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Yuuki Terumi/Hazama
Race: Ghost (formerly Human)                  
Age: 72600~-to-trillions of years.
Height: 183cm
Weight: 61kg
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Green
Scale: Mixed
Strength: C+ (Servant)
Speed: B+ (Servant)
Agility: A+ (Servant)
Magical Ability: EX (Human)
Magic Resistance: C (Human)
Weakness: Lack of hate towards him, Anti-Immortality items/abilities, nullification of mana/seithr.
Likes: Playing guitar, live music, suffering, misery, himself.
Dislikes: Happiness, Anything that isn’t himself, cats.
Alignment: Pure Evil/Chaotic Evil

Other Abilities:

Moveset #1 and Moveset #2

Immortality: Through the use of Life-links and being a ghost linked to the world by the hatred of others, Terumi has achieved not only eternal youth, but also physical immortality. While he can still suffer injury, he can never truly be killed without an attack or weapon that can kill immortals.

Magical Ability: A graduate of the Guild of Magic, Terumi is a supremely strong Magic user, a master Alchemist and an expert at using seithr in his own world (which he replaces with latent mana in Nexus City). A testament to his incredible ability is the creation of the Azure Grimoires, high-density masses of seithr that carry a slight touch of the Azure, the power at the bottom of the Boundary that is responsible for all of creation.

Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros: Terumi’s pair of crooked butterfly knives, one of the ten Nox Nyctores created by Nine to combat the Black Beast. Attacks made with these knives directly attack and damage the victim’s psyche and can drive people without truly inhuman willpower completely insane through repeated exposure. The knives can also be used as chains of Seithr with the head of a snake that strikes with the same effect as the knives themselves.

Azure Grimoire: Terumi’s artificial human body, created by Relius Clover, commands the power of the Azure Grimoire, a small portion of the power at the bottom of the Boundary harnessed to control Seithr. Unlike Ragna the Bloodedge, who’s Grimoire only resides in his arm, Terumi’s entire body is a Grimoire, and a far more potent one at that. Upon activating it with the phrase “Restriction 666 released, Dimensional interference field deployed. Code S.O.L (Soul of Language), Blazblue, activate!”, all of Terumi's abilities are doubled in strength until the end of combat, and a life-draining aura shaped like the Ouroboros manifests around him, drawing strength from anyone within a 3 feet distance of him.

Force Eater: Terumi’s ability to drain mana/power upon striking his enemies and then using it to fuel himself. The amount drained is relative to the amount of damage his blow did.

Non-fixed Existence: Terumi’s form as a ghost inhabiting an artificial body means that he is essentially only fixed to existence by people acknowledging him and hating him. The more hate people feel towards Terumi, the more powerful he grows and the firmer his hold on reality is. To ensure that he will keep on existing, Terumi inflicts as much pain and suffering to all living beings as he can to enhance the foothold in the world.

Memory Eater: The ability as a Ghost to eat the memories of others and warp them towards Terumi’s own goals.

Origin: Terumi Yuuki is one of the three primary antagonists of the BlazBlue video game series. Cruel, sadistic, selfish, and insane beyond measure, Terumi delights in the suffering of others, both physically and mentally, and relishes pure chaos. He provokes and manipulate others for his own amusement, and will ruthlessly torture anyone who irritates him or gets in his way. Unsurprisingly, this has earned him the contempt of almost every character in the BlazBlue universe, most notably Ragna, Kokonoe, Hakumen, and Nine.

He desires nothing more than to kill and destroy everything in the universe that is not himself. To do this, he will gladly enslave, murder, violate, destroy, eviscerate, rape, defile, mock, betray and tread down upon every other human in existence to achieve a power that will let him destroy everything there ever was.   
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Rattus von Engles
Race: Human
Age: 242, looks to be 27
Height: 5' 12"
Eyes: None (Suffering from Aniridia)
Hair: Blue; Brown (in realistic settings)
Spoiler for Hidden:

Aside from his temple-length wavy hair, Rattus can be easily distinguished among his fellow Order members for his stereotypical corporate attire, consisting of a black suit, dress pants and a necktie, as well as a white dress shirt. He sometimes breaks the monotony of his clothing by changing the overall color of his outfit, albeit the colors employed still does not seem to deviate very far from the darker and conservative-looking hues. He also wears black suspenders underneath, or a waistcoat matching the color of his suit if he deems it appropriate for the situation. Another noticeable feature is his thick and rectangular glasses, which he wears because of his eyesight problems and mainly obscures the dark circles around his eyes, which come from his lack of sleep. When doing business involving arms dealing or other clandestine activities, he wears black leather gloves to eliminate any forensic fingerprints. He usually can be seen wearing black leather shoes, although he will ditch these for black steel-toed military style boots when taking direct action, as well as wear a leather double-breasted black trench coat in place of his suit.
Alignment: True Neutral
Charisma: B (Human)
Strength: C (Human)
Agility: B (Human)
Speed: A (Human)
Spoiler for Hidden:
Rattus' weapon of choice is the iconic German-made handgun, the Pistole Parabellum 1908, also known as the Luger, which was a keepsake from his time at the Defense of Somme in the First World War. According to him, the weapon is "built more like a sporting pistol than a proper sidearm", so he usually keeps it clean and well-oiled due to its susceptibility to dust or sand making its action jam, as well as its inability to cycle low-pressure rounds. He usually keeps the gun holstered inside his coat, along with a few magazines.

Aside from the pistol, he, in times of direct action, might carry either a Nahkampfmesser combat knife, a Seitengewehr 98 bayonet, in a situation he deems right, his Pattern 1811 Bluecher sabre, which is the Prussian copy of the British Pattern 1796 light cavalry sabre. While the application of the three weapons are practically the same in combat, he tends to favor the combat knife during covert operations, the bayonet when he expects encampment and the sabre for psychological and intimidation reasons. Neo summed up Rattus' intended use of the sabre with the remark "He carries that thing to battle to make the mooks see it and ask themselves 'Who the fuck carries a cavalry sabre into a fight nowadays?' “When bringing the sabre, Rattus holds it on his right hand, with the Luger on his left, obviously indicative of his background as a cavalryman.
Magic Resistance: Paradoxical, can be affected by negative debuffs but cannot be killed by such.
Magic Ability:
Spoiler for Hidden:
Limited Immortality
This kind of trait allows him to stop aging indefinitely and fend off fatal attacks, although the progression of the healing of his body is still natural unless with scientific or magical intervention. Since this source of immortality came from a dubious source, Rattus has no way knowing how to replicate it's results.
Non-Magical Abilities:
Spoiler for Hidden:
Due to his experiences as a soldier and current employment as an arms dealer and corporate stockholder, Rattus has a great understanding of strategy and logistics, both in business and military fields. He can provide advice and plan against his opponents, and could as well as acquire a huge variety of modern weaponry from the black and white market, and may also enlist his fellow Order members to manufacture weapons and modifications. He could also employ private military contractors, deception or a sometimes indirect legalistic and corporate strategy to severely hamper his opponent’s fighting doctrines.

Some of his principles in general strategy also carry over to his style of personal fighting, as he emphasizes speed and efficiency when taking down enemies, which means he generally finds ways to quickly end an encounter, even if it means employing some under-handed tactics. As a former Prussian Hussar officer, he is devastatingly deadly when on horseback; although he admits that his skills as a cavalryman are irrelevant nowadays due to its obsolescence in the modern battlefield. He also has an apparent skill in marksmanship which, combined with his handgun of choice, is another thing that contributes to his reputation as a former soldier.

His short-lived but substantial career of being a steelworker has lead to him having some knowledge on how to make some steel alloys, although Neo's skill as an alchemist and Yukina's smithing background contribute more to the application of this know-how.
Spoiler for Hidden:
Rattus was born on an agricultural estate just outside Berlin, which became his childhood residence. His father, Reinhard von Engels, was a Junker and a former Prussian cavalry officer, and his mother, Mariya Leonora Nemov, was an eccentric but intelligent Volga German noblewoman from Russia. Leonora's endless fascination with biology eventually leads to her naming her first-born son after the black rat's older scientific name, Mus rattus, which caused disappointment from Reinhard. Rattus is the eldest of seven children and, as per family tradition, he was trained by his father in the arts of war and combat as early as eight years old, to serve the Prussian Army in the future. He had finally enlisted in the Army on 1792 as a Hussar, during the outbreak of the War of the First Coalition, which was an effort of several European monarchies to contain Revolutionary France. A year later, Rattus fights his first battle at Primasens, which was a Prussian victory.

On 1795, however, France had peace talks with Prussia, which manifested in the First Treaty of Basel, making Prussia withdraw from the Coalition and remain in an armed neutral state, which meant that Rattus can go home and rest with his family. During this time, many developments happened in the von Engels household. Markus, the fifth youngest sibling, entered the seminary to become a Jesuit on 1796. Ruprecht, the third eldest, committed suicide a year later, because of his frustrations regarding his homosexuality. And another year later, Adelina, the fourth sibling in the family, eloped with Gerard Wulfenbach, a Dutch-German merchant, and their whereabouts remained unknown for a long time.

Wanting to cool his head from the incidents that had happened in the past few years, Rattus went on an excursion to the Electorate of Hanover in 1799 for a year, which was also a opportunity for him to train his capabilities as a cavalry soldier. During one of his horseback riding sessions, a young woman, who Rattus poetically described as "with skin and hair as white as snow and eyes red like blood or fire", approached him while he was resting on a tree stump, offering him a red liquid in a flask, which looked like red wine, while telling him that the drink will make him "taste eternity". Tired from the riding and seeing nothing wrong with the beverage, Rattus quickly received it and drank the concoction, conclusively making him immortal, although its effects were not immediately felt by him, even after he went home the following year.

On 1805, Rattus goes back to his Cavalry Regiment, midst rumors that the Kingdom of Prussia will go to war again. The War of the Fourth Coalition did happen the following year but the Prussian Army, still using tactics dating back from the late King Frederick the Great's reign, were decisively defeated at the Battle of Jena-Auerstedt by Napoleon's Army. It was during this battle that Rattus discovered his immortality, when he managed to wake up after being caught in the range of a cannon's canister shot hours after the fight itself. The city of Berlin and, by extension, the whole Kingdom was soon occupied by the French Empire, which forced the remnants of the Army to retreat at Koenigsberg. On November of 1806, the Prussians tried to fight against the French forces at the city of Halle, but were still utterly crushed and captured. Rattus took part in the battle and, when he saw that Army's resistance failed, promptly hid to the Harz Mountains, in order to start a individual guerrilla-style warfare against the French. During this time, he avoided wearing his standard Hussar uniform and, instead, sewn a uniform made out of sackcloth. While his strategy in dealing with the French remained Hussar-like, he modified it to be more efficient as an individual cavalryman, which involved luring small squads into forested areas and then attacking them. This method earned him scores of fatalities under his name and earned him a reputation among Prussians and French alike as "The Sackcloth Hussar", although Rattus himself remained unaware of this and, in turn, no one really had an idea on his exact identity.

However, through investigating, the Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel found Rattus' location and promptly confronted him, inviting him to join his "personal army" to reclaim the invaded Duchy of Brunschweig. Rattus, although reluctant at first to fight for a state that he does not have an allegiance, was finally convinced to join "The Black Horde" after the Duke argued that it would be a fight for the "German Realm" itself, as well as a chance for revenge against the French Empire for the occupied Kingdom of Prussia. According to Rattus, this was the first incantation of his then-emerging German nationalism. On the same year, the Black Horde mobilized to capture Brunschweig from the French, which as a successful endeavor. This action earned the Duke's corps the nickname "The Black Brunswickers". However, the Brunswickers were quickly driven out of the city, but the Duke was able to escape to England to join his cousin and brother-in-law, the future King George IV, along with his troops. Rattus was not willing to leave Continental Europe along with the Black Horde, but was convinced by the Duke after making a wager that he would be dismissed from the corps after a year of service. Nevertheless, Rattus left the Black Brunswickers in 1811, two years after his recruitment into the corps, as he volunteered to serve for one more year, in order to train and learn from his fellow Brunswicker hussars.

On 1812, after a year of hiding and ceasing all fighting activity, Rattus resumes his Sackcloth Hussar persona, albeit he colored the uniform black and rode a black horse, as a tribute to his fellow Brunswickers and to terrify the French. On December of the same year, General Yorck of the Prussian Army, who are now supporting Napoleon's invasion of Russia, negotiated with Field Marshal Hans Karl von Diebitsch after being isolated by his superior. This led to the Convention of Tauroggen, which neutralized Prussia out of the invasion. This made the Prussians enthusiastic, and intensified Rattus' will to fight for the freedom of his Kingdom. And on the following year, February of 1813, The Treaty of Kalisz is signed between Prussian and the Russian Empire to make an alliance against Napoleon's France, leading to a declaration of war by the King Frederick William III of Prussia a month after. He then made a speech addressed not only to Prussians, but to all Germans, for a war of liberation, in a proclamation now known as "An Mein Volk". Rattus subsequently abandons his Sackcloth Hussar uniform and joins the newly reformed Prussian Army on April 11, his birthday, of the same year, as a gift to himself. He was then assigned to the 1st Life Hussar Regiment, known as Death's Head Hussars for their black uniform and silvered skull and crossbones badge. On August 23, the Battle of Grossbeeren, Rattus' first battle for the Prussian Army after 7 years of non-enlistment, was won by the Prussians. And on October, the Sixth Coalition, which included the Prussian Army, took part in the Leipzig Campaign, the largest and bloodiest battle of the Napoleonic Wars, and was decisively won by them against the French.

The Battle for Paris and its subsequent capture by the Coalition forces on March 31 of 1814 led to Napoleon's abdication on April 6, which was further cemented by his ratification of the Treaty of Fontainebleu on April 11, ensuring his exile to the island of Elba. On May 30, peace between the Sixth Coalition and the French Empire was established upon the Treaty of Paris, also known as the First Peace of Paris. By the end of the year, Rattus decided to retire from the Prussian Army to a family rest house in Brandenburg, which later becomes the Von Engels Manor. At the same time, the Congress of Vienna is ongoing and is making talks regarding the restoration of the borders of European nations.

On February of 1815, Napoleon escaped from the island and entered Paris on March 20, with the French people still backing him up, starting the now-called Hundred Days of Napoleon. The Great Powers of Europe then ratified the Treaty of Vienna on March 25, prompting Rattus to go back to the Prussian Army again. It was during this time that one provision of the Final Act of Congress of Vienna formed the German Confederation, lead by the Austrian Empire. On June 18, The Battle of Waterloo takes place, which marked Napoleon's final major defeat, making him leave the Imperial French throne once again four days later. Graf von Zieten's I Corps, the unit which Rattus belongs to, was the first Coalition unit to enter Paris after the war. After Louis the XVII is restored to the French throne on July 8 and Napoleon is exiled to the island of St. Helena on October 16, Rattus, after assuring himself that the Kingdom of Prussia's future is secured, resigns from its Army on November 20 and goes back to hiding in his rest house. On 1816, Rattus starts an agricultural estate in Frankfurt an der Oder as a business venture, marking the start of his first military dormancy.

In 1848, Rattus, while on his way to a business dealing in Berlin, witnessed King Frederick William IV, along with some ministers and generals, parading in the streets wearing black, red and gold, which were the revolutionary colors during that time. Rattus cites this event as his reason of fully supporting German unification, which was a liberal idea during that era. At the same time, the Duchies of Schleswig and Holstein wanted independence from the Kingdom of Denmark, which sparked the First Schleswig War, with Prussia backing the two duchies. The war, however, was won by Denmark as they regain their control. This eventually influenced Rattus' decision to return to the Army on 1860, wanting to compensate for his absence during this war. Otto von Bismarck became the Prime Minister of Prussia and Foreign Minister in 1862, and the situation regarding the two duchies escalated in 1863 when troops from the kingdoms of Saxony and Hanover occupied Holstein, which lead to the Second Schleswig War in 1864. This was won both by the Prussians and Austrians against the Danes, and Schleswig and Holstein was finally given the Confederation.

The Schleswig-Holstein Question, however, was not answered by the last war. In 1866, the Kingdom of Prussia and the Austrian Empire went to war over the disputed territories, now known as Austrio-Prussian War. Twenty days after the Prussians win the decisive Battle of Koeniggraetz, the Peace of Prague was signed, which not only ended the war, but also dissolved the German Confederation and transferred the administration of Schleswig and Holstein to Prussia, becoming a single province. Bismarck will then be appointed as the Chancellor of the North German Confederation, which was formed on 1867, along several smaller German states.

On the other hand, France, still feeling the effects of its defeat in the Napoleonic Wars as well as alarmed by its quick fall from its socio-political dominance, were one of the opponents against German unification. Bismarck knew that a war against them was necessary to facilitate the formation of a unified German nation, so he publicly published the Ems Telegram on July 13 of 1870, which was a transcript of a friendly conversation between King William I of Prussia and Count Vincent Benedetti, France's ambassador to the Kingdom. Bismarck edited the transcript to make it look like the two participants insulted each other. Six days later, France declared war against Prussia over this, which started the Franco-Prussian War. It, nevertheless, was won by the Kingdom of Prussia and was ended the Treaty of Frankfurt. William I was also proclaimed as the first Emperor of the newly founded German Empire, which was formed during the course of the war. On 1872, Rattus turns a hundred years old, and he decides to resign from the Army, which began his second military dormancy.

On 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir presumptive to the Austrian throne, was assassinated by Serbian nationalists. This caused Austria-Hungary to declare war against Serbia, which sparked a chain of alliances created by the previous decades to be mobilized. Approximately a month after his assassination, the First World War started, prompting Rattus to join the Imperial German Army and end his second military dormancy. After fighting unsuccessfully in the Somme Offensive and witnessing the different technologies that were developed and used in it, Rattus, in his own words, began to see the war as "something horrifying and too peculiar for him", making him to feel alienated, which caused him to swore off front line duty after the war ended. His experiences regarding the war was exacerbated during 1917, in which the lack of military rations drove Rattus and his men to resort to cannibalism, as well as a botched practical joke involving a trench mortar leading him to be sexually impotent for the rest of his life. On November 4, 1918, a rebellion broke out rooting from the port city of Kiel, beginning the so-called German November Revolution, which caused the Emperor to abdicate from his throne. Six days later, a German Republic has been announced by Philipp Scheidemann in Berlin, which became a separate Provisional Government from the communists' "Workers' Republic". And on November 9, representatives from the two sides of the war met at Compiege, France in a railway carriage to sign an armistice, which marked the end of the First World War.

In 1919, the infamous Treaty of Versailles was signed at June 28, which pinned the blame on Germany and its allies, substantially weakened their armed forces and forced them pay huge amounts of war reparations to Great Britain, United States and France. This, coupled with the signing of the new German Republic's constitution on August, which started the Weimar Republic, brought great anger to many Germans, especially Rattus himself, making him quit the Army. This started his third military dormancy. In 1921, hyperinflation caused by the payment of war reparations hit Germany, and he was reduced to poverty, and needed to work in a labor position for the Krupp steel manufacturers. He was hit with alcoholism during this time, while still ardently keeping up the demands of his job, which slowly deteriorated his mental health. His employer, noticing Rattus' fatigue, forced him to take a month-long vacation in October, and he headed out to Coburg to take a rest. On October 10, Rattus witnessed the first public rally of the National Socialist German Workers' Party, or the Nazi Party in the same town, and his first personal encounter with Adolf Hitler himself, who asked him for directions to the town square. The Nazi Party eventually left the town victorious against the Marxists who had hold on Coburg, which left Rattus impressed on Hitler's enthusiasm, but still skeptical enough of the Party's anti-Semitism.

More than a year after the incident at Coburg, the Nazi Party attempted an armed revolt in their base town, Munich, which came to be known as Beer Hall Putsch. It failed, however, with 16 Nazi party members dying in the armed struggle and eventual arrest of Hitler in 1923. In 1924, he was sentenced to five years of imprisonment for high treason and during this time, Rattus heard about the Nazi Party's failed coup and visited Hitler in Landsberg Prison, where he was held during that time. He confronted Hitler and asked him about his intentions, and this discussion lasted for a whole day, which finally revealed Hitler's philosophy. Rattus, while still isn't impressed by Hitler's extremist ideas, was left more impressed by Hitler's unbridled enthusiasm and optimism, as well as determination to take the Versailles Treaty down. Hitler was released from prison in the same year, when he was given pardon by the Bavarian Supreme Court.

