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Name: Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli

Race: Human

Age: 20

Height: 186 cm

Weight: 90 kg


Physical Attributes

Strength: Exceptional

Agility: Exceptional

Constitution: Exceptional

Magical Abilities: None
Ripple (Hamon) - Life energy, controlled by a constant state of breathing, and refined through practice which can be channeled across the human body. When used against the living and those that are alive it can actually help heal wounds, but the energy is fatal to the undead. Must be used in creative ways to deal damage to the living.

(A breathing technique that allows the practitioner to channel and wield life force resonant with the energy of the sun itself, which travels through the blood in the form of ripples and is projected through the extremities of the body.

Use of the Ripple can strengthen living beings and particularly objects to an incredible degree, and project enough force to split rock and wood, even leaving people or creatures unharmed as it passes through them. Users can produce powerful attractive or repulsive forces that allow them to do such things as stick to walls and walk on water. One of its primary uses is to heal wounds and various ailments, fixing bones or damaged organs and cleansing the body of harmful substances, and this same affinity makes it prodigiously effective against the likes of vampires and the undead. Blows and items infused with the Ripple are lethal against such creatures, leaving searing injuries from which the energy continues to spread.

Ripple energy is conducted especially well by liquids, but it can carry through clothing or metal and pass from one object to another, even through solid walls, and is best at strengthening organic matter, which can also store it. Using the Ripple requires one to constantly breathe in a controlled manner and their blood to be able to flow, so users can be weakened or prevented from using it entirely if their breathing is disrupted or they suffer from extensive blood loss.)

Bubble Launcher - uses the thin film of soap on his gloves along with his ripple to create small bubbles of soap that contain life energy within them and deal that as damage when popped.

Bubble Barrier - uses the thin flim of soap to create a giant bubble and can be used defensively to absorb attacks for a short while. can be used offensively to absorb an opponent and trap them   

Bubble Cutter - a reinforced version of his bubble launcher, which adds centripetal force to his bubble giving them the ability to cut and become more difficult to pop

Bubble Cutter Gliding - a shorter ranged yet homing version of his bubble cutter

Bubble Lenses - uses the bubbles to refract light and focus them into beams, while the lenses are doing so them become stationary and act as a magnifying glass in how it focuses the light

Hamon Various uses - the ripple has a variety of uses such as turning a bunch of leaves into a glider, or combining of a bunch of ice stalagmites together to for greater reach, etc. the involved/manipulated targets have to do with life in some way such as dead leaves or water

Equipment: Soap gloves, a pair of gloves well coated in layer of soap, which Caesar uses along with his Ripple to extend the range of his attacks

Origin: Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli was born in Genva, Italy to a modest Italian family. When he was 10 years old, his father Mario left without saying a word one night, which caused Caesar to resent him greatly for the next 7 years of his life. He eventual became a street criminal quick to anger and committing many crimes falling just short of murder. When he was walking the streets one day he comes across his father in the distance, as he readies himself to get revenge for the man living him all those years ago. As he trails him he stumbles a cross the carving in which ancient more evolved race of humans sleep, known as the Pillar-men, which they placed a diamond to lure unsuspecting victims into as food. As Caesar plucks on the diamond and is about to be swallowed by it, his father who does not know the man in front of him is his son, pushes him out of the way and taking his place, as the one who dies, but as he does so he tells Caesar to find Lisa Lisa a ripple master for training. With his faith in his father and his family name restored, he does as he is asked and studies the Ripple under Lisa Lisa to battle an ancient threat to humanity, the Pillar-men who were soon about to awaken in the 1938. Together he trained with one who would become his good friend Joseph Joestar to prepare to battle the foes and prevent their plans of obtaining the Red Stone of Asa. He charged off on his own to face the Pillar-man Wham wear he managed to injure the Pillar-man with his Bubble Cutter and Bubble Cutter Gliding, before chasing after him into the hide. As he entered the lair he was some how transported to nexus instead, much his confusion and seeks to return to his friend's aid and stop the Pillar-men's plans.

Weakness: Needs to breath to use his Ripple. Human Weaknesses.
Likes: playing darts, collecting lighters, cute girls

Dislikes: Lame guys, half-assed guys, the sound of peeling an apple, insects
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Name: Molly

Race: Human

Age: 26

Height: 154 cm

Weight: 48 kg


Physical Attributes

Strength: Incredible

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Incredible

Other Abilities:


A supernatural ability mostly used by Hunters in the world she’s from. Nen is the life force inherent in all humans and a user can project this in what’s known as “aura”. There are 4 basics techniques known as: Ten, Zetsu, Ren and Hatsu. Furthermore there are several categories among Nen users which reflect the nature of their. Molly is a Specialist, the rarest kind. No specialist is alike, their only similarity is that their Hatsu can’t be defined in the normal categories.

Aura is by default invisible to mundane people. Furthermore a Hunter surrounded by Aura is harder to harm by mundane means. While possible, it is much harder than if the opponent were to be empowered by Nen or something equivalent. Finally a user of Nen will have an oppressive, almost crushing presence on mundanes who are really close when actively using their abilities. Prolonged exposures are lethal.

Ten is the basics of all basics, it revolves around controlling the flow of your aura and finding your Nen. It also has a passive effect of slowing the rate of aging among practitioners

Zetsu is a state in which you draw all aura inside yourself, effectively becoming a blank to anyone trying to sense you, however this is not an invisibility technique, people can still see you.

