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Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
« on: November 08, 2014, 07:26:45 PM »
GM NOTE: This is Forest's Old Sheet. For her new one, check the character sheet thread.

Name: Forest, Law Unto Herself

Race: Vampire

Age: Around 1,350. Physically 19.

Height: 5’10

Weight: 127


Forest is tall and slim with the body of a gymnast or dancer. Toned muscle but without much bulk. Forest is more about speed and agility than power, even though she does have more than enough of that to spare. Most of her height comes from her legs, and they are lovely and perhaps her favorite feature about her body, other than her slightly longer than waist length golden blond hair. She has a classically pretty face with high cheek bones, an Aristocratic nose, fairly large violet-blue eyes (she likes to relate that they're the color of iolites), a mouth with a lower lip considerably plumper than the top, giving her a bit of a pouting look. As a vampire she has very pale skin, which is even more emphasized by the fact that she likes to wear dark red lipstick and black clothing.

Forest knows all about cutting a silhouette and is rarely seen without her fitted black leather duster. It hits her at about mid calf and has Celtic knots stamped on the back shoulders, on the back of the sleeves and tapering down to her waist. She is very fond of this coat and hurting it in anyway is a sure way to piss her off. She generally wears black jeans, Doc Martian's steel toed biker boots, a black camisole (even though she has a red one or a purple one) or black turtleneck. She also wears her .44 Super Magnum at her hip in a sort of modified quick draw holster.

She barely has any bosom to speak of (She's either on the large size of A or the small end of B depending on the brand), but has a nicely curved bottom due to her dancing and tumbling. She has long, clean limbs but feels awkward and gangly because being turned at such an early age where she didn't get to fully develop.(For those wanting to know, she does have Dem Legs and Dat Ass.) She's one of those sporty pretty girls that has no idea how gorgeous she actually is and dresses more for practicality and to be recognized than to look good.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Incredible

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Incredible

Other Abilities: Forest is highly skilled in Martial Arts, a master of a variety of styles and schools.  Her current favorite is Jeet-Kun-Do which she learned from Bruce Lee himself. 
She’s also a master linguist too, speaking fluently over 20 languages.  She has some trouble with Spanish.

Combat Medic- Due to all the conflict that Forest has been involved in over the centuries she is a highly efficient combat medic and can even perform some meatball surgery.  She’s also been a midwife as well.

Telepathy: Not only can she read minds, she can communicate over great distances this way and also hypnotize and control most people with ease. 

She can read minds.  Erase/manipulate memories.  Hypnosis.  She can also cause hallucinations.   Communicate mentally.

Also under causing hallucinations she can make people think they see-heard-smell-touched- something that wasn't there or make them think something wasn't there that they did experience. 

Theoretically she can even make people do things they don't want to do, but that's generally a no-go.  She can also put someone to sleep this way as well.

You know, telepathy/mind control stuff.

Things like the hypnosis, mental manipulation she works best if she makes eye contact with the subject.  However, Mind Reading can be done from miles away if she concentrates. She can also communicate or "send" messages over great distances.  She can generate mental "bonds" with people, like she has with Gabriel, that allows her to converse with them over great distances.  She can also invite them into her "mindscape" (IE Inner World) and have it feel as "real" as if was happening in reality.  However, this is a very rare occurrence.

She can influence several targets at once, but the more she attempts to influence, the less effective it will be.  On the flip side, she can also shield someone from mental attacks as well, and is highly resistant to the point of almost immunity to mental influence as well.

Regeneration: Superhuman – unless it is a fatal wound such as a stake through the heart, beheading, or immolation through fire or sunlight, Forest will survive it.  She can even regenerate limbs and take gunshot wounds to the head.  She just needs blood to recover it.

Orgasmic Bite: When Forest feeds she causes orgasms.  Generally not intentionally.

Heightened Senses:  All of Forest’s senses, due to her vampirism, are heightened: touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing, and mental.

My soul is solely mine. An interesting quirk of vampires from Forest’s home world is that their souls cannot be taken from them nor can they willingly sell their soul either.  It is theirs until death and cannot be taken away willingly or by force.

Magical Ability: Low.  Forest can cast very small fire spells- like lighting a candle.
Equipment: 67’ Camaro.  44. Magnum. An axe older than her that was her father’s.  The Compound.  A lot of weapons, money, and cars.

Origin: Back in the days before the Dark Ages back when the Celts were still Celts and the Vikings were still kicking around there was a Viking man who was captured when his ship picked the wrong Celtic Village to attack. The rest of his people left and he was left alone, seeing that the guy really couldn't do anything to hurt them now, he was let go and sort of adopted into the clan. There he fell in love with the sister of the Chieftain's wife, who came from a powerful family of magic users and telepaths. They were wed and the Viking's wife and the Chieftain's wife had daughters on the same night. However, the Viking's wife died in childbirth. The Viking tried his best to raise his new baby daughter, but not too longer he was struck down in battle as well.

So the little girl, Bronach, was taken in with her aunt and uncle while her cousin was being groomed as the next High Priestess of the Brigid for their tribe. The two were as close as sisters and the clan thought their shared birthdays was a blessed thing. Except as the redhead grew as a powerful healer and Druid, the blond Bronach was apparently born for battle. So Gormlaith represented the healing and light of the trinity Goddess the Brigid, Bronach represented the Brigid's Dark Side, the Trinity Goddess the Morrigan. Yet Gormlaith and Bronach were unseperatable despite being so different.

Bronach grew into a warrior that could best most of the men of her Clan and her name was feared in battle. She always seemed to know who to strike and at what time, tapping into a telepathic talent she wasn't quite sure of at the time. This was all well and good until a little after she turned 19 when she drew the attention of a Roman vampire that had his ass handed to him by Bodicida and still had issues with Celtic warrior women who could kick ass. So he nabbed Bronach one night while she was paying tribute to the Morrigan .  He threatened to go after Gormlaith and the rest of her clan if she did not come with him and submit.

He proceeded to pretty much rape the young warrior as he turned her into a vampire with the thought of making her his eternal toy.  Then he proceeded to make her life a living hell trying to break her will.

Except he didn't count on Bronach being a natural telepath and having enough will of her own to break free of his control long enough to club his head in with a rock and getting the hell away from him, no matter what. So for a while she was half starved and half mad until she got a hold of the whole vampire thing. Then she encountered an incubus trying to rape a defenseless girl one night. Despite all of his power, the incubus really didn't know how to use all of his strength, while Bronach did. He fell, the girl was safe and Bronach had an epiphany.

And then Forest was born while Bronach died.

Forest became the most sought after assassin for the supernatural until she built up enough wealth and reputation to strike out on her own, where she eventually earned the title Law Unto Herself given to her by a vampire bard with a serious crush. Of course, she made plenty of friends and enemies on her rise of power. Had her heart broken by an unusual Faerie that she loved but he didn't love her as much in return. Found her sister reborn several times, befriended one Lady Wynn Noreen Umbra of the Unseelie court and became godmother to her "abomination" son.

Flash forward to modern times where Forest is, as she was titled, Law Unto Herself with more money than most current day corporations due to good investing and a shrewd mind for business. These things gave Forest the luxury to do things that most vampires would never due to fear of the Vampiric Council and the Circle.

One night she found herself, and luckily all of her assets, pulled into the Nexus.  With no contact with Gabriel, Wynn, or anyone else she was close to, she’s been growing more distant and into herself with each passing night.  She patrols the streets of Nexus helping the helpless, but she may be trying to seek her own end as well.

You can read more about Forest here.

Weakness: Since stakes Forest is a vampire she's not fond of holy objects with true faith behind them, holy ground pisses her off, especially Christian churches. Fire, Sunlight, wooden stake to the heart, and beheading are the four ways to kill her. The only way to bind her is with magic or silver.
She’s also emotionally vulnerable as well, she keeps her past tight to her chest, and without her Poppet she’s finding it harder and harder to continue.

Unconscious Lure- As an Elder vampire with blood ties to Lilith, Forest emits a low-level Lure that she’s not aware of.  This makes her appear attractive to people who Forest wouldn't generally register on their radar.

Likes: Bruce Campbell.  Bad horror movies.  Sports cars. Gemstones.  Paranormal romance novels.  Anything written by Joss Whedon that’s not “Alien Resurection”.  Comics.  Cu Culihian (the myth).  The Morrigan.  Gabriel.  Large, manly men (redheads are a plus).  Heavy metal.   Lavender. The color violet. Leather dusters. Pop Culture. Steel toed boots. Oranges and most other fruit.  Warmth. A good fight. Burn Notice and Brisco County Jr..  Of course the “Evil Dead” movies get a ton of love because Bruce Campbell.

Dislikes: When people try to rape her.  Being cold.  When people are assholes for no reason. The fact that she’s an “eternal virgin”.  Evil wankers.
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2014, 07:35:52 PM »
Name: (Caster)Faust
Race: Servant
Age: Physically early 20s, actual age is about 180 years old
Height: 6’
Weight: 147lb

Physical Attributes
Strength: Incredible
Agility: Incredible
Constitution: Incredible

Magical Power: Extremely High
Magecraft is knowledge about modern Thaumaturgy.
Capable of using High-Thaumaturgy, a skill thought to be completely outside the realm of modern-day Magi. Faust is particularly skilled in the art of summoning and binding, and with the contract with Mephistopheles, is capable of summoning a host of demons and fae with great ease, and skill unattainable with modern magecraft. One of the most powerful being he can summon is the Aufhocker, at a greatly reduced prana cost. Without the contract, he still is able to, but it costs quite a deal of prana. The Aufhocker is large horse-sized black demonic dog, and is extremely durable. It leaps upon it's victim's back and drains them of their blood. However, it is afraid of sunlight and crosses, and can be harmed by the more powerful holy scriptures and divine weapons.

Through his contract, Faust is able to directly summon Mephistopheles to do battle for him by saying the words "Stay, thou art so fair." Mephistopheles is extremely powerful, and is an extremely difficult opponent to beat. He has access to many various demons from the deepest pits of hell, in addition to his extremely powerful magic and high physical strength.
Spoiler for Mephistopheles stuff:

Strength: Fantastic

Agility: Fantastic

Constitution: Fantastic

Magical Ability: Extremely High

Elemental Control: In ages past, Mephistopheles often attempted to destroy the world by controlling the elementals and using them against the world itself. His abilities have degraded from absolute elemental control since

Illusions: Mephistopheles is a master of trickery, and has extensive knowledge in the art of crafting illusions. He can turn invisible, make people see things that are not there, see duplicates of the same object. He generally uses it in a more subtle manner, however. His preferred usage is to make people hear things that are not there and to make things more or less noticeable through the manipulation of color and lighting around them in order to try to lead them on a path of his own devising.

Curse Magic: Mephistopheles has nearly unparalleled mastery in the discipline of curses. Even the weakest of his curses can instantly kill a man if he puts enough power into it. For example, a curse that would normally reduce the virility of a man can, when used by Mephistopheles, cause his member to shrivel up and die. Likewise, a curse that’s purely destructive in nature has its power multiplied several times over. He can use nearly any curse known to man.

Transformation: Mephistopheles is well known for his ability to disguise himself as various creatures. He uses this ability to disguise himself from the untrained eye. Most mages would be able to tell something was off with the creature, and powerful ones sensitive to magic will notice immediately. He is capable of molding his flesh to artificially close wounds, however he rarely bothers doing so, preferring to allow his regenerative abilities to do their work. Additionally, his physical abilities will change to match the new form he has taken, and the form he takes is only limited by the extent of his twisted imagination. Some of his favored forms include a large dragon, a tall man, and a large mangy dog.

Summoning/Necromancy: Mephistopheles can call upon nearly any Christian demon to aid him in battle. He can summon even the greatest demons of hell, sans the devil himself. He can summon great heroes of the past to fight for him, as he did when Faust required him to defeat a large army and he summoned the three greatest men of King David of Israel, who defeated them as a matter of course, not questioning for a second the idea of serving a minion of the Devil.

Other Abilities:

Demonic Nature: Mephistopheles has access to many abilities as a result of being a powerful demon.

Hellfire: Mephistopheles has control of the dark fires of the underworld and can summon them at will. It is extremely difficult to put out and inflicts highly excruciating pain upon anyone unlucky enough to draw his ire. It is more akin to the scorching breath of a dragon than magecraft, and it is at its strongest when he takes the form of a dragon.

Demonic Knowledge: Mephistopheles has a vast vault of knowledge he can freely draw upon. He has a solid grasp of economics, the locations of various witches and wizards and the places they frequent at most times, the art of war, among many other topics.

Vaults of Hell: The underworld has been long associated with wealth and jewels. The Christian traditions are no exception, and Mephistopheles can freely draw as many valuables from the bottomless vault at any time.

High-Speed Regeneration: Mephistopheles possesses an extremely high level of regenerative capabilities. He can and will regenerate from extremely grievous wounds given a short period of time; it is possible for him to regenerate from even obviously fatal attacks such as decapitation although that requires a large expenditure of energy. Regeneration of a severed head would cost much more than a destroyed heart or a deep gash. In order to truly threaten him, one must attack him at a conceptual level, which requires significantly more energy to recover from, and the most deadly of attacks cannot be regenerated at all. Additionally, Holy weaponry blessed by the sacraments of the church hamper his regeneration and more powerful ones can negate it entirely, requiring the wound to heal at a natural pace.
Upon completion of the battle, the devil takes Faust to the deepest pit of hell, and Faust's body is immediately consumed by hellfire.

