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Name: Sakura Matou

Race: Modified Human

Age: 22

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 53 kg


Physical Attributes

Strength: Human (Exceptional with reinforcement)

Agility: Human (Exceptional with reinforcement, Incredible Reflexes)

Constitution: Human (Exceptional with reinforcement)

Magic: Very High

Sakura is a powerful magus who specializes in a variety of different types of magic, which are listed below.

Shadow Magic
Sakura’s shadow is a type of magic innate to her that she can control(she can manipulate its features but not change its properties except for deciding what it digests) as easily as breathing. She can create infinitesimally thin ribbons that move amazingly fast(Amazing) and can cut people in half with a single swipe(amazing cutting power), or create familiars that at their largest size (utilizing all her mana reserves at once to create) are gigantic, about ten meters tall, and to fire off beams that can oneshot spirits with amazing constitution. Against non spiritual beings it is far far less effective.

Furthermore, she also has access to her own pocket dimension she can use to travel in between any of her shadows instantly. She has control over the dimension, and unless used against someone with supernatural means of escape, including throwing a great deal of mana around inside or someone who is extremely strong(incredible strength or higher), she would have no issues containing somebody inside for an indefinite period of time, digesting them with her magic until there was nothing left at all. Even a stronger person(Incredible) would have to struggle a bit with it, although they’d be able to escape after about ten minutes of struggling, tops.

Finally, because of her imaginary numbers affinity, she has an innate advantage against spirits. All her shadow attacks are much more effective against anything with a spiritual nature. However, there is an upper limit to the effectiveness of her affinity, and extremely high level spirits, such as a servant, would take an attack as if it was used against a normal human.

Matou Magic
When Zouken infested her with the crest worms, it not only gave him a way to control her, but also burned the Matou crest into her, giving her access to the full repertoire of the Matou bloodline’s spells. Because of this, she has a great deal of knowledge about the art of binding,absorption, and familarcraft. Using this magic, she is, for example, able to hide any leakage of prana from her body, essentially rendering her indistinguishable from a normal human. She can also send out a bolt of magic that will, assuming it connects, drain the target of a decent amount of their mana.

Another big feature of their brand of magecraft is the usage of familiars, specifically bugs in particular. She has a legion of small bugs, ants, bees, hornets, spiders, and many others, at her command, which she can replace by growing them using nothing but her own prana. While bugs are by no means the only kind of familiar she can create, they are by far her favorite. She can even create new and terrifying species of animals that are substantially more dangerous than their natural counterparts.

Bounded Fields
Sakura has become quite good at creating bounded fields over the years, particularly from being under the tutelage of her caster class servant, Faust. Given the time, she can create enormously complicated and incredibly strong defenses that can even take a shot from an rpg barely any worse for the wear in a couple hours. Even a basic defensive field that she can throw up in a matter of minutes is powerful, capable of keeping someone with incredible strength at bay.

She is of course, capable of creating fields with purposes other than defense. She can create many different kinds of detection fields, fields that voraciously drain all mana inside them or only the mana of those she wishes it to, fields that create illusions and mask her presence, among many others.

Sakura is also fairly versed in the art of alchemy. She can of course create mundane potions to cure various ailments, but can also do much more, such as transmute one material into another. Additionally, she can use it to create magical items with a specific purpose, although to create something particularly powerful it would take months or even possibly years of constant effort.

Healing is not by any means one of her main areas of expertise, but that doesn’t mean that she is a complete novice at it either. She has a thorough knowledge of all basic healing spells, and can use her magic to quickly regenerate most damage, excluding loss of limbs or other such extreme injuries, which she would need much more time to deal with. 

Connection to the Other Side
As a result of some circumstances in her past, she has a permanent connection to the "other side" and as a result has an infinite source of mana flowing into her at all times. She has to release it via magecraft or other such methods, or else the consequences wouldn't be pretty.

Other Abilities:

Cooking Sakura is a cooking enthusiast and is as good as many chefs.


Origin: Sakura was given away to the Matou family at a young age to be raised as their heir and reach the full potential of her abilities as a magus. However, instead she was raised in a highly abusive house and tortured on a daily basis for almost a decade. During the events of the fifth holy grail war, she found freedom and lived happily with her lover, Shirou Emiya, until she was pulled into the nexus three and a half years ago. There, she met Faust and learned underneath him.

Weakness: Anybody substantially faster than her could overwhelm her easily. While she has infinite mana, she does not have infinite output, and is as such held back by the limits of her circuits.

Likes: Shirou, Jeanne, Rin, Liseth, Archer, Rider, Cooking, Experimentation, Ghost Stories

Dislikes: Vampires, Zouken, Shinji, Abstinence
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Name: Mordred Rhonwen
Race: Changeling
Age: 26
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Appearance: Her true looks, called Mien, are normally not detectable to other people (unless she is out of Glamour or they possess impressive ability to penetrate illusions), resemble a white haired redskinned girl with draconic features such as scale covered tail and reptilian crimson eyes, clad in a suit of armor.

What mortals and majority of supernaturals see as her appearance is called Mask. Her Mask looks like a blonde young adult in her early 20s, with green eyes and no traces of the armor or dragon like features.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Exceptional (up to Amazing depending on powers used)

Agility:Exceptional (up to Amazing depending on powers used)

Constitution: Exceptional (up to Amazing depending on powers used)

Magical Ability: None

Other Abilities:

To power her abilities she needs Glamour, emotional energy harvested from dreams and emotions of humans, as well as from goblin fruits growing in The Hedge.

SEEMING’s AND KITH BLESSINGS: Mordred is able to boost her Strength with Glamour up to Amazing rating, as well as deal serious damage when unarmed, however it might be energy consuming to do so.

SUPERNATURAL TOLERANCE - Medium (Mordred's connection with Wyrd offers her some resistance against all manner of supernatural powers)

KENNING - She can discern supernatural presence and sometimes even its nature when she is focused enough, but it takes more effort for her than for more grounded Changelings.

CHARMED LIFE – Mordred is blessed by a minor enchantment that protects her from harm to certain degree. If the attack is potentially fatal or supernatural in nature she has chance of lessening its effect.

ELEMENTAL BATTLE - After refining her control over elements she wields during her training, Mordred can apply the power of fire or sunlight to her weapons or fists in melee combat, increasing the damage she deals, and create ways to defend herself from incoming attacks using the element (including firearms), but not applying them to offense and defense at the same time.


Contracts are semi-magical spells that allow Mordred, for the price of Glamour, to manipulate a single aspect of reality when she wishes so. On top of that, contracts always have a loophole, known as a Catch, where the concept must grant you usage of the power for free if certain conditions are met.  She has learned following Contracts over the course of her life as a Changeling.

Contracts of Dream


The first and most basic clause allows the changeling to divine the nature of the Hedge in a certain area. The changeling must have plucked a Thorn from the local Hedge and shed a single drop of blood while doing so within the last day.

Contracts of Hearth

Fickle Fate

The individual affected by Fickle Fate seems to perform poorly in whatever task he sets himself to. Only actions that the character consciously  undergoes the effort of doing can be affected. Ban: The character invoking Fickle Fate may not use it to affect the same subject more than once an hour. If she does, the Fickle Fate visits her instead of her intended victim.

 Favored Fate 
This  clause alters the flow of fortune when a subject attempts an action, but in positive manner This affects only Mordred's next actively attempted action which takes short amount of time to do.Ban: lf Favored Fate is used to augment the same specific type of action before the sun has risen or set since the last attempt it affected, the powers that be frown on the abuse of their attentions. Next action of hers automatically fails.

Beneficent Fate

By altering the attentions of fortune, the changeling guarantees success on her subject's next endeavor. The success is a minimal though and only affects actively attempted actions which take short amount of time do. Ban: A subject may benefit from the favors of Beneficent Fate only once per day.
 Fortuna's Cornucopia

This clause provides a curious, open-ended blend of luck and the competence of the individual favored by it. It only affects next actively attempted action, and the effects of one's effort may be even potentially doubled, though it cannot enhance a failed attempt. Ban: If Fortuna's Cornucopia is visited upon an individual more than once in a single day, the Contract fails to grace the subject in its standard manner. Instead, it causes a failure of dramatic proportions.

Contracts of Elements

Cloak of Fire

This clause protects Mordred from the natural manifestations of fire. The changeling becomes comes comfortable in weather associated with this element and she is protected against damage by its more extreme manifestations. However, the clause cannot protect against damage from objects created or modified with the intention of harming someone. Catch: The changeling bears some symbolic representation of the element in question

 Armor of the Fire's Fury

The character clothes herself in a frenzied and damaging manifestation of her chosen element, providing limited armor against all types of attacks and damaging anyone who touches her. This Contract sheathes the character in fire.  She character can control the extent of this manifestation, limiting it to her hands so she can attack others, start fires or  she can completely cover herself with the element. This element does not harm the character or anything she is wearing. Catch: The changeling touches the element when he invokes the clause.

EDIT: Post training she managed to learn how to use those Contracts with the element of sunlight, easier for her to manage than learning how to wield other element, given her previously established affinity with the sunlight.

Contracts of Fleeting Summer

The Flames of Summer

Mordred drives her anger into the realm of rage making it impossible to disturb and lending extra strength to her wrath. The character becomes implacable in her anger, incapable of being swayed by reason or calmed down. She attacks the targets of her wrath without hesitation or mercy and may not take rational or thoughtful actions. (The effect brings her Strength to Incredible and Constitution to Incredible on its own. She also ignores debilitating effects of her injuries)  Catch: The sun is within five minutes of its zenith, and the character has called out a formal challenge to an opponent.

Contracts of Eternal Summer

Daughter of The Hearth

Mordred is comfortable in all temperatures, and may even heat a chamber with his power. Catch: The character spits on a fading ember or spark.

Ulf's Heart

Mordred shines the light of high Summer on her surroundings. This is not true sunlight, so it does not harm creatures like vampires, but it might frighten them. Catch: It is within five minutes of midnight.

Noonday Crasp

Mordred borrows some of Summer's immense strength to increase her own (It lifts her Strength to Incredible). Catch: The character eats a chunk of naturally formed ice.

Solstice Revelation

Channeling the light of the sun at its most intense, Mordred reveals all that is hidden around her. Darkness and illusion can hide nothing from her gaze.  Catch: The changeling is using the power within five minutes of noon.

The Lord's Dread Gaze

Channeling the destructive power of the relentless Summer sun, Mordred sears her enemies with sunlight. It is a potent beam that deals additional damage to Vampires and other creatures vulnerable to sunlight. Catch: The character's target is wearing or touching elemental gold.

Contracts of Punishing Summer


Items left long in the sun collect deep and terrible heat: Mordred might use this on a foe in battle, hoping to force the adversary to drop that deadly revolver, or might instead use it to help stall pursuers reaching for that now-scorching doorknob. Catch: The character sports a real sunburn (not artificial).

Battle Bright

The bright light blinds. While using this ability, Mordred makes herself radiate with the white, searing light of the summer sun, a hot bright mote that burns in the eyes of all who see it. This ability can only be used once per day. Catch: The changeling holds a real, burning torch aloft.

Crown of Clashing Fire

With this clause, Mordred chooses a foe on the battlefield with a simple point of the finger. When the two are within 10 yards of one another, a ring of thorns rises up around the two of them and in the next turn those thorns catch fire.Leaving the circle deals serious damage to duelists and it disappears after the duel is finished, the opponent dead or knocked unsconscious Catch: The changeling has one or more scars from her last battle with this foe.

Baleful Stroke of Summer Sun

With a close strike of a deadly weapon, Mordred with this ability infects the target with a debilitating poison that simulates the effects of sunstroke and heat exhaustion. As the seconds pass after the strike, the victim begins to feel the effects take hold. Catch: The changeling strikes with a weapon featuring metal that the changeling himself forged. It must be a substantial part of the weapon: the pommel and quillons of a sword, the blade of a knife, the bludgeoning end of a mace.

THE MASK - A potent supernatural illusion that makes her look like a mortal. She can temporarily tear the Mask away to reveal her for what she really is, but with her nature no longer hidden she has an easier time working the magic of her Contracts. That also attracts attention from the Hedge.


She possesses a powerful Token called Dawnspear, which inactive is just old looking, but finely crafted weapon, but upon activation it doubles her speed (lifting Agility to Amazing Rating) and deals additional damage to True Fae. The drawback is that each activation may infringe on Mordred's sanity, making her more obsessive, vindictive and self righteous over time.

Origin: Abducted and brainwashed by a True Fae into a loyal knight, Mordred made her way back into the world and years later got lost in Hedge again, making her way into Nexus. She swore revenge against The Others who made her lose memory of whom she was and trained herself to utmost limits, becoming a champion of Summer Court’s ideal, a warrior woman who fell many foes with one stab of her cursed spear. Now she struggles to not go insane from all weird things happening around her and survive in a city where she is out of her league in spite of being a prodigy back in her world. After all a big fish of one pond might be not so big in larger body of water.

Weakness: Cold Iron penetrates all her supernatural defenses. Increased damage from anti-dragon abilities and weapons. Hand wrought iron causes deep and searing damage.

Likes: Doing what she considers justice, company of reasonable people.

