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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #15 on: August 02, 2013, 05:19:15 PM »
Name: Emiya Sakura
Race: Human (Magus/Grail)
Age: 44
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Purple
Appearance: Like her canon self, but older. However, due to use of life-extending magecraft and her natural healing factor, she actually looks like she is in her early 30s.

Still occasionally wears the red ribbon given her by Rin, but less so than she used to since it is now somewhat faded and tatty. However, she always keeps it in her possession as a reminder of her sister's love.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Charisma: A-
Strength: D
Agility: B
Speed: C
Endurance: C++++ (normal human endurance except that she can heal almost any wound).
Intelligence: A
Magic Resistance: A
Magic Ability: B++ (her training and natural abilities put her at B, but her very high prana regeneration means she can spam spells at a much faster rate).

Affinity: Imaginary numbers and water.

Magical attribute: Possesses the Matou family trait “binding”. Also has a small residual amount of her natural Tohsaka affinity, transfer of energy.

Magic crest: Possesses a pseudo magic crest that was burned into her body by Zouken, but it is of little use and much of it was lost when the worms were destroyed.


Cursed Boundary Layer: Using a combination of her elemental affinity, the Matou magecraft and her connection to Angra Mainyu, Sakura can generate a cursed shadow which expands around her, and empowers her other magical abilities., However, since this ability draws on her connection to Angra Mainyu, it is weakened somewhat now she is no longer Dark. Additionally, use of it can put mental strain on her, although she has learnt to mitigate this.

She has, however, learnt to use a weaker and non-cursed version of this skill without tapping into Angra Mainyu's power. Due to the reduced danger and other advantages, this is the version she will usually use, except in emergencies. Additionally, she has taught herself to harness and control her connection to Angra Mainyu, making the skill generally much safer to use even when she does need to draw on Angra Mainyu.

Shadow dimension: Sakura's Cursed Boundary Layer allows her to absorb people and items into a shadow dimension. Whilst inside, the person or item is completely subject to Sakura's whims. She can control the environment they are in, project an avatar of herself into their mind and convert anything inside into prana.

Due to the connection with Angra Mainyu, her shadow dimension will naturally corrupt anything placed into it. However, through much training, Sakura has learnt to prevent this happening, and now she can safely store any item inside the shadow dimension without it becoming corrupted, unless she desires for it to be of course. As a result, she does sometimes use it as a hiding place for her family, and as a method of transportation. However, she dislikes doing so due to her past as Dark Sakura, and the fact that she doesn't fully trust herself with that much power over people.

Shadow tentacles: Using her natural affinity, Sakura is able to produce rudimentary magical tentacles. Through years of training and refinement, these tentacles have got considerably more powerful, and she can now use them to bind enemies in place, even quite powerful ones. Additionally, her Matou magecraft allows her to use the tentacles to drain prana from anything they touch.

Sakura has additionally learned to produce shadow tentacles which remain active even when not in contact with her. These draw prana from the surroundings or from the person they are in contact with, and can effectively be used as magical ropes to bind captives.

Shadow familiars: Using her shadow magic, Sakura can create semi-autonomous shadow familiars. These familiars will follow her basic intentions, but are capable of acting on their own to achieve those intentions, and have a rudimentary level of independent thought in this respect. To create them requires an initial prana input, followed by a small constant prana input to maintain them.

The shadows are of variable size, from very small shadows used for spying to massive shadow giants. Their size depends on how much prana Sakura puts into them, and they can grow or shrink depending on this. However, producing a shadow giant of the size of the ones seen in HF requires her entire prana supply, and thus she doesn't tend to do so very often.

These shadows are also all connected to her main shadow dimension, and can absorb things into it, although less effectively than she can do so with other magic. As well as using them for this purpose, she can use them and her cursed boundary layer like walls, to attempt to direct an opponent in a favourable direction or to entrap them.

Shadow transportation: Using her shadow dimension, Sakura is able to travel to any location with a shadow familiar. She is also able to use this ability to transport other people or items to her location or from her location to any other familiar.

Shadow Archery: Sakura can fire shadow arrows at enemies using a bow she also creates from her shadow. These arrows are highly corrosive to anything they hit, especially magical entities.

Other Abilities: Can regenerate from almost any wound due to her high prana supply and the effect of her connection with Angra Mainyu.

Background: Born Tohsaka Sakura, Sakura was adopted into the Matou family at age 4. She was in the care of the family head, Zouken, who tortured her mentally and physically on a daily basis in an attempt to turn her into a second Grail. Finally, after eleven years of torment, she was freed from his control by her sister, Rin, her servant, Rider and the guy she loved, Shirou, but not before the shadow that leaked out from her due to her imperfect nature as a Grail had killed hundreds of people.

After the Grail War, Shirou spent over a year with his soul trapped in the container Ilya placed him in, weak and unable to do much. During this time, Sakura spent every spare moment watching over him and tending to him, or working with her sister to try to find a way to bring him back, never allowing herself to despair so she would be ready for him when he returned. Finally, Rin managed to locate a puppet body to use, and Sakura sold the Matou magic books to the Association in order to pay for it, returning Shirou to his old self, and to her side.

Since then, she has been living as normal a life as possible, trying to overcome her past as best as she can, whilst trying to atone for all the people who died in order that she could survive. Married Shirou shortly after her 18th birthday, and they had their first child, Aoi, not long afterwards. They now have a total of four children. The first two are adults and have now moved out, and the third was recently adopted by Sakura's sister, Rin (on her own request), although Sakura still acknowledges her as her daughter and sees her regularly. The youngest child, Kiyoshi, is still living with them, and Sakura dotes on him.

Due to Sakura's condition, she and Shirou are required to have regular sex for her to get rid of excess prana. For a while, this had become something of a chore, but, with the help of some suggestions and advice from Rider, they added some variety and kinkiness to their sexual activities, and this returned the spark to their sex life. Even now, after over 25 years of marriage, they are still enjoying theirselves and, further, are in love as much as they ever were.

As the heir to the Matou family, Sakura is rather wealthy, owning a large number of properties she inherited from Zouken on his death. As a result, she has no need to work for a living, and instead does a mixture of caring for her children, voluntary work for various charities and practicing magecraft.

Due to use of magic, she is able to age more slowly and, thus, despite being in her mid-forties, looks only around 30. By transferring prana to Shirou, she's able to allow him to age at a similar rate.

Personality: Sakura is a kind, loving, gentle and caring person, who usually gives off the impression that she wouldn't hurt a fly. However, underneath her gentle exterior is a core of pure steel, and a surprisingly aggressive nature. Whilst she would never cause genuine harm to anyone without good reason, she can be very assertive if she needs to be, and if you get on her wrong side you will regret it, just like with her sister Rin.

As a result of her past, she has a strong dislike of seeing people suffer, especially children. Anyone harming a child will feel her wrath. She is also extremely protective of her own family, especially her younger children. Due to her past, she wants to give them the happiest childhood possible, and therefore she finds it very difficult to discipline them in any way, or to deny them anything. Further, anyone who even threatens to harm them will find theirselves on the receiving end of her wrath. In situations like that, Shirou often has to calm her down to prevent her doing something she might regret.

Whilst Sakura is wealthy, she dislikes spending her inheritance on herself, feeling she doesn't deserve it, and thus rarely spends more on herself than she has to in order to live (since she’s aware that she can do more good doing charity work than working for a living). This frugality does not, however, extend to her children, whom she tends to spend money on like it was water, even when they don't ask for it. Similarly, she is inclined towards spoiling Shirou, although he does tend to insist on equal treatment for the two of them.

Even beyond her own family Sakura is still generous,, especially towards anyone she sees herself as owning anything to (which includes most of Fuyuki). She is also still prone to blaming herself for things she is not responsible for, particularly with regard to the Grail War, although she has improved massively relative to how she once was. An aspect of this is her desire to atone for everything she did and this, coupled with her generous nature, results in her performing a large amount of charity work and providing considerable amounts of funding for charitable causes, especially those related to children.

She works at an orphanage which she also provides much of the funding for, and is also the patron of several children's charities, especially ones related to helping abused children. Shirou has persuaded her to pay herself a salary for the work she does at the orphanage (which comes out of her own funding), and to use that for spending on luxuries without feeling like she hasn't earnt the right to do so. She also assists Rin in carrying out her duties as the Second Owner of Fuyuki, as well as deputising for her when she's away, in London or elsewhere.

Due to her nature as a magus, she has to keep her distance somewhat from the orphans in the orphanage she works at and funds, to ensure they are not drawn into the magical world, and as a result cannot foster them as she would like. Even so, she does care deeply for them, and does sometimes invite them over to her house to meet her family and eat a delicious home-cooked meal. She also does cook for them at the orphanage (although less often than she would like, due to her own family commitments), bringing Kiyoshi over to meet the orphans. She sees them as almost part of her family, and is known to be rather generous towards them, both whilst at the orphanage and afterwards.

She's also generally very tolerant, particularly of abnormal beings who are usually feared (e.g. Dead Apostles), due to the fact that she herself is abnormal, as is her servant. Gets very upset if people judge them by what they are rather than how they act.

Sakura is a very loving mother, but is also extremely overprotective of her children, and does not like them being out of her sight for too long. She also finds it extremely difficult to discipline or punish them, due to the nature of her own upbringing, although she does have the ability to scare them straight with a smile, like her big sister does. Further, due to the controlled nature of her own childhood, she tends to prefer to leave her children to live their own life as far as possible, and dislikes telling them what to do. She also wants them to be happy, and as a result has a tendency to spoil them. This is worsened by the fact that Sakura is very wealthy due to Zouken's investments and ownership of land. Whilst she does not like to spend much on herself, she is far happier to spend money on her children, paying for them to fly first-class and the like even when she dislikes doing so for herself. She is especially protective of Kiyoshi, her baby, and anyone who even thinks of hurting him is in serious trouble.

As a result of her inability to discipline them and tendancy to spoil them, the children are often rude and disrespectful towards her, although rarely in a nasty or hurtful way. She doesn't really mind this, though, because they do love her dearly, and she is always the first person they will come to when they need emotional or practical support. Additionally, the children trust her absolutely, and will happily confide in her (particularly her eldest children), treating her like a close friend as well as a beloved mother. They also tend to get into trouble quite a lot due to her unwillingness to discipline or control them, although Shirou does temper this somewhat.

However, whilst she is generally very soft towards her children, she is capable of being extremely scary if she needs to be, just like her big sister. This tends to come out more when dealing with Shirou, Rider and Rin, but if necessary she will use her power to exert pressure with a smile on her children too. She mainly does this when it is really in their best interests for them to do something.

