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Name: Suzuko Dong-soo

Race: Human

Age: Late 20s

Height: 5’8

Weight: Average for her height.


Physical Attributes

Strength: Human (Incredible but Fantastic hitting force with gloves)

Agility: Human (Incredible)

Constitution: Human (Incredible)

Other Abilities:

Presence Manipulation: While she is indeed an excellent businesswoman based on her own skills she definitely has an advantage over any other person. Suzuko is capable of controlling and changing how she conveys her intent to others with nothing more than a sort of aura. For example, if she wants to be friends with someone or get a better deal she can release a trusting, friendly aura that helps lower people’s guards and make them more receptive to things they would usually be more suspicious about.

It helps not only in deals but also in fights. If she wants to intimidate someone she can project that with such force that most ordinary humans would be overcome by paralyzing terror. Fear so great that she could just walk up and cut their throats without them moving an inch.

However, it is the act of suppressing and concealing her presence that is the most potent variant of her power. With it normally she becomes impossible to read, but when she puts some effort into it she outright becomes impossible to notice. People’s eyes just glaze over her and their minds and instincts simply don’t notice her. They simply doesn’t recognize anything in that spot. While it is good for stalking and hiding any overt action such as an attack betrays her intent and breaks the concealment. She’s working on it. Artificial means of sight such as cameras or some forms of magic also get around this and allow the person to recognize that she is there.

Fighting: She’s rather good at combat for a human. Suzuko could outfight most people with her fists alone; however, she lacks the skill to take on a more supernatural being by sheer merit of talent. That’s why she cheats.


A Business Venture: Suzuko is in charge of a rather well off furniture business in the Nexus. Recently she’s also absorbed a few other smaller businesses that work in construction to broaden her horizons. She is reasonably wealthy but most of her funds are invested into business and cannot be so easily withdrawn.

Dressed to Kill: Suzuko’s business attire is special to say the least. They are self-repairing artifacts durable enough to make small arms all but useless and enhance her physical abilities to that of a supernatural being (Incredible). Her gloves are the centerpiece of the set and are weapons in their own right. They are mystically enhanced artifacts that magnify the force of her body and are durable enough to match other weapons blow for blow. Her suit weaves together rather quickly. Cuts and rips are repaired in mere moments, but losing chunks of fabric can take much longer to repair.

Origin: A businesswoman with some interest in the supernatural, Suzuko is a widow and single mother. Complications shortly after her son’s birth resulted in extensive surgeries and implants needed to keep him alive.

But Suzuko keeps going. She does everything she can to make the perfect home, the perfect life, the perfect leader. It’s tiring sometimes, but the alternative is far worse. Image is almost everything in the world. To construct and maintain it is so important to her, to everything she does. She wouldn't be where she was without it.

Weakness: She isn’t always wearing her suit. Going for her son is a pretty valid tactic too.

Likes: Certain girls, love, her son

Dislikes: Men trying to get in bed with her, talking too much about her wife, rival companies
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Name:  “Smiley” Blackmore Fallbright

Race:  Human

Age:  My, my, I’m not that old you know?

Height:  305 cm

Weight:  200 kg


Physical Attributes

Strength:  Fantastic (Energy strikes hit like Legendary blows)

Agility:  Exceptional

Constitution:  Fantastic

Magic: High

Through mysterious means Blackmore claims not to understand, he can produce and control the mysterious 5th force, dark matter (not the real thing),  in order to release incredible amounts of raw energy and unleash devastating attacks. He can empower his strikes, charge (can take up to about 5-7 seconds, not a lot considering he can still move but he can’t use other spells while charging) and release massive beams that can blow the fuck out of a house, form slow orbs of concentrated energy that will burn the fuck out of whatever they touch before exploding and shooting its target away with a massive boom.

