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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #30 on: October 28, 2013, 03:43:23 AM »
Name: Ran

Race: Human

Age: 20


Weight: 125 lbs (without equipment)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black, in a ponytail

Spoiler for Hidden:
Yes, this is my fetish.
Don’t worry, I plan on making her put a shirt on.

Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Charisma: E-(Not team leader, hard to get along with)

Strength: C (B when in overhead stance)

Agility: C (B when in drawing stance)

Speed: D (C when in drawing stance)

Magic Resistance: E (C when in clear stance)

Magic Ability: D (Can use some skills with a magical element to them, but cannot outright use “magic”)

Other Abilities:

Stances (A): Ran is a master of the four stances taught to the Ronin: the upper stance, for offense and a fire strike, the clear stance, for defence and a lightning stab, and the drawing stance, for agility, speed and a freezing slash. From these stances she can use the final stance, the peerless stance, which allows her to use any stance’s skills.

Warcry (B): Ran, like many other Ronin, has the ability to let out a warcry that supernaturally induces fear into weak-minded foes. Some say that this is not supernatural, but rather because an angry Ronin in a stance is piss-scary.

Mining (D): Ran is trained in the arts of mining and prospecting. She has never sought to master this art however, and swings her sword with many times the skill with which she swings a pickaxe. However, both are deadly and not recommended to your health.

Origin: Far into the post-apocalyptic future, where man is technologically retarded and people have gone back to using swords and junk, there exists a labyrinth of depth unimaginable. This labyrinth is both filled with monsters and inexplicable beings, and is constantly receiving an influx of explorers who wish to surpass these obstacles and be known as the team that explored the entirety of the labyrinth. The labyrinth was called the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

The town of Etria, parked next to this labyrinth, thrives off of this. The explorers provide a source of income for the town, both off of their own needs and by obtaining new materials from the labyrinth that can be carted off and traded.

Ran, at this time still weak and inexperienced, went to this town of Etria on a quest to prove herself. She formed a guild with a duo of constantly-bickering medics, a survivalist dedicated to learn how to gather resources instead of how to fight and a silent and serious Hexer, who seemed to be the only person Ran could get along with, until the Hexer gained the unpleasant hobby of pranking Ran. This team, which had little offensive strength until Ren came along, was to be her team and group of friends for the following year.

Together with this group, Ran conquered the labyrinth one floor at a time, all the while being rivals to two other, better formed teams. They reached the fifth stratum, Lost Shinjuku, before any of their peers. It is in this technologically advanced place that Ren’s team started falling apart: One of the medics died against the harsh foes that were Ren and Tlachtga, once mentors. The survivalist, long lucky and barely dodging death, lost all luck once Visil, Etria’s chieftain merged with a monstrous being created from the Yggdrasil’s core, struck him down.

With two of her allies and friends dead, Ran became bitter and angry at her failure to protect them. She further pushed herself and the team, stating that if they stopped at the fifth stratum they wouldn’t be honoring their comrades’ deaths. They entered the sixth stratum, a veinous and living cavern created by Yggdrasil’s Core to protect itself, though only after news that their two rivals had already fallen within. At the very lowest floor, with but three constructed doors between them and their final foe, is where misfortune struck again. The dragon guarding the first door felled the Hexer, and the dragon guarding the third struck down the remaining medic, the de facto team leader.

Now completely alone and consumed with fury and grief, Ran threw herself at the Yggdrasil Core. The being was magnitudes stronger than she alone could ever be, and summoned down fire and chaos to destroy her. It is here that she was thought to have died, however what happened is completely different.

Covered and hidden away by a wave of fire, Ran was taken away to another world, one housing a place known only as Nexus City. She was confused by this place, looking eerily like lost Shinjuku, but after a certain amount of time there she realized that she had only traded one monster-infested dungeon for another, but this new one was far less easy to deal with.

Weakness: Puts more into offense than defense, needs to have a stance set up to do major damage, reacts poorly to surprise attacks (In more ways than one, pranks lol), terrible social skills

Likes: Getting shit done, a good blade, money, Finishing what’s been started, All of her friends, her honor code

Dislikes: Annoying people, stubborn people, people who waste time learning useless stuff, pranksters, all of her friends, Losing, Failure, dragons, modern technology

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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #31 on: November 20, 2013, 12:37:42 AM »
Not sure if I'll run him, but here you go. Good god the creation tools in Demon: The Decent are AWESOME. Old testament style angels baby~

Name: Raul Martinez
Race: Demon
Height: 6'2
Weight: 220lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Appearance: The Cover is of a Hispanic male in his late 20's. The Demon's form is humanoid, winged, consisting of harsh angled joints and body structure, and covered in a bizarre armor plating that looks like feathers. It possess six angular and unnaturally flexible limbs aside from its wings. It's possible to hear the whirring of impossibly perfect gears within the joints of the limbs. Two function as feet. The other four serve as arms, and It's head is completely faceless, having only two indents in the face which seem to extrude an eerie green glow, and his entire bodyseem to be covered in a thin coat of electrical power at all times.


Charisma: E
Strength: B
Agility: A
Speed: A
Magic Resistance: C

Magical Ability: As he was originally of the Angelic Faction of the Destroyers, he possesses a focus in the Cacophony Embed. Transferring his skill in his demonic form in unarmed and armed combat to his Cover, Martinez is able to easily overwhelm most opponents he would normally face in human form with his sheer speed and a liberal abuse of his Embeds and Exploits of the system.

The Cacophony Embed allows Martinez even in human form able to take wounds that would incapacitate him if he were normal. Within demonic form, he can kill without a sound, alter probability, clear a room of enemies with a ranged weapon in seconds, find a target without trouble, sabotage nearly anything with a touch, able to commit acts of violence and murder without anyone reacting, and in general raise merry hell.

However his true power is in his ability to partially transform into his demonic form through the cover, or enter it entirely. In fact, he can 'Go Loud' - turning him into a powerful force of reality echoing his former connection to the God Machine's power - though this attracts more attention than it's generally worth. However, a Demon that's Gone Loud is practically invincible to mortals, capable of feats and powers it normally cannot access, easily capable of wrecking several Angels and multitudes of lesser beings without much issue.

His Demonic form is armored, capable of seeing in pitch blackness, is able to transform its hands into lethal weapons, and is eerily fast and capable of ripping enemies to little more than ribbons. For that matter, it can let loose a wave of electricity, easily capable of stunning and killing opponents, or destroying Infrastructure. It also provides an extra degree of protection in close combat.  To say facing Martinez's 'Loud' form head on is suicide is an understatement.

Other Abilities: Martinez has a program that automatically translates any language he reads or hears into a form of code he can understand, a little fragment of the information stream of the God Machine the was able to rip from it when he cut the link. He also has several pacts that supply a steady stream of potential replacement Covers.

Origin: Despite being a living Paradox, Martinez is your standard Hispanic adult, easily capable of blending into the metropolis of the nexus without much difficulty. The mission of the Angel that is within his body is simple -  Destroy the Unchained seeking the Nexus as Hell by destroying the Infrastructure within. The Infrastructure here was weaker than usual, Saboteur's wearing away at it. The Angel willingly obeyed the God Machine. Martinez did its job. The Infrastructure recovered. How many unchained fell to it and its group of Angels is unknown. And then the question came.

"Why do you preserve the destroying machines" - posed by a Demon, before he took it's head off with a cleave of his blade.

So for the first time, the Angel did a dangerous thing - he thought for himself. After the task was done It would never remember the place it unwittingly helped destroyed, the feeling of walking the streets, the smells and the sheer humanity it possessed. And the Angel thought again, and decided to do what needed to be done, because this destruction went beyond his mission parameters.

His final act before severing his connection was impaling one of his brother Angels through the head with a flaming sword. Unchained he slaughtered his former brothers, and slipped into the Saboteurs he once hunted down. Now functioning as an assassin and operative among that Agency, he pursues his agenda with a vengeance few Demons among the Unchained could understand. When he Fell, he fell with a purpose in mind - destroy the destroyers.

