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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Josip Josipowicz Starski
Race: Human (Russian of Jewish ethnicity)
Age: 33
Height: 195 cm
Weight: 86 kg
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Appearance: Tall and muscular man in his early 30s with manly beard.

Scale: Mortal/Servant (Servant scale when noted)

Personal stats

Strength: A (plus modifier when using Ripple against mortals)
Agility: A
Speed: A
Magic Resistance: D (Servant scale)

His Stand

Strength: D (Servant scale)
Agility: B (Servant scale)
Speed: A (Servant scale)

Magic Ability: Josip's Hamon enables him to release prana in matter akin to Prana Burst. He can use 'Reinforcement' to an extent, but its not proper magecraft, but rather natural
byproduct of his breathing. When used against vampires and other beings vulnerable to sunlight, he deals extra damage (D rank in Servant scale when using fists, C rank in Servant scale when using a Stand). Against mortals, his strength is augmented when using Ripple, but effect is small compared to its anti-vampire effect.

His primary ability though is his Stand "Back In USSR", which ability is based on the concept of 'Russian Reversal'. The Stand can reverse characteristics of physical objects
(make incoming bullets fly in opposite direction or reverse electrical polarity), or even concepts, as long as they have their polar opposite and Josip can comprehend them. The
drawback is that the change must be possible to reverse once more (for example, he cannot cause directly the death of somebody) and the change is temporal unless the target wills it to be permament. He also cannot use the Stand on himself.

Aside from its ability, the Stand is particularly fast and precise, on par with Stands like Killer Queen and nearly as fast as Star Platinium, though it does not pack much of punch compared to these two.

Other Abilities: Josip has rather extensive scientific knowledge, something useful when exploiting the powers of his Stand. In fact, working for Speedwagon's Foundation he managed to put together a device that allowed him to cross dimensions and end up in Nexus City, ... but it broke after the first successful use, and repairing it is troublesome.

Origin: A researcher for Speedwagon Foundation, hailing from Russia. His family fought vampires in the past and he knows the ancient art of Ripple, though it is not trained extensively and in fact he relies on his Stand for victory.

Weakness: Disrupting Josip's breathing hampers both his Hamon ability and the Stand. In water he can only use it as long as he can hold his breath (up to human's highest possible capacity)

Likes: Posing, outsmarting and embarassing his opponents

Dislikes: Vampires (he hails from a hunter family, and his world's vampires are monstrous, to be honest), people who make fun of Russian Science, and botched experiments

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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Emiya Shirou
Race: Human (Magus)
Age: 46
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red, but fading somewhat.

Appearance: Like in HF True, only a bit older-looking. Sakura and Rin have been able to use magic to slow his aging somewhat, so that he is, like Sakura, physically in his early 30s.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Scale: Human
Strength: B+ (Can self-reinforce to improve himself beyond what even a trained magus can do)
Agility: B+
Speed: C+
Endurance: A
Magic Resistance: C
Magic Ability: E++ (Poor magus who is further hampered by his puppet body, but excels at projection and related magic).

Whilst Shirou’s puppet body makes it difficult for him to use his magic circuits properly, he has learnt to circumvent this somewhat, and can now perform projection magic almost to the level which he could have if he’d retained his original body. However, he cannot naturally regenerate his own prana supply, and therefore is somewhat reliant on regular prana infusions from Sakura.

Affinity/Origin: Sword


Projection: Shirou excels at projecting items, especially swords.

Reinforcement: Can reinforce almost anything exceptionally well, including himself.

Unlimited Blade Works:
After much training, Shirou has learnt to use his Reality Marble, although his lack of prana means it is difficult to maintain it for as long as he otherwise could.

Due to the fact that he’s never fought Gilgamesh, his UBW is lacking somewhat in weapons. The only ones he can trace are those he’s seen in life and the few that he can form clear memories of from the time when he possessed Archer’s arm.

Other Abilities:

Use of technology: To compensate for his magical limitations, Shirou has learnt to use technology to aid him in battle when necessary. Whilst he doesn’t tend to go seeking trouble, he also won’t stand aside and watch people get hurt, and he also knows that Sakura in particular is a target for unscrupulous magi. As a result, he takes safeguards, using his connection to the Yakuza (through Taiga) to provide him with weapons to allow him to protect his family. He possesses a considerable array of equipment designed to take down magi with minimal fuss, much like his adoptive father did, although he avoids using guns for close-range combat.

Invisibility cloak: Shirou possesses an invisibility cloak made from meta-materials. Normally, it would only be able to hide a stationary object, and even then only a small one or one which possessed a more ideal shape than a human being, but using reinforcement Shirou is able to improve its functionality to turn it into a genuinely effective item which is able to hide him almost perfectly.

However, there are several limitations on the use of the cloak. Since it refracts light around the wearer in order to hide them, it is impossible for the user to see out of it. Whilst cutting holes in it for vision is possible, this makes the eyes visible and, further, due to disruption in the structure of the cloak, significantly worsens the level of invisibility of the remainder of the body. Similarly, it is not advised to have any holes in the cloak, which means weapons cannot be fired from inside it.

Additionally, whilst the cloak is capable of refracting incoming light around the wearer, it cannot prevent light from inside the cloak escaping. In particular, the cloak provides no protection against infra-red detection, or any other form of detection which relies on detecting radiation emitted by the wearer as opposed to radiation reflected from them.

Finally, whilst the cloak is highly effective thanks to Shirou’s reinforcement, it is not perfect. Someone with a keen eye may spot a disturbance, particularly when he is moving. Also, due to the nature of the cloak, it works much less effectively if it is not possible to trace a closed curve around the cloak in the direction of the line of sight of the viewer. In particular, this means that a user pressed against a wall or similar will be visible to anyone looking from the direction opposite the wall.

Sniper rifle: Shirou possesses a state-of-the-art, extremely accurate sniper rifle with a very high bullet velocity, enhanced using magecraft to make it even more accurate. With that combined with his ability to reinforce his sight, he is capable of shooting things from extreme distance. It is also equipped with a thermal sight, allowing him to pick out magi from a crowd due to their heat signature.

Body armour: Shirou wears reinforced state-of-the-art body armour into battle, designed to protect against. With the application of reinforcement, it is essentially impossible for a person of normal strength to pierce it, and even armour-piercing bullets are not sufficient to do so. However, a shot to the head is still capable of killing him, if he does not have time to self-reinforce and/or dodge it.

Infra-red targeting goggles: Shirou possesses a set of electronic goggles which are able to detect infra-red light and convert it into a visible spectrum light. This allows him to easily distinguish magi from others at close range, using their IR signature. The goggles are also programmed to automatically pick out a magus and highlight them, and to also mark out allies using recognition software.

However, due to the nature of the goggles, whilst they can be converted to work with visible light, they restrict his peripheral vision somewhat.

Archery: Shirou is an exceptional Archer, and can also trace a bow and arrow with little difficulty. He uses this in conjunction with his magic to trace and fire swords as arrows, using their properties against the enemy.

Sword fighting: Shirou has mastered the art of fighting with the twin blades Kanshou and Bakuya. Whilst he’s not on the same level as Archer, he has years of practice sparring against Rider, and he is now at the point where he can give her a decent fight even if she is going close to full-out (although she is handicapped by the fact that he is much more susceptible to damage than she is, and thus she has to be more careful).

Background: After his birth parents were (presumably) killed in the fire following the fourth Grail War, he was adopted by Emiya Kiritsugu. Over the course of the eleven years, he took on Kiritsugu's ideal, to save everyone, and when the Grail War came around he saw a chance to finally act on that ideal. However, when the girl he loved, Sakura, turned out to be unwittingly responsible for the deaths of many people, he decided to put protecting those he loved over protecting the many, and refused to kill her, instead saving her from the darkness afflicting her at the cost of his own mind.

He told Rider to take her and her sister out of the cavern they fought the final battle in, before preparing to sacrifice his life to permanently destroy the Great Grail. However, just before he could do so, his long-lost sister, Ilya, showed up and sacrificed herself, sealing the Grail and moving his soul into a container where it would be safe until an alternative could be found.

For the next year or so, Shirou remained seriously ill and immobile, Sakura constantly by his side. When he finally awoke, the first thing he saw was Sakura's overjoyed expression, and he knew that everything he'd done had been worth it. Since then, he has dedicated himself to bringing her the happiness he felt she deserved, in the process gaining true happiness for himself. On her 18th birthday, he proposed to her, and they got married not long after. Since then, they have lived in their old house as husband and wife. They have four children, Aoi, Kariya, Yuki and Kiyoshi. Yuki, however, now lives with Rin and has been formally adopted by her, although Sakura and Shirou still treat her as their daughter. Kariya and Aoi, meanwhile, have grown up and moved out.

