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Name:  Sibyl Lowell.

Race: Vampire (Tremere).
Age: Around 300 years old.
Height: 5’10’’ ft.
Weight: 58 kg.

Spoiler for Hidden:

Physical Attributes

Strength: Human.
Agility: Human.
Constitution: Exceptional.                           
Magical Scale: Medium.


Mastery of the Mortal Shell Spells:

Vertigo: The thaumaturge induces minor disorientation and dizziness through subtle manipulations in the subject’s body. The physical discomfort is temporary and minor, but a clever thaumaturge can use it on rivals at the most inopportune times, causing them to lose their aplomb. It requires touch to induce such effects.

Contortion: With a touch, the thaumaturge causes a group of her opponent’s muscles to contract involuntarily, reducing it to twitching fits. This effect is extremely disconcerting to the subject, rendering the limb or muscle group unusable. By making physical contact with one of the limbs of the target, the thaumaturge renders it useless for the duration of Contortion. A leg rendered useless makes standing difficult, and the victim suffers from increased difficulties in employing this limb, such as dancing or balancing on ledges. A contorted arm hangs lifeless at the subject’s side. A useless head causes loss of speech and makes the speaker look silly.

Seizure: Seizure causes the body to erupt into a fit of convulsions. All the muscles throughout the body tighten uncontrollably, while the victim foams at the mouth and spasms rack him with agony. A mortal may even choke to death as her tongue cuts off her air supply. A light touch from the thaumaturge forces the very unpleasant effects of this power upon the target. For the duration of the seizure, a target’s body writhes, tormenting her to the point of incapacitation. It doesn't work on muscles that are unconsciously controlled, such as the heart.

Body Failure: Thaumaturges wielding this frightful power gain devastating insights into the workings of the body, allowing a complete shutdown of its systems. This sudden biological overload often proves fatal to mortals and damaging to other supernatural beings. Body Failure has been used throughout the ages to afflict horrific ailments in inconspicuous ways that suggest stopping breathing as an example. Rather than touch, the caster must maintain visual contact to keep the spell ongoing. The thaumaturge no longer needs to touch her victim to strike out with this level of mastery of the Path. She may affect any target within her line of sight, but she must keep visual contact with the victim at all times to maintain this effect. A successful maintaining of this power grants effects similar to Seizure, except that damage is lethal due to complete mass tissue and organ failure. It may be resisted with tremendous willpower, lessening the considerable danger in this spell. As an example, to those of more tougher make than a human perhaps into realms supernatural, the damage remains proportional to their toughness, and accrues less damage the tougher the target is, up to the point at the epitome, one can say it features no effect to those that are outright godlike.

Marionette: The thaumaturge invoking Marionette gains such mastery over the body of others that she can magically seize control of another being and force her victim to act according to her own whims. This control is not as fine as the direct and personal command of the Dominate power of Possession, but the thaumaturge’s true body is not as vulnerable during the manipulation. Once established, the Marionette victim is under the complete sway of the thaumaturge, forced to perform as the thaumaturge’s macabre pawn. This spell also requires the maintaining of eye contact for it to work. The thaumaturge may affect any target within her line of sight, but she must keep visual contact with the victim at all times to maintain this effect. A subject may resist the effects of Marionette with a strong stamina and mental fortitude when the thaumaturge attempts to take control.

Victims lacking fortitude do not have the physical resistance to defy this effect. For the duration of this power, the thaumaturge can cause the victim to perform any physical action, with their own natural prowess being made us of. The concentration this power requires also increases the thaumaturge’s own difficulties with their own personal body to make do with something, as she is using two bodies at once. To extend the duration of this control, the thaumaturge must strain further of their willpower and blood. Marionette does not rob the victim of her cognizance, only physical control over her body. During this time of thaumaturge’s mastery, the target remains aware that some outside force is manipulating her physical actions, conscious that they are not her own. The victim may need to make considerable usage of their willpower to attempt to take a mental or social action, such as activating a Discipline or speaking. Thankfully this spell lasts at most, a minute, the more it is maintained, the more blood is spent in doing so, burning through the caster’s reservoir.

Hands of Destruction Spells:

Decay: This power accelerates the decrepitude of its target, causing it to wither, rot, or otherwise break down. The target must be inanimate, though dead organic matter can be affected. The inanimate object touched by the thaumaturge ages 10 years for every minute the Kindred touches it. If the vampire breaks physical contact and wishes to age the object again, they’ll have to expend a bit of their blood to make use of it once more. This power does not affect vampires.

Gnarl Wood: This power warps and bends wooden objects. Though the wood is otherwise undamaged, this power often leaves the objects completely useless. This power may also be used to swell or contract wood, in addition to bending it into unwholesome shapes. Unlike other powers of this path, Gnarl Wood requires merely a glance rather than physical contact. Considerable amounts of wood may be gnarled for each blood expended on this power (the thaumaturge may expend as much blood as she likes on this power, up to her per-turn generational maximum). It is also possible to warp multiple visible objects — like all the stakes a team of vampire-hunters wields.

Acidic Touch: The vampire secretes a bilious, acidic fluid from any portion of his body. The viscous acid corrodes metal, destroys wood, and causes horrendous chemical burns to living tissue. The thaumaturge must expend a portion of their blood to create the acid — the blood literally transmutes into the volatile secretion. That same said portion creates enough acid to burn through steel plate in ample time depending on the amount caustically induced. The damage from an acid-augmented hand-to-hand attack costs blood to use for the longer it is maintained. A thaumaturge is immune to her own acidic touch.

Atrophy: This power withers a victim’s limb, leaving only a desiccated, almost mummified husk of bone and skin. The effects are instantaneous; in mortals, they are also irreversible. The victim may resist the effects of Atrophy having an Incredible constitution. Failure means the limb is permanently and completely crippled. Partial resistance is possible: the victim must be Exceptional in their Constitution. Mortals are crippled as a result. This power affects only limbs or parts of limbs (arms, legs, hands); it does not work on victims’ heads, torsos, etc. It may only work on a single limb however, and can be fixed with the usage of magic regeneration.

Neptune’s Might Spells:

Eyes of the Sea: The thaumaturge may peer into a body of water and view events that have transpired on, in, or around it from the water’s perspective. Some older practitioners of this art claim that the vampire communes with the spirits of the waters when using this power; younger Kindred scoff at such claims. The extent of blood expended, all the way up to a quarter, may allow the Thaumaturge to see for up to a span of a decade. The Thaumaturge’s skill and perception may assist in sharpening their sight with this power. This power can only he used on standing water; lakes and puddles qualify, but oceans, rivers, sewers, and wine glasses do not. The extent of how far said span of seeing goes depends on how long the Thaumaturge maintains this spell, with up to half an hour for a decade’s worth of perspective.

Prison of Water: The thaumaturge can command a sufficiently large quantity of water to animate itself and imprison a subject. This power requires a significant amount of fluid to be fully effective, although even a few gallons can be used to shape chains of animated water. The victim must be quite incredible in strength to break free without tiring themselves out, Exceptionally powerful victims on the other hand would feel fatigued typically. A subject may be held in only one prison at a time, although the caster is free to invoke multiple uses of this power upon separate victims and may dissolve these prisons at will. If a sufficient quantity of water (at least a bathtub’s worth) is not present, the user’s own willpower is required to channel the same extent with some modicum of difficulty.

Blood to Water: The thaumaturge has now attained enough power over water that she can transmute other liquids to this basic element. The most commonly seen use of this power is as an assault; with but a touch, the victim’s blood transforms to water gradually, weakening vampires and killing mortals in moments should they at their own peril, allow the touch to proceed uncontested. The caster must touch her intended victim for this to work. The water left in the target’s system by this attack evaporates out at a rate of one tenth of expended blood per hour, but the lost blood does not return. Other liquids may be turned to water with this power, though with considerable difficulty if said liquid was magical. The character must still touch the substance or its container to use this power.


Communicate with Kindred Sire: By enacting this ritual, the caster may join minds with her sire, speaking telepathically with him over any distance. The communication may continue until the ritual expires or until either party ends the conversation The caster must possess an item once owned by her sire for the ritual to work. The caster must meditate for 30 minutes to create the connection. Conversation may be maintained for 15 minutes on activation.

Oinos of Dionysus: This ritual allows the thaumaturge to ritually brew a special cask of spiced oinos, an ancient Greek wine believed to have been created by the god Dionysus. Mortals that consume this wine feel a pleasant drowsiness, vague ethereal happiness, and arousal, until they eventually lose consciousness and sleep for the remainder of the evening. They awake to vague pleasant memories, completely forgetting the details of everything that happened the night before. A draught of the Oinos of Dionysus serves to protect the Masquerade at special parties where vampire guests wish to feed in the open. Vampires that drink from mortals tainted with the mystical oinos feel a slight buzz — not strong enough to be considered intoxicated, but just enough to get a taste of nights when they still breathed and hungered for appetites other than blood. The caster must mix at least one point of her blood with the wine and spices. Once completed, the oinos must be ingested to take effect. After imbibing the oinos, a mortal must have a considerable willpower and stamina to resist its effects, typically a constitution of Exceptional. Vampires and other supernatural creatures are unaffected by the Oinos of Dionysus, as their blood is too potent to be overpowered by this concoction. Vampires that feed from a mortal under the effects of the Oinos of Dionysus feel a similar effect, but not one that overpowers them or impairs them. They feel an artificially inflated sense of happiness and remember nights when they were a mortal. In an emergency, the vampire under these effects can expend some of their blood to flush themselves of this euphoria.

Track Transgression: Transgressor is the term for outsider thaumaturges or rogue Tremere that use blood magic to attack the Ivory Tower. Track Transgressor was designed to track these enemies of the Camarilla. Clan Tremere vigilantly hunts these enemies to protect the Camarilla from mystical assaults (or so it claims). Skeptics whisper that the Warlocks simply don’t like the competition. To cast the ritual, the thaumaturge must locate a site where Thaumaturgy has been cast within the past twenty-four hours. She must then spill her blood (spending a blood point) upon the ground while reciting the proper incantation. Bloody footprints that are only visible to the caster appear on the ground and lead away to the transgressor. After casting this ritual, the Tremere is able to flawlessly track down the transgressor until dawn. This tracking follows the exact path that the magus took after leaving the area where the magic was used. This ritual may track down only Thaumaturgy and related rituals, not Necromancy or other types of magic.

Escape of a True Friend: Escape to a True Friend allows the caster to travel to the person whose friendship and trust she most values. The ritual has a physical component of a yard-wide/ meter-wide circle charred into the bare ground or floor. The caster may step into the circle at any time and speak the true name of her friend. She is instantly transported to that individual, wherever he may be at the moment. She does not appear directly in front of  him, but materializes in a location within a few minutes’ walk that is out of sight of any observer. The circle may be reused indefinitely, as long as it is unmarred. This ritual takes six hours a night for six nights to cast, reduced by one night for every two successes. Each night requires the sacrifice of three of the caster’s own blood points, which are poured into the circle. Once the circle is complete, the transport may be attempted at any time. The caster may take one other individual with her when she travels, or a maximum amount of “cargo” equal to her own weight.

Other Abilities:

Tremere Vampirism: As a vampire of the Tremere clan, she shares all traits common to vampires, including having no internal organs besides her stomach, oesophagus, and heart, along with any organ that would be observable from the outside. As a result, she takes extremely reduced damage from bullets and blunt weaponry, and can regenerate wounds caused by anything she is not weak to by using her own blood.

Blood Properties:

Blood Binding: An inherent property of Kindred blood, all those who drink the blood of a Kindred become bound to the Kindred in question the more and more they drink of their blood. This even applies to other Kindred, in fact, all Kindred are at least one step blood-bound to their sire, and due to the clan weakness of the Tremere, they are more easily bound, and skip the first step of Blood Binding, going directly to the second, meaning that all Tremere Childer are two steps blood bound to their sire, Sibyl especially.

After the first sip of blood, the thrall begins to develop strong feelings for the regnant, whether love or hate, though they are still free to act as they choose. Those in a one-drink bond may unconsciously seek out the regnant, seemingly accidentally running into them on a frequent basis.

After the second sip, the regnant becomes a very important person to the thrall, who may go out of their way to seek the regnant's attention or please them. It becomes difficult for the thrall to do anything that would harm the regnant, and the regnant likewise finds it easier to convince the thrall of things. Though the thrall's craving for the regent's blood increases, they still retain their free-will.

After the third sip, the blood bond is complete. The thrall is now subject to the regent completely and loves them as much as they are capable of loving anyone. The regent is the most important person in the thrall's life and takes priority over all else; sufficiently weak-willed individuals will commit any act the regnant asks of them. Furthermore, the regent may command the thrall with Dominate via voice alone. It may still be possible for the thrall to act against the regent, but only temporarily and after an extreme effort of will.

Blood bonds do decay over large periods of time if the thrall does not see their regent and does not drink their blood, however this sort of avoidance is extremely hard for a thrall, due to the nature of the blood binding.