The Nexus will be free. Hell will come. This is the Descent. Each Angel that falls brings it closer and closer to reality. Those who remain Loyal are to be eliminated with extreme prejudice. The God Machine will fall to the Demons, and Heaven will be destroyed.

And Martinez hopes he'll see that day, and be the first to burst through the gates.

Weakness: Lack of Aether, Cover Blown or Burned, Going Loud (Sorta), severe damage,

Likes: Freedom, the Nexus, Mexican food, explosions

Dislikes: The God Machine, loyal Angels, those who interfere with the city or otherwise act to draw the actions of the God Machine upon him or the city, those who assist the God Machine
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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #32 on: November 23, 2013, 11:14:28 AM »
Name: Tohsaka Ryoko
Race: Human (Magus)
Age: 18
Height: 5'4"
Eyes: Eggshell Blue
Hair: Orange/Red

Appearance: Attractive, albeit in a more tomboyish sense, even for a Japanese girl. She keeps her hair cut short, to keep it out of the way while fighting. Her body is well toned in it's musculature due to years of training in the martial arts. Her bust is only modest in size, but it works in her favor in more ways than one. Her clothing choices tend to be fairly simple and practical- jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes, maybe some overalls every once in awhile. Sometimes she favors a tight pair of shorts and a sports top instead, to make herself harder to grapple when fighting hand to hand, but this doesn't happen nearly as often.

Alignment: Neutral Good
Charisma: B
Strength: B+
Agility: B+
Speed: B+
Magic Resistance: B
Magic Ability: B+ for most types of combat based magic, A for reinforcement based magic minus projection, D+ for everything else

Other Abilities: Is fairly natural at fixing things. Also knows martial arts, but for some reason, tends to default to charging and just plain punching things. Also has fewer pain receptors than most, which is a double edged sword- she can feel less pain, but this doesn't actually prevent any damage, so while she can withstand more than most people, she can also push herself too far and get herself into fatal conditions more easily than other people.

She also possesses a pair of enchanted colored contact lenses that make some subtle changes to her features, enough so she's not immediately recognizable to people searching her out, as well as doing their normal job of changing her eye color from blue to brown. The case she keeps them in also has a spell on it, one that, with a small incantation, makes sure the fluid inside is both sufficient and clean.

Origin: Rebecca Kururugi is a woman- a woman... with a mission. A mission to be the best superhero ever like no one ever was, to beat up bad guys to a pulp, and to just generally have fun. In other words, she's like a shounen protagonist. And like most shounen protagonists, she's kinda an idiot. And yet, in spite of how many people it irritates, no matter how much collateral damage there may be, nothing will stop Rebecca from fulfilling her mission, her dream, her destiny

...Naaaaaaaah. This is the persona that one Tohsaka Ryoko takes on at times to protect herself from magi who may want to study her should they ever discover the truth of her birth, one based off of an encounter with a real person and nearly perfected with practice and the aid of her enchanted colored contact lenses.

Ryoko is really the daughter of one Archer and one Tohsaka Rin. To be precise, her parents are the very Dark Archer and Tohsaka Rin who's hearts and bodies have intertwined within the City itself. She was sired by Archer while his taint was still within his body, and he passed some of that to her. However, recently, thanks to a Sin-Eater named Lawrence, that taint is now gone.

She's generally a good person, but she has a mischievous streak that she inherited from her father while he was still dark, and thus loves messing with people at times, even her own parents. She never tries to go too far with this though, and tends to keep it to ribbings and teasing, much like her parents themselves are fond of doing. She can go further though, like with the Rebecca persona or dating a guy she likes that she knows will rub her dad the wrong way for instance. She ultimately wants to hurt people as little as possible in the process, however.

Despite her relatively easy going and laid back nature, she hides the fact that she often feels immensely pressured. While she's interested in magecraft, she doesn't quite have her mother's drive for it and her lack of talent for most forms of magecraft outside of combat and reinforcement makes it difficult to fulfill her place as the Tohsaka heir, a role that she still tries to take seriously despite her personality. But she still tries. She can have a bit of a temper at times like her mother, but it doesn't tend to be as overt, and her anger tends to seeth under the surface unlike her mother's, which tends to boil over and explode.

She's more of a tomboy than even her mother, however, one who is fond of fixing broken objects much like her father. She doesn't quite share his passion for cleaning, but she doesn't mind putting in the elbow grease if it helps add the finishing touches to her work. She has talent both as an archer and as a chef, but whether she can match her father is questionable. She has a gift for the martial arts beyond either of her parents, however, and has been training since she was very small, starting with Rin teaching her what that Fake Priest taught her so many years ago.

She's competitive, and also enjoys a good fight. The latter is much to her parents' chagrin, since given her lower amount of pain receptors, if she gets hurt, she won't be able to tell as quickly, and thus she may not get treatment for certain things in time unless someone else notices first. Even without her persona, she can be somewhat reckless and cocky when she fights, which makes this worse. This is also worsened by the fact that, much like her father, she starts out with melee to assess her opponent, and, like her mother, tends to save her gems for emergencies and bigger conflicts.

The Rebecca persona is not the only facade she has. She also acts as if she is the Tohsaka Heir, even though it's her younger sister that possesses the Tohsaka crest. This is an effort to protect her from harm, as while her sister has better magical capabilities all around, Ryoko is far stronger in battle. This was a decision she made on her own, with her parents' grudging acceptance.

Weakness: General human weaknesses, her higher threshold for pain in the right circumstances, her lack of talent for certain types of spells, and her general recklessness and occasional overconfidence in her fighting ability.
Likes: Fixing things, messing with people, a good fight, a nice cup of tea (her father's especially), her parents, punching out her enemies.
Dislikes: Being rendered helpless, those that would besmirch the Tohsaka name, failing to live up to expectations.
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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #33 on: November 23, 2013, 11:48:15 AM »
Name:Thomas Hale
Race:Human (?)
Spoiler for Hidden:
Height:6'3" in human form, 6'7" in true form

Appearance: Handsome, enough so to be called a pretty boy, and yet somehow manages to be intimidating even though he almost always wears glasses and has a medium, well toned build. He's bulkier than Lancer, but less bulky than Archer, but is generally a bit closer to Lancer's build. He has a rather intense gaze, and has a nearly perpetual frown on his face. He can smile, though it tends to turn into a smirk or something a bit bitter more often than not.

He dresses both simply and rather conservatively, favoring clothing that covers his body. He currently has a long coat that he's rather fond of. As mentioned before he almost always wears his glasses.

His true form... isn't quite so attractive.
Spoiler for true form:

Alignment: True Neutral (could be turned Neutral Good with enough effort though)
Charisma:C (C+ in human form due to being pretty, C- in True Form, though the voice still helps, which is why it's not lower. C all around because of poor social skills)
Magic Resistance:B+
Magic Ability:A (for his psychic abilities- otherwise he can't use magic)

Other Abilities:
Telekinesis: Can move objects with his mind. His is quite strong, and can lift quite large and heavy objects. How much he can manipulate an object, however, depends on its size and distance. It's safe to say, however, that he can fling around the average person with relative ease. In both forms, he can use this to fly, but in human form, only for short distances. Becomes exponentially more powerful in true form.

Telepathy: The ability to communicate via the mind. His is strong enough that he can manipulate the minds of others, to the point where he can erase memories or even control people. He does not do either of these things often, however. His power over the mind increases in true form.

Barrier: Can project a barrier around himself and others that deflects physical and some magical damage. How long the barrier is maintained depends on how much damage its taking and how much energy the user himself has left. Only available in true form.

Teleportation:So long as he remembers the location, he can teleport himself and others to that location in an instant. Only available in true form.

Recover:Can heal more than a fair bit of damage to himself when injured. Can also use this to heal others if need be, though he can only focus on one person at a time, and he has an easier time healing himself than other people. Only available in true form. 

Regeneration: Heals wounds far more quickly than most naturally. This combined with Recover means he can sustain incredible amounts of damage, though this does not make him invincible. While he does heal somewhat more quickly than the average human in human form, it is not to nearly the same extent as it is in true form. 