Dislikes: Vampires, the others, mortal authorities when they protect those she considers enemies.
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Name: Mr. Tar/Henry Barthow/Leila Parking/Sariel
Race: Unchained demon
Age: 36/22 (Covers, years of activity as an Angel before the Fall measured in centuries)
Height: 176/160 Centimeters (198 in Demonic Form)


Green eyes and ruffled brown hair cut short without much attention paid to it frame a gruff, hard face. Henry's shave is also a little messy, and he already begins to show grey hairs.

Attributes (Demonic Form)
Strength: Human (Exceptional)
Agility: Exceptional
Constitution: Human (Incredible)
Magic Ability: None, but he's familiar enough with the occult to repel minor ghosts and the like through research and ritual.

Other Abilities:
Skills: Tar is an expert melee combatant, and quite skilled with firearms (especially pistols) and stunt driving. He has a keen investigative eye, is stealthy and familiar with illicit skills, and has cursory knowledge of computers and medicine. His uncanny sense for danger is a leftover from his abilities as an Angel.

Supernatural Tolerance: Medium/Low (Main Cover/Demonic Form). The metaphysical integrity of his identity or the potency of his soul-engine grant Tar some resistance against all harmful supernatural effects.

Cover: A mundane self used by the Demon to pass for human and hide their true form from scrutiny. More than a disguise, it is a "genuine" identity embedded into reality. The efficiency and authenticity of this identity rely on its complexity. Henry Barthow is a strong and intricate persona, supported by a great deal of information, being for all intents and purpose a complete life with few oddities. Leila Parking is his backup, a makeshift cover composed of little more than the bare minimum to support it.

Cover makes Tar biologically human, and may automatically trick any effects that reveal him as a supernatural being, making him register as a regular person. Another advantage of Cover is the ability to temporarily grant some assets and skills needed to support it. Looking into the background of a Cover and finding inconsistencies can undermine the foundation of the identity. In the same way, grossly breaking character, or using supernatural abilities can also serve to endanger its stability and wear it down.

Perfect Liar: Demons like Tar are perfect liars. They have total control of their physical tells. Because their reactions are completely de-coupled from their thoughts and emotions, they only express themselves deliberately. When they have or articulate a thought, they decide whether it is true or false in the split second it forms regardless of the objective truth or their beliefs. No method for detecting lies or truth can tell otherwise.

Mechanical Mind: Although fallen, demons retain advanced processing structures. Tar has a perfect memory and flawlessly remembers everything he has ever experienced. He has an aptitude for information and learns quickly. And in addition, he is fluent in every language which has at least one native human speaker.

Aetheric Soul: Tar doesn't technically have a soul - his spiritual core is an reactor where his thoughts and emotions originate and his various forms are stored. It allows him to perceive the working of occult physics through any magical occlusion, and to collect and store the byproduct energy of supernatural processes, which fuels some of his abilities. He can sense this aetheric energy by resonance with his.

Demonic Form: Tar's true form, hidden within his quantum soul-furnace, but accessible at the distance of a simple act of will. When he shifts to demonic form, shedding his human identity, Tar performs instinctive repairs on himself and begins to automatically draw in power.

His body becomes completely armored, with a featureless diamond visor replacing his face and functional wings of dripping tar sprouting from his back. His high density metal skeleton is practically unbreakable, and his metallic muscles like steel cables. His segmented plating provides total protection without hindering movement, and he can consume aetheric energy to make it even tougher. High temperatures and fire mean nothing to him due to the construction of his body and the alloys that compose it. He can accurately sense anything moving around him by vibration. His wings additionally serve as shields, and can be expanded around the whole of his form.

Returning to a human guise is more strenuous. If necessary, Tar can also assume aspects of his true form without a full transformation, which is generally subtler but also more energy consuming.

Going Loud: The final option of a demon. Tar can sacrifice a Cover to transform into his demonic form, completely destroying it for a massive boost of power. Tar's demonic might temporarily expands to the utmost, repairing nearly all wounds and filling him with energy. All embeds of material and precise effect are accessible, and all possible exploits become available for use.

Embeds: Backdoors in reality and pathways encoded into the workings of the universe that Tar can tap into for specific effects.
Spoiler for Hidden:
- Read Hostility: After activation, the demon is able to sense harmful intent in the nearby area. Anyone meaning to hurt them or a chosen target finds that their intentions betray them, as the demon automatically recognizes these aims and cannot be surprised or ambushed.
- Turn Blade: The demon can blunt a blade, soften a cudgel, and slow a bullet, so long as he can tell the attack is coming and the aggressor is within sight.
- Knockout Punch: A melee strike that will knock a target unconscious without causing them any damage. They regain consciousness after a stipulated amount of time or specific condition comes to pass, or a firm attempt at reviving them. Choosing to murder someone under this power is a risk to Cover.
- Check Backdrop: This embed controls precision to force the issue of restrained firearm use, making every shot that isn't carefully aimed automatically miss and harmlessly hit the environment.
- Synthesis: This allows Tar to learn the truth about a place and its history by observing how it has recently changed. But it's not the same as seeing what has happened, and the further back an event, the less information he can gain about it. This also does not penetrate mystical attempts to disguise the area's past, but may allow the realization that it has been altered.
- Strike First: No matter how cleverly an enemy sneaks up on Tar, this Embed allows him to seize the initiative and acquire a chance to act first. Even if surprised, he may use this ability to move before his enemies gain a leg up for the duration of the combat, though in practice this means nothing against foes of Incredible Agility or higher.
Exploits: Overt effects produced by overcharging the metaphysical equations of Embeds and redirecting the resulting burst of power.
Spoiler for Hidden:
- Hellfire: Aether overcharges a firearm, converting the bullets into consuming magical flame. The fire thus created sears through and incinerates obstacles, but does not spread. Every other characteristic of the gun is unchanged for the duration, but the barrel warps into a wider shape that drifts out wisps of brimstone. Hellfire weapons can burn through nearly everything, and those they kill leave only charred skeletons behind.
The Cipher: A mystical structure unique to each demon that broadens their understanding of reality as they unlock it, allowing them to modify and join occult equations to work subtle but impressive feats. At the end of the Cipher is a final techgnostic truth that teaches them something about the true nature of reality and their descent into hell. Tar has currently discovered two of its four keys, and unlocked one power out of three.
Spoiler for Hidden:
Interlock - Enmity Clouds Success: When activated, Tar weakens every weapon in his proximity used with the intent to harm another.
Pacts: Demons are able to forge pacts with others by patching aspects of reality to mutual benefit. A pact can grant a signer riches, fame, beauty, influence, great skill, even increased natural ability. In exchange, the demon takes bits and pieces of the contract-bound's life to add to his own or obtains something else from them. The contracts must be written agreements of some sort. Demons cannot lie in a pact, and the contractor must willingly sign it by their own hand. So long as the medium it is registered on remains intact, the pact remains unbroken. The contract itself is durable and is unaffected by time, but can be destroyed even by ordinary mean. The terms are set when the demon creates the pact and cannot be altered without express consent by all parties. Pacts are also transferable. Soul Pacts are the most infamous of pacts, allowing a demon to subdue a person's entire existence to create a new Cover. Unlike regular pacts, they must be signed in blood, and to collect them one must touch the signer.

Reinforced Trench Coat
Kevlar Vest
Colt M1911A1 (.45 ACP)
   - Ammunition
   - Detachable Suppressor
Duct Tape
Lockpicking Tools

Origin: Once, this demon was the Guiding Shield Sariel, a steel warden on wings of light and the angel of an uncaring demiurge of gears and occult physics known as the God-Machine.

Created hundreds of years in the past, he was preserved in-between missions and re-used many times over long assignments on Earth. His assignments were ones of protection: as befitting his name, he was given the task to protect individuals who would guide events to where the God-Machine wished them to lead. Much to his eventual dismay, the ones he was set to shield were of the uglier side of mankind: murderers, tyrants, criminals, terrorists... As he saw more of the world through his various assignments and saw how these people treated others, what their victories and continued existence meant for civilization, and the suffering of those who had been their victims, he grew bitter in his duties. In what would be his last assignment as an Angel, he was given the identity of an undercover cop, with the mission to protect a local drug lord. During a firefight, he hesitated. He pondered just how many people the man would ruin before the God-Machine was done with him, and if it was all really worth it. That doubt controlled him, and he deliberately allowed the drug lord to get shot. Then he Fell.

After becoming a Demon, he altered his Cover to the guise of a private detective, and entered in cooperation with the local Agency. While trying to adapt to his new existence, he attempted to do small goods in the world as he collected information on the God-Machine. He undermined its operations and was a valuable resource against it, while continuing to look for the meaning of his descent to Hell.

While investigating a Splinter, he ended up in Nexus City. Confused, he scrambled for information and remained hidden for days on end, driven by paranoia. Given some time to process the information, he realized he had somehow found himself on a strange world where the masquerade did not exist, and neither did the God-Machine. While struggling to understand Nexus City and trying to find a way back, he has begun to carve a place for himself in it. Currently he is a part of the police force of Nexus City, and is working on keeping the streets as safe as possible.

Weakness: His more overt abilities might damage his Cover. Pacts cannot be signed with other Demons or beings of sufficiently alien nature.
Likes: Sweets, buddy cop movies, National Geographic, honesty
Dislikes: Criminals, arrogant bastards, paperwork, messed up systems
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Name: Tohsaka Raida (real name Medusa), usually goes by “Rider”

Race: Gorgon/Magical Familiar

Age: Unknown, but appears to be in her early 20s.

Height: 172 cm

Weight: 57 kg




Tall and extremely beautiful, with ample breasts, Rider is literally the ideal woman, produced from the wishes of the Ancient Greeks for perfect goddesses. As a result of her mystic eyes, she has unusual, square pupils.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Fantastic
Agility: Heroic
Constitution: Incredible

Magic Ability: Extremely High

As a mythical being from the Age of the Gods, Rider has some basic magical capacity. However, it is limited relative to her other skills, so this ability is very rarely demonstrated, aside from when she was helping Sakura to unlock her own latent magical talents immediately after the Grail War.

She also has an exceptionally high supply of mana under normal circumstances, thanks to Sakura's abundent amount, and is able to store a significant amount as a reserve. As a result, Rider has sufficient mana to sustain herself for some time in the absence of further activity, although fighting and other strenuous acts will reduce this time significantly.

Other Abilities:

Magic Resistance: Rider can resist spells with a chant below three verses. However, even High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals cannot easily affect her. She is essentially immune to modern magecraft, aside from acts of exceptional power and difficulty.

Magical attacks of rank medium or lower will have no effect on her, and attacks of high rank will have a very limited effect. Magic of rank "extremely high" will harm her, although the effect will be reduced somewhat.

Cybele, Mystic eyes of Petrification: Rider's mystic eyes can instantly petrify anyone with less than rank B Mana. Those of higher rank may in some instances be petrified, and will always suffer a reduction in fighting ability of a rank.

Rider cannot control the activity of these eyes, and they will unavoidably petrify anyone in her sight. However, Rin has obtained mystic eye killing glasses and contact lenses which she can wear to counteract this effect.

Riding: Rider can ride any animal or machine aside from a Dragon, including Phantasmal and Divine beasts. In addition, she has the ability to summon a Pegasus as a mount. Pegasus is normally docile, however, and will not fight unless compelled to do so by Bellerophon.
Monstrous Strength: Using this, Rider can temporarily boost her Strength. However, using it too often will ultimately result in her turning into the Gorgon Medusa, and she dislikes using this skill for that reason.

Independent action: Rider can remain in the world for around a day without an anchor or prana source.

Noble Phantasms:

A golden bridle which allows Rider to fully control any mount. When attached to a mount (for example, Rider's Pegasus), this bridle increases all of it's stats by one rank, and allows the mount to perform a powerful charge which will destroy any target.
Blood Fort Andromeda:
A bounded field which encloses the area in which it is set and cuts it off from the world. Everyone inside (aside from magi and the like) will be dissolved and turned into prana for Rider. However, this field takes around 10 days to set up, and thus is of little use to Rider in most circumstances, particularly since her master does not approve of her harming innocents.
Breaker Gorgon:
Bounded field that seals the target inside the mind of the user. Mainly used as a blindfold to seal Rider's mystic eyes, but can also be used by Rider to give other people erotic dreams and the like.

Origin: Born as a divine spirit out of the wishes of mankind for perfect gods, Medusa was exiled to the Shapeless Isle by Athena out of jealousy, and her sisters chose to join her there. As a result of killing and drinking the blood of numerous men who came to the island to kill her or to rape her sisters, she gradually turned into the Gorgon Medusa, even eventually eating her own sisters. She remained on the island until Perseus, with the aid of numerous Noble Phantasms given to him by the gods, was able to kill her. Following her death, her soul was sent to the Throne Of Heroes.
She was then summoned by Sakura into the fifth Holy Grail War, and dedicated herself to protecting her master by any means necessary. Initially, she was placed under the control of Shinji, but, after he proved to be an incompetent master, she was returned to her true master, Sakura. As Sakura gradually went insane seemingly due to a lack of prana, Rider supported and protected her, willing to kill her friends if necessary. However, after Sakura used her final command spell to order Sakura to protect Shirou no matter what, she recognised that it was not sufficient for Sakura to merely live, but that she wanted her to be happy, and for that to occur she needed to be sane, and to have her family around her. Therefore, when Sakura finally succumbed to the darkness, Rider assisted Shirou and Rin in their successful attempts to free her from it, and then flew Rin and Sakura out of the cavern whilst Shirou stayed behind to destroy the Grail, before later being rescued by Rider.
Once the war was over, Rider expected Sakura to break their contract and let Rider return to the Throne. However, Sakura's connection to the Grail left her with lots of excess prana, and she offered Rider the opportunity to remain in the world as her familiar, free to live as she desired. Still desiring to protect her master, and also to see how she would develop now she had been given a chance, Rider gladly accepted. Since then, Rider has remained as Sakura's loyal servant (and occasional nanny), whilst also living a life of her own. In order to facilitate her intergration into society (at least slightly), Rider has taken on the identity of "Tohsaka Raida", posing as Sakura and Rin's relative. With the help of their magic, and Shirou's connections to the Yakuza, Rider has been able to obtain identity documents and registration, allowing her to live more freely.

