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Current Results:

1. Stop Illya!: solarchon
2. Allow Illya to save Kiritsugu: Nuclear Consensus, Magus, Li Shuwhere, Mike1984

Looks like the bonds of family are going to be superior here, but at what cost?


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“Saber! With these Command Seals I order you! Save my father!”

“...As you command.”

A bright flash of light and the seal on Illya’s hand vanished into thin air. Saber quickly followed, in an enormous burst of magical energy she seemingly vanished.

However, since she did not have a direct location for Kiritsugu to follow her only option was a straight charge inside the castle itself. Using the power of the command seal she became a battering ram smashing straight through trees and even the castle walls themselves until she found her target.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as Assassin spoke up in concern. “It seems he wishes to go off on his own. He has just eliminated my familiar…”


He had found his target, in the dim basement hallways a large sprawling opened up before him. Rows and rows of doll like figures with the same snow white hair and red eyes that he knew all too well were scattered through the room. It was quite easy to say that there numbers were in the hundreds if not thousands.

Yet their eyes were empty and vacant, these were the bodies of homunculi that had yet to be activated. Dolls that were currently in the process of becoming lifeless machines with a soul purpose to kill the very man that stood before them.

Their close appearance to his late wife and daughter only served to infuriate the man even more. How many would it take before they were satisfied? It was no wonder they treated these things as nothing more than tools. With as many as there were here they could hold the entire city in their control.

It was with these thoughts that he steeled his determination. He would be the one to put an end to this madness. Even at the cost of his own life. But first he had to get rid of something else.

Quickly turning around he aimed his submachine gun and fired straight at the following homunculus companion that had aided him to this point. It’s services were no longer required, he could handle the rest on his own. But more importantly, he was worried the Master of this puppet might be watching, and he didn’t want her to see what he was about to do.

He wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if he did.

He didn’t stop until the entire clip was fired, he wouldn’t be needing the ammunition anymore after all. He continued to watch as the body of the lifeless doll was reduced to nothing more than a pile of gore and blood. Making sure that it would not be able to function any further he dropped his gun and charged into the room pulling out his Thompson Contender.

In the center of the huge factory like room was an enormous orb that glowed of a bright blue and green hue as it emitted insane amounts of magical energy.

It was a furnace of magical energy. A tool that could fill all of these homunculi with life by sucking up the life energy of the entire Einzbern Forest.

Finally he stood face to face with this monstrous object. An object that sought for nothing but the absolute destruction of Kiritsugu Emiya.

Holding his weapon out directly pointed at this glowing object he put his finger to the trigger.

“Why are you doing this?”

And he froze. A voice emitted from the glowing orb, a childlike voice one that greatly resembled that of his former wife. It was a voice he hadn’t heard of in over fifteen years. And after hearing it again his willpower was put to the test.

“Why do you want to kill us?”

“I have to, in order to save my daughter.”

“We only want the best for us, and yet you only seek to kill us. Why?”

He couldn’t hesitate any further. He knew this was a trick concocted by them. He had to stay strong. With his finger on the trigger he silently bid the ones in his heart farewell and began to pull.

There was a huge rumbling as the entire room began to shake throwing Kiritsugu to his knees. Something powerful was approaching fast.

The shockwave that sent him to his knees throw off his concentration. It was taking all his concentration not to fall over. Cursing his single hand he was unable to catch his balance properly. He was standing face to face with his goal, he was so close yet he still couldn’t fire the shot.

“Kiritsugu… My Master has ordered me to rescue you. This is not up for negotiation.”

The armored knight’s movements were so fast Kiritsugu barely had time to register what had happened before he was grabbed and thrown over her shoulder.

“Saber! Stop, you don’t realize what you are doing! Go back to Illya! I can take care of this!”

True to her words she completely ignored his comments and began to run away from the orb. Kiritsugu was losing his chance, there was no way he could take out Saber with his current equipment, though he still held his Thompson they would be out range in just a few short moments.

His visibility was terrible, he was being roughly knocked around as Saber carried him and his single arm was beginning to feel the fatigue from the day's stressful encounters. But he had no other choice, it was now or never.

