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Aqua Vitae (lemon)
« on: September 18, 2014, 02:17:02 AM »
Archer smiled and turned to the girls.

"Satoshi would be happy to help you”, he said. “He's far more experienced with fashion than I am, and Shirou is entirely clueless, same goes for Tohno."

The sea of lovely faces wear a myriad of expressions until Archer adds, "this way, your choices can be a surprise. Fashion is an art of shock and awe, after all."

The doubt disappeared, replaced with smiles of varying intents, from honest to haughty and, even, mischievous.

Unfortunately Satoshi, as was his curse, stepped into the Emiya house mere moments later.

The sea of faces turned to stare expectantly at him.

To his credit, he made no outburst as he realized the den he had been thrown into. Instead, he merely shot Archer a look, before smiling at the group.

"I am at your service ladies, what can I do for you?" he announced softly, with an overly-polite tone.

"Shopping, Toshi-kun", Kohaku announced, clasping her hands together with a smile and a wink.

'Shopping? There's over twenty girls here, what could they possibly agree on that Archer would throw me under the bus to avoid?' the young blonde thought.

"To be precise, for swim wear for our trip to Miss Edelfelt's resort", Sion said, brushing a lock of hair behind her ear.

'I will get you back Archer. For this, every moment of teasing and embarrassment, I will pay you back tenfold.', Satoshi thought.

"Yes, Archer was right to recommend me, having worked as a tailor I know about design and fashion, at the very least more than Archer himself", Satoshi stated with a simple nod.

Without knowing him, one it would take it as an arrogant declaration from Satoshi. But, in truth, he was merely fighting his nerves and grasping a bit of emotional high ground.

Several girls in the group seemed to notice his unease, although none spoke up, instead opting to head for the door to start the group on its way. Once they had gone, dragging the youthful knight with them, Shiki sighed and Shirou stood up, staring at Archer.

"Are you positive?" he asked sternly.

Archer blinked hard. "Positive about what?"

"That we're the same person. Last I checked, Dad never raised me to throw people under the bus just to save my own skin", Shirou snapped.

Archer frowned. "I didn't hear you object, you've no right to complain".

Shiki stood up after finishing his tea.

"More importantly, should we really be going on a vacation now?" he said.

Shirou shrugged. "It's not as we have anything better to do, even your eyes couldn't see a flaw in this world."

Archer, uncharacteristically, nodded. “Besides that, everyone is getting agitated. We need this if we're going to get out".

"If we need it then why send Satoshi?" Shirou asked, instinctively knowing the real answer.

"He has better self control than the two of you where girls are concerned. Besides, I'm still annoyed by how he's been lazing about the house", Archer replied.

"I can see how what he said was annoying, but I think what I heard from Kohaku is a more likely reason for why you sent him", Shiki interjected.

Archer unconsciously stepped back. "F-fine, yeah, I admit it. I'm still sore about it".

"Apparently, I become a pretty petty guy in the future", Shirou remarked, slowly drinking his tea.

"Critique my choices after he throws you out of the kitchen", Archer snapped.

"Revenge or not, I think we ought to have a moment of the silence for the fallen", Shiki interjected.

The three men paused in thought.

"Yes, thank you Satoshi, with your life we avert catastrophe”, the three men announced in unison.


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Re: Aqua Vitae (lemon)
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2015, 06:11:07 PM »
Chapter two: arrival

Seven vehicles parked and emptied. Shirou and Archer were left as the last of the group in the parking lot which overlooked the beach.

"What's your plan Archer?" Shirou asked, pulling a pair of bags from the trunk.

"Same as you, relax and make sure things remain peaceful. Mostly that means stopping Gilgamesh's idiocy", he replied.

"Already dealt with, also I hate you, vengeance is coming", Satoshi announced, walking towards the pair with a haggard look on his face, no doubt due to having to spend a six-hour car ride with Arcueid's childish wonder in one ear and Gilgamesh's egocentric nonsense in the other.

"I guess relax and watch out for your revenge is my plan now", Archer laughed as he gave a wave and walked towards the hotel, leaving the two alone.

"Listen Satoshi, if you want to get back at Archer for the trip yesterday, I'd be willing to help", Shirou said, handing him two bags and pulling the last two from the trunk.

As the two began walking to the hotel Satoshi shook his head.

"Already taken care of, either he gets the worst case of blue balls the human race has ever seen or otherwise he pulls the stick out of his bum and we don't see him for the rest of the trip", he explained.


Rin had waved the other girls off to start the beach time fun without her, she had wanted to snipe at Luvia a bit before teasing Akiha by having Archer oil up and go strolling on the beach by his master's side.

What she had not counted on was Satoshi having changed the size of her swimsuit, causing it to be skin-tight and revealing more than it should. Especially in the rear, which was now practically a thong.

Rin was, of course, a quick thinker. However, her timing was also abysmal and it was just at that moment when she forgot where she had packed the scissors and that she had given Archer the room key. And, so, Rin froze in place the instant a thud sounded. She did not have to look back, she could not, she was bent over basically presenting in what might as well been her birthday suit.

The skidding of tires, the grinding of metal and sharp, unforgiving shatter of glass sounded inside Archer as he realized Satoshi's revenge.

As calm and collected as Archer was, the sight before him was inescapable. And, so, uncharacteristically, Archer threw off his shirt and, spurred on by the sight, he marched towards Rin, intent on sharing the emotion she had awakened in him.


Satoshi smiled as he set up the chairs on the beach and watched the girls playing in the water.

"Hey, about the food stand, I wanted to know which shift you want?" Shirou asked, setting up the beach umbrellas.

Satoshi thought for a moment and then replied.

"Noon shift", he said.

Although Shirou refrained from pointing it out, he noticed Satoshi's face redden slightly.

"OK, then, I'll go first", he said, leaving to change into a work uniform.

In the intervening time between Shirou's departure and Satoshi turning back to the chairs and blankets the spots had been filled by Medusa, Aoko, Medea and Drake.

"Satoshi I need help with my tan", Aoko said. Her statement was followed almost immediately by Medusa's own. "I need a rub down, I want to go swimming, but if I don't fix this stiffness of mine I might get a cramp."

Satoshi paused for a moment, he was obviously aware he was he was being teased but had no rebuttal that would not simply result in more teasing.

"Hey now, the ladies said they want your help, so help em hero", Drake laughed, swinging the bottle of lotion lazily.

Satoshi sighed inwardly and took the bottle. "Sensei first and then you Rider, I'll have to do a tension check before your exam."


Lancer woke up to find himself cuffed to an immaculate, large bed. As his vision cleared he found himself staring at the naked form of his master Bazzet, her reddish eyes fixed on him.

"It's about time this dog was house broken", she muttered as she slipped into the bed.

"Now listen master..." Lancer started, immediately being cut off as Bazzet forced his lips shut with a kiss.

"No, you listen, I summoned you to give you a life away from your cruel fate, I got my arm cut off, went through a bizzare time loop and then tolerated your lay-about attitude towards me for months. It stops, immediately. This is what's happening Cú Chulainn, you are going to have indecent, shameful, nasty, unspeakable, god-defying sex with me. By god so help me Lancer, if you say anything other than yes ma'am I swear I'll tear it off", she told him.

Lancer blinked. "Yes, ma'am. But, I think I'll need my hands", he replied, accepting the situation.