Due to Sakura's wealth, Shirou has no need to work. However, he dislikes being inactive, and so he does do some work, mostly as a mechanic fixing various equipment using his magic. He does, however, tends to be very generous about prices, given the standard of his work. Indeed, to get him to charge people at all, Sakura has to point out to him that, if he is too generous, he will end up putting real mechanics out of business. Even so, anyone poor or who can give even a slightly plausible sob-story will be able to get out of paying entirely, which is a trait which sometimes irritates Rin in particular.

Personality: Whilst he has learnt some sense of self-worth over the years, Shirou is still somewhat lacking in a sense of self-preservation. He now recognises his value to other people, in particular Sakura and his children, but he would still sacrifice himself in a second to protect any of them. Sakura constantly has to point out to him that, by rushing in to a dangerous situation to protect them, he is often putting them in more danger, since they are then forced to act in order to save him.

Still has a tendency to help people in need, although he doesn't generally go out actively looking for such people like he might in another timeline. However, if any magical threat shows up in Fuyuki, he will invariably end up assisting Rin and Sakura in dealing with it. Further, even the slightest hint that a magus is acting to harm innocents in Fuyuki as Zouken used to will result in him looking for more information and pushing Rin to ensure it is dealt with (not that it is difficult to persuade her), if he doesn't just deal with it himself. Similarly, any serious mundane threat (e.g. a serial killer) will be dealt with regardless of magical inclination. Whilst he doesn’t have anything like the reputation of his father, he has helped Rin and Sakura take down the odd magus or two who were threatening their town, and does ensure he is prepared for this eventuality.

Like Sakura, he is exceptionally loving towards his children. However, he is far more willing to discipline them when necessary than she is, particularly when it is in their own best interests, and generally acts more like a normal parent in terms of the level of control he exerts over their lives (although he is by no means a controlling person or a disciplinarian). As a result, he is often the one forced to enact punishments, and thus is seen by the children as the "harsh" parent, although they do still love him nevertheless. Additionally, the children are more respectful towards him than they are towards their mother, although, conversely, they are also less inclined to confide in him or seek emotional support from him than they are their mother.

Similarly, he is considerably more frugal than Sakura when it comes to spending money on the children (especially money that he has not earned). He will still spend money on them when he needs to or when he feels they deserve it, but he doesn’t spoil them in the way that Sakura does. Conversely, he is somewhat more willing than Sakura to spend her inheritance on himself and, even more, on her. He still dislikes doing it (preferring to pay for things with money he earned), but is willing to do so if he or especially Sakura wants something enough, particularly for bigger purchases.

Weakness: Even now, his sense of self-preservation is somewhat lacking, and therefore he tends to jump into dangerous situations rather too quickly, particularly when his wife or children are in danger.
Likes: Cooking, protecting people, Sakura, his children, swords, Kyuudo.
Dislikes: People getting hurt (especially family).
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Cú Chulainn, but you can call him Lancer
Race: Celtic Demi-god
Age: Physically in his mid-twenties.  Technically, since he’s a copy of the original Cu, he’s only a few weeks old but has all of Cu’s memories.
Height: 5’11
Weight: 182
Eyes: Crimson
Hair: Blue
Appearance: Lancer is taller than average height, but not overly tall. He's muscular and lean, like an Olympic athlete or Martial Artist. Think Bruce Lee. He's handsome, and would be described as beautiful if it wasn't for his roguish qualities. He smiles easy and broadly, displaying slightly longer than normal canines.

He wears his long, blue hair in a pony tail most of the time and is never seen without his silver earrings. In his Servant's gear he wears a blue body suit with paldrons. ("Its for other Masters' and Servants' repression. Had it my way I'd be painted blue and bare arse naked while kicking some arse!") With his casual clothing he wears black leather pants with a wallet chain, boots, and either a white T-shirt or an obnoxiously loud Hawaiian shirt.
Scale: Servant
Strength: B /A++ in Ríastrad
Agility: A
Speed: A
Magic Resistance: B
Magic Ability: B+ - Lancer’s got extensive rune knowledge and could be qualified for Caster.
Other Abilities:
Battle Continuation: A
Divinity: B
Protection from Arrows: B
Ríastrad A- A berserker mode that Lancer goes into that increases his strength and durability. 
Gáe Bolg [/b]
Gae Bolg is a cursed spear that was obtained from Scathach in the Country of Shadows by Cú Chulainn. Scathach had wished for him to slay her with the spear, but she had already ceased being mortal by the time he received it from her. It is a glory given to only the most gifted of warriors, and it was not utilized once after he left the Land of Shadows until his fight with his close friend, Ferdiad. He later used it again on his son, Connla, when he was backed into a corner during their fight. The spear leaves behind but one regret: that it has only taken away the lives of his loved ones. It killed his one and only close friend and his son that grew up in a distant land, even though it was meant to have killed one woman before them. It is unique in that it functions in two different ways, each different enough to have them be treated as separate Noble Phantasms. The Anti-Unit thrusting technique of the spear is the main offensive ability he utilizes, but the Anti-Army throwing ability is the spear's true function as a throwing weapon.

Gáe Bolg: Barbed Spear that Pierces with Death

This is an attack focused on a single target, created by Lancer to suit his own style, that strikes a fatal blow that always pierces the opponent's heart and ruins their body from within with its thousand iron thorns. It literally freezes the mana in the air, and it can easily be perceived as a sure-kill technique by all those around simply from being charged with prana. Once Gáe Bolg's name has been called, the cursed spear reverses the nature of causality, the meaning of "cause and effect" in the order of things, to make it so the cause of the "lance being thrust" comes from the effect of the "opponent's heart being pierced" by it. It determines the opponent's fate simply through its use, an always fatal move that pierces the heart with one thrust. It is also possible for him to activate it without actively striking the heart.

The actual action of the thrust is merely a formality, as the lance has already pierced the opponent's heart before the attack has even started. The "result" of "the heart of the opponent has been pierced" is created earlier than it is thrust, while the "cause" that "the lance has pierced through the heart" is generated later. Aside from great luck, it is a technique that determines "if it is released, the opponent is dead." Its range of effectiveness and power are weak compared to its other ability, but it has a low energy cost. Even with its nature of interfering with destiny and effect of "almost certainly will destroy the enemy's heart", the attack only utilizes prana in the double digits compared to a single spell from Caster costing hundreds of units of prana, and each activation is a sure kill, making it one of the most efficient Noble Phantasms with extraordinary usability that can be used up to seven times before Lancer must obtain more prana from his master.

The lance can move at impossible angles, signified by turning into a red beam of light, that always manages to reach its target. Even if he thrusts directly at the feet of the opponent, such as in the battle with Saber, it will immediately point upwards towards the heart without growing, bending, and or any movement from Lancer, and if it is thrown from a distance of ten meters, or rather than truly being a throw, "Lancer's own body is fused with his soaring spear", it will change its path around any obstacles or pierce through any wall in order to reach its target. This action looks completely normal to onlookers, as if it it were already piercing the heart, because rather than truly changing its course, it changes the means to match the result, simply as an action meant to prove the fact that the heart was pierced. It can only be used against living beings, so it would have no particular effect against inanimate objects like rocks or houses.

The lance curses the target upon striking them, delivering wounds that cannot be healed while Gae Bolg still exists in the world. While Lancer mentions that even a regular thrust through his heart would be hard to heal, being struck by the Noble Phantasm gives the greatest effect. As the "lance of cause and effect", it curses them, leaving them unable to change their fate without great luck. Those who are cursed will bear the wound until they die unless Lancer is killed or the spear is destroyed. Saber is only able to heal her wound on the outside, while she is able to fully heal a much greater wound from Berserker in a matter of hours, and she is plagued by it for weeks afterward. Shirou is able to recover slightly with Avalon, but the wound still persists until Lancer's death. Its curse is no longer effective against him with the scabbard's protection, but it takes over half a day to heal even with its potent regenerative abilities.

The attack delivers damage equal to the opponent's own health limit plus the damage from the spear itself, so the wound will be fatal no matter the opponent once they are struck. If the target has "100HP", the attack will deliver "the damage caused by the spear + 100", making it a surety that they will die.[3] This makes it especially effective against those with high durability, even those who can survive being hit by Excalibur.[5] Even someone like Arcueid Brunestud, who is very much superior in numbers compared to Lancer would be kill as long as she wasn't saved by her luck.[6] There is a small disadvantage against Servants who can move around even without their hearts like Heracles. The wounds from its attacks are rather clean, spilling only a small amount of blood compared to a regular wound of comparable size, and while a heart would normally explode from such a strike, it instead stops working with the singe strike.