Ren is an active reinforcement of your aura which in turn enhances your strength and your defense. However this state is draining to maintain for long periods of time and even more so in combat. She can also envelop objects with her aura, making them more durable and giving them the slicing property of a sword if they have an edge.

Hatsu the final part of the basic techniques and is most simply explained as the expression of a person’s individuality through their Nen. It’s special techniques that are in most cases unique to their creator. The nature of these techniques highly depend on the category of the Nen user.

Advanced techniques:

En is an expansion of the users aura to cover a large area in which the user can intimately feel every moment of every being within it. It’s usually only usable when the user is standing still and concentrating. Molly is capable of covering an area of up to 50 m.

In, which is the advanced version of Zetsu allows you to mask your aura, rendering it invisible even to supernatural beings. It can however be countered by Gyo or something similar to it.

Gyo is a technique in which the Hunter focuses their aura into their eyes, reinforcing their overall vision and also allowing them to see through the invisibility of In.

Blood and Guts:

An ability born from savage perversion. When killing a human, Molly experiences a euphoric rush that heightens her abilities for a while and makes her climax. She can further increase this rush of emotions and power through debasing her victim further.

Condition: the more perverse way she ends a human’s life the greater the buff. This can include things like raping them and even eating them while they are still alive. If done in a proper way and order, she can temporarily achieve a statline of Legendary/Fantastic/Legendary. However this whole process takes more than an hour to complete.

Limitation: It has to be a human and nothing else.


A desperate cry for help, unheard by the world. Forgotten even by land itself. Screaming. Screaming to the moon. A howl left unanswered and time went on. always shouting without response, a response that would never come. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. The struggle was unbearable, always judged, always failing, always wrong.

Yet she kept calling out, never heard, never understood, but she kept on trying. Despite the pain, oh the never ending pain that envelops all. A hunger that had to be filled. No matter the cost. No. The cost was nil, but an illusion brought upon by societies strangling grasp. A society that would not forget nor forgive. It would not be stopped, could not be stopped. Whether or not it was right mattered not, because it was all there was, and all there ever would be. The emptiness that had to be filled. Filled, filled and filled.

Then the day finally came when the cry for help ceased, The world didn’t care so why should she?

Weakness: A lack of real range attacks. The buffed state requires intense prep and isn’t something that can be obtained on the fly and the ritual itself is interruptible.Standard human weaknesses.

Likes: People, eating, lewd acts, candy, people who are special. maids, cooking, tea.

Dislikes: People, not getting to eat proper meals.
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Name: Roderick Blakely

Race: Half-elf with draconic ancestry

Age: 19

Height: 6’1

Weight: More than a few stone.

He also has golden dragon scales up and down his back and sides.  His spine is adorned with small golden spikes, much like a dragon’s back.  The rest of his body is the same flesh and blood associated with a humanoid.

Physical Attributes:

Strength: Human

Agility: Human

Constitution: Exceptional

Magic Ability: Currently Medium, but has the potential to become High.

As the latest in a long line of elven sorcerers (despite being a bastard) with gold dragon ancestry, Roderick was born with innate magical power. This magical energy suffuses body, mind, and spirit with a latent power that waits to be tapped.  Because of this, Roderick has no need for the spell books and ancient tomes of magic lore that the wizards of his world rely on, nor does he rely on a patron to grant his spells like a warlock does. By learning to harness and channel his own inborn magic, he can discover new and staggering ways to unleash that power.

Roderick has magical power seething in his veins and knows all too well that the power doesn’t like to stay quiet. His magic wants to be wielded, and it has a tendency to spill out in unpredictable ways if it isn’t called on.


Roderick has no limit to the amount of cantrips he can cast during a day, the only limit is the number of cantrips he knows.


Roderick hurls a mote of fire at a creature or object within range (within 120 feet). He makes a ranged spell attack against a target. On a hit, the target catches on fire and is burned until the fire is smothered. A flammable object hit by this spell ignites if it isn't being worn or carried.

This spell is a minor magical trick that novice spellcasters use for practice. Roderick creates one of the following magical effects within range:

• He creates an Instantaneous, harmless sensory effect, such as a shower of sparks, a puff of wind, faint musical notes, or an odd odor.

• He instantaneously lights or snuffs out a Candle, a torch, or a small campfire.

• Roderick instantaneously cleans or soils an object no larger than 1 cubic foot.

• He can chill, warm, or flavor up to 1 cubic foot of nonliving material for 1 hour.

• He makes a color, a small mark, or a Symbol appear on an object or a surface for 1 hour.

• Roderick creates a nonmagical trinket or an illusory image that can fit in his hand and that lasts until the end of your next turn.

If you cast this spell multiple times, he can have up to three of its non-instantaneous effects active at a time, and he can dismiss such an effect as an action.


This spell repairs a single break or tear in an object Roderick touches, such as broken chain link, two halves of a broken key, a torn clack, or a leaking wineskin. As long as the break or tear is no larger than 1 foot in any dimension, he mends it, leaving no trace of the former damage.

This spell can physically repair a magic item or construct, but the spell can't restore magic to such an object.


Roderick points his finger toward a creature within range and whispers a message. The target (and only the target) hears the message and can reply in a whisper that only he can hear.

You can cast this spell through solid Objects if he is familiar with the target and know it is beyond the barrier. Magical Silence, 1 foot of stone, 1 inch of common metal, a thin sheet of lead, or 3 feet of wood blocks the spell. The spell doesn't have to follow a straight line and can travel freely around corners or through openings.

