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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
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Name: Warmonger MkVI Artificial Construct/Seraphim Series Unit-324 "Fair Lady Elissa"
Race: Magic Construct
Age: 2 years
Height: 8'
Weight: 1100 lbs
Eyes: Blue optical lenses
Hair: None
Appearance: Elissa takes the form of an eight-foot, humanoid robot that is moderately armored. Legs are digitigrade, using three splayed, broad toes on both feet to stand. Each arm ends with a hand with four fingers and a thumb, allowing her to interact with the environment. On each forearm, there are two "rods," which allows the conjuring of magecraft. The head is nothing but a rectangular box with three circular sensory cameras (One large one that is centered, two smaller ones on each side of it, towards the bottom).

Two thrusters reside on the back; one on the upper left, the other on the upper right. When activated, these thrusters emit a long contour of glowing white energy, giving an appearance of wings. Going down the center of her back is a series of three, upwards facing fins, the top the largest, the bottom the smallest. These fins make up the upper part of the generator, collecting the environment's mana.

Overall, the armor is fairly angular and unisexual, only curving around the chest, the legs, and the arms to maximize protection. The armor is painted in varying shades of grey, forming an urban camouflage pattern. There are various runes across the hull. These allow Elissa to become temporarily lighter, faster, or stronger is she pumps prana into them.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Strength: C (Naturally), C+ (Stone Runes activated)
Agility: A
Speed: C (naturally), B (With thrusters or Fleet Runes activated), A (With both thrusters and Fleet Runes activated at the same time)
Endurance: C
Magecraft: A

General: C
Combat: A

Psychic Abilities: None

Magic Abilities: Many spells and curses, but most often uses Arcane Lightning, Disruption, Balefire, Firestorm, Sunder Bolts , and Graviton.

Stone Runes: Located on the inner side of each forearm. Increases the strength of her punches when activated.
Fleet Runes:Located on the upper portion of both legs. Decreases mass and increases movement speed when activated
Shadow Rune: Located on the torso, center of the chest. Makes Elissa nearly invisible when activated. Does not hide prana or heat emissions.
Gate Rune: Located directly to the left f the Shadow Rune. Allows Elissa to phase through walls. Phasing emits light and a loud hissing sound, however, making it ideal only for escape or ambushes, not stealth.

Other Abilities:
Living Metal: The alloy that Elissa is made out of is a magically created metal, capable of self-repair. It would take a significant amount of time to repair significant amount of damage, however.
Repair Protocol: Exponentially increases repair time. However, Elissa has to be shut down during this time, being both vulnerable and unaware of her surroundings.
Sensory Suite: Able to see thermal and night vision.

Weaknesses: Extreme cold or heat, as well as any significantly powerful attack. Also, the generator that the fins on her back are attached to is vulnerable; knocking that out forces her to retreat as fast as possible to enact Repair Protocol.

Origin: In Elissa's reality, magic was always a pervasive force; Technology, culture, and war has always been integrated with it. In the closing years of the twentieth century, the world became embroiled in the third, and possibly final, world war. Artificial mages, magically-enhanced munitions, and weaponized golems are the mainstay, while Graviton Warheads are being prepped for launch.

The Warmonger series of golems were first introduced in the First World War by the Allies. While using golems in battle was a centuries old practice, this period marked the first use of a standardized template built in factories and used across an entire theatre of war. All of the early Warmonger models required a mage to control them, transferring their minds to the magical construct at the cost of having their actual bodies becoming vulnerable to attack. The Mark III series saw the introduction of the "living" metal alloy known as Elumium, an alloy that the Axis failed to replicate in the Second World War. The Mark IV series saw the implantation of Homunculi brains inside the chassis of the Warmongers, getting rid of the need of having a mage close by, and finally allowing the golem itself to take part in long-lasting combat scenarios; this introduction, along with the discovery of the Graviton Magics, only increased the tensions of the Cold War.

In the yer of 1992, the Soviet Union declared war on the NATO nations. War quickly escalated to the point that by the year of 1995, every world power is involved and millions are dead. The stalemate in Europe and western North America ensures that the end is no where in sight. Average life expectancy of an enlisted soldier is measured in days, and the need for the new MkVI series of Warmongers is higher than ever.