Teufel Vertrag: Contract with Mephistopheles
In life, Faust did not have the powers to directly control the creatures of hell, but was granted the power to do so from Mephistopheles. This Noble Phantasm symbolizes this, granting Faust the ability to utilize his spells and other phantasms at a cheap prana cost, and drastically increases the strength, destructive power, and casting speed of any spells he uses.
As a result of Faust's contract with the devil, the devil will not allow him to die until the terms of his contract are fulfilled. Faust is completely immune to evil curses, only the most exceptional humans will be able to damage him. However, Faust is weak against divine sacraments, and takes extra damage from them.

Die Swartzkonig: Wild Army of the Prince of Hell - Faust's contracts with the demonic extend to the borders of the fae. Calling on his vast array of deals with the denizens of hell, he is capable of letting loose a legion of powerful demons. Only able to control them to an extent, he can direct them towards a specific target, but after destroying his foe, the vast tide will rampage and pillage until they either run out of targets or grow bored. Faust does not like causing wanton destruction, and as a result is extremely wary of utilizing this Noble Phantasm to its full extent.

Other Abilities:
Faust is a master of many different professions, philosophy, medicine, science, theology, to name a few. In addition, he has the ability to procure near unlimited amounts of wealth as a result of his deal with the devil.

Nothing special right now.
Heinrich Faust, a highly respected scholar, felt that none of his many achievements had provided him with a sense of satisfaction or fulfillment. He craved the knowledge of absolute truth and the true meaning of existence. He turned to magic in the hope of finding a solution, and became a powerful mage in his own right.

However, he was unable to find this solution through magic alone, and finally made a deal with the devil. He agreed to sell his soul to eternal damnation if the devil can give him one experience which is so rewarding that his sense of alienation with the world disappears and he calls upon that moment to stay forever. He spent a great deal of time and went on many adventures with the devil, but in the end, the devil was unable to provide him with this sense of fulfilment, and died bitter and disillusioned, wishing for more.

He was summoned into a Holy Grail War under the Caster class, but ended up killing his master due to extreme incompatibility. He now resides within the Nexus contracted with Sakura Matou. He spends his time working with Sakura on magecraft and his continuing search for the eternal truths he craves.

Weakness: Holy artefacts of the church, divine sacraments, and attacks backed by the abrahamic god all bypass his damage resistance. If one can bypass his damage resistance through brute force, he is extremely vulnerable in close combat.

Likes: True knowledge, Effort, striving to reach the truth
Dislikes: Ignorance, apathy
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2014, 08:20:37 PM »
Name: Butler

Race: Abhuman

Age: Unknown

Height: 190 centimeters

Eyes: Hollow, but the center of his one visible eyesocket shines with a yellowish light


A tall, lean man dressed in a formal suit vest set completed by gloves and immaculate black shoes. His face appears like that of a fleshless skull, with an eye patch covering his right eye socket.


Strength: Fantastic

Agility: Fantastic

Constitution: Incredible

Magic Ability: None

Other Abilities:

Teleportation: Butler is able to disappear from one place and reappear at another in an instant, up to a distance of tens of miles. He can also stretch this power to bring other people and large objects with him.

Total Life Support: Butler can ignore every kind of physical need such as sleeping, eating and breathing, is unaffected by environmental conditions of every kind, and is immune to the negative effects of toxins, disease, radiation, pressure and vacuum. His body is also unaffected by the passage of time.

Fighting Skills: Butler is an extremely skilled combatant, experienced in wrestling, martial arts, and firearms.

Myriad Proficiencies and Intellect: Besides having a talented logical mind, Butler is skilled with languages and sleight of hand, acquainted with military protocols, an experienced driver and pilot, and knowledgeable in the occult. His awareness and attention to detail also border on superhuman. He possesses other basic proficiences of a butler, of course. And he makes great tea.

Mental Resistance: Butler has been trained in mental resistance.


Serpent Cane: A black cane tipped by a serpent head of silvery metal, completed with the aid of magic. It has no special properties other than being extremely resilient - no force easily found in the modern world can bend or crack it. Even against supernatural powers or magic its structure proves indeed very difficult to alter.

Origin: Who Butler was before he became the being he is today is largely a mystery. The most certain fact about his past is that he has always served a master to the best of his abilities, no matter who that may be, and only left them once they were permanently struck down from their position. His first and most important employer was a magician who dabbled in the taboo, who he once served as a human. This long-dead magician was the one who gave him his current body by reaching past boundaries that mortals should not touch, and shaped the person who he is today.

Weakness: A complete lack of innate defense against magic despite his origins. When he teleports, there is an opening that can be exploited, like the action of opening and stepping through a door. This delay makes it at best dangerous to use the ability in combat or similarly risky situations.

Likes: Serving others, tidiness, entertaining masters, showing off his skills, dedicated people
Dislikes: Unprofessionalism, boorish people who fail despite ample chances to tip the scales in their favor
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: “Lucas Klein”

Race: Unknown, though it resembles a human body.

Age: Physically in the range of 23-25. Actually [REDACTED] years old (a fossil)

Height: 5’7”, 170cm

Weight: 150lbs, 68kg

Eyes: Gold

Hair: Reddish-Brown   

Appearance: He has unkempt hair, with pale skin and golden eyes. Lucas looks like someone who doesn’t go outside much, but his slitted pupils betray that he isn’t human. He wears a newly acquired black coat, shirt, pants and shoes (he stole them from some random thrift shop). 


Strength: Superhuman~Legendary (It fluctuates. Possesses monstrous strength when angered)

Agility: Superhuman

Constitution: Legendary/Exceptional (Conditional immortality/Physical level of defense)


Magic Resistance: Supernatural (Any spells three-count or lower will slide off of Lucas. Also, illusion-based magic doesn't work on him very well. Plant-based spells, and to some extent, earth-based spells, have a very hard time affecting him.)

Magic Ability: Extremely High ~ Mundane (Possesses incredibly large reserves to the point of being a beacon of magical energy, but is incapable of casting spells.)

Special Ability: “Beast of the World” – Something that grants the passive conceptual ability of “This person cannot be killed while they are touching the Earth”. Grants Lucas high-speed regeneration and full immortality while touching any part of the Earth. As long as biological matter from his body exists, and is touching the earth, Lucas will regenerate. 

When activated, the surrounding area will begin to become infested with greenery – any plants in the area will grow quickly to monstrous proportions. During this time, Lucas is almost unstoppable, able of going far beyond the limits of his body in order to crush the opposing area and his opponents… something that comes at a price. Drawing upon so much energy is taxing in the City, even with his immortality.

Other Magical/Special Abilities: In heavily forested areas, Lucas gains boosts to his abilities, depending on the level of greenery present. Correspondingly, he isn’t at his strongest in areas with less greenery. In areas with lots of greenery, Lucas also gains something comparable to the “Presence Concealment” skill of Servant Assassin, due to his normally gigantic magical signature dispersing throughout the are, concealing his presence amidst the trees.

Lucas is also capable of channeling energy from the Earth through his body, increasing his abilities to around 5 times beyond his normal output in forested areas. In areas with little greenery, though, this ability is not as effective, and at the very most 2 times Lucas’s normal output can be achieved, depending on how little greenery there is. He can utilize some plants as his eyes and ears, in a fashion that no one but him can seem to understand.

Lucas’s fighting style doesn’t have any real rhyme or reason, or at least it seems so at first glance. It is an incredibly brutal style of fighting that takes full advantage of Lucas's strength and reaction speed, crushing bones and ripping muscles. It keeps Lucas on the ground as much as possible, while inflicting terrifying punishment on his enemies.

Lucas has near-encyclopaedic knowledge of supernatural beings, due to the sheer amount of foes he has encountered. He is capable of utilizing the weaknesses of almost anyone he fights against them - this also means he would be a great resource to consult about various entities, if he actually bothered to give advice out freely.

Origin/Personality: “Lucas Klein” woke up one day, in the middle of a clearing, with nothing more than the clothes on his back and the name “Lucas Klein”. He got up, slowly, and started walking, unaware of anything else except the desire to move forward. After walking for a full year, knowing nothing but his name, he came upon the ruins of a great city.

Lucas had already found out he couldn't die at that point – after falling off a cliff and getting back up to continue walking, death didn’t really worry him anymore. After coming upon the ruins, a place of metal and glass infested by the surrounding forest, Lucas found a convenience store. Shortly thereafter, he proceeded to eat everything he could find – he had been hungry the whole time he was walking, but had learned to ignore it after the first month and a half of stomach pains and weakness.

Lucas had come across the ruins of New York City, after many, many years of desertion and neglect. Little did he know that –

[Long and short of it: Lucas isn’t his real name, lives on a version of Earth that was basically overtaken by Gaia, is basically some kind of super-Elemental-thingy, and fights zombies. That’s right. Zombies. The remnants of humanity and different animals/mythological creatures constantly plague him as he wanders through the world. Basically, he’s been walking and fighting for a long, long time – so he feels he deserves a break when he finds himself in the City. Of course, after seeing the way things are, Lucas can’t really relax, after millennia without human contact. He has almost no social skills, and prefers being a shut-in. He holes up in abandoned bookstores, if he can find them, where the plants quickly overrun the space due to his presence. Someone who doesn't like the world but is (very) slowly becoming accustomed to it. Severely weakened in the City due to the lack of greenery. In his overrun world, he would be capable of going toe-to-toe with any of the most powerful characters that exist in the Nexus. He stays mostly within the stacks of books that he accumulates within the plant-infested bookshop that he marks as his, appearing as a disembodied voice, or occasionally a flash of pale skin or golden eye. Very much embodies the idea of a "cranky old man". Amasses books at an alarming rate.]

Weakness: As long as he is not touching the ground, Lucas is not immortal. The key to defeating him lies in getting him into the air and keeping him there. After using his full power, he is rendered temporarily helpless until he regenerates. Lucas also isn't as strong as he normally is in areas with little greenery… so basically most places in the City. He bears no Faerie weaknesses, though he dislikes most kinds of metal due to their relation to humanity.

Likes: Forests, Plants, Dogs, Ruins, Really Big Trees, Writing With Capital Letters At The Beginning Of Every Word For No Reason, Abandoned Bookstores

Dislikes: Metal, Pollution, Cities, Humans (More Or Less), Almost All Supernatural Beings, People In General, Destruction Of Forests, Cars

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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: Vlad Drăculea (Vlad Țepeș, Vlad the III)

Race: Incarnated Heroic Spirit

Age: 45 years

Height: 191cm (6'3")

Weight: 86kg (189 lbs)

Eyes: Gold

Hair: White with pale blue locks

Background: The greatest leader and warlord Romania has ever known, and the only man to push back the tide of the Ottoman Empire. Vlad Drăculea was the inspiration for Bram Stoker's classic novel, Dracula, and could be considered the inspiration for the modern vampire (though he hates the idea of his name being equated with that of a bloodthirsty monster). Summoned in the prime of his life, incarnated from his form as a Heroic Spirit, he rests in the territory of the Vampires, in a castle that become abandoned very shortly after he arrived. As the head of the Ordo Dracul, he also seems to be interested in building a new realm of the Order within the City - his new Butler being the first who would serve under his flag.

(For a more in-depth historical backstory, here is a good place to start.)


Strength: Superhuman (Legendary)

Agility: Superhuman, medium (Legendary!?)

Magic Ability: Medium~High (Extremely High!?)

Constitution: Supernatural, high (Legendary)

Other Abilities:

Magic Resistance: Supernatural (Cancel spells with a chant below four verses. Even if targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it's difficult for him to be affected.)

Authority of the Impaler Prince: Superhuman, medium
An ability that reflects itself as a presence that can be felt merely by being within Vlad’s gaze. Cultivated during his rule, it is the feeling that, before his icy stare, one would find themselves a hopelessly weak and powerless existence. Where he stands, one feels overwhelming pressure, and wherever he looks, there is ceaseless trembling.

Demonic Defender of the State: Legendary
The ability to mark a region as one’s personal dominion by securing the surrounding leylines prior to an engagement. Within the marked area, Vlad receives a power boost equal to the skill Mad Enhancement rank A minus the loss of sanity. Use of Kazıklı Bei is only permitted within this area.

Kazıklı Bei: The Lord of Execution: Superhuman, high
A Noble Phantasm deployable only within Vlad’s territory. Within a range of one kilometer, up to 20,000 stakes at a time can be manifested at will by Vlad, bursting from the ground to impale opponents or to be used as personal weaponry. Manifested pikes remain as a physical barrier that eliminates free ground, and evasion thus becomes less likely with passing of time. The sight of the pikes impose a curse-like psychological effect, destabilizing an opponent's mental condition with oppressive anxiety and fear.
The Legend of Dracula: The Succession of Blood: Legendary
Anti-Unit (Self Enhancement)
An ability Vlad gained through the distortion of his heroic legend, allowing him to alter his aspect to become the vampire modeled after him. In exchange for the sealing of his normal skills and Noble Phantasm, all attributes are boosted to the ones listed in parentheses, and he obtains the capacity to shape shift into a prana-draining mist and assorted animals. Being similar in nature to a Dead Apostle, he possesses the Curse of Restoration and the Mystic Eyes of Enchantment, as well as weaknesses towards daylight and holy symbols. As Vlad has a fervent hate for the vampiric myth surrounding him, he will never, ever resort to this willingly.

[As a side note (SPOILER for Apocrypha) this rendered him capable of going toe-to-toe with six Servants at once and holding his ground against them.]