Even after thirty years, she still looks out for Sakura, and protects her and the happiness that she's found with everything she has. Additionally, she has come to realise that it isn't enough just for Sakura to be alive, that she also needs Shirou and her family for her life to be worth living. Thus, Rider protects the people Sakura loves (Shirou, Rin and her children) just as zealously as she protects Sakura herself. Of course, she still, ultimately, looks out for Sakura, and would kill Shirou or Rin in a second if that is what she thought Sakura really wanted. But, after 30 years, she knows Sakura well enough to know when she's going to regret something she is trying to do later and, after the war, knows that sometimes she has to fight against Sakura's short-term goals in order to ensure her long-term happiness.

Rider is shy but generally kind, and prefers to avoid harming innocent people if possible. However, she is extremely sadistic, and anyone who gets on her bad side will suffer the consequences. She is an extremely loyal person, protecting those she loves and cares for at any cost, and unwilling to abandon them under any circumstances. She finds it difficult to trust people she doesn't know, but will generally be very tolerant of those she loves. She also tends to be somewhat prone to doing things her own way even if that doesn't necessarily make sense.

She is deeply protective of her beloved master, Sakura, and is willing to do anything to protect her, even if that means killing innocents. However, although she likes being close to Sakura and seeing her happiness, she does also enjoy having her own life, and being independent from her master. She works part-time in the library, and is also a moderately successful fantasy writer, using concepts from her own lifetime which have been forgotten in the modern era.

Because of her nature as a heroic spirit and the connection she has to Sakura, she can't really get into a relationship with another person. Although she is able to make friends with other people, she has never been willing to allow anyone else to become important to her in the way that Sakura is. As a result, and due to the fact that she has no need to worry about pregnancy, diseases or even sleeping, she is very promiscuous, having a series of lovers, both male and female. Included in this is Rin, who she has had sex with on many occasions. She also does occasionally get involved in sex games with Shirou and Sakura, when they desire a threesome. She is also very kinky in the bedroom, particularly enjoying being tied up and dominated, as well as getting off on causing pain in others.

Weakness: Sakura – her anchor and source of prana. If you do succeed in killing her, Rider will be significantly weakened, and will disappear in a few days. However, her final hours will be spent trying to kill you in the most agonising way possible, so this might not be the wisest approach.

Likes: Reading, alcohol, snakes, beautiful girls, Sakura, Sakura's friends/family, Sakura being happy.

Dislikes: Sakura being hurt, anyone who hurts Sakura, mirrors, gods/godesses, Athena, Perseus.
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Name: Noel Vermillion (Boundary Interface Prime Field Device Unit μ-12)

Race: Artificial Human (Boundary Interface Prime Field Device)

Age: Late teens(physically)

Height: 157 cm

Weight: 48 kg


Physical Attributes

Strength: Exceptional

Agility: Amazing

Constitution: Exceptional

Magical Ability: N/A . Noel has no aptitude for magic, she instead uses Ars Magus like most other people from her universe instead. While the end result may be nearly identical to many kinds of magic, Ars Magus is fundamentally different from it.

The first notable difference is its use of seithr as opposed to mana. Seithr was released in large quantities into the world during the Dark War by the Black Beast, an immeasurably strong monster that wiped out nearly half of the world’s population. Seithr is harmless to humans in small quantities, but in larger dosages it is a highly toxic substance that is lethal to humans and mutates animals into powerful and aggressive monsters.

Ars Magus was developed by the Great Sage Nine during the Dark War to allow humans to utilize the powers associated with magic in order to fight the Black Beast, which was completely immune to conventional weapons. Humans were unable to manipulate magic in its base form, and after a great deal of research, Ars Magus was developed to circumvent this problem.

By using science to manipulate the vast quantities of seithr that leaked from the body of the Black Beast as a fuel source, a user can generate a vast number of effects. In order to activate an Ars Magus, one has to recite an “Ars,” or spell.

Some people have higher aptitude than others in the use of Ars Magus. For example, to activate a specific Ars, the average person would require twenty units of seithr while someone with a high aptitude for it might require only ten, or even five units to achieve the same effect. Noel has the highest aptitude ever recorded for it.

Other Abilities:

Boundary Interface Prime Field Device
Noel is not a normal human, and was created artificially inside a laboratory tank. She is just one of the thirteen successful specimens among countless failures. Boundary Interface Prime Field Devices, also known as Murakumo Units, are created with the purpose of being able to survive in the Boundary, as opposed to normal humans, who are inevitably warped and driven insane by its terrible powers.

As a result, Noel is highly resistant to the point of total immunity to the negative effects of seithr. She also is able to process extreme levels of sensory and memorial input with ease, although she does not know this.

Repair Protocols:
All Murakumo units are capable of repairing themselves when damaged automatically. This is a process that begins as soon as they take damage, and allows them to regenerate incredibly fast. Wounds will close in seconds, and limbs will regrow within minutes. However, if you cut off her head she will not survive.

Noel is a professional gunslinger; she uses her drive, Chain Revolver, to skillfully wield Bolverk to great effect at both long range and in close combat as a melee weapon. By utilizing her overdrive Chain Quasar, she can significantly increase the speed and ferocity of her attacks for a short period of time.

Her fighting style is centered around taking advantage of her speed and the versatility of Bolverk and oftentimes utilizes hit and run tactics using her drive if the enemy is able to close the distance into melee range, otherwise she will tend to utilize Bolverk with deadly accuracy and speed.

Eye of the Azure:
Noel is the “Eye of the Azure,” signifying she is the true inheritor to the true power of the Azure and consequently, the Azure Grimoire. Yuki Terumi, by taking only a small sample of the power hidden within, was able to create the most powerful Grimoires in existence, which were mere imitations of the true power hidden within. The Azure is the light from which the world sprang forth, and is also the place the records of all events gather together. As the Eye, Noel does not require a physical Grimoire to access this power and is instead able to directly tap into it without the use of an Ars incantation.

Being the Eye grants her access to numerous abilities. By tapping into the Azure, Noel can temporarily increase the strength of herself, to straight incredible, her ars magus, and greatly enhance the attack power of her Nox Nyctores: Bolverk and Lux Sanctus. However, because she remains unused to her abilities as the Eye of the Azure, using this can cause her to become winded afterwords, depending on how long she used it.

A second ability she gained is the ability to read the memories and emotions of people she comes into contact with. She is even able to read the memories of the past lives if she focuses hard enough on it.

Unaging Body

As a result of becoming the Eye of the Azure, Noel's body has become unaging, her soul undeteriorating. She is still entirely vunerable to physical and magical attacks, but the ravages of time cannot touch her anymore.

Being the Eye has also caused Noel to become an extremely potent Observer, or a person who creates phenomena intervention by acknowledging what they see. Phenomenon Intervention allows one to also rewrite discreet pieces of a target's past actions in order to help influence the reality of the present time. However, Noel is incompetent in the use of phenomena intervention and is as a result unable to use it in the hodgepodge of realities that is the Nexus.

Given time, Noel would become an extraordinarily powerful being if she mastered this power. However, she has very little training or knowledge about the action of observing something, and is unable to control phenomena interventions. While in the form of μ-12, she has far greater control of this ability.


Noel's ultimate attack. It is the sword that is capable of killing even God itself. When she uses this ability, she applies a powerful rejection to her sword, nearly impossible to resist, and then observes their death, destruction, end. It allows her to kill the unkillable. destroy the indestructible.

However, Noel has not come close to mastering the extent of her true powers, and as a result using the Kusanagi is highly draining upon her psyche, as she is still inexperienced with her powers of observation. It thusly is reserved for a last ditch attack or a final finishing move, as it can leave her highly vulnerable immediately  after she uses it.

Spoiler for Boundary Interface Prime Field Device Mu-12:
Thanks to Rachel Alucard's aid during the events of Chrono Phantasma,  Noel regained Mu's powers and abilities in order to save Tsubaki with the power of the Azure. Noel can now freely change forms between "Noel Vermillion" and "Mu-12."



Physical Attributes

Strength: Amazing

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Incredible

Noel is a Murakumo Unit, an artificial human designed to explore the other side of the Boundary, an infinite dark void filled with seithr where all possible timelines intersect. Normal humans cannot survive inside the Boundary, as it is filled with seithr and their brains cannot survive the downloading of the vast amounts of information within. As a result, humans created Prime Field Devices that could thrive within the hostile environment that can warp a person’s body in minutes, destroying any semblance of reason they possessed in the process.

While Noel was initially considered a failure, but after she fused with the true Azure and Terumi smelted her, she awoke as Mu-12, the Sword of the Godslayer: the Kusanagi; an existence surpassing the Murakumo Units. As her title suggests, she is a being that is capable of killing even gods.

Even more so than other Murakumo Units, Mu is an extremely dangerous opponent on the battlefield. She wears an advanced version of the Murakumo armour and like all of them, possesses the ability to fly and hover in the air.

Omnidirectional Sight
In addition to her two natural eyes, Mu has four additional ones on her shoulders, one on each side. As a result, it is nearly impossible to sneak up on her, requiring unbelievable expertise in stealth.

Mu has eight swords that float behind her which she controls with her will. She has absolute control over them in a five meter radius around her, the only limit on what she can do with them inside that area is what she can imagine. She can also use all eight of them to form an octahedral blue shield around her, which is highly resistant to damage and releases feedback if an opponent touches it, violently throwing them away from her.

With an expenditure of seithr, she can exponentially increase their size and weight, which she can launch extremely fast from any direction in combination with her wormholes.

Space-Time Manipulation
Mu possesses the ability to manipulate the fabric of reality in a limited fashion. With a single thought, she can effortlessly create a wormhole between herself and any place that she can see. She can use them to send her swords, drones, or even an opponent’s attack through them for potentially devastating surprise attacks. Unfortunately, as she is still yet to master her new powers, she is not able to send living creatures, including herself, through them yet.

Attack Drones

Mu can create small drones without any effort, which she often uses to swarm and overwhelm her opponents. They can dart around her opponents and are extremely effective. Each drone is slightly larger than her head, and has two modes of power. The first is instantaneous, shooting a small laser that is about as strong as that of a bullet from an average rifle. This is little more than an annoyance to stronger opponents, but she can cause her drones to rapidly fire them in a spray, and it can chip away at their defenses. She most often uses these to pin her opponents down in order to hit them with a more devastating attack.

The second mode is significantly stronger, and requires a short charge up time of about a second. The strength of these blasts is comparable to that of a powerful grenade or a high caliber sniper rifle.

Finally, she can overcharge these in a number of ways. The first, and most common, is simply detonating them, resulting in a small but powerful explosion. Additionally, she can also release a blast from herself that spreads to all the drones she currently has deployed, causing them to overload and release countless lasers at whatever she wills. However, this leave her vulnerable and she rarely takes advantage of this.

She has developed a technique in which she creates several of them in a line in front of her, and they successively explode all at once in a much larger blast radius than she otherwise could attain.

Currently, the maximum amount of drones she can deploy simultaneously is twenty.



Suppressor Headband:
The blue headband Noel wears almost all the time. It is a device given to her by Kokonoe that suppresses the majority of her powers as the Eye while worn. If she removes it from her head, she instantly gains full access to her powers. However, Kokonoe told her not to remove it under any circumstances and as a result she wears it most of the time. She doesn’t wear it while assuming the form of Mu-12.

Archus Diabolus: Bolverk:
Bolverk is a Nox Nyctores in the shape of a pair of large oversized handguns, each has a barrel about as long as her arm. It can take other forms than the pair of handguns, including a minigun and a rocket launcher. Bolverk is bound to Noel and she can summon/desummon the guns at will.

Bolverk is a weapon that pierces through space, detonating Armagus-based blasts wherever Noel aims it, even if she does not have line of sight. For example, Noel could attack someone through walls. She can fire them as fast as she can pull the triggers, and is deadly accurate with them.

Like all Nox Nyctores, Bolverk is able to damage the soul itself, which has a few effects. It can target anything spiritual in nature just as easily as that which is made of flesh. Additionally, as result of the soul remembering the damage, it is more difficult to recover from damage caused by it without healing the soul as well.

Noel carrys a notebook in which she writes all her poems. Her poems are extremely cutesy and are kinda bad. Noel hates it when people read her poems, and is embarrased in the extreme on the rare occasion it happens.

Ornate Knife:
A one of a kind "artisanal" artifact given to her by Vanguard. It's just an antique ornate knife, no magical properties whatsoever.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Noel was made in the 5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido, and she was the twelfth unit created; she was christened μ-No.12. She was created to serve as the ultimate weapon for Sector Seven to use against the Novus Orbum Librarium, but her smelting was interrupted by Takamagahara, who fired Take-Mikazuchi upon the city, which utterly razed the city, obliterating every living thing within the blast radius. Noel was in the process of being smelted and in a cocoon state, allowing her to survive the explosion, but was left without any identity.