Control Flame:  Roderick is able to control nonmagical fires.  He can make them bigger (provided that there is enough fuel to do so), put them out, make them move, change their colors, and even create rudimentary shapes.

Poison Spray
Roderick extends his hand toward a creature he can see within range and project a puff of noxious gas from his palm. The creature must a constitution of “Exceptional” or higher (or be immune to poison) or become ill (vomiting, stomach cramps, nausea, and feverish) from the poison.  This effect lasts until the target gets a full night’s sleep.

Other than the cantrips, Roderick favors spells that involve fire due to his draconic blood.  He can learn other spells, even carry a spell book with him, but he will always fall back on fire.

His favorite spell is perhaps Fireball where he hurtles a fireball at a target up to 150 feet away that, when it hits, creates a 20 foot in diameter sphere of fire.

He can also teleport with his magic, create illusions from the simple to the complex, call lightning, dispell other forms of magic that are not as potent as his, animate objects, become invisible, blind and deafen, fly, and even generate darkness.

Because of Rick’s natural “Metamagic”, it has given him the ability to do the following with his spells:

Careful Spell:  When using a spell that has a radius of effect (like his beloved Fireball), Roderick can pick up to five targets to protect with that spell.  This way they do not take the brunt of the spell’s effects.

Empowered Spell: Roderick can super charge his spells to make them even more powerful, or make them last longer.

Twinned Spell:  When Roderick uses a spell that can only target one creature or thing (such as Firebolt), he can “twin” the spell so it can hit another target as well.

He can only tap into his Metamagic pool five times within 24 hours.  To recharge his Metamagic he needs to get the equivalent of a full night’s sleep.

Other Abilities:

Draconic Resistance: The dragon scales actually act as a form of body armor (like the scales of an alligator) making him not the normal “squishy spellcaster”.  This also gives him a stronger constitution as well.

The scales will not say stop a bullet, but it does make him harder to stab and physical blows don't rattle him as much.

Born of Fire: Due to the gold dragon blood running in Roderick’s veins, he is immune to fire.  (His clothing does burn off though and whatever equipment he’s carrying would be affected by fire as well.)

Hand to Hand: Roderick learned enough martial arts techniques from both the hero of his land and the head of his mother’s guards he can defend himself if need be.  He is no way a master.

Noblesse Oblige: Being the heir to his grandfather’s throne has taught Roderick the finer details of polite society.  He is quick to pick up a new land’s customs and ways, giving him the ability to blend in and thrive even away from home.


Ring of Regeneration:  A gift from his mother, this ring that he is attuned to will heal him from any injury as long as it does not outright kill him.  With it he can regenerate limbs, heal from brain damage, organ failure etc.  It will take the ring several (3-4) days to fully regrow a limb or completely recover him from brain damage.

However, if something kills him instantaneously he stays dead unless someone resurrects him.

He is also carrying a money pouch containing 500 gold pieces.  (About $500.00 in US Currency.)

His clothing are simple black pants, studded leather boots that are comfortable for walking long distances, a black cloak, a blue shirt, the signet ring for his mother’s homeland, Amythbell, and a stylized silver wolf pendant signaling his the true heir of Wulfscry.

Origin: Roderick is the half-breed bastard of an elven sorceress baroness and a human prince.  The sorceress and the prince’s father – the king – wanted to seal an alliance between their two lands, Amythbell and Wulfscry.  So the sorceress seduced the prince, who had shirked his duties for reasons only he, his father, and the lich who ruled the lands between the two were privy too.

Of course the sorceress became pregnant from this liaison and tried to use their unborn child to trap the prince into marriage.

Except said prince knew that the sorceress was kind of crazy and really didn’t want to be king.

So he refused to marry her.

Sorceress gave birth to twins.  A boy and a girl.  The boy shared the same draconic traits that his mother sported, while the girl just seemed to be a “normal” half-elf with none of the draconic bloodline apparent in her.  So the prince took the girl to raise in the woods in a far off land he’d taken as his home with the help of his wolf companion while the sorceress and the king raised the boy.

Since the prince had literally declared himself dead in the eyes of his father’s kingdom, that left the boy child, christened Roderick, as the new king of Wulfscry.

Roderick grew into a fine lad, handsome, charismatic and kind.  In preperation of his role as king when his grandfather finely died, Roderick became a diplomat.  Not of his own country, but to the halfling and dwarven settlements bordering Wulfscry and the lich’s lands because halflings and dwarves never really get along.

He also grew ignorant of the fact he had a twin sister until after his birthfather died and his twin came to their mother for help.  Because the sorceress rejected her daughter, this embittered Roderick to her, and he tried reach out to his sister but was thwarted at every turn.

Well, when his sister and the surrogate family of adventurers she’d taken up with came to kill the lich ruling the kingdom between Wulfscry and Amythbell, he hoped he could get to know her.

Except he caught attacked by his aunt and her demon death squad and found himself in Nexus.

Weakness: Anti-magic fields, extreme cold slows him down and he is weak to ice spells, and not being able to use his magic.

If he does not use his magic within a 24 hour period things around him will catch on fire.  So he generally at least uses his cantrips at least once on a daily basis to prevent this from happening.

And anything else that would kill a normal person.  Except high temperatures and fire because DRAGON.

