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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: Lycodrake Aptera

Race: Dragon

Age: equivalent to 25 years old

Height/Weight: Variable (see Other Abilities)

Spoiler for Hidden:

Physical Attributes

Strength:  Incredible

Agility:  Fantastic

Constitution:  Incredible

Other Abilities: He can alter his body's size and mass between the size of a direwolf/warg to the size of a train car. Most likely not a magical ability per-se.

Magic Resistance – as a member of the draconic species, known for hide and/or scales that repel standard attacks, Lycodrake can shrug off a wide variety of magic, excluding ice/cold element and those upper “Medium” to “Extremely High” category.

Offense-oriented fighting style “Harpe” which focuses on quickly slashing at joints and arteries close to the skin with his talons. The intention is to temporarily cripple and immobilize the target(s) in the least amount of time.

“Aegis”, a divine blessing and magic among the highest degree granted to him by Athena, that acts as a limited defense against weapons, magic, and abilities that would normally mortally wound him. It passively protects against paralysis and petrifying at all times.

Equipment:  None.

Origin: In Lycodrake’s home world, humans lived beside elementals, creatures, and monsters. In some ways, the “Age of gods” and “Age of mankind” intertwined there.

A wingless dragon in the service of Athena and her lesser form Nike, he hatched at a shrine devoted to Nike and was essentially raised there. It is theorized that he is a lesser child of Typhon and Echidna, making him a possible threat to villages, towns, and small cities should the instinct to destroy take hold of him.

He was raised at the shrine of [Athena] Nike as a surrogate son and given messenger duty across the region, mainly keeping to areas near Athens. He visited the Arena to see different sentient species compete with and against one another. He befriended djinn merchants from across the sea and often learned about the outside world from them.

He knew Nike was Athena’s “lesser aspect” but saw little difference between the two when he met with Athena. To him, the only difference was that Nike was less strict and Athena was a better fighter.

Years passed as he transitioned from childhood, adolescence and into young adulthood. News of Ares’ growing power to the west depressed Nike greatly. The change in Athena was even greater. Then the news came that Ares had gained a seat of power as “Mars” among the Roman lands, igniting the flames of war. Athena sought to protect those under her care through the least bloodshed, while Mars only wanted to destroy and paint the world in blood.

Tragedy struck when Athena faded and only Nike remained. Lycodrake had a new, two-part mission: find the source of the disturbance and locate a hero - preferably Herakles or Perseus - to help against Mars’ forces.

With the help of Marie Al-miraj, Lycodrake’s best friend, merchant, and a dual fire-and-water mage, they took the first steps in journeying out into the world.

Until, that is, Lycodrake took a golden apple to the knee and found himself in Nexus City.

Weakness:  Ice, cold, berserker effects, knock-outs, "death by a thousand cuts" strategies, anti-dragon anything, magical/supernatural metals, and heights with unstable footing.

Likes: Athena Nike, Marie Al-miraj, reasonable sentient beings – creature or humanoid, reading and hording books and maps.

Dislikes: Ares-Mars, unreasonable sentient beings, battle and war waged only for bloodshed, book-burning, being called “lizard”.
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
« Reply #121 on: February 07, 2016, 02:44:41 AM »
Name: Fiona Bacarra

Spoiler for Pictures:

Race: Human

Age: 22

Height: 5’3

Appearance: A small woman dressed in light and slightly old fashioned cloths. Her hair is somewhere between red and brown in color and is incredibly soft. Her skin is soft, as if she has not worked a day in her life. Her eyes are an abnormal silver of great beauty. She also has roses growing in her hair, but most people confuse them for ornaments unless they feel or look closely at them.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Human
Agility: Exceptional
Constitution: Human

Other Abilities:

Cycle Druid: An inheritor of an ancient group of what people would call druids. They maintain the balance of life and death, making sure that the dead remains dead, while the living can live out their lives as much as possible. In order to do this she has many powers, including a form of immortality, ability to access the “Garden”, the ability to bring out the powers which are kept dormant within plants, as well as draw out and utilize the powers of specific animals or the seasons themselves.

Presence of Nature: As one who is one with nature itself, a druid of the cycle, she has an effect on what is around her. Plants thrive where she has been and where she spends her time, to the degree that her apartment is filled with rose bushes, and they part for her as she walks. Animals calm, understanding her nature and feeling at ease in her presence. And finally her body does for respond to cold or warmth, and is always at a comfortable temperature, the rain falls around her, but does not touch her unless she lets it, and the wherever she falls the earth is soft. Unnatural beings are adverse to her presence.

Blessing of the Spring Wind: With spring come the bloom, all plants bloom and their beauty and scent darts across the earth. It is then when light is brought to the cold earth and warmth permeates the world, on the back of these winds. With this blessing she can obtain bursts of unnatural speed, as the special wind pushes against her back and brings her to her destination. Her speed while usage of this is increased to fantastic, but she cannot attack while moving, and can be used for short boosts of movement while airborne.

Enrapturing Briar Dance: Where roses have once, their bushes become hard and powerful briars. These briars remain far after the death of the rose, and are a testament to their power, but also a sign that one day the roses might one day grow again there. Fiona’s style of combat with her scythe is similar to the nature of briars, to the strength of an entrenched rose. She is a rose, and so when she flourishes, is able to attack constantly, her power increases, with the speed of her attacks steadily increasing the longer she attacks. Each attack flows into the next, perfectly and without pause, and these movements can be combined with impressive acrobatics. The rate of attack can easily surpass a human’s speed should it even be continuing for minimal time, but in the case of a prolonged assault, it can become troublesome even for the fastest of the supernatural, especially due to the nature of the chained attacks to trap one within a cage of death. However, in the case the chain of attack is broken, the speed will decrease. Small amounts for recoverable disruptions, and completely resetting the rate of attack should she need to re-position in a way that is disruptive. This is especially the case when she utilizes her blessing of the spring wind. It is an elegant and beautiful style that draws in the eye as the scythe becomes nothing more than a red blur around her, seeming more like a beautiful performance then a dance of death.

The Garden: A place between worlds, it contains all plants that ever were and ever will be, endless and vast. It is a place of peace and beauty, and is the home of the Cycle Druids. Druids of this place have the ability to draw out plants from it, which they can then draw out the powers of. She is especially powerful, capable of turning a location into a small part of the Garden. This causes an area of unstable reality, making so people can be drawn into the garden accidentally, although this is uncommon,  or though Fiona’s will, however those with the ability to cross over into other realms can do so willingly. Within the Garden, the roses wrap around and impede opponents while cutting at them with their thorns. In addition, spiritual wolves and crows can assist her by acting more as a distraction.

Animal Blessing: She can adopt the traits of specific animals, specifically having a relationship to crows and wolves. With crows she can call them to her, using them to transport messages and spy, Crows that serve her gain a red sheen to their feathers. Her connection with wolves is different, and is capable of gaining their senses, her hair taking the form of wolf ears and growing a soft tail while her hair turns bright red.

Blessings and Extracts:
Ability to draw out the blessing and powers of various plants, the effect itself depends on the plant, but it will general convert into the form in which the power is greatest, such as an incense, balm, salve, powder or liquid. She has a specific list of plants she can draw from at a moment’s notice, but should she search the garden mentally she could find others.
Spoiler for Plant List:
Roses: Roses, plants of death, blood, rebirth and life. They can be converted into a balm which aides in healing very effectively as well as softening the skin, turned into a powder or smoke which amplifies positive emotions, especially love, or can simply be used to sanctify graves. They are her Sacred Plant, one which she is most aligned with. 

Alfalfa: A plant associated with fortune and luck. It can be turned into a tonic or powder, and when ingested it brings fortune for some time, such as making them find lose coins, or noticing something they might miss by chance.

Anise: A plant which increases psychic abilities and wards off the Evil Eye in magical practices, giving a shield to divination magic. Anise seed can be converted into incense or a tea, and it also aids in the inducement of spiritual trances, granting one greater spiritual focus.

Basil: In Europe basil was planted to grant safety to the dead, and it carries much of the same purpose. It remains as leaves when its power is brought out, and it allows for sanctification of graves and granting spirits passage.

Chamomile: A plant which acts as a magnet for those of good natures, making people oddly drawn to the incenses made from them. It also allows for the calming of wary and troubled minds when converted into a liquid. It releases the tension from their body and calms nearly anyone.

Burdock: A root and not a flower. It is converted into a powdered form or tonic and when ingested it grants the consumer protection from lighting. It also aids in hair growth.

Wolf’s Claw: A type of moss. It is converted into a yellow oily powder that acts as a small burst of flames when thrown and striking a surface. The more powerful extraction she can draw out make this effect more like a small explosive, making it a powerful distracting flash in addition to the fireball. It was often used to impressed travelers of a Druid’s power.

Cubeb: A flower which has the power to ward off demons. It is converted into a liquid which can be poured onto a surface, such as a doorway or windowsill, to bar entrance from them, or it can be consumed to assist in exorcisms.

Elder Berries: Powerful berries which fantastic healing and warding abilities, they can remain in their raw form, or can be converted into a paste, slave, or liquid. It restores grievous wounds and protects against the elements and magic when ingested. However, due to their sacred nature, overusing them is forbidden, so she generally uses other plants to achieve similar effects.

Flax: Seeds of the flax plant. They can be converted into string. A much more mundane effect when compared to others. 

Garlic: A plant which does not change form when its power is drawn out. It can be used to appease gods, negating or weakening the power of divine curses.

Hawthorn: The berries of the Hawthorn are a sacred plant in Christianity, and were found in the crown of thorns. It is a berry which blesses and sanctifies with holy power when its power is brought out. It also acts as a symbol of rulers.

Henbane: A plant which is converted into a liquid when its power is brought out. It acts as a powerful hallucinogenic that has an effect which depends on the person.  There is no way to control what the effect is.

Mistletoe: The plant itself produces a curse when its power is brought out, which is imposed should it touch the person. It forces a physical attraction and desire to kiss the other to occur, and the effect immediately vanishes the moment their lips lock.