Demonic Spear
A demonically-enhanced spear that deals increased damage against those who do not follow the laws of the Impaler Prince. All damage is raised by 1 rank towards opponents whose alignment is not “Lawful”.

Weakness: In his Vampiric form he’s vulnerable to holy objects, and such like. Other than that, the normal human (though he is, of course, enhanced) weaknesses apply.

Likes: Loyalty, Competence

Dislikes: His legend as a Vampire, Traitors, The Ottomans, Vampires in general
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Spoiler for Hidden:


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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: Maximillian Achterberg

Race: Vampire (Kindred of Clan Mekhet)

Age: 114 (Appears younger than 40, his age of death. Even before the Embrace, he aged well.)

Height: 6 feet

Weight: Around 170 pounds

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Dirty Blonde


Max is a handsome German man that appears to be around his early thirties. He usually wears a German army styled military looking uniform of dark colors, complete with a matching peaked cap without any symbol, black gloves, and a trench coat. When feeling less formal, he opts for a simple high collared jacket, a shirt, dark pants and boots or some manner of heavy weather footwear.


Strength: Human

Agility: Exceptional/Incredible (see Celerity)

Constitution: Human

Magic Ability: None.

Other Abilities:

Supernatural Tolerance: Incredible (The thickness of his blood, more than the norm for his age as a vampire, offers him some resistance against all manner of supernatural powers)

Innate Durability: Kindred are inhumanly resilient. Most mundane weapons are no more effective against him than an unaided punch, and even then he can take a greater amount of punishment than any regular human.

Healing: So long as he has life force from human or vampire blood in him, there are few injuries that he cannot heal. With time and effort, it is possible to even regrow limbs.

Kindred Senses: Maximillian possesses very keen senses, twice as accurate and capable as the average healthy human being. He can easily see in perfect darkness without even the slightest effort. His sense of taste for blood is incredible. He can see even the smallest traces of blood anywhere within line of sight, and smell blood clearly at up to 60 yards away. He can hear heartbeats at up to 9 yards away without issue. While his sensitivity to blood can prove incredibly useful, it can also be very distracting when hungry.

Physical Intensity: By expending the life force of his cursed blood, Kindred can briefly achieve great bursts of physical prowess. Maximillian can temporarily become sturdier, stronger or more agile, by empowering himself in this manner.

The Beast: As much a weakness as a strength, the Beast is the source of all vampiric power in Maximillian's world, the personification of all bestial instinct and desire that lurks within each and every Kindred. It provides them with the drive to continue surviving from night to night, pushing them to feed, flee from their banes, and destroy perceived insults.
It allows them to detect others like itself lurking within, making identification between vampires a simple matter barring certain powers, and can lash out to provoke people to wanton desire or primal fear. When allowed to be in the driver's seat it sends the body into a frenzy, its power pushing the vampire beyond its limitations in proportion to the thickness of their blood. The thicker the blood, the stronger the Beast.
Thanks to one of the natural powers of his clan, Max can make himself impossible to sense as kin by other vampires.

The Kiss: Also known as 'orgasmic bite', if you're not using the popular slang. It's a hunting aid, and it does pretty much what you would expect.

The Blood: Vampire blood is addictive, and drinking it will bind your heart in love for the one who fed you. Drink three times and it will become almost unbreakable, deep and obsessive as it roots into your heart. It lasts a year without reinforcement. On the other hand, mortals who are fed like this can be gifted a portion of the power belonging to the vampire including a cessation of aging.

Auspex: Even more than other kindred, the Mekhet live in the shadows, and they feed on what is hidden. Letting loose the Beast on secrets, Maximillian can obtain visions and flashes of insight that reveal precious information that he can exploit. The Beast can pinpoint danger and weakness, perceiving things others cannot, and provide awareness of what is not apparent in people; and focus on a single person to peel back the shroud of misdirection over her mind and sniff out her secrets, exposing the truth she is hiding to Max. He can use these powers often and without cost, but employing them repeatedly takes effort.

Obfuscate: A series of psychic sensory tricks that allow Maximillian to perfectly blend into crowds our groups of people despite his appearance, going unnoticed by anyone as long as he does nothing attention-grabbing; he can extend this benefit to objects or other beings that he comes in contact with. He can also, with some effort, vanish completely to all five senses. If he does this no amount of activity will alert anyone but his direct victim to his presence... or the victim's peril.

Protean: Some vampires keep their Beast tightly leashed. Others indulge in it, allowing it to manifest in the increasingly more monstrous ways that are the domain of this power. Maximillian can use this power to make the earth itself open to receive him and merge with the ground, safe in its embrace where he can remain until he decides to emerge. He can sink into other materials apart from soil with additional effort. While submerged, Max's kindred senses continue to function and he can absorb blood that is spilled on the ground. Greatly damaging the ground where he is resting will cause him to emerge.

Celerity: Unholy speed achieved by channeling the power of the Beast, which gives Maximillian some ability to dodge bullets through increased reflexes; and by expending life force, allows for bursts of speed faster than the eye can perceive.

Devotions: Though the careful honing of their supernatural abilities, Kindred can manifest new powers of the Blood as specific tricks and techniques. Drawing from the speed of Celerity and the paranormal awareness of Auspex, Max can quicken his sight with an expense of life force, and for a brief moment see everything at a slow crawl with the ability to react accordingly.

Military and Special Ops Training: Maximillian is a trained officer of the German army and a veteran of both World Wars. He is trained in gun-handling and close-quarters combat, focusing on knife fighting, and has basic first aid and survival knowledge. During the era of World War II, he also received infiltration training, and became familiar with basic occult and scientific knowledge. Additionally, he is skilled at deception and manipulation, and retains all of his experience gained on the battlefield and his secret assignments.

Combat Knife
Heckler & Koch HK45 (.45 ACP) Pistol
    - Compatible Suppressor
    - 2 Magazine Reloads
Stun Grenade
Duct Tape

Spoiler for Hidden:
Maximillian was born in 1899 in Germany to a countryside middle class working family during the imperialistic era of Germany. As a youth, he lived the rise of tensions across Europe and was drafted to join the military once World War I broke out in June 1914. After receiving training in a regiment, he and his fellow soldiers joined an infantry division as part of a corps organized with a number of others, forming one of the newly established army-inspectorates.

Their division was first deployed on the western front at the beginning of 1915 and was a part of the reserves that countered the British Army's capture of the Aubers Ridge. Afterwards they served as a mobile offensive force and engaged in trench fighting across the western front. Maximillian and his division were some of the forces that stood witness to the most successful use of chemical attacks during World War I, the Second Battle of Ypres.

Maximillian continued to serve in the defense of the western front, and transferred divisions and positions multiple times due to the death of most of his original division. Eventually he attained the position of Lance Corporal (Gefreiter). He cooperated successfully with multiple operations despite being wounded several times in service, but the only other major battle in which he participated was the Battle of Passchendaele in 1917 after taking part in the failed defense of the Messines Ridge. Afterwards what remained of his current division was recalled from the frontlines, and were to serve as some of the reinforcements during the Spring Offensive of 1918, but the German strategy fell apart and they were forced to retreat from all ground taken during the Spring Offensive as a result of the Allies' counter-offensive.

After the Hundred Days Offensive had begun, Maximillian's commanding officer and troops under his command surrendered in October, alongside the large number of other German troops that laid down their arms following the string of military defeats for Germany. Subsequent to the armistice, the Imperial German Army was dissolved and reorganized into the Reichswehr. And as the war ended, popular discontent and the situation of Germany brewed revolution. Max got to live through the death of the empire he served, as the Wiemar Republic was implemented and Germany was made to sign the Treaty Of Versailles, which he alongside many others viewed as a humiliating epilogue to the war. Max endured his feelings on the conditions imposed upon Germany and remained in the reorganized armed forces not for his own sake, but to support his family, who had suffered greatly from the "total war" commitment policy of the country during the war which gave priority to most supplies and produce being sent to support the military's operations.

With the disconnection of the new government from the people, especially the working classes, and recognizing the general instability of the country, Maximillian became a silent supporter of the German Worker's Party (Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, DAP). In 1919 he attended a few of Adolf Hitler's speeches for the DAP, and he was convinced to officially join it, becoming its 60th member with the number 560. He continued to support it through its change of name after which it was more commonly known by the Nazi Party. Although he did not directly participate in the Nazi Party's attempted coup d'état, he was among the individuals that unsuccessfully attempted to rally the aid of the local Reichswehr forces, and was only deposed of his rank for his guilt as co-conspirator, an even lighter punishment than the lenient prison sentences of Hitler and other key members of the party. Upon its reformation, his respect for Hitler was renewed, and despite his wish to join the SS after it was formed, he had to remain with the army to provide an income because he couldn't depend on the party to do so.

With its growing strength towards the late twenties and finally the crash of the Great Depression upon Germany, Maximillian left the army to fully dedicate himself to the Nazi Party and the opportunity it was offered, becoming a part of the SS. Max had full faith in Hitler's promises and goals for Germany, fueled by his resentment at the result of the war. They had lost so much, and now they were going to take it back, and more. After a series of political campaigns, the Nazi Party controlled the majority of parliament with the German Communist Party, and in succession to a series of unsuccessful cabinets, Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany on 30 January 1933 by President Paul Hindenburg.

Soon, Adolf Hitler, officially named the Fuhrer and made head of state and head of government, established a centralized totalitarian estate with completely control, focused the industry to remilitarization, and introduced strong anti-semitic policies and laws, as well as rapidly suppressed political opposition. Maximillian was given the rank of First Lieutenant at the time and participated in the annexing of Austria as Germany launched into a series of operations for the sake of regaining control of their own borders and the territory they lost from of World War I.

When plans were being made for the invasion of Poland in 1939, Maximillian had all intentions of participating on the front lines, anticipating a much larger confrontation exploding from it, but then he was recalled to the capital on an urgent note. He personally met the Fuhrer, who explained to Max he had been recruited for a 'special project' sponsored by him. His leader spoke to him of glory, of power to be used for Germany's sake if he would be willing to serve it from the shadows with the same unflinching resolve he had shown, and asked if he was ready to set down his life for the good of the country. Maximillian did not hesitate to accept his Fuhrer's command. That same day, he officially joined the Ouroboros Division. A week later, he had learned of the occult secrets it hid, researched and made use of, and of the existence of Kindred from his Major. Maximillian Achterberg died, and was Embraced, reborn as one of the Nazi regime's secret vampire agents.

He received intensive stealth and infiltration training, learned how to make use of his vampiric powers, and throughout World War II was deployed on an extensive number of missions. He successfully completed multiple nigh-impossible espionage and intelligence assignments across Europe, assassinations, and several special interest targets to consolidate power for the division.

However, in-between missions, he found his belief in Hitler's regime fading as the war escalated and the crusade against the ethnicities that threatened the power of Germany plummeted into what he realized were atrocities against humanity itself. He realized exactly what kind of creature he had become, the kind of monsters and dark knowledge his country were using as tools of war, and how wrongly he had invested his allegiance.

Even though Maximillian now contested the current ways of Germany, he could not act in rebellion due to his position and he still owed loyalty to the people of Germany if not to the mad designs of its leader. Indecision kept him from organizing a revolt or turning traitor, although he managed to help a few concentration camp prisoners escape, even while under his Major's scrutiny. Almost a year since his shift in views, in 1945, the Axis Powers decisively lost ground in the war and the offensive of the Allies intensified and finally reached Germany. During the ensuing chaos of the Soviet and Polish forces storming Berlin, the headquarters of the Ouroboros Division were caught up in the fighting and their libraries of stored occult and esoteric knowledge raided. Mac returned from amidst the skirmishes approaching the capital to that chaos, and it was then that he first met Kindred who were not of the secret Nazi force.

In the aftermath, most of his division and his superior were killed. Due to the secrecy of the matter, it was easy for him to slip away and disappear, as World War II officially ended. While he had no loyalty left for the fallen Nazi regime, he still had duties to the German people and patriots who he did not believe were to blame for the extremes their country had taken, so he helped many escape from becoming prisoners of war or ending up unfairly judged and convicted for their superiors' actions.

It was at that time that he first came into contact with the society of the Kindred behind the Masquerade, and learned of the disturbances the war had left in it as far as Germany was concerned. Max had interest in making sure that the unlawful vampires and loose cannons of the Kindred did not cause further grief to the German people than the war had already, and he made a strong impression on the vampires of Berlin by acting as an enforcer against these miscreants and undesirable sort that threatened the stability of vampire society and Germany.

Eventually, Maximillian cut off all of his remaining personal ties with the mortal world and joined the ranks of the Carthian Movement, which he remains dedicated to this day for their ideals of bettering Kindred society, while serving as an enforcer and aid of the Sheriff of Berlin, as well as a freelancer for miscellaneous jobs requested by the remaining covenants and the kindred in power.

Until the day he fell into a ditch after feeding from a drunk thug on the streets and woke up in Nexus City.


Sunlight: Burns him on contact every minute of exposure. Seeing it can provoke him to uncontrollable fear in some cases.

Fire: Burns badly, defying easy regeneration, and provokes the same fear as sunlight when seen. One of the few things that can leave scars on Kindred.

Staking: Does not destroy him outright, but it renders him completely paralyzed if his heart is penetrated with wood. On the other hand, the ribs at protecting the heart from threats like that to begin with; most humans can't manage enough force to pull it off without assistance even without his enhanced reflexes.