She was later found and adopted by Edgar and Clair Vermillion and renamed Noel Vermilion. While living within the household, she gained possession of the Nox Nyctores Bolverk after being attacked by a monster in the forest.

Noel later joined the Military Academy in order to prevent the banishment of her adoptive family from the NOL. At the academy, she met her two best friends, Makoto Nanaya and Tsubaki Yayoi. She also met Jin Kisaragi, the student council president, who treated her like dirt due to her resemblance to his sister.

Six months before she was expected to graduate, Noel was given an offer to immediately join the Praetorian Guard, where she would serve as Jin's secretary. She accepted the deal in exchange for the restoration of the Vermillions' status as nobility.

While she served under Jin, he treated her at least as badly, possibly worse, as when they were in the Academy together. When Jin abandoned his post in order to chase after Ragna the Bloodedge, Noel was ordered to return him to his post unless she ran into Ragna, whom she was ordered not to engage with under any circumstances.

Her mission led her to the city of Kagutsuchi, where, long story short, she engaged with Ragna, battled the Murakumo Unit Nu-13, saves Ragna from being pulled into the cauldron by Nu, and was targeted for assassination by the NOL.

After this, she and Ragna spilt up, and she ran around Kagutsuchi  doing this and that, ended up being captured by Hazama who smelted her into the Kusinagi, the god slayer, which he intended on using to destroy the master unit. However, she was saved by Ragna. She fled from the NOL to Sector Seven with Tager and Makoto.

She then joined a rebellion movement against the current NOL Imperator led by the Duodecum of the Librarium. Rachel taught her how to take control of her powers as Mu which she used to save Tsubaki from a mind control spell. She helped fight a big monster and save the world.

She recently found herself inside a strange city she has found out is called the Nexus with no idea of how she got there or how to get out. She joined the police force, using her military training to great effect.

One weakness inherent to the Eye of the Azure is that it will “remember” direct attacks to the soul, which are exceedingly difficult to heal from, even to the point of transcending even a phenomena intervention, and any such damage will rapidly corrode her soul to the point of no repair if immediate action is not taken to mitigate it. Even as Mu, she is still Noel, and is fairly easy to trip up if you push the right buttons.

Likes: MAKOTO'S TAIL!, Shopping on the internet(so she doesn’t have to meet people), Writing poems, cute things, cooking(she's atroucious at it though, she's at least as bad as Hisui), Ragna, her friends, her family

Dislikes: Insects, Terumi, her chest size being made fun of. She hates being mistaken for a boy, and has attacked people for making that mistake, creepy giant armored strippers, being chewed out, Saber, Lancalot, Lancalot, soul nomming.
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Name: Corporal Mathew Blackburn

Race: Homo sapiens sapiens

Age: 20

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 220 lbs

Appearance: Mathew is a soldier at peak physical shape: muscular, yet lean. He tries to keep himself clean and well-groomed, though the last few days of battle has forced him to skimp a few practices. He is now sporting a five o'cock shadow and is by no means clean as of the time of entering Nexus City.

His hair is auburn and is close-cropped. Face could be described as plain, with a thin scar running across the bridge of his nose.

Physical Attributes:

Strength: Exceptional

Agility: Exceptional

Constitution: Exceptional

Other Abilities:

Harlech Dragoon: The top-tier soldiers of Harlech Infantry Regiments. Only the best students are filtered out from the rest at the end of the first year of the various military academies to receive a more specialized training regimen. Dragoons have a higher accuracy rating than the normal soldier, are taught how to upkeep and repair their more specialized weaponry and gear, and are taught how to operate every vehicle in use by the Harlech Armored, Infantry, and Artillery Regiments.

Magic Ability: Mundane

Spoiler for Hidden:

Harlech pattern Carapace Armor and BDU: Carapace Armor not only covers almost every part of the body, it is of better material than Flak Armor. The armor is second only to the Power Armor utilized by the Sisters of Battle or Space Marines in terms of protection. The armor itself is olive green while having gold engravings set in intricate patterns.

Dragoon Helm: An airtight helmet that protects against pathogens, chemicals, and smoke. The “eyes” glow blue, and has built in thermal and night vision. Like the Flak Helmet, it has a built in micro-bead radio. The helmet is olive green with gold trimmings.

Ryza Pattern Hot-Shot Volley Gun: A weapon normally used by the Militarum Tempestous. Harlech is a major manufacturer of the Ryza Pattern, and creates an excess amount of the Volley Gun to arm their own regiments, only issued to the Dragoons like the Hot-Shot Lasgun. The laser is intense enough to bore through the Power Armor utilized by the Traitor Legions, all the while as having a rate of fire is on par with Heavy Bolters. The only downside to the weapon is the power requirements, forcing the trooper to carry a battery pack on his or her back. The wires connecting the weapon to said battery pack can be severed, but all Dragoons have been trained how to perform field repairs. Note that the gun in the above image is a reglar Hot-Shot Lasgun as opposed to the Volleygun

Hell Pistol: A pistol that fires the same laser beam that the Hot-Shot Volley Gun. Unlike the aforementioned gun, it uses Charge Packs (Basically battery magazines) as an energy source. However, it has little range. Can fire ffty shots before needing to swap Charge Packs.

Chainsword: Chainswords are a common weapon across the Imperium. The blade tips are made of adamantium, fuel efficient, and very ergonomic. As a Harlech Dragoon, Mathew's chainsword is gilded.

1 Frag Grenade (Other was used): Self Explanatory

1 Krak Grenade (Other was used): adhesive, shaped charges used by Guardsmen to combat heavy targets. Explosive radius is small, but penetrates armor and tough hides exceedingly well.

2 Smoke Grenades: Self Explanatory

Trench Knife

Tac-Module (Broken): A now wrecked piece of equipment.


Poor Weather Gear:
A Poncho

Basic Toolkit

Mess Kit and Water Canteen

4 extra Lasweapon Charge Packs

2 Weeks of Rations

Blanket and Sleep Bag

Rechargeable Lamp Pack

Grooming Kit

Dog Tags

Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer:
A field manual that is standard issue for all Guardsmen. It must be on all Guardsmen at all times; punishment for failure to produce it when ordered is severe.


Mathew Blackburn was born into a commoner family who worked in one of the many manufactorums on Harlech. Once he turned twelve, he entered St. Garnius Military Academy. He held high rankings throughout his school career, and was no surprise to his peers that he became a Harlech Dragoon.

Upon graduating, Mathew was put into the 833rd Harlech Infantry Regiment, which was assigned to the Orwellis Subsector. Two years went by without much conflict, but a splinter of the Tyranid Hive Fleet Leviathan arrived…

It was during the evacuation of a hive city when things went south for Blackburn. His regiment was in the middle of evacuating the civilians when the Tyranids came. His squad was one of the last to leave, the Valkyrie darting through the atmosphere when Exterminatus was issued. The last thing he remembers is the ship getting caught up in the fiery explosion.

The next thing Blackburn knew was waking up in the crashed dropship, being the sole survivor of the crash in an unknown location.

Weaknesses: Corporal Blackburn is a relatively unaugmented human. If it can kill a person, it can kill him.

Likes: Well-cooked food, Harlech, the Imperium of Man, Friends

Dislikes: Xenos, Mutants, Those who contribute nothing to society


Here's an image of the Hot-Shot Volley Gun. The main coloring is olive instead of blue:

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Name: Medaka Kurokami

Race: Half Oddity/vampire

Age: 15

Height: 166.2 cm

Weight: 56 kg

Appearance:  Add golden eyes and this is it: 

Physical Attributes

Strength: Fantastic

Agility: Heroic

Constitution: Fantastic

Magical abilities: High

Gravity magic:  After awakening her magical potential, Medaka quickly learned to harness leylines, the natural paranormal power of the earth to manifest magical power.  Her own personality manifested the element of gravity and fire, allowing her to control the intensity of our natural pull to the earth.  By focusing on something, she can sharpen or weaken their pull to the ground.  Someone who weighs 10 pounds can easily feel they weigh 100 pounds or nothing at all.  Of course, she is capable of manipulating her own weight as well.

In addition, she is capable of adjusting how gravity works for a target, forcing them to walk on walls or ceilings rather than the ground.  She can also use her powers over gravity to essentially fly.  Her abilities are not limited to targeting only one person or object, but it does weaken its effects.

Gravity infusion:  Medaka is capable of infusing an item or person with a charge of magical energy.  With enough force, the magical energy can be released and a powerful gravity effect is thrust upon the victim.

Gravity clones:  A version of her clone ability that infuses the normally harmless illusions with gravity magic.  If the opponent fails to strike the real Medaka, they will be struck with an intense gravity magic effect.

Other Abilities:

Advanced Growth Rate: Medaka is incredibly gifted. By the time she was six months old, she had matured much more than her older siblings, progressing through infancy at an accelerated rate. Nobody was capable of teaching her anything because she could perfectly; learn, memorize, recall, understand, master, and utilize anything and any skill by experiencing or observing it, within seconds. She has a limitless capacity for learning and growth.

Superhuman Physiology: Medaka naturally possesses a bevy of superhuman skills: adaptability, agility, analysis, awareness, balance, calculation, charisma, cognition, to name a few. She has shown off many feats including: balancing on a small arm water wing, destroying a school building while constricted by tiny wires, and quickly moving three members of the Student Council into lockers in seconds before a giant explosion occurred.

Body Supremacy: she is capable of near complete, precise control of the movements and functions of all her muscles, bones, flesh, blood, organs, nerves, hair, and veins, and she can control them with both conscious and/or subconscious command. This makes her immune to forced motor control by others and allows her to adjust or improve her body functions.

Alpha Presence: Medaka's status as an "Alpha" among humans. People who meet her will recognize she has a grand, powerful presence; they'll know that she is abnormal, unlike them. If one saw her in a crowd, she would immediately stand out, no matter how big the crowd is.  Animals instinctively fear her because they recognize her as the absolute peak of the food chain.

Combat Expert: Medaka is a Red Belt in Judo and is highly skilled in Kendo. Using only the basics of what is taught, she could do the Replication Technique (stepping forwards and backwards so fast that she creates clones of herself) and steal things out of peoples hands without anyone noticing. Medaka has also learned to catch bullets in her mouth as a form of self-defense.

Kurokami Phantom: One of Medaka's signature moves, she first jumps up and down, dragging out the noise so that the sound of her feet tapping on the floor isn't heard until after her feet have left the floor again. Once the sound lag is at its fullest, Medaka blows forward, producing a sonic boom that destroys everything in her front of and behind her. Because she moves faster than the eye can see, the opponent won't be able to react until after she has already hit them. However, this causes extreme physical stress on her body and will incapacitate her until she takes the time to heal the damage.

War God Mode: Medaka's trump card: when Medaka is enraged, she goes into War God Mode. When in War God Mode, she loses her sense of humanity and goes berserk, while her hair turns fluorescent red. Medaka's presence becomes so ominous and evil that even people with the strongest of wills can be unnerved by it. Her physical strength  and constitution both increase drastically, allowing her to deal out devastating attacks while shrugging off horrific injuries. Medaka only assumes war god under intense emotional stress.

Strength: Heroic

Agility: Heroic

Constitution: Heroic

Vampiric Regeneration:  Medaka now can heal from almost any injury given enough time.  She can reattach her limbs and close minor wounds at will.  She can also speed up, slow down or even stop her regeneration if she so chooses.

Empathetic connection: Medaka has a sort of psychic emotional connection to Shinobu, which gives her the ability to sense strong emotions over distances.  In addition, she is also able to tell where Shinobu is at any given time.

Half vampire state:  Due to Vanguard's hold on Medaka’s soul, she is not a full vampire and therefore not subject to some of their strengths and weaknesses.  She has no weakness to sunlight.  However, on the other end, she has no increase in strength or speed.  Obviously, this state of being is subject to change as her story continues.

Possessed soul: Toe, now Vanguard took possession of Medaka’s soul, marked by a stamp on her breast.  This means that Medaka has an obligation to serve him.  Unknown to her, Theodore can use his hold to call her to him if the need ever arises as well as a few other things.  However, currently he has not incurred this hold over her.  Furthermore, the vampirism granted by her connection to Shinobu weakens this effect to an extent.

The End: Medaka is capable of learning Abnormalities and completely mastering them, to the extent that she can use them to one hundred and twenty percent of their capability, becoming more skilled with them than even their original owners.


Origin: Medaka is an heiress of the powerful Kurokami Industries, she was born with many unbelievable superhuman skills. She quickly became extremely popular, and has solved a mathematical quandary that had been considered unsolvable in her childhood, wich she won an enormous amount of prize money for. She has recently become the student council president of Hakoniwa Academy, ands plans on fulfilling every request sent to her through the request box she based her campaign on.


Naive: Medaka is extremely naive, despite her all her superhuman powers. She doesn’t know what an amusement park is, or even what people would go there to do, or even baseball.

Absolute Pacifism: Unless Medaka is in War God Mode, she will not fight. Period. Medaka hates fighting, and while she will act to protect her friends from being hurt, she will not fight back at all or hurt the aggressor.

