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Sainted Chevalier tales
« on: February 03, 2015, 07:51:47 AM »
Sainted Chevalier tales, la Embattled Pucelle.

Chapter one: Altering the facts.

Deep in a dank cavern sits a man-made holy vessel. A route to the Origin, if one were to believe its creators. Now little more than a perpetual motion machine for the world's evil. The wish granting powers its lesser form possessed and the path to the root of all things were neither sought or needed by the man standing at the foot of the ruined engine known as the Greater Grail.

He smiled and stretched his arm skyward.

"Emiya is the only one capable of being host to you”, he declared. “This truth shall remain evident through all worlds”.

Suddenly, the grinding sound of footsteps on rocky ground echoed across the cavern, interrupting the blond's speech. Turning his head, he found two men rushing towards him at an inhuman pace. The first was a priest with swords known as Black Keys in hand and a disturbing aura, the second a youthful man dressed in golden armour.

Both men were dangerous, the word menace could easily fit either individual. Their power and control surpassed even that of the users of True Magic in one way or another. Except, that is, for the one watching them.

Rather than wait, the man dropped to the base floor of cavern from the cliff-like edge where he stood. The two skidded to a stop seeing him land, creating a crater in the floor.

"Kirei Kotomine and Gilgamesh, reprobate priest and supposed King of Heroes respectively", the blond greeted the two in a manner most would consider suicidal.

Kirei immediately started speaking, if only to stop the Heroic Spirit from slaughtering the twenty-something green-eyed blonde.

"Since it is obvious that you know us, might you spare us your name?" the priest asked in his usual matter-of-fact way.

"I am the Third Magician, Satoshi Alexander Emiya Pendragon," the man replied. "Unfortunately, you and Giggles got here late; I already forfeited the power Angra had by drawing it away from the Grail, meaning you and he", he shrugged. "Oh, well – you are already dead."

Kirei felt a faintness in his chest and turned to see the King of Heroes fading into nothingness. He tried to speak, but simply seized in place before falling limp.

"Sacrificed selfishly for man's desires and sins, left alone in rage and sorrow, I beckon across time and space as a kindred soul. Join me, share your hatred and madness and I share my love and truth. For we two are, now and forever, Avengers", he proclaimed with a grin.

The mass of mud comprising the world's evil congealed into a human form. At first it was paper-like and floppy, it lurched in a zombie-like fashion towards Satoshi who merely reached out a hand. The moment it touched the sorcerer, it gained detail and physical weight, causing it to fall backward.

A youth, about twenty with black hair, dark skin and tattoos but otherwise naked stood up. "You're my master, cool... I guess", he said in a flippant way as he looked over the oddly-dressed man who'd summoned him.

Satoshi frowned, firstly because he could sense Angra's disapproval of his clothes and secondly because the Avenger spirit lacked any clothing period.

'Seriously, what's wrong with my fashion sense?' Satoshi thought. 'A long-sleeved shirt and jeans is pretty ordinary, I mean, OK, the return of Superman silver and black isn't as popular as the original but, still.... Maybe Avenger doesn't like the long coat, Dad and Archer wear it, I mean, mine is more coat than half cape but come on, it's freaking cool. And I totally pull this off, right?'

Avenger sighed. "Um, master, if I apologize for the curt hello can I have some clothes?" he asked.

Satoshi snapped from his thoughts. "Uh, yeah, sure, just pick a style or whatever", he replied.

"Well, I usually have this red sash-like cloth with me, so something basic and easy to wear I guess", the golden-eyed servant said thoughtfully.

Satoshi paused for a moment and created a set of clothes. Combat boots and an urban camouflage uniform with a red, black and gray pattern.

"I can add a vest or whatever if you like", he mentioned, reaching out a hand towards the remaining mud.

"No, that's fine", Avenger replied, watching Satoshi destroy the curse by emitting magical energy from his hands like a flamethrower.

"Now for the other two. I need you to steal a certain pendant from Rin Tohsaka, it's kinda heart shaped, here, use this, we have a week before the grail war participants start summoning heroes, I'll revive the others and meet you in the basement of Kotomine Church", Satoshi instructed.

Avenger caught the object, a white device with a red glass-like eyepiece at the front.

"You're just taking the piss, admit it", he declared.

"Shutup and put on the scouter!" Satoshi snapped.

Avenger frowned. "But, seriously, why?"

"Because you can't sense Servants at range, and you can't tell a magic gem from a normal one and because you'll look like bloody obsessive nerd who she won't look twice at, now go!" Satoshi shouted, clearly annoyed.

Avenger quickly exited the cave knowing he pushed his luck perhaps an inch too far.

"Seriously, he's like a six year old", Satoshi remarked.

With his Servant gone, he ascended the cliff face with a single leap and began chanting a spell.


Rin was returning from school, her plan had been calculated to the minute. Summoning a Saber as her Servant was essential to her winning the Grail War. So she thought at least, others would disagree with that, many descended from Shirou Emiya.