Origin:A mysterious young man of unknown origin just making his way through life. His true nature is a mystery...

What isn't so mysterious, however, is that he is rather the quiet sort, somewhat reclusive and not fond of crowds or parties. Despite his seemingly bookish and reserved personality, he can have his more human moments, including the occasional spurts of immaturity. In spite of his relative calm, however, he does occasionally have a bit of a temper. He's generally quite serious, but his words can often take on a bitter or cynical edge. He can snark, but it doesn't happen too frequently. His sense of humor is not well developed.

He sometimes has trouble understanding other people, in spite of his vast intelligence (or perhaps because of it), and sometimes has to use what he can glean from the minds of others to come to a greater understanding. He does have his moments of comprehension on this front, however. In spite of his distrust towards certain aspects of Biological study, he is an avid learner who will go out of his way to find answers. He is a deep thinker, and will at times be lost in thought to the point where he loses awareness of everything else around him.

He slept through breakfast this morning, but in the rare instances he does eat breakfast, he usually has something fairly simple and quick to eat with tea, because he likes tea.

Weakness:Anything that stops or inhibits psychic abilities. He also has a few psychological trigger points as well. In human form, while he is stronger, faster, and smarter than the average human, he is still human. He therefore will experience injury like any other human. In true form, while insanely powerful, his appearance makes him far more noticeable and is likely to make people more hostile, increasing the chance of people attempting to capture or kill him exponentially. Also, in spite of his healing factor and being a bit more resistant to it, he's not invulnerable to physical damage. A bullet to the heart is still a bullet to the heart.
Spoiler for Hidden:
In true form, pokeballs also might work, but that assumes he doesn't break free or crush them first.
Likes:Reading, brooding, philosophizing, tea, peace and quiet.
Dislikes:Idiocy, laboratories, people trying to control him.
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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #34 on: November 24, 2013, 09:17:07 AM »
Name: John 'Jack' Cooper
Race: Vampire; Clan Gangrel
Age: 81 years dead, apparent age 32
Weight: 171 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Appearance: Rarely found not in a trenchcoat or some sort of hat, Jack looks very little like his actual age. Maybe a little haggerd around the eyes, but otherwise? He looks pretty damn normal. An intelligent observer however would easily be able to note the way he walks, and equate that confident stride with that of a former beat officer.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Charisma: D, despite his condition he's surprisingly good at talking to people.
Strength: D+ vampirism didn't do much but expand a bit on what was already there when it comes to this.
Agility: B, he's always been quick on the draw
Speed: D, he's no where near Forest's type of vampire, quick and strong. He's more the 'Take a 10 gauge to the face, and just come out of it looking pissed' type.
Magic Resistance: C-, his condition and vampiric abilities have allotted him a resistance against magical effects of all types.
Ability: There's some things that becoming a vampire intrinsically lets you do - boost your strength through burning vitae (the power absorbed by blood), have fangs, and take bullets like a champ - you simply don't need that flesh or internal organs any more..

And then there's the freaky shit that each clan can do. Scare people shitless with a look, take control of minds, become a target of infatuated lust, be able to always find whatever you're looking for... and change shape. Powers like this are known as Disciplines, and every Kindred knows at least one. Moving faster than the eye can track, being able to rip off heads like someone would twist open a soda bottle, hiding in plain sight, and being able to blunt the points of knives on their bare skin? Those are disciplines as well. Here's what Jack knows, which is pretty much all Gangrel stuff.

Protean - Shapeshifting. Jack took one hell of a liking to this - it's useful simply because as long as he can find a deserted alley, he can sleep during the day without worry by melding himself with the pavement below ground level. Jack can use this to bring claws out of his knuckles, see 360 degrees through modifying his ears to be able to sense tremors in the ground nearby, and smell like a bloodhound. He can even take on the form of a stray dog if he wants to avoid detection. Dracula did a wolf, but sometimes a vicious mutt is just as good.

Some masters of Protean can turn to mist and sprout wings and other bizarre appendages, but Jack's a long way off from being able to do stunts like that.

However... his claws just got a nasty upgrade, turning them into fleshrotting shredding machines that rip through kevlar and thinner steel like Butter. And they will probably later only IMPROVE in their killing power when he frenzies, but he's not there yet.

Animalism - Supposedly, animals don't like the undead. That's bullshit. Well, at least for Gangrel. Hell, Jack can talk to them and make them do things for him - simple tasks like check if an alley is clear, or to go and distract someone. Pigeons are especially good for that role. It's not much, but it's companionship. And for a vampire, that's nothing to laugh at.

Resilience - This is where Jack's powers really shine through. He's tough as a rhino on PCP half the time, able to take 9mm rounds and have them stopped by his bare skin, not that that's stopped him from picking up a bulletproof vest. Whatever you throw at him, as long as it isn't fire, he can take it as long as he's got vitae in his system.

Obsfucate - While most Gangrel don't bother figuring out how to do this, Jack found it necessary sometimes to slip away from those not to happy with him, like the Don's enforcers occasionally. He can simply be looked over in a crowd, and even in more empty spaces, people's eyes just go right past him without even noticing him when he wants them to. They even ignore him when he speaks! Hell, he's figured out how to do this to other people while he's touching them too - useful when he needs to have a private conversation.

Other Abilities: A private dick, Jack's the type to get dirty. He's got a .357 Magnum and he damn well knows how to use it. And it's always filled with hollow points. He's taken to a Makarov he picked up recently though; smaller caliber but it carries a few more bullets and he can easily hide it under his coat. Quite good with his fists, and he's able to see in the dark. For that matter, he can smell a drop of blood in a busy building, or hear the heartbeats of everyone in a room. When you're a predator of humans, you get very good at being able to find them.

Origin: A private eye in the nexus who's investigations eventually lead to his embrace. Since then he's continued on doing his job - pro bono. He gets his payment in a quick bit of feeding, something plenty of people are willing to give when no one else cares about their problem. I'll expand more on this later.
Weakness: Fire. Holy water just makes him laugh. A stake to the heart puts him out cold, but doesn't kill him - if you can pull it off that is, His skin's rather tough when he needs it to be. Cannot walk in sunlight, or he'll incinerate himself. For that matter, fire makes him very very antsy. A pretty smile and nice legs will get him to do just about anything, and probably truly for free.
Likes: A nice pair of legs, good whiskey, bad whiskey, blood, his hat, the Nexus at nighttime.
Dislikes: The fact he can't smoke anymore. The inability to drink without vomiting it back up afterward. Dirty cops.
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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #35 on: November 25, 2013, 04:45:21 AM »
Name: Anna
Race: Human
Age: How rude~
Height: 5.6, maybe?
Weight: Every Girl’s Secret~
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red
Appearance: (can vary, however)
Alignment:  Chaotic Neutral
Charisma: B (excellent merchant, can sell to almost anyone)
Strength: E
Agility: E
Speed: E
Magic Resistance: E
Magic Ability: Very little, enough to demonstrate and maintain magical equipment but not enough to fight effectively

Other Abilities:
The Anna Siblings: There are thousands of Anna sisters. Even then, it is implied that they have cousins with thousands of sisters of their own. This massive family is also the biggest merchant network that the Fire Emblem universe has ever known, being able to sell things you can’t find anywhere else. From wall-making Runes to class-promotion items to statboosters to the rarest and most esoteric of weapons, these siblings have it all.

That also means that among the siblings, there is the odd egg: Some are more combat oriented, leaning towards the combat style of a Trickster. A sheet for them will be made later, if the need arises.

An Unending Inventory: An Anna obtains her goods through buying and selling, yes, but also through buying and selling from her siblings. She can interact with her siblings through a Rift Door, a door between worlds and time. So no matter where Anna is, she can sell her goods as she pleases and still be able to pull out more goods, as if from thin air. Of course, shipping and handling is paid by the demanding client~.