Likes: Fire!  Hot drinks.  Heat.  Meat. Gemstones. The color blue.  Being able to let go of his responsibilities and burn a motherfucker.  Grandpa.  Dogs.  Hot deserts. Fire!  When a negotiation goes well.  Studying magic.  Strong willed women.  His half-brother.  His twin Rhiannon (When she isn’t being a murder hobo).  Well illustrated erotica (he's a royal virgin- he doesn't get to date! So he has to fap somehow).

Dislikes: When Rhiannon is being a murder hobo and ignores him.  Demons.  The cold.  Ice.  Ice Cream.  Warlocks.  Beholders- too many eyes, they creep him out.  Necromancy.   His mother dearest.
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Name: Olgamally Animusphere

Nickname: Marie

Race: Human

Age: 17

Height: 182cm

Weight: 70 kg


Physical Attributes

Strength: Human (Exceptional with reinforcement)

Agility: Human (Exceptional with reinforcement, can see incred and Fan)

Constitution: Human (Exceptional with reinforcement)

Magic: High

As befits a magus from a line as ancient, powerful and influential as her own, Olgamally is extremely powerful. She has exceptionally amazing circuits, top class even among the upper echelons of the clocktower. Her crest is incredibly developed and holds a vast and varied repertoire of detailed information on both simple and complex spells, allowing the girl to cast spells from any traditional European school of magic, whether it be the Gandr runes, fireballs, energy blasts, healing, or anything else.

She is especially good with runes, and is able to easily create powerful barriers or explosions with them. Her magic is even powerful enough to be seriously dangerous to servants that lack significant magic resistance, allowing her to bind them and otherwise hinder and harm them.

She's also pretty good at divination and astronomy, and can do far sight and scrying with complete ease, and would even be able to puncture many defenses designed to protect from it, although they would probably know someone was breaking through, unless they were weak.

Olgamally also possesses some fairly potent mystic eyes of binding, further enhancing her abilities by allowing her to paralyze a target by simply glaring at them. Hers are powerful enough to bind even mid-level mages, although more powerful beings are still beyond her. They also are what causes her eyes to be gold.

She also possess three command spells on her left hand, signifying her status as a master. 

None right now

Olga was born to immense pedigree, and lived up to the lofty expectations her family set for her. She got top grades at the clocktower, and inherited a lordship at an extremely young age.

She ran Chaldea for a while until she got pulled into Fuyuki where she met her servant and then ended up in the Nexus all of a sudden.

Weakness: Magic Resistance fucks her up. She suffers from hypertension and panic attacks on occasion, so if you catch her at an inopportune time, she's going to be fighting at a severely nerfed levels. No experience in close quarters combat, anyone with decent stats could beat her if they got close without much effort.

Likes: Being in control, Brutae, being cool and collected, having a servant

Dislikes: losing control, looking dumb, fools, the Irish
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Name: Fenghuang

Race: Human

Age: 120

Height: 188 cm (as a man) / 157 cm (as a woman)

Weight: 95 kg (as a man) / 54 kg (as a woman)

Appearance: He looks like a middle aged man with long greying hair reaching his shoulderswhose body still looks fit. His long hair reaching shoulders is grey, but his beard is black. He wears black leather trousers and a grey sleeveless shirt.

Fenghuang's female form looks like a short woman with somewhat shorter hair than the male form. As the transformation just changes the body, the fact that clothes may not fit anymore is a genuine problem. Hence he keeps some smaller clothes in the bag he is carrying around, provided by the villagers who are in the know about their savior.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Exceptional

Agility: Exceptional / Fantastic (the speed of hands in prayer)

Constitution: Incredible

Other Abilities:

Circling The Mountain: Fenghuang underwent a harsh physical training before reaching their state of near-enlightment. The regime included walking 84 kilometers a day for straight 1000 days while praying, and practicing a certain rhythm of running accompanied with meditation in order to increase his running speed and reflexes exponentially. This training regime combined monastic education was merely a preparation for the training that let him achieve his 12 Prayers.

12 Prayers: 12 Prayers invoke miracles associated with the Buddha whose teachings Fenghuang follows. Each is manifested through performing a specific hand movement, except for The Final Prayer. Five of them are performed with the right hand, the other five with the left hand and The Eleventh Prayer requires use of both hands. Thanks to specifically training right movements for decades, speed of those movements far surpass Fenghuang's normal speed.

Prayers of The Right Hand: A set of five miracles that affect the body. Fenghuang can affect himself or a target. Some of those miracles require the consent of the target, after all some might not want certain miracles to happen.
Spoiler for Hidden:
The First Prayer: A miracle that relieves the target of physical hunger. Those starving or dying of thirst will feel as if they just ate a full meal course or drank a bottle of water. This miracle doesn't help against any negative effects related to starvation or dehydration. The prayer doesn't affect vampires' thirst for blood and other metaphysical hungers.

The Second Prayer: Heals diseases. This prayer doesn't affect curses, which might have similar symptoms to a sickness.

The Third Prayer: Heals wounds. Any injury may be healed in such matter unless it was something that the target was born with. It cannot regenerate a limb if the character was born without the limb.

The Fourth Prayer: Removes physical disabilities, extending to those in-born ones. This miracle requires a consent of a person as they might not wish for that to happen.