Running Water: Most kinds of running water such as rivers and rain water flowing downhill on a sidewalk strongly repel Maximillian and deny his unlife, searing existing wounds on contact. He can cross over bridges and such, but otherwise, he cannot draw closer than 4 yards from his bane without some difficulty. Much to his dismay, he also finds water taps and showers uncomfortable. And rain. Luckily, smaller volumes of vertical running water don't outright drive him away.

Likes: Animals, hiking, parties, jigsaw puzzles, jogging, democracy, driving
Dislikes: Discrimination, abuse of power, autocratic figures, unnecessary killing, families being torn apart

Notes: Although he still has no problems relating to humanity, Max is not as emphatic to people as he used to be. As a consequence of his waning ability to relate, he has acquired Banes and become completely emotionally disconnected from intentional murder, which bothers him greatly. Due to his banes, running water repels him, and he is despised by animals, which go out of their way to avoid him or express their dislike by hissing, growling, or behaving defensively regardless of his actions.
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: Crest
Race: ‘Nothing’ (Biologically human but only biologically)
Age: 22
Height: 5'10
Weight: 200 lb
Eyes: One blue, one red
Hair: Black
Appearance: Generally wearing simple clothing, loose clothing with many pockets that is easy to move in. Carries a machete, bow, and quiver on his back. Always wears a really long scarf.

Physical: Exceptional Scale for all physical stats
Magical Ability: None
Other Abilities:
Soulless: Lacks a soul and as such cannot be effected by spirit affecting magic or abilities.

Hunter: Skilled in hunting all manner of beasts, or even man. It comes from his time spend hiding in the wild. This includes knowledge of plants, anatomy, survival tactics, stealth, and so on.

Special Abilities:
Rejection: His natural power as a Nothing is the ability to reject the existence of things. This can be done in two ways, inward, which affects things of him, or outward, that affects others or the world.
   Inward Rejection: He specializes in the ability to reject things that are his own. Out of all the Nothings he is without a doubt the master of it. Only one Inward rejection can be active at a time.
      Rejection of Sound: The ability to reject one’s ability to produce sound. This is not limited to just sound caused by clothing, voice or biological functions, but as well as sound caused by any action he makes, such as stepping on leaves.
      Rejection of Smell: The ability to reject any smell coming from his form. This ability applies to all smells coming from his body, even things placed onto his form. 
      Rejection of Presence: The ability to reject his presence, making it so that people must rely on the 5 natural sensory organs to detect him. It also makes it harder to notice he is there.
      Rejection of Limits: The ability to reject the natural limits of the human body for a time. With this he can greatly increase his strength, speed and agility many times over, his body will suffer the side effects as rejecting the damage is not something he is capable of.  He can use this for quick bursts without lasting effects, but continual use can rip his muscles apart and crack his bones.
      Rejection of Existence: He rejects his own existence in the world. By doing so he becomes a non-entity. This prevents himself from being touched by anything; however he can still attack though Rejection of Matter. However this state has a drawback, as he uses it he forgets about his own existence over time, and should he be in it for too long he just vanishes. Should he forget his existence when using Rejection of Truth another result will be achieved.

   Outward Rejection: The ability to reject other things. His ability with this is abysmal, however with the right stimuli it could grow to be quite the threat.
      Rejection of Matter: His one true offensive attack, allows him to project some black… thing that consumes what it touches. A powerful enough existence will only register it as making his blade shaper or his punches more powerful rather than any esoteric attack. However, any damage done by it cannot be reversed, such as by a Curse of Restoration or effects that rewind a person’s time, as the Rejection makes it so nothing was ever there in the first place. Healing however is possible, but is slowed tremendously due to the source of healing, such as either the body, a magical artifact, or magical spell, have difficulty recognizing that there was damage done, and as such struggle to fix it.
      Rejection of Truth: An outward rejection Crest has gained the ability to use due to a recent traumatic experience. It is a condensed Rejection that appears as ribbons that hover around him, he can manifest only a few of these at a time, and are unable to coat objects as Rejection of Matter is, however it can be wrapped around Crest's body. It is a rejection of the Metaphysical plane, so it effects spiritual and physical entities. The 'Ribbons' it manifests as move in bizarre and indescribable ways, it seems at moments the flow like water or cloth in the wind, but at others they jerk and jolt around erratically, however when attacking something they are still predictable as their movements seem to imply specific directions. It is most effective against the 'Truth' of the 'Rite of Creation', but as all thing contain some form of 'truth' which defines its nature or what it is, it is usable against all things that exist. Just as Rejection of Matter, all forms of healing, inducing magical from various spurces, are stunted or completely negated, as the thing that was rejected 'never was'. In addition, any effects that would 'reverse' the damage fail completely, such as time reversal based healing.

   Rejection – With Myself Forgotten I Transcend Truth: A combination usage of Rejection of Existence and Rejection of Truth. It occurs when he forgets his existence and self. Doing so fundamentally changes him. Should such a thing occur this sheet will change, but trust me, it is bad. If he knew about it he would avoid it no matter the cost, it is a fate worse then death or vanishing.

Bow and Arrows: A normal but well-made wooden hunting bow with a quiver of around 17 arrows. Sadly he has lost some in his engagement with the ‘Divine One, Equal to Heaven’. If enhanced by Rejection of Matter they can pierce stone.

Machete: A normal Machete, necessary for surviving in the dense jungles and forests he lived.

Grappling Hook: A simple iron hook with a long rope attached. Can be used to scale buildings and walls.

Various Survival Equipment: Equipment such as a knife, fire-starter, canteen, and rope. He has a small satchel that he keeps the rope and larger supplies in, as well as numerous pouches on his pants. 

Origin: Born on a night where all the lights vanished from the sky. It was an ominous sign without a doubt. But yet he was raised, as a normal boy, in a normal village, with a normal family.

That is until the day the ‘Divine One, Equal to Heaven’ visited his home for who knows what reason. At that moment, the moment he laid his eyes on that man he knew. That man was his opposite in every way, and that man could kill him without out a care in the world.

And so he ran, and he became a vagrant, wondering the world, keeping way from large cities for all but the shortest of times. During this time he learned of his abilities and trained them. But even still he does not know what they truly are.

Over the years many men came to hunt him, hoping to gain favor of the Saint. However Crest was resourceful, and would always escape. Either by running, disabling them, or in the rarest of cases killing them.

Then one day, that man found him, and he tried to run again. However during the chase, he was pulled though a rift to the Nexus.

And that is where he now tells his story.

Weakness: ‘Rite of Creation’, normal human weaknesses, large amounts of condensed magical energy can act as a 'buffer' against rejection but it is not true defense but more of a mitigating factor and a direct hit is still likely to reject whatever it strikes.
Likes: Hunting, Freedom, Living
Dislikes: Dying, People with no tact, people who don’t work
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: Aldur (Wiseman)
Race: Human
Age: 58
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Weight: 175 lbs.
Spoiler for Hidden:

Aldur's Wings of Heart take the form of many dagger-like constructs that form a circle, spin, and change colors. They also reflect Aldur's health. The more damaged he becomes the more erratic the constructs become. When near death they completely abandon their calm circular pattern and violently shift and move while changing colors with greater speed. The other purpose they serve is helping Aldur concentrate and focus on casting spells while in battle which greatly increases their strength. They also relieve  him of some of the strain of casting which allows him to use spells more frequently.

Physical Attributes
Strength: Exceptional
Agility: Exceptional
Constitution: Exceptional

Other Abilities:
Awakening the Wings of Heart - The Wings of Heart are the expression of one’s soul in the form of wings. Deformities of the soul will also be show through things like a missing or rotting wing. Wiseman has spent enough years studying the magna essence of humans to learn how to awaken other people’s Wings of Heart. They don’t appear unless they are expressed. If they are expressed they appear in a flash of light on the back of the target.

Magical Ability: Extremely high. Wiseman is one of the greatest magic users to ever walk the face of his world. Although he is still limited by the strain they can induce on the human body he is capable of leveling a building with ease using some of them. He is a master of fire, wind, water, light, darkness, and is proficient with the offensive abilities of time magic. Wiseman has also dabbled in summoning magic and the element of lightning. Like most magic users from his world Wiseman can also levitate about a foot off the ground. If he exerts effort he can also fly as if he had actual wings.

The most basic spells he knows are simply releasing elemental energy in different shapes and amounts. Pillars of fire, blades of wind, and orbs of darkness are all examples of this.

Higher power spell list:
Spoiler for Hidden:
Blue Storm - Wiseman releases a whirlwind from the tip of his fingers, engulfing and slicing the enemy apart.

Dream Blade - Invokes energy within the earth to create hundreds of phantom blades, sending them flying towards the enemy.

Energy Wave - Wiseman shoots energy through the earth that travels in a straight line and explodes when something is on top of it.

Dancing Flames -  Invokes the power of flame spirits, creating balls of fire which follow the enemy and explode on contact.

Whispering Winds - Summons the spirits of the wind in the form of countless white butterflies, which engulf the enemy and turn into revolving blades.

Heaven’s Pillar - Opens a gate to another dimension, summoning a group of pillars that smash into the enemy.

Shadow Wings - Releases a wave of shadowy ravens that swarm and tear the enemy to shreds.

Shining Seraph - Summons light from the heavens, bringing it down on the enemy like a missile.

Demons of Darkness - Creates a frothing pool of tainted mud, engulfing the enemy in pain for a few seconds as the darkness tears at their body.

Hellfire - Creates a sea of fire around the enemy, burning its body and soul.  (Hellfire, Lingering Time, and a fully powered Zeniver Cascade put much stress on Wiseman's body and he will be unable to cast any spell of their caliber for 2 days).

Sacred Spring - Countless bubbles of purifying water engulf the enemy, bursting on impact and searing its skin. Those who have never stained their hands with the blood of another are not affected by this spell.

Distorting Winds - Powerful winds engulf the enemy, tearing apart armor, flesh, and bone.

Lingering Time - Creates a pentagram around the enemy and suspends the time within, tearing its soul apart when time begins flowing again.  (Hellfire, Lingering Time, and a fully powered Zeniver Cascade put much stress on Wiseman's body and he will be unable to cast any spell of their caliber for 2 days).

Zeniver Cascade - Summons a primeval glacier which is thrown at the enemy at Wiseman's command. The size of the glacier can vary in size depending on how much effort he's willing to expend to pluck it from space and time, however it can only go up to the size of a large building but Wiseman will undergo the same stress and limitations as if he had cast Lingering Time or Hellfire.  (Hellfire, Lingering Time, and a fully powered Zeniver Cascade put much stress on Wiseman's body and he will be unable to cast any spell of their caliber for 2 days).

Fellstar Gleam -  A spear of light is created by Wiseman and fired at incredibly fast speeds. The spear detonates five seconds after it hits the enemy.

Sigil Cry - Summons a wheel of ice that hovers in Wiseman’s hand from a world clouded by snow . The razor-edged disc can easily cut through multiple targets in its path.

Twin Ice Auger - Pierces the earth with arms suffused with frost, snatching away all warmth as two giant blades of ice attempt to pierce the target.

Mega Flood - Columns of water are created and merged to form a great serpent that attempts to devour the target.

Fulgadrum - Commands the electrical power that flows through the world of reason to gather into lethal lightning that seeks out enemies once it’s released from Wiseman’s fingers.

Ghostarrow - Commands the shining power that flows through the world of reason to form a volley of brilliant arrows above Wiseman which are fired at the victim.

Heavenlapse - The magic sigil which appears in the air as Wiseman points to the sky bursts, staining the battlefield and all upon it. The elemental energy of this sigil is variable. (I’ll be rolling a die to determine the element any time this is used)

Icefan - Commands the freezing power that flows through the world of reason to harden into threatening crystals above Wiseman, hailing down upon all enemies.

Levinsnake’s Rise - Wiseman spits forth a thundersnake to ravage all foes. Controlling this rebellious creature is supposedly quite a headache. The thundersnake disappears after 10 minutes.

Prominence - Encircles the enemy with fiery energy, which assumes the form of a flaming lion and devours the enemy.

Magnus - This prototype technology created by Wiseman takes the form of 40 cards that the sorcerer keeps on his person. It works by extracting them Magna essence of an object and sealing it into the card. Without its Magna essence the physical object ceases to exist and simply fades away and when the Magna essence is released from the Magnus it reconstructs the object. For example, if you used Magnus on a rock, the rock would disappear and when you release the Magna essence an exact duplicate of the rock would appear. While in the Magnus the Magna essence can be fused with other Magna essences to create new items. Weapons, furniture, and vehicles can all be stored within Magnus and the only things that cannot have their Magna essence extracted seem to be living things.

Origin: Aldur’s rise to prominence during the Time of the Gods came from his extreme proficiency with magic. He was a prodigy and quickly became known for his skill. He led many expeditions and did much field research in his attempt to understand magic and this ultimately culminated in his creation of Magnus. While he kept that discovery secret he did share much of his knowledge and ideas with his hometown and it prospered. The people called him Wiseman and they enjoyed benefiting from his knowledge and power, but Wiseman himself was not satisfied. Even with his understanding of the ‘soul’ of the human he could not be satisfied until he understood it completely. He would spend many years within his home attempting to understand it until by chance he was pulled into the Nexus.

Weakness: Despite his physical capabilities Wiseman has never actually been trained in close combat. Anyone with decent stats and skill in melee will overwhelm Wiseman quite easily.

