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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
« Reply #120 on: September 06, 2016, 10:17:05 PM »
Name: The Highwayman
Race: Human

Gender: Female
Age: 21
Height: 5"9 
Weight: Shut up.
Appearance: Red blonde hair, with a baggy crimson cloak concealing all his magic, a crimson bandana of JUSTICE with two holes, of small height but fairly muscled build, which makes him pass for a very effeminate man. But the most striking part of him isn't just his fist, but his vulpine emerald eyes that shine bright like a diamond, burn like the sun yet gaze as coolly as the sea.
Physical Attributes
Strength: Exceptional

Agility: Incredible
Constitution: Exceptional
Other Abilities: 

Peerless Acrobat: The Highlander is the swiftest and most nimble man in all the land. He can leap gracefully from any surface, run quickly with such softness her movements are not unlike the skitter of a squirrel and perform inhuman feats of acrobacy as if he was made of wind. After all, the wind is the wind... because it cannot be caught.
The Highlander is the smartest and most clever man of the land, able to quickly think on his feet and set up elaborate plans, traps and ruses in a matter of seconds. His mind is his most valuable asset, with a wit so sharp it out sharps his own blade. He can use any part of his environment to his advantage, conceal ruses within ruses within more ruses and psych out his opponents with clever tactics and taunts that confuse and bedazzle all!

Skilled swordfighter: Due to his extreme training, the Highwayman became the best swordfighter of the land, right after best sword fighter of the land n.435

Blade tosser: Ha! You tought the Highwayman was merely the greatest swordman around, but he is also the greatest sword thrower EVER! He can throw blades with such precision and skill he can slice perfect slices of salami in midair.

Smoke and mirrors: Thanks to his great skill and history as a circus performer and the power of bullshit, the Highwayman uses impossible tricks, concoctions and mechanisms to deceive the eye. No man can resist his tricks, and no magician reveals his tricks. 


Smoke bombs

Invisible smoke bombs that not only cast a cloud of invisible moke, but also turn things and people invisible (until the smoke


Invisible iron strings

Throwing daggers

Invisible throwing daggers that can EXTEND into invisible throwing swords or invisible swords!!!!

Leather armor

Fabulous cloak, hat and bandana

String Bracer mechanism
of convenient trap setting that holds several dozen meters of string that he can set up into various formations and traps, attach it to his daggers and throw them all over the place to make platforms to fly on or just tie people up.

Gunpowder boots that make your face explode when kicked, but conveniently shield his feet from the blast

Fancy silver sword

Origin: There was once a girl who read a lot of stories. One day, she was sold off to a circus, but she didn't care. Over time she honed her skills on stage as well as on backstage, and was so chuuni that she believed to be some grand thief hero or something and thus became even better. But she found that the simple spotlight wasn't enough. Nay, she needed a greater performance! So she decided that instead of stealing mere purses from spectators, she would perform the greatest acts of all time! So she became a grand phantom thief, and also became a he. Because she said so.

He is the shadow that flaps in the night, and the Nexus City will shine the brightest spotlight for the Highwayman. Beware, wealthy aristocrats!!!
Weakness: He says he has no weaknesses, but standard human weaknesses still apply to him in spite of his boast..

Likes: Being dramatic, cunts, cocks, BEING A GENTLEMAN,  food, honest people, teasing others, stealing in the loudest ways possible, movies, putting a good show, kicking ass, slapping ass, fantasy, mystery and action novels (especially those with awesome heroes-heroines), the hard way, being cornered, badassness.
Dislikes: Laziness, unmotivation, thinking before punching, being made a fool of, those who exploit the weak, damaging books, cheap tricks and underhanded tactics (pot call kettle black).
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
« Reply #121 on: October 03, 2016, 03:55:51 PM »
Name: X

Race: Ghost

Age: Unknown, appears like a man in his 30s

Height: 173 cm

Weight: Weightless


Physical Attributes

Strength: Human

Agility: Exceptional

Constitution: Human

Other Abilities:

Ghost: There was once a ruthless killer who wanted to live a quiet life. That murderer is no more, however, his spirit lingered and still haunts the world. 

As ghosts, normal people cannot see them or feel them, although they can be heard if the ghost chooses to allow it. Their bounds of human capability are removed, allowing them to perform various acts of supernatural abilities such as floating. They are completely intangible, but can grasp and impact on objects if they concentrate. Only spiritual means can destroy a ghost.

They have no shadow and no particular scent, although some animals like dogs are able to sense them better due to their greater spiritual presence, and will attack them as soon as they notice their presence. They also have reflections.

Ghosts also need to follow certain rules in their existence. They can only enter a room if it's empty or if someone inside has given the ghost permission. They have the ability to manipulate objects, though they are not able to feel them. If a normal person learns of the existence of ghosts, the person must be eliminated, otherwise the uncovered ghost and the witness will both be executed by cleanseners.

