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Kariya Kwest [Fate/Zero]
« on: May 10, 2013, 02:08:23 AM »

Come then, hear the tale of that ancient house,
build with blood, upon a foundation of water and the worms that squirm.
Hear the tale of one of the scions of the house Matou,
Of his trials and tribulations.
Of the monstrous hero summoned,
to claim the most holy of relics.
Come, hear the tale of the Forth Holy Grail War.
Come, hear the tale of Heaven's Feel, once more.

It is time, Matou Kariya.
Your quest awaits,
Your servant to be awaits.
Your rivals and enemies stand against you,
What legends will they tell of you as you stand against fate?

- - -

Kariya Kwest
A retelling of the Fourth Holy Grail War

- - -

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Kariya Kwest - Matou Kariya, call forth thy servant and win the 4th holy grail war. [active]
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Re: Kariya Kwest [Fate/Zero]
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2013, 02:08:53 AM »
Time               : Day 4
Name               : Matou Kariya
Type               : The Worm That Walks As A Man / Magus
Command Seals      : 3
Servant            : Saver

Servant/Master Status
Saber              : Arthuria Pendragon   / Irisviel Von Einzbern, Emiya Kiritsugu (killed by Sakura)
Lancer             : Diarmuid Ua Duibhne  / Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi
Assassin           : Unknown Hassan       / Kotomine Kirei (servant NOT killed by Archer)
Archer             : Gilgamesh       
     / Tohsaka Tokiomi
Rider              : Iskander             / Waver Velvet
Saver              : MATOU Sakura 
       / Matou Kariya
Unknown Servant    : ------               / ------

Name               :
M̹̮̣̣͚̮̏͊̒̄̚a͗̇̌t̀̒ͮ̐o̰̼̻̤ủ̟̎̈́ͦ ̬͎̦͔̳͈ͯ͊ͦͅS̠̞̝̳͉̘͗a̜͓̭͙̱̜̺ͪk̭̤͉̞̥̮̂̋ͥu̬̹̳̜̗̖̥̇ͯͫr̳̙͍͚à̮̝͚̱̩̳̔̒̚
Class              : Saver
Also Known as      : Savior of Gaia, The All Devouring Shadow
Alignment          : Chaotic Neutral      N. Phantasm   : EX
Strength           : C                    Agility       : C
Mana               : EX                   Luck          : D
Endurance          : C

Class Skills:

Personal Skills:
Independent Action : A+
Magecraft          : C
Magic Resistance   : B
Mental Pollution   : C
Monstrous Strength : B

Noble Phantasms:
Cursed Boundary Layer                                   A+
The Cursed Boundary Layer utilized by Sakura Matou makes a cursed shadow expand itself around her and uses it for teleporting herself, repairing physical damage, restraining and consuming others, tentacle attacks and generating her Shadow Giants. Created by the combination of her Shadow Element, the Magecraft of Matou line and Angra Mainyu’s power.
Confirmed/Verified Ability
- Teleportation   : Can transport self and other objects/beings, also momentum is maintained
- Flight          : Can create wings, much like the Blade Wing Worms to fly.
- Regeneration    : Can regrow limbs in literally moments, unknown limits.
- Storage         : Objects/people captured by her shadows can be stored in them. Unknown duration.
- Shadow Giants   : creation of shadow giants, each are not a match for a servant, but they're not alone.

Birth of the End                                        EX
By this crystalized mystery was the world saved. Everything ends in its time, thus did the world as humanity know turn upon them as The All Devouring Shadow rose from the ruins of Fuyuki and grew... devouring humans, monsters, spirits and counter guardians alike to fuel itself and its growth across the world. Leaving behind nothing but pristine nature itself and ruins where once humanity dwelled.
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Re: Kariya Kwest [Fate/Zero]
« Reply #3 on: May 10, 2013, 02:10:37 AM »
Ye first, O silver, O iron.

You breath in and focus on the array set before you, inscribed into the stone floor of the 'basement' located beneath the Matou mansion.

O stone of the foundation, O Archduke of the Contract.

You chanted, feeling the warmth of the prana within you as they burned along your magical circuits.

Hear me in the name of our great teacher, the Archmagus Schweinorg.

The worms within your body twitched.

Pain... ah... so much pain... you endure.

Let the descending winds be as a wall.
Let the gates in all directions be shut, rising above the crown, and let the three-forked roads to the Kingdom revolve.

The array inscribed in the ground glows with power.

Here, it has power.

Here, it is not opposed by the will of the world.

Shut. Shut. Shut. Shut. Shut.

You repeat the words. Careful to intone as your will sharpened.

Five perfections for each repetition.

And the net of prana spreads wide and far, enhanced by the leylines of Fuyuki city.

And now, let the filled sigils be annihilated in my stead!

The regents used in the ritual burn.

Blood carefully harvested.

Flesh and blood from your body.



You feel interest and attention now, from beyond the world.

Outside of reality.

Let thy body rest under my dominion, let my fate rest in thy blade.

Your invocation is as a beacon to those who have passed from life and now dwell in the realm beyond.

Known only in fullness to the Akashic Records.

The root of all reality.

If thou submit to the call of the Holy Grail, and if thou wilt obey this mind, this reason, then thou shalt respond.

You call to them.

I make my oath here.

Heroes, Villains, Monsters, and Gods alike.

They were something more than mortal men and women.

I am that person who is become the virtue of all Heaven.

You speak to their nature.

I am that person who is covered with the evil of all Hades.

The prana that you had hoarded carefully, that house Matou had carefully collected...

Spent in an instant in the ritual.

Amplifed by the leylines and the greater reserves that the Heaven's Feel ritual had stored over the last sixty years since the last Holy Grail War.

Thou seven heavens, clad in a trinity of words,

You speak to the heroes that were.

That could be.

That will be.

Of the need you bore.

And more, of how they would be manifested in the world once more.

And of the possible boon, of the wish that they could avail upon, if but you and it succeeded.

come past thy restraining rings, and be thou the hands that protect the balance-!

A flare of brilliance and...
- - -
Kariya Kwest : Night 1
 - - -

- so, this is Kariya Kwest.

Main character is Kariya Matou. But this is an AU set in the kaleidoscope, across the rainbow barrier of worlds.

Your vote choices for this post is to determine what kind of a Kariya and Servent summoned. The servant class will be rolled. Please select the catalyst used.