It is like Tsubame Gaeshi in that the best measure against it is to not allow it to begin. Unlike Tsubame Gaeshi, which there is no way to stop once it has been used, it is possible to find a countermeasure for Gae Bolg once it is found out that it will go for the heart.[7] It is impossible to dodge the thrust of the lance, no matter how agile, well guarded, or far away from the lance the opponent is standing. Even having EX rank agility would be useless, so the only benefit would be allow the opponent to back out of the attack's range before it is initiated.[8] While it would normally be ineffective against Berserker's God Hand, Lancer could take at least one of his lives by using his runes to power up the rank of the lance to A to bypass God Hand's nullification ability.[9]

The only way to effectively defend against the attack is to have a high enough degree of luck or divine protection as to be able to alter fate, which would be heightened by also having good reflexive instincts, an auto-resurrection ability, a shield that overwhelms the magical energy of the lance, or, as a countermeasure of knowing it will strike the heart, by following Archer's strategy of quickly backing out of the attack's range before it is initialized.[10] Even if the opponent manages to avoid it with luck, as with Saber, it still leaves a heavy wound on her that takes a long time to fully heal.

The conceptual strength behind it is strong, so it will clash with something like Fragarach. Even if Lancer is killed and the attack is nullified by returning it to before it was activated, such as when going against Fragarach's unavoidable counterattack, the lance's curse will wind back to the moment "Gáe Bolg" was chanted in order to carry out its purpose of striking the heart. Fragarach alters the order of events, but Gae Bolg reverses cause and effect. It has already pierced the heart as the result, so even its master's death will not impede it from fulfilling its duty. The two opposing laws clashing against each other leaves both Lancer and Bazett dead afterward.

Soaring Spear that Strikes with Death

This is the true use of Gae Bolg.

is the largest and most powerful attack delivered using the spear. It is the “attack that unleashes countless darts at the enemy” that is spoken of in the legends. It is the attack that made him a hero which utilizes the full potential of the lance's curse, converting all of Lancer's prana into energy and releasing the accumulated power after the spear is hurled, detonating on impact with enough power to blow away a multitude of enemies.

Lancer prepares to use this ability by backing one hundred meters away from his opponent, taking a crouching position on all fours, and accelerating through an approach run by dashing fifty meters before taking to the skies. He arches his back as if drawing a bow and hurls it towards the ground with all his might. It distorts space to create a "tapestry of action" that splits into numerous spearheads that pour down over the enemy. It is said that it split into thirty in his legend, but it seems that the number has increased after Cú Chulainn became a Heroic Spirit. Compared to the very little usage of prana with the anti-unit technique, this ability has an intense consumption of energy.

It does not carry the property or concept of “always pierces the opponent’s heart”, but both the power and the area of effect are increased. Rather than dispatching a single foe with absolute accuracy, its focus as a technique is to attack the enemies together with the surrounding area in a carpet bombing fashion to cause massive destruction. Due to being hurled with all of his energy, it cannot be dodged or blocked under normal circumstances. Even resilient bulwark or agile body are not immune to its power, so Gáe Bolg will send the enemy horde flying. If it were to also have the ability to directly strike the heart, it would be closer to the level of Lugh's power as a higher level version of Fragarach.[10] The idea that Archer is capable of blocking it with Rho Aias after the spear pierces through the first six layers seems impossible to him.

The form and damage caused come close to Lugh's Brionac, but having the ability "No matter how many times it is dodged, it will strike the enemy" makes it a Noble Phantasm closer in nature to Odin's Gungnir. Archer comments that it surpasses the original Gungnir in power, and that out of all the spears he knows, it is the only one able to pierce more than one layer of Rho Aias. The spear travels at mach two, and the farthest he has thrown it is forty kilometers. Shirou believes that his actual range could extend to the other side of the Earth. Lancer thinks only two other people, three conditionally, in the world could beat that record.

Origin: Cú Chulainn is
a hero from the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology. He is a demigod, the offspring of a mortal woman, Dechtire, and the deity, Lugh. Although born with the name Sétanta, he adopted Cú Chulainn after killing the hound of a smith, Culann, and promising to replace the slain canine while another was reared. Cú is the Irish Gaelic word for "hound." During Cú Chulainn's expedition to the Land of Shadows in Scotland, he trained under a sorceress named Scáthach and acquired his signature weapon, the cursed javelin, Gáe Bolg. With his heroic exploits, Cú Chulainn acquired a reputation of savagery in battle, though he was a well-meaning and courageous young man. However, above all, he is best known for keeping his word.

Lancer was originally summoned by Bazett Fraga McRemitz, an Irish representative of the Mage's Association. However, Kirei Kotomine betrayed Bazett and severed her left arm to obtain her Command Spell, leaving her almost dead. He then used her stolen Command Seals to gain the allegiance of Lancer and enter into the 5th Holy Grail War. Despite his wishes to avenge his fallen master, Lancer was forced to bend to Kotomine's will. Lancer is disgruntled at having to serve a Master who uses such cowardly tactics, but he is forced to obey Kirei's wishes.

Kirei chooses to employ a passive strategy regarding Lancer. He has Lancer go out on reconnaissance, and scout the locations and identies of other Masters and gauge how dangerous their Servants are. During his fight with Archer, Lancer noticed that Shirou Emiya had witnessed his entire battle. Believing Shirou to be an ordinary human, to preserve the secrecy of the Holy Grail War, Lancer silences Shirou by stabbing him through his heart.

Later, Lancer realizes that Shirou has recovered from his mortal wound, so he tracks and corners the young mage within the shed of his home estate. Before Lancer is able to strike a mortal blow, Shirou is rescued by the recently summoned Servant, Saber, who then engages Lancer in combat. Outmatched, Lancer flees the scene just before the arrival of Archer and his master.

After being driven out of his church by Caster, and faking his death, Kotomine orders Lancer to cooperate with Shirou and Rin. Lancer helps them with their plan to defeat Caster by fighting Archer to distract him, so that Rin and Shirou are able to enter the church. Ostensibly defeating Archer, but choosing not to conclude their battle, he later reappears to offer his aid again to Shirou and Saber after Rin is captured. Upon rescuing Rin, Kirei suddenly appears and orders Lancer to kill Rin. In addition to his previous disgust with Kotomine, Lancer has come to admire Rin, and therefore refuses his order. In response to this, Kotomine uses a Command Seal to force Lancer to give himself a mortal wound. However, before he fades away, Lancer manages to kill Kotomine, and bids goodbye to Rin. Before his death, he sets the Einzbern castle on fire.

While he was content to die there, Lancer awoke to find himself in this strange city alive again and without the need of a Master. So now he makes his new life in this strange city seeking both the company of fine women and battle.

Weakness: Being fed dog’s meat, making him break promises.  Anti-divinity weapons.
Likes: A good fight.  A good shag.  A nice pair of tits and a fine ass.  Women who can either boss him around or be a good housewife.  Good beer and good company.  Fair fights. Rin.
Dislikes: People who cheat in a fight (“Fucking Archer.”).  “Fucking” Archer.  Kotomine.  Crows.  The Morrigan.  Bad beer.  People who mistreat women.

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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Ashylnn "Ash" O'Rourke or "The Iron Maiden"
Race: Vampire
Age: 600, give or take a decade or three.
Height: 5’4
Weight: About 130
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Dark Auburn
Appearance: Ash is well, she's a hottie.  Gorgeous, the type of woman that draws most attention in a room.  Petite, voluptuous but with some muscle tone (no where near Forest or even Wynn's), Ash has a body that looks like it's made for sex.

She has long, curly dark auburn hair, a classically beautiful face and gray eyes.  Her style focuses on both sides of her personality; biker leathers and jeans and eye catching seduction.  She also tends to wear a lot of blue.
Scale: Servant
Strength: C (A++ in Berserker Rage)
Agility: C (B- in Berserker Rage)
Speed: C (B+ in Berserker Rage)
Magic Resistance: N/A
Magic Ability: E
Other Abilities:
Telepathy: C.  She can read minds and communicate with people within a one mile radius.
Berserk Mode: B- There was something in Ash’s bloodline that can cause her to go berserk.  This was awakened when she became a vampire.  When this mode is invoked she cannot tell friend nor foe, and as seen above her stats rise.  However, she is pretty much a creature of instinct in this mode.
Combat Ability: B- Like all of Forest’s former students, Ash can certainly handle herself in a fight.  Her favorite weapons are a mace and sawed off shot gun.
Regeneration: A – unless it is a fatal wound such as a stake through the heart, beheading, or immolation through fire or sunlight, Ash will survive it.  She can even regenerate limbs and take gunshot wounds to the head.  She just needs blood to recover it.
Manipulative Bite: When Ash feeds, she can cause her victim/donor to feel however she wants them to from orgasming to extreme pain or fear.
Heightened Senses:  All of Ash’s senses, due to her vampirism, are heightened: touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing, and mental.
My soul is solely mine. An interesting quirk of vampires from Ash’s home world is that their souls cannot be taken from them nor can they willingly sell their soul either.  It is theirs until death and cannot be taken away willingly or by force
Vampiric Claws When in her "vamp mode", Ash's (or any vampire's nails) nails harden and sharpen to razor sharp talons that can cut through even stone.