Item Use: Anna, to properly handle and demonstrate her wares, has a certain understanding of their workings and can handle them with limited proficiency. Her untrained body, however, won’t allow her to use certain weapons to their fullest potential. She’s a merchant, not a fighter.

Rift Doors: These are an item often used to open ways through space and time, but cannot be used consecutively in the same area within a certain timeframe.

Origin: Anna is a merchant who sells anything, and is in Nexus city because she could smell that there was profit to be made. Nothing more, nothing less~.

Weakness: Rift Door cooldowns, Combat, Competition, Money, Not Selling Anything On That Day(makes them grumpy)

Likes: Money, Good Deals, Finding New Customers, Siblings, Finding New Suppliers, Making A Profit

Dislikes: Getting Scammed, Brigands, Thieves, Misers


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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #36 on: December 04, 2013, 04:34:30 AM »
Name: Gabriel Lucifer Umbra
Race: Incubus/Unseelie Faerie hybrid
Age: A little over 100.  Physically 25
Height: 6'1
Weight: 194
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Black
Appearance: Gabriel is tall, broad shouldered, and fairly well built.  He has very fair skin, he's actually paler than Forest.  When excited or arouse, he glows slightly, like moonlight. 

He has long black hair, but his hair looks odd.  There's no highlights, it's almost like his hair was just liquid darkness or India Ink.  It also doesn't reflect light either.  He uses his hair to cover his pointed ears.  He has fine boned features- think Tom Hiddleston as Loki and you're not too far off.  He has a wide, mobile mouth and his grin has a bit of a knowing wickedness to it.  His eyes are violet.

He dresses in either fine suits in dark colors such as black, burgundy, gray, and violet.  He's also been known to sport poet's shirts and leather pants as well.  He also has a black cashmere duster that he'll wear when the weather permits it.

In short, Gabriel is a gorgeous, gorgeous man.  Then again, he's Half Faerie and Half Incubus.
Alignment: Chaotic.  Chaotic Good with Chaotic Neutral leanings.
Charisma: A-, when Lure is activated S.  (However that only applies if one is attracted to males.)
Strength: D.  He's stronger than a human, but he'll lose in an arm wrestling match against say Forest.
Agility: C
Speed: D-
Magic Resistance: EX++
Magic Ability: E, however knowledge is A.  If it's a sort of magic he's unfamiliar with, he's very good at grasping the concepts and how it works.
Other Abilities:  Gabriel is a Magical Null.  He completely nullifies and negates magic within a one foot radius around his body.  This also includes magical constructs and beings such as Servants and even other Faerie.  Touching say Rider wouldn't kill her, but she'd feel instantly weaker and with prolonged contact he could end her (or any Servant's) existence.  Yes, Gabriel can hug a Servant to death.

Due to the fact he's a magical null his blood can kill ritual magic such as summoning circles or wards placed upon an area too.  He can also use his blood to create an area that is magically null for a short time.  He can also touch a magic user in the middle of casting and completely kill the spell they're working on.

Not to mention he can take magical energy to the face and it doesn't faze him.  An Excaliblast to the face?  Gabriel's clothing might be blown off of him, but he'd be rather untouched.

Gabriel has one magical ability: Shadow Walking.  Think of String Theory via magic.  Shadows can be accessed as portals to other places and Gabriel can open up doors to enter this interconnecting pocket dimension.  Using this he can travel great distances rather quickly.  He can also go into the shadows to keep someone from getting him.  However using this too many times and too fast will wear him out.

Since he's also half incubus, he has Lure.  This is something he can "turn on", making his intended target, as long as they are sexually attracted to men, want him.  To the point that it starts to become a need and obsession.  However those who are already in love with someone else, such as Sakura with Shirou or those with enough will power, like Forest, can resist it.

Another ability that Gabriel has due to his father's heritage is a sort of Sex Sense.  He can sense a person's sexual desires, kinks, what they like, dislike, and their sexual history.  He can read if someone's been raped, if someone is a nympho minx, or if they're a virgin. 

He has knowledge in martial arts and fought in World War I and II under the British SAS with all the training that would entail.  He also served with MI6 for a time.  Gabriel has some James Bond spy skills.
Origin: Wynn Umbra, in her days of political climbing within the Unseelie Court and Council, wanted to make a weapon that would strip a Faerie of their magic.  To do this, she needed to temper the blade with an incubus' blood.  As part of their bargain,  this incubus could call upon Wynn for sex to feed off of whenever he wanted for a time.

The last time he called Wynn just happened to be in her once every decade fertile period.

Wynn was pregnant, and was fully aware of the child she was going to give birth to.  Faerie and incubi had tried to breed in the past- the best cases ended with still born babies and the worse had the babies killing their mothers from in the womb due to the magical nullifying nature.  Oddly enough, Faerie seed wouldn't take in a succubus's womb.  Anyway, due to her knowledge of intertwining demonic and Faerie natures and that she made a safeguard so her own blade couldn't be used against her, she was able to carry the child to term without either dying.  Even though the pregnancy was very difficult; Wynn had no access to her magic and was ill the entire time.

Luckily,  Wynn's closest friend was Forest. 

Knowing that she couldn't raise the child herself (Gabriel's presence in Faerie starts to dissolve it if he's there for too long), Wynn gave him to Forest to raise as his Godmother.  In fact, when Gabriel calls Forest "Godmother", it's pretty obvious he wants to call her "Mother".  Wynn gets called "Mommy Dearest" because Gabriel has some resentment issues towards her.

Anyway, Gabe grew up like any kid being raised by Forest would.  There was violence, learning how to fight, and then joining the military to fight.  He served as an intelligence operative in WWI & WWII and was even part of MI6 for a time until he retired to become what he jokingly called a "gentleman of leisure". 

Now he sort of wanders the world, helping his Godmother and extended family from time to time, and mucking about the affairs of magic users that would harm others.
Weakness: Iron.  Gabriel is Faerie, and iron is his greatest weakness.  While he can take an Excaliblast to the face, Axe Cop could kill him with his axe due to it being steel.  He can be physically hurt.  Also, while throwing magic at Gabriel doesn't do anything to him, throwing it at the building behind him to collapse on him would.

His Godmother and people he cares about.

Also, if he doesn't get sex regularly he'll get cranky.  He doesn't quite feed through sex, but it does help him out.  Like Caffeine. 
Likes: His godmother, a well cut suit, curvy blonds, sex, teasing others, causing chaos, liquor, and deserts.  He also enjoys a good cup of tea.
Dislikes: His mother. Pompous magic users. Anything that could be considered a threat to his Godmother.  Being alone.
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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #37 on: December 08, 2013, 05:29:12 AM »
Name: Monkey D. Luffy

Title: Straw Hat Luffy, King of the Pirates

Bounty: 400,000,000 Beli

Servant Class: Rider

Age: 19

Height: 5'9"

Eyes: Black

Hair: Black

Spoiler for Appearance:
Spoiler for Up Close Facial Shot:
Spoiler for Image A:
Spoiler for Image B:
Spoiler for Image C:
Spoiler for Image D:

Spoiler for Gear Second:
Spoiler for Hidden:

Alignment: Chaotic Good

[Using 'Gear Second']{Using 'Gear Third'}

Charisma: A

Strength: A+ [A+++] {EX}

Endurance: A+ [A] {B}

Agility: A+ [A++] {C}

Speed: A [A++] {C}

Mana: C

Luck: A

Magic Ability: E

Noble Phantasm: EX

Class Skills:

Magical Resistance: B+

Riding: C

Other Skills:

Battle Continuation: A++

Instinct(Fake): A+

Natural Body(Fake): A+

Pioneer of the Stars: EX

Voyager of the Storm: EX

Noble Phantasms:

Straw Hat Pirates: The Unbreakable Bond: Rank - A+++ - Through his journey Luffy acquired a crew of the very powerful and loyal friends, who will always come to his aid when called. Each one of them is a full-blown Heroic Spirit and has his or her own Noble Phantasms and Skills.