Kariya Selection
[X] Prodigal Son
- - This is the canon Kariya. The one who ran away and was only lured back to do the grail war for PLOT purposes.
[X] Prodigy Son
- - This is the Kariya who stayed and studied to be a magus beneath Zouken. He is in the grail war for his father's sake.
[X] The Wyrm that Walks as a Man
- - This is the Kariya who inherited the mantle of Zouken. He stands with the full might of the Matou. He leads the Matou family as the magus and inheritor of everything Zouken had. He is in the grail war for formality or perhaps, he has a wish of his own...

Servent Select
[X] No Catalyst / "Happiness" Worms / Matou Mansion
- - This servent has HIGH power and affirmity with you.
- - Classes Available : Assassin, Berserker, Caster, and Saver

[X] Maiden's Hankerchief (canon selection)
- - This servant is Lancelot, affirmity varies depending on version selected.
- - Classes Available : Assassin, Berserker, and Saber

[X] Hand Mirror
- - This servant is Medusa, affirmity varies depending on version selected.
- - Classes Available : Berserker and Rider
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Re: Kariya Kwest [Fate/Zero]
« Reply #4 on: May 10, 2013, 02:16:52 AM »
[X] A year ago...

"So, you would give yourself up to spare the girl," He laughed at you. The old man, that monster in the guise of a human, laughed. "You would return and suffer in her place?"

His words were mocking, and yet... you had no choice.

He had Sakura, he held all the cards.

"Very well, in place of little Sakura here, you shall be the heir, Kariya," His eyes were pitiless, you realize. This was no boon. This was... this was a trap.

He had likely approached that fool Tohsaka for an heir, just to bait you... to get YOU here begging for everything you had rejected.

And yet, there was no other path, you had no regrets.

If this was to save Aoi's daughter, Sakura... you would do it.

"You will regret coming back, but I think less than Sakura here would," He cackled once more. "You will suffer. And in the end, you will die for the legacy of the Matou. But Sakura will not go back to the Tohsaka."

"What? But..." You glared at him.

"If she does, it will be by YOUR will and not mine," That old monster smiled, a tight widening of lips. So, that was game. You would be the next head of the Matou. There was no escape. "But I am not unmoved by your words."

You looked at him uncertainly as he continued to sit in that chair, a hand on Sakura's head.

"I will no longer dye her in the colors of the Matou magic. But in exchange, once you have succeeded me, you will uphold the pride of the Matou as a true magus."

And with that, the agreement was sealed as you pledged yourself to your father.

And he brought you once more into that crypt.

That place of darkness, moist and earthy, buried in the depths beneath the Matou mansion.

You had been down here once before... and you had suffered as your circuits had been aligned to that of the Crest Worms.

The soft green luminous glow from soft glittering lamps that moved in the shifting darkness. Darkness and green filled your world.

This was no glamorous moonlit world.

This was slick, moist and squirming darkness, where things were consumed by worms.

Like you.

The process had been filled with pain as the worms within your body were revitalized by prana, and the introduction of new worms into your bloodstream. Into your soul as they consumed parts of it and filled the holes with their forms.

Burrowed into your mind and you were... are... will be...

Matou Kariya.

Makiri Zolgen.

Matou Zouken.

And as your father dies.

You can feel him in the back of your mind.

Countless voices, of all the dead Matou, of all the dead Zolgens... of those who had held the worms within them, who had wielded the thaumaturgy of your line.

You were one with them. And they were you.

You are.

You are.

You are.

You and your father/son had entered the catacombs together.

You walked out.

More than human.

Less than human.

You are Matou Kariya, Magus. And you had a duty to your line. A duty to your adopted daughter, Sakura.

You ache for a woman you can never have. Aoi. Justeaze.

You also had a grail war to win, you mused as you looked at the crimson command spells inscripted upon your hand.
- - -
[X] The First Night of the Forth Holy Grail War

As the brilliant flare of the summoning and the strong wind from the summoning died down, you can see endless shadows within the summoning circle.

The ritual had summoned something, you can feel it.

That was when she rose from the fog of the prana given solid form.

You are not unfamiliar with the female form, as Kariya, as Zouken, as the countless dead that rested within your mind. Both male and female magus had been in the Matou and Zolgen lines...

Your first impression of the Heroic Spirit summoned was... female.

Lush and generous. Without a shred of clothes or armor or anything to denote who or what she was.

Curves that shifted in a pleasing manner as she rose from where she lay on the ground with a yawn. Rising to all fours before standing up.

Purple hair as of the hue of plums flowed like a river down her back, before being blowing back and away from you. Familiar purple eyes grew crimson, and her hair changed... paled to immaculate white.

Darkness beyond comprehension crawled up her body from her feet to form a body suit. Ribbons edged with crimson. Exploded from her back to wrap her arms and formed sleeves with cruel looking claws.

The female, you knew her... her essence sang to you. The command of her magic, the mysteries that she bore.



This was a Matou. But there had been none old enough to possibly be a Heroic Spirit.

She looked at you, and smiled at your shocked expression.

"I ask of you, are you my master?"
- - -
Kariya Kwest : Night 1 / Unity
 - - -
What Do?
[X] Write In
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Kariya Kwest - Matou Kariya, call forth thy servant and win the 4th holy grail war. [active]
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Re: Kariya Kwest [Fate/Zero]
« Reply #5 on: May 10, 2013, 02:17:14 AM »
[X] Introductions...

You hold up your hand to reveal the crimson command seals upon it. A trio of many angled curved lines that spiraled inwards. "By these command seals, I am your master, yes."

Soft pink lips curved upwards ever so slightly, in a teasing manner. You find your lips going dry... the familiarity of her features, that presence she extruded. "Excellent, in that case, I shall serve you. Kariya-ojiisan."


What did she just say?

Even if the ritual could and inplant knowledge into the minds of the Servants summoned, it shouldn't... couldn't...

You mind refuses to contemplate WHY she would call you Kariya-ojiisan. There were but two who called you that.

Two innocent girls.

One of whom had been adopted by your father to serve as bait and potential heir to the family.


This... this couldn't be Sakura.

But she looked so much like Aoi, even with the ivory white hair and crimson eyes. The hue of her hair matched yours, more... it matched your adopted daughter's before its transformation.

Oh, what could have happened?