Origin: Ash was the bastard daughter of an English nobleman and an Irish Prostitute.  She grew up in a brothel, servicing men to earn her keep.  Luckily, she was fair of face and clever enough to rise above the brothel to become a courtesan who's main trade was nobility.  She met a vampire and he was smitten with her beauty and charm, so he turned her.

Just there was something in Ash's bloodline that neither one of them knew or could have even dreamed of.  Something that made her go berserk soon after she was turned.  She went on a small rampage until her sire eventually managed to stop her.  He locked her up, starving her to weaken her to keep her from doing the same again. 

Luckily, she was found by Law Unto Herself and became Forest's first student.

While she doesn't have Forest's moral leanings, she respects Forest for them.  Ash has no qualms killing to feed and tends to specifically go after murders, rapists, child molesters etc.  In fact, she delights in killing them in various humiliating fashions.

Weakness: Being bound in silver, sunlight, fire, beheading, and wooden stakes to the heart.
Likes: Forest, Gabriel, bookish men, a good motorcycle, Earl Grey tea, finery, acting like both a proper lady and a street thug, a man who knows what a clitoris is.
Dislikes: Wynn, being called a whore, and being asked, "How much?"  Rapists and child molesters (even though they’re her favorite sort of food).
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Lady Wynn Noreen Umbra
Race: Unseelie Faerie (Nobility)
Age: 1,000
Height: 5’7
Weight: 132
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Black
Appearance: Wynn is slightly above average height for a woman, and voluptuous with an hour glass figure.  She has nice, sculpted legs and a bit of muscle tone in her shoulders, arms, and abdomen from working her forge.  Her jet black hair falls to her knees.  Like Gabriel's hair it doesn't reflect light at all.  It appears as if her hair was crafted from India ink- just a solid, silken mass of black.  In fact, it looks as if her hair is absorbing and dissipate light if one looks closely enough. 

Her wide eyes are a pure violet, like the finest amethysts and looks unreal and jewel bright as well.  She has full lips, pointed ears, and finely sculpted features.  Her skin is fair and faintly luminescent- like a good quality pearl.  She has pointed ears as well.  Now, this is when she has her glamor up.

When she drops her glamor the evidence that the Wild Hunt is strongly in her blood comes through.  Her skin glows, as if moonlight was trapped underneath it, and the more excited, aroused, or if she's using magic the brighter Wynn glows.  The pupils of her eyes go from traditional round to an oval shape- not quite elliptical but none the less very alien.  Even more unusual is that black crescent moons appear on all of her pulse points.

She favors well tailored power suits -either skirts or pants are fine - that show off her supple curves.  She likes gray with pale lavender pinstripes with a matching blouse.  She also of course likes blacks, deep reds, violets, purples, and plums as well.  Her shoes of choice are black heels with a reasonable heel.  She can sometimes be seen in jeans as well.  When she is at Court she sports elaborate ball gowns in her chosen shades.

She is never seen without jewelry of some kind.  Most importantly the Seal of Umbra that decorates her left ring finger.  Gabriel has a matching seal made for a man, but he wears it on his left middle finger.
Scale: Mixed
Strength: D (Human) Can enhance (think Reinforcement) herself to A
Agility: C-, Magically enhanced she can get to a B+ (Human)
Speed: B-, Magically enhanced she can get to a EX (Human)
Magic Resistance: B+ if she doesn't have any casting time to defend, EX if she can prepare. (Servant)
Magic Ability: A (Servant) – EX if it’s her Shadow Crafting (Servant).
Elemental Spells- B (Servant)
Charms (Think like mystic codes that she creates or has created)- A (Servant)
Other Abilities:
Shadow Crafting- EX- Wynn comes from the House Umbra and is the only living member of its line.  Her birthright is the ability to control shadows.  She can bend them to her will from anything to soft bindings to hard edge blades.  She can also manipulate multiple shadows at once.  This ability is limited by her own imagination and how strong the shadows are in her area.  (Say if it was high noon and she was outside in an open area she wouldn't have much to work with.)

Shadow Walking- Due to her ability to actually use magic, Wynn's form of Shadow Walking is far more enhanced than her son's.  While her son opens doors and passage ways, Wynn can come in and out of walls, through the floor to grab someone from behind and so on and so forth.  It also makes her a pain to fight against because not only is her Shadow Walking faster because she can pull herself along the Shadow Paths faster than her son can walk or run, she can all but vanish and reappear at will.

She can also pull things through the Shadows without going with her.  She generally does this to "summon" things she wants- generally liquor or the like.  Ironically, a lot of liquor stores find their stores of absinthe gone while Wynn is in town.  Taking a person is difficult-  She needs to be in contact with them, but it's not anything for her to bind someone with shadows, open a portal and drop them somewhere unpleasant. 

She can also use this in battle as well.  If someone aims a projectile attack at her such as fire balls or bullets, she'll open up a shadow portal in front of herself to send them elsewhere.  If asked where it goes, she believes its some place in Antarctica.

Craft- Wynn's specialty is Shadows, but it takes a considerable amount of time for her to use other Elemental magics that other Faeries can do pretty much at will.  To make up for this, Wynn studied and she studied hard.  With an artistic eye and a love for gemstones as well as a gift with a forge she began to craft mystical items that would put her more on par with other Faeries.  She is never without mystical jewelry that she can use defensively and offensively or give other abilities like having people understand her and be able to understand others who don't speak the languages she does.

The jewelry Wynn currently has in the Nexus are: (Note: All Power Rankings for these are on Servant scale.)

Band of Lightning- This is a clear quartz bangle set in silver.  All of Wynn's jewelry is set in silver because it enhances the stone's mystical properties.  What the Band of Lightning does is that it can shoot lightning bolts at a chosen target.  She can shoot five of these before the bangle's power supply is depleted and it has to recharge.  For this bracelet to recharge it has to sit outside during a thunder or lightning storm. (Attack Power Rank B)

Knowing Tongue- This pendent and earring set are made from amethyst and aquamarine in an icy blue.  This set allows Wynn to understand languages that she doesn't know, like Japanese, and when she speaks the people listening to her will understand her.  Basically, it’s a universal translator.  So if say Character A who is Russian and speaking Russian and Japanese Character D were both talking to Wynn she would understand them perfectly and they would understand her.  (This is because Wynn cannot be bothered by learning heathen languages like Japanese.)

The Pyre- The Pyre is a garnet band made from red, yellow, and orange garnets.  She wears it on the ring finger of her right hand.  It allows her to create and control fires.  She has about seven uses of this ring before it needs to be recharged.  To recharge the Pyre Wynn simply needs to drop the ring into a flame for a few hours time.  (Attack Power: -A)

Combat- Forest taught her how to fight, and Wynn is a master swordswoman. However, Forest didn't teach her martial arts because at the time Forest herself didn't know them.  Still, Wynn hones her skill with a blade with other master swordsmen and can craft shadows into very dangerous weapons if need be.

Elemental Affinity- As a Faerie, she is one with Nature.  Therefore the elements will respond to her over a human tapping into them.
Origin: Wynn is one of the few Faeries in either court that has direct routes to the Wild Hunt.  Her father was a huntsman who saw her mother.  They had a tryst.  Wynn was born ten months later.  Her mother was sort of distant and Wynn herself was left in the care of various nursemaids and the like.  Eventually, Wynn's mother joined Wynn's father and rode with the Hunt, leaving Wynn with all the responsibilities of running the House of Umbra.

Even at a young age, Wynn could see that Faerie itself was stagnant.  There was little change going on, and she knew that change meant atrophy and then atrophy meant death.  So she began to gain the means to attempt to revolutionize Faerie and try to get the Fae into the world.

This is where she met a certain vampire named Forest.  Wynn was instantly curious because she'd never seen a person with golden hair before- it's not a color found in the Unseelie Court.  Then Wynn, being Faerie, decided that hey, molesting Forest with shadows would be a lot of fun.

Forest retaliated by beating the shit out of her with a cast iron skillet.

They became friends since that, aiding each other when the other needed it. In some ways becoming close as family.  During this, Wynn rose politically within Faerie until there was a duel she couldn't win.  See Gabriel Umbra's origin for more on the Incubus and the sword she wanted to forge.

Having a child that she couldn't raise- in fact just carrying him nearly killed her- she gave her son to Forest to raise while trying to be in his life as much as possible.  Wynn loves her son, but cannot be around him due to his magical nullifying nature.  She is also somewhat disappointed because she cannot claim Gabriel as an heir and his existence must not be revealed to Faerie.  It also makes her sad that she could not teach her offspring how to use magic as she had learned.

Still, Wynn works to try to change Faerie and make it thrive, and trying to get into Forest's pants from time to time.  However, she's content with cuddling and blood drinking for the most part.

She cannot negate magic like Gabe can either.  She can shield herself somewhat, but powerful enough of a blast will harm her.