Raising his gun up as high as he could he closed one of his eyes and aimed down the sight while holding his breath to steady his shaking arm.

And he pulled the trigger just as Saber turned the corner into the hallway outside. The last Kiritsugu could see was his bullet being shot off. If it had made its mark he would know soon enough.


The groups quickly met up with one another in the small clearing of the forest outside the castle.

But before they could say anything in regards to anything that happened a massive explosion shook the earth as something deep in the castle exploded. It was likely the shot that Kiritsugu had fired but he was in no condition to either confirm or deny that theory.

For the moment, everyone agreed that running away was the best option at the time.

Progress on their way out was slow but steady, with Illya in particular the hardest hit. She was beginning to have trouble standing so Saber decided the best option was to carry her.

When they finally reached the exit Illya jumped to her feet in shock as they reached the hidden cars. One of them had been stolen, and to make matters worse it was the one that held the gown.

The barrier that protected it had been completely destroyed with ease. And Illya had been so focused on saving her father she hadn’t even realized what had been done until she saw it with her own eyes.

It was clear she wanted to try and track down whoever had done this but her fatigue was too great. She looked as if she could pass out at any moment. It was in fact a miracle was even standing at all.

Unable to bare seeing her sister like this Sakura had a choice to make, perhaps if she left right away she might be able to catch whoever had done this. Though they had taken the car as well there still might be traces of magical energy that could be tracked. And silver haired homunculi weren’t exactly common inside the city proper.

Or perhaps there were other things to do. Maybe it would be best to go and meet up with Illya’s group properly and plan their next actions then, but they were still technically enemies. Maybe it was proper that they returned home altogether?

1. Go and chase the kidnappers
2. Return to Illya’s base
3. Go back to Sakura’s apartment
4. Write in...
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Now that everyone had a chance to catch their breath outside of the forest Illya who had barely been able to contain herself this entire time ordered Saber to set her down and walked straight up to Kiritsugu and attempted to give him a big slap to the face.

“Father, you idiot!”

Though because of her short stature and tired body it looked as if she was just patting the lower part of his grisly chin.

This poor showing of emotion caused Kiritsugu to chuckle for just a split second. A move he would soon come to regret.

“Kiritsugu, it’s not right to laugh at a girl who is being earnest!” Sakura was the next to walk up to him. With her height and energy she delivered a much more deserved slap, causing his cheek to flush red as it stung in pain.

“Sakura!” Was it the sting from the slap that caused him to react so strongly or was it the sheer shock that she had done that in the first place? Regardless Kiritsugu stood there only managing to get as far as uttering her name out of surprise.

Holding her finger out so that she could properly scold him Sakura was not about to let up anytime soon. “How dare you Kiritsugu, how dare you try to sacrifice yourself just to save us. It’s that kind of attitude that got you into this mess in the first place!”

“Ah Sakura, you see that’s because…” Scratching the back of his head Kiritsugu gave off a nervous expression. As good as he was with dealing in life or death situations he had a weak spot when dealing with females especially those he considered his family.

“Oh no you don’t, you stand right there and listen to what I say, do you not understand the gravity of what you just tried to do!? You idiot Kiritsugu! You almost made Illya cry!”

“Idiot Kiritsugu!” The teary eyed Illyasviel followed in Sakura’s footsteps.

“Kiritusgu the idiot.” Feeling the need to chime in as well Maiya also repeated the other two in tone though she also couldn’t help but have a thin smile on her face after seeing Sakura get so emotional.

“Ah… I give up. Do whatever you want….” The mental battle was over, Kiritsugu stood no chance against the tag team of the three women giving a sigh he shrugged his shoulders looking down his face full of guilt.

“Kiritsugu... as long as you’re alive, that’s all that matters.” Illya walked up to him and stretching her arms as wide as they could go she gave him a huge hug.

Unwilling to miss out on the moment Sakura followed suit, and feeling left out Maiya also went in.

“It’s ok Kiritsugu we can do this, together. I don’t want to hear anymore of you running away, do you hear me?” Sakura would make sure he understood the message this time. Even if it meant more trouble in the long run she was going to make sure he understood that there would be no more running away.