Gomu Gomu no Mi: The Cursed Gift of the Sea Devil: - A+ - A Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that enables the user's body to stretch like rubber, making the user a Rubber Human (ゴム人間 Gomu Ningen?).It was originally a treasure that Shanks and his crew took from an unspecified enemy, but was accidentally eaten by Monkey D. Luffy. The fruit's major strength, as demonstrated by Luffy, is that the person's body can stretch like rubber even when the ability user himself is nullified and makes them almost entirely immune to blunt attacks, including hand-to-hand combat, bullets or even cannonballs and can be further reinforced with the application of Busoshoku Haki, and thanks to Luffy's own creativity at both in and out of combat, this fruit has consistently proven itself to be among the most formidable, versatile, and unpredictable within the Paramecia-Class. The user's rubber-like body also allows the user to survive falls from heights that would kill a normal person. To surpass his limits Luffy created two techniques: 'Gear Second' and 'Gear Third' that greatly boost his performance in battle.

Haki: The Act of Not Doubting: - A+ - A mysterious power that is found in every living being in the world. It is not that different from the normal senses. However, most people do not notice it or fail to awaken it. Broadly, there are two types of Haki common to everyone, given the proper training; however, there is a third type that only a certain group of "chosen ones" are said to simple terms, Haki is an ability to sense spiritual energy and overpower enemies.

  • Kenbunshoku Haki, also known as Mantra on Skypiea, is a form of Haki that allows the user to sense the presence of others, even if they are concealed from view or too far to see naturally. With enough skill, one can use this Haki to predict an opponent's moves shortly before they make them, thereby making the attack that much easier to evade. This prediction appears to the user as an image or brief "premonition" of what the opponent will do in the user's mind's eye, and the damage the user will take if the attack actually "hits". It appears that the more killing intent the enemy has, the easier they are to predict. Although, more skilled users can predict future moves whether there are ambient murderous intents or not.
  • Busoshoku Haki allows the user to create a force similar to an invisible armor around themselves. Similar to Tekkai, this Haki allows the user to defend against attacks that would otherwise cause them harm. Only significant physical force can overcome this defence. Each attack made with this type of enhancement will rise up full Rank.
  • Haoshoku Haki is a rare form of Haki that cannot be attained through training and only one in a million people carry it. This type of Haki grants the user the ability to dominate the wills of others. The most common usage in the series so far is knocking those with weak wills unconscious. Whilst inexperienced users are restricted to merely overpowering the will of one individual or blindly knocking out weak-willed people around them, those with more expertise can pick out weak-willed individuals in a large group and knock them out without affecting those around them. However, those with stronger wills can resist or even ignore the effects of Haoshoku Haki. The ability to knock someone out depends on the difference in strength between the person using Haki and the person or persons the user is trying to knock out. The greater the power gap, the easier it is to knock the victim out.

The Will of D: The Legacy of the Great Pirate Era: Rank - EX - The conceptual power that is held in the hearts of people living in the Pirate Era and searching for the greatest treasure in the world, One Piece. 'Destiny, Fate, Dreams, this unstoppable ideals are held deep in the hearts of men. As long as there people who seek freedom in this life, this thing shall not vanish from the Earth.' If there even the smallest chance of victory, even when fighting against an impossible odds, those possessing the Will of D will always attain victory.

Origin: Monkey D. Luffy, also known as "Straw Hat Luffy" and commonly as "Straw Hat", is a pirate and the main protagonist of the anime and manga, One Piece. He is the son of the Revolutionary Army's commander, Monkey D. Dragon, the grandson of the famed Marine, Monkey D. Garp, the foster son of a mountain bandit, Curly Dadan, and the adopted brother of the late "Fire Fist" Portgas D. Ace and Sabo. His life long dream is to become the Pirate King by finding the legendary treasure left behind by the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. He believes that being Pirate King means one has the most freedom in the world. He has eaten the Gomu Gomu no Mi. As the founder and captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, he is the first member who makes up the crew, as well as one of its top three fighters.

Luffy has a worldwide reputation for causing trouble, challenging the Shichibukai, the Marines, and even a Yonko, as well as committing felonies and actions which were deemed threatening by the World Government. What is more, in the majority of these confrontations, he emerges as the victor. He has gained a reputation for being "reckless" and, in some cases, "insane", after causing an incident in Enies Lobby, entering and escaping from Impel Down, and joining the Battle of Marineford.

He is, therefore, infamous for being the only known pirate to not only deliberately attack the three most important government facilities, but also escape from all of them alive. The additional fact that he punched a Tenryubito with full knowledge of the consequences, as well as his heritage, has caused Luffy to be labeled as a "Dangerous Future Element", earning the wrath of Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, making the Marines among his greatest enemies.

These acts, amongst other things, have given him his current bounty of Beli400,000,000, one of the highest past or present bounties in the series. Having had a bounty of 300,000,000 Beli prior to his arrival at the Sabaody Archipelago, Luffy is one of eleven rookie pirates who has been referred to as "The Eleven Supernovas", the eleven pirates with bounties over 100,000,000 Beli to have reached the Red Line. He is also one of the pirates widely regarded as The Worst Generation.

Likes: His Namaka/Crew, His Family, Thousand Sunny, Adventure, Making Friends, Shanks, Meat, Food
Dislikes: People Who Insult his Dreams, Assholes, People who damage his Hat, People Who Piss him Off
Weaknesses: Seawater & Hunger.
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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #38 on: December 09, 2013, 05:41:55 PM »
Name: Old Man Henderson
Race: Old Man
Age: 51
Height: 5'10"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: White
Appearance: A middle aged man in combat boots, cargo shorts, a Hawaiian print shirt, and Mohawk. On his shoulder is a stuffed Parrot, known as Rupert.
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Charisma: B
Strength: E
Agility: C
Speed: C
Magic Resistance: Special, see notes.
Magical Ability: N/A

Other Abilities: Expert firearms wielder, specializing in combat shotguns. He's immune to abilities that affect his mind; Henderson is simply too damn crazy or drugged up to even acknowledge this sort of thing most of the time. Stunt driver, ship builder, champion figure skater, hockey player, and golfer. One of the luckiest fuckers in human history, bar none. Fluent in multiple languages. Memorized the Anarchists's Cookbook.

Origin: The history of Old Man Henderson is lost in the sands of time, but he's got some facts concrete about him - he at some point in his life was a thai prostitute and gangster, went to college for ship building, apparently competed at a national level in figure skating, hockey, and golf, is likely the father or related to The Stig, at some point returned to the US on some mans junk, and at some point, acquired roughly 215 antique lawn gnomes as his retirement plan, estimated value of over 40 grand. He also blames all his life's problems on Vietnam, but was 12 in '74.  At some point though, his collection of Lawn Gnomes went missing (He sold them to a charity auction, got high, and forgot about it), and Henderson went on the warpath in search of them, the quest ending with his killing Hastur the King in Yellow with a fuckload of explosives and some luck.

Or maybe that last bit was a weed hallucination, he has no fucking idea. Maybe he's in a parallel reality or something, but honestly he doesn't know or care. He's probably forgotten whatever even brought him into the city. The trail of the missing gnomes has brought him into Nexus City, and no muckle damn cultist will stand between him and his wee men.

Weaknesses: Good weed, the munchies, his forgetfulness when high, high explosives, most things that kill humans, flying helicopters
Likes: Good Weed, his gnomes, Rupert, booze, his shotgun
Dislikes: Cultists, Hastur, Mormons, Celine Dion


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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #39 on: December 12, 2013, 02:28:07 AM »
Name: Android Series No. 12, “Executioner” Unit I.D. R31-N4 (or, Reina if you want)
Race: Gynoid
Age: ? ? ?
Height: 1.68 m; 2.03 m (w/ armor)
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Blonde
Appearance: Looks like a young woman with a moderate physique, medium-length blonde hair, gray eyes and a neutral expression on her face. Wears a sleeveless light gray bodysuit with short legs, wears a thick black bracelet with blue highlights on each arm and goes barefoot. Her most striking feature, however, is her booster wings; metallic wing-like thrusters with blue highlights coming out of her back that allow her to fly.

