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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
« Reply #30 on: November 23, 2014, 02:48:12 AM »
Name: Ezra Longinia

Race: Human

Age: 27

Height: 182 cm (5'11" 1/2)

Weight: 75 kg (166 pounds)

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Appearance: Tall, with worn fingerless gloves and a nondescript jacket. His hair is long, in a ponytail that stretches down his back, a conscious decision to emulate Samson. Occasionally smokes, but very fit and healthy otherwise. Shaves as often as he can, but generally has some short stubble. He wears matte, steel-reinforced shoes for practical reasons. A normal enough looking human otherwise, decently attractive.

Origin: The last member of the line of Saint Longinus, stretching back to the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. Like Bazett Fraga McRemitz, his family has carried the Spear of Destiny within their bloodline for generations, the lance that pierced the side of Christ. However, even though Longinus was the one who ascertained the divinity of Christ, he was forced to bear punishment for the sin of wounding the Son of God, and that curse has passed down his line ever since. The curse is as follows:

1. The children of the line of Longinus may not refuse the invitation of battle.

2. Those who bear the name of Longinus, as punishment for harming the Son of God, may not live to see their thirtieth year upon the Earth.

Ezra is nearing the limit of his time on Earth, without any heirs to pass down the Lance of his ancestor. As someone who is under the curse of Longinus, Ezra has fought in the military throughout most of his life; the wording of his curse is binding enough that he was forced to accept the military draft. In addition, he has been unable to back away from any challenge posed to him, be it by supernatural beings or ordinary men. Because of this, Ezra has gotten very, very good at fighting. He was married, once, but as a result of the constant battles that plague him his wife was killed, caught in the crossfire by accident. He has not been involved with anyone since.


Strength: Exceptional

Agility: Exceptional

Constitution: Exceptional

Magical Ability: Low

Other Abilities

Lancea Longini - The Lance that Pierces the Son of God: The Lance of Ezra's ancestor is actually buried within the his own body. By squeezing the nails of his right hand against his palm to the point of drawing blood, Ezra can manifest the Spear. It has the ability to change its form somewhat, alternating between the true, single-headed spear and a two pronged form. Either way, its true power is that of a Noble Phantasm.

As a Noble Phantasm, when the Lance of Longinus pierces something, it deals damage proportional to how far removed they are from humanity. In other words, to unchanged humans, without any magical abilities or any relation to supernatural beings, it would be a simple spear wound. To something like a dragon, however, it would be a massive blow that could kill it in one strike - if it lands. In addition to this, if the target has Divinity, the damage scales as well. As the spear that wounded the pinnacle of the Divine in man, the Lance of Longinus deals the same damage to spiritual beings as it would to physical ones.

Martial Arts - The Way of the Spear: Fighting with the Lance as his only weapon has made Ezra get very good at it, very fast. He can wield it with incredible skill, having mastered how to utilize the weapon to the utmost. His skill with the Lance, some inherited, most not, is enough that he could match powerful beings in combat if he was able to move past the limits of humanity.

Divinity: As a descendant of a venerated saint who took the blood of Jesus of Nazareth into himself, and the carrier of one of the Holy Relics of the Church, Ezra has a streak of divinity within him. By being something that is not completely human himself, though very close, Ezra was able to reach the peak of human ability. (If this was a Servant's sheet, it'd be Rank D)

Sheer Instinct: Due to a lifetime of being forced to fight, Ezra has developed a sort of sixth sense bordering on precognition. His body reacts almost entirely on muscle memory, playing off his enemies's movements before his mind has really caught up. By focusing, Ezra can read the moves of people with equal attributes, as well as react to people above him in power, although it decreases as they get stronger.

Weakness: All normal human weaknesses apply. Ezra has no magic resistance, and is not fast enough to defend against machine guns or the like.

Likes: Quiet, People who don't ask him to clean, Women, Saint Longinus

Dislikes: Giving up, People who provoke him to fight, Saint Longinus
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
« Reply #31 on: November 23, 2014, 03:53:58 AM »
Name: Sarse

Race: Angel

Titles: Angel of Choice, Friend of the Sages, Servitor of Destiny

Age: Roughly 1520

Height: 181 Centimeters

Appearance: Sarse's vessel has the appearance of a simple, slightly tanned man in his late twenties, of short and wavy brown hair and blue eyes, often dressed in a semi-formal suit jacket over a white shirt, trousers, and shoes. In celestial form, Sarse resembles a giant many-eyed serpent with three pairs of feathered wings, wreathed in blue flames. The wings are inverted, his mark as a Redeemed.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Incredible

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Incredible

[Consider Sarse's celestial form to have Fantastic across the board to represent his overall celestial force and power of his soul]

Magical Power: None

Other Abilities:

Perceiving The Symphony: Celestials are beings who can hear the great Symphony of Creation and distinguish the notes that make it up. Anything which disturbs the Symphony in their proximity will ping on this sensibility, allowing them to track the source of celestial powers, the use of essence, and the origin of any other great disruption in the tune of creation, such as the deaths of sentient beings, mass destruction, and even powers of other kinds. Angels can more easily distinguish and recognize disturbances of angelic origin, but as a former Fallen, Sarse can equally tell when a discordant note is of diabolical nature.

Celestial Resonance: The Seraphim are attuned to the great Symphony on a more fundamental level than any other Choir. When they are paying attention, no one can lie to them without it ringing false. A lie is a stain that echoes through creation, undeniable to a perceptive Seraph. As such, they can discern lies from the truth, both as the speaker understands it and, with a careful ear, even the absolute Truth as the Symphony knows it.

Angel of Choice: Sarse is a Celestial who has received a Word, and become intrinsically connected with its place in the great Symphony. As the Angel of Choice, he is meant to do all he can to further this concept for the cause of Heaven and increase its weight in the world. He must encourage others to make their own decisions and to act on their ability to choose for the better, and can recover essence from these acts. He must not refuse to give others a choice if he can help otherwise, reject the possibility of multiple options to resolve a situation, or hide from others that they have the ability to make a better decision, or he will cause dissonance in his own Symphony. He can also feel when people make decisions they do not truly wish to make, or when choices are unfairly restricted, those notes rippling through the Symphony.

Vessel: A vessel is a corporeal form a celestial takes to interact with earthly matters. Celestials can create vessels in the form of any living being and choose its appearance, but most use human ones. Vessels also possess Roles that are chosen at the time of their creation, which determine how it fits into society and the resources the celestial has access to. Vessels do not need to eat, drink, or sleep, and are not ailed by most mortal concerns. They do need to breathe, and are subject to drowning and vacuum. When their Vessel dies, this does not equal the death of the Celestial, but the trauma echoes through their souls and may cripple or weaken them. Creating a new vessel is a complicated act, that requires investing the Celestial's force into a new piece of himself.

Celestial Form: Temporarily abandoning his corporeal vessel, Sarse can assume his true celestial form on the physical world through an effort of power and will. While in this form he cannot be struck by physical weapons or damaged by any earthly force. In the same token, he cannot physically touch anything, being insubstantial - but can still affect the world using the power of his very soul. Additionally, he can fly freely, unaffected by physics, and cannot normally be perceived unless he wishes it so.

Rites: Rituals of special significance to the Superiors celestials are sworn to, which pull celestial essence from the Symphony by creating specific patterns in the physical world or the celestial's mind. His Rites of Yves are: spending around two hours in philosophical discussion; four hours teaching willing students; or six hours meditating or studying in a library. In contrast, his known demonic Rites of Saminga are as such: killing ten humans; killing the vessel of a being on the level of a celestial; or sleeping in a cemetery for six hours.

Attunements: Special powers granted by a celestial's Superior, by tuning them to the Symphony in accordance to the Superior's domain. Seraphim of Yves are linked to his Book Of Names, knowing the true name of everyone they contact physically, and of every item he sees clearly or touches (provided it has a name in an Earthly language).

Distinctions: The abilities granted to a celestial by the ranking he possesses on his Superior's domain. As a Friend of the Sages, Sarse may immediately comprehend any printed material he sees and will never forget it; and has college-level knowledge in every general subject (of course, knowing and being able to use that knowledge are different things).

Songs: The Songs are celestial hymns that create miracles fueled by the essence of the universe. Additional time can be taken to perform so their effects are increased. Using more essence also expands their power. Sarse's skill with the Songs of Thunder, Shields and Form allows him to perform them mentally for instant results; while the songs of Motion and Healing require him to perform either gesture, or vocal invocation. For the song of Tongues he requires both hand motions and vocal performance.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Song Of Thunder - Superhuman. The performer of this song causes a thunderous explosion of forces across all levels of reality, stunning everyone else within its range for a few instants. Its base effective range is around 6 yards. The song leaves its victims almost completely unable to act, but may be resisted with extraordinary willpower.

Song Of Shields - This song creates temporary defenses around the singer that deflect or prevent certain kinds of interference within their perimeter. It can create an enveloping cyclone that buffets any corporeal forces in approach, preventing all physical attacks and objects from passing; or a green field of energy through which no celestial power or spiritual energy based attack can pierce. These protections last roughly a minute.

Song Of Motion - Supernatural. A song which rules the motion of the cosmos. It can allow the performer to fly free of gravity for a few minutes; or let him change the location of something in sight within the Symphony up to several hundreds of meters.

Song Of Healing - Supernatural. This song soothes the pain of existence and mends the ills of the performer and others. With it, Sarse can heal flesh; wipe away insanity; or even restore the soul.

Song Of Form - Supernatural. The song changes the form of the performer's vessel. Sarse can use it to harden his vessel's skin, offering physical protection for several minutes.

Song Of Tongues - A song which is used to facilitate communication through most usual barriers. When used, the subject is able to speak in any human language for around an hour, the listeners understanding him in the tongue they are most familiar with, while he understands speech and text in as close an approximation of his first language as possible.

Force of Spirit: Superhuman. Possessing a strong mind as a celestial and an even stronger will (representative of his potent soul), Sarse is difficult to psychically influence, and a force to be reckoned with if he enters the dreamscape of the Marshes while he sleeps.

Quick Healing: The corporeal vessels of Celestials heal prodigiously fast, much more efficiently than any mortal. Minor scrapes and bruises heal in minutes, significant wounds disappear in little over days and mortal injuries will close and mend naturally within a week if the vessel survives the initial trauma.

