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Lantz's Cosmology index.
« on: June 03, 2014, 06:01:04 PM »
Cosmology index.

I've been asked to explain several elements of my works, in order to encompass as much information as possible I'm setting up this index. This is not a thread to reply to, there will be a discussion thread for that.

Before I start the index there's a few things that need to be understood.

Firstly this only pertains to Swords and Sorcery and the other works considered canon in this context.

Secondly all the adult content works know as "Lemons" are non canon in this context, they will not be discussed or brought up.

Thirdly yes, it is different from the Nasuverse in many respects, largely because of the statements made about the Nasuverse in general and a desire to go with the positive concept which gives more options rather than the negative one. Also due to the fact that many facts added in character materials were not available at the time of writing.

Lastly the numbers given to the universes relate to their positions, in this way pre fate exists as 0 on the list. The further from zero the more different things are from canon.

The world wheel.

Normally FSN is said to have earth and the throne of heroes. Given that it is stated in canon that all legends are true (excepting guys like Kojiro who are canonically false) as such the places they went must logically exist.

With this in mind there's a stop over between earth and the throne of heroes metaphysically. This is a wheel containing all of the places in legend and the after lives.

With the record of all things existing in the Nasuverse it seems strange to then just have souls wind up recycled. So I treat the soul as multifaceted. There's the part that gets cycled and the part that goes to an after life.

More details will be added as I get to it, there will also be a character index coming later in another thread.


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Re: Lantz's Cosmology index.
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2015, 11:27:56 AM »
Universe 0: Pre-Fate, the universe which according to Merlin contains greatest possibilities. It is the universe which contains the World's history prior to the events of the Fifth Grail War and the events in Misaki City.

Universe -x (e.g. -100): The designation for universes such as Fate/Prototype and KnK, which qualify as the base of later released works such as Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime

Universe +x (e.g. +100): The designation for alternate history universes such as Fate/Extra and so on.

Universe x/k (e.g. 100/2): The designation for alterations to the neutral-numbered timelines before Pre-Fate and prior to the events in Misaki City.

Universe 200: A universe wherein Sakura Matou learned to endure and control the Grail's curse post-Fate route. The events of this universe lead to the creation of the Caster-class Sakura known as The Black Witch.

Universe 201: The universe shown in Hospital Food Sucks, it is the origin of the Saber-class servant Mage Knight Rin.

Universe 202: A universe where Taiga Fujimura wound up killing Gilgamesh though a series of events and survived the curse of The Holy Grail, only to be driven insane. The Mad Tiger, a Berserker-class version of Taiga Fujimura is the resulting heroic spirit from these events.

Universe 203: The home universe of Kiritsugu Emiya, the child of Shirou Emiya and Rin Tohsaka following the UBW True ending

Universe 204: The home universe of Shinjiro Emiya, the son of Shirou Emiya and Sakura Matou following the HF True ending

Universe 205: After Shirou Emiya was sealed by the Mage Association, Sakura Matou took it upon herself to take revenge against the system which had not only caused the death of her friend but had previously destroyed her own life. From this, Sakura became a killer of Magi and thus qualified as a Heroic Spirit.

Universe 206: A universe containing the Vampire Apocalypse which Arturia Pendragon was intended to stop by returning from Avalon before Merlin interfered, causing that reality to splinter and be replaced with the Universe detailed in the story "Of Swords and Sorcery".

Universe 207: The universe which is detailed in "Shinji's Route".

Universe 208: The universe containing the story of Rin "Matou" Tohsaka, the "Witch of the Clock Tower".

Universe 209: The universe Containing the story "Neo Rome" where Nero rules the world.

Universe 210: The universe containing the story "Haunted", Post-MoS.

Universe 211: A universe where Shirou Emiya married Bazzet McRemitz.

Universe 212: A universe where Kiritsugu Emiya lived through the Fourth War and into the Fifth.

Universe 213: A universe detailing a polygamous relationship between Rin, Shirou and Saber following the UBW Good ending.

Universe 214: The universe containing the Forgotten Arms apartment complex.

Universe 215: The universe containing the Unity storyline.

Universe 216: The universe containing the Light of Destiny storyline.

Universe 217: the universe containing the Eclipse future timeline.

Universe 218: The universe of the "Mad God" Shirou Emiya, obsessed with reviving Saber post-HF.

Universe 219: The Universe known as Demon's Den where Magic and God do not exist. Instead, everyone possesses abilities called Fabrication of Will, similar to reality marbles.

Universe 220: The universe known as the Golden Garden, where Gilgamesh attained immortality.