Likes: Successful research, tea, figuring out the answer to a problem.
Dislikes: When a plan fails, the destruction of an experiment, wasted potential.
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
« Reply #8 on: November 09, 2014, 02:19:04 AM »
"He was an arrogant bastard, but he was right, wasn't he? It was the best way."
"No... don't talk about him as though you're the same!"

Name: Shirou Emiya
Race: Human Magus
Age: 29
Height: 187 cm (6’1)
Weight: 78 kg (171 lbs)
Spoiler for Hidden:

Physical Attributes
Strength: Exceptional (Incredible when reinforced)
Agility: Exceptional (Incredible when reinforced)
Constitution: Exceptional (Incredible when reinforced)

Magical Power: Low. Shirou has awakened all of his circuits through training, but his magic can only achieve extremely specific effects.

Also known as "Gradation Air", projection is the ability to materialize objects using prana, according to the user's imagination. However, Shirou can use a version unique to himself that he calls "Tracing". Tracing differs from Gradation Air in that it is used to create copies of items that already exist, however the items also have their entire history reproduced, including the skills of those who wielded them, along with the shape and substance. All items that are reproduced using Tracing are not perfect copies of the original and suffer a rank down. The items that Shirou can trace the most efficiently are swords; while capable of tracing other items, the cost in prana makes it considerably less efficient. The only exception to this is Avalon, which Shirou can trace with ease and perfect accuracy, however the sheath is useless due to not being connected to a prana supply from Arturia Pendragon.

Magecraft designed to push something’s basis for existence to the utmost. It is the same as adding something to an object that is already complete, therefore failure will cause the target to receive it as a poison and be destroyed. Success requires a good grasp of the inner structure to fill openings with Prana. Reinforcing the purpose of existence would be increasing the sharpness of a knife, the nourishment of food, or the physical strength and durability of muscles. It is impossible to reinforce something vague. Reinforcement is one of the few magics Shirou is capable of, but even after years of practice he doesn’t always get it right. He is not talented enough to reinforce other people, as living things will resist invasion of another’s prana.

Shirou’s instinctual internal reinforcement. It creates a mesh of swords inside of him that hold his body in place and prevent immediate blood loss, allowing him to continue fighting even when greviously wounded. The prana cost is almost nonexistent. However, this can also cause significant internal bleeding, damage his organs, and hinder movement. Shirou cannot perform this technique intentionally. This effect only occurs when Shirou feels intense danger of being wounded, or occasionally as a byproduct of projecting too much.

Other Abilities:

Knowledge of orthodox magic. Shirou has spent years studying magic under Rin Tohsaka and other tutors, and thus has a solid grasp of even the more advanced magical concepts. However, due to the extreme specialization caused by both his elemental alignment and origin being "Sword", he is unable to use any of it in practice.

Shirou’s reality marble, a world containing infinite swords that was born from his ideals. Copies of every weapon he has seen are stored there. Shirou’s tracing and reinforcement are actually him using a small part of the reality marble, but he is still unaware of the true nature of his own magecraft. All Shirou knows is that the invocation “My body is made out of swords; My blood is of iron and my heart of glass” makes high-end projection considerably less stressful on his body.

Equipment: Due to his encounter with Gilgamesh and his Gate of Babylon, Shirou has a variety of weapons he is capable of projecting. However, his preferred swords are Caliburn, Hrunting and twin swords Kanshou and Bakuya.

The Sword in the Stone, it was claimed by Arturia Pendragon who became King Arthur. It was the symbol of the king until destroyed in a battle where Arthur broke the chivalric code, to be replaced by Excalibur. Caliburn is a holy sword that can create a devastating beam of light out of prana, although not as powerful as its successor. It is the first sword Shirou ever projected correctly, and is a reminder of his former servant, Saber. Although Shirou cannot call upon Caliburn’s true power, he holds the sword in high esteem.

“Married” twin swords that represent yin and yang. These twin swords are Shirou’s favored weapons and are the easiest for him to project. Unlike other blades, Kanshou and Bakuya do not possess any fighting spirit. They do not have the desire to be famous or faith to accomplish great deeds. Despite this, they are of high quality due to being made from a human sacrifice.

The sword Beowulf used to kill the mother of Grendel. The sword has the ability to home in on its target, never faltering until the blade strikes home. Shirou has found greater use for the weapon as an arrow that will never miss.

The sheath of Excalibur, which belonged to King Arthur until it was stolen, leading to her death at the battle of Camlann. It’s power makes the owner unaging, easily regenerates mortal wounds and can be used to transport the wielder into an alternate dimension where they can be done no harm. Because it was a part of his body for 10 years, Shirou can project Avalon perfectly with minimal use of prana. However, the sheath is useless due to not being connected to the prana of Arturia Pendragon.

A powerful bolt-action rifle that fires .50 browning machine gun rounds at an effective range of about 1,500 meters. The weapon is Shirou’s first choice as a long range problem solver, as projecting a bow and arrows or swords as ammunition is taxing on his reserves.

Origin: After the 5th Heaven’s Feel ended, Shirou began his training as Rin Tohsaka’s apprentice. Although he was able to cope strikingly well with Saber’s loss, Illya’s death 10 months later hit him hard, and it drove him further to his ideal to save everyone he could. Shirou moved with Rin to the Clock Tower after graduating from school, and after going on several cleanup missions for the Association and learning all he could from his teacher, he finally struck out on his own as a freelance magus to become the superhero he had always dreamed of.

It quickly became evident to Shirou that, as his adoptive father had said, it was impossible to save everyone, and that a hero can only save the people who’s side he chooses. Still, he stood by his ideals and saved all he could, even though he had to kill others to do it. He threw himself into his role as a superhero, hoping that saving others would drown out his regret for those he had to slaughter.

During one of his less and less frequent visits to the Clock Tower to meet up with Luvia and Rin, Shirou found himself caught in a magical explosion on the upper levels that caused everyone affected to fade away in the time span of an hour. He only managed to tell his two magi friends that he was sorry before vanishing.

Weakness: While Shirou can deal impressive damage with his swords, he is still about as durable as a normal human and has little in the way of defense. His fighting style of leaving “false openings” puts him at extreme risk in melee engagements.

Likes: The happiness of those close to him, cooking.
Dislikes: Death, the sadness of others.
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YOLF: "Do ghosts have aids"

YOLF: Even if God forgives you, you shall not forgive yourself for being here [in CE].


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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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"There's only one thing left for me, Arturia."

Name: Lancelot
Race: Human (former Servant)
Age: Physically early-30s
Height: 191 cm (6'3)
Weight: 81 kg (178 lbs)

Spoiler for Hidden:

Physical Attributes
Strength: Fantastic
Agility: Fantastic (Can be boosted to Legendary)
Constitution: Fantastic

Magic Power: None. Lancelot is incapable of spellcasting, but as a Servant given a physical body he retains the supernatural abilities he had in the 4th Heaven's Feel, such as summoning his weapon Arondight and his armor at will.

Other Abilities:

As a former Servant, Lancelot has a small amount of magic resistance, roughly equivalent to that of a standard anti-magic ward.

Grants Lancelot a significant boost in all stats except magic resistance, which is reduced, but this comes at the cost of his sanity. Because Lancelot has made penance with his king and now possesses a real body, he can turn Mad Enhancement on at will. However, he cannot deactivate this ability while in combat. While this power is active Lancelot will attack everything he sees as a threat with reckless abandon, and is too far gone to be able to tell friend from foe.

Lancelot can appear to others as someone other than himself. However, he cannot mimic the voice and personality of those who's image he takes on. When the Mad Enhancement is active, Lancelot loses all fine control over this ability and it is reduced to a black aura that distorts his figure and obscures his combat data.

A blessing from Elementals, Lancelot's luck will drastically increase when put in a particularly dangerous situation. This ability can only be used on the battlefield, where one can perform feats of arms.

Lancelot's unrivaled skill in the art of weaponized combat is so thoroughly ingrained into his mind and body that it has effectively become his instinct. No amount of mental interference can take away his combat proficiency. This skill allows Lancelot to keep his Knight of Honor power and Arondight even with Mad Enhancement active.

Anything Lancelot grabs that he recognizes as a weapon is turned into a low-power Noble Phantasm, from street lights to fighter jets, and wield it as though he has been training with it for all of his life.

Lancelot's soul spent a brief time in the corrupted Holy Grail before it was destroyed by Ş̕a̴̸b͌͢͡҉er, and iͩtͥ change͆d h͈i͍͞m͛. The voice of Ѧ͂͜҉n͙͖͛҉g͢͡҉̴r͑҉̸͍͎aͯ M̶̨͏̴͓͝҉̷̴aͭ͢҉͚͛n͈͇͆̈́҉y͌͟҉̸u͠ haun̳t̴s hi҃͟͢͜m̴, spewing h̸a̶te an͆͋d͖ ob̸͂sce͢n͂͝҈et͚͑i̶͜e̷s ä́͢n҉d̿ t̲͝͠o̺ d̴͆i̸͜e, d͐i̴̘e, D̸͕͠i҉͢e, th͖͝a̸t he’s d̴̷͟͠irt͇y҃ d̸͚҄irt͍y d͉i͝҉rt̴y d̺i͆rt̴͢y a҃n҈d ato̷ne ato͛n̴͢e ato̻ne͓͆ atone ato̸҉n҈̴e for e͝҉ver̷y v̶͛iolenc̳͌e ev͜e͍ry c͎rime ë́very vic͢tim atone for it all with death!!!!!


A fallen sword, now demonic, that was once a holy weapon before it was bathed in the blood of former comrades. It also has a powerful Anti-Dragon property and boosts Lancelot's strength, speed, agility and endurance while being wielded.

Lancelot's armor is extremely durable, yet still allows him an impressive range of motion. It saved his life twice as Berserker in the 4th Heaven's Feel, from Rider's chariot and Saber's sword. However, it has no resistance to magic.

Origin: Background covered in Fate/Zero.

After running out of mana and killed at the hands of his king, Lancelot achieved his goal and his soul was passed into the Holy Grail. Before it could be broken down for mana, however, the Grail was destroyed and his soul was lost to that world. Lancelot found himself standing in a bloated metropolis, still wearing his black armor. The knowledge normally imparted to Servants about the modern world was mostly lost in the berserk rage the Mad Enhancement induced, leaving Lancelot struggling to understand the world he is now trapped in.

Weakness: Lancelot is hyperspecialized for combat, and is an unstoppable force in melee engagements. However, he is restrained by his honor code, unsuited for more delicate tasks and subterfuge, and can be caught off guard by sneak attacks. He has no reliable defense against any magic that makes it through his resistance. The Mad Enhancement is a double edged sword while fighting as part of a team. Lancelot's PENALTIES mental disorder provide him a strange resistance to outside intrusion upon his mind, but it also makes it difficult to focus and maintain awareness of his surroundings.

Likes: Honor, humility, respecting authority, one-on-one duels, training, cute women, alcohol, flying.
Dislikes: Arrogance, braggarts, crime, arguments, paperwork, being poor, obesity.
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YOLF: "Do ghosts have aids"

YOLF: Even if God forgives you, you shall not forgive yourself for being here [in CE].


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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: Rebeca Sylvan
Race: Human
Age: 19
Height: 5’5
Weight: 118
Eyes: Red
Hair: White

Physical Scale: Human, physically she is slightly weaker then average in physical strength
Magic Ability: None
Other Abilities:
Thought Ripples: A unique ability that allows her to ‘hear’ brain activity, including thoughts and motor actions, however she can also hear the thoughts of non-physical entities, they are just softer and not as distinct unless possessing or bound to something. It manifests itself though her hearing, but at the same time she has no control over it. Thoughts are similar to watching droplets fall into a flat surface of water. A singular mind is easy to ‘read’ the ripples of, but as more are added the harder and harder it become to differentiate and make sense of it. To her it becomes such a large quantity of sound that it causes her physical pain and duress. In order to counteract this she always wears sound proof headphones that are playing music of some kind.
-   Surface Reading
o   Mental reading at the surface level, this cannot be completely blocked out by anything, however she has blocked it out enough that she can only really hear the words people actually say though them mental singles to say the words. If she decreases the volume of the music other surface thoughts can become available to be read.
-   Deep Reading
o   Focuses on individuals to dive deeper into their subconscious allowing her to visualize their past, understand their motivations and so on. While doing it she views herself looking into a reflecting pool that plays the person’s life as waters hit the surface.
-   Sound Implant
o   As a self-defense mechanism she can make others experience her ability temporarily, which can easily knock them out from the mental strain for her ability

Headphones and Music Player: Her only belonging that was sucked into the nexus with her, without them it would be doubtful if she could function as a human.

Switchblade: She has a small switchblade for self defense that she keeps hidden on her person

Pepper Spray: For those creeps that try things on her.

A Single Person Apartment: Was able to con someone out of an apartment using her ability. Apparently the last inhabitant was killed by a vampire or something. Nice and homely. She spent a good deal of time soundproofing it as much as possible.

The first time Rebeca noticed her power was when she was 5 and asked, “Why do you not love me papa?” There was no reason, no warning, just an innocent and honest question.

Her father was so shocked and confused he could not look her in the face for a week. She knew why of course, but talking to papa seemed to make him upset so she did not say anything.

From then on she began to notice, she could hear people when they did not talk, she could hear the actions that could make. She got good grades on test, she could always answer the teacher’s questions, and no one could surprise her.  But at the same time she knew what people wanted, but seeing no issue with it she would always act on that information.

