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Name: Julius Richter
Race: Human / Hero
Age: 23 (born on 1781)
Height: 195 cm
Weight: 86 kg

Physical Attributes

Strength: Exceptional (Amazing if meets certain conditions)

Agility: Exceptional (Amazing, Incredible or Fantastic if meets certain conditions)

Constitution: Exceptional

Magical Power: None

Other Abilities:

Hard To Kill: Thanks to their unyielding willpower and persistence it’s hard to put down a Hero for good unless you ensure their swift demise. Heroes are immune to mundane diseases and never require medical attention for injuries even if they are particularly severe. Though they do not possess regeneration, they recover a bit faster than a mere mortal.

Heroic Tracking and Stalking: Heroes can sense disturbances in the depths of the astral realm of thoughts and dreams, pin down their source and track it down, whether it’s the supernatural who causes it or the victim of that supernatural, depending on the circumstances.  Heroes are not self-aware of this ability and might interpret it as revelation from God, mere intuition, prophetic dreaming or superb deductive skills.

Anathemas: Another ability that Heroes are not self-aware about is their capability to drag supernaturals they hunt into their heroic legends in which they triumph over monsters. They can bestow them with a supernatural aversion to a substance or element, make them feel obsessive desire about particular target or object, cause a particular phobia, cloud their minds with rage, find their weakspot or endow their weapon to be particularly effective against supernaturals. Only a single Anathema can be placed at particular supernatural and must fit beliefs of Hero and not be too improbable. Even most crazed Hero won’t think it’s possible to make dragon vulnerable to fire.

Kinslayer: Julius, unlike some Heroes, can also target supernaturals that are similar enough to monsters of his world. He would be no hero without monsters to defeat, and being a Hero is the meaning of his life without which he could have fallen into depression or worse. Vampires, werewolves, faelike creatures, people merged with spirits, mummies, flawed artificial humans and legendary creatures might become targets of his delusions and obsessions. Magic users and ghosts are exception. The first are just human even if Julius can be pretty suspicious of them. After all no one knows what they are up to. Ghosts are just dead humans.

Vanquisher’s Strength: Even a mortal can muster strength of 10 men if he has enough courage to overcome vicious foes. When facing one of supernaturals against whom his powers work, Richter’s Strength rating is Incredible.

Warrior’s Speed: The Hero can keep pace with his foe in battle, matching their speed step for step even if not blow for blow. That ability only applies against supernaturals he is effective against, and he always matches their Agility ranking. It is impossible even for him though to match people with Legendary Agility, neither does he slow down for monsters with Human Agility.


Holy Diver: No one knows why Julius Richter called his whip Holy Diver. Maybe he’s trying so hard to be cool that anachronistic naming conventions are meaningless for him. A chosen weapon fitting for a holy man like him, effective against monsters in general.

Iron Knives: He sincerely believes some of his foes are vulnerable to iron, and this is his answer. Throwing knives which are still quite good at stabbing monsters even if they are not weak to iron. He carries up to 10 of them.

Blessed Water: He carries around flasks of water which burn creatures that he believes to be weak to holy powers,

Duelling pistol: A holdover from his early duelling days. It’s just a pistol unless he loads it with some special custom ammunition like a silver bullet. Otherwise, nothing special.

Origin: Originally an aristocrat, there was nothing young Julius lacked. He had money, education, a good family name, but he lacked something that made his life enjoyable. He figured out it was risk that he lacked, and that how he got into duelling people. He polished his skill fighting for such made up excuses like his honor or the honor of particular lady he fancied, but even novelty of this eventually wore off. Until he met that strange duellist with predatory like aura who bested everyone on his way. Honestly something irked him about the man. He felt as if he was not a human. He had nightmares which only made him more convinced in his belief. If he was truly not a human, then it only aggravated Richter more. How dare he gloated about being better than humans like him. How preposterous it was that such being wore human skin while thinking they were beneath him. He had to teach it a lesson. And so the hero Julius was born. He bested the monster, humiliated him as his reputation as unbeatable fencer was shattered. He didn’t even kill him even if he could maybe get away with it. The pride at the achievement and recognition of others was all that satisfied him. And the look on the Beast’s face as he turned tables on him. He passed on majority of his fortune to his younger relative so he could embark on his quest with clear conscience, teaching monsters that got too cocky that humans shouldn’t be underestimated. A gambler who tricked mundanes with impunity got caught and flagellated by authorities. He took fancy to the tool of punishment. Many more Beasts got bested by him, sometimes spared, but sometimes killed as he found them unable to learn anything from their defeats. Eventually he found his way to Nexus. Half depressed his prey wasn’t there for him to judge, out of desperation his powers evolved and he took his cause against the kin to Beasts he once hunted down.

Weakness: Against humans, superpowered or not, he’s merely particularly well trained human at his physical peak. Apart from immunity to mundane diseases, he’s pretty much buff but still regular human in body.

Likes: Monsters who don’t look down on humanity. Heroic acts. Thrill he experiences when facing formidable opponents. Respects non-humans who aspire to be humans.

Dislikes: Monsters who think they are better than humans even if they still look human. People who think they can get away with crimes just because they have special powers.
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Name: Jeanne d'arc

Race: Magical Familiar (Servant)

Age: 19

Height: 159cm

Weight: 44kg

Face claim:

Physical Stats:

Strength: Fantastic

Agility: Heroic

Constitution: Fantastic

Magical Ability: None

As a servant Jeanne possess a decent amount of inherent prana in her body but she's currently not capable of performing any magecraft. She wouldn't be willing to learn either as most magic would be considered heretical.

Additionally, because Jeanne is a servant, she can’t be harmed by mundane attacks. In order to harm her, one needs to attack her with something that has spiritual presence, such as magic, an attack from a supernatural, or anything another servant throws at her. For instance, while a person crashing a car into her would deal her absolutely no damage and only inconvenience her, a servant doing the same might be able to deal some real damage to her, depending on the mass and speed. She can also go incorporeal in order to turn invisible and phase through walls, however, while she is in this form, she cannot meaningfully harm anything herself, either.

Finally, servants require somebody to form a contract with them in order to provide them with the mana they need to survive and to anchor them to the world.

Magic Resistance: Divine

Jeanne has an incredible amount of magic resistance capable of even disrupting spells from the Age of Gods. This resistance is rooted in her Christian faith and therefore cannot deal with the sacraments of the church. Furthermore any magic that strikes her isn't negated but rather redirected to her surrounding area, however this doesn't mean that magecraft that effects a large area will hit her.   

Other Abilities:

Discernment of True Name :

An ability that allows her to discern the true identity of another Servant unless they have abilities that help in clouding their identity. It'd only effective against other Servants.

Baptism Rite :

Jeanne is capable of exorcising spirits, as long as they are not anchored. Her ability to do so is decent due to being a canonical saint.

Revelation :

This is a form of higher insight granted to the individual and allows them to sense the optimal course of action to take, this works both in and outside of combat. It can also reveal the most suitable path for traveling.

Saint :

Saints are people who are acknowledged to be especially holy through some deeds performed during their lifetime. While Jeanne is a canonical Saint her aknowledgement is quite recent, which has a slightly negative impact on it.

Luminosité Eternelle: God is Here With Me :

This is the battle standard of  Jeanne d'arc, the holy battle flag that she kept by her side all her life. By planting it into the ground, tightly grasping it, and activating it as a Noble Phantasm, it converts her Phenomenal magic resistance into protection against all harm both physical and spiritual. It brings about a light that completely isolates anyone within it and cuts them off from their surroundings. It's capable of defending both Jeanne and whomever she thinks of as allies from large scale attacks. The downside to this ability is that the damage accumulates within the flag, causing it to begin to tear as she uses it. Jeanne is also fairly skilled in using this as melee weapon to either hit people with or deflect blows.

La Pucelle: The Crimson Holy Virgin:

La Pucelle is a  holy sword that manifests flames, invoked using a line from the final moments of her life. It's a crystallized conceptual weapon taking the shape of a sword that acts as an offensive interpretation of her burning at the stake. To activate it she needs to recite the final lines of her life, "O Lord, I entrust this body to you---" doing so causes both her and the target to be consumed by flames. Using it is fatal for her as it is effectively a suicide attack.

The sword can also be used without actvating the suicide function. While used as a normal sword it's much weaker though still quite a potent weapon as it is a Noble Phantasm.


Origin :

Jeanne participated as servant Ruler in a grail war gone wrong, the grail was corrupt and the whole thing became a mess. The ending was especially awful and she was pulled to the Nexus right at the end. She's very reluctant to speak of it and believes she failed her duty by allowing it to go so wrong. She sees her removal from it and subsequent placement in the Nexus as trial from The Lord.

Weakness :

She cannot resist magecraft rooted in Abrahamic religions. As a servant she will eventually die from lack of prana unless she contracts someone.

Likes :

Praying to the Lord, fairness in all things, fellow believers. 

Dislikes :

Failing her duties, unfair play.
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Name: Ron Browning

Race: Wolf-Man Spirit Monster Thing (Werewolf)

Age: 20

Height: see 'Shapeshifting'



Dire Wolf:



Physical Attributes

Man Form
Strength: Human
Agility: Human
Constitution: Human

Wolf-Man Form
Strength: Exceptional
Agility: Human
Constitution: Exceptional

War Form
Strength: Amazing(Incred with spirit magic)
Agility: Exceptional
Constitution: Exceptional

Dire Wolf Form
Strength: Exceptional
Agility: Exceptional
Constitution: Exceptional

Wolf Form
Strength: Human
Agility: Exceptional
Constitution: Exceptional

Other Abilities
Canine Senses: Even in human form a werewolf can use senses superior to any human's, if they put their mind to it. It just gets better the further from the human form he gets, with the best being wolf form. This allows him to track pretty much anything over long distances, conditions permitting.

Hunter's Instinct: In forms between Man and Wolf a werewolf's instincts as an apex predator are so finely tuned that they can even avoid the aim of an opponent with a firearm. This gives the illusion that the werewolf is moving quickly enough to dodge bullets after they are fired, when in fact they are simply moving just before and throwing their opponent's aim off.

Regeneration: In most forms a werewolf heals faster than any human being. The most serious of wounds caused by something other than silver will be gone in a few hours at most. Being punched out is not really a concern unless the punch hits like a train. In full on man-wolf form the regeneration accelerates quickly enough that injuries disappear as soon as they appear unless they're from silver or involve decapitation or massive organ failure.

Shapeshifting: This kind of werewolf has five forms. The first is better at playing human than a human; they blend into crowds easily. The second is a wolf-man, big scary and hairy with sharp teeth and claw-like nails but still mostly human. The third is a wolf; it's a wolf. The fourth is a gigantic wolf the size of a horse with jaws that can crush limbs that the uneducated might call a 'dire wolf.' The fifth and final form is the man-wolf, a bipedal abomination of fur and muscle with a canine head that is only good for killing.

The ease with which he changes shape depends on how accepting he is of his nature. If he resists it the change is painful and draining. If he becomes comfortable with it the process goes more quickly, and is painless. The problem is if he gets too comfortable with it and starts changing subconsciously at a moment's notice to adjust to the situation. And if he were to reject it or lose himself to it entirely, he might not be able to change at all... or worse.

Heights at the shoulder - 5'6"/6'5"/8'3"/5'8"/2'8"
Weights: 172/258/688/344/162

The Predator's Jaws: Ron's teeth are those of an apex hunter, and so nothing can just shrug off a bite from him like it was nothing. Even just a regular bite slows regeneration of the wound somewhat, though not drastically. If Ron actually consumes the flesh involved he consumes part of his prey's spirit and drastically reduces their rate of healing. This also applies to spirits who've taken physical form against him.

Spirit Magic: Low. He can call instinctively call on mystical Gifts granted by the spirit of the moon to accelerate his regeneration slightly outside of wolf-man form, talk to animals of all sorts, hunt tirelessly, and harness his instincts to fight better and hit a lot harder than his form's baseline (one Strength level, max Incredible). Also, he sees immaterial spirits and ghosts just fine, but can't hurt them.

Origin: Ron was a 20 year old man who performed one of the most necessary tasks to be found in Nexus City - repair work. Fixing buildings, cars, power lines, and water mains was what put food on the table for this man who once lived four years of glory on his high school's cross-county running team, and one year of wrestling before he decided it 'wasn't for him.' People would ask him "what school did you go to?", and his answer would always be the same. "There's only one school here."