"H.... how? You can't be her. You can't be..." You shake your head as you refuse to contemplate just HOW this could be. Still, this was Sakura as an adult, a woman... but... she was a child in the here and now.

"I. am Matou Sakura. And my class is... odd... it appears to be a new one, Saver," She tilted her head and raised a single black talon to her lips. "I suppose it IS appropriate given my history."

At her name, you clutch your head in pain as you SEE what she is. You know her for what she is... and it worries you.

This savior of the world.

From what had she saved Gaia? You dare not ask. The answer all too evident in what lay before you.

You collapse to your knees, were you that horrible a father?

Or were you simply doomed to failure.

A pair of warm arms encircle you, and softness squished against you.


You KNOW objectively that you shouldn't feel this way, and yet... it was comforting this hug of hers... the scent of sakura blossoms hang around the two of you.

"There, there, Kariya-ojiisan. I'll make sure you'll win this grail war. That way, you can free the me of this time, right? And go far away from here with Aoi and Rin..."

- - -
Kariya Kwest : Night 1 / Sakura
 - - -
What Do?
[X]Write In
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Kariya Kwest - Matou Kariya, call forth thy servant and win the 4th holy grail war. [active]
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Re: Kariya Kwest [Fate/Zero]
« Reply #6 on: May 10, 2013, 02:18:16 AM »
[X] The connections forged between You and Me, Master and Servant, Kariya and Sakura...

You find yourself slowly relaxing into the hug offered by this Sakura.

That warmth.

That comfortable softness. It really did feel like she wasn't wearing anything, that the darkness that wrapped her body existed only as a shadow.

That scent of sakura blossoms hung redolent around the two of you as a mantle that protected you.

And as she cradled you, you find yourself wanting to give into your urges. Aoi. Justeaze. And more names are uttered in the back of your mind, that connection that you held with all the Matou and Zolgens who had passed on. Who had loved and lose or perhaps had only loved from afar.

But you resist.

It wasn't proper.

It wasn't right. This was Sakura.

A traitorous part of your mind murmured that Sakura wasn't related to you by blood. That this was someone that was a could be, a might be, a potential future Sakura, that it wasn't Sakura... really.

You sigh and slowly snuggle the servant you had summoned and rested your head on her shoulder as she hummmed softly.

You slowly relax and fade away into the soft darkness.

- - -

"Hey, Sakura-chan. Did I surprise you?"

"No, but your face..."

"Well, you know... I kind of lost to the worms inside me a little. I guess ojiisan isn't as strong as Sakura-chan is."

"Kariya-ojiisan, you're turning into another person, aren't you?"


"I don't have to go to the bug room tonight. Grandfather said there's going to be a more important ceremony."

"Yeah, I know. That's why I'm going to the basement tonight instead."

"Kariya-ojiisan, are you going away?"

"I'll be busy with an important task for a while. I probably won't have much time to talk to you, Sakura-chan."

"I see."

"Ne, Sakura-chan. When ojiisan is done with his job, why don't we go somewhere and have fun? With your mother and sister?"

"I don't have a mother or sister. Grandfather said I should think that they never even existed."

"I see."


"Let's take Aoi-san and Rin-chan from the Tohsaka, and go far away. We can play together again, like we used to."

"Can I really see them again?"

"Yes, you will. I promise you that."

"Well, ojiisan has to get going."


"Bye bye, Kariya-ojiisan."

"Bye bye."

- - -

Morning comes.

And you find yourself on your bed, sunlight slowly creeping up upon your body from the window.

Had it been a dream?

A hallucination?

And what was that conversation you vaguely remembered from the dream?

You change from your pajamas into the simple kimono that you favored after your ascension into the position of the head of the Matou.

Simple, dark hues.

While you could wear something more western, you just had no inclination to do so. Not at the moment.

After all, such fashion brought to mind THAT MAN. The one who had married Aoi, who had abandoned Sakura to Zouken/You, to the Matou.

It was irrational, and yet... you were still human in that regard.

Stepping out into the house.

There was a certain feel in the air.

One that made it more... homely.

There was the scent of food.

And the sound of laughter.

Your eyes widened before narrowing and you walked to the kitchen.

Your worse fears are found to be true.

You had summoned a future version of Sakura and she was in your kitchen cooking, and teaching her younger self. Shinji, for his part, just seemed confused as he peered into the doorway.

Stepping into the kitchen, you are exposed to the mysteries of cooking. Something you hadn't had much skill with even when you had lived alone after leaving the Matou household.

It hadn't seemed important then. Your father was the one who handled that, his skills in such was peerless. And you have access to it now.

And yet, and yet... the skills of this Sakura was different. Where Zouken's mastery came from knowledge, hers came from experience and willingness to adapt. He cooked because he loved the act of cooking, she cooked because she cooked for someone she loved.

The slightest of differences, and yet... down different paths.

"Kariya-ojiisan." "Kariya-otousan."

"Sakura-chan here has been telling me some very interesting things," Your servant nodded at you. "That you took her place, ending her visits... down there after five nights."

There was a sense of approval from her words.

"But tell me... what happened to grandfather?" There was a sense of judgement in her tone of voice. As of waiting and watching.

You look down and sigh. "Can we have that discussion later?"

She paused and nodded in acceptance. The dress that she had found... somewhere fit her. A simple white blouse, a lavender skirt and a white apron lend her the presence and image of a housewife.


You sigh and try out the breakfast she made.

- - -
Kariya Kwest : Day 2 / Dreams and Breakfast
 - - -

What Do?
[X] Breakfast, followed by discussions and plans.
[X] Saver goes out and familiarizes herself with the Fuyuki of the now.
[X] You receive a phone call, the Einzbern master has arrived on a plane with her servant.
[X] You check on your familiars and more mundane spies.
[X] Write In.
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Re: Kariya Kwest [Fate/Zero]
« Reply #7 on: May 10, 2013, 02:18:35 AM »
[X]I have a plan so cunning... you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel.

Breakfast is... tense.

That's the right word to use as you, your servant, along with Sakura and Shinji part-take of the excellent meal made by your servant.

It was a good meal, but there was the unspoken expectation from your servant about what happened to Zouken, the sensation that if the wrong thing was said that there would be hell to pay if command seals were not used.

And even then, there would still be trouble.