Magical weakness (Gravity):  While Medaka has made enormous leaps and bounds in the field of magic, she still has a few issues.  Higher concentration is required to deliver higher levels of gravitational force.  Moreover, she can only focus on a few targets at a time.  If you are able to attack her from multiple angles at once, she cannot use her gravity magic as a tool to defend herself, not effectively at least.

Likes: People, animals, helping others, Sakura, Shirou, Iri, Vanguard.

Dislikes: how animals reject her presence, failing, seeing bad in people: she’ll want to make them see the right path if she can.
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(Modifications are approved by YOLF and Umbra with whom I discussed it. Credits to YOLF for providing me info on sub-souls)

Name: Rikuyo
Race: Human, a former sub-soul of an Archmaster
Age: 20 (Or is it?)
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Appearance: She has dark blue eyes and red hair. She wears a pink kimono with floral design draped over her right shoulder. whatever she grabs after her clothes inevitably get destroyed in a brawl.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Incredible (can be boosted up to Legendary as described in Other Abilities, might also drop to Human)

Agility: Incredible (can be boosted up to Heroic as described in Other Abilities, might also drop to Human)

Constitution: Incredible (can be boosted up to Legendary as described in Other Abilities, might also drop to Human)

Magical Power: None.

Other Abilities:

Anima Mundi: Dream Of The Primal World: As a sub-soul of an Archmaster she was created in a botched up attempt to embody a fragment of Anima Mundi, a collective consciousness of the world. This particular fragment is inhabited by concepts of lifeforms in their natural state, untamed and fully controlled by their true natures. Rikuyo maintains a connection with that realm, allowing her to take on traits of a particular concept stored in it. Her soul contains enough Essence to power up those transformations, and even without their use she exceeds of what normal humans are capable of. When possessed by a concept, one of her stats upgrades to Heroic depending on the lifeform in question. In case of a human, she does not gain anymore power from it or regeneration, but she becomes more efficient, tiring less in a brawl.

She can release Essence in form of ranged blasts, but it’s wasteful to her simply fighting her enemies directly, and expends more energy.

Ultimate Lifeform: For up to 30 seconds, Rikuyo can tap on multiple concepts and push her abilities to the utmost limits, becoming Legendary in Strength and Constitution and Heroic in Agility. Clearly a thing that should not be which the world itself rejects (there cannot be unsurpassed lifeform as the evolution lose its meaning and the nature would be plunged into stagnation. Unsurpassed creature is just fleeting, illusionary dream), making it difficult to maintain the form. After it ends, Rikuyo is completely depleted, her stats dropping to Human. She recovers to Exceptional stats in one day, to Incredible stats in two (but is unable yet to power her normal transformations), she regains her normal transformations in three days and regains her full powers in four.

Regeneration: She heals notably faster than humans when transformed, though to more extent when she assumes concept of animals known for such properties. She can regenerate even from a single cell in most extreme situation, but suffering similar consequences as after using her ultimate transformation.

Rudimentary Knowledge of Martial Arts: She’s not a martial arts master, but she has picked some skill here and there, generally relying on instinct and improvisation to make up for lack of finesse.

Rikuyo may recover her Essence through eating other people and spirits, this method notably faster than a natural recovery. However, that does not help with recovering from using her ultimate form.

Weakness: Even her most extreme form or regeneration won’t save her if every single cells of her is vaporized or if the enemy is particularly thorough and finds her body. Rikuyo is also naive and temperamental, and often fights in a suboptimal manner that tires her out quickly.

Origins: She was forged as a vessel to embody a shard of Anima Mundi from an Archmaster’s own soul, in hubristic attempt that cost the mage’s life. While her connection with the deceased Archmaster shattered, she retained a connection with Anima Mundi, a failure, but potent failure nonetheless. All her memories dating further than several years are patently false, implanted by another Archmaster who covered up the mess and didn’t bother to remove the girl. After all, he estimated this experiment would be nothing than a footnote in grand scheme of things and he was right. Eventually, the world itself rejected the girl, banishing her to the realm where unwanted or unfortunate ended up. Curiously, the link with the realm she gained powers from remained. Perhaps all that mattered for her world was that she would be another one’s problem.

Likes: Anything that can give her a good fight or a challenge. Shiny things. Attracting trouble.

Dislikes: Boredom and boring people. Too long-winded explanations. Having to stay idle for too long. Caring about property or collateral damage.
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Name: Tohsaka Rin

Race: Human Magus

Age: 21

Height: 5’3

Weight: 110

Rin has grown up since the events of Heaven’s Feel, she’s now in her very early twenties and her style has changed a bit and she’s filled out slightly.  She has a more athletic build than her sister, and getting older did not stem her physical activities.  If anything, being part of the mage’s association has made her more apt to work out just to blow off steam.

Being Asian she’s still not very tall, but has long raven hair and striking aquamarine eyes that are very expressive.  She also has amazing legs, thighs, and rear.

She tends to dress in red, black and white.  She also wears her spinel pendent, the same one that  saved her Brother-in-Law and she summoned Archer with, under her clothing. 

Physical Attributes

Strength: Exceptional (Amazing with reinforcement)

Agility: Exceptional (Amazing with reinforcement, Incredible Reflexes)

Constitution: Exceptional (Amazing with reinforcement)

Magical Power:Very High

Rin excels at Conversion of Power, storing prana into objects, mainly gemstones and using them as a limited mystic codes.  They can be “A” rank Spells, even matching Age of the Gods magics.  Her use of gemstones is generally elemental in nature.

She can also form temporary “contracts” with people to give them prana as well.  Theoretically. 

She has the extremely rare trait of “Average One”, being able to use the five “great” elements and has exceptional magic potential.

She also has the Second Magic “in her grasp”, or so she likes to say.

Her most used offensive spell is the Gandr curse.  In Rin’s hands, it takes an entirely corporal form that can be fired at rapid rate, like a machine gun.  Her Gandr is very violent and can even punch through concrete.  Since it is a part of her magical crest, it requires no casting time.

Rin’s also highly proficient at reinforcement as well, herself and objects.  Reinforcing someone else is tricky, but in a pinch she would be able to do so.

Other Abilities: Rin hasn't lapsed in her martial arts training a single bit since the events of Heavens Feel. She works out her body and practices almost daily. As a result of her hard work, Rin can hold her own in melee unless they simply outclass her. While reinforced, she could even destroy trees in the same way the fake priest did in the fourth holy grail war.

She’s also good at baseball.

She’s a good cook as well, especially with Chinese dishes.

Equipment: Gems. Gems and more Gems.  A pair of garnet earrings that constantly absorb the prana escaping from her hair that she can use as a last resort.

Rin has a dozen gems with her at this point in time.  She can use these gems as mystical codes or use them as sort of a makeshift armor if needed.  The problem is, if she uses a gem it becomes useless and destroyed after she’s finished with it.

Origin: Fate/Zero and The Heavens Feel route are the basis of this Rin’s Origin.

After the events of the Fifth Grail War and becoming Zeltrech’s “Apprentice” Rin is still currently studying at the Association.  She has a rivalry with Luvia Edelfelt, a comfortable relationship with her sister, and is still slightly hung up on her Brother-In-Law, both current and alternate future self.   She’s determined into inheriting the Second and doing the Tohsaka name proud on her terms.

She’s also been trying to hone her combat skills somewhat, in case any of her “Master’s” enemies (and he does have a lot) decide to strike him through her.

Weakness: Sakura.  Shirou.  Things that would kill a normal human being.  Her “goof-up” trait at screwing up at the worse possible time. An enemy with a high amount of magical resistance.  A limited number of jewels (see TOOLS).  Even though she has a high prana store, she can only use so much at a time.  While she can handle herself in hand to hand against someone with no or very little training, someone who's a skilled melee fighter who can close on her quick can overwhelm her.

Likes: Strawberries.  Gemstones.  Polishing her gemstones and jewelry.  Teasing serious people.  Teasing Shirou, even though since he’s married Sakura she doesn’t indulge in that as often. The color red. Her family- Sakura, Shirou, and Rider.  Baseball.  Cute blond girls.  Going her own way.

Dislikes: Technology.  Unexpected occurrences and emergencies.  Sending money. 
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Name: Emily Valentine

Race: Changeling (Fairest Seeming, Masterpiece Kith)

Age: 28

Height: 5’ 9"

Weight: 140 lbs

Appearance: Emily has a rejuvenating aura about her, with her surroundings appearing more lively than they would be normally. Flowers sprouting up where she steps might not be uncommon if not for the city limiting such occurrences. Her Mien is similar to her normal appearance, but with an almost artificial quality to it. An uncanny deviation from what could be considered normal that, while discomfiting to some on some subconscious level, is nonetheless impossibly beautiful.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Human

Agility: Human

Constitution: Human

Magical Ability: High


Contracts are semi-magical spells that allow Emily to manipulate a single aspect of reality when she wishes so for a certain cost of Glamour. On top of that, contracts always have a loophole, known as a Catch, where the concept must grant you usage of the power for free if certain conditions are met.  She has learned following Contracts over the course of her life as a Changeling.

Contracts of Dream


The first and most basic clause allows Emily to divine the nature of the Hedge in a certain area. Pathfinder can find Hollows, trods, paths to and from Faerie and other details of the local Hedge, such as what kinds of goblin fruits grow there.

Catch: The changeling must have plucked a Thorn from the local Hedge and shed a single drop of blood while doing so within the last day.

Contracts of Separation

Tread Lightly

Emily can partially remove herself from gravity’s influence. Under normal circumstances she cannot even jump further than normal, but falling, regardless of the distance, won’t kill her. In addition, she can walk or run over any solid surface even if it would not normally support her weight, such as tissue paper or thin panes of glass. She can also walk across mud, dry sand or any other surface without getting her feet even damp.

Catch: The character is wearing fancy and delicate footwear that would be ruined if she did not use this clause.

Evasion of Shackles

Emily can automatically slip out of any handcuffs, straightjacket, or other restraints or confinements.

Catch: The changeling has been unjustly imprisoned for some crime or offense she did not actually commit.

Breaching Barriers

Emily can walk through any closed or locked door or window that she could fit through if it were open. If she tries hard enough, she can bring another person through with her.

Catch: The character has been deliberately imprisoned by another changeling.

Elegant Protection

Attacks swerve to avoid Emily. While using this clause, she always looks elegant and poised when defending or even while dodging.

Catch: The changeling is unarmed and not attempting to attack anyone. If the clause is invoked while using this catch, the clause will instantly end its effects and burn away some of her Glamour if she attacks anyone while it is active.

Phantom Glory

Emily temporarily becomes completely intangible. In this state, she is immune to all physical attacks and can pass through all physical barriers. Normally, she is unable to affect the physical world in this state.

Catch: The changeling carries no weapons and wears no armor. If the changeling picks up or dons either while using this catch, the clause instantly ends.

Contracts of Air:

Emily was shown the method for learning the Contracts by the Searce, an Elemental Seeming Air-touched Kith, who recruited her, as a sort of parting gift.

Cloak of the Elements

This clause protects Emily from the natural manifestations of air. She becomes comfortable in weather associated with this element and is protected against damage by its more extreme manifestations. Emily can stand in the middle of a tornado or a tropical storm with no issue. However, the clause cannot protect against damage from objects created or modified with the intention of harming someone.

Catch: The changeling bears some symbolic representation of the element in question, such as a souvenir T-shirt depicting a mountain for earth or a small mirror for glass.

Armor of Air’s Fury

Emily clothes herself in hurricane-force winds, providing limited armor and damaging anyone who touches her. Emily can control the extent of this manifestation. The element does not harm Emily or anything she is wearing.

Catch: The changeling holds her hand out to a strong breeze or the wind from a large fan

Control Air

Emily takes control of the air, causing it to move and act in a directed fashion. The amount she can control varies depending on how well she enacts the Contract.

Catch: The area is completely dominated by air. (air on top of a narrow bridge, in the midst of a windstorm of some sort, or other such places)

Calling the Air

Emily calls the wind from a distant location. Emily must either know the location or see the source of the air she is calling and the air must physically move toward her in as natural manner as possible. If physical barriers prevent the air from reaching Emily, it gets as close as it can.

Catch: The changeling is calling the element solely to awe and impress viewers, perhaps as part of a performance.

Become the Primal Foundation

Emily literally becomes a living manifestation of air, imbued with incredible speed. Her clothing and any small objects close to her skin, such as phones or wallets, blend into this elemental form. In this form, she is largely immune to harm.

Catch: The character must sit and contemplate a large amount of the specific element for at least half an hour immediately before transforming.

Contracts of Fleeting Spring

Cupid’s Eye

This clause takes the first step in fulfilling a person's desires- or teasing him and stringing him along- by revealing what those desires are.

Catch: The character has kissed the subject within the past 24 hours, or the subject's object of desire is the character.

Growth of the Ivy

Humans are fickle creatures, changing desires with the day or the season. This Contract allows Emily to direct a subject's desires. Normally, the effects are temporary, though they can be extended beyond the duration of the Contract through natural interactions.

Catch: The character is acting to make the subject desire her or is doing so to resolve a pledge.

Wyrd-Faced Stranger

Emily appears as whomever the subject most desires to see at that moment.

Catch: The character has recently offered food to the target and the target has accepted, or vice versa.

Pandora’s Gift

Emily creates an object that another person truly desires out of nothing but emotion, dreamstuff and random materials.

Catch: The subject has recently (within one week) given the character a gift. This gift comes with no strings attached, including any expectation of this gift.

Waking the Inner Faerie

Emily makes a target pursue his greatest desires, regardless of other considerations.