Her fate would normally be as many know: summon heroic spirit EMIYA, fall in love, be parted. Often in tragic fashion fitting with the Emiya name. Today however, as with any day which starts with “and then the True Magician did X”, she would no longer be bound to fate. Avenger had found her and, with relative ease, entered her apartment.

The pendant was easily stolen, but sadly this Avenger was not a master of subtlety. Having acquired his quarry, he jumped out the large front windows of the Tohsaka manor. Needless to say, Rin quite obviously heard the commotion and came to find her valuables gone and no-one around. Were it just the pendant, Rin would perhaps not be so enraged and disturbed by the theft. However they stole the pendant, her gems and her clothes, of all things.

Rin, of course, was good at the bluffing part of her image, so during the next four hours of police reports, as well as an embarrassing conversation with Taiga Fujimura, had just happened by the area, she managed to conceal her burning rage.

Unfortunately, this wound up with three side effects. The first was being stuck with Fujimura as her primary caretaker for the evening, the second was being forced to eat dinner at the Emiya household with her estranged sister. The third and probably the most important effect was that Rin Tohsaka discovered that Shirou Emiya was a magus.

This certainly would affect the coming war in many ways, but for now the only thing this impromptu visit caused was Issei Ryudou having a minor panic attack during the next day at school.


Kiritsugu Emiya, formerly the Magus Killer, currently confused. Turning to his supposed grandson, his face contorted to find the words to express exactly what had been bothering him.

"I've understood basically everything, except, well... How exactly do you have the third magic?" he asked the youthful blond.

"A wizard did it", Satoshi replied with a grin.

"Don't be smart, you may be older than I am but your immortality won't stop me from spanking you back to the Stone Age", Kiritsugu rebutted.

"I wasn't being smart," Satoshi stated as the two approached the now vacant church. "Merlin used me as a fuse, my Origin became a breaker at the last minute and allowed me to survive and transcend the confines of normalcy, thus I obtained or became the Third Magic. The difference is honestly nonexistent - immortality is what it is."

Kiritsugu paused and decided that asking why Merlin was involved was a stupid question. After all, it was obvious who the young man's mother was.

Entering the church, the two found Avenger hiding between the pews, pilfered goods in hand. Satoshi reached out his hand, and the tattooed servant relinquished the pendant.

"I'm going to need a few minutes, Grandpa," Satoshi stated as he was leaving, heading for the courtyard. "Be prepared, our new guest might want to fist fight – oh, and get some priest robes. Gross, I know, but we have to look the part. Rin and company will be here any minute - Kirei was her caretaker and with this pendant stolen she'll be scrambling to get an alternate catalyst for the summoning."

Kiritsugu sighed. Deception was a part of war, but having to dress as Kirei Kotomine was revolting. Still, he knew it was the best strategy and so, dragging Avenger with him, the assassin left to change clothes.


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Re: Sainted Chevalier tales
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2015, 06:53:25 AM »
Chapter two: Oath and honor

Rin Tohsaka was no petulant child. However at that moment, on the evening after her home was robbed, what she wanted more than anything was to stomp a hole through the Archery club floor.

She did nothing of the sort of course, Tohsakas were elegant in everything. Well, except their children but, then, douchebags with chin fluff they impotently call facial hair are often ridiculous twats of the highest order. And they, like dead people, do not count.

Rin had been called there by Ayako Mitsuzuri. Calling Ayako a dear friend would not be a stretch. Ayako, like many others who had heard the commotion or seen the black haired girl's house, was worried about the School Idol.

"I'm going to stay at a hotel while the repairs are finished", Rin explained.

Ayako pouted, her face puffing up.

"Try again", she said, flatly.

Rin blinked in surprise.

"What? I don't have anywhere else to go but a hotel", she insisted, clueless of her friend's obviously-waiting offer.

Ayako's cheeks deflated and, in a split second, she grabbed the empty serving tray sitting on the table between the two. Before Rin could react or wonder why, a flat clunking sound echoed as the tray connected with her head.

"Idiot! You have a gaping hole in your front window which will cost who knows how much and you're going to spend more money?!" Ayako snapped, narrowing her eyes at Rin.

Rin paused and collected herself. "What about your family, your brother? Would taking me in be OK with them?"

At this, Ayako paused. She hadn't considered it, she was only concerned that her friend was in trouble and, perhaps, in danger of either becoming homeless, or worse.

“Not the point, you can't go wasting money at a time like this!" the brown haired girl insisted.

Issei Ryudou, student council president, chose this moment to interject into the argument. He had, in fact, been there since the conversation started about Rin's home. Not one to interrupt others he had simply stood there waiting for an opportunity to finish what he came for.

"I came here to remind Mitsuzuri about the club budget reports," the bespectacled boy stated. "However, as student council president I can't ignore the issue you're facing, Tohsaka. If you might accept a suggestion, I think I can solve this issue."

Rin frowned inwardly. She was now facing an assault on two fronts.