Weakness: Wynn is Faerie, so iron is her bane.  Any alloy with a high enough iron content can harm her and bind her.  If the same question is asked of her three times she must fully and honestly answer it.  She cannot lie outright, but she can manipulate the truth to her needs.  Her abilities to use magic are weaker in the day than the night.  Even though immortal, she cannot heal at the rate Forest has unless magic is involved.
Likes: Absinthe, gemstones, a good fuck, pretty blonds of either gender, sweets, good tea, was Absinthe mentioned?  Long hot baths.  Violets.  Jasmine.  Lavender.  Absinthe.  People fawning over her.
Dislikes: Iron.  Steel.  Modern technology.  Cars.  When Forest gets mopey.  Mortal stupidity. Not getting the proper respect she deserves. Not having a proper heir.
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: John 'Jack' Cooper
Race: Vampire; Clan Gangrel
Age: 161 years dead, apparent age 32
Height: 5'11
Weight: 171 lbs
Eyes: Blue Grey
Hair: Black
Appearance: Rarely found not in his cut or his riding gear, Jack looks very little like his actual age. Maybe a little haggerd around the eyes, but otherwise? He looks pretty damn normal. This becomes far less so when he's hungry or the fangs come out. He's about average height now, but back then he was rather tall.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Scale: Mixed

Strength: A (Human)
Agility: C+, (Human)
Speed: C (Human)
Magic Resistance: C- (Servant)
Magical Ability: N/A

Other Abilities: There's some things that becoming a vampire intrinsically lets you do - boost your strength through burning vitae (the power absorbed by blood), have fangs, and take bullets like a champ - you simply don't need that flesh or internal organs any more..

And then there's the freaky shit that each clan can do. Scare people shitless with a look, take control of minds, become a target of infatuated lust, be able to always find whatever you're looking for... and change shape. Powers like this are known as Disciplines, and every Kindred knows at least one. Moving faster than the eye can track, being able to rip off heads like someone would twist open a soda bottle, hiding in plain sight, and being able to blunt the points of knives on their bare skin? Those are disciplines as well. Here's what Jack knows, which is pretty much all Gangrel stuff.

Protean - Shapeshifting. Jack took one hell of a liking to this - it's useful simply because as long as he can find a deserted ditch, or anywhere around the long highways, he can sleep during the day without worry by melding himself with the dirt and rocks below the grass. It even works with the pavement of Nexus city. Jack can use this to bring claws out of his knuckles, see 360 degrees through modifying his ears to be able to sense tremors in the ground nearby, and smell like a bloodhound. He can even take on the form of a stray dog if he wants to avoid detection. Dracula did a wolf, but sometimes a vicious mutt is just as good. A large crow does the trick too. Jack's claws are also supernaturally deadly, causing necrosis when they slice through undead flesh, and when frenzying, practically obliterating it. They can even slice through thick tough leather and steel, not to mention kevlar.

Animalism - Supposedly, animals don't like the undead. That's bullshit. Well, at least for Gangrel. Hell, Jack can talk to them and make them do things for him, if he's feeling like it. It's not much, but it's companionship. And for a vampire, that's nothing to laugh at.

Resilience - This is where Jack's powers really shine through. He's tough as a rhino on PCP half the time, able to take 9mm rounds without even blinking, not that that's stopped him from picking up a bulletproof vest. Whatever you throw at him, as long as it isn't fire, he can take it as long as he's got vitae in his system.

Vigor - You know those stories of the undead being capable of great feats of strength? In Jack's case, that's entirely true. He's not as strong as some specialists in this discipline, but he's strong. Very strong. 

Other Abilities: A former gunslinger and current biker ganger, Jack's the type to get dirty. He's got a pair of .44 magnum's and he damn well knows how to use them. And he obviously loads them with jacketed hollow points, for bigger holes. He's taken to a sawed off shotgun recently too, his strength and skill being enough that he can onehand it on his bike with decent accuracy. Quite good with his fists, and he's able to see in the dark. For that matter, he can smell a drop of blood in a busy building, or hear the heartbeats of everyone in a room. When you're a predator of humans, you get very good at being able to find them.

Origin: Jack's been riding for a long time. He was a cowboy once, until one night a barfight ended up with him and some other tough customer out in a back alley drawing knives on each other. Jack's knife didn't do shit, or at least, didn't appear to do so - and then his opponent sprouted fangs and embraced him, before skipping town after a few words of explanation and advice. Jack's been a nomad ever since, hopping from town to town, living on the long stretches of road in North America. Falling in with the Sons of Dracula, a vampire outlaw motorcycle gang, in the sixties, he's been a member ever since, a member of their Nomad chapter, roaming across the country, helping local chapters whenever they need a little more muscle. He's earned his cut several times over, though he's recently been on more of a journey of self discovery, the open road leading him to Nexus City.

Weakness: Fire. Holy water just makes him laugh. A stake to the heart puts him out cold, but doesn't kill him - if you can pull it off that is, His skin's rather tough when he needs it to be. Cannot walk in sunlight, or he'll incinerate himself. For that matter, fire makes him very very antsy. A pretty smile and nice legs will get him to do just about anything, and probably truly for free.
Likes: A nice pair of legs, good whiskey, bad whiskey, blood, his bandanna and jacket, the Nexus at nighttime.
Dislikes: The fact he can't smoke anymore. The inability to drink without vomiting it back up afterward.


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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Arcueid Brunestud
Race: True Ancestor
Age: 800+ years old
Height: 167cm
Weight: 52kg
Eyes: Red/Gold (Mystic Eyes)
Hair: Blond

Spoiler for Hidden:

*Basic stats before engaging an opponent. Will change after back up from Gaia but can't go lower unless severely wounded, crippled or under debuff effects.

Scale: Servant
Strength: B*
Agility: B*
Speed: B*
Endurance: B*
Magic Resistance: A

Weaknesses: Fear of Blood, MEoDP, Magecraft never used against her, Conceptual Weapons never used against her, Barriers reducing her connection to Gaia, fighting  her as a group.

Likes: Shiki, Len, Phantasmoon, Melty Blood, Hamburgers.

Dislikes: Roa, Ciel, Dead Apostles.

Other Abilities:
Vampire Claws:

Her main weapon. Able to damage even spiritual entities. Arcueid boast sufficient power to deal with most opponents barehanded.

Mystic Eyes of Enchantment:

Able to cast powerful hypnotic suggestions.

Resistance to Conceptual Weapons:

Having developed a resistance to most concepts, only few still hold the power to affect and kill her. Conceptual weapons originated from South America will affect her. Same goes for those from other worlds.

Resistance to Magecraft:

Except for Shinto magecraft (Houjutsu & Onmyodo), magecraft of this era is useless. True Magic, AoG magecraft and concepts from other worlds work fine.

Back up from the Planet:

Arcueid receives a boost from the Gaia when fighting. The amount is fixed one rank above the level of opposition. (Unless she's already stronger)

Night Cycle:

Supposed to become near invulnerable at night.

Game breaking.

Curse of Restoration:

As a True Ancestor, her regenerative abilities are tied to the Moon phases. The closer the Full Moon, the more efficient it is and vice versa.

Planet Terminal (Nigh Immortality):

In the likelihood Arcueid would be killed, she will eventually be brought back by the will of Gaia(me :D). However, the location is rather random and takes longer each time she is eliminated. (tldr; It's impossible to go for revenge kill like in your videogames :()

Situational. I may not bring her back at all according to how she's dealt with.

Marble Phantasm:

The ability to alter the probabilities at will. Arcueid usually manifests the Brunestud Castle, allowing her to create unavoidable vacuum effects cutting down opposition.


An impulse which affects all True Ancestors, cursed legacy of Crimson Moon. Most of her power is required to keep her pulsions in check.

Origin: Her arrival in the Nexus follows events past Ciel True Ending. As for what happens in Tsukihime, you have no excuse if you never read it.


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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
« Reply #37 on: May 27, 2014, 01:36:49 AM »
Name: Enkidu
Race: Creation of the Gods
Age: ---
Height: 172cm
Weight: 59kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Green

Spoiler for Hidden:

Scale: Servant
Strength: B+
Agility: A
Speed: B
Endurance: A++
Magic Resistance: B
Weaknesses: Doesn't understand the concept of strategy, can't shape-shift in more than one weapon at a time, genuinely naive, fighting consumes his clay (Takes about a week IC to regenerate). 
Likes: Gilgamesh, fighting alongside his friend, wildness, animals, humanity.
Dislikes: Parting ways, modern society, Nexus.

Other Abilities:
Unified Language:
Enkidu is only able to communicate in the long lost language of Old Babylonia. As such, he can be understood by any interlocutor, human, animal, spirit, etc... no matter their species as long as they originate from Gaia. Similar to mind speak but could be used to compel others completely as one can't deny the echo unless they do speak the language themselves.

While he can be understood by everyone, the opposite isn't true. Unable to speak any languages of this era, he has to trust his own instinct when interacting with Nexus' residents.


His body can take the shape of swords, spears, shields, and many other weapons. Although these might look rudimentary, they are a match for the King's treasures. Outside of combat, he also has the possibility to alter his appearance to his convenience.