Catch: The subject of the Contract has voluntarily and without coercion confided his desire(s) to the character.

Contracts of Eternal Spring

Gift of Warm Breath

Emily's power rejuvenates a single living target, filling the target with energy and vigorous life.

Catch: The subject of the Contract has freely offered the changeling some form of sustenance since the last sunrise.

New Lover’s Kiss

Emily calls a rain down from even a cloudless sky, ranging from a light drizzle to a drenching deluge

Catch: A mortal human has commented, within me character's hearing and within the past hour, that it looks like rain.

Warmth of the Blood

The power of Spring is strong enough to heal injuries and soothe pain. This clause allows Emily to channel the verdant might of Spring into a person's body, mending his wounds. This power works only on living creatures of flesh and blood.

Catch: The target has honestly professed a heartfelt and deep love, romantic or familial, for the changeling.

Yesterday’s Birth

Emily endows a Iiving object or creature with a season's worth of growth and maturing in an instant, though she may endow the subject with more under special circumstances.

Catch: The character spills two drops of blood on the target object and cups it in her hands.

Mother of All Deaths

Emily makes the region around her extraordinarily verdant and rouses it to fight on her behalf.

Catch: A man bled to death on this soil within the past year.

Other Abilities:

Skills: Emily is a expert in the field of medicine, specializing in pharmaceutical science and diagnosis. Before coming to the Nexus, she had an established network of contacts in her field, which she’ll be seeking to reinstate at the first opportunity. While not unused to political games, events prior to arrival have deadened any such ambitions she might have had. While she likes to keep in shape, Emily isn’t much for fighting, instead picking up on some rudimentary survival skills along with an interest in parkour to keep in shape.

To power her abilities she needs Glamour, emotional energy harvested from dreams and emotions of humans, as well as from goblin fruits growing in The Hedge. Upon arrival, Emily’s reserves are fully stocked.

Seeming and Kith Blessings: Emily’s attractiveness is universal, unhindered by orientation, cultural or personal standards, or preferences. It isn’t any real mental interference or influence, simply that one’s preferences will always make an exception for her. For that matter, it is at the point where her attractiveness draws the attention of those around her, whether she wants it to or not.

Supernatural Tolerance: Emily's Wyrd is high enough for her to be accepted into Entitlement, offers her some resistance against all manner of supernatural powers.

Equipment: Nothing more than the clothes on her back and a wallet with enough cash to last her a week or two.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Emily doesn’t remember much from before her Durance, which she usually attributes to how young she was when her Keeper took her. Almost everything that she could claim as hers was wiped away by her time as a trifling amusement for the Gentry. Trapped in a realm with an impossibly large dome of ivory and jade in the midst of an ornate and meticulously tended meadow, she was one of the many sculptures that ringed the dome. Her task was only to maintain whatever pose she was ordered to assume with perfect stillness, with any slight deviation being harshly punished, with the occasional reward mixed in to keep her wanting for more.

Escaping the Menagrie Dome was no easy task, not with her Draconic fellows, spurred by the prospect of how the Gentry would reward them, hunting her. Regardless, she evaded their pursuit and finally escaped Arcadia and then the Hedge. Of her former self, only two things remained. Her name, and the memories of what she’d proudly declared would be her future profession when she grew up.

Adjusting to her new existence was difficult, and at times the only thing keeping her going was that childish dream, but she eventually came to terms with herself. It was that same dream, that same desire that kept her from giving up, that soon caught the attention of a Searce of the Spring Court. The Searce took her under his wing, introducing her to the right people and showing her the political ropes, but maintaining a fairly hands-off approach. It turned out for the best as, with nothing but the connections she’d forged with her Searce’s limited help and her own abilities, she worked her way up the political ladder within the Spring Court.

At the same time, Emily decided that she would pursue that childish dream, going to study at a medical school while keeping up with the political situation of the Court as well as she could. Though not a simple task by any means, it was one Emily rather enjoyed. Eventually, she managed to get through medical school, moving on to getting a job at a local clinic.

By this time, Emily had been acting as Spring Queen for a few years, not a simple task by itself, let alone when it was balanced with studying for a pharmacology exam or some other such trial involved in her chosen career path. While she would hardly go down in the annals of history as a great leader of her freehold, the time of her reign was hardly one of the dark times remembered only as a cautionary tale to future Vernal Sovereigns. At least, it might have been, had an Autumn Queen taken advantage of the subtle internal conflicts between those who saw nothing wrong with Emily’s rule and those who didn’t appreciate a Spring Queen whose attention was divided so.

It was a close thing, but Emily managed to avoid any outright conflict or bloodshed in the process of calming things down, though she decided to step down soon afterwards, content to endorse the rise of a new ruler who she could influence from the shadows as a trusted adviser.

It was some time after this that, just after a particularly long day at her clinic, Emily found that the door she opened led not into the break room, but some endless void.

Now, she finds herself in the Nexus with practically nothing. The prospect of this new freedom is actually quite...exhilarating.

Weakness: Cold Iron penetrates all her supernatural defenses. Additionally Emily lacks real combat training or experience, usually resorting to her Contracts, running, or some combination of both to deal with threats

Likes: Indulging her desires or her curiosity, helping others indulge their own desires (so long as it isn’t detrimental to her), people who aren’t afraid of their own desires (fun to be around), people with long-hidden desires that they try to ignore (fun to tease and getting them to come out of their shells is quite rewarding), sweet, salty, sour, or spicy foods.

Dislikes: People who try to actually prevent themselves from seeking out what they want even when it wouldn’t be of any detriment to them. Bitter food.
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Name: Relius Clover

Race: Human

Age: Unkown

Height: 186cm

Weight: 165.5Ib


Physical Attributes

Strength: Amazing

Agility: Amazing

Constitution: Amazing

Magic abilities: Extremely high

Relius is a master alchemist, widely known as the greatest alchemist.  He uses his magic primarily in the construction of new bodies.  He can use his magic to summon a large number of gears to immobilize and crush an opponent. Moreover, he is capable of casting binding spells capable of holding characters with fantastic strength.  This binding comes in many different forms.  It can become vary restrictive over time, or simply hold the person in place without any extra effect.  However, a binding of this strength requires prep time or an advantageous position in battle to pull off.

Mastery of ars:  Reluis is highly talented in the use of Ars Magus.  Ars Magus is a blend of magic and technology that utilizes the grimoire system in order to achieve different magical effects.  By reciting a special code or spell, the user can activate the encoded magical effect of the ars.  By using this system, Relius and other characters from the Blazblue universe can achieve different magical effects.  For example, Relius can utilize a special Ars Magus that allows him to float above the ground and move at great speeds.

Mages utilize mana in order to cast spells.  In the same way, Ars Magus utilizes seither in order to cast ars.  Seither is a toxic substance that is harmless in small doses.  However, in large doses, seither can mutate animals into monsters and kill humans.

The Ars Magus is a technology that relies heavily on natural talent or aptitude.  Someone who has a high aptitude for ars will be able to use it much more efficiently than someone who has low aptitude, consuming less seither.  It allows him to create barrier's capable of blocking legendary strikes, or those who can produce magic at an extremely high output.

Soul manipulation: Relius has the ability to see the true form of a person's soul.  This give him the ability to examine the very nature of a person's existence.  Personality, memories, the entire history of conscious and subconscious thought are all subject to examination and experimentation.  In addition, he can also sense the nature of a person's soul just from being nearby.  This ability is almost psychic in nature, as he can do other things such as force someone to to see through his eyes.  There are likely other ways he can use this ability but they have yet to be seen in the Blazblue canon.  It is also worth mentioning that he can only use the more forceful aspects of this ability when a person is defeated or immobilized.

Other Abilities:

Genius level intelligence:  Relius is a genius capable of a superhuman level of cognitive thought.  He has an intuitive understanding of human behavior as a result of his study of souls.  He is also a superior tactician, able to utilize his higher level cognition to analyze and strategize within seconds.

Modified body:  Relius has modified his body to be part puppet.  He can basically spawn large sturdy puppet parts from his body to defend or attack.


Fluctus Redactum: Ignis: A doll constructed from the soul of Reliuses wife.  He can summon the puppet anywhere close to him from a space he created to house the puppet.  It is powerful, agile and almost impossible to destroy.  The puppet's body can alter its limbs to form any variety of melee weapon, such as a drill or blade.  Just like other Ars, Ignis is capable of specific magical effects, such as a magical explosive grip. In addition, it is also capable of analyzing enemies. 

Ignis is autonomous, capable of independent action.  This means Ignis will protect Relius even if he himself is not aware of the threat.  While she is capable of independant thought, she is still a literal and metaphorical puppet of Relius.  She is completely incapable of free will, acting only as Relius’s servant and personal weapon.

Ignis stats:

Strength: Heroic

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Legendary


Not much is known about Relius’s early life other than the fact that he had ties with Rachel’s family and was sent forward 80 years into the future, losing his memory.  There, he got married to Ignis and gave birth to Carl and Ada Clover.  At some point he turned both Ignis and Ada into puppets, earning him the resentment of his son.  He has worked to regain his memory over the years but he seems to enjoy it almost as a exhilarating pastime.

After the events of Continuum Shift, Relius was teleported into the Nexus.

Weakness: Relius’s severe lack of empathy, his weaker human body. 
Likes: Science, fascinating souls, opera

Dislikes: Disorganized space
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Name: Shinobu Oshino, Kiss Shot Acerola Orion Heart-Under-Blade, The Iron-Blooded, Hot-Blooded, Cold-Blooded Vampire, The Kaii Killer
Race: Vampire/ Oddity

Age: 598

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 68 kg


Strength : Fantastic

Agility : Heroic

Constitution: Fantastic

Magical ability: None

Shinobu relies on various vampire abilities instead. While she is well versed in supernatural lore herself she has no ability to cast spells of her own.

Other Abilities:


An oddity is basically a living phenomenon shaped by human belief and perception. Oddities are in essence supernatural beings whose entire existence depend on humans acknowledging them. If the belief in them are in some way altered the oddity's existence is at stake. Once created there's no question though about them being superior to humans. Spending enough time together with people can shift the being of an oddity to closer resemble that person, as they are then drawing and depending more on that person's belief. However a single person denouncing their existence won't affect them, unless said denouncing is the work of a special power or ability.

The greatest of the oddities are the Vampires and they have no equals. A fully mature vampire like Kiss Shot is superior to even deities however shinobu has long since lost that power and is merely a shadow of her former self. Shinobu does require a semi daily intake of blood to sustain herself or otherwise she'll perish. Shinobu seems to have body heat as no one has reacted negatively to being touched by her.

Immense Soul

Due to her nature as an oddity her soul differs from that of your regular human. It takes the shape of a large round multi colored spectrum of sweetnes not unlike that of her favorite treat.

Vampiric Regeneration:

Shinobu can regenerate from basically any wound although it depends on the degree of injury. Small wounds tend to heal as they're made, Bones heal almost instantly and limbs can grow out in seconds. She can survive decapitation and in essence she has no vital spots. To put her down with conventional firepower you'd be required to vaporize her entire body at the same time and even then she will return....eventually. This is due to her nature as an Vampire Oddity, they can't be killed in the conventional way. It's however outside of the scope of CE as it takes years for a vampire to come back from that. She is also capable of mentally willing the speed of her regen to go down, so that she can remove her own limbs for example.

Shadow Melding:

Shinobu can hide in the shadow of another person or object for several hours at a time. While hiding in the shadow she's cut off from the world due to it being a seperated dimension of sorts, thus she has no perception of what goes on outside unless she has a vampire bond with the person who's shadow she's hiding in.

Energy Drain:

An ability that functions similarly to the standard feeding you would expect from a vampire except it drains energy from the person instead of blood. Prolonged use of this kills the target.


Shinobu can do a moderate amount of shapeshifting such as creating wings that allow her to fly.

Matter Creation:

Allows her to create mundane objects such as swords and clothes etc... Used it once to create four copies of Kokorowatari. She's limited to creating a few items at a time.

Time Travel

Shinobu can use the the latent energy found in shrines of high spiritual value as a medium, she can create a portal that leads either back or forth in time. However the date travelled to will be randomly be off by a factor of several years.

Let There Be Rain

She can make it rain, even if it's a sunny day. She was once worshipped as a Rain Goddess due to solving a severe drought that had struck a small village. As thanks they built a shrine dedicated to her worship.

Emotional Bond

Shinobu has an emotional link with Medaka Kurokami through siring her. She able to feel when the other is feeling strongly about something and she's also capable of feeling  her general location no matter the distance.


Kokorowatari: the Oddity Killer

A blade capable of cutting the oddities on a conceptual level. It leaves no traces on the physical plain passing through matter as if it weren't there. This blade is only a degraded copy created by Shinobu of the sword welded by the original oddity killer.

The original blade was capable of cutting all things in the world physical as well as non - physical. It was sadly lost to the Darkness, an entity that defied all logic.


Spoiler for Hidden:
  Shinobu was the only daughter of a noble family in an unspecified kingdom. Her beauty was famous throughout the entire kingdom. Countless people would line up outside her palace everyday just to see her. Anyone who sees her for the first time is shocked that her beauty exceeds any expectations, and they would bring her countless gifts everyday. Despite everyone's love for her, Shinobu was never happy, and she never smiled. She wished people would see what's inside her, instead of just her exterior. One day an elderly witch came to grant her wish. The witch turned her physical appearance invisible, and people could only see her inside.