Weakness: Very attached to her family and friends, and still a little emotionally unstable. Harming (or even threatening) any of them will anger and upset her, although this might not be a good idea....
Likes: Cooking, Shirou, her children, Rin, Rider, looking after children, pretty flowers, gardening, Kyuudo.
Dislikes: Seeing children hurt/suffering (especially her own).
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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
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Name: Angra Manyu, avenger, all the world's evil.
race: concept/servant
age: as old as the human race
appearance: being as Angra lacks a true body it's appearance varies as it wishes, it can look anyway it chooses so long as it is within human shape. Typically however it takes the shape of a man or woman with sun darkened skin and large black tattoos barely shrouded in a red cloth.
all of Angra's stats are at E- rank due to it being a human imitation and not a truly manifested spirit.

Angra is unkillable in the traditional sense as it will simply reform itself so long as the human race exists.

Angra can control lesser curses than itself and can absorb them, in addition angra can create wolves from accumulated curse and use them to attack others.

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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
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Name: Emiya Shirou
Allias: Masked Rider, The Hero Without A Name (Nameless)
Race: Human/Demon
Age: 23
Height: 6'0" (180 cm)
Weight: 176 lbs (80 kg)
Eyes: Golden
Hair: Rusty red
Being an alternate reality version of Emiya Shirou, he shares many features with the original. There are a few differences to note, though:
1.) This version of Shirou is aged 23. He grew taller, approaching the height of EMIYA, while thanks to the constant exercise and training he developed more muscle definition.
2.) Due to the assimilation with his own Reality Marble, Shirou gained a somewhat unearthly aura and features. His hair became a deeper and dirtier shade of orange-red, making it seem he's using a dye. And his eyes turned bright gold not unlike that of Arcueid's.
3.) To hide the above changes and blend in more effectively with the crowd, Shirou wears special glasses to suppress his true nature. It also has side effect of casting an illusion on people, making them unable to describe his appearance in anything but rather broad strokes (ie: "he's tall and red").

Unfortunately, Shirou's own fashion sense didn't change over the years. The blue-white raglan sleeve shirts are still amongst his favorite. Albeit he now has a much larger selection of clothes to wear. Partially thanks to the suggestions of his previous girlfriend.
Spoiler for "regular" attire:
This version of Emiya Shirou also has the secret identity as the superhero "Masked Rider" (Kamen Rider) or the "Nameless Hero". In this form Shirou is suited up in a special armor designed in the image of the popular Japanese Super Sentai hero.
Spoiler for Masked Rider:
Alignment: Neutral Good
Strength: C (C+ as the Masked Rider)
Agility: B++
Speed: C++
Magic Resistance: B
Magic: B+
Charisma: D+ (B as the Masked Rider)
This is Emiya Shirou from a radically different universe who managed to become a true hero of justice.
Details of his background and differences compared to the original Nasuverse are unclear.
What little is known that this version of Emiya Shirou is implanted with Sampo, the lost relic of the smith-god Ilmarinen. It's a large coin that now replaces Shirou's heart.
His skill in magic suggests a proper magus training unlike his Nasuverse self.
Observation of his spells also point towards a system different from that of modern magecraft, closer to the magic from thousand years ago mixed with the advances of unusual technology.
Lastly, this version of Emiya Shirou seems to had a history as a costumed vigilante. He took up the identity of the "Masked Rider" to personally make justice long before departing from his homeworld.
The "Masked Rider" continued his activities even after coming to Nexus City, becoming mildly popular in the media.
Meanwhile Emiya Shirou had settled down as a car mechanic and earns a small but honest income. He owns a small apartment with garage and a tiny workshop. His hobby and side-job is to customize motors.

Being Emiya Shirou from an alternate reality he shares many similarities with the original from the Nasuverse. Key differences originate from his age and identity as a superhero.
His success at becoming a hero of justice fills him with a lot of strength and confidence. This version of Shirou has a honest, straightforward and almost domineering personality.
He's selfless to a fault but it doesn't mean he'd allow himself to be used. If possible he prefers to lead instead of following people. He isn't afraid to stand up for his ideals and ready to take on any challenge. His experiences made him a more serious and overall "adult" person. His overall tolerance also improved by several notches. He does voice his displeasure with certain people but never try to push the matter any further when he sees it as futile.
Shirou is a man who lives for his ideal. But this ideal isn't about sacrifice with no gain. This version of Shirou honestly believes he can change the world for the better. And that means more than just a few fancy words on his part. He's working constantly toward his dream.

Unfortunately Shirou cannot express most of this in public. He has a secret superhero identity to protect. As such Shirou tries to avoid attention as much as he could. His core personality is the same but Shirou must exercise self-control during the work days. This can generate a lot of stress which he usually works off by patrolling Nexus City as the enigmatic Masked Rider. His superhero alias is the only way he can express his true self and generally fills him with a sense of accomplishment.


Magic Prowess: This version of Shirou originates from a magic-rich world, similar to the one 1000 years ago. This implies that in his world magic didn't decay and instead mages kept improving their techniques. As such, this version of Shirou has no magic circuits whatsoever. He relies on an entirely different, more efficient system. This additional power coupled with the more refined spells allow the otherwise talentless Shirou to perform a variety of magic, even if only the most basic ones. Furthermore, his power and familiarity with spell gave Shirou magic resistance comparable to the Servants from the Knightly Classes. His eyes also bear the Noble Color of Gold, albeit  Shirou has yet to develop a proper Mystic Eye.

Innate Time Control: The limited ability to manipulate the flow of time. While he possessed minor affinity with this type of magic (it aided him to develop his Reality Marble), Shirou generally refers to this as a power of someone else (whom he calls "father", even though they aren't related by blood). The details how he acquired this power are unknown but it became one of his core abilities. The possibilities of Innate Time Control are immense but Shirou currently can only gasp the basics.
  • Inner Time Control: Specialized skill when the user expands a time control boundary over his own brain or, to be precise, his consciousness. The result is that Shirou can accelerate his thoughts many-fold, making everything appear to be in slow motion. Aside from the obvious increase in reactions, this skill allows him to observe and plan in exquisite detail. Under the effects of Inner Time Control, Shirou can perceive a mere second as 10, 20 or sometimes even more than a hundred seconds. As the result Shirou can keep thinking rationally and analyze his opponent even in the most intense battle. This directly led to the development of something like Archer's Eye of the Mind. Lastly, this unique skill effectively detaches Shirou's mind from the normal flow of space-time. Giving telepaths severe difficulties to reach his conscious.
  • Acceleris: Special technique which works by expanding the time control boundary over Shirou's entire body, increasing his speed many-fold. Unfortunately Shirou can only use this technique for an instant. Otherwise he risks bodily injury. Furthermore there's a certain cooldown period between two uses, preventing to cast Acceleis repeatedly. This "cooldown time" is proportional to the activation length of the Acceleis. As such it's possible to perform small movements (ie: stance corrections, evasions) with Acceleris after only a tiny delay.
  • Stagnate: The opposite of Acceleris, allowing Shirou to slow down his own physiology in the process. Unlike Acceleris, this power can be maintained for hours. On the other hand the benefits of Stagnate are far less direct, limiting its usefulness to only certain situations.

The Unlimited Forge (UF): Reality Marble unique to this version of Emiya Shirou. Sambo is the divine mill said to create food and gold out of nothing, belonged to the "air-smith god" Ilmarinen. Sambo's power directly effected Shirou's soul, changing his origin in the process. While the end result is similar, UBW and the Unlimited Forge have several fundamental differences. For starters, Unlimited Forge does not replicate the weapon but creates an object with shape and properties identical to the original. In this regard UF's products are more fake than the "fake" creations of UBW. For example UF cannot copy Excalibur but can use its own resources to create a sacred blade with ability similar to King Arthur's legendary sword. Obviously this also means that UF is unable to replicate the "memories" of the weapon. Instead of "stealing" the heroics of these swords and their wielders, UF specializes at learning the secrets of the sword's creator thus adding their techniques to Shirou's growing repertoire. Indeed, UF isn't about copying the enemy's sword but creating a whole new weapon by borrowing the properties of many others. By subconsciously merging the knowledge of all the great craftsmen Shirou has the potential to make the ultimate weapon. Furthermore, this version of Shirou does not acknowledge himself as a mere weapon but a hero. As such his repertoire isn't limited to a mere sword. With the Unlimited Forge Shirou is allowed to create any tool that can be used for justice. This is also his ultimate drawback as Shirou is unable to create anything for his own gain alone. Even if he technically has the power to "forge" money and turn himself rich, he can't. Neither he can create things for his own comfort. Only for the service of others. This is a limitation bound to his soul and free of the influence of anyone else.
  • Imagining: Unlimited Forge is potent ability but has an important flaw. The whole manufacturing process is too slow to be feasible in the midst of combat (on the other hand UF's creations can be easily turned permanent and "real"). In response Shirou developed the abbreviated process called as "imagining". By condensing the air and covering it in his own prana Shirou can create weapons shaped of energy, with color reminiscent of the yellow-orange glow of molten steel. While shaped of energy these weapons retain the properties of the weapon they're trying to imitate, albeit only to 10%. This makes them cheap but also comparably weak, often forcing Shirou to use them en-masse.
  • Trans-Dimensional Gallery: When mere 10% isn't enough, Shirou has to look for other alternatives. That is to use weapons carefully made by the Unlimited Forge. He can accomplish this by storing his favorites in a customized pocket dimension, ready to be conjured up any time. This includes other necessary objects and even Shirou's armor as the Masked Hero, taking up the latter via a bright transformation sequence. Unfortunately, the Trans-Dimensional Gallery has a limited space, only allowing Shirou to pack a few or maybe several weapons for each mission.
  • Morph Cards: Special tools that can be inputted in the Masked Rider's belt. Allows Shirou to make minor adjustment on his equipment in the middle of battle. For example with the "Fire Card" Shirou can make his sword ablaze. Or alternatively use the same card to turn his armor fire-proof. Morph Cards increase Shirou's versatility in combat.