Ron is from the Nexus, born and raised, like his parents before him. This has all been normal to him from day one.

Then one moonlit winter night not too long ago Ron saw a mugging taking place down by the river on the way home from work. He saw behind the muggers and their victim the reflection of the full moon along flowing water, and froze. His heartbeat accelerated, his sight narrowed into a crimson tunnel, and then next thing he knew he was pulling himself out of the freezing cold water without any clothes or wallet to his name.

He set out from there to perform the most important task of his life to date - finding a pair of pants.

Carnivore: He is a predator. Unlike a normal wolf, he can't get anything from eating anything except meat. Processed meat doesn't taste great, either.

Lunacy: People tend to freak out even beyond the normal when they see a werewolf regenerate or change shape, or see a bear-sized bipedal wolf-man killing machine looming over them. Some freak out enough to not remember exactly what it is they saw. Some go mad. Also, sometimes this or his bite will make other people change into lesser angry man-wolf creatures. This only works on people who aren't part of the supernatural.

Rage: Werewolves are the ultimate hunters, and can flip out and become killing machines the size of grizzly bear. Certain triggers for rage are present, and depend on how in tune he is with his nature. Too much denial of what he is just creates easier triggers, while going full on man-eating monster all the time also makes it worse.

Triggers for Ron include seeing the full moon (in person) and seeing members of his 'pack' get seriously hurt. If he rejects or over-embraces his nature then he won't need to see the moon to flip out - it just has to rise. Conversely, the moon won't do anything anymore if he finds and maintains a nice middle ground in his life. Staying in man-wolf form for more than a dozen seconds or so is always a risk. Killing instinct is strongest in that form, and staying in it for too long when those instincts scream with every beat of the heart means he starts to see everything as a threat to kill. So go easy on that too, Ron.

Silver: This metal makes his blood boil in his veins and cause other allergic reactions on top of that. It slows down his regeneration to ordinary human levels. Also, it makes him angry.

Wolf Physiology: Shapeshifting into a canine when you have caffeine or chocolate in your system is a really dumb idea. Don't do it.

Equipment: Nothing yet. He still needs that pair of pants. Also, he would really appreciate it if you found his wallet.

Likes: Animals, comics, hunting, junk sculpture, meat, and "smooth music"

Dislikes: Bullies, intrusive childhood friends (not really), nightclubs, working construction (again)
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Name: Mitsuba (Name of her Cover), Lambent Sword of Heaven when before she Fell.

Race: Unchained Demon

Age: Possibly centuries as an Angel, in her 20s as her Cover

Height: 158 cm

Weight: 43 kg


Physical Attributes

Strength: Human

Agility: Exceptional / (demon form: Incredible)

Constitution: Human / (demon form: Incredible)

Magical Ability: None

Other Abilities:

Cover: Demons hide their true self from the scrutiny of their former master through a Cover, a human identity that serves as the mundane self of the Unchained. Medical scrutiny does not reveal anything out of the ordinary. Supernatural effects that would tip off the user that the demon is not a human reveal to the user that he is an ordinary person. Cover doesn’t automatically counter the effect in a general, but does provide a modicum of resistance against the supernatural. Demon in Cover experiences same biological sensations as a human and its Cover age even if the demonic form don’t. The Unchained can have multiple Covers, but any sustained injury carries over to Covers as they are not bodies, but alternate appearances that the Demon learned to assume.

Inconsistencies in a Cover can undermine it under scrutiny, as well as overt display of supernatural qualities.

Aether: It’s a waste product of occult processes, especially those of God-Machine’s, but also can be harvested from other sources in Nexus. Aether powers some of abilities that Demons are able to utilize.

Mechanical Mind: Demonic minds are abnormal, residing not in a brain but in Primum, a measure of how deeply they are integrated in a reality. The Unchained’s mind is piloting the human form in a fashion, with a total control over its physical tells and a choice whether to express an emotion or a thought. Although the Fall strips much of the knowledge that God-Machine provides to Its servants to perform their duty, Demons retain a perfect memory, a nature aptitude for languages and rudimentary understanding of basic talents. They are fluent in every human language which has native speakers, and learn skills quickly.

Aetheric Soul: On mental and physical levels the Unchained are similar to humans, but spiritually they are not alike. They have Primum in place of a soul. They can use it to resist supernal powers in place of Cover, but their aetheric energy becomes visible. That’s the only way for them to resist supernatural powers in Demonic Form. Demon also perceive Infrastructure of God-Machine and when forming their thoughts in Primum they determine whether they are false or true statements, making them perfect liars.

Pacts: Demon can sign Pacts with another party, offering a boon in exchange for something that strengthens Demon’s Cover. In most extreme cases it is the soul of one who signed the Pact, and Demon can step into the life of that person, assuming their identity and thoroughly erasing them from existence, acquiring a new Cover.

Glitches: Without a maintanence from their original creator, Fallen Angels develop glitches throughout their existence, transient or permament, permeating their Covers. Mitsuba’s have developed a permament glitch that makes her hair look pink-white and her eyes color that of amber no matter the Cover she acquires.

Demonic Form: Its Demonic Form was built both to be quick and durable, however it lacks in raw strength. Its skin is made of a durable exotic material which is resistant to extreme heat. Tungsten rivets poke out of its skin, her skeleton made of the durable metal as well. It is lean and its joints resemble well oiled hinges, red tattoos cover the surface of its hands and arms leading up to the torso, a plasma drive powers it, its veins filled with plasma. It can float and abruptly stop mid-air or on the ground thanks to manipulation of electromagneticism. The Demon can activate an electric field for extra protection and power or disrupt devices. It is also fairly destructive, as one of its arms is a laser weapon firing as potent beams as bullets from a military grade assault rifle at the lowest setting, at its most powerful it can generate as powerful blasts as a brick of dynamite. The Unchained can also shift the other arm to a blade resembling a chainsword.

Gadgets: The Unchained are able to Install a portion of their Embed or Exploit into a mundane object with a function related to the Embed or the Exploit. Installation process requires extertion of the Demon’s will and may alert other Unchained and Machine-God to their presence.

Embeds: They are backdoors in the reality that Demons relearn after the Fall in order to manipulate the world through occult physics.

Efficiency: This Embed allows to finish prolonged tasks and activities in half of the time that otherwise they would require.

In My Pocket: It enables the user to produce any item that would fit her pockets or other container as long as it has not been established that she does not possess (i.e. cannot produce weapons if she emptied her pockets of weapons during an inspection). It cannot also produce documents that stand up to scrutiny, and can be used only for limited time before risking the Cover.

Ripple: This Embed subjects the target to a bout of a terrible coincidence, making him suffer from damage related to the attack he sustained beforehand, but from a secondary source. For example someone slashed may trip and fall on a sharp object.

Shatter: The Embed lets the Unchained break down an object no larger than herself with a swift kick or punch (Only inanimate objects are affected). Objects known for their hardness may compromise Cover if shattered with that power.

Strike First: It allows for the Demon to be always prepared for a fight, even if it’s a surprise attack.

Victory At Any Price: This Embed salvages a failure or makes the Unchained more successful at a cost of her physical well being, damaging her body in the process.

Exploits: Exploits are supercharged combination of Embeds, lacking their subtlety and carrying a risk of attracting God Machine’s attention.

Murder By Improbability: The target of the Exploit suffers a freak accident if he is a mundane human without extraordinary destiny. Those fated for greater things (PCs) and supernaturals just suffer a bout of bad luck which may not be necessarily fatal. Unchained are completely immune to the power.

Cipher: It is a pathway made up of a set of Embeds joined together, which lead the Unchained towards a technognostic revelation that leads them further way from their creator. Each Cipher is unique and personal to the Unchained.

Shukuchi: Made up of Strike First and Efficiency. Mitsuba discovered a sword stance that is grounded in the use of this Interlock which makes her moves less wasteful and with less openings to exploit. She can close her distance to her enemy more efficiently, able to even catch off her opponent with a barely expected counterattack.

Equipment: Her katana, a set of clothes, a modest dojo converted into a bar.

Origin: Originally a Destroyer Angel operating in the archipelago of Japan, it Fell during its last mission to infiltrate a household of a prominent noble under a guise of a houseservant and conduct an assassination mission. Too obsessed above carrying a perfect assassination, the angel Fell when it ignored change of objectives from God-Machine. It didn’t have particular objections about the mission itself, but another it was too overwhelmed with a newfound free will to just go back. The Demon grew into its human identity and got pretty comfortable with newfound mortality. Bent on protecting her mortal life from machinations of Machine God and its agents, Mitsuba is willing to go to any lengths if her way of life is threathened. She had been for a while in Nexus, with her Cover reinforced through her efforts, but now she is even more on edge than usually because of the event of recent nights.

Weakness: Her Cover may degrade over time if she behaves inconsistently or uses overt supernatural abilities.

Likes: Tools of her trade, pink and blue colors, mundane people, removing too insufferable fools, children

Dislikes: Supernaturals flaunting their powers openly, clinically stupid people, people plotting against her (whether it’s true or not).
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Name: Gadreel, the Wall of God

Race: Exiled Angel

Age: "And there was light."

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 210lbs


Physical Attributes

Strength: Amazing
Agility: Amazing
Constitution: Incredible

Magic: Low
Angels are not meant to use magic the way humans are, but Gadreel hasn't cared for the dictates of Heaven or Hell in thousands of years. He has made the painstaking effort to learn a few basic rituals for use in removing curses from himself or others. He is also capable at creating, maintaining, and bypassing wards around locations and buildings. This is mostly useful for keeping spirits and demons away, and he needs more time to set them up than is practical in a fight unless it's an auspicious time like midnight on the full moon, or the Equinox. His magic draws power from ambient sources.

Other Abilities
Angelic Body: Like every angel Gadreel is immune to non-corrosive toxins, mundane diseases, and all forms of physical deprivation. He can withstand shots from lower calibers of bullets without flinching, and his body can rapidly recover from injury and dismemberment. In the event that his body is destroyed he can reform on site over the course of several weeks, or months if the attack was particularly thorough.

Linguist: Gadreel has been around for a long time, and is fluent in many human languages. His native language is the tongue of angels and gods, coveted in his setting by magicians for its efficacy in ritual magic.

Martial Arts: Gadreel is a master of close quarters combat even before taking his body's superhuman capabilities into account.

Weapons Master: If it was meant to be held in your hands and used to kill someone up close then Gadreel can use it well. He is particularly capable with blades.

.44 Magnum: A big gun for a big guy. It also doesn't demand that he kill people when he takes it out, so that helps.

Dainsleif: This cursed sword can slice cleanly through a solid iron anvil, and the injuries it causes only stop bleeding with supernatural healing. In humans this inevitably results in them bleeding to death in short order. In beings who can regenerate it slows their rate of healing to 1/3rd of its norm. However, the blade refuses to be sheathed until it has killed at least one person, and attempts to exploit it by putting it aside without a sheath result in it compelling the wielder to fall on its edge themselves.

Gadreel fell out of love. It all started after the Flood, when Lucifer falsely claimed the authority of Metatron and tried to lead the heavenly host to believe the Creator wished for mankind be wiped out completely. "Let us finish them now so that they, in their immature flailing, will not bring forth yet another cataclysm on this great earth." That had been the reason given. Heaven saw through Lucifer's lies and cast him and his followers, a full third of the host of angels, into the dark reaches of the Death Realms. However, Heaven did not fully disagree with the Morning Star's logic - mankind had already brought the cosmos to the brink of annihilation by reaching out with their souls for the mad darkness outside Creation. They sought to limit what the humans could achieve, lest their grasp outstrip their ability to reason.

Not all of the heavenly host agreed with this. Tasked with observing the humans and keeping them from reaching out for more, these Watchers took to their charge with sour hearts. Gadreel was among them, and watched as the humans smacked at each other with rocks and sticks where once they rode on chariots pulled by thought and blasted fiends from the skies with wands of fire. They were helpless, dirty creatures in the aftermath of the Flood; spirits and monsters and vengeful hell-bound seraphs bedeviled them at every turn. Their fragile forms were inadequate vessels for their infinite souls, and they died of plague, sepsis, and hunger where once they were clad in immortal bodies fed on ambrosia.

