she could probably expand her repertoire a bit faster than usual.

Monster Hunter: She hunts monsters, both non-human and human, for fun and profit (Mostly the former), and thus is highly adept against non-humanoid opponents or those that use abilities or fighting styles based off such creatures. Furthermore, due to her experience, she has a nearly encyclopedic knowledge base on monsters she’s encountered, with very few gaps.

Be very quiet, we’re hunting: As a result of her chosen profession, Adjutor is an expert in tracking her prey and moving undetected in most environments, though her more recent preference towards head-on combat has lead to her growing a little rusty in this department.

On second thought, this is more fun: Over the years, however, Adjutor has grown more confident in herself and her abilities, opting to take on her targets head on at times. To that end, she sought out the best teacher she could find and ended up spending time learning from someone for whom being found was an ordeal in and of itself. As a result, her skill with blades, blunt weapons, and her bare hands alike are around what would be considered master-level skill from the likes of mortal men, and her ability to improvise is nothing to be scoffed at.

Xarrest: Adjutor shares part of her mind with a Darkling who goes by the name Xarrest. Sorta. She’s given up on getting Adjutor to say it right, so they just stick with that.

While it’s not as good as another pair of eyes, they can still accomplish degree of multitasking and combat awareness that Adjutor would be incapable of by herself. Xarrest can also manifest some of her own natural abilities through Adjutor. They can see no matter how dark it is, and with some focus, they can turn any two shadows within line-of-sight into portals, though the link will break if they’re interrupted, so this is mostly used to get the drop on superior opponents.

Xarrest also provides some benefits that Adjutor remains mostly unaware of. She keeps mental intruders out of her host’s head as she’s already taking up place there. They’ve been working on the mental issues together, but it’s been slow going.


Armos: It took a while, but she finally figured out a name for the damn things. In essence, it’s a mass of thought-metal bound to her, though a fair amount of it was taken from less scrupulous users of the stuff. In the interest of focusing all her attention on the given situation, she leaves control of the Armos to Xarrest, though she’s perfectly capable of taking over when they switch out.

The metal is fairly strong, easily able to withstand blows from mundane weaponry. She doesn’t have much of it, so it can form little more than the equivalent of a long sword, leaving the purely defensive uses limited to rapidly shifting what metal she has to defend against incoming blows. Furthermore, there is a slight delay on it becoming solid.

Cold Iron club: For Fae and their types, you know the drill.

Silver sword: For werewolves and the like, though the metal itself is considered holy back home and it’s received a few blessings here and there. Not actually made entirely of silver, for obvious reasons.

Regular-ass (Not really) sword: Just a well-made blade kitted out with a few runes to make it extremely durable and so that it never loses its edge, along with a couple more to make the runes unerasable.

Twine: You can never have enough.

Journal: A book of forbidden lore about the Monster Hunter herself, touch it and die.

Origin: At first, Adjutor didn’t remember much of the events that had changed her so, little more than periods of time that were strangely absent from her memory, during which something was changed about her. Xarrest was probably the most surprising of the changes, but she wasn’t the last.

In the end, she ended up leaving on her own, or at least she felt like that was the case, and put as much distance as she could from that place. Soon, she found herself delivering her own brand of justice wherever she went, though she did have to broaden her repertoire after a while to keep food on the table.

Time passed and she slowly regained something of a regular sleeping schedule, when she found herself purchasing the services of a mage to unlock those blanks in her memories, reasoning that she should face them sooner or later.

At the time, she quickly found herself wishing she hadn’t, and some tiny sliver of that sentiment remained, until recently. Of course, landing this strange new world was another kind of shock entirely, albeit one that’s proving to be easier to adjust to than what she’s already with already, mostly a matter of getting used to all the shiny new things.

Weaknesses: Adjutor has virtually no ranged combat options. Furthermore, due to her modifications, any spells that hit her are magnified by a portion of her own mana, making spells affect her approximately twice as much as would a normal person.

Likes: Sweet, spicy, or sour food, Xarrest, alone time, most animals, strong men with nice personalities (Broad-shouldered is nice too)

Dislikes: Bitter food, being alone, Xarrest, mental manipulation, supernatural or otherwise
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[8:49:50 AM] Daniel Mahan: He can still get RAEG
[8:49:52 AM] Daniel Mahan: Just better at not loosing his marbles over it.
[8:50:09 AM] Helligator:> losing his marbles over it
                                      I seeeee what you did there

[11:00:22 PM] francobull III: elf, will you do rin?
[11:00:33 PM] Jennifer Bratcher: I would love to do Rin!
[11:00:39 PM] Jennifer Bratcher: I'd bend her over and . . .
[11:00:45 PM] francobull III: woah woah