Musical Talent: Music shapes everything in the universe. The melodies produced by sentient beings are reflections of the fabric of creation itself, and everyone's tone resounds according to their own Symphony. As beings so closely related to the great Symphony, the music produced by the Seraphim beautifully emulates it indeed. One has not heard an instrument be played until they have witnessed a Seraph wield it. By no means does this make them better than a trained musician from the onset, but they have an instinctive aptitude mortals cannot replicate. Sarse himself actually knows how to play the violin quite, however.

Skills: Though lacking formal training beyond the basics, Sarse is extremely proficient in hand-to-hand combat and weapon use. He is capable with firearms, and experienced at concealing himself and moving about unnoticed. Also far more perceptive than then the average human or celestial, and a pretty good driver. As his main area of activity on Earth has been Europe for the last centuries, he knows most of the languages spoken there, aside from the celestial tongue.


Violin - A common, well-made violin. Comes with a case.
Blessed Motorcycle - A blessed stunt motorcycle. Tougher than a regular bike, and turned on with a celestial incantation instead of a key.
Fiery Sword - A brass sword hilt without a blade. When the handle is firmly gripped with both hands and essence is channeled into it, it manifests a long blade of flames, turning into a powerful weapon. This item remains on the owner's celestial form, and its blade damages the soul itself when used in that state.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Sarse was born a Demon, created in Hell as a Belseraph by one of the Demon Princes. Saminga, the Demon Prince of Death named him the closest earthly translation of "Despoiler" in the celestial tongue, for his intended purpose. Taught only the worse about Humanity, that the Fallen were the righteous rebels, that the Symphony was a mistake, he first visited Earth determined to do the bloody work needed to undo it. What he found was different from what he expected. For near 300 years, he served in Hell without question, but every day his doubts grew greater, and every day his disobedience of the chaotic drumming of Hell grew.

He accumulated dissonance and discord, suffocating in his own celestial lies as a Belseraph and reluctance to indulge in Death. He knew where this path would take him, but he could not keep himself from it. Becoming a Renegade expelled from even Hell, he had no choice but to run. For decades he hid on Earth, fighting both the Angels of Dominic and the Demons of Asmodeus. He struggled only for survival and little acts of help where he could, until he managed to find someone who would aid him. Through them, Sarse managed to reach the Archangel of Destiny, Yves. He fell to his knees, and acted on his last hope, begging him for aid. And before Sarse's humble pleading, Yves smiled and offered him his hand.

Uplifted to an Angel, but a stricken one, Sarse worked tirelessly to restore himself, doing the work of Heaven and his savior with all the heart he could muster. Though he made enemies, his dedication earned him allies, and he realized, for the first time since his birth, that he was working towards his own happiness.

It took many years of hard work, but all the distortions of his soul were removed, and he so became a true Redeemed. And ever since, he has continued to faithfully serve Yves and learning from him. In the over a millennia he spent doing the work of Heaven, he became distinguished in and outside of his Superior's ranks, gained power, and labored greatly to prevent Hell from destroying what he had accomplished.

So came the day Sarse was offered a Word. Choice. For just as he had chosen to be better and seize whatever hope was left for him in his darkest hour, so too could humanity, free of the influence of corruption. He did not plan on accepting the Word, believing that precisely because of the nature of Choice, it did not require a word-bound to defend it - it was something everyone had to grasp on their own -, but good sense and an enormous sense of gratitude towards his Superior made him take it.

From that moment onwards, he traveled extensively through Earth to do the Archangel of Destiny's work, increase the reach of his Word, and deny the false choices that the manipulators of Hell forced on Mankind.

Weakness: As a member of the Choir of the Seraphim, Sarse is unable to tell a lie without creating Dissonance in his Symphony. As his Superior is Yves, the Archangel Of Destiny, he cannot take direct action to move a person towards their dark Fate, or he will gain dissonance. Enough dissonance will accumulate into permanent Discord, which will weaken him. If he uses any of his known demonic Rites to generate essence, he will also gain Dissonance.

Likes: Honesty, reading, music, pleasant discussion, effort, books
Dislikes: Hypocrisy, those who exploit others, wanton selfishness, false promises, the stench of death

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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: Ann

Spoiler for Hidden:
The First System of Power: Death

Race: System of Power or just Power

Age: As old as her world. At this point numbers cease to matter and all you need to know is that she is very, very old.

Height: Varies but is currently about 5' 8'' feet in the human Shell.

Weight: Varies but is usually kept at around 150 lbs in the human Shell.

Appearance: Ann's main human Shell is of a lithe and fair young woman, of black lustrous hair, and grey eyes that speak of more years and lives than her appearance would make anyone think. Most of her body is covered in a black robe with a hood that almost seems to have merged with her body. It is almost impossible to remove it if she doesn’t want it off and always seems to flow around her feet so she won’t trip on it.

The owl Shell has the same grey eyes as the other Shells and its feathers are as dark as midnight. It is about as large as a barn owl but it rarely makes a sound as it takes flight and moves. For all intents and purposes it has the equivalent of Presence Concealment: D

The dog Shell is a gargantuan beast with teeth sharper than any sword, a nose keener than any other hound, and a coat of fur that makes it look like a creature made of shadow. This Shell is about 6 feet on all fours and is just as large and heavy as it is tall.

True Form:
Spoiler for Hidden:

Physical Attributes

Strength: Superhuman (Legendary)

Agility: Supernatural (Legendary)

Constitution: Superhuman (Legendary)

Other Abilities:

Magic Resistance:  Extremely High - It takes potent magic to actually harm Ann and the ones that can have their effects reduced. Spells that focus on draining lifeforce do not affect Ann at all.

The Shell: The true strength of a System of Power makes interaction with mortals and their world difficult at best. Through careful practice they devised a way to craft containers for their might. They are much more limited than their actual forms but the ability to not annihilate everything around you is something that Ann appreciates. As the oldest and most powerful of the Powers Ann can shape her shell into a myriad of forms. She prefers the form of a dog, owl, or a human. No matter what form her Shell takes it always has black hair/feathers/fur and grey eyes. As mere physical containers of her power Shells are incapable of getting sick or poisoned and wounds simply require Ann to recreate the lost pieces of the Shell. The Shell also retains the same level of toughness throughout the entirety of its body. Even attacks against the weak points of the human body can fail to hurt it unless enough force is used. There are  flaws in the Shell such as skin looking extremely pale sometimes, a lack of breathing, or warm skin suddenly turning cold. The complete destruction of a Shell would usually just force Ann into her true form but her adverse reaction to the Nexus in that state forces her to take different measures. She would form a container to house her power but it would be much less efficient at containing it and the Nexus would constantly be assaulting her being. She must stay like this until she has crafted a new Shell for herself. Depending on the circumstances it could take a day or two, or it could take weeks.

Telepathy: High - Touching the minds of others is the most basic skill a Power can possess. Although some have found it useful in their duty to regulate the world, Ann simply uses it to communicate to others while in a Shell that lacks the means to communicate vocally. Telepathy surpasses simple language barriers. It is a meeting of minds that allows the beings experiencing it to exchange concepts and experiences and this allows Ann to communicate with other even when she doesn't understand their language.

The Rot: Legendary -This ability is a representation of Ann’s authority as The First System of Power. This is the right to bring the absolute end to all that exists. If she wills it all that comes into physical contact with her quickly degenerates. Flesh rots, bone is reduced to dust, water is made black and poisonous, and metals are reduced to particles. Even spells, magical constructs, and enchantments will fall apart under the force of this ability. Even entities considered "eternal" and objects considered "indestructible" cannot withstand this metaphysical force. Only extremely potent existences or weapons can avoid being quickly annihilated by this force. In her true form The Rot takes on a physical presence in the world, and becomes infinitely more powerful then it was before. A veritable tide of darkness that wraps around her body and washes over all that approaches her, leaving nothing but dust.

The Abyss of Souls: The First System of Power regulates both the deaths of living beings and the afterlife. This afterlife is being drawn into Ann and having your disembodied spirit attached to the endless amount of souls that make up her own. Those who can view the soul see it almost as a work of art. Every single spirit woven into the the essence of her being. All brought together in death to become one with an existence greater than any of them alone. Ann uses the unique nature of her soul in order to keep eavesdroppers away. The death throes of an uncountable number of beings at once usually dissuades anyone from listening to her thoughts. Spirits that lack sufficient strength will easily be absorbed into Ann’s being and become one with the grand design that is her soul. In her true form these souls manifest as countless bodies interlocked to form an almost humanoid shape. She can also see souls and interact with spiritual entities. In her true form the Abyss of Souls become an aggressive force upon the area around her. Only the most powerful of spirits can resist it and even those possessing an object or human can be removed forcibly. This even extends to the living as well. Those who are weak enough and near death can have their souls torn straight from their bodies.


The Final Harvest : A wretched scythe that seems to be little more than a metal blade fused to a shaft, the blade of this scythe cuts through almost all worldly materials as if they weren't even there and the wounds it causes are notoriously difficult to heal even with the aid of magic. If left untreated for a long enough time the wounds caused by the scythe will putrefy and necrosis will soon follow. Potent enough regeneration, while not completely stopped, is slowed considerably. Against spiritual entities The Final Harvest will drain them of energy with every single strike in conjunction with the normal damage it causes by cutting through them. Ann uses this in conjunction with The Abyss of Souls to weaken powerful spirits to the point where they cannot resist its pull. This scythe is tied to Ann’s being and it can be summoned into her hands at any time. Because of this The Final Harvest cannot be damaged or destroyed unless Ann herself is.

Origin: Born in the shadow of creation, The First System of Power regulated the deaths of all beings in the world. Every creature, no matter how small or large, ultimately had its soul claimed by this Power. It was the first and in time it would watch the creation of many more. Throughout its endless years it would see the rise and fall of nations. It would take countless forms and shapes as it moved across the world and appeared before its denizens. Sometimes it was a god, a forest spirit, or an ancestor who had come down to grace the world with its presence. But an eternity of work weighs on the mind and spirit. Now after an eternity of endless work she was free. The world she was in constantly threatened to stamp out her existence but at long last she had a break from the tedious collection of souls. Death had been on the rise for quite a while in her world but now something else regulated existence and she could just sit back and do nothing.

Weakness: As a System of Power Ann’s very being constantly attempts to enforce the laws of her world upon the Nexus. It doesn’t take too kindly to that and as a result it passively rejects her existence while she is in the Nexus. The effect has mostly been negated by staying within her shell, however the moment she enters her true form the full weight of this world grinds against her own existence. Battles in her true form will barely last more than ten minutes lest the power of this reality remove her from existence.