Additionally, he can form an energy blade with his hand, barriers of pure energy that can withstand artillery, a makeshift platform or create a shitty energy hologram of himself that cannot fight or even punch things but whose memories will be downloaded back into him once the projection is dispelled or destroyed (can't use his other spells while doing that, so if he has to fight he needs to immediately dispel the projection)

This magic is an anomaly, a spell that generates energy out of nothing through the dark matter only his blood can invoke. Someone might imitate his power, the effects can certainly reproduced, but only one person in the whole world could ever master dark matter. It's not a power you can learn conventionally. As he likes to put it, you might be able to get an identical license plate, but only he can drive a troublesome car as his. At least, not without understanding the process.

Other Abilities: 

Stigmata: When exerting his magic over a certain degree, a symbol of power will appear on his back. It is the stigmata, the mark of a king whose veins course with royal blood.

Demonheart: Through mysterious means, Blackmore managed to get his hands on a noble's heart and grafted it in his body, replacing his own old one. This greatly diminished his aging process among giving his body more power than it could have ever hoped for. Of course, it's only a fragment of the power of a royal, a pale imitation, but over time he managed to master his new blood and use its abilities.

Fighter: Blackmore isn’t ignorant when it comes to handling himself in close quarters, though he is far from a master. He mostly uses his massive strength freely, striking and stomping in a crude but effective style closer to street fighting than any conventional martial art.


His clothes, a good couple thousand dollars and an apartment with basic furniture, wifi and a computer.

Origin:  No one really knows where Smiley came from or who he was. A veteran soldier gone bad, a former demon, the son of an executed noble, a by product of a failed experiment. There are so many hypothesis and spun tales about him he made up that if he’d have to choose an origin, he’d rather it be multiple choice.

What mattered is that, in his district, his own little world, that man was a king. But one day, he fought a noble whom he just couldn’t defeat, a mere boy with so much power it made his own look like a pebble in the middle of a road. Blackmore was simply and utterly defeated, and for the first time in his life he learned of fear, the sort that chills your bones and makes your muscles unwilling to obey you.

And yet, he was spared and given the choice to follow him, to change the world. That noble was a revolutionary, and he saw not only a mere tool in Blackmore but also a friend.

Eventually, his one friend succumbed, but not before the kingdom was reshaped into a great and peaceful country. Even then, he still couldn’t understand that man, nor why he had chosen to follow him, but the peaceful look in the dead man’s face only raised more questions. Eventually, he came to the Nexus and began to work as an information broker/informant, biding his time...

God-like power. That man who got his hands on it had simply turned compassionate. Would the same thing happen even to garbage like him? He wants to know... What's it feel like? What does it look like from up there?

Weakness: Magic resistance. While his offensive output is terrifying, his size gives him an innate disadvantage even against people with the same stats as he does. Picking him from afar, flanking him or blitzing him in a restricted environment are valid tactics, though being hit by him will hurt like an energized truck so watch out man. Finally, he is pretty restricted when fighting indoors due to his size, so really just throw him in a building.

Likes:  Exerting his superiority, crushing his foes, plain cute girls, power, wealth, people who know what they want, those loyal to him and his comrades, useful fools, himself.

Dislikes: Being betrayed, being owned, people who somehow talk more than he does.
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Name: Swims-With-Salmons (her tribal name), Ellie Warren (her human name)

Race: Werewolf

Age: 11 (apparent age: 23)

Height: 145 cm (human) / 159 cm (near-human) / 232 cm (war form)

Weight: 43 kg (human) / 59 kg (near-human) / 172 kg (war form)

Appearance: She is a kind of werewolf with five form, all of which are natural to them after undergoing the First Change. While Swims-With-Salmons originally used to be a wolf, she got accustomed over time to use all her forms.

Swims-With-Salmons is well adjusted to human society after 9 years of living among human-born werewolves. She looks like a person in her early twenties, with the maturity to match her appearance, as wolf-born werewolves develop mentally faster in order to catch up with their human-born comrades.

Swims-With-Salmons' human form is a light brown haired girl with blue eyes. She wears sturdy, practical clothes and sometimes wears a jacket to conceal her firearm. Staring into the barrel of a gun is sometimes enough to ward off less determined hoodlums.