Ghouling: This is another basic property of Kindred blood, any mortal who drinks of it not only starts the process of being blood bound to the vampire, but also becomes something known as a ghoul. They do not produce their own vampiric blood, and lose it when they use it to power disciplines or lose it over the the course of time, with one feeding usually lasting about a month, unless they partake of more. While a person has vampire blood in their system, they will not age, and they can learn vampiric Disciplines up to two points due to Sibyl’s advanced age and prowess. However, this transformation is not without drawbacks. Ghouls will frenzy like any normal vampire when exposed to fire or other triggers, and they are hopelessly addicted to the blood. Any ghoul who loses their blood supply will quickly age to their chronological age, and any ghoul over a century old will crumble to dust. as a result of this, ghouls are normally totally blood bound to their vampiric masters, and are unable to refuse their orders.

The Kiss: Another name for feeding, this is the lifeblood of vampires. Without performing this on humans, they would fall into torpor and be unable to rise. The process is extremely pleasurable for the person being drained, even more so than any sexual release. The pleasure is also quite enjoyable for the vampire, but not to the point where they are totally enraptured by it like the host. A vampire can take about 20-30% of a person's blood safely, and that is usually what they do. Rarely do vampires intentionally drain their victims dry, preferring instead to make them addicted to the kiss and having a willing herd of livestock.

The Embrace: The process of creating new vampires, and the only time it is acceptable within the Camarilla to totally drain a victim dry on purpose. In Tremere society, one must get the permission of the city's regent to create a new Childe vampire, which in this case, means Sibyl needs her Sire’s permission. After draining a victim totally dry, she would then put some of her blood into the vampire, normally a single drop, resulting in the vampire rising as a ninth generation Kindred. They are very ravenously thirsty for blood when they rise, so often the Tremere have two drinks ready for them, one to bond them totally to their sire, and another as a pre-prepared Transubstantiation of the Seven to bind them to the Inner Council of Seven, as is required of all Tremere.

Dominate Abilities:

Command: When Sibyl makes eye contact with a person, she can give them a direct order, and unless it is against their nature or they are of notably strong will, they must comply with the action unless it would put their life in jeopardy.

Mesmerize: With some concentration, she can implant memories and remove them from a target, however again those of exceptionally strong will can resist. These can be either conscious or subconscious memories or commands, and can range from simple to complex.

Forgetful Mind: This ability allows Sibyl to rewrite the memories of a target she has already mesmerized, and pacifies them for the duration it takes for her to rewrite these memories, which must be done through a series of verbal commands. At her level, she can rewrite up to a few hours worth of memories for an average person, however as usual people of exceptional willpower can resist, and sometimes recover their original memories.

Auspex Abilities:

Enhanced Senses:  Sibyl has the ability to enhance her senses, however while she is doing so, extremes for those senses she is enhancing, such as extremely bright lights or loud noises, can temporarily damage her senses.

Aura Sight: With some concentration, she can see the aura of a person, getting general ideas about a person's mood and personality.


Surgical Implements: The many things Sibyl has to perform experiments on the uncanny and hapless victim she captures. Typically available to modern surgeons, she has most of her kits and tools filled in a bulky suitcase.

Clothing: From her back and all that entails, she has a set of clothes that evokes the imagery of a medical practitioner on herself, despite not having a license nor being a moral authority on the life-giving practice. Worn mostly to put herself on a position of trust with context driven trust inherent in the white labcoat mantle.


Once a Mage who had been tampering with the world’s natural flow and order in order to learn more about it, Sibyl was a woman who seemed to be skirting on the edge of danger for every time she has done it, her lust for knowledge as ravenous as her love for biscuits. In spite of that, it seemed that she was not completely unknown to people around here, as the Tremere clan took interest in her early on, particularly her future Sire, Victoria, whom she’d later became a Ghoul under her service to help give her longevity in order to supplement said research. In spite of that, Sibyl paradoxed one far too many times, and ended up with a ravaged insides that her Ghoulish regeneration could not fix. Veronica would offer her a way to life, which Sibyl had gladly accepted, and ever since, she found herself sired to the woman, and inducted into the Tremer clan in 1724 C.E, well within her mid-20’s.

When she became a Tremere, she found herself a dutiful worker whose most of her projects were dedicated to flattering Veronica, which unfortunately had meant that the actually progressive projects were quite small in comparison, as she spent for better part of a century obsessing over her Sire without getting much done. It would’ve been until after another century, she found the worst of her Blood Bond waning away, as she finds herself with enough sensibilities at that point to make something out of her. Unfortunately she had much to catch up on besides personal pet projects she indulged in, and research that were in some ways, all ordered by her Sire to pursue, if only to get her out of this reverie of frantic dreaminess and idolization of her Sire.

After another good century, she has made good effort on her part to push forward her quest for knowledge, competing against fellow Fledgelings for an intangible prize which was mostly pride and approval. It was not until what Sibyl had come across being a breakthrough, albeit a macabre and almost verboten one, did she try to impress her Mistress, though only after the meeting she along with a group of vampires accompanying Veronica, had left to attend. With Sibyl in charge of the making means towards transporting them towards said meeting, it would be commonly thought that either she goofed up, or someone sabotaged her, possibly a rival, that made the transportation go awry. The portal was not exactly stable, and found itself fluctuating from an unknown reagent added to the mix, which ended up with Sibyl separated from her Sire, and awakening in a dumpster, missing her shoes, socks, and gloves, wearing only the clothes on her back, and with surgical implements brought along with herself for demonstrations, within her effects.


Sunlight: Like all vampires, Sibyl burns in sunlight and cannot be in it without burning to ash. Deals damage that cannot be healed with blood, only time.

Fire: Like all vampires, she risks frenzy at the sight of fire and must overcome her frenzy or risk fleeing instinctually. Fire also deals damage that cannot healed with blood, only time.

Inhumane: As a result of her spending less and less time among humans, experimenting more on them without compassion, Sibyl’s sense of empathy for humankind has degraded to seeing them at best, cattle, and at worst, gnats to squash. Her opinion of them rises though in proportional to the magic prowess of the human on the other hand.

Obsession: As a result of being in a Blood Bond with her Sire, Victoria, for a long period of time, it was only recent Sibyl’s obsession over her Sire has abated enough to let her focus on other things besides her Regent and Mistress. The recent abating obsession had only receded to that of focus and inspiration, as opposed to outright following. Though it is hard to say among outside observers, as she still displays many of those tendencies with her Mistress, albeit at a far more tamer degree.

Vampiric Thirst: The crucial weakness of vampires, the need to feed on human blood. She gains no nutrition from non-human blood, and can go for only a max of two weeks without it, and is usually much shorter if she is using her vampiric powers.

Her Sire, her Sire, her Sire, her Sire, books, her Sire, research, knowledge, her Sire, experimentation, high quality blood, her Sire, forbidden knowledge, schadenfreude, and mechanics of modern technology.

Idiots, zealous ignorance, werewolves, tea, the Pope, Gangrel and Brujah clans.
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Name: Oka Kurosawa

Race: Human

Age: Teenager

Height:  167 centimeters

Weight: Fairly heavy, she's extremely muscular.


Physical Attributes

Strength: Exceptional

Agility: Human

Constitution: Incredible(stamina only)(She can run literally forever)

Other Abilities:

Pokemon Master: Oka is a prodigy pokemon trainer, unlike her brother. She has an innate knack for training pokemon in the best possible way to maximize their potential, and can tell at a glance whether they’ve got potential. All her pokemon are well trained and she knows the perfect times to command  them in battle to pull victory from the jaws of defeat.


Pokeballs: Oka carries a large stock of pokeballs in her bag at all times, ready to catch any rare or powerful pokemon she comes across.

Recovery Items: Oka carries a sizable stockpile of hyper potions, full heals, and revives. She also has a few herbal medicines.

Battle Items

X-Attack, X-Special, Dire Hit, she's got them all! They buff her pokemon.

Climbing Equipment: Oka carries a fairly decent rock climbing kit, including all the essentials, such as a grapple, a harness, and of course, top quality climbing rope.

First Aid Kit: It’s just your standard run of the mill first aid kit.

Gym Badges: Oka has seven gym badges, showing her prowess as a pokemon trainer. Having seven of them is an extremely impressive feat. It shows she has extreme skill in the art of pokemon training, and is on her way to becoming a master. She keeps them in a small wallet that also houses her trainer card, and keeps them polished perfectly.

Running Shoes

Shoes made for running.

Collapsible bike

A bicycle made for easy carrying.


Strength: Human
Agility: Exceptional(Can be temporarily increased to Incredible)
Constitution: Exceptional
Wormy is a powerful Bug/Fire type pokemon, and Oka’s most powerful, and first, pokemon. She was given a Larvesta for her fifth birthday by her grandfather, and over a period of eleven years, has lovingly trained him and evolved him into his brilliant current form. It loves her unconditionally and is entirely loyal. It would stop at nothing to protect its beloved partner.

He uses his six wings to engulf his enemies in waves of fire and scalding ash, bathing any battlefield in a smothering wave of heat. He can control his own body heat output, allowing people it trusts to touch and pet him. At full output, its fire can instantly boil water and can create flashes of light Oka says to be almost as brilliant as the sun itself, while at a low output, it’s about as warm as a heated pillow.

She keeps him in a luxury ball. That is, on the rare occasion she keeps him in a Pokeball. Normally she just lets him follow her around freely.

Little Bully(Dusclops):
Strength: Human (Incredible with Strength)
Agility: Human
Constitution: Incredible
Incorporeal: Dusclops is a ghost, and has next to no physical presence. Mundane physical attacks pass right clean through it, although this does not go both ways, and it can affect physical objects just as easily as spiritual ones.

Her second pokemon was a Duskull, a Ghost type pokemon. When she was small, she used to get bullied a great deal by her brother, who was jealous of her prowess with pokemon and how their grandfather was neglecting him entirely in lieu of training Oka to be the successor to the gym. This went on for a few years, until a small ghost burst through the wall and chased him around for being a bad child. It continued until he begged Oka to do something about it, and so she captured it. After several months under her control, they eventually grew close, and it would keep him away while she slept and when he tried to bully her, much to his dismay. Oka has since evolved it into a Dusclops, and it isn’t very little anymore, standing at roughly the same height as Oka herself.

It is not terribly physically strong, but it can take an extreme beating. Oka has taken advantage of this weakness and turned it into a strength by teaching it attacks with less direct effects, such as a will o wisp that can inflict painful burns and a powerful psychic attack that foresees an attack in the future that will inflict grievous injuries a short time afterwards, and an attack that sucks objects into its eye.

Strength: Human
Agility: Incredible
Constitution: Human
Incorporeal: Haunter is a ghost, and has next to no physical presence. Mundane physical attacks pass right clean through it, although this does not go both ways, and it can affect physical objects just as easily as spiritual ones.

Oka was around eleven years old and was exploring the pokemon graveyard when she was attacked by a foolish Ghastly, which tried to possess her. Luckily for her, Little Bully noticed its attempt and attacked it in return, injuring it enough for Oka to capture it in a pokeball. She’s trained it well, and it’s her own personal speed-demon, as opposed to her Dusclops who is slow but steady. It darts around and spooks enemies while throwing balls of pure shadow at them. She is often amused by the name she gave her Ghastly, which often confuses other trainers.

Strength: Human
Agility: Human
Constitution: Incredible

Sylveon is a new acquisition for Oka. She traded a Scizor for it because she just found it so cute. While it’s fairly strong, capable of inflicting serious harm with the sound of its cry and creating beams of pure moonlight, it does not know Oka well, and as such, they may encounter issues while fighting together. It’s particularly effective against those with draconic blood.

Constitution: Incredible
Incorporeal: Drifblim is a ghost, and has next to no physical presence. Mundane physical attacks pass right clean through it, although this does not go both ways, and it can affect physical objects just as easily as spiritual ones.

Drifblim is Oka’s weakest pokemon. She travels with it primarily because it allows her to fly over obstacles and cut through troublesome vegetation.


Mimikyu is Oka's latest addition to her party, and is as a result, the second weakest of the group, only ahead of Drifblim. The cute-looking disguise it wears over itself is in complete contrast to the monstrosity that lurks underneath it. Oka doesn't care, however. It's the attempt that matters in her opinion. In the past months she's had it, they've become close friends, and it's proved to be a valuable addition to the team.

Strength: Incredible

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Incredible

Don't allow its looks to deceive you, this small guy is immensely powerful, and is capable of attacking in a myriad of ways. Additionally, due to its ghostly powers, while its disguise remains unbroken, it does not take any actual damage itself. Unfortunately, the disguise is rather weak, and will break after only a single hit.

Origin: Oka was born into a failing line of bug pokemon trainers, the Kurosawa. She was seen as a beacon of hope by the aging gym leader, her grandfather. He focused all his time on training her to become his successor, as both his son and his grandson had proved to be completely and hopelessly inept at pokemon battles. At first, things went astonishingly well. She had a natural born talent at pokemon battling and the art of training them. However, as time went on, problems arose.

The first, and biggest problem was that she simply did not have an appreciation of nearly any bug type pokemon, considering any but her beloved Larvesta to be “icky and gross.” Later she developed a crush on her childhood friend, and chased after him when he went on his own journey to become the Champion of the Pokemon League. This left her grandfather hopeless, as he desperately sent her brother to get her back and pressured her to return and come to her senses.

She has so far willfully disregarded all such attempts, handily beating her brother time and time again, and has followed in her crush’s footsteps, acquiring seven out of the eight gym badges required to challenge the previous Victory Road and the Pokemon Leauge.