Her Battle Armor is gray with some turquoise highlights. It covers her body entirely; it is more bulky in the torso and hip area, with the legs ending on points, giving her a more androgynous, if delicate appearance. Her helmet has three narrow visor openings, and her wings are usually open while wearing her armor.

Lawful Neutral
Charisma: E
Strength: B+
Agility: A
Speed: A+
Magic Resistance: EX
Magic Ability: X

[Harvester] Abyssal Crash: a scythe-like weapon which can shift its blade both horizontally, for normal combat, and upwards, to use as a pole weapon. It also has the ability to nullify other Artificial Concepts, which makes them very effective for combat, as they are not only deadly with their weapon, but they can also disarm they’re opponents with ease.
Other Abilities: Specialized in countering magic-users and tanking. She is capable of cancelling any magical based attack on her by dispersing the mist around her body, rendering magic null. Being a machine, it is unaffected by mental abilities. Capable of detecting disturbances in mist (i.e. use of magic) in a 2 km radius. Capable of summoning a battle armor which increases her power and durability by 135%. Can absorb mist in the atmosphere as a power source if needed.
Her armor is also equipped with a small Mist Cannons on its chest and retractable blades on each arm.
Origin: In a world where magic is on its dying throes, mages are persecuted and the use of magic outlawed by the Order of the Black Wing. Forcing them to live in the wastelands or in hiding in order to survive, the Order wanted to ensure order and peace would be maintained within their cities. 

Android Series No. 12 [Executioners] “The Blades of Judgement”, deployed by the Order in order to closely inspect and supervise the various districts, were created for this very purpose. They were designed by a top member of the Order; almost universally female in appearance, and usually identified from other Androids by their booster wings.

They patrolled every single sector of the districts, and were programmed to eliminate any threat to public safety. Criminals and magi alike fell to them, and their tenacity and effectiveness led to them to be known as “the Angels of Death”.

Weakness: While immune to any magical-based attack, it can still be fought and defeated through physical means. It takes a great effort, but it's doable. Concept Weapons are also capable of bypassing her defenses and render Harvester null.
Likes: n/a
Dislikes: Magic

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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #40 on: December 14, 2013, 06:01:30 AM »
So here's the character I came up for this. I hope you're happy, Elf. I hope you're happy. No idea when I'm introducing


Name: Valda Becker/The Mother of Fire
Race: Human/Old One
Age: 29/Incalculable
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Nope.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blond

Appearance: Blond hair done up in a bun, and deep brown eyes. She has a light tan, her face has sharp features, and her body maintains the healthy layer of muscle and fat that it has only though a steady diet of anything she can fit into her mouth and digest. Her metabolism is ridiculous enough that this is actually the healthy course of action for her, lest she waste away and look like a rail in very little time. She is usually wearing either a suit with pants and a pair of glasses, or some sort of uncomplicated casual wear with a red shirt.

Alignment: Lawful Evil [she's a lawyer hurr derr]
Charisma: B
Strength: E-/A
Agility: E-/C
Speed: E-/C
Weapons: Pepperspray, a taser, and her shoes if she's desperate.
Magic Resistance: B

Magic Ability: EX (in the 'doesn't fit well on the scale either way' sense)
If it has anything to do with fire or its products, then she can do pretty much anything with it; intensify it, weaken it, create it, destroy it, shape it into impossible forms like animate simulations of living creatures or objects, and even communicate with it. She is the source and master of flame, even dethroned as she is.

However, she is subject to very strict limitations about this in her current state. For one thing, she has no ability to use magic for anything unrelated to these things. She cannot affect things outside her immediate sensory range. She cannot directly affect the bodies of human beings or the space immediately within five feet of them unless that space is adjacent to her, due to the limitations of her sealing (i.e. destroying the heat in their body, or increasing it; she could throw fire at them!), though other animals are not similarly protected. She cannot conceptally manipulate it or gift living beings or objects with power related to it, as her full self once could. Finally, everything costs mana, and she burns through it like an industrial paper shredder through year-old tax returns if things come down to a fight.

Other Abilities:
1) Immunity to heat and radiation of any sort. 
2) Unseen Senses, allowing her to vaguely recognize when something supernatural is happening and the rough compass direction it's happening in. Cannot be more specific than that, unless it's right in her face.
3) Is a really competent lawyer.
4) Can play a bit of football (soccer for the Americans).

Weakness: Most of her actual power is so inaccessible it isn't even on her character sheet; the powers that are here don't work unless she has a supply of magical energy. Problem is, she can't generate it herself and she has no way to steal it from anyone; it has to be gifted to her. Where two stats are separated by slashes, the ones on the left are for when she has no mana to fuel herself. Also, she needs a lot more food than normal people do to remain healthy if she has no mana.

Origin: Valda Becker grew up in East Berlin during the second half of the last decade of the Cold War, raised by hard working parents who had themselves been born and raised in the Soviet socialist system. Their housing and employment situations were a certainty, so while the food and amenities were not really anything to write home about they got by well enough to live. There was never quite enough food, for her tastes, but her parents always told her she would just have to put up with it.

Then the USSR collapsed and there really wasn't enough food being put on the table; say what you will of the collapse of the Berlin Wall, it was the end of her family's ability to make ends meet. They were not equipped mentally to survive in the capitalist society that followed due to their upbringing, and so the suffered. But Valda was determined, from the age of six, to not be like her helpless parents. The burning hunger inside of her demanded nothing short of excellence and success, and it was a hunger that never seemed satisfied with anything.

So she worked her ass off and became a lawyer. It still wasn't satisfying.

The reason for that is simple.

There was once an Old One known as the Mother of Fire, who was known to the ancients before recorded history as the source and symbol of fire's consuming nature and the burning blood of the earth. She demanded human sacrifice from the primitive societies of that epoch and earned the enmity of every sorcerer and shaman who had not already bound themselves in service to her. Though she drowned obstinate nations in magma and incinerated the souls of many of her enemies, in time she was overcome by the seven greatest of the age.

They bound her body beneath a volcano, and severed her consciousness from it. Then in a work of sorcery unseen since those primordial times they bound her to a human soul and locked her into a cycle of impotent reincarnation, trapped in the minds and bodies of humans and cut off entirely from her power and memories.

Her most recent incarnation is Valda, and something has gone very wrong with her punishment. She is finally beginning to get those memories back, and she realizes what she needs.

Personality: When it comes to business she's no-nonsense. When it comes to fun she's all nonsense. The main thread of continuity between the two is her refusal to make promises lightly, or to break the ones she already made; having to do so infuriates her. Moreso, if someone else breaks a promise to her. Outside of this rigid code of conduct, anything goes for her.

And that's just the most obvious crack in the human she is and was.

Likes: Food, wealth, hot summer days, the colors red and orange, professional football and Disney movies.
Dislikes: Winter, taxes, freeloaders, broken promises and the number seven.


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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #41 on: December 14, 2013, 05:11:22 PM »
Name: Luka
Race: Half Human, Half Angel
Age: 19

Alignment: Neutral Good
Charisma: B (A+++ to any females who have monster blood or are otherwise not human)
Strength: B/A++
Agility: B/A+
Speed: B/A+
Endurance: C/A++
Weapons: An ordinary iron sword, Angel Halo.
Magic Resistance: B/A+

Magical Ability: Technically, none, but Luka possesses several supernatural sword techniques that could be mistaken for magic, as well as supernatural powers of his own. His skills include, but are not limited to: Regenerating his health exceedingly quickly by meditating for a few seconds, countering almost any attack with three powerful angelic strikes (note that this exhausts him and can only be used once before he needs to rest), and entering a serene state of mind that enables him to flow around attacks effortlessly.

Backstory: Six or so months after Monster Girl Quest 3, Luka decides to go visit his home village to see how it's doing, and for some alone time from his slightly overbearing wife. He never reaches it, however, because he gets swallowed up by a giant black wormhole while crossing the ocean, waking up to find himself in Nexus. Now he's looking for a way out and back to his world.