Strength: Exceptional

Agility: Human (Exceptional while tapping into Rage)

Constitution: Exceptional


Due to a combination of her short stature and a quirk in her spiritual make up her near-human form is not as feral looking as one displayed by majority of werewolves, so she can still pass as somebody normal. Her hair is longer, reaching now below shoulders, her muscles bulk up to the extent of a female Olympic athlete and she is now just around average height instead of being quite short. If not for the fact that it's easier to keep Rage in check in the human form, this would be her preferred form. If she switches from human to near-human form she can probably still spin a story that she uses magical means to bulk up like that unless someone who is familiar with werewolves in general figures out that she is a shapeshifter.

Strength: Amazing

Agility: Human (Amazing while tapping into Rage)

Constitution: Amazing

War Form

A large and over seven feet tall form that resembles a hulking bipedal wolf creature. "Scrawny" by werewolf standards, but more than capable of ripping and tearing guts of mundanes and some of the weaker supernaturals. This is also the form to which she defaults under a thrall of a frenzy. Not something to cuddle with.

Strength: Incredible

Agility: Exceptional (Amazing while tapping into Rage, Incredible in frenzy)

Constitution: Incredible

Dire Wolf

A sort of happy medium between the warform and the wolf form, this is referred to by some as "dire wolf". It's essentially a wolf of a size of a pony with unusually strong jaws that are not inferior to the warform when it comes to tearing apart her foes. Again, proceed with caution.

Strength: Amazing

Agility: Exceptional (Amazing while tapping into Rage)

Constitution: Incredible


The wolf form is her birth form in which she spent her first two years of life (though by now it's hard to recall those years. Just like it's hard for humans to remember their early childhood). It looks scrawnier than it should in spite of her capabilities in that form, but still cannot be mistaken for a dog.

Strength: Exceptional

Agility: Exceptional (Amazing while tapping into Rage)

Constitution: Amazing

Magical Abilities: Medium

Rites: She can enact a variety of rituals for specific purposes. Swims-With-Salmons is no longer an apprentice of spirit magic, but has not reached mastery either, so she is unable of creating her own Rites. She has learned Rites that allow her to cleanse a place, object or a person from spiritual influences, apologize to offended spirits, summon spirits of any kind and nearly any level of strength to communicate with them, bind weaker spirits into one use fetishes called talens, and grow plants in any soil.

She can also dedicate objects to herself so that her clothes and belongings merge with her while she shapeshifts to a form that no longer can accommodate them.

Other Abilities:

Delirium: Mundanes who witness a werewolf in her warform or dire wolf form experience a bout of supernatural terror, a fight or flight response. Some are paralyzed by the fear, some try to get away from the source of Delirium and some lash out against the werewolf. The response depends solely on the personality. People who experienced Delirium tend to forget about the encounter or try to rationalize it unless they have high enough willpower to not forget those events.

Gifts: Gifts are blessings and abilities bestowed on a werewolf by spirits. Swims-With-Salmons can talk with spirits, leaps three times higher and further than normally she should, possesses the senses of a wolf even in her human form (and further sharpens them in the wolf form), may sharpen her sight further to see from miles away and may substitute her sense of sight with sense of smell to perceive in pitch black darkness.

She can also detect supernatural beings and influences (she can also determine roughly how strong a spirit is) and pierce through the veil that separates the spirit world from material world to observe spirits without travelling to the spirit world.

Gnosis: As a half spirit a werewolf has an innate connection to the spirit world. She can shift back and forth to the spirit world and use Gifts and Rites. She has to concentrate to do it, so it's not something that can be used to escape in the middle of combat. Silver objects that she carries around impact her link with the spirit world making it more difficult to slip sideways there the more silver objects she carries around.

While most werewolves are half-spirits, she is more so than an average werewolf because one of her ancestors is a spirit of a river. Due to her heritage spirits in general are attracted to her out of curiosity and she finds it easier to communicate with spirits that dwell in waters (like salmons after whom she takes her tribal name) or whose existence is interconnected with rivers (like grizzly bears).