Weakness: If you steal her pokeballs, she is just a normal teenage girl. While all her ghosts are immune to mundane physical attacks, they are more susceptible to magic, especially spirit-aligned magic. Furthermore, if any of them interact with their target in a phytsical manner, they are susceptible to physical retaliation in that moment. She has never fought in a battle where lives were at stake either, and will be scared if such a situation happened.

Likes: Pink, Volcarona, her crush, Ghost-type pokemon, beating gym leaders, bullying people(but not too much), beating gym leaders, surpassing new challenges, exploring

Dislikes: The way her grandfather pressures her to become a gym leader, failing, losing to her crush, her brother, bug pokemon(except her darling Wormy)
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Name: Ragna The Bloodedge

Race: Human (?), right arm is azure grimoire, may have been bitten by a vampire? Don’t think he’s a vampire though, however he does eat people’s souls.

Age: Who knows? He’s a young adult

Height: 185 Cm

Weight: 78 kg


Physical Attributes

Strength: Incredible

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Incredible

Magical Abilities:
Ars Magus: Utilizing ars magus, a combination of magic and THE POWER OF SCIENCE, Ragna can do such things as create barriers to protect himself, conceal himself and create a small short-period (less than a second) surface in the air to either jump a second time or dash forward or back.

He can also use them to crush barriers of kinds both magical and ars magus. He was strong enough that he could unmake an interdimensional TRUE MAGIC barrier, though it was from the outside. It stands to reason if he was the one trapped, he couldn't get outside.

This uses seithr.

Other Abilities:

Movelist for the scrubs:

Perception: Through intuition and practice and devouring souls through his Azure Grimoire, Ragna can sense when there is more than one entity inside of a body or other such deformities.

Dead spike: It’s a big head-like thing made of DARKNESS with teeth what pops out of the ground and moves forward, chomping away. A range of 5 meters at most. Heals him.

This uses seithr.

Inferno Divider: An uppercut. With a sword involved. Two versions, one with DARKNESS and one without. DARKNESS has more power, but without has invulnerability frames. By which I mean without the DARKNESS he can see better and aim it in such a way he’s dodge most enemy attacks. Either version can be followed up with an uppercut, and then either another straight punch or a DARKNESS axe kick.

This uses seithr. Rather, the DARKNESS one. DARKNESS one heals him, and so does the axe kick.

It’s not over yet!: picks you off the ground (presumably after a knockdown) and punches you in the face. A great way to punch you in the face, and continue a combo.

Hell’s Fang: A punch forward at sanic speed, propelled by DARKNESS and Ragna’s indomitable forward thinking. Can be followed up with an attack like dead spike, but smaller and more angry looking, instead of cute. The second blow heals him.

This uses seithr.

Gauntlet Hades: Like, wow. He like, kicks, and dig this, propels himself in like a half circle, landing a hammer kick from above right on your face. And then he follows up with another kick OF DARKNESS that sends you up, straight into a combo. The second blow heals him.

This uses seithr.

Blood Scythe: He jumps up, unleashes his DARKNESS SWORD’S DARKNESS SCYTHE, and goes down with a massive swing. Looks pretty baller, does a massive amount of damage and stun to anyone propelling their force forwards, allowing them to get kicked in the face. Heals him.

This uses seithr.

Carnage Scissor: He rushes forward with his sword, THROUGH projectiles, and smacks you with a downward blow. Then, he does a 360 and comes around for another swing right in your face. The swing also explodes DARKNESS. Heals him.

This uses seithr.

Devoured by Darkness: His hand becomes a huge claw, grabs you and then devours a part of your soul through hundreds of little mouths grinding in his claw-hand. Heals him for a lot of damage.

This uses seithr.

Belial Edge: IT’S USELESS

The Azure Grimoire: The thing that allows him to use all this fun stuff. Activating it gives him a big boost in power, and makes all the attacks above more potent.

The Azure Grimoire is his right arm, gives his attacks the property of taking away the enemy’s lifeforce and taking it for himself. As such, any attack labeled with “heals him” also syphons away the enemy’s life force in a more direct way.

Also, generates seithr. Ragna has no need for mana or the like as a substitute to use ars, for he generates the required energy himself.

The azure grimoire used to take away his own lifeforce on activation, but the addition of the Idea Engine has nullified this, as well as nullifying any interference, at all, that the azure grimoire could ever face. It cannot be disrupted.

When dormant passively devours life around him. Those who touch it without preparation will feel weakness and light-headedness with fair rapidity.

With the azure grimoire activated, his statline becomes
Strength: Fantastic
Agility: Incredible
Constitution: Fantastic

BLACK=ONSLAUGHT: Also known as African American Bumrush. Ragna’s astral drive, this attack is incredibly potent. He hits the enemy once with his blade, then six times with the blade in blood scythe. After, he devours the opponents soul through their wounds and destroys their husk of a body in a single blow.

Equipment: Blood Scythe: It’s a big ol’ sword, that transforms into a big ol’ scythe. Looks P cool. The scythe part of it runs on seithr and has a red blade made of solid energy of some kind.

Ragna’s poofy pants: he has these.

Ragna’s bitchin’ coat: This too.

The idea engine: I mean, he doesn’t really HAVE this. It’s fused in his arm. But he has it. See “The Azure Grimoire” above for its effects.

Origin: {EXTREMELY ABRIDGED}:A long-ass fucking time ago in a town called Kickapoo… Well okay no, see Ragna his fag brother and their dumb sister were all in a facility some day for some reason, and then a cat saved them and brought them to church where this sister who was once best girl raised him and his siblings in the art of swag, until swagmaster Terumi was all like “fuck dat shit dat ain’t true swag” and kidnapped Ragna’s sister, fucked with his brother’s head and cut off ragna’s right arm.

Then he got bit by a vampire or something and woke up with black shit as a right arm, which was like an Azure Grimoire made by Terumi, and his hair was white and edgy and his eyes didn’t match no more.

So then that cat popped up again and trained him and shit, and gave him this huge blade that can turn into a scythe and an edgy red coat. So then he ran around attacking Novis Orbis Librarium bases and wrecking shit until he got a huge bounty on his head, and while doing so rolled into kagutsuchi, where while wrecking shit and killing unborn womanchildren (Nu-13), he met Noel and his brother again, and they tried to kill eachother and shit and Noel cried some.

He wrecked some more faces and fought Hazama (Terumi) and got his shit wrecked because Terumi sealed his Blazblue until the unborn womanchildren’s bastard cousin popped by and gave him something that would let him use his Blazblue, the Idea Engine, and then he could blazblue again and wreck Terumi’s little anus. But not really. His sister was the big bad all along and Noel was also one of the unborn womanchild’s bastard cousins. So that fucked some things up, so he left to where his sister was chilling accompanied by a crazy cat lady.

So other other shit happened and he met the nun who raised him who was copy-pasted from earlier in the timeline, and around her his right arm (azure grimoire) and right eye (also azure I guess) didn’t work, and he learned the value of protecting those he loves, and it was gay. But he cussed so it was okay I guess. And then there was more fighting, and he went back in time to when the sister actually wasn’t the copy-pasted version and was real and made a beast sleep for a year, then he got mad at a cat after he came back to the future, and he prepped to fight his sister, and he fought the unborn womanchild again and then this huge titan thing that his sister was ordering around and then he got stabbed by the womanchild and went nuts and beat the shit out of his brother and Noel in her womanchild cousin form.

Then he woke up in Nexus. Fuck da police, here be Ragna.

Weakness: Ghosts, his temper, starving people, the unstable nature of the blazblue and Zoning Characters. Also, being way too sugoi.

Likes: The nun who raised him, his master, ball noodles, swearing at his brother

Dislikes: Ghosts, the NOL, Hazama/Terumi, Relius, Hakumen, Azrael, paying the bill for starving people, being taken light of, the rabbit
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Name: Erica

Race: Construct

Age: 5 - 10 years since Purification

Height: 5’8

Weight: 155 lbs.


Spoiler for Hidden:


Physical Attributes

Strength: Fantastic

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Incredible

Other Abilities:

The Spirit Vessel: A body changed and altered by aura to be the perfect vessel for a spirit. The Spirit Vessel was crafted by the Prophets. It is much more hardy and physically capable than a normal human. The blue, arcane script used to create it can be seen inside Erica’s eye rotating around the pupil and it is possible to see some gold script flicker on her face. The Spirit Vessel may resemble the human form but it is not nearly as limited. Erica can see perfectly fine in the dark, is resistant to the cold and heat, and has a pain tolerance that allows her to fight effectively even if all of her limbs have been torn off.

The Spirit Vessel functions on aura. An energy usually created by souls in minimal amounts, the Spirit Vessel draws free souls to it and forces them to produce much more aura. Said souls are destroyed because of this process but more powerful spirits can resist this with ease. Recent events have also allowed the Spirit Vessel to produce lesser amounts of aura over time. When wounded the Vessel does not bleed but one can see white energy flowing within it when it is cut or if it loses a limb. The expenditure of aura allows Erica to recreate limbs and repair damage quickly but she must remain perfectly still to expend the aura needed in a constructive way. If she has the aura to spend she can also form a bit of armor for herself which grants her a bit more protection than she normally has. The amount of aura that can be stored by the Spirit Vessel is functionally endless but must be continually harvested.

If given permission it is possible for the Spirit Vessel to link to another body and begin a soul extraction. It is believed that the Spirit Vessel was originally constructed as a voluntary tool but whatever the case it takes what it needs now. It is impossible for it to be possessed or used by another spiritual entity for the Spirit Vessel only allows access to a soul that has been cleansed and touched by the magic of the Prophets. However, it is capable of viewing souls and spiritual entities along with granting some insight into their true nature. While she may not be able to tell that a vampire is a vampire their nature allows her to view them as a ‘parasite’. This ability was meant to scout out other souls of interest to the Prophets and marking them for later examination.

The Spirit Vessel also excels at overall mobility. It floats over surfaces which allows Erica to float over water and move on walls and ceilings. She can accelerate to much faster speeds for a short dash that leaves behind black afterimages. The Vessel can also instantly create platforms while in the air which last for mere seconds that allow her to jump higher and maneuver more effectively.

The White Room: The White Room is the domain of the Prophets and Erica's mindscape is within it. It is infinite in size and although there is no floor you stand on the air as if it were solid ground. Mathematical equations, arcane symbols, and mystical blueprints all float around in the air above and below and around you. Erica's memories are accessed by a large amount of landmarks of various sizes and shapes that are strewn around the place. A simulacrum of Erica made of light was fashioned by the Prophets to ward off any kind of effect that alters her mind. One would have to enter her mind and defeat it before they tried to alter or affect her mentally in any way.


The Mantle of Cinders: The legendary weapon fashioned by the Prophets. The Mantle of Cinders wraps around the Vessel’s neck like a black scarf and stretches out to her back in two parts as a cape of sorts, and the same blue symbols rotating around the Vessel's pupils stretch down the length of the parts. It is nearly impossible to destroy the Mantle as it is an instrument created by higher beings and exists on a level above that of any ordinary weapon. Created to strike against all beings regardless of their status. Men, spirits, and even gods can be harmed by it. It can also instantly recreate any section that has been cut off. It shifts shapes and twists and turns as if it was made from the essence of darkness itself. If the Vessel is slain the Mantle is immediately disperses into nothingness. The segments can transform into the weapons and shapes ‘programmed’ into the cape by the Prophets. However, only one weapon can be used at a time. Switching between weapon forms is nearly instant and allows Erica to set up devastating combos. All close combat forms are wielded with as much strength and speed as if she was wielding them with the exceptions being special techniques.

Sorcerous Bullets: Neither of the parts transform but the Mantle releases bullets of purple tinged energy. They move slower than actual bullets and a few must hit to kill even a normal human but the amount that can be fired is staggering. It only takes a moment to focus on a target and release at least a dozen homing projectiles at once. Erica can target large groups of people with this ability and rain a constant hell of bullets down on them. It is very effective at clearing out groups of enemies but does have a separate form.

The Sorcerous Bullets can be altered to become the Needle. While the Sorcerous Bullets have the advantage of range and homing the Needle is much faster and very efficient at clearing out opponents from mid range. A segment of the Mantle shifts into something vaguely resembling a minigun. From the barrel it releases a storm of black needles the size of pencils that move through the air as fast as bullets. The needles are destructible since they aren't part of the Mantle of Cinder any longer and will ultimately vanish in time.

Fists: The most basic weapon used by Erica. The Fists are the fundamental single target weapon. At least they're meant for fighting something one on one. The segments both shift into massive hands that are a bit larger than a human being. They can easily crush people and cave in the toughest armor. Erica is also skilled at using them to fight creatures much larger than herself. She is also capable of performing a flurry of strikes with the Fists. Their speed increases to Fantastic levels as the Mantle attempts to pound an enemy to the dust with countless strikes.

The Fists can also seamlessly transform into the Claws. With sharp ends the Claws attack much quicker than the Fists normally do and have the added effect of cutting through metal and flesh like hot butter, something that has earned some renown for the large digit tearing armored men to shreds. Because of this the strikes are slightly weaker than the Fists and lack the sheer force it has. Since the Claws are open handed unlike their counterpart they can also be used to grab others and can sink into the flesh of larger opponents quite well.