The Fifth Prayer: Followers of the Buddha of Medicine may pray to the Buddha to reincarnate into another gender in their next life, but Fenghuang may perform such a miracle within the lifetime of the target, turning their body into one of opposite gender. The target must be willing in order for the change to happen. The changed body resembles the character enough that they might be mistaken for a sibling of the character by people who are unaware that such change happened. In case of Fenghuang this miracle works in a special way. His female form resembles his future reincarnation, stuck at age of 18 until his male form dies. Then he would resume his life as the woman, the reality bending itself to make him forget about the previous life (losing all his abilities and blessings in the process) and making subtle retroactive changes in order to account for the life of the reincarnation until reaching the age of 18.

Prayers of The Left Hand The five miracles of the left hand affect the soul. They can also affect Fenghuang or another person, as well as some of them require a consent.

Spoiler for Hidden:
The Sixth Prayer: Shields the target from being affected by any next curse that may be directed at the target. It does not provide resistance against curses which also deal physical damage to a person.
After a single curse gets repelled, this protection ceases.

The Seventh Prayer: Removes a curse that already affects a person. This miracle may not affect curses that are intrinsic for the nature of the person (for examples cannot make werewolves not vulnerable to silver anymore).

The Eighth Prayer: In a show of supernatural mercy, this prayer supresses effects of curses that cannot be removed by the Seventh Prayer. For an hour, such curses cease to affect negatively the target. For example, a vampire would be able to walk under the sun but wouldn't lose any positive benefits of their powers.

The Ninth Prayer: Banishes a spirit possessing a victim unless the spirit permanently merged with the host. If the victim is not controlled by the spirit and hence may refuse the miracle, it does not take an effect.

The Tenth Prayer: If the target's soul got damaged, this miracle can repair it unless a full day transpired since the event that damaged the target's soul. The prayer does not help when it comes to a loss of a soul.

The Eleventh Prayer: Vow of Twelve Heavenly Generals: The only offensive miracle that Fenghuang possesses. Twenty Heavenly Generals vowed to protect those who have been ever affected by Medicine Buddha's mercy from calamities. Thus, it can be only invoked when people who were affected by his miracles are attacked or seriously threathened.

By joining both hands in a prayer, Fenghuang summons twelve bronze like arms within the range of 10 m which can attack the target in front of Fenghuang at high speed [Fantastic Agility] and which deal more damage than Fenghuang's Strength [dealing Incredible Strength]. Those arms have joints so they can bend to attack the target in less straightforward manner. They also can serve in more defensive fashion, blocking and deflecting attacks. They can deal damage to beings that cannot be affected by mundane attacks.

The Final Prayer: The prayer that Fenghuang learned after completing his training. It does not require hands to pray, it's instead a blessing which is active as long as Fenghuang's heart still beats. Fenghuang's aging slowed down considerably so that they could act as an agent of mercy and compassion longer than normally. His body also possesses resistance to magic that tries to change their physical body or soul. This does not apply to spells which cause direct damage.

Equipment: Fenghuang took shelter in a village from which he ventures forth into Nexus, so he has a place to live. He does not have much worldly possessions as food, shelter and clothes to get by are sufficient for him. In exchange for their hospitality the villagers surely don't have to worry about diseases and curses. With time, the rumours about "The Village of Miracles" will start to spread in Nexus.

Origin: In youth, Fenghuang committed black deeds, but repented even before he underwent his training. It was an expression of gratitude for that even a sinner like him could atone and receive redemption from the Medicine Buddha. He is not willing to talk about his past and even abandoned his original name. Who he was does not matter. Hearing the details would only cause weeping or laughter, as he puts it.

Weakness: If his right arm is severed, he is unable to restore it without outside help. Hence in a fight he has a slight bias towards using his left arm in defense, a habit that didn't disappear even after decades of training.

Medicine Buddha's compassion is infinite and indiscriminate, but his agents are flawed. Fenghuang didn't quite master The Third Prayer in spite of his decades of training. Major wounds like loss of limbs or near fatal injuries can be healed once an hour, a limitation that he won't be able to overcome any soon.

Likes: Prayer, relieving suffering, protecting the innocent from opression

Dislikes: Unrepentant monsters, people who don't even try to learn anything from their experiences
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Name: Marcus Junius Brutae

Race : Servant

Age: : Appears to be in her early 20’s

Height: 176 cm

Weight: Average for her height



Strength: Fantastic

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Fantastic

Other abilities:

Servant :
Brutae is a servant, a high level magical familiar capable of taking on an astral form in which she’s invisible to mundanes and also intangible, people with supernatural senses may still detect in her this form.

Furthermore only her heart and her brain are required to maintain function of her body and she has no other vital areas.

Magic Resistance: High
Saber possess a natural high degree of magical resistance capable of completely withstanding most ordinary magical attacks. Only greater magics are capable of affecting her and even they are reduced. She can consciously allow certain spells to affect her if they happen to be beneficial.

Skilled Swordwielder:
She has many years of fighting experience and is thus an expert at bladed combat.

Saber can ride any common riding animal or pilot any mundane vehicle with the skill level of an expert.

Presence Concealment:
Saber is capable of remaining perfectly hidden as long as the conditions are optimal. She can’t however hide in plain sight nor is her sneaking skill good enough to remain hidden if someone is aware she’s there and is actively searching for her.

Noble Phantasm:
Name: Et tu Brute? Betrayal of one's kin.

A Noble Phantasm is the crystallisation of a miracle, the manifestation of the essence of a Heroic Spirit’s legend.