On October 29, 1929, United States, which were handing out loans to Weimar Germany for the rebuilding of its economy, was hit with its most devastating collapse in its stock market, which started the now-called Great Depression. This made the US stop giving out loans to Germany altogether, which proved to be devastating to its economy. Many people during this time lost their jobs, and Rattus himself was laid off from being a steelworker a year later. This mainly became one of his reasons in joining the Nazi party, which was flourishing and popular during that time, and he joined the Schtuzstaffel mainly because, in his own words, he thought it was just a bodyguard duty. In 1932, the Nazi Party became the majority in the German parliament after the elections and by late January of 1933, President von Hindenburg was forced to appoint Hitler as the chancellor after two elections in the parliament.

On February 27 in the same year, an arson attack on Reichstag, the German parliament building in Berlin, was conducted by unknown assailants. The Nazis blamed this attack to the communists and on the next day, they passed the Law for the Protection of People and State, also known as Reichstag Fire Decree, which virtually took away many of the democratic liberties in the Weimar constitution from the German people. A month later, The Dachau concentration camp opens, and Rattus was assigned there to work as a warden, which initially was a prison for German political prisoners. On March 23, The Law to Remedy the Distress of the People and The Nation, also known as The Enabling Act of 1933, was passed, effectively allowing the Nazi-dominated cabinet to enact laws without any intervention from the parliament. Adolf Hitler declared the so-called "Nazi revolution" a success on July 6 in a meeting with higher-ranking officers, and then the Nazis ban all other political parties 9 days later.

The Nazis, now being the political majority, started a series of murders against the percieved enemies or traitors of the regime on June 30, 1934, also known as the Blood Purge or The Night of The Long Knives, and severely affected the Nazi paramilitary organization Strumabteilung, or SA, which previously helped Hitler in his rise to power. Then-president Paul von Hindenburg also died during that year, which made Hitler illegally combine his Chancellor position to von Hindenburg's now-empty post. On August 19, seventeen days after von Hindenburg's death, a referendum took place in order to get the German public's vote regarding this action taken. The results showed that 90% of the voters approved Hitler's fusion of the two posts, making it legalized. According to Rattus, who witnessed the following events, he regarded the year 1934 as "the year that the old Prussia he knew died", especially upon von Hindenburg's death, in which he abstained from drinking alcohol when he heard of his demise.

On 1935, a series of anti-Semitic laws, known as The Nuremberg Race Laws, were implemented to legally deprive the Jews of German citizenship and right to marriage. And on March 7 of the following year of 1936, nineteen German infantry battalions and a few planes occupied the industrially-essential region of Rhineland, which was against the terms stated in the Versailles Treaty. Rattus' unit during this era, The SS-Totenkopfverbaende or SS-Death's Head Group, was established on the same month, with the purpose of administering the concentration camps. Near the end of the year, Nazi Germany forms a military alliance with Fascist Italy and signed the Anti-Comintern Pact with Japan, in which Italy eventually joins after a year.

The German Army marched onto Austria and subsequently annexed it on March 1938 in defiance to the Treaty of Versailles, an event now known as Anschluss. On the same year they managed to annex many more territories that were lost after the dissolution of the German Empire, as well as new ones that were never a part of it, like the industrial Czechoslovakian region of Suetenland. But also on the same year, a coordinated attack, which was a response to the assassination of a German diplomat by a Jewish refugee in Paris, was executed by the Nazis against Jewish people and property and was well-disguised as a pogrom. It happened on November 9 to 10, now known as the Night of the Broken Glass. Thousands of Jews were beaten and sent to concentration camps during this period, although many of them were released in the course of three months. Rattus, upon the arrival of the Jews in Dachau, was discreetly trying to make their sentence in the camp more pleasant, although he was being held back by his fears of being labeled as a sympathizer, and thus his work was ineffective and ultimately futile.

On 1939, the German Army finally invaded Czechoslovakia on March 15 and Poland on September 1. The latter attack prompted Great Britain and France of declare war against Germany, therefore marking the end of the appeasement policy and starting the Second World War. On the first two months of 1940, there were talks of opening a new concentration camp in Oswiecim in Poland and on April 30, Rattus, along with Rudolf Hoess and four other SS officers, arrived in the newly-built Auschwitz concentration camp. It only, however, was rendered officially opened for service with the arrival of 30 German criminal prisoners on May 20. The first crematorium in Auschwitz began operation on August 15, and Rattus was assigned to lead the SS men guarding these facilities, as well as sign the papers authorizing their usage.

Heinrich Himmler, the head commander of the SS, visited Auschwitz on March 1 of 1941 and orders an expansion of the camp, which was why the construction of the second main subcamp, Birkenau, started on this year and consistently expanded throughout the course of the war. On September 3, Rattus witnessed the first gassings in Auschwitz against 600 Soviet prisoners of war and 250 ill and weak Polish prisoners, which unnerved him. It was then the first use of Zyklon B, as suggested by Karl Fritzsch, an SS Hauptstrumfuehrer who will be later known for his cruelty. The "Wall of Death" was used for the first time on November 11 to execute 151 Polish prisoners by firing squad.

Himmler ordered all Jews in the German concentration camps to be sent in the Polish concentration camp on October 5, 1942, in accordance to the plans laid out by Reinhard Heyrich in the Wannasee Conference regarding the "Final Solution" earlier in the year on January 20, just before his death on June 4 after being fatally wounded in the assassination attempt by Czech Underground agents. On December 10, the first transport of German Jews arrived in Auschwitz, and thus Rattus finally realized Hitler's true plan regarding them, which was outright killing the Jews, leading to his disillusion and disgust at the Nazi regime when he saw a few of the inmates at Auschwitz present their documents which proved that they saw service back in World War 1. However, he continued to carry out his duties at Auschwitz due to his cynicism combined with his sense of duty or "Pflichtbewusstsein", saying that as much as his Prussian values made him hate Nazism, it also was, paradoxically, the reason why he stayed working in the camp, thinking that "evil had won over us, and this is how it has to be now, so I thought I had no choice anymore but to carry out the duties given to me until this world ends itself", in his own words.

The Romani and Sinti people, better known as Gypsies, were also subjected to the same treatment by the Nazis on January of 1943 and on March 14, the Krakow Ghetto, one of the largest ghettos for the Jews, have been liquidated, with many of its inhabitants sent to concentration camps. Many more crematoriums have been rendered operational during this year, as well as it also marked the arrival of Josef Mengele, Auschwitz's infamous "Angel of Death", who Rattus described as having a "horrifying" personality. On 1944, when the war was turning in favor of the Allies, the advancing Soviet forces eventually liberated Majdanek on July 24, which as very close to Auschwitz. The Sonderkommandos, prisoners who were assigned to clean the gas bunkers and dispose the inmates' corpses into the crematoria, were notified by the camp resistance about plans of killing them. Thus, on October 7, they revolted, which resulted in the destruction of Crematoria IV, death of 3 SS personnel and eventual suppression of the revolt, in which around 450 of the Sonderkommando were killed or executed. Rattus almost gets his immortality discovered because of his ardent refusal to shoot back at the prisoners during this revolt, although he, after this event, realized that it "wouldn't have made any difference on his record" if he shot back at them. Nevertheless, he remained steadfastly against directly being violent to the prisoners, attracting some suspicions from his fellow SS-Death's Head. The last gassings in Auschwitz took place in October 30, and Himmler ordered the destruction of the camp crematoria on November 25, in order to hide any evidence of the Final Solution ever taking place, in which Rattus was reassigned to lead the men under his command on guarding the camp in general.

On January 17 of 1945, nearing the last days of the war, the SS troops start to evacuate 60,000 prisoners from the camp, leaving behind 7,500 prisoners, who were too ill or weak to walk, as well as a few SS members, Rattus and some of his men included. There were orders from the SS command to execute any remaining prisoners in the camp, but it was never carried out due to the increasingly confusing state of the war, especially for Germany. On January 19, the Soviet Army liberated Krakow and Warsaw as a part of the Vistula-Oder Offensive and are now heading towards the camp itself. Rattus, along a few of his men, then began their escape from Auschwitz on the next day, riding a car towards Berlin, under the guise of directly reporting the situation of the camp to Hitler himself, who had already retreated to the Fuehrerbunker on January 16. Auschwitz itself was finally captured by the advancing Soviet Army in January 27, liberating the remaining prisoners in the camp.

After Hitler gave his permission to the personnel of the bunker to leave, Rattus finally sought to confront him for the last time on April 23, on his private quarters, to directly state his ire about being assigned to the concentration camps, as well as to rebuke Hitler himself about the whole concept of the Final Solution. This confrontation lead to a short argument between the two of them, which Hitler revealed that he always viewed Rattus with suspicion and contempt, calling him as "a demonic presence" and accusing him of conservative royalism. Rattus, in turn, affirmed that he is indeed a conservative royalist, and only supported him in order to defy the Treaty of Versailles, as well as telling Hitler that he "ruined Germany". Hitler then accused Rattus of being weak, stating that "you really think I did ruin this country, yet you served me!" This effectively silenced Rattus, and instead just changed the topic to him requesting permission to leave the bunker. Hitler did give the permission, but not without stripping him of his rank and his membership from both the SS and the Nazi party, as well as giving him the last order of burning the contents of the three suitcases handed to him, the latter being an errant decision which Rattus attributed to the fact that Hitler "looked like he was using drugs" during their argument. The three suitcases are still in Rattus' possession, remaining unopened until today. After the midnight on April 29, Hitler married his long-time mistress Eva Braun and then dictated his last will and testament to his secretary. And on the afternoon of the next day, Hitler committed suicide. Despite being stripped of rank and membership from the SS, Rattus fought against the Soviets in the Battle in Berlin, the only military engagement he did during the Second World War, until General Helmuth Weidling surrendered the city on May 2, which prompted Rattus to retreat to the Von Engels manor, marking the start of his 13-year self-imposed social isolation.

On 1960, Rattus ends his isolation and starts his profession as an arms dealer, for undisclosed personal reasons rather than monetary gain.
Spoiler for Hidden:
Rattus shows himself to be serious, orderly, professionally steadfast and mostly detached or sometimes outright stoical, as a result of his highly militaristic past. He seems to be very focused on any activity he is currently doing, sometimes up to the point of absurdity. Neo once commented that, if not for him and Yukina, Rattus' daily life will be overly regimented and routine, without any time for leisure or light rest. This personality, combined with his somewhat monotonic and pedantic way of talking, could put people off him. However, he also, at many times, expressed his emotions at certain situations, although these tendencies are done in his usual impersonal manner, which can become unnerving, awkward or comedic, depending on the situation.

Aside from being aloof, he also has a tendency to do any task in an efficient but mechanical manner, even those tasks which he does not consider as work, such as playing an organ when he was asked by Yukina to perform a piece by Bach, which elicited her to say that his performance was "heartless". While this attitude contributes to his ruthlessness when it comes to fighting, he outright stated that it does not mean that he lacks a moral compass, saying that making a fight longer will neither be economically beneficial nor psychologically healthy for both participants, as well as wanting to minimize the suffering created in it. However, he would also make alliances with certain people, then logistically encouraging them to prolong their fights, either to teach them a lesson or to outright destroy them.

But his stoical demeanor is even subject to question itself, whether it was self-imposed or simply a result of both his military experience and lack of real life experiences. Aside from his irascible streak which manifests when he sees something he perceives not done in the right way, he also seemingly has trouble understanding sexual or romantic conversations in a casual setting, something he attributes to his complete apathy to the subject manner. He also is suffering from alcoholism, which manifests in his frequent consumption of unlouched absinthe from his wine flask when stressed, which leads him to drunkenly narrate a story or rant profusely, usually about his war experiences. While he claims himself to be a "normal person who can feel like anyone else", he has a tendency to be brutally honest about his personal experiences and general sentiments in his usual manner of talking, even when it can damage his reputation.

He can be seen playing video games or watching various television shows with his housemates in the living room, which usually becomes a ground for discussion among the members of the Order. While he had admitted to gaming in his spare time, he is more likely to read books about military or political philosophy as a hobby, usually coming from German authors or disassembling and cleaning the firearms in the Manor's armory when not working on his documents. When asked about why he does his own paperwork and not entrust it to a secretary, he simply replies that he uses it to pass the time, aside from making sure he knows what went into the document or spreadsheet, ever since modern technology has made it easier to do such things. He has a lot of novelty office toys in his work desk inside his room, most notably a Lucite deal toy encasing an 2nd Class Iron Cross medal dating back from 1917. He also can generally play keyboard instruments well, and said that he once wanted being a pianist, albeit his performances are mechanical.
Weakness: Although immortal, his lack of regenerative abilities render him vulnerable.


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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Spoiler Notice! If you care at all about spoilering yourself about Duel Savior then I recommend not reading this profile as it contains a great deal of spoilers for that game. Otherwise here is my updated profile for Downy Reed.

Name: Downy Reed
Race: Human, Necromancer
Age: Mid 30's
Height: 5'10
Weight: 200 lbs
Eyes: Deep Red
Hair: Deep Red

Scale: Servant
Strength: C
Agility: A
Speed: B+
Magic Resistance: C
Magic Ability: A

Other Abilities:

Necromancy (A): Downy's main skill lies in Necromancy, with it he can raise creatures equal to the amount of bodies in the earth, he can easily manipulate them into whatever he choose whether that be their original forms or an enourmous golem of flesh there are an infinite amount of possibilities. His necromancy is not just limited to raising the dead, he can also revive himself and easily replace body parts by using others. He can also use these for very advanced healing going so far as to save someone who is past the verge of death though he rarely ever goes that far for anyone but himself. His skill with necromancy allows him to steal the abilities of other beings so long as he can touch them, this skill drains their life force and gives him both the knowledge and lifeforce of the being he steals it from.

Mage (B): Before he began to learn necromancy Downy was previously only a normal mage skilled in the 6 elements that flow throughout the world. (Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Life, Ruin) He still retains his skills in this field and even uses them on occasion to hide his necromantic side. With these elements he can conjure mighty tornadoes, walls of fire and ice, earthquakes, use it for healing, and use it to surround a foe in madness.

Dimensional Manipulation (C): In his world Dimensional Manipulation is the rarest form of magic available, in normal circumstances it takes a legion of mages constantly casting to produce the same results that he himself can do. This is because he was taught by Imnity the spirit of the white book. With this special brand of magecraft Downy is able to essentially travel through dimensions which includes different worlds besides his own. This allows him to use teleporting in his combat blinking from one place to another as he fights as well as for a quick escape and to go into a dimension between dimensions which he can use as a sort of temporary base or hiding spot in a tight situation.

Fencer (B): When he was just a boy Downy was made forced to fight in deadly tournaments where his only options were to kill or be killed. Because of this he had begun to study in the arts of fencing until he began very skilled in that field. Combining this with his knowledge of magic allows him to fight both foes who fight physically as well as skills mages. His technique relies on his speed rather than strength and his ability to essentially teleport aids him in this.

Supreme Commander of Ruin (A): Downy was accepted by Imnity as the commander of the current ruinous forces, however this title is not just a title. It also grants him control of the Gargantuan, a massive flying battleship and the ability to control monsters or anyone else who has been influencd by Ruin. He can essenially inject people with the essence of ruin causing them to go insane with madness and granting him absolute control of their maddened selves. Such an ability however takes a great amount of magical energy and can only be countered by Life magic.

Aether Relic, Dispaia: Downy discovered and gained control of the Aether Relic Dispaia, an ancient sword that he is able to compliment with his fencind skills. The sword itself is unbreakable though because Downy's situation with it is special he is unable to dismiss and call it at will. Instead he prefers to hide it in a pocket dimension calling it whenever he needs to. This sword also allows him to call one of the forbidden spells of his world, the Inaxatis Materio. A spell so powerful it locks both himself and anything that is caught in it in a dimensional prison for the next 1000 years.

Origin: Downy was born on the planet Avatar the root world of the Universe, born into extreme poverty with his sister they were nothing but playthings to the local lord of the land who would send said siblings to fight each other to the death treating them as nothing but tools for his own entertainment.  This eventually led to his sister’s death leading Downy to escaping from the Noble and discovering his ancient thousand year old lineage, however when he returned to take his vengeance he found that the Noble had already died a peaceful death surrounded by loved ones, this drove Downy insane leading him to believe that if he could not find happiness in this world then it was better off disappearing altogether, after discovering the ancient flying battleship known as the Gargantuan and obtaining his own Aether Relic Downy stole the ability to travel dimensions from the spirit of the white book Imnity.

Weakness: Downy has a great tendency to underestimate his opponent, though if you’re found to be taken seriously fighting against Downy will prove to be a lot more troublesome as he will use any means necessary to destroy you. Though he is quite the talker he never has any real people as allies using them until their tasks are complete then either throwing them away or absorbing their abilities to his own depending on his mood at the time, the only exception to this are people who have had a similar past as his such as Taiga Touma.

Likes: People with a similar background as his as well as people who have proven to be as equally strong as he is.

Dislikes: People who try to stand against him as well as people who act with their emotions first, Downy has bound to his soul saying that it’s the law of the land that the strong naturally rule over the weak, any other path would lead to nothing but destruction.
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name:  Henry (Min Jun) Chae
Race:  Strega/Shtriga/Shtrigu
Age: 27 (442)
Height:  6’1”
Weight:  165 lbs
Eyes:  Black
Hair:  Brown

Henry lacks the appearance that makes him stands out from everyone else besides his height. He is neither desirable or undesirable at first glance. Rather he stands in the middle. In fact many wouldn’t easy tell he is the type of person to fight competently because of his bookish appearance accentuated with his horn-rimmed glasses. But a very careful examination of his looks does reveal there is a hidden handsomeness beneath his scholarly exterior. From the deceptive nature of his plain clothes, Henry is fairly toned in muscle while at the same time never possessing an excess. A number of scars stretch through his torso and legs due to his experience of being tortured or dealing with very dangerous situations before his conversion. With hair going only to his ears, he has a very clean-cut facial appearance with the lack of a mustache or a beard.

Scale:  Servant

All stats here are to be assumed this is with Ki reinforcement.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Since he is full of Yin, Henry is susceptible to sunlight. This means his strength and endurance suffers accordingly by a rank down in full exposure to the sun. The stat shown here is under the condition that he only consumes human blood.

Because Henry limits his consumption down to mere human blood, his physical capabilities suffer. But if he is able to consume souls, he is capable of reaching his full stats.

The stats of when he has started to consume souls again.

Only under the conditions that he has consumed many souls beforehand. It is also possible to surpass these stats if more human souls are consumed or Henry started to consume a considerable amount of non-human souls.

This state is achieved only by activating Devil Origin Core through losing his sanity to the victims he has eaten and his inhuman impulses.

Strength: E/D+/C+/B++/A+++
Agility: C++/B++/A+/A+++
Speed: C/B/A+/A++
Magic Resistance:  -none-
Magic Ability:  -none-
Ki Resistance: C/A/A++/EX
Ki Ability: C/A/A+++/EX

Other Abilities:
  • Martial Arts: His bread and butter from childhood to now. Fueled by spiritual energy, Henry is capable of reaching beyond even peak human capabilities. The Black Moon Style of the Song clan serves as his primary of fighting techniques. Techniques that focus on attacking vital areas of the body with a number of techniques in striking, locking, grappling, and throwing. Kicks are highly emphasized in the style. Henry has also had some experience in using Tai Chi from a master from the Chen Branch. By adopting the "softness" aspect of the art to his own, he is capable of going on head to head against people two ranks higher than him in strength and speed. His Tai Chi is actually more comparable to Baji Quan given his preference for more external-based techniques. With his applications of Tai Chi's Silk Reeling Force and Explosive Force, his parrying capabilities are extremely formidable against strong enemies and his normal offensive attacks are capable of deep internal penetration given its spiral projection of kinetic force. His ability to parry and attack at the same time in one movement makes him a challenging foe even for the toughest people around.

    With the Black Moon Style also incorporating various weapons in its curriculum, Henry has a mastery in spear-wielding, swordsmanship, knife-throwing, and archery. But in this day and age, he goes around without them as you normally don’t go walking around with a weapon. But he does keep a knife back at home when the time calls for it. His years traveling around the world has also gifted him various experiences dealing with various martial artists with differing styles. But he has never tried to adopt any of them except Tai Chi. Acupuncture also makes him a very deadly adversary as he can essentially "freeze" an enemy's limbs from moving from just pressing a pressure point with his fingers or stabbing at the necessary target with a needle. Or even cause large amounts of pain to neutralize a threat.