Rage: The supernatural anger boiling inside any werewolf of her kind is the price of the patronage of the Lambent Lady Luna. The mercurial moon spirit's gift is both a boon and a curse. On one hand werewolves can supercharge their regenerative abilities, move with superhuman speed (her Agility increases by one rank)and stay conscious no matter what while tapping into Rage, but the risk associated with that is a frenzy. A werewolf who taps too deep into Rage (or one who is sufficiently provoked) enters a warform and lashes out, endangering friends and foes alike. Even a patient and docile werewolf has its limits. In frenzy, her war form's Agility can reach Incredible instead of Amazing.

Her supernatural rage also affects weaker willed people in more subtle ways. They cross a street, claim they do not serve her kind here and react as if she was someone suspicious. She got used to cops sometimes trying to interrogate her when there are no immediately obvious suspects around.

Regeneration: Her regenerative capabilities are quite potent. She will fully heal nearly any injuries in just over a minute, and regrow even lost limbs over time. However, she regenerates several times slower in combat situations, and it takes her at least a day to recover from wounds caused by silver, severe radiation and attacks which target her soul directly if there is no supernatural intervention. At the cost of entering frenzy, she can supercharge her regeneration and immediately heal half of these injuries.

Totem: Only tribeless outcasts do not enjoy a patronage of a personal or a pack totem. Her totem spirit is an avatar of Dog, a spirit whose wisdom lies in the ability to adapt to the humanity. Swims-With-Salmons has it easier to look for prey in urban environment but in exchange the Dog enforces a stricture on her to follow: she needs to aid feral and stray dogs she comes into contact with, for example sharing her food with them. Dog's patronage may extend to other shapeshifters who can interact with the spirit world if they are willing to accept its conditions.

Equipment: Swims-With-Salmons rents an apartment. She keeps the gun she carried when she was transported to Nexus, a Desert Eagle and she owns two Fetishes, items imbued with spirit magic, as well.

She has learned to make some talens, like spirit infused moonshine (normal alcohol doesn't really work on Garou anymore. She has to keep those special batches away from normal people or they go blind or worse), bullets that can hurt ephemeral creatures and matches that can be lit even if soaked in water.

She owns a Fetish called Magpie's Swag which counts as dedicated to her body and thus merges with her every time she shapeshifts into a war form or another wolf like form. It takes a form of a bag and can contain three times more items than its apparent size. It cannot carry technological devices like firearms and laptops. She also owns mirrored sunglasses that make it easier to step sideways where the veil between the spiritual world and the material world is strong.

Origin: She was born as a wolf running around in forests of Appalachia, with more affinity for water and fish that dwelled there than other wolves. Her parents were just regular wolves, but down in her family line she had a Garou ancestor whose blood she inherited. In the end, she was one of those 'lost cubs' adopted by shapeshifters who were not related to her. She was raised by human-born rural werewolves and their human kin who managed to explain a sudden arrival of a teenager, claiming that she was one of relatives they had to take care of because of her parents dying. Swims-With-Salmons helped with the farmwork and was homeschooled by her new relatives while she was expected to take on duties of a local Keeper of the Land. She grew enough comfortable with the idea of living a second life as a human. Then she ended up in Nexus in because of a freak accident involving travel through the spirit world.

Now she works in the field of landscaping. She has experience when it comes to creating and cultivating aesthetically pleasing gardens. She prides herself on the fact that gardens she cares for not only look good, but also subtly attract beneficial spirits.

Weakness: Silver deals damage that cannot be easily regenerated. She needs a day of full of rest to start regenerating silver inflicted wounds or supernatural intervention. Severe radioactivity, wolfsbane and attacks that target a soul also deal the same degree of damage as silver. Fire also deals damage which is difficult to regenerate because of its metaphysical association with destruction in her world.