As it stands now, the Warmonger MkVI series is divided up into several different variants: Warmonger, Seraphim, Manticore, and Pisces. All four of these have a prana generator. These generators are attached to "fins" that collect mana from the local environment. While this provides indefinite power, each Warmonger must be careful of how much prana they expend performing feats and spells, for output can still be greater than input. In case of generator damage, all Warmongers store away a small amount of prana in order to escape combat and initiate Repair Protocol (If the generator is damaged, Repair Protocol prioritizes the reconstruction of the Mana Fins or Prana Generator). All variants also require two years to manufacture: One to fully develope vat-grown Homunculi, another to indoctrinate him/her, build the chassis, and implace the brain inside the golem. It should be noted that no two Homunculi turn out the same, and there is no way to actually know the gender until sexual organs can be seen on their fetuses. Homunculi are adults by their second birthday, from which they are ready to transfer their brains to the Golem's chassis.

In 1996, Elissa was vat-grown in Fort Detrick, Maryland. After a year of growing and another for indoctrination, she had her brain and conscience transferred to a Sraphim model, a variant that specializes in flight, rapid speed, high mobility, and heavy firepower. In 1999, five months in her first deployment fighting Russo-Sino forces in the former state of Washington, she received catastrophic damage and was forced to initiate Repair Protocol. When she woke up, she finds herself in a different reality...

Personality: Though Elissa acknowledges that she is female, she does not really dwell upon it. She was always treated as a weapon by her creators, only taking on a personality after an extended period of time with the veteran members of her squadron, her handler, and interacting with soldiers during the counter offensive in the former state of Washington. It wasn't even until recently that she even acknowledged a name beyond Unit-324. She is still learning emotions, but this is a huge improvement of her machine-like attitude from before. Still seems cold, however.

She was taught extensively that she exists for orders. Thus, being trapped in another reality, she is confused and has little initiative. However, combat is her expertise; being capable of duking out massive amount of damage and beat a hasty retreat when necessary.

Likes: Discipline, almost any sort of visual and audio stimiluation

Dislikes: Laziness, Commanders who throw away lives needlessly

Spell Information:
Arcane Lightning:
Prana Cost: Moderate 
Info: Arcane Lightning is a powerful mid-ranged (700 Meters) spell, capable of blowing up reinforced Main Battle Tanks, damaging Super Heavy Tanks, and knocking jets out of the air.

Prana Cost: Low
Info: Disruption is a sound-based, close-ranged (30 meters) spell that disorientates the target for around a half an hour. Can be beefed up to completely incapacity a target for an extended amount of time

Prana Cost: Moderate
Info: Balefire is a close ranged (40m) firestorm attack emitted like a flamethrower. Temperatures reach an excess of a hellish two-thousand degree Celsius (3632 degrees Fahrenheit).

Prana Cost: Low
Info: Firestorm is a medium-ranged (300m) attack that consistes of shooting a fist-sized, high temperature fireball. With the Seraphim model having two firing rods on each forearm, the golem can rapidly fire these in two different directions or combo it with antother attack.

Sunder Bolts:
Prana Cost: Moderate
Info: Sunder Bolts is a medium ranged (300m) attack that consists of firing fist-sizedgrey orbs that, upon contact, tears the victim apart from the molecular level by destroying electron bonds in molecules. They can only affect the same amount of area as the orb is, but this tends to be destructive enough for most targets. Like the Firestorm, it can become rapid fire.

Prana Cost: Massive
Info: Graviton is a short ranged (100m) attack that causes its victims to become super dense and collapse onto themselves (Like a hand crushing a soda can). Requires so much prana that it nearly exceeds the mana input from the generator; if fired, Elissa will have a significant reduction in movement and casting ability, for prana is the life-blood of any Warmonger.

Non-Character Information that might affect the story-line:
Graviton Magics were only discovered during the Second World War, but have since then been put into a variety of weaponry, even becoming WMD's (When combined with missile warheads) capable of crushing entire cities.
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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
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Name: Avdol “Avvy”  Shabara
Race: American of Egyptian descent
Age: 25
Height: 191 cm
Weight: 99 kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Appearance: Tall and muscular though he has thinner frame than your average JoJo. Darker skin and tends to dress in simple clothes.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Charisma: D
Strength: B
Agility: C
Speed: B
Magic Resistance: D

Magic Ability: Avvy’s Hamon enables him to release prana in matter akin to Prana Burst. He can use 'Reinforcement' to an extent, but its not proper magecraft, but rather natural
byproduct of his breathing.

His primary ability though is his Stand "One With You", which manifests as black wires that he can release from his body. Still not truly manifested, mastering it given time he may have it gain a humanoid form . His stand acts like the ultimate bound stand, anything he attatches the wires to become possesed by Avvy and acts like an extension of his stand and body (think of how Wheel of fortune, Strength and Anubis work). He can use it to control bodies (but not the magics inside the bodies) like a marrionette master. Can bind it to tools to gain increased precision and control with them (for example a sword will feel like a natural extension of his arm). May create basic shapes with it but this takes time and it is easier to carry stuff of the shape and possess it instead.