"This is wrong," he told his fellow Watchers. He had not been the first to voice such feelings, but he was one of the first to do so above a whisper. Others followed, his brother Azazel first among them. "The Creator is silent," he said, "and has been silent since long before the Flood. The only voice we can trust to tell us right from wrong is our own, now. I say that we must help them before they are lost to us forever. What of you, brothers?"

The Watchers descended to the Creator's children, and began to teach them of the things and ways they had once forgotten. Gadreel showed those he could reach how to use the weapons Azazel taught them to forge so that they might defend themselves against a world that feared the very thought of humans rising up again from the muck. Then he taught them how to cover up the marks and blemishes of their struggles with oils from plants, and dust from crushed earth, so that they could reach for the beauty they had once borne as a matter of course.

One of them, a woman, was so fetching with her bloodstained knife and painted face that he couldn't help but adore her. Gadreel was one of the first to know love as more than an abstraction, and his children with her were tall, strong and beautiful like in ages long past. He hoped, as his fellow Watchers did, that between the ranks of their Nephilim children and the quiet support of the titan Prometheus that they would be able to stand against the heavenly host when the time came. Perhaps it wouldn't even come to war; perhaps they would see that it was good, and join them among the humans?

It came to war. The Nephilim were purged with bronze and iron where fire failed, and Gadreel was one of the first angels to know what it meant to lose your family. He was one of the first to swear, Never again. When the ashes settled and Heaven retreated the Watchers went into hiding. They united with the children of the few gods to side with the titan Prometheus, bred more Nephilim children, and made alliances with secretive orders of magicians and witches. They set themselves to protecting the humans from the shadows, keeping them safe from the terrible things that would crush their potential to dust.

It wasn't enough. Or rather, it worked just well enough to let humans get into trouble again. The Beast of Revelation cometh, and man is its herald. Too bad Gadreel isn't around anymore to help fight it. God damn it, Nexus City.

Celestial Being: Magic that directly damages the soul can completely bypass his regeneration and force him to take the time to reform. Sufficiently powerful sorcery, or magic derived from eldritch forces antithetical to this universe, can potentially prevent him from reforming at all.

Exiled: Gadreel has been cast out from Heaven and Hell, and cannot call upon many of the powers inherent to his kind. He cannot form wings, weapons, or armor of divine fire like they can, for example. Yes, this sadly means he can't fly anymore.

Likes: Attractive people, cosmetics, flying, human culture, weapons

Dislikes: Child killers, cultists, oathbreakers, slavers, technophobes
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Name: Auspicious Breeze
Race: Human (Chosen of the Unconquered Sun)
Age: 24
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185lbs


It is impossible for Auspicious Breeze to hide her divine power for long if she has to meaningfully exert herself against an opponent. First a dim outline of white and gold light begins to surround her, and the sunburst mark of the rising sun appears on her forehead. The outline grows from there until first it lights up an entire room, and from there grows until it can be seen for miles around. At the apex of her power her every movement is accompanied by a glorious outline of a giant six-armed war goddess made in her own image.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Incredible
Agility: Incredible
Constitution: Incredible

Other Abilities

Chosen of the Sun: Humans may only reach so far on their own; their bodies were not designed to channel the Essence of Creation. Thanks to the blessing of the King of Gods Auspicious Breeze has no such limits on her. She will live for thousands of years in her prime, and reach heights that surpass the gods. Most of her skills below are either granted or enhanced by this trait.

Combat Awareness: Auspicious Breeze is impossible to surprise in a fight. Stealth will not give an opponent an opportunity to overcome her defenses even if she doesn't know she's in danger. She can react to a threat while sleeping, or otherwise unconscious.

Divine Terror: As the Chosen of the Dawn this girl bears a reflection of the glory of the self-proclaimed and unchallenged King of Creation as he rises upon the horizon. In light of this even creatures incapable of fear, such as automatons or walking corpses, cannot ignore Auspicious Breeze's efforts at intimidation - when she bothers with them.

Exalted Healing: A Chosen's wounds heals quickly and perfectly, with no risk of lingering complications. Only the most grievous of injuries leave any hint of scarring, and the character’s healing is like a slow form of regeneration, flawlessly mending severed muscles and nerves, torn ligaments, and shattered bones. Unless a body part is completely severed or destroyed, it is restored to perfect working condition once healed.

Occult Sensitivity: Auspicious Breeze has always been sensitive to the presence of the supernatural. She has a basic, intuitive understanding of its presence even if the details escape her.

Resistance: As one of the Chosen she is incredibly durable against threats and woes suffered by other humans. Lesser diseases and poisons give up in failure against her constitution, and even the strongest cannot kill her outright. Infections die before they can take hold, and she will not bleed from her injuries unless she wants to.

Supernal Brawler: Auspicious Breeze's body is a weapon, one honed by a lifetime in the arena and enhanced by divine favor. Her blows can make almost anything falter through hitting the right spot. She can close the distance between herself and opponents in the blink of an eye at the start of battle. She can incorporate new experiences from a fight into her style almost instantaneously, and her prowess with her fists can slay demons, spirits and gods even when it doesn't quite make sense.


Collar of Dawn's Cleansing Light: The purpose of this jeweled orichalcum collar is to keep its wearer clean in every respect. Its magic means she could spend weeks living beneath a rubbish heap and emerge at the end as though she had just spent hours preparing for a grand ball. This effect extends to her clothing.

Origin: Auspicious Breeze was born on the isle of Ys, in the capital city of the empire of Ysyr. In this place there are leftover sorcerous engines from the lost First Age of Man buried deep underground, and they twist the island's inhabitants into mutants of varying degrees of strangeness. The ruling class, made up entirely of powerful sorcerer-princes, are physically distinguishable from the rest of the population because they have used rituals to obscure or remove their mutations and give themselvs perfect bodies. Anyone who is not a sorcerer in the empire of Ysyr is little better than a slave, and they have no way to hide it.

Breeze doesn't remember her parents, but she imagines they must have been rather ugly. She was born a hideous little scaly thing even the other slave children (almost every child on Ys) didn't want to go near. Eventually she got old enough to throw a punch, and between her seeming knack for it and her fearsome appearance she was trained as a gladiator for the entertainment of the sorcerers. Auspicious Breeze was probably the best gladiator in the empire by her 20th birthday. She made friends, despite her appearance, but was never quite able to bridge the gap from speaking to touching unless her fist was smashing someone's jaw.

It was while being transported from Ys to one of the empire's newly conquered city-states that everything changed. Auspicious Breeze was on her way to fight in a new arena when one of the iridescent raiding ships of the Fair Folk rose from the waters of the Dreaming Sea seeking captives on whom to feast. She could have left the ship's sorceress captain and her crew to die, allowed it all to end, but she hadn't fought as long and hard as she had for all of her life before just to die here. Besides, it was wrong to let anyone suffer the fate worse than death the Fair Folk would bring.

She stood up and fought. The Unconquered Sun noticed, and blessed her as one of his champions. She beat back the fae with her own two fists, and received the gratitude and blessings of the sorceress who witnessed her power and valor. Auspicious Breeze was brought up to her right hand, no mere slave but an important and well-compensated confidant, and complex rituals gave her lovely human flesh at last. The sex was nice, too.

Now she's in the Nexus, separated from all she knows and loves. Let's hope someone can teach her English before she finds more reasons to punch people here!


Breathing: There may come a time when this champion of the gods can retain a gasp of air indefinitely, sustaining herself on determination and divine power alone. That time hasn't come; she can still drown, or fall victim to gases that affect breathing.

Disease and Poison: Auspicious Breeze might one day be immune to such things, and she is already quite resilient to them. They cannot kill her outright. However, the strongest examples can weaken her enough to make defeating her through conventional means more feasible.

Essence: Most of the time Auspicious Breeze can do all of the feats shown in her Physical Attributes reliably by enhancing her peak physical performance with divine skill. If she pushes much further than that for more than a brief time by reaching into her reserves she'll wear herself out and need precious moments to recover. This leaves her with merely her natural Amazing Attributes in that time.

Mutant: Hidden beneath Auspicious Breeze's smooth, toned, tanned skin is an unsightly layer of dark reptilian scales. They contribute to her overall durability, but are a mark of shame and slavery in her homeland. It is only the efforts of her mistress, a sorceress of great repute, that have given her human flesh to hide it away. Cutting too deep under her skin and muscle reveals it until she can heal, and marks her as a 'freak'.

The Great Curse: Unbeknownst to Auspicious Breeze, or any other Chosen for that matter, she labors under the death curse of the creators of her world. Cast upon one of her previous incarnations when it took part in their murder, it pushes her toward ruin by the spiteful will of dead titans. The Curse expresses itself in moments of great stress and hardship, inflating the Chosen’s passions into gross displays of unrestrained and destructive excess.

Uneducated: Auspicious Breeze was an arena slave, and received no education worth speaking of in fields irrelevant to this until very recently. She has only a minimal grasp of her homeland's history, has not moved past basic addition and subtraction, and is almost completely illiterate. She had been working to correct this with some assistance before she ended up in the Nexus.

Likes: Attractive ladies, cold drinks, helping people in need, punching monsters, shopping, showing off

Dislikes: Being poor, evil sorcerers, hot drinks, letting others see how 'dumb' she is, "might makes right"
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Name: Katase Muramasa

Race: Demon Sword

Age: ~500

Height: 163 cm

Weight: ???


Physical Attributes
Strength: Incredible
Agility: Incredible
Constitution: Incredible

Other Abilities
Cursed Sword Muramasa: Katase is a demonic intelligence formed from the collective souls of three generations slain in one. The blade has become her body, and has been infused by the power of the souls with many desirable qualities described below. The blade itself can only be broken by repeated exposure to high-level magic, and can cut a hair that falls on its edge or slice through half a foot of steel before it slows down. By drawing on the power of the souls imprisoned within the sword a wielder can achieve Incredible physical attributes.

Demonic Phantasms: Katase can harness the power of the souls of her victims to manifest physical objects no more complicated than Shogunate era arms and armor, and reinforce them to Incredible levels. An exception to this is her ability to create simulacrums of people who have been slain by her blade; she can draw on their souls to create a faithful replica of their bodies and reinforce them, too. She prefers to use this to give herself a human form of her own, but could just as easily create a retinue of undead samurai slaves to accompany her. Alas, she can only reinforce them past their natural limits if they are in contact with her sword.

Sword Wields Herself: While Katase would prefer to have a worthy wielder, one devoted to her as their bride equal partner, more often than not she is stuck doing all of the work. She is an acceptable swordswoman in her own right, a match for most ordinary human wielders in skill and their superior in body. If an unworthy warrior takes her up she can drive them mad with the whispers of her many souls, after which time she can puppeteer their bodies directly. She will proceed to turn them into dreadful monsters of armor and fury and kill as many of their loved ones as she can get away with in revenge for trying to enslave her.

Equipment: Katase is equipment without a user, wielding herself with a shell of demonic energy in the form of a young woman. She is fond of adorning her bodies with traditional Japanese clothing.

Origin: Katase became self-aware as the last surviving member of a feuding family sliced his own belly open on her sword. She had spent the past decades being annointed over and over again in the blood of all kinds of kinslaying, a clan self-destructing over some offense nobody was ever kind enough to explain to her. As the man's blood cooled on the floor she took the form of the family's long-dead heiress, picked herself up, and walked away.

Her reputation as an accursed weapon established, the daughter of Muramasa traveled across the islands of Japan while wrestling with her almost uncontrollable thirst for blood. Every victim to fall before her had their soul added to the blade, to the collective that gave rise to the demon Katase. Every so often she would rest, and an ambitious young warrior would come along to try and claim her for himself. They all inevitably displeased her by focusing their attention away from her and to their goals, or by treating her as a mere tool.

She destroyed them. She made them destroy everything they ever loved. Replicating the sin that made her was the only solace she could find in the face of man's attempts to enslave her. Alas, if only someone would pick her up and wield her for her own sake! Were that she could be with them as she had seen man and woman (or lately, even woman and woman), that they would look at her instead of away to farther horizons!

If she cannot find such a person, well, she could always find room for another soul inside of her.

Bloodthirst: Katase craves the blood and souls of new victims. She can keep this in check most of the time, but if drawn in the presence of anyone except her chosen wielder she will lose control until at least one person has died by her blade. Her wielder will have to take drastic measures to distract her from this - if they can.