  • Body And Mind As One: Because of his experiences and training, combat has settled completely in his body. If he were to be hindered mentally, so as long as his physical body is unhindered, Henry would still operate at his 100% in any given stat level. However, this does not extend towards sleeping because of the nature of his body due to the Devil Fang Sect.

  • Ki Manipulation: The butter knife to his bread and butter. From unlocking human potential, Henry is capable of manipulating spiritual/life energy around and inside of his physical vessel. He, like others in this subject, can use it to reinforce his body to reach high levels of physical fitness that is unseen even in comparison to peak-level human beings. Or even use it to close varying distances in an instant, surprising many others. His mastery in this skill also allows him to inject Ki into objects to reinforce the material by three times the usual.

    Acupuncture needles or fingers infused with Ki can be used to stop an opponent's movement when applied on pressure points. Pressure point stimulation by Ki can also cause tremendous amounts of pain even for the most resilient people, to the point that some applications may even cripple some people for life, unless special things have been applies to their nervous systems to ignore/counteract its effects. Applications even go as far as breaking metal bars of a cage by simply overcharging it. Physical barriers can be useless against him as he can merely emit life energy through to cause internal damage instead.

    His skill in controlling Ki even goes far to being capable of traveling anywhere in an opponent's body before "exploding" it at a designated target and even only requiring a simple touch to inject a burst of it at his target. Perhaps his greatest feat in Ki Manipulation is his capability to completely return either physical force and Ki back to the enemy thanks to Tai Chi's influence to his style. However, this requires both feet to have steady footing on the ground. If this requirement is not reached, only fifty percent is rebounded. Of course, this does not work on situations with magic.

    Because Ki is still considered the energy of life, Henry can use it to heal others. His parameters to heal others is based on his regeneration ability (See Regeneration) Normally vampires would be harmed from his administrations, but because of the amount of Yin inside of him, he is capable enough to bring them back to health. Of course, he can’t bring people back to life. It requires something much more than simply energy, after all.

  • Ki Sense: Like any martial artist with the ability to use Ki, he can sense it. This allows him to sense the presences of many living things around him and even their emotions. But anyone that is considered "dead" or "not alive" do not come into his radar. This makes it important that he relies on his main five senses instead. Being on the run from pursuers for a considerable number of years after conversion led to having very acute senses as a result. Tai Chi's practices of Push Hands helped him raise his sensitivity after cultivating its characteristic "Listening Power".

  • Presence Concealment: With being able to sense other people’s ki, Henry can also feel his own. Through this awareness, he can condense it to become much smaller to hide his presence. With his combined experience as an assassin during the Japanese Invasion and a current fugitive in the Society, Henry could also be considered a Master at this.

  • Torture/Interrogation: Henry had enough experience garnering information from tight-lipped people. With his knowledge of the human body, he can make them experience the most pain possible without killing them. There are times when they may lie, but his ki perception to feel emotions and his careful examination of mannerisms allows him to accurately decide if he's being lied to or not.

  • Forbidden Arts: There are a variety of styles that contain techniques that are considered taboo within the Martial Arts Society. Having perused their scrolls, Henry has much knowledge in the function of each technique. Especially a number of rituals and rites that several extinct sects had once performed in their respective times. Numerous tantric sex rituals mentioned on the scrolls have not been used by him at all in these years. Not that he personally saw them as full of taste or useful anyway. The only Forbidden Arts he actually trained in was the Devil Fang Sect. A group that studied the physical and spiritual composition of vampires and at the same time even aimed to replicate them to reach immortality.

  • Monster Knowledge: Most of his knowledge about supernatural creatures are derivatives of the Forbidden Arts he studied from. The rest came from interacting with some of the scholarly kind of people that study this kind of field and as well having some hands-on experience applying medical assistance. Henry has a full understanding of the physiology, spirituality, and history of many in-human races. This in fact makes him very useful as a doctor for many. Of course he is most knowledgeable about vampires given his background.

  • Pseudo-Vampire: While not a vampire in the strictest sense that he is considered alive, Henry can drain blood from humans like actual vampires do with actual fangs grown from the process of the Forbidden Arts. He considers himself more of a monster than the real ones at the fact that he can also consume souls. Despite consumption, he cannot take on any traits a soul has. Instead his body is more focused on absorbing actual spiritual energy a soul possesses. However this is merely by patching up his soul to prevent degradation. This can actually lead to experiencing hallucinations and even affect his mental state. That said, if he eats the wrong soul, his body can easily be taken over by whatever he chooses to eat depending on the nature of said soul. Though he can eat humans with much ease. Other creatures will lead to a battle of wills.

    The process also has ended up with white hair (which he dyes brown these days to avoid standing out), infertility, enhanced senses, regeneration, and retractable fangs and claws. At the same time he cannot "infect" others to become like him. But he could train them in his style of Forbidden Arts to achieve this goal. Though many will need a lot of convincing to have mutual agreement. His consumption is not merely limited to souls, bodily fluids can also do the trick to keep him alive and functioning as it still contains a person’s life energy. But he isn't going to rob a sperm bank any time soon… not that he would anyway. To his utter chagrin, Henry possesses the orgasmic bite.

  • Magic Eater: An ability that Henry had discovered through theory and recently tested with a painful and successful result. While Henry does not possess Magic Resistance at all, he can still consume the magical energy of a spell instead. Doing so can potentially raise his stat ranks and regeneration capabilities at the same level soul consumption is capable of. But at times cannot reach similar levels a soul can offer. He must also guide the magical energy into something rather than just simply draining it, or else he'll cause internal damage to himself if he cannot funnel it out elsewhere quickly enough. Henry could either simply redirect it for an enhancement of his already-enhanced attacks, a boost in regeneration, an increase in stat ranks, or other abilities to avoid the recoil.

  • Regeneration: His body is capable of physically restoring itself. But how much he can regenerate is limited to how many souls/much blood he had consumed. From sustaining by blood alone, his body can regenerate broken bones and torn joints, flesh wounds, and even severed arteries/veins. Soul consumption allows him to regenerate his own organs, but not the brain. He would become much like an amoeba upon losing his mind and giving into the insanity compressed inside his body. It would require total annihilation of his figure in one blow to kill him.

  • Oriental Medicine: Within the East, Martial Arts and Medicine is closely tied together. Henry’s Black Moon Style is no exception as its curriculum covers this field. Henry’s knowledge here also increased as he studied the Forbidden Arts. It wouldn’t be surprising if he made some kind of power-boosting pill from very questionable ingredients. Acupuncture is also in there as part of his repertoire. Eastern Spiritualism makes its mark here as well due to its connection to Eastern medical knowledge.

  • Modern Medicine: As times changes, knowledge also evolves. Henry, through doing a few favors for a few people, has been able to attend medical school to get an update on medical knowledge. Another great reason why he’s so valued: Full knowledge on monster physiology and up-to-date medical knowledge makes himself a marketable individual.

  • Mental Resistance: Meditation has always been a good part of martial art training. As well as his training as a spy and assassin in the case he may get captured back in the day. But the change in his body led to a much weakened defense in return. He can still put up a good fight for the most part. But, once hallucinations kick in, he’s pretty much a sitting duck. Anyone who tries to get inside his head will see the image of various blades surrounding them with their sharp ends pointing at them at every angle.

  • Multilingualism: Traveling all across the world left him able of speaking various languages out of necessity. Capable of speaking Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and English rather fluently. He has some trouble speaking French, German, and Spanish. But he could communicate to an adequate degree.

  • Cooking: After years of taking care of himself, Henry has learned how to cook for himself. His travel through various countries led him to having a basic knowledge of the country's cuisine. He best cooks Korean and Chinese given he spent his mortal life in the former and spent many years in the latter.

  • Geomungo: Henry plays the Geomungo as a part of his hobby. Though he keeps the stringed instrument in the closet since he usually doesn't have the time to play it back then. And the fact that sometimes he doesn't feel like playing it.
Ki Techniques: It is to be noted that whatever stat influencing techniques there are, the ones listed above are the highest he could go with it. But external ki techniques are meant to allow Henry hit harder than he normally would even with only internal ki techniques.

  • Black Moon Style: An ancient style of Korean martial arts that not only cultivates combat techniques, but also ki manipulation and medical knowledge. Formerly a normal School with a great emphasis on kicking and spear techniques, it has become an assassin's style under the Song clan with the addition of acupuncture and other traditional medical knowledge. With all of its practitioners dead, Henry is the only master of the near-extinct style.

    Spoiler for Hidden:
    • New Moon: Internal Ki techniques are used to manipulate/increase the user's own body and mental functioning. It can range from increasing physical strength and speed to night vision and Ki sense for some. The Black Moon Style has a curriculum devoted towards it named the "New Moon". These ki techniques are taught first before expanding towards other ki-based techniques. With basic attention on increasing physical capability, the New Moon mostly focuses on the legs and fingers. The former for their kicking techniques and the latter for acupuncture. The curriculum also brings in night vision and ki perception/concealment as well, but these are taught during Crescent Moon with Instantaneous Movement techniques. This curriculum is where many students/disciples get to learn basic combat theory. In other words, how to fight under this fighting style.

      Spoiler for Hidden:
      • Lunar Body: The basic physical ki enhancement to his entire body through specialized breathing techniques. It allows a practitioner of the Black Moon to go past human limits. This technique is also the most basic of ki circulation techniques of the school. For Henry, his physical stats can even increase further depending on blood or soul consumption.

      • Moon Pillar: Ki enhancement focused on the fingers. From just friction alone, he can easily cut through wood and metal like a knife through butter. It can also stiffen and strengthen the index finger for acupuncture applications. Combined with his claws, the technique's power is increased by twofold. Also used for joint locking techniques.

      • Sickle Moon: Ki enhancement through the legs and hips that focuses on overall flexibility for the fastest and most damaging  kicks while also providing a wider range of angles that most people wouldn't expect. They're kicking ability is likened to a mix of a whip and a hammer. Great for sweeping techniques.

      • Crescent Moon Axe: Ki enhanced axe kick from above that is meant to swung completely through without stopping. Best used as an anti-helmet/anti-armor technique without relying on external ki techniques.

      • Circular Moon Throw: Ki infusion to arms and hips for enhancement of throwing techniques.

      • Moonlight: Ki enhancement to the eyes to see more clearly in the dark. However, the user would only see monochrome colors instead. It is also possible to blind an user of this technique with bright lights.

      • Lunar Eyes: Ki perception technique to feel the presence of others by ki alone. It also provides the practitioner the ability to "feel" the emotions of others. Or even have a sense of what the opponent will do. However, it only works when someone is actually alive. Useless on vampires and the like that aren't living.

      • Celestial Moon Sight: Ki enhancement to the eyes to see farther. At Henry's level, allows keeping track of fast-moving object within a range of 4kms.

      • Shadow Moon: Concealment technique that lowers the level of one's ki to extremely minimal levels possible. However, it is possible to smell him out or hear movement if he accidentally does so.

      • Jumping Moon Hare: An instantaneous movement technique that allows a practitioner to close a distance immediately, catching most people off-guard. Henry could close the distance up to 40 meters currently at C rank in Ki Ability. It is bound to increase twenty extra meters with each letter rank increase in that stat. It can also be used for evasive purposes as well. It is also applied to jumping. When he reaches the more higher ranks after soul consumption, his landing after Jumping Moon Hare creates concussive air pressure to those around him, which could blow them away.

      • Elusive Moon Step: Another instantaneous movement with an emphasis on evasion as it is a multiple use version of the Jumping Moon Hare technique. It allows the user to avoid an attack and disappear from the enemy's gaze. It looks like as if they disappeared, until attacking from the sides or from behind.

      • Ghostly Moon Apparition: A very special kind of movement technique where a Black Moon practitioner can give off multiple after-images of himself, which effects on the enemy's mind and willpower. It makes it look like as if he were in multiple places at once. A technique that is best used with Elusive Moon Step.

      • Moonlight Wall: A movement technique which adds a huge burst of speed to allow its user to temporarily run on walls and ceilings to maneuver around in varying angles. It is also best used with free-running.

    • Crescent Moon: External Ki Techniques covers the manipulation of Ki that is emitted outside of the user's body. It is where ki can finally be fully weaponized to deal actual damage. Many schools focus on damaging the external by simply "blasting' it at their enemies in their own unique projection methods and then causing internal damage like a normal blow with enhancements. Fewer schools are capable emitting them to only cause effective internal damage bypassing external barriers/defenses by only needing simple touch. The Black Moon School dubs their own curriculum of it as "Crescent Moon". Their external ki techniques can be applied through their whole limbs, shoulders, and hips. Of course, they have an emphasis on kicks where even a simple stomp can cleanly amputate an opponent's limbs. The school also fits in with the fewer schools that can focus a ki strike to only the internals. It is after half-way through the Full Moon curriculum that students can learn to focus how to stimulate pressure points with their ki or use it to heal wounds.

      Spoiler for Hidden:
      • Moon Strike: Basic external ki technique which merely blasts into the enemy. Projection method is more like of a huge hammer smashing into the target. Its execution is much thorough. Used with punching and kicking.

      • Mountain Moon Break: External ki technique through a shoulder tackle. Used for crowd control as it hits multiple people in front of the practitioner, but individual application is possible. Hips can also be used for this technique in the individual application to make the opponent lose balance. T

      • Crushing Moon Fist: A punch-based technique. Ki is focused into the fist and "explodes" upon impact.

      • Chaotic Lunar Moon Strike: Punch technique that gathers ki in the feet and the arms before focusing into one arm. Execute an instantaneous movement technique to begin ki circulation. Thrust out fist and punch. Projection is focused into a point with all the focused ki is gathered. Best used as a kind of anti-armor.

      • Spinning Moon Smash: A complete 360 degree spin kick that emits damaging ki into the opponent. Using an application of instantaneous movement, the user spins extremely fast to prevent an enemy to take advantage of the opening from this preliminary movement. The spin also quickly stores up a considerable amount of ki before releasing it in the kick. Its projection is likened to cannon fire.

      • Cyclone Moon Smash: A better version of the Spinning Moon Smash where the user spins 720 degrees with a stronger use of instantaneous movement for the spin.

      • Falling Moon Stomp: Stomping technique made to break bones. One who fully masters the technique can actually amputate limbs from just standing on someone's arm and blasting the ki at it. It's likened to the hacking of an axe. Can also be used with kicks. Two times the power of Spinning Moon Smash Technique can also be used in a scattering projection to destroy floors or footholds to cause people to lose footing. Range can go up to twenty meters.

      • Rippling Moon Strike: Technique where only simple touch is the minimal required to inject ki to cause internal damage only. It "ripples" out towards the target area in the internals. One would have mastered use of this technique if they could turn internal organs into mere slush.

      • Moon Point: A weaker variant of Rippling Moon Strike that is used to merely stimulate pressure points while ignoring the enemy's external protection. Depending on what point is pressed, it can result in many kinds of effects ranging from healing to relaxing and damaging to excruciating pain.

    • Half Moon: Weapons have a great influence in martial arts. Not does it give martial artists an edge in damage and range, it also helps them cultivate the basics of their empty hand techniques. External Ki Techniques can also be used through weapons to great effect. Black Moon calls their curriculum "Half Moon". It covers from swords to spears and knife-throwing to archery where not only are attacks enhanced by ki by damage and speed, the weapon itself is also enhanced of its physical properties. It is best to think that Half Moon is like Crescent Moon with better range and damage.

      Spoiler for Hidden:
      • Moon Arsenal: Ki enhancement of weaponry by three times its capability. Overcharging can lead to breaking things, like iron bars and the like.

      • Moon Slash: An external ki technique used either with the spear and the sword. Projection method is more of a mere slash. A technique with emphasis on speed.

      • Hacking Moon Slash: Best seen as a power slash. The user swings the blade or spear like as if throwing an axe. With the shoulder storing ki, it then explodes forward into the slash to enhance the attack.

      • Moonlight Blade: Technique that relies on foothold from above to deliver a fast vertical sword slash. Relies on use of instantaneous movement techniques for about sixty percent of the effort. The other forty percent comes from the Moon Strike. Also used on ceilings as well.

      • Crescent Moon Storm: A flurry of slashes that emphasizes the flexibility of both the arm and sword. The technique relies on these multiple attacks to come at varying angles to refuse the opponent's chance to maneuver away or counterattack. It's seen as a cage of slashes. Ten times faster than a normal strike.

      • Full Moon Storm: A spear-based technique which focuses wholly on the spear's flexibility. It is spun around the user at various angles as if forming a barrier around him. Attacks are deflected away from the user. Great against projectiles. It is mostly used as a defensive technique. But it can turn into an offensive one as it is used as a preliminary movement to be used to other techniques. While it spins, the practitioner can store up ki to amplify other techniques with it and with the collected momentum. Amplifies by three times.

      • Moon Stab: Stabbing version of Moon Slash.

      • Piercing Moon Light: Stabbing version of Hacking Moon Slash

      • Lunar Flurry: Stabbing version of Crescent Moon Storm

      • Penetrating Lunar Strike: A technique best suited for the spear. Gathers ki in the feet and the arms before focusing into one area. Execute an instantaneous movement technique to begin ki circulation. Thrust spear forward and pierce. Projection is focused into a point with all the focused ki gathered. Best used as a kind of anti-armor.

      • Exploding Moon Bow: Technique used with knife-throwing and archery applications. Infusing the ki through the projectile even more, it will cause it to shatter upon impact. The enhanced shrapnel will dig through the flesh. Many practitioners use it to cause blindness to their enemies.

      • Wave Moon Bow: Archery technique that enhances the whole arm to quickly reload and shoot arrows to let out a spray of multiple arrows. Allows the user to become an equivalent of multiple archers, fifteen arrows in one second. All have the same power as Moon Slash.

      • Lunar Hammer Arrow: Arrow infused with ki that explodes outward to force enemies back without breaking the projectile. Same power as Mountain Moon Break.

      • Lunar Piercing Snake: Technique where it allows the arrow to "move" around obstructions in front of the target. May only move past up to five obstructions before being led astray. Same power as Moon Slash.

      • Beguiled Moon: Another technique with knife-throwing and archery application. It also relies on acupuncture knowledge.  With the projectile infused, the one hit by it will never feel pain because of the numbing sensation, but the damage is still there. The infused ki is injected into the victim while using the projectile as a vector. The target will face immobilization due to the numbing, however it's focused around where the projectile landed. For example, if it lands on the elbow, then it will find movement impossible.

    • Full Moon: Very rarely there are schools include medicine and acupuncture as part of their curriculum. The number that do don't have much of an emphasis in it. Fewer have a stronger focus, like Henry's style that names their own curriculum as "Full Moon". With a knowledge of acupuncture, a practitioner of his style have frightening precision on activating pressure points. By doing so they can either cause a beneficial or adverse effect on people. Some can immobilize movement from excruciating pain or dulling of senses by overloading/blocking the nerves. Others can use them for healing purposes or physical enhancement in few cases. Black Moon Style practitioners also study traditional medicine of the time. They learn how to make specific drugs from natural resources (i.e. roots and herbs) for the health of others. Sometimes they can make poisons in some cases.

      Spoiler for Hidden:
      • Constricting Moon: Technique utilizing the needles or fingers to stimulate pressure points. By doing so, it will cause movement of the affected area to stall, nearly immobilizing it. It takes an extraordinary amount of fortitude to move the affected part, even for the toughest of enemies. Used with Moon Point.

      • Coiling Moon: Stimulation of pressure points to the lungs will cause them to "freeze". It can eventually lead to asphyxiation and then death. Used with Moon Point.

      • Hell Moon: Very much like Constricting Moon, but afflicted area will experience tremendous amounts of pain regardless of how much fortitude someone may have. It is an attack through one's nervous system. One must possess some special kind of nerves to not feel anything. Used with Moon Point.

      • Illusive Snake Moon: Pressing several pressure points, it puts a victim at a state of fake death. Can be used on self. Used with Moon Point.

      • Clustering Celestial Moon: Through pressure point stimulation to the spine, it makes the victim's whole body extremely sensitive to touch to the point where even the slightest stimulation causes extreme amounts of pain. Used with Moon Point.

      • Splitting Moon: Pressure point stimulation behind the neck and/or temple that could lead to complete bodily paralysis due to cutting off the nerves from the brain to the whole body. Also used to numb the whole body for other purposes like surgery. Used with Moon Point.