Wolf’s Bane: A flower with maintains its form when its power is brought out. It emanates an almost unnoticeable smell that deters wolves and like beings. It is a key ingredient in removing the curse of lycanthropy, a ritual that can potentially kill the one undertaking it. However, Fiona lacks the knowledge to perform such a ritual, only having basically understanding in exorcisms.

Life Preservation, Death Enforcement - Will of the Rose: The Rose, a flower associated with death, blood, and rebirth. It is the plant that she identifies with most, and so she acts out its power. Because of this she has many powers due to her connection to Roses. In addition it causes roses to grow from her hair, which many confuse for ornaments. At times it also appears that rose petals follow her in her wake, and she carries the scent of roses about her.

Bloodletting: The thorns remain, and the break the flesh and spill blood. From this blood new life will be born one day. She has the ability of Bloodletting, which means she can either cause the opening of new wounds, however they will generally be small, as well as a progression of bad wounds into far worse. This ability counteracts restorative abilities. She needs to be in close proximity, about 20 yards; to activate it, but it is maintained so long as the target remains within 100 yards. Old wounds open at a slow rate, and only do so if they formed a scar.  Finally, when used on someone, it becomes obvious to them who is causing it, even if they do not understand what it is, as it triggers a primal response similar to one reacting to seeing the thorns on a plant.

Bloodletting, the Blossom of Roses: Red Roses, there are many tales of their origin, however, it is common that it was blood, blood staining the white of the summer rose, is what caused it to be. An expansion of her Bloodletting ability, which causes Roses to start growing from open wounds, most effectively with the once she has caused. They become a host of the roses, as roses begin to grow from the cut, the roots spreading into the thing and the roses spreading. It is a powerful curse that she can choose to not activate should she desire.

Passage, and so the Dead Move on: The dead are the basis for the living; the world is built on them, and from the dead new life is given, for this is the way of the cycle, and this is what is enforced, because this is her duty. It allows her to grant passage to the undead or to other aberrations on life, giving their souls safe passage to a peaceful rest. This causes her wounds she causes to be highly dangerous to those beings, as they push the soul on to the next world, as well as the ability to conduct exorcisms.

Blossom, to Return from the Cold Winter: Roses bloom, returning each year from the grave that was the cold. And so, as one who is a Rose in of herself, she is the same. But it is not the winter she returns from, but from death and injury. This grants her incredible healing and functional immortality, but her body can still be disabled for a time.


Blessed Cross: A silver and red cross she carries with her everywhere, while she is not Christian she still believes in a god and finds comfort in praying. In addition the faith that many follow carries power, and is useful against those that would defy the cycle, such as the undead, vampire, spirits, werewolves, or even magicians which distort death. It is a holy cross, capable of being a purification tool, and brings harm to those impure beings.

Reaping Scythe, Rose Dancer: The Scythe was once a tool used for the singular purpose of reaping grain and wheat, but long ago the Cycle Druids adopted it as one of their many arms, as they are the sower of fields and reaper of lives should it be needed. It is a powerful weapon that removes unclean energies from its mere presence, and when combined with the blessed cross which has been facilitated into its form, is devastating against the unclean and unholy. It can be materialized at a moment’s notice and is stored within the Garden. Due to its nature as a blessed tool of the Cycle Druids, which allow life to flow properly, plants grow in its wake. Originally the Cycle Druids carried a simple weapon, but with the advancement of technology they were forced to adapt, and sought to give it more flexible forms with the power they held. Because of this, her scythe can transform into a hand pistol with an attached blade. It is not as powerful as a normal gun, but its shots are incredibly hot and possess both piercing power and spiritual impact.  The blade is made of solid light produced by the power of the Garden, with an impossible sharp edge, incredibly hot as though freshly taken from a forge. The weapon is made with a material that is found in the Garden, making it weigh less the five pounds total; therefor she is able to perform feats that would otherwise not be possible with a normal scythe, in fact, it’s only because it is so light she can use it at all.

Origin:  A druid, a simple druid who seeks to protect people and nature. There is nothing special about her past. Born into a loving family, with a good community, she began learning of the Druid arts very young, like her father was. There is nothing noteworthy in this story. The was born into a Druid family, she lived an otherwise normal life outside of that, gaining friends, having fell in love and so on.

She even went to university, with a major in History and a minor in Classics, and took many trips to help those less fortunate, constructing homes, and trying to understand the people of the world she sought to protect.

Because you see, she always wanted to be a hero, a protector, enraptured by old tales, and so she did what she could, but in her experience and with time those urges have been subdued.

She simply wants to help people.

And she will do what she can, until the end of her days.

Weakness: A normal human on most levels, so she can be physically restricted and bound like a human can. She also has a weak constitution, so cannot fight for long, and depends on evasion.  She also can’t detect the unnatural, so she might just not realize if they are subtle about it. She is truly strong when continually attacking, so breaking her flow can have an advantage.

Likes: Plants, People, Company, her Scythe, god, faith, dogs, birds, eating

Dislikes: The Undead, Vampires, Werewolves, killers, fire
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: UNSC Pillar of Autumn

C-709, Autumn

Race: Personified warship of the Halcyon-class light cruiser/extensive retrofit

Age: 45 (Launched in 2510, decommissioned in 2531, recommissioned in 2550, destroyed in 2552, reborn in 2555), physical looks to be around 15 or 16

Height: 5'2"

Weight: Tens of thousands of tons



Strength: Fantastic

Agility: Human

Endurance: Fantastic

Magical Ability: None. The fairies that "crew" her make no logical sense (Five Smart A.I.s went rampant trying to figure out how they work before the UNSC decided to just roll with it). They load her weaponry, keep her generators running and at top condition, etc. They also somehow affect Autumn's physics, so that she can actually walk around without collapsing the city's infrastructure and interact with the world like a normal human would. When Autumn eats food, the fairies convert it to munitions, Longswords, and deuterium to fuel her fusion reactors.

Other Abilities:
Halcyon-class Light Cruiser: This grants her such a high Endurance rating. The architecture designed by Dr. Robert McLees placed heavy emphasis on defence: the Halcyon-class cruisers not only had thick titanium plating, but the internal structure was honeycombed and compartmentalized. It is said that as long as the bridge and a single weapon system was intact, the cruiser was still in the fight. However, this actually was the downfall of the class: The ships ended up being too undergunned and expensive, and were quickly replaced by the Marathon-class heavy cruisers not even a decade after Autumn's launch.

Anyways, this also grants her her high strength value, because punching something when you weigh thousands of tons tends to do significant damage (And it's necessary to use her weapons). Her agility and reflexes are that of a normal human, however.

Flight: Autumn is a space warship that has the ability of operating in atmospheres, albeit in a limited capacity. She is actually unable to take off on her own, requiring assistance (No, she can't just jump off a building. Her momentum would cause her to go at a steep downward angle and she wouldn't be able to pull up in time and oh God look what you did to that school in the attempt, Autumn!). Even when she's up in the air, her maneuverability is poor enough to be compared to a flying brick using bottle rockets for thrust. She is quite fast, though: Easily outpacing frigates or destroyers in a straight run.

Sensor Array: Autumn has extra senses, such as heat detection. Normally this would go under equipment, but this suite is literally built into her, akin to eyes and taste-buds.

Terrain Affinity: Autumn belongs in the air, even if she's a bit clumsy in atmosphere. When she's flying, she's able to use her MAC Cannon and use Archer Missiles effectively. She refuses to use these weapons unless she is off the ground.


Rigging: basically her ship components that can be summoned at will. These include her weapons and thrusters.

Mk II, Light Coil - 56A2D4/Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (Modified): UNSC ships are, in actuallity, just flying guns. MAC Cannons are essentually giant coil guns that fire multi-hundred tonned, solid tungsten rounds. Autumn's retrofit for Operation: RED FLAG basically swapped out the standard cruiser rounds to that of a frigate's (Instead of a 1000 ton round, it is instead 600 tons). These are also "Shredder" rounds, meaning that they expand after penetration to stop over-penetration.

A feature of MAC Cannons is that their power level can be adjusted. The weapon itself needs to be charged, and though it might be far more devastating for a fully-charged shot, it can take minutes to recharge. So, instead they are often fired at quarter- or half-charged. Adjustable power levels also allow more versatility: Why wipe out a city block when you can just remove the building the enemy is hiding in and avoid much of the collateral?

M58 Archer Missiles: Though a secondary armament to most UNSC ships, they see far more mileage than the MAC Cannon. Extremely multi-purpose: able to track Capital Ships, to Space Fighters/dropships, to even targeted ground targets. Usually fired in such large volume that they overwhelm the target's anti-missile network.

At peak capacity (Meaning well-fed and rested), Autumn has 7,800 such missiles somehow micro-sized (Though having the same effects) and stored within the four pods mounted on her legs. However, their location makes it kind of awkward to fire when she's not in the air. Sure, they can track, but from such a low firing point actually makes it easy to dodge.

M910 Point Defense Network: The "pistol" she wields. Each of those four barrels fires 50mm HE Shells (fairy magic!). Nowhere near the range of the MAC Cannon or Archer Missiles, but they do out range most conventional terrestrial armaments. They can elevate and even rotate on the pistol, though the UNSC has yet to figure out how Autumn is able to do this.

Spoiler for One Squadron of Longswords:

Piloted by a crew of four fairies, Longswords are her spacefighter compliment. Longswords are famous for their versatility: From providing air support for ground units to attacking enemy capitol ships, even mine laying. This particluar squadron's Longswords are armed with a 120mm ventral gun, two 50mm autocannons, and  four ASGM-10 Missiles. The squadron is composed of three of these.

Spoiler for One Pelican:

The standard UNSC dropship, this vessel requires only two fairies to operate and can transport ten to fourteen fairies in the troop bay as well four resupply canisters from the aft overhang. The one issued to Autumn has a 40mm chin-mounted machine gun, eight ANVIL-II air-to-surface missiles, and two missile pods.