“Ah, I really can’t win, fine, I won’t go off on my own anymore.”

That still wasn’t good enough for Illya. “No, it’s not good enough unless you promise!”

“Ah ok, then I Kiritsugu Emiya promise to never run off on my own again. I will first consult with my family first before I make any rash decisions. How is that?”

“Better…But you’re still an iiidddiiioootttt, So you’ll just have to stick around so that I can force that part out of you.”

It quickly was turning into a match of who would break the most awkward hug of their lives first. But luckily for them, before anyone had to make that decision Saber decided to speak up.

“Master, I know you are busy at the moment, but there is still the issue of who has left with our captive. Shall I go pursue them? Though my magical energy is lower than normal I still have enough to move at my highest speeds long enough to chase down whoever dared to do this.”

Awkwardly they broke their hug and though all of their cheeks were slightly blushed they attempted to return to a more serious attitude with Sakura the first to speak up.

“Actually Saber, I ask that you leave this to my team, we are still relatively fresh and I’m worried about Illya, she could really use the rest right now. We still have our car and I have my Assassin who has excellent tracking skills. If we move quickly we might still be able to catch up to whoever might have done this.

It was a very logical approach to how things stood, And it was also true that Illya’s legs were still shaking. In fact it was a miracle at all that she could still stand on her own two feet.

As such there was little either Illya or Kiritsugu could say to counter Sakura’s offer. Instead their silence proved that they were all in agreement.

“So what do you say Saber? Will you entrust this task to us?”

“I have little reason to believe that either of you would betray myself or my Master once you have offered your aid. And as much as it displeases me, Assassin currently has the advantage in terms of endurance. Therefore I leave this task in your care. See that you accomplish this task with the greatest of strength you can muster.”

That was the last that Saber said, with her approval Sakura and co. had little time to waste. After making sure that Kritisugu called for a new ride to pick up himself and Illya Maiya and Sakura jumped into their own car and took off with Assassin following them to the side stating that he would have an easier time looking for any other Servants if he could maintain his mobility under his terms.


The woman had woken up shortly into their trip back to the Matou Mansion much to his Master’s joy.

But what really threw Rider off was the fact that this woman had practically the same dumb empty expression that his own Master always carried with her!

The resemblance was uncanny.

He was still having trouble figuring out just what these two were but after a while of throwing singular words back at one another he had had quite enough of it. Perhaps it was time to try and broaden their horizons.

“A movie! We need to go see a movie! Come Master it’ll be fun!”

And so the three of them in their hijacked car headed towards the movies. Getting in would be easy enough, thanks to Rider’s own skill in persuasion no one dared question why a giant in strange clothing was escorting two women one dressed in a maid outfit and the other in an elaborate purple dress.

If anything trying to pick a movie was the hardest part.

“What the hell is this crap?”

Eeventually Rider settled on the one that looked the least threatening. Directing his two companions to the theater itself he sat down taking up two entire chairs and creating a large empty space where other moviegoers been scared away and seating the two women in front of him so that he could keep an eye on them he watched as the movie started.

“In a world where chaos reigns supreme, and the world runs rampant in chaos, only one force can stop it. These are The Mighty Morphin Taiga Rangers!”


As they drove they talked about their plan of action and came to three conclusions.

As they weren’t entirely sure just who had done the kidnapping and the familiars that Sakura hd throughout the town hadn’t picked up anything of use yet either they could simply wander the town in the hopes that they might be able to find a clue that might help them figure out just who might have done it.

Or they could focus their effort in one of two ways, they could look into the two noble families of Matou and Tohsaka to see if either of them might have done it.

Otherwise that left the remaining Masters and Servants, though their locations were a little bit more obscure Sakura still had a few ideas as to who might be hiding out where.

1. Search the whole city
2. Check out the Matou and Tohsaka
3. Check out the other Masters and Servants
4. Write in...

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You know, it would be a lot easier for me to vote if you actually gave me updates on what was going on on BL, especially when someone does a write-in like last time. I'm not cross-quoting from another forum I can't even post on.

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2. Check out the Matou and Tohsaka

I'm fairly sure the kidnapper actually is the Matou master, and I can't really see which other masters could be responsible, really.