Spoiler for Hidden:

Origin: Enkidu, the strongest weapon of Uruk. A soulless being created to match the might of the Golden King. His original purpose was to punish the arrogant King who betrayed the will of the Gods. But when Enkidu found Gilgamesh, he was young and still had the possibility to become someone better. So Enkidu waited years. Unfortunately, Gilgamesh became as the Gods feared. Thus the creation of the Enki and the Golden King engaged each other in a confrontation never to be seen ever again. The treasures collected by Gilgamesh were thrown to match the shapeshifting abilities of Enkidu. At the end of days wrestling each other, they reached a result Enkidu didn't expect.

They became companions and friends. Together, they traveled and engaged in battles with Humbaba, Guardian of the Cedar Forest. Exploits after exploits, their fame grew. Until it culminated when they faced side by side the Bull of Heaven and triumphed once again. However, Ishtar was indeed a petty and cruel Goddess for she sentenced the two of them to death in retaliation.

Unable to deny such decree, as one still bound by the whim of those who created him, Enkidu became ill. Dying, he addressed the King in earnest. For he needed not to grief him, after all, he was only a weapon among the many treasure to be owned by the King. As his body slowly became once more a mere morsel of dried clay, Enkidu wished to meet again with his only friend.

Awakening from what felt like an ageless slumber, the only friend of Gilgamesh found himself inside the Nexus.


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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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"Stop! Leave her alone! Leave us both the Hell alone!"

Name: Pyramid Head
Race: Nightmare Entity
Age: Unknown
Height: ~7 feet (From the top of the metal helmet)
Weight: 270 lbs (with helm)
Eyes: Unknown
Hair: Unknown

*Basic Stats before combat. See The Executioner, not the Executed for more details.
Scale: Mixed
Strength: C* (Servant)
Agility: C (Human)
Speed: C (Human)
Magic Resistance: D* (Servant)
Magic Ability: C (Servant)
Other Abilities:
The Executioner, not the Executed: When entering combat or hunting down prey that he is sensing, his strength raises to one rank higher than that of his victim (but this will not go below his base stat), while Magic Resistance rises enough to the equivlent of their Magic Ability (But will not go below baseline). This stat boosting will not occur if ambushed.

Invulnerability: Pyramid Head's body is invulnerable. However, he will get frustrated and give up if he recieves enough attacks without managing to grab hold of potential victims, abandoning pursuit for the time being.

Territory Creation: The area around Pyramid Head peels away to the Other World's version. This does not have any benefits for him, and, if anything, can serve as an early warning for others.

The Great Knife: A knife so large that it has to be dragged on the ground. Due to the maligned nature of this nightmare entity, it is generally a bad idea to try to endure a swipe. It is unknown what is able to survive an attack.

The Great Spear: An evil weapon used the same way as any other spear. Same deal as the Knife, but more survivable.

Origin: It is unknown how such an evil entity came to be. There is a painting of Pyramid Head in Silent Hill itself, but his form only appeared long after it was painted. It is also unknown how this monster left the confines of Silent Hill and entered Nexus City, but he most certainly brought the town's curse with him, temporarily changing the area into the Other World's version. He seems to kill for the sake of killing, and raping for the sake of the act itself.

If you are to ever catch sight of the Executioner, you must escape. Don't try to fight him if you have an escape route, for he is immortal and you will most likely be able to outrun him. If the Otherworld takes away your ability to run, hurt him enough until, out of frustration, he abandons the hunt. If he grabs hold of you, chances are you will die if you are male, or raped and killed if female.

Of also note, Pyramid Head seems to focus in on only one individual at a time. Working in groups can and will frustrate him easily.

Weakness: Groups, frustration, strong mental attacks
Likes: None (Kills for the sake of killing, rapes for the sake of the act)
Dislikes: Canned Peaches
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Mankanshoku Mako
Race: MAKO
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Short, Light Brown

Scale: Mortal normally, (Servant when in Goku Uniform)

Strength: C (A+)
Agility: C (A)
Endurance: A++ (A+)
Magic Resistance: X (A)
Magic Ability: X (X)
Threat Level: MAKO

Other Abilities:
Fight Club Spec Two Star Goku Uniform

    As her club was the "Fighting Club", the Goku Uniform is designed after a Bancho, and consisted of a black over coat hung over her shoulders. It has two red four-pointed stars to symbolize its rank on her belt. The coat is studded with gold metals around the collar and has red spikes from the shoulders. She also wears a black cap with a golden crescent moon on it. She has red spiked cuffs on her wrists and golden brass knuckles engraved with the word "MAKO". Inside the coat are several golden weapons such as a morning-star and a wrench. She also has a green reed in her mouth.

    In battle, she uses her Geta shoes to deliver powerful kicks and is able to send her impromptu weapons in a barrage against her opponent. She can use a chain to bind her opponent and slam the opponent around. As a close combat weapon, she uses a golden bat wrapped with bandages with nails stabbed into it. She can fire a high power missile out of that bat, at the cost of the bat shattering. She also uses her bronze knuckles to deliver punches. When punching with her full power, she is capable of making a giant crater in the ground and create a shock-wave that blew One-Star students and even the 3-Star Elite Four away. 

Should Mako need more weapons in a fight, she has a ready supply of every form of delinquent stereotyped Golden weapon imaginable in mass quantities that can be materialized and fired at greater than sonic speeds. There is absolutely no reason for why it works but like everything else about Mako it happens anyway. Nobody knows how this impossible weapon came into existence, but it is feared by many.

Watch Kill la Kill

Weakness: MAKO has no weakness! (More seriously [Still not very] Tennis Balls and Money)

Likes: Ryuko-chan, her family, Mystery Croquets, Money, Gamagoori-Sempai, sleeping in class.

Dislikes: Being poor, her own greed, not getting to nap in class.


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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
« Reply #40 on: May 28, 2014, 02:07:22 AM »
Name: Shiro
Race: Human
Age: 49
Height: 5'10
Weight: 136lb
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Gray
Appearance: An older man who normally wears a buttoned pea coat, a scarf and glasses, he tends to give off a fatherly aura.

Alignment: Neutral Good
Servant Scale
Strength: B
Agility: A
Speed: C
Magic Resistance: B (through the holy shroud he owns)

Magic Ability: His Sacraments while being able to be considered magical ability are placed under other abilities due to his method of using them.

Other Abilities: A skilled member of the burial agency, he is renowned for his extraordinary faith and capability despite being a mostly normal human. He fights using variable means however he is known for only killing those that disturb the peace, threaten the church or innocents, inhuman monsters or demons (however is slightly lenient of vampires), or when ordered to by higher ranked members of the church.

Inhuman Strength, Speed, and Agility: For some reason Shiro's physical capabilities far outstrip a normal humans. A mystery to all, even him. The truth is Shiro due to Shiro's faith alone actualizing miracles his body is passively reinforced by it. To compound this while he was acting as an executioner he found and accedently swallowed a Coin of Judas, however due to his usefulness they allowed it to remain in his body. He acts like it is a mystery why he has these capabilites because he likes the appeal.

Master of Hand to Hand: A master of hand to hand combat but not of a specific style. Prefers throws and grabs over striking his opponents.

Expert Marksman: Expert marksman of using guns of all types.

Weapon master: Has trained to a high level to use all possible melee weapons. Such as spears and swords.

Expert at Black Keys: A master at the art of using Black Keys, known to surpass all other in the church. He is more then capable of using them effectively in melee combat despite their impracticability.

Sealed Magic circuits: Born with two defective magic circuits that exist in the shape of a cross in his chest, is visible as the form of a cross shaped scar in the center of his chest.

Linked Origin and Element: Despite the sealed nature of his circuits they still process an element. However he is an oddity due to his like element and origin, ‘Holy’ or perhaps 'Blessed'. This manifests as an ability to actualize miracles, specificly the sacraments of the church (even those dangerously close to magecraft) and constant fullbody reinforcement solely based on his faith. Which in turn have an increased effect against inhuman monsters and spirits. This ability cannot be quantified as magic, as there is no magical energy used.

Sacraments: Capable of using sacraments of the church, such as baptism, cremation, dokhma, interment, and jhator. He is able use the baptism sacrament with no aria due to his linked origin and element. It also allows him to bind people by their shadows using black keys.  He is also capable of creating highly consecrated grounds.

                  - Cremation Sacrament is a sacrament of the church engraved in Black Keys that makes them burn once they pierce the target.  The flames will endlessly burn until the Black Keys are removed

                  - Dokhma Sacrament is a sacrament of the church engraved in Black Keys that makes them dehydrate the target once hit by the blades. It can cause complet withering and removal of water in targets.

                  - Interment Sacrament is a sacrament of the church engraved in Black Keys that cause gradual petrification of the target once hit by the blades. The rate increases should the target not be alive.