Physical Prowess: This version of Emiya Shirou is an experienced and versatile fighter. He went on a journey to learn many schools of both armed and unarmed combat while also facing more than a hundred fights. Over the course of the years Shirou steeled his body while also managing to merge with his own Reality Marble. As a result Shirou became an entity resembling demons or nature spirits, a borderline phantasmal being gradually nearing the power of Heroic Spirits. And indeed, with the combination of enchantments and his unique nature Shirou's strength and speed is now almost at an even level with an average Servant. His armor also offers protection against a Servant's blows to a limited extend. To top it, Shirou has magic resistance comparable to one of the Knightly Classes of Servants (B Rank). This can make him a fearsome opponent in battle.
  • Martial Arts: Through his journey Shirou learned from over a dozen schools of martial arts. While he didn't master either of these forms his Eye of the Mind allowed him to know much more than just the essentials. He combined them (as side effect of his UF) and created his own fighting style, atrociously dubbed "Hero of Justice Form" and became his primary way of fighting. He has two distinctive styles called "Vanguard" and "Punisher" stances. The former focuses on defense/counters and grappling/subjugation techniques while the latter is more proactive and focuses on rapidly knocking out the opponent(s). Whichever stance though, Shirou made the strict rule to never kill with his fists.
  • Weapons: Realizing the terrible potential of his abilities Shirou decided to seal his Reality Marble along with the use of his weapons. Still, there are situations where Shirou's fists alone aren't enough. Such times he releases the mental lock on his powers to unleash his full range of abilities. He calls this particular form as "Ruthless Justice". True to its name, Shirou's fighting style sees a complete change. From preserving life and protecting people Shirou's focus shifts to his own survival and to ensure the enemy's defeat. More often than not "Ruthless Justice" also involves Shirou resolving himself to kill the enemy. Albeit that's not obligatorily the case.

  • Feels compelled to help innocent people in need
  • Will never kill unless the enemy makes him draw his weapons
  • Unlimited Forge can only be used for good and justice
Likes: Peace, Happiness of Others, Powerful and Noble Souls, Hard Working, Machines, Motor Riding, Japanese Dishes
Dislikes: Injustice, People Who Misuse Their Powers, Seeing Other People's Suffering, People Who Aren't True To Themselves, Vampiric Cats/Catgirls (it's a long story...)


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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #18 on: August 17, 2013, 04:26:49 AM »
Howdy I was talking with Mike and he suggested that I go ahead and post my hypothical character for this particular RP, what do you guys think?

Name: Downy Reed
Race: Human, Dark Knight, Necromancer
Age: Mid 30’s
Height: 5’10
Weight: 200 lbs
Eyes: Red
Hair: Red
Alignment: Lawful Evil, He believes in the code the strong rule over the weak.
Charisma: B+, high enough to command an army of at least 100,000, supreme commander of the Ruinous Legion.
Strength: C
Agility: A
Speed: B+
Magic Resistance: C+ Not technically Magic Resistance but he can pump so much magic into himself that he cancels most spells with ease.
Magic Ability: 42nd generation of the Reed line, his mastery over Necromancy is second to none, his specialty involves literally stealing the abilities of other beings via absorbing them through his hand, as well as that he can perform a wide variety of magical attacks such as a gravity crushing spell, and a variety of other attack magic, finally he has the power to use dimensional warps in the land to essentially teleport around whether to retreat or use it as a form of a surprise attack.
Other Abilities: Though most would think he’s nothing but a frail magician they would be sorely mistaken as he is also a master fencer using the Aether Relic Dispaia, (Aether Relics are essentially Noble Phantasms just for Messiah Candidates instead of Servants.)
If taken fatal damage Downy has the potential to revive himself from said fatal damage up to 3 times each one more difficult than the last, also if given enough time (A couple months.) He can restore the amount of times he can use this skill. 
His final trump card is called the Inaxatio Materio, a powerful forbidden spell that seals him and anyone as well as anything in a 1 kilometer radius into a dimension between dimensions for the next 1000 years, the only two ways to get past this spell is to either stop him from using it or to have dimensional travelling capabilities of your own.
Finally losing limbs and other body parts is no problem for a necromancer such as himself as he can literally just take the limbs and other parts off of dead people and attack them to himself treating them as his perfect body parts.
Origin: Downy was born on the planet Avatar the root world of the Universe, born into extreme poverty with his sister they were nothing but playthings to the local lord of the land who would send said siblings to fight each other to the death treating them as nothing but tools for his own entertainment.  This eventually led to his sister’s death leading Downy to escaping from the Noble and discovering his ancient thousand year old lineage, however when he returned to take his vengeance he found that the Noble had already died a peaceful death surrounded by loved ones, this drove Downy insane leading him to believe that if he could not find happiness in this world then it was better off disappearing altogether, after discovering the ancient flying battleship known as the Gargantuan and obtaining his own Aether Relic Downy stole the ability to travel dimensions from the spirit of the white book Imnity.
Weakness: Downy has a great tendency to underestimate his opponent, though if you’re found to be taken seriously fighting against Downy will prove to be a lot more troublesome as he will use any means necessary to destroy you. Though he is quite the talker he never has any real people as allies using them until their tasks are complete then either throwing them away or absorbing their abilities to his own depending on his mood at the time, the only exception to this are people who have had a similar past as his such as Taiga Touma.
Likes: People with a similar background as his as well as people who have proven to be as equally strong as he is. If you can fight him on equal ground you can easily earn his respect.
Dislikes: People who try to stand against him as well as people who act with their emotions first, Downy has bound to his soul saying that it’s the law of the land that the strong naturally rule over the weak, any other path would lead to nothing but destruction.
Goals: His goals are quite simple, they are to create an opening for his ruinous taint to consume the world eventually destroying it and moving onto the next one, anything that gets in his way would simply need to be removed.


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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #19 on: September 03, 2013, 05:07:03 AM »
Name: Sakura  Tohsaka
Race: Human
Hair:black (red when her magic circuit pushes to its limit)
Appearance: Sakura  looks like an Amazonian version of mother with a much more endowed figure. She often wears red and black as she doesn't have a head for fashion.
Alignment: chaotic good
Magic Resistance:B
Magic Ability:A
Other Abilities: Martial arts mastery, computer systems expertise, operatic musical skill, arcane knowledge and incredible tactical skill.
Origin:the daughter of Tohsaka Rin and her servant Archer, she carries seven weapons  at all times. Three swords made by her younger brother Satoshi, the jeweled sword her Tonfa blasters which convert into a bow and her own fists using a modified form of the Tohsaka martial arts and jewel craft.
Weakness: garlic cheese bread
Likes: Cooking, Sleeping,  her dad
Dislikes:arrogance, ignorance  and jokes about her body

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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #20 on: September 21, 2013, 04:29:34 AM »
I had to backtrack to the old site to get my characters, I had to Google the old forums which then I went to the Xamusel's account on Beast Lair where I found a link to the old forum.

Spoiler for "Kusagari":
Name: Kusagari
Servant Classes if Applicable: Assassin;
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 34
Height: 6' 6" (6' 11" with clothing, boots and hat)
Eyes: Brown, Light Brown Right Eye; Green, Jade Green Left Eye;
Hair: Brown, seemingly black from all the dirt in his hair
Appearance: Main Appearance
Spoiler for "Rear View Appearance; Warning Large Image":
Spoiler for "Close-Up Facial Appearance A":
Spoiler for "Close Up Facial Appearance B":

Aligntment: Lawful Good
Charisma: C
Strength: C
Agility: B+
Speed: B
Magic Resistance: E
Magic Ability: N/A
Other Abilities: Kusagari Clansman Training; Survivor; Superior Adaptability; Fast Learner; Master Swordsman; Master Gunslinger; Gunsmith; Swordsmith;
He’s the badass hero inside each and every one of us. He’s quiet, powerful, and accomplished. He bears hardships that would break other men, he champions the cause of the downtrodden and will risk life and limb to set a situation right. He knows fear, but he never shows it. He knows pain, but he doesn't acknowledge it. He is a natural genius with a sword who can do things most of us only dream of. He is the last of the Kusagari Clan, a clan that once numbered in the hundreds that was slaughtered til only he remained to continue the Kusagari way of life. He has cast aside his old name and has taken up the name of his fallen and nearly lost clan; Kusagari.
Weakness: Handicaps; If someone is being held hostage, he will fight to ensure that the hostage is not harmed but he will not surrender;
Likes: Kusagari Clan; Tamiko; Master Jian; Sheriff Steve Judd; Songan; Training; Hunting Jackals, Katakara, & Ninjas;
Dislikes: Katakara Clan; The Jackals Gang; Ninjas; Payne, Leader of the Jackals; Okaji; Shinjiro;

= = = = =

Item Name: Sora Katana, Final Form
Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
Rank: A
Attributes: Made from a secret material, at the height of the Kusagari Clans power its secrets were known to few but after the massacre of the Kusagari clan its secrets were lost to all but Master Jian and through Jian, Kusagari received this knowledge of the Sora Katana's power. The Sora Katana is a powerful weapon capable of dealing massive damage to its foes and with it comes many inborn skills that are carried by the soul of the blade itself, the blade itself is more than capable of slicing through ordinary blades. The greatest attribute of the Sora Katana is its ability to harness the will power of its wielder and turn that willpower into energy to use on it foes, the greater the willpower and determination of its wielder the greater the power of the blade.

= = = = =

Item Name: Kuro-No-Ken Katana
Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
Rank: A
Attributes: Made from a secret material, at the height of the Kusagari Clans power its secrets were known to few but after the massacre of the Kusagari clan its secrets were lost to all but Master Jian and through Jian, Kusagari received this knowledge of the Sora Katana's power but also that of its two sister blades. The Nihonto-Hana Katana was the second of the three Kusagari Clan Katana to be forged, it is the sister blade to the Sora and Nihonto-Hana Katana. Unlike the other two blades the Kuro-No-Ken Katana could not cut through ordinary blades nor could it be stopped by them either, the Kuro-No-Ken could can only cut flash and it could pass through the weapons, armour, and clothing of its foes as if they were nought but a ghost. Like the other two Kusagari Katana, the Kuro-No-Ken Katana has the ability to harness the will power of its wielder and turn that willpower into energy to to use its foes but only on the flesh of its foes, the greater the willpower and determination of its wielder the greater the power of this blade.

Spoiler for Kuro-No-Ken Katana:

= = = = =

Item Name: Nihonto-Hana Katana
Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
Rank: A-
Attributes: Made from a secret material, at the height of the Kusagari Clans power its secrets were known to few but after the massacre of the Kusagari clan its secrets were lost to all but Master Jian and through Jian, Kusagari received this knowledge of the Sora Katana's power but also that of its two sister blades. The Nihonto-Hana Katana was the third of the three Kusagari Clan Katana to be forged, it is the sister blade to the Sora and Kuro-No-Ken Katana. Much like the other two blades the Nihonto-Hana Katana is capable of cutting through other blades but due to a unique complication in its forging, the Nihonto could not cut flesh but it could instead mend flesh and heal rather than kill. Like the other two Kusagari Katana, the Nihonto-Hana Katana has the ability to harness the will power of its wielder and turn that willpower into energy to use not on its foes but on the wounded and injured, the greater the willpower and determination of its wielder the greater the power of this blade.