Other Abilities: Luka has the 4 spirits of nature (Sylph, Gnome, Undine, and Salamander) living in his soul after he made a contract with them. By calling upon their powers, he can boost his own abilities and performance exponentially. Sylph will increase his speed several times over and automatically block most status effect attacks, Gnome will boost Luka's durability and raw strength, giving him the 'strength of a mountain' and enabling him to escape almost any bind, Undine will let Luka enter a serene state where he will calmly dodge attacks with great efficiency and attack enemy weak points for massive damage, and Salamander will empower Luka's sword with the flames of purgatory, restoring his stamina and giving him a great boost in offensive power. All of his moves will be greatly powered up while each spirit is active.

He also has angelic blood, which lets him do crazy feats when asleep and gives him great powers when unsealed. Luka normally wears a keepsake ring on his finger to suppress his angelic blood, but taking it off will give him a big power boost.

Luka's ultimate attack, Quadruple Giga, fuses the powers of all 4 spirits into his sword and can be compared to Excalibur in terms of power. It is incredibly energy efficient, but has many drawbacks that make it very difficult to use in battle. To use it, one must first dismiss all 4 spirits currently active, and slowly summon them one at a time before launching the attack. This means that Luka is essentially a sitting duck while charging Quadruple Giga, and usually needs someone else to distract the enemy while he's preparing it. If he's attacked even once while charging, the attack will fail.

Weaknesses: Luka doesn't have the spirits active at all time. He must manually summon them while in battle, which will give the opponent a free shot at him. He's also a bit weak willed unless someone's life is in danger, and is extremely weak to pleasure attacks. He's a notoriously quick shot and a masochist, being literally unable to get off unless he's being forced into it, even on his wedding day. If he's beaten using pleasure attacks, which is easy (again, quick shot), he'll immediately collapse and offer no resistance to his opponent, regardless of his physical condition. At this point, he's relatively easy to mind-break.

Likes: Cooking, Alice, People and Monsters living in harmony, Peace, getting raped
Hates: People who throw the lives of others away, getting raped


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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #42 on: December 15, 2013, 09:56:50 AM »
Name: Tsukasa Tohsaka
Race: human/shadow
Age: 18
Height: 5'8
Weight: 190lb
Eyes: purple/red
Hair: purple/white
Appearance: Tsukasa has mother's figure however her hair is shoulder length. She wears casual clothes baggy sweaters and sweat pant in black, red or purple and always a single unified colour
Alignment: chaotic
Charisma: C
Strength: C
Agility: B
Speed: A
Magic Resistance: B
Magic Ability: A
Other Abilities: Tsukasa is a hybrid being of Sakura's magic and the curse from the grail. She is human because her soul balances the evil of the curse with forms her body making her human. Tsukasa can shift this balance to use high level shadow magic. She can create familiars, use shadow travel concussive blasts, become intangible, noise cancel, become invisible and possess others or manipulate objects or unconscious people. In addition possession masks her presence. Her body isn't immortal but she is ageless
Weakness: too much use of magic or a blow to the head causes her to turn dark, further use of magic can kill her
Likes: ice cream, puppies, rainbows, strong female roll models, Taiga
Dislikes: Gilgamesh, rainy days, people who mess with her family, mascots who don't give hugs


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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #43 on: December 15, 2013, 06:59:05 PM »
Name: (The Glorious!) Sir Bonesingtson
Race: Lich
Age: You'd like to know, wouldn't you. So would I! But come on, admit this pile of bones is still worth a hump.
Height: 7 or 8 feet or so~? Do you count the distance to the floor? Or where my robe ends?
Weight: I'm as light as a feather! Don't even touch the ground!
Eyes: Why, they were as dazzling as a morning sunrise! Surely!
Hair: Quite sure it was as soft as touching heaven itself.... yes, I must've had an outrageous mane of princely hair!
Alignment: Outrageously Neutral!

Charisma: B
Strength: D
Endurance: B
Agility: D
Speed: E
Magic Resistance: B
Magic Ability: A++

Undead archmaster of Ice and Shadow magic. Also learnt Necromancy, since it was a requirement for the job description he had in mind at a time. And like any good exceedingly accomplished mage, knows just enough about general magic of all kinds to count when there's a relevant plot reason to use it. Wards, summoning, and portals are just the ones that come up most often.

Really likes 'Mass spells', and other spells with a large and dramatic effect. Some of his preferred abilities are Frost Armor, Frost Blast, Frost Nova, Death And Decay, Shadowbolt and Sacrifice. His Ice and Shadow spells can all be instantly or near instantly cast, and have great power and area of effect due to his natural ability and skill. His ice explosion spells can freeze entire blocks and encase enemies in ice, and his shadow magics and curses can cause very agonizing pain and widespread environmental and personal damage, as the case of Death And Decay.
He can raise the dead as skeletons, ghouls and wraiths that serve him and also summon many of his existing undead minions, some of which are notably stronger individually.

Other Abilities: Farmer, gardener, playwright, actor extraordinaire, public speaker, singer, and dancer. The Glorious Sir Bonesington is all of these things with a passion! Most skills acquired from overseeing and educating position at a certain cult of the dead. Others he's just a natural though. Also was president of said cult's member association and organized a strike for more vacation days.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Bonesington (he has since forgotten his original name and no longer cares) was once a bright and studious young mage studying at the Kirin Tor. Y'know, back way before Lordaeron fell and Archimond and the Scourge totally wrecked it. And Bonesington was so good, people used to say he was the second coming of Antonidas. Except for using magic to make people sneeze and then freeze the sneeze in their face. And making the library into a ice skating hall. Or making people think they'd gone blind. But damn if he wasn't so classy doing all of that that he managed to prevent himself from getting expelled.

Bonesington had bigger, cooler, more exciting dreams than what people thought though. Eventually, he left Dalaran in search of new sights and new visions. And he journeyed through the Eastern Kingdoms and other places those of the human nations knew not, jumping all over the place. He got drunk with the dwarves, he very hurriedly and quickly declined to be a part of troll banquets, he tinkered with cogs and machines with the gnomes, he crashed blimps with the goblins, he learned the distinction between fabulous and ridiculous with the elves, he froze murlocks alive, he saw the nerubians do the most smackin' version of break dance in existence, and he flew through the skies of Azeroth with drakes. One merry day he was making his way through Lordaeron when he saw a shady pamphlet for an interesting job offer as local cult of the dead propagation manager. That sounded interesting and new! Also, their dental plan sounded really good.

So, to meet job requirements, he went and learnt necromancy. He took to it surprisingly fast. He had always wanted to try it to make skeletons break dance. Which he thought would be the most floor-clacking thing ever since he saw nerubians do it. It turned out doing that on the job was frowned upon, as new employees orientation for Cult Of The Damned members told him. Still, he listened and did his job, and did it well, and soon he was being promoted faster than it took him to say an orc joke. And for his troubles, the big boss got him turned into a lich. He thought it was totally radical.

He helped Arthas in his campaign in Lordaeron and spread the plague through the Eastern Kingdoms before he was stationed in Northrend, where he served as reinforcement against Illidan's forces when the Lich King was under assault, and after that was part of the crew overseeing the construction of Icecrown Citadel. Later, he organized a strike on behalf of the Scourge employees members' association to get their much deserved paid vacation while that silly tournament with adventurers from the Horde and the Alliance was going on.

They won. And went on vacation through Azeroth! Until while catching some waves in Tanaris, Bonesington stumbled into the Caverns of Time and got thrown into an unstable gateway by accident. Through time and space and multiple realities, it turned out to be his biggest adventure yet. In the process, he helped dethrone Discord, bitch-slapped Grom Hellscream for being an idiot, became the lead singer of the Elite Tauren Chieftains, engaged in the most amazing murder spree in ever with Richard the warlock, went to the whores with Benjamin Franklin, saved Britain and got armed a knight (whereupon he started referring to himself as Sir Bonesington), saved Christmas, and learned how to break dance.