Likes: Breaks, humans, adding souls to herself
New: Teasing Sarse

Dislikes: Immortals, fighting, having to work
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
« Reply #33 on: November 25, 2014, 11:32:01 PM »
Name: Costin Andrei

Status: Dead

Race: Dead apostle

Age: 23 physically, 197 actual years old.

Height: 6 feet

Weight: 207 pounds

Spoiler for Hidden:

Andrei is a tall and fairly bulky dead apostle with an athletic physique.
His hands, great hands that could easily crush a man’s skull are coupled with short and sharp nails that cut trough flesh without any effort and dig into the bone.

He has long hair, dark as the night, kept in a long braid that goes from his neck to his knees.
His pale complexion makes his skin shine like the moon, as his imposing size and composure make him stand out from ordinary men.
His wolf-like crimson eyes and thin eyebrows give a narrow piercing gaze as his thin lips and sharp animalistic teeth form a bloodthirsty smile resting on a diamond-shaped face.
These sharp teeth, with canines that would fit a rabid hound, have dug into many bodies in the past and hint his inhuman state.

While clean-shaven on the most part, one could see he does, in fact, have side burns that reach his lower jaw.

Andrei usually wears a simple black buttoned shirt, whose collar is always left open.
He also fancies a red tie, jeans and neat leather shoes, and prefers to never change clothes unless they are damaged beyond repair.
 He always seeks to wear the same attire every day.

He carries many scars across his back, and a large scar resembling entangled snakes runs across both his forearms.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Supernatural

Agility: Borderline Supernatural.

Constitution: Supernatural, but enhanced by his blood hardening and curse of restoration.

Other Abilities:

While not possessing any great mystical power per se, Andrei possesses great strength, agility, fighting experience and beast-like reflexes, thus making him a complete monster in hand-to-hand combat.
He fights with ferocity, going as far as using dirty tricks such as blinding or biting his opponents if it can assure victory. His fighting style resembles one of a raging beast, attacking relentlessly with great might and considerable speed without giving his opponent time to breathe, using a combination of rapid punches, palm strikes, feints and kicks, moving quickly around his opponents to attack them from every direction, tiring his enemy until he leaves a fatal opening to land a killing blow.

Battle Continuation: Costin cannot be incapacitated by normal means and has an unnatural insensibility to pain, being able to shrug off most excruciating wounds and keep fighting at his best constantly.
That along with his regenerative abilities makes him a force to not underestimate.

Heightened Smell:  Due to his imperfect vampirism, most of Andrei’s senses are only as low as a mere human at his peak could allow.
However, his sense of smell reaches legendary prowess, being able to instantly deduce things such as sex, age and state of mind of others based on smell alone, yet the smell he is most keen on recognizing is the smell of blood, to such an extent that he could track a wounded man from miles away without too much trouble.

Curse of Restoration: This ability operates under normal conditions and causes the vampire's body to regress through time to its original vampiric state whenever it receives an injury. However, this ability is also tied to the phases of the moon.
This curse is exceptionally strong in Costin's case, it will take extremely severe continuous damage to definetely kill him, but recovering from fatal damage does put a burden on his overall stamina.

Magical Ability: Low.
Andrei’s long lifespan and natural affinity with magecraft, coupled with his vampirism, enables him to cast most basic elemental spells, although not as effectively as other experienced magi.
However, his magical prowess shines when considering his natural talent with blood sorcery, the ability to bend one’s own blood.

Blood Construction: Andrei may bend and harden his own blood and shape it into practically anything ranging from sharp blades to more complex constructs such as chains used to hook himself to other surfaces, helping him zip rapidly around the battlefield and increasing his mobility.
The chains can also attach themselves to another’s body, thus one could be pierced, pulled or whipped by them.
This blood manipulation can only work as long as the manipulated blood stays in contact with Andrei’s actual body, more specifically his hands, and as long as the manipulated blood is functioning, his ability to harden his limbs is greatly reduced.

Blood bind: He is also able to form a seal upon touching someone with the palm of his hand. This seal, formed by Andrei’s blood, will spread all over the victim’s body, and constrict, even immobilize the target. However, not only is the amount of blood needed to form the seal considerable, but this ability would not work quite effectively against targets that have strength above Exceptional, although it could potentially slow down one’s movement…

Blood Burst: By imbuing part of his prana and blood in his punches, Andrei can insert a large amount of energy with his blows, causing bursts of energy from the inside of whatever has been attacked, thus dealing considerable damage. That coupled with his fighting skills and limb hardening enable him to pack quite a punch, going as far as being able to punch trough concrete if he has enough momentum.

Blood Circuit: Costin can form with his own blood a circuit that carries over prana from a distance.
The range itself is around 50 meters, and these circuits can store prana in 7 “pockets” at once.
Once set, these pockets can detonate at will, causing a disruptive explosion that could harm those around it. These explosions are slightly weaker than an antipersonnel mine, and take a few seconds to set up, however once set, the pockets can explode instantly.
These pockets may only be set if the circuit connects to the desired surface, and can be cut or damaged.

Absolute Body Manipulation: The ability to contort and shape one’s body to impossible degrees at will. Twisting or bending any part of Costin’s body will prove useless.

Blood hardening: Andrei’s training in blood magic enabled him to use it to it’s fullest effect, using prana infused blood to harden any part of his body at will.
This makes him able to become an impenetrable shield capable of blocking powerful blows, even some noble phantasms, and a great offense that could go as far as annihilating the toughest defenses.
When hardened, the limb in question will glow in a sickly blood red color as vampiric energies flow trough the very cells keeping the tissue together.

Shape shifting: Costin’s vampirism grants him the ability to change form and become an enormous black wolf. He uses this form to conceal his identity, and vampirism, and most ordinary people could assume him to be a huge dog.
This form, however, is unfit for combat, since Andrei cannot use his normal abilities under this form.


Sunglasses: These sunglasses are completely ordinary mundane sunglasses. He wears them because he can and to hide his unnatural red wolf-like eyes that would easily help others realize his vampiric nature.

MP3 and Headphones: Andrei constantly listen to music, be it day or night, even in battle he will play his favorite tunes.
Not listening to music makes him prone to outbursts of anger and violence, thus he always keeps his headphones and music on.

Metal bat: It’s a goddamn metal bat. Need I say more?


Spoiler for Hidden:
He could still remember the flames…
It was a small village in Romania, a chilly winter day in a small village in Romania.
It was a chilly winter day _______ spent with his brothers and sisters and Mama and Papa in his chilly home.
_______ heard a knock knock that day, a knock knock knocking the door of _______’s chilly house in a chilly winter day in a small chilly village in the chilly land of Romania.

And then he heard the screams.

Screams of pain, screams of anguish, cries of fear asking for mercy.
He saw that man, a giant man, he saw the giant hooded figure of a man, pyre dancing around him, inferno burning his Dad’s chilly nose, his mom’s chilly toes, his brother’s chilly heads and his sister’s chilly beds.

He saw the flames, slithering closer and closer, until they engulfed everything, in a chilly winter day in a small village in Romania.

The boy closed his eyes, and when he opened them, he saw ashes surrounding his frail little body, and the hooded man.
The hooded man smiled, he saw a smile, why did the hooded man smile?
Why did the hooded man laugh?
Why did the hooded man grab his hand and drag him far far away?

5 years he spent with the hooded man, 5 years of pain and suffering and misery and pain and more pain and suffering and tears and more pain and more tears and more pain and the pain, the pain, the pain, the pain…

Until one day the pain stopped, the tears stopped, and along with them his whole world stopped.
And he saw the same smile, the hooded man’s smile, his smile, he always would smile, but why?

And for the first time in 5 years, he heard a man’s voice.
A voice that drilled in his ears like a rusty screwdriver burrowing in his very marrow.
For the first time in his life, he heard the hooded man’s voice.
The man’s voice was a blissful voice, a soft voice that spoke with gentleness and joy.
The hooded man spoke of many strange things, words he didn’t understand.

_______ potential, The _____, ______ Circuits, ______ Apostle, True _______, ______, Crest, ________ Association...

Suddenly, the boy felt something warm, the man grabbed him with his arms tightly.
The man grabbed him, he held him down, he had surrounded the boy with his arms, he was going to kill the boy, he was going to choke him and he was going to die. He awaited death, 5 years of nothing but the desire and the longing for a quick and painless death, a release from the pain, from the tears, and from his voice.

Yet, all he felt was a soft embrace, the hooded man hugging the child, and for the first time, the hooded man’s smile faded.

The hooded man held his palm in front of the boy’s face, and emitted a light.
Light, the light hurt, it hurt, the light hurt the boys eyes, the boy’s eyes hurt because of the light, the man was hurting him…
And the world faded to black.

But he woke up eventually, and when he did, he could only feel awe.
Awe, for he saw a gigantic room, a room with food, a room with toys, a room with pictures, and most of all, a room filled with people.
Men, women, children…
There were so many of them, one could not help but jump with joy.
He jumped and laughed and danced and sang for days, for nights.
He did not sleep, in fact, the more he thought of it, the more he found it strange: he never felt the need to sleep, yet no matter how much food he ate, he was never full.
The physical pain
For an all too short while, he was happy.

It all came crashing down once he saw the hooded man.
The hooded man spoke, he spoke with his chilling soft voice, he spoke of a new name, a name befitting a great lord, a name for a chosen one, and kept talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking with that insufferable voice.
Shut up...
For years, or what felt like years, the hooded man would come at the same time and speak of the same things.
Be quiet!
He found it annoying, unbearable, he hated the hooded man, the hooded man was bad, why didn’t the hooded man keep quiet?
Leave me be.
He spoke again of these words, words that were alien to him, words he didn’t want to understand.
Yet he had no choice but to understand them.
So hungry...
He screamed, he shouted, he cried, yet the man did not stop, he kept standing there, watching him…
It hurts!
He was sick of it, he grew tired of it, he talked and the more he talked, the more others talked, and the voices never stopped.
Until he heard her voice... the voice of the one who died for his sake, the voice of the person he loved the most...
So he snapped.

In the blink of an eye, he slaughtered all the people around him, he devoured them all, without discrimination. No matter how much he shouted, no matter how many he killed, there were more.
Thus he killed, he slaughtered endless waves of piles of flesh, one after the other they fell…
An eternity of time passed, an eternal bloodshed, a carnage that forever left it’s marks painted in his mind forever.