This Noble Phantasm is the  manifestation of the legend in which she betrayed her father, Gaius Julius Caesar one fateful March morning. Where she in a surprising turn of events stabbed him 23 times only to leave him to bleed to death.

The effects of this Noble Phantasm scales with how much her target trusts her. If she’s regarded as family the full effect will occur and the target will get stabbed 23 times instantly. If a person doesn’t know her or just met her it is no more effective than a normal attack. So it is effectively useless against strangers. Even against acquaintances it amounts to nothing more than a slightly more powerful attack than what she can usually do.

Origin: :

A Roman from the last days of the Republic. The famed murderer of Julius Caesar. Although she had help from several other senators she’s the one associated with the murder itself. She struck out of a pledge to protect Rome from the likes of tyrants but the reasons were soon forgotten and she was eventually painted as one of the three great betrayers. To be forever tortured at the center of the 9th circle of Hell. So while she never acted the part of an assassin in the majority of her life, Her Noble phantasm reflecting the action she’s most famous for is fitting of one.

She got summoned in Fuyuki by her current master in a strange Grail War full of corrupted Servants and an annoying Irishman.Bbut after dealing with the strange Grail War and removing the corrupted Saber, something strange happened and they found themselves pulled away from there into this new strange place.

Weaknesses : A Lack of real range attacks although throwing objects could make up for some of that. If not anchored to the material word by a mage she will eventually disappear. She also require a steady flow of Prana to function thus her capacity is directly related to the condition of her master. As a Servant she is also vulnerable to spiritual attacks. She cannot attack while in her Astral form but she can still be attacked by people who could interact with intangibles.

Likes : Teasing people, her master, being right, people who are capable.

Dislikes : Fools, dictators, barbarians, and more recently the Irish.
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Name: Grigori

Race: Human

Age: 28

Height: 5’5

Weight: Average for her height


Physical Attributes:

Strength: Human

Agility: Human

Constitution: Human

Magic Ability - High (Extremely High when using chaos or a precise runic array): All magic is based off of the principles of chaos and order. Chaos is power and imagination, the force behind all magecraft. Order is direction and control, that which gives focus to that raw power. At her base she is already a prodigious spellcaster, but there are two ways by which Grigori may extract greater power from her spells.

By drawing more upon the powers of chaos she can amplify its effects, but this opens room for error. The spell could turn against her, be released indiscriminately, or transform her into a carrot. For obvious reasons she refrains from doing this despite the fact that the difference in power outclasses her normal output. The other option is to create a runic array granting order additional power at the cost of flexibility.

By carving runes into an object she can flood it with more power without having to worry about chaos' effects. The issue lies in the fact that if created on the fly the difference is nearly negligible to her own output. The more precise and detailed the runes are the more power she can flood into the array without worry. To reach a level of power beyond her average abiltiy she would need to make an extraordinarily precise array with the entire surface of the object covered in tiny symbols.

To Grigori there are few spells beyond her power and comprehension to cast. She can conjure conflagrations, shatter the earth, drown beasts with a mighty wave, and cleave a squad of soldiers in two with a slash of wind. Withering curses can cripple her foes as hexes bring their flesh to a boil. She can create portals linked to a runic circle or set up potent barriers. It is even possible for her to elevate her senses by perceiving the world through the lens of her soul, allowing her to visualize and hear beings far faster than her. However, this is far from the sum of her ability. Grigori is the inheritor of knowledge stretching back countless generations and thus skilled in many forms of magic.

Unity: What is perhaps considered mastery of magical talent is the ability to act with unison with another as the gods did long ago. By engaging in physical contact Grigori can link her own magic to another mage over the course of a minute, intertwining their spirits and abilities with one another for a period of time. During this state they enter a state of perfect synergy, sharing the sum of their magical knowledge and power along with greatly amplifying the effects of their spells. This can be broken by the loss of physical contact. Due to the closeness of the ability and the fact that allowing such a thing leaves Grigori incredibly vulnerable to attack on a spiritual level if the other person reacts negatively it is only done with great trust or desperation.

Other Abilities:

Inheritor: The lineage of Grigori’s family is one of constant and unending success. Each child in their line has been more powerful than their parents, ensuring a slow but steady increase in power. However, just as her mother was an exceptional mage so is she. Her offspring is insured to be even greater than her if she ever bothers to have them.

Poker Face: In a fight between mages the worst thing you can be is obvious. In the midst of a battle whether she’s losing or winning Grigori can always manage to keep what she’s actually feeling hidden.

Origin: Grigori wants to live forever. She doesn’t consider this an especially selfish goal. It seems rather sensible, all things considered. There are so many things left to learn, things to see, people (of worth) to meet! She can’t let herself die yet!

There are worlds of magic to explore. She knows it. They lie just beyond the horizon. There might be powers beyond her understanding. Abilities she couldn’t dream of! How could she simply sit around and wait?

So she set forth. Generally killing and setting up stone research fortresses that she inevitably abandoned that served as decent dungeons for young adventurers. Her antics never made her particularly favorable in the eyes of either the worshippers of Stribog or Chaos, but it was of not great concern to them. Not until rumors of her summoning the god of death began to circulate. But thanks to the Nexus those rumors would stay rumors.

Now she is simply stranded. And a bit peeved. But overall rather fine considering that it wasn’t the worst arrival she has ever made.

Weaknesses: Runic arrays are very fragile. If even one run is damaged the magic will be trapped inside it before building up and exploding.