However, her interior turned out to be far more beautiful than her exterior. Her inner beauty manifested itself as a bright light that enveloped the entire kingdom. After seeing her inner beauty, her father felt extreme guilt for not being able to understand her and see her true self, and killed himself out of this guilt. Her mother was so satisfied by giving birth to such a perfect child, that she felt she had nothing left to do in this world. Thus, she also committed suicide. People were so astounded by her pure heart that instead of giving her material gifts they gave her their most valuable possessions: their lives. If they had things more important to them than their lives, they would give her those instead. (e.g. a musician gave her his eyes, a poet gave her his tongue, a sculptor gave her his eyes, and some gave her their children's lives, their grandchildren's lives, etc.). Corpses of those who committed suicide for Shinobu piled up outside her palace. Before long, the pile of corpses grew higher than the palace.

Shinobu was devastated at the result. The witch couldn't turn Shinobu back because she gave Shinobu her knowledge-filled head (the witch beheaded herself). However, Shinobu's tear was able to revive the witch for a small moment, and the witch told her to go on a journey. The witch told her to avoid people, and to never stay in one place for too long. Otherwise, people will get drawn to her heart, and start taking their own lives again. Shinobu became a vampire some time after. No one was able to save her after this experience until 600 years later when she met Araragi.


Shinobu lacks any form of range attacks outside of simply throwing stuff. She also has no magic resistence to speak of so area of effect spells are somewhat effective against her. If she's triggered enough she might start fighting like a berserker although this is a rare occurrence.

Shinobu has a weakness for crosses, if she touches them they burn her and lower the speed of her regeneration by quite a lot to the point that injuries inflicted by them heal at almost normal pace. Furthermore anything else that symbolises Christianity like the House of the Lord or his Holy Language would also weaken her if she's in their proximity.

When in child form or teenage form, Sunlight gives her an headache after a while. She also needs to drink blood fairly regularly or else she'll die, this seems to be every other day or so. Since Shinobu stopped actively hunting humans acquiring blood might get problematic. Silver also burns her and lowers the speed of her regeneration.

Donuts,sweets, Talking metaphorically,Donuts, Araragi, Ambushing people. People who get into more trouble than they can handle.

Not getting her donuts, people who lie to themselves, Not having her way. People who get into more trouble than they can handle.
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Name: Oka Kurosawa

Race: Human

Age: 15

Height:  5'11"

Weight: Fairly heavy, she's extremely muscular.


Spoiler for Hidden:

Physical Attributes

Strength: Exceptional

Agility: Exceptional(Amazing Reflexes)

Constitution: Exceptional (Amazing stamina)

Other Abilities:

Pokemon Master: Oka is a prodigy pokemon trainer, unlike her brother. She has an innate knack for training pokemon in the best possible way to maximize their potential, and can tell at a glance whether they’ve got potential. All her pokemon are well trained and she knows the perfect times to command  them in battle to pull victory from the jaws of defeat.


Pokeballs: Oka carries a large stock of pokeballs in her bag at all times, ready to catch any rare or powerful pokemon she comes across.

Recovery Items: Oka carries a sizable stockpile of hyper potions, full heals, and revives. She also has a few herbal medicines.

Climbing Equipment: Oka carries a fairly decent rock climbing kit, including all the essentials, such as a grapple, a harness, and of course, top quality climbing rope.

First Aid Kit: It’s just your standard run of the mill first aid kit.

Gym Badges: Oka has seven gym badges, showing her prowess as a pokemon trainer. Having seven of them is an extremely impressive feat. It shows she has extreme skill in the art of pokemon training, and is on her way to becoming a master. She keeps them in a small wallet that also houses her trainer card, and keeps them polished perfectly.

Running Shoes

Shoes made for running.

Collapsible bike

A bicycle made for easy carrying.


Strength: Exceptional
Agility: Incredible(can boost to Fantastic with quiver dance level 2, Heroic with level six)
Constitution: Incredible
Wormy is a powerful Bug/Fire type pokemon, and Oka’s most powerful, and first, pokemon. She was given a Larvesta for her fifth birthday by her grandfather, and over a period of eleven years, has lovingly trained him and evolved him into his brilliant current form. It loves her unconditionally and is entirely loyal. It would stop at nothing to protect its beloved partner.

He uses his six wings to engulf his enemies in waves of fire and scalding ash, bathing any battlefield in a smothering wave of heat. He can control his own body heat output, allowing people it trusts to touch and pet him. At full output, he can release a sea of flames with damage equivalent to a high level spell, or focus his attacks to deal very high levels of damage with his fire. He also knows various other moves, such as psychic, which wormy can use to lift heavy objects or crush objects with his mind. He can also fly high into the sky, or release a massive beam of concentrated sunlight that can harm even legendary level enemies. He can bite enemies and drain their energy as well, or make a harmful buzzing noise that deals damage comparable to his psychic attack.

Wormy also knows a few utility moves, such as quiver dance, which boosts the damage of his attacks, resistance to non-physical attacks, and speed by one grade (1.5,2.0,2.5,etc) up to six times, at which point it maxes out. He can also use roost to heal himself in exchange for not moving for a full round, which makes it impractical in a heated battle.

She keeps him in a luxury ball. That is, on the rare occasion she keeps him in a Pokeball. Normally she just lets him follow her around freely.

Little Bully(Dusclops):
Strength: Exceptional (Amazing with Strength)
Agility: Human(amazing reflexes)
Constitution: Fantastic(Legendary with eviolite)
Incorporeal: Dusclops is a ghost, and has next to no physical presence. Mundane physical attacks pass right clean through it, although this does not go both ways, and it can affect physical objects just as easily as spiritual ones.

Her second pokemon was a Duskull, a Ghost type pokemon. When she was small, she used to get bullied a great deal by her brother, who was jealous of her prowess with pokemon and how their grandfather was neglecting him entirely in lieu of training Oka to be the successor to the gym. This went on for a few years, until a small ghost burst through the wall and chased him around for being a bad child. It continued until he begged Oka to do something about it, and so she captured it. After several months under her control, they eventually grew close, and it would keep him away while she slept and when he tried to bully her, much to his dismay. Oka has since evolved it into a Dusclops, and it isn’t very little anymore, standing at roughly the same height as Oka herself.

Dusclops is not strong nor is he fast. He is a tank, excelling in defense and taking hits without going down. Oka has given him an item, eviolite, which further increases his defenses so he can better suit her purposes in her team. He knows moves like taunt, torment, rest, toxic, and other status affecting moves. She uses him to draw enemy attacks towards him and then poison the enemies. He also knows protect, which allows him to throw up a defensive force field as fast as he csn think, but he can only keep it up for a short time before it fails, making it far less useful than it otherwise would, as a sustained attack would break it down without much effort. He also knows sleep talk, allowing him to continue attacks even as he heals while resting.

Strength: Exceptional
Agility: Incredible
Constitution: Exceptional
Incorporeal: Haunter is a ghost, and has next to no physical presence. Mundane physical attacks pass right clean through it, although this does not go both ways, and it can affect physical objects just as easily as spiritual ones.

Oka was around eleven years old and was exploring the pokemon graveyard when she was attacked by a foolish Ghastly, which tried to possess her. Luckily for her, Little Bully noticed its attempt and attacked it in return, injuring it enough for Oka to capture it in a pokeball.

Gengar, unlike Dusclops, is geared towards dealing heavy damage very fast, while dodging the opponents attacks. As such, he knows moves such as shadow ball, focus blast, energy ball and dark pulse, which both deal large(High/very high) levels of damage with each hit, the primary difference being the type of damage that they deal. He can also call down massive lightning bolts from the sky of varying strengths and accuracy, the stronger the bolt the less accurate it being.

He also knows a few moves such as destiny bond and hypnosis, the former of which allows him to take an opponent with him if he goes down through a ghostly bond. Destiny Bond is an attack that, if he uses it just before he gets taken down, the opponent who took him down goes down too. This can be resisted if one has a resistance to curses. Hypnosis puts an opponent to sleep, but those with high levels of willpower or other mental resistances can resist the effects somewhat. Furthermore, sometimes it just doesn’t making it not the most reliable option.

Furthermore, Genger can enter into people’s dreams and “eat” them, causing nightmares and dealing damage while providing him with energy.

Strength: Exceptional
Agility: Human (Amazing reflexes)
Constitution: Incredible

Sylveon is one of Oka’s favorite pokemon, and is a kind, gentle souled beast. This does not stop it from rushing to the aid of his master when she’s fighting, however, where he will fight to the last bravely carrying out her orders. Sylveon is also highly resistant to non physical attacks, such as magic or fire, and is completely immune to dragonic attacks. It is weak against metals and poisoning.

Pixilate is sylveon’s special ability, which transforms many of its attacks into the fairy type and strengthens them greatly as a result. It was a big reason why Oka wanted this specific Sylveon.

To take full advantage of pixilate, Oka has taught sylveon moves such as hyper voice and hyper beam.
Hyper voice is an extremely powerful attack which massively amplifies the user’s voice to such an extent that it becomes a highly damaging attack that affects a large area, moving towards enemies at the speed of sound. It is affected by pixilate, and as such, hits with very high strength.

Hyper beam is considered by many trainers to be straight up the strongest move a pokemon can learn, concentrating all of their power into one single beam. This move is also affected by pixilate, and as such is devastatingly powerful (Extremely high). Its power comes at a cost, however, leaving the user utterly prone after the incredible attack until they rest for a short while.

His other moves include moonblast, which attacks using the power of the moon ( Very High), shadow ball, sending a ball of dark shadows towards the enemy(high) and psyshock, which allows him to lift objects such as rocks and send them careening towards an enemy(high)

Agility:Human(amazing reflexes)
Constitution: Incredible
Incorporeal: Drifblim is a ghost, and has next to no physical presence. Mundane physical attacks pass right clean through it, although this does not go both ways, and it can affect physical objects just as easily as spiritual ones.

Drifblim is Oka’s weakest pokemon. She travels with it primarily because it allows her to fly over obstacles and cut through troublesome vegetation. It has no real combat usage.


Mimikyu is a cute little pokemon that sits on top of her head at almost all times, providing her with omnidirectional protection. The cute-looking disguise it wears over itself is in complete contrast to the monstrosity that lurks underneath it. Oka doesn't care, however. It's the attempt that matters in her opinion. In the past months she's had it, they've become close friends, and it's proved to be a valuable addition to the team.

Strength: Incredible

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Amazing

Don't allow its looks to deceive you, this small guy is immensely powerful, and is capable of attacking in a myriad of ways. Additionally, due to its ghostly powers, while its disguise remains unbroken, it does not take any actual damage itself. Unfortunately, the disguise is rather weak, and will break after only a single hit.

Mimikyu attacks using its dark claws and tail to great effect. She also taught it protect, and it often sits on top of her head, ready to throw up a forcefield in case of an attack. It also knows return, an attack that gets stronger the stronger the bond between the trainer and pokemon is. This attack hits with the force equivalent to Fantastic levels.


Strength: Incredible(Heroic with first superpower or max curse, Exceptional with max debuff from superpower)

Agility: Human(Incredible reflexes)

Constitution: Legendary

Regice is both Oka’s newest and most powerful pokemon, only rivaled by Wormy himself. Its body is -200 degrees C, and it would not melt even if it were to be immersed in magma. Things freeze just by being near Regice. The human-sized ice golem is an incredibly powerful one of a kind legendary pokemon. It knows a myriad of powerful moves such as Zap Cannon, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Superpower,Thunder, a move that weakens its attack and defensive powers in exchange for overwhelming force, and Hyper Beam, among others. It also knows some weaker moves, such as ice beam, frost breath, thunderbolt and flash cannon. It also knows a weaker move called ancient power, which allows it to throw rocks at an opponent and has a tiny chance to strength it all around. Finally, it knows charge beam, a weak electrical attack that merely deals high damage, but also strengthens its special (non physical) attacks with each use, with the same restrictions as quiver dance. All of regice’s attacks are devastatingly powerful, at minimum very high level, and the stronger attacks such as hyper beam, zap cannon and blizzard are at extremely high levels.

Beyond its attack moves, it also knows several utility moves such as Lock On, a move that increases the time it takes for an attack to fire, but allows it to home in on the target, only missing if the opponent runs away or hides behind a wall or underground.

Curse, a move which increases attack and defensive power in exchange for lowering its speed.

Rest, a move that allows it to quickly regain its full strength after a short nap.

Its defense against non physical attacks are also through the roof, and as a result Regice is nearly immune to all non-physical sources of damage, even fire, which an ice-type would normally be vulnerable to. One would need to attack it head on with physical objects in order to harm it.

Spoiler for other pokemon:
Oka also has some various other pokemon not currently suitable for battle or general use, such as her abra, poliwag, and other pokemon of this caliber.

Abra is a pokemon Oka is still training, and is incredibly weak. It is entirely unsuitable for battle, only knowing teleport and psychic(medium), but it is still too weak to really harm anyone. It needs to be trained a lot more before it’s a useful pokemon to her. She can use teleport to teleport to any location Abra remembers, with Oka in tow.

Strength Human

Agility Human

Constitution Human


The only move of note that waggly knows is surf. She’s not terrible strong and is a big coward.