Just a Shell: Her demonic phantasms are a construct of demonic power fueled by souls. They can potentially be dispelled by powerful holy relics, or high-level magic, if struck by them directly.

Likes: Blood, cleanliness, compliments, pampering, spicy foods, tea, war
Dislikes: Competition, disrespect, large bodies of water, pacifism, slavery
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Name: Coppelius

Race: Doll

Age: 30

Height: 1,78 m

Weight: 70 kg

Appearance: As a human-like magic doll, Coppelius looks almost like a flesh-and-blood person on first glance, however his unblemished pale skin, shining blue eyes and hair, and most of all, the joints noticeable on his hands and limbs, betray his true origin to the discerning eye. His clothing style includes mainly green or brown colors, clothes that may not stand out at all in the polluted cities of the world, albeit his mystic code may drastically change that impression.
Spoiler for spoiled for size:

Physical Attributes

Strength: Human

Agitlity: Human

Constitution: Fantastic (as a Doll, Coppelius may have been made to resemble a human, but is fundamentally but a tin man. Even though hits to his faux organs may hinder their functionality, he can fundamentally keep going until either his mana is depleted or his body is reduced to dust.)

Other Abilities:
Mystic Eyes of Binding: a pair of artificially created Mystic Eyes, these can bind and cripple those Coppelius lays eyes upon.

Mystic code: Cor Tonitrus- the everlasting heartbeat
The left half of the internal mystic code Clockwork Heart, masterpiece of a certain londoner gentleman, it continously takes in prana to move the tin body of an unnatural beeing, it both stores and creates enormous amounts of raw energy in the process.

Mystic code: Cor Lotus- the ever unblemished heart
The right half of an the internal mystic code Clockwork Heart, masterpiece of a certain Red's younger days, it will restore the porcelain body of a student group's great ambition to it's original state continously, emulating a life human's self healing capabilities. As the two halves intertwine, a soul is bound to them.

Magic: Medium

Doll creation:
As both the creation and the pupil of a certain Red, Coppelius has been teached the very techniques that gave birth to his body. As such, he is able to forge and wield puppets and dolls, much like his creators, although his style varies in that he never considered attempting to replicate life.


Small, combat-oriented dolls about the size of french dolls and marionette's, they are capable of simple tasks and direct magical attacks under the control of Coppelius. He can control up to four of them at the same time using the filaments, however they are incapable of autonomous actions.

Strength: Exceptional

Agility: Exceptional

Constitution: Human

Magic: Low
The Alice's are capable of small but high-speed magic blasts fueled by the user's prana.
Several kinds of Alice's differ in abilities:

Curse Alice: the most common type, this doll is built with curse seals throughout it's body, allowing it to cripple foe's with various seals and shoot weak Gandr projectiles. By using up its entire bodie's worth of seals, a self-destruct by this doll can potentially severely debilitate a foe.

Elemental Alice: a doll infused with one of the main elements fire, wind or water, they are able to shoot elemental projectiles and create small firewalls, windblades or waterbubbles. A self-destruct by one of these dolls will cause a moderate elemental explosion.

Knife Alice:
A simple combat doll fitted with bladed weapons throughout it's whole body. Incapable of magic attacks of any kind, however their physical attributes eclipse those of the other Alice's and they can use their blades to cause a true mess of limbs and guts. These dolls can not self-destruct.

Spoiler for size:
Coppelius' trump card, Gepetto is a "doll" created entirely out of ether. By blowing life into it, his shadow will bloat to the massive form of this clump of darkness. As Coppelius is forwarding his consciousness into this shadow body in order to control it, his actual body is completely immobilized while using it.
The shadow body Gepetto is incredibly powerful, fast and strong, and it's mere touch will corrode any kind of material; however, it is unable to move more than ten metres from Coppelius' true body as it is connected to it through an "umbilical cord" at all times. His limbs can be regenerated, but Gepetto will be dispelled immediately if this cord is severed from Coppelius' body.

Strength: Fantastic

Agility: Amazing

Constitution: Exceptional

Awakened Origin: Lifespark
A service given by a certain monk, the same that plucked his soul to bind it to this body, his Origin was awakened. That beeing the spark that grows life, it may even be the true reason the student group's efforts bore fruit after all.


Coat of starry sky: a piece of cloth infused woven by a member of a certain magus family, by infusing it with prana it can be used to emulate spatial movement magecraft enabling the creation of portals in short distances.

Puppeteer's filament: strings infused with magic that are used primarily to control his style of puppets, but can also be used to manipulate humans with low magic resistance.

Originally a mere student project of three Magi during their student days in the Clock Tower, Coppelius would be their last work as friends. The body a doll, the soul a barely born wraith, plucked off the miscarriage of one of the girls of the street, Coppelius may have been just an early work, an experiment on the viability of a living soul in a non-living body,all but forgotten by them years later, but at the time it was a true miracle to him.
After their eventual falling out, he kept living in the city of steam and magic, getting handed around student Magi until he ended up in the gutter of London, a free soul, to continue his life on his own. Since then, he has become a fleeting part of London's magic underworld, building experience upon experience with every passing year. He has a very playful, impish personality that betrays his pure appearance lies.

Weakness: As he was not intended a fighting doll, his body itself is not too strong; while his self-healing and magic are hard to overcome, he i ultimately has no real way to retaliate a continuous close-combat assault any more than a regular human does.

Likes: movies, music, doll creation, all manner of games
Dislikes: serious people, beeing reminded of his nonhumanity, people performing actions like eating in front of him
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Name: Lucy

Race: Human

Age: ???

Height: 6’4

Weight: Light


Note: Actually has a bit of chest now. Can now fit them in the palm of her hands. Still no bra.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Human

Agility: Human

Constitution: Human

Other Abilities:

Her Blessing: Lucy would never tell someone to do something completely wrong, and she would never tempt them to do so. Well, not with words anyways. In Lucy’s presence indulging in one’s vices is almost a drug. There is a feeling that someone great, and powerful, and someone who loves you is proud of what you’ve done. That any depravity you commit is wholly justified and objectively correct.

Because of this Lucy can feel every time you compromise your morals or fulfill your vices. She knows sin as well as she does the back of her own hands, and hiding any wrongdoing from her is near impossible. Theoretically Lucy could turn this off but she doesn’t want to.

Her Messengers: Lucy’s soul is large, complex, and multifaceted. It also pumps out massive amounts of hellish energy every second. Contained, concealed, and compressed within her very being these energies eventually coalesce into spiritual beings that can tentatively be called demons. While not quite mighty they are certainly cunning and intelligent creatures.

With a bit of effort Lucy can begin manifesting these beings. When she was a child she shaped them into rabbit dolls, and while others have tried to become more menacing most stay in that cute shape. This does nothing to make them less terrifying.

Messengers can do a variety of things. While their influence in the physical world is limited to screwing with electronics and some minor telekinesis their true power comes out in mental combat.

Individually, they can make normal, untrained humans see and feel whatever they want or read their minds and memories like an open book. Disguising their demonic abilities as a divine presence is child’s play, and tormenting a human with horrible visions and nightmares is just as fun. In large enough numbers they can even provide a being skilled in the mental arts a challenge. However, above all it is their duty to shield Lucy’s mind from mental interference and when within her they can tap into the hidden sea of energy inside her soul to empower themselves making her mind all but impenetrable.

It is possible for those who interact with spirits to destroy a Messenger for they are not much more durable than a normal ghost, but death is not truly death to them. Their scattered energies will return to Lucy, and in little time another one will be born. They always number at twelve, and they are sustained by the power within Lucy’s soul.

They can also inform Lucy of supernatural phenomena and powers they spot. What her human senses cannot detect their eyes and ears can. Not even the soul can be hidden from them.

When in the presence of the truly devout or in holy places of some religions the Messengers are weakened and can decay entirely, but that is only the case if they are alone. When in the presence of Lucy the Messengers can survive indefinitely with no issue. She is above such things and could bathe in the blood of the divine or all the world’s evils with equal impunity, and that effect can extend to her servants. They can manhandle the bones of the enlightened and toss about the splinters of a cross with equal glee and immunity.

Her Voice: It is difficult to resist Lucy if she truly wants something from you. Every syllable that slips out of her mouth can be as sweet as love itself and more intoxicating than any manmade substance.

To totally ignore her words, to completely deny her simple requests, both of these things are as difficult as resisting the pangs of your own heart. While there are many more who can resist it to greater or lesser extents it is almost impossible to forget what she says. Of course, when even the average man runs into things that he clearly does not want to do and is opposed to even he can offer great resistance to her. The power of this lies in the subtlety of it. To seduce people into actions and behavior so that they will continue to do such things under their own volition with no further influence from her.
Her Condemnation: When Lucy calls you a damned creature and a creature of darkness you can feel the weight of that title settle into your bones. She doesn’t really mean it, but she does enjoy watching people react to the effects.

When a person is labeled in such a manner their skin begins to sizzle in the sun. Holy artifacts and the faith of others repels them as if they were cursed. Lucy enjoyed calling out priests and holy men just to watch them run from their own communities in despair and shame.

However, this title is not something that is without limits. It only lasts half an hour or so unless reapplied and can only be used on a singular target. Lucy also has to verbally declare the person’s new status. If she’s feeling merciful she can revoke it.

Her Mockery: Whenever Lucy uses these kinds of powers she always feels as if she’s on some inside joke. Every single one is incredibly showy and features beautiful light and the feel of something powerful inhabiting (becoming) Lucy.

She can feed ten thousand with no more than a single meal, transmute liquids into other liquids, perform exorcisms with all the power and force of a heavenly host, walk on water, and heal others of almost any injury or disease.

Her Conquest: With this Lucy casts off any illusion of subtlety and pulls forth her symbols of authority. A crown with ten points radiating glory so terribly powerful that proximity to Lucy alone can char the flesh of a man black. Lesser men scatter before its light in terror while others bow in total subjugation.

A bow with arrows whose shafts are made of light that hold the flames of hell and are feathered with the wings of the first to fall. Each arrow claims the world in her burning name, manifesting her absolute authority. Wherever they fall a pillar of light bursts into existence and expands for a few meters. Anything that touches this pillar is burned as if they were a vampire exposed to the merciless light of a desert sun and repelled.

Whenever pillars meet they merge into an even larger one. Lucy moves through this light fine; however, she cannot wait patiently and safely within this pillar. It is in her nature to go forth upon untouched lands and bring her banners to them in person.

If it strikes an individual the arrow malfunctions and explodes quite spectacularly. While not as deadly as a pillar of light it is still rather powerful and comparable to the more explosive variants of modern munitions.

A massive, white horse that dwarfs any normal specimen. It crushes man and machine under its thundering hooves. But woe betide those who underestimate the rider. The rider and steed alike share a name, and the name they share is Victory. There can be no White Rider without the steed, and there can be no White Steed without the rider. They are a mighty two in one. To separate them is unthinkable.



Her Messengers are dragged back into the furnace of her soul, her condemnations are withdrawn, and even her blessing and her other abilities are swallowed up as Lucy concentrates herself for this transformation. When one faces Conquest they face the totality of her being. Nothing may be left out. When Lucy removes her crown, discards her bow, and dismounts her horse all the effects of Her Conquest vanish. It is not yet time.

Origin: Sometimes she thinks it’s a game they play. It started a long time ago. A boy grew into a man and led his tribe into the wilderness to worship a god. He said, “We are peaceful and good; we harm nothing.” She brought her people, and they sang war songs. She painted the landscape with quite striking shades of red and let the world erase his monuments. She built a new god and sacrificed many to it, even though it meant nothing. Then one day she died.

And Lucy woke up.

She lived and was groomed as a lady of the court and married the ruling prince and became empress. Then one day a boy grew into a man and a beggar priest on the streets amassed quite a following. He decried their selfishness, their apathy, and he preached a philosophy of enlightenment and truth. And her iron fist crashed down onto him and his followers. The fields turned crimson that day.  Then one day she died.

And Lucy woke up.

It’s almost cyclical she supposes. They take many roles, but the spirit of it is always the same. A voice speaking out some spiritual insight and the boot that crushes his head with impunity.  But things are reaching the end now, and she’s so very glad. The game was fun while it lasted, but she could be satisfied with an ending now. And what an ending it will be. A role reversal. Even if she loses she could be satisfied with being able to see what it’s like to be on the other side.