It is also said that ghosts are unable to develop physically unlike living beings. If a ghost is touched unwillingly by someone they break down and can lose their limbs, so most spirits just shrivel and hide in the shadows to avoid bumping into people.

The Hands: X can exert some sort of spiritual power thanks to his ghost properties in order to draw the crumbled ghost remains of the damned and manipulate them. Doing so, he can produce arms on any surface around him or along his trail, up to 13 ghostly arms each as strong as an adult. These arms act as an extension of himself, and he can use those arms creatively to achieve various results

Equipment:  Nothing, not even a penny.

Origin: No one knows about the killer’s past, not even himself. Unable to recall his life, his vile murders or even his name, the one thing he is sure of is that he will not go to heaven. Wanting to leave a peaceful life without trouble, he is unable to escape his fate forever. However, due to the circumstances, he was offered a deal.

Forced to work as a cleanser, he keeps the balance of souls in check by keeping an overwhelming amount of ghosts from manifesting, killing whoever would cause a certain amount of deaths. A tiresome chore that bears no fruit, he still seeks to find joy in the simple, quiet peace that this new unlife provides him while finding a place to call home.

Weakness: The limitations of his ghostly existence bring as many advantages as disadvantages. He is fairly squishy and spiritual means fare better against him than physical ones. Those with some spiritual connection can faintly see him, while those who can freely see the spirits of the departed as they leave the body and interact with them will have no problem seeing him.

Likes: Classical music, literature, movies, pleasant scents, indulging himself peacefully, being undisturbed, himself, putting annoying brats in their place, toying with his “victims”, beautiful women.

Being bothered, needlessly troubling himself, making enemies, fighting, overtly complicated things, the inconveniences of being a ghost, having nowhere to be, annoying brats, children, troublesome meddlers, loudness, needless attention.

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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
« Reply #122 on: October 21, 2016, 05:46:29 AM »
Name: Arbeter. Goes also by Al.

Race: Promethean, of the Tammuz Lineage.

Age: Apparent: Late 20's to mid thirties. Actual: Less than a year.

Height: 7 foot 3 inches

Weight: 290 lbs

Appearance: He weathered face streaked with the wrinkles and creases of a far older man.Al has dirt brown hair and eyes, and skin tanned heavily by long hours of work in the sun. Under this guise though, is his true body. His body is made of clay, baked in sun and his joints made from chains. Embossed across his chest are the words that make his clay heart beat, words of gods and men long dead and long lost. Where his eyes would be, there is only fire, divine fire that animates him and carries him onward.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Human. Despite being an unnatural creation, he does not possess supernatural strength, though he is roughly as strong as the average human male of his weight and build.

Agility: Human. While he can press these limits, for now there is no way for him to surpass them.

Constitution: Being made of clay, and literally made to work, Arbeter can keep walking and moving long past the point where someone of true flesh and blood would drop dead from exhaustion. He does not need to sleep, the extremes of weather cause him no discomfort or harm, and he can eat pretty much anything he can fit in his mouth, inorganic or not. Arbeter's body is very durable - he will remain 'alive' even if he loses limbs, and his clay flesh can take a beating even before that. He can still come back from 'death' such as it is for one like him, as long as most of his clay heart is still intact. As such, his constitution is tentatively rated as Incredible.

Other Abilities: Arbeter is currently, in his own way, refining himself to figure out what exactly he is as one of the Created, along with what creatures like him really are. This action has caused some alchemical reactions within his own makeup. He is unconsciously stoking the furnace of the divine fire giving him life, and as such when he harnesses that fire, he becomes stronger in many ways. His fire can modify his clay form to be faster, tougher, stronger, and quicker to react and think than even another of his kind harnessing it would be able to. It even can temporarily provide him physical abilities and changes at least temporarily that he otherwise could not access, and his stoking of the divine fire can fill him to the brim through willpower alone. Instinctively, he is also able to take a bit of the edge off of the unnatural revulsion he causes in others, though this is temporary at best, and once it sets in there's no stopping it.

Origin: Once, there was an old man out in the country. All his children had left him, and without them, his farm was falling into ruin. The men in suits came, and told him if he did not have a good enough harvest his farm would no longer be his anymore. He could not accept this, and as such he dug out the old book of tales his grandfather had left him when he was a boy, tales of a man who had carved another of clay and had him come to life. He could make it through this harvest he thought, if he had but a younger man to help him. It was desperation, and hope and need that caused the old farmer to take the chains out of the barn. It caused him to sculpt a heart of clay, and bake it in fire under the full moon. It was need, that caused him to carve a face out of the same clay, along with a body and hands and limbs, and bake the chains into them. Hope is the most dangerous of all emotions, and desperation the most dangerous of motivations. He buried his false man deep in the black soil where his crops would need to be planted, and prayed and recited the rituals and lines from the old book, and dared take the role of god himself in making a new man. Divine fire animated the construct, which dug its way out of the ground, mute, confused, lacking any purpose but to work, but now also alive.

