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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Cina Prayer
Race: Human (Spirit Medium)
Age: 20 (Technically older due to her time as the Grave Keeper’s Avatar which stopped her aging.)
Height: 5 feet
Weight: “A girl needs her secrets”
Eyes: Amethyst
Hair: Red
Appearance: She is a rather attractive girl has a kind air around her. Her mantel, armor, and circlet she wears are magical tools but she wears them over relatively normal clothing. She dislikes her small stature, constantly wishing she was taller. Her youthful appearance makes people assume she is younger then she actually is.


Human Scale
Strength: D
Agility: C
Speed: C
Magic Resistance: None naturally, powerful spirits can grant her it however.
Magic Ability: Cina’s magical ability is in truth limited to a particular field, despite appearing as otherwise. However in this field her abilities are impossible high.

Spirit Medium: Cina’s only magical ability is her nature as a spirit medium. With this ability she is able channel spirits of all kinds, such as elementals, demons, human spirits or even gods. Her ability has a medium is massive, often causing powerful demons or other spiritual monsters to attempt to harm her or take her for themselves to use her ability for their own use. As a note, spirits in her world are not limited to ghost, but rather something being a spirit means the they are not naturally material.

   Link Medium: Capable of channeling any type of spirit so long as she has access to something that is linked to them, such as a fragment of their power or a relic; there is not dimensional, spatial, or temporal limitation so long as a link can be established. This can even manifest spirits that are either dead or have left the coil of existence; these spirits are called “Memories”.

   Avatar: Allows her to be temporarily and partially be possessed by a spirit, causing changes in her personality and appearance as she becomes closer to the spirit. This ability is very specific, because to utilize it she has to fulfill a condition set by the spirit. However the condition must be in the realm of possibility and capable with their power, otherwise she gains access to the spirits power without need to fulfill an action. The first time she contracts with a spirit she will be able to use their powers freely, the contract itself being the condition, and the condition shall be established afterward for any future uses.

   Channeling: After striking a contract with a spirit she is able to call upon their power whenever she needs it. However it must be for the purposes specified in the contract. The amount of power she can use is far less then Avatar, normally only being on the scale of mortal magic. Sometimes the conditions between it at becoming an Avatar can be different.

White Magic: Nature magic which Cina is capable of, her ability to use this is because of her being a reincarnation of her ancestor. White magic from Cina’s world is classified as a set of specific elements, including Ice, Water, and Lightning. The elements of Fire, Wind, and Earth being considered “Black Magic”; however this does not make then evil by nature, simply in conflict with the other three. White Magic has the unique property of altering when channeled through specific foci, which can cause it to manipulate other things, such as water magic though an ancient wooden staff would have plant manipulation abilities. Black Magic does not alter, but rather becomes Calamity Magic which is more potent depending of the Foci.

Contracted Spirits: After being sucked into the nexus the only spirits she has access to are four.

Valthos: A demonic flame god, a being that the “Third Eye’s” core was made from the body of when it had a physical form when it was a spirit of light and truth, however it was consumed by its own hatred when it was killed and became a demon. It allows her to call upon all consuming flames of devastation. This ability resembles what would simply be an impossibly high level of Black Magic which has developed into the highest level of Calamity Magic, however in it cannot be protected against with normal resistance against magical spells.
   Personality: Hateful, vicious, and cruel as can be. He takes pleasure in the suffering of others and view humans as a pestilence that must be burned away.
   Condition: His powers can only be used for the complete annihilation of others, and for no other purpose. It cannot be used in self-defense or to protect others by defeating someone, rather she must have the intent “to end the existence” of the one she is using it against. It is generally used in fits of incredible rage.

Sanctus: A nature wisp that has power to create powerful defenses and healing magic, but it has no offensive capability. It is a spirit of “safety” and “purity”. The sacred mantel was blessed by it to obtain the powers it has.
   Personality: A kind spirit that cannot do harm, it adores Cina, however it is also very strict. It detests when magic is used to harm others. 
   Condition: Its powers can only be used for the sake of others and to protect them. Therefor it cannot be used simply in self-defense.

Arcana: A spirit of magic itself, it seeks knowledge and power above all else. It created the blessed armor that Cina processes. It grants her the ability to manipulate pure magical energy and construct high level magical formulas.
   Personality: A critical and focused spirit that seeks to regulate the usage of magic. He greatly dislikes magic that is not of the original types from Cina’s world. He especially hates ritual magic.
   Condition: It can only be used against those that “abuse magic” by its own judgment. To it that means anyone who uses magic in a way it disapproves of.  However, it will generally not kill anyone; rather simply stopping the magic being used then being done. However there is a point where he will start to view the one using the magic as irredeemable and will call for their death.

The White Lady, Lilyana: A spirit of Cina’s ancestor who is Cina is the reincarnation of. A famous white mage who helped established the current kingdoms in a great war. Becoming her avatar greatly enhances Cina’s White Magic, and her ability with it, while also greatly enhancing her physical mobility and athleticism.
   Personality: An incredibly selfish immature woman who only does actions when it conveniences her in some way. Although she has a generally kind heart he tends to push people into doing things they want to do rather then what is right, but she will not turn eyes to things she views as wrong.
   Condition: Cina is free to channel her abilities as she sees fit, however her conditions to become her avatar must be “to give control to Lilyana”.  Due to their contrasting personalities this is difficult for Cina to accept, as she does not want Lilyana running around in her body.

Stribog: A god of winter, justice, and strength who originates from Paladin's world. While Cina channels him all her physical attributes increase,especially her endurance and strength. She is also capable of using extremely powerful frost magic and is immune to the cold.
   Personality: Impartial, fair, and just. Stribog is a being that cannot stand injustice wherever it is, but always approaches it calmly. He rarely raises his sword in anger and disapproves of any judgment that is clouded by emotion.
   Condition: Stribog's powers can only be used to punish people who commit crimes, and the punishment is equivalent to the crime commited. For example, a murderer must be killed and a thief must lose a hand.

Other Abilities:
Basic Self Defense Training: Due to her upbringing she was trained in basic self-defenses. This includes throws, sword fighting and how to read opponents. However she lacks the physical build to really use it.

Spiritual and Mental Resilience: As a spiritual medium of the highest level who takes spirits into herself her spirit is completely immune to manipulations itself. The soul cannot be fragmented, manipulated, stolen, or the like, this resilience is the only reason she is not squashed by whatever she channels as an avatar. In addition her mental resilience, while not immune to manipulations, is nearly completely resilient to things that interfere with her sense of self, another trait she possesses that makes her a powerful spirit medium. In other words, she can never be overtaken by others. The only exception to this would be due to contracts with spirits, such as with Lilyana.

Magical Theory: She has some knowledge in general magical theory, specifically due to her link with Arcana it is forced upon her against her will. However as a note due to the highly different nature of her world’s magic it is likely not applicable to the usage of most magic.

Other non-combat skills:
Cina was raised and taught many different things due to her upbringing, such as knowledge of herbs and plants, basic alchemy, politics, cooking, sewing and many others. She liked learning them because they are generally peaceful.

Bright Soul:
Despite being magical in origin this is simply a trait of hers. Her nature as a powerful medium causes her soul to “radiate” warmth that some creatures are attracted to, such as ghosts and demons. This also makes her very easy to detect with supernatural senses.

The Third Eye: A circlet which allows her to see otherwise un-seeable, including, but not limited to, ley lines, magical constructs, and pure magical energy.  It is a treasure of her homeland and is more or less indestructible.

Sacred Mantle: A mantle robe which offers slight protection against spirits and magical attacks. It is truly effective at rejecting things such as dark entities or dark magic, such as those that attack the soul itself.

Blessed Armor: A pair of greaves and vambraces which amplify magical energy channeled through them. In other words they are amplifying tools, being unnecessary but helpful to her.

Tome of Spells: A magical tome which carries with it a plethora of White Magic spells. It is a powerful focus needed to cast that magic. It has been tied to her spirit so it can also be with her unless her abilities are sealed due to powerful binding.

She was born as the illegitimate child of a royal family member to one of their maids. However before she was even born her nature as a powerful spiritual medium was detected and observed. After she was born she was raised by the royal family and raised without knowing who her mother was. She was treated as a powerful tool without hope for the future, to act as one to bring wealth and power to the nation.

However one day her kingdom was invaded, and at the age of 10 she was taken as a political hostage. Trapped in the neighboring kingdom for the next few years, used as a servant and had her abilities used to make powerful magical tools. However at the same time she learned much about the world including who her mother was. This was a vital period that made her into the person she is today.  Eventually she was able to escape with the help of a hero. With the hero she returned to the kingdom and rallied an army, striking back at those that took her enslaved her nation.

The war was long, taking many years. Near the end of it a plot was revealed to create a new world by awakening of Adara, God Spirit of Genesis, Life, and Birth. They planned on awakening it without its brother spirit, the Grave Keeper; to create a perfect world were people cannot die. The end of the war was consumed with the effort to stop this plan; however they failed to stop the awakening of Adara, this forced Cina to enter a contract with the Grave Keeper and fight directly against her.  During this time her aging stopped, due to having become the Grave Keeper’s Avatar she ‘died’, the war continued for years, with her holding off Adara until they could be stopped and Adara’s forced awakening stopped. Afterward the Grave Keeper peacefully went back to sleep, severing his contract with Cina, allowing her to enter the world again.

When she entered the world she was greeted by the hero and her friends she had made during the war. And they set about repairing the damage done to the world. She was dragged to the nexus during a mission she went on to assist with a restoration of a large city.

After arriving in the nexus her powers weakened, the current connections with her spirits weakened or were severed all together if she did not have something that tied them to her. All she knows that it is cold and she can't read the language of this odd place.

Her weak physical abilities, locking her away from spirits, her kind nature
Likes: Campfires, stories, chocolate, nature, trying to read this worlds alphabet
Dislikes: Seafood, violence, war, the cold
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Rock
Race: Human
Age: Early Thirties
Height: 163cm
Weight: 115 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Scale: Human
Strength: D
Agility: C
Speed: C
Magic Resistance: D
Magic Ability: E
Other Abilities:
Down to Business: As a former Businessman, Rock has a knack for knowing how to strike a deal; be it either blackmail or fair trade. He always finds a way to be persuasive, even if he has to take a few hits to the face first.

Manipulative: Knows how to work his way into situations and get people to do what he wishes, though not flawlessly. Mainly due to his innocent businessman charm over those he knows.

People Person: Fitting in with any crowd is a simple task for Rock. He has worked in both an office where he knows how to act in a mannerly fashion, was well as with a group of mercenaries for hire where no fucks are given.

Tolerance of a Saint: He has put up with a lot of bullshit all his life, from his boss walking all over him to being caught up in a hostage situation. Unless gunfire is blazing overhead, he is usually quite capable of taking shit to get where he wants to be.

Rokuro Okajima was born in raised in Tokyo, where he constantly stood in his brothers shadow. Due to his academic proficiency he was able to secure a job in the Japanese government, whereas Rokuro lived a meager life as a businessman. His family looked at him in low esteem due to this.