Spoiler for One Squad of Fairy ODSTs:

ODSTs, or Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, are elite soldiers of the UNSC. Of the twelve pertaining to the Autumn, one's a sniper, one's a spotter, one's a sapper with a handful of C4, one wields a rocket launcher, one operates a SAW, and the other seven use either SMGs, Assault Rifles, or Battle Rifles

The Package: A hardened duffel bag that, inexplicably, has the same storage capacity as when Autumn was still a ship.

Origin: Built in the vast Reyes-McLees shipyards on Mars, Autumn was lauched on December 1st, 2510. It was a dark time for the UNSC: Insurrection was spreading like wild-fire in the outer colonies and the threat of a true civil war was on the horizon, one predicted to be so horrific that it could plunge humanity back to the dark ages. Then the Covenant appeared in 2525...

Rebellion was quickly forgotten when the entire human faced extinction at the hands of a zealous alien hegemony. Though the Marathon-class heavy cruiser assumed the Halcyon's role as the primary capital ship fr the UNSC Navy, the demand for ships kept the Autumn in the fight until 2531 when she received extensive damage over the colony of Arcadia. She was then scrapped and laid to rest in a ship graveyard.

By the year 2550, most of the UNSC Navy was in tatters. The Pillar of Autumn, her thrice renamed sister ship Dawn Under Heaven, and many more Halcyon cruisers were brought back from their graves, modernized, and flung back into the war. In 2552, Autumn was selected to assist the Spatan II's for Operation: RED FLAG, receiving yet another retrofit for the mission. However, the Covenant found Reach, and the cruiser was forced to aid in the planet's defense and to evac many troopers from the surface once Covenant victory was assured. Taking a not-so-blind slipspace jump, she found herself at Halo Installation-04.

The Covenant followed.

During the opening fight, Autumn took out four capital ships. However, she was forced to crash land onto the ringworld's surface. Days went by, she was boarded by Covenant trying to access her information storage banks. Soon, the parasite known as the Flood found her crippled body and began infecting the Covenant. Her last memories as a true warship was of a sole Spartan II crashing a Banshee on her hull, fighting his way through her many hallways until he reached her reactor, and setting off a chain-reaction that blew her up and shattering Halo.

Three years later, she was reborn as a shipgirl. A slipspace jump sent her not to her assigned post, however, but to the city of Nexus

Weaknesses: Human reaction times and reflexes, a near crippling fear for things noticeably undead or Flood-like, poor flight conditions, not being able to take-off unassisted, and would be severely damaged if she has to forceland

Likes: Eating, flying, eating, the UNSC, eating (7,000 calorie meals are the norm), Fist of the Unicorn band, Flip Music in general

Dislikes: Flood (Or anyhting undead, really),  spiders (Look like Flood Infection Forms), the Covenant, the color Purple, people asking about her weight
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: William

Race: Human

Age: 16

Height: 6” 2’

Weight: 150 lbs.

Appearance: William has short black hair that ends just below his brown eyes in the front while on the sides and in ton the back, his hair ends just past his earlobes. In general, he wears a dark gray shirt with dark blue jeans. He is rather skinny for a man of his height... For his age, William looks to be three years older than he actually is.

Physical Attributes

Strength:  Exceptional

Agility: Human

Constitution: Exceptional

Other Abilities:
Fractured Mind: A result of a curse placed upon William. This curse fractured his mind in two. One side logical, the other emotional.

Reserves: Low.
Fire: Low. Strong enough to generate flames at a distance.
Electrical: Low. Strong enough to charge a battery given time.
Air/Wind: Low. Strong enough to manipulate the air into high or low pressure.
Amp: Amp causes one of two. When focused on a spell, the spell is raised slightly in power. When used upon a physical object it improves both its compressional and tensile strength. When applied to a living being, it raises their strength slightly.
Expend: Expend drains William’s remaining reserves to be channeled into a single spell upon invoking it. When combined with Amp, resultant magic is used in multiple bursts of low power.

Shock Gauntlet: Built soon after arriving in the nexus, it is a simple gauntlet, modified to hold a small dynamo in the forearm piece. This dynamo is connected to a series of batteries and capacitors which when in use, charges the circuit. All of which is activated by one of two turn switches. The switches in question are located in the area of the inside elbow and next to the wrist. This set up gives the gauntlet two separate charges to expend upon completing the circuit. In addition, these two circuit can be activated simultaneously in order to deliver a larger shock to the target in question. The resultant shock acts much like a Taser, able to take down an average human.

Knife: A basic iron knife that William “acquired” soon after arriving in the Nexus. He carries this blade in a sheath that is held sideways, covering just above the base of his spine.

Dagger: A basic dagger acquired at the same time as his knife. The blade is forged of steel and William carries on his right leg for quick access.

   William lived a fairly mundane life for his first sixteen years. During this period, he kept mostly to himself, only making a few friends in school. At age sixteen, the growing teen found himself in a fairly mundane life complete with a part time job.
   Six months after his birthday, a voice spoke to him in his sleep. The voice offered him an opportunity to explore another world. William promptly declined. Upon waking the next morning, William found that something about him had changed. He found himself feeling somewhat empty, along with a new voice in his head that sounded an awful lot like him.
   The following month, the voice slowly grew as he found his emotions slowly dying as the new voice grew. After growing used to the voice, the visitor showed up again, offering to undo the curse provided William join him. Again, he refused.
   This time upon waking, William found himself in the Nexus with a book in his pocket and some knowledge of basic magic seemingly ingrained in his mind. In this new world, William finds himself intrigued. Having gathered some implements to defend himself with and building the shock gauntlet with what he could find, he set off to explore.

Weakness: As a human, William is susceptible to all manners of things normal humans are.

Likes: William enjoys experimenting with what chemicals or elements he can find along with building various devices.

Dislikes: William has a distaste for puppets.

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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: Lorna

Race: Abomination/Altered Human

Age: 26

Height: 6’1

Weight: Light


Lorna is a haggard looking women who appears as if she has lacked the bare necessities of life for far too long. It is hardly difficult to see her ribs against her emaciated figure and there is an unhealthy paleness to her skin. Her short, brown hair looks poorly cut and a symbol resembling a pentagram has been burned onto the right side of her face. She wears poorly fitted rags instead of any real clothes, although she is searching for a fitting outfit that she doesn’t have to steal.


When undergoing her Transformation Lorna’s form shifts dramatically into a demonic figure that seems to have come straight from the delusions of a priest. She only grows about a foot taller but the sheer muscle of her form is quite significant as she becomes a bit more thick. No matter how she changes the brand remains a wound that she cannot heal.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Exceptional (Incredible)

Agility: Exceptional

Constitution: Exceptional (Incredible)

Other Abilities:

The Brand: It is the mark left upon Lorna by her captors and is a link to darker powers. There are very few things that could even begin to think of removing it. The scar has gone beyond the flesh and soul as well. This mark is what allows her to use the Transformation and become the Beast, however, it does have a rather painful drawback. All of the Abrahamic religions will instantly feel incredible disgust the moment they glance at it, as if a fiend had been called forth from the depths of hell. Even though an in depth examination will reveal no problems it does make some awful misunderstandings that have made Lorna very uncomfortable with organized religion. Other monotheistic religions or ones with a clear divide between good and evil can cause the same reaction but it is circumstantial. Even if she attempts to hide it to avoid this reaction the Brand will itch and burn as if it desires to be seen and make her life miserable. Perhaps it does.

Transformation: With her link to unholy powers Lorna can undergo a nearly instant, monstrous change that makes her stronger, faster, and more durable than she could ever hope to be in her natural form. Empowered by greater beings, her razor sharp teeth crushes bone and spirit alike. Her terrible claws are the size of daggers and carve apart men in plate armor as easily as they do beasts. Green bile can pour from her mouth in an instant, eating away at flesh and bone in moments, and her veins burn with just as destructive eldritch blood. At its worst the Beast is a being of barely controlled rage and fury that can turn on its allies the moment they show the hint of hostile intent. It doesn’t help that the creature is naturally unsettling. Her transformed appearance alone can offset the minds of even experienced soldiers and terrify most normal people to the point of them simply deciding to flee at the sight of her.

While she can voluntarily transform into the Beast Lorna will do so instinctively if she is angered enough. However, unless she completely loses control she can usually return back to normal without too much trouble. Although the wounds do carry over they are downgraded by a decent degree which usually allows her to shift out without being in danger of dying.

Slight transformations can be made by Lorna without entirely turning but they are not nearly as potent. Her teeth and nails can sharpen to easily cut into flesh and she can throw up a bit of bile to gradually melt through things like restrains. It also passively makes her much more adaptable. Most diseases, poisons, and venoms will fail unless they are incredibly potent. If a new limb is pressed against a stump  it will gradually be attached and her corrupted body will soon accept it and twist it into an exact replica of her normal one.

It should be noted that while the Beast is a fantastic killer it is not the best of trackers. While in ideal circumstances it could sniff out a target there are many natural animals more capable than it and attempting to search for anything in the city is nigh impossible for the Beast.

Absolution: There is some great irony to the fact that despite all that she has gone through Lorna is still religious. She is very private about her beliefs but there does seem to be a higher power she sends her prayers to. Perhaps because of this faith when any other would give it up is what blesses her every time she clasps her hands together. While she prays Lorna’s wounds gradually mend and will ultimately close without a trace. This does not work with fatal wounds or severed limbs but it does slow down the bleeding and grants her more time.

Weakness: While she is normally irritated by any symbol of any of the previously mentioned faiths in her Beast form potent enough symbols or normal ones wielded by those of great faith can cause great damage. The prayers of the truly faithful against her Beast form sound like bells resounding in her head. In her human form she can be killed much more easily. As the Beast is not exceptionally fast or a great tracker it is possible to run away from it rather easily, especially within a city.

