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thousand words (Fiction thread)
« on: June 09, 2014, 02:52:05 AM »
(Given that this story thread is collected from images in the other thread content is in some cases extreme. Be warned not everything is ok for the faint of heart. Discussion happens in the discussion thread)

Scene one: Ritual

Rin grins, a dark smile spreading from ear to ear. She is clothed in bondage gear that covers everything aside from her face and breasts. With one hand, she is caressing her black leather outfit, whilst the other is stroking a see-through dark blue strap-on.

Without a word, she yanks a rope and the chains tighten, pulling Sakura's arms and legs painfully towards the ceiling. Then, she pushes the phallic toy against Sakura's lips, mockingly.

"Hmmm, don't like the fake ones? No, a fatty like you wouldn't have anything but real meat. Satoshi! Come here and feed this fat whore!" she says, snapping her fingers loudly.

Bound as I am, I cannot resist Rin's command, and I lumber over to the site of coercion between sisters. Sakura's panties are visible, stretched from the large devices stuffed inside her bountiful ass and shaved pussy. Aside from the ribbon in her hair, her panties are the only thing Rin has allowed Sakura to keep.

Sakura sees me and attempts to speak but Rin, taking advantage of her obvious mistake, grabs a fistful of her hair to hold her in place and shoves the strap-on down her throat, laughing all the while.

"Breathe through your nose, slut", Rin commands, and Sakura obeys, if only to keep from blacking out.

Rin thrusts the toy into Sakura's mouth slowly and begins to laugh. Sakura gags as she's made to deep throat it.

"My knight will be here when you give in, just take him into your mouth as a sign of surrender", Rin declares as she pulls out of Sakura.

I am not her knight but, try as I might to resist, my body nevertheless follows Rin's command. Were anyone else doing this it would be Archer or Shirou in my place but Rin, this Rin, deems them hers. I and Sakura, on the other hand, are toys at best.

Rin cackles as she produces a remote, wrenching the dials til they break. The devices whir to life, and Sakura whimpers as they begin thrusting and vibrating inside her. She writhes and twitches, desperately trying to keep quiet and resist her body's natural reactions.

To her credit, it takes two hours for her body to finally give out. But, eventually, she begins to pant, breathing heavily.

Sakura continues to squirm and avoid my gaze. Her legs are drenched in lust. My now-golden eyes cannot draw from her heaving form, both of us embarrassed at the situation.

It takes two days of dehydration, lack of food and constant stimulation for Sakura to give in.

Her skin is dirty and glistening with sweat. Her eyes are unfocused, her breath shallow and quiet, her lips cracked from the heat and lack of water.

Sakura is finally at her limit. Silently, she beckons me within reach of her and I comply. Slowly, she reaches out her tongue and licks the tip of my member.

Rin claps and pets Sakura's head like a dog. "Good girl, now get ready for your welcome", she says giggling, as she pulls another rope.

Sakura is pulled into the air and her legs are spread. Despite the situation, I can't deny the beauty of her body.

Rin yanks out the toys causing Sakura to yelp. Then, she lubes up her strap-on and, in one swift motion, thrusts inside Sakura's pear-shaped ass. Her eyes widen in shock at the sudden attack.

"Now my knight, wound her until she sees heaven's bliss", Rin orders as she kisses Sakura's jaw.

I groan inwardly and obey, slowly tracing her wet slit. Sakura shivers and cries out as I push forward inside her, burying myself as deeply as I can.

Rin alternates her thrusts with mine and undoes Sakura's wrists, letting her wrap her arms around me. Sakura buries her face in my neck as we continue our attack.

A blue light surrounds us as Rin's spell takes effect. Sakura bites me hard as her body tightens, suffocating me in hot bliss. Without a word, we climax together, to the sounds of Rin's maniacal laughter.

As the light fades, I look towards my captor, finding that she has once again regained her red eyes and white hair. My stomach aches and I realize that my chances of getting free are now less than ten percent.


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Re: thousand words (Fiction thread)
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2014, 10:02:17 PM »
Scene two: old business

Hard echoes, the unmistakable sound of well-worn boots. The staff, however, pay no attention to either the white haired man, the younger man beside him or the bandaged, barely-conscious man the younger of the two is carrying.

Moving towards the back of the questionable establishment, the three reach a plain door.

"Let me do the talking, kid", Archer says.

The blonde grunts dismissively, unable to add a gesture as he is holding the injured man.

Opening the door, the group see two women lying on the bed, both in lingerie. The first is Sakura, the number-one hostess, wearing a pink outfit with black accents, thigh highs and purple high heels. Her outfit is loose, barely hanging off her, as if her hips and breasts are keeping it up by sheer will alone. She represents the face of the business and, if I were to guess, I'd say she's been busy.

The second is Rider, the manager of this establishment. Despite her position, she does still entertain clients, but her role is mostly as a protector of the ladies from thugs and creeps. Her outfit is black with purple accents, complete with the same thigh-highs and heels. Unlike Sakura, her outfit fits her form. In fact, it fits somewhat too well, and, despite my best attempt not to notice, I can see her nipples through the fabric.

"And what brings you gentlemen to our fine Maison?" the manager asks, adjusting her glasses as she rises off the bed.

Archer fights the urge to pinch the bridge of his nose.

"Shirou, as you can see, is worn out. We need a place to keep him till he recovers", the white haired man explains.

"Sakura, take Shirou and Satoshi and see that they are taken care of. Archer and I are negotiating a price for their stay." Rider says, snapping open a small black book.

Sakura nods and waves for Satoshi to follow. Satoshi is not entirely willing to leave but, nevertheless, he relents and carries Shirou out.

With the three gone, Rider stares at Archer until, finally, he holds up his hands and gives in.

"Yeah, we're hiding from him. Fighting an army of monsters like that, I'm surprised we last as long as we do. Helps that the kid keeps Shirou's head on straight", he says.

Rider says silent for a moment, before replying with "two hundred thousand dollars for three days".

Archer looks at her, speechless.

"More if you want to fool around", she adds.

"That's ridiculous, we're a guerilla operation, not billionaires", Archer exclaims.

Rider raises an eyebrow and then puts a finger to her lips.

"Hmm, well, let's see... You and Satoshi have to work here for at least a week, what's more you'll have to let the girls use you as they see fit. And, I get the young one."

Archer hesitated for a moment but, seeing the look on Rider's face, gave in again.

"Deal. But, before you work us to the bone, can I ask about those matters?"

Rider nodded.

"Saber has finished Medea's reeducation and, whilst both Rin and Saber are on the list of those available, they are priced so highly that only your golden friend could think about affording them".

Archer sighed in relief, knowing that both girls were unmarred by the lifestyle of the house. 

"Third door on the left, tin-man, you'll be working the ladies club", Rider orders, pointing to the door.

With a another sigh Archer heads out, mentally preparing to be eye-candy, and potentially more.