Likes: Swimming, working, helping out people in need

Dislikes: Cannibalistic monsters, evil spirits, people who push her too far
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Name: Antonia San Nicolas
Race: Human
Age: 26
Height: 6’2” (1.8 meters)
Weight: 141 lbs (64 kg)
Appearance: Antonia has a muscular physique - quite fit. She has long, dark brown hair that is often pinned up in a tight bun; long hair is an easy target for any enemies with hands. Her eyes are sharp and narrow and is beautiful in the sense of a hawk diving towards its prey - fatally graceful. Her body is riddled with scars from past encounters.
Clothing consists mostly of linen for easy movement, and flexible leather for protection. Most of the colors are rather drab and dark for stealth, but there are flashes of gold and red in her attire.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Exceptional (Incredible with Bloodlust)
Agility: Incredible
Constitution: Incredible
Other Abilities:
Tactician: Ranked high in the military department, she had to formulate plans to exterminate the beasts. Good at pinpointing weaknesses, spotting people who are likely to transform, and a great leader.
Navigation: Can find her way around any town with the help of signs, compasses, and the sky. Derived from the simple fact that memorizing the streets is quicker than looking at a map.
Crude Medical Knowledge: Knows how to stitch a wound, make a splint, bandage and treat infections to a certain extent.
Advanced Healing Factor: She is distantly related to entities simply known as the Gods and possesses a greater propensity to heal a bit faster than regular humans. For example, it takes at least six weeks for a sprained ankle to function normally. It takes two weeks for Antonia to recover, less if she uses Blood Healing (explained below).
Deception: Throwing enemies off the track and leaving them confused as to where you went is a necessary skill for hunters. Examples include running down a hidden alleyway and making an unexpected attack.
Bloodlust: If she kills for too long, or kills many in a short amount of time, her pupils start to dilate and would begin to resemble a wolf: elongated limbs and canines; she would have considerably more strength and a near-insatiable urge to kill. The amount of strength gained is comparable to a beast, who can smash through walls with ease and throw prey up to 20 feet across. Though, if she manages to restrain herself (or somebody else restrains her) and return back to a “normal” state, then she cannot hunt for the next couple of days in fear that she triggers it again.
Nightvision: Self-explanatory. Cannot see perfectly in absolute darkness without a source of light, but has an impression on where objects are located and how to avoid them.
Magical Ability: Low
Aromatherapy: Monsters are blood-motivated creatures and will seek out the pungent source for food, or simply just to kill. Creates a new scent in the atmosphere with innate stamina, one that smells of rosemary, and masks her own, so the monsters are less inclined to follow a ghastly scent. 
Blood Healing: Consumes innate stamina to heal life-threatening wounds, such as broken bones and internal bleeding. She would live through the ordeal, but would be physically exhausted.
Scrying: Can use any smooth, shiny surface to observe anyone or anything, as long as she knows what it looks like and where it is. Can only see if there is a similar object in the area, and up to a one mile radius.
Fans: Her main weapons, holstered to her sides. There are silver knives concealed within the crimson folds, and are easily concealable in general. Remarkably heavy. Can be used to thrust, slash, and bluntly hit enemies. Can cut through wood, “soft” metal (lead), glass, and most importantly, a thick skin of fur and flesh.
Throwing Knives: Carries twenty of these at any time. Does minimal damage, but good for scouting out enemies and catching their attention.
Sewing Kit: For when the hunt is long, there are tears and rips in clothing, and stitching up wounds.
Ruby Pendant: A pendant encrusted with a large, admittedly ostentatious ruby, wrapped around her neck. Inside, lies a portrait of her family: parents, and three younger siblings. It is a reminder of who she is and what she believes in, so as to not lose herself in the hunt.
Origin: To live is to hunt.
Antonia hails from a country whose main industry is war and defense. It is determined to maintain peace within its borders and wage war in all other areas, and is by the military who encourages this behavior. Though, once the soldiers return home, they are also encouraged to pursue milder hobbies such as sewing, cooking, drawing, spending time with family, etc. to remind them of their humanity.
Inside is clean and well-kept, but outside, it is no-man’s land. The soil and rivers are saturated with blood from the existing beasts and bodies of human enemies. For the longest time, a delicate balance was maintained between the inside and the outside, but after centuries of ingrained warfare, it has been disrupted.
The hunters have become the hunted, as the most eccentric killers are starting or have transformed to become the beasts themselves. The country has been put on lockdown and Antonia has been charged to hunt down her own comrades, and once she turns, she will be hunted herself if she manages to survive after all of them have been eliminated. She has demonstrated considerable restraint when killing and almost never goes overboard.
Weakness: Cannot handle large groups of enemies, impulsive, foolishly independent and stubborn, does not know when to give up. Narrow minded. Limited use of magic.
Likes: The sea and other bodies of water, clean clothes, shiny things, chocolate, rivalries, salt and spices, chivalry and loyalty.
Dislikes: Disorder and disarray, living an unremarkable life, barbarity. Unjustified behavior. Being betrayed.
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Name: Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (pre-adoption: Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus)