If she’s surprised enough to use chaos to boost her magic it will blow up in her face about nine times out of ten. It’s a terrible ability to rely on.

Grigori lacks any close quarters combat experience and can be easily caught off guard when she’s constructing an array or researching.

Likes: Magic, the idea of living forever, mages of equivalent talent, she has a slight penchant for destructive magic, spicy food (preferably with noodles), dragons, research, new forms of magic

Dislikes: Considering her mortality, making average progress on her projects, crazies, content people, devout worshippers of the gods, mediocre mages

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Name: Ito Kizumi

Aliases: Kinslayer, “Hito Kiri”, Spider.
Race: Human
Age: 35
Height: Average/tall-ish
Weight: Well built and endowed, far from lightweight.

Physical Attributes
Strength: Incredible
Agility: Fantastic
Constitution: Incredible
Magic Scale: None.
Other Abilities:
Shadow Step: Kizumi’s mastery enables him to move faster than any living creature could dream of without emitting any sound, his steps are as audible as an ant’s while as quick as the gale.
Ninja Mastery: Kizumi has trained in the art of assassination since his childhood, and is immensely proficient in combat and acrobatics, using stealth, speed and impossible nimbleness to slay his opponents before they can blink.
Afterimage Clones: Through a complex movement technique, Kizumi can manifest afterimages of himself to confuse opponents and have them leave potential openings. Of course, they are but an illusion, can be distinguished by superior perception after a moment, and cannot act physically.
Precise medical knowledge: Though he never used it to heal others, Kizumi possesses advanced medical knowledge and has studied extensively on the intricacies of the human body. He knows how to dismantle one as well as to heal one to the point he can keep a flayed half corpse alive and fully conscious for interrogation. He is also an expert at concocting cures or poisons as diverse as deadly, and by hitting specific pressure points through acupuncture, he can trigger certain reactions from his target’s organism, such as numbness and even paralysis, though how lasting and potent it is depends on is target’s constitution and other factors.

Presence Concealement: As an assassin, Ito exhibits an unnatural proficiency at hiding his own presence, a skill, that through training grew into something that borderlined the realm of the supernatural. He can nearly stop all signs of his presence, his perspiration, his heartbeat and even his aura (though he is unaware of that fact, it is just a subconscious thing,).

He needs to be very calm throughout this state, and those with keen senses might spot him if he’s too close, but he can hide his presence tremendously well from those around him as long as they do not search him, and even then it can be very hard to spot him if he hides.

Automail: No one knows why or how the legendary assassin lost his left arm. Perhaps the gods punished him for his cruelty and arrogance, or he had been blinded by ego and received a crippling wound. The thing about dead men is that they are silent.

Either way, he had his arm replaced with a mechanized counterpart, an expertly crafted piece of mechanic machinery that could act as precisely and strike as mightily as his original arm. It has hidden compartments for his needles, strings, smoke bombs and poison.
Smoke bombs: Self explanatory.

Poison/Medicine: Enough to cripple/kill/paralyze an ordinary men, but those with higher constitution could shake off the effects or at least suffer reduced afflictions. He also carries some medicine for different ailments and painkillers.

Metal needles: Needles Kizumi expertly uses in combat. Sharp and sturdy, they can easily pierce through bone and reach vital organs when thrown with his skill, and are small enough to remain unseen to the mundane eye.

Razor threads: Transparent razor wired threads, they boast great sturdiness and can support a man's weight with relative ease. These strings can be used in a near infinite myriad of ways, from restraining a target, creating platforms to enhance his mobility, use them in tandem with his needles for deadly traps or many other uses.

Legends speak of a ruthless ninja, Ito Kizumi, who slayed over a hundred government heads and his entire clan in his lifetime. While his tale was distorted over the ages, it goes as follows.

No one knows much of his childhood, whether he was born from a house of demons or of a clan of nobles employed by the shogunate to deal with its rivals, one thing is consistent. Kizumi was trained to be an assassin since his earliest age, chosen by his clan to become successor of the family’s secret techniques.

Training to the utmost limits reason can allow, he reached a level of skill far greater than anyone could dream of, transcending the limits of his own body through what could only be described as living hell.

However, while a sword or a weapon can hold the power to slay countries and never dare to point towards its wielder, men are of a different breed. They say that with time, the ninja grew more and more arrogant and bloodthirsty, his leash rusted and eventually fell off.

As the legends say, itching to prove his superiority, he challenged his father in a duel and won with ease, slaying him in front of his 27 sons. But Kizumi’s brothers, who swore to avenge their father, did not forgive such an act.

By the time he was 16, the assassin was wanted by the police state for countless kills, and was now the target of a massive manhunt.

But he was not one who would be caught easily, welcoming challengers with open arms, he killed, killed and killed again, destroying all those who stood in his way to the top. But sadly, all things come to an end.

After ten years of bloodshed, something changed him. After his 101th kill, Kizumi simply gave up.

No one knows why he threw away his title of assassin, but one thing was certain. The 100 demon house slayer “Hito Kiri” Kizumi simply stopped killing, never to be found again. Hundreds searched for him throughout japan, but all returned empty handed. At least, that is what the legends say.

Thus, he left the title of legendary killer empty ever since, and soon he would leave the face of the earth as well. However, that was another story for another time.


His weapons being mundane, it is possible to defend against them, projectiles thrown by him are deflectable or outright blockable by tougher opponents. That also means magic is good against him, wink wink.