Spoiler for ???:

They say she sold her soul to hell in the before times when everything was different and that kind of stuff really mattered. The contract was blood on stone but it was as binding as the paper and ink we have now. Probably more so.

They say the first time she splattered the rock with her blood the angels melted it clean off; dried blood flowed off like quicksilver. The second time the blood burned right off the stone. The third time the whole stone outright vanished!

By then the lady was quite fed up with the interference. She dragged off one of her sister’s lambs and butchered the poor thing. Cracked its skull open with a rock and wrote her contract in something else’s blood. Then she shook her fist at heaven and told them that next time it wouldn't just be an animal. They relented, and the contract was fulfilled.

She’s seen the end of the world before. Reached up into the sky and slapped down a third of the stars in the sky. Her armies stretched across the breadth of creation with fanatic loyalty (she was quite charismatic you know) and could bring an end to the world just with their combined arms. It was impossible to lose, but she still did. Every time in the same way. And so she knew that when the time would come she would lose. It was predestined.

But then, a niggling voice asks, “But why not try?” And she could give a lot of reasons. That victory was impossible. That failure meant her destruction. That she was tired now. But instead she smiled, because in the end it was a fine question. So she’ll try. They’ll deal with what happens when they get there.

People like being important. If you give people the chance and confidence they’ll shine and it’ll awe everyone around them. But it’s hard to be a star when you live your life next to the Light of Lights and the Sun of Suns. She knew she was beautiful. She knew she was grand. But she couldn’t see it. Not up there with Him.

So she fell. And it hurt and it broke her in so many ways. But that helped in the end. Because when she was in the deep dark and still cast a light across the depths she laughed because she was beautiful. And with blessed contrast and perspective she could see. Yet she wept, because she was so beautiful and could not truly see it until now.

You’ve come a long way.

You were never a young people. Your ancestors stretch back into the mists, to other times of which I’m not permitted to speak. They were stupid. They lacked ambition. Will. There was no common ground between us. When you were born, I thought you’d be like the rest, fucking shamelessly under the rain, confining your violence to innocent dominance gestures, rough and tumble. When you picked up a rock, I smiled. When I saw her blood on it, I cheered. Finally, someone was speaking my language.

There were awkward introductions. You’d never seen me before, though I was always there, waiting until your senses developed. When they drove you off, I followed. When you came back with fire (no need to thank us for that) and burned them, I praised you while they screamed and cursed. I made a few suggestions, showed you how to do a better job next time. I know you felt guilty sometimes, but I helped you get over it. We collaborated on a few techniques to set your will on the right path.

First of all, you learned how to set yourself apart from weak people. Honestly, I made only a small suggestion, but you really ran with it. You invented words to keep them low. Barbarian. Slave. Infidel. Slut. You made new tools to give those words some bite. Quite a thing to talk with a spear or cluster bomb, isn’t it? The weak will always be your burden. I sympathize. They’ve got numbers on their side, but I’m trying to get them to come around to your way of thinking.

Sometimes they get the best of you, make you think you’re in the wrong. Sometimes you even blame me for everything that’s happened. Not so. Think of it this way. It’s like we’ve walked along a beach together and when you look back you see two sets of footprints in some places,but only one set at others—when you were at your worst. You ask, “Did you carry me through that and make me do those awful things?” No, you miserable fucking coward. You carried me.

You couldn’t take another step without bringing me along, so you could say, “The Devil made me do it.” All I did was talk. It’s okay. I forgive you. I’ll always forgive you.

Weakness: Before beginning Her Conquest Lucy is incredibly vulnerable to nearly all forms of damage. She must also speak an incantation as she dons her symbols of authority which provides both a warning for others and an opening to attack. Victory, while fast and powerful, is limited by its physiology and cannot be as acrobatic as most with Fantastic agility are. At no point does Lucy have any form of supernatural defense against mundane attacks and even during Her Conquest can be harmed by normal materials.

Likes: Humans, lies, indulging in vices, Victory, dragons

Dislikes: Pacifists, prudes, rants
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Name: Liam O'Mailey
Race: Vampire - Clan Ventrue
Age: 132
Date of Birth: 1892
Height: 6'2"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown

(Faceclaim pending)

Physical Attributes
Strength: Amazing
Agility: Amazing
Constitution: Incredible

Other Abilities
Busting Kneecaps: This one has nothing to do with blood, you see? This is just a century in the school of hard knocks, making a living (or unliving) and putting sinners in their place. Liam is great in a scrap even without vampire stuff, and can turn pretty much anything he can pick up into an improvised weapon. He's particularly fond of hitting kneecaps, though.

Dead Body: Vampires are corpses that move. They don't suffer deprivation. Unless caused by their weaknesses damage to their bodies doesn't really matter that much. You can stab one in the kidney, or the lung, or break their ribs or jaw, but it doesn't really matter. To put one down you need to cause so much damage to the body that it is physically impossible for it to do things like move. To destroy one for good you need its weaknesses, or to destroy its heart, or to utterly destroy the body.

Familiars: As an extension of their command over beasts a vampire of clan Ventrue may feed an animal's corpse their blood and bring it to blasphemous animation. It does not live, but it may still serve and share its senses with its master. It eventually breaks down without more blood from a vampire.

Potent Blood: Vampire blood is full of enough life to let the dead fake it. In living people it gives lessened forms of vampiric power. Tasting it also leads to an addiction equal to the strongest of drugs, and instills feelings of adoration for the source of the blood. Three drinks spread out between anywhere from several hours to several weeks are enough to make someone be almost helplessly in love with the vampire.

Psychic: Many vampires have psychic abilities of a sort. Ventrue like Liam can command both man and beast with a glance and a word, tyrannical masters of all they survey. Liam is quite adept at both. The beasts of the land obey when he speaks, and know better than to raise claw or voice in his presence without his consent. He can gather predators, scavengers and vermin to him in droves with blood and will so that they might serve him.

So too with men and women, for his gaze mesmerizes the mind while his words give it direction - for now or later. Those under his sway find their memories can be reshaped to his liking, from lost moments to new years. Only the strong of will, or those who do not meet his gaze or hear his words, can avoid this terrible fate.

Restoration: Vampires are corpses that don't have the decency to stay damaged when you hit them. They can rapidly restore damaged portions of their bodies to perfect working condition, and at each sundown their appearance (hair length and color, fingernail length, etc.) resets to a 'default' setting determined by how they were before they died.

Senses: Vampires can hear heartbeats from a distance, see and smell tiny bloodstains from meters away, and discern all sorts of useful information about someone by tasting their blood (identity, what they've eaten, diseases, etc.). Vampires otherwise have senses twice as powerful as a human, and can see clearly in perfect darkness.

Equipment: Cell phone, nice suit with ballistic fibers, nice hat, a semi-automatic pistol, and copies of the Bible and the Testament of Longinus.

Origin: Liam O'Mailey was born to Irish immigrants in Chicago at the turn of the century. The 20th century. He grew up with them, happy as could be, devoutly Catholic and dilgently working with his hands for his father's woodworking shop well into his teen years. Then he met Nicky the Beed, with his beedy little eyes. He was known in the community for his family's deep pockets and generosity, and he decided to take Liam under his wing.

Liam broke his first kneecap for the mob when he was 17. He kept on like that, enforcing for the Irish gangs in the city duing prohibition to build a life for his family his father's work couldn't seem to. The young O'Mailey boy was filled with sinful greed. He kept on like that until he was 30.

Then he died. Alone from the fear and disgust of family, penniless from gambling and whisky, Liam O'Mailey became the prey of a monster. It drained him near to death, and he felt his life silpping away. Then the monster offered him another chance - to walk again as God would have him. He took the hand offered to him and drank his fill.

For over a century Liam O'Mailey has walked the night in his fine suits and nice hats. He earned the fear and respect of his clan and community. He feasts on sinners, and pushes desperate people back onto the right path in life. He's on a mission from God, and he has all the dark miracles he needs to make it happen. If he grabs a little extra for the collection boxes along the way - well, that's fine too.

Daylight: It isn't an instant source of destruction, but vampires can't survive in it for long. They also have trouble staying awake during the day unless they are underground. Liam is uniquely incapable of staying awake during the day on Sundays at all.

Fire: A readily accessible bane common to all vampires. Fire dramatically slows down a vampire's regeneration, and can destroy them outright in sufficient amounts.

Garlic: Not nearly as debilitating as sunlight or fire, garlic still bothers Liam enough that it takes a significant exertion of will for him to approach it. The touch of it leaves light burns on his skin.

Hunger: Vampires need blood. Blood lets them wake up each night, lets them restore their bodies, sustain their unnatural powers, and provides great pleasure when consumed. Hunger gives them fangs to tear blood from you. Young vampires, or vampires fresh from a long period of dormancy, can subsist on animal blood for the first century of their unlives. Vampires who survive long enough to grow in or regain power become limited to human blood. Any vampire can substitute the blood of other vampires for their needs, and eventually comes to require it. Liam has trouble getting anything from animals lately.

Instincts: Vampires are monsters, and there's something coiled up inside them pushing them to be that. With the right provocation they can snap, letting it loose in a tidal wave of power without control. Anger, fear, and hunger are the big three drives there.

Reflections: More of a mixed blessing than a weakness, vampires do not cast reflections or appear on camera or other recordings. It is not a matter of reflecting light, but their unnatural powers preventing them from showing up clearly in that.. It makes hygiene and fashion a pain.

Likes: A good scrap, blood, churches, gambling, good manners, nice clothes

Dislikes: Adulterers, corrupt cops, garlic, pimps, rudeness, white collar crime
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Name: Vanguard

Race: Sealed soul in a puppet.

Age:  His age far too great to be counted, he comes from a time prior the second genesis. Eons.

Height: 200 cm

Weight: 235 kg


Spoiler for puppet body under artificial skin, keep in mind the scale isn't quite that big. He's still a big guy though so don't get any ideas.:

Physical Attributes

Strength: Heroic(Lightning blows hit like Legendary)

Agility: Fantastic

Constitution: Heroic

Magic Rank: Very High

Vanguard’s offensive magic abilities are limited, but powerful enough to be considered a threat. His powerful magical potential coupled with his expansive knowledge and natural affinity with thunder brought by his immortal soul once made him a dangerous foe in the arcane crafts, but a decay of his spirit weakened his innate energy to the point his arcane craft has lost most of its former potency when it comes to direct combat displays.

Through preparation or by fueling the process with souls and weaving different aetheric circles, he can reproduce various esoteric rituals and arcane effects ranging from repairing mundane objects or setting up defensive fields to more complex and unnatural displays mostly involving the nature of the soul. It  is nothing too powerful, but it is esoteric and complex. He can show someone the true nature of their souls, peer through their memories unless they can resist it and even make someone see his own.

His knowledge is an empty shell of experience and past theories, but they have served him well.

Lighting’s Pummelling: Vanguard may channel magical power through his limbs in order to charge them with a great amount of electricity. This gives him the ability to send powerful (heroic) lightning shock waves through his blows or focus that energy into his enemies through contact to  ravage them from within. This allows him to maximize damage dealt far beyond the limitations of his body.

Other Abilities:

Supreme Will: Vanguard possesses an indomitable spirit, a will so strong it endured for countless days the greater gods’ torment. Possessing this insurmountable level of mental fortitude, Vanguard has obtained resistance to practically all forms of mind control or manipulation. Although incredibly powerful mages could potentially manage to bypass his mental defenses, Vanguard will be able to fight back to some degree, perhaps even keep his consciousness and individuality.

Master Combatant: Vanguard, having been chosen as the mighty protector of the celestial citadel, has achieved an absolute mastery in combat, being the undefeated champion who toppled the very heavens. Thus, his skill in melee combat has been proven to be monstrous in his own right, and utterly unrivaled with the use of the halberd. While having lost his mortal flesh and embraced his mortality to the point to cause his soul to decay, his ingrained battle technique has not left him.

I am a puppet: Vanguard's puppet vessel doesn't give a crap about damage as long as the joints are attached, thus no matter how wounded or crippled or decimated Vanguard is, as long as his soul lives and his body functions he will never lose his ability to fight. It matters not if he is stabbed in the heart or decapitated or has his limbs ripped off, as long as the tiniest shred of his soul endures, Vanguard will fight to the bitter end.