It wasn't until a business trip gone horrid that his life took a turn for the debatably better, when he was taken hostage by a group of Mercenaries called the Lagoon company. When it became apparent that his higher ups didn't care about his well being, they gave up on trying to pawn him off for money. Before they had a chance to ditch him, however, trouble arose that led to him being able to prove his worth. Due to this, he joined the Lagoon Company under his new name, Rock, given to him by the captain of the crew Dutch.

Through many struggles with his new comrades he faced several moral dilemmas that forced him to start looking at life in a darker tone. His innocence is still present, but has been corrupted through all the hells he has seen. He does not enjoy it, but rather begrudgingly accepts it for what it is.

He was with Revy at the time when the Black Lagoon was transported to Nexus.
Weakness: Mainly weapons, since he does not carry one himself (physical violence does not dissuade him though).
Likes: The rare times when his faith in humanity can be restored, though these moments are rare. The occasional cigarette.
Dislikes: Hawaiian Shirts, unnecessary murder.


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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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I am Brother-Captain Andreus, and I am your end.
“Ego sum frater Andreus dux, et ego extremum.”

Name: Brother-Captain Andreus
Race: Homo sapiens superior
Age: 422
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Height: 7’ 10” (w/o Armor), 9’0” (w/ armor)
Weight: N/A

Scale: Mixed
Strength: E (Servant, w/o armor), C (Servant, w/ Armor), B (Servant, Armor and Psyker Ability Active)
Agility: A (Mortal, w/o Armor), E (Servant, w/ Armor), D (Servant, w/ Armor and Psyker Ability)
Speed: EX (Mortal, w/o Armor), B (Mortal, w/ Armor)
Magic Ability: D (Servant, w/o armor), C (w/ Armor)
Magic Resistance: D (Servant, w/o armor), C (Servant, w/ Armor), A (Servant, w/ Armor, against Daemonic and supernatural Entities)

Aegis pattern Tactical Dreadnaught Armor: Standard Terminator utilized by the Grey Knight Chapter. It is quite similar used by the other Astartes chapters, except inscribed with a vast network of protective prayers, runes, and wards that are psychically charged to better protect against witchcraft. Helmet is modified further in this way to better protect the wearer’s mind. Lik all Terminator Armor, this suit allows the wearer to ignore almost everything the enemy throws at them, whether it be witchcraft, tank shells, high-calibre artillery bombardment, or even light munitions from capital ships in orbit. However, the armor does prevent the wearer from doing anything more than trotting when it comes to moving around, making them incapable of keeping up with faster infantry and vehicles.

Gauntlet-Mounted Storm Bolter: Essentually a double-barreled bolter, this weapon excels at extremely high rate of fire for close-to-medium ranged engagements. Information about the ammunation is as follows:
Spoiler for Hidden:
The Standard Bolt Round is standardised at .75 calibre. As well as the rocket propellant, a tiny amount of conventional charge is also utilised. This charge is just strong enough to force the bolt out of the barrel and ignite the bolt's propellant. The rocket-propellant is carefully fused to ignite just after leaving the barrel, alleviating any possibility of pressure build-up. The bolt then accelerates away towards the target under its own power. The standard boltgun ammunition is designed to penetrate the target and then detonate, causing immense damage to the target and leaving little opportunity for survival.

The standard Bolt Round consists of:
1.A solid-fuel rocket propellant base
2.An outer casing containing conventional charge
4.Mass-reactive fuse. Has a split-second timer to delay detonation upon impact until after the shot penetrates the target.
5.Hardened diamantine penetrating tip. This allows for the bolt to penetrate most armour before detonation.
6.Main Explosive Charge
7.Depleted uranium core. This is a very dense material, adding weight and thus momentum to the round when in flight. This aids in the bolt's penetration of the target.

Nemesis Daemon Hammer: This hammer is an augmented version of the Thunderhammer utilised by other chapters of Space Marines. Its explosive force upon impact is further strengthened by Andreus’ psychic will-power. In practice for this RP, imagine it hitting with the force of an A-Ranked Servant punch, along with a contained explosive effect.

2 Frag Grenades

2 Krak Grenades: adhesive, shaped charges used by Grey Knights to combat heavy targets. Explosive radius is small, but penetrates armor and tough hides exceedingly well.

Liber Daemonica: This book is an enduring symbol of the Grey Knight's devotion to his mission, and contains the cardinal tenets of lore culled from the dark knowledge caged within the Sanctum Sanctorum's walls. Every Grey Knight carries a copy of the Liber Daemonica in a Ceramite case on his breastplate. These gnarled tomes contain the Chapter's rites of battle and detail the traditional duties of every Grey Knights' rank. The books themselves are also potent psychic talismans in their own right, with pages illuminated in silver and bound to a spine carved from the thigh bone of a martyred saint.

Psyker Ablities:

Gate of Infinity: When performed, Andreus opens up a portal to the Immaterium, transporting him to his desired location. In practice, this is no different from teleportation. It is needless to say that teleporting to the same spot that a rock is sitting at is hazardous to Andreus' health.

Hammerhand: With this ability, Andreus bolsters his and his allies’ strength and endurance many fold. See his strength statistics to get an idea by how much.

Sanctury: This ability surrounds both him and allies near him in a bright light, protecting them from attacks. Unholy beings find it difficult to approach those in this sacred circle. This demands concentration to perform.

Purge Soul: This psychic attack purges the target’s soul of evil, though this might kill the target in the process.

Cleansing Flame: Andreus harnesses the very fire in his soul, creating a wall of white-hot flame that bursts forward. This Holy Fire is difficult to put out.

Vortex of Doom: A difficult, demanding, and dangerous psychic move for Andreus to perform. It rips asunder the barrier between reality and the Warp, scouring the victim’s atoms between the two planes of existence. It is rightfully so for this to be a last resort, for Andreus can liquify his own brain in the attempt of performing it.

Mind Scouring: Andreus is capable of “throwing” his mind, exploring the world the way only a Psyker could. However, in doing so, his mind becomes a beacon for the entities of the Immaterium.

Psychic Maelstrom: This ability creates a vast maelstrom of roiling psychic energy that rips asunder those unfortunate enough to be caught in it. It demands such concentration that it is foolhardy to attempt casting this in the pitch of battle unless the situation is dire.


And They Shall Know No Fear: Andreus is undaunted by all enemies and situations; fear isn't in his vocabulary. However, he does know the value of a tactical retreat when a situation turns unfavorable.

Absolute Control of the Mind: His actions are his own, not guided by others: He can sense all those who peer into his mind, and keeps them walled off. Furthermore, those who enter Andreus’ mind run the risk of him frying their’s in response.

Adeptus Astartes Augmentations (All are present):
Spoiler for Hidden:
Secondary Heart (The Maintainer) - This is the first and least difficult implant to install. The Secondary Heart increases blood supply and pumping capacity and is capable of taking over entirely should the primary heart fail. It may also pump steroids and adrenaline into the first, primary heart to give the Astartes an extra "rush" of energy on the battlefield.

Ossmodula (The Ironheart) - This implant strengthens and greatly accelerates the growth of the skeleton of a Space Marine by inducing his bones to absorb a ceramic-based mineral administered in every Astartes Neophyte's diet. Within two years after the surgery, the Space Marine's skeleton will be larger and exponentially stronger than a normal man's with growth having topped out at around 7-7.5 feet in height with an equivalent amount of skeleto-muscular mass. An Astartes' rib cage will also be fused into a solid bone plate to provide greater protection from injury for the internal organs.

Biscopea (The Forge of Strength) - Implanted into the chest cavity, this implant massively bolsters skeletomuscular development and muscle fiber density throughout the Astartes' body by unleashing a wave of human growth hormones. This gene-seed organ is commonly implanted at the same time as the Ossmodula since it is necessary to successfully regulate the Ossmodula's hormonal secretions and it will also regulate the hormonal changes caused to the new Astartes' body by many of the other gene-seed implants.

Haemastamen (The Blood Maker) - Implanted into a main blood vessel like the aorta, femoral artery or the vena cava, the Haemastamen alters an Astartes' blood's biochemical composition to carry oxygen and nutrients more efficiently. The actions of the Haemastamen turn a Space Marine's blood a brighter shade of red than that of normal humans because of its greatly increased oxygen-carrying capacity. It also acts to biochemically regulate the actions of the 2nd and 3rd gene-seed implants, the Ossmodula and Biscopea.

Larraman's Organ (The Healer) - Shaped like the human liver but only the size of a golf ball, this gene-seed organ is placed within the chest cavity and manufactures the synthetic biological cells known as Larraman Cells.These biosynthetic cells serve the same physiological purpose for an Astartes as the normal human body's platelets, serving to clot the blood lost from wounds, but they act faster, more efficiently and more effectively. When a Space Marine is wounded and incurs blood loss, Larraman Cells are released by his circulatory system, attached to the body's normal leukocytes (white blood cells). At the site of the injury, they form scar tissue in a matter of seconds, effectively preventing massive blood loss and infection of the wound. The action of this organ is one of the reasons that the Space Marines are seen as nearly invincible and so difficult to kill despite the terrible wounds they sometimes endure.

Catalepsean Node (The Unsleeping) - Implanted into the back of the cerebrum, this implant allows a Space Marine to avoid sleep, instead entering an almost comatose trance where their minds "recharge". It also allows one half of the brain to rest while the other hemisphere remains alert, thus removing the need for the unconsciousness required by normal sleep. The longest any Space Marine has ever been on active combat duty without rest is 328 hours, achieved by a squad of the Crimson Fists Kill-team during the battle against the Orks for Rynn's World.

Preomnor (The Neutraliser) - The Preomnor is essentially an organic decontamination chamber that is implanted inside the chest cavity and connected to the digestive system, above the original stomach so that no actual digestion occurrs in the Preomnor. It is capable of biochemically analyzing ingested materials and neutralizing most known biochemical and inorganic toxins. The Preomnor enables the Astartes to eat normally inedible substances and resist any poisons he may ingest.

Omophagea (The Remembrancer) - Implanted into the upper spinal cord so that it becomes a component of the central nervous system, this organ is designed to absorb information and any DNA, RNA or protein sequences related to experience or memory. This enables the Space Marine to gain information, in a survival or tactical sense, simply by eating an animal indigenous to an alien world and then experiencing some of what that creature did before its death. Over time, mutations in this implant's gene-seed have given some Chapters an unnatural craving for blood or flesh.

Multi-lung (The Imbiber) - The Multi-lung is a third lung implanted into an Astartes' pulmonary and circulatory systems in the chest cavity that is able to absorb oxygen from environments usually too poor in oxygen to allow normal human respiratory functioning. Breathing is accomplished through a sphincter implanted into the trachea, allowing all three lungs to be used at full capacity. In toxic environments, a similar muscle closes off the normal lungs, thus oxygen is absorbed exclusively by the Multi-lung, which then filters out the poisonous or toxic elements.