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“It seems unlikely that gra- I mean, Zouken would come out of hiding this early in the war and the Tohsaka Master doesn’t strike me as someone who would resort to kidnapping, let’s check our other leads first.”

“Alright, we’ll follow your lead then.” Pushing hard on the gas the car sped up as the three of them made their way out of the deep forest road and into the outskirts of Miyami Town.

Going by the one nearest to their location, Shinji Matou would be the first target. Sakura still remembered the park she had fought Illya at only to have been saved by. It seemed unlikely that he would have changed locations just yet.

There was still a short amount of time before they reached his apartment. Taking this moment to rest her eyes Sakura drifted off to sleep.

“Shinji come here, I want to introduce you to your new sister. Her name is to be Sakura Matou. and I want you two to get along. Make sure you treat her well, she will be the pride and joy of this family soon enough…”

“Don’t worry anymore Sakura, your good uncle Kariya will win this war and then you can be reunited with Rin and Aoi once more! So please… Just be patient just a little longer…”

“Sakura! We’re here.”

Awaking with a start Sakura glanced around through the tinted windows of the car. Right before her eyes across the street was the apartment that they were looking for. Immediately she forced the haziness out of her head as best as she could while calling for her Servant.

“Assassin do you sense any of Matou’s Assassins?”

‘Yes, I can feel all six of them are nearby inside the building itself.’

“What about the homunculus? She should have the same kind of aura that Illya carries with her.”

“No, I do not sense anything like that, only the crude magical barrier that surrounds this place neither do I see the vehicle that was stolen. And… No it is nothing… Just those things are all I can sense. I know not if the boy is here but his Servant’s being present suggest he is.”

Curious about the thing Assassin was about to mention Sakura decided that he must have his reasons for not bringing it up. Deciding it was best to leave him to his own tasks both Sakura and Maiya deduced that Shinji was not the one to have stolen it. Thus they decided to move onto the next candidate.

The car quickly left the quiet apartments and passed through the streets as it made its way towards the nearby forest.

“Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald. Through our research it seems like he is likely hiding out in an abandoned mansion near Kotomine Church. If my memory serves me correctly, Kayneth was staying at the Matou Mansion for a short time during the previous Grail War. Do you remember anything about him Sakura?”

She had indeed seen him a few times, though the memories were now faint Sakura the few times they had spoken. Though she was only a little girl at the time she had helped him to find his ‘precious one’ and save her from whatever trouble she had gotten herself into.

Even still she could never really appreciate the taste of tea like he seemed to do. But perhaps it was indeed time to pay this man a visit after all. Though she doubted he did it, it wouldn’t have been the first time he charged into the Einzbern forest to steal an Einzbern homunculus. Perhaps he did it again?

Eventually they made their way towards the edge of the forest that housed the hidden Edelfelt Mansion. It did not take long for either of them to sense that the entire place had been put into the control a great many bounded fields. Fields that seemed like they were meant to sniff out anyone who dared to try and invade the premises.

Before they could even go a few minutes into the quiet forest path a man could be seen standing directly on the road ahead of them.

It was a knight, one with olive green leather armor who held two long spears each covered in a deep purple cloth. The tips of these spears glowed in a deep dark yellow and red.

But perhaps the most striking thing about him was the small mole located just under his right eye.

“Lancer… It appears that the rumors that El-Melloi was bringing into play the same Servant that brought him victory in the last war were true. Sakura, be careful this man should not be underestimated. He was able to easily be more than a match against Saber. If he were to fight Assassin head on it would surely end in Assassin’s defeat.

Though she had not seen him directly in the last war, Sakura had heard that this was the same man that Kayneth had been fighting with that entire time. It was a strange feeling to know that even though it had been fifteen years and they had never met face to face they still held some sort of a connection to one another.

But before she could think about those feelings any further the knight slowly began to step forward towards the car. With a loud voice he began to speak to them but his voice did not sound like his own. Rather, it was the voice of a magus noble, proud and pure but with an edge of wisdom in every word.

“Master of Assassin, you are stepping into the realm of Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald. To what purpose do you come here for?”