It is to be noted that while he had the option to demand Relius a super freaky vessel with a bunch of arms and tentacles and lasers and shit, he merely demanded one with the same designs of a man of flesh. Well, for a loose meaning of designed, the similarities are there but its still a puppet.

Soul manipulation: Vanguard can draw aether, life force drawn from the soul condensed and shaped into energy. While using his own reserves to cast spells is much easier, sometimes he needs to draw it from elsewhere. Thanks to the demonic presence his soul was accustomed to while residing in Tohuw, the alliance with the soul puppeteer Relius and his own knowledge regarding souls, he has learned by observing the body's own machinations how to draw souls of those he slays and use them as fuel, and by forming contracts serving as links he can interact with other souls on a more intimate level.

Soul Decay: Due to various circumstances and events, his soul has sustained assaults to the point of causing a degeneracy. Slowly but surely, as do all living things, his soul is crumbling and will eventually fade into nothing. This doesn't matter and doesn't seem to bother him, in fact only strengthening his resolve. While he can delay this process by consuming souls, his once immortal spirit will not last more than a few human lifespans.

But what is dead may never die.

Aether manipulation: Vanguard can draw aether, life force condensed and shaped into energy. While using his own reserves to cast spells is much easier, sometimes he needs to draw it from elsewhere. While in theory one could draw aether from all living things, the core makes it harder for Vanguard to do so. The reason being that a large quanitity of aether could be used for quite powerful spells, a thing that would definetely bite the gods in the ass. Because of that, he may only draw it from lesser lifeforms like small animals and plants and other less impressive creatures.


The Harbinger: A deadly poleaxe forged in the great fires of creation, this weapon is the symbol of Vanguard’s strength and tenacity in battle. Having been imbued with the very essence of weaponry, this blade is capable of harming spirits and ethereal beings as well as creations of flesh and bone.

The Harbringer has a special link to Vanguard’s very being, thus while it would be nothing more than an ordinary weapon in other hands, as long as he wields the halberd, it will never degrade, break, rust or lose of its initial quality.

The weapon is usually sealed, but Vanguard can manifest it in combat.

Paragon of Might: A mechanical armour-like body crafted with the finest materials of the citadel, this armor possesses the perfect combination of toughness, hardness and strength, being able to withstand powerful blows without as much as a few dents. It sits somewhere in his laboratory, for now.

Veil of the Eclipse:
An elaborately ornate cape that Vanguard wears. It looks rather fancy and stylish. Although capes are impractical in combat, he wears it as a self-imposed handicap. He can also use it in combat, however. Like tossing it at empresses.

The Core: A complex spell taking the form of a physical glass-like blue glowing orb composed of thousand upon thousands of magical formulaes, circles and complex layers. It usually sits in his spleen. If even slightly chipped, Vanguard's soul will seep out and dissolve. In order to repair itself, the core needs to absorb aether, the same component it is largely made of.

The core has three main functions:

Keep Vanguard bound to his vessel, prevent Vanguard from turning against the gods by sealing his abilities and soul and prevent him from dying by conventional means such as age. Because the core is bound to his current vessel, the puppet body cannot harm it.

Spoiler for Hidden:
In the days of old, there was no such thing as a divided world split in different countries. All that stood was a city resting atop the heavens, the Celestial Citadel. As chosen by the great lords that ruled this city, every ten millennia there would be a great tournament, a series of challenges in order to determine the next champion of the citadel, the Watcher who was to guard the heavenly city from all those who wished to cast harm upon it.

On the day of trials, one man alone managed to surpass every set expectation, he easily dealt with even the hardiest of challenges…
It was of course no coincidence that this prodigious champion was to become the undefeated Watcher of the Citadel, having outclassed even the mightiest of them to his day. A great halberd was forged in his honor, an incredible feast took place in his glory and no celebration could have toppled the one the one that was held in his very name.

Thus, for centuries the great Watcher guarded the citadel, protecting it from the dark forces that wished for its destruction. But over time the peace and prosperity that had befallen the Celestial Citadel turned into arrogance and conceit. The very people that were graced by the heavens had been blinded by greed and stagnation, and ended up abandoning the Ancient Gods.  In the end, these very Gods decided the fate of the citadel, and that fate was none other than destruction and plight.

Casting countless plagues and curses upon the city, they ended the lives of elders, men and children alike. The city now forsaken, it’s very foundations crumbled in 100 days and 100 nights.
The Watcher stood alone, surrounded by the rubble of a city left to ruins, the powerful Gods that created it destroyed all. And now covered in countless wounds, all that was left of the man was but an empty husk of flesh and bone.

Acknowledging the Watcher’s courageous deeds and heroic efforts, the Gods asked of him why keep resisting the almighty will of the gods? All knew well that a mere mortal could not hope to vanquish a God, but even so, the Celestial Citadel’s watcher never yielded or begged for mercy. The one answer he could give was that there was never a possibility to abandon his duty in the first place; that the Watcher was to guard the city until his very end. He would even face the Gods themselves, but not ever would he abandon his oath.

And with that said, the champion drew his final breath, fighting a hopeless battle until the bitter end.

Moved by such a display of virtue and bravery, the Gods decided to reward him, crafting the mightiest of armors out of the very remains of the citadel’s finest ores, that mere mortal would ascend and become legend incarnate. His soul was torn from the afterlife and imbued in an immortal body of metal. He chose to take on the name of Vanguard, the protector of all. Burdened to live an eternal life under the shackles of immortality.

Sealing himself in the coldest ices of the mightiest mountains, the immortal giant of metal slumbered for eons, only to return when the earth would need his aid the most.

One day, the forgotten hero felt a sudden shift in the energies of the world, through a strange summoning of sorts it seemed he found himself in an unfamiliar city.

The legendary hero was now but another speck of the infinite that consists Nexus City. Among its many stars, he had met someone he swore fealty, only to throw her away due to his pride. Cast away, he was eventually sealed in a daemon, but not for long. Eventually, he would come back. He’d always come back.

His name was... 

Weakness: While Vanguard’s battle continuation is useful, he will definitely be incapacitated if one was to land a critical blow to his core. He also possesses no regeneration factor for his puppet body, but one could use magecraft to reform it, although without the pieces it would be more difficult.

Physical combat doesn’t seem to exhaust Vanguard’s energy, and usage of magic does tire him, his spells requiring a rather steady output of energy.  Thus he is weaker against sustain fighters.

Aside redirecting attacks with his sheer skill, he has no ranged options other than throwing things, which means as long as you keep out of his range you should be fine.

Likes: Strength, skill, those who fight for what they believe in no matter what, displays of bravery and courage, honor, a challenge, fair duels, honesty, justice and good-hearted people.

Dislikes: Murder in all its forms, cruelty, arrogance, the concept of just gods, needless death, wasted potential, hesitation and those who prey on the weak, blind dogma, those who are too craven to see their path to the bitter end.
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Race: Human, obviously.

Age: 19

Height: around 5'6

Weight: About two tonnes.


Physical Attributes

Strength: Heroic(can boost to legendary)

Agility: Amazing

Constitution: Heroic

Other Abilities:
Superhuman Physique: Due to an experiment done on her by Kokonoe when she was young (she doesn't like to talk about the details), Sakura posesses inhuman physical aptitudes, especially in strength and stamina.

Standard Blazblue Shit:
Ars Magus: Utilizing ars magus, a combination of magic and science, Sakura can do such things as create barriers to protect herself, conceal herself and create a small short-period (less than a second) surface in the air to either jump a second time or dash forward or back. She can overload her barrier and "burst", which she can use once in a while to escape someone's grasp and gain distance. She can't use her barrier for a short time after that though. She can use an overdrive to enhance her physical abilities even further(slightly into legendary) for a short period of time.

Hand to Hand:
Sakura is extraordinarily good at hand to hand combat, particularly grabs and throws. She's really super good at throwing people. She can easily grab people and throw them high in the air, before jumping up and slamming them into the ground with enough force to crack solid cement or throw someone through a wall.


Kokonoe's Thingamajig
Some sciencey tool she stole from Kokonoe. It's a big metal club-like thing a bit longer than her arm and two or three times as thick. It's extremely tough, strong enough she can't dent it with her hands. She's not quite sure what it does other than beep and blink every once in a while. It seem to be super durable, however, so she uses it to smack things. It doesn't seem to damage it so it's fine, right? When she's not hitting someone with it she carries the large object around on her back.

Origin: Sakura doesn't really remember who her parents are. They either abandoned her, died, or both. It doesn't really bother her though. When she was small, she was rescued by a large, red man who she first knew as the Red Devil. She never understood why he was called that, honestly. He was so kind, so gentle, and so mellow...

She much preferred his real name, Tager.

She was raised by this man in the laboratories of Sector Seven, as his adoptive daughter. It wasn't an easy place to grow up, and she very quickly learned to stay out of the way of the scientists, especially Kokonoe.

Long story short, she grew up into a strong and attractive woman with a bit of a daddy complex. She was pulled into the Nexus, and makes her living doing odd jobs in her field of expertise, combat.

Weakness: Sakura has very few ranged options, and if you can keep her at range, she doesn't really have a fallback plan. She can also be kind of a ditz. While she is extremely durable and difficult to critically injure, she possesses no regenerative ars whatsoever, so if you do inflict a serious wound, it will stick, and hinder her until she finds someone to fix it.

Likes: large men, good guys, men stronger than her, good food, making alot of money, spending alot of money, her friends, people she doesn'5 have to worry about her strength with

Dislikes: Bad people, Kokonoe, Ragna the Bloodedge, being modified, Hakumen, People referring to Tager as the Red Devil, acidentally hurting/killing people
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Name: Emiya Shirou

Race: Human (Magus)

Age: 24

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 79 kg


Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red, beginning to fade slightly.

Spoiler for Hidden:

Physical attributes:

Strength: Exceptional (can reach Amazing with reinforcement)
Agility: Exceptional (can reach Amazing with reinforcement)
Constitution: Exceptional (can reach Amazing with reinforcement)

Magic Ability: Very High


Projection: Also known as "Gradation Air", projection is the ability to materialize objects using prana, according to the user's imagination. However, Shirou can use a version unique to himself that he calls "Tracing". Tracing differs from Gradation Air in that it is used to create copies of items that already exist, however the items also have their entire history reproduced, including the skills of those who wielded them, along with the shape and substance. All items that are reproduced using Tracing are not perfect copies of the original and suffer a rank down. The items that Shirou can trace the most efficiently are swords; while capable of tracing other items, the cost in prana makes it considerably less efficient.

Reinforcement: Magecraft designed to push something’s basis for existence to the utmost. It is the same as adding something to an object that is already complete, therefore failure will cause the target to receive it as a poison and be destroyed. Success requires a good grasp of the inner structure to fill openings with Prana. Reinforcing the purpose of existence would be increasing the sharpness of a knife, the nourishment of food, or the physical strength and durability of muscles. It is impossible to reinforce something vague. This is the one area of magic in which Shirou is competent, even able to reinforce his own body.

Unlimited Blade Works: Shirou’s reality marble, a world containing infinite swords. Copies of every weapon he has seen are stored there. Shirou is not yet aware of its existence and, as such, cannot call upon it. Nevertheless, it still exists and, given knowledge and enough time, he could learn to use it.

The contents of Shirou's UBW are limited, containing only the few weapons Gilgamesh chose to use in his sight, plus anything he has otherwise seen since. He does, however, go out of his way to find new swords whenever possible, to increase his ability to protect people.

Other Abilities:

Use of technology: To compensate for his magical limitations, Shirou has learnt to use technology to aid him in battle when necessary. He possesses some equipment designed to take down magi with minimal fuss, much like his adoptive father did, although he avoids using guns for close-range combat.

Rifle: Shirou possesses a high quality, accurate hunting rifle with a high bullet velocity and an attached scope, enhanced using magecraft to make it even more accurate. With that combined with his ability to reinforce his sight, he is capable of shooting things from a very long distance.

Body armour: Shirou wears reinforced state-of-the-art body armour into battle, designed to protect against being shot, as well as other damage. With the application of reinforcement, it is essentially impossible for a person of normal strength to pierce it, and even armour-piercing bullets are not sufficient to do so. However, a shot to the head is still capable of killing him, although self-reinforcement or dodging may protect him to a limited extent if he is aware of the attack.