Origins: Lorna was not an exceptional girl in any way. She was simply an unlucky one who had the dubious of honor of being held prisoner by a cult for several years of her life. After being prepared by the fanatics they attempted to use her as a sacrifice to communicate with their god. The deity obviously had much different ideas of what to do when offered suffering humans and instead 'blessed' Lorna with her transformation. She proceeded to eat the cultists and ultimately stagger her way back to her village. When they attempted to purify her soul through death due too the evil she seemingly contained she ate them too. She stayed transformed and would also eat the armored knights that would be sent to purify her along with their horses. As time passed she eventually got over the betrayal and managed to reverse the transformation. She reconciled her belief in higher powers and has spent the last year of her life as a wanderer.

Likes: Peace and quiet, being full, housing in places outside the reach of organized religion

Dislikes: Being mislabeled, organized religion, not having good clothes
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
« Reply #125 on: March 01, 2016, 11:52:02 PM »
Name: Numina

Race: Ascendant Cultist

Age: 18

Height: 5’5

Weight: around 130 lbs.


Physical Attributes

Strength: Human

Agility: Human

Constitution: Human

Other Abilities:

Eldritch Reflection: Part of Numina’s soul is a terrible, writhing thing. While some of it remains whole and human and exists within her body the rest has manifested physical form as a developing terror between worlds. They are still connected despite the distance and this very connection grants Numina her abilities and has caused odd changes to her body.

Her blood is a silvery color and is incredibly mutable. It shifts from viscous to fluid in the blink of an eye and can stay as a liquid for days or dry up in seconds. This makes it incredibly difficult to study for any extended period of time.

Vampires and other creatures that draw sustenance off of blood and the life force within it won’t have many issues with it but they can discover additions. Odd growths inside their dead flesh that can be harmless or require total removal depending on the quantity they drink. This effect is even more prominent in normal humans who can lose limbs and even be entirely converted if they receive enough of Numina’s blood.

Most diseases cannot function on Numina and even those that do fail to last long at all. Things within their body are quickly warped into harmless substances that couldn’t even begin to kill or even hurt a normal human. The same goes for poisons and venoms as well.

Numina’s body is also capable of handling damage in a very odd if not effective way. It transforms and shifts without her input or permission in order to heal her wounds and repair her body. If burned her flesh will grow and the burned portion will slough off, if she’s cut needles of bone and strings made of grey tissue emerge and spin new flesh, and if she’s torn apart tendrils will emerge from the wounds and attach to each other before pulling her together. If the piece is missing the tendrils will ever so slowly reform the new part. This has the side effect of making pain almost inconsequential to the cultist. It is a flawed method of conveying the severity of damage compared to the New Flesh. Numina is simply aware of the harm done to her body and the severity of it at all times without the distraction of pain.

Dark Premonition: Mortal limitations stop humans from ever seeing the pulleys and levers that govern luck and chance, but sometimes her gaze is long and peers into fate. A thousand limbs seize the guiding needle directing events, and forces it onto another path. Perhaps a gas explosion takes place in the kitchen you're in, or the ceiling collapses onto you, or perhaps even a stray bullet flies at your head. No matter the result it is sure to be painful to the victim; however, it is not completely unsuspected. When the hand of fate is forced ripples reverberate through space and time. The victim standing at the center of this is most keenly affected, and receives a premonition. Perhaps that spot near the fire seems dangerous or you just feel awful about standing in a certain spot,  but the warning is usually enough to deter normal folks. It is the cocky and determined, or those who have no other option who fail to take heed of this feeling and suffer for it.

Know This: Man exists on an island of ignorance. To step outside of those limitations and attempt to comprehend pure truth only results in utter madness. This power to broadcast the answer is visualized by those who are affected by the power as eyes opening up wherever they look at Numina. The insight filled orbs whisper the truth to everything around her and inflicts insanity upon most beings. They run, scream, and lose their grasp on reality. This effect grows infinitely worse if Numina focuses all of her eyes on a single target. The whispers become a terrible shout that blasts apart thought and forces utter hysteria upon any normal person. Most average humans tear out their own eyes, devour their own flesh, and those with weak enough minds can go completely insane. However, even those who can resist this still suffer the severe hallucinations that cause disorienting and overlapping views of reality and the feeling of something writhing within you. This is not something that can be defended entirely against unless your mind is completely cut off from all influence. The only factor that determines how one resists it is mental fortitude as the effects it inflicts is simply the natural reaction of the mind to truth. This strength of the mind cares not for the age. The only thing of importance is experience with things that defy understanding and logic. To gaze at the impossible, to see eternity rent asunder with black flame, to experience a truth so great and terrible that it brought you to the edge of madness, these are the only things that may prepare you for this.

Long Reach: The boundaries between places are thinner than one would believe. Using her body as a conduit Numina’s other half pierces reality and unleashes a lesser manifestation of itself. Silver-grey about the size of a man’s arm tentacles burst out of an opening in the universe designated by her open hand and reaches for whatever it deems to be hostile. While they are strong and fast enough to easily snap the neck of a normal human or strangle them to death they are not incredibly durable; however, it compensates for that weakness with the ability to quickly regenerate lost tendrils and immediately continue its assault. Despite this, considering it cannot reach too far from the tear and Numina is not used to close range combat in the first place it is a move made out of desperation more than anything else.

Strength: Incredible
Agility: Incredible
Constitution: Exceptional

Come Unto Your Maker: Numina is representative of a new cycle. A new god. A new flesh. It will devour the decaying worlds and spawn glorious new ones. The errant profusion of flesh that is life will be remade.

Numina transforms when she does this. Her body turns red and raw, her face twists into a monstrous visage with multiple pitch black spheres for eyes and her mouth is filled with sharp teeth.  Her physical abilities do not change at all but how she interacts with other organisms is altered drastically. While Numina is in this state she can assimilate other primarily organic beings along with undead into herself as long as they aren’t strong or capable enough to put up too much of a fight. Their bodies are shredded along with their souls and are remade within her.

While this begins in this form the growth and development of the being does not have to be done solely in it. After finishing assimilation Numina can return to her normal form, albeit with a rounder belly. Over the course of time she continues to grow as if she was pregnant. This is the sign of the progression of the entity; however, despite her appearances it is quite impossible for her to give birth in her normal state. She must change once more considering the size of the creature will generally be that of a human’s and then spawn it.

The creature that is reborn can be drastically different compared to its original form. Some may have the same build while others do not. They can be physically superior or incredibly frail but armed with the maddening powers of the eldritch truth that strikes at that mind and summons projectiles and attacks from across the veil. Others may be armed with biological weapons such as potent poisons and venoms or a hypnotic lure that makes others see them as less dangerous or more beautiful than they really are. Although in some ways the child can be just as if not even more dangerous the original being Numina still lacks the ability to produce an entity that is astonishingly more powerful than it used to be.

Numina can also only grow a single creature at a time and while she can control those that are birthed they chafe under her continued command. She may keep them around for a while depending on how amiable or servile they are but they are not beings meant to be constrained by human ideas and commands. There is a natural order that they seek to either make or find within this rotting world. Despite their appearances Numina harbors a strange affection for her ‘children’.

Origin: Numina was born into the cult and raised to be one of the additions to their gods due to her unique soul. She was taught their sacred rites and holy words and when the time came was granted a new name to herald her ultimate purpose. Eventually all the signs aligned and one of the greatest undertaking of the cult began. To birth a new god they would need to establish a connection to one of the elder ones. Although she lacked the means at the time Numina was still charged with the sacred worship of assimilation and consumption. Due to the restraints on her body at the time she was forced to do this through more messy means. The cult gleefully offered itself to be devoured and so she did. Every sample of flesh she swallowed still squirming and alive even as otherworldly powers fused the cultists to her form. Numina continued until her jaw ached and only glorious ascension kept her body from bursting due to the still living humans within her. Then, ever so slowly, she began to transform and over the course of days spawned the entirety of the branch of the cult as members of the New Flesh. The patron had accepted part of her soul rose up and was left to mature while Numina was allowed to remain for longer. An exercise of living worship to her other, childish self. Now she enjoys the time she has left and relishes in all that she does. Although, despite her beliefs she still manages to get distracted and curious which has led to her infatuation with some more mundane delights.

Weakness: Guns. Sneak attacks. Setting her on fire enough will stop her from coming back.

Likes: Her children, the cult, herself, ice cream, books

Dislikes: Stagnant flesh, heretics, killing her unborn children
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
« Reply #126 on: March 06, 2016, 05:57:02 AM »
Name: Roger The Hemophiliac Blade (as dubbed by Dante)

Race: Human

Age: 21

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 78 kg


Physical Attributes

Strength: incredible

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Incredible

Other Abilities: The Dark Power: The thing that allows him to use all this fun stuff. Activating it gives him a big boost in power, and makes all the attacks above more potent.

The Dark Power is his right arm, or rather is his arm in a black, slick form. It gives his attacks the property of taking away the enemy’s lifeforce and taking it for himself. As such, any attack labeled with “heals him” also syphons away the enemy’s life force in a more direct way.

Also, generates a powerful substance. Roger has never found a way to harness it to his own ends, but others have attempted to.

The Dark Power takes a bit of his lifeforce away every moment it is activated, but increases his drain rate for his dark abilities so far that it doesn't even matter mid attack so long as he keeps using the DARK POWER.

When dormant passively devours life around him. Those who touch it without preparation will feel weakness and light-headedness with fair rapidity.

With the Dark Power activated, his statline becomes
Strength: Fantastic
Agility: Incredible
Constitution: Fantastic

Swordmaster: Roger is a very skilled swordmaster, and he can use swords very effectively in conjunction with his DARK POWERS. He can send out beast-head looking projectiles (dead spike-like) and perform an ascending reversal attack where he contorts his body to avoid strikes and hit the enemy (inferno divider-like). Apart from that he can perform many simpler moves, like a rush attack followed up with multiple stabs, a charged slash and a propelled air kick that hits from above, followed by a dark kick aiming upwards (gauntlet hades-like).
Equipment: Red coat: It’s a red coat. Made of leather.

Rebellion-looking sword: It’s a devil arm that resembles Rebellion. Essentially a nigh-indestructible sword with a sharp edge. Not exactly the most complicated thing around.