Sword: Much like the Needle and Sorcerous Bullets the Sword excels at clearing out groups of enemies. Unlike either of them it specialises in clearing out groups in close range. It is as long as a man is tall and several inches wide. It is formed out of only one segment and its hilt is connected to a flexible tendril that the Mantle forms as well. This allows it to swing around in enormous circular patterns to clear out entire rooms with ease. While the Claws are sharper the Sword is capable of cleaving a multitude of enemies at the same time. Large sweeping attacks are also usable to cut through enemies in front of her. Its general shape makes it a weapon much more suitable for slicing then it is for stabbing. Because of this she rarely includes it for that style of combat.

For groups of enemies with incredibly tough armor or hides most of the blade thins and becomes an extension of the tendril while the upper part of the Sword becomes the Hammer. It is slightly larger than the Fist and like the Sword is more focused on groups. While the Fists specialize in pummeling single enemies the Hammer excels at spinning around like a wrecking ball and crushing everything in its path. Speed and momentum are its friends and the seamless switch from Sword to massive Hammer has caught multiple enemies off guard. Unlike other weapons the Hammer can also swell in size and sacrifice speed for absolute crushing power. 

Lance: The initiator of Erica’s arsenal. A segment of  the Mantel wraps around her right arm and transforms into a lance. This allows her to instantly go from no movement to the absolute maximum speed she can normally manage. This allows her to set up devastating lunges and close distances in an instant. The Lance also has a greater lunge. Two golden circles made of arcane text float around the Lance and allow Erica to focus on a target before launching herself at Fantastic speeds towards a target. This lets her close much longer distances and strike with much more force and accuracy. The action of aiming with the circles will stop Erica even if she’s in midair and allows her to aim it from any position.

The Lance can also thin and lengthen to form a whip. While the Lance focuses on closing the distances between Erica and her opponent the Whip excels at pulling her enemies towards her. It also adds to her mobility by allowing her to pull herself towards things by wrapping the Whip around it. The Whip sacrifices the normal rigidity and strength of the weapon forms to extend so it can be broken with a sharp enough object or enough force.

Wings: This form is less of a weapon and more like another tool to synergize with the impressive mobility the Spirit Vessel provides. Each segment of the Mantle form into wings and allow Erica to fly indefinitely. While it doesn’t boost her speed very much it allows her to move around much more freely and gain a better position if need be.

Chair: Sometimes you just want something comfy to sit in. The Mantle can form a chair at any time for Erica to sit in.

Origin: Erica was a wandering soul. Picked out and cleansed by the Prophets as the most suitable human to serve their purposes she inhabited the Spirit Vessel. She was to serve as a weapon against the Malicious. Beings that arose from the Void and fed on the negative emotion of humans. Of course, it was much more agreeable to simply stop them from rising in the first place. When it appeared as if great suffering would be imposed upon the world Erica would be sent from the actual White Room to the location of whoever was performing these actions. She would then proceed to slaughter the target and anything in her way. Then she would return to the White Room and sent out again and again until the threat had been deemed extinguished. The way it was done was not only to slay those who would cause misfortune but to also cow the world. To instill the fear of an unstoppable force appearing to strike down any that would cause great misery no matter what armies or defenses the group had. Erica was less of a person and more like a divine instrument wielded by the Prophets. Regardless, she had no regrets, for how can one regret the only life they have ever known? Now in the Nexus she is more confused than anything else.

Weakness: The head is the core of the Spirit Vessel. Damage to it can stop internal aura production and impair the repairing process. While destroying part of the head may not instantly kill her it will cause aura to start bleeding from the wound. If she completely runs out of aura the Spirit Vessel will shut down.

Likes: The Prophets, the Vessel, actually trying food

New: Noel, Noel's cooking

Dislikes: The Malicious, having nothing to do, getting lost
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Name : Jin Kisaragi

Race : Human

Birthday : February 14th


Weight :61KG

Appearance  :

Physical Attribute:

Strength: Human

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Exceptional

Magical ability:None

Ars Magus : Jin has no aptitude for magic, he instead uses Ars Magus like most other people from his universe instead. While the end result may be nearly identical to many kinds of magic, Ars Magus is fundamentally different from it.

The first notable difference is its use of seithr as opposed to mana. Seithr was released in large quantities into the world during the Dark War by the Black Beast, an immeasurably strong monster that wiped out nearly half of the world’s population. Seithr is harmless to humans in small quantities, but in larger dosages it is a highly toxic substance that is lethal to humans and mutates animals into powerful and aggressive monsters.

Ars Magus was developed by the Great Sage Nine during the Dark War to allow humans to utilize the powers associated with magic in order to fight the Black Beast, which was completely immune to conventional weapons. Humans were unable to manipulate magic in its base form, and after a great deal of research, Ars Magus was developed to circumvent this problem.

By using science to manipulate the vast quantities of seithr that leaked from the body of the Black Beast as a fuel source, a user can generate a vast number of effects. In order to activate an Ars Magus, one has to recite an “Ars,” or spell.

Some people have higher aptitude than others in the use of Ars Magus. For example, to activate a specific Ars, the average person would require twenty units of seithr while someone with a high aptitude for it might require only ten, or even five units to achieve the same effect.

Other Abilities :

Sword Master: Jin is a swagtastic swordsman and knows all the bitchin' moves, he can flip out and stab the shit out of your nii-san.

Jin is a highly skilled swordsman who few can match, it's through his great skill and the power of Yukianesa that he quickly advanced to the rank of major in the NOL. Jin's fighting style is built around pure skill and attacks perfomed with precise timing.   

Giant Bully: He can bully the Christmas out of you.

Le move Set:
Spoiler for Hidden:

Power of Order: I win button that works....sometimes. really good at negating supernatural influences though.

Jin is also capabale of performing air dashes through the use of Ars Magus by creating platforms in the air.

Nox Nyctores: Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa, It freezes things...especially heroes of  love and justice. Ice swords everywhere.

The Nox Nyctores were originally created to combat the Black Beast, they were based on the Sankishin and all hold great power. Yukianesa takes the form of a katana or rather it's the hilt. When drawn a blade of ice is formed from seithr, it has the ability to rapidly freeze anything it touches. Yukianesa also excerts a form mind control on Jin enhancing his emotional reactions, especially his rage.

Notable techniques include shooting ice projectiles in the form of swords and trapping a person in a block of ice.

Overdrive: Frost End, Jin overcharges yukianesa's power, he can't do it for too long due to danger to himself but it'll definitely freeze their justice right off.

Hishōken: Ice sword launcher.

Hishōgeki: Even bigger ice sword that freezes your ass.

Kuchū Hishōgeki: You thought 1 sword was enough, so take 3 instead. Freezes your ass harder.

Fubuki: Yo battōjutsu quickdraw like a wannabe samurai, you cant touch this.

Rehhyō: A launching verticall quickdraw slash, that sends you flying. too bad it's slow.

Jin's Nissan: He can make a car of ice. Actually Jin rides on an icicle, then he leaps off to kick your face in.

Sekkajin: A tuly impressive technique where Jin slashes all around himself like an idiot.

Tōga Hyōjin: Jin slashes out a giant ice wave at a high speed along the ground. Extremely fast. When in Overdrive, Jin freezes his enemy with one slash of the arctic dagger, and then stabs Yukianesa into the ground, this hits you over and over again.

Kokūjin: Yukikaze: Jin blocks an attack, then does a battōjutsu through the opponent to freeze them. When in Overdrive, Jin is really tryharding it and will go trough you after slashing you all over and then sheathes the blade like a boss.

Rengoku Hyōya: This is my ultimate final attack, creates a bitchin' ice cage around you.  After about 5 seconds of freezing his opponent's ass off, Jin then sheathes his sword, causing the ice cage to shatter, killing the opponent on contact. too bad it only hits the non flying ones.


Origin : OG Jin in da house. He doesn't know Noel but is good friends with Tsubaki and her friend Makoto. He's a Major in the NOL and treats everyone with their due respect. In essence he's an upstanding gentleman of class. He only has one problem, he doesn't like his brother, the Bloodedge. He's from the original timeline from before Noel was a thing and made her timeline canon through being an observer.

After arriving in the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi chasing after a lead he got about his brother the wanted criminal Ragna the Bloodedge. he found himself mysteriously pulled away from Kagutsuchi by an unknown force.

Likes :Tsubaki, Makoto, his nii-san.

Dislikes :His nii-san, anything that reminds him of Saya.

Weaknesses :Kill him with fire.
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Name: Akatsuki, Nameship of the Akatsuki-class Destroyers

Race: Personified Warship: Destroyer-class

Age: 83 years since launched. Time spent operational: 10 years. Time as a Ship girl: 3 years. Looks about 13 years old.

Height: 148 cm

Weight: Literal tons (See fairy magic)


Physical Attributes

Strength:  Fantastic (see terrain affinity)

Agility: Human

Constitution: Fantastic

Magic Ability: Difficult measure. Fairy magic. Better known in the naval base as “Convenience magic”. The various fairies inhabiting the ship and equipment utilize a specialized form of magic to facilitate tasks for the shipgirl. It is thanks to them that despite their multi-ton weight, they do not crash through the naval base’s floor at all time. It is also thanks to them that food is processed into oil and ammunition for the continued operation of the shipgirls as military vessels.

It is also thanks to them that one moment the girls are capable of being lifted by a human, like the admiral, and the next they are striking abyssal ships with hits backed by literal tons in weight.

It essentially allows the shipgirls to function as humans would, outside of battle. A downside is that even in battle shipgirls will lose strength and durability due to their own subconscious making them think they are not as strong or durable as they are. This strength can be unlocked through usage of “KAI NI”. See below.

Other Abilities: Warship: As the qualifiers for certain stats up above are for living beings that do not find their root in the same place as Akatsuki, clarification is required. Specifically, for the constitution stat and agility stat.

Akatsuki is at such a high level because she literally has armor plating on par with light cruisers from most other countries of the time, and because her ammo consumption is such that she can fight in seven large, fleet to fleet battles in succession. She can also go four days and three nights, at the very least, without sleeping or requiring rest as long as she is undamaged.

Also steel is her body and oil is her blood, etc etc.

For agility, her speed is that of a destroyer. Her max speed can hit 70km/h at sea, and her strength allows her to obtain a lot of speed on land as well. However, her dexterity and reflexes are at a human level, albeit that of a trained human.

KAI NI: Akatsuki is capable of going KAI NI, releasing the limiter on her power as a shipgirl and being able to produce 100% of her ship-self’s strength into her humanoid body. This gives her a boost over her normal self and does not cost her energy, in fact, it heals her to full health. A single time. Which she already used up.

KAI NI is not a temporary state, it is a permanent remodel and she went through it. Mentions of limiters and such in the sheet were for clarification and also to make people read through a few more words that I wrote down. Kinda like now, and we keep going. Okay, I’m done now.

Terrain Affinity: Due to the nature of ships, on land, convenience magic restrains her strength to fantastic to protect her full weight from damaging her structural integrity. On the water however, her weight is unrestrained and her strength hops up to Legendary, allowing her the full, unrestrained use of her strength and weight.

Important note: Strength is the ONLY STAT to receive this boost.

An Elephant Lady: Akatsuki is like, so fucking elephant dude like holy shit so elephant wow I can’t even dude just check her elephance ohmygod

Equipment: Extra Armor Shield: It’s a big old shield she carries on her right side. It’s large enough to cover her body, and while already armored and tough, due to her time fighting abyssal ships she’s trained herself into keeping it up towards the enemy, and shifting it around depending on the flanking angles they attempt.

Two 12.7 cm (?) gun mounts: These gun mounts are far smaller than what the original Akatsuki had, to the point where it feels inaccurate calling them 12.7 cm, but due to certain unexplained factors relating to spiritual miniaturization and fairy magic, they happen to pack the same punch as the ship-version’s full size cannons.

Also due to the unique nature of the akatsuki-class’s gun turrets, it can be elevated for anti-air fire as well as ship to ship fire. Their rate of elevation and rotation is six to twenty seven degrees per second, and 6 degrees per second in that order. Akatsuki keeps the cannon on her right arm pointed either forward or at a ninety degree angle, however, for quick preparation and firing.

One of these mounts is on her shoulder, and the other is on her right arm.

61cm (?) triple (oxygen) torpedo mount: Akatsuki sports 2 torpedo launchers on her hips, both of them triple launchers of the 61 cm torpedo type. Same as the 12.7 cannons, the scale is not accurate but the power is. Unlike their predecessor, the fubuki class, the akatsuki class had enough space in the ship to carry torpedo reloads. This brings the maximum amount of shots from six to eighteen.

The torpedos themselves are magnetized, to better hit enemy ships. They are unusable on land.

Searchlight: It’s a searchlight, what else is there to say. It’s like a bigger flashlight. Once again the scale is off but the power remains the same, and this searchlight has the same strength as one that would be installed on a warship.

Her anchor: It’s an anchor. She uses it to dock, or because of her humanoid body, to whack the tar out of people. It’s super heavy and well suited for either task.

Thunder God (Raiden) Gloves: Made by Akashi, requisitioned and named by Nagato. They’re gloves that are created with a strong current inside of them, enhancing her punches with electrical force, allowing her to cause power spikes on opponent ships that may fry their electronic equipment. They also make a loud, thunderous noise due to her own strength and the durability of the opponents she faces.

Their effects on more living targets, of course, are the same as being given an incredibly strong shock.