Your adopted daughter and nephew are not sure what's going on, why the mysterious big sis was upset and why you were tense, but they could tell something was up.

Thus, breakfast was a quiet and tense affair.

With breakfast done, the two children went off to finish packing up for their trip to Canada with your brother, while you and your servant did the clean-up of the dishes.

It was also here that the delayed discussion was held.

"I am uncertain what happened to you in your past. But the Zouken that you knew died a year ago when I became head of the Matou house," You speak up eventually after mulling over what you should say.

"Really~ now," The slow drawl indicated that she didn't quite buy it... that she could in a way sense the connection you held to the crestworms.

"Indeed," You say with finality.

"The crest worms do preserve his memories, his soul, as they do for every one who has been properly connected to the worms." You speak up in response to her raised eyebrow.

"I could get rid of them for you, Kariya~ ojiisan," she eventually responded, almost as if offering something very intimate.

That offer... that notion of what she offered... that got a shudder from you as you looked at her. She open your mouth before closing and eventually let what you think of said offer out of your mouth.

In words, yes... but also in the countless multitude of voices, the unity of the Zolgens and Matou. "I would rather you didn't. Such a thing would end me."

Thankfully, this is when your phone interrupts the conversation.

Picking it up, you get confirmation from one of your hired private investigators that the Einzbern master had arrived by plane with her servant.

Well... that made it three for three, the founding families were now 'gathered' in Fuyuki for the fourth Heaven's Feel. To be sure, ther ewas also the magus from the clocktower, Lord El-Melloi, who was holded up in the Hyatt hotel.

That left three unknowns, admittedly, you suspect that the other three known masters had stacked the cards as much as possible in their favor, from Tokiomi and his alliance with the Church supervisor and his executor son, to the Einzbern master and her hired killer. You're not so sure about what Lord El-Melloi had in store, but it's likely to be something nasty.

You, on the other hand, didn't really have a wish, and didn't really want to win the holy grail war... not in truth and hadn't bothered to stack the deck. That in its own way, by acting contrary to the expectations of everyone... was a trump.

- - -

With their things packed, the children were ready to be shipped off to the distant and mysterious land of Canada where your brother has been acting in your interests in term of purchasing properties and businesses to help the growth of your wealth, one must spend money to gain money. And money translated to more temporal power.

With that, you enjoy one of the few luxuries that you hold from when you lived on your own... driving.

To be sure, it was an older car that you drove. A classic, as it were. Money was good for something, like being able to afford one off custom cars made in the old days, as it were.

And thus, you drove to the air port.

Along the way, you passed the Einzbern master and her servant Saber. You are certain that your servant and the servant of the sword had a good look at each other as you passed by in the opposite directions. But beyond that... did it matter?

They would meet once more on the battlefield.

It didn't take too long ere the children are safe on the plane and flying to Canada, where they would be picked by your brother.

- - -
Kariya Kwest : Day 2 / Ships passing in the night
 - - -

What Do?
[X] Spend the day scouting / familiarizing with Saver with the city?
[X] Meet up with the more mundane resources you have available, such as the private investigators?
[X] Wait for night and have Saver broadcast her location to challenge curious servants?
[X] Wait for night and strike at another master? [pick one target]
- - [X] The Tohsaka!
- - [X] The Einzbern!
- - [X] Lord El-Melloi!
[X] Write In
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Re: Kariya Kwest [Fate/Zero]
« Reply #8 on: May 10, 2013, 02:19:53 AM »
[X] Spend the day familiarizing with Saver, we will not take the initiative in this War
[X] Chat about the events that are yet to happen.

Naturally, things being what they were, you find yourself driving Saver around town, taking in the sights...

Getting her familiar with the changes to the city of Fuyuki from the one of her time.

You are keenly aware of just how much knowledge was key in any conflict from your time as a journalist. With a passion for photography and a desire to go as far away from the Matou back then, it was only natural that you took the most distant of jobs no matter the danger...

And thus, you were exposed to war such as men waged it in the current day and age. Armed with nothing but your wits and camera, you toured the war-torn regions of the world as a photojournalist.

You knew exactly how much knowledge and information was worth in any conflict.

More so than any arm-chair tactician or magus hidden in the safety of his home.

You also had an appreciation for how much damage modern weaponry could do to fragile humans, not that you would go that far. But you suspect that the hired killer of the Einzbern would.

The departure of the children along with your brother was only sensible in that regard.

Finding out more of things to come from Saver. That was only reasonable, right?

Still, the information that she provides is... troubling and raises uncomfortable issues; such as Zouken alive in her time, and you supposedly dying during the grail war. And what came afterwards...

You can only speculate that Saver... no, Sakura was from a possible alternate future. An alternate timeline and reality as it were.

Which was complete science fiction... or implied the usage of the Second Magic by the Holy Grail.

Either of which was possible.

- - -

That night, you returned from the familiarization expedition... with delicious take out. The food was good at the Taishan chinese restaurant. You even ordered the specialty of the chef there, mapo tofu, at the recommendation of Sakura.

Dinner... was suffering, as you sweated and endured the mapo tofu that your servant clearly enjoys.

Was this the power of a heroic spirit?!?!

Your mouth burned, the burning heat from within your stomach had your face red with sweat... you sweated and wept and ate... because this was something recommended by Sakura.

You suspect that you're being punished for something.

What... you're not sure yet.

But you're certain that you had upset her in some manner. Surely, no sane being could enjoy something THIS spicy.

"Mmmmm... it's nice to be able to enjoy something this spicy," Or maybe not... you thought to yourself pass the agony of the meal. "Gives life a little flavor when you taste sharp contrasts... would you like some more beer, Kariya-ojiisan?"

You could only nod helplessly at the offer of beer.

The winter beer was light and fizzy, the contrast between the mild taste of the beer and the spicy mapo tofu.

That was something you hadn't thought possible, a difference between heaven and hell as it were.

You sigh in relief as you sip at the beer before returning your attention to the rice and mapo tofu.

Before you could resume eating, you paused at what your familiars was showing you...

Hidden amongst the trees outside of the Tohsaka estate, your familiars lurked, hidden amongst the tree leaves. Watching, observing...

And what they had to show was... interesting.