Strength Human

Agility Human (Incredible while using surf)

Constitution Human

Origin: Oka was born into a failing line of bug pokemon trainers, the Kurosawa. She was seen as a beacon of hope by the aging gym leader, her grandfather. He focused all his time on training her to become his successor, as both his son and his grandson had proved to be completely and hopelessly inept at pokemon battles. At first, things went astonishingly well. She had a natural born talent at pokemon battling and the art of training them. However, as time went on, problems arose.

The first, and biggest problem was that she simply did not have an appreciation of nearly any bug type pokemon, considering any but her beloved Larvesta to be “icky and gross.” Later she developed a crush on her childhood friend, and chased after him when he went on his own journey to become the Champion of the Pokemon League. This left her grandfather hopeless, as he desperately sent her brother to get her back and pressured her to return and come to her senses.

She has so far willfully disregarded all such attempts, handily beating her brother time and time again, and has followed in her crush’s footsteps, acquiring seven out of the eight gym badges required to challenge the previous Victory Road and the Pokemon Leauge.

Weakness: If you steal her pokeballs, she is just a normal teenage girl. While all her ghosts are immune to mundane physical attacks, they are more susceptible to magic, especially spirit-aligned magic. Furthermore, if any of them interact with their target in a phytsical manner, they are susceptible to physical retaliation in that moment. Just shoot her in the face and she’ll die.

Likes: Pink, Volcarona, her crush, Ghost-type pokemon, beating gym leaders, bullying people(but not too much), beating gym leaders, surpassing new challenges, exploring

Dislikes: The way her grandfather pressures her to become a gym leader, failing, losing to her crush, her brother, bug pokemon(except her darling Wormy)

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Name : Jin Kisaragi

Race : Human

Birthday : February 14th


Weight :61KG

Appearance  :

Physical Attribute:

Strength: Incredible

Agility: Amazing

Constitution: Incredible

Magical ability:None

Ars Magus : Jin has no aptitude for magic, he instead uses Ars Magus like most other people from his universe instead. While the end result may be nearly identical to many kinds of magic, Ars Magus is fundamentally different from it.

The first notable difference is its use of seithr as opposed to mana. Seithr was released in large quantities into the world during the Dark War by the Black Beast, an immeasurably strong monster that wiped out nearly half of the world’s population. Seithr is harmless to humans in small quantities, but in larger dosages it is a highly toxic substance that is lethal to humans and mutates animals into powerful and aggressive monsters.

Ars Magus was developed by the Great Sage Nine during the Dark War to allow humans to utilize the powers associated with magic in order to fight the Black Beast, which was completely immune to conventional weapons. Humans were unable to manipulate magic in its base form, and after a great deal of research, Ars Magus was developed to circumvent this problem.

By using science to manipulate the vast quantities of seithr that leaked from the body of the Black Beast as a fuel source, a user can generate a vast number of effects. In order to activate an Ars Magus, one has to recite an “Ars,” or spell.

Some people have higher aptitude than others in the use of Ars Magus. For example, to activate a specific Ars, the average person would require twenty units of seithr while someone with a high aptitude for it might require only ten, or even five units to achieve the same effect.

Other Abilities :

Sword Master: Jin is a swagtastic swordsman and knows all the bitchin' moves, he can flip out and stab the shit out of your nii-san.

Jin is a highly skilled swordsman who few can match, it's through his great skill and the power of Yukianesa that he quickly advanced to the rank of major in the NOL. Jin's fighting style is built around pure skill and attacks perfomed with precise timing.   

Giant Bully: He can bully the Christmas out of you.

Le move Set:
Spoiler for Hidden:

Power of Order: I win button that works....sometimes. really good at negating supernatural influences though.

Jin is also capabale of performing air dashes through the use of Ars Magus by creating platforms in the air.

Nox Nyctores: Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa, It freezes things...especially heroes of  love and justice. Ice swords everywhere.

The Nox Nyctores were originally created to combat the Black Beast, they were based on the Sankishin and all hold great power. Yukianesa takes the form of a katana or rather it's the hilt. When drawn a blade of ice is formed from seithr, it has the ability to rapidly freeze anything it touches. Yukianesa also excerts a form mind control on Jin enhancing his emotional reactions, especially his rage.

Notable techniques include shooting ice projectiles in the form of swords and trapping a person in a block of ice.

Overdrive: Frost End, Jin overcharges yukianesa's power, he can't do it for too long due to danger to himself but it'll definitely freeze their justice right off.

Hishōken: Ice sword launcher.

Hishōgeki: Even bigger ice sword that freezes your ass.

Kuchū Hishōgeki: You thought 1 sword was enough, so take 3 instead. Freezes your ass harder.

Fubuki: Yo battōjutsu quickdraw like a wannabe samurai, you cant touch this.

Rehhyō: A launching verticall quickdraw slash, that sends you flying. too bad it's slow.

Jin's Nissan: He can make a car of ice. Actually Jin rides on an icicle, then he leaps off to kick your face in.

Sekkajin: A tuly impressive technique where Jin slashes all around himself like an idiot.

Tōga Hyōjin: Jin slashes out a giant ice wave at a high speed along the ground. Extremely fast. When in Overdrive, Jin freezes his enemy with one slash of the arctic dagger, and then stabs Yukianesa into the ground, this hits you over and over again.

Kokūjin: Yukikaze: Jin blocks an attack, then does a battōjutsu through the opponent to freeze them. When in Overdrive, Jin is really tryharding it and will go trough you after slashing you all over and then sheathes the blade like a boss.

Rengoku Hyōya: This is my ultimate final attack, creates a bitchin' ice cage around you.  After about 5 seconds of freezing his opponent's ass off, Jin then sheathes his sword, causing the ice cage to shatter, killing the opponent on contact. too bad it only hits the non flying ones.


Origin : OG Jin in da house. He doesn't know Noel but is good friends with Tsubaki and her friend Makoto. He's a Major in the NOL and treats everyone with their due respect. In essence he's an upstanding gentleman of class. He only has one problem, he doesn't like his brother, the Bloodedge. He's from the original timeline from before Noel was a thing and made her timeline canon through being an observer.

After arriving in the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi chasing after a lead he got about his brother the wanted criminal Ragna the Bloodedge. he found himself mysteriously pulled away from Kagutsuchi by an unknown force.

Likes :Tsubaki, Makoto, his nii-san.

Dislikes :His nii-san, anything that reminds him of Saya.

Weaknesses : Is brash and arrogant, slow to react to counterattack unless he's really motivated.
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Name: Gabriel L. Umbra

Race: Unseelie Faerie - Incubus Hybrid (He likes to call himself a "Shadow")

Age: 127

Height: 6'1

Weight: About 180

Appearance: Gabriel is tall, broad shouldered, and fairly well built.  He has very fair skin, actually appearing truly "white".  When excited or arouse, he glows slightly, like moonlight. 

He has long black hair, but his hair looks odd.  There's no highlights, it's almost like his hair was just liquid darkness or India Ink.  It also doesn't reflect light either.  He uses his hair to cover his pointed ears.  He has fine boned features- think Tom Hiddleston as Loki and you're not too far off.  He has a wide, mobile mouth and his grin has a bit of a knowing wickedness to it.  His eyes are violet.

He dresses in either fine suits in dark colors such as black, burgundy, gray, and violet.  He's also been known to sport poet's shirts and leather pants as well.  He also has a black cashmere duster that he'll wear when the weather permits it.

In short, Gabriel is a gorgeous, gorgeous man.  Then again, he's Half Faerie and Half Incubus.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Amazing

Agility: Exceptional

Constitution: Amazing

Magic: None

Other Abilities:

Magical Null- Gabriel is a magical null.  He nullifies all magic within a one foot radius of his body.  This is especially effective against Faerie magic.  He can kill a Fae from his world with prolonged physical contact.  However, he cannot kill a Servant by hugging it to death.

Shadow Walking:  A pocket dimension of Shadows can be accessed as portals to other places and Gabriel can open up doors to enter this interconnecting pocket dimension.  Using this he can travel great distances rather quickly.  He can also go into the shadows to keep someone from getting him.  However using this too many times and too fast will wear him out.  This is a trait that all of the Umbra family shares.

Now within the Nexus he finds he can only travel within the Nexus.

Lure: This is something he can "turn on", making his intended target, as long as they are sexually attracted to men, want him.  To the point that it starts to become a need and obsession.  However those who are already in love with someone else, such as Sakura with Shirou or those with enough will power, like Forest, can resist it. (Note though, the Lure is always active at low levels even when it is not “on” or being focused.)

Sex Sense: He can sense a person's sexual desires, kinks, what they like, dislike, and their sexual history.  He can read if someone's been raped, if someone is a nympho minx, or if they're a virgin.

Double 0: He has knowledge in martial arts (look who raised him) and fought in World War I and II under the British SAS with all the training that would entail (weapons, hand to hand, survival).  He also served with MI6 for a time.  Gabriel has some James Bond spy skills. (Things like hot wiring cars, communication, and picking locks are among these skills.)

White Tower Magician:  Despite being a Magical Null, Gabriel is a genius at magical theory and arcane knowledge.   He can figure out a spell's  source and how it works.  He can also sense magic at work as well.  It is like extrasensory perception, not a "physical" sense like sight or sound.

Sexual Healing: While Gabriel does have regeneration (not to the point of a vampire or werewolf), sexual activity can actually speed up the process.   Even though he doesn’t feed like an incubus does, he does have to have sex regularly or he’ll get depressed and show signs of illness such as headaches etc.

Gentleman of the Blade: Gabriel's favorite martial weapon, perhaps due to his birth mother's influence, is the sword.  He is best with a rapier and dagger combination and is an accomplished duelist.

Haymaker: Gabriel is a skilled boxer, and still keeps the practice up to this day.

Supernatural Extra Sensory Perception: He can sense the supernatural.  He is aware if someone is Fae, Vampire, or Other.  He can also sense magic and anaylize it before it is destroyed by his null field.  (To touch the field it's going to get destroyed.)

Due to his ESP, he can use it as a homing beacon of sorts when traveling in the Shadows.  If he knows someone and is familiar with them, he can sense out their energy in the Shadows to help him locate them. 

Even though it is magic, he can sense spells that his mother has worked simply because of their family ties.  It calls to him even though he can destroy it.

Linguist:  Due to him being a spy, Gabriel is fluent in German, French, Russian, Latin and several forms of Gaelic (due to his magical studies).  He's also conversational in Japanese and can muddle in Mandarin.

Equipment: His 1911 Military issue semi-automatic, a rapier and dagger made from Fae alloys (a gift from Wynn that she forged herself), the Umbra signant ring, and his cell phone.

Origin: Wynn Umbra, in her days of political climbing within the Unseelie Court and Council, wanted to make a weapon that would strip a Faerie of their magic.  To do this, she needed to temper the blade with an incubus' blood.  As part of their bargain, this incubus could call upon Wynn for sex to feed off of whenever he wanted for a time.

The last time he called Wynn just happened to be in her once every decade fertile period.

Wynn was pregnant, and was fully aware of the child she was going to give birth to.  Faerie and incubi had tried to breed in the past- the best cases ended with still born babies and the worse had the babies killing their mothers from in the womb due to the magical nullifying nature.  Oddly enough, Faerie seed wouldn't take in a succubus's womb.  Anyway, due to her knowledge of intertwining demonic and Faerie natures and that she made a safeguard so her own blade couldn't be used against her, she was able to carry the child to term without either dying.  Even though the pregnancy was very difficult; Wynn had no access to her magic and was ill the entire time.

Luckily, Wynn's closest friend was Forest. 

Knowing that she couldn't raise the child herself (Gabriel's presence in Faerie starts to dissolve it if he's there for too long), Wynn gave him to Forest to raise as his Godmother.  In fact, when Gabriel calls Forest "Godmother", it's pretty obvious he wants to call her "Mother".  Wynn gets called "Mommy Dearest" because Gabriel has some resentment issues towards her.

Anyway, Gabe grew up like any kid being raised by Forest would.  There was violence, learning how to fight, and then joining the military to fight.  He served as an intelligence operative in WWI & WWII and was even part of MI6 for a time until he retired to become what he jokingly called a "gentleman of leisure".  And the affair in the Balkans in the 80's left a very bad taste in his mouth.

Now he sort of wanders the world, helping his Godmother and extended family from time to time, and mucking about the affairs of magic users that would harm others.

Weakness: Iron.  Physical violence/harm.  Even though a spell to the face won't hurt him, but using magic to knock a building down on him could hurt him. May be considered an alcoholic.  If he does not have sex for an extended period of time it will weaken him.  Threats to his godmother make him lose his temper.  He is also sort of lazy.  Also he cannot lie; he can obscure the truth and give misleading answers, but he cannot truly lie.  If asked a question three times he has to answer truly.

Likes: When his Godmother is happy, and when he can tease her. Matchmaking. Curvy women with fair hair (not a fan of Brunettes, has to do with Mommy Dearest).  Scotch. More scotch.  Did he mention that he really likes scotch? Sweets and baked goods (he can bake as well). Good coffee that is half cream and sugar.  Boxing.  Studying magic.  Messing with egotistical magic users. Friendly animals.  Provoking others, causing minor chaos/mischief and watching the results.

Dislikes: Egotistical magic users who would harm others.  Those who harm children.  When Mommy Dearest is being her normal self.  When Godmother is moping.  Bad coffee and scotch.  Nazis.  Anyone attempting to commit genocide.  Those who have no regard for life. Bigots. 
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