      • Congealing Moon: Pressure points on blood vessels to prevent hemorrhaging. Used with Moon Point.

      • Silent Moon: Pressure point application to the heart to cause cardiac arrest. Used with Moon Point.

      • Lunar Touch: By stimulating special pressure points, the user can stop their target's hemorrhaging and enhance the body's ability to recover. Covers from mortal wounds and poisons/diseases to mere sickness and small injury. Can be used on self. Used with Moon Point.

      • Moon's Blessing: With known medical knowledge, it is possible to use it with ki circulation to immediately heal wounds. The range of wounds that it can heal is dependent on the healer's mastery of this technique. Can be used on self.

      • Recirculation Moon: A special ki circulation technique that collects poison injected in the body to one point and vomits it out. However it is not effective against fast-moving poisons since it takes some time to perform the technique.

      • Moon's Flow: Ki circulation technique focused on redistribution of energy. Used on people with very unique body conditions to help them live normally. It is a technique used to correct the irregular flow of ki in people or even funnel out an excess of it to prevent them from experiencing a multiple of health problems or death. It is also used to "flush out" dangerous ki that has been used to cause complications. Lately, Henry found this technique also applies to magical curses when he took a gamble on a patient.

      • Lunar Sealing: A technique that resists against pressure point stimulation of other enemies by using ki-shielding on the target area.

      • Lunar Unsealing: A technique that undo pressure point techniques by touching them again.

    • Black Moon:  Every style has final teachings to give to the most devoted students that have finished all their other curriculums. It is a mark of a student/disciple finally becoming certified in their art. This is where the most advanced techniques are passed down. They may be as subtle as a slight change in basics. For some styles, this is where they increase the size of meridians to allow greater output of ki which would lead to a further increase in the dantian (ki center). This curriculum has been dubbed, "Black Moon." Students are also taught some esoteric techniques of their own master so that they are given some material to work with to further their own style of the School's art.

      Spoiler for Hidden:
      • Final Teachings:

        • Black Moon Form: Not exactly a technique, but a new form of ki circulation that enhances all known techniques by three times. Only taught to those who finally reach the final and most advanced stage of their training. The air around the practitioner changes in a way that their presence feels more ominous. It is also from this special circulation that allows practitioners to gain a resistance against enemy external ki techniques for protection. The amount of protection hinges on how much the technique is polished and the amount of ki used.

        • Black Moon Turtle Shell: The most deadly external ki punching technique of the style that ignores external protection. It is a strike made directly to cause circulatory shock that may lead to death. Those who survive it may not even be capable of using ki again. Their physical state would be rendered to a mere normal human, however chances of survival is extremely low. Recovery chances of using ki is possible, but still very low.

        • White Moon Tiger Paw: The strongest kicking technique of the Black Moon style. However, it requires a second of charging. It gathers ki from five areas in the body and gather it into his leg, a similar initiation of the Chaotic Lunar Moon Strike. While using instantaneous movement forward, the user spins around 720 degrees like the Cyclone Moon Smash to gather even more ki and momentum before finally dealing out the kick.

        • Red Moon Phoenix Claw: Acupuncture technique which stimulates five pressure points: in the arms, in the legs, and on the heart. Each stimulation prior the fifth will cause tremendous amounts of pain on the level of Clustering Celestial Moon. With the stimulation of the fifth, movement is entirely impossible at this point. One must not have a heart in order to make this technique useless. Death can be eminent with the stimulation of the sixth pressure point in the brain, where all the blood in the body starts to exit out from all open wounds and orifices.

        • Blue Moon Dragon Horn: One of the Black Moon's five trump cards. It is a stabbing technique with an instantaneous movement in which it is likened to the charging of a maddened boar that ignores anything in its path by merely tackling it out of the way. Has five times the power of the Penetrating Lunar Strike. Can be used with either sword or spear. Relies on continuous instantaneous movement techniques for movement and seventy percent of the damage. However, it cannot make complete turns easily.

        • Yellow Moon Dragon Fang: The technique only bestowed on a student who is to succeed as head of the School. It is the new Successor's responsibility to use it on those who may betray the school or on the most dangerous of enemies. The symbol of authority within the school. It is an external ki striking technique that also relies on knowledge of acupuncture. It targets the dantian, the ki center for all ki users. By hitting someone there, it utterly destroys someone's ability to use ki and render them to mere normal humans. Henry has also learned that it's usable on magic users as well, or people with some other supernatural abilities. Recovery is impossible, but blocking and dodging is possible.
      • Esoteric Teachings:
        • Eunuch Moon: Stimulation of pressure points in which it sets a man's penis and testicles to explode upon arousal. Used as some form of punishment on the sexually deviant or rapists by emasculating and castrating them. An esoteric teaching from his teacher.

        • Iron Moon Pillar: Breathing technique which allows the user to keep fighting even suffering from mortal wounds. Seen as Battle Continuation. Though it only needs a decisive fatal attack to finally put him down.

        • Moon Flash: Instantaneous movement technique that allows for mobility in the air by simply blasting ki in bursts through the feet. (Very much like the Void Instant Movement of Fate Averruncus)

        • Ghostly Moon Aura: External ki technique in which ki is given off from the whole body. Expands the user's presence for intimidation purposes.

  • Demon Fang Style: The style that aims to mimic vampires and even surpass them. There are a few techniques as they are more focused to "transforming" the body to be more vampire-like. Fighting techniques are more reliant on the practitioner to already be familiar with another style.

    Spoiler for Hidden:
    • Tantric Absorption: It is categorized with Moon's Blessing when it comes to ki circulation. But unlike it, this technique focuses on absorbing other people's energy to supplement the user's. Drinking blood and sex are some of the methods that is part of the technique.

    • Demon Claw: By circulating ki to the finger nails, it quickly accelerates nail growth and strengthens them.

    • Demon Fang: The teeth version of Demon Claw.

    • Demonic Regeneration: The Demon Fang Sect has also learned to replicate vampire regeneration ability by simply concentrating immense amounts of ki in affected areas to speed up the healing process. While regeneration isn't a rare thing in the Society's martial art styles, it is known for being capable of at least giving its practitioner a better chance of surviving mortal wounds better than any other style could provide. In fact, the speed of regeneration is unparalleled and makes survival against completely attacks that completely pulverize organs, possible.

    • Demonic Threshold: The final secret that actually converts oneself into a being like a vampire's. Except it is considered vastly superior as it consumes souls to empower itself and lacks most of the weaknesses. However, soul consumption will taint the practitioner overtime with each soul taken in. Each victim consumed will leave behind residues of its existence inside the consumer, which may drag him to insanity if he lets it. The user can subsist on bodily fluids, but in the end, soul consumption is required to continue existing. Interestingly enough, he can eat "magic" as he has recently learned.

    • Devil Origin Core: The point when insanity has finally kicked in with enough souls consumed and the threshold of mental and emotional processing have broken down. All physical ability will surpass the peak to a greater horizon of power, meaning it can surpass the highest stats he could have from a considerable amount of soul consumption. Henry will no longer be capable of differentiating between friends and enemy. He will aim to consume more and more, making himself an even bigger monster than before. Rage and hunger drives him forward while ignoring any excruciating pain imaginable. But incapable of using any of his almost all of his ki techniques except the internal category that enhances his body. His ability to regenerate surpasses many creatures, something that is to be feared. Even if one were to blow off his head, it would only grow back. Complete utter annihilation is required to destroy him. Not only that, Henry is unable to feel pain no matter the degree. What's even scarier is that Henry's skills in martial arts and combat are unhindered in this state, due to the fact that it has become much like muscle memory from his experience and training. His ability to communicate would be hindered by his insanity, much like Mad Enhancement. Yet, it is not impossible depending on the situation.

  • Tai Chi Arts: Learning Tai Chi has given him the perspective of neijia/internal arts. Henry has learned softness to receive attacks and use them against his enemies. It has also furthered his ki control considerably. These arts allows him to take on even tougher enemies than he was used to before.  The external ki techniques of the Tai Chi arts not only focuses on joint locks and throws, but also with striking attacks and soft parries that follow the concept of Chan Si Jing. Henry finds himself now capable of even finer ki control as seen in the Ki Manipulation section. This also goes for his weapon techniques.

    Spoiler for Hidden:
    • Listening Power: Greater enhancement of his five senses which can lead to a pseudo-sixth sense that allows him to "feel" for the enemy's movement and intentions. Can be seen as an upgrade to Lunar Eyes.

    • Internal Power: Tai Chi's ability to receive and guide away damaging attacks to lead to its own practitioner's counterattacks. Allows Henry to deal with opponents two ranks higher than him in stats.

    • Spiral Fist: Using the concept of Chan Si Jing, the projection method is of a spiral around his arm to penetrate through the enemy to deal both external and internal damage in a punch. It can also bounce off attacks because of the spiraling circulation, making it very useful to deflect and attack the enemy at the same time. This techniques also makes it very difficult for his punches to be deflected. Can be used with other techniques, which can amplify their power by four times.

    • Spiral Body: Application of Chan Si Jing throughout the whole body to focus on completely deflecting attacks. The deflected attack can also lead to Henry using throws or joint locks as counterattacks. It is a prerequisite to Henry's Reflection technique.

    • Spiral Unlocking: When the practitioner is a victim of an enemy's joint-lock technique or in a similar situation of being tied up, the application of Chan Si Jing can be applied to loosen the bondage on their bodies to allow additional maneuvers or to free themselves.

    • Spiral Anchor: Internal Ki technique that anchors feet into the ground for rigidity. It is used in stand-up wrestling where opposing force is redirected back to the ground instead, making it seem like the user has a lot more strength than he has. But the more experienced will tell the difference.

    • Reflection: Like what the name says, it is a technique to reflect physical and ki attacks back at the enemy. It requires to have steady footing or else only fifty percent bounces back at the enemy and the other fifty percent damages Henry.

    • Wave Penetration Strike: Trajectory modification of an external ki shockwave course and delay the damage until hitting their final destination. It can move the damage from leg to brain, stomach to arm, and etc. Used together with other external ki techniques. However, it cannot be used with Cyclone Moon Smash or any of the Five Celestial Beings of the Black Moon curriculum. Considered to be Henry's greatest feat in delicate ki manipulation. It is an original/unique technique that draws upon Tai Chi influences. Great for hostage situations as it won't activate the damage right away.

  • Eclipse: Henry's own esoteric techniques when he fought other martial artists. This is where he took his own experiences and furthered the Black Moon style to his own liking. It is merely expanding the other curriculums with a few more techniques influenced by other martial arts he has seen besides Tai Chi. Tanglang Quan, Baguazhang, and Xing Yi Quan are the three other Chinese martial arts that influences him the most. Outside of it, Muay Boran, Kalaripayyatu, and Boxing are others that also have influence in his techniques.

    Spoiler for Hidden:
    • Unending Dragon Chain: Taking an example from Jack Dempsey's continuous linking of momentum and Baguazhang, Henry learned to connect his ki techniques together to form various combos without sacrificing speed or power.

    • Gale Sway: A technique created from Henry's understanding of Boxing, Tanglang Quan, and Baguazhang movement, he learned how to gently receive attacks and let them "slip" past him without suffering any actual damage. It gives most people the illusion that their attacks did nothing at him. But the more experienced will realize their attacks didn't hit.

    • Needle Kick: Kicking technique from Muay Boran combined with acupuncture knowledge using the toes. It is as if there's a sharp dagger taped on his foot which causes uncomfortable piercing damage even when blocked, allows activation of pressure points through his feet. Best used against joints and the ribs.

    • Thunder Strike: An aggressive punch that not only serves to damage externally, but also meant to throw back enemies a couple meters away. Also used for crowd control. A technique influenced by Xing Yi Quan and boxing.

    • Upthrust Spear Kick: A jump kick that kicks up from below to above by lifting the leg up 180 degrees. Meant to be used on people's chins as the soles of the feet impacts against it to shake the brain. Technique influenced by Kalaripayattu. Also used to kick people into the air.

    • Blue Sky Knee: Knee version of Upthrust Spear Kick. Influences from Kalaripayattu and Muay Boran.

    • Wind Claw: An external ki technique that uses an elbow strike. The attack cuts instead of merely smashing into the opponent. Capable of even cutting very deep into flesh. Influences from Muay Boran.

    • Eruption Boil Strike: A very special kind of external ki technique which causes a reaction in the blood to "boil" instantaneously through striking directly at the dantian. It causes the blood to start erupting out of every orifice in the body. This is a technique Henry took time to create as a necessity against an elder vampire that he found nearly impossible to fight against. As such, it is an anti-vampire technique.

    • Thunderous Hammer Leg: Two-step instantaneous technique that uses both feet and hands in each step. Henry leaps up with Jumping Moon Hare and immediately lands behind an enemy by using a double-handed external ki technique to bring him down. A technique with Kalaripayattu and Xing Yi Quan influences.

  • Meditation: Techniques to alter the state of mind by manipulating internal flow of ki. It allows him to have a greater perception of his body's functioning and state. It allows him to better fix his own body. Or increase his control in ki to better commit to an action. There is a special meditative technique he learned from the Emei Sect from China that allows him to create something very similar to a virtual reality that allows him to spar against previous opponents in his life. It's something very much like shadow boxing with a bit more on image training for "realism".

    Spoiler for Hidden:
    • Jade Maiden's Eye: The Emei Sect's meditation technique that allows it user to go into a special mental state where it reaches into their "Inner World" to recreate the desired people in both power, skill, and technique. By doing so, the one meditating can spar against the imagined opponent as if in real life. Essentially it is very much like virtual reality. Its only requirement is that one must see the person fight at least once before committing him/her to the "Inner World". The only actual weakness is that if a technique is not used when shown, it will not show up in virtual reality of the "Inner World".
  • Kukri Knife: While looking the same as every other knife, Henry paid a pretty penny to give it a Magic Resistance of B rank.

  • Medical Equipment: Ranges from modern tools to traditional ones. From defibrillators and stethoscopes to Eastern traditional needles and ginseng roots. He keeps some of the needles on his person for various reasons besides medicinal.

  • Paekchong Mask: The mask of the butcher in a Korean Hahoe Play. He wore this during his days under the Sagong clan.

    Spoiler for Hidden:
    The face of the Paekchong mask has the most crooked brow with a small lump above peaked eyes. The ridge of its nose is narrow compared with the others. The mouth has a protruding lower lip, and its brow and cheeks are heavily wrinkled. It looks threatening, and its expression, When smiling, is an insane one. Its facial type on the whole looks rough. With its brow and lower jaw, the protruding lines of the cheeks, and the shape of the nose, its can be classified as a square shape physiognomically. It is said in physiognomy that "a man with a square countenance does not act hesitantly but bullies his way through." This behavior fits the paekchong (or huigwangi) Who engages in butchery. In addition, a person with a crooked brow depicts wickedness and cruelty. The pointed eyes represent a bloodthirsty person, and a person with a protruding lower lip is said to be ruthless. All these qualities exist in the Paekchong.

    A lump on the brow represents a gloomy character and a threatening countenance . However, in the play, the Paechong feels guilty about destruction of life and goes mad on a stormy day. Therefore, in this case, the mask expresses a person seized with a sense of guilt. The paekchong's movement is called paekchong kori (Paekchong's walk) and looks ill-tempered in nature. This fits the role of the ill-tempered Paekchong who slaughters a cow, takes its testicles out, and asks spectators to buy them.
Origin: The middle of the Joseon period was the time where Min Jun Chae would be born into the Song Clan. Within the Society, it has been regarded as He had been born in a time where factions in Korea were already cannibalizing each other. The age where the Martial Arts Society would be loosely affiliated with the government politics and their actual existence hidden from the public. With his clan affiliated with the Eastern faction and its Southern sub-faction (Note: There was still some internal conflict even in there), it became necessary to force Min Jun to begin and complete his full training as a born member of his clan.

Through this same vein, he was obligated to protect the offspring of the main branch. A girl at the same age as he was. Born with a weak constitution and being female in a patriarchal society, there was much worry of the clan’s future as it rests on Mi-Hyun’s shoulders. While others have treated her with much disdain, Min Jun was one of the only few that have shown care and worry for her well-being as her only friend.

While there were some misgivings, Min Jun’s talent in his studies and training does bring some considerable hope that he could possibly help keep the Clan upright. Taking on various missions and tasks at a remarkably young age of fifteen, Min Jun gained additional skills and experience in the field as he worked as a political spy and assassin. At the same time, he was still able to hold up his own against rival clans that threatened to snuff out his own. However, it was only a matter of time until the clan he knew as his family would face an imminent demise from the number of enemies against them. It would be a time where Min Jun would feel the most helpless despite having completed his training and studies.

With a collective of other clans, it wouldn’t take too long for the solitary Chae clan to crumble with Head Branch members murdered. However, Mi-Hyun has been taken prisoner to ensure the surviving members would serve the head of the collective of rival clans, the Sagongs. As these remaining members became their dogs, various suicidal missions were assigned to them. One by one, the remaining would die with various regrets with their dying breaths. The Japanese Invasion would become the event that spelled doom for everyone, except Min Jun. But they had failed a mission. Knowing this, he had to try to rescue Mi-Hyun. Yet, she was not present in the compound that she was to be kept in. To his utter despair and rage upon realization of what clues and answers existed, his fiance had long been dead due to suicide after months of men doing what they wanted with her. With knowledge that he was still alive, it led to various clans pursuing to gain favor with the Sagong Clan. Through a series of events, Min Jun was able to fake his death at one point upon the cliffs shielding against the waves of the Pacific Ocean. The sense of utter uselessness caused him to put himself on the path of revenge. Even going so far to seek out people that have been ostracized by the rest of the Society. The Forbidden Arts serve as his only choice to somehow gain enough power to realize his revenge.

After years trying to find what style would try to suit his purposes, the Devil Fang Sect fell onto his conquest. However even this one was nearing extinction as only a seedy old man served as its remaining master and member of its secrets. To be granted acceptance, Min Jun had to participate various rituals and even tests to become accepted. As he once did, his time in the Sect was best spent studying what secrets there were. Out of all them, the one that replicated vampirism intrigued him the most. But it also possessed the lure of greater power than most vampires. To be granted this secret would be most difficult as the master vigilantly guarded the scrolls holding the information. A fall-out between them caused his death and Min Jun’s retrieval of the scroll.

Committing to about a few months of preparations, the new master of the Demon Fang Sect had succeeded in restructuring his own body to readily consume souls to increase his very own power. It was then he would also again commit time to consume even more souls to build up his strength. Beginning first with the lowest ranked clans, Min Jun started to reap in souls all the while keeping his presence and identity anonymous. Fear and mistrust had led to various clans to attack each other. By the time they realized who he was, it was already too late. With the final dispatchment of the Sagong Head, his revenge would be complete.

However, he made too many enemies during this time. It led to him fleeing to China where it would be much harder to find him. Attempts to find peace would be fruitless as the Korean Society had sent news of his presence to the Chinese Society. After decades of fighting and traveling his way through, Min Jun later traveled out towards the Ottoman Empire. Perhaps it was his most enjoyable years as he studied and discussed various treatises ranging from Greek to Chinese at various scholarly institutions.

But even then, peace was short-lived due to political upheavals during the times. This would eventually lead to him going towards Europe for several years before making his home in Hawaii in the United States for almost half a century. With the political changes in America, it later drove him towards the mainland where he would live for a long time while trying to gain an education in medicine. Even now he makes a living being a man of medicine both human and non-human under the name of Henry Chae.

  • Hallucinations: His frame of mind has shown signs of being wonky. Because his soul is constantly patching itself up by consuming other souls, it does not fare very well with his very mind. He can experience various things people in life had once experienced through various hallucinations. But there's always this "shadow" that does keep harassing him these days about stuff in his past life as a human.

  • Divine Items: Because he is too full of Yin, energy of divine nature can easily damage or kill him. It matters not of what kind of religious discipline is used to apply on Henry.

  • Sunlight: While he won't combust upon contact with it, he suffers a rank down in Strength and Endurance. The amount of yang energy there will no doubt affect his body. This also includes being under the exposure of UV rays.

  • Poison/Sickness: Being alive as he is, Henry is still susceptible to being poisoned and afflicted with disease like any human.

  • Weak to Magic: Henry lacks magic resistance as the manipulation of ki isn't actually on the level of actual magic. As such he is susceptible to many spells and lacks many means to combat them. Mental influences can still be resisted by willpower, but even then he’s vulnerable.