                  - Jhator Sacrament is a sacrament of the church engraved in Black Keys that call forth crows to devour the target that was pierced by the blades. This calling persists until the Black Keys are removed.

Protection of Faith: Through his faith he is immune to the sacraments of the church and anything founded in Christianity. Also provides protection against mental interference

Cooking: Shiro is a skilled cook capable of making good food with a small amount of good ingredients.


Holy Shroud: Owns a holy shroud which grants him magic resistance. Has fashioned it into a scarf.

Holy tools: Own a large assortment of holy tools such as crosses, rosaries, and holy water.

Grenades: Shiro makes his own specialty explosives, such as silver shrapnel, holy water and flares.

Black keys and other keys of prominence

A small bible which holds black keys and keys of prominence, also has many loose bible pages sown throughout his jacket.

A large variety of guns and ammunition, some of which are blessed.

The 4th Holy Scripture Longinus – Imitation of the Spear of Destiny: An imitation created using a shard of the spear Longinus; however its powers are far from the original. It creates wounds which cannot be healed and has power proportional to the user’s faith, at Shiro's level of faith it can cut through just about just though anything, even magic. It can turn into a small pin he wears on his chest. Finnally he has inscribed it with sacraments, like he has his black keys, such as cremation, dokhma, interment, and jhator sacraments. Has an increased effect against inhuman monsters and spirits.

Yuki: A katana made by the legendary Japanese sword-smith Masamune in secret. It was created with the concepts of ‘emptiness and sealing’ allowing it to absorb energy or spirits into the blade and lock them away. Through purification the sealed spirit can be removed and destroyed. He can utilize the prana, curse or ability stored in it exactly one time. If it has absorbed something it cannot absorb anything else until it has been emptied.

When he was a child he was adopted by an executioner of the church due to the cross shaped mark on his chest. From a young age he showed incredible faith in Christ and was sent to begin training as an Executioner completely of his own will, in addition to his abnormal physical abilites. Showing massive ability and talent he quickly raised through the ranks and eventually was invited to join the ranks of the Burial Agency with the rank of 4, where he struck a friendship with his fellow member Mr. Dawn.

Since arriving in the Nexus City he has established a church in the north west of the No Man’s Land where he takes in children and helps raise them while protecting them from the threats of the  city.

Weakness: People who use children, his kindness is easy to manipulate, people who scheme due to his predictability.
Likes: Mr. Dawn, Sake, Beer, Kids (not in that way you sicko)
Dislikes: Demons, Vampires, Monsters, Heretics, those that harm children
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Tohsaka Rin
Race: Human (Magus)
Age: 18
Height: 5'2"
Weight:107 lbs
Eyes: Aquamarine
Hair: Black

Spoiler for As Kaleido Ruby::

Alignment:Neutral Good (tries to act neutral due to being a Magus. Tends to fail)
Strength: B-
Agility: B
Speed: B
Magic Resistance: B
Magic Ability: A

Other Abilities:

Average One: Has aptitude in all elements. This means she can use any element of magecraft with about even effectiveness.

Gems: As typical of gem mages of the Tohsaka or Edelfelt lines, prana can be stored into gems, and said gems can be used to release a magical attack with no cost, as the prana is already pre-stored in the gem. How much prana can be stored in the gem depends on the gem type and quality, and a gem's type and quality can also influence what magecraft can be released from the gem. However, these gems are destroyed after use, so they must be used sparingly. This means that the Tohsaka brand of magecraft can be quite expensive.

Gandr: A Finnish curse originally from the Edelfelt line. Like a magical bullet, it can rip through flesh and cause a good deal of damage. Each burst is fired by concentrating prana into a finger and then releasing, somewhat similarly to firing a gun. Unlike most magecraft, there is no incantation needed to fire one, and she can fire many within quick succession of one another. 

Zelretch's Apprentice: Has some knowledge of the 2nd True Magic. However, as of now this is mostly limited to just knowledge, she cannot really use it as of yet.   

Mystic Code
Kaleido Stick Ruby:

A powerful wand created by Zelretch himself, which is able to empower the wielder with a nearly infinite amount of prana and power, as taken from other selves from other dimensions and timelines. ...However, because Ruby hates her creator, and has a tendency to take her frustrations out on her wielders, Ruby forces the one who wields her to become a magical girl, and their attacks to match. Since Ruby herself is sentient, this also means she tends to heap verbal abuse and is generally rude and rather blunt. And also somewhat perverted. She is also rebellious, and if her current master gets on her nerves enough, she will abandon said master, and go find someone else.

It should be noted that despite the infinite power and prana thing, there are limits. While still a significant upgrade, enough to reasonably upgrade the wielder's stats to at least mid-Servant tier, Ruby does need rest every once in awhile, and there's only so much power she can provide with one shot. 

Martial Arts: Has some expertise thanks to being taught by a certain Fake Priest. She's not a master, but this makes her able to hold her own in close combat, especially when coupled with reinforcement.

With Sakura and Shirou together as a couple, and appointed as Zelretch's apprentice under a year ago, Rin has begun her training, attempting to advance her carreer as a magus. As of recently, a very interesting opprotunity popped up- the chance to explore another world, and find out why it ripped a hole in the fabric of reality.

Originally she was to be sent with Luviagelita Edelfelt, but thanks to an incident on the way to the portal that all three participants don't wish to talk about, she ended up being stuck with some random magus girl instead.

Now stuck with a bad tempered young magus instead of her old rival Sausage Curls, the two begin their journey to investigate the mysterious and vast metropilos that is the Nexus.

Weakness: Modern technology, being accident prone
Likes: Gems, magecraft, money, cats, her former Servant Archer
Dislikes: Ruby, things going wrong, modern technology
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Mille Garrison
Race: Human (Magus)
Age: 17
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 106 lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Red

Spoiler for Note: will draw something better later:

As Kaleido Sapphire (or Ruby, depending on the situation):
Think Miyu's Kaleido Sapphire outfit from Prisma Illya, then take the feathers and apply them to the end of Mille's twintails. You pretty much got it.
Alignment: Neutral Good (tries to act neutral even harder than Rin due to being a Magus. Tends to fail)
Scale: Mortal
Strength: B-
Agility: B
Speed: B
Magic Resistance: B
Magic Ability: A

Other Abilities:

Fire Aligned: All fire spells are more powerful, and her spells tend to take a form that could be said to be more... firey. However, any spell that is of an element that is not fire or that is elementally neutral suffers. 

Origin, Strengthening: Reinforcement spells and bounded fields gain an innate boost thanks to Mille's origin.

Runes: The Garrison family magecraft revolves around runes. Prana is poured into the runes as they are carved or written on their target. Like gems, they can retain prana, but not to quite as great an extent. Unlike gems, there doesn't need to be a huge investment beforehand, and they can be used in an instant, but this means that prana is used. 

Obsessive Study: Despite not having quite a conventional education, Mille has studied extra hard, practiced, and trained since the age of ten with an amount of effort that would make most magi blush, to the point of pushing herself to illness. At the price of normal social interaction, Mille may know of things that most magi of her age and level wouldn't know. However, due to a lack of self confidence, she cannot use this entirely to her advantage to enhance her own skills completely.

Mystic Code:
Kaleido Stick Sapphire:

A powerful wand created by Zelretch himself, which is able to empower the wielder with a nearly infinite amount of prana and power, as taken from other selves from other dimensions and timelines. ...However, despite being far gentler of temperament than Ruby, Sapphire still forces the one who wields her to become a magical girl, and their attacks to match. Since Sapphire herself is sentient, she can sometimes lend advice as well, but is a bit on the quiet side. While less so than her sister Ruby, she also can be rebellious, and if her current master proves themselves unworthy, she will abandon said master, and go find someone else.

It should be noted that despite the infinite power and prana thing, there are limits. While still a significant upgrade, enough to reasonably upgrade the wielder's stats to at least mid-Servant tier, Sapphire does need rest every once in awhile, and there's only so much power she can provide with one shot. 

Originally belonged to Luvia, but due to a strange incident that none of those involved wants to speak of, Mille obtained her in her place.

Obsessive Physical Training: While not as exstensive as her training in magecraft, Mille also has tried training herself physically, and to some extent in physical combat. She can hold her own with the aid of reinforcement, but someone like Rin would have the upper hand against her due to having more proper training and actual experience.

Shonen Levels of Determination: Will keep trying something to the bitter end on most occasions, even if it's kinda stupid and she should probably give up. This means she has a high willpower, and can sometimes resist mind control, but at the same time, she may need to be pulled away from something that could put her at risk if she continues on any further.

The current heir to the Garrison family and their second born, a relatively new magi family of three generations unconventional in both being quite decent and moral people, their use of runes as taught by an Irish master, and their residence in the United States of America. Mille was unconventional in her obsession with magecraft perhaps due to her innate talent for it, which she was so fond of that at the age of ten, she ran away to London and stayed at a friend of her parents to learn at the Clock Tower itself. She was, however, quickly picked on for a combination of being American, a girl, and having a relatively new family, which made her obsessed with proving herself to the point where she forgot the reason she went over in the first place. For the next seven years, she trained and trained and trained, but found that she could not perform any feat of magecraft extraordinary enough to be respected by her peers, at least in her own eyes.