The old man gave the new man of clay a name from the old language he barely remembered, Arbeter, worker, and together they made the land grow green again. But all was not well. The old man was sick, very sick. His act of creation had taken something from him, and as time passed and the crops grew, death came closer. Arbeter watched him pass, the last words of his creator a simple instruction. "Work, until you find your own words. Mine aren't good enough anymore." And so Arbeter worked, until the men took away the old mans work. He left that farm behind, and traveled, looking for the words that would be his own. Maybe in this strange place, he will find his own words, and earn his own flesh and blood.

Weakness: Arbeter is an existence that should not be. The earth around him rejects his very presence, and he instinctively causes revulsion when he is around people too long, though he can suppress this feeling at least temporarily. Fire is also anathema to him, contact with mundane flame causing his clay flesh to lose consistency and the spark of life within it. Fire, despite it baking and hardening his flesh before it was given life, is what can and will kill him no matter what.

Likes: Honest work, interacting with people, reading books

Dislikes: Being taken for granted, his presence causing others unease, lack of knowledge about what his path is, people with false words


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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
« Reply #123 on: February 22, 2017, 06:10:02 PM »
Name: Nero

Age: 19

Height: 6'1"

Weight: Normal for someone of his age, height, and body type. Could use a bit more meat on his bones, though.


Physical Attributes:

Strength: Incredible (Devil Bringer is Fantastic)

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Incredible (Devil Bringer is Legendary)

Other Abilities:

Demonic Physiology: Being only a quarter demon, Nero doesn’t actually seem to benefit much from his demonic blood aside from being physically far and above most normal humans and in his Devil Bringer. Of course, he's not aware of his demonic heritage and it hasn't fully awoken yet.

Air Hike: Nero can create a temporary platform under his feet from demonic energy to jump again in mid-air.

Table-hopper: Essentially a stylish short ranged dash, primarily used to get some breathing room.

Combat expert: Nero is an expert swordsman and gunslinger, both from his training with the Order of the Sword and his own experience in fighting demons.

Devil Bringer: A literal devil arm that is Nero’s right arm. It is fairly conspicuous, between the bright blue glow, chitin-like plating, and sharp claws, and as such he keeps it wrapped up in a sling to keep from drawing too much attention. In addition to being substantially stronger than Nero and impossibly tough, the Devil Bringer can send out spectral arms to grab and manipulate things within a decent range, and to absorb and sense demonic energy with surprising accuracy. Nero also uses it to maneuver by sending out an arm and pulling himself towards whatever he grabs. If the need arises, the Devil Bringer’s projections can scale up to match the size of the task, though only up to a certain point.


Red Queen: A Durandal sword commonly used by the Order that’s been heavily modified. The primary modification is in removing the limiter on the system that allows Nero to ‘rev’ the blade, spraying a flammable propellant on the blade, with the resulting blaze increasing the power and the range of his attacks. Furthermore, the system is powerful enough for Nero to be able to use it like an impromptu jet if the need arises.

The sword itself is surprisingly resilient, capable of withstanding blows even from powerful Devil Arms such as the Rebellion or Sparda.

Blue Rose: A specially designed magnum featuring a double-barrelled design that lets it fire off two shots in rapid succession. Though the Order frowns on the use of guns, Nero makes good use of it anyway, and the rounds are powerful enough to damage all but the hardiest of demons if he lands a clean shot. For some extra kick, Nero can charge the shots with demonic energy from his Devil Bringer, to the point of the bullets exploding with the force of a grenade shortly after impact.

Origin: Nero was left at an orphanage as a child, his earliest memories being of his time there. He met Kyrie and Credo early on and took a liking to them, becoming good friends with both and looking up to the latter. Though he lost his faith in things like god after the deaths of their parents, he still followed them and joined the Order of the Sword later on. Between his lone wolf nature and his unorthodox approach, Nero was often saddled with the solo 'special jobs' by the Order, not that he minded too much.

One day, however, he was injured on an assignment to help out Kyrie, along with Kyrie herself. While she recovered completely, Nero's arm changed on that day as it healed. While he was initially worried about it being some sort of infection, he started training with it when he realized what it was capable of. Even so, he kept the arm hidden while in public, as best he could. Then, one day, on the eve of the Festival of Blades, Nero found himself transported to some strange new place in the middle of a training session.

Weaknesses: When he gets worked up, he tends to rush into things only to make them substantially worse.

Likes: Good heavy metal, a decent fight, poker, pizza, working alone, showing off

Dislikes: Demons, pasta, being called a kid, having to use the Devil Bringer in public, missing mom/dad jokes, having to sit through religious stuff, silent types
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