  • Breathing: His ki techniques relying on the availability of air in his environment. Cut that off or hinder it, he could experience from a full rank decrease to not being able to use it at all.
Likes:  Chocolate, Reading, Libraries
Dislikes:  Himself, The Sun, Insects, Guns[/list]
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Name: Arisato Minato

Race: Ascended Human

Age: 17 (Physically - Aging has Ceased)

Height: 170 cm
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Blue

Alignment: Variable Neutral

Base Stats

On the Servant Scale
Strength: X
Agility: X
Speed: X
Endurance: X
Mana: X
Luck: X

Magic Resistance:
The equipment grants strong resistances to everything, further enhanced by the persona though the effect Varies according to the one currently equipped.

Magic Ability:
Fire, Ice, Wind, Electric, Light, Dark, Almighty, Powerful fusion Spells, and other spells of various types are made available through persona.

General Magic Ranking
Spoiler for Hidden:
Agi- C
Maragi- D
Agilao- A
Maragilao- B
Agidyne- A++
Maragidyne- A+
Ragnarok- EX

Special Ability:

A Persona is a manifestation of a person's personality, referred to as a "mask" for an individual to use to face hardship. A Persona is similar to a Shadow. Shadows are malevolent manifestations of ones inner thoughts, while a Persona is a manifestation of the same feelings but tamed and trained. A Persona grants numerous benefits to it's user, a few of which are actually useful outside of battle.

As a side note, as a persona is a manifestation of the user's psyche, a change in the persona is effectively a change in the user's personality, to a greater or lesser extent.

The user's base stats are equal to the equipped Persona's listed stats. The evoked Persona has double the listed stats. The effects of skills take precedence over innate resistances.

The Inherent attributes are unique traits particular to a single Persona granted to it's user while equipped.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Arcana: Judgement

Str: 63
Mgi: 62
End: 60
Agi: 62
Lck: 63



Inherent Attribute:

Living Messiah
The attribute possessed by a messiah that allows for the performance of miracles. Though this is seen as an amazing thing it is considered very troublesome by it's owner due to it's limitations; It allows the user to normally perform only one miracle once per day, and he is only able to perform "Miracles attributed to the messiah". The more well known the miracle is the more easily and effectively it can be performed. As such "Walking on water" and "Making water into wine" can be performed freely after being used once but "Forcibly ending magic based flight" and "Healing any ailment" is limited to a single use.

Messianic Presence
The presence held by all those who can be called Messiah. Those of strong evil alignment will feel irrational fear, and those of good alignment feel comfort or safety. Those seeking redemption and those who wish for salvation are drawn to him. Those of Judeo-Christian faith or origin will recognize the holder of this skill as a messiah immediately. As a side effect however, the user may find that the amplified authoritativeness that comes along with this causes one to dominate social situations without noticing. This skill also affects the user.

Passive Skills:

Regenerate 3
Heals a bit of HP every turn.

Invigorate 3
Restores a bit of SP every turn

Absorb Pierce
Absorb Pierce Attacks

Enduring Soul
Restores all HP upon death once per battle

Active Skills:

Inflicts Severe Almighty Damage upon a wide area.

God's Hand
Inflict Severe Strike Damage upon one enemy.

Removes Status ailments and fully restores party HP.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Arcana: Death

Str: 48
Mgi: 51
End: 44
Agi: 44
Lck: 39


Resist: Slash/Strike
Block: None
Absorb: None
Reflect: Dark
Weak: Light

Inherent Attribute:

Soul Appraise
Simply put the ability to see souls. It only allows for perception of the shape and structure; Things like seeing memories or a person's deepest nature is eternally beyond him, but damage from spiritual attacks and concepts can be visualized. It need not be said that spiritual existences that are normally invisible will also be revealed.

Last Peace
The attribute of Thanatos as the bringer of death without suffering; Blows struck will cause the targets sense of pain to degrade, a mortal wound cutting the sense off entirely. This can be seen as the single mercy granted by the god of death, an end without pain.

Passive Skills:

1hd Sword Master
Increases Damage inflicted with one handed swords

Active Skills:

Inflicts heavy Almighty Damage over a wide area.

Tempest Slash
Inflicts heavy multiple slash damage upon one enemy.

Ghastly Wail
Instantly destroys all enemies with Fear mental ailment

Banishes all enemies with the power of light (Med)

Brave Blade
Inflict heavy slash damage upon one enemy.

Orpheus Telos
Spoiler for Hidden:
Arcana: Fool

Str: 75
Mgi: 72
End: 72
Agi: 72
Lck: 72


Resist: All
Block: None
Absorb: None
Reflect: None
Weak: None

Inherent Attribute:

Master of Strings
A fitting ability for the persona Orpheus, this skill increases one's aptitude with stringed instruments. It's effectiveness is based on the degree of skill one already possesses with an instrument; One will become barely passable with an instrument one has little experience or talent with, but with an instrument that one has natural talent and many of practice with one could even compare to the greatness of the original, though they would never quite equal him.

True Zero
The ultimate ability of something that stands at the pinnacle of the fool arcana. As it possesses no original ability of it's own, it can acquire any skill it's owner wishes to. There are three limitations that exist on this originally almighty ability due to the interference of the nexus.

1. Only one skill may be recreated using this skill at any time; If a new skill is acquired, the currently held skill is lost.
2. In order to learn a skill, either Orpheus Telos or Minato equipped with Orpheus Telos must experience the skill and endure it; Ex. To learn a fire spell he has to be hit by it and remain conscious while Orpheus Telos is equipped.
3. A skill can only be recreated to the degree that it was experienced; Ex. Minato learns a fire spell by being hit with a fireball, and sees the same spell used later by the same person to create a torrent of flame that fills a room, Minato will still only be able to create a fireball.

Due to the limitations introduced by the nexus this is close to being the least used ability available to Minato, but it is possible that it may become useful in some nebulous future.

Passive Skills:

Victory Cry
Fully restores HP and SP after battle.

Active Skills:

Wild Card- The Universe
The power to wield many Persona, even changing between them mid battle. Unlike the three Persona Orpheus Telos, Thanatos, and Messiah, which are fixed, wild card Persona can be gained, lost, combined, and replaced depending on the circumstances. Normally The Universe would allow the user to use any Persona they wished, but the unusual nature of the nexus has limited his available Persona to twelve in total.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Arcana: Magician

Str: 40
Mgi: 49
End: 35
Agi: 26
Lck: 32


Resist: None
Block: None
Absorb: Fire
Reflect: None
Weak: Ice

Inherent Attribute:

Border of Muspell
A high level boundary skill only usable with Surt equipped. An effect based on the simple idea of "Keep out what does not belong". It creates a ring of fire around a set area, and only what is defined as belonging there by the owner of the space can exist there. Anything within the field that does not belong is immolated mercilessly by the flames of Muspell. The user of the skill is not excluded from this effect. Only eldjottuns and high ranking fire elementals are entirely immune to the effect of the boundary; But beings with similar levels of fire resistance can pass through with minor discomfort, and in theory a being with the concept of "Owning Everything" could ignore the boundary and pass through due to superior quality of ownership.

There are a number of limits that make it unwise to use this skill without heavy deliberation before hand. There is no limit to the time that the boundary can be maintained other than the user's endurance, however once the boundary is released it cannot be activated again for three days. The size of the boundary also affects the energy consumption. The user must remain within the boundary at all times to maintain it. The user cannot evoke or take any combat actions while the boundary is active due to the drain of keeping the boundary up. If the user dies or loses consciousness, the boundary will drop.

Passive Skills:

Fire Boost
Strengthens Fire attacks by 25%

Fire Amp
Strengthens Fire attacks by 50%

Active Skills:

Inflicts heavy Fire damage to one foe

Deals heavy Slash damage to enemies in a wide area

Deals heavy Fire damage over a wide area

Deals severe Fire damage to one foe

Spoiler for Hidden:
Arcana: Empress

Str: 48
Mgi: 57
End: 47
Agi: 45
Lck: 50


Resist: None
Block: None
Absorb: Ice
Reflect: None
Weak: Fire

Inherent Attribute:

Ruler of the Mountain Snows
A skill that allows one to control and reshape existing ice and snow to a limited extent. As a consequence sheets of ice will never break no mater how thin and snow will never give way no matter how deep; As the user controls the ice subconsciously to prevent it. Due to the nature of the Persona, this skill grows stronger based on ones altitude; And will weaken as one grows closer to the sea, being rendered useless in the sea itself. The skill is entirely ineffective against salt water ice as a consequence. In the Nexus this skill is very useful against werewolves during the winter when it snows, but fails to do much against most things with any level of skill or endurance greater than the average werewolf.

Passive Skills:

Ice Amp
Greatly Strengthens Ice attacks.

Absorb Fire
Absorbs Fire damage

Active Skills:

Deals heavy Ice Damage/Freezes a wide area

Physical Damage Reflection Barrier

Akasha Arts
Deals Heavy Strike damage to all foes in range

Deals severe Ice damage to one foe

Spoiler for Hidden:
Arcana: Emperor

Str: 39
Mgi: 52
End: 33
Agi: 36
Lck: 39


Resist: None
Block: None
Absorb: Elec
Reflect: None
Weak: Wind

Inherent Attribute:

The right given by Odin to call forth the God Beast Sleipnir. In legend it took the form of an eight legged horse, but it's true nature is to be "The greatest of all steeds"; As such it will always take a form that allows it to fulfill that role. Here in the Nexus, or perhaps simply in the modern age, Sleipnir takes the form of an enormous motorcycle; The entire body seemingly made from a single chunk of steel rendered in the image of the beast of legend, the engine that roars like a raging beast and spews out violet lightning, and the wheels that shatter concrete that ride upon the sea and the air.

Although Minato is able to ride the Sleipnir at abnormally high speeds, he is unable to keep up in the air for very long and cannot perform combat actions in the air at all.

Passive Skills:

Elec Amp
Greatly increases damage output of Elec spells

Spell Master
Halves SP consumption for magic skills

Active Skills:

Inflicts a large amount of Electricity damage/stuns one enemy

Vile Assault
Inflicts a large amount of Pierce damage with even greater power if the target is knocked down

Inflicts a large amount of Electricity damage/shocks a wide area

Thunder Reign
Inflicts severe Elec damage on one enemy always inflicts stun

Spoiler for Hidden:
Arcana: Fortune

Str: 40
Mgi: 54
End: 32
Agi: 46
Lck: 44


Resist: None
Block: None
Absorb: Wind
Reflect: None
Weak: Elec

Inherent Attribute:

Bonds of Fate
The ability granted by the Norns is to perceive the links between cause and effect. This when combined with analysis and experience allows for accurate prediction of the immediate future in short bursts. It is extremely dangerous to use repeatedly or continuously as doing so puts a significant strain on the user's brain. As it is now, Minato is able to use it for up to thirty seconds continuously, and for around five minutes over a twenty four hour period without permanent damage.

Passive Skills:

Wind Amp
Greatly increases Wind damage

Regenerate 3
Restores 15% HP at the start of each turn

Invigorate 3
Restores 7 SP at the start of each turn

Absorb Elec
Absorb Elec attacks

Active Skills:

Inflicts a large amount of Wind damage over a wide area

Panta Rhei
Inflicts a massive amount of Wind damage to one enemy

Spoiler for Hidden:
Arcana: Death

Str: 31
Mgi: 50
End: 27
Agi: 42
Lck: 39


Resist: None
Block: None
Absorb: None
Reflect: Dark
Weak: Light

Inherent Attribute:

Delusional Wonderland
The Ability of Alice which allows Minato to release a delusion into the world. The skill is activated by Minato, who designates an enclosed space as Wonderland; Within this space Alice manifests as a semi-physical hallucination. The degree to which she is able to affect the environment and those in it is determined by the number of individuals who have observed her since the activation of Wonderland.

Initially, Delusional Alice is visible to no individuals other than Minato. Upon being visually confirmed by Minato, Delusional Alice becomes visible to others. Delusional Alice gains full ability to physically interact with her environment with five observers, and at ten she is able to rewrite her surroundings to some extent. Any changes wrought by Delusional Alice are reverted when the skill is ended. It should be understood that Delusional Alice and the Persona Alice do not possess the same abilities, nor are they bound by the same rules; Delusional Alice is not bound to follow Minato's orders as the Persona Alice is, but is also unable to use any of the Persona Alice's skills. Minato is unable to access the Persona Alice while Delusional Wonderland is active.

Delusional Wonderland is bound by three rules, the violation of any of which will cause the skill to immediately end.

1. Wonderland can only exist indoors.
2. Alice cannot ever leave Wonderland.
3. At least one individual who has observed Alice must remain in Wonderland at all times.

Passive Skills:

Repel Dark
Able to repel Dark attacks

Mudo Boost
Dark spells become more effective

Active Skills:

Evil Touch
25% chance to inflict Fear ailment to one target

Spirit Drain
Siphons 20 SP from one foe

Die for Me!
80% chance of death by Dark for foes in a wide area

Lowers defense of enemies in a wide area

Spoiler for Hidden:
Arcana: Hierophant

Str: 32
Mgi: 44
End: 36
Agi: 29
Lck: 38


Resist: Strike
Block: Light
Absorb: None
Reflect: None
Weak: Dark

Inherent Attribute:

Specialized Spirit Arts
The Skill granted by the Daisoujou is to wield some of it's power in the original form. This includes focusing Minato's spiritual power for use and also amplifying it to some minor degree; But primarily comes in the form of the knowledge of the Daisoujou's highly customized techniques and rituals, formed from not just Buddhist teachings but also a containing great deal of knowledge from Shinto; Several of the techniques even seem to be deliberate expansions of known Onmyo techniques. Due to some degree of spiritual incompatibility, as well as the over personalized nature of the techniques, Minato is unable to make use of any of the powerful high level skills. He is however able to use low and mid level skills with efficiency and power comparable to a master.

Passive Skills:

Growth 3
Gain full experience while inactive

Null Dark
Immune to Dark attacks

Hama Boost
Greatly increases effectiveness of Light skills

Active Skills:

50% chance of instant death by light to one foe

Recover all HP to one ally

80% chance of instant death by Light to all foes

Spoiler for Hidden:
Arcana: Judgement

Str: 51
Mgi: 60
End: 52
Agi: 47
Lck: 58


Resist: None
Block: None
Absorb: None
Reflect: Fire/Dark
Weak: Wind

Inherent Attribute:

The Deceiver
The skill granted by Satan is simply the ability to deceive; With it Minato is able to obscure or falsify the level of power he has and lie in such a way that those well versed in detecting falsehoods, even machines designed to do so will be unable to see it for the deceit that it is. It is the voice of the great deceiver, the adversary of humanity, and as such is nigh infallible against a human lacking divine protection; It's effectiveness wanes against those who are dissimilar in mentality to humans, and anyone who has seen through his deceit once will not be affected a second time.

Passive Skills:

Regenerate 3
Restores a bit of HP every turn

Invigorate 3
Restores a bit of SP every turn

Repel Light
Repel Light skills

Active Skills:

Inflicts heavy Almighty damage over a wide area

Inflicts heavy Fire damage over a wide area

Black Viper
Inflicts massive Almighty damage upon one enemy

Spoiler for Hidden:
Arcana: Judgement

Str: 65
Mgi: 68
End: 64
Agi: 52
Lck: 52


Resist: Slash/Strike/Pierce
Block: Electricity
Absorb: None
Reflect: Dark
Weak: Ice

Inherent Attribute:

Lord of Chaos
The attribute of Lucifer is one that constantly acts to increase the amount of chaos in the world. This is accomplished by a passive system that generates mental, spiritual, and physical interference to lower the influence of Law in all of it's forms. People in it's range will be more impulsive and less likely to consider things like the law or morality. Thaumaturgy and similar practices become both stronger and easier to use as natural laws become weaker, less enforced. The effect becomes far more pronounced if Lucifer is evoked, causing localized disruptions in the fabric of reality through sheer presence.

Passive Skills:

Spell Master
Halves cost of all Magic skills

Victory Cry
Fully recovers HP and SP after battle

Active Skills:

Inflicts heavy Thunder damage over a wide area

Brave Blade
Inflicts heavy Slash damage upon one enemy

Repel one Fire/Ice/Wind/Thunder/Light/Dark attack

Inflicts heavy Almighty damage over a wide area

Spoiler for Hidden:
Arcana: Star

Str: 64
Mgi: 63
End: 61
Agi: 57
Lck: 58


Resist: Slash/Strike/Pierce
Block: Light
Absorb: None
Reflect: None
Weak: Ice

Inherent Attribute:

Defiance of Law
If Lucifer's ability can be called "Something that frees others from the bindings of Law" then Helel's is one that "Claims freedom for oneself". It is a conceptual effect targeting only the user's body that unconditionally reduces the effect of processes that rely on or are based off of a form of law. At the same time, processes that defy or circumvent Law in some way will have an exaggerated effect on him. That is to say that a backstab will always be a critical hit but he gets a defense bonus against someone with a stringent code of honor facing him head on. Thaumaturgy will inflict more damage but Authorities will be reduced in effect. Things like True Magic which are both Laws and Violations at once cannot be handled by this skill.

Passive Skills:

Absorb Slash
Absorb Slash attacks

Active Skills:

Primal Force
Inflicts severe Pierce damage on one enemy

Inflict heavy Fire damage over a wide area

Mind Charge
Charges power for next spell, damage x2.5

Morning Star
Inflicts severe Almighty damage over a wide area

Recovers all HP and status for allies in a large area

Inherent Attribute
The unique capability that is granted to a persona user by their persona. This ability is inherent in all personae. Normally a persona will only possess one inherent attribute, but certain special personae will possess two; A persona that has undergone an evolution will retain the ability from it's previous form, in addition to it's new one. Because of the nature of inherent attributes a normal persona user will only ever have access to one or two of these abilities. It is the users of the Wild Card who are able to truly take advantage of the different abilities granted by persona.

Fusion Spells
The highest form of power, attained by unleashing two compatible Persona at once.

The End, ultimate power which obliterates all in it's path. The form it takes varies according to the user's will. Armageddon reveals the last Truth, that in the end all things will become as nothing once more. The true form of this spell is an unstoppable wave of destruction which leaves only the azure star of mourning to witness what remains. The immense strain involved in using this Spell in particular makes more than a single use per day entirely impossible.

Other Abilities:

Charm- A+
A measure of ones attractiveness, both in speech and appearance. At this level the effect can be mistaken for a magical compulsion. Grants a bonus to persuasion, and at ranks higher than B also provides a bonus to Charisma.

Courage- A+
The measure of ones ability to overcome fear and face dangers to ones life.
At this level the impossible is made possible through sheer force of will, one can only be called a badass; Even the eldritch horror that is Fuuka's cooking can be faced without flinching.

Academics- A+
A measure of the knowledge one has accumulated. Higher ranks allow for broader and deeper knowledge, as well as understanding of more obscure subjects. At this level one can be called a genius whose knowledge has exceeded what can be gained merely through study, possessing a deep understanding in a large number of subjects.

Mind of the Universe
The presence of a vast number of Persona has the side effect of rendering mental intrusion by beings with minds less vast than an elder god unwise...

Not always in the form of actually being knocked down, Minato will always have an adverse reaction to proximity to or contact with his current weakness, the effects can range from general discomfort to massive damage or unfathomable agony. Constant damage from a weakness may prevent Minato from switching Persona until the damage ceases.

Immune and Absorb
In a similar manner to his weaknesses, his immunities are enforced on a conceptual level. That is to say that an attack of the Fire element regardless of it's power or direction will never harm Minato while he is immune. Absorb should be obvious, things that should hurt heal instead, but only when the right Persona is equipped.

Social Link
The true source of Arisato Minato's power, simply put is bonds between others. This manifests quite strongly in Minato's case as The Universe, a power no one had possessed before and no one has since. Due to Minato being complete as an entity, the flow of the links have changed and now grows, stabilizes, and evolves the potential of those he is linked to. This can manifest as growth of existing abilities, development of new ones, or even gaining access to abilities that were previously out of reach. All that can be said for certain is that the growth will always be beneficial in some way, and that it's effect grows as the link does.

Inhuman Soul
Having once hosted a portion of Death in his soul, Minato's soul is no longer entirely that of a human. Even as part of Minato's soul and humanity bled into Death allowing it to later become Mochizuki Ryoji, an equal amount of the inhuman essence of Death was merged with Minato's soul. The result of this did not make itself known until after Minato arrived in Nexus City, solidifying into two distinct skills each with its' own weaknesses and limitations; Lesser forms of the power from which they originate.