It scared people, and so they kept away. And then slowly with time her power grew. And with it the sounds increased. More and more and more, slowly and surely they kept coming, like drills digging into her ears. She could not stand it, so she started to not leave her house. There were still sounds but much less, they were manageable.

And then she found music, it was her only comfort, able to block out the sounds. With it she was able to live a relatively normal life again (although she dare not go back to school). Eventually she was dragged into the Nexus. From there she found no solus from the voices of everything around her, infact she only got more disturbed and frightened by the thoughts of some in the city.

But even still she tries to live her life.

Weakness: Crowds, Her music player, has basic human weaknesses, non-conscious actions (IE anything not directed from the brain or thought about).
Likes: Music, quiet places
Dislikes: Her hair (attracts to much attention), crowds, cities
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: Lawrence Witinmann

Race: Human (Sin-Eater)

Age: 23

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 164 lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brown

Appearance: A Caucasian male with a rather scruffy look and seemingly permanent short beard, Lawrence seems to be perpetually shifting around, like he's looking for things with his dull green eyes nobody else can see. Fond of old surplus military items, he's rarely found without a pair of cheap but durable combat boots.

Physical Attributes:

Strength: Human. Lawrence isn't the strongest man alive but he can hold his own in a fistfight.

Agility: Human. He's no world class athlete, but he's no chump either. His reflexes and dexterity are easily above average.

Constitution: Exceptional to Incredible. This is due to his nature as a Sin-Eater and will be expanded on in a bit.

Other Abilities:

Magical Scale: None. Sin Eater powers tap upon cthonic energies linked to the very nature of what comes after life. While magical resistance would apply to the majority of these effects when targeted on a person, the entities he manifests and manipulation of environments would entirely bypass this magical resistance.

His nature as a Sin-Eater grants him some impressive damage mitigation abilities: he heal himself through murder (though this gives far more control to the geist than most Sin-Eaters are comfortable with) and destroying items associated with a meaningful death, resist magical and supernatural powers targeting his body, mind, or soul (Though for Law this resistance is currently only slightly higher than your average man off the street),  resist poisoning, keep conscious through injuries and other effects that would otherwise put him into an unconscious state, and he can burn Plasm (death energy) he has collected to negate damage that could otherwise seriously injure or maim him - a gunshot wound to the head is quite a bit less fatal when a brick of ectoplasm stops it, and a knife wound isn't going to bleed when ectoplasm fills it and stitches the flesh back together. Of course, it still hurts, is an obviously supernatural thing, and he'll still be beaten up, but it beats dying again. And for that matter, at the low low price of permanently scarring your soul, a Sin-Eater can come back from the dead, no matter how gruesome a demise.

This nature allows him to also see and interact with the non-material domain of the Twilight, along with automatically being able to see Spirits and other ghostly beings even if they're possessing a human, along with being able to tell if they're using any sort of ghostly powers when they're in the immediate vicinity. They can also detect recent spots where people died, get a general indication of the health of a person in front of them, hear and speak to any ghost (and understand them) and determine the exact time of death and cause of death of even the most mutilated corpse. For Law that last bit isn't as useful or even used really, but it's still in his repertoire. Plasm can also be spent to help ghosts, allowing them to function more like the beings they were in life, or a Sin-Eater can actually eat the very essence of a ghost, converting it directly to Plasm.

Beyond that, the contract with a Geist provides a Sin-Eater access to powers similar to those of ghosts and spirits, though they're used quite differently - and some powers are far more human, ritualistic practices called Ceremonies with a wide range of effects and purposes that in some manner relate to the spiritual realm, and mostly don't require spending plasm. Every Sin-Eater due to the manner in which they died, possesses a key of ghostly power linked to that threshold of death. The geist itself also brings a key into the equation, granting the Sin-Eater two different sources of power to channel through his or her Manifestations. In addition, the Sin-Eater can activate multiple manifestations using a single key, but cannot use more than one key simultaniously to activate a manifestation. After all, a lock can only take a single key at a time.

Lawrence possesses two keys, the Stigmatic (linked to his death through violence) and the Phantasmal Key (linked to his geist through its own psychosis in life).

The Phantasmal Key:
This key aids the Sin-Eater in shaping illusions. But these illusions are far more than simple glamours — when used to unlock the most powerful Manifestations, the Phantasmal Key can create an illusion so terrifying that it can drive men mad or so realistic that it can cause physical injury. The Bound who use this Key frequently are themselves given to glimpses of odd hallucinations now and again. Experience allows a Sin-Eater to ignore these figments easily enough, but some grow to almost enjoy the experience. Law on the other hand, is rather unsettled by these illusions, born from the mind of his Geist rather than his own.

The Stigmata Key:
This key uses blood and sacrifice to assert dominance over the spirit world. To Sin-Eaters, blood is more than a bodily fluid — it is the river of life, and it has been used both to propitiate and to bind both ghosts and spirits since time immemorial. Manifestations unlocked by the Stigmata Key allow the Sin-Eater to influence or even harm ghosts and spirits, to bind them in place, and to mimic their special properties. What's more, through spilling their own blood ritualistically a Sin-Eater can avoid spending death energy or will to fuel a manifestation unlocked with this key, instead sacrificing a part of themselves.

As a recent Sin-Eater with only some experience and knowledge, Law only has access to two manifestations, the Marionette, and the Shroud.

The Marionette:
Perhaps the most invasive and frightening Manifestation, the Marionette, as its name implies, allows the Sin-Eater to reach out with hisr plasm to seize control of objects, animals, and even people. To those with the sight to see it, the Sin-Eater reaches out with his hand, and invisible tendrils of plasm reach out to the object of his desire, ensnaring it (or him) and compelling obedience. The Marionette does not inspire loyalty in affected persons — the victim remains free-willed and often vocally opposed, but his body has been enslaved. Some Marionette powers can transform living human beings into virtual zombies, and Sin-Eaters steeped in the traditions of Vodoun and its sister religions often describe slaves bound with Marionette as zombies in order to take advantage of local beliefs about those religions. The precise nature of the control depends upon which Key is used to unlock the Marionette.

At his level of the Marionette, Law's manipulations are limited. Using the Phantasmal key, instead of exercising control over some external thing or person, the Sin-Eater seizes direct control over his own geist. With this power, the Sin-Eater can cause her geist to manifest externally as a spiritual body that she may then possess and control. While the geist-body is manifested, the Sin-Eater’s own body collapses into a comatose state, and he is completely unaware of what goes on in her vicinity. Plasmic tendrils do not extend outward from the Sin-Eater to his target but instead coalesce in front of him, forming a phantasmal body under his control. He can manifest or demanifest it at will, and also use his other manifestations within this form.

The fact that the appearance of his Geist is taken by the phantasmal body, is a pleasant coincidence, if a terrifying one.

With the Stigmatic Key, The basic power of this Manifestation merely weakens a ghost and prevents it from harming the Sin-Eater while simultaneously making it into a more pliable servant. The activation roll forges a sympathetic link with a ghost that penalizes the ghost on actions initiated by the ghost that are contrary to the Sin-Eater’s will. However, the ghost also finds it easier to perform actions undertaken in response to the Sin-Eater’s directives. The ghost is not compelled to obey the Sin-Eater, but if it chooses to do so, its powers function more effectively. In addition, the Sin-Eater functions as an anchor for the ghosts spirit, if Law exerts the will necessary for it or spills blood for the spirit.

The Shroud:
The Shroud is the Manifestation most commonly used for defensive purposes. When a Sin-Eater dons the Shroud, the Bound allows the raw plasm of their geist to flow over their body, congealing into a hard shell which protects them from harm. The geist’s plasm flows out of the Sin-Eater’s body through every pore, enveloping his body and forming a protective armor of plasm. The precise results vary according to the Key used to unlock the Manifestation. Furthermore, Sin-Eaters generally customize their Shrouds, each of which is personal to the one who dons it. Regardless of its appearance or effects, the Shroud is generally invisible to anyone save a Sin-Eater or a ghost, either of whom can perceive that the character is defended. Other supernatural creatures may be able to perceive the Shroud with appropriate powers.

For Law, the Phantasmal Shroud crackles slightly into the visible realm, blurring parts of his body or creating an after image or shadow without a light source - a distraction that provides an extra bonus defense on top of the protection the shroud provides. For that matter, it can by his own choice, obscure his features making recognizing or remembering him difficult to accomplish.

To spirits who see him while the Stigmatic Shroud is active, Law seems to drip blood from his hands, a fading after image of scarlet marking everything it touches. The Stigmatic Shroud's main purpose is to protect him from hostile spirits and other sin-eaters manifestations, providing an even higher threshold of resistance to such effects. Lawrence can also touch unmanifested spirits or entities within the twilight as if they were manifested - hell, he can even give them a nice hard punch.

Equipment: Lawrence's primary possessions within the Nexus are a '78 Firebird Trans-Am, a .45 Automatic, a K-Bar knife that is far sharper than the dark red rust on its handle would ever suggest, and the clothes on his back.

Origin: Lawrence from a young age could see and hear things others couldn't. He never liked going to any of the historical buildings or sites that always popped up on school field trips, the voices and visions growing louder and more intense in those places as ghosts he couldn't see tried to talk to the boy born with a caul. By highschool though he was used to it, toning it out to the point where he couldn't recognize it from the ringing of his ears and heartbeat. He graduated. Went to college, graduated from there too. Got a job, a life. Then came the fateful taxi-ride. He'd been drinking with a friend, and ditched for a one night stand. The designated driver had needed to head home early, leaving Law to stumble out of the bar, hailing a taxi cab. Nothing unusual. It was sort of random chance he happened to pick that taxi with that specific number bolted onto it.

Fourty years ago to the night, a driver with the same number painted onto his yellow car, a disturbed veteran of the Vietnam War, had been murdered.  A pimp and his friends had taken issue with the person he'd picked up and driven home - a young girl who'd been a runaway, tricked into being a whore for the pimp. She'd finally made both the money and courage to escape. The Driver refused to say where he'd taken her, instead pulling a knife out of his jacket and stabbing one of the thugs. The street in front of the cab company was splattered with blood by the time a police car that happened to be passing by turned on its sirens, the noise an eerie replacement for the gunfire that had echoed out earlier. The Driver had been gunned down, the pimp bleeding to death on the sidewalk next to his corpse, his friends having ran away, one clutching a wound.

The taxi company had taken the number out of service after that. It had only recently come back, an expansion leaving no choice but to reuse a number retired out of respect for the dead. Lawrence would be that cab's first and last passenger as a junkie itching for cash jumped into the cab after Lawrence, stabbing him repeatedly with a switchblade when the drunk young man refused to give him his wallet.  As Lawrence lay bleeding in the back seat and the junkie tried to run, gunfire echoed again, the cabbie pulling a 9mm out of his glovebox and firing point blank at the knife wielding maniac.

Lawrence came back. The junkie didn't.  That Taxi Driver from long ago was waiting in the underworld for someone, time and anger changing him into a little god of death. He chose to protect the innocent again.

Now in the Nexus, Lawrence tries to put to rest the souls of those torn from this world. It's going to be a long task. But the Taxi Driver from that night long ago should help.

Weakness: Human weaknesses still apply to Lawrence despite his abilities to mitigate damage and recover from even death itself. He can only come back so many times, and he'll run out of plasm eventually. A stronger and faster opponent will eventually wear him down. 

He lacks any truly powerful Ceremonies - creating zombies or sealing ghosts in jars is far outside his skills. Hell, he doesn't know any - and any that he does make will likely be simple utility ones.

In addition, separating him and his geist would render him entirely human - and likely very dead from the spiritual trauma.

Classic Cars, milsurp stores, Rum, helping ghosts
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
« Reply #12 on: November 09, 2014, 09:57:54 AM »
Name: Thomas Hale

Race: Human?
Spoiler for Hidden:

Age: 21

Height: 6'3", 6'7" in true form


Appearance: The perfect balance of muscle, not too lean, but not too bulky, with handsome features that are almost unnatural, to the point where they may be somewhat unnerving. However, his frame has a few scars, and he always seems to be frowning, which is fitting for his often overly serious personality. When he smiles, it looks more like a smirk most of the time. He also has a tendency to glare at things, something that goes straight through his glasses, which he wears exclusively for looks (though he will deny this. And then admit it is true. And then deny it again). He dresses somewhat simply, but tends to favor a long coat, a scarf, and a pair of slacks or jeans for outings. However, as of late he's often seen in business attire, as it's a demand of his current position. His hair is silver, his eyes purple. Most people just dismiss it as a combination of bleach and colored contacts, even though it's natural. 

Spoiler for His true form is... not nearly as pretty.:

Physical Attributes

Strength: Human: Exceptional
True: Supernatural

Agility: Human: Exceptional (possibly Supernatural when enhanced with telekinesis)
True: Supernatural (Superhuman to Legendary when hovering/flying using telekinesis)

Constitution: Human: Supernatural
True: Superhuman/Legendary

Other Abilities:
Telepathy (Legendary):
Can alter the memories of an entire building full of people if he so wished. However, this is not his strongest suit despite his amazing level of ability, so the effort will leave him ill for about a day. Even more so if this is done in human form. He can also control someone with a weak enough mind from a long distance, but this too can put a strain on him.

Multilingual: He can figure out how to speak a particular language if he prods into someone's mind enough.'s kinda scary really. However, he can already speak English, Japanese, and French fluently without having to prod around in another person's brain.