Occulobe (The Eye of Vengeance) - Essentially, the Occulobe is a gene-seed organ that enhances an Astartes' eyesight after being implanted along the optic nerve and connected to the retina, granting him exceptional vision and the ability to see normally in a low-light environment.

Lyman's Ear (The Sentinel) - This gene-seed organ implant renders a Space Marine immune to dizziness and motion-induced nausea, and enables an Astartes to consciously filter out "white noise" or resist other sonic attacks.

Sus-an Membrane (The Hibernator) - This implant allows a Space Marine to enter a catatonic or "suspended animation" state and is implanted within the brain near the pituitary gland as a part of the body's endocrine system. It can allow a mortally wounded Astartes to survive his injuries, and bring the metabolism to a standstill until he can receive full medical care. Only the appropriate chemical therapy or hypnotic auto-suggestion can revive a Space Marine from this state. The longest recorded period for this form of hibernation was endured by Battle-Brother Silas Err of the Dark Angels Chapter, who was in Sus-an hibernation for 567 standard years.

Melanochrome - Linked into the endocrine system via the lymphatic system, this gene-seed organ alters the pigment cells in the skin, which allows the Astartes' skin to shield him from otherwise dangerous levels of radiation and heat. Different levels of radiation cause variations of skin color in different Chapters due to mutations in the Melanochrome organ's gene-seed. This can be related to the unusually pale skin of the Blood Angels and their Successor Chapters and the dark black skin and red eyes of the Salamanders.

Oolitic Kidney (The Purifier) - This gene-seed organ works in conjunction with the Preomnor, filtering the blood to remove toxins that have been ingested or breathed into the body. However, this detoxification process renders the Astartes unconscious once it begins, so it can be very dangerous if required during combat. Under normal circumstances, the Oolitic Kidney also acts as a regulatory organ for the Astartes physiology, maintaining the efficient action of the Space Marine's advanced circulatory system and the proper functioning of his other organs, implanted or otherwise.

Neuroglottis (The Devourer) - This gene-seed organ implanted in the mouth allows an Astartes to biochemically assess a wide variety of things simply by taste or smell, biochemically testing various objects for toxicity and nutritional content, essentially determining if the substance is edible or poisonous. From poisons to chemicals to animals, a Space Marine can even track his quarry by taste or smell alone, much like the average canine bred for tracking.

Mucranoid (The Weaver) - This gene-seed organ is implanted within the central nervous system and responds to specific chemical stimuli in the environment, causing the Space Marine to secrete a waxy protein substance similar to mucus through his pores that seals his skin. The gland's operations must first be activated by an external chemical treatment, usually self-administered, before it will activate. Space Marines are cocooned in this way before they enter suspended animation, and the process can even protect them from the harshness of the vacuum and other extremes of temperature, particularly deeply frigid environments.

Betcher's Gland (The Poison Bite) - Actually consisting of 2 separate glands implanted into multiple locations inside an Astartes' mouth, including the inside of the lower lip, in the salivary glands or in the hard palette, these two glands work in tandem to transform a Space Marine's saliva into a corrosive, blinding acid when consciously triggered. An Astartes trapped behind iron bars, for example, would be able to chew his way out given a few hours. These implants' more common use is to aid in the digestion of unusually difficult or impossible things to digest, such as cellulose. In the gene-seed of several Primarchs, like that of Rogal Dorn, this organ has atrophied and is no longer as effective or has simply ceased to function entirely in the Astartes of the Chapters that use those Primarchs' gene-seed.

Progenoid Glands (The Gene-Seeds) - Implanted into both the neck and the chest cavity, these reproductive glands serve to collect, gestate and maintain the gene-seed from a Space Marine's body, and to safeguard it for the continuity of a Chapter. These organs hormonally respond to the presence of the other Astartes gene-seed implants in the body by creating germ cells with DNA identical to that of those implants through a process very similar to cellular mitosis. These germ cells grow and are stored in the Progenoid organs, much like sperm cells or egg cells are stored in the testes and ovaries of normal men and women. When properly cultured by the Apothecaries of a Space Marine Chapter, these germ cells can be gestated into each of the 19 gene-seed organs needed to create a new Space Marine. Thus, for most Astartes, their Progenoid Glands represent the only form of reproduction they will ever know, though the DNA passed on will be that of their Primarch, not their own. The neck gland can be removed after 5 years, and the chest gland after 10 years; both are then used to create new gene-seed organs for the development of the next generation of Space Marines.

The Black Carapace (Interface) - The last and possibly most important of all gene-seed implants, this neuroreactive, fibrous organic material is implanted directly under the skin in the chest area of the hardened and shell-like ribcage of the Astartes Neophyte. Invasive fibre bundles that serve as neuron connectors then grow inward from the implant and interlink with the Space Marine's central nervous system. Points pre-cut into the Carapace before its implantation by the Apothecary are effectively neural connection points, allowing an Astartes to directly interface his central nervous system with his suit of Power Armour's Machine Spirit so that the suit can provide enhanced protection and combat maneuverability unavailable to an unaltered human wearing the same armour.

Origins: Grey Knights don’t technically exist in Imperial Records. As such, there is no documentation of Andreus outside of the fortress-monastery Citadel of Titan, located on the moon of the same name orbiting Saturn.

What can be gleaned, however, is that Brother Captain Andreus, his squad, and two other units of Grey Knights were sent in by the Inquisition to deal with the Daemon incursion on the forgeworld of Sephiron a few weeks after Imperial forces there were routed. When a Seeker of Change, a bird-like greater Daemon of Tzeentch, appeared on the battlefield, Andreus alone moved to attack it. It was during the final swing of his hammer that the Daemon sent the Brother-Captain into the Immaterium.

When Andreus came to his senses, he was in an unfamiliar city, filled with people instead of the foul creatures of the Warp. However, his psychic senses tells him that there are many dark machinations afoot…

Appearance: Andreus is a Space Marine, a being that is beyond human yet exists to protect their lessers. He is devoid of facial hair, and his brown hair is cut short. A long life of battle and hardship has ensured that most of his body is covered in scars. For body structure, see below.

Weakness: Overwhelming attacks (Though, in Terminator Armor, this requires more than most beings to achieve results), Curses that somehow get through his protection, his own dogma can be used against him

Dislikes: Nonhumans, Heresy, Unsactioned Psykers (read: all mages)

Likes: Duty, Loyalty, The Imperial Creed, the Thrill of Battle, Carving Stones

Grey Knights Color Scheme:

Space Marine Body:

Various Grey Knights Information:

The Grey Knights Chapter of the Space Marines are a super secretive order under the jurisdiction of the Ordo Malleus branch of the Inquisition, the branch that specializes in Daemons and other Warp Entities. They are mankinds best, and often last line of defense against the forces of Chaos. They are pure of taint and immune to corruption.

All members of this chapter are powerful Psykers in their own right, on par with the Librarians of most other chapters, allowing them to actually harm Daemons in both the real realm as well as the Warp. This is a double-edged sword, for they are always being tempted by the denizens of the Immaterium, hearing whispers that can never be silenced.
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Amanda Lynn Wallace
Race: Reincarnated Human
Age: Amanda herself is physically twenty four, but her first life was born around 1,350 years ago.
Height: 5’8
Weight: 124
Eyes: Dark Green
Hair: Red
Appearance: Amanda is the sort that could be described as “Striking” or “Stunning”.  Even if she isn’t someone’s “type” she’d get a few looks when she enters the room.   Part of this is due to her long, flowing, curly red hair.  She has fine boned features, large green eyes, pouting lips and fair skin.  During the summer she’s generally seen with more freckles than normal because gingers don’t tan.

She’s voluptuous without being ridiculously so, and is also fairly toned. 

At work she wears green or teal scrubs, a white lab coat, white sneakers with slip resistant soles, and her hair tightly bound.  When she’s not at work she prefers jeans, heavy boots, T-shirts, and a leather biker jacket.  She’s also never seen without a silver, Celtic cross she wears at all times.

Scale: Mixed
Strength: C- Human, Magically Enhanced E on Servant Scale
Agility: B- Human, Magically Enhanced D
Speed: B- Human, Magically Enhanced D
Magic Resistance: B Servant Scale
Magic Ability: C Servant Scale
Other Abilities:
Regeneration A- Servant Scale- Even though Amanda takes damage like a human, she can heal from it almost instantly.  This also stops her aging when she reaches the age of 25.
Healing A- Servant Scale- With a touch and some time, Amanda can heal others from any wound as long as they are not dead or brain dead.  This includes limb regeneration as well.  She can also cure diseases and the like as well.
EmpathyA+-Servant Scale- At this status, Amanda is can always sense the emotions of others.  Emotion does not mean thought.  Just what they are feeling and if they are lying or not.  This also means that people with intense or strong emotions can disorient her and even make her physically ill.
Telepathy B+-Servant Scale- Amanda can read most minds unless they have a high enough will or a higher level of telepathy than she does.  She can also communicate with people telepathically if she is familiar with them over great distances.
Biker Babe EX- Human.  Amanda is an absurdly excellent motorcyclist and has never lost a street race.
Fire Starter C- Servant Scale  Amanda’s two elements are Earth and Fire.  The Earth comes out in the healing abilities, but Amanda can generate and create fire at will.  Her fastest forms are fire balls and lances, but she can also generate slow moving fire walls as well.
Sword Maiden A- Human- One of Amanda’s past lives she was a battle mage who was quite skilled with a blade.  Amanda’s taken up her former life’s passion.
He’s Dead, Jim As a medical examiner, Amanda has a vast knowledge of forensics and medicine.
I’m A Nerd She also has a remarkable knowledge of weird facts like animals and history.

Origin: Gormlaith was born to a chieftan and his wife over 1,350 years ago in the Highlands of Scotland.  With her magical abilities and skill as a healer she became a high priestess of sorts.  Her best friend, companion, and sometimes bodyguard was her orphaned cousin Bronach.  Then one day Bronach vanished and Gormailth made sure she would grow old and die.


Because she knew she had many lives to live and would see her beloved “sister” again and again. 

So, she kept reincarnating about every 100 years or so, sometimes running into her sister and sometimes not.  She lead many fascinating lives like the aforementioned warrior magus to that of a quiet midwife. 

Her current life, as Amanda Wallace, became clear to her when she started hitting puberty and was developing her abilities.  She kept having dreams of this past life, at odds with her mostly scientific upbringing.  Her father was a top virologist and her mother had died in childbirth.

Instead of going to medical school, because if it got out she could heal people with a touch it would be super bad for her, she went on to study pathology.  Being extraordinarily brilliant she earned a doctorate and now finds herself doing autopsies on the corpses in Nexus. 

Weakness: Beheading.  Strong or overly intense and negative emotions.
Likes: Scotch. Motorcycles (she drives a Triumph). Roses. Tea. Fish and chips.  Intellectual pursuits.  The Harry Potter books.  Animals. Wolves.  Horses. Pastries.  Cheese. Fantasy books.  Symphonic metal. Science!
Dislikes:   Screamo Metal.  Housework. Mundane things like chores.  People calling her “Red”.  Negative emotions.  Ash.  When people abuse supernatural abilities. 