Requisitioned by Nagato and given to Akatsuki due to her sisters’ absence at base, the remind the destroyer that while her sister ships were not in the same base they were still fighting alongside her to protect her country.

Origin: She fought in world war two, got rekt after flashlighting the USS Atalanta, the end.

Reborn as a shipgirl she spent a lot of time in her naval base as the sole akatsuki-class, making her super lonely. But she made friends with another ship which was alone in its class, Nagato. Their friendship was super sugoi and allowed Akatsuki to see and experience the true power of the big seven, which translated to makeshift MMA lessons.

She strives to be an elegant lady, but because it’s an English word mixes it up with elephant, an error Nagato never corrected because she found it was cute, unique and had style.

She strives to be calm and in control as nagato, and perhaps due to being a sisterless ship in the base, is at least somewhat capable of keeping up the façade and not having it broken. Of course, due to her size and childlike voice, she sounds just like a kid who has it a bit more “together”, while still being a little bratty.

Weakness: green peppers, stormy nights, human reaction time and agility

Likes: Nagato, fine and elephant ladies, being treated like an adult, eating

Dislikes: Green peppers, storms nights, being alone, green pepperssssss
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Name: Gabriel L. Umbra

Race: Unseelie Faerie - Incubus Hybrid (He likes to call himself a "Shadow")

Age: 127

Height: 6'1

Weight: About 180

Appearance: Gabriel is tall, broad shouldered, and fairly well built.  He has very fair skin, actually appearing truly "white".  When excited or arouse, he glows slightly, like moonlight. 

He has long black hair, but his hair looks odd.  There's no highlights, it's almost like his hair was just liquid darkness or India Ink.  It also doesn't reflect light either.  He uses his hair to cover his pointed ears.  He has fine boned features- think Tom Hiddleston as Loki and you're not too far off.  He has a wide, mobile mouth and his grin has a bit of a knowing wickedness to it.  His eyes are violet.

He dresses in either fine suits in dark colors such as black, burgundy, gray, and violet.  He's also been known to sport poet's shirts and leather pants as well.  He also has a black cashmere duster that he'll wear when the weather permits it.

In short, Gabriel is a gorgeous, gorgeous man.  Then again, he's Half Faerie and Half Incubus.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Exceptional (High end of the scale- Incubi do have superhuman strength)

Agility: Exceptional

Constitution: Incredible

Magic: None

Other Abilities:

Magical Null- Gabriel is a magical null.  He nullifies all magic within a one foot radius of his body.  This is especially effective against Faerie magic.  He can kill a Fae from his world with prolonged physical contact.  However, he cannot kill a Servant by hugging it to death.

Shadow Walking:  A pocket dimension of Shadows can be accessed as portals to other places and Gabriel can open up doors to enter this interconnecting pocket dimension.  Using this he can travel great distances rather quickly.  He can also go into the shadows to keep someone from getting him.  However using this too many times and too fast will wear him out.  This is a trait that all of the Umbra family shares.

Now within the Nexus he finds he can only travel within the Nexus.

Lure: This is something he can "turn on", making his intended target, as long as they are sexually attracted to men, want him.  To the point that it starts to become a need and obsession.  However those who are already in love with someone else, such as Sakura with Shirou or those with enough will power, like Forest, can resist it. (Note though, the Lure is always active at low levels even when it is not “on” or being focused.)

Sex Sense: He can sense a person's sexual desires, kinks, what they like, dislike, and their sexual history.  He can read if someone's been raped, if someone is a nympho minx, or if they're a virgin.

Double 0: He has knowledge in martial arts (look who raised him) and fought in World War I and II under the British SAS with all the training that would entail (weapons, hand to hand, survival).  He also served with MI6 for a time.  Gabriel has some James Bond spy skills. (Things like hot wiring cars, communication, and picking locks are among these skills.)

White Tower Magician:  Despite being a Magical Null, Gabriel is a genius at magical theory and arcane knowledge.   He can figure out a spell's  source and how it works.  He can also sense magic at work as well.  It is like extrasensory perception, not a "physical" sense like sight or sound.

Sexual Healing: While Gabriel does have regeneration (not to the point of a vampire or werewolf), sexual activity can actually speed up the process.   Even though he doesn’t feed like an incubus does, he does have to have sex regularly or he’ll get depressed and show signs of illness such as headaches etc.

Gentleman of the Blade: Gabriel's favorite martial weapon, perhaps due to his birth mother's influence, is the sword.  He is best with a rapier and dagger combination and is an accomplished duelist.

Haymaker: Gabriel is a skilled boxer, and still keeps the practice up to this day.

Supernatural Extra Sensory Perception: He can sense the supernatural.  He is aware if someone is Fae, Vampire, or Other.  He can also sense magic and anaylize it before it is destroyed by his null field.  (To touch the field it's going to get destroyed.)

Due to his ESP, he can use it as a homing beacon of sorts when traveling in the Shadows.  If he knows someone and is familiar with them, he can sense out their energy in the Shadows to help him locate them. 

Even though it is magic, he can sense spells that his mother has worked simply because of their family ties.  It calls to him even though he can destroy it.

Linguist:  Due to him being a spy, Gabriel is fluent in German, French, Russian, Latin and several forms of Gaelic (due to his magical studies).  He's also conversational in Japanese and can muddle in Mandarin.

Equipment: His 1911 Military issue semi-automatic, a rapier and dagger made from Fae alloys (a gift from Wynn that she forged herself), the Umbra signant ring, and his cell phone.

Origin: Wynn Umbra, in her days of political climbing within the Unseelie Court and Council, wanted to make a weapon that would strip a Faerie of their magic.  To do this, she needed to temper the blade with an incubus' blood.  As part of their bargain, this incubus could call upon Wynn for sex to feed off of whenever he wanted for a time.

The last time he called Wynn just happened to be in her once every decade fertile period.

Wynn was pregnant, and was fully aware of the child she was going to give birth to.  Faerie and incubi had tried to breed in the past- the best cases ended with still born babies and the worse had the babies killing their mothers from in the womb due to the magical nullifying nature.  Oddly enough, Faerie seed wouldn't take in a succubus's womb.  Anyway, due to her knowledge of intertwining demonic and Faerie natures and that she made a safeguard so her own blade couldn't be used against her, she was able to carry the child to term without either dying.  Even though the pregnancy was very difficult; Wynn had no access to her magic and was ill the entire time.

Luckily, Wynn's closest friend was Forest. 

Knowing that she couldn't raise the child herself (Gabriel's presence in Faerie starts to dissolve it if he's there for too long), Wynn gave him to Forest to raise as his Godmother.  In fact, when Gabriel calls Forest "Godmother", it's pretty obvious he wants to call her "Mother".  Wynn gets called "Mommy Dearest" because Gabriel has some resentment issues towards her.

Anyway, Gabe grew up like any kid being raised by Forest would.  There was violence, learning how to fight, and then joining the military to fight.  He served as an intelligence operative in WWI & WWII and was even part of MI6 for a time until he retired to become what he jokingly called a "gentleman of leisure".  And the affair in the Balkans in the 80's left a very bad taste in his mouth.

Now he sort of wanders the world, helping his Godmother and extended family from time to time, and mucking about the affairs of magic users that would harm others.

Weakness: Iron.  Physical violence/harm.  Even though a spell to the face won't hurt him, but using magic to knock a building down on him could hurt him. May be considered an alcoholic.  If he does not have sex for an extended period of time it will weaken him.  Threats to his godmother make him lose his temper.  He is also sort of lazy.  Also he cannot lie; he can obscure the truth and give misleading answers, but he cannot truly lie.  If asked a question three times he has to answer truly.

Likes: When his Godmother is happy, and when he can tease her. Matchmaking. Curvy women with fair hair (not a fan of Brunettes, has to do with Mommy Dearest).  Scotch. More scotch.  Did he mention that he really likes scotch? Sweets and baked goods (he can bake as well). Good coffee that is half cream and sugar.  Boxing.  Studying magic.  Messing with egotistical magic users. Friendly animals.  Provoking others, causing minor chaos/mischief and watching the results.

Dislikes: Egotistical magic users who would harm others.  Those who harm children.  When Mommy Dearest is being her normal self.  When Godmother is moping.  Bad coffee and scotch.  Nazis.  Anyone attempting to commit genocide.  Those who have no regard for life. Bigots. 
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Name: Alpha-05

Race: Prime Field Device

Birthday: April first

Height: 164 cm

Weight: 54 kilogram


This is a better shot of the murakumo robes
Spoiler for Hidden:
This is her in her standard outfit
Spoiler for Hidden:
This is her in her second set of clothes
Spoiler for Hidden:
This is her with her murakumo unit active
Spoiler for Hidden:
And with her boyfriend.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Incredible

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Incredible

Magical Abilities: No
Ars magus: Utilizing ars magus, a combination of magic and THE POWER OF SCIENCE, Alpha can do such things as create barriers to protect herself, conceal herself and create a small short-period (less than a second) surface in the air to either jump a second time or dash forward or back.

She can also use them to crush barriers of kinds both magical and ars magus. She managed to destroy a true magic barrier created by Rachel, though it was from the outside.

This uses seithr.

Other Abilities:

Azure Grimoire: A part of the black beast, molded to fit Alpha’s right arm. Through it she can pull out what seems like parts of the black beast to assault her enemies, or sometimes just use its raw power to increase her attacks.

Activating it gives her a big increase in power, and lets her absorb her enemy’s life force with greater damage to health ratio.

Being a miniature cauldron, the blazblue is a direct link to the boundary, which is where it gets all of its juice.

Activating the azure grimoire changes her statline to Fantastic/Incredible/Incredible.

Interface Prime Field Device: An interface prime field device is made to explore the boundary and find god. Therefore she is Immune to seithr and has an incredibly high ability to process information. This allows her to transform a normally incomprehensible scenario into something she can sense with her traditional five senses, and through the process she does not go insane.

Observation: It’s like, does a tree make a sound in the forest if no one’s around to hear it? She can see and hear every single falling tree in desolate forests, and choose the only one that makes noise.

It’s that kinda thing.

Murakumo Unit: Lux Sanctus Murakumo is a nox nyctores, a causality weapon, that gives her the ability to change costume like a magical girl, and shit swords. But due to her condition of the azures, her sword shitting abilities are incapacitated and instead she just has 8 swords that are bigger than the other murakumo’s, and turn into blood scythes. Well that and the swords she has stuck to her legs and arms, which help with her figure skating career.

It also lets her make a gravity well type of thing, that wells gravity. Slows shit down and stuff. If you hit her while she has a gravity well open, they go away like a shy child seeing mommy get beat up by the gym teacher.

She can also combine her 8 swords, either independently or all together at once, to make bigger blood scythes.

She also has eleven strobing lights on her murakumo unit outfit.

As a murakumo, she’s always kinda floating. Like, when she walks, she’s floating around, barely scraping her sword feet on the ground.

Once in murakumo mode, her statline is Fantastic/Incredible/Incredible.

Murakumo/Azure Grimoire addendum: They don’t work well together. On a more stable unit, she would have gotten straight high fantastics, but because of her imperfect smelting, imperfect azure grimoire and the fact she’s a hiccup in the continuum shift, her statline just becomes Fantastic(on an incredibly high level)/Incredible/Incredible.

Astral Finish: Bloodedge Emporium. She hits the enemy into the air with her own, non-murakumo blood scythe, and then flows up by consecutively attacking with her 8 murakumo blood scythes, and once her enemy is sufficiently weakened and depleted, she combines them all for a giant blood scythe guillotine attack.

And then she strikes a pose.

Figure Skating: taken up as a hobby post-smelting.

Equipment: The REAL blood scythe: A non-murakumo blood scythe that is real as can be, obtained through time shenanigans. It’s a big old sword machete looking thing that turns into a scythe. It’s all edgy and has blood in the name.

Original do not steal.

Her other set of clothes: She only has two sets of clothes, one her red and black edgy outfit, and one a spare she got from makoto during an incident with the spectacles of eros.

Origin: In west Philadelphia born and raised, in the lab is where she spent most of her days, getting tested on, takin drugs and being all cool, until a cat broke them out, and took them to school.

I’d keep going like that but I can’t, so let me just quit the chant. They went to the church where Celica was at, and they made a happy family, complete with welcome mat. But everything changed when Hazama came by, said hello to celica and stabbed her in the eye. He laughed at them all, stole jin and saya, then chopped her arm, oh poor little alpha.

Wait that rhyme’s  terrible.

Anyway her arm gets cut off, some dumb vampire gives her a prosthetic black evil arm thing, and then brings her to a cat where she learns how to fight like a real pussy. For some reason though, during the entirety of training, both Rachel and Jubei kept giving Alpha strange looks.

And so she went off, her training done, to flatten some NOL bases and shit. It was super sugoi. Eventually she got to Katgutsuchi, where the pussy master came by to give her a warning about public penetration (through Hakumen). So she went in though the railway, fought Rachel for a bit, fought a big hentai doujin blob, fought her creepy brother Jin who was trying to grab her ass the entire fight, went to go fight Hakumen who for some strange reason kept feeling very awkward about grabbing her for combos. Then she fought nu, which was somehow even more sexually awkward than the other two.

But after some double penetration from Nu, Noel came in and saved the day, and she and alpha a dang good time! Until Hazama came by, laughed for a while, and then kinda kicked everyone around, and left with a content smile, for her is a nice man with a nice, charming smile, and alpha found herself falling in love with the idea of kicking his face in. Because she’s a bully who destroys smiles.