The hooded man, he laughed, he laughed once more...
The hooded man laughed his last laugh.
And for the first time in years, Costin Andrei laughed.

The mad wolf laughed and howled alone under the moonlight, alone and spited, on a hill of bodies, a river of blood...

That was 175 years ago…

In all this time, he learned of his identity as an heretic, he learned how to keep his hunger for blood satisfied, how to hide from those who wished to destroy abominations such as him, and how to survive in an underworld where killing was a regularity.

He learned how to live in the dark world of dead apostles, and learned how to enjoy it.

Under the moonlight, he hungers, and as he preys on the unrighteous and wicked, he only has one goal: live.


Weakness to magic: He has only the most rudimentary forms of resistance against magic.
He could dismiss weaker binding spells and elementary elemental magic, but his body itself offers absolutely no resistance against most higher tier offensive spells.

Vampirism: Being a dead apostle, Andrei requires blood in order for his body to not deteriorate. The sun’s light will effectively destroy him, thus he can only walk around freely at night. He also has the inability to cross bodies of water by foot.
Finally, his power is influenced by the lunar cycle, thus while he is even more monstrous at the full moon, he is at his weakest in a new moon.

Complete lack of long ranged abilities: Andrei’s strength lies in close to mid-range combat, but he has absolutely no forms of zoning control aside his great speed, agility and blood magecraft (magecraft that by itself has a limited range and firepower).
A long-range sniper or a barrage of attacks from afar is something he has no true way of countering, thus harming him from afar proves most effective, and forces him to keep the defensive.

Vampiric impulse: Costin has yet to control fully his blood thirst, thus he will act irrationally when surrounded by injured people, be it foe or ally.
He will often lose himself in the joy of bloodshed and battle.

Insuppressible killing intent: He has absolutely no way to control emotions such as rage and bloodlust, thus when going for the kill, sneak attacks or back stabbing are completely impossible for him.
Since anyone could sense his incredible fury and menacing presence, one would quickly notice him had he any sort of hostile intention.

Light sensitivity: His eyes, used to the dark of the night, are sensitive to light sources. Anything ranging from an electric torch to a flash bang could very well blind him temporarily.

Likes: Honest people, animals, pretty girls, fierce capable fighters, fighting fierce capable fighters, walking around at night, helping people, listening to music, drinking good drink and eating good food, dancing and celebrations of any kind.

Dislikes: Liars, Magi, dishonourable foes, weaklings, unnecessary cruelty, overly hot or cold weather, bright places, the sun, lightly lit places, fire, smoking, boredom, facial moles, sun chips and bugs.

He also hates being treated as a monster or having negative connotations held upon him for his need to feed. Having deep within his heart the wish to live a normal human life, being persecuted for his vampiric nature is something he will never tolerate.
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Misaya Reikouran

Race: Human (Magus), to-be Fallen (living corpse)

Age: 18

Weight: 55kg (121lb)

Height: 168cm (5’5)

3 Sizes: 84/57/83

Eyes: Crimson

Hair: Black

Appearance: She can be described as a perfect beauty, one who since the moment she was born looked the part of the ruling class. Ample curvature is complimented nicely by a slim, almost starved figure, and her skin is an almost pearly white that is ghastly pale. She wears her hair in a half up, and wears a red dress with a deep V-neck underneath a black fur jacket, as well as black short shorts to compensate for the dress’ skimpy nature.


Strength: Exceptional, low. (She’d be able to knock someone’s teeth out but as she lacks Reinforcement, she’s just a bit more than a highschooler in perfect shape.)

Agility: Exceptional, low. (She could probably run a marathon and knows a bit of martial arts but she’s nothing extraordinary)

Constitution: Exceptional. (She can take a good beating and her Magic Crest will forcibly keep her alive as much as possible, but she can’t be called special in this regard.)

Magical Ability: Medium, Very High (She is the heir of the greatest Magus family of the Far East, so she can be called an exceptional magus in both circuitry, spell roster and attitude. However, she cannot face a being of magic that is truly extraordinary.)

Preserved and condensed blood, used for magic circles. Her magecraft is already poured into it, so it takes the desired shape as soon as the blood collides with a surface. It could be called a Mystic Code.

Other Abilities:

Magecraft: The Reikourans study a variety of magical fields with great skill, and under the stress of her oncoming curse, she has managed to master them all in a way her father couldn’t by the time she entered high school:

Rune Magic: Use of Futhark and Elder Futhark runes as spells. They are in theory simple magical spells comprised of nothing but drawing shapes with one’s fingers, and are only limited in their potential by how much prana the user can produce.

Black Magic: The sort of magecraft practiced by witches of old, though Misaya in particular focuses on Necromancy and Summoning, the practices of calling forth that which does not exist and those who should be already dead.

Curses: A sub-section of Black Magic, one that Misaya researched heavily in hopes of finding a way to defy her fate, but to no avail. It is the practice of applying negative or outright murderous afflictions upon others through direct prana contract, elongated rituals or other means.

Judo: A Japanese martial art developed in the late 1800’s focused on throws and takedowns. As it is a simple art ideal to immobilize the opponent for her spells, Misaya trained it from an early age, and is adept in it’s usage, though nothing else close to a proper master.


Father: Misaya has never gotten over the death of her father eight years ago, and fond memories of him still come to her mind frequently. She has a tendency of being demotivated or soft-hearted, even teary-eyed at behavior that reminds her of him.

Dislike of men: Due to abandonment issues with her father and her only ever male friend, Heroic Spirit Paracelsus, summoned by her father, betraying her brutally by cursing her to an inevitable death and killing her father, Misaya has a latent distrust of all men, even the boys in school who treated her like a goddess in school or the friendliest of strangers. This is not impossible to remedy, however.

Panic: Due to her final moments with her father being of him, in a curse-wracked state, trying to stab her to death with a knife, Misaya has an inherent fear of bladed weapons coming within her personal space, to the point where it can cause both sudden panic and, if outright brandished against her, acute stress disorder.

The Curse: An unnamed curse placed upon her by Heroic Spirit Paracelsus during the 1991 Tokyo Grail War when he betrayed his master, Misaya’s father, to side with Sajo Manaka. It is an unremovable affliction that will at an unknown time cause Misaya to rot into a living corpse, effectively killing her and turning her into a monster. She has no idea when this time is to come, but she has a premonitious feeling that her time is running out.


The rune of Hail. When drawn in the air, it creates an intense hailstorm in the of Misaya’s choosing. It continues until either the prana used to draw the rune is expended, or until Misaya wills it to stop.

The rune of Ice. When drawn in the air, it creates a barrage of icicles that lasts until the prana she poured into drawing the rune is expended. When drawn on a surface, it immediately freezes in a thick layer of ice.

The rune of the Sun. It creates a blinding, burning orb of light upon drawing, which can be fired forward at will. It extinguishes once the prana used in it’s creation is expended.

The rune of the Lake, or water. It summons a blast of pressurized water capable of knocking a grown man several meters backwards.

The rune of the torch. Summons a blast of fire into the target direction. Can also be used to create a flying torch, a ball of fire that provides the same natural lighting as four candles. When drawn on a surface, the surface ignites.

Familiar: Black Wolf

An easily reproduced type of familiar that Misaya can summon almost at will, having created a contract with them that lets her summon them back no matter how many times they are killed. They are merely dogs with the strength of an alpha wolf, however, and not unhandleable by a strong opponent unless they are completely dogpiled.

Bounded Fields:
 A perpetual magecraft construct that either applies effects to those within, or seals those outside. While above average in their use in general, Misaya has perfected the art of creating “sealed space”, able to create an almost impenetrable field that’s invisible to the naked eye.

Capable of resurrecting those recently dead, including her familiars, as mindless slaves. Human corpses resurrected in this manner are rarely worth more than as minor scouts, so this is primarily used to bring back an unending horde of her wolf familiars.

This tells the story better than I can.
Misaya Reikouran is the current heir and last remaining member of the Reikouran family, an old clan of magi who were effectively eradicated by the Caster of the 1991 Tokyo Grail War, who served the house faithfully before abandoning them, cursed to die an untimely death, in favor of serving Sajo Manaka. Twisted by bitter hatred, Misaya found her way to Nexus City by sheer accident, a rift caused by Manaka during the early days of the 1999 Tokyo Grail War, severing her contract to Lancer, and she has since found a place to live and stay, where she has done little more than stew in utter frustration and rage at the Grail being robbed from her as it did. By now, she does not have much time left…
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: Than’Sanel
Titles: Of Selesnya, Notions; Abzan Bond-Kin, Rakshasa-friend
Race: Half-Elf Human; Elemental; Planeswalker
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 6’2”; 187.96cm
Weight: 155lbs; 74.84kg

Spoiler for Hidden:

A tall, lanky young man with brown hair and pale-green eyes garbed in white armor and green cloth. Nondescript outside of his slightly pointy ears. It’s his summoned Elementals that look the most bizarre.
Note: Picture only as reference. He is not that old, nor does he wear a beard or the hat.

Physical Attributes
Strength: Exceptional
Agility: Exceptional
Constitution: Legendary

Other Abilities

Magic: High to Extremely High
Than’Sanel specializes in “White” and “Green” magic, specifically Summoning Selesnyan Saprolings and Elementals from Lorwyn-Shadowmoor. He uses the Saprolings to Convoke larger elementals or Evocation to use Elementals to cast quick spells. He is able to use Elementals from all “Colors”, but besides that has dabbled mostly in "Red".

His strongest, Legendary summoned creature is to call upon the Horde of Notions – a veritable “Parade” of Elementals from Lorwyn-Shadowmoor.
To put it another way, Than'Sanel's strongest Elementals are:
1. Horde of Notions: a 5/5 all-colored Trample, Vigilance, Haste that can return Elementals from "death" for one of each color.
2. Supreme Exemplar: a 10/10 blue Flyer that can only be summoned if another Elemental is exiled/sacrificed.
3. Doomgape: a 10/10 green/black hybrid Trample that forces the summoner to sacrifice another creature. It heals the summoner for the sacrificed creature's toughness (HP).
All 3 of these have Supernatural in all attributes and Medium-to-High Magic
Spoiler for "Other, Weaker Elementals":
Supernatural in all attributes; Medium Magic

Dawnfluke protects against damage.
Shriekmaw, Wispmare, and Ingot Chewer have destroy effects.
Briarhorn and Meadowboon give other summons a boost.
Reveillark lets him call previously used and de-summoned creatures that are "weaker" attack-wise.
Spitebellows and Ball Lightning deal direct damage.
Walker of the Grove and Spawnwrithe make tokens.
Plumeveil is a flying defender. No real special ability.
Morselhoarder allows him access to more magic energy.
Thunderblust is acts as a direct damage attack.
Flickerwisp exiles something for a "turn".
Spitemare takes damage and, while being injured or destroyed, returns that same amount of damage back to its attacker.