Race: Human/Servant

Age: 31

Height: 150 cm

Weight: 42 kg

Appearance:   Nero is a short, buxom woman of bright blonde hair, light green eyes and decently toned muscle, always emanating a charme like that of the sun. She usually wears red or white attire that underlines her beauty and regal nature.

Strength:  Incredible

Agility: Fantastic

Constitution: Incredible

Other Abilities:

Servant :
A servant is a high level magical familiar, a kind of  spiritual being that can dematerialize becoming intangible to the physical world. However they are vulnerable to spiritual based attacks.

Magic Resistance (Medium):
While summoned in the Servant Class Saber, Nero has a heightened resistance to the effects of magic, weakening the damage done by offensive spells and similar enchantments.

Imperial Privilege:
Even skills that could not originally be held can be acquired for a short time through the insistence of the person. As it is only “natural” for the emperor to be supreme. Corresponding Skills are riding, swordsmanship, arts, charisma, military tactics etc. At the level of it Nero possesses, even physical burdens (such as divinity) can be acquired. However, no skills can be acquired without basis; due to Nero’s curious nature, she possesses rudimentary experience in most skills.

The result of a lifelong poisoning, Nero suffers from chronic headaches and psychotic episodes. This, paired with her short attention span, can easily make her forget a skill acquired through imperial privilege. Furthermore she is easily susceptible to mental attacks due to her difficulty to concentrate.

As a result of being a master of the chariot during life, Nero has acquired vast proficiency in the art of riding both vehicles and beasts.

Mastery of unarmed combat: Pankration:
Due to her idolization of the great Hero, Herakles, Nero endeavoured to imitate him, including the study and deployment of techniques of pankration and wrestling. While the motivation was viewed as arrogance and folly, the results are nevertheless real.

Noble Phantasm:
Aestus Domus Aurea:
The crystallization of a life lived to it’s fullest, a flame burning out so brightly, Aestus Domus Aureus is a deployment of high magecraft very similar in method to that of a reality marble, however it is not a projection of Nero’s inner world, rather it’s makeup follows Nero’s own will. In practice, it is a perfect recreation of the Domus Aurea she had built and constructed during her lifetime. Nero has complete control over the makeup of the building itself at the time of creation, however will usually defer to faithfully recreating the Domus Aurea. It is the manifestation of her declaring “Listen to my Song!” and locking everyone in the theater to listen to her singing. Hence, despite its limited dimensions, escape is impossible unless Nero allows it or it is dispelled entirely. Inside, her blade will be shrouded in the flames of Mount Vesuvius and rose petals will follow her dance’s every step.
Unlike a reality marble, instead of covering the current World with an alternate world, it simply puts itself on top of the current world, so it can be maintained for long periods of time.

Aestus Estus:
A handcrafted crimson sword inscribed with “regnum caelorum et gehenna” (the kingdom of heaven and hell), which Nero herself describes as the ultimate instrument. According to her, the muses would bow before the sound it makes. Nero can channel the flames of Vesuvius through the blade, shrouding it in intense heat to a lesser extent even without deploying the Golden Theater.

Origin: Born as the daughter of Agrippina, Nero was never meant to sit on the throne of Rome; growing up wholly dedicated to the arts, aside from several times acting as a judge, she was never exposed to the machinations of the political world- that is, until her mother’s designs resulted in her taking the place as Rome’s emperor at the age of seventeen.

Due to her illegitimate birthright, she was looked unfavourably upon by her relatives and the Senate, her own mother simply trying to use her as a political figurehead, she felt more connected to the faceless masses than her own family; as a result of this, she decided upon several reforms, tax-abolishments and privileges toward the proletariat, actions that made her beloved among the masses but even more hated among the high-born.