Dark Moment
Only at night once per night, Minato is able to disrupt the flow of time momentarily to produce a lag in local space time. Such a thing is entirely useless in most cases, but it may be able to disrupt certain types of effects...

Were Minato willing this skill could in theory be used to institute a Dark Hour, but the energy requirement for such a feat would be beyond astronomical, it is not an amount that could be gathered on one's own even with a thousand years.

Hall of Doors
The ability to see and use doors that lead into the hall of doors. It is just as the name would imply, a virtually infinite hallway with a multitude of doors to many places in and out of the city. This is technically something any human with the right mentality could access, but the only user in the city at this moment is Minato. Though the number of doors in the city indicate that there were users in the city before Minato's arrival.

A user of the Doors is able to bring others through the hallway as well, most will find themselves unable to perceive the doors afterwards; A few however may gain the ability to use the doors themselves. It is impossible for even Minato to perceive the doors during high tension scenes like battles.

A Door user is able to create new doors through exertion of will, but once created the door can never be destroyed, even by the one who created it. Also it should be understood that one must actually physically go to a place if they wish create a Door there.

After arriving in the Nexus, all of the doors leading to anywhere outside of it vanished.


Holy Grail Lucifer
The Holy Grail, forged of the Jewels taken from the Crown of the Fallen Angel Lucifer. Used as a weapon, the divine light within the grail forms into a blade by the user's will. Though it is not primarily a weapon by nature, it should not be underestimated. As a divine relic it exceeds even supreme holy objects such as Lancea Longini or Excalibur, though as a weapon it is exceeded in killing ability by the god killing lance, and is not suited to comparison against the anti fortress Excalibur.

Armor of Light
A set of pentacle engraved armor made from divine light. Provides a large bonus to both physical and magic resistance as well as boosting END. It is generally invisible but Minato can choose to reveal it.

Shoes of Light
A pair of pentacle engraved shoes made from divine light. Provides a large bonus to evasion as well as boosting SPD and AGI. It is generally invisible but Minato can choose to reveal it.

Mp3 Player
A supreme divine relic that grants the user an authority - changing the BGM...
But really, it's just an mp3 player, a really cool one with custom headphones Fuuka made.

The Evoker is a gun-esque item that functions as a summoning medium for Minato to invoke and control his Persona. While it is not strictly necessary in the nexus, he still uses it.

Minato keeps a number of the more useful items that he acquired, such as traesto gems and medical powder, on him just in case he finds need of them.

The Dorm
Spoiler for Hidden:

Changes from the original in the video:

On the right wall of the dining area on the first floor is a door leading to a fairly large kitchen.

The door in the indented section of the back of the first floor dining area leads to the basement...  And by basement I mean underground time space labyrinth, the lower levels of which hold a large percentage of the shadows in the nexus.

The second and third floor hallways get longer and add rooms based on the number of occupants.

There is a red door on the back wall on the second floor entry that leads to a sort of armory where Minato stored all the weapons and armor he has collected.

There is a yellow door on the back wall of the third floor entry that leads to a treasure room where Minato keeps all the gold, jewels, treasures, and artifacts he has accumulated.

A person who signs the golden book at the front desk will be considered a permanent resident and will find their name on a door on the appropriate floor. The door will only open for the person whose name is on the door, unless the person gives someone else permission to enter. The room of a permanent resident is automatically altered to suit the owner's needs and desires, and can even have doors to or be combined with other rooms if both residents want such.

Spoiler for Hidden:

The Journey

The Protagonist in Persona 3 is first seen departing for the Dorm in Port Island. During that time, he experiences the Dark Hour, and is confused upon the sudden change of the surroundings and the sudden halt of his earphones functioning, though he takes the hour in stride, seemingly unaffected. Upon reaching the dorm, he encounters a child, who promptly gives him a contract to sign, providing players the opportunity to name him. The protagonist transfers to Gekkoukan High School on the next day. His invitation to study as a transfer student is later revealed that due to his capability to adapt to the Dark Hour, he was moved to the co-ed dorm so his potential can be monitored.

During a full moon, one of the Shadows attacks, causing the protagonist to awaken his initial Persona, Orpheus. The summoning sequence, however, was interrupted as Thanatos bursts forth from Orpheus' head, tearing apart Orpheus and slaying the Shadows. After dispatching the remaining Shadows, the protagonist fainted and was taken to the hospital. While unconscious, he awakens in the Velvet Room, where he learns about his abilities. The protagonist later learns about the nature of the Shadows and the existence of SEES, and eventually joins SEES. Out of all characters to appear Persona 3, the protagonist is the only character throughout the game with access to the Wild Card ability.

The protagonist's past is later revealed after Aigis' memories are restored. In the year 1999, when Death escaped the Kirijo group, Aigis was dispatched and was in hot pursuit of the Shadow. It is during Aigis' confrontation with Death, during the Dark Hour, that the protagonist's parents died. Presumably, the protagonist survives due to his potential allowing him to be active during the Dark Hour. Aigis, knowing that she cannot defeat Death, seals a portion of Death inside the protagonist, thus amplifying the protagonist's capabilities of summoning multiple Persona.

In SEES' final confrontation with Nyx, the bonds he has forged with SEES and his other friends give him the power to fight the sorrow, depression, and apathy of humankind, which were what drew Nyx to Earth, by letting him create the final arcana, the Universe Arcana with the help of Igor. With the power of the The Universe, and the cheering on of his comrades he ascends to Nyx' true body, the moon, to combat Nyx itself in a one-on-one battle. After being downed and uplifted multiple times by the SEES members' prayers and Nyx's attacks, he eventually reaches his full potential and performs the Great Seal to miraculously seal Nyx.

The protagonist clings to life for one month after fighting Nyx. He, unlike the others, retains his memories regarding the Dark Hour and Nyx in order to keep the promise he made to meet his friends on Graduation Day. Once his oath was fulfilled, he "falls asleep" in Aigis' lap, smiling.

The Answer

In the playable epilogue of Persona 3 FES, titled "Episode Aegis" in Japan and "The Answer" in the localization, it is revealed that the Protagonist died the day after his sleep, leading to the members of SEES' confusion regarding his cause of death, as the doctor cannot find any unusual symptoms before his death.

After the defeat of Nyx and the death of the Protagonist, Aigis was the one who kept his Evoker, upon witnessing the Abyss of Time, the remaining members of SEES encounter a recurring silhouette resembling the Protagonist. However, whenever they come into contact, the silhouette flees.

It is not until venturing into the deepest area of the Abyss of Time, that the silhouette is revealed to be a shadow resembling the protagonist's appearance. It manifests through the negative emotion and urge of seeing the protagonist one more time deep within the members of SEES. Making its entrance, the shadow challenges SEES, copying their Persona (all of which are colored with a grayish tint) except Psyche and Juno, retaining the Wild Card ability, and several attacks of the protagonist.

Protagonist becomes the Great Seal

The "real" protagonist is later seen in the past, where he seals Nyx. In order to seal Nyx, the protagonist sacrificed his life to become the Great Seal. He was, however, capable of retaining his consciousness long enough to fulfill his oath between the members of SEES to meet again on Graduation Day. The protagonist is shown as a statue, crucified and bound to the door between Nyx and humanity. It is later revealed that Nyx was only awakened because Erebus, a grand being manifested from humanity's grief and negative emotions, was reaching out to Nyx to bring the Fall. The protagonist wasn't trying to seal Nyx, he was acting as a barrier between Nyx and Erebus. After defeating Erebus and realizing the protagonist's purpose, the remaining members of SEES swore to help him bear the burden by making the most out of their own lives.


During the long period of time that he spent as the great seal, Minato would occasionally regain awareness; Sometimes these would only last for only a few minutes, sometimes they would go on for days. Minato has no way of telling how long that lasted, but just the times he was aware seemed to have added up to much longer than he had been alive before.

When he finally woke as a living being once more, many centuries had passed, his loved ones had all passed from living memory. Even Aigis, who had weathered the ages awaiting him, shut down for the last time shortly after she and Elizabeth woke him. He had awoken to an age where he was no longer needed; Humanity had finally overcome it's wish for death.

The Nexus

It was a short and rather uneventful period after his awakening before Minato one day woke up in his old bed, in his old room, in his old dorm, in an entirely new city. A few days later while exploring Minato ran afoul of a rampaging feral dragon. After defeating it and nearly dying in the process, he was approached by an somewhat old man introducing himself as Aien Caebel; The City Council representative for Nexus City District 11, the district Minato's dorm landed in. Aien invited Minato to his home and told him of his dream, to transform District 11 into a place where beings of all shapes and sizes, both strong and weak, could live together safely and in peace. Minato for his part, had nothing better to do, plus he liked the idea; So when Aien asked him to help, Minato agreed.

In the five years that followed Minato explored a large portion of the city, fulfilled requests both mundane and supernatural in nature, and worked with Aien to create that safe haven. In the beginning it was only a small area, but as the reputations of both Minato and the safe haven grew, many beings came to see and participate; Some hoping to finally have a safe place, others hoping to preserve that for others. Over time, with the participation of the many beings (even ordinary humans) from within who had been inspired to join in and from outside who had come to fight for a chance at peace, the haven grew; By the end of the third year the haven had grown to fill the entire district. From there things grew better within, but the chaos outside became a periodic issue as things attempted to encroach on the district.

Over the course of those five years, Minato participated in a great number of battles; Fighting dragons, though none were as strong as the first; Angels and Demons; A hero or two, though neither were of truly mythical status; and Monsters (Read "lots of werewolves"). At one point he even battled a god, though said event was quite unlike a normal battle, and Minato refuses to speak of what happened to this day. Because of this, the district, and the sheer number of requests he has taken; Minato has developed something of a formidable reputation and it is thought by some, quite innacurately, that there is no request he cannot fulfill. Aien has taken every opportunity to whip up and inflate that reputation contributing greatly to just how formidable it has become.

Weakness: Public Speaking, Elevator Attendants, Megidolaon, Others (Depending on the Active Persona)

Likes: Social links, Music, Pharos, Coffee with hot sauce, The Dorm, Cooking Large Meals, Eating Large Meals, Teamwork

Dislikes: Erebus, Reversals, Nihilism

Spoiler for Hidden:
This is not god mode, I did not give him the Omnipotent orb.
I will be editing this as I play to add better descriptions for attacks, indicate changes in the Persona lineup ECT.
This profile took five days to make.
Added a few edits for 2.0
More edits; Changed stats, fixed descriptions, added spell scaling, ect.
Last major round of edits; Added all Inherent attributes, finished background.
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
« Reply #20 on: May 24, 2014, 08:04:02 AM »
Name: Ellen Thorne
Race: Vampire (of Euroamerican descent)
Age: 24 (Apparent age matches her actual as she is newly turned)
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light brown
Appearance: Ellen was rather average in her mortal life when it came to her looks, but getting Sired did wonders to her physical appearance. Minor imperfections vanished, and she is pale skinned beauty with light brown hair reaching her shoulders and blue eyes. She tries to keep up with latest fads, within a reason, when it comes to clothing.
Scale: Servant
Strength: D
Agility: D
Speed: D
Magic Resistance: D
Magic Ability: -. She does not possess any ability to cast spells at the moment
Other Abilities: As a newly graduted MA of computer science, she possess considerable skill at computer technology, and her general knowledge of the world is above average (high school or better, depending on the subject). She has no experience whatsoever at combat.
Origin: She is a victim of a slasher, saved by siring, though at the moment she is not aware of being a vampire, only that she somehow survived a knife stab.
Weakness: Her main weakness is her inexperience at anything combat related and her total ignorance of the supernatural. Being a skeptic in life, it's going to be hard for her to adjust.
Likes: Computer related stuff, including video games, popular culture generally
Dislikes: Nasty surprises, things getting out of control


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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Lycodrake Aptera
Race: Dragon
Age: equivalent to 25 in human years
Height/Weight: varies, see abilities
Eyes: Greyish Blue

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: “Wolf-sized, wingless dragon” is the simplest way to describe him. Off-white-grey scales that look outlined in brown, often mistaken for a gargoyle. He has one large, raptor-like talon on each foot.

Spoiler for Hidden:

Scale: Servant

Strength: C+ -> A
Agility/Speed: A -> C+ - His Agility and Speed are equal and should be treated as the same stat.

Magic Resistance: C. Dragon hide is very good at resisting fire, heat, and explosive magic. Most elemental magic does halved damage. Except against Ice magic - he really, really, really isn’t good at defending against ice.

Magic Ability: Size-shifting from the size of a dire wolf/warg to size of a bus. This trades off his agility/speed for more strength but does not reduce his intelligence. However, it makes him a larger target.

He can’t breathe fire like most dragons, but he can cast simple heat magic (Ranked D+ ) upon his body to enhance his attacks to the point of slicing with his talons and smashing through unenchanted weapons and armor with his tail.

Aegis”, a divine blessing and magic granted to him by Athena, that acts as a limited defense against weapons, magic, and abilities that would normally wound him greatly. It passively protects against paralysis and petrifying at all times.

Other Abilities: Offense-oriented fighting style “Harpe” which focuses on quickly slashing at joints and arteries close to the skin with his talons. The intention is to temporarily cripple and immobilize the target(s) in the least amount of time.

Origin: In Lycodrake’s home world, humans lived beside elementals, creatures, and monsters. In some ways, the “Age of gods” and “Age of mankind” intertwined there.

A wingless dragon in the service of Athena and her lesser form Nike, he hatched at a shrine devoted to Nike and was essentially raised there. It is theorized that he is a lesser child of Typhon and Echidna, making him a possible threat to villages, towns, and small cities should the instinct to destroy take hold of him.

He was raised at the shrine of [Athena] Nike as a surrogate son and given messenger duty across the region, mainly keeping to areas near Athens. He visited the Arena to see different sentient species compete with and against one another. He befriended djinn merchants from across the sea and often learned about the outside world from them.

He knew Nike was Athena’s “lesser aspect” but saw little difference between the two when he met with Athena. To him, the only difference was that Nike was less strict and Athena was a better fighter.

Years passed as he transitioned from childhood, adolescence and into young adulthood. News of Ares’ growing power to the west depressed Nike greatly. The change in Athena was even greater. Then the news came that Ares had gained a seat of power as “Mars” among the Roman lands, igniting the flames of war. Athena sought to protect those under her care through the least bloodshed, while Mars only wanted to destroy and paint the world in blood.

Tragedy struck when Athena faded and only Nike remained. Lycodrake had a new, two-part mission: find the source of the disturbance and locate a hero - preferably Herakles or Perseus - to help against Mars’ forces.

With the help of Marie Al-miraj, Lycodrake’s best friend, merchant, and a dual fire-and-water mage, they took the first steps in journeying out into the world.

Until, that is, Lycodrake took a golden apple to the knee and found himself in Nexus City.

Weaknesses: Ice, cold, anti-dragon anything (including thimbles), magical metals, and heights. His emotions can get the best of him and if he gets angry enough, he becomes little more than a monster or beast - a "true" spawn of Typhon and Echidna.

Likes: He likes Athena Nike, monster girls, nice dragons, nice humans and humanoids, glomping to say hello - though only with close friends, reading and hording books.
Dislikes: He dislikes Ares/Mars, being addressed as or called a lizard, and book-burning, and losing to cheating.
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Race: Gilgamesh
Age: 128 (~5,000 years)
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Eyes: Red
Hair: Gold
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Scale: Servant
Strength: A++
Agility: B+
Speed: A+
Endurance: A
Mana: A
Luck: A
Magic Resistance: C (with armor, B+)
Weakness: Never takes his opponents seriously. Careless. Vain to the point of leaving his opponents alive so as to not dirty his clothes. Unlimited Blade Works is said to be his natural counter, when Gilgamesh is not serious (as always).
Likes: Himself, Enkidu, Humanity
Dislikes: The gods, modern humans, snakes

Other Abilities:

Surpassing All Other Kings: Gilgamesh is the Original Hero, the only one in the world deserving of and bearing the title - King of Heroes. As such, his legend has inspired the legends of all others who followed after. Even though they may not know his name, Gilgamesh is a commanding presence that draws their attention and respect, though they may not know why. Enemies of Gilgamesh, though they may know a different version, are struck by a sense of fear, while normal citizens stand in awe of his magnificence. Gilgamesh is an existence unlike any other that cannot be denied. With minimal information, he is capable of divining the name of a Heroic Spirit.

Golden Rule: To Gilgamesh, who has amassed "all the treasures of the world", money problems are completely unknown. He will never live without the finest luxuries for a single day of his life.

Divinity: As an existence that is two-thirds god, Gilgamesh possesses abilities and power beyond what any other man could dream of. Allows for protection against mental influence, as an existence that is more god than human.

To The Bottom Of The Sea: Gilgamesh, in pursuit of the Herb of Immortality, walked to the deepest parts of the oceans to search for it. His endurance is without equal, and he can breathe underwater with ease. By enduring the great pressure of the deeps, his body is truly unmatched.

The Road Of the Sun: During Gilgamesh's pursuit of the Herb of Immortality, he came across a tunnel that no man has ever entered, guarded by two scorpion-men. After questioning him and recognizing his divine nature, they allowed him to enter, and he passed under the mountains along the Road of the Sun. In complete darkness, he followed the road for 24 hours, completing the trip before the Sun caught up to him. The King of Heroes, who outran the Sun itself, has speed unmatched by any mortal being.

Builder Of The Walls: Gilgamesh, who built the walls of his city with his bare hands and defeated Enkidu, the creation of the Gods, has strength that simply does not exist in the mortal era. The strength that wrestled the Bull of Heaven to the ground, a strength that could lift mountains, has been unmatched by any hero since.

The Will of the King: Gilgamesh is immune to any form of mental interference because of his great willpower and an ego that proclaims the belief that he is beyond all others. To him, any statement that the King makes is truth, and as such he cannot be overturned.

Gate of Babylon: The Treasury of the King. All the treasures of the world are stored here, for here lies the original of all things. Upon Gilgamesh's death, his possessions were scattered amongst the places of the Earth, where they would become the basis of weapons and items for the legends of heroes to come. As such, Gilgamesh does not own, for instance, Gae Bolg, but he owns the spear that later became Gae Bolg. In a match between the original and the copy of Gilgamesh's weapon, the original will always win. Inside the Gate are contained numerous things, from ancient ships and weapons without equal, to the finest clothes and luxuries imaginable. Anything that is inside can be fired at will, from any distance, direction, and in any amount. This is a Noble Phantasm ranked  E~A+++, one that surpasses all others. Truly, it is the mark of the King of Heroes.

Enuma Elish - The Star of Creation that Splits Heaven and Earth: The state reached when Ea's power is maximized. The three conical sections of Ea spin in different directions as Gilgamesh commands it to "wake up", pulling in air and compressing it into a fearsome storm of wind and light. It is released as a torrent of energy capable of crushing anything in its way. It can be used at varying levels depending on how serious Gilgamesh is. An Anti-World attack capable of shattering Reality Marbles, the output of the sword alone exceeds Excalibur, but the energy contained inside and the winds escaping from the sword are on a completely different level. The true nature of this attack is capable of returning the Earth to the primordial state of Genesis; this is, indeed, an attack that could destroy all life on Earth.

Sha Nagba Imuru: The all-knowing, all-powerful star: Gilgamesh, a man born two-thirds god, has a perspective that allows him to view the world in a completely different state than both god and man. He can read the thoughts of others before they are expressed in words and can see magecraft before it is put into effect.


Armor of the King: Gilgamesh’s golden armor. Protects him against all but the strongest attacks and improves his Magic Resistance, as well as granting protection against petrification.

Vimana: An ancient flying chariot of Hindu origin, each Deva commanding their own Vimana. The blueprints for the Vimana were inherited by mortal men, and for that reason, they have a place in Gilgamesh’s treasury. As the gold and emerald ark that moves at the speed of thought, it allows for Gilgamesh to use the Gate of Babylon without having to operate it manually. Aboard the Vimana, ancient machine guns and nuclear warheads were once stored, but Gilgamesh removed them himself and stored them within his treasury.