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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Luviagelita Edefelt
Race: Human (Magus)
Age: 19
Height: 160cm
Weight: 49kg
Eyes: brown-red
Hair: Blond with Drills
Scale: Human
Strength: B
Agility: B
Speed: B
Magic Resistance: B
Magic Ability: A
Other Abilities:
Jewel Sorcery: Like the inferior magus Tohsaka Rin, Luviagelita excells in the art of Jewel sorcery. Whenever she gets a moment to herself, she pours magical energy into her collection of gems that are then used as projectile weapons. They are single use items, and fade to ash after their usage. Because of this, this method of thaumaturgy is quite expensive, leaving those of lower wealth such as the Tohsaka line rather low on funds. Due to her much larger financial standing, Luviagelita is quite capable of purchasing many of these gems whenever she feels like it. Due to having an excessively larger amount than Rin, her gems are likely not as powerful as she has to spread her energy amongst a higher quantity. The 'Quantity vs Quality" debate comes into play for whichever has the upper hand.

Gandr: Being of the Finnish Edefelt line, her family has a natural affinity to the Finn curse Gandr. Each shot produces a concentrated bullet-like shot of prana that rips through flesh just like one, though doesn't shatter it the wound but rather rips through it. They can be fired at rapid succession, or as concentrated shots. Lacks the need for an incantation.

Lancashire Martial Combat: A style of Martial Combst oddly similar to Pro Wrestling, Luvia has had extensive training in it's techniques for whenever a necessary occasion arose. The sleeves of her dress are custom tailored to be detachable for quick readiment for combat.

Mystic Code:
Due to her Kaleidostick Sapphire being given away, Zelretch entrusted her with a third stick to call her own: Diamond. Diamond was the original stick developed by Zelretch he deemed too hostile to use without reason. If Ruby and Sapphire were considered sisters, Diamond would be seen moreso as a mother (though she has no intent to act like one to the other sticks). She is cold and cunning and aat times ruthless should the situation arise.

Appearance-wise, Diamond bears the same base appearance as Ruby and Sapphire, though on the outside rather than feathers or ribbons she instead emits white flames that burn slowly and emit no heat. Due to being cold the flames do not rise. There are six of them. her handle is pure white, save the gold embroidery the others also possess. At the base of the handle is a diamond spike 7cm long.

Her power extends to a tad over twice that of the others, raising her stats to that of full servant strength. Like the others, she has infinite prana and power but does require rest. One downside to Diamond's strength is that she is vey hard to control. Zelretch warned Luvia before hesitantly bestowing Diamond to her that even though she still needs consent from the weilder to transform into Kaleido Diamond, she does not need to obey orders to revert and should she truly wish it at times can take full control of the weilders body to further increase emitted power by an extra 50%. Were this to happen Luvia would have to struggle to regain control, and could potentially lose herself to it mentally as well until Diamond needs to revert to rest. When she does this the extra power boosts toll is taken off of Luvia's body itself, which can be quite painful.

When in the form of Kaleido Diamond she appears much like she did when she became Kaleido Sapphire, but essentially a colour scheme like that of Saber Lily. Her front ribbons also become transparent like that of Nero Saber's dress.

Luviagelita Edefelt was supposed to go on a mission with her typical rival Tohsaka Rin to investigate a portal to another dimension appearing rather suddenly, but due to a certain... incident that she truely wishes to forget (though no matter how hard she tries she will never be able to look at peanut butter the same way again), her position was replaced by a random magus girl named Mille.

Rather infuriated by the whole ordeal, she made several pleas to the Association that were proving unsuccessful. It wasn't until Zelretch himself stepped into play, giving his reasoning that sending his apprentice in there would likely end up causing more trouble than good regardless of Luvia's presence, and that perhaps having her there without the restriction of being forced to cooperate with Rin could reduce the common issues whilst also keeping his pesky apprentice in check.

With their reluctant approval, and a newfound admiration for the Wizard Marshal Zelretch, Luvia set forth to both redeed her self esteem and make her new idol proud (though with Rin still being his apprentice, more merit for rivalry was on the horizon).
Weakness: Dealing with Tohsaka Rin
Likes: Aristocracy, ohohoing, Zelretch-sama~
Dislikes: Tohsaka Rin, needless spending (though understands the need to do so to maintain her image), being 1-UPed.
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Alex Mercer
Titles: ZEUS, The Prototype, BLACKLIGHT
Race: Sentient Virus
Age: 6 weeks old (Appears in his late 20's)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Height: Varies, 5'10 in default form.
Weight: Varies, approximately 1,800 lbs.
Eyes: Varies, blue in default form.
Hair: Varies, black in default form.

Scale: Servant
Strength: B
Agility: D
Speed: E
Endurance: C
Magic Resistance: None
Magic Ability: None

Other Abilities:
Having come to understand and accept what he really is, Mercer can boost his strength by a full rank (A) indefinitely with no risk of losing control of his body. However, while this power is active his form must remain a humanoid.

This ability is "false" because Mercer's mind is not actually corrupted, his mind is just so alien that most people have great difficulty understanding him. The effects resemble the "true" version: It is hard for Mercer to come to an understanding with others, but he is resistant to mental interference.

There are few in the world that can devour another's body as completely as Mercer can. He can devour a normal humanoid in seconds, although particularly tough or large creatures take longer. Feeding quickly restores Mercer's own biomass, effectively healing him. He is also able to perfectly take on the form of anyone he has eaten, including their voice and general mannerisms. If he takes particular care with the brain, he can even obtain some of the victim's memories and skills.

Mercer can alter his form to any extent that he desires, as long as he has enough biomass. This ranges from sprouting bladed tentacles to reinforcing his "skin" into a thick outer carapace that laughs at tank shells. This ability, combined with his skill in consuming the bodies of others, makes Mercer a master at hiding in plain sight.

Driving and maintenance of military vehicles and aircraft, military and improvised explosives, small arms, human anatomy, genetics, microbiology and 15 other skills in the realms of military operations and science can all be used at rank B due to having gained the skill from the hundreds of military personnel and scientists Mercer has consumed.

Mercer can adjust his eyes to see in the infrared spectrum.

Origin: Alex Mercer was actually a normal human geneticist who was hired to construct the most powerful bioweapon in human history. He was eventually killed for knowing too much about the project, but not before he released the weapon he created, a supervirus known as BLACKLIGHT, inside a public train station. Surprisingly, the released virus only infected Mercer's fresh corpse, absorbing and re-purposing his biomass for its own use. The virus took on Mercer's name and identity, and for some time even believed itself to actually be Alex Mercer.

Over a period of roughly 3 weeks, Mercer saved the island of Manhattan from an outbreak of the original, unmutated virus known as REDLIGHT, and a nuclear warhead set by Blackwatch, a branch of American special forces tasked in dealing with biological weapons. He grew close with the original Mercer's sister, Dana, who still does not know the full truth about what became of her brother.

Having been pulled into Nexus City while feeding from the remnants of the REDLIGHT plague, Mercer is hell bent on getting back to the one person that ever came close to accepting him for who he is.

Weakness: Extreme temperatures and magic due to having no resistance.

Likes: Explosions, guns, the military, helicopters, being left to his own devices.
Dislikes: Cooperating with others, people in general, water, Blackwatch, zombies, boredom.
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Lancelot
Titles: Knight of the Lake, Berserker
Race: Human (former Servant)
Age: mid-30s
Alignment: Lawful Neutral Good
Height: 191 cm
Weight: 81 kg
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Purple

Scale: Servant (Stats listed in parentheses are when Mad Enhancement is active)
Strength: B (A)
Agility: B (A)
Speed: A (A+)
Endurance: B (A)
Magic Resistance: D (E)
Magic Ability: None.

Other Abilities:
Grants Lancelot a rank up in all stats except magic resistance, which ranks down, but this comes at the cost of his sanity. Because Lancelot has made penance with his king and now possesses a real body, he can turn Mad Enhancement on at will. However, he cannot deactivate this ability while in combat. While this power is active Lancelot will attack everything he sees as a threat with reckless abandon, and is too far gone to be able to tell friend from foe.

Lancelot can appear to others as someone other than himself. He ususally prefers to present himself as Gawain in full armor and helmet. However, he cannot mimic the voice and personality of those who's image he takes on. When the Mad Enhancement is active, Lancelot loses all fine control over this ability and it is reduced to a black aura that distorts his figure and obscures his combat data.

A blessing from Elementals, Lancelot's luck with drastically increase when put in a particularly dangerous situation. This ability can only be used on the battlefield, where one can perform feats of arms.

Lancelot's unrivaled skill in the art of weaponized combat is so thoroughly ingrained into his mind and body that it has effectively become his instinct. No amount of mental interference can take away his combat proficiency. This skill allows Lancelot to keep his Knight of Honor power and Arondight even with Mad Enhancement active.

KNIGHT OF HONOR- A+ (A++ when Mad Enhancement is active)
Anything Lancelot grabs that he recognizes as a weapon is turned into a D-Rank Noble Phantasm, from street lights to fighter jets, and wield it as though he has been training with it for all of his life.

ARONDIGHT- A+ (A++ when Mad Enhancement is active)
A fallen sword, now demonic, that was once a holy weapon before it was bathed in the blood of former comrades. It also has a powerful Anti-Dragon property and boosts Lancelot's strength, speed, agility and endurance while being wielded.

Lancelot's armor is extremely durable, yet still allows him an impressive range of motion. It saved his life twice as Berserker in the 4th Heaven's Feel, from Rider's chariot and Saber's sword. However, it has no resistance to magic.

Origin: Background covered in Fate/Zero.

After running out of mana and killed at the hands of his king, Lancelot achieved his goal and his soul was passed into the Holy Grail. Before it could be broken down for mana, however, the Grail was destroyed and his soul was lost to that world. Lancelot found himself standing in a bloated metropolis, still wearing his black armor. The knowledge normally imparted to Servants about the modern world was mostly lost in the berserk rage the Mad Enhancement induced, leaving Lancelot struggling to understand the world he is now trapped in.

Weakness: Lancelot is hyperspecialized for combat, and is an unstoppable force in melee engagements. However, he is restrained by his honor code, unsuited for more delicate tasks and subterfuge, and can be caught off guard by sneak attacks. He has no reliable defense against any magic that makes it through his resistance. The Mad Enhancement is a double edged sword while fighting as part of a team.