- - -
Kariya Kwest : Night 2 / Across the Kaleidoscope Bridge
 - - -

What Do?
[X] Write In Action For Night 2 (if you do anything beyond dinner) OR Day/Night 3
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Re: Kariya Kwest [Fate/Zero]
« Reply #9 on: May 10, 2013, 02:25:03 AM »
[X] Ask MATOU what she thinks about what you just saw. Continue to get to know her, but focus more on her capabilities.

You blink at the mental images that your familiars transmitted to you. To be sure, you know that in a straight up fight that Assassin would get slaughtered by one of the three knight classes. Which was exactly what you just witnessed.

The problem with this, of course, is... why would Assassin go to all the trouble of sneaking in by the front and be immediately spotted?

It was almost certainly a set up. The only questions were by who, the for who was easily worked out.

The only problem was that it WAS possible that it was an someone who was willing to attempt a stealth kill to take out Tohsaka, and he just happened to have a completely idiotic servant.

It was also possible that unless this was a ruse meant to dull the security of the skilled and unskilled alike in a fit of insane genius, the person behind this didn't know tactics viscerally.

You will need to watch and observe further.

Still, you make the phone calls to have those observing the Tohsaka residence to bring a video copy of the battle to you. Or at least to be dropped off where Saver could easily retrieve it.

The ability to simply teleport, instead of simply become immaterial... simply splendid.

- - -

"Gilgamesh." Saver declares with a frown as she watched the video with you at the appearance of the golden archer.

"Gilgamesh?" You had to look at her with surprise and a raised eyebrow.

"Gilgamesh." She nodded grimly.

Many were the things she had told you of her past, but the identities of the servants she had consumed in her Grail War hadn't seemed important. After all, what were the odds that they would appear in your Grail War?

Apparently, greater than expected.

Still, Gilgamesh. That was a powerful monster of a Heroic Spirit to simply have, if one went by the simple virtue of his age...

A nasty trump card. But still, he wasn't unbeatable.

He couldn't be.

You would need to research up on his myth and legend.

Still, this was a lucky break for you.

You had a lead on Tohsaka's servant.

- - -

That night, your hired private investigators phoned you and informed you that Kotomine Kirei had sought the sanctuary of the Mediator of the Grail War.

This was unexpected.

You had expected someone affiliated with the church as an executor to be much better at tactical planning. If Kotomine Kirei had wanted Tohsaka dead, he would be dead...

Which meant that the break-up between Tohsaka and Kotomine was a ploy to fool people.

Which meant that there had to be something more to the sacrifice of Assassin.

There was something going on, and you're not sure what... not yet.

For now, you and Saver spend the night at home upgrading the barriers and defenses of the Matou mansion against threads both mundane and supernatural.

The layered defenses on your home, as shown by the false assault on the Tohsaka mansion would need to be greater... after all, if Archer hadn't shown up as he had... it was quite possible that Assassin would have made it all the way in.

Shadows and familiars were the secondary defenses that your home now boasted apart from the assorted barriers and wards forged over the centuries.

And yet, you fear... it might not be enough.

Force overwhelming could bring everything down like a house of cards.

Late in the morning, you slumbered uneasily beneath the watchful gaze of Saver... no, Sakura.

- - -
Kariya Kwest : Day 3 / The Tohsaka Gambit
 - - -

What Do?
[X] Venture out to the main library of Fuyuki and do research on Gilgamesh?
[X] Continue fortifying your mansion against every possible contingency, up to military strikes with jets and bombs?
[X] Wait for night and have Saver broadcast her location to challenge curious servants?
[X] Wait for night and strike at another master? [pick one target]
- - [X] The Tohsaka!
- - [X] The Einzbern!
- - [X] Lord El-Melloi!
[X] Write In
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Re: Kariya Kwest [Fate/Zero]
« Reply #10 on: May 10, 2013, 02:25:27 AM »
[X] That sound? That's the air raid siren...

Waking up, you feel refreshed...

It was as if you had spent the time sleeping... no, floating in an endless void where not even gravity wore out your body. It was easily the best rest you have had in years.

Saver, no, Sakura is there to greet you with a warm breakfast. She was still dressed in that house wife outfit of hers. Or at least a variant of what she had worn yesterday.

Which brought to mind what you saw on the video.

Of Gilgamesh's assault.

Of how he had simply shot Noble Phantasm after Noble Phantasm at Assassin.

Of the exploding earth, the crater that was all that remained of Assassin.

Such a thing... And you have no idea as to the capacity of the other five servants, or their masters.

Thus you find yourself working on the bounded fields, the wards, the runes, the deathtraps, well... not the deathtraps... But everything that prevented the entry of certain materials, fields that absorbed and spread kinetic energies outwards and away from the building...

All this and more...

The only time you took a break was for meals and quick washroom breaks. As you worked, the two of you spoke. Discussed what would come in the fifth war. Of the servants involved.

More importantly, she spoke of how each and every master save her fell... one by one, regular, irregular... of the desperate last stand of the Tohsaka, the Emiya and Rider... of their futile charge to slay her and in return their deaths.

She spoke freely of what came after when the Clock Tower came with the church to 'clean' up Fuyuki... only to find a wasteland that devoured them one by one.

Of the counter guardians who came and fed her with their bodies of prana...

As evening fell, you feel satisfied that it would take more than a jet shooting missiles at the house to even scratch the fields. Not that it was going to stop a truly determined Heroic Spirit, but it would be enough to delay them.

As the two of you enjoyed the lamb stew that your Servant had made in the slow cooker, you feel it.

The call of a servant... broadcasting its location in the docks.

Announcing where it was...

This was a challenge. You didn't think ANYONE would be that foolish to do so.

And yet, you were proven wrong.

A look was shared by you and Sakura...

"Should I?" Her question was more a hesitant statement than an actual request of permission.

"I don't want to sent you out there... but such a fight would be a valuable source of information," You shake your head. "Go. Just... come back safely."

There is a nod as her clothes vanished into motes of shadow.

Once more, you bear witness to the generous and lush form of your servant, as crimson lines crawled over her form heralding the twisting and creeping ebony shadows.

Ribbons of absolute darkness and crimson of blood flowed over her body and formed a skin-tight outfit. A twitch and her fingers were shrouded in talon'ed gauntlets.

"I will return," She nodded before simply dropping into her shadows and...

Never was.

At least, not here.

Sitting down, you peer out of her eyes, concealed in shadows... you can see Lancer wielding a pair of shrouded spears.