His White magic focuses upon preventing damage and healing, while his Green magic focuses upon strengthening his Elemental companions. Due to his dabbling in all colors because of Elementals, he has resistance to magic based in “Colors”.

Equipment: Selesnya-style armor

Spoiler for WIP:
Than’Sanel was born on the super-city plane of Ravnica into the Selesnya Conclave guild during the events of the Decamillennial. As a member of the Conclave, he was raised to be selfless and devoted to growth, trained in nurturing saprolings. He was nothing out of the ordinary until the Nephilim broke free and began ravaging Ravnica.

He was nearly killed as a teenager by one of The Dune-Brood’s spawn, trying to protect a Guildless, but he – as one in a million – awakened his Planeswalker Spark in that instant and Planeswalked to Lorwyn-Shadowmoor’s Primal Beyond, the birthplace and home to Elementals. There he learned the ways of the strangest Elementals, those born of notions. He added Evocation to his repertoire of abilities alongside Convocation and Saproling magic.

Years later, having spent so much time in the Primal Beyond he was changed into an Elemental himself, he ventured out into the Planes on a search to return to Ravnica.

He failed twice.

He found himself on the Plane of Tarkir on the border between the Abzan Houses and the Sultai Brood. He was not unnoticed by the sinister beings of Sultai, but was rescued from dehydration in the Abzan desert by a caravan from the Houses. He traveled with them from a time, learning of the Houses and their amber-magic. He was treated well, despite being an outsider. It was obvious he held many of their same ideals.

Conflict arose when a Rakshasa slunk into the camp to talk to him. His time among the Elementals had made him less prejudice against Blue and Black magic. His leniency only encouraged the Rakshasa in its attempt to tempt and manipulate him. This was both of their undoing. As an outsider and “Rakshasa-friend”, his Abzan saviors wanted him to leave – they could not trust Than’Sanel if he were going to befriend a Rakshasa.

And so he “left” in the truest sense he could – Planeswalking – knowing that staying on Tarkir with only a Rakshasa for a companion would only end in tragedy.

This was how he arrived at Nexus City.

Weakness: Strong “Blue” magic: illusions and mind-control. Elemental suppression. Relies on Summoning Saprolings/Elementals and can only have 4 of a single one at a time, besides Horde of Notions, where-in there can only be 1 Horde at a time.

Likes: Companionship, architecture that includes nature, creativity, life

Dislikes: Evil “Blue” and/or “Black” mages, Demons
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: Archer - Heroic Spirit EMIYA
Race: Servant
Age: Est. Late 20's to Mid 30's
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Eyes: Grey
Hair: White

Strength: Incredible
Agility: Incredible
Constitution: Incredible
Magical Ability: Low

While Archer was a magus in life, he was never exactly very good at it. Still, he possesses a rather decent knowledge of formal Magecraft and can use it.  He is extremely skilled in Projection and effective at Reinforcement.

Other Abilities:

Clarvoyance: Eagle eyed vision. Can clearly pick out a target from over 2 miles away. This is accomplished by Reinforcing his eyes.

Eye of the Mind (True): Capable of calm analysis of battle conditions even when in danger and deduce an appropriate course of action after considering all possibilities to escape from a predicament. So long there is even a 1% chance of a comeback, this ability greatly improves the chances of winning.

Unlimited Blade Works: Archer's trump card, a reality marble. While he doesn't possess a true noble phantasm, this is as close as he has. Within Unlimited Blade Works, his projections are nearly instant  as they are already created - at a low cost to mana as well per projection, but the cost of maintaining the marble is more than enough to make this less of an issue. Multiple noble phantasms are stored within, though they suffer a rank down due to not being the originals.

As an Archer class servant is expected to be, he's very good in long range combat, though close quarters fighting is not a weakness of his surprisingly.

Origin: Shirou Emiya always wanted to save everyone. But, he had to face the fact this was impossible. And so he started to slide down the same path as his adoptive father, killing one to save many. Idealism started to die within him when forced to face the harsh reality of his path, until a natural disaster struck. He couldn't save everyone with the strength he had. That's when he made the deal with the world: Service, in exchange for the power he needed. Eventually, he was left by all he loved, betrayed by a friend, and executed, all of which happened with a smile on his face. Because, after all, he would still be able to save people after he died as a Counter Guardian. In the end, his ideals destroyed him.

EMIYA was wrong. His deal didn't make him a hero, or allow him to save people - or at the very least see those who he saved. Instead, his job was that of a cleaner, of a mindless automaton who had the duty to do nothing more than slaughter those that Alaya deemed a threat. His idealism truly died after that. An eternity of slaughter was all he was a part of. That was, at least, until he felt the tug of the Grail...

Weakness: Lack of Prana, kittens stuck in trees, Rin
Likes: Helping people, chores
Dislikes: Himself, idealistic morons
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: Time (Tee-meh)

Race: Human

Age: Late 20's to Early 30's

Height: 182.6 cm

Weight: 170 lbs


Time 1

Time 2

Time 3

Time 4

Time 5

Time 6

A fit young man garbed in a black sweater and trousers with brown boots. He wears his light brown leather jacket over them if the weather gets a bit chilly. His wardrobe is, of course, not limited to that given his small exposure to the modern era in Nexus. But, this is what he usually tends to wear. Time possesses swept back black hair with a bit of stubble around his chin and sideburns on the sides of his head.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Fantastic

Agility: Fantastic

Constitution: Incredible

Other Abilities:
  • Swordsmanship: In Nasuverse terms, he has reached a monstrous mastery of swordsmanship very much in a similar manner to Sasaki Kojiro. In a world where magic reigns supreme in the battlefield, he is actually considered a monster when fighting against a whole army of magically reinforced elite soldiers that also uses magic on top of melee combat skills. With only his sword and his sword skills.

    Unlike Kojiro's application of the Multi-Dimensional Refraction Phenomenon, Time's swordsmanship manifests as a cut or multiple cuts that rend through the very space itself. In other words, any tangible existence is subject to being cut no matter how hard the exterior. The canon information from his verse has been noted from prominent characters (like Edermask) that he is even capable of cutting mountains with this nameless sword technique he attained through insane amounts of training.

    As if this weren't enough, he's also capable of propelling wind through each slash for a long range attack of an approximate several hundred yards. These attacks can possess the same kind of effect like his space-rending slices, but they can exist longer until reality fixes this anomaly. This makes attacks from behind even unwise as well since the slash is still existing statically. But because of this fact, this technique can also be dangerous to Time if he is not careful.

    It goes without saying that propelling wind with the space-splitting characteristics does tire him out more than his normal slashes. Also his technique can be understood if the enemy survives long enough. It is why he uses a snow setting to help mask the nature of his techniques since his wind slashes seems invisible.

  • Shovel Handle Maker: He's also good for making shovel handles like this with his swordsmanship.

  • Intuition: Capable of high levels of intuition and observation through his perception. It is how he's able to swat away a whole volley of crossbow bolts shot from an army all pointing at him. Or even how he's able to dodge a bombardment of magical attacks from said army while still killing them off with sheer swordsmanship. He is even able to perceive movement hundreds of meters away when he was confined inside the cottage he's supposed to protect.
  • Sword: A normal double-edged broad sword of average length.
Origin: Look in here.

Not much is known about Time, but it is heavily implied that he once traveled with the Edermask in the series. The said magician asked him to take care of his beloved comatose Natasha until he finds a means to bring her back. However, a whole army of reinforced and magic-using soldiers led by Huan would come to take him down.

Given Time's prowess, Huan took heavy damage to both himself and the greatly reduced numbers of his army. But, Time failed in his task and later died. Though to his utter surprise, he found himself in the modern setting of Nexus. While this is a completely different setting that he's used to, Time finally managed to snag a job as an employee in a bar where he can share his bad cooking and get bad critiques to his chagrin.

Weakness: No magical protection. No regenerative properties. Susceptible to the same mortality like every human.

Likes: A challenge. The ladies. *Fedora tip* Being a bit mischievous.

Dislikes: Cooking. Edermask. Modern Technology. Magic.

Note: He feels like a mix of Cu and Kojiro, really. He's literally a mix between them both personality and skill/ability. Too bad he dies a bit soon. I'm also having him be the guy who has no idea how to drive since he came from a medieval fantasy world. So this could be something for others to try to rp with or something.
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> On 3/22/15, at 10:07 AM, ReverseLogic wrote:
> > seriously, again, I ran one of the weakest characters. you keep obsessing over abilities and powers
> Power, it's something so... so intangible. Yet, has such a strong grip upon me. I... I want it. I desire it, in my hands, in my life, in my soul. And once I have, I will simply want more, while jealously guarding what I have.


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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: Puck

Race: Elf/Fairy

Age: ???

Height: 6 inches?

Weight: 5 lbs?

Appearance: A diminutive fairy with insect wings. Has iconic blue hair and green eyes. Looks naked most of the time.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Less than Human

Agility: Exceptional by flight?

Constitution: Less than Human

Other Abilities:

Elf Dust: Dust that is secreted from his wings. Powerful healing agent that can heal wounds. Dire wounds require more applications of this dust. Cannot heal spiritual wounds nor could it restore missing body parts.

Empath: Can feel the emotions of others to the point of being overwhelmed if the emotions are strong enough.

Puck Flash: Can emit bright light to blind others. What'd you expect? He's got nothing to flash since he's already naked anyway.

Equipment: Chestnuts with burrs.

Origin: Random elf fairy that joined the EDGY ride with Guts while serving the role of comic relief, telepathic empath, and healer. He is somehow related to the Elf King.

More from here

Weakness: Can be squashed like a bug.

Likes: Friends, Fun, Helping Others

Dislikes: Evil, Darkness, Jerks
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On 3/22/15, at 10:09 AM, Donkey Punch Fucker! wrote:
> On 3/22/15, at 10:07 AM, ReverseLogic wrote:
> > seriously, again, I ran one of the weakest characters. you keep obsessing over abilities and powers
> Power, it's something so... so intangible. Yet, has such a strong grip upon me. I... I want it. I desire it, in my hands, in my life, in my soul. And once I have, I will simply want more, while jealously guarding what I have.