Then, a chance arose. She heard of the portal, and so willing was she to jump on this opportunity, she followed two magi of great talent that she was of the opinion that cheated their way to the top due to the age of their families.

Thanks to a bizarre incident, Mille accidentally ended up taking one Luviagelita Edelfelt's place, and ended up falling with one Rin Tohsaka into the Nexus.

Can Mille set aside her misguided grudge against Rin so the two can survive together in the Nexus? Will Luvia come after Mille for revenge? And will she finally be able to prove herself to the Association? 

Weakness: Lack of social grace, short temper, debilitating lack of self confidence.
Likes: Magecraft, straightforward thinking, honest effort, hard work, videogames and anime (to her shame).
Dislikes: Cheaters, overly optimistic and happy people, failure.
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Thomas Hale
Race: Human?
Spoiler for Hidden:
Age: 21
Height: 6'3", 6'7" in true form
Eyes: Amethyst
Hair: White
The perfect balance of muscle, not too lean, but not too bulky, with handsome features that are almost unnatural, to the point where they may be somewhat unnerving. However, his frame has a few scars, and his face is set in a seemingly permanent frown that seems to go well with his perpetually serious mood. When he smiles, it looks more like a smirk 98% of the time. He also has a tendency to glare at things, something that goes straight through his glasses, which he wears exclusively for looks (though he will deny this. And then admit it is true. And then deny it again). He dresses somewhat simply, but tends to favor a long coat, a scarf, and a pair of slacks or jeans for outings.

Spoiler for His true form is... not nearly as pretty.:

Alignment: True Neutral (could possibly be influenced one way or the other, however)
Strength:B+ (Mortal)
Agility:B+ (Mortal)
Speed:B+ (Mortal)
Magic Resistance:A (Mortal)
Psychic Ability:A (Servant)
Other Abilities:
Telepathy: B+ (Servant) Despite having a good amount of control over what he can phase out, this is probably the ability he has the least expertise in. He can potentially control people using this ability, but he avoids doing so because he finds that reprehensible.
Telekinesis: A Strong enough that he can even fly for a medium distance. He doesn't tend to do this in human form, however. 
Barrier: A- Can deflect attacks for a duration of time. He cannot use telekinesis and this at the same time, however.
Recover/Regeneration: Can heal his own wounds to a moderate extent. This wears him out quickly, however, so it's better to either use his true form for this, or get medical attention.

He Works Out: Why he's fit even though he was stuck in a lab for a good chunk of his life. He doesn't know a lot of fighting styles surprisingly enough, but he's quite capable of learning one fairly quickly, and he was forced through some physical training while in the lab, including some fighting tactics for physical defense. Emphasis was still placed on his powers, however. Even though he's out, he tends to try to keep himself fit, both if he's forced to just run or fight hand to hand, and also as a form of stress relief.
Spoiler for True Form Stats:
Scale: Servant
Magic Resistance:C-(???)
Psychic Ability:EX
Other Abilities:
Telepathy: See human form
Telekinesis: EX
Barrier: A+ Still can't use telekinesis and this at the same time.
Aura Sphere: Creates a ball of energy which is then tossed at opponents. Is able to be used even when psychic powers are blocked, but while powerful, is not as strong as simply using psychic attacks would be for him.
Psystrike: A psychic attack so powerful, it could be said to be utterly devastating. He tends to use this only in more extreme circumstances.
Recover: Can recover vast wounds to himself completely. Can also heal wounds to others to a great, but nonetheless lesser extent.
Regeneration: Can recover from wounds over time. This combined with Recover can make him very difficult to kill in true form.
Born in a lab, created to see if a certain creation had grown to hate and seek vengeance on its creators via malice alone, or if it was something else. Both human and not, he grew up an innocent, alone and saddened, but content enough, for occasionally the scientists treated him kindly. As much as he wanted freedom, to be able to roam the world outside, he never thought for one moment of committing violence upon those who kept him away from the world. Then everything changed.

The lab changed hands, into those that sought to increase their power. A man more interested in creating a machine, a weapon, in seeing what would happen when so many buttons were pushed and broken was put in charge. What was once merely a lonely and quiet existence became a living hell. In the end, one man's attempt to tame himself a living weapon ended with his corpse broken on the ground, his lab destroyed, his fellows dead and buried within its ruins. And the experiment himself? Away he ran, lost and confused, unable to understand how humans could both show kindness and yet such cruelty. Was that kindness just a lie? An attempt to use him?

Now no longer a teenaged boy, but a man, he finds himself in the Nexus, pondering his existence, and that of humankind, hoping to find the answers he seeks, or at the very least, be able to carve a life for himself in relative peace, without having to relive that demented nightmare ever again.
Weakness:Anything that blocks psychic powers, triggering his PTSD, his somewhat antisocial nature, not quite "getting" humans at times, being somewhat of a jerk at points.
Likes:Reading, tea, his privacy, learning and thinking about various things
Dislikes:Laboratories, being controlled, captured, or used, stupidity, humanity to an extent
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Haruna Mochizuka
Race: Human, Psychic
Age: See weight.
Height: See age.
Weight: See height.
Eyes: Pink
Hair: Pink

Scale: Mixed
Strength: D+ (Human)
Agility: B++ (Servant)
Speed: A+ (Servant)
Magic Resistance: C++ (Human)

Magic Ability:

Telekinesis C++: By using the power of her mind Haruna can use her weapons, control things from a distance, and even fly, though most of her power is sealed if it was ever released it has the opportunity to do things far stronger such as creating a barrier strong enough to even hold Servant’s for a short time.

Future Sight D+++: Though most of the time it is deeply sealed, if Haruna chose to do so she could unseal it momentarily allowing her to see seconds into the future, this helps her avoid traps predict combat techniques and other such things. She would never go farther than that however due to the toll it takes on her mind from seeing every possible future that could happen at once. However to unleash her full power she requires the seal being manually unleashed by her cousin Natsumi in a rather embarrassing way, perhaps this is the greatest reason she prefers to stay sealed.

Other Abilities:

Telekinetic Arsenal: Haruna carries with her a wide arsenal, including:

Black: Her first magically created weapon, by holding it in her hand she can charge it with telekinetic energy creating a sword like weapon that burns on contact, the blade itself glows a bright green, and she can also attach it to her SMG to for an even larger bayonet type weapon, because it is magical in nature it can be weakened by people with higher magical resistance and does more damage the more unstable a person’s mind is.

White: four telekinetically controlled orbs that are full of magical energy, they burn on contact due to their condensed magical cores and are useful in creating more obstacles for an opponent. However they are not as effective against people with higher magical resistance due to their magical cores. Similar to black, she is able to attach it to her SMG for larger more effective bullets that home in on the opponent.

Customized SMG: This highly customized gun is specially made to focus in on Haruna’s mind, only she can use it and rather than using normal ammunition using bullets of telekinetic energy. The bullets themselves tend to vary damage wise depending on the foe in question, the more unstable the mind is the more damage they do. Because of this even being with high magical resistance can be hurt by these bullets, however people with a strong stable mind take little to no damage. She is also able to attack either black or white for a variety of useful effects as mentioned above.

For now this is her current arsenal but if she needed to she could bring in more powerful weapons, however that would require a much more dire situation indeed. For a more animated visual of her attacks please check out this video:

Origin: Haruna belongs to the japanese branch of Youkai investigation that is located in Japan. Because the investigation into Japan is so small her branch only has a few members, herself her partner Takumi, her cousin Natsumi, and the team leader Mike the cat. Though they aren’t much they are just as determined to stop any and all misdoing of the Youkai community. (To them Youkai qualifies as anything not human. Servant’s, Vampires, Magi, Ogre, Demon Hunters etc.) This particular Haruna come from after the events of Battle Moon Wars so her knowledge of things around Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime as well as a few other sources has improved drastically. Though she knows about these things she is aware that people from other timelines can come and go and thus prefers to confirm which timeline the person comes from before determining if they know her as well. (Her future sight greatly helps in this.) Sent to the Nexus city due to some mysterious power in order to investigate more disturbances she has come to help the weak and keep the peace in her own way.

Weakness: Though her magical and telekinetic abilities are strong her power and endurance are fairly weak even for a human. Because of this she is weak to pure brawlers and uses her speed and flight to keep at a distance as much as possible, however this does not mean she can’t hold her own in a sword fight. Thanks to her future sight, it is very difficult to successfully surprise her but when it does happen she has a poor time reacting to it because of that.

Likes: Helping the less fortunate, people who help the less fortunate, good people, her team.
Dislikes: Those who use their powers for evil, lazy people, people who don’t do anything when they have the power to create change, and suspicious people.