Then a laser hits the city or something.

Rachel bring noel and Alpha to the surface, where they decide to stick together for a bit, and figure out all this nonsense and Noel being the successor to the azure. They decide that hazama must be plotting something, and to lay low for a while in the Kaka village with their brohomey Taokaka. During this time, Bang sheltered a wounded Jin with a broken wrist, and Makoto managed to reunite with Noel and Alpha in the super basement. Noticing the poor condition of Alpha’s clothes, she offered to fix them, and in the meantime gave her a set of her own.

This delay of a few days is enough for Kokonoe to call in support from Kagura. It is also enough time for Hazama to find Alpha and the gang through Tsubaki, forcing Noel to fight her old friend, chasing after her once she loses her light while Alpha chased down the real Hazama, because she decided to throw Rachel’s warnings to the wind.

So Alpha fights Hazama, her Blazblue locked down as Lambda and Tager watch in the distance, waiting for a chance to strike, until Hazama gets fed up with this world and fighting this dumb bitch, so he chucks her in the altar instead of noel, as a kind of test run.

! No longer available

Alpha comes out, as a Murakumo unit, with nothing but hatred aimed towards the world in her heart. But, because she can’t phase through fucking concrete like some other world’s noel, she just decides to make her way down to the cauldron the old fashion way, by slam dunking every asshole in her way, starting with the man she hates most of all.

With both the power of the azure and the power of a murakumo, Alpha becomes a weapon to surpass Hazama, and completely destroys him over and over again, incapable of leaving until he is dead, which his lifelink with Noel made impossible.

In this moment, Kokonoe saw her chance and sent in Lambda to finish Terumi, but Alpha was having none of that and did a full turn around and blood scythed her without aiming. Lambda, failing, received final instructions from Kokonoe to give the Idea engine to her ally, who had just entered the plateau.

That man’s name was Kagura Mutsuki.

Realizing the threat to the world and the incapability of fulfilling her goal of killing Terumi, Kokonoe orders Scooby and the gang to incapacitate Alpha to fight another day. Tager and Kagura do a good job of fighting her, but Kagura, a deep romantic of the school of “if it’s a girl it’s okay”, decides there must be a way to save her, and Terumi gave him that chance. While Tager was holding Alpha in a Gigantic Tager Driver, Terumi told Kagura to reverse the flow of the idea engine while he sends forward all the power from his azure grimoire of a body towards her, nullifying the mental effects of the smelting through the soul-damaging properties of the azure. They successfully manage this triple man assault, as Terumi poured his azure power into her and Kagura pulled it out and nullified its effects, causing him to lose an arm, and for Terumi to go limp for a couple of days, long enough for Kokonoe to make a restraining device, and for Alpha to beat him into being her bitch, of sorts.

As thanks for saving her from the mental effects of the smelting, Alpha let Kagura take her out on a date. Despite his tendency to stare at the waitress a bit too long, he was a true gentleman all the way through to the pocky game.

She may or may not be the direct product of a continuum shift where Ragna and Nu fell into the cauldron, but during their worldwide rampage spent the entire time doing it like rabbits, and Alpha is their offspring experimented on. It's just a theory. A sexy theory.

Weakness: Ghosts, the unstable nature of the azure, her imperfect smelting affects her mentally in murakumo mode, making her far more aggressive and easier to counter predict and counter, she is much slower than standard murakumo units

Likes: Noel, Makoto’s tail, noodles, the nun who raised her, the nun who raised her’s gym shorts, Jubei, Kagura

Dislikes: Jin’s attempts at grabbing her butt, Hakumen’s awkwardness in combat, Terumi, ghosts, Rachel

I made all the pictures except one canon. I have failed.
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Name: Annabeth Miller

Race: Human

Age: Mid to late twenties

Height: 5'10"

Weight: That’s a nice grave over there, sure it ain’t yours?


Physical Attributes

Strength: Incredible

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Incredible

Other Abilities:


A supernatural ability mostly used by Hunters in the world she’s from. Nen is the life force inherent in all humans and a user can project this in what’s known as “aura”. There are 4 basics techniques known as: Ten, Zetsu, Ren and Hatsu. Furthermore there are several categories among Nen users which reflect the nature of their ability. Annabeth is an Emitter, and thus specializes in maintaining her aura at a distance from her body.

Aura is by default invisible to mundane people. Furthermore a Hunter surrounded by Aura is harder to harm by mundane means. While possible, it is much harder than if the opponent were to be empowered by Nen or something equivalent. Finally a user of Nen will have an oppressive, almost crushing presence on mundanes who are really close when actively using their abilities. Prolonged exposures are lethal.

Ten is the basics of all basics, it revolves around controlling the flow of your aura and finding your Nen. It also has a passive effect of slowing the rate of aging among practitioners

Zetsu is a state in which you draw all aura inside yourself, effectively becoming a blank to anyone trying to sense you, however this is not an invisibility technique, people can still see you.

Ren is an active reinforcement of your aura which in turn enhances your strength and your defense. However this state is draining to maintain for long periods of time and even more so in combat.

Hatsu the final part of the basic techniques and is most simply explained as the expression of a person’s individuality through their Nen. It’s special techniques that are in most cases unique to their creator. The nature of these techniques highly depend on the category of the Nen user.

Advanced techniques:

En is an expansion of the users aura to cover a large area in which the user can intimately feel every moment of every being within it. It’s usually only usable when the user is standing still and concentrating. Annabeth can cover an area within a radius of 50 m.

In, which is the advanced version of Zetsu allows you to mask your aura, rendering it invisible even to supernatural beings. It can however be countered by Gyo or something similar to it.

Gyo is a technique in which the Hunter focuses their aura into their eyes, reinforcing their overall vision and also allowing them to see through the invisibility of In.

One-Eyed Jack: A horse made from Annabeth’s Nen that is significantly faster and stronger than her, leaves blazing trails in its wake, and can fly. It isn’t much hardier than her, however, and it will be dispelled if it takes enough damage.

One-Eyed Jack: Inc/Fan/Inc

Wolf-Blooded Healing: Due to repeated exposure, for lack of a better term, to Ron, Annabeth has developed a minor healing factor of her own, though it's not much help when dealing with anything above minor injuries in the midst of a battle.

Enhanced Senses: Annabeth possesses seemingly inhuman level of acuity, to the point where she can easily carry out a firefight in the dark or in a similar situation.

Skilled bounty hunter: Even before she took the exam, Annabeth was a master at tracking her quarry, usually people, without drawing notice, and also in spotting anyone tailing her.

Furthermore, she’s skilled with a number of rudimentary traps, though it usually takes her too long to set them for her to rely on them unless she’s luring a target into an area she’s prepared beforehand.

Marksmanship: Annabeth is extremely skilled, even in comparison to most ‘experts’, as a marksman and gunslinger, her skill making her lethal at any range with most kinds of firearms.

Survival training: Due to her upbringing and her career path, Annabeth is easily capable of surviving in inhospitable climates and locales.


Colt .45 ‘Peacemaker’: Will put a man down at a hundred yards.

S&W Model 500: Will put a man down, followed by the next few people unfortunate enough to be standing close behind him.

Bowie Knife: They say it’s just a big knife, but it’s useful for spit-roasting, peeling, shaving, and more! Whoever says this ain’t a utility knife is lying out their ass.

Hunter License: Fancy card with fancy words, and that’s about it. Opens a lot of doors though.

Origin: This is the story of a girl. She was born in a simple little town in a nameless waste, to a loving mother and father. Even in the lawless wastes of her home town, she found she was quite happy. One day, she came back home after playing a game of cowboy with her friends, but instead of the usual greeting, all she saw was blood. Someone had killed her parents in cold blood.

Vowing she would find the killer and make him pay, she realized all too soon she couldn’t reach him that way; She was simply too weak. One day, she heard of an association with money and power enough to help her get what she wanted. And so, she decided she would join them and become a Hunter.

And she did, and one day she found that man. And just as he had killed her parents, she shot him in cold blood, moving to Meteor City soon afterwards to lay low. But she eventually came to realize, she never knew why he did that. And now she would never know the truth. This realization drove her mad, the guilt and regret of that careless action, that fleeting instant where rage overtook her.

And so, she swore to herself she would never repeat that mistake. She decided to hunt down criminals, not for justice or for money, but for her quest for truth. Ending up in Nexus City did nothing to change that, aside from providing a new ground for hunting her quarry.

Weakness: Annabeth also has a habit of ignoring more subtle, efficient methods for the sake of more bombastic solutions. Furthermore, she lacks much in the way of skill in close combat. Standard human weaknesses.

One-Eyed Jack, while fast and powerful, is limited by its physiology and thus isn’t as acrobatic as most people with Fantastic agility.

Her new ability comes at a price. Wounds caused by silver weapons are especially difficult to heal, and even contact with silver provokes a visible rash.

Likes: Meteor City, personal freedom, most animals, card games, sweets, strong coffee, baked goods, good booze, the Phantom Troupe

Dislikes: Self-righteous idiots, bitter foods, children’s card games, the booze being gone, having to come up with names for stuff
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Name: Julius Richter
Race: Human / Hero
Age: 23 (born on 1781)
Height: 195 cm
Weight: 86 kg

Physical Attributes

Strength: Exceptional (Incredible if meets certain conditions)

Agility: Exceptional (Incredible or Fantastic if meets certain conditions)

Constitution: Exceptional

Magical Power: None

Other Abilities:

Hard To Kill: Thanks to their unyielding willpower and persistence it’s hard to put down a Hero for good unless you ensure their swift demise. Heroes are immune to mundane diseases and never require medical attention for injuries even if they are particularly severe. Though they do not possess regeneration, they recover a bit faster than a mere mortal.

Heroic Tracking and Stalking: Heroes can sense disturbances in the depths of the astral realm of thoughts and dreams, pin down their source and track it down, whether it’s the supernatural who causes it or the victim of that supernatural, depending on the circumstances.  Heroes are not self-aware of this ability and might interpret it as revelation from God, mere intuition, prophetic dreaming or superb deductive skills.

Anathemas: Another ability that Heroes are not self-aware about is their capability to drag supernaturals they hunt into their heroic legends in which they triumph over monsters. They can bestow them with a supernatural aversion to a substance or element, make them feel obsessive desire about particular target or object, cause a particular phobia, cloud their minds with rage, find their weakspot or endow their weapon to be particularly effective against supernaturals. Only a single Anathema can be placed at particular supernatural and must fit beliefs of Hero and not be too improbable. Even most crazed Hero won’t think it’s possible to make dragon vulnerable to fire.

Kinslayer: Julius, unlike some Heroes, can also target supernaturals that are similar enough to monsters of his world. He would be no hero without monsters to defeat, and being a Hero is the meaning of his life without which he could have fallen into depression or worse. Vampires, werewolves, faelike creatures, people merged with spirits, mummies, flawed artificial humans and legendary creatures might become targets of his delusions and obsessions. Magic users and ghosts are exception. The first are just human even if Julius can be pretty suspicious of them. After all no one knows what they are up to. Ghosts are just dead humans.

Vanquisher’s Strength: Even a mortal can muster strength of 10 men if he has enough courage to overcome vicious foes. When facing one of supernaturals against whom his powers work, Richter’s Strength rating is Incredible.

Warrior’s Speed: The Hero can keep pace with his foe in battle, matching their speed step for step even if not blow for blow. That ability only applies against supernaturals he is effective against, and he always matches their Agility ranking. It is impossible even for him though to match people with Legendary Agility, neither does he slow down for monsters with Human Agility.


Holy Diver: No one knows why Julius Richter called his whip Holy Diver. Maybe he’s trying so hard to be cool that anachronistic naming conventions are meaningless for him. A chosen weapon fitting for a holy man like him, effective against monsters in general.

Iron Knives: He sincerely believes some of his foes are vulnerable to iron, and this is his answer. Throwing knives which are still quite good at stabbing monsters even if they are not weak to iron. He carries up to 10 of them.

Blessed Water: He carries around flasks of water which burn creatures that he believes to be weak to holy powers,

Duelling pistol: A holdover from his early duelling days. It’s just a pistol unless he loads it with some special custom ammunition like a silver bullet. Otherwise, nothing special.

Origin: Originally an aristocrat, there was nothing young Julius lacked. He had money, education, a good family name, but he lacked something that made his life enjoyable. He figured out it was risk that he lacked, and that how he got into duelling people. He polished his skill fighting for such made up excuses like his honor or the honor of particular lady he fancied, but even novelty of this eventually wore off. Until he met that strange duellist with predatory like aura who bested everyone on his way. Honestly something irked him about the man. He felt as if he was not a human. He had nightmares which only made him more convinced in his belief. If he was truly not a human, then it only aggravated Richter more. How dare he gloated about being better than humans like him. How preposterous it was that such being wore human skin while thinking they were beneath him. He had to teach it a lesson. And so the hero Julius was born. He bested the monster, humiliated him as his reputation as unbeatable fencer was shattered. He didn’t even kill him even if he could maybe get away with it. The pride at the achievement and recognition of others was all that satisfied him. And the look on the Beast’s face as he turned tables on him. He passed on majority of his fortune to his younger relative so he could embark on his quest with clear conscience, teaching monsters that got too cocky that humans shouldn’t be underestimated. A gambler who tricked mundanes with impunity got caught and flagellated by authorities. He took fancy to the tool of punishment. Many more Beasts got bested by him, sometimes spared, but sometimes killed as he found them unable to learn anything from their defeats. Eventually he found his way to Nexus. Half depressed his prey wasn’t there for him to judge, out of desperation his powers evolved and he took his cause against the kin to Beasts he once hunted down.