Spoiler for Nihonto-Hana Katana:

= = = = =

Item Name: .357 Longarm Long-Barrel Heavy Revolver, Fully Upgraded
Rank: B+
Type: Anti-Unit Mystic Code
Attributes: The mainstay firearm of the Kusagari Clan, the Longarm is a versatile and dependable weapon capable of downing many foes in a few well placed shots. In its fully upgrades status it possesses greater precision, faster reload time, greater strike power and Bouncing Ricochet Bullets that can inflict damage even if the first shot misses its mark.

= = = = =

Item Name: Tataro .460 Long-Barrel Magnum Revolver
Rank: B
Type: Anti-Unit Mystic Code
Attributes: The Tataro .460 Magnum Revolver is rarely used by the Kusagari Clan as most prefer the .357 Longarm, the Tataro .460 possesses greater hitting power than the Longarm at the cost of it's heavy recoil, higher barrel rise upon firing, and the fact it only chamber five-shots. While not as specialized as the Longarm, the Tataro .460 Magnum revolver is a death dealing weapon capable of putting an enemy down for good.

Spoiler for Tataro .460 Magnum Revolver:

= = = = =

Item Name: Barracuda .45 Auto Pistols
Rank: B-
Type: Anti-Unit Mystic Code
Attributes: Similarly to the Tataro .460, the Barracuda .45 Auto Pistol is a rarely used weapon by the Kusagari Clan due to its lack of precision, the the one advantage this weapon possesses is its rapid-fire delivery of .45 rounds at medium distance ranges with moderate accuracy. Before the clan was practically wiped out, the Barracuda was considered a weapon for the elderly and sickly due to the lack of precision. The Barracuda can be wielded on its own or it can be dual wielded if needed, though most Kusagari prefer to wield a gun and blade in combination rather than two blades or two guns.

Spoiler for Barracudda:

= = = = =

Item Name: Tataro Model 44 Twin-Barrel Shotgun, Fully Upgraded
Rank: C++
Type: Anti-Unit Mystic Code
Attributes: A highly lethal weapon at close quarters, the Tataro M44 Twin-Barrel Shotgun is more then capable of blowing large holes in potential threats and with its upgrades it it a threat to even some of the most armored targets. Once it is fully upgraded the Model 44 possesses far greater hitting power, heavier duty ammunition, better rate of fire, quicker reload time, and the final upgrade is capable of bringing down armored targets and making holes in lighter armor vehicles with its Anti-Material Heavy Shrapnel Shells.

= = = = =

Item Name: Cord Industries KH-570 Littlejohn 'Johnnygun', Fully Upgraded
Rank: C+
Type: Anti-Unit / Anti-Army Mystic Code
Attributes: Originally designed for Military usage, the Johnnygun found far greater usage in the west as the machine gun of choice for the dwellers of the region and even then it was highly illegal for any civilians to have ownership of these weapons. The Johnnygun is by far a lethal weapon capable of matching up with most modern day Sub-Machineguns but once it is fully upgraded it firepower increases dramatically, its rate of fire increase to more than double the basic model, it receives a considerable amount of precision, its clip size is greatly added on to, and it gain on main advantage when fighting large groups would be its Heavy Duty Multi-Penetration Rounds each capable of passing through at the most eight bodies before being lodged in the ninth.

= = = = =

Item Name: 42-SD Sidewinder, Fully Upgraded
Rank: B
Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
Attributes: The Sidewinder is a dangerous weapon in the hands of its current own, each hit being more than capable of killing a target with one shot to a vital location and with its excellent range it is a very lethal weapon even if it is more of less outdated by the rest of the Nexus City's technology. In its fully upgraded status it possesses greater firepower, faster reloading time, fast rate of fire, greatly improved precision, and the most dangerous part of the weapon being explosive-on-contact bullets.

= = = = =

Spoiler for "Gunslinger Appearance":
Spoiler for "Epic Pose A":
Spoiler for "Epic Pose B":

= = = = =

Note A: This is the main character and the Hero of the game "Red Steel 2"

Note B: The images are to better describe his appearance as it is damn hard to describe bad-ass and awesomeness in many words

Spoiler for "Munashi 'Mu' Mumei":
"Who the hell are you?!" "I am Death, the Destroyer of worlds." "Wait! I'll pay you double of what they are offering you!" "May your second chance in the next life be better than this one was" "Triple! I'll pay trip-" the sound of of a window shattering "Your wealth would have never brought back the dead" A brief confrontation with his target in which the target with silently via round from Owl obliterating the frontal lobe of said target in absolute silence and with enough force to send the now deceased target backwards through the destroyed window

Name: Munashi 'Mu' Mumei;
Alias: Nobody; Death;
Servant Class if Applicable: Assassin;
Race: Human
Age: 31
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 234 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Mu's appearance is one that is completely ordinary and forgettable, his hair and his build is completely average. There is nothing out of the ordinary about his appearance and with his usual attire being that of a middle class business man, no one notices a thing about him. He looks about as suspicious as the everyday man, something he uses to his advantage when escaping the scene of his latest job. When on a Job he will dress in a black business suit a matching pair of pants and tie to match his collared white button up shirt underneath; practically all of his non-personal weaponry is stored in in his two suitcases. When out on the town or when volunteering to aid the unfortunate, his clothing is very casual and to further separate his working self from his relaxed self he will often wear a pair of unprescriptioned glasses to further hide his other side to him.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Charisma: E- (Mu is easily missed, easily forgotten and very easily dismissed; as a result he can disappear into any crowd and vanish in mere minutes)
Luck: A+
Strength: B- (Rank B+ with Reinforcement)
Agility: C+ (Rank B with reinforcement)
Speed: B- (Rank B+ with Reinforcement)
Magic Resistance: C
Magic Ability: B
Other Abilities: Expert Marksmanship; Runes Craftsmanship Mastery; Reinforcement Mastery; Hand-to-Hand Combat Mastery; Small Arms Mastery; Military Training; Jack of All Trades; Master of Multiple Languages; Skilled Hacker; Well Educated; Skilled Operator of Vehicles; Moderate Field Medic Skills;

No one sees him, they all go about their lives
No one sees the angel of death, laying in wait
No one sees the wolf, for the sheeps clothing hides him
No one sees it, his master is beyond words
No one sees him, he walks away unnoticed by all
No one hear him, as he helps the lost
No one sees him, as he aids the misfortunate
No one cares for them, no one except nobody
I am Nobody, I am no one

Weakness: His bleeding heart and his willingness to give the unfortunate a second chance, he is often to trusting but he will never reveal his occupation to them while he will let his guard down slightly;
Likes: Helping Others; Simple Jobs; No Hassles; Honesty; Beef Sushi;
Dislikes: Casualties; Difficult Jobs; Corruption; Fish Sushi; Smoking; Drugs; Alcoholic Beverages; Gambling; Weapon Malfunctions;