Likes: Honor, humility, respecting authority, one-on-one duels, training, cute women, alcohol, flying.
Dislikes: Arrogance, braggarts, crime, arguments, paperwork, being poor, obesity.
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Shirou Emiya
Race: Human
Age: 21
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Eyes: Golden-Brown
Hair: Red
Scale: Servant
Strength: D
Agility: C
Speed: D
Magic Resistance: C
Magical Ability: C-
Other Abilities
Unlimited Blade Works E-A++: The reality marble of Shirou Emiya which allows him to create his projected swords at will. The Weapons are produced instantly and cost no prana. However weapons that are not inside the reality marble do cost prana. For this Shirou Emiya it is even possible to construct Divine Weapons although Ea is still out of his reach.
Clarovoyance C: Via reinforcing his eyes Shirou can see up to 4KM away
Eye of Mind (True) D: Capable of calm analysis of battle conditions even when in danger and deduce an appropriate course of action after considering all chances of escape.

Aalya Contract: In order to have the power to protect his sister Miyu Shirou Emiya has made a contract with Aalya to become a counter guardian after death. This increased his stats to servant levels.

Shirou Emiya has only two memories. His Promise to protect his sister Miyu and the contract he made with Gaia to do so. After finding himself in Nexus City Shirou Emiya decides to try to save as many people as he can. Even if he put’s the people he loves ahead of them. (Note: Amnesia is only due to lack of backstory on Prisma Shirou, as it starts coming in the manga Shirou will start to remember his memories).

Weaknesses: Lacks the combat experience of EMIYA. Put’s the ones he loves over himself. Projected weapons are one rank lower than the original’s. Somewhat arrogant and isn’t afraid to fight foes who out match him.

Likes: Miyu,Cooking,Swords,
Dislikes: People who would save random people over the ones that they love.
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Miyu Edelfelt
Race: Human
Age: 12
Height: 130 cm
Weight: 33 kg
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Black
Scale: Mixed. First value is for base stats, second is for while under the effects of the Prism Trance.
Agility: A(human)/C(servant)
Speed: A(human)/C(servant)
Magic Resistance: A(human)/C(servant)
Magic Ability: A(human)/B(servant)
Other Abilitys:
Superhuman – Miyu is skilled in most mundane activities(math, cooking, athletics, etc) to the point of absurdity, and considers doing things in a completely ridiculous way(solving 5th grade math problems with Calculus, for example) as perfectly normal, and is slightly confused when people freak out as a result.
Mystic Code
Magical Sapphire

A powerful wand created by Zelretch himself, which is able to empower the wielder with a nearly infinite amount of prana and power, as taken from other selves from other dimensions and timelines, and is the younger sister of Magical Ruby, that enables Miyu to become a magical girl by utilizing the "Prism Trance."

Sapphire was originally assigned to Luvia, but, as with Ruby, Sapphire abandoned Luvia after becoming tired of how she was constantly quarreling with Rin.

While under the effects of the Prism Trance, Miyu's parameters increase greatly, reaching mid-servant tier, and also grants her a few abilities.
Flight:B–While Miyu cannot fly in the traditional sense of the word, due to her inability to visualize the action in her mind's eye, she is extemely adept at creating small "prana footholds" which she uses to run through the skys at speeds comperable to what one can attain through normal methods of flight.
HighDensity Prana Release:A–While under the effects of a trance, Miyu can use a Kaleidostick to rapidly fire off high density prana bolts in any shape or form she desires, so long as she can imagine it. She can also use it in order to form an extremely powerful defensive barrier, although if somebody attacks from within it's bounds it is of no use.
Regeneration:Miyu is able to regenerate from extremely serious damage, provided she has the prana to do so.

Class Card Rank:A+
A conceptualized compression of a heroic spirits abilities in the form of a card. By including one of these cards with her Kaleidostick, Miyu is able to gain the use of the Noble Phantasm of the heroic spirit, and by installing it, temporarily take on the form and skills of the hero, giving her access to a portion of their abilities and skills. However, after including or installing a Class Card, she cannot include that same card for a period of time. Miyu has five such cards, Saber, Lancer, Rider, Caster, and Berserker.
Spoiler for Saber:
The Heroic Spirit contained in the Saber Card is Arturia Pendragon, more commonly known as King Arthur.

Including the Saber Card gives Miyu a copy of the holy sword Excalibur.

Installing the Saber Card gives Miyu Arturia's armor, a copy of Excalibur, changes her parameters, and grants access to some skills.
Scale: Servant
Strength: B
Agility: B
Speed: B
Magic Resistance: A
Magic Ability: A
Other Abilities:
Prana Burst:A
Spoiler for Lancer:
The Heroic Spirit contained in the Lancer Card is Cu Chulainn, Ireland's man of light.
Including the Lancer Card gives Miyu a copy of the cursed lance Gae Bolg, allowing her to inflict unhealable wounds.
Installing the Lancer Card gives Miyu Cu's clothing and hairstyle, a copy of Gae Bolg, changes her parameters, and grants access to some skills.
Scale: Servant
Strength: C
Agility: A
Speed: A
Magic Resistance: C
Magic Ability: B
Other Abilities:
Battle Continuation: A
Protection From Arrows:B
Gae Bolg:B
Spoiler for Rider:
The Heroic Spirit contained in the Rider Card is the gorgon Medusa.
Including the Rider Card gives Miyu a copy of Bellerophon, the bridle Medsua used to control her pegasus.
Installing the Rider Card gives Miyu the ability to use Medusa's pegasus and bridle, gives her access to her Mystic Eyes, and changes her parameters and grants her some skills.
Scale: Servant
Strength: C
Agility: A
Speed: A
Magic Resistance: C
Magic Ability: C
Other Abilities:
Spoiler for Caster:
The Heroic Spirit contained in the Caster Card is Medea, the witch of betrayal.
Including the Caster Card gives Miyu a copy of Rule Breaker, a ritualistic dagger capable of nullifying all magecraft and contracts.
Installing the Caster Card gives Miyu Medea's robe and hairstyle, a copy of Rule Breaker, changes her parameters, and grants access to some skills.
Scale: Servant
Strength: E
Agility: E
Speed: B
Magic Resistance: A
Magic Ability: A+
Other Abilities:
High-Speed Divine Words:A
Rule Breaker:C
Spoiler for Berserker:
The Heroic Spirit contained in the Berserker Card is Heracles, Greece's greatest hero.
Including the Berserker Card gives Miyu Nine Lives in the form of a copy of berserker's giant axe-sword.
Installing the Berserker Card makes Miyu , a copy of the Axe-Sword, changes her parameters, and grants access to some skills.
Scale: Servant
Strength: A
Agility: A
Speed: A
Magic Resistance: -
Magic Ability: C
Other Abilities:
Battle Continuation:A
Nine Lives: The Shooting Hundred Heads:-
It is a high speed attack consisting of nine consecutive strikes, as swift as if the attacks are overlapping. It is certain death, similar to Gae Bolg.

Spoiler for 3rei:
Miyu is the complete Holy Grail from the world in which the Class Cards originated. She was brought to the main world through unknown means, she was taken in by Luviagelita.

Miyu and Illya hunted for the five remaining Class Cards together, the final one being the powerful Berserker, who they defeated with their powers combined.
Weakness: If Sapphire is taken too far away from her while she is under a trance, Miyu will revert to her normal form.
Likes: Illya, her Brother, living a normal life
Dislikes: The Ainsworth, people who hurt Illya
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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"You're a surly bastard, aren't you? Men who don't laugh on the field of battle, may forget how to by the time they reach Elysium. This world is enough of a gloomy, festering pus as it is - you should at least try to get a laugh in... before you die, you know?"

Rider (Master: Shirou Kotomine)
True Name: Achilles
Titles: Hero of the Illiad, Hero of the World
Race: Human Demigod (Servant)
Age: 35 before his death.
Height: 185cm
Weight: 97kg
Eyes: Orange
Hair: Green
Scale: Servant
Strength: B+
Agility: A+ (EX with Dromeus Cometes)
Speed: A+ (EX with Dromeus Cometes)
(Luck: D)
(Endurance: A)
(Mana: C)
(Noble Phantasm: A+++)
Magic Resistance: C
Magical Ability: N/A
Weakness: His heel, attacks that are also “friendly actions” pierce Andres Amaranthos.
Likes: Battle, Patroclus, Strong women, His mother
Dislikes: Hector, Trojans, Cowardice
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Place of Birth: Greece
Weapon: Spear (obviously)
Appearance: Rider appears to be a great hero just from his appearance, one who would be admired by any man or woman, young or old. While his face is pleasing to the eyes, it is not like the knights of old whose courteousness softened the hearts of noble ladies. He has the eyes of a raptor, a strong and firm build, and the lack of any appearance of crudeness.

Other Abilities:


Battle Continuation (A): Does not know when to give up. Even after he was struck in his heart and his heel, he did not give up fighting. As such, even after receiving an absolutely fatal blow, he will keep going until he drops from exhaustion.

Bravery (A+): The ability to nullify mental interference such as coercion, confusion, and glamours through strength of mind and confidence. At this high rank, Melee damage is also increased.

Riding (A+): Creatures on the level of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast can be used as mounts. However, that does not apply to members of the Dragon Kind.

Divinity (C): The child of the Sea Goddess Thetis and the human hero Peleus.

Affections of the Goddess (B): The blessing of his mother, Thetis. All stats except Luck and Mana are Rank-Up.

Noble Phantasms:

Tempestrous Immortal Chariot
Troias Tragoidia

Achilles's three-horsed flying chariot drawn by two immortal divine horses bestowed by sea god Poseidon, Xanthos and Balius, and a great horse pillaged from a city, Pedasos. Using it, he tramples throughout the battlefield with godspeed, increasing in damage dealt proportionally to its increase in speed. It can be likened to a "giant galloping lawnmower" at its highest speed.

Comet Form
Dromeus Cometes
Anti-Unit (Self)

An ability of Achilles’ that is normally triggered by stepping out of his chariot, it is the embodiment of the legend that he is the fastest among all the heroes of all eras. It allows him to run through a giant battlefield in a single breath, and obstacles on the field will not slow him. Its usage exposes his weak point, the Achilles Heel, but no Heroic Spirit can truly keep pace with him when this ability is activated.

Amaranth of the Brave
Andres Amaranthos
Anti-Unit (Self)

Achilles' gift of immortality from his mother, the goddess Thetis, which he received from her dipping him in the River Styx as a baby, and it’s waters made all but his right heel, which was not submerged, immortal. Any type of attack against him is nullified, even including great Noble Phantasms like Balmung, and it cannot be pierced by power alone. It can only be negated by those with Divinity of a certain rank, at least C-rank or higher, allowing those of that rank to harm him with any attack. Invasive acts that are considered to be "friendly actions" like a vampire bite are not negated.

However, after first having his weakpoint hit and dying, he has lost a majority of the Styx's blessing and thus all supernatural things can affect him, though mundane attacks from humans are still useless.

Author's Note: To prevent Achilles from being absurd, I applied this change. Now stop bitching pls Knick 8)

The Spearhead of the Stars Traversing the Skies
Diatrecon Aster Logche

A simple, black spear with sturdy workmanship, made to be able to be thrown and wielded with one hand, though Achilles prefers fighting with it in both hands, as he has no need for a shield. He finds it to be the match of no other in the aspect of it’s thrust, allowing it to pluck hearts and crush skulls of heroes with every blow.