Weakness: Against humans, superpowered or not, he’s merely particularly well trained human at his physical peak. Apart from immunity to mundane diseases, he’s pretty much buff but still regular human in body.

Likes: Monsters who don’t look down on humanity. Heroic acts. Thrill he experiences when facing formidable opponents. Respects non-humans who aspire to be humans.

Dislikes: Monsters who think they are better than humans even if they still look human. People who think they can get away with crimes just because they have special powers.
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Name: Oren

Race: Formless One

Age: 100+

Height: 5’6

Weight: 130 lbs.


Physical Attributes

Strength: Exceptional

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Exceptional

Other Abilities:

Fae: Oren first assumed the shape of a Fae and all the power that comes with it. While thought of as magical such an idea is as correct as calling a werewolf shifting form or a dragon breathing fire magic. What they do clearly defies natural law and can be considered as ‘magic’ in that same sense but it has little reliance on mana or spells. Their power comes from belief. The truth they sing into the world from their mysterious Gardens; the only world they recognize as the true one. Since everything else is but an illusion Oren can sing, speak, and dance with the truth of the Gardens to enforce this power over the false world.

This is what allows Oren to sing the skin off of dead beings and infuse the pelts with the power to transform whatever wears them into said creature until they wish to remove it. She can press lesser spirits into plants, animals, or even the land itself. With words more dexterous than any set of hands she can shape wood and carve cold stone and metal. Plants can be forced to take on the characteristics of flora from the Garden and bear mystical fruit as well.  Oren can even shape herself into the opposite gender or cause minor cosmetic changes but nothing as drastic as her shapeshifting.  But the best of all is her dancing. Fluid and wild, mortals and immortals alike can forget themselves in the rhythmic movements if they lack the will or desire to resist. The motions are pleasant and the silent symphony they dance to is intoxicating. Unfortunate humans drawn into the dance by Fae are sometimes only released as nothing but bones.

Shapeshifter: The Formless Ones, as their name clearly says, lack any form. From the hides and bodies of creatures with shape they learn how to emulate and take on multiple masks to hide under. This is not magic; it is a natural ability that any Formless One can use no matter the circumstances. The transformation goes beyond simple shape. Oren truly takes the place of that creature in the natural world perfectly, possessing whatever power the creature had. It is widely understood that shifting in form takes longer depending on the size or complexity of the creature. While it isn’t slow the greater forms are not usable in combat without leaving herself incredibly vulnerable. Oren can acquire new forms by wrapping herself in the skin or body of a creature. Her base form is that of a wayward Fae who met a rather unfortunate end at the ends of of a few cold iron swords. All of her forms strike at flesh and spirit alike as they are more than simple shapes. Each steps into the realm of the fantastic. It is nearly impossible to tell a transformed Oren apart from the actual specimen. Even her soul seems to emulate it although closer examination on a spiritual level reveals slight inconsistencies.


Strength: Incredible
Agility: Incredible
Constitution: Incredible

The Lycan is a form that Oren acquired when she skinned a werewolf she initiated the creation of. It is one she can shift into and out of effortlessly from her Fae form. Not only is it stronger and more durable than she usually is but this form has extraordinary senses and tracking capabilities. Tracking a target even in a city is possible and it is capable of seeing in the dark. However, very potent scents can throw it off track and distract Oren while in this form. It does not have powerful regeneration but wounds stop bleeding much quicker than they would normally which stops bleeding out from being a large concern. As its name implies the Lycan form can either move on all fours or on two.

Great Stag:

Strength: Incredible
Agility: Fantastic
Constitution: Incredible

It is a sin beyond measure that this creature was ever slain. In admiration of it Oren convinced the hunters of several villages to hunt this lord of the wild. It took decades but eventually it was murdered by magic. She wore its hide after killing the survivors and took its form as its own.

The Great Stags are known as the lords of the forest, however, they are not called so for their combat abilities. At best it is capable of trampling and charging into other creatures. The power of this form comes from its ability to rejuvenate and restore nature. Wherever her hoofs tread nature blooms no matter where or how impossible it may seem. With a noble nod of its head plants burst into full bloom even in the worst of conditions and resist both dreadful heat and terrible chill. When it runs near a body of water the current abandons its path to join her and stifle the flames bothering it. A power frequently used to save burning forests. With her breath she can blast away pollution and plague. They are really more custodians than lords.

World Parasite:

Strength: Human
Agility: Human
Constitution: Incredible

This filthy thing was something that the denizens of the forest took care of themselves. Oren simply made use of its carcass in order to grant herself better sustainability. Writhing about on the earth like a worm this shape makes use of its appendages to sink into the earth and drain life from the life force of the world. While this does sound rather frightening they are functionally the ticks of the planet. Not only do they sustain themselves but they can also accelerate their healing greatly by doing this which is the primary reason for Oren’s use of this form. However, as it does take a little longer to go into this form and the tendrils can be cut off along with the fact that the World Parasite is practically defenseless she is highly vulnerable in this state.

Sea Dragon:

Strength: Fantastic
Agility: Incredible
Constitution: Incredible

While dragons are generally rather powerful this particular specimen betrayed the Domain of Fire and suffered a loss of strength when converting to the Domain of Water. Oren took its shape during one of her adventures outside the forest when dragon hunters slew it. She convinced the native spirits to play with the hunters and they were soon lost as she assumed power over the body.

The sea dragon can survive in any body of water and while it is capable of going on land (with great effort as its arms can barely support its body) its scales quickly dry up and flake off as it is not a very potent specimen. Within the water the sea dragon is an excellent swimmer and can survive tremendous pressure on its body. From its mouth it can release a torrent of pressurized water (hydro pump!!!) at opponents but can tone down the potency so that it’s more like a hose than an attack.

LAND SHARK Earth Dragon:

Strength: Fantastic
Agility: Incredible
Constitution: Incredible

A dragon born into the Domain of the Earth this creature was slain by its successor and its corpse defiled by Oren despite the sacred rites placed upon it. It is physically the most powerful and durable of all of Oren’s forms. The only truly vulnerable part of its body are the eyes. It is also very heat resistant as earth dragons are often found resting in lava.

The greatest power of the earth dragons are their ability to ‘swim’ through the earth. As its custodian the earth bends to this form and allows Oren to move through the ground without practically any resistance which allows her to move at full speed. Those holding onto her while she goes under can experience flowing through the earth but if they let go it will return to normal around them. To compensate for lack of sight while under the ground the earth will inform her of those that rest their feet upon it so that she can reliably pick targets and not devour her allies. On accident anyways.

While not the most adaptable of dragonkind the mages of the dragon hunters and their repeated assault on the earth dragon has led to its body growing resistant to magic (MR - Medium). It is nothing compared to the greater dragons of water but is is sufficient. Before its death it devoured warrior and sorcerer in almost equal measure.

Origin: As a Formless One Oren, like many of her kind, seek shapes to hide their naked self. First was the Fae but she took more and more until she felt fairly comfortable in her skins. She made a name for herself in the forest the Fae came from but frequently ventured out to examine humans. She peeked under their masks to see who they really were by heaping choice upon them. It was her delight to slam her fists against every facade as she asked them for their truth.

Weakness: In her normal form Oren is still vulnerable to things like cold iron, in her Lycan form she carries an aversion to silver, her water dragon form suffers more when struck by extreme heat or fire, and her parasitic form is vulnerable. When transforming into larger or more powerful forms the shift takes longer and leaves her totally defenseless with damage resistance little better than her base form. In combat this makes transforming near suicidal.

Likes: New forms, flattery, pretty girls, drinking mystical berries under the moonlight, making mortals show their true faces

Dislikes: Losing what's hers, having to use parasite form, bad food, heavy rain, mishandling the antlers
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Name: Corbin A. Winterborne

Race: Ascended Dhampir (He feeds on vampires, yo.)

Age: 664 (Physically looks late teens-early twenties)

Height: 5’11

Weight: 154


Corbin is tall with a lean build.  He has a very lovely face that is able to turn heads.  Generally wears sensible clothing: jeans, T-shirt and his black leather motorcycle jacket.  His bangs are long while the rest of his hair is generally nicely trimmed.

He has aquamarine eyes and if the light hits his hair the right way, the black has a bit of green iridescence, just like a crow’s feathers.

He's literally a very pretty boy.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Incredible (Fantastic under Blood Fury)

Agility: Incredible (Fantastic under Blood Fury)

Constitution: Incredible (Human under Blood Fury)

Other Abilities:
Blood Fury: When Corbin is cornered, injured, or his blood lust heavily invoked he can enter a frenzied state where his strength and agility go to Fantastic.  However, he’s physically more fragile in this state as well.  His durability drops all the way down to Human.  If he cannot get a decent supply of vampiric blood after going into Blood Fury his body starts to cannibalize itself until he can feed.  If he goes longer than 24 hours without feeding, he can slip into a comatose state. 

He cannot keep up the Blood Fury for an extended period of time either.  Anything after five minutes he exhausts himself, and he reverts back to his normal state.  However, without feeding his durability stays at Human.

Like a Photograph: Corbin possesses a photographic memory. If he sees it, he remembers it.  However if he just hears something it is not clearly recalled. 

Crow and Wolf:  From embracing is vampire half, he has also gained the ability to shape shift into the avian and mammalian predator of his choice.  He can turn into a crow and a wolf.  The crow is slightly larger an average crow, while the wolf is equivalent to his size and body weight.  The only noticeable odd thing about these forms is that they keep his aquamarine eyes. 

His crow form really doesn’t have any special abilities, but he is much faster and stronger than a normal wolf when he is in that form.  His bite is even more powerful than a normal wolf’s as well.

Animal Magnetism: He can communicate with both crows and wolves.  Since dogs are descended from wolves, he can also communicate with dogs as well.  Any other animal he’s as clueless as any normal person.  (“Especially cats.  Jerky buggers.”)

Agony and Ecstasy: If he bites a vampire, he can control what the vampire feels when he feeds.  He can make it euphoric, orgasmic, a drunken, peaceful sensation, or he can cause hallucinations or crippling pain.

Flight: Even in his human form, he can fly.  Not at super speeds or anything like that, but he can defy gravity.  He doesn’t like doing it too much because it costs energy to do so.

Linguistics: Because he’s traveled as a vampire hunter for so many years, he can speak English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Romanian, Latin, Portuguese, and Italian.  Since he’s never really been to Asia (“A sore thumb would stand out less than me there.”), so he doesn’t speak really any Asian languages other than Russian, because technically part of Russia goes into Asia.

Crows Actually Use Tools Too: Corbin likes to tinker with things.  A lot.  He likes to take things apart, fix them, and improve upon them.  It’s something he’s gotten really good at during the ages. 

He’s especially good at fixing things with motors that were made before the year 2010.

Veteran Vampire Hunter:  Corbin has been vampire hunting for a long time and had one hell of a teacher.  Because of this, he is more than a little proficient in both unarmed and armed combat.  He knows his way around swords, fire arms, bows, axes, and pretty much anything that can be used to kill a person.

He is more than competent in Savate.

Regeneration: He heals fast.  He can regenerate limbs within a day or so with a proper feeding.

Heightened Senses: All five senses are heightened to supernatural keenness.  Even taste and touch.  That also means he’s more able to feel pain as well.

These Are Not the Droids You’re Looking For: Neat trick, Corbin is good at hypnotism.  Unless someone has a natural immunity or can make a strong enough fight with will power, he can make them believe what he wants to believe.

It also means he’s got immunity to most forms of mental influence as well.  Unless he needs to feed; then he’s more susceptible.

He’s also mildly telepathic.  He’s better at communication than straight up thought reading.

Vampire Sense: He can sense out vampires by either smell or physic ability. 

Equipment: AMT Hardballer .45 Longside. Triumph Bonnieville motorcycle.  Bastard sword given to him by his mentor.  A selection of wooden stakes. Swiss Army Knife. Multi-tool.  A neat Android smart phone of some sort.

Origin: Corbin’s mother was a whore.  She as a pretty good whore; she almost had all of her teeth and everything.  So before the Black Death hit England, a vampire paid to bleed and fuck Corbin’s mom. 

Nine months later Momma Whore gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who already had canine teeth!

So Corbin grew up with the whores (who a lot of died; that plague was a bitch) and was going to be made a boy whore himself when a Spanish knight made his way into the brothel.  That Spanish Knight, who Corbin dubbed Sir Galahad because he was so noble and pure, was like Corbin.  That is, his mother fucked a vampire and gave birth to a not-quite-human called a damphir

So Galahad took Corbin to this keep and there were other dhampirs there who fought vampires and stuff.  Since Corbin was one of them, they taught him to be a bad ass vampire hunter as well.  Just one thing that marked Corbin above his peers was he was quite a bit more intelligent than those who went charging with their sword drawn.

Well, one day, on one of his first solo hunts, he faced a really bad and nasty vampire.  Probably ate babies by the dozen.  Real asshole who was a lot older and stronger than Corbin.