Shotgun and ammo: Sawed off shotgun with a mix of dragon’s breath shells, rock salt rounds and baptised ammunition. Holds two shells.

Origin:  Was found without memories in an alley after a demon attack, where Dante found him with his DARK POWERS and decided to do something uncharacteristic at Lady’s continued and forceful suggestions, and raised Roger to be capable of using the DARK POWER he held. Hhaving a bit too much fun naming him, he went ahead and called him "Roger The Hemophiliac Blade", a desicion he doesn't regret due to the endless teasing material it gives him.

On the day he graduated from Dante’s teachings, dante decided to give him an old red leather coat and a sword that resembled his own. Roger, who for his final exam was torn away from bed with only the opportunity to put on pants, gladly accepted the coat to walk on his way back home. And yet he exited the doorway to dante’s office only to find himself in nexus, this weirdass town filled wiith weirdass dudes. And all the shirts he could find were sailor moon, so he didn’t get any of them.

Weakness: Pizza overdose, ghosts that he can’t hit, forceful girls

Likes: Pizza, ramen noodles, cooking

Dislikes: Whiny girls, casual semi-nudity, ghosts in general
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
« Reply #127 on: March 20, 2016, 07:15:23 PM »
Name: ???? (Theodore?)

Race: Demon?

Age: ???

Height: Painfully average for an average young man

Weight: As heavy as an average young man


Physical Attributes

Strength: Exceptional

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Exceptional

Magic scale: Medium

Order degradation: The ability to bypass the laws of chemistry, physics and logic. Due to multiple reasons, this power has been greatly diminished. However, he can still:

Change the state of matter at room temperature
Defy gravity and walk across surfaces
Defy quantum physics to appear and dissapear in odd places
Modify the properties of light to a slight degree, to make bodies appear invisible to the naked ordinary mundane human eye.

Imagination manifestation: The ability to warp reality and the world itself to make mundane objects appear as if they were always there, and that at the imagination’s whim. Due to multiple reasons, this power has been greatly diminished. He can’t create nearly as many objects at once or as fast, and their size and complexity is also compromised. He can still create things like weapons and guns to use at his leisure, but they have no particular magical property. Just a totally normal pistol or a totally normal sword.

Other Abilities:

Soul Harvesting: He can take souls of his contractors, the recently deceased or any that are just hanging around and eat them! He usually does this by transmuting them into candy, but he can also just take souls and store them for later consumption in some other shape. He can sort through the souls in his possession and learn things about them in appropriately cartoony fashion, but he can't alter them or twist their traits in any way. He also can't rip souls away from the living or beings in which they still sustain a will or form unless they offer it to him. Finally, plucked souls can be stored inside other things as long as they are things. For example, a mighty dragon would certainly not fit as easily in a cat themed eraser than a normal human. Note that he CANNOT put souls in other bodies, fake puppets and other body transfer shenanigans. However, if someone else could do so, the souls he harvests could be used for that effect.

Allergy to sunlight: Theodore is allergic to the sun, and will sneeze abundantly when exposed to it’s light. Thus, he prefers shady places and uses sunscreen regularly (wink wink).
Aversion to the divine: Divine mojo messes his game, it’s that simple.
Demonic nature: He is a demon, so yeah. He doesn’t really age either, which is cool and all.
Divination: He can tell your future! 99% he is bullshitting you though. Tarot cards are pretty stylin though, so it’s still neat.
Shape shifting: The ability to change one’s shape at will, being capable of modifying his smell, voice and appearance to nearly anything. His body is actually a shapeless black blob, so changing its shape isn’t the way to do things. If his organs are torn, limbs crushed and bones are shattered, he can simply rearrange them, have them move and shape back to their original shape. Spiritual or magical weaponry, magic and things like acid, fire or ice are much better than mere brunt force.

Thy name is not of blessed: If one is to know of his true name, Theodore will be compelled to show grace. Because of this, he will be unable to cause any harm directly or indirectly to said individual. Too bad his name isn’t Theodore.

Masterful fighter: Despite being a lazy unmotivated geezer, Theodore is surprisingly skilled at fighting, and is quickly adaptable to different styles and weapons, and uses a style that is cheap and reliant on trickery. That and the fact he can make random ones appear at will make him an unpredictable and uncanny foe in close and mid range quarters.

The power to whack things with long sticks: To say he is particularly specialized at polearms is but an understatement, a skill honed by a mere man's thousand years of experience. Even if they are but a fake imagery, fabricated memories inserted into him along with his soul, it doesn't make his finesse any less terrifying. Just because its a fantasy doesnt mean it can't surpass the reality, and in that regard his ability to fight things with long sticks is unparalleled.

Unreadable: While he used to be confusing and unpredictable, he is now a completely unreadable individual that simply cannot crack down. Even powerful mind manipulation and reading seems to show nothing but static, while illusions are simply ineffective. How strange.


Monocle of fanciness: A fancy monocle.
Fancy white uniform: A fancy white uniform

Fancy white cravat: A fancy white cravat

A lot of cellphones: A lot of cellphones, with wifi.

Weakness:  His pessimistic, downright defeatist attitude makes him lose opportunities to win. He just doesn’t seem to put his heart in anything, if he even has one. Magic is also pretty good against him. Honestly, he isn’t as obscenely strong, so he relies on petty tricks and cheap tactics mostly. If you manage to see trough them, he can’t do much compared to other powerhouses. He also seems to have the same mannerisms as his previous self, to his dismay.

Likes: Sending SMS, cat videos, sweets, fun things, sleeping and lazing around, interesting people who aren’t idiots, being a nuisance, riling people up, riling Emiya Shirou up, riling Matou Sakura up (not too much though, just bother her a little), embarrassing love stories, love dramas, anime.

Dislikes: Not having wifi, being bothered, bothersome people, idiots, being bossed around, working, things not going smoothly, sour and bitter things, clingy people who ask too many questions, stuff, other things, himself, having to care, people making fun of his fish eyes.

Things he doesn’t care about: Everything.
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
« Reply #128 on: March 26, 2016, 06:40:50 PM »
Name: Shiro

Race: Kitsune

Age: Hundreds of years old

Height: short

Weight: variable

Appearance: Shiro takes two main forms, a pure snow-white fox, and the female human form that she seems to prefer over even her form as a fox.

Her human form looks like that in the picture, except that when she chooses to have ears and a tail, they both are pure white. She can also change the number of tails that she shows, up to her real number of tails, six.

Her fox form can vary as much as her human form, it can be small like a normal fox with but a single tail or much larger, up to the size of a large bear with six tails.

Physical Attributes
Human form
Strength: Incredible
Agility: Incredible
Constitution: Exceptional

Small fox form
Strength: Exceptional
Constitution: Exceptional

Giant fox form

Other Abilities:

Immunity to mundane stuff

Shiro is immune to all mundane harm, as a spirit. Her physical form can be damaged, but her true body, her soul, cannot be harmed by such an attack. It takes something supernatural to harm her, the more supernatural, the more potent it will be.

Shapeshifting: As a Kitsune, Shiro possesses a mastery of shapeshifting that is unparalleled by most creatures. She can transform in about a few seconds, depending on the size difference, with a single thought into almost anything she can imagine, provided it’s at most the size of a large grizzly bear

Foxfire: A Kitsune’s ability to utilize fox fire is directly proportional to the number of tails they possess. The Foxfire is a physical manifestation of their soul, and as a six tail, Shiro has high degrees of fine control over hers. It cannot be easily put out, and is completely immune to all sorts of water except that which is blessed by the gods or other sorts of attacks which harm the soul directly, and even those would deal significantly less damage than normal.

She is able to control a large amount if it, enough to completely surround her true form with about four inches of white fire with an unearthly pink outline. She can also throw it around in the form of fireballs, and she can decide what it burns. So, for example, she could easily cover someone she likes in protective fire, and they would simply feel comfortably warm, or she could do the same to an enemy, and it would incinerate them, even if they possessed resistance to fire, it still could deal damage to them.

Sakura Blossoms: For most of her life, Shiro has lived underneath a holy Sakura tree, protecting it from danger. As a result, some of its holy powers have rubbed off onto her and infused into her. She is able to control the blossoms of a cherry tree and use them to bolster her own powers, and can to a very limited extent create them out of thin air, like magic. With some effort she can create a small pile of them, the size depending on the time she puts into it.

Shiro can mentally control any cherry blossoms in her vicinity to about a fifteen foot range around her, causing them to obscure her opponent’s view of her. While she is controlling them, she is able to instantly cover them in her fox fire, turning them into a storm of deadly tiny projectiles.

Supernatural Perceptions: Shiro can sense other dimensions, and is capable of sensing all spirits and other supernatural stuff as if they were just as real as a physical being.

Platform Sandles: Shiro likes to wear platform sandals in her human form, to compensate for its height. While she is totally aware she could easily just make her human form taller, she chooses not to, because it’s the same form she’s always taken ever since she was a weak one tailed kitsune.

A Bag: Shiro carries around a bag that she keeps filled with cherry blossoms, about the size of her head..

Origin: Shiro was not always known as Shiro. Truly, for most of her life she wasn’t. She was simply the fox who protects the cherry tree. She was the fox who was worshipped as a god. And she was fine with that.

But all of this changed one day, when a young boy came up to her, and simply said hello, sat down, and stayed with her. It infuriated her. How dare he show her such flagrant disrespect? She wanted to tear him apart!

But another part of her was surprised, and happy. It was a new experience. She was curious about what he was thinking, why he wasn’t rightfully afraid of her. So she let him stay with her, and he continued to come back, every day. Eventually she transformed into a human, to speak with him, and they became good friends. He never treated her like anything other than just another human. And she grew to like it. She grew to despise the adoration that most of humanity gave to her true form. So she remained transformed into a human, and stayed friends with the boy, who was now a man. He’d named her Shiro, after the color of her beautiful fur.

Eventually the boy died. Of course, Shiro lived on. But she always remembers the boy in her heart, and will never forget how he changed her life.