Making it clear that it was Sakura the voice was speaking to she spoke up perhaps at least for the time being it was best to remain completely honest with him. “Sir Archibald, we have come here to look for an Einzbern homunculus that had been stolen a short time ago. We have evidence to suggest that it was a team of a Master and a Servant. Do you know of anything related to this incident?”

“I have neither the Servant or Homunculus you are looking for, if you have no business here leave at once. Unless you wish to declare a declaration of war? My Lancer will gladly take you on anytime. I am sure that your Assassin is lurking nearby, do not thing I haven’t been watching you all this time.”

His words seemed to be sincere but there was still no way of telling if they were true or not and he seemed like he knew something that they did not. If he really did have scouts throughout the city then perhaps he might have found the vehicle’s true location. Thus Sakura had to think of a new course of action. If he really was the man she remembered all those years ago then perhaps he might still have a weak spot in that one woman.

Steeling her heart once more she braced herself and opened the car door. “Maiya, stay here. I want to try and reason with him.”

“Ah but Sakura, you can’t trust this man! He’s the one who stole Irisviel right from under Kiritsugu's nose!”

“It’s ok Maiya, please, believe in me. I promise I will come back safe and sound.”

Giving a final look of determination towards her adoptive mother she nodded her head before putting a foot out of the door and issuing a second command to her Assassin.

“Assassin, materialize yourself on top of the car, show you are not a threat.”

Following her orders to the letter the Masked Servant materialized himself on top of the car and made his entire spider like body visible. Though he made no gesture or threat it was clear that he was watching both Lancer and his Master very carefully.

Slowly but surely Sakura began to make her ways toward the armed Lancer in front of them. Standing at the ready but making no motion to attack Lancer only watched in curiosity as Sakura slowly moved closer and closer.

She wasn’t sure how much time had passed but eventually Sakura had made her way directly in front of Lancer and his armed self. In less then a second before Sakura or her Servant could even think those two deadly spears could run themselves straight through her body.

Yet Sakura did her best to stand firm. Clenching her fists as hard as she could stop the scary thoughts from emerging onto her face she stared directly into Lancer’s eyes and spoke.

“Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald. Look at my face, do you remember who I am? This is not the first time we have met. My name was once Sakura Matou a scared little girl but one who you are indebted to.”

“Oh? I know who you are, You were once the proud heir of the Matou name, but you cast that aside to follow some forsaken fate with that cursed Kiritsugu. I owe a magus like you nothing.”

The grip of Lancer’s spears tightened as the pressure in the air strengthened to near hostile levels. But Sakura held firm, she glared once more at Lancer before speaking up in a voice that sounded dry and emotionless, it was a voice that even Kayneth could not forget, one that reminded him of the past. Of the little girl that had once saved his fiance’s life.

“She’s not coming back… Do you remember what I said? She was not coming back. Because it was easy to miss. Those were the words I once spoke Mr. Kayneth. The ones that allowed you to save her… So please, if you have any decency in your heart or if you truly cared about her then tell us what you know…”

That monotone voice was the most Sakura could do. If this would not work then their visit here would be fruitless or in the worst case scenario she could very well die by Lancer’s spears.

An eternity seemed to pass as the two of them continued to stare directly at once another. But eventually it was Sakura who ended up winning. Lancer’s mouth opened once more and the voice of the Magus Noble rang out. It was a bitter voice but one that held a tinge of loneliness, of things once held dear but forever gone.

He couldn’t change the past, even he knew the Grail was beyond such things. But perhaps he could fix past mistakes even if only in a tiny way.

“...One of my familiars followed the black car that left the Einzbern forest only a few hours ago… It is currently stationed in a parking deck near the newly reopened Hyatt Hotel. I know not how long it will remain there. Now… Get out of my forest…”

With those last words the Lancer dematerialized and began to walk on the trail back to the mansion. It was clear that Kayneth was done talking, but Sakura’s courage had managed to get them the information they so desperately needed.

“Assassin, go there at once and follow them. Stay hidden and inform me if they try to leave before we catch up.”

“As you command.”

And the masked Servant disappeared off to accomplish his task.

