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Character Sheets

(Special thanks to YOLF and Kaze for the assistance!)


Physical attributes run on a scale that runs from Human to Legendary.

This scale determines how impressive that character is in that characteristic. Each level represents a relatively broad range of power, as described below.

Human - Exactly what it says on the tin. Most regular people fall into this. Runs the gamut between being out of shape and a trained or noticeably above average individual.

Exceptional - Extremely well trained or gifted. Describes at least Olympic level ability, and up to the peak of human potential. Examples: Lift a grown man by the neck with little effort, overpower a lion, be an acrobatic and gym ace, keep going with vigor under extreme environments or after days without sustenance.

Incredible - Superhumanly capable. If it isn't physically possible for a mundane person, it falls into this. Examples: Overturn a car with some difficulty, bodily break through a solid wall, move almost faster than the human eye can see, survive harm that would kill regular people several times over.

Fantastic - Grazes the blatantly unnatural. A trait on this level allows one to perform truly phenomenal feats, and equals very potent raw aptitude. Examples: Easily overturn a car, react to gunfire and zip out of the way, consistently outspeed all ground vehicles, walk out of explosions.

Legendary - The best of the best, even among monsters and heroes. It means ability that defies reason. Examples: Smashing buildings apart, force a supercarrier to grind to a halt, run several times faster than sound and swifter than the wind, walk out of the epicenter of a natural disaster.

Magic Scale

The Magic Ability attribute is a non-standard stat that identifies how powerful one's proficiency for magic specifically is. It runs on a scale going from None/Mundane, to Extremely High.

Mundane - no magic or supernatural ability of any description;

None - possesses no spellcasting or magic of any description per se, but may have other supernatural or magical abilities, as well as knowledge to perform rituals that work even without the use of magical energy;

Low - can cast some spells, produce minor or very specific effects;

Medium - considerable power, can use magic at the point where it can overpower mundane resources or produce more varied effects;

High - strong array of spells and raw power, capable of massive or very complex effects;

Extremely High - ability to cause great destruction, manipulate elements of the world on a large scale, and perform spells of amazing power and intricacy


Race: Human, elf, zombie, germs, we take everyone!




Appearance: Describe what your character looks like, such as hair and eye color and body type. Pictures are welcome too.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Raw physical might.

Agility: A combination of speed, reflexes and dexterity, general gymnastic talent.

Constitution: Overall physical condition. How much damage one can take and how long they can go before exhausting.

Other Abilities: List and describe any other powers or skills your character has that sets them apart from others.

Equipment: List and describe what weapons, armor, or other gadgets your character uses.

Origin: Provide the character’s backstory. No need for an essay, but make sure that others can get a general understanding of the character’s identity.

Weakness: List anything that an enemy could take advantage of, in combat or otherwise.



GM Note- Things like Charisma and Personality need to come out in the actual RP, not the character sheet.

Also, please, for the Love of Sakura, Archer, Saber, Gil, Rin, or whoever the hell your Husbandu/Waifu is do not post your sheets here.  There will be a separate thread for that.
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