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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: "Fair Lady" Elyssa-324

Race: Warmonger Mk. V/Seraphim Series Artificial Construct

Age: 3 years

Height: 8'4"

Weight: 1100 lbs

Appearance: Elyssa takes the form of an eight-foot, humanoid robot that is moderately armored. Legs are digitigrade, using three splayed, broad toes on both feet to stand. Each arm ends with a hand with four clawed fingers and a thumb, allowing her to interact with the environment. On the left forearm there are two "rods," which allows the conjuring of magecraft. The head is nothing but a rectangular box with three circular sensory cameras (One large one that is centered, two smaller ones on each side of it, towards the bottom) with blue lenses.

Two thrusters reside on the back; one on the upper left, the other on the upper right. When activated, these thrusters emit a long contour of glowing white energy, giving an appearance of wings. Going down the center of her back is a series of three, upwards facing fins, the top the largest, the bottom the smallest. These fins make up the upper part of the generator, collecting the environment's mana.

Overall, the armor is fairly angular and unisexual, only curving around the chest, the legs, and the arms to maximize protection. The armor is painted in varying shades of grey, forming an urban camouflage pattern. There are various runes across the hull. These allow Elyssa to become temporarily lighter, faster, or stronger is she pumps mana into them.

Physical Attributes:

Strength: Incrdible (increased when Stone Runes are active)

Agility: Incredible (increased when Fleet Runes are active)

Constitution: Incredible

Other Abilities:

Repair Protocol: A command that exponentially decreases the amount of time for full body reconstruction. However, this forces her system to go into a complete shutdown; she is more or less brain dead until the minimal amount of recovery has been met.

Military Training - Marksmanship: Elyssa has little difficulty hitting her targets at 500 meters

Military Training - Swordsmanship: Elyssa is efficient with the movements of her blade, going for the kill rather than wasting time with unnecessary actions.

Military Training - Hand-to-Hand Combat Elyssa is known to rip her foes apart with her bare hands.

Magical Ability: Medium


Arcane Lightning: a spell of moderate cost that involves shooting a single, magical lightning bolt from each of the rods. High enough power to damage a medium tank, yet as accurate as a DMR. This is Elyssa's go-to spell for sniping attacks.

Disruption: A low-cost sound-based spell that can disorientate opponents up to thirty meters away. Can be made more powerful to outright incapacitate targets that are needed to be taken alive.

Balefire: A somewhat expensive spell to perform that essentially acts like a flamethrower. Range goes up to forty meters, and the blue flames reach a hellish 2000 degrees celcius.

Sundering Bolts: A low cost spell that has Elyssa rapidly firing fist-sized orbs of energized mana. Upon impact, they sear through the target in a manner more like plasma rather than fire.

Firestorm: Another low-cost, rapid fire spell. Instead of utilizing pure, energized mana, it involves quickly firing balls of fire.


Stone Runes: Located on the inner side of each forearm. Increases the strength of her hands and arms when activated.

Fleet Runes: Located on the upper portion of both legs. Decreases mass and increases movement speed when activated

Shadow Rune: Located on the torso, center of the chest. Makes Elyssa nearly invisible when activated. Does not hide prana or heat emissions.

Gate Rune: Located directly to the left of the Shadow Rune. Allows Elyssa to phase through walls. Phasing emits light and a loud hissing sound, however, making it ideal only for escape or ambushes, not stealth.


Adamantium Plating: The outer plate armor is highly durable and light-weight. Small Arms fire has little affect on the plating.

Orichalcum Body: The magical metal that makes up the body has several unique properties, the most important of which is that it can "heal" - return to the shape that it was forged into over time if the pieces are kept together. The joints are also made of this fantastic metal. However, it should be noted that it is a somewhat weak material, for small arms can legitimately tear it apart.

Sensory Suite: Elyssa's optics can zoom in, magnifying up to 40x. She can switch to thermal and night vision as well.

M-42 Adamantium Combat Sword: a one-handed shortsword scaled up to her size. When not in use, it is sheathed on her hip.

Adamantium Claws: More or less an extension of the Adamantium Plating. Just sharpened armor at Elyssa's fingertips.

Thrusters: A pair of thrusters mounted on the upper back. It uses energized mana for thrust. Allows Elyssa to quickly dash horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. She can also use it to quickly hover over long distances - a faster way to travel than to run.

M-67e Bradford Engine/Compact: A device mounted onto Elyssa's back that gathers mana from the air. Mana is necessary for her to fight, move, and even live. If she were to start using more mana than the Bradford Engine could collect, her movements become more sluggish or she might even temporarily shutdown. The portion of the engine that exists outside of her body are the three fins jutting from the center of her back.

Radio Comm. Module: Radio uplink for communication across the battlefield.

Origin:Over the last few decades, the proliferation of runecraft combined with the perfection of the Bradford Engine has allowed the average soldier the ability of performing low-end spells.

However, for the soldiers in the field to be able to apply this, the average mage is needed in the factory to create the materials they need. Most modern countries understand that the math states thousands of slightly magical soldiers are able to apply more force than a hundred moderately powerful mages; therefore, only the top tier mages are used in combat roles in the military, the rest are in manufacturing.

However, this has removed a mainstay in most armies: Golems. Golems have always been used as part of the spear head of an attack. But they require a mage to directly control them, and there are few mages on the frontlines now. The Helkan Empire has found a solution to the problem. They combined another line of artificial beings, the Homonculi, with the golem in what is called the Warmonger Program.

The current top of the line model is the Warmonger Mk. V Seraphim Series, a line of highly mobile golem shocktroops that work in small squads, blitzing through the enemy the seize an objective, execute a VIP, or merely being the tip of the spear for an offensive.

However, a civil war broke out in the Helkan Empire when King Alric Brenhaven died before having a son. Loyalties were split between Queen Eleanor and Duke Charles Alberton. With Eleanor being the rightful ruler, those of the Warmonger Program have tossed their lot with her, the Seraphims often playing a pivotal part in both offensive and defensive operations against Duke Alberton's forces.

The earliest memory that Elyssa herself has is being pulled from a vat in a laboratory along with three hundred others. Like all other Homonculi in the modern Warmonger Program, she was "born" as an adult. Over the next two years, she underwent extensive indoctrination and a harsh training regiment. She was trained how to swiftly take down an opponent with either her hands or her sword, how to perform an array of spells correctly, quickly, and accurately, and she was made an utterly loyal soldier of the Helkan Empire.

On her second birthday, both she and those who haven't washed out of the program underwent the last stretch: The shedding of their frail bodies for the Seraphim Chassis. Their brains were removed and inserted into the chest cavity of the magical construct. They are finally the super soldiers they were born to be...

The following year was filled with near constant combat for Elyssa. Her squad playing key parts in the Seige of Madrigal, the Battle of Yorkton, and more. However, Duke Alberton's forces managed to push through all the way to the captial city of Albion. It was there that Elyssa faced the harshest fighting of the war. When the Duke's personal aerial battleship arrived at the city, Elyssa and many other Warmonger Golems managed to board it. While several squads' mission was to assassinate Alberton, her squad was to partake in the destruction of the ship's Bradford Engine.

While battling through the many decks of the battleship, a blood-splattered Elyssa suddenly and unexpectedly found herself transported to a foreign city...

Weaknesses: Her brain is situated in the chest cavity of the Seraphim Chassis; while that is the heaviest armored area, it should be noted nonetheless. The fins making up the outer portion of the Bradford Engine is perhaps the most significant weak spot; damage to that forces her to retreat and perform Repair Protocol.

Likes: Visual and audio stimulation, Loyalty, the Helkan Empire

Dislikes: Incompetent Commanders, Disloyal People, Enemies of the Helkan Empire
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: Alexander the Great

Race: Incarnated Servant

Age: 32 (2337 including the years he was dead)

Height: 212 Cm

Weight: 130 Kg

Appearance: .

Physical Attributes

Strength: Superhuman

Agility: Supernatural

Constitution: Superhuman

Other Abilities:
Magic Resistance: Alexander’s magic resistance is low, only able to negate single action spells.

Riding: As a former member of the Rider class, Alexander has an extremely high rank in this skill, allowing him to perfectly control any mundane vehicle, and even allows creatures on the level of phantasmal and divine beasts to be controlled.

Military Tactics: Alexander is a military genius. He conquered Persia in his short lifetime, and is extremely knowledgeable in the field of tactics. He gains a bonus modifier when fighting against armies.

Divinity: Alexander has been said that he is the son of the greatest of the Gods, Zeus. However, there is no clear evidence to support this claim, and may have been propaganda.

Gordius Wheel: The Gordius Wheel is a large antique scythed chariot led by a two divine bulls. It is larger than the average truck. The bulls and chariot tread upon divine lightning, allowing it to easily move through the air. The bulls create claps of thunder and lightning with every footstep.
Charging with the chariot causes it to be engulfed in divine lightning, powerful enough to pierce through Berserker’s defenses. By calling out it’s true name, Via Expugnatio, he can greatly increase the violence and speed of the charge, moving almost as fast as Excalibur.

Ionioi Hetairoi: This is Alexander’s ultimate Noble Phantasm. It is a reality marble embodying his dreams and philosophy of what a king should be and the close bond he formed with his servants. Inside, he is able to summon his great army that conquered Persia. His servants, having sworn loyalty to Alexander even after their deaths, his personal guards who had turned into spirits, manifest into Servants together with the ruler. Due to the limits of Alexander’s abilities, their Noble Phantasms are not manifested.

Sword of the Kupriotes: Alexander’s sword. It is a spatha, and was gifted to him in life by the king of the Cypriots. Its hilt is decorated with the likeness of a lion. Strong and light-weight, the blade can be wielded with great dexterity.

Origin: Alexander was summoned as the Rider-Class servant of the Fourth Holy Grail War by Waver Velvet. During the course of the war, he arranged a meeting of kings at the Einzbern castle with the intention of discussing the abandoning of their claims on the Holy Grail. He lost the Gordius Wheel in a battle with Saber shortly before his final fight with Gilgamesh.