They drove in silence as they approached their destination. Was it due to shock of how out of character Sakura had acted? Sakura was unsure of what Maiya thought about what she had just done. Nearly throwing herself onto Lancer’s spear like that just to get that information.

But regardless of what she thought the decision was already set in stone. And they had come out of it all the better.

Before either of them could speak up about the past confrontation Assassin’s voice rang in Sakura’s head.

“Master, I see a large well built man who bears the signs of a Servant and two people with traces of magic following them. One of them greatly resembles a homunculus of Einzbern origin.

They appear to be getting inside of the black car that was stolen. What are you commands?

Time was beginning to run out for them. They needed to act quickly before the trail they had worked so hard to get went cold. They could simply watch from a distance, something that Assassin specialized in but there was always the chance that he could be detected by the unknown abilities of this new Servant, or they could chose to charge in guns blazing using Assassin’s ability to attack from the shadows to act as a diversion.

In just a few short minutes Sakura and Maiya could be convening on their location. But what would they do?

1. Stay back and observe, see what they do
2. Go in guns blazing, use Assassin as a diversion
3. Attempt to negotiate with them. They might be willing to make a deal
4. Write in...

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3. Attempt to negotiate with them. They might be willing to make a deal

Negotiation seems wise, their intentions don't appear to be bad.


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‘We should just stand by and watch for now. We are completely unaware of just what this Servant can do and rushing in there recklessly is a recipe for disaster. This Servant is a new one, that has never appeared in any of our reports.’

‘Your orders, Master?’

‘Assassin, I want you to stay hidden and observe their movements. We will wait until an appropriate time to react.’

‘Very well, then.’


The next few hours Sakura and Maiya began to watch the Servant’s movements. Thanks to her Servant vision Sakura could see the giant of man who was the Servant and the woman who seemed to be his Master.

She did not recognize the giant of a man but he couldn’t be that hard to guess if he ever were to fight.

But what really concerned her was the Master and the one she traveled with besides her Servant.

From her snow white hair and blood red eyes along with the elaborate foreign maid outfit she wore it was quite obvious that this was the girl that Sakura was after. But why was she walking along sides the other two out of her own free will?

Was it some form of mind control? Maybe they had some kind of leverage against her and were using her as a form of hostage.

And perhaps it was a coincidence or maybe her eyes were playing tricks on her but the one that was the Master bore a very strong resemblance to an Einzbern homunculus if not for her deep purple eyes and hair.

After getting in their car the three of them then proceeded to drive to a nearby mall where they began to shop for various clothes other seemingly needless things. It was rather amusing for Sakura to see the giant Servant get so many strange looks from passersby just because of his huge size.

When they stopped for lunch it seemed as if the giant of a man ordered so much food it completely filled up the table he was sitting at. Compared to the two ladies with him who only ordered burgers and a drink he was quite the eater it seemed.

Finally they left the mall and headed for their car once more.

‘What do you make of this, Assassin?’

‘They do not really seem to care much about the Grail War at all. Or perhaps they are overconfident in the fact that they are daring to travel out in the open in broad daylight where no Master or Servant would dare to attack them. But besides that. The Servant, he seems very familiar with the modern world which is odd. Even with the Grail’s helping hand I had to adapt to the modern age in my own way, yet this man brazenly walks inside that roofed bazaar and even has his own supply of currency no doubt supplied to him by his Master.’

‘The purple haired one? I find it hard to believe that she possesses that kind of forethought. From what I saw her mannerisms and way of speaking all seemed very simple. Much like a doll or some kind of puppet.’

‘Perhaps, shall we continue to watch them?’

‘Yes, let’s do that for now. I am not sure what their motives are but so far reconnaissance has proved to be worth our time.’


Eventually the three of them returned to their car and crossed the great red bridge back into Miyama where they began to turn into the western part of the town where the extravagant mansions lay as well as the bases of Tohsaka and Matou.

‘Master, if you wish to interrupt them before they return to their base this may be our last chance. What do you command?’

Assassin’s words rang true, this may very well be the last chance Sakura would have to stop them before they returned to whatever base they might be living in.

Would now be a good time or should they report back to Illya with the information first?

1. Stop them before they return!
2. Report back to Illya first.
3. Write in...