More normal facets of this skill, such as telepathic communication or reading of the mind, do not exhaust him in the slightest, but the latter he may face some difficulty with depending on how strong the target's mental defenses are. He can filter out thoughts with some ease, if only out of necessity. Otherwise he may well have gone mad already. ...Well, even more so than he may already be.

Telekinesis (Human: Superhuman/True form: Legendary): Can move objects with his mind. In human form, he can do something incredible like throw a large truck or float in the air, but in true form, what he could accomplish is incredible. Flying, lifting a whole skyscraper, even making basic weather changes, it's all possible. Of course, like with everything else, the greater the deed, the more exhausting. This is far more of an issue with his human form in this case than his true form.

Regeneration (Human: Exceptional/True form: Supernatural): Tom can recover from wounds quickly, even in human form. In human form, this is limited to simply recovering from both injuries and illness faster than the average human, but in true form, sometimes a wound can heal in a matter of minutes. However, even in true form there's only so much he can shrug off, in which case he will have to use the Recover ability in order to survive.

He Works Out: Why he's so fit despite everything. It's both a form of stress relief and an obsession with being ready for anything in case someone would try and capture him. He also knows some self defense, but not anything extensive enough to beat out, say, a master of martial arts. He'd probably fall back on his powers for that assuming they were usable at the time.

Advanced Computer Skills: He's quite the hacker. That doesn't mean someone can't outshow him in this department however.

True form only:
Heightened Senses: Comes with being a cat thing. Sight, smell, and hearing in particular are enhanced, his sense of touch actually dulls a bit. He also gains increased mental clarity due to the increase of blood running to his brain.
Recover: Can heal his own wounds completely, or heal a large extent of damage to someone else. Doing this too many times in a short enough span of time can make him ill due to the strain.

Teleport: Any location he's previously been to (in the dimension he's currently in, in this case the Nexus) he can teleport to. He theoretically could try teleporting to some place he's never been, but he avoids it almost completely because of potential... issues. Like teleporting inside of a wall or some such nonsense. He can bring people with him as well with little effort.

Barrier: Using psychic power, creates a force field around a certain area that can deflect a variety of blows and projectiles. A powerful enough spell or blast could potentially pierce it, but it would take a very strong spell or blast indeed. He cannot hold up the barrier and attack simultaneously however, so this forces Tom on the defensive. The larger the barrier, the more energy it takes to maintain it, so he could only hold up a barrier protecting a building for so long, and one protecting an entire city for even less.

Various psychic based attacks: Varying in power, these energy blasts can devastate an opponent depending on their strength. (I can elaborate on individual attacks if asked, but mostly they're big blasty blasts of blasting that usually come in spheres)

Some non-psychic attacks: Pretty much like the psychic attacks, but not actually psychic. He can fall back on these if his powers are disabled. He still has to aim correctly though, and it's potentially possible to disable all his abilities in one fell swoop, leaving him vulnerable. (same as the various psychic attacks, I'll elaborate if I have to)

Magical Ability: None. This appears instead as
Psychic Ability which is Extremely High. 

Equipment: All the assets at the disposal of Takeoff Solutions (subsidiary of Blue Sun Incorporated) belong to Tom as well. All the company's personel are at his command, though that doesn't guarantee their loyalty. Like any corporate exec, he also has a smartphone on his person, though he tricked it out himself so that people can't dox him or get his number so easily.

Origin: The Nexus's young up and coming CEO, yet to feature on a magazine cover for being one of the Nexus's most eligable bachelors because he's not exactly the talkative type, a youth with a seemingly strange sense of direction for some of his company's assets, yet better at wielding them than his deceased uncle ever could.

But that's not the whole story.

At his home dimension, he was a unique experiment of science, living a peaceful if somewhat lonely life until the lab changed hands. And with that, everything else changed as well.

Subjected to a series of inhumane experiments, his memories of the good days in tatters, in time he managed to get free, the building exploding with the scientists trapped inside, not a single one escaping, their twisted leader in the middle of it all now a twisted, mangled corpse. But one does not escape such things without becoming somewhat twisted themselves...

Upon the discovery that he could don a human guise, he adopted the name of Thomas Hale, and with time, found himself yet another prisoner of the Nexus. And that's when an ambitious CEO with a few too many surveillance cameras around the city caught sight of a few things and offered the young man a deal. Unfortunately, that CEO's ambitions clouded his thoughts and he paid the price.

Now with a fair bit of blood on his hands and more power than he should ever be allowed to wield, Tom finds himself facing a decision:

Whether to use his new power to protect humanity... or turn it against them. 

Weakness: Pretty much human in human form, so he can be pretty vulnerable there. Also, taking away his powers can leave him almost defenseless.

Likes: Reading, tea, his privacy, learning and thinking about various things.

Dislikes: Laboratories (not that that stops him from using the ones at his disposal, even if he did put down some ethics policies), being controlled, captured, or used, stupidity, humans (though some he's fine with).
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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: Yukina Aikawa

Race: Human

Age: 98, looks 18

Height: 5' 0"

Weight: 115 lbs.

Spoiler for Hidden:

Her two distinguishing features are her yukata, which she seems to wear regardless of weather and usually colored dark green with gingko leaf patterns, and her hair tied at the back, which either becomes a ponytail or a bun according to her whims or circumstances. Her yukata sometimes changes color and pattern, usually connected to the surrounding mood of the Order, and she changes to a more formal furisode on special occassions, again with color or pattern according to the occassion itself. Neo once commented that the only reason that people don't mind her style of clothing too much is because "they think she's a Japanese woman cosplaying a Japanese woman."

Physical Attributes

Strength: Human

Agility: Human

Constitution: Exceptional

Other Abilities:
Spoiler for Hidden:
Rattus commented that "Yukina has two strong contributions in this group. Smithing and mechanical troubleshooting. Everything else is just an added bonus to us." Because of her work experience, Yukina is able to repair and, to some extent, create machinery for the group, such as engines or firearm mechanisms. Also, because of her training under her father, she is able to forge bladed weapons, mostly Japanese-style swords, although she notes that she usually cannot do nihonto in a fully authentic style, because "that would be really time consuming, as well as impractical in fighting people nowadays."

In fighting, she usually uses a style of swordsmanship that resembles kendo, which she took up during her 17 years of mechanic training as hobby and therapeutic exercise, but actually lacks distinctive moves that can be associated to any school of Japanese swordmanship, as well as uses two shorter swords. She also seems to focus on countering rather than outright attacking her opponent, in which she usually dodges or parries first, then strike back. As a result, her style of fighting is highly unpredictable and defensive, which sometimes becomes her weakness, other times becomes her strength. She also took up a bit of kyuudou, or archery, in the same period as her kendo training, although she admits that she focused on its calming effect than improving her performance.

Spoiler for Hidden:
When going out in public, she usually hides a kaiken, or Japanese dagger, which has a length of 8 inches and double-bladed, personally forged and created by her from the scraps of a kitchen knife, old nails and a leg of a broken chair. She usually keeps it hidden in her left sleeve. However, when fully prepared for battle, she usually carries a pair of swords, a 12-inch tanto blade and 24-inch wakizashi. Both are worn on the back of her hips and drawn from the left side, with her holding the wakizashi on her right hand and the tanto on her left. She uses the shorter blade for parrying and the longer for striking back. When assigned to a ranged role, she uses a compound bow for combat, as the traditional yumi bow proves to be rather impractical because their limited range.

Later on, she forges a katana, which she named Shiromaru after her father who taught her smithing. She created the blade using the traditional process, employing the Soshu Kitae method of folding the steel. She, however, replaces the hagane or hard steel of the sword with tungsten carbide to improve the hardness of the blade's edge, as well boron-alloyed tool steel for the shigane or soft steel to improve its toughness, sacrificing a crucial traditional point for the blade's overall strength. Although she states that she will use it "at some point", it has yet to see action for unknown reasons.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Yukina hails from the city of Hiroshima, Japan, although she implied one time that it might not be her actual place of birth, but she herself wasn't so sure, saying "Father might actually be joking, as he always do sometimes". Her mother, Midoriko, was a housewife and her father, Shirou, was a blacksmith, with her being the eldest of three children, all of them gapped by two years. Although her father was mainly training his little brother, Tetsuo, in smithing, Yukina and Saori, her little sister, would always join him and attend their father's lectures regarding the profession, which is why she picked up her skills in the profession. During this time of her childhood, she met Shinichi Kimura, a Zainichi Korean and her future fiance, as well as witnessing the slow descent of the Japanese Empire to deep ultramilitarization, starting with her brother's conscription to the Imperial Japanese Army on 1936 and her father's employment to Kure Naval Arsenal on 1937.

In 1938, during the ongoing Sino-Japanese War, one of Tetsuo's fellow soldiers, Satoshi Asahina, came to visit the Aikawa household after his mandatory service is over. He handed over a letter, which turned out to be Tetsuo's suicide note, citing his unwilling participation to a "great and mindless slaughter" back in 1937 and subsequent guilt as the reason. Satoshi also revealed that his body was found hanging on a forested area nearby and was thrown into a river under the orders of his squad officer. The news eventually infurated the family and reduced them to mourning, especially Shirou, who was appalled by the Army's treatment of his son's body.

When the battleship Yamato was launched from Kure Naval Arsenal in 1940, Shirou revealed that this was what they were building at the shipyards and also expressed his whole interest in serving as a crewman to the ship, wanting to make up for his son's "dishonorable actions" back at the Army. Despite his family's resistance and disapproval to the idea, he becomes a mechanic to the ship's boiler room a month later. A year later, World War 2 in the Pacific started, making the rest of the household worry.

Shinichi, under a bout of major depression after being disowned by his racist father for his relationship with Yukina, decided to volunteer in joining the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service in 1944, when the Allied counter-offensive is slowly crushing the Japanese forces, volunteering in a "special attack unit" named Yamato. A day before enlisting to the Air Service, he met Yukina in the playground where they first met and promised her marriage after the war, despite knowing that he will not be able to do so.

The news of Shirou's death came during the month of April in 1945, a week after the battleship Yamato was sunk by American forces while en route to Okinawa. Five months later, on August 6, the town of Hiroshima was struck with an atomic bomb, the first atomic strike in human history, destroying it. Midoriko dies trying to protect her children from falling debris. Two days later, Saori dies of an unknown illness, rendering Yukina the only surviving member of her family and driving her to vagrancy, which also makes her question why she survived the bombing. A month later, Japan is officially occupied by the Allied forces.

In 1947, Yukina found permanent employment after two years of vagrancy in an auto plant in Aki District, Hiroshima as an intern mechanic. After two years, she was fully employed by the company and in 1953, after four years of working with the company, she formally left, saying that she wanted to expand her skills in the field of Mechanical Engineering. During this time until the early 1970s, she worked as a mechanic on different companies, read books and attended seminars in order gain more knowledge.

She finally met Rattus and Neo in 1971 at Tokyo, when they were attacked by the Gotou-gumi. She hotwired a car and crash-dived it into the car chasing the duo, disabling it and killing a couple of people in the car. Only one survived, who managed to get out of the car and shoot her three times. The two men that were being chased eventually came back to see the wreckage, which lead to her discovery. After she was sent to the local hospital to be treated, Rattus personally interviewed her, which made her tell her life story, making Neo conclude that she might be another immortal, albeit the reason was "God knows why". She was asked for be a part of the "entourage", and quickly accepted the offer.

Weakness: Although immortal, her lack of regenerative abilities render her vulnerable.

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Re: Cross Effects 3.0 - Character Graveyard/Departure Zone
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Name: Jan Neo Langraad

Race: Human

Age: 126, looks like 20

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 160 lbs.

Spoiler for Hidden:

Neo's yellow blonde hair is at shoulder length, although there are strikingly noticeable strands of hair that are light brown in coloration and/or of irregular length, as a result of his frequent change of appearance from the past decades. He usually wears a t-shirt, usually tie-dyed, plain or has a political statement or a band logo written on it, denim pants and brown sandals, although he will wear a leather jacket according to the weather or situation. He could be occasionally wearing a green-tinted Lennon-style pair of glasses to his whims and, less often, a shot shell bandolier during mission runs, ordered by Rattus or otherwise. He also wears a ball chain necklace with four pairs of dog tags, two from the World Wars made with monel and steel respectively, one from Vietnam wrapped with rubber silencers and one with his real name written on it, with the words 'FCKYOUFGT" replacing the religious preference field.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Exceptional

Agility: Human

Constitution: Exceptional

Magical Ability: Low

Other Abilities:
Spoiler for Hidden:
Rattus notes that "Neo does very little killing with his alchemy although he is capable of doing so. He refers to be lethal in a very physical way." Given his background, he proves to be very fond of physical combat, in which he employs non-alchemical means of disabling or taking down the enemy. He also outright stated that his fighting style is "all about fucking with the enemy", which means that he has no specific fighting style and his focus is sapping his opponent's will to fight, as psychological warfare seems to be his staple of his whole combat doctrine. However, he will not hesitate eschewing this kind of strategy and could resort to focus on killing his opponent swiftly, although he usually does this under Rattus' commands.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Neo concealed-carries either a butterfly knife, a M1911 Colt pistol or both when going out in public during times when the Order is at its peaceful state. When accompanying his fellows, however, he replaces the M1911 with a Winchester M12 shotgun, with its stock and barrel sawed-off, making it easy to conceal inside his leather jacket.