Personal Equipment:
Item Name: Railgun
Rank: B-
Type: Anti-Unit Mystic Code
Attributes: Through the usage of a hundreds of Runes covering the weapon, this custom built two shot pistol is capable of firing a .55 caliber armor piercing shell at sound barrier breaking speeds and more often than not with pinpoint accuracy. Due in part to replacement runes located in the firearm, it never needs to be reloaded as with a small bit of prana focused into the weapon he can create a fresh round ready to be fired nor does the weapon possess any form of recoil.
- - - - -
Item Name: Owl
Rank: C+
Type: Anti-Unit Mystic Code
Attributes: Similiar to the Railgun, the Owl is a custom built firearm covered in runes to enhance its capabilities in combat. In the case of the Owl, it is a custom built .50 Desert Eagle originally with a built-in silencer and laser sight. With the aid of Runes, the weapon is perfectly silent and inhumanly precise. Like the Railgun the Owl has no need for reloading, no need to cool off nor does it possess any form of recoil.
- - - - -
Item Name: Jager
Rank: B
Type: Anti-Unit Mystic Code
Attributes: Similiar to the Railgun, the Jager is a custom built firearm covered in runes to enhance its capabilities in combat. In the case of the Jager, it is a custom built Barrett XM500 .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle / Anti-Material Rifle originally with an enhanced scope and a built-in laser designator. With the aid of Runes, the weapon is inhumanly precise and like the Railgun it is capable to taking out armor target with ease. Like the Railgun the Jager has no need for reloading, no need to cool off nor does it possess any form of recoil. The Rounds fired by the Jager are specially rune enhanced and reinforced rounds, with those rounds the Jager is capable of striking well beyond what the original designers of the weapon thought was even physically possible.
- - - - -
Item Name: Sparrow
Rank: B+
Type: Anti-Unit / Anti-Army Mystic Code
Attributes: Similiar to the Owl, the is a custom built firearm covered in runes to enhance its capabilities in combat. In the case of the Sparrow, it is a custom built SAR 21 Light Machine Gun rebuilt to chamber 12.5mm rounds. With the aid of Runes, the weapon is perfectly stable and inhumanly precise. Like the Railgun the Sparrow has no need for reloading, no need to cool off nor does it possess any form of recoil. Unlike the Owl and the Railgun, the Sparrow does come with variable ammunition to give it multitasking capabilities in combat from enhanced armor piercing rounds to non-lethal rounds
- - - - -
Item Name: Hummingbird
Rank: C
Type: Anti-Unit Mystic Code
Attributes: Similiar to the Owl, the is a custom built firearm covered in runes to enhance its capabilities in combat. The Hummingbird, is a custom built Heckler & Koch MP7A1 with multiple component attachment location. With the aid of Runes, the weapon is perfectly silent, inhumanly precise, and has very little spread when firing. Like Mu's other weapons the Hummingbird has no need for reloading, no need to cool off nor does it possess any form of recoil. The Hummingbird is also the easiest to conceal on his person and it is his weapon of choice when going civilian.
- - - - -
Item Name: Dragoon
Rank: B-
Type: Anti-Unit Mystic Code
Attributes: Similiar to the Railgun, the Dragoon is a custom built firearm covered in runes to enhance its capabilities in combat. In the Dragoon's case, it is a custom built Thompson Center Arms Thompson Contender Encore .600 NE originally with a specialized scope and laser designator. With the aid of Runes, the weapon is perfectly silent and inhumanly precise. Like the Railgun the Dragoon has no need for reloading, no need to cool off nor does it possess any form of recoil.
- - - - -
Item Name: Taieki
Rank: C
Type: Anti-Unit / Anti-Army Mystic Codes
Attributes: The Taieki as they were called them are a pair of rune enhanced, heavily modified AK-47 Assault Rifles originally used by his father prior to his death. These weapons are not of high level but are more than enough to take on large groups of enemies. The weapon's feature his father's original enhancements and his own typical rune enhancements to increase its capabilities in combat.
- - - - -
Item Name: Gōon Hōgeki no Kōtei / De l'Empereur de l'Incendie Canon Rugissant / The Emperor of the Roaring Cannon Fire
Rank: EX
Type: Anti-Army / Anti-Fortress / Anti-Country Noble Phantasm
Attributes: To the untrained eye it is simple french sabre, one carried by someone of high ranking but in reality it is the once thought lost Noble Phantasm of Napoleon Bonaparte, The First Emperor of France Emperor. This weapon's main ability is something on a level similar to that of Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon however instead of calling upon all the weapon's Gilgamesh had in his possession, this sabre calls upon every cannon based weapon ever created and several of them being noble phantasms themselves, this weapon directs all the cannon fire and can be used to target either an area or a single being. A second ability this Sabre posseses is the ability to call force the Armada's of the Seas for a barrage of cannon fire that lasts as long as the wielder can sustain themselves, it is a devastating weapon in the hands of someone trained to use it and even without it's abilities it is lethal weapon in close quarters and one of Mu's prefered weapons for close quarters combat.
- - - - -
Item Name: Ame-no-Nuhoko
Rank: EX
Type: Anti-Country / Anti-Landscape Noble Phantasm
Attributes: An ancient spear said to have been used by the gods Izanagi and Izanami, it was said to be capable of churning the sea and and create the first landmass from mere salt water drops. This weapon is capable of remodeling the landscape of any landscape through the complete control of any and all forms of moisture, it is capable of drowning entire kingdoms in water or sinking island nations. So long as their is some form of moisture in the area it has power, however in arid and dry regions it is signifigantly weaker.
- - - - -
Item Name: The Assassin's Tool Case
Rank: C+
Type: Physical Marble / Barrier Type Noble Phantasm
Attributes: The Assassin's Tool Case, otherwise known and seens as Mu's suit case is essentially a Bag of Holding. It is capable of storing practically antything he wants to store in there and anything placed in there does not age nor does the passing of time effect it, making it perfect for storage purposes. Mu uses it to store his money, his various weapons that were obviously too large to carry personally, to to store his various possessions and for day to day living. The Assassin's Tool Case can only be used by Mu, it is essentailly a heriloom passed down in his family from parent to child that and it was created by his ancestor; The Nameless One. It is literally cover from top to bottom, inside and out in runes, with more being added on with each new generation. Mu is the last of his clan, the last of the nameless assassins and the last carrier of the Assassin's Tool Case.
- - - - -
Item Name: The Assassin's Cloak
Rank: C+
Type: Physical Marble / Barrier Type Noble Phantasm
Attributes: Similiar to the Assassin's Tool Case, the Assassin's Cloak functions on a similiar basis to the Tool case and can store a near infinite amount of supplies within itself. However the cloak's second ability is to hide its wearer from sight, allowing the wearer to blend in with the shadows. It has been passed down since his ancestor first wore it centuries ago, however with himself being the last of the Munashi clan and the last of the nameless assassins it is certain that Mumei will be its last wielder.
- - - - -
Random Fact 1: He has a thing for second chances, he will often go out of his way to help others and sometimes he will leave those whom he help with a sizable amount of money. He is very wealthy from the many jobs he has done over the years, he has large sums of money in his many accounts but also on his person for emergency usage.
Random Fact 2: All of his mundane weaponry, all of his equipment, and all of his possessions possess a large amount of runes covering them to both enhance their capabilities and lengthen the service life. All of his weaponry is specifically custom built for his usage and can be usage expertly him, he knows all in his arsenal expertly.

I have altered a few things from their original information and Kusagari is now only applicable for the Assassin class rather than the Saber and Archer classes.
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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
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Spoiler for "Seras Victoria":
Name: Seras Victoria

Title: Draculina of Hellsing

Race: Vampire [Draculina]

Age: 19

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 130 lbs

Eyes: Red

Hair: Blonde

Spoiler for "Early OVA Seras":

Spoiler for "Late OVA Seras":
Spoiler for "Cute/Innocent Seras":

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Charisma: B+

Strength: A++

Endurance: A++

Agility: A+

Speed: A+

Luck: B

Mana: A+

Magic Resistance: C

Magic Ability: C-

Other Abilities:
Immortality (Untouched by Time Itself);
Clairvoyance (Future Sight);
Superhuman Strength;
Superhuman Senses;
Superhuman Speed;
Superhuman Reflexes;
Advanced Regeneration;
Advanced Marksmanship (Every Shot Counts);
Advanced Combat;
Advanced Sharpshooting (Quick Fire Accuracy);
Shape Shifting (Hidden as Another);
Familiar Summoning (Army of the Dead);
Intangibility (Ghosts of Vampirism);
Defiance & Manipulation of Gravity;
Telepathy (Thought Speech);
Hypnosis (Subjection of the Mind);
Creation of Fledglings (Children of the Nosferatu);
Memory Absorption (Drained in Blood and in Memory);
High Resistance to most Vampire Weaknesses

Origin: Born a human, died a human, reborn a Fledgling, and Reborn once more as a true Draculina. Seras is the result of her master and sire, Alucard turning her in to vampire of his lineage. She is the daughter of Dracula, she is the Draculina of Hellsing.

Weakness: Large Bodies of Water [Seras is incapable of crossing large bodies of water like the ocean, seas, or even large lakes without some dirt from her birthplace on her possession]

Likes: Medical Blood Packs; Playing with Children; Protecting Humans;

Dislikes: Nazis; Ghouls; Mindless Slaughter;

Sea of Souls (Blood is the Carrier of the Soul): B/EX Rank - [Reality Marble]
During the final battle for London in 1999 during Millennium's invasion and attack of the city, the last true Hellsing; Sir Integra Whingates Fairbrook Hellsing was mortally wounded. Sir Integra refused Vampiric immortality and simply resigned herself to death, Seras' master and sire chose to honour her wish to die as a human by transferring the souls within his own to his late fledgling; Seras Victoria herself. In the chaos of receiving over three million souls from her master, Seras wound up draining the blood from the entire city as every drop of blood with London and it's country side flowed into her. When the madness of left off, Seras was the vampiric possessor of over ten million souls including members of Iscariot XIII, Millennium, the Wild Geese, the Crusaders, and individuals long dead.

Arsenal of Many (Armament of Thousands): A/EX Rank - [Reality Marble]
Seras has the ability to store any weapon she has ever used or the weapons used by the hundreds upon thousands that she has within her, from swords to firearms. She can call upon any weapon she so desires and she can wield them with all the expertise of those within her would have wielded them, enabling her to master any weapon so long as those within her have mastered its use.

Arm of Shadows (Living Shadows of a Lost Limb): A Rank - [Physical Marble]
In the fight against a Millennium Agent, First Lieutenant Zorin Blitz, Seras had her left arm at the shoulder cut off but when she awakened her full vampiric abilities by consuming the blood of Captain Pip Bernadette, she gained a shape shifting mass of living shadows in the places of her lost arm. This mass of living shadows and be used to pick up massive amounts of things and a multitude of other uses in combat as well, she can also use her arm to fly.

=Unique Weapons=
Hellsing ARMS 13.7mm Anti-Midians Rifle
Hellsing ARMS .454 'Casull' Auto
Hellsing ARMS 13mm Auto Anti-Freak Combat Pistol 'Jackal'
Hellsing ARMS 30mm Anti-Midians Cannon 'Harkonnen'
Hellsing ARMS Extra Long-Range 30mm Bombardment Firearm System for Localized Defensive Use 'Harkonnen II'
Hellsing ARMS Monofilament Wires

There she is, I wanted to bring in my favourite Hellsing character into the fray since the old forum and here she damn well is.

Spoiler for "Joe Fixit, The Don of Nexus City":
Name: Joe Fixit

Alias: Grey Hulk; The Don of Nexus City; Mr. Bigg;

Race: Hulk

Age: Unknown

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 900 lbs

Eyes: Dark Grey

Hair: Black

Spoiler for "Joe Fixit":

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Charisma: B+

Strength: A++

Endurance: A+

Agility: C+

Speed: B

Luck: B-

Mana: A; An ability possessed by all Hulks, Joe Fixit is capable of absorbing Dark like a sponge

Magic Resistance: A+

Magic Ability: N/A

Other Abilities:
Hulk Abilities [Note as Joe Fixit is considered to be the weakest of the Hulks, these powers are lessened to a degree]

Superhuman Strength; On average Joe is capable of bench lifting a maximum of 70 tons without any rage enhancing power up.

Origin: Originally a mindless beast, he was rescued off the streets by a Casino owner in Las Vegas and taught how to be human. That man would even give him his own name to use, Joe Fixit. Joe 'grew' up in Mob influence Las Vegas and knows the system well, well enough to take over should he needed to do so.

Weakness: Link

Likes: Cigars; Fine Suits; Women; Mafioso; Casinos; Organized Crime; The Mob;

Dislikes: Purple Pants; Patch/Logan; Lies;

Next meet one of my favourite Marvel Characters that wasn't an Alien, an experiment, a weaponized human, or a mutant
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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
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Name: Emiya Shirou
Race: Human (Magus)
Age: 46
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Eyes: Brown
Red, but fading somewhat.
Appearance: Like in HF True, only a bit older-looking. Sakura and Rin have been able to use magic to slow his aging somewhat, so that he is, like Sakura, physically in his early 30s.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Strength: B+ (Can self-reinforce to improve himself beyond what even a trained magus can do)
Agility: B+
Speed: C+
Endurance: A
Magic Resistance: C
Magic Ability: E++ (Poor magus who is further hampered by his puppet body, but excels at projection and related magic).

Whilst Shirou’s puppet body makes it difficult for him to use his magic circuits properly, he has learnt to circumvent this somewhat, and can now perform projection magic almost to the level which he could have if he’d retained his original body. However, he cannot naturally regenerate his own prana supply, and therefore is somewhat reliant on regular prana infusions from Sakura.