Weakness: Her biggest weakness is easily the fact she loves to pretend to be more human than she truly is. She dislikes transforming into her true form, enough that she might not choose to do so even if it would mean she would easily win against someone by adopting her giant bear-fox form. She is a good-natured person, and this can be taken advantage of. Holy Water. It dunks her. She possesses no resistance to it, and it can douse her fox fire with no problems. If all her fox fire is doused, she dies. Even without foxfire active, it still will harm her greatly.

To apply foxfire directly to another person, she has to be directly touching them.

Likes: Fried tofu, Cherry Blossoms, nature, books, human things, friendly people, socializing normally

Dislikes: rampant industrialization, energy sources that aren’t renewable, bad cooking, taking her true form
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
« Reply #129 on: March 27, 2016, 06:15:07 AM »
Name: Chloe von Einzbern, Kuro

Race: Homunculi

Age: She's legal

Height: Tall enough

Weight: Not that much

Face claim:

Physical Stats:

Strength: Incredible

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Incredible

Magical Ability:High

Kuro can detect magecraft and even recognize basic forms, She's proficient in various tantric rituals as demonstrated by transferring prana to herself through kisses. She's also capable of performing a form of teleportation. Kuro also posses great magical reserves herself being an homunculus. She has wishcraft from being a former holy grail whatever.

Other Abilities :

Class Card: Archer

Class cards are mystical cards that grants you some of the abilities of a servant, they are however diminished. In Kuro's case it's the Archer card which mainly grants her the ability to partially use Unlimited Blade Works. It also grants her a high level of analytic skill that makes it easier for her to deduce the easiest way of achieving victory. She also gains mastery off an weird form of combat where you create fake openings.

Unlimited Blade Works:

This is a Reality Marble that grants three abilities; Projection and Reinforcement and the deploying the reality marble itself.

Projection allows her to materialize any melee weapon whether it's magical or mundane that she has stored in her reality marble at a slightly reduced quality compared to the original. Swords however are the easiest and generally of the highest quality, she's also capable of materializing shields but the cost is much higher. The weapons themselves are stored in there after Kuro has “analyzed” them, this process is near instantaneous and happens whenever she has seen something that could be classified as a melee weapon. A copy of said weapon will be created inside her Reality Marble, however she cannot analyze certain weapons of divine nature. She's also capable of altering the structure and form of the weapons in the Reality Marble changing the ways it can be used.

Reinforcement is a degraded version of what she can do to weapons, she's capable of enhancing the properties of an object or her own body making them tougher and better at what their supposed to do, like a knife gets sharper or a light bulb shines brighter.

The final application of it is the deploying of it, where she and whomever is in the immediate vicinity is “pulled into” the Reality Marble. Unlimited Blade Works look like an endless plain with a few hills, there are innumerable swords stuck into the ground as far as the eye can see, these blades ranges from ordinary to the greatest blades of legend. The sky is red an filled with large spinning cogwheels. Whether or not she can actually use it currently is another matter entirely.

Origin :

She is the true personality of Illya that was sealed by her parents when she was young, they didn't believe she should carry on the legacy of the Einzbern so they left. She was still conscious of what was happening though and started resenting the fake personality that had taken her place as she was sealed. After she managed to regain control she had however split from the other 'fake' Illya and gotten a body of her own, She immediately tried to kill he other fake Illya but failed and was tied to the fake using a complex seal. The sealing still left her bitter and she was unwilling to cooperate with the magical girl squad due to her circumstances. She eventually warmed up to them and became friends.

Wekanesses :She’s pretty arrogant and can underestimate people if she misjudges them. overestimates herself. 

Likes : Teasing people, showing off, swet things

Dislikes: Not being taken seriously, people thinking she’s fake.
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
« Reply #130 on: April 13, 2016, 11:48:33 PM »
Name: Dante (Alias: Tony Redgrave)

Race: Human/Demon Hybrid

Age: ??? (Appears to be in his twenties)

Height: 6’ 3”

Weight: 170 lbs


Spoiler for Hidden:

Physical Attributes:

Strength: Incredible

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Incredible

Other Abilities:

Demonic Physiology: Dante seemingly ages very slowly, with his body being at its physical prime. He can heal very quickly from any injuries he suffers short of the total loss of a limb (This would probably take a bit of time to regrow). Furthermore, poisons have highly reduced effect on him and he can’t get sick. He also demonstrates the ability to seemingly ignore the need for breath, carrying out protracted fights while underwater with no ill effects. Furthermore, Dante appears to have high environmental resistances, appearing to be unaffected by extreme temperatures and suffering only minimal effects from things such as lightning. It also seems to grant him a degree of resistance to magic.

Air Hike/Sky Star: By focusing his power underneath him, Dante can create a platform to jump off of in mid-air.

Combat Mastery: Dante is an expert with all of his weapons, usually mastering use of them shortly after acquiring them. In addition, Dante is a peerless marksman with Ivory and Ebony, and he’s no slouch with his other ranged weapons.

Styles: Dante makes use of four fighting styles, and can switch between them with ease. The styles are as follows.

Swordmaster: A style that makes full use of the Dante’s Devil Arms.

Gunslinger: A style characterized by emphasis on gunplay.

Royal Guard: A style characterized by focusing on blocking/parrying and counterattacking against most manners of assault. The pinnacle of this style is a technique where Dante creates a solid shield of demonic energy to block attacks from a single direction that can take a decent amount of punishment before shattering.

Trickster: This style is characterized by emphasis on fast movement to reposition and dodge enemy attacks. The pinnacle of this style is a technique that allows Dante to briefly break his own limits to move blindingly fast, seemingly disappearing for all of an instant before reappearing in the perfect position to strike an opponent within relatively close range.

Devil Trigger: Dante can unleash the full power of his demonic heritage, taking on an appropriate form and physically enhancing himself to degree in addition to heightening his mobility with the ability to glide on demonic wings. Furthermore, Dante’s healing factor is accelerated further in this form. However, he can only remain in this mode for so long, and the energy that this ability draws on drains rather quickly. The activation causes an explosion of energy, which can be magnified at the cost of more energy being required to achieve the Devil Trigger form. This energy is recharged by the adrenaline rush that comes with battle. The harder Dante fights, the quicker this energy recharges.

Devil Trigger stats:

Strength: Fantastic

Agility: Fantastic

Constitution: Incredible(Fantastic with Beowulf)


Spoiler for Hidden:


Rebellion: Dante’s favored weapon, the Rebellion is a magic-aligned Devil Arm with cutting power far beyond what one could possibly expect from this type of blade, though its power pales in comparison to its sister sword, Yamato. It doesn’t need to be said that the sword is capable of powerful spiritual interference, like all Devil Arms. Rebellion’s Devil Trigger further enhances Dante’s strength on top of the Devil Trigger’s basic enhancements. The sword can also launch powerful waves of energy if Dante channels his power through it.

Spoiler for Hidden:

Beowulf: A pair of flash gauntlets and greaves imbued with holy light. Greatly enhances Dante’s striking speed and power in close quarters, though he can also cast bolts of this same holy light. Beowulf’s Devil Trigger has a shorter wingspan, but allows him increased defenses in compensation.

Spoiler for Hidden:

Ivory and Ebony: Twin custom handguns, styled after the Colt M1911, designed to fire bullets instilled with Dante’s own demonic power. Dante can fire them quickly enough to emulate full auto fire.

Shotgun: A shotgun, need I say more?

Perfect Amulet Half: Dante's half of the Perfect Amulet, a gift from his mother, who was in turn given both halves by Sparda. If both halves of the Perfect Amulet are united, the full power of the Force Edge, which contains Sparda's demonic power, can be unleashed.

Also, his clothes also regenerate for some reason. Be it the fiery tail of a demon of hell or the destructive eyebeams of a demon God, nothing will permanently damage that red duster. Or those pants. Or just about any clothing he wears.

Origin: At first there were two brothers, Dante and Vergil, orphaned by the death of their mother and the absence of their father. While Vergil sought only to gain more power in response to this, Dante simply went into the business of hunting demons. They clashed numerous times over the years, usually with Vergil emerging the victor. Then, one day, after finally getting his store set up, a man with a cryptic message appeared, shortly followed by the emergence of a massive, demonic tower and a swarm of demons that more or less wrecked his shop, much to Dante’s annoyance. The demons in question never got around to paying for the damage.

Dante sought out the tower, knowing that Vergil was behind it. During the events that followed, however, the half-demon discarded the more selfish motivation and learned to do what was right thanks to the determination of a human woman who managed to keep pace with him. All in all, the whole adventure was crazy.

Afterwards, life went on as usual for Dante. Then, one day, he left the shop on yet another job only to find himself in an unfamiliar city.

Weaknesses: In spite of his healing factor, Dante still has limits to how much punishment he can take. He rarely takes a fight seriously, which has resulted in him being caught off guard on multiple occasions. Furthermore, Dante isn’t usually one to think things through in the midst of a combat situation, especially if there’s a good, challenging fight to be had, possible ulterior motives be damned.

Likes: Pizza, strawberries sundaes, a good fight, being lazy when a good fight isn’t available, Vergil, Lady.

Dislikes: People who give up on their humanity, those who are willing to sacrifice innocents, Vergil.
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: Sakura Matou

Race: Advanced AI

Blood Type: O

Height: 156 cm

Weight: 46 kg


Physical Attributes

Strength: Human

Agility: Human

Constitution: Legendary

Other Abilities:

Fragment of the Moon Cell: Because of the unusual nature of the way the Nexus works and what kind of world she came from, the fragment of her home world, the inside of a gigantic magical supercomputer, was carried with her into the real world. This allows her to interact with the real world just as she could have inside the Moon Cell. For example, she can automatically gain access to almost anywhere, although high-level magical defenses can stop her, repair herself and others when damaged, create entities which will protect her, and create objects out of 'thin air.'