"If you have an idea that doesn't impose on anyone sure", Rin said, hoping to trip Issei up.

Unfortunately, the boy simply ignored the condition.

"While I'm hesitant to put more work on him, Emiya already knows about your situation. Furthermore, Miss Fujimura does as well, Tohsaka.

Basically, you're quite past the point of denying assistance. Emiya's home is rather large as you're aware, with Miss Fujimura already visiting there regularly you'd have nothing to worry about with regards to Emiya's intentions. Of course, if you require further proof of his character being just, I'm willing to vouch for him as, I'm sure, would Mitsuzuri."

Rin panicked in her head, scrambling for a tangible reason, some excuse that would make sense to these two, but found none. She knew Shirou was a magi now, but she hadn't learned what kind, at this point he might be ready to kill her. It was true that he hadn't harmed Sakura, but he was friends with Shinji, it could mean that he had made a deal with the Matous.

This small thought process in the back of her head exploded into one big overriding thought.

Shirou could be a Master preparing for the Grail War. Oh God, she might have to kill him!

It was a terrible, paralysing thought, so powerful that it took Ayako shaking her to bring her back to reality.

Shaken as she was by the imagined possibilities, she gave no more fight in front of the two and resigned herself to their idea of imposing on Shirou Emiya.

That of course would come later, for the immediate moment she had to secure a new catalyst to ensure her participation in the Holy Grail War.

Heading towards the church, she entered to find an unusual quartet of men instead of her loathed guardian Kirei Kotomine.

Two of them were garbed in priestly vestments, a strange dark skinned person with tattoos showing on his wrists likely extending up his arms and a blond whose smile seemed to be barely containing a laugh. Neither seemed dangerous, in stark contrast to the other two men.

The first was a man in a brown long coat. Every fiber of Rin's being screamed at her to run and hide in a tiny hole to pray, cry, and hope he forgot she existed.

The second, a man in black body armour, was far more powerful. But, while more dangerous, Rin felt, in some strange way, that the white-haired man was someone she could trust.

"Rin Tohsaka, I presume", the blond said, already knowing the answer.

"I am, and you are?" she replied.

"Alexander Pendragon, I am the present arbiter of the Holy Grail War. Father Kotomine was called to answer for the information uncovered regarding the Fourth Holy Grail War. To that end, Rin Tohsaka, you too shall be made to answer for them. And, before you start trying to convince me to do otherwise I should tell you I already know about the loss of your catalyst and that you have no other with which to summon a servant and participate in the Holy Grail War", Satoshi answered, still smiling.

Rin nearly started to cry. If not for her iron determination, she might have started believing that it was all a dumb dream.

But, instead, she merely stared at the blond and replied, "so long as the penalty is reasonable and I'm made clear on what was done to earn it."

"Your father conspired with the Fourth War's arbiter to cheat the contest known as the Holy Grail War and assure his victory, Kirei Kotomine was a willingly participating party in this. As such, you will answer for this crime as the current Owner and head of the family. Upon summoning your Servant, you will relinquish a single command seal to me. If shown to be a proper, upstanding master it shall be returned to you." Satoshi said, his smile never wavering.

Rin wanted to strangle the man but, at the same time, she could see why such accusations were taken so seriously. While she did not believe them, it was clear that the blond did, which, of course, meant that, even if he had been lied to, Rin would, at least for now, suffer as a guilty criminal would.

Seeing that her situation was rather bleak were she to try and betray the new priest, and given that he seemed to be implying that he had a catalyst for her, Rin decided, somewhat reluctantly, to agree to the blond's terms.

"Assuming I'm right in my understanding of this issue that is a reasonable price. But, to be clear, you're saying that, in exchange for the single command seal, you're absolving my father's accused crime in the eyes of the Church and replacing my lost catalyst with another, correct?" she asked, paying close attention to the blond.

Satoshi shrugged. "People are people, I can't guarantee everyone in the Holy Church will forgive you. You will, however, be held in equal standing after this, your father's crime extends beyond his cheating but those debts are not yours to pay. As for the catalyst, yes I have one, a sword. No doubt with this in your hand, you, Rin Tohsaka, will summon a powerful servant", Satoshi said, revealing the weapon from behind the podium.

"Galatine, the sword of Gawain, knight of king Arthur", Satoshi added, holding it out for her to take.

Rin blinked in surprise, whoever this priest was, he wasn't the sort to be messed with. Anyone obtaining a relic of that level was no pup. Steadying herself, she walked over to him.

"I could take this and not return, you realize", she said.

"I'm not a cynic, I believe that Rin Tohsaka is a good person", the blond replied, handing her the sword and sheath.

Rin was taken aback by this, for everything that he had said prior she thought him a plotting type but this was clearly an honest statement, naive or otherwise. And, that made her feel guilty about making her pseudo-threat.

Taking the sword, she stepped back. And, without looking at the blond, she gave a small bow, before leaving the church in a great hurry.