And a car approaching.

The elegant lady in white stepping out of it, with the help of a young... lady or perhaps a girlish boy.

Einzbern. Irisviel Von Einzbern from what your investigators informed you.

That little introduction as Saber was revealed, that armored dress, pristine steel upon blue... a quietly murmured Arthuria from Sakura and you KNOW who Saber was. You couldn't help but know.

Her parameters, her skills... her noble phantasms... oh. You're going to need far more fortification of your home.

And yet, the identity of Saber as King Arthuria... that was staggering, it appeared that everyone was putting on their A game for this grail war.

You try to ignore the fact that King Arthur was actually female, thus proving history, legend and myth wrong on her gender.

You also discover that lancer had some sort of beauty charm magic on his face as an inherent thing.

There was a pause as you observe the charge by the pair of heroic spirits at each other.

- - -
Kariya Kwest : Night 3 / Encounter at the Wharf
- - -

What Do?
[X] Sakura observes the fight and keeps an eye open for shenanigans?
[X] Sakura keeps an eye out for an opportunity to win the fight? [Pick One]
- - [X] Strike at Lancer.
- - [X] Strike at Saber.
- - [X] Capture the Einzbern Master.
- - [X] Capture Lancer's Master?
[X] Write In.
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Re: Kariya Kwest [Fate/Zero]
« Reply #11 on: May 10, 2013, 02:25:47 AM »
[X] Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAKE!!!!

While it was... tempting to take out enemy masters... you knew for a fact that there would be OTHERS also coming by to watch. To learn.

After all, Lancer had put forth an alluring bait. One that would draw servants, and familiars without question.

Still, there was the consideration that you had to put towards the Einzbern master coming in person. That was balls-up insanely brave, naive or... worse, she had trumps and aces planned. All of which was possible.

Or worse, she had absolute confidence in her servant, which was actually reasonable given Saber's identity.

Thus, your instructions were fairly simple, a low pitched voice transmitted by magic straight to Sakura's ears as a whisper. <<Look for a vantage point to observe the fight, I suspect that we are not the only ones here watching.>>

As she moved towards the crane in the wharf, you amended your instructions. <<Not there, it's too obvious at being the perfect observational point. Look for some place high, but concealed by shadows...>>

And with that, she moved once more at your behest, a perfect partnership. There was a certain trust you hadn't expected, not from Zouken's memories. That trust that you did know better... a trust you can only hope wasn't misplaced.

Thus, she moved about the rooftops as the sounds of battle rang forth below.

You or rather she finds a trio of rather suspicious individuals.

Not together, no. But one of them was El-Melloi.

And the other two... with their guns and fancy toys, why you believe them to be the hired dogs of the Einzbern. So, she was prepared and likely intented to have the master of Lancer... dealt with.

How cold blooded of her. Certainly, not what you expected from an artificial master.

It appeared that the hired killer was about to take out El-Melloi from range, when a new intruder was noticed by Sakura, this Magus Killer... Assassin.

You knew he had been killed.

And yet, here he was once more.

An interesting trick this, an assassin that everyone had assumed killed was one that everyone wouldn't expect to find.

Truly a cunning plan. And yet... he croached upon that oh so obvious spot to observe the battle. This seemed rather like Tokiomi, elegant and yet so obvious and unsubtle.

It looked as if there was an alliance between Tohsaka and Kotomine still, and it was Tokiomi who ran things. Well, this DID put things in an interesting light.

And so, you had Sakura moved back to the safety of the shadows.

You had to think.

And as you thought, you had to blink as the pair of knights dueling broke apart and introduced themselves...

This... this was where things fell apart.

The weight of events spiraled beyond your or anyone's control.

The arrival of the King of Conquerors, his declaration of his identity. His taunting of El-Melloi, and the revelation of Rider's master and his connection to the master of Lancer.

More... there was the matter of his proposition.

It was tempting, you can see how easy it would be simple for a group of Heroic Spirits to conquer the world in its current state. After all, you had Sakura who could end the world, if she or you choose to.

<<Sakura...>> You whisper. Join, attack, or perhaps... show herself.


And yet... even that choice was taken from you, as the King of Conquerors himself called out to those hidden in the shadows. That had the unfortunate result of Gilgamesh manifesting.

- - -
Kariya Kwest : Night 3 / A Gathering of Heroes
- - -

What Do?
[X] Maintain the course and not show your hand or Sakura.
[X] Have Sakura MAKE an entrance... [Pick One]
- - [X] Walk out of the shadows...
- - [X] Teleport into the sky and fly/glide and look down on Gilgamesh.
- - [X] Teleport and take out Assassin as part of entrance.
- - [X] Teleport and take out the Einzbern hired killers as part of entrance.
- - [X] Teleport and take out El-Melloi.
- - [X] Teleport and take out the Einzbern.
[X] Write In

- - -

Writer's Notes : Yes, I'm going with the Kariya is ASSUMING that Irisviel is some kind of insane tactical genius with a hired gun...
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Re: Kariya Kwest [Fate/Zero]
« Reply #12 on: May 10, 2013, 02:26:23 AM »
[X] Like a bat out of hell...

Your instructions were simple.

Given how tense the atmosphere was at the presence of Gilgamesh, it was clear that it would devolve into combat and when THAT happened, no one would be able to say what could happen, or how much damage would be done to the environment with THIS many heroic spirits in a free for all.

No, it was clear that you would need to break the atmosphere.

Your path was clear, and while you were intrigued by the proposition of Iskander, there were risks involved for all. Still, it was better than just 'surviving' the grail war to give your Sakura, both of them salvation.

<<Sakura. Make an entrance. Flashy, but conceal your power to the best of your ability.>> You pause and thought about it. There were a variety of targets, but choosing the wrong one would be disastrous and would upset the current power balance.

So, it came down to Assassin or the hired killers of the Einzbern. They were after all, just some hired guns. And their removal from the battlefield would remove an ace up the Einzbern's sleeves.

You had after all done some research on Emiya Kiritsugu, the so-called Magus Killer... he was dangerous, a modern day assassin with access to thaumaturgy.

This was a man whose skillset revolved entirely around killing people like you, and he was very, very successful at it. Best to remove him, it wasn't as if he would be missed much and would remove an out of context problem for the other magus in the grail war.