However, due to the fragmentary nature of this, her powers are nowhere near as great as what she had access to in the moon cell. She cannot affect or create things on a large scale, nor can the entities she creates last for more than an hour at most, minutes at the least. The more powerful the item she creates, the more short lived it is. For example, if she created something small totally mundane, like a pot, or a scalpel, it would be effectively permanent, with a timespan of hundreds of years. A large but mundane thing, such as a car, would last about a day. She can also create magical items, including some noble phantasms which she has stored in her information banks, but those would barely last a single battle and are exceptionally trying on her to create.

Spoiler for Noble Phantasms:
Armour of Fafnir: An armour that makes her invulnerable to all but the most powerful attacks except for on one weak point: a leaf shaped scar on her back.

Balmung: The sword the hero Siegfried used to kill the dragon Fafnir. Using the beam-wave function will instantly end this already short-lived Noble Phantasm and almost completely drain her of energy, requiring her to allow her time to siphon energy back from the Moon Cell.

Hades Cap of Invisibility: This Noble Phantasm lasts longer than the rest, due to the low power of it in comparison to many other Noble Phantasms. It also makes her look really cool when she wears it.

Rho Aius: A beautiful shield of bronze and seven layers of cowhide. It is an unbelievably powerful defense, and can block nearly any projectile attack. It is exceedingly costly however, and she can only manifest it for a few seconds without putting herself in danger.

Gae Buidhe and Gae Dearg:
She creates these two spears together, and one cancels magical power while the other creates cursed, unhealable wounds. Unfortunately the unhealable nature of the wounds only lasts while she maintains the spear, so only through combat.

Artificial Intelligence:
As a computer program, she can instantly and perfectly recall any information from her memory whenever she wants nearly instantly.

Equipment: None

Origin: Sakura was an advanced AI created by the moon cell whose purpose was to keep the masters in good health during the duration of the Holy Grail war. Some complications happened, and she ended up being pulled into the Nexus with a small connection to the Moon Cell. She's been there for about a week, and is currently looking for work as a doctor or nurse practitioner.

Weakness: She lacks access to any external maintenance programs that she had access to in the moon cell. While she has created an emergency rudimentary one for herself in the Nexus, it is far inferior and prioritizes the integrity of her most important code, leaving many vulnerable weak points that one would not expect in an AI of her level. While it still wouldn't be easy, someone with the technical knowhow could modify her code if they so wished, for better or for worse. Furthermore, she's noticed some of her data slowly corrupting over time, despite her best efforts to purge and keep herself clean.

Likes: Doing her job well, Hakuno, good wholesome food, helping people

Dislikes: Being Hacked, being reminded of her problem, thinking about her purpose
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
« Reply #132 on: April 23, 2016, 04:17:47 AM »
Name: Alarice

Race: Human

Age: 20s

Height: 6’2

Weight: around 150 lbs.


Physical Attributes

Strength: Incredible

Agility: Exceptional

Constitution: Exceptional

Magic Resistance - High: The bones of the dragon not only shield Alarice from physical harm but also nullifies all but the most powerful magic. Necromancy and fire magic encounter even more difficulty than the other arcane arts due to the nature of the Ahamkara. This also allows her to ignore the effects of mystical wards, illusions, and curses without too much difficulty. Static magic and barriers can also decay depending on how long she interacts with them and how badly she manhandles them.

Other Abilities:

Chosen: Those who are blessed by the Ahamkara are enhanced in many ways in order to be more fitting bearers. Alarice is physically superior to any normal human and has a natural understanding of how to best wield the old dragon’s bones. She is very resistant to most forms of fire and could nap on a bed of burning coals in complete comfort. Alarice is also immune to most mundane diseases and can overcome lesser supernatural ones without any large issues.  However, the enhancements bestowed upon her are not solely physical.

Alarice is attuned not only to the supernatural but the strange and esoteric energies used by such beings. She can see a spirit, but she can also taste and smell and see its energies. This allows her to identify most beings unless their ability to disguise themselves is incredibly potent and lets her track down many supernaturals as well. This is made much more easy if they have recently expended some form of mystical energy as it leaves a trail for her to follow. Of course, this also means that especially foul powers can distract her and a powerful enough entity can coat the area so thickly in its own power that finding anyone is nigh impossible.

The Chosen also has an instinctual understanding of how to use the skeleton for maximum effectiveness. She can wield claw and fang as if she had used them all her life and the impossibly sharp tail is maneuvered with practiced grace. This allows her to fight against warriors far more skilled than her due to the memories of eons overwriting her body’s natural reactions.

Alarice can also enter a sort of hibernation. She falls into a deep sleep reminiscent of the legends of the Ahamkara and begins to heal much more quickly. Of course, this also leaves her very vulnerable as it would take something threatening to wake her back up before she has finished recovering.

Cook: Alarice is an excellent cook and it was a trait supported heavily by the noble family she lived in. She was given all the resources, training, and time she needed to refine her talent. While she can work miracles in a kitchen with the right ingredients she can more than make do with less than exemplary resources. However, if given the chance to she will experiment and the results can be rather catastrophic.


The Bones of the Ahamkara: Once there was a race of dragons who granted the wishes of mankind. Then, one day, the skies were filled with hungry darkness and a terrible light and the Ahamkara were made no more. At least, that is what all were lead to believe. The bones of these wondrous creatures sought out worthy wielders with their dead whispers and those that unearthed them became the founders of the great noble houses that rule the land.

The bones of an ancient dragon cover Alarice’s body and the skull serves as her helmet whichs makes it incredibly difficult to injure her; however, she is capable of demeterializing them if need be. Normal metals couldn’t hope to scratch it and utterly inhumane amounts of strength is required to outright break any of the bones. There may be openings for an opponent to strike but the Ahamkara is aware and while nothing as overt as the skeleton coming to life will occur the subtle shifts of bones can cover spots that someone could usually strike at. While sheer blunt force is more effective the Ahamkara bones outright ignore normal law and stop most of the attack from harming Alarice. This is more burdensome on the bones but considering their durability it is not an impossible task. This is further aided by the natural tendency of the skeleton to repair itself. Cracks can be healed in battle but broken or lost pieces will require a bit longer.               

However, the Ahamkara are also beings beyond the realm of mere physical interaction. They show a degree of sentience on occasion when they care to speak and they occupy the minds of their bearers. This makes telepathy and mental manipulation very difficult as the Ahamkara take great offense to the alteration and spying of their hosts. However, at the same time the dragon is not entirely benign and can be convinced to allow the invader a few nuggets of information. Of course, they can also try to engage the dragon in a mental battle but unless they are incredibly skilled the battle will be long and hard fought with a very unlikely chance of victory. Their bones also carry an ancient, dead power that Alarice can call upon inside of combat and in everyday life.

Oracle Bones:

“Behold the whims of fate, oh bearer mine. The knowledge is yours for the taking.”         

A pair of redundant bones grow downwards along the noble’s waist. They are much more pliable than the others and it is simple to snap them off and cast them into a fire. Normally they can give her a vague impression of an area and what may come to pass in it. If she can wrap someone’s hair around them or a personal belonging she can gain insight into their lives, what they can do, or what they may become. However, the future is far from set in stone and it is more than possible for what she sees to not come to pass.

Life-Hating Flame:

“Look at all this life, oh bearer mine. There is so much left to burn.”         

In her left hand Alarice can summon a ball of green flame. It is not something she can manipulate or control. She simply directs it and lets the flame loose. It cares not for steel, or iron, or paper, or corpses. It cares only to burn all that lives to cinders, for life is its enemy and it despises its enemy. With greedy hunger it spreads across flesh and gnaws on bone but there is no heat or chill. There is only hate and an unending animosity that is almost palpable. It spreads with great urgency when it encounters living beings which makes it very powerful, but it can still be choked to death by more mundane methods. While cutting off the air supply will do little smothering it with nonliving objects can stifle the flame if it no longer has any room.

Dagger of Maws:

“Give me your arm, oh bearer mine. Let me help you fill the world with teeth.”

A dagger of bone emerges from a plate on Alarice’s right arm. It is relatively simple and does not even have a jagged blade, but when it strikes it does not cut; it shreds and swallows with rabid abandon. As the blade moves across your flesh chunks are savagely torn out. When the blades clash the smell of a burning breath fills your nose as if you were holding back the maw of a beast. A normal sword would have pieces bitten out of it if it clashed with this dagger. More hardy weapons can have traces of hot, acidic saliva found on them after a similar clash.

Void Fang:

“The world is made of such succulent flesh, oh bearer mine. And are you not hungry?”

The skull that serves as Alarice’s helmet shuts close and its teeth undergo a dramatic transformation. They change from ancient bone to emptiness made sharp. The horrible hunger of the void made manifest in the physical world. With this almost all anything  can be torn off and swallowed never to be seen again. However, the effect is incredibly noticeable and vanishes after one bite. While Alarice does say that she doesn’t actually eat them the taste does linger in her mouth.

Dragon Wish:

“Tell me, oh bearer mine. What is your heart’s desire?”

The Ahamkara are most famous for granting the wishes of humans in the time before their fall. By sacrificing the armor for a day by expending its ancient power Alarice can call upon a lesser wish. The Ahamkara do not deal in absolutes or strict wording so simply wishing a person to death or transporting them to the center of the earth is implausible. While it could certainly call up chains to bind them, weaken them physically, or even displace them to some area away from Alarice that is the best a Dragon Wish will do for that type of offensive purpose. The wish is much more useful for supportive purpose. The grand alteration of weather, miraculous enhancement of natural healing, and increases in power based on existing attributes are all examples. However, as a lesser wish all of these are temporary and will fade long before the armor returns to her.