Affinity/Origin: Sword

Magic Crest: None


Projection: Shirou excels at projecting items, especially swords.

Reinforcement: Can reinforce almost anything exceptionally well, including himself.

Unlimited Blade Works:
After much training, Shirou has learnt to use his Reality Marble, although his lack of prana means it is difficult to maintain it for as long as he otherwise could.

Due to the fact that he’s never fought Gilgamesh, his UBW is lacking somewhat in weapons. The only ones he can trace are those he’s seen in life and the few that he can form clear memories of from the time when he possessed Archer’s arm.

Other Abilities:

Use of technology: To compensate for his magical limitations, Shirou has learnt to use technology to aid him in battle when necessary. Whilst he doesn’t tend to go seeking trouble, he also won’t stand aside and watch people get hurt, and he also knows that Sakura in particular is a target for unscrupulous magi. As a result, he takes safeguards, using his connection to the Yakuza (through Taiga) to provide him with weapons to allow him to protect his family. He possesses a considerable array of equipment designed to take down magi with minimal fuss, much like his adoptive father did, although he avoids using guns for close-range combat.

Invisibility cloak: Shirou possesses an invisibility cloak made from meta-materials. Normally, it would only be able to hide a stationary object, and even then only a small one or one which possessed a more ideal shape than a human being, but using reinforcement Shirou is able to improve its functionality to turn it into a genuinely effective item which is able to hide him almost perfectly.

However, there are several limitations on the use of the cloak. Since it refracts light around the wearer in order to hide them, it is impossible for the user to see out of it. Whilst cutting holes in it for vision is possible, this makes the eyes visible and, further, due to disruption in the structure of the cloak, significantly worsens the level of invisibility of the remainder of the body. Similarly, it is not advised to have any holes in the cloak, which means weapons cannot be fired from inside it.

Additionally, whilst the cloak is capable of refracting incoming light around the wearer, it cannot prevent light from inside the cloak escaping. In particular, the cloak provides no protection against infra-red detection, or any other form of detection which relies on detecting radiation emitted by the wearer as opposed to radiation reflected from them.

Finally, whilst the cloak is highly effective thanks to Shirou’s reinforcement, it is not perfect. Someone with a keen eye may spot a disturbance, particularly when he is moving. Also, due to the nature of the cloak, it works much less effectively if it is not possible to trace a closed curve around the cloak in the direction of the line of sight of the viewer. In particular, this means that a user pressed against a wall or similar will be visible to anyone looking from the direction opposite the wall.

Sniper rifle: Shirou possesses a state-of-the-art, extremely accurate sniper rifle with a very high bullet velocity, enhanced using magecraft to make it even more accurate. With that combined with his ability to reinforce his sight, he is capable of shooting things from extreme distance. It is also equipped with a thermal sight, allowing him to pick out magi from a crowd due to their heat signature.

Body armour: Shirou wears reinforced state-of-the-art body armour into battle, designed to protect against. With the application of reinforcement, it is essentially impossible for a person of normal strength to pierce it, and even armour-piercing bullets are not sufficient to do so. However, a shot to the head is still capable of killing him, if he does not have time to self-reinforce and/or dodge it.

Infra-red targeting goggles: Shirou possesses a set of electronic goggles which are able to detect infra-red light and convert it into a visible spectrum light. This allows him to easily distinguish magi from others at close range, using their IR signature. The goggles are also programmed to automatically pick out a magus and highlight them, and to also mark out allies using recognition software.

However, due to the nature of the goggles, whilst they can be converted to work with visible light, they restrict his peripheral vision somewhat.

Archery: Shirou is an exceptional Archer, and can also trace a bow and arrow with little difficulty. He uses this in conjunction with his magic to trace and fire swords as arrows, using their properties against the enemy.

Sword fighting: Shirou has mastered the art of fighting with the twin blades Kanshou and Bakuya. Whilst he’s not on the same level as Archer, he has years of practice sparring against Rider, and he is now at the point where he can give her a decent fight even if she is going close to full-out (although she is handicapped by the fact that he is much more susceptible to damage than she is, and thus she has to be more careful).

Background: After his birth parents were (presumably) killed in the fire following the fourth Grail War, he was adopted by Emiya Kiritsugu. Over the course of the eleven years, he took on Kiritsugu's ideal, to save everyone, and when the Grail War came around he saw a chance to finally act on that ideal. However, when the girl he loved, Sakura, turned out to be unwittingly responsible for the deaths of many people, he decided to put protecting those he loved over protecting the many, and refused to kill her, instead saving her from the darkness afflicting her at the cost of his own mind.

He told Rider to take her and her sister out of the cavern they fought the final battle in, before preparing to sacrifice his life to permanently destroy the Great Grail. However, just before he could do so, his long-lost sister, Ilya, showed up and sacrificed herself, sealing the Grail and moving his soul into a container where it would be safe until an alternative could be found.

For the next year or so, Shirou remained seriously ill and immobile, Sakura constantly by his side. When he finally awoke, the first thing he saw was Sakura's overjoyed expression, and he knew that everything he'd done had been worth it. Since then, he has dedicated himself to bringing her the happiness he felt she deserved, in the process gaining true happiness for himself. On her 18th birthday, he proposed to her, and they got married not long after. Since then, they have lived in their old house as husband and wife. They have four children, Aoi, Kariya, Yuki and Kiyoshi. Yuki, however, now lives with Rin and has been formally adopted by her, although Sakura and Shirou still treat her as their daughter. Kariya and Aoi, meanwhile, have grown up and moved out.

Due to Sakura's wealth, Shirou has no need to work. However, he dislikes being inactive, and so he does do some work, mostly as a mechanic fixing various equipment using his magic. He does, however, tends to be very generous about prices, given the standard of his work. Indeed, to get him to charge people at all, Sakura has to point out to him that, if he is too generous, he will end up putting real mechanics out of business. Even so, anyone poor or who can give even a slightly plausible sob-story will be able to get out of paying entirely, which is a trait which sometimes irritates Rin in particular.

Personality: Whilst he has learnt some sense of self-worth over the years, Shirou is still somewhat lacking in a sense of self-preservation. He now recognises his value to other people, in particular Sakura and his children, but he would still sacrifice himself in a second to protect any of them. Sakura constantly has to point out to him that, by rushing in to a dangerous situation to protect them, he is often putting them in more danger, since they are then forced to act in order to save him.

Still has a tendency to help people in need, although he doesn't generally go out actively looking for such people like he might in another timeline. However, if any magical threat shows up in Fuyuki, he will invariably end up assisting Rin and Sakura in dealing with it. Further, even the slightest hint that a magus is acting to harm innocents in Fuyuki as Zouken used to will result in him looking for more information and pushing Rin to ensure it is dealt with (not that it is difficult to persuade her), if he doesn't just deal with it himself. Similarly, any serious mundane threat (e.g. a serial killer) will be dealt with regardless of magical inclination. Whilst he doesn’t have anything like the reputation of his father, he has helped Rin and Sakura take down the odd magus or two who were threatening their town, and does ensure he is prepared for this eventuality.

Like Sakura, he is exceptionally loving towards his children. However, he is far more willing to discipline them when necessary than she is, particularly when it is in their own best interests, and generally acts more like a normal parent in terms of the level of control he exerts over their lives (although he is by no means a controlling person or a disciplinarian). As a result, he is often the one forced to enact punishments, and thus is seen by the children as the "harsh" parent, although they do still love him nevertheless. Additionally, the children are more respectful towards him than they are towards their mother, although, conversely, they are also less inclined to confide in him or seek emotional support from him than they are their mother.

Similarly, he is considerably more frugal than Sakura when it comes to spending money on the children (especially money that he has not earned). He will still spend money on them when he needs to or when he feels they deserve it, but he doesn’t spoil them in the way that Sakura does. Conversely, he is somewhat more willing than Sakura to spend her inheritance on himself and, even more, on her. He still dislikes doing it (preferring to pay for things with money he earned), but is willing to do so if he or especially Sakura wants something enough, particularly for bigger purchases.

Weakness: Even now, his sense of self-preservation is somewhat lacking, and therefore he tends to jump into dangerous situations rather too quickly, particularly when his wife or children are in danger.
Likes: Cooking, protecting people, Sakura, his children, swords, Kyuudo.
Dislikes: People getting hurt (especially family).
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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #23 on: October 17, 2013, 07:50:48 AM »

Servant Class if Applicable: Caster. Nah, I'm kidding, he's a rider.

Race: Daemon Prince (Basically just means he's a daemon that's got free will)

Age: It's hard to define ages when it comes to the warp, so somewhere between -1 and infinity

Height: 7'7"

Weight: 210 pounds or so

Eyes: A dark blueish color in the irises, though usually they're so damn bloodshot they look like they're orange.

Hair: On fire. Most of the time anyway. Other wise, so orange it LOOKS like he's on fire.

Demonic form:

Just after his cocaine ingestion.

Human - Tall, crazy eyed, and probably always on drugs, Doomrider is pretty much your stereotypical biker, just slimmer and lacking a biker beard. Then again, he's a daemon so he can really look like anything he wants but this is probably what he looked like alive.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. He just wants to ride and do cocaine man!

Charisma: C, which stands for COCAAAAAAINE

Strength: C

Agility: B

Speed: A+++ (On his bike, off it more like a C)

Magic Resistance: 5+ Invuln save (So I'd say a D)

Magic Ability: Pretty much zilch

Other Abilities: Excellent football striker, mediocre swordsman and can do a shitload of cocaine. Oh, and a rider on par with well... Rider. And has a portal to the dimension of cocaine. Did I mention his bike can fly? Because it can. Why? Because he's Doomrider, that's why. Oh, and normal weapons just kinda go right through him. Magical items and magic on the other hand, can harm him.

An interesting fact to note is that he also ends up often suddenly being warped out of a location and into another one, because his goddess is a dick. Or she has a dick. Either way. Oh, and usually this is at HORRIBLE HORRIBLE times for him. Like when he's about to score. Or the Cubs are about to win the World Series and he has god damn amazing tickets to the final game.

Origin: Speed/Cocaine

Weakness: Lack of Cocaine and bad dice rolls. Sacred items also kill his buzz, making him far weaker.

Likes: Cocaine, going fast, his pimped out demonic bike, more cocaine, and cocaine

Dislikes: Not having Cocaine, Khornate killjoys, and the MAN.