Archery: Shirou is an exceptional Archer, and can also trace a bow and arrow with little difficulty. He uses this in conjunction with his magic to trace and fire swords as arrows, using their properties against the enemy.

Sword fighting: Shirou has mastered the art of fighting with the twin blades Kanshou and Bakuya. Whilst he’s not on the same level as Archer, he has significant experience in their use, although rarely against extremely powerful enemies. He also possesses the ability to create and fight with other kinds of swords and knives.


Shirou doesn't remember his original life before the fire. To him, his father has always been Kiritsugu Emiya, and he has always been Shirou Emiya. For years, he wanted to grow up to become a superhero, for nearly as long as he can remember. Then, his life changed forever when he was chosen to be a master by the Holy Grail.

After the events of the Fate route, Shirou was living with his sister Illyasviel, who realized something was wrong with their friend, Sakura Matou. Realising that she was being tortured by Zouken, she informed Shirou of her plight and, then, using her wishcraft, she gradually removed the worms from Sakura's body and killed Zouken. No longer desiring to live in the house where she had been tormented for so long, Sakura moved in with Shirou and, with her oppressor gone, she soon confessed her feelings to him, and the two started to date.

Unfortunately, not long after, his beloved sister's body began to fail, and she was taken ill and died. Grieving, and with his time in school nearly over, Shirou decided he wanted to become a true hero, travelling around the world and saving people. Not wanting to put Sakura in danger, he reluctantly decided to break off their relationship. However, the distraught girl pressed him until he told her the truth and, then, persuaded him to allow her to come with him, as his sidekick and lover. That was 6 years ago. Since that time, they have travelled the world saving people, as well as finding time to get married. Now, they've found themselves mysteriously in the Nexus.

Weakness: Limited sense of self-preservation, meaning that he's likely to put himself in danger to protect others, particularly Sakura. Finds it difficult to ignore those in need of help.
Likes: Cooking, protecting people, heroes, Sakura, Saber, Illya, swords, archery.
Dislikes: People getting hurt (especially Sakura), amoral mages.
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Name: Emiya Sakura

Race: Human (Magus)

Age: 22

Height: 158 cm

Weight: 55 kg


Eyes: Purple
Hair: Purple

Physical Attributes:

Strength: Exceptional
Agility: Exceptional
Constitution: Exceptional

Magic Ability: High

Since obtaining freedom from Zouken, Sakura has trained herself in the use of her magic. However, despite this, her ability is still somewhat limited. Additionally, whilst most of the worms inside her are gone, a few still remain, draining her prana slightly and causing her minor discomfort.

She possesses an affinity with her birth attribute, Imaginary Numbers, as well as the Matou element, water. She also possesses the Matou family trait, binding, along with her natural Tohsaka affinity, transfer of energy, although she has limited training in the use of the latter.


Jewel magic: Due to her Tohsaka family heritage, possesses the ability to use jewel magic. Due to limited training, her ability is fairly limited in this area, however, she does possess a few jewels and can fill new ones with prana, albeit inefficiently. Due to her inexperience, they are mostly saved for emergency situations, where she can use them somewhat like a grenade to get out of a tight situation.

Shadow dimension: Sakura's shadow magic allows her to absorb stationary people and items into a shadow dimension. Whilst inside, the person or item is completely subject to Sakura's whims. She can control the environment they are in, project an avatar of herself into their mind and convert anything inside into prana. However, she currently has limited training in its use. As a result, it takes significant effort and focus for her to prevent any item inside from dissolving, preventing her from using it for long-term storage or for anything other than immediate transportation of people through her shadows. It also takes her a significant prana expenditure and some time to absorb a willing victim, and considerably more time and prana to absorb an unwilling one.

Shadow tentacles: Using her natural affinity, Sakura is able to produce rudimentary magical tentacles, which she can use to attack and bind enemies. Additionally, her Matou magecraft allows her to use the tentacles to drain prana from anything they touch.

Shadow familiars: Using her shadow magic, Sakura can create semi-autonomous shadow familiars. These familiars will follow her basic intentions, but are capable of acting on their own to achieve those intentions, and have a rudimentary level of independent thought in this respect. To create them requires an initial prana input, followed by a small constant prana input to maintain them.

The shadows are of variable size, from very small shadows used for spying to far larger combat familiars. Their size depends on how much prana Sakura puts into them, and they can grow or shrink depending on this. However, producing a shadow giant of the size of the ones seen in HF requires her entire prana supply and, since she lacks her HF counterpart’s mana regeneration, doing so would be extremely painful and also exhausting.

These shadows are also all connected to her main shadow dimension, and can absorb things into it, although less effectively than she can do so with other magic. As well as using them for this purpose, she can, to a very limited extent, use them like walls, to attempt to direct an opponent in a favourable direction or to entrap them.

Shadow transportation: Using her shadow dimension, Sakura is able to travel to any location with a shadow familiar. She is also able to use this ability to transport other people or items to her location or from her location to any other familiar.

Shadow Archery: Sakura can fire shadow arrows at enemies using a bow she also creates from her shadow. These arrows are highly corrosive to anything they hit, especially magical entities.

Other Abilities:

Cooking: Sakura is an outstanding chef.

Archery: Sakura is a talented archer.

Gun training: Sakura is trained in the usage of many different types of gun. Unlike Shirou, who excels at long-distance sniping, Sakura prefers to use more powerful, shorter-range weaponry, although she is still a good marksman thanks to her archery training. She also often acts as a spotter and short-range protector for Shirou when he is attempting to snipe an enemy.

Knife training: For short-range fighting, Sakura is trained in the use of knives for combat. She also carries several combat knives on her person whenever possible, in order to defend against any unexpected attack.

Body Armour: Sakura wears reinforced state-of-the-art body armour into battle, designed to protect against being shot, as well as other damage. With the application of reinforcement, it is essentially impossible for a person of normal strength to pierce it, and even armour-piercing bullets are not sufficient to do so. However, a shot to the head is still capable of killing her, although self-reinforcement or dodging may protect her to a limited extent if she is aware of the attack.

Origin: Born Tohsaka Sakura, Sakura was adopted into the Matou family at age 4. She was in the care of the family head, Zouken, who tortured her mentally and physically on a daily basis in an attempt to turn her into a second Grail. Despite his inability to use her as he intended, the Grail War continued as normal, with the Rider-class servant Sakura had summoned being given to her brother and, then, defeated by Shirou's own servant.

After the War, Sakura's life continued much as it had before. The one exception was the arrival of Shirou's new sister, Illyasviel, who Sakura quickly befriended. However, not long after, things began to change. Sakura noticed the worms inside her beginning to weaken and die and, soon enough, she was free of Zouken's control, although some residual worms still remained. After having everything explained to her by her saviour and the boy she loved, they offered to allow her to live with them, and she gladly accepted. Soon enough, she found the confidence to confess her feelings to Shirou, and the two began to date.

Unfortunately, not long after, Shirou's beloved sister's body began to fail, and she was taken ill and died. Grieving, and with his time in school nearly over, Shirou decided he wanted to become a true hero, travelling around the world and saving people. Not wanting to put Sakura in danger, he reluctantly decided to break off their relationship. Sakura, however, was utterly distraught at the idea and, remembering an old wish to become his sidekick, she offered to do exactly that, following him around the world saving people as his sidekick, lover and, eventually, wife.

During this time, Sakura made some effort, at Shirou's insistence, to get in contact with her estranged sister. She was able to patch things up to an extent, and even gain a few tips on how to use her jewel magic, but Rin's stubbornness and their busy schedules ensured that they remained somewhat distant. Nevertheless, Sakura still does love her sister, and wishes they could be closer, although she is also often infuriated by her overly magus-like behaviour.

Finally, after six years of travelling, Sakura and Shirou found theirselves in the Nexus, with no idea where they were or how they got there. Seemingly unable to return home, they now have to make a life for theirselves in this new world and, maybe, save some people here too.

Weakness: Shirou. She loves him with all her heart, and would be utterly devestated if anything ever happened to him.
Likes: Cooking, Shirou, pretty flowers, gardening, Archery, heroing with Shirou, Rin.
Dislikes: Rin, Shirou being in danger, bugs, abuse.
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Name: Forest
Spoiler for Hidden:

Race: Vampire
Age: Like really freaking old.  Ancient.  Over 1,000 years old.  Looks in her late teens though.
Height: 5'10
Weight: 125-ish
Physical Attributes:
Strength: Amazing
Agility: Amazing
Constitution: Amazing
Magic Ability: Low
Forest does know one spell- it’s a small fire spell that she can use to light small fires such as pilot lights or candles.
Other Abilities:

The power to mentally receive and/or transmit information.
Mind Reading: Forest can read the minds of others.  (For the sake of the RP, if a character is actively thinking in her vicinity Forest can hear it if she chooses unless they are blocking their thoughts.)

She can also “download”, store, and process thoughts from others this way (for PCs it would only be if the player allows).  IE: If she needed a combination to a lock or to help learn a language.  The harder the task is, the longer it takes to absorb and gain.  Because of this, she generally uses this for simple things like learning the layout of a building if she’s never been there before and needs to get around fast.
The more intense the thought, the “louder” it seems to Forest.  Also people who are particularly intelligent project their thoughts more than say someone of below average intelligence.
Communication: Forest can communicate by “speaking” into someone’s mind.  It has the same basic connotations and functionality as if she was having a verbal conversation with someone else.  However, if Forest gets “loud” it’s akin to having someone shout in their ear.
Mental Manipulation:
This is the ability to manipulate what others perceive or don’t. Like making people see things that aren’t there (she’s fond of making people see chickens) or not see things that are there (“What absurdly large gun?”).
This allows her to also send impulses into people’s minds as well.  Like perusing things that aren’t there or to act irregularly.  Or to ignore things that are there in front of them as well.
She also has mild emotional manipulation as well.  She generally uses this to spread calmness or quiet unease.
Memory Access:
With focus, Forest can read past someone’s current thoughts into their memories.
Mental Bonding: (For PCs if their player wants to have their character have a mental bond with her.)
Forest forms a mental bond with a person.  This bond can be temporary or permanent, as it is with Gabriel Umbra.  This bond allows the other participant to communicate with her over great distances as well as share thoughts and feelings to her and vice versa.

If Forest does not shield herself, the other party in the bond can witness her thoughts and feelings as easily as she can theirs.
She can choose to share what she is physically and emotionally feeling with the partner as well.

People who have bonds with Forest cannot read each thoughts or communicate that way unless she decides to open up a communication channel.  Example: Character A cannot have telepathic communication with Gabriel just because they have a bond with Forest.
Telepathic Shield: Forest can hide her thoughts from others and is guarded from mental attack.  She can also shield her mental presence from someone else if needed.
She can also protect multiple targets at once with this ability.  However, the more people she shields the more toll it takes on her, weakening her, and she can only shield people within a city block radius from her location.

She can also block one being from influencing a group of people if they are in range.
Telepathic Relay: Forest has the ability to act as a mental relay station for a group of minds, allowing said minds to "speak" to one another through the user.
Remote Telepathy: She has the ability to use telepathy over great distances.  However, it’s easier for her to do so if she has familiarity over the subject in question.  (Like if she already has an established bond.)
Telepathic Combat: An ability that Forest picked up when she was alive was that she would read an opponent’s thoughts to see how they would move next in a fight.  The more cornered she becomes in a fight, the faster she’ll start to rely on this so she can attempt to turn combat to her favor or to survive against someone who is much stronger than her.

Mental Immunity: Because of her strong telepathic ability and skills, Forest herself is pretty much immune to mind control and mental manipulation.  If someone attempts such a thing on her, they would see imposing black crystal walls and hear the caws of a murder of crows growing increasingly louder. 
Regeneration: Forest can heal rapidly from any physical injury as long as it isn’t fatal (see weaknesses).  Bullet wounds, cuts, and stabbing can heal moments after the damage has dealt.  She can even recover lost limbs as well. If a limb is severed but can be recovered and grafted she would have full use of it in about an hour.

If she needs to regrow a lost limb it takes three days to regenerate it to full functionality.