Can extend his senses through his bound objects and is able to see or hear through his objects.

Moderate levels of strength and durability that are extended to all he possesses with his stand.

Other Abilities: Avvy learned some basic martial arts while traning to learn the ripple.

Origin: Natural Born Stand user was travelling around the world to discover more about his powers. He discovered the ripple and learned to use the Hamon ability to better understand himself and sate his curiosity. Not very skilled at the moments as a Vampire!AU! Funny Valentine threw him into another dimension while trying to rid his of any Hamon users.

Weakness: Disrupting Avvy's breathing hampers both his Hamon ability and the Stand. In water he can only use it as long as he can hold his breath (up to human's highest possible capacity).
General inexperience and slowness.

Likes: Research, travel, new things

Dislikes: The undsiciplined, being lost, boredom

Sorry Kat. I used your guy as a template

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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
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Name: Grim (was referred to like Grimmoire by a previous host and since it was the first reference to its name beyond it's species it adopted the name) or the name of current host.
Race: Symbiote
Age: 2 months
Height: variable
Weight: Variable
Eyes: Variable
Hair: none (may imitate hair through shapeshifting)
Appearance: Large black goo. Tends to project a toothed mouth and white eyes. When using magic has glowing lines flow through in intricate patterns of various colours around body. May bury these lines consciously if it wishes to remain
Charisma: A. Once bonded to a host it is able to completely overwhelm those with a will of rank B and take them over or subtly influence those of Rank B will or higher. Ranks down the Charisma of those it has bonded with though and has a charisma rank of E when not dealing with hosts.
Strength: Host level plus one rank. Without host they are at C.
Agility: Base reflexes are at C. When bonded to host they become host level plus one.
Speed: Variable based upon host. Gives any host a full rank up. Has C ranked speed but combined with shape shifting and camouflage may escape most conflicts without host.
Magic Resistance: D (has gained some due to large amounts of circuits but still very magically susceptible)
Magic Ability: C

Has acquired the power to conceptually bind things and some low levels of Water magic from the Matou crest.
May do some magical reinforcement and some basic fire spells but beyond that only has absorbed spelless circuits so far to bosst it’s Mana capacity.
Adds these powers to host and boosts their mana rank equal to the current rank of symbiotes mana subtract 1 rank.
Other Abilities:
Power Mimicry/Absorption: The symbiote can steal the powers and abilities of its hosts. It can recall abilities from previous hosts and permanently add them to it’s repertoire. When it comes to magical beings it tends to eat part of their magical cores or circuits, or learns their art by acting like a magic crest for them to channel their arts through and absorbing portions of the host mana
The Symbiote can mimic clothing, and completely change its appearance and stature. Camouflaging with its surroundings, and even mimicking other people are also within it’s capabilities.  It can also morph sections of his body, such as his hands or feet, into spikes, blades, axes or a shield.
Stretching and deforming: Although it's wide known that the Symbiote can stretch and deform itself even when bonded to a host. The Symbiote can expand to any size as long as they have something to grow on such as a host or an object. Symbiotes can get inside of small areas such as electric wires and the insides of cars and completely disable them.
Webbing generation
Wall crawling
Low level psychic bonds with previous hosts
Stat increase to all bonded hosts.
Accelerated healing granted to host

Origin: This strange alien life form crashed into the Nasuverse after the end of HF route.
He found the remains of Zouken Matou’s body in the Eninzbern forest and desperate for some organic matter consumed it. With his he also merged with the Matou magic crest and gained taste of the magics of that world. Afterwards the Symbiote travelled from mage to mage absorbing and eating circuits until he could gained moderate magic ability. This was when the dimensional anomaly pulled him in. First he entered the Marvel universe and temporarily bonded to the spider man clone named Caine. He gained basic spider powers and due to the clone’s instability caused it to go on a magical rampage. Fortunately after Peter parker struggled to remove the symbiote the dimensional anomaly returned and sent him to the Nexus city. After seeing its alternate self in the Marvel universe it now wants to pursue the level of bond that its counterpart found. It now wanders from host to host looking for it’s one true love (host) but still continues draining unworthy ones to gain powers.
Weakness: Fire and Vibration can cause the symbiote great amounts of pain.
Likes: Good hosts, large supplies of magic, passionate emotion
Dislikes: Bad hosts, loneliness, traitors
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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
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La Folia Rihavein
Race: Human (Though she can temporarily become a Holy Spirit)
Age: 17
Height: 162cm
Weight: 52kg
Eyes: Turquoise
Hair: Silver-white
Charisma (if that’s what the kids call it these days, heh): A+++
Strength: C
Speed: C
Agility: B
Endurance: D
Magical Ability: A
Magic Resistance: D
Three Sizes: 85/55/88
Weakness: Carries a low amount of Curse Bullets at a time, anti-Holy Spirit armaments.
Likes: Heroic men (and pretty girls), experiencing foreign culture, The Fourth Primogenitor.
Dislikes: People who harm her friends and kin, royal duties.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Other Abilities:

Superhuman Physique: Use of Mana to achieve posthuman strength and agility. Due to La Folia’s massive Mana reserves, this is almost permanently active during combat.

Blood of Aldeigia: Powerful latent magical abilities inherited by being part of the old Aldeigian royal bloodline.

Artificial Holy Sword: Völundr System: An Aldeigian magic system that allows the manifestation of swords made of spiritual energy. While these usually require airship-mounted Spirit Generators to be activated, La Folia can, using her royal blood, temporarily transform into a “Daughter of the Gods”, a high-class Holy Spirit that can generate a dozens-of-meters long Artificial Holy Sword by herself.

Royal Privileges: As a princess of a powerful kingdom, La Folia has, amongst other things; Diplomatic immunity, near-infinite wealth and, under circumstances that don’t include taking unannounced vacations, a platoon of Knights as bodyguards.

Seduction: Through the use of her incredible natural beauty and assets (and the knowledge of how to best flaunt them), La Folia can get men and women alike to dance on her fingertips. (Basically, she’s a sloot)


Curse Gun:
An ornate pistol with a mounted bayonet that fires bullets capable of destroying buildings and tearing humans in half. It is a semi-automatic 6-chambered handcannon shaped like a musket. The Bayonet is a blessed blade from which La Folia can manifest the Völundr System.

Origin: La Folia Rihavein is the eldest princess of the Kingdom of Aldeigia, daughter to King Lucas Rihavein. She's an adventurous young girl with a fancy for the Fourth Primogenitor and a... slight over-eagerness when it comes to "heir production", not entirely limited to him. She's a big fan of japanese culture, but any new cultural experience will generally leave her awestruck.
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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
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Race: Manticore
Age: Back in olden ancient Greece lived a most ferocious beast.
Height: Standing over ten feet tall, no man escaped it’s wrath.
Weight: 300kg (he’ll kick your feet with his gigantic ass)
Eyes: Manticore
Hair: Manticore
Charisma: Makes out with your dad and has threesomes with your girlfriend and your soul.(∞)
Strength: Can turn eggs to scrambled eggs by putting them in his pants. (A)
Speed: No man escaped it’s wrath *GROOOOOOOOOAR*. (B)
Agility: Can do flawless cartwheels. (C)
Endurance: He ate a whole guy with his face and didn’t even chew, turns out that guy was you. (C)
Magical Ability: People eaten by him turn into zombies. Don’t question it. (C)
Magic Resistance: The manticore invented death and all things that are bad, therefor he is resistant to them. (B)
Weakness: Nothing.
Likes: Killing your sister just for fun, making out with your dad, your sadness, everything bad, you getting kicked in the junk.
Dislikes: Nothing.
Alignment: Manticore
Other Abilities:

The Manticore does whatever the fuck he wants, because he’s the Manticore.


Way back in olden ancient Greece
Lived a most ferocious beast
With eyes of flame and teeth of steel
On human flesh it feast

Standing over 10 feet tall
No man escaped its roar (ROAR!)
Behold, my friends and foes alike
The dreadful Manticore!

Manticore! Manticore! Manticore! Manticore!

The Manticore feels happiness
Whenever you feel sad
Because you got kicked in the junk
The Manticore is glad

The Manticore invented death
And all things that are bad
He'll kill your sister just for fun
And make out with your dad

Manticore! Manticore! Manticore! Manticore!

He'll enroll you in the school of pain
And then teach the class
He'll kick your ass in with his feet
And then he'll kick your feet with his gigantic ass
Don't give him sass

He ate a whole guy with his face and didn't even chew
Turns out that guy was you
And yet you're there
There can only be one explanation
And that's that you're a zombie
Now I'm scared

It's not like there wasn't enough on my mind
With the Manticore

Manticore, where are you now?
Are you gone forever?
Oh no, wait -- there you are.