Background - Basically, Doomrider was a biker. He also really fucking loved cocaine. So fucking much, that Snowflame would look at him like he had issues. But eventually, Doomrider died in an orgy of cocaine and a highspeed bike chase that crossed a third of a continent before ending in a magnificent high speed multicar pileup. Obviously, God was too much of a square to accept this guy past the pearly gates, and the Devil didn't want anyone as crazy awesome as Doomrider in hell. So Doomrider said "Screw you guys, I'm gonna find my own god, and he's gonna have black jack and hookers!"  And he did. This god was like, the best god for him. Ever. Of all time. She also did cocaine, loved rock and roll, thought his demonic bike was awesome, and too boot offered him free access to the elemental plane of cocaine and cocaine accessories. Oh sure, he/she was sadistic and only liked him because he caused so much mayhem but she had the elemental plane of cocaine at her command. So he was like "Hell yeah," and he's been plowing through the universe ever since, hair on fire, daemonic bike roaring as he cackles wildly with glee at finally being truly free.

Yeah, I know he's a little silly, but hey, he's in this city for the same reason I am, to get hookers and blackjack to have fun
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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #24 on: October 19, 2013, 10:22:31 AM »
Name: Kisuke Urahara

Race: Shinigami

Age: N/A

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 69 kg

Eyes: Gray

Hair: Light-blonde

Appearance: Urahara usually wears a brown coat sporting a white diamond pattern along the lower edge, all over a dark green shirt and pants.  He also wears traditional Japanese wooden sandals, a striped green and white hat, and carries a cane which is actually his Zanpakutou in its sealed state.  He also carries with him a Japanese paper fan, but it has no special abilities.

Alignment: Chaotic Good; Urahara will do what he feels is right, even if it is illegal or even morally/ethically questionable.

Charisma: B; his somewhat condescending manner and eccentric personality tends to alienate most people.

Strength: A; despite his unassuming appearance, Urahara once commanded the Soul Society's Detention Force, and as such is surprisingly strong.

Agility: A; Urahara was a leading member of the Soul Society's Secret Mobile Force and a Captain of the Thirteen Court Guard Divisions, as such, his agility is dangerously high.

Speed: A; Urahara was a leading member of the Soul Society's Secret Mobile Force and a Captain of the Thirteen Court Guard Divisions, as such, his agility is dangerously high.

Magic Resistance: B; as a Captain-level Shinigami, his spiritual pressure can be used to nullify most forms of Human thaumaturgy.

Magic Ability: A-; Urahara has a impressive mastery of the Soul Society's 'Kidou' techniques.

Other Abilities: As a former Captain, Urahara is a master swordsman, hand-to-hand combatant, and flash-step user.  Furthermore, his Zanpakutou - Benihime (Crimson Princess) - can fire off a versatile series of energy-based attacks in its Shikai form, but his Bankai remains one of his greatest secrets, with the only known fact about it is that it is not meant for 'helping others'.  Urahara was also the founder and first President of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, and has a reputation for being a master scientist and inventor.

Origin: N/A

Weakness: N/A

Likes: N/A (impossible to determine due to his personality)

Dislikes: N/A (impossible to determine due to his personality)
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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #25 on: October 19, 2013, 11:39:57 PM »
Name: Lawrence Frisvold
Race: Human/Sin-Eater
Age: 22
Height: 5'10
Weight: 160 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Appearance: A Caucasian male with a rather scruffy look and seemingly permanent short beard, Lawrence seems to be perpetually slouching, like there's a massive weight upon his shoulders. Fond of old surplus military items, he's rarely found without a jacket without a unit insignia sown on.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Strength: D
Charisma: D (There's something... off, about him. You just can't put a finger on it)
Agility: C (For a human, his reflexes are top notch)
Speed: D
Magic Resistance: B
Magic Ability: N/A; Though Special might be the better definition considering the source of the abilities he does possess

Other Abilities: Lawrence, like all Sin-Eaters is bound to a Geist; a sort of weird mix between a spirit, a ghost, and a revenant that embodies the very essence of how it died - and often this matches up quite nicely to how its Sin-Eater died, their Threshold. Lawrence himself belongs to the Torn, a sort of catch all term for the Threshold of those who died violently or in gruesome matters. This ghostly pact is the only reason the Sin-Eater is alive, a sort of timeshare/cohabitation plan that allows the Sin-Eater to live, and the Geist to once again touch the world of the living. Many Sin-Eaters use their new life to help the restless dead move on through various means, and this pact also grants abilities to the Sin-Eater of a ghostly nature. Sin-Eaters can also use the energy of their Geist to regenerate from otherwise fatal wounds, even on the edge of death itself. An other wise 'dead' Sin-Eater can sacrifice part of his own control to the Geist in return for resurrection as well, but this permanently scars the soul - regenerating most of your body or shoving your soul back into a corpse isn't exactly the healthiest thing to do repeatedly. Lawrence is still new to the whole 'Sin-Eater' thing, only possessing a knack for two 'Keys' of ghostly power, the Stigmata and Industrial.

The Industrial Boneyard - Upon entering an area, industrial machinery and mechanical devices seem to be far more responsive to his touch; able to spark to life with little difficulty. One of the primary powers of a Sin Eater, the Boneyard allows an area to come under their influence and observation - a bounded field specifically linked to their Threshold and Geist. Though it puts the user in a seemingly trance like state, the Boneyard can be fatal to underestimate - a lock can refuse to open, televisions spark to life and radios broadcast unearthy echoes and the sounds of the damned, machinery of all types suddenly whir to life and move on their own. Tools and manmade items fly through the air, telekinetically obeying the Sin-Eaters will.

The Rage of the Machines - Lawrence can make machines fail to work in catastrophic ways and electrical machinery simply refuse to start or sputter and die. This same ability makes his weapons even deadlier, the rage of the items themselves fueling and guiding his own hands as the Geist howls into his ears.

The Curse of the Stigmata - Possibly the worst power to be on the receiving end of within a Sin-Eaters arsenal; the Curse of the Stigmata is horrifying to experience - not that many live long after falling under it. Wounds refuse to heal and bleed profusely as old scars spill fresh blood, the souls of the dead torment their mind, drawn to the recipient like flies to a corpse, their eyes are filled with cataracts and the victims own body begins to eat him alive. Many commit suicide soon after falling under the curse, the effects simply too much to take. Lawrence himself rarely uses it - no one deserves to die in such a way.

The Bloody Caul - Many cultures believe blood is the source of the soul - for Lawrence, it's somewhat true. Binding himself within his Geist's power, he loses the need to breath, eat, sleep, his body functions crawl to a halt as blood simply refuses to move through his veins - yet he somehow still lives, still moves, still acts. For that matter, he's able to manipulate spilled blood in a short radius around him; forming ghostly specters of crimson to blind his enemies or manipulate objects.

Lawrence himself is a rather talented driver, a skilled marksman and a mechanic that's very very good at what he does. For that matter, he can also see spirits and ghosts, even in non-manifested and spiritual forms due to his bond with the Redheaded Driver, his Geist.

Weakness: Losing his Geist, lack of industrial machinery or mechanical devices around, spirit destroying weaponry
Likes: His old muscle car, old weapons and machinery, ghosts, 60's music, Hard Rock
Dislikes: Gang members, those who torment spirits, Sin-Eaters who exploit ghosts for personal gain

Backstory: Every Sin-Eater is born in death. Some obsess over it, some wish to truly die again, some simply see it as something that happened to them. But what really matters is how they died. Lawrence was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, having just purchased an old and rather battered '71 Firebird that he planned to restore as a project. Instead, he was killed during a case of mistaken identity, his car and body torn apart with bullets by a group of gang members looking for revenge against a member of a rival.

Lawrence bled to death in the front seat. So had the Redheaded Driver, a Geist in the form of a young man fresh from the horrors of Vietnam, wide eyed and riddled with bullet holes, who had been murdered himself in the same car by a jealous ex-boyfriend of his Fiancee. His spirit, consumed with fury and pain, had attached itself to the car, remaining within. Most of the owners had sold the car after a while, naturally feeling ill at ease in the presence of such an angry ghost. The Redheaded Driver wanted payback. It wanted Justice. It wanted to kill those who killed in anger. It wanted to feel the world again. So it offered Lawrence a deal, one he grasped onto immediately, coming back to life in the back of an ambulance covered in a sheet. The doctors said he made a miraculous recovery from the attack. Lawrence knows better.

Lawrence is now on the hunt, armed with the old .45 Automatic the Redheaded Driver had in paranoia stashed within a seat cushion fourty years earlier, not that it had done him any good. The killers are still alive, but he won't let them stay that way forever. The ghosts of the dead howl for vengeance and justice, and that's exactly what they need to move on. The Redheaded Driver doesn't want anything less than that.

He's currently in the city tracking down one of the gang members who had shot him and left him for dead.
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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #26 on: October 20, 2013, 12:27:03 AM »

Race: Human?

Age: Cop-years old

Height: Six feet or so

Weight: About as much as a skeleton and a cop outfit. And a gun. That, or he weighs as much as a car.

Eyes: Not present

Hair: A beautiful and glorious mane of animated fire

Appearance: He’s presumably fully a skeleton, wearing a cop outfit that really shows of his pecs very well. He has a fire-proof cop cap too, and is constantly holding a gun no matter what, unless he’s a car. As a car, he’s a really sweet racecar with his skeletal head at the front of it.

His head is also always on fire.

When he is glitter Inferno Cop, he shines with a golden sheen.

Alignment: Lawful Good, and then some other things, then Lawful Good again

Charisma: B (he inspires an entire town to cheer for him as he fights his final battle)

Strength: E (B as GIC)

Agility: E(B as GIC)

Speed:A+++ (as a racecar, E otherwise unless GIC, where it goes up to B)

Magic Resistance: C

Magic Ability: No magic

Other Abilities:Is bullet-reflective

Can turn into a racecar, which is also a time machine, but he’s had an operation since.

Can land from falls dozens of stories high as if he just walked down a stair.

Can fly as Glitter Inferno Cop

Is a Real God

Devil’s Satan Hellhound Grenda’s Kind Hand, Abbreviated to Devil’s Satan Hand, allows him to defeat any enemy at the cost of his life. Or it makes him a 20foot tall invisible giant who watches over us, who knows.

Origin: Inferno Cop is a cop who’s come back from hell to defeat the southern cross, the organization that killed his family. One of the first things he did was run through a cop and his car as the cop thought of illegally watching anime, which he did to go shoot up some people and save a pregnant lady. The pregnant lady’s water breaks, and there is a massive flood in the immediate area. Inferno cop saves her baby, and laments that one of the men who were assaulting her gave him a cross scar on his forehead, making him into one of the Southern Cross.