Aside from the after mentioned weapons, he also carries with him an assortment of medical and combat potions, usually two or three flasks, mainly when undertaking larger, offense-oriented missions. The most commonly used potions by Neo are the orange-colored "Exploding Potions", which is somewhat similar to a Molotov cocktail; "Space Bombs", which are actually potion flasks containing vaporized cannaboids and mainly used for disabling enemies who have never taken any type of illicit drugs and the green-colored and aptly-named "Healing Elixir", which generally speeds up regeneration of wounds and restores lost energy.

He had also used all sorts of improvised weapons, especially in areas where proper weaponry is either scarce or heavily regulated, some of them with a psychological impact, such as a pencil or a crucifix. In addition to this, he is also very fond of using his environment for his advantage, which translates to utilizing any potentially combustible or explosive material he finds as booby traps, as an example.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Neo's childhood home is an abandoned medieval castle located somewhere near the Franco-Belgian border, where he once lived alongside Klaaus Langraad, a Danish-born English magus and alchemist who adopted him after he found him as an infant in the docks of Kristiansand, Norway. Unbeknownst to both him and his father, he is the love child of Niels Ullmann and Eila Linkola, an alchemist couple wanted by the Mages' Association for their radical and outspoken beliefs against the maintained secrecy of magecraft, as well as for bombing the workshops of prominent Association members all over Scandinavia. They apparently left him in the docks while trying to go out of Norway, due to their fears that their child will unnecessarily get caught in their situation. Neo started his magecraft and alchemical training under Klaaus at the age of six, and witnessed his first human experimentation at the age of seven, then did his own human experimentation at the age of eight. He did not go outside the castle grounds until 1897, when they visited a local fair and carnival in Dunkirk.

It was in 1901 that Neo discovered his being an adopted son, five years before Klaaus dies of heart attack at the age of 59. Neo was 18 during his adoptive father's death, and continued training himself and experimenting after Klaaus' untimely demise. On 1908, he met an alchemical accident during one of his costliest and most time-consuming experiments, rendering him immortal. He also ran dry of funding during those days, so he decided to immigrate to North America to find a steady source of income, as well as a venture to the outside world.

Upon arrival at New York, he first took residence in an apartment in Brooklyn and worked various odd jobs, such as store caretaker or chimney sweeper. After a month later, he decided to move out of his apartment room and deliberately become a vagabond, to reduce living expenses. Boredom from working and wanting an outlet for aggressive simulation, he resorted to robbery-homicide, with a local neighborhood man has his first victim. On 1911, he moved to the State of New Jersey and acquired a Colt M1892 revolver, his first firearm, through one of his victims, an off-duty police officer, and then another victim before leaving the state near the end of the year.

In 1912, he claimed the lives of three more people in the states of West Virginia and Kentucky, before being heavily wounded in a failed residential break-in in Tennesee. He then decided to recuperate from his wounds in Mississippi and trade his revolver with a Colt 1911 from an underground arms dealer. He also met in this state a group of armed robbers calling themselves as The Mississippi Merrymen, comprised namingly of John Henry Stone, their leader; Jane Donahue, Neo's future first girlfriend and the brothers William "Bill" and Christopher "Chris" Roberts. He decided to join the group and move to Louisiana with them, in which they started robbing stores and amassing money for themselves. On August 22, Neo was arrested by the authorities of New Orleans for his involvement with the activities of the Merrymen, and is sent to Louisiana State Penitentiary. He was prison raped by his cellmate upon arrival, which prompted him to do the same thing against his attacker. For the course of 5 months, he and the Merrymen discreetly planned his escape from the facility, culminating on Christmas Eve, which involved Neo successfully feigning his own death.

For the first 4 months of 1913, the Merrymen stopped all overt actions in the state of Texas until May 1, when they successfully robbed a bank in Corpus Christi, which started their streaks of successful bank robberies. However, on July 17, an encounter with the police in Fort Worth leads to a fire fight, killing John Henry in the process. Upon his death, Jane takes her place as his successor and continued their operations with greater caution. On September 11, Neo's birthday, Bill and Chris were killed in a botched bank robbery on Dallas, which prompted both Jane and Neo, the last two remaining Merrymen, to move toward Ouchita Mountains in Oklahoma two days later. They stayed there for the rest of the year and hunted and farmed for sustenance.

On July 16, 1914, almost a year after they stopped all illicit activity, they successfully robbed a major bank in Tulsa, only for Jane to get killed by the police in a shootout a day later. After 8 days, Neo launched an undetected but massive attack using an alchemized poison in order to take revenge for Jane's death, killing 32 officers, including the Chief of Police. After the attack, Neo assumed the name Henry Wilson Smith, and moved to Kansas on July 28, where he claims 10 more lives during the course of his stay due to robbery-homicide.

By the start of 1915, Neo moved to the town of Pueblo, Colorado and found work there as a pharmacist, as well as meeting Hannah Meier, a first generation German immigrant and Neo's future second girlfriend, who frequently visited the drugstore where he used to work. The United States entered the First World War by the latter half of 1917, which meant that Neo, still under the name Henry Wilson Smith, was drafted to join the American Expeditionary Forces and was eventually sent to Europe. He returned home in November 1918, when armistice was signed, only to discover that Hannah died from contracting the Spanish flu, which was an epidemic during and after the war.

Neo then moved to Utah the following year and made a living selling alchemized "patent medicines", under the name Dante de Medici. Aside from the growing cynicism from consumers and larger rivaling brands of medicines, he did not extensively advertise his products, which might be the reason why he was not able to sell well, although they did work as promised.

The Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution took effect on January 17, 1920, marking the start of the Prohibition Era. Neo, not meeting the expected success in Utah, moved to Las Vegas, Nevada three days after start of Prohibition. Three more days later, he meets Vincent Montagna, a caporegime from the Della Valle crime family's local faction, through an encounter where Neo assisted Vincent's men in a gang firefight. This course of action marked the start of his association with the family, as Vincent first referred to Neo as such on February 19, introducing him as "a friend of ours" to Giuseppe Montagna, Vincent's older brother and the boss of the Las Vegas faction. Neo furthermore cemented his status within the family when he killed a police informant to prevent a bootlegging operation from being uncovered.

In 1925, Neo was incarcerated when he was charged with aggravated assault with a motor vehicle for allegedly trying to run a pedestrian over due to a disagreement, in which Vincent monetarily bailed him out jail. He also met Maria Angela Romano, Vincent's confidante first cousin and Neo's third girlfriend, during this time. In 1931, the Della Valle family opened its books for new made men and Neo was recommended to be a Soldier, sponsored by Vincent and Angela. After he successfully assassinated a suspected turncoat by the orders of Giuseppe, Neo finally took the oath on March 19, making him a Soldato of the Della Valle family under Vincent's crew.

In March 14, 1933, Vincent was wrongfully accused and was found guilty of murdering a well-known card shark and was held at Nevada State Prison. Wanting to reciprocate the help given to him when he was jailed in 1925, Neo decided to be the temporary capo of the crew, in order to break him out of jail. His first attempt was on March 18, when he sent out five of his fellow crewmen to retrieve Vincent from the State Prison. The result was unsuccessful, with all five of them dying during a fire fight with the police underway. This frustrated attempt forced Neo to resort on using alchemy again and after two days, he sent another five men to attempt another jailbreak. The result was successful, but Vincent was disappointed with Neo's decision to border on breaking the Omerta by helping him escape out of jail, as well as his failed first attempt where five of his crewmen died and the notoriety gained by the family as a whole for the successful second attempt. Neo was also almost kicked out of the family for his unwarranted and unauthorized actions, but was kept in anyway because it showed his potential to be a capo, in addition to his decent reputation in the family. By the end of year, the Twenty-first Amendment took effect, which legally ended the Prohibition. In the following year of 1934, Don Montagna foresaw the potential loss of profits from the effects of alcohol re-legalization, so he allowed the family to venture into dealing marijuana and do labor union rackets. In 1935, Neo was found by Angela to be cheating with another woman, which prompted her to end their 10-year relationship. According to Neo, he deliberately cheated and provoked Angela to break up with him in order to hide his immortality, although he also states that she was already frustrated from his lack of decision about marrying her and "was just grasping on straws", waiting for a reason to validly break-up with him.

Both Vincent and Neo were caught in a fire fight with the police while driving their way to Carson City to meet a family friend for a drug deal in 1937, which claimed the life of Vincent. Neo then drove their car towards the Carson River in order to detract their pursuers and use the opportunity to escape from the state and into California. Neo then hid in the town of Lincoln in Placer County, under the name of Fabro Metzger, and worked as a pharmacist.

In 1940, Neo decided to join the United States Marine Corps, still known as Fabro Metzger, and was placed at the 1st Battalion, under the command of the 1st Marine Division. He fought in the Guadalcanal campaign, the battle of Peleliu and Okinawa, and the latter which he boasted that he made his whole squad survive "under a Typhoon of Steel". He also hinted that he raped Japanese civilians after the battle of Okinawa, saying "that's the first time I liked the sound of Jap women crying like the spineless bitches that they are." In 1947, two years after the war has officially ended in the Pacific, Neo went back home to Lincoln, then moved to San Luis Obispo County, in the town of Harmony and assumed the new name of Joseph Nestor. He layed low in this town and worked as a waiter from 1948 to 1961, occasionally trill killing in neighboring towns and cities, which increased his number of victims by 20 people.

Neo got drafted to serve in the US Army for the second time in 1962, during the rising stages of the Vietnam War. During his tour of duty, he noted that, aside from the fact that he had a hard time engaging Viet Cong forces due to their use of guerilla warfare, he also stated that he predicted at first that the US would eventually just withdraw from the war, citing logistic and tactical reasons, such as the frequent failures of new M16 rifles. Nevertheless, he continued serving during that time because he saw it as an opportunity to kill people with very little restraints. His service ended when he chose to leave in 1966, when the situation fully escalated, thinking that the US "might win after all", although he also decided to view the war as pointless, unnecessarily tiring and detrimental to his ego.

In 1967, Neo or "Joseph" decided to move to Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, during the Summer of Love, where thousands of college students from their spring break came to the city to take part of the then-vibrant hippie counterculture. He was able to fit in because of his dislike of Vietnam War, which the other hippies mistook as an opposition to all war, although he deemed their confusion to his ideals as irrelevant because he also expressed opposition to working. While attending the Monterey Pop Festival in June, he met "The Rainbowheart Tribe", a group mostly composed of Romanian-descent people who are also drawn to the counterculture. One of them was Martha Enescu, also known as "Starlight", a self-proclaimed vampire and Neo's fourth girlfriend. Since most of the tribe adapted nicknames after confectioneries, such as "Captain Jelly Baby" and "Miss Liquorice", Neo opted to take the nickname "Captain Candy Floss", a name which he proudly refers to himself up to this day. After being inducted into the Rainbowheart, he then moved to an abandoned industrial block located half a mile from the outskirts of San Francisco and was refurbished by them as a commune, which they then named as "The Candy Factory". Neo continued training his alchemy in this commune, avoiding human experimentation, which he now saw as "boring and repetitive ", and focusing on regeneration and growth, mainly to help the tribe agriculturally and medically. Because of this, the whole tribe became aware of his skills as an alchemist, and he opted to give them basic lectures on it, including the philosophy behind alchemy. In the following months, the numbers of the tribe started to dwindle due to some of them wanting to pursue other interests, although Neo already thought them enough at this point. Since the tribe's leader, "The Great Chocolate Man", was tolerant and supportive of his tribe people, he allowed leaving the Factory in peace. In November of 1968, only five of the tribe was left, and they finally decided to desert the Factory at the end of the month, as Chocolate declared that the commune's purpose has already been achieved. Neo and Martha also decided to part ways in good faith, with a promise of meeting again someday to each other. After this, Neo moved southward to Los Angeles.

In June of 1969, Neo flew back to New York City, the first time he ever did so, to visit "Fruitcake", an old friend and tribesman working in the Stonewall Inn, due to the latter's plead to help him "battle this unknown disease", which alchemy could not seem to fight or heal. They talked and exchanged knowledge in alchemy for the whole day of June 27 until the early morning hours of the next day, in which a riot between the bar patrons, including the two of them, and police raiding the place erupted. Neo stayed with him to help in finding a cure, only to have Fruitcake die a month later, after being hit by a moving vehicle which he failed to see due to the retinitis associated with his sickness. Neo opted to stay in New York even after his death, due to his nostalgia with the city and his continued studies on Fruitcake's work, as well as circulating rumors of a concert that will take place upstate. On August 15, he attended the rumored concert, now known as the Woodstock Festival of 1969, and actually met many of his former tribesmen, including Starlight herself. A month later, Neo goes back to Los Angeles and takes Fruitcake's research material with him, which deviated to making a panacea and he still continues until today. In December of the same year, he attended the Altamont Free Concert in northern California, which turned out to be infamous of its disorganization, chaos and violence. This event convinced Neo that the idealism of the sixties were over, calling it as "the day Sixties ended and died".

Neo decided to go back to robbery-homicide on 1970, which lead him to get discovered by Rattus, who was selling weapons to the Mafia during that time, after he tried to rob and kill him. Neo stabbed him on the neck and got shot five times in his chest as a response, which lead to both men discovering that both of them were immortal. He then asked of his life story and skills and, after finding out of his skills in alchemy, offered him to be part of the "entourage". Neo declined the offer and just opted to be his informant around the city. However, after a month has passed, he offered him again, under promises of having a "steady but negotiable" pay, and Neo quickly accepted.

Weakness: Although immortal, his lack of regenerative abilities render him vulnerable.