Ea - The Sword of Rupture:  It is the primordial sword, born at the beginning of the world, a weapon unique to Gilgamesh alone. This sword contains within it the power to reduce the Earth to the state of Genesis, the form it held before Heaven and Earth were split apart. Its full power strike was given the name Enuma Elish by Gilgamesh, a reference to the Sumerian creation myth. This sword cannot be analyzed be Unlimited Blade Works, or comprehended by Shirou in any way. This weapon is deemed Anti-World.

Enkidu - The Chains of Heaven: A Noble Phantasm that takes the form of a length of chains, named after Gilgamesh's best and only friend, Enkidu. It is a Noble Phantasm that carries with it the concept of "reigning over the gods". The higher the divinity of the target, the stronger the binding inflicted by the chain becomes. Fully divine targets are completely immobilized by the chains that bound the Bull of Heaven. When used as a Noble Phantasm, multiple sections of Enkidu are shot from the Gate of Babylon to bind the target without fail. Against targets with no divinity, it is merely a very tough chain.

Gilgamesh is the Original Hero, the first to have his tale recorded in the annals of history. He ruled over the city of Uruk, the capital of ancient Mesopotamia. Born with a body that bound together both god and human, he was meant to be a neutral party between the two that could mediate between them. But, as a union of both god and man, his vision extended beyond what either race could see. He grew disillusioned of the gods, and ruled over his people as a despot. In response, the gods created Enkidu, the wild man, who stated that he would reprimand the King for his transgressions. Gilgamesh grew angry, and a battle commenced that spanned several days. Enduring Enkidu’s meteor-like fists, Gilgamesh finally won, after emptying the Gate of Babylon and exhausting himself completely. From that day onward, they had become friends. They pursued and killed Humbaba, the beast of the gods, defeated the Bull of Heaven, and accomplished many great feats. After defeating the Bull of Heaven, the goddess Ishtar, who had originally unleashed the Bull, became enraged. She ordered the deaths of those who had defeated a being belonging to the gods with the bodies of humans, and Enkidu, the creation of the gods, could not refuse.

His death began Gilgamesh’s quest for immortality that led him to the deepest oceans and the highest peaks in search of a way to cheat death. This quest led him to the Road of the Sun, Paradise, and into the Underworld, where he learned of the Herb of Immortality, a magic herb that would make him young again. By strapping great stones to his feet, Gilgamesh was able to walk all the way to the bottom of the sea in order to obtain it. On his way back to Uruk, he stopped to bath, and the Herb was taken by a snake that shed its skin as it departed. Struck by the sheer futility of his quest, Gilgamesh could not help but laugh at the theft. Returning to Uruk, Gilgamesh governed it as its king once again, with a just but severe rule. Later in life, he returned to the deep once again merely to add the Herb to his collection. He quietly entrusted Uruk to its next ruler, before going to his final sleep without revealing the location of the Herb of Immortality to anyone.

Currently, in Nexus City, he is the rarely-appearing CEO of the company Golden Rule, the richest and most profitable company in the entire city. He is mellower than his past days, though that doesn't say much.
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Note: Tokiomi has been relegated to a NPC so for those that want to use him for character development are free to use him. I will be happy to play him for you if you want it to happen. However I will not be actively playing him. It would be greatly appreciated if you do not just kill him off randomly so people who want to interact with him are able to.

Name: Tokiomi Tohsaka
Race: Human (magus)
Age: 18
Height: 5’7
Weight: 140lb
Eyes: Blue green
Hair: Black
Appearance: A rather attractive young man, Tokiomi tends to wear incredibly formal clothing, almost always wearing a tie, normally with a vest, however he sometimes where suits. He tends to favor the colors red, black, and white.


Affinity: Lawful Neutral bordering on Lawful Good, tires to act more Neutral but fails at times.
Human Scale:
Strength: B (when magically enhanced)
Agility: A (when magically enhanced)
Speed: EX (when magically enhanced)
Magic Resistance: E (Capable of resiting mental influence and removing minor curses)
Magic Ability: A skilled magus who has just completed his training with 31 magic circuits, each capable of storing a slightly above average amount of prana. He displays skill with fire element spells, which are related to consumption, heat, entropy, fuels, energy transfer and thermodynamics, as well as the Tohsaka’s gem magic. He processes a very high level of skill involving the creation of gem type mystic codes, capable of having them each aligned to a specific spell etched into them upon making, some even capable of multiple uses. This allows Tokiomi to fight and cast far more spells that he would be otherwise allowed. He is also skilled at bounded field construction, hypnotism, reinforcement, familiar creation, and other basic magical arts.

   Combat spells

-   A flexible fire spells. Its original purpose sets the target ablaze with inexhaustible flames fueled by the prana of the spell. By using a gem he can have it last up to 21 hours. Due to Tokiomi’s alterations it can also be used for lob fireballs, or other fire based attacks.

Brennende Kälte
-   One of his few ice spells. Magically infused ice with the properties of fire. Makes it resistant to heat, incredibly hard, as well as invoking burning in all that touch it. When originating from a gem the ice will spread until the gem is exhausted or until set to stop. Very suitable for traps.

-   A curse originated from Scandinavia, decreases the physical health of the target. The curse properly said is released from the caster’s index finger. A Gandr with so much prana concentrated into it that becomes capable of physical interference is called Finn Shot. An effective and reliable combat spell. Lies in the Tohsaka Magic Crest.

Intensive Einascherung
-   A flame barrier which can be converted into an offensive flamethrower attack should the name be chanted after establishment. It is his preferred defensive spell due to its flexibility.

-   An air spell stored in the crest, it allows quick movement and increased jumping ability. It allows Tokiomi to dodge attacks and make movements that he would otherwise not be able to perform.


   Azoth Dagger: amplifying the user's prana to assist with spells and strengthen them. Filling it with prana allows for it to be utilized as a magic wand at any time to form magic circles and affect physical divine mysteries. While it is called a dagger, it is not meant to be a weapon used for slashing or stabbing in its ceremonial nature, but it can function as such to kill a person. It is one of the most commonly used Mystic Codes in the Mage's Association, and parents or teachers often present it as a gift to students at coming of age ceremonies.

   Holy Cross: Despite being a Magus, Tokiomi has ties to the Holy Church, with the Tohsaka family having strong ties due to their former status as hidden Christians. Because of this he carries a blessed cross to symbolize this connection to the church. The cross itself is an identification symbol for executioner’s to know he is not one to be hunted, as well as a weak defense against vampires. However it is only really strong enough to repel mindless dead.

   Jewels: Tokiomi processes a rather large supply of gems, many of the given to him by his father at the completion of his training. He has inlayed some of these into rings and pendents, to prevent from having to carry gems around.

   Jeweled Scepter: A scepter with a large red gem on the end, however it is not yet complete as a mystic code. Not having enough power stored within it, in addition to not being set to enough of his arsenal of spells. He works on it in his free time. Creating it has consumed nearly all of the rubies in his stock and will most likely consume many more.

Origin: The to be 5th generation head of the Tohsaka family of magi. Born in japan to his father, the 4th head of the Tohsaka family and his mother, a foreigner who married into the family. Tokiomi has always been groomed to be the head of the Tohsaka family and pursue their heartfelt goal of reaching the root. He has spent the majority of his life learning all that was necessary to inherit the secrets of his family, as well as prepare himself for the 4th Holy Grail war which would occur in his lifetime.

   While born with only slightly above magical potential Tokiomi quickly grasped the art of the Tohsaka. Consuming knowledge at an absurd rate, and completing his training as heir at the age of 17, because of this the crest was starting to be transferred to him at an early age, with the process being completed just before arriving in the Nexus city. He arrived in the City due to examining the blueprints of and having a go at creation the jeweled sword Zelterch (against his father’s wishes), he kind of fucked it up didn’t he? After arriving in the nexus city he has spent time establishing a workshop while also adjusting to the much more advanced technology, most of which he still has not adapted to.

Weakness: Water magic, Modern technology, physical attacks, all human weaknesses.
Likes: Tea, Magecraft, Religion, Elegance, Calm, Tradition.
Dislikes: Unforeseen events, stupidity, aggressiveness.
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Gabriel Lucifer Umbra
Race: Incubus/Unseelie Faerie hybrid
Age: A little over 100.  Physically 25
Height: 6’1
Weight: 192
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Black
Appearance: Gabriel is tall, broad shouldered, and fairly well built.  He has very fair skin, he's actually paler than Forest.  When excited or arouse, he glows slightly, like moonlight. 

He has long black hair, but his hair looks odd.  There's no highlights, it's almost like his hair was just liquid darkness or India Ink.  It also doesn't reflect light either.  He uses his hair to cover his pointed ears.  He has fine boned features- think Tom Hiddleston as Loki and you're not too far off.  He has a wide, mobile mouth and his grin has a bit of a knowing wickedness to it.  His eyes are violet.

He dresses in either fine suits in dark colors such as black, burgundy, gray, and violet.  He's also been known to sport poet's shirts and leather pants as well.  He also has a black cashmere duster that he'll wear when the weather permits it.

In short, Gabriel is a gorgeous, gorgeous man.  Then again, he's Half Faerie and Half Incubus.
Spoiler for Hidden:
He also has a magnificent cock.
Scale:  Mixed
Strength: (Mortal) A
Agility: (Mortal) B
Speed: (Mortal) B
Magic Resistance: (Servant) EX
Magic Ability: (Servant) E- However Gabriel is a magical null.  He nullifies all magic within a one foot radius of his body.  Prolonged physical contact with a Servant will cause them to fade away, and prolonged contact with Faeries of his world can be fatal.
Other Abilities:
Shadow Walking:   Think of String Theory via magic.  Shadows can be accessed as portals to other places and Gabriel can open up doors to enter this interconnecting pocket dimension.  Using this he can travel great distances rather quickly.  He can also go into the shadows to keep someone from getting him.  However using this too many times and too fast will wear him out.

Lure: This is something he can "turn on", making his intended target, as long as they are sexually attracted to men, want him.  To the point that it starts to become a need and obsession.  However those who are already in love with someone else, such as Sakura with Shirou or those with enough will power, like Forest, can resist it. (Note though, the Lure is always active at low levels even when it is not “on” or being focused.)

Sex Sense: He can sense a person's sexual desires, kinks, what they like, dislike, and their sexual history.  He can read if someone's been raped, if someone is a nympho minx, or if they're a virgin.

Double 0: He has knowledge in martial arts (look who raised him) and fought in World War I and II under the British SAS with all the training that would entail.  He also served with MI6 for a time.  Gabriel has some James Bond spy skills.

White Tower Magician:  Despite being a Magical Null, Gabriel is a genius at magical theory and arcane knowledge.   He can dissect magic, figure out its source and how it works.  He can also sense magic at work as well.

Sexual Healing: While Gabriel does have regeneration (not to the point of a vampire or werewolf), sexual activity can actually speed up the process.   Even though he doesn’t feed like an incubus does, he does have to have sex regularly or he’ll get depressed and show signs of illness such as headaches etc.

Origin: Wynn Umbra, in her days of political climbing within the Unseelie Court and Council, wanted to make a weapon that would strip a Faerie of their magic.  To do this, she needed to temper the blade with an incubus' blood.  As part of their bargain, this incubus could call upon Wynn for sex to feed off of whenever he wanted for a time.

The last time he called Wynn just happened to be in her once every decade fertile period.

Wynn was pregnant, and was fully aware of the child she was going to give birth to.  Faerie and incubi had tried to breed in the past- the best cases ended with still born babies and the worse had the babies killing their mothers from in the womb due to the magical nullifying nature.  Oddly enough, Faerie seed wouldn't take in a succubus's womb.  Anyway, due to her knowledge of intertwining demonic and Faerie natures and that she made a safeguard so her own blade couldn't be used against her, she was able to carry the child to term without either dying.  Even though the pregnancy was very difficult; Wynn had no access to her magic and was ill the entire time.

Luckily, Wynn's closest friend was Forest. 

Knowing that she couldn't raise the child herself (Gabriel's presence in Faerie starts to dissolve it if he's there for too long), Wynn gave him to Forest to raise as his Godmother.  In fact, when Gabriel calls Forest "Godmother", it's pretty obvious he wants to call her "Mother".  Wynn gets called "Mommy Dearest" because Gabriel has some resentment issues towards her.

Anyway, Gabe grew up like any kid being raised by Forest would.  There was violence, learning how to fight, and then joining the military to fight.  He served as an intelligence operative in WWI & WWII and was even part of MI6 for a time until he retired to become what he jokingly called a "gentleman of leisure". 

Now he sort of wanders the world, helping his Godmother and extended family from time to time, and mucking about the affairs of magic users that would harm others.

Curious about Gabe?  Go read more here.

Weakness: Iron.  Physical violence/harm.  Like he can tank an Excaliblast to the face, but if the building behind him was blasted and fell on him, it would definitely hurt him.  Not getting sex regularly.  Also he maybe considered an alcoholic.  Going after Forest is the one thing that will truly make Gabriel rage.
Likes:   Godmother (Forest). Curvy women with fair hair (not a fan of Brunettes, has to do with Mommy Dearest).  Scotch. More scotch.  Did he mention that he really likes scotch? Ash.   Sweets. Good coffee or tea that is half cream and sugar.  Boxing.  Studying magic.  Messing with egotistical magic users. Baked goods.
Dislikes: Egotistical magic users.  When Mommy Dearest is being overbearing towards Godmother.  Godmother’s repression.  Bad coffee.
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Fate Averruncus (true name of Tertium)
Race: Artificial Mage Construct
Age: Currently appears to be in his twenties. True age of around 100 years.
Height: 6'1''
Eyes: Grey
Hair: White
Appearance: With a deadpan grey colored stare, unstyled white hair, and rarely a smile on his face, Fate's expression appears no nonsense and aloof. Usually wears a white suit with a loosened black tie and collar, and white shoes. His alternate outfit consists of a navy high collared vest and pants with white highlights, and sneakers.
Spoiler for further reference pics:

Alignment: True Neutral

Scale: Servant
Strength: A
Endurance: A
Agility: A
Speed: B
Magic Resistance: B (E without his barrier) - However, it is of the kind that denies magic damage and interference, and not magic itself.

Magic Ability: A+
Great mastery of spells of both the eastern and western schools. He can use magic of multiple elements, and summoning magic from the east, but his affinity is the element of Earth, and he has access to many powerful Earth spells, including those of the highest order in the element, High Ancient level. He can also explosively enhance his strength further by channeling bursts of magic through his body, as the element of Earth excels at physical power.

He was created and configured to be the strongest among mages, and so his magic power and ability are without equal among humans. Only certain individuals of world class power can match him.
Spoiler for Hidden:
Earth Element

- Standard Western Magic (incantations and names in Latin)

Sand Stream - Conjures a high-density rapid stream of sand for offensive or defensive purposes, telekinetically commanded by the caster.
Earth-rending Torrent - Causes magma to burst from the ground at a target area.
Stone Petals - Creates a resilient shield of the earth element to protect against physical attacks, shaped like petals of stone.
Earth Restraint - Creates a restraining boundary field using markers on the earth to form a spell circle. Fate can use his Stone Spears, Black Stakes, Obsidian Swords or Pillars Of The Underworld as markers for this purpose, or even purposely formed stone formations. The field seals the movements of the target and keeps them bound to the earth for so long as it is not canceled or countered.
Ring Of Black Stakes Piercing All Creation - Summons a massive amount of black stakes which may be infused with a petrification spell. A smaller number of stakes can also be called.
Thousand Obsidian Swords - Summons a great number of obsidian swords which can be controlled manually or via telekinesis by the caster. As above, a smaller number can be called. A larger amount of swords is harder to control.

- High Ancient (Ancient Greek)

Spear Of Stone - Launches up to multiple sharp stone missiles at a target, or causes deadly stone spikes to burst out of the ground at a certain location. Can be outfitted with anti-barrier capabilities by means of the line "Penetrate the barrier".
Breath Of Stone - Releases a cloud of poisonous gas that petrifies all living beings that it comes into contact with. Incantation: "Little king, the eight-legged lizard, owner of the evil eyes. / Breath out the time-stealing poison.
Evil Eye Of Petrification - Releases a beam of light from one's fingers or eyes that petrifies everything it touches. As a concentrated attack, it has a much smaller area of effect or effective range than Breath Of Stone, but is more effective against barriers. Incantation: "Little king, the eight-legged lizard, owner of the evil eyes. / Let that light reside in my hand, and shoot forth the ruinous gaze.
Eternal Petrification - An attack spell of the highest level that releases a beam of light that petrifies all living or non living beings in contact with it. Unlike the petrification caused by Evil Eye Of Petrification and Breath Of Stone, which can be magically countered or cancelled, this spell is much more dangerous, as its effects are semi-permanent; it would take a divine level of power to undo this spell. The Incantation is simply its name, but the necessary concentration of power is much more telegraphed compared to similar spells.
Pillar Of The Underworld - Summons great black pillars of stone, of high volume, which can be controlled and hurled by the caster through telekinesis. While summoned by magic, they cannot be defended against via anti-magic measures or barriers. However, their large mass means it is also hard to defend from them through purely physical means. Multiple pillars may be summoned at once depending on the power used. Incantation: “Oh, the temple of the sleeping dead beneath the earth. Appear from below us.
Tearing Earth - The highest order of offensive earth spell. An extremely powerful large scale magic which ruptures and cracks the earth with spikes and fissures and produces a massive torrent of lava. Incantation:  “Obey the contract, obey me, king of hades. / Come cracking the earth, torrent of scorching heat engulfing the furthest reaches. / Seethe, surge forth, earth god of brilliant burning ruination.

Water Element

Teleportation: Gate - Spatial dislocation by means of a medium. In this case, water. Although any presence of water will do, Fate can simply evocate a small puddle from the water in the atmosphere to enable this spell.

General Magic

Vishu Tal Li Shutal Vangait - Fate's magic key, a personal incantation used to better focus magic and prepare before combat for more powerful spells such as Eternal Petrification.
Spell Delay - The ability to prepare spells and delay their activation by seconds or minutes.
Levitation - The ability to float and move on air through expenditure of magic power.
Instant Movement - Skill to cross a short distance (up to around 30 meters on average in Fate's case, who is a practiced user, but larger distances can be crossed with focus) almost instantaneously in a burst of extreme feet by focusing mana or ki on the base of the feet to control kick off and landing. The movement is all but invisible to regular people, but it is not true teleportation, so it is possible to follow and intercept, and the exit point calculated. Also, once started the technique cannot be stopped, and it requires a surface or foothold to initiate.
Void Instant Movement - The same as above, but does not require the use of a fixed or solid foothold. Instead the 'air' is used as a foothold. As such, movement in mid-air becomes possible, and it enables movement in every possible direction.
Telepathy - Establishes a simple telepathic connection with a willing target to communicate mentally at short to medium distances.
Forced Warp - Anti-personnel spell that forcibly transports its target away a distance of hundreds of meters at worst and several kilometers at best.
Clone Substitute - Creation of a briefly lived fake with the appearance of the caster to deceive an enemy. Fate can either make an animated stone clone or a water illusion of himself.
Unnamed Magic - The skill to cast spells without a fixed effect on the fly. This is the kind of magic most used by regular mages over the course of their lives. Includes things such as telekinesis and simpler manipulation of the elements. In line with his affinity of Earth, Fate is very proficient at telekinetically commanding his element and making impromptu use of it. This includes looser uses of petrification magic, particularly by touch.
Personal Barrier - Multi-layer Omni-directional Mandala Barrier - The ultimate defense shared by Fate and the other constructs of the Mage Of The Beginning, the 'Lifemaker'. An extremely powerful high density barrier with multiple regenerating layers of complexity that offers up to point blank protection, greatly reducing the efficiency of any attack. Magical damage is neutralized, absorbed and lessened before it reaches the mage, magic interference is disrupted and cancelled, and the impact and force of physical damage are dispersed and likewise greatly weakened before they reach him. It is more effective against pure magical damage than it is against physical. However, spells and techniques which penetrate or pass through barriers will not be affected by it, and it is also vulnerable to being broken with specialized techniques. Sufficient damage in short moments will also damage the barrier itself and its efficiency, and can potentially break through all the layers, deactivating it. However, it will regenerate over time if not completely destroyed.

*This list does not reflect all the spells he knows, but the most relevant ones that constitute his arsenal.

Other Abilities: Martial Arts and Combat Experience - Fate is well proficient in multiple forms of Kung Fu and hand to hand fighting styles, and has noted combat awareness and experience. He also has incredible perception in and out of battle.
Being a construct, he is also able to 'install' mundane functions in himself such as musical and logistical capability without much effort so long as there is an information network in place in the area. He can also do this for basic magic that he does not know.