Pinned down and not wanting to die, Corbin broke his Order’s greatest taboo.

He drank that asshole’s blood.

However, he didn’t drink the blood from the living.  He drunk from another vampire and instead changed him.  Made him something that neither the Order or other vampires had even seen or dreamed about.

In other words, Corbin became the thing that fed on vampires.

So he used his powers for the Greater Good, still following the Order for the most part, and kicked lots of vampire ass while keeping himself fed on their blood.  See, he found out it wasn’t just some one shot deal.  After drinking the metaphorical V8, he realized he needed a steady diet of it or it would be very bad for him.

Then one day, about a year or so ago, he found himself in the Nexus.  Luckily there were vampires there to kill and keep himself fed (even though he doesn’t need to kill a vampire to eat).  One night while hunting he ran into an Elite that was a vampire hunter too and somehow got recruited as well.  Now he is one of the Elite’s vampire hunters, so at least he’s getting paid for it.

Weakness: Beheading is the certain way to kill him.  Impaling him in the heart and leaving the impaling agent in there will put him in a coma until it’s removed.  If he loses a good quantity of blood he will become sluggish and his stats will weakened the longer he goes without blood.  Needs to feed on vampire blood once a night.  Is also easily distracted by pretty people and shiny objects.  Sunlight-  If exposed to sunlight for more than four hours at a time he becomes ghastly ill and needs to rest in a dark area.  Not even feeding can stave off the need to rest after contracting Sunlight Sickness.

Likes: Women with bright colored hair.  Shiny things.  Things he can tinker with.  Gum.  Good Beer.  Horror movies with practical effects (that aren’t vampire movies).  His motorcycle.  Birds.  Dogs and wolves.  Really good pizza.

Dislikes: Shitty CGI effects. Vampires who think they’re on top of the food chain and a tendency to monologue.  Cats (“Bloody hell they’re assholes.”).  Soda that has gone flat.  Things sweetened with High Fructose Corn Syrup.  The Black Death.

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Name: Petra / Saint Peter

Race: Servant (Ruler)

Age: physically 19

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 56 kg


Physical Attributes

Strength: Incredible

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Fantastic

Other Abilities:

Baptism Rite: Her proficiency at exorcising spirits second only to her Lord Jesus Christ, and she is even capable of sublimating spirits on her level if they are not anchored to the world of living. Much weaker ghosts just perish, forced away to the afterlife by Petra’s decree.

Discernment of True Name: A class ability of Ruler class Servants, she is able to discern true identity of another Servant unless they have abilities that help clouding their identity.

Faith Healing: Blind can see, lame can walk, almost no ailment is impossible for Petra to heal as long as their causes are mundane. Supernatural illnesses take much more time and effort to handle for her. Due to her limited powers in comparison to her true Heroic Spirit self, she is unable to regenerate lost limbs or rise dead from the grave.

Magic Resistance: Very High - Thanks to her unwavering piety, it is overwhelmingly difficult to affect her even for incredibly ancient magicians. However, she is affected normally by magic traditions stemming from Abrahamic traditions, as they are said to ultimately come from the Lord.

Revelation: Thanks to the insight bestowed by the blessing of her Lord, Petra is able to sense the optimal course of action during battles. This ability accomodates all matters related to the achievement of a goal, including the most suitable path while travelling.

Water Walking: Emulating the miracle of Jesus Christ, she is able to walk on water surfaces without drowning.


Keys Of Heaven - A Noble Phantasm that marks her status as the most important Apostle, a mandate of heaven bestowed by Lord Jesus Christ. As Servants are mere copies of the original Heroic Spirits, its potency is largely restricted. It is a set of consisting of a silver and a golden sword, materialized by the Servant only a single at a time. The golden Key is able to remove curses caused by one’s sins or external influence of a malevolent being that is not much more potent than Ruler. The silver Key immobilizes demonic and pagan spirits or beings vulnerable to trappings of Abrahamic faith when lodged into them, also inflicting more damage to them.

Shroud of Saint Andrew: Her scarf is a Shroud that can dispel weaker spells with ease. She keeps her it more out of nostalgia for her brother as her Magic Resistance is far more potent already, but if loaned or gifted to another person, said person benefits from its protection.

Origin: Ruler is very hesitant to speak of the Holy Grail War she was summoned into. It tumbled down quickly, the Grail destroyed in the process and splashing Petra with its contents. Probably getting a chance at second life somewhat compensated for the stress related to helping manage the war. Unfortunately for her a dimensional anomaly also flunged her into Nexus, considerably weakening her in comparison to her old self. Though she earnestly believes in her Lord, all she wants now to live a relatively normal life for remainder of her second life.

Weakness: She cannot resist magecraft rooted in Abrahamic religions and as she possesses a mortal body, she cannot go into a spirit form like other Servants.

Likes: Jesus, her brother, fellow believers, fishing and other stress relieving activities

Dislikes: Unjustified conflict, unclean spirits, sinful acts
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Character Sheets

Name: Sascha Bohn.

Race: Ghoul.

Age: 29 years old.

Height: 5'11" ft.

Weight: 154 lbs.


Physical Attributes

Strength: Incredible.

Agility: Incredible.

Constitution: Exceptional.

Other Abilities:

- Regeneration: Depending on how much she eats, small damage, such as bullet holes, can be healed almost instantaneously. Medium damage such as cuts and gashes, can take a few seconds up to a few minutes, depending on the severity. Huge damage on the other hand may take several hours, up to a few days, also depending on its severity. It is all linked towards Sascha's diet, the amount of meat she eats, the quality of said meat, and the damage she received, exponentially.

- Ukaku Kagune/Feather Red: A feather-like apparition composed of Rc-Cells, it manifests itself from the usual Ukaku location, which is from the shoulders, flexible and equatable to liquid muscle. Though each Kagune are unique with common enough binding traits to categorize them, Sascha's own manifests from a single spot, extending outwards a set of bird-like pinions from her left shoulder, as she is capable of hardening it stiffer, or softening it up. The added capability of shooting out bullet-like shard projectiles aren't only shot from out of the pinions, but out of her overall body if desired. Usually the pinion is 4 feet, but it can be lengthened or shortened.

- Durability: At her best, Sascha Bohn's skin is tough enough to snap knives stabbing at her, without breaking skin. Yet it relies on the premise that she must have a steady diet of human meat, uninterrupted and non-hungering, to have that capability. Usually durability extends to man-made objects.

- Superhuman Senses: Capable of smelling, hearing, or seeing targets from afar, with a plethora of other senses that helps her in distinguishing her prey and the quality of their meat, whether it is edible or not. Bohn would be considered slightly above average in range of Ghouls when it comes to their superhuman senses. In short, they are supernaturally potent in what she can sense, well beyond human norms.

- Battlefield Experience: As a result of her stint as a mercenary, Sascha finds herself familiar and versed with firearms, ranging from sidearms all the way up to simple RPGs, the sort of stuff one finds common in Africa's battlegrounds. If it comes to melee range, she has a close quarter combat style familiar to Sambo, albeit being butchered and only vaguely similar.

Equipment: As it follows, the list of things Sasha carries are distinct in the fact they are dated firearms from the 1980's, and the related gear that comes from that era.

- G3 Assault Rifle: Standard model, comes with a wooden stock and modified polymer handguard, sporting a 40mm under barrel grenade launcher attachment, typical fit for the weapon in question. The gun itself is chambered for the .62×51mm NATO round, and features an Armson OEG mounted in the standard method normal to gun mounts in the mid-1980's. Usually five magazines are carried on her person, with each box containing 20 rounds.

- Wildley Pistol: Not typically found in a soldier's common arsenal, the pistol finds itself with a not all too common brand of ammunition one can scour in the battlefield. It is chambered for the .475 Wildley Magnum rounds, with a barrel length of 10 inches, and a magazine housing 8 bullets. She usually carries three magazines on her person. The gun's metallic finish is blued throughout the surface to lessen shine drastically.

- NRS-2: A survival knife usually given to Spetsnaz operators, it has found its way across the world within select markets, and some other elements related to the 2nd World Bloc, which in either cases, is not remarkably common out of the USSR. It has a single-shot built in mechanism to fire 7.62x42mm SP-3 cartridges.

Origin: A Ghoul who grew up within East Germany, Sascha Bohn took to the world at a young age, after it became clear to her that devouring humans within the slums was not an ideal strategy. When there were crackdowns on Ghouls occurring within the cities by authorities, their effective measures made it increasingly difficult to procure food, and with that, existence in itself became a struggle, a mixture between secrecy, keeping up with jobs for a facade of normality, and garnering food. As opposed to doing what her compatriots did in the Ghoul community, the appealing nature of mercenary work as someone whose skills were measured in how efficiently one can kill another, instantly clicked and found a calling in the East German ghoul.

From then on, she, along with a few other hopefuls, left for the confines of Africa, where wars, conflict, and strife were the norm in the Cold War era when it comes to proxies to the First and Second Worlds, where they would find themselves in a fertile hunting ground unchecked, and unhampered by oversight. Wars meant bodies were easy to attain, food was aplenty, and money itself was a much welcomed bonus.

It was only by a series of bad luck, that Sascha found herself backed against the wall, pitted against an enemy that outnumbered and outgunned her, in an open field where her only cover was a run down building that can barely withstand a hail of bullets. Yet for the oddest of circumstances, which was bizarre, that instead of death when an APC rolled up, and aimed its turret at the shack and shot a high explosive round, she found herself somewhere that was strange, odd, if not outright extraordinary, and that was Nexus.


- Ukaku Type Ghoul Weaknesses: Because she has the Ukaku Kagune, the release of Rc cells tends to deplete her stamina fast, which means making use of it into attacks as a primary contributor to the cause of fatigue. She also has performance issues in regards to endurance, making her less stalwart compared to other Ghouls, at the very least.

- Normal human food: It tastes disgusting to a ghoul, and tends to cause sickness, nausea, and even a decrease of performance in them and ultimately death. The exception to the rule is coffee and water, however.

- Diet based performance: Because Sascha is a ghoul, she requires to be well fed to be at her physical best, otherwise performance diminishes as a result. Exertion can also contribute towards increasing hunger, and decreasing performance.

Likes: Human flesh, coffee, cooking, gun maintenance, reading science and mechanics magazines, the smell of gasoline, and hunting.

Dislikes: Sponges, normal food, cold weather, nosy people, established institutions, and the scent of flowers.


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Name: Shirou Emiya

Race: Human

Age: Twenty Three

Height: Taller than Sakura by a good amount.

Buffness: He's buff as fuck. Like holy shit.


Physical Attributes

Strength: Exceptional(incredible)

Agility: Exceptional(exceptional)

Constitution: Exceptional(incredible)

Magical Abilities: Low
Shirou is a garbage first generation magus who has zero affinity for any normal kinds of magic. He can only use one spell, one unique entirely to him: Unlimited Blade Works. Unlimited Blade Works is an infinite forge of swords, allowing him to perfectly replicate and reconize nearly any item he recognizes as a melee weapon nearly instantaneously. Once stored within him, he can modify them and project them outside the reality marble for a marginal prana cost.

All magic that he can do stems from this singular ability. His reinforcement that he can use to strengthen himself or other mundane objects is just a vastly inferior usage of what he can do with his internal armoury, the projections he can make of various household objects are shoddy copies that only have the skeleton of the object he creates and will shatter easily.

At his current level, Shirou can only project from within his reality marble, and is still unable to deploy it. However, with enough training, he could master it. He has any weapon that Archer possessed in his version of Unlimited Blade Works and a few notable exceptions, such as Rule Breaker, caster's dagger.

With regular prana injections from Sakura, he doesn't really need to worry that much about how expensive something is to project.

Other Abilities:

Puppet Body: His body, while functionally identical to his original one, is not the same. His original body perished six years ago, and he was reincarnated thanks to his sister, Illyasviel von Einzbern, using the Third Magic to place him in a temporary vessel. Sakura and Rin spent a long time tracking someone who could fabricate a replacement body, and eventually they found Touko Aozaki, who provided them with a masterfully crafted puppet body. However, this is not a perfect system. His body has some trouble regulating mana, and while he's slowly gotten more used to the body and become more independent, he still requires regular infusions of Prana to avoid reverting to a catatonic blob of flesh.

Equipment: He doesn't own anything. He should probably talk to Sakura about this problem.

Origin: Shirou nearly died in a fire, was saved by Kiritsugu; he was then raised by him and grew to admire him, promising he'd become a hero for him; afterwords he tried really hard to git gud at magic but he sucked too much so he didn't make much progress, and then the grail war happened, he found out bad stuff was going on with Sakura, wasn't cool with it, so he went up to Shinji and said no to rape by beating the shit out of him or something; after this Sakura turned ebil and he needed to revert her, so he did, because he's such a heroic protagonist, and then he and Sakura lived happily for a few years, before she disappeared. He looked frantically around for her before discovering the portal of ultimate plot convinence that led to the Nexus, where he met his lover once more, who now seems to be crazy, but still a good girl. He just needs to help her not board the crazy train.

He also banged Rin.

Weakness: Antimagic, standard human weaknesses, being away from a source of prana too long will lead to his death, people taking over his kitchen.

Likes: Sakura, being a hero, cooking, being useful, working out, justice, saving people, heroing.

Dislikes: being useless, being unable to help Sakura, Feeling attracted to Rin
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