Universe 221: the home Universe of Shirou Kotomine, possessor of Solomon's law and a Reality Marble involving a principle of theology rather than Emiya's swords.

Universe 222: A universe where the characters all work at a pizza place.

Universe 223: A universe where the characters are all from ninja clans.

Universe 224: A universe where the Hassan menace Fuyuki City under the command of Kotomine and are opposed by Kiritsugu Emiya and four heroes.

Universe 225: The universe where Crimson moon defeated Zelretch and no life remains among the stars.

Universe 226: A universe where Shiki Tohno slaughters humanity after being exposed to the Grail's curse.

Universe 227: The Black World, a universe where Dark Sakura took over planet Earth, enslaving the populace.

Universe 228: High Heaven, a world where angels watch over the earth.

Universe 229: Dimension X, a strange universe where everyone looks like Saber.

Universe 230: A universe where physics only applies to those who understand its principles.

Universe 231: A universe where telecommunications do not exist, as every attempt to create them results in a wrong number message.

Universe 232: The universe of the Order of Time, a group of knights awaiting the return of King Arthur.

Universe 233: A universe where Arturia Pendragon became the Queen of Knights as she never had to hide to identity as a woman.

Universe 234: A universe where all the characters are Muppets.

Universe 235: A universe where Caster succeeded in her plans in Unlimited Blade Works.

Universe 236: Zombie apocalypse universe.
Universe 237: The home universe of "Bat Emiya", a Shirou Emiya possessing no magical powers.

Universe 238: The universe where Shirou Emiya married Taiga Fujimura.

Universe 239: A universe where a time loop occurs as well as mass death and insanity until Rin Tohsaka becomes aware and the sole murder using a large machete.

Universe 240: A universe where everyone practices over-the-top, extreme versions of mundane sports and games.

Universe 241: The universe of G-Chan, a female Gilgamesh interested in Satoshi.

Universe 242: The home of the Dark King.

Universe 243: The home of the Queen of Puppets.

Universe 244: The home of the Red Queen.

Universe 245: The world of Fate/Play Set where everyone and everything is made of Lego.

Universe 246: A universe where Red Arc fights an immortal Arturia Pendragon after Shiki's death. The home of the "Vampire Pirate Ninja" version of Satsuki.

Universe 247: The Vampire universe.

Universe 248: A universe where Kirei Kotomine and Gilgamesh battle the evil of Shirou Emiya and his group of allies.

Universe 249: The Power Rangers/Sentai universe.

Universe 250: A universe where every servant summoned is a Saber resulting in the Saber Wars.

Universe 251: A Universe where every servant summoned is Arturia Pendragon resulting in a total cease fire in the Grail War.

Universe 252: The Sakura Wars story line, in which every version of Sakura Matou is summoned as a Heroic spirit.

Universe 253: A universe where Archer succeeds in UBW and discovers the ultimate truth.

Universe 254: a Universe where Kohaku rules the world with her army of Mecha Hisui.

Universe 255: the world of "A Promise Kept".

Universe 256: The Universe of Maison Emiya, where maids await a master for the large mansion.

Universe 257: The Campiverse, where everything plays out like a campy TV show.

Universe 258: Bizzaro world, where everything is the opposite of normalcy.

Universe 259: The repeating universe.

Universe 259: The repeating universe.

Universe 260: The Deja-vu universe.

Universe 261: a universe where the Age of the Gods never ended.

Universe 262: The universe of the story "Super Magic Battle Academy", where the characters are all students and teachers in a facility intended to train their skill against the Types of other worlds beyond the solar system.

Universe 263: A bizarre universe where Gilgamesh and Enkidu are revealed to be future versions of Shirou Emiya and Saber.

Universe 264: A universe where Shirou Emiya became the world's greatest hero.

Universe 265: a universe where Shirou Emiya became the only Master in the Fifth War.

Universe 266: The universe of the Inescapable storyline.

Universe 267: A universe where Shirou Emiya became a hero alongside his wife Sakura Matou, this universe is the origin of the Heroic Spirit version of Sakura as an Archer.

Universe 268: The universe in which Satoshi became legal counsel for Shirou Emiya and caused his death sentence to be overturned.

Universe 269: The universe occupied a maddened Arturia Pendragon.

Universe 270: The world detailed in the Smoking Gun storyline.

Universe 271: A universe where Arturia Pendragon became Type Earth and rules the planet.

Universe 272: The universe detailed in the Borders of Fate storyline.

Universe 273: The world detailed in the Blood of Kings storyline.

Universe 274: A universe where the crew of the EF Starship Destiny under Captain Archer sails the stars.

Universe 275: A lifeless world where the sun went supernova.