He fought Gilgamesh on a bridge, and used Ionioi Hetairoi as his final move. However Gilgamesh used Ea to destroy over half of his grand army, causing it to dissipate. Rider charged at Gilgamesh, but ended up restrained by Enkidu, at which point Gilgamesh killed him with Ea.
After being killed by Gilgamesh, Alexander found himself inside the Nexus.

Weakness: His pride. He feels a compulsion to do heroic deeds, even in the face of extreme danger, and will often throw him into seemingly suicidal situations

Likes: Adventure, novelty, a good and honorable conquest, having a good time, overindulgence

Dislikes: The idea of final completion, the death of people he loves
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: Lorenzo Remei

Race: Human

Age: 24

Height: 6”2

Weight:178 lb

Spoiler for Hidden:

Physical Attributes

Strength: Exceptional

Agility: Supernatural

Constitution: Exceptional

Magic Scale: High

Pyromancy Specialization: Lorenzo is highly proficient in the spell craft of fire, being able to manipulate and bend great amounts of fire to his will without much effort and quickly surround an area in flames. From fireballs to blasts of heated pyre, he can deliver as much fire gusto as there can be, his flames capable of burning up to a thousand degrees. However, it is natural to say that the hotter and the more fire Lorenzo is controlling, the more it is taxating to him.

While Lorenzo can expand or extinguish fire at will, an almost spontaneous combustion so to speak of, if he wishes to unleash his pyromancy, a source of fire or a spark is required, that and oxygen to feed the flames.

Fire elemental creation: Imbuing fire with a shaped will and harnessing it's life, Lorenzo can create flame-like familiars that not only serve as scouts, but can even be used offensively by exploding remotely at will. This ability is not mere pyromancy, but something that is more alike to speaking to fire itself.

While Lorenzo's senses are linked to the familiars, the opposite is untrue. They can, however, communicate to him without speaking at all. This applies wherever they could be. Surprisingly enough, this ability is rather mana efficient, although controlling many at once is not. Do note that the familiars can grow in size, being able to cover wide areas if fed with enough flames. Making them grow without a large amount of fire nearby is possible, but much more taxing.

On the other hand, the larger they are, the stronger they will be and the wider the explosion will be. Finally, these familiars can take many shapes, preferably that of birds that can reach flying speeds of 160 mph. It is also important to note that the familiars can be imbued with varying levels of intelligence and sentience.

Other Abilities:

Incredible reflexes: Lorenzo has managed to acquire tremendous reflexes, granting him the ability to swiftly strike and dodge relentlessly in a breath’s notice.

Acrobatics:Lorenzo's agility and skill allow him to perform awe inspiring acrobatic feats nearly on par with a time altering persian prince.

Skillful Swordsmanship: After years of training at the art of the sword, Lorenzo has acquired a tremendous mastery of sword fighting, being able to hold his ground against faster, stronger opponents with any blade trough sheer skill.

Hawk’s Eye: Because of the harsh seas, Lorenzo developed his perception and eyesight to a great extent.
His eyes sharper than most men’s, he can quickly avert his gaze at a moment’s notice and analyze all elements that surround him to the most scrutinous detail. The pirate’s eyes can detect movement at speeds that would be normally impossible to notice, giving him a great edge in battle.

A true man's booty: Lorenzo is a pirate who's booty remains the mightiest part of his body. It's his greatest and mightiest pride, his true weapon. Because of that, all attacks directed at his ass will be nullified, and his anus can contract with might comparable to the mightiest beings in existence. That is the power of a true ass man. However, for it's true powers to awaken, it must be deflowered at first.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Lorenzo's butt

Str: Legendary


End: Legendary


Rapier: A seemingly simple steel rapier. Light, solid and sharp, it provides a great close range offence when coupled with his skillful swordsmanship.
The blade is coated with harmful venom that cripples those affected, slowly paralyzing the body from the wound.

However, this sword is no regular blade, for it is in fact a “key” to unleash “the Fiery Moon”, a colossal spectral ship that will soar into the skies if Remei was to dig the blade into the ground and utter the required incantation.
Because this rapier is a great artifact, it will not be destroyed easily, and will reform even after being shattered, although the required duration of the blade’s recreation depends on the severity of the damage.

“The Fiery Moon”: A colossal flying ship, it is the very manifestation of Lorenzo’s dream of becoming the perfect pirate, a subconscious memory of his fallen ship materialized into ethereal form.
The boat boasts a speed and power rivalling the likes of an anti-army noble phantasm, holding an overwhelming amount of cannons that, when fired at full power, could quite easily obliterate all in it’s path.

However, normally Lorenzo cannot use this weaponry to the fullest extent, the very manifestation of this ship puts a great strain on the pirate and without a proper way to fuel it with mana, it will put a burden on Lorenzo’s body so great it could become fatal.

Thus going all out is normally not an option, unless he has a way to provide it with sufficient energy.
While not any sturdier than a regular boat of it’s size, it does have a sort of particular property similar to a curse of restoration. Even damaged, it will grow back to it’s original form, although the greater the destruction, the longer it will take for the ship to recover.

Magic Flintlock: An elegantly ornate flintlock Lorenzo uses in order to fight opponents at longer range. While flintlocks are usually considered unreliable compared to modern weapons, the lower range, reload time and weaker accuracy limiting it's use, Remei’s magic flintlock is an exception.
Instead of needing actual bullets or gunpowder, the gun simply fires concentrated amounts of prana focused in a single point as the flint discharges the accumulated magical energy by releasing a spark.
Thus this weapon is not only unaffected by moisture, but is also stranger to reload times or jams that were so common to usual flintlocks, making the possible rate of fire much faster than a regular handgun.

Compass and seal: A magical compass that normally never points to the north. Instead, it always without fail points towards the “seal”, a sapphire-like gem that is linked to the compass trough some sort of magical bind. It is quite handy to keep track of people, since no matter where the seal is, the compass will always reveal it's location.

Spyglass: A spyglass telescope composed of a metallic cylindrical casing; it contains lenses that magnify images from a distance.
This spyglass is light and sturdy, thus easy to carry around.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Lorenzo Remei was to be nothing more than a servant since his family was poor. His parents had no choice but to sell him into servitude, leaving him in the hands of a cruel aristocrat that tortured and humiliated him. This was how he was going to spend his life … at least, that's what would have happened if the boy hadn't escaped on that fateful day.

It was an immense boat, perhaps a merchant shipment, Remei didn’t care, he instantly fell in love with it, and before he knew it, he was hanging onto a small fissure for dear life!  He truly wanted to be in that ship, to live a life of adventure sailing the seven seas and exploring the vast world. And he did succeed, sneaking into the boat like a mouse, he lived off the rations enjoying his new life...

Little did he know that peace was soon put to rest, for he was discovered, yet the crew had no idea what to do of the boy and they simply had no time to worry of such things.
However the captain decided Lorenzo would stay, for the boy reminded the captain of his son long dead of sickness, thus he could not bring himself to cast the child away.
Lorenzo Remei was now to join the captain, work his way into the life of a pirate under his wing and eventually become a member of the crew.

However, even if the quartermaster did accept his decision, there was one condition: in order for Lorenzo to become an official member of “The Fiery Fortune”, the boy would have to defeat him in combat.
It was that challenge and the promise of companionship that pushed the young Remei to the limit, clashing swords and blows became a daily routine as their bouts became more and more frequent.
Was it weeks, months, years? The time it took did not matter, all he knew was that he finally did it, he finally managed to land a blow on his opponent, and for the first time in his life, Lorenzo tasted sweet victory, he was now a dependable fighter and an invaluable member of the crew.

Not only that, secretly, he had managed to master a little trick, some sort of technique that enabled him to move pyre freely to an extent.
That was his first experience with what some would call “magecraft”.
If he trained this power a bit every day, perhaps he could eventually put it to use eventually.

Time flew, Lorenzo had managed to live trough many adventures, set foot on unknown lands and witness the fiercest creatures.
 “The Fiery Fortune” was now a notorious ship that possessed many riches, an unstoppable force, a great multitude of men and invoked the fear and admiration in the hearts of many…

And leading this group of fierce pirates, a proud man stood proud. His name was Lorenzo Remei, one of the greatest pirates to have crossed the ocean.
Power, glory and freedom to sail the seven seas, the man had it all…
Yet one day “the Fiery Fortune” simply vanished, the crew and it’s captain never to be seen again.

Legends tell of a great calamity, a monster unlike anything ever witnessed by human eyes. The colossal beast fought the pirates in a great battle, Remei and his crew gave their all, but it simply wasn’t enough.
All the man remembered was a crushing blow decimating the boat, and a deafening silence. He should have died that day, along with his companions, so why did Remei now find himself in a strange island?

Now alone in a desert, the man was fated to wither and die alone… But trough sheer will, he survived, deciding he would not end this way. As months passed, he found mysterious ruins, some sort of city. Exploring the remaining monuments, the pirate found a strange door carved with bizarre symbols.
He did not know why, but he felt pulled by an unfamiliar force, as if dragged to the door, he let himself be carried away by curiosity.
Opening it, an alien force instantly sucked him in, Lorenzo feeling his very being teared from the earth; he fell, sinking into the abyss.

Waking up, he felt  a chill down his spine, his senses slowly coming back together.
It seemed he now found himself in a strange place, monuments of stone reaching the heavens as if trying to pierce the sky.

That was his first memory of Nexus City.


Normal human weaknesses: Even if Lorenzo is quite capable and powerful, he is by all means still a human. He possesses neither regenerative abilities nor a way to protect himself from magic or mind control, thus he is susceptible to more experienced magicians. Even if he will not give in to lady death easily, Lorenzo will still die from a fatal wound like a normal human.

He is also unable to swim.

Likes: Wealth, adventure, discovering new places and things, fruit, food, women, the heat of battle, honest people, companionship, tea, treasure.

Dislikes: Treachery, bad food, sea monsters, smug rich people, smug people, self-righteousness, swimming, being sick.
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: David Newman, The Dream, The Nightmare

Race: Human

Age: It’s been three weeks since the entity dreamed of the existence known as David and made him real.

Height: 6’ 1

Weight: Approximately 180 lbs.

Appearance: A tall man with short dark red hair and brilliant blue eyes. David is usually dressed in a black suit with a tie that matches his hair. His posture radiates confidence, and he is fairly muscular. Apparently the entity has some measure of vanity as David's features look as if they have been shaped by a masterful artist. He is rather good looking and some may even call him handsome. 