She could always hire more killers, but it would take time and money. This would give you an advantage once more and allows for an easier time in removing the Einzbern before she gets her feet under herself again and starts palming aces in addition to the King of Knights.

Contrast with the assassin of Kotomine, he had already been killed once already. There was no certainty that striking and killing him would result in his actual removal.

<<Also, see what you can do about removing the Einzbern's hired killers.>>

"As you wish..." There was a cheerfulness in her voice before darkness engulfed your sight, the shadow ribbons wrapping her face.

And there was the sound of whistling wind. <<Sakura?>>

"Trust me..." There was a playfulness in her voice as she counted softly in sharp contrast to the whistling wind. And now, there was the sound, a vibration.

You KNEW this vibrating hum, it was louder... sharper, more crisp... but this... this was the sound of your Blade Wing Worms as they flew.

Shaking your head, you activated the connection you had to one of your familiars in the wharf that had been carried along by Sakura.

You couldn't see her.

"Terminal velocity," You had to blink at her words, why would she.... oh, so that was what the whistling sound was.

Darkness lifted from the connection between you and Sakura and... you saw the hard surface of the sea reflecting the moon above and behind her as she fell.

Crimson eyes shone in a sleek dark form.

And there was a blink of darkness.

And you saw the wharf once more and the city.

Twisting... angling.

She was flying...

You used your familiar to catch sight of her. She truly was flying upon glittering crimson wings. An arrow of the darkest shadow with a banner of white.

There was a pause as the instincts of the hired killer flared in response to the approach to the approach of Sakura. But it was too little, too late.

There was a shock wave as she caught hold of him with a wicked talon'ed gauntlets. You wince at seeing the way he was dragged like a rag doll, accelerating from motion-less to something slightly below a hundred and fifty meters per second or something like that, you can't recall what the exact maximum was...

You can see the heroic spirits react to the sudden assault, prepared to repeal a swift flyer.

You can see the shocked look on El-Melloi's face as Sakura dragged the magus killer past him, the slight quirk of her lips reflecting in his eyes.

And then she was past him, and upon the other hired killer.

With a pair of rag dolls in her clutch, she descended upon the wharf with a crescendo of her wings, the very image of a fey fairy.

<<Involving outsiders in the Holy Grail War. Really, I'm ashamed of you, Einzbern~...>> You used your familiars to echo your voice in the wharf much like lord El-Melloi had.

There was a pause as immaculate crimson and azuure eyes widened. "Kiritsugu!"

Oh, it appeared that he wasn't just a hired killer. This was when you and Sakura noticed the crimson markings upon the head of the Magus Killer.

<<This... this is the Einzbern master? Now my disappointment only grows.>> You grimaced and channeled every inch of how smarmy Tokiomi could be. <<To imagine the King of Knights serving a craven assassin.>>

"You... you.... give, give me back Kiritsugu," The shrill cry of the Einzbern was surprising.

Given how... shattered his body was, the master of Saber wasn't going to be of use to anyone. Even if she was skilled at healing, there was only so much healing that could be done and that required time.

There was no harm in allowing her this 'small' mercy.

<<Saver...>> Your usage of her class title received a nod from Sakura as she stepped to the side.

Still, it appeared that despite your generosity, that the damage sustained from a sudden acceleration and then an even more sudden stop was too much for the human body.

Truly, physics was a deadly killer.

And thus, the pair of killers expired before your eyes. Or rather, Sakura's eyes.

The wail of despair from the Einzbern marked the first casualty of the Fourth Heaven's Feel.

"Irisviel..." There was a grimace from the King of Knights.

"Lancer... finish her! Quickly!" And there, Lord El-Melloi started things once more.

Kariya Kwest : Night 3 / Flight of the Cherry Blossom

What Do?
[X] Allow Lancer to finish off Saber and Einzbern, use Sakura to stop Rider or the others.
[X] Stand aside and watch Lancer get killed by Rider when he attempts to kill Saber.
[X] Chivalry! Lancer verses Saver and Rider.
[X] Write In.
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Re: Kariya Kwest [Fate/Zero]
« Reply #13 on: May 10, 2013, 02:26:49 AM »
[X] Black Queen takes White Knight and then White King

A thought occurs to you as you heard Lord El-Melloi's command, it wasn't one backed by the command seals. Not yet, at any rate.

But you suspect it might become necessary soon, given the chivalrous nature of Lancer, knights tended to be rather full of honor and pride. Diarmuid Ua Duibhne of the love spot, first warrior of the knights of Fianna would be no different, you wager.

Even in the modern day, you have encountered men who would have been knights in ages past if not by skill, then by their codes of chivalry.

"My lord!" He turned upwards to where you had last saw the master of Lancer. "This isn't necessary."

"What are you doing, Lancer?" That voice cut in once more. Sharped and annoyed and demanding. "This is your chance to defeat Saber."

"Saber, I will defeat her. I swear on my honor! But it doesn't have to be like this. Not while her master is grieving. Please, my master." Honor and chivalry, it appeared wasn't quite dead here. Just bound by magic.

"With my command seal, I order you..." ah, here it came. Perhaps, it would be a good idea to give Sakura your own commands.

Thus your whispered words into her ears and nowhere else. <<Sakura, can you deal with Saber and Lancer?>>

"I hereby propose." The words from the homunculus was soft... heard only by the servants. You can tell by the quirked lips of Gilgamesh that he had certainly heard and was amused. You know you're only hearing this because you are sharing the senses of Sakura.

"My lord." There was desperation in Lancer's voice.

"You shall come under my command, and your sword shalt control my fate."

A slight nod and you continue on. <<Then do so, and recover the Einzbern.>>

There was a lull, you suspect that El-Melloi was removing his glove, posing to look cool before he spoke and used his command seal. The fool. "Kill Saber with your full skill and power!"

"Abiding by the summons of the Holy Grail, if you accede to this will and reason, answer me."

With that, Lancer moved. And you get to appreciate the full speed available to a lancer class servant. There was a single clash of blades as Saber was pushed back.

"Lancer." A fell look of outrage and despair colored Diarmuid's face as he turned to look at Saber.

"I swear, I am all that is good in this eternal world."

The way her hands trembled, wasn't a good indicator for Saber in this fight... with her source of prana removed, her anchor to the current world destroyed. She wasn't going to last long.

"I am the disposer of evil in this eternal world."