He'll steal your girlfriend in the night
And then he'll steal your soul
He'll have a threesome with them both
That's just how he rolls

You may want to cry out loud
"Manticore, you are wrong!"
Too bad he already killed your ass
In the first verse of this song.

Manticore! Manticore! Manticore! Manticore!
Manticore! Manticore! Manticore! Manticore!
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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
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Name: Ellen Thorne

Race: White

Age: 24

Height: 171 cm

Weight: 62,5 kg

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Light brown

Appearance: A young woman in her early twenties, with long light brown hair and blue eyes, wearing whatever is fashionable and keeping up with recent trends within a reason. Currently wearing short denim shorts with black tights combined with a black T-shirt and a denim jacket.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Charisma: She is a fairly likeable person, but her charisma is still normal for a human being.

Strength/Agility/Speed: Ellen possesses ordinary physical capabilities of a woman in her age. She's not too pathetic, but she is not a strong person.

Magic Resistance: Negligible. She has some magical talent in her, but she cannot really resist magic since her talent is untapped and she is not aware of.

Magic Ability: If she were to learn magic, she could have been a practicioner with an above average talent, but she is not even aware of the supernatural, so the talent remains untapped.

Other Abilities: Average in physical department nor conscious of her potential in the field of magic, Ellen is however exceptional at computer science and technology, and fairly well educated in general. She learned to drive, and has some knock for repairing basic equipment (she can repair more complicated stuff if it is electronic in nature). She has no skill at combat.

Origin: Ellen is pretty good computer expert who just graduated college, and has started her own modest computer shop where she repairs faulty hardware and helps with other computer related issues. As a side job she is willing to work as a computer security consultant. She has only some experience as a hacker, but her services are cheaper and affordable by smaller companies. Ellen is skeptical of supernatural and in active denial of its existence.

Weakness: She is not good in physical combat nor she has really courage to confront anyone in lethal combat. She values her own life and prefer to stay away from any dangerous mess if she can.

Likes: Computer technology, computer games, learning new stuff.

Dislikes: Dangerous situations


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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
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Name:Ashylnn "Ash" O'Rourke or "The Iron Maiden"
Race: Vampire
Age: Around 600, give or take a few years.
Height: 5'4
Weight: About 130
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Dark Auburn
Appearance: Ash is well, she's a hottie.  Gorgeous, the type of woman that draws most attention in a room.  Petite, voluptuous but with some muscle tone (no where near Forest or even Wynn's), Ash has a body that looks like it's made for sex.

She has long, curly dark auburn hair, a classically beautiful face and gray eyes.  Her style focuses on both sides of her personality; biker leathers and jeans and eye catching seduction.  She also tends to wear a lot of blue. 
Alignment: Neutral
Charisma: A
Strength: B (EX in Berserker Rage)
Agility: B (A- in Berserker Rage)
Speed: C (B+ in Berserker Rage)
Magic Resistance: E
Magic Ability: E
Other Abilities: Telepathy - C.  She can read minds and communicate with people within a one block radius.  She isn't as broken as Tom or Fore in that department.
Berserker Rage- Ash has a Berserker mode.  She loses control of herself and literally goes berserk for a time.  She has only gone Berserk a handful of times in her existence, but her physical abilities increase while her mental abilities decrease until she's snapped out of it.
Due to being Forest's student, she's more than able to take care of herself in a fight.  Her preferred weapons are sawed off shot guns or maces.
Also Orgasmic Bite and a toned down version of Lure.
Origin: Ash was the bastard daughter of an English nobleman and an Irish Prostitute.  She grew up in a brothel, servicing men to earn her keep.  Luckily, she was fair of face and clever enough to rise above the brothel to become a courtesan who's main trade was nobility.  She met a vampire and he was smitten with her beauty and charm, so he turned her.

Just there was something in Ash's bloodline that neither one of them knew or could have even dreamed of.  Something that made her go berserk soon after she was turned.  She went on a small rampage until her sire eventually managed to stop her.  He locked her up, starving her to weaken her to keep her from doing the same again. 

Luckily, she was found by Law Unto Herself and became Forest's first student.

While she doesn't have Forest's moral leanings, she respects Forest for them.  Ash has no qualms killing to feed and tends to specifically go after murders, rapists, child molesters etc.  In fact, she delights in killing them in various humiliating fashions.
Weakness: Being bound in silver, sunlight, fire, beheading, and wooden stakes to the heart
Likes: Forest, Gabriel, bookish men, a good motorcycle, Earl Grey tea, finery, acting like both a proper lady and a street thug, a man who knows what a clitoris is.
Dislikes: Wynn, being called a whore, and being asked, "How much?"
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