When he finally got back to his proper Azeroth, the Lich King had already gotten himself killed by Tirion Fordring and co., so he quit his job and decided to buy a little farm in Hillsbrad Foothills, where he dedicated himself to killing helpless and stupid adventurers, gardening, and farming, employing some hard working skeletons to tend to the fields.

He also got a cat.

And one day he was playing around with portals when he tripped into one and found himself into Nexus City.
He immediately decided that, as a new place he hadn't been at before, he was going to get his fill of it.

Weakness: His phylactery, fire magic, wrecking balls, bowling alleys.
Likes: His cat, interesting people, gardening, farming, dancing, opera, rocking out, tea and biscuits, seeing innocent people get flustered.
Dislikes: Obnoxious peasants, simple minded fools, over-thinking issues, people with bricks for brains, lack of flair, those who trample on his flowers or vegetables.

Spoiler for When he gets serious:

"That, as they say, SIR, is it! The top hat comes off!"
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[13:38:37] Helligator: Depends on the god, but gods by definition in Nasuverse are strong because they have divine authority.
[13:38:48] Kat: Even the toilet god?
[13:38:56] Helligator: No one worships toilets.
[13:39:00] Helligator: Don't be a shitlord.

[04:32:08] Helligator: I can't make dragons in power armor like this

[19:50:12] francobull III: [...] why are you being all assive aggressive?

[23:32:37] Helligator: use the narrative as a means to convey an interesting story and cool conflicts with the openness you're allowed
[23:32:43] Helligator: not to CHEAT stories and conflicts


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Name: Angel/Angelus (Human name: Liam)
Race: Ensouled Vampire
Age: Around 250, not including the hundreds of years he spent being tortured in a Hell dimension.
Height: 6'2
Weight: 210
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Brown
Appearance: Angel is the very epitome of "Tall, Dark, and Handsome."  He has dark brown hair that he wears spiked with gel, deep set dark brown eyes that are both soulful and penetrating.  He has broad shoulders and a handsome face.  His smile is slightly lopsided and more than a little sad.  In fact, when not in action, has very defensive body language: he folds his arms over his chest and hunches in on himself sometimes too.  (When he's soulless and Angelus, it's all swagger and leather pants.)

He wears dark colors, generally black pants, boots, and deep jewel toned shirts.  He's fond of long, black cashmere dusters and car length black leather jackets.
Alignment: Angel is Chaotic Good.  Angelus is pure, sheer Chaotic Evil.
Charisma: Angel: B-, Angelus B+ (Evil is sexy!)
Strength: C- (Buffy would be a C)
Agility: C+
Speed: B-
Magic Resistance: F
Magic Ability: C- Angel has magical knowledge.  He's even done an exorcism in the past, while the cross was burning his hand.
Other Abilities: Photographic Memory

Advanced Combat- There's a reason why Angelus beat Buffy and Faith both in combat before he decided to gloat about it.  He has a mastery of martial arts and martial weapons.  He seems to prefer hopkido and aikido as his martial arts and prefers broadswords and the occasional axe for martial weapons.

Regneration- Not to Forest's absurd levels, because Buffyverse vampires don't work like that, but the only ways to kill Angel are exposure to sunlight, fire, a wooden stake through the heart, and beheading.  Anything else he can walk away from.  However, cut off a limb if he can't reattach it, he won't grow another.

Heightened Senses- He's a vampire- his hearing, sight, smell, etc have all been amplified.  (When he first woke up as a vampire, he mentioned he could hear the very worms in the earth.)

Psychological Manipulation: As Angelus, he displayed considerable skill in manipulating others' emotional states, using psychological tactics to attack both the Scooby Gang and Angel Investigations both times when Angel lost his soul, though the most notable example was his driving Drusilla insane. He was also an expert in torture as both Angel and Angelus. Both personas know how to get into someone's head and prey upon it.

Leadership and Tactical Skills
: Additionally, Angel was highly intelligent, possessed strong leadership skills, and had a natural flair for strategies and tactical planning; although he initially followed Buffy's lead when working with the Scooby Gang, this could have been based around his own social uncertainty after decades of isolation and/or his attempt to help her grow as a Slayer, demonstrating greater skills and confidence when he moved to Los Angeles to set out on his own. Angel also appeared to be a master of intimidation; when Connor broke free of his restraints and beat down Gunn and Fred, Angel, despite his weakened condition after three months trapped at the bottom of the ocean and only a limited amount of recently-ingested blood to restore himself, quickly stood up to Connor and ordered him to sit down, which he did after only a slight hesitation.

- Due to his Travels, he can speak almost as many languages as Forest can.  In fact, of "people" languages, his skills are better than Giles and Wes's.  (Wes trumps all three at demon languages.)

Other Abilities: Angel was competent, but uncomfortable, with modern technology; he frequently struggled to understand cellphones (once claiming that they must have been invented by a "bored warlock") and confused computer terminology such as "chatty rooms.". He also knew how to change diapers, but claimed to be more familiar with pins than the "new-fangled fasteners" of disposable brands. He was also a convincing improvisational actor, deceiving Faith and Mayor Richard Wilkins as well as later the Circle of the Black Thorn and his own allies into believing that he had either reverted to Angelus or gone corrupt. Additionally, according to Cordelia, Angel possessed remarkable cooking skills "for someone who's on a liquid diet."

Origin:Angel was one of the most famous vampires of all time in vampire history, legendary for both his savage villainy and his great heroism. Born Liam in 1727 in Galway, Ireland, he was sired by Darla in 1753 and changed his name to Angelus and was dubbed The Scourge of Europe, earning notoriety for being one of the most sadistic and brutal demons in history, and the most evil vampire ever recorded. Both The Master and the First Evil recognized how purely evil Angelus was. He was also known as The Demon with the Face of an Angel or The One with the Angelic Face because of his physical beauty. However, in 1898, Angelus was cursed by the members of Clan Kalderash as vengeance for killing a member of their clan. They returned his soul, forcing him to live eternally in guilt over the countless crimes he had committed.

In the late 20th century, Angel, as he began calling himself, became an ally and lover of the current Slayer, Buffy Summers. After the two were forced to realize their limitations as a couple, Angel left Buffy and moved to Los Angeles, where he became a Champion of the Powers That Be and dedicated himself to "helping the helpless" in the hope of achieving atonement.

Eventually, Angel adopted the identity of Twilight and gathered a cabal of humans and demons who had become wary of the rise of multiple Slayers. As Twilight, Angel sought to keep these forces distracted as well as make Buffy grow more focused and stronger, and at the same time, try to keep the Slayers' deaths as low as he could.

Angel was later discovered to be under the control of Twilight, a sentient dimension who had been manipulating him all along to destroy the Earth and create it in the Earth's place. When Angel came to his senses and rebelled against Twilight, it possessed him and battled against the Scooby Gang in the ruins of Sunnydale, where it killed Buffy's beloved mentor and father figure, Rupert Giles, before Buffy destroyed the Seed of Wonder, the source of all the Earth's magic. After being purged of Twilight, Angel, overcome with grief and guilt, fell into a catatonic state. Upon awakening, Angel, along with Faith Lehane, dedicated himself to redeeming himself by resurrecting Giles. He eventually succeeded in bringing back and was forced into conflict by Whistler, who wished to unleash a mystical plague over the world to 'save it', even if it mean destroying millions of the population. Angel was able to reason with him, causing Whistler to give up his life by sacrificing himself. Once the world was saved, Angel decided to stay in London and help the people who were changed because of the minor plague release.

Weakness: Wooden stakes to the heart, fire, beheading, and sunlight are the sure ways to kill him.  Holy water burns him like acid and crosses repel him and will burn his skin when touched.  His ego.  Buffy Summers.  Oh, and a moment of pure happiness makes him lose his soul and become Angelus.

Likes: Tiny blonds. Old Detective novels. Ballet. Drawing. Muscle Cars.  Feeling important.

Dislikes: His past.  Angelus. Male rivals.  Feeling unneeded or unimportant. Evil lawyers.  Xander Harris.