Origin: The Ahamkara were ancient when man was stumbling towards his first true ideas. Throughout history stories have been told of scaled beasts that would grant the wishes of men. But one day the sky erupted and ancient forces clashed. In the aftermath all that was left of the dragons were bones, but they are beyond death. The Ahamkara seek Chosen to bear them and Alarice was lucky enough to make a wish with the dead entity. Although it would shame her to admit it she wished for power. Righteousness and justice were nothing without power to enforce them was the initial reasoning she used to convince herself that she made her wish for the right reasons but the truth was much simpler. Alarice hated being so weak and for all her morals she relished in the thought of the strength that could be at her disposal. Regardless, the deal was struck and she inherited the power she asked for. Already a part of a noble house, the Chosen quickly ascended up the political and military ladder and made a name for herself as one of the more compassionate nobles. Of course, this by no means made her soft and the bones of the Ahamkara made sure she could enact justice in her territory to a degree that most other could not. Exceptions were rarely, if ever, made; however, in more controversial issues she was known to personally intervene. While she did not always alter the outcome the laws were usually revised afterwards in order to make sure similar situations did not happen again. 

Weakness: Explosions cause shrapnel and while her armor is good it can’t block every single piece simultaneously. The holes in the skull of the dragon can’t shift like the rest of the skeleton can so it’s an open weak point. A Wish removes her armor for a day. Hibernation also leaves her incredibly vulnerable.

Likes: Keeping the peace, cooking, sleeping

Dislikes: Being forced to use a Dragon Wish, having to gamble with the lives of others, getting vague messages from the Oracle Bones
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
« Reply #133 on: June 04, 2016, 04:58:32 AM »
Name:  Misaka Mikoto

Race: Human

Age: 14

Height: 161 cm

Weight: Who cares


Physical Attributes

Strength: Human

Agility: Exceptional

Constitution: Exceptional

Other Abilities:

AIM and Personal Reality
AIM is a weak energy that is unconsciously emitted by espers. It cannot be detected by the five senses, and can only be detected through the use of special machines. They basically create a bubble of altered reality around them that overwrites that of normal reality around them. It allows them to shape reality through the use of a certain ability. It's pretty weird. Misaka's passively creates an effect that makes her immune to telepathy of any kind.

Misaka is the strongest electromaster, a type of esper that can manipulate electromagnetic forces with their minds. With this ability, she can wield lightning as a casual weapon, run on walls, control magnetic fields, hack into computers, etc etc. She's strong and can do crazy things with electromagnetism. That's all there is to it.

Using her mad electrical skills, Misaka can fire metal objects at several times the speed of sound by forming parallel currents along her arm. It takes a few seconds to charge and overexerts her powers, causing her to decrease in strength for several minutes afterwords. It's strong enough to punch through several buildings, however. She normally uses small coins she carries around in her pocket, greatly limiting her range due to the fact that they disintegrate after going a certain distance. If she used a more durable object with her railgun, she'd be able to fire at much greater distances.


She has a bunch of coins

Origin: Mikoto Misaka is one of the series' main heroines in Toaru Majutsu no Index series and the protagonist of her side story, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. A psychic user of Academy City, her powers are ranked Level 5, the highest rank for the most powerful psychic users, and she ranks as third-strongest out of the seven people who hold this rank in Academy City. She attended Tokiwadai Middle School, a famous girls' school for the rich and elite psychics and one of the five elite schools of Academy City. Now she's in the Nexus.

Weakness: While she has strong esper powers, she is still, in the end, just a human, and will die from attacks that would kill any other human. She gets weaker for a short time after she uses her railgun attack, and prolonged usage of her powers will exhaust her.

Likes: Gekota, doing her own thing, crepes

Dislikes: rules and regulations, being sexually harassed, bugs
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
« Reply #134 on: July 15, 2016, 05:59:18 PM »
Name: Utsuro, Dai Rokuten Maou and 7th lord of the hundred demon house.
Race: Demonic grudges and curses personified

Age: 1000

Height: 245 cm (sword where his spirit resides is 2 meters long)

Weight: As heavy as his blade, but the puppet is about 300 kg.


Physical Attributes

Strength: Incredible

Agility: Fantastic

Constitution: Incredible

Magic scale: None.

Other Abilities:

Oni essence: Because he had finally accepted what he truly was in death, his spirit is much more in tune to its demonic nature. Because of that, he is no longer able to “reject” his essence and his limiter is thus rendered useless. Because of that, his dark aura is now left unchained and restored his body closer to its original demonic state without subjecting his mind to its past limitations. If he wishes it, he can exert said aura like a thick fog of pure malice and wrath so intense it takes tangible form as a torrent that can be sent out like his own limbs to whip, slash and crush its surroundings under the pressure. The weak will simply suffocate under the malicious spiritual pressure, while even those with stronger will shall find themselves slowly corrupted and eroded if exposed to the miasma.

The way of the sword: Even as a curse forged of all the feelings and regrets he carried in death, his very being is one that is still deeply connected to swords. The connection to this very concept is so deep that his spirit itself is one that accommodates and understands this type of weapon beyond a physical or intellectual level. Whatever blade he wields will become an instrument of destruction, a beautiful and deadly creature that will rage across the battlefield in a symphony of destruction. A knife will cut through stone as easily as it was made of butter, and even a greatsword as massive as a house would be as light as a feather to him. The difference between him and a great swordsman should be as great as heaven and earth, that is a fact as natural as the color of the sky. And yet...

However, what had once been a pure bond can be no more. His innocence torn forever along with his life, Kenzo has acknowledged his hatred and emotions, which sink into the swords he holds as a vile chi that envelops them. It is more brutal, more focused on the killing than the cut itself, and because of that its purity is corrupted. As monstrous as his swordsmanship is, he can never hold a sword as innocently as before. His eyes have finally acknowledged the darkness of his heart, it can see it in all its beauty and all its terror. As such he can only match the greatest of swordsmen, rather than see through them like broken glass.

Masterful swordsmithing: Despite being an incredible swordsman, his greatest skill was his incredible forging skill. Even in death, that fundamental part of his being lingers in the very blade he forged. By simply glancing at a sword he can tell all that there is to know about a sword, from its components to the wielder itself, and would be able to forge a perfect lookalike. The weapons his forges have bred were of the greatest caliber by sheer design, tools of destruction meant to take lives and annihilate all in their path, to destroy and kill without discrimination. Only love and hate.

Soul reaping: People say Utsuro is a demon who can feed off the souls of the slain. That is false and very discriminatory, for while he does not always eat souls, he can take them and imbue objects with them (mostly swords) to turn them into powerful artifacts of destruction, beautiful beings that can cut and annihilate all in their path. It doesn’t mean he wouldn’t eat one, but still…

Puppet:His body being clinically dead, it is now nothing more than a puppet, a vessel the spiritual mass of memories, grudges and demonic curses uses to wield its anchor. One could compare it more to a doll than an actual corpse of flesh and blood, an undying pillar of flesh overflowing with demonic energy that sustains and controls it. While he still sustains damage normally, he can use the blood of his fallen foes as steel to rebuild himself. Even if the body is completely annihilated, his demonic spirit will not fade. With time, another Utsuro could emerge and the cycle of hatred will begin anew. To truly kill him, one must destroy the sword; cast it in the fires where it was once created.

But that means he will never be saved.

While it is possible to exorcise him, even the most powerful ones will have immense difficulty doing so, and there is always the risk of the spirit coming back and reforming itself. However, if the source of his earthly attachments his grudges and his cravings were faltering even for a moment, it would be possible to rid the world of him.


Benisakura : A  2 meters long refined crimson nodachi sword forged in the blood of a demon. Its beauty is only matched by its sharpness. While it is so long one would find it unwieldy, he can wield it with perfection beyond all other swords. If one defined a sword as an object that severs, then it could be said that Benisakura is the strongest sword.

Because of its particular component and wrathful spirit it anchors, the sword has strong spiritual properties and can sever spirits, ghost and creatures that the mundane cannot normally reach. It can also serve as a vessel to his demonic energy, built up and accumulated only to be released as a powerful blast that annihilates whatever stands in its path.

Incidentally, it also the anchor that binds him to this world, his demonic spirit linked to the sword due to the fact that the wishes, hopes, joys sorrows, rage, despair bonds, grudges and the very being of its maker that he accepted in death are imprinted in the blade and carry on.

Origin: There was once a demon who was very lonely. Humans shunned and feared the creature, and thus they tried to kill him. Over time, he became cruel and ravaged on, annihilating entire villages and ruling as a monstrous demon king. In truth, he was simply angry, angry and lonely. He could never have a truly meaningful bond; the carnage that was imposed upon him became synonymous with love. And so he hated, and he loved, and he destroyed everything, until one day he met someone he couldn’t bring himself to destroy.
And for the first time, he learned of something other than violence. He learned to create, to hold and to cherish. She was his light, but as time carried on that light of hope only ended up growing an even greater shadow. He tried to contain it, splitting his intellect, his memories, his emotions and his very being into the swords he crafted. He tried to run from himself, but all he did was making things worse. And in the end, he couldn’t escape from her. Dying, his emotions that had been sealed ran amok and came back to him, and on that moment he realized one thing.
Truly he was an inhuman monster.

Weakness: His aura is slow and sluggish, and isn’t that particularly potent to begin with. While it can certainly hurt a normal human, a normal human could manage to avoid it. The damage it inflicts is mostly mental, an overwhelming sense of hate that slowly corrodes everything. He is a rather straightforward fighter, so trickery and roundabout fighting styles can manage much better against him. While he can use his demonic body better than before, he still is far from an accomplished fighter in other areas and will be overwhelmed in a fight of skill if he cannot use his blade for any reason. At the same time, there is still a trace of the merciful Kenzo in him, so he won’t kill someone if he can help it. Moments of hesitation like this can be an excellent opening. His body can recover through bloodshed, but it can be incapacitated and destroyed. Then you can shove the sword in mount doom or whatever, as long as it doesn’t corrupt you. Finally, he has no ranged option aside his getsuga tenshou, which is fairly telegraphed, and zoning and long ranged pressure can prove much more effective than melee.

Likes : Company, kindness, humanity, good honest people,  good food, a good fight, a challenge, smithing swords, beautiful things (especially swords), helping out others, being accepted, everyone.

Dislikes : Treachery, deceat and dishonor in all shapes and forms, brutality, those who hurt loved ones (especially family), himself, the way humans reject him, Misaka Mikoto, everyone.
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