The injuries caused by the spear do not heal by ordinary means unless the injury is restored by a divine mystery, and instead Achilles must chip off tiny bits of the spear and let them drop into the wound.

The true function of the spear is to be hurled like a harpoon, where it will break the guard and shield of any hero and kill them with certainty that can only be avoided by averting fate with Luck. This functions can only be used against a proper hero, however. The physical impact of the thrown spear is akin to firing it out of a high-velocity railgun, able to pierce even the protections of the gods, and as thus can almost take out an entire battalion in a single throw.

The Entire World’s Tale
Aspída tou I̱faístou

Achilles’ greatest Noble Phantasm, it is not a physical shield but rather a deployable barrier similar to Rho Aias, but far far greater. It is the embodiment of countless stories of the world and legends that have endured thousands of battles and years and continue to gain strength as Achilles creates new legends with it, each displayed on the shield’s surface for the opponent to awe at. To destroy these legends, this world, one requires enough force to destroy an entire city. The shield shows the following art of legends of the world, each in a single circle of 9 getting smaller towards the center.

1. The Earth, sky and sea, the sun, the moon and the constellations.
2."Two beautiful cities full of people": in one a wedding and a law case are taking place; the other city is besieged by one feuding army and the shield shows an ambush and a battle.
3. A field being ploughed for the third time.
4. A king's estate where the harvest is being reaped.
5. A vineyard with grape pickers.
6. A "herd of straight-horned cattle"; the lead bull has been attacked by a pair of savage lions which the herdsmen and their dogs are trying to beat off.
7. A picture of a sheep farm.
8. A dancing-floor where young men and women are dancing.
9. The great stream of Oceanus.
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Saber
Race: Human
Master: Shirou Emiya
True name: Arturia
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Height: 154cm
Weight: 42kg
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
Spoiler for Appearance:
Scale: Servant
Strength: B*
Endurance: C*
Agility: C*
(note: * indicates that these stats may be raised through the use of the Magical Energy Burst skill)
Magical Energy: A+
Luck: B
Noble Phantasm: EX
Spoiler for Skills:
Magic Resistance: A: Cancels any magic A-Rank or below.  In practice, no modern magi can hurt Saber.
Riding: B: Ability to ride things.  She can ride most vehicles with above average skill, but she cannot ride those of demonic and holy beast rank.
Instinct: A:  The ability to always “feel” the best course for oneself during combat.  This heightened sixth sense is now close to precognition.  It reduces by half obstacles to vision and hearing.
Magical Energy Burst: A:  This transfers magical energy into one’s weapon and body, and by releasing that magical energy instantaneously, it increases one’s ability.  Simply said, it’s like a magical energy jet propulsion.  Saber can use this ability in many ways to enhance her performance.  Normally she uses it primarily to strengthen her armor in combat, however if she uses it to enhance her speed and strength, she is capable of exchanging blows with Heracles as a Berserker.  A normal weapon without divine properties will not be able to endure her magical energy infusion and will be destroyed in one blow, requiring Saber to take care only to utilize this ability with her holy sword or a weapon with just as much divine protection.
Charisma: B: Natural talent to command an army.  It increases the ability of one’s army during mass combat.  Charisma is a rare talent, and a B rank is enough to lead a country.
Noble Phantasms:
Spoiler for Noble Phantasms:
Invisible Air: Boundary Field of the Wind King: C:  An invisible sword who’s range cannot be determined by the enemy.  It’s simple, but tremendously effective in melee combat.   It is a Noble Phantasm protected by strong magic, but it does not mean that the sword is invisible.  The Blade is clad in wind that changes the refraction of light and makes the sword invisible.  It is not a vacuum, but the wind whirring around the blade is like a weapon and it seems to increase the damage of the slash.  Only when the compressed wind is released is a vacuum state created.  When the target has “resistance to visual imparements”, the accuracy and coercion of Invisible Air is ineffective.  Other than the advantage of making the blade invisible, it is possible to release the compressed wind, making it a single use projectile weapon.  The damage of such an attack is constant and Saber’s strength or magical energy does not affect it.
Excalibur: Sword of Promised Victory: A++: Sword of Light.  It is not a weapon made by men, but a divine weapon forged by the planet.  It is a Noble Phantasm that is the greatest of Holy Swords.  It transforms the possessor’s magical energy into “light”, increases its kinetic energy by converging and accelerating it, and allows for usage of sorcery on a level of divine spirits.  To an observer, it looks like a giant beam of light, but it’s target point is the tip, It is the “ultimate slash” cuts through everything in the “area” light goes through.  Its enormous power heats space around the tip, and as a result, it is interpreted as a wave of light that mows across the earth.  You could also call it a directed energy weapon.
Avalon:  All is a Distant Utopia: EX: The ability of Excalibur’s sheath.  The lost third Noble Phantasm  The Sheath of the holy sword was excavated by Einzbern at Cornwall, and returned to the hand of its owner through time.  In the legend of King Arthur, the real ability of the holy sword is said to be the “Power of immortality” in this sheath.  It has the ability to heal the wounds of its owner and stop their aging, but it can actually be called a “Moving fortress” centered on an individual.  By producing the sheath and moving oneself onto the land of fairies, it shuts out all physical interactions.  It can even defend against the five sorceries.
Spoiler for Origin:

  In 5th Century England, a Magus named Merlin arranged for King Uther Pendragon to sleep with Igraine, the wife of his enemy Gorlois.  Merlin did so following a prophecy that stated this would lead to the birth of a legendary hero who would become king and save this dying country from ruin.  However the child born was not a boy, but a girl, which brought despair to the king who could not make her his successor, but Merlin was not concerned, as he had faith she would still fulfill that destiny regardless of her gender. 
  The child, named Arturia Pendragon, was taken to the family of Sir Ector to be raised as their child.  Nobody knows why, but even looking at Arturia, people could tell there was something wrong with her.  She was a kind, compassionate, and gentle person, but she never seemed too happy for herself and it seemed like she never did anything for fun, almost as if there were some kind of mental distortion where she did not value her own life.  She could only gain happiness from seeing others smile, unable to smile for herself.  No one knows why she was like this, whether she was like this from birth or something traumatic had happened, though it is believed by many who knew her that being born into this period known as The Dark Ages, and seeing all the misery of those around her, is a large part of it.  From as far back as she can remember, she looked at the suffering around her wishing to bring an end to it.  She believed if she worked and trained hard enough, she could become a king that could save this country, and swore to hold the sword without ever being asked to.  She spent most of her life up to the age of 16 training and preparing for that day, almost as if she felt it was the only thing she existed for.  Day and night she trained to become stronger than anyone and became a master of swordsmanship. 
  When she was 16, an event was held to select the king.  A naked sword was stuck in a stone, and only the one who could pull it out would be crowned king.  Nobody could pull it so the knights turned to jousting to select their king.  With the area around the sword empty, Arturia approached it and went to grab it, but Merlin stopped her, warning she would no longer be human after this, and that she would die a miserable death resented by all humanity.  He showed her a vision of herself alone on a hill of swords dying, but she only nodded back, saying the smiling faces in that vision were worth that price.  Without even a slight hesitation, she pulled the sword, discarding her life, and most of all, her humanity.  Becoming a king meant no longer being human as the responsibilities placed upon her would require someone without human emotions to fulfill without flaw.      She only wanted to protect everyone, but had to throw away the emotion of wanting to protect them to do so. 
  From that moment on she was like a machine, completely stoic and without doubt.  With the help of Merlin’s magic, she was viewed as a male by those around her and would go by King Arthur.  Those around her looked down on her as a small child, but were forced to follow her because she pulled the sword out, in order to win their hearts she had to show results of perfection that made them accept there was no-one better, but this meant there was no room for the human being known as Arturia, so she became isolated by her own kingship, not even spoken to by any of her knights if it wasn’t about important business. 
  For 10 years and 12 battles she ran through defeating invading armies, delivering hope to her country, and rallying divided kingdoms together and uniting them.  Her efforts were not without sacrifice and she would end up taking more lives, including her own civilians, than any other knight in existence.  Were there any guilt, she did not show it, suppressing herself completely to make what truly was the right choice, if not the easy one.  And after many years of flawless kingship, one knight murmured that she did not understand human feelings and left Camelot.  Nobody wished for her to be human yet they turned away from her for not having human feelings.  The one time she did act with humanity it lead to her downfall, she noticed her queen and Lancelot were together and kept the secret to herself, only for it to be exposed later by her most hated enemy, Morgan Le’Fay.  She hated Arturia for becoming king instead of her and made many attempts to undo King Arthur’s rule, including the theft of the sheath of Excalibur and the construction of a clone homunculus of Arturia known as Mordred.  Mordred seized the throne when Arturia was on an expedition and Arutira had to return with her tired troops and slash away at the cities and knights she once protected and fought for.  This battle, The Battle of Camlann, ended with King Arthur and Mordred face to face in personal combat, and the king victorious, but at the price of Mordred dealing a fatal blow to her.  She lay there on a hill of swords, dying, and she realized this was the end that had been foretold, as she let go of the sword, her King Arthur persona vanished at the completion of her duty, but Arturia was not able to accept this, and tried to continue to act as the king she once was.  Wondering how it could have ended like this, she concludes it was because she was not good enough, that she was picked by mistake, and that there was another hero who should have pulled the sword. 
  Laying there, she wished for the Holy Grail to go back and redo the selection, so she made a contract with the world to obtain it before dying on the condition that she becomes a Counter Guardian after dying.  At that moment, Arturia was frozen in time and shortly thereafter summoned as a Saber class Servant into the fourth Heaven’s Feel in the very late 20th Century.  Arturia’s time in the 4th ritual was unpleasant to say the least.  Her kingship was talked down to her by a rival, her Master would not speak to her, and she discovered that Lancelot, one of her few friends, had become a Berserker, and learned it was because she did not punish him for loving Guinevere when she initially found out, which only made Arturia feel more responsible for the failure of her kingdom.  Finally, Kiritsugu Emiya, her Master, ordered her to destroy the Holy Grail when it was right in front of her and never explained why he did so. 
  As she returned to the hill of swords, she was overwhelmed in despair until a light shined over her, she was called again, even though she destroyed it last time.  When she answered the call this time, she was summoned as Saber into the fifth Heaven’s Feel one decade after the fourth.  Her Master was a boy named Shirou Emiya, the adopted son of Kiritsugu.  Despite having many reasons to not trust the son of the man who betrayed her, she felt some unexplainable need to protect him from the moment she saw him, not just as a Servant, but in general.  She chose to suppress this emotion like all others and acted professional as his Servant. 
  Shirou was not an experienced Master, he did not even understand what this ritual was or what Servants were.  Saber still agreed to be his Servant despite this and fought many battles to protect him.  Just as Saber’s mind was distorted and lacked value for her own life, Shirou’s was the same, while he was not yet as skilled as her, he would still put his own life in danger to protect hers.  Unlike everyone else who saw her only for the warrior on the surface, Shirou saw a truth that she had hid even from herself, that deep down, the innocent girl named Arturia was still there.  Shirou could only see her for this, not the mask she wore of a machine king.  This initially led to friction between them as Shirou did not want to see her fight and she wanted only to fight and win the Holy Grail.  Eventually they would compromise to both fight and protect one another. 
As time passed Saber’s actions became less and less pragmatic with each day, and more concerned simply with protecting this boy.  Much of their time was spent not fighting enemies, but waiting around for info on their enemies at Shirou’s home, which gave them a lot of time to bond as people.  With each day Saber became more and more nervous around Shirou, who was nervous around Saber from day one, seeing what he believed to be them most beautiful person he had ever met.  Eventually Saber ran out of Magical Energy, and due to a faulty contract, could not replenish from Shirou, leading them to be forced to engage in sexual intercourse to resupply her and to recreate the contract so the path between them was no longer obstructed.  While they were able to defeat one of their strongest enemies in the battle that followed immediately, their interactions had become much more awkward the next day, with Saber now being unable to suppress her emotions as she could before, with her heart racing every time she saw him.  She also had caught a glimpse of his past in a dream, as he had hers.  She confronted him about his distortion, believing he needed the Holy Grail as much as she did to save him from the fire that killed his family. 
  As Shirou saw more of Saber’s past, he found her life to be too unfair and wished to do something about it, noticing that she had smiled in a way she never smiled in life while she was living with Shirou.  Eventually he learned of her wish on the Holy Grail and was infuriated because he knew it would mean her elimination.  He was determined to free her of this distortion.  He made her go on a date with him to try to get her to enjoy her time with him to convince her.  She did enjoy her time with him, and at many points seemed happier than she had ever been in her life, but once Shirou tried to convince her to stay this way, she put the mask over her emotions and lied to herself and him that the only thing that mattered was her duty as a king.  Only this time, that lie actually hurt, not because she wanted to be with him, but because she knew he wanted to be with her and that by denying it, she wasn’t just making herself unhappy, she was also doing so to him, so each denial of her feelings broke her heart as she saw his face in reaction. 
  Eventually they would be confronted by Gilgamesh: King of Heroes, whom stayed from the fourth Grail War.  Both Saber and Shirou were defeated by him, but Shirou stood up, even with a half sliced body and told Saber how much he loved her, leaving her amazed that someone could see so much value in her who never saw value in herself other than as a king.  When it seemed that Shirou would be killed, a familiar sheath formed in his hand that protected him from Gilgamesh’s attack.  After Gilgamesh retreated, Saber was overwhelmed with happiness, her sheath had been inside Shirou’s body and even though she could not save anyone else, she had saved him.  That night, Shirou continued to try to convince her to return to being Arturia, and she continued to refuse, her face coming closer to crying every time she did so.  She did give in to her feelings that night however and choose to make love to him, but under the excuse that she needed more Magical Energy, planning to “return to her regular self” after, but found herself unable to, so she let herself sleep the rest of the night away with him like this before trying going back to her professional self. 
  When she woke up the next morning, she couldn’t find him, and the only thing she could think about was him, even going so far as to try to predict his future with the stars, something she had never tried for anyone, and then she realized the huge change in her thinking from when she only cared about obtaining the Holy Grail.  In the middle of a conversation with Rin Tohsaka, she senses that Shirou is in danger at the church and runs to his rescue.  When she gets there she sees Shirou trapped in his own personal hell, a room full of victims of the event he survived and has shaped him for his life.  Kirei Kotomine offers the Holy Grail so he can change that event, and he, with tears in his eyes, refuses, believing, from his attempts to convince Saber, that one must accept the past as unchangeable and make change happen in the present and future.  Saber is moved by this choice, unable to comprehend how he could refuse it, and then Kotomine tells her to kill Shirou in exchange for the Grail.  She goes to him and raises her sword, but ultimately she was unable to bring it down.  For the first time, someone who was a source of happiness for her, was more important than her ideals and her kingdom, and she could not bring herself to sacrifice that one person for it the way she did to so many others.  This inability to make this decision makes her realize she isn’t King Arthur anymore, and that she stopped being that person when she let go of the sword, meaning there was no mistake, she fulfilled her duties as the king until the end and she should be proud of them.  Having come to terms with her kingship, and letting go of the wish she had to redo it, she chooses to fulfill her role as his sword and shield, a role she choose willingly. 
  It is then revealed to both of them that the Holy Grail is actually corrupt, and this is why Kiritsugu ordered her to destroy it.  Shirou and Saber both resolved to destroy it, realizing that if they don’t, it would have been the end of the world.  They did so with the mindset that Saber will disappear in this battle.  They approached their final opponents, Gilgamesh and Kotomine.  Shirou faced Kotomine and Saber faced Gilgamesh.  To the end Saber refused Gilgamesh’s advances and when he tried to insult her for being destroyed by her own country, she simply told him it was better than destroying her own country.  Prior to the final battle, Shirou gave Saber back her sheath, which she used to defeat Gilgamesh.  It isn’t known how, but when the Holy Grail was destroyed, Shirou found a way to do so that wouldn’t expend the last of Saber’s Magical Energy.  With the restored path between them Shirou was able to supply her, but his circuits were so weak that he needed help from Illyasviel and Rin Tohsaka while he trained his circuits to become more adept at supplying magical energy.  Within a few years he should be able to maintain her on his own with an occasional dalliance if he trains his circuits enough.  On the night the Grail was destroyed, Saber finally admitted her feelings to Shirou and accepted herself as Arturia.  She is satisfied with her efforts as the king and accepts that her end will not change.  Until that day comes, she continues to stand by the side of her former Master turned lover, having claimed the peace she never could before and finally smiling for herself as well as those around her.
Weaknesses: Anti-dragon Noble Phantasms
Likes: Shirou, well-structured meals, stuffed animals, lions, panthers, physical contests, competition, swordsmanship, the happiness and safety of those around her.
Dislikes: Shirou being hurt, Shirou acting rashly and putting himself in danger, poorly structured meals, dressing up too much, losing in competitions, deception and manipulation, combat, the unhappiness and suffering of those around her.


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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Shirou Emiya
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 167cm   
Weight: 58kg
Eyes: Golden Brown
Hair: Ginger

Scale: Mortal
Strength: B
Endurance: A
Agility: C
Magical Energy: D
Luck: E+++
Noble Phantasm: ??
Magic Resistance: E: Defense against magics.  It cannot nullify them, but damage is somewhat reduced.
Clairvoyance: C: Vision.  Allows clear vision of distant targets, and improves body and movement of vision.  Shirou can see all the way up the tallest building in Fuyuki with this vision.
Magic: C-: Knowledge of orthodox magic.  Appears to be decent at Strengthening and Projection, however he is not using either magic, rather achieving their effect using a degraded form of his Reality Marble magic (see Noble Phantasm).
Mind’s Eye (True): C: Insight fostered by training.  A “combat logic” that allows for calm analysis of the situation and the enemy’s ability in spite of danger, and consideration for all possible actions in a particular situation.  If there is even a 1% chane of a comeback.  This ability greatly improves the chances of success.  While not yet as good as Heroic Spirit Emiya’s, this Shirou’s Mind’s Eye will eventually surpass it with more training due to spending more time training with Arutria than Heroic Sprit Emiya.
Noble Phantasm:
Unlimited Blade Works: Infinite Sword Creation: E-A++: A special magic called a Reality Marble that Shirou is able to use.  It is the only magic he can use.  When Avalon was placed into his body to heal him, it altered his origin and elemental affinity to sword, resulting in the Reality Marble he has now.  The appearance of the world reflects Shirou’s mindset and also represents one who lived as a sword.  This world has the power to duplicate anyway melee weapon he has seen, but the duplication has its rank reduced by one.  Defensive equipment is also possible, but it requires two or three times as much magical energy.  While Shirou has this ability, he has yet to grasp it properly.  He still thinks his magic is projection, and therefore expends needles magical energy on constructing them each time rather than pulling the blueprints from his reality marble.  While he has seen many weapons from Gilgamesh’s Gate of Babylon, he has yet to attempt to construct most of them, so his actual producible noble phantasms are limited right now.  The Noble Phantasms he can readily produce include:
Caliburn: Golden Sword of Assured Victory: A holy sword that symbolizes England’s king of knights, King Arthur.  It is the symbol of a king, pulled out from a chosen stone under the guidance of a magus named Merlin.  It is a different sword from the one granted by the fairy of the lake, and its characteristics as a Noble Phantasm differ.  But it seems Saber is more attached to this holy sword.  Since a sword is a symbol of power, a sword carried by a king usually ends up being degraded to the status of an ornament covered by decorations.  This is the biggest difference between Excalibur and Caliburn.  In exchange for being a beautiful sword, its effectiveness as a weapon does not match that of Excalibur.  While not as strong, the weapon still contains enough power, even with Shirou’s degraded version, to kill Herakles 7 times over in one blow, if the weapon’s true ability is used.  Much like Excalibur, it can transform magical energy into light, and while not in the same scale, it can still create an explosion of light to damage it’s opponents significantly.
Kanshou and Bakuya: C-: Twin swords that Shirou favors.  Initially seen being used by Archer, his future self.  Their strength as swords is high, but they also serve as ceremonial equipment.  When both are equipped, magic resistance and physical resistance improve.  It might just be Archer’s taste, but words thought to be a charm against evil spirits are carved on the blades.
Divine skill, flawless and firm
Strength moves mountains
Blade cuts water
Life approaches the Imperial Villa
We embrace heaven together
-Two great men, shared life.
Avalon:  All is a Distant Utopia: EX: The ability of Excalibur’s sheath.  The lost third Noble Phantasm  The Sheath of the holy sword was excavated by Einzbern at Cornwall, and returned to the hand of its owner through time.  In the legend of King Arthur, the real ability of the holy sword is said to be the “Power of immortality” in this sheath.  It has the ability to heal the wounds of its owner and stop their aging, but it can actually be called a “Moving fortress” centered on an individual.  By producing the sheath and moving oneself onto the land of fairies, it shuts out all physical interactions.  It can even defend against the five sorceries.  This is the only Noble Phantasm Shirou can perfectly reproduce as it has been stored in his body for 10 years, leaving his body with a perfect record of it.  He requires a contract with Saber to be able to use it however.
Spoiler for Origin:

   The forth Holy Grail War ended with Saber destroying the Holy Grail, however some of its contents still spilled out on to the city, creating a massive fire in the town of Shinto.  This fire killed over 500 people, and in said fire, there was a small boy who was only 7.  His parents had died, his eyes lost hatred in that fire, his body and mind lost hope and he was left an empty shell waiting to die.  Just as his hand reaching out almost fell, it was grabbed by Kiritsugu Emiya, who saved this boy with tears in his eyes.  The boy, Shirou, admired the face Kiritsugu made, believing that he would be saved if he coild smile that much over saving others.  Kiritsugu would then adopt Shirou and they would live together for the next 5 years.  But one night, Kiritsugu died, telling Shirou of his childhood dream to be a superhero.  Shirou said that since Kiritsugu couldn’t do it, he’d do it in his place.  Kiritsugu smiled with relief and died on that night.
   Shirou trained his body day after day to become strong in order to be someone who could save people like Kiritsugu.  He was hardworking, compassionate, and good natured, but many people felt there was something off about him, like he couldn’t have fun or smile for himself.  The truth is, Shirou suffered a mental distortion that prevented him from obtaining happiness in any other fashion than seeing others happy.  Shirou blamed himself for the people lost in the fire, regarding people as a whole as if they were one person, and the fire as a failure to protect that person.  Every time he saw someone hurt, he was reminded of that fire.  There’s also the fact that Kiritsugu imprinted himself on to Shirou, and Shirou is merely trying to become Kiritsugu and fulfill his wish for him.
   He made friends with many classmates such as Shinju Matou, Ayako Mitsuzuri, and Sakura Matou.  He developed a crush for Rin Tohsaka and a sisterly bond with Taiga Fujimura.  His life seemed pretty normal for someone so mentally scarred.  However every night he would attempt to practice magic, and he would do so in a manner that nearly got him killed every night.
   His life went from mostly normal to hectic on one faithful night, February 2nd.  Leaving the Archer dojo at late hours, he was attacked by a powerful man in blue tights.  He was killed, resurrected, attacked again at his home and almost killed again.  When he was about to be killed, a female knight and blue and white armor saved him, repelling the man.  Shirou looked upon this woman, who called herself Servant Saber, and was not at all shocked by her power, her armor, or anything like that, he simply was amazed at how beautiful she was.  After repelling the man in tights, Lancer, and almost getting Rin killed, Shirou finally managed to get an explanation out of them on what Saber is and what he has been dragged into.  Shirou had been selected as a Master for the 5th Holy Grail War, a ritual in which seven Servant Master teams fight to obtain the Holy Grail.  Shirou, Rin, and Saber went to Kotomine Church so Shirou could learn more about the Holy Grail War.  After Kirei Kotomine explained the war and accepted Shirou’s entry, he left behind an ominous prediction that Shirou’s wish would finally come true.
   On the way home, they were stopped by Illyasviel von Einzbern, and her Servant, Berserker (Herakles).  Saber was outmatched by Berserker and nearly killed, however Shirou jumped in the way of the attack and had his stomach blown out.  To everyone’s surprise, Shirou’s body healed completely within minutes.  The next day Shirou formed an alliance with Rin and established his partnership with Saber, both of whom would be living with him now.  Shirou had difficulty even looking at Saber as he had difficulty with how beautiful she was.  While having trouble talking to her, he also insisted on her taking part in normal life activities like eating dinner with the rest of the people in the house, opposing Saber’s views of herself as nothing more than a tool.  Shirou also couldn’t get the image of her injured because of her fight with Berserker out of his head, and thought about it happening to her every time she fought, and as such, tried to keep her from fighting as much as possible.
   Eventually Saber went to fight against Shriou’s orders, which lead to conflict between the two, with an eventual resolution that Saber would teach Shirou in swordsmanship while Rin would teach him in magic.  This time alone with Saber allowed to two of them to bond more in addition to the reflexes it gave Shirou.  Rin’s magic lectures made little progress as Rin cannot understand Shirou’s unique situation, which is why Archer came to Shirou and gave him advice on what his abilities are.  After a couple of days of this, Shirou got ambushed in the school by Shinji Matou and Rider, surviving only because of the reflexes he got from fighting Saber.  Eventually Shirou realizes he needs Saber’s help and calls her with a Command Spell.  Later that night, Shirou apologizes to Saber for not trusting her to fight, but also insists that he is going to fight too to make sure she isn’t hurt either.  They agree on this compromise and shake hands on it (with more tension from Saber than before), having become a stronger team as a result.
   The next day, Saber and Shirou went after Shinji and Rider.  Before the battle, Shirou told Saber about how he survived the fire of the last Holy Grail War.  Saber warned him that he has no intention of saving himself and told him that he should value himself more.  Shirou wanted to deny her claim that he doesn’t value himself, but he found himself unable to argue against it.  The battle against Rider ended with Saber using Excalibur, reveling her identity to Shirou.  However this use of her Noble Phantam exhausted her magical energy, as she was not reciving any from Shirou. Shirou was left with a dilemma, Saber would vanish unless he made her attack people to replenish her power.  That night, he had a dream where he saw Arturia’s past, including seeing the sword she pulled from the stone.  Archer told Shirou that Saber’s use of Excalibur meant that she chose to protect Shirou over her own existence, and that he should never forget that.  Shirou contemplated using the Command Spell to force her to attack innocents, but couldn’t bring himself to as he knew such an act would be an act of betrayal to her.
   While Shirou is slumped in depression, he is ambushed and kidnapped by Illyasviel, who wishes Shirou to “be hers”.  Shirou refuses, saying that so long as he is Saber’s partner, he cannot give in to her request, leading Illya to go attempt to kill Saber and Rin.  Saber and Rin, however, both came to his rescue.  In order to replenish Saber’s magical energy and create a proper path between them, Shirou was required to engage in sexual intercourse with Saber, an act that caused great anxiety considering his crush on her.  During the battle against Berserker, Shirou was finally able to make sense of Archer’s advice and projected Caliburn, Saber’s original sword, and won the battle.  During the next few days, Shirou would bond more with Saber, and find it more difficult to interact with her, or even train with her, a large part due to being reminded of what happened in the ruins.  He also saw more and more of her past in his dreams, and grew to hate what he saw, because he saw an unfair life where she never knew normal happiness at all.
   A large turning point for Shirou was seeing Saber smile in a way he had never seen, he admitted this made him happy, and she said the opposite was true for her, and that she is happier if he smiles.  He realized this meant that she (just like him) could only smile at the happiness of others and he desperately wanted to fix that.  Shirou became more alarmed when he learned of Saber’s wish on the Holy Grail and how it would effectively result in her forever being the lonely king on that hill. He refused to let her go down that path and tried to find a way where she could live a normal life.  He consulted Kotomine, who simply told him truths/half-truths that would torment him. On the way home, Shirou questioned himself, how he said he was in the Holy Grail War to prevent victims and end the fighting, yet he hasn’t been focusing on that, but rather making Saber happy.  He realized that he has been like this since the moment he saw her for the first time.  As he cries for her looking up in the sky, he realizes that he is in love with her.
   The next day, Shirou made her go on a date with him to try to get her to enjoy her time with him to convince her.  She did enjoy her time with him, and at many points seemed happier than she had ever been in her life, but once Shirou tried to convince her to stay this way, she put the mask over her emotions and lied to herself and him that the only thing that mattered was her duty as a king.  Eventually Shirou lost his temper at her cold, harsh, albeit false, words, and ran off, only to see her sad face briefly as he did so.  He tried to let go of her and give up, but found he couldn’t and decided he wouldn’t give up on her.  When he returned to her, 5 hours later, she was still standing on the same bridge like a lost child.  Shirou recognized himself in her looking up at the stars, lost, conflicted between her ideals and her feelings, and decided no matter what, he couldn’t leave her alone.  Just as they seemed to be patching things up well, they were attacked by Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes.
   Both Saber and Shirou were utterly destroyed by Gilgamesh, but Shirou stood up with a half sliced body, unwilling to let him hurt Saber.  Saber begged him not to, but he refused.  He finally admitted his own distortion to her, but also said it’s ok, because in the once empty seat for what’s most important to him, sits now a person he wants to save more than anything.  He told her that even if he valued his life above all else he’d still do this, as she is more beautiful than that, admitting that he loves her.    As all hope seemed lost, a sheath formed in Shirou’s hand and saved him from Gilgamesh’s final attack.  Saber then realized that it was her sheath that caused his body to heal when he was injured.  hat night, Shirou continued to try to convince her to return to being Arturia, and she continued to refuse, her face coming closer to crying every time she did so.  She did give in to her feelings that night however and choose to make love to him, but under the excuse that she needed more Magical Energy, planning to “return to her regular self” after, but found herself unable to, so she let herself sleep the rest of the night away with him like this before trying going back to her professional self.
   The next morning, Shirou went to the church and discovered a room that contained orphan children who lost their families in the fire, they were all alive, but corpses who were put into eternal hell as their magical energy was sucked out over the course of years.  Shirou was then attacked by Lancer and left to rot with these corpses, hearing voices telling him to return to them what they lost.  After Saber arrived to save him, Kotomine opened Shirou’s long repressed mental wounds; how he walked past other people who asked him to help them, ignoring their pleas because he couldn’t help them and was trying to survive himself.  When he reveals that he has wished all along to go back to his old family that’s gone, Kotomine offers him the Holy Grail to undo that event and save all of those people.  As the voices continue to ask Shirou to do this, he is severly tempted, but refuses with tears in his eyes, saying the past cannot be changed and that even if these people died, they left behind bright memories that should also be preserved.  Saber was moved by Shirou’s choice, and, after realizing she couldn’t kill him for her objective, is able to let go of her wish for the Holy Grail, accepting her past.
   It is then revealed to both of them that the Holy Grail is actually corrupt, and this is why Kiritsugu ordered her to destroy it.  Shirou and Saber both resolved to destroy it, realizing that if they don’t, it would have been the end of the world.  They did so with the mindset that Saber will disappear in this battle.  They approached their final opponents, Gilgamesh and Kotomine.  Shirou faced Kotomine and Saber faced Gilgamesh.  Shirou learned of Kotomine’s connection to Kiritsugu and how Kotomine and the Holy Grail were connected to the fire.  Shirou was exposed to All the Evil in the World during the battle and managed to temporarily escape by sheer will power, but was then trapped later again.  Before the final battle, Shirou gave Saber back her sheath, knowing she’d need it against Gilgamesh.  However doing this gave Shirou expereicne with projecting it, and he discovered just as he was about to be consumed, that his body has a perfect record.  After projecting the sheath, he managed to get a hit on the surprised Kotomine using the dagger that Kotomine used to kill Rin’s father.  With the restored path between them Shirou was able to supply her, but his circuits were so weak that he needed help from Illyasviel and Rin Tohsaka while he trained his circuits to become more adept at supplying magical energy.  Two years years and he is starting to become capable of maintaining her on his own with an occasional dalliance due to extensive circuit training.  On the night the Grail was destroyed, Saber finally admitted her feelings to Shirou and accepted herself as Arturia.  Shirou continues to pursue his path to become a superhero but it has become secondary to caring for Saber.  This attachment and change in his thinking may hopefully prevent him from having a lonely end like Arturia had.
Likes: swords, housework, girls, cooking, being the bone of his sword, training with Saber, the happiness and safety of those around him.
Dislikes: himself, girls, Saber being hurt, Kirei Kotomine, losing in competitions, the unhappiness and suffering of those around him.
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