Weakness: His primary weakness is that without his barrier, he is many times more vulnerable to damage, both physical and magical. Although still extremely resilient by himself, losing the advantage of his barrier will put him on a back foot. And although he can survive life-threatening wounds for a human and continue acting despite severe damage to his body, he is particularly susceptible to his core (located approximately in the center of his torso) being damaged.

Origin Story: Fate Averruncus, then Tertium of the Averruncus series, was originally created by the Lifemaker as a core member of his organization, Cosmo Entelecheia. Unlike the other puppets, however, he was given free will. Despite his initial doubts about his purpose, a certain incident had him destroy his superior Secundum due to the puppet's callousness, and Tertium henceforward became focused in their organization's goal of "saving the world".

When Cosmo Entelecheia was again defeated by the group Ala Rubra and the Lifemaker vanquished for a second time, Fate held their remnants together alongside Dynamis. They gathered resources and prepared for the following decade to emerge from the shadows once again. They finally reappeared in 2003. When they separated the Magic World from Earth as an opening act, they came into conflict with Negi Springfield, son of the leader of Ala Rubra, and his friends (whom Fate had met before). Fighting them numerous times, Fate developed an interest in Negi's development and his quest to stop Cosmo Entelecheia from destroying the Magic World as part of their plan.

In the ultimate stretch of their plan, Fate defied Cosmo Entelecheia to side with Negi on account of the boy's proposition to solve the problem without needing to destroy the Magic World. Upon their united efforts and of their allies defeating Cosmo Entelecheia a third time, the two of them became friends and they began to work together to truly save the world. For the next few decades their miraculous efforts changed the surface of Earth and managed to save the inhabitants of Mundus Magicus from annihilation alongside their home, something only possible by combining the resources of the mundane and the supernatural.

In the 2060s Fate once again worked personally with his sworn friend Negi and his allies, hunting the reappeared Lifemaker. More than two decades after that, Fate continues striving to maintain the stability of both worlds even after the passing of his friend. Called the strongest Grand Mage of the Solar System, he acts as an elusive and withdrawn, but efficient leader in both fronts of the world.

[For more details see Mahou Sensei Negima and UQ Holder]

Arriving in Nexus City upon personally investigating a magical disturbance, he has began working to "clean it up" as it were, and improve the situation for both mundanes and supernaturals. He currently owns a small private security agency and has been helping associated research laboratories with technological research.

Likes: Drinking fine coffee, relaxing in peaceful places, fighting against a worthy opponent
Dislikes: Pointless fights, plans going heavily awry, unnecessary loss of life, playing around with serious matters
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Geralt of Rivia aka Gwynbleidd, Butcher of Blaviken
Race: Witcher
Age: nearly 100
Eyes: cat like
Hair: White
Appearance: An albino man marked with a mutation of eyes and numerous scars.
Scale: Servant (due to his sheer fame in his own world and going to equivalent of Avalon after death, his returned self is more powerful than in life)
Strength: C (plus against 'monsters' when using his silver sword, double plus if he prepares for the fight beforehand)
Agility: B plus
Speed: B plus
Magic Resistance: B (when using his runic sword), C usually
Magic Ability: C (his knowledge of the Signs)

– a telekinetic wave that can throw back, knock down or stun an opponent. This sign can also be used to destroy obstacles, for example crumbling walls or stacks of barrels.
– a gush of flames that wound opponents. It can also be used to detonate flammable gases emitted by some bombs.
– a magical trap placed on the ground, which will wound and immobilize opponents. The sign allows you to place a single yrden sign on the ground.
– a protective shield that lasts for 30 seconds
– a charm placed on an opponent.

Other Abilities: Geralt's swordsmanship is unparalled by most, being on par with heroes of human legends such as King Artur in that manner. His speed is in the realm of supernatural when using potions (still better than average without them), but his endurance and strength is somewhat average but still above that of a mortal. He has advantage against vampires, werewolves, Phantasmal Species, Servants with Monstrous Strength and Divinity, and other beings which are dubbed as 'monsters' in legend, due to his swords (a silver one, Arondight, and an runic steel one called Death to Whoresons in Dwarven) and extensive knowledge of alchemy and lore of supernatural beings.

Origin: Behold our hero: subjected to mutations and rigorous sword and sorcery training as a child, he has become a superhuman monster slayer. Always penniless and often disdained by those whom he protects, he wanders the world seeking work. Fate has little mercy for him, piling obstacles in his way, yet he trudges on. He has more scruples than a beggaring bum has fleas. Doubts haunt him even when a band of ruffians, knives drawn, approaches him on the highway. Is he a good man? I do not think so. Does he try to maintain his humanity? I believe he does.

You must know that Geralt of Rivia died once already, or at least everyone thought him dead. During a massacre in Rivia, he sought to defend nonhumans and fell to overwhelming odds. Placed in a boat, he floated into the mist, into a realm where he finally found peace. Not for long.

Weakness: Sorceror women to whose charms he is rather susceptible. But more seriously, he also walks irregularly due to a wound he received in the past to his right leg. Canny fighter who can notice that could exploit to his benefit.
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Race: Unknown (formerly Human)                  
Age: ~120 years. His birthday is February 14th, commonly recognized as Valentine’s Day.
Height: 208cm
Weight: 155kg
Eyes: Red
Hair: Silver
Scale: Mixed
Strength: A+ (Servant)
Speed: B+ (Servant - His movement speed is slowed by his armor, while his blows are surprisingly fast)
Agility: A+ (Servant)
Endurance: EX (Servant - Susano’o Unit)
Magical Ability: B (Human)
Magic Resistance: B (Human)
Weakness: The Azure Grimoire, His pride
Likes: Order, Tsubaki
Dislikes: Terumi, The Black Beast, Jin Kisaragi, Chaos
Alignment: Lawful Good

Other Abilities:


Overwhelming Presence: The presence of Hakumen alone can terrify others to a tremendous extent.  Even though he was only at 20% at the time, upon their first encounter Ragna was terrified of him, able to feel the pressure that exuded from Hakumen. The faceless mask that he wears is a terrifying sight to behold, and when he is serious those around him can feel the sheer power that Hakumen possesses. This is to the point where even Hazama and Relius, two of the main villains of BlazBlue, are utterly terrified of fighting him at the same time.

Air Dash: Hakumen is able to run on air as if it is a solid surface, though it seems this ability can only be activated in short bursts.

Interfectum Malus: Ōkami: The great Nodachi that Hakumen carries - it is one of the ten Nox Nyctores created by Nine to combat the Black Beast. It is a weapon that is capable of negating Ars Magus, Magic and seithr (mana) within a certain distance. The blade itself is incredibly sharp to the point where it can cut through and permanently damage the immortal Murakumo Units, though, oddly, it has a blunt tip. Hakumen is capable of using it to slash through dimensions (as well as time when combined with the higher functions of the Susano'o Unit), allowing him to view parallel timelines and worlds. The sheath has a side-locking mechanism that allows the sword to be pulled free without drawing it straight out. The blade alone is as long as Hakumen is tall.

The Susano’o Unit: The white armor that Hakumen wears, which gives him limitless energy and incredible power. It is adorned with numerous, fully-functioning crimson eyes on it’s shoulders, hands, and shins, while the mask itself is completely blank. As Hakumen was forcibly pulled from the Boundary at the Edge of the Universe, where he was sealed, it is only operating at 40% of its full power. It is completely indestructible, capable of enduring even the most punishing of blows, and holds the ability to slice time without causing a paradox. At only 15%, Hakumen was capable of defeating both Hazama and Relius Clover at the same time - now that he is at 40%, Hakumen is an incredibly dangerous foe.

Time Killer: Hakumen’s greatest and most dangerous technique. The ultimate last resort move, this utilizes the full power of Ōkami and the Susano’o Unit to destroy the time of the target. It instantly kills the target by destroying the time between the moment they are struck and their eventual death, be it in seconds or in millions of years, at the death of the universe. This move can slay even immortals and those outside traditional conventions of mortality, making it the deadliest technique Hakumen possesses. It takes a considerable amount of time to prepare, and is incredibly taxing on Hakumen, to the point where, as a phenomenon, he will begin to fade away after using it, even under Observation.

The Power of Order: A mysterious power that apparently comes from the ability to hold true to one’s convictions, no matter what. Those who hold the Power of Order can destroy phenomena and resist intervention of many kinds. Also personified by a willpower exceeding any before seen, Hakumen was able to live for 90 years in the Boundary, a plane at the Edge of the Universe, without losing any of his sanity. He has been proven able to nullify attempts to teleport him through sheer willpower, and other such attempts will likely meet with the same fate.

Origin: Hakumen is one of playable character of the BlazBlue video game series, and the sub-boss of the first game. He is widely regarded as one of the strongest characters to the point where the player is told to proceed with caution when fighting him, or at times to simply run away. He is revealed to be a version of Jin Kisaragi, Ragna the Bloodedge’s brother, from an alternate timeline, where he was thrown violently into the past after diving into the Cauldron after his brother. He awoke a little over one hundred years in the past, just a little before the arrival of the Black Beast, and was heavily injured. There, he met the vampire Rachel Alucard, who offered him a chance to become a true hero. He accepted. Discarding the name Jin Kisaragi, Hakumen was born, wielding the Nox Nyctores Ōkami and the power of the Susanoo’o Unit. As time passed, he became the leader of a group known as the Six Heroes, who banded together to stop the Black Beast once and for all, and passed the secrets of Ars Magnus (magic) to mankind.

At the end of the war, Hakumen personally slew the Black Beast, and went on to travel with a companion of his (who would later become Ragna’s master) in order to find and close the Cauldrons, which had begun to spread toxic seithr (mana) across the world. While doing so the two encountered Yūki Terumi, who had been freed from the shackles of the control spell that was placed on him. As they were near an open Cauldron, Terumi had the advantage from the seithr seeping into the air, and would have overwhelmed Jubei and Hakumen. As it stands, Hakumen urged Jubei to use a special power contained within his right eye, forcing Terumi to be moved directly onto Hakumen’s blade. As soon as that happened, Hakumen threw Terumi and himself into the Cauldron, urging Jubei to close it behind him as he did so.

Hakumen is an incredibly stoic person, who is extremely focused on the task at hand. He can come off as prideful, stubborn, and arrogant, preferring to handle things on his own and occasionally refusing to cooperate with his allies. He shows some respect for fellow upholders of justice, and can be surprisingly kind at rare times. His solitary goal is to destroy evil wherever it rests and rarely, if ever, compromises, warning his targets not to take his mercy lightly.
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Relius Clover 
Race: Human
Age: Around 40
Height: 6’1/2.
Weight: 165.3 pounds
Eyes: Unknown (His mask only shows flat, white eyes)
Hair: Blond
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Scale: Mixed
Strength: EX(human)
Agility: EX(human)
Speed: B+(servant)
Magic Ability: A+(servant)
Magic Resistance: C(servant)
Other Abilities:

Magic Ability: Much like his associate Terumi, Relius is also a graduate from the Guild of Magic. He is an incredibly skilled magic user, an expert in the use of seithr(now substituted with mana), and regarded as the greatest alchemist in the world. A testament to his skill is repairing Deus Machina: Nirvana using the body and soul of his daughter, and the creation of Yuuki Terumi’s artificial body.

Fluctus Redactum: Ignis: A battle puppet created by Relius using the body of his wife, Ignis Clover, and powered by a Black Beast contained within an infinite gravity well. The culmination of his skill as an alchemist, Ignis is one of the most powerful weapons made. It is extremely strong, fast, nearly invulnerable, agile, and capable of analyzing the combat style of its enemies making it a terrifying weapon to face in battle. Relius regards Ignis as his greatest creation.

Scale: Servant
Strength: A
Agility: B+
Speed: A
Magic Resistance: C


Superhuman Physique: Through the use of Seithr(now replaced with the abundant mana in Nexus City) and a few artificial limbs, Relius is capable of boosting his speed and endurance tremendously.

Genius Level Intellect: Relius is one of the most intelligent humans to ever live, if not the most intelligent. Problems and projects that would take years for other people to achieve can be completed in mere weeks, if not days. There is more information in his head than any three men could hope to process in a lifetime.

Soul Manipulation: Relius is a master in the manipulation of the soul. Capable of seeing and influence them if he is given time. Looking into the soul of someone, their darkest secrets, their desires, the lies they tell themselves, and even what lies at the core of their very being is not beyond Relius. However the target must be immobilized. An example of his skill(NSFW.).

Origin: Relius is a genius alchemist known as the "Puppeteer". His experiments include the resurrection of the Nox Nyctores named Deus Machina: Nirvana, which he harvested his daughter's body to create.  His own puppet, the Fluctus Redactum: Ignis, was created from the body of his wife, Ignis, who is similar in appearance to Nirvana, although she has a red dress, blue, human-like eyes, a more slender head dress, a top hat instead of a bow, and hooked fingers. Other creations of his include the artificial body of Yūki Terumi: Kazuma Kvar; Relius became the tutor of Kazuma and is inadvertently responsible for his fusion with Terumi to become Hazama. Relius' ultimate goal is to recreate the world as he envisions as it's "architect" and make all gods, such as Amaterasu and even Izanami, obsolete.

Weakness: Lack of empathy towards other human beings makes him several enemies and underestimating people he considers worthless. He is also much weaker in CQC than Ignis.
Likes: Research, opera.
Dislikes: Disorganized bookshelves.

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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Tohsaka Raida (real name Medusa), usually goes by “Rider”
Race: Gorgon/Magical Familiar
Age: Unknown, but appears to be in her early 20s.
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Eyes: Light Grey (with square pupils)
Hair: Light purple
Appearance: Tall and extremely beautiful, with ample breasts, Rider is literally the ideal woman, produced from the wishes of the Ancient Greeks for perfect goddesses.

When not in combat, Rider generally dresses modestly, wearing jeans, a sweater and her specially-designed glasses.

Scale: Servant
Strength: B
Agility: A
Speed: A
Endurance: D
Intelligence: B
Magic Resistance: B

Possessions: Her most prized possession is her motorbike, given to her by Sakura and Shirou as a "thank you" for all the things she has done for them. The bike is a modified 2000 Suzuki Hayabusa, which Shirou purchased from someone who had intended to scrap it, and repaired with his own hands, including some improvements made using his magic. Since then, Shirou has repaired it several times after Rider had accidents. She occasionally races in street races, although her ability is such that she needs to be careful not to show off her supernatural talent.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (yeah, Nasu's alignments are just bullshit...)

Magic Ability: Her mana supply is rank A, thanks to Sakura. She also knows basic magecraft, sufficient to act as Sakura's teacher immediately after the Grail War.

Other Abilities:

Cybele, Mystic eyes of Petrification: A+

Rider's mystic eyes can instantly petrify anyone with less than rank B Mana. Those of higher rank may in some instances be petrified, and will always suffer a reduction in fighting ability of a rank.

Rider cannot control the activity of these eyes, and they will unavoidably petrify anyone in her sight. However, Rin has obtained mystic eye killing glasses and contact lenses which she can wear to counteract this effect.

Riding: A+
Rider can ride any animal or machine aside from a Dragon, including Phantasmal and Divine beasts. In addition, she has the ability to summon a Pegasus as a mount. Pegasus is normally docile, however, and will not fight unless compelled to do so by Bellerophon.
Monstrous Strength: B
Rider can temporarily boost her Strength by one rank, but at the cost of eventually turning into the Gorgon Medusa.
Independent action: C
Can remain in the world for around a day without an anchor or prana source.
Bellerophon: A+

A golden bridle which allows Rider to fully control any mount. When attached to a mount (for example, Rider's Pegasus), this bridle increases all of it's stats by one rank, and allows the mount to perform a powerful charge which will destroy any target.
Blood Fort Andromeda: B
A bounded field which encloses the area in which it is set and cuts it off from the world. Everyone inside (aside from magi and the like) will be dissolved and turned into prana for Rider. However, this field takes around 10 days to set up, and thus is of little use to Rider in most circumstances, particularly since her master does not approve of her harming innocents.
Breaker Gorgon:C-
Bounded field that seals the target inside the mind of the user. Mainly used as a blindfold to seal Rider's mystic eyes, but can also be used by Rider to give other people erotic dreams and the like.

Background: After being raped by Poseidon in Athena's temple, Medusa was cursed and went to live on an island, where she was eventually killed by Perseus, and her soul resided in the throne of heroes.
She was then summoned by Sakura into the fifth Holy Grail War, and dedicated herself to protecting her master by any means necessary. Initially, she was placed under the control of Shinji, but, after he proved to be an incompetent master, she was returned to her true master, Sakura. As Sakura gradually went insane seemingly due to a lack of prana, Rider supported and protected her, willing to kill her friends if necessary. However, after Sakura used her final command spell to order Sakura to protect Shirou no matter what, she recognised that it was not sufficient for Sakura to merely live, but that she wanted her to be happy, and for that to occur she needed to be sane, and to have her family around her. Therefore, when Sakura finally succumbed to the darkness, Rider assisted Shirou and Rin in their successful attempts to free her from it, and then flew Rin and Sakura out of the cavern whilst Shirou stayed behind to destroy the Grail, before later being rescued by Rider.
Once the war was over, Rider expected Sakura to break their contract and let Rider return to the Throne. However, Sakura's connection to the Grail left her with lots of excess prana, and she offered Rider the opportunity to remain in the world as her familiar, free to live as she desired. Still desiring to protect her master, and also to see how she would develop now she had been given a chance, Rider gladly accepted. Since then, Rider has remained as Sakura's loyal servant (and occasional nanny), whilst also living a life of her own. In order to facilitate her intergration into society (at least slightly), Rider has taken on the identity of "Tohsaka Raida", posing as Sakura and Rin's relative. With the help of their magic, and Shirou's connections to the Yakuza, Rider has been able to obtain identity documents and registration, allowing her to live more freely.

Even after thirty years, she still looks out for Sakura, and protects her and the happiness that she's found with everything she has. Additionally, she has come to realise that it isn't enough just for Sakura to be alive, that she also needs Shirou and her family for her life to be worth living. Thus, Rider protects the people Sakura loves (Shirou, Rin and her children) just as zealously as she protects Sakura herself. Of course, she still, ultimately, looks out for Sakura, and would kill Shirou or Rin in a second if that is what she thought Sakura really wanted. But, after 30 years, she knows Sakura well enough to know when she's going to regret something she is trying to do later and, after the war, knows that sometimes she has to fight against Sakura's short-term goals in order to ensure her long-term happiness.

Personality:Rider is shy but generally kind, and prefers to avoid harming innocent people if possible. However, she is extremely sadistic, and anyone who gets on her bad side will suffer the consequences. She is an extremely loyal person, protecting those she loves and cares for at any cost, and unwilling to abandon them under any circumstances. She finds it difficult to trust people she doesn't know, but will generally be very tolerant of those she loves. She also tends to be somewhat prone to doing things her own way even if that doesn't necessarily make sense.

She is deeply protective of her beloved master, Sakura, and is willing to do anything to protect her, even if that means killing innocents. However, although she likes being close to Sakura and seeing her happiness, she does also enjoy having her own life, and being independent from her master. She works part-time in the library, and is also a moderately successful fantasy writer, using concepts from her own lifetime which have been forgotten in the modern era.

Because of her nature as a heroic spirit and the connection she has to Sakura, she can't really get into a relationship with another person. Although she is able to make friends with other people, she has never been willing to allow anyone else to become important to her in the way that Sakura is. As a result, and due to the fact that she has no need to worry about pregnancy, diseases or even sleeping, she is very promiscuous, having a series of lovers, both male and female. Included in this is Rin, who she has had sex with on many occasions. She also does occasionally get involved in sex games with Shirou and Sakura, when they desire a threesome. She is also very kinky in the bedroom, particular enjoying being tied up and dominated, as well as getting off on causing pain in others.

Weakness:Sakura – her anchor and source of prana.If you do succeed in killing her, Rider will be significantly weakened, and will disappear in a few days. However, her final hours will be spent trying to kill you in the most agonising way possible, so this might not be the wisest approach.
Likes: Reading, alcohol, snakes, beautiful girls, Sakura, Sakura's friends/family, Sakura being happy.
Dislikes: Sakura being hurt, anyone who hurts Sakura, mirrors, gods/godesses, Posidon, Athena, Perseus.
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