Having lost her first wife, Octavia, and sole mentor, Seneca, to suicide, and beeing thrown deeper and deeper into the spiral of intrigue and poison of Agrippina’s design, Nero grew more and more mad, culminating in the assassination of Agrippina at her command, cementing her role as tyrant in the year 59 AD.

Her feverish delirium only grew worse after the death of her mother, as she was not administered the antidote to the poison she had been administered to keep her under control any more; her pure yet perverted love not being reciprocated further dragging her toward the edge.

As the Senate’s rebellion against her was finally unavoidable, she committed suicide by stabbing her throat with a knife while on the run from her enemies. Her last words, in response to a faithful soldier delicately wrapping a coat around her body where “Too late. This is fidelity.”

Summoned as a Servant through the Holy Grail War, Nero has been given a chance at a second life.
Nero accepts her past and present as Tyrant and failed emperor as part of her; may she regret it, it is all her. With her love burning bright as the sun, she prizes enjoyment of life above all else, be it the happiness of others or her own self-indulgence, it is as such that she can be seen as the purest celebration of Humanity.

From her name Nero Caesar pronounced as NRVN QSR equating with the “number of the beast”, the beast of revelation equating to Rome under her reign and her opression of christians and religion as a whole, she is also put on par with the “Whore of Babylon”, but..?

Weakness: Her migraines, attacks on her ego, deprivation of mana, her Master

Likes: Herself, beautiful boys and girls, roses, decadency, Heracles, all manner of art

Dislikes: Rebellion, abstinence, lying to oneself
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Name: Beast-hunter Fangs-of-night King-of-blood Shape-master, Astarte

Race: Blood God

Age: 100+

Height: 5'1

Weight: Average for his height


Physical Attributes:

Strength: Incredible

Agility: Incredible (Fan reflexes)

Constitution: Incredible

Other Abilities:

The Blood: The liquid that flows through Astarte’s veins is filled with life and power. It grants him great resistance to other supernatural powers that attempt to directly affect him. While something such as a blast of energy will still harm him normally, attempts at mind control or a curse to wither his body will fizzle out unless they are of great potency. He is also capable of empowering himself physically with it. He can become stronger, faster, and more durable. If he uses an especially large amount of blood he is even capable of reaching Fantastic levels (in strength and constitution) for a single action.

Furthermore, it carries powerful addictive qualities. If one partakes of his blood three times within a period of several weeks they become hopelessly in love and utterly beholden to him. However, it is only possible for Astarte to regain this vital energy by consuming the flesh of supernatural beings.

Distinguished Palette: Astarte is a connoisseur of blood, something he inherited from his most recent 'mother'. By tasting blood he can get a feel for what kind of creature they are, and he can easily tell a supernatural apart from a human. It also makes it far easier for him to track something after he's tasted of their blood.

Vitae Heal: By using the power within him Astarte can heal his wounds. Lesser ones are repaired with ease and with his great reserves of blood few can defeat him in a battle of attrition. However, wounds inflicted by unnatural powers or severe ones such as lost limbs can require some rest and more blood.

Inherited Skill: From each of his creators Astarte gained a single skill at their level of proficiency. He is experienced in fighting with a myriad of weapons and is more than capable of using his natural weapons in an efficient and deadly manner. He can also cook, clean, sew clothes, and drive a myriad of vehicles.

Disciplines: Astarte is capable of manipulating his blood in order to create a myriad of supernatural effects. Listed below:

Dominate: With nothing more than eye contact and verbal commands Astarte can establish control over a victim’s mind. He can directly control them, set subconscious triggers, and even manipulate their memories with nothing more than eye contact and words. Astarte can even possess another being. Once he has a subject under his control he can spend some time and blood breaking them down entirely, until he can slip into them at any distance with nothing more than a word and a little blood. However, all of these effects can be resisted by those with strong enough wills.