Fighting him in a constricted terrain where he cannot move freely or an empty landscape in broad daylight where he cannot conceal himself puts him on a disadvantage. Because he dislikes conflict and standing out, forcing him into a fight where there are many witnesses/possible casualties will put him in a tight spot.
Likes: Valorous people, simple things, the thrill of challenge, kind hearted women, hard workers, peace and quiet, families, honing his skill.
Dislikes: Killing, dogma, cruelty, those without a shred of honor or dignity towards others (not related to combat), arrogance, those who talk too much.
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Name: Pope Leo the Great

Race: Servant (Ruler)

Age: Ancient

Height: 5''9'

Weight: 190Ib

Spoiler for Hidden:

Physical Attributes

Strength: Fantastic

Agility: Incredible


Other Abilities:

Magic Resistance: High

Leo possess a natural high degree of magical resistance capable of completely withstanding most ordinary magical attacks. Only the strongest spells are capable of damaging him and even then, the damage is reduced.  Only Christian magic is capable of harming him.

Revelation: The ability to "hear the voice of the heavens" and instinctively discern the most optimal action to take at any given time. It functions as a sort of sixth sense in battle, but covers all matters related to the achievement of a goal.

Protection of the Faith:
A form of divine protection possessed by those who have sacrificed themselves for a religious view, born from personal faith rather than an external blessing. This absoluteness of body and soul aids in resisting physical, mental and spiritual interference.

Noble phantasm: Archangel Micheal (Sealed)

Pope Leo can summon the flaming Archangel michael to fight alongside him.  His skill is unmatched, his destructive power devastating.  His power of his aura alone makes a normal person feel as though they are trapped in an oven.   He will not die, even if Leo is knocked unconscious.  Since the two are bros, they are capable of coordinated attacks through a spiritual connection.

Even so, his fiercest weapon is his divine sword.  When a sufficient amount of magic is channeled into it, it can cut cleanly through a building in a single slice.  In addition, it can also summon divine flames, not subject to earth’s physical laws.  These flames are so powerful, they can burn down a 3 story building in a matter of minutes.

However, there is a massive downside. Using any of Michael's magic will cause a massive drain on the master, even if Leo uses his own pool of mana.  In addition, it takes a lot of magic to sustain him, so he cannot be used for a long period of time.  Even masters who train for years will die if they abuse this power.

Inhuman fighting talent: Leo is inhumanly good at fighting, with a natural instinct that mimics actual skill.  It has been said that if he actually trained, his ability would transcend human limits and reach the realm of legend.  However, he never choose that path, instead opting to improve his connection with god.  In a fight he has a pretty good sense of what to do and how to do it, relying completely on kinesthetic thought to carry him through the exchange.  He can fight masters of combat on even terms thanks to his experience, natural ability and intense warrior like aura. 

Jewel encrusted dagger: It's a fancy dagger he carries around for “protection.”  Dispite being in more fights than he can count, he has only had to use the dagger a few times in his entire life.


452 AD: The Huns are wreaking havoc on the empire’s of the mediterranean.  They tear through faction after faction completely unchallenged.  Just as they are descending on the Roman Empire, Pope Leo sets out alone on his horse to intercept Atilla the Hun.

To his surprise, the mighty Hun army was headed by a young girl wielding a colorful looking blade.  “I come with a warning.  This place is strengthened by the faith of men and protected by the word of god.”

He walked forward with a soldier’s stride, taking slow careful strides, staring her down with a look of stone faced determination.  There were no words, just an understanding that the loser will be stripped of their identity and robbed of their sense of self.

There was a moment of silence.  The only sound that could be heard was the Pope’s feet grinding against the dirt.

The Hun suddenly shot off of her horse, charging the holy man with her weapon raised to strike.  The sword came down like a meteor, sinking into the Pope’s shoulder as blood oozed from the wound.  Leo’s fist stuck the girl in the abdomen, sending her flying back towards her men.  Her back hit the ground with a thud, kicking up some dirt in the process.  Still staring forward, Leo took the blade out of his shoulder and threw it to the girl.

“Leave!” he ordered, causing the army to reflexively shrink back a few steps.  The horses shrieked, stuck between their fear of the Hun’s and fear of the Pope.

Grunting, the girl picked up her blade and struck Leo with a powerful blast from the heavens.  A pillar of fire intercepted the blast, seemingly striking down the Pope in the process.   At the same time, a blinding light descended from the clouds, appearing in between the two combatants. The light steadily dispersed, revealing an angel with shining red wings wielding a flaming sword.

With a shriek, the men fled.

“It is rare to see a man with such determination, such faith in god.  You realize if I had not shielded you, you would have been struck down?”

The pope continued to walk forward, keeping his eyes fixated on the horizon beyond.  “Perhaps, but I had faith.”

The archangel chuckled, “Of course you did.”

The girl laid on the ground, blinking at the creature before her.  Then, she turned her head to face the pope.  Without saying a word, she stood up and began marching in the opposite direction.

A strong wind blasted the girl, carrying her words along its current.  “Never again.  He was too strong.”


Limited ranged options:  While he often has a few options for range in certain situations, he is not effective against ranged fighters.  Keeping your distance and slowly picking off his endurance is an effective strategy to take him down.

Master or die:  Leo requires a master as a source of prana. 
Likes: His FAITH, the weak, strong willed individuals, Orpheus

Dislikes: Atillla, Longinus
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