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Block D (one shot)
« on: February 16, 2015, 05:38:39 AM »
Block D

A deceptively-figured second year raced down a bright school hallway - the overly-curious and curry-loving Ciel-senpai. Panicked and sweating, the high school student's paranoia had reached its peak.

Except that she wasn't a student, she was an investigator for the Holy Church. However, no-one else knew that. Or, for that matter, thought she, or they themselves, were anything but high school students.

Unfortunately, Ciel had come to a dead end in her investigation, both figuratively and literally, as she blindly ducked into the second floor utility closet to hide.

Footsteps like thunder echoed outside the box she had trapped herself in. The tension crawled up the back of her neck as the steps became louder, before they suddenly stopped.

Cautiously optimistic, Ciel waited a full minute before opening the door, only to find her pursuer staring at her. The man had pale skin, golden eyes, hair to match and frown spread across his face.

"Satoshi. Um, I-I was just getting supplies f-for a spill", Ciel said, desperately trying to fake him out.

"Thank you for taking care of the school, Ciel," the blond replied. "However, in your haste you dropped your mirror and the schedule handouts. As discipline committee chair I should write you up and give you detention." Offering the papers and compact to the bespectacled beauty, he added, "However, the lovely and helpful Ciel-senpai being given detention would cause me trouble among the first years. And I am responsible for spooking you, so I'll overlook it this time."

Ciel could feel a weight lift from her chest and she smiled resisting the urge to laugh out loud.

"Thank you Satoshi, I promise I won't let it happen again."

As she left the closet she waved goodbye to the blond and turned to leave. A mere two seconds later her vision went black. When she regained her senses, she found the bright hallways replaced with dank stone corridors and gated cells.

"Because of that paradox and your refusal to help them, incidents like these will keep happening. Please Elesia, please don't investigate again. I don't want to see you in that machine again after this time. I can't help you, they have someone precious. So, for my sake, please. Play your role, whatever they give you", Satoshi's voice echoed above her.

Ciel figured correctly the he was the one dragging her. He was clearly too strong to simply break free of. Unfortunately, Ciel found that he had managed to grab her clothes in a way which made it impossible for her to get any slack. She was stuck, until he let her go at least.

A sudden stop caused a sigh to erupt from her captor.

"I'm sorry", he said, hurling the blue-haired woman through door and into a chair in the center of a white room.

Winded, Ciel failed to move before the chair locked her in place.

"Senpai should be more helpful", a voice easily recognizable to Ciel stated over a PA speaker. "At this rate, you'll only cause trouble for your underclassmen. Hmmm, you need a change of pace, Ciel - maybe a slutty cheerleader as punishment."

"KOHAKU!?!" Ciel shouted, half enraged half confused.

Kohaku simply began cackling madly as the room filled with a green gas, causing Ciel to pass out.