Celerity: Astarte can draw upon unnatural reflexes and movement, easily slipping past attacks during a fight. However, his movement speed is unaltered unless he makes a minor expenditure of blood, allowing him to move at similar speeds to what he can react to.

Resilience: While this power is passively makes Astarte more durable and hardy than he should be, a minor expenditure of blood can allow him to ignore wounds for several seconds. It does not make his skin tougher however it allows him to sustain damage and ignore most of the downsides. Small arms fire might pierce his flesh but the wounds don't hinder him in the slightest nor do they put him in any danger of dying. Even attacks that are too much for Resilience can be reduced a severity. A torn off arm could only leave a slight trickle of blood rather than a gushing wound, and even damage to major organs can be reduced in this fashion. However, he must consciously activate this ability and if surprised will still be wounded as normal.

Auspex: Unnatural senses allow Astarte to instantly know who’s the biggest danger to him or who the weakest person in the room is. He can sniff out the secrets of a person, place or object or discover those attempting to hide with supernatural or mundane methods. Establishing a telepathic link between himself and another is also possible, allowing him to even overwhelm someone by having them relive their own memories, even those that have been lost to amnesia or magic; however, this link can fail against those with great enough will. He can even free his consciousness from his body and explore the world with speed substantially greater to his usual level.

Animalism: Astarte can speak to and command animals of all sorts. He can make them into his familiars and call forth scavengers and predators from the environment alike by spilling his blood. With his power he can also drive the animals in a nearby area into a monstrous frenzy. While he can’t give them complex commands he can give them general orders and targets.

Protean: To Astarte the form is malleable. He can slip into the earth to rest (meat offered there sinks into the earth for him to feed and he has limited awareness of his little hideout) and transform his body to have traits reflective of predatory animals such as monstrous claws that he can use to clash against the armaments of other supernatural beings or a variety of new or advanced sensory organs. Transforming into an actual creature is simple as well so long as he consumes its flesh. So far he can become a wolf, owl, and a swarm of bees. He is also capable of altering his human form with blood and rest using templates from those he has devoured before; however, the changes are cosmetic.

His mastery of Protean and his enhanced physique allows Astarte to become a shifting mass of flesh. While usually he can only maintain a two animalistic traits, he can now take on as many as he wishes. In a fight Astarte becomes a flurry of growing and retracting limbs. In a moment he could be a scaled monstrosity with a hound's sense of smell and a body elastic enough to squeeze down a drain, and in seconds he could be a quadruped sporting wings fully capable of flight and covered in barbs. He can even lower his attributes to raise his strength or constitution (although he can’t raise an attribute above Fantastic) in mere moments. Assuming this costs a good deal of blood, but it is his preferred combat state and lasts about a minute.

Origin: Astarte has lived three lives. The first was one of a forest twisted in the shadows of blood. It ended with cleansing fire.

The second was longer. He wandered the land with all the whimsy and cruelty of a god. Astarte walked the earth as a wolf, an owl, a swarm. He spoke to frail humans in these guises, whispered to them at the foot of trees, devoured their enemies and blessed their homes in the only ways he knew. But they would remember the god that had watched their family. It ended in savagery, a desperate struggle against a wolf who walked as a man as they perished together.

But this is the third life. And here the world is man’s and those they once spoke to in worship now hide in their shadows. It was different. And the memories Astarte holds are empty and crude. Mere images, tastes, sights, and sounds. But they didn't feel like anything. He served with a coven for a time but he could not stay. He needed to find himself.

Weaknesses: While immune to most of the banes that plague his progenitors, Astarte is still vulnerable to fire. He cannot heal wounds inflicted by it easily and requires both time and large amounts of blood to heal. His fear of it is instinctual and he dislikes even torches. Large amounts of it can deter him from entering an area. Astarte has never chased his prey through a burning building once.

As he must feed off supernaturals Astarte must also dedicate some time to hunting them down, and he must be at great enough strength to kill them without getting hurt enough that the hunt would be made worthless. This can make it a bit of hassle if he is running low on blood.

Likes: Werewolves, feeding, vampires, humans, art

Dislikes: Fire, vampires who believe they're utter monsters, needless cruelty
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