But then, the baby reveals itself as an agent of the southern cross, and turns into a scaly giant with a crab’s hand! He shoots it, and as it turns out it’s invulnerable to bullets. The bullet ricochets back at him, but Inferno cop is invulnerable to bullets as well! The bully ricochets to the baby monster, making him explode.

To speed the story up, he’s is brought to Trial, loses, gets sent to prison, gets into an accident on the way to prison, gets rescued by an evil organization that wants IC to kill himself due to medical bill debts, jumps into the streets in the middle of a future zombie apocalypse, in November 17th of 2087. He meets Mecha cop, who was born to destroy him, but his survival rate was of 120%. He rams Mecha cop in his time machine/car form, and warps back in time, to the cretaceous period. He meets dinosaurs and this savage tribe that treats him and Mecha cop as gods, until the real god shows up and slaps them into hell. They meet Inferno cop’s something or other, Grenda, and help her find Inferno Cop’s uncle. She shows them the way out, but Mecha cop stays. Inferno cop runs over some kid as his first deed in the world of the living, and that kid becomes HELLFIRE BOY, his sidekick. They sign up for a race together, so they can conquer the world with the prize money.

The race doesn't go too well and IC is lagging in second place, until he uses HELLFIRE BOY’s life as a fuel source to go faster. He goes past the speed barrier, but still ends in second place. He gets the prize money anyway, and gets an operation to make him not a car/time machine once more. He goes to bury HELLFIRE BOY in Egypt, and uses a 99 cents world cruise to get there. HE gets hungry and stops at a bread stand, only to find a piece of bread that looks like HELLFIRE BOY after he puts his sidekick’s glasses on it. He then eats the bread.

Next he goes into the pyramid, where he interrupts the unrivaled pharaoh’s fifteen hours of sleeps, and proceeds to defeat him in single combat. He then goes into the pharaoh’s sarcophagus, until he gets a call to return to Jack Knife Edge Town from his boss. He runs there, and is greeted by the police department being struck by lightning, which came from an alien spaceship. Aliens then kidnap him and use his status as a false god to trigger the third destroy finale, which will lead to another worldwide extinction, just like it did for dinosaurs and bell bottoms. This will lead the world to its ideal state, and evolve Inferno cop to a Real God.

After it happens, everyone is inferno cop, except for that cat. As it turns out, that pregnant lady was so impressed by IC saving her that she attempted and succeeded at making a world filled with Inferno Cop. A world that has nothing but IC and her, where they can be together forever. IC thinks that a world with no war or shoplifting is a good thing, until he pukes up the HELLFIRE BREAD, who reminds him of his objective and to not give up. Inferno cop then eats the bread again.

IC affirms that he is the one and only Inferno Cop, and becomes Glitter Inferno Cop, his final form, where the fire enveloping his head becomes golden. He is also a Real God, at this point. All the people who had become inferno cop because of the pregnant lady revert to their normal selves, and Inferno Cop states that that’s the power of humanity and that she shouldn’t underestimate it. The pregnant lady shoots at him with a machine gun that was in her belly, but Inferno Cop remains bulletproof.

He proceeds to beat the crap out of a pregnant lady.

He powers up his final move, and the pregnant lady takes her chance: she fires her entire body, minus the head, as a massive boomerang to finish him. Hope seems lost, but Mecha Cop, who was made to protect him, and Grenda appear and shoot the boomerang out of the sky. Inferno Cop now uses his final strike, the Devil’s Satan Hellhound Grenda’s Kind Hand, to defeat and kill the pregnant lady once and for all.

His story ends as he watches over a grown-up Hellfire Boy and his Girlfriend from Arizona, as they chill on his bouncing car.

It is as he ponders if anyone will remember him that he wakes up in a Nexus city hospital with a living(?) body, where a Ghost Rider brought him in thinking he was one of his people. Inferno Cop, in a moment of glory and nostalgia, runs out the hospital’s seventh floor window into a pack of wild Gelatinous Cubes.

And this is where it all starts.

Weakness: Irreversibly fated to be the protagonist to the best story ever told, has severe ADD, might be retarded

Likes: Black bread, Money

Dislikes: The Southern Cross organization, Shoplifting


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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #27 on: October 20, 2013, 01:36:02 AM »
Name: Axe Cop
Race: Cop (don't ask, it's complicated)
Age: Kinda old but not old enough to be boring, so like 35 maybe
Height: Axe
Weight: Cop
Eyes: Impossible to know because he never takes his glasses off
Hair: He's bald and never removes his hat. Has a bitchin' black mustache that's impervious to damage.
Appearance: HE'S A COP WITH AN AXE (also can transform so it's fairly fluid)

Alignment: Lawful Good
Charisma: A (do you see how many people he gets at his tryouts? shit's crazy)
Strength: C (B with lemon)
Agility: C (B with lemon)
Speed: C (B with lemon, A when chopping people's heads off)
Magic Resistance: D

Magic Ability: None, technically. But he can pull shit out of his ass (not literally) often enough that it's sort of like magic. For a complete list of his abilities, read the comic.

Other Abilities: Chopping people's heads off. Martial Arts. I'm not listing them all here. Seriously. You can just put down 'whatever is most ridiculous' and it would fit. There's a gun that shoots books, a book that turns into a giant robot... too much. Way too much stuff. Oh, when he eats a lemon he powers up and turns into Axe Cop With Lemon (raises all stats by 1 rank), and when he gets lit on fire he turns into Axe Cop Fire. He also has a T-Rex but he left it back home.

Origin: All you need to know

After the events of his comic, Axe cop takes a vacation to a hotel, where he plans on watching lots of movies and eating cake. However, he checked into the a hotel in Bad-guy-ville, so he has to go out and chop off the head of every bad guy. At the end, he chops off Evile Champagne Man's head, causing the town to be flooded by really tasty booze. Axe cop accidentally drinks it all and falls asleep for two minutes.

When Axe cop wakes up, he is in an empty police station in Nexus. Since there are no other officers there, Axe Cop decides to hold tryouts for his new partner, which is where his story begins...

Weakness: Talking gorillas
Likes: Axes, being a Cop, beating up bad guys, chopping off bad guys' heads, dinosaurs, anything a 5 year old boy would like
Dislikes: Bad guys (not really), talking gorillas, people figuring out he's bald, not being able to chop up bad guys, anything a 5 year old boy would hate


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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #28 on: October 27, 2013, 04:08:49 AM »
Name: Connor McRemitz
Race: Demi god
Height: 6 feet
Appearance: A lean but muscular young man whose hair is often tied in a pony tail. His wide shouldered frame and choice of heavy clothes make him appear much bigger than he is. He can and will grow a beard if left unchecked for more than a few days but he finds it a nuisance to care for so he shaves every day despite his natural baby face getting him a few jabs from girls.
Alignment: Chaotic good
Charisma: C
Strength: B
Agility: A
Speed: A
Magic Resistance: B
Magic Ability: C
Other Abilities: Endless  pursuit, Connor enters a Zen like state where his reflexes perception become a singular entity. This allows him to Dodge or block any attack seen the moment he sees it. Although not invincible it makes him very hard to defeat in combat. It also often causes him to fall asleep on the spot after it concludes and is not voluntary to activate or exit.

Shadow pact. Connor is seen as an extra dimensional creature by other creatures of that nature unless Connor actively stops the effect. Cu culann's teacher gifted him this ability as a baby after Connor's mother won a certain dispute.
Origin: NA
Weakness: Connor cannot lie, a nameless curse afflicts him making him unable to lie
Likes: Sakura Tohsaka
Dislikes:Gilgamesh, emotional fronts

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Re: Cross Effects Character Page
« Reply #29 on: October 28, 2013, 03:32:15 AM »
Name: Imiganai Satsuriku
Race: Arrancar, Vasto Lorde
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'8"
Eyes: Blue, neon-blue
Hair: Black
Appearance: A beautiful woman with the physique of  skilled fighter specializing in agility and speed, she appears to be a woman of ancient Japan. She prefers men's clothing of that era as opposed to women's clothing and will more often then not, carry her Zanpakuto in it's sealed state in public like she did during her life as a human.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Charisma: A (C) [C]
Luck: B (A-) [A+]
Strength: A+ (EX) [EX]
Agility: B+ (A++) [EX]
Speed: A- (A++) [EX]
Mana: EX
Magic Resistance: A- (A++) [EX]
Magic Ability: C+ (A) [EX]
Other Abilities: Bala; Cero; Aguja Cero; Punto Cero; Tala Cero; Gran Rey Cero; Diosa Cero; Enhanced Hierro; Enhanced Pesquisa; Sonido Master; Master Swordsman; Master Hand-To-Hand Combat; Enhanced Strength;  High-Speed Regeneration;

Other Abilities

Resurrection (Rank EX) - 盲目的 / (Mōmokuteki) Fin; Upon releasing her Resurrection she unleashes her true form for all to see, her form is enclosed in a bone white armor of some resemblance to that of bygone eras and renders her sightless. In this form most of her stats are increased, except her charisma which drops considerably. Like many of her fellow Arrancar she retains her Zanpakuto, however her blade is unleashed much like herself and allows for her to fully uses its many abilities in combat. Her Second Resurrection 暴露 / (Bakuro) Los Líneas de Ocultos acts in a manner similar to her first resurrection, from which she gains a massive boost in power and abilities.

最後の女神 (Saigo no Megami) / Diosa del Fin / Goddess of the End; Rank A++ Mystic Code; Imiganai's signature weapon, in her unreleased stage it takes the form of a larger than most Katana sword but in it's first released stage it takes the form of an Odachi sword being over six feet in length. The blade has the ability to End anything, from spells to lives, from curses to fates. It can end many things, but even in its first released state it is incapable of Ending what cannot be ended by any non-divine being. Upon her second resurrection, her blade changes once more to the form of a massive Zanbatou styled Bisento in which the staff portion of the Bisento being 5 feet in length and the blade portion being over six feet in length, one might think such a weapon would be unwieldy but Diosa del Fin is capable of shortening itself to smaller lengths

Origin: N/A
Weakness: Her Sense of Honor; Imiganai has a strong sense of Honor and will not back down if challenged, even if it means walking into a trap. She will never waver in the face of her honor, this has not changed the slightest after her death and ascension to Vasto Lorde
Likes: Bushido, Nature, Honor, Reading, Sushi
Dislikes: Needless Conflict, Corruption, Slavery, Oppression, Makeup & Beauty Products, Modern Society, Fangirls & Fanboys
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