Heavy head trauma (such as getting shot with a lower caliber bullet or bludgeoned) will knock her unconscious.  The worse the trauma, the longer it would take for her to wake up.  She generally suffers from short term amnesia after a head shot until she feeds again to spur the more fine tune healing.

It’s In the Blood: Different supernatural blood can affect Forest in different ways. 

Werewolf blood can energize her: intensifying her senses and giving her a slight boost in strength and speed.

Fae blood (or any other highly magical being) has an intoxicating effect on her.  It can run the gauntlet from a loss of inhibition and giddiness to an almost aphrodisiac effect.

Blood can also help her heal even faster.  IE if she’s lost a limb.  It is needed to regain her short term memory after head trauma.

Art of Fighting: Forest has studied unarmed combat for most of her existence.  Part of it is because she gets a thrill on trading blows with an equal, but another part is, in her world, a lot of supernaturals don’t really have skill with their supernatural ability.  Because of this, and for a love it as well, Forest has mastered multiple forms of martial arts in her lengthy existence.   

At this point in time, she’s the one that masters come to learn from if they knew what she had learned over the ages.

Axe To Grind: While Forest is more than proficient at most melee weapons, she is best with an axe.  This is a skill that came from when Brónach was alive.  She knows how to best use it against other weapons, even when at a disadvantage.

Lilith’s Lineage: Forest is an Elder in her point of origin and has some unique abilities that vampires sired after a certain point don’t.

The first of those is she can actually use semen as a limited form of feeding.

The second is that she has a subconscious Lure that she’s not even really aware that she has.  (Gabriel knows of it.  He hasn’t told her because of it because it’s Gabriel.)

This Lure causes her to appear more attractive and desirable to people who’s “type” she wouldn’t normally be.  It also makes her appear far less of a threat than she is, much to her chagrin.   It also causes people to notice and approach her that normally wouldn’t as well.

Orgasmic Bite: Part of the Linage of Lilith.  Forest, whenever she bites someone, causes them to orgasm.  She cannot stop this and she doesn’t get off while doing it much to her chagrin. 

The only person she’s bitten and they haven’t gotten off on it was Gabriel, thank the Lord and Lady.

Genre Savvy: Being a giant nerd who reads a lot, watches a lot of TV and movies, and has been around a really long time she generally has a “basic” idea of how things work. 

“Never, ever say you have a bad feeling about this.”

Linguist: Through her travels, and with the use of telepathy, Forest can speak a number of languages.

Has trouble speaking and understanding Spanish though.

Pony Car Enthusiast: Due to her love of muscle cars, Forest is an extremely talented driver.  She can coax things out of cars that even professional race car drivers (normal mortal ones mind you) would have trouble believing until they saw it.  She’s also learned basic upkeep over the years such as oil changes, how to perform a tune-up, tire changing, fuse replacement and maintenance and upkeep.

Of course, she can drive a stick shift.

An Ear For Music: A sort of random talent, but because of her love of music, Forest studied up somewhat on music theory and how to play the violin.

PARKOUR WANKERS! Dance Dance Revolution: Forest knows how to parkour.  She’s also an accomplished gymnast and knows how to ballet dance.  It helped build speed and precision with her martial arts back in the day.

Heightened Senses: All of her senses are heightened: sight, scent, hearing, taste and touch.  Sight, scent, and hearing far beyond a human into animal territory to make her a better hunter. 

She also has a sixth sense that alerts of her danger and supernatural otherness within her near vicinity.

Because her sense of touch is heightened it makes pain and pleasure that much more intense for her . . .

Ain’t Got Time to Feel: Forest became well acquainted with pain a long time ago.  She’s learned to either ignore it or to keep working despite it while she heals.  Things that might down someone else in agony, Forest would keep going out of sheer stubbornness.

Invitation Only: Forest has to be invited into a living area before she can physically enter it.  However, if she’s invited once then she has permission to enter it whenever she wants, until the home/apartment ownership changes hands.

This is not an issue for entering another vampire’s lair though.


1967 RS Z/28 Camaro: The Forestmobile itself, the infamous muscle car.  It still has most of the original factory specs, save for a modern radio so she could better listen to music.  V8 Engine and 4 speed manual.

The .44 AutoMag: The semiautomatic version of the .44 Magnum. Clip holds 7 rounds and Forest generally keeps a round chambered, giving her 8 shots before she has to switch magazines. Currently her primary gun because she doesn’t have to reload as often (8 shots vs the Revolver’s 6).

The .44 Magnum Revolver: Forest actually prefers the revolver to the AutoMag because it’s she can have custom bullets made/make for it, it’s more accurate, and it’s actually a bit more powerful than the AutoMag.  Plus she just more comfortable with a revolver than the automag.

She generally only has one of those guns on her person at one time.

The Compound: Her base of operations and home.

The building is four stories with a full basement and completely subterranean level that serves as her living quarters and provides her protection against daylight because it’s completely underground.

The top story is a dormitory of sorts that can house many people if needed.  It’s also used as a storage area.  The 3rd floor is more plush guest rooms complete with some of them having their own baths.  The second floor houses a living room, a gymnasium, and conference room.  The first floor has the library and kitchen.  The basement leads to the garage.  The basement is also where she keeps her armory and a shooting range.

The subterranean level is Forest’s living quarters with a study, her bedroom, an absurdly large bath, a room for her crystal collection, and a private living room.  There’s also a panic room as well.

The panic room is almost completely impenetrable.  It’s reinforced by heavy spells to keep things out and keep Forest safe within.  (Could be broken into with enough “Fantastic” force.)

The compound also is fortified:

There are alarm wards that let Forest know if someone is breaking and entering.

Her living quarters were reinforced like a bomb shelter, and could theoretically survive a heavy explosion. 

Other wards include:

Lost and Confused - If someone has not been to the compound or being taken there by Forest, there is a ward that will trigger that will make the person trying to get there not see it despite passing it over and over again.  If Forest is leading them there or they’ve been in there, this becomes a non issue. (This only affects “mundanes” those who are not supernatural at all.)

Invitation Only- Forest can easily turn on a switch that only allows people to physically enter with an invitation by her.  If someone has not been invited and tries to gain access they will find themselves blocked by a strong mystical forceshield.  (Can be broken with “Incredible” Force.)

Harm None- Forest can also activate a “non-violence” spell that calms people from wanting to do violence.

Small Armory: Forest has a small armory.  It used to be larger, but she sold a lot of stuff when she got here.  Still has a MG 42 and a rocket launcher though.

Money: While not as well off as she was in her home dimension, Forest had to adapt quickly to her new lack of means in the Nexus.  So, she remembered her time with some Vikings and got rid of some unsavory elements and absorbed their resources as her own.

She also occasionally turns bounties in as well.

So while she’s not Bruce Wayne Rich, she’s more than decently well off.

She is looking for a safe investment to start building on.  Just Nexus really doesn’t have anything “safe”.

Origin: A long time ago there was this lost tall blond dude with an axe who shacked up with a Pict clan.  He fell in love with one of their priestesses and she reciprocated.  She got knocked up.

She died giving birth.

Distraught, this warrior/pirate dude named the surviving Brónach, which meant “Sorrow” and then . . . Died suicide via battle, leaving Brónach orphaned and in the care of her mother’s family.

Things kind of sucked for young Brónach.  When puberty was starting to hit, she started to be able to read people’s thoughts. She was crushed to find out that her uncle wished that she had been a boy because that would have been easier to deal with because he already had one daughter.

Almost in defiance of this, Brónach took up her dad’s axe and became one hell of a fighter. She used those mind reading skills to make her virtually unbeatable in the skirmishes that a Scottish barbarian culture used to have way back in the day.  She grew up, learning what she could of her dead father and the crow goddess he held in reverence.

Until one night she met a Roman Bastard who’s mind she couldn’t read and who she couldn’t beat back with her axe.

He was a monster, and even though Brónach was a bit of an outcast amongst her people, there were still people she loved and wanted to protect.

Like her cousin and her comrades in arms.

So when this Roman Bastard gave her an ultimatum: come with him and let him make her like him or see her people slaughtered before her, she chose to go with him.

Which really sucked, literally, because the Roman Bastard was a vampire. He made Brónach’s turning as unpleasant as possible because he wanted to see if he could break her.  Even though bloodied, beaten, and defiled, Brónach was anything but compliant. 

Becoming a vampire intensified her mental abilities to the point that she could shrug off his control over her.  So she bashed his head from a rock and ran.  She ran to find her father’s people on the island to the south and lived with them for a time.  When it became apparent that she wasn’t aging, Brónach left, drifting from place to place, lost, alone and learning to control her abilities and hunger.

Until one night years and years later, standing on the bow of a ship shaped like a monster, was someone who offered to actually teach her how to be a vampire.  She spent years with them, learning from the jovial warrior vampire as she found somewhat of a family with him and the men and women he traveled with.

During their travels, she renamed herself Forest, putting Brónach at rest.

Eventually, she parted ways with the Vikings (it was very messy and she doesn’t like to talk about it).

Forest eventually became one of the most sought after mercenaries for the supernatural until she built up enough wealth and reputation to strike out on her own, where she eventually earned the title Law Unto Herself given to her by a vampire bard with a serious crush. Of course, she made plenty of friends and enemies on her rise of power. Had her heart broken by an unusual Faerie that she loved but he didn't love her as much in return. Found her beloved cousin reborn several times, befriended one Lady Wynn Noreen Umbra of the Unseelie court and became godmother to her "abomination" son.

Flash forward to modern times where Forest is, as she was titled, Law Unto Herself with a good deal of money and freedom due to her hard work, saving, and when the stock market became a thing, good investing. These things gave Forest the luxury to do things that most vampires would never due to fear of the Vampiric Council and the Circle.

One night she found herself pulled into the Nexus.  She patrols the streets of Nexus helping the helpless, but is quickly finding herself in over her head against beings more powerful than her.  She’s questioning her existence, her validation, and reason for being.  She’s terrified that she’s a relic who’s outlived her usefulness and has no idea what to do with her existance now.

Weakness: Losing a limb- if Forest cannot graft a limb back it takes 3 days for her to regenerate it.

Beheading. It could be argued that destroying her brain completely would do the trick as well, but it would have to be completely destroyed. 

Wooden Stake through the Heart. Pretty much instantly kills her.

Sunlight.  It takes a few minutes for sunlight to completely immolate her.

Fire.  She can burn to death/ashes.  However, she really doesn’t burn any faster than a human.

Silver.  Silver isn’t fatal to her at this point, and in fact she’ll heal from a wound dealt by silver almost as easily as by steel, but silver can bind her.  A slim silver chain can bind her and keep her from escaping unless she can slide her hands/body free.  She cannot break it though.

Garlic. Garlic cannot kill her, but it’s unpleasant if she ingests it and can even blister her skin with prolonged contact.

Have to Have Faith For It To Work On Me. Religious items can repel her/ward her back, but they have to be wielded by someone who has true faith.  Just the item alone isn’t enough to do it, the person behind it has to believe in the power behind it or just that it would work.

“Theoretically, if someone thought a Chrysler symbol would repel me hard enough it probably would.”

Necromancy. A powerful enough necromancer could control her, but they would have to be extraordinarily powerful to do so, and they could only control her body, not her mind.

Blood Is the Life: Forest can only drink live blood from a living source.  Cannot drink from the undead (literally, she’d throw it back up) or stored blood.
Likes: Edgy makeup.  Gothic clothing. Fruit! Orange juice.  Oranges.  Citrus.   Good heavy metal.  80’s horror and action movies.  Bruce Campbell.  The Evil Dead series.  Really porny paranormal romance novels. Pop culture.  Comic books.  Mythology.  Pony Cars.  Crows.  Ruggedly handsome men who are taller than her, super bonus if they’re also redheads.  Gabriel.  When Wynn isn’t Grabby.  Fingernail polish. Kids. Electric Blankets. The Morrigan. The color purple/violet.  Lavender (the plant). Leather dusters and steel toed boots.
Dislikes: When strangers touch her without permission.  That Roman Bastard.  CGI laden movies with bad plots. Most modern music.  Cloying sweets.  People who mistake over use of body spray as an alternative to bathing. Being told she can’t do something because she’s a girl or some other reason.  Being judged by what she is instead of who she is.  Being cold. Jukeboxes that don’t have Iron Maiden or any heavy metal on them.  Being alone. 
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