Physical Attributes

Strength: Human
Agility: Human
Constitution: Human

Magic Ability: None - While David is incapable of using magic himself he can access a infinitesimal sliver of the dreamer’s knowledge to recognize most spells. Ancient spells can usually be replicated easily while newer ones may require more observation.

Other Abilities:

The Dreams at the Edge of Forever:
David is not the only dream to be manifested by the dreamer’s power. There are many of them and he is capable of calling any of these lesser manifestations to him in order to enlist their services. David can control two Lesser Dreams at the same time. Only a single Greater Dream may be summoned at a time.

Lesser Dreams:
Spoiler for Hidden:
The Joyous: A woman whose skin is as white as snow and seems as fragile as porcelain. She is dressed in golden silks and dresses that never seem to hinder her movement. Her body is extraordinarily flexible to the point where one would think that she doesn’t have a bone in her body. Considering her nature The Joyous is incapable of being affected by anything that would alter her mental state from anything but absolute happiness. Her fingers are long claws, and they can  clash with swords without suffering any damage.

Strength: Exceptional
Agility: Supernatural
Constitution: Exceptional

The Scholarly: A thin man with four arms dressed in a sickly green robe. Despite his appearance he is very strong, but his main strength is his intelligence. The Scholarly can decipher any code, understand and speak any language, solve any puzzle, craft numerous artifacts of power(treat as Item Creation: A), and can remember anything without error. He carries a bow that takes magical energy in the air and uses it to generate enchanted arrows.

Strength: Supernatural
Agility: Exceptional
Constitution: Exceptional

Greater Dreams:

Spoiler for Hidden:
The Hateful: A titan of a beast that reaches 3 meters on all fours and nearly doubles that when standing on both legs. Its head is draconic, its mouth that holds teeth sharper than any sword and releases a freezing mist, its main body is that of an enormous wolf, and its tail is a long, shadowy appendage that is covered in countless hooks that easily sink into flesh and get stuck. Early in its existence The Hateful was exposed to an enormous amount of arcane energy and since then it has been immune to all but the most powerful magecraft(treat as Magic Resistance: High). It can grow extremely angry at singular targets and persistently pursue them until it is unsummoned, the target dies, or it dies.

Strength: Superhuman
Agility: Supernatural
Constitution: Supernatural

The Hidden: A being who specializes in stealth and speed, it is impossible to see within the black cloak that it hides under. If you shine a light in the darkness persists and anything that enters the cloak simply vanishes. Entire arms have been known to simply disappear when pushed inside. The Hidden makes no sound at all, electronic equipment fails to record or recognize it, it doesn't give off any scent, and it has the ability to turn invisible(even without all of its special abilities The Hidden has the equivalent of Presence Concealment: A). It also carries around multiple knives and it generally disposes of bodies by pulling them into its cloak.

Strength: Supernatural
Agility: Superhuman
Constitution: Supernatural

The Endless Dreams: The dreams of the being at the center of everything never truly end. They shift, change, and return in a myriad of different ways. Dreams that have been destroyed will eventually resurface but they will never be the same. Anything from a mere cosmetic change to a completely different personality can occur. It can take days or even weeks for a dead dream to return.


The Scepter of Danu Talis: A creation of The Scholarly that David had commissioned near the beginning of his existence. It is long enough for him to use as a pseudo walking stick but it does have use in combat. The top of the staff splits into four spikes with a blue orb of energy between the four parts. When he wills it the orb will shift hues to a menacing red-orange and release a blast of energy with force equivalent to an RPG.

Origin: Something exists at the heart of everything. Its flesh is stars and cosmic fire. The rivers of time flow through its veins and endless universes lay within its heart. Its eyes see what was, what is, what will be, and what will never come to pass. Its mind holds the key to even the most unknowable secrets and contains the core of knowledge itself. Every breath it took pushed back the inevitability of nothingness, and every movement it made shattered the very idea of impossible. Now it sleeps. He is not it. He is but a dream. An idle fantasy made real.

Weakness: David has the physical capabilities of an average human and is as squishy as any regular person.

Likes: Living, taking naps, getting work done, driving, his siblings

Dislikes: wasteful actions, extreme laziness, pessimists
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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"I'll catch that Leviathan for you, daddy! Then they won't be mean to you anymore."

Name: Anatu
Race: Ancient Human
Age: 16
Height: 152 cm (5 feet)
Weight: 56 kg (125 lbs)
Appearance: Anatu is a short and lithe girl with dark green eyes and long, wavy blond hair bleached by sunlight that almost reaches her thighs. Her skin is tanned and her frame is just starting to show toned muscle. She wears two slightly oversized pieces of tanned leather as clothes fastened in place with rope.

Physical Attributes
Strength: Exceptional
Agility: Exceptional
Constitution: Exceptional

Magical Power: None. She has considerable magical potential but does not currently have any working knowledge of the arcane, other than the fact that it exists.

Other Abilities:

Anatu is a direct descendant of some of the earliest humans to ever live, and as a result extremely close to the original concept of humanity. While technically the most “human” of everyone in the Nexus, she is effectively superhuman in almost every possible way: She is naturally extremely strong, agile, durable and heals quickly, and can push her physical abilities leagues beyond what modern humans are capable of if she trained. Anatu is highly intelligent, adaptive and learns at an incredible rate, picking up new skills, concepts and languages with relative ease. Her five senses are sharper than normal and her “6th sense” is far more refined than the degraded version modern humans use, allowing her to detect subtle shifts in prana and nearby leylines as a warning to the approach of supernatural entities. She is also capable of using prana herself, making her a potential magic user were she to receive proper instruction.

Equipment: Anatu has constructed herself a makeshift stable on the outskirts of Nexus city, but thus far has only captured two horses and one pony to fill it.

Origin: Anatu was 9 years old when Gilgamesh’s reign over Uruk came to an end. Her father was in the process of instructing her in the family practice of capturing and taming wild creatures for the use of the King and his citizens when one day she woke up in a crowded and filthy city which did not inspire the same awe that Uruk did. Anatu has difficulty communicating with the other inhabitants of the Nexus due to not understanding any modern language, but she has started to pick up on various words and phrases.

Weakness: Anatu has incredible potential, but she’s still a human 16 year old girl. She can be killed by anything else that will kill humans and she isn’t the most emotionally stable. Her skills lie in capturing and caring for animals, not combat.

Likes: Horses, pegasi, unicorns, making others smile, swimming, modern music, dancing, stargazing.
Dislikes: Dragons, pollution, modern food, flying vehicles, people with no sense of purpose, begging.
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald

Race: Human (Magus)

Age: 35


Series: Fate/Zero

        Physical Attributes

Strength: Human

Agility: Human

Constitution: Human

Magic Ability: High (A prodigy among even those at the clocktower with the rare dual element of wind and water and often called a genius at everything he does, especially in regard to spiritual evocation and necromancy. He was also the youngest lecturer in his department’s history. Examples of his talents include his hacking of the holy grail war, the Volumen Hydrargyrum, the ability to instantly create a minor bounded field to keep normal human humans from interfering in his business, and the Hyatt Hotel.)

Other Abilities:

Water and Wind: Kayneth’s magical elements, these grant him great affinity with magical properties in regards to manipulating those elements, they also grant him expert talents in regards to summoning, alchemy, and spiritual evocation. However his lineage and crest are large enough to allow him to also expertly deal in other elements  just not as effectively as the above ones.

Volumen Hydragen: His most reliable invention, the Volumen Hydrargyrum aka the Marrow of the Moon Spirit is a mystic code hand crafted by Kayneth himself. It’s an automated self-defense/offense code designed to be usable in almost any combat situation while also allowing Kayneth to dirty his hands without having to do so himself. The speed of which it can react to danger is faster than the speed of a bullet and it active so long as Kayneth wills it to be as long as he remains conscious and has working magical capabilities. Because of it’s liquid like state and the amount of magical rituals implanted into it, it is extremely hard to destroy but because of it’s liquid form one could manipulate the differing pressures and the amount of time it takes to thicken by using a weak attack immediately followed by something far stronger. However since five years have passed since the fourth holy grail war, the mystic code has been improved over time, allowing for a lower management cost and quicker reaction times.

A Noble's Heritage: Being the ninth head of the Archibald family Kayneth's knowledge of the magical world is extensive being able to recognize things such as Kiritsugu's Time Accel from just a mere glance of it's activation. He also contains a way to contact his associates in the clocktower using the Volumen Hydrargyrum but such means are probably blocked by the fact of being in another dimension.

Other spells of note:

Spiritualis Terminus Incipe: Kayneth has great affinity with spiritual invocation, one of his greatest findings was a method to interrupt the spiritual core of a being essentially destroying them from the inside out no matter how strong their abilities are. This spell is a beam of pure light and when it makes contact with anything magical or spiritual in nature it begins to eat them from the inside out. Weaker beings such as familiars are instantly destroyed while stronger beings take a few more seconds of concentrated fire to bring down. When hit a the being will receive an intense never ending pain as if being eaten from the inside out and their body begins to disintegrate. Foes with magic resistance of C or higher can resist of ignore this attack completely while physical beings are only effected from the raw prana being flooded through the air similar to a burning beam of light. This attack resembles a grand ritual and as such requires a workshop equal to a week's worth of effort and Kayneth's full attention to be activated.


A Noble’s Coat: The dark blue coat that Kayneth wears during daily life and when going outside into the field. It has been greatly reinforced with magical charms implemented into every seam. This is the equivalent to wearing a set of steel armor while also being as light as a normal coat. However because it is so magically coated it is very difficult to hide and unless preparations are made beforehand to conceal it he will stick out like a sore thumb.

Catalyst Glove: A glove given to him by his former Servant Diarmuid Ua Dhuibne, while it is just a normal fingerless leather glove it contains a strong connection to his former Servant and would act as an excellent catalyst to summon him. Kayneth keeps it on his person at all times in case that need arrives.

Origin: After the events of the fourth holy grail war and the death of his fiance due to the curse of angra mainyu Kayneth immediately began research into curses of a similar nature while also training his only son Bram. Working to improve his offensive talents and magical potential he is silently preparing to one day recover the Greater Grail so that he might study it further.

It is during this time that he is brought into the Nexus City and the world of Cross Effects.

Weaknesses: Conventional means of attack (Guns, Explosives, etc.), Those who have a higher magical affinity than he does.

Likes: Sola, Bram, Nobles with a long line of magical lineage.

Dislikes: Arrogant students, magi who do not follow the code to the letter, Sola being mentioned.
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