Still, she fought on in a desperate attempt to keep Lancer away from her companion. This was where Saver interrupted, interposing an arm that was sliced off by a crimson spear, while the shadow ribbons prevented the golden spear from piercing the side of your servant.

"Saver." A look of gratitude is directed at your servant from Lancer, and yet shock.

"You, of the seven heavens, clad in a trinity of words, come forth from the circle of constrain."

She really was trying for it now. It looked as if the three family would get proper representation after the hiccup of the previous master of Saber's death.

The Einzbern homunculus might even have a wish of her own now.

"Guardian of the Heavens, accede to me, and my fate shall become your sword!"

"I accept this pact under the name of Saber!" There was a pulse of prana and the Einzbern flared with power. And in counterpoint, so did Saber glow radiant as she accepted the contract.

The silence that filled the wharf as the contract between Saber and the Einzbern was formalized was staggering as the prana flow was connected between the servant of the sword and a well of magical energy that is staggering.

This presence was something that exceeded what Saber had earlier.

In the moment that the connection was made, Saver has already regrown her arm.

- - -
Kariya Kwest : Night 3 / Binding
 - - -

What Do?
[X] Continue gunning for Einzbern and Saber, in competition with Lancer?
[X] Continue helping Saber against Lancer?
[X] Hang back and watch the fight?
[X] Target Archer?
[X] Target Rider?
[X] Target Assassin?
[X] Target Lord El-Melloi?
[X] Write In.

Writer's Note - My appologies for the delay and shortness of this post.

But given what just happened, I felt it would be fair if you got to redecide your objectives, given the changes.
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Re: Kariya Kwest [Fate/Zero]
« Reply #14 on: May 10, 2013, 02:27:20 AM »
[X] Switching targets with the best bait and switches~

"It's more fair now, isn't it... Lancer~?" Your servant purred out to Diarmuid as she stepped out of the way of both knightly servants.

The Irish heroic spirit nodded in gratitude. "My thanks, Saver."

"I trust your honor will now allow you to fight at full power and strength," With that she moved to stand by the Einzbern, and supported her into a standing position. "You should cheer on your cute little king of knights."

"How amusing, a doll being supported by a filthy worm," the arrogant voice of Archer cut across the sound of battle as a pair of knights danced and battled.

"I suppose it would be amusing to you, king of heroes, Gilgamesh," Saver's voice left no mistakes to those in the wharf as to the identity of the golden Archer.

You can sense Tohsaka gritting his teeth at the identity of his servant revealed thus. It looked like in the information war front, you were the only one who kept the identity and abilities of your servant a secret.

"I suppose for a mongrel worm as lowly as you, gazing up upon the heavens, it doesn't take much to know what I am," the smile directed at Saver was a dangerous one.

It was arrogant, full of pride, and yet... and yet... it was also dangerous. That the golden one was... temperamental, more fickle than an insane cat. That if one was not careful... perhaps the golden aura behind him would prove that one's death.

"Oh come on, you don't need to so full of yourself," You find yourself unable to speak as Saver... no, your Sakura turned to look back at him with a smirk of her own. "As you were the First. So was I the Last."

There was a pause as everyone bar Saber and Lancer looked speculatively at Saver. The last Heroic Spirit... such descriptive and yet, twisting of words.

"The first and the Last, the King of Knights, the King of Conquerors, the Knight of Seduction, and a faceless assassin that looks down on us," She gestures at where Assassin crouched upon the crane.

Those who had seen the death of assassin blinked at the sight.

"Tell me, King of Heroes, is standing there all you can do? Are you nothing more than the golden vanity of a lap dog call forth by Tohsaka?" There was a teasing note in her voice, as of laughter restrained. A feyish joy that delighted in what she was facing.

The insult was apparently too much for golden Archer. The golden shimmer behind him flared brilliantly and weapons emerged from it.

Noble phantasms one and all... you can sense the weight of the ancient king's anger. The worms within you quell in horror and fear at such a thing.

Sakura only laughs. "Yes, yes... King of Heroes, but all you can do is stick your little swords into women, isn't it? That's the limit of your strength, isn't it?"

The screaming of metal with the speed and power of rockets impacts your servant and all you can sense/see is smoke from the explosion.

That and the sense of... satisfaction.

When the smoke clears, the Einzbern master is nowhere to be seen.

Just your little, not so little your traitorous mind whispers, Sakura seated upon the weapons that had been launched at her. A throne of swords and spears...

She is... unharmed. Unscathed by the weapons.

Surrounding her were figures of shadow. Absolute darkness. Giants with seven purple white 'eyes' arrayed in the pattern of an eight, with a single dot beneath said eight.

Leaning back upon the seat, she smirked. "I had thought that you might have proved more vigorous. I guess age must have robbed you of your virility. Or perhaps, it's because I don't have a dick to stick in you like your master does."

She had to be mad. Truly insane to taunt the King of Heroes thus, this could not be the absolute limits of his Noble Phantasm.

"Woman... mind your words, for you have offended my sight with your existence. Your words are as the baying of a mongrel bitch, which is fitting, for that is all you are..."

There was a light fluttering hum from her wings twitching, and the giants of shadow moved towards where the golden king stood, the golden aura behind him growing wider. Crimson lines forming, as if to herald the growth of the portal. "Impudence!"

With that, battle was joined between Saver and Archer... an endless sea of noble phantasms launched without care. Used as artillery.

And against that, giants of shadow that clawed their way into existence to march upon the King of Heroes.

Amidst the sound of battle, was of Saver laughing...
- - -
Kariya Kwest : Night 3 / Gate of Babylon
- - -

What Do?
[X] Use a command seal! [Pick One]
- - [X] Retrieve Saver
- - [X] Defeat the Gilgamesh
- - [X] Write In (bear in mind that battle is going on)
[X] Send more of your familiars to the wharf to help Saver.
[X] Keep feeding her prana, even if she doesn't appear to be straining and calling on your prana reserves
[X] Talk to Saver [Write In]
[X] Write In.
Sakura Quest - Sakura in Fishcake Land~ with extra kickass. [active]
Robin Quest - A frog, you are. A familiar, you also are. [active]
Kariya Kwest - Matou Kariya, call forth thy servant and win the 4th holy grail war. [active]
Harmony Quest - Gaslamp Adventures on a Hellmouth [active]