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Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
« on: May 24, 2014, 03:39:36 AM »
Character Template:

Scale: ***
Magic Resistance:
Magic Ability:
Other Abilities: **

*** There are three potential Scales to be used- Mortal, Servant, Mixed.
Mortal is as follows:
E- Oh God, You Suck!
D- Below Average
C- Average
B- Above Average
A-  Exceptional/Gifted
EX- Supernatural

Mortal is based on humans as a base line.

Servant- Pretty much the same scale as FSN.

Mixed- Here’s where things get interesting.  Mixed is a combination of Mortal and Servant.  You just have to specify what designation it needs to be.  Such as Non-Sparkling Vampire Z having an A Rank in the
Servant scale for Telepathy and a B in the Servant Rank for regeneration, but all of their other stats are in the human ranking.  However, you have to specify if a rank is Servant or Mortal in the sheet.

** Please be clear about describing what other abilities are.  Unless it’s something that’s common sense like telepathy.

Things like “Charisma”, “Intelligence”, and “Personality” need to come out in the actual role play itself.


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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2014, 03:40:04 AM »
Name: Forest, also known as Law Unto Herself, born with the name Bronach, but never ever call Forest that. Also goes by Fore.
Race: Vampire
Age: Around 1,350. Physically 19.
Height: 5’10
Weight: 127
Eyes: Indigo
Hair: Blond
Appearance: Forest is tall and slim with the body of a gymnast or dancer. Toned muscle but without much bulk. Forest is more about speed and agility than power, even though she does have more than enough of that to spare. Most of her height comes from her legs, and they are lovely and perhaps her favorite feature about her body, other than her slightly longer than waist length golden blond hair. She has a classically pretty face with high cheek bones, an Aristocratic nose, fairly large violet-blue eyes (she likes to relate that they're the color of iolites), a mouth with a lower lip considerably plumper than the top, giving her a bit of a pouting look. As a vampire she has very pale skin, which is even more emphasized by the fact that she likes to wear dark red lipstick and black clothing.

Forest knows all about cutting a silhouette and is rarely seen without her fitted black leather duster. It hits her at about mid calf and has Celtic knots stamped on the back shoulders, on the back of the sleeves and tapering down to her waist. She is very fond of this coat and hurting it in anyway is a sure way to piss her off. She generally wears black jeans, Doc Martian's steel toed biker boots, a black camisole (even though she has a red one or a purple one) or black turtleneck. She also wears her .44 Super Magnum at her hip in a sort of modified quick draw holster.

She barely has any bosom to speak of (She's either on the large size of A or the small end of B depending on the brand), but has a nicely curved bottom due to her dancing and tumbling. She has long, clean limbs but feels awkward and gangly because being turned at such an early age where she didn't get to fully develop.(For those wanting to know, she does have Dem Legs and Dat Ass.) She's one of those sporty pretty girls that has no idea how gorgeous she actually is and dresses more for practicality and to be recognized than to look good.
Scale:  Servant
Strength: D
Agility: B
Speed: C+
Magic Resistance: E (However, if she feeds on Gabriel Umbra, she gains EX for about fifteen minutes.)
Magic Ability: D- 
Other Abilities: Telepathy: A++, Not only can she read minds, she can communicate over great distances this way and also hypnotize and control most people with ease.
Regeneration: A – unless it is a fatal wound such as a stake through the heart, beheading, or immolation through fire or sunlight, Forest will survive it.  She can even regenerate limbs and take gunshot wounds to the head.  She just needs blood to recover it.
Orgasmic Bite: When Forest feeds she causes orgasms.  Generally not intentionally.
Heightened Senses:  All of Forest’s senses, due to her vampirism, are heightened: touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing, and mental.
Linguistics: Forest is fluent in over twenty different languages.
Martial Arts:A Forest has studied almost every major martial art on the planet and mastered several.  Her favorites seem to be Chinese based though, and she has fond memories of her most recent teacher, a man named Bruce who died of unknown causes decades ago.
Weaponry: B A .44 Super Magnum is her weapon of choice, but she’s proficient in most weapons.  However, give her an axe and she’s almost unstoppable.
First Aid: A good knowledge of Anatomy makes one a more efficient killer, however Forest has spent as much time tending to wounded on battle fields as she has fighting on them.  Her knowledge is enough where she can do “meatball” surgery if need be.
My soul is solely mine. An interesting quirk of vampires from Forest’s home world is that their souls cannot be taken from them nor can they willingly sell their soul either.  It is theirs until death and cannot be taken away willingly or by force.
Origin: Back in the days before the Dark Ages back when the Celts were still Celts and the Vikings were still kicking around there was a Viking man who was captured when his ship picked the wrong Celtic Village to attack. The rest of his people left and he was left alone, seeing that the guy really couldn't do anything to hurt them now, he was let go and sort of adopted into the clan. There he fell in love with the sister of the Chieftain's wife, who came from a powerful family of magic users and telepaths. They were wed and the Viking's wife and the Chieftain's wife had daughters on the same night. However, the Viking's wife died in childbirth. The viking tried his best to raise his new baby daughter, but not too longer he was struck down in battle as well.

So the little girl, Bronach, was taken in with her aunt and uncle while her cousin was being groomed as the next High Priestess of the Brigid for their tribe. The two were as close as sisters and the clan thought their shared birthdays was a blessed thing. Except as the redhead grew as a powerful healer and Druid, the blond Bronach was apparently born for battle. So Gormlaith represented the healing and light of the trinity Goddess the Brigid, Bronach represented the Brigid's Dark Side, the Trinity Goddess the Morrigan. Yet Gormlaith and Bronach were unseperatable despite being so different.

Bronach grew into a warrior that could best most of the men of her Clan and her name was feared in battle. She always seemed to know who to strike and at what time, tapping into a telepathic talent she wasn't quite sure of at the time. This was all well and good until a little after she turned 19 when she drew the attention of a Roman vampire that had his ass handed to him by Bodicida and still had issues with Celtic warrior women who could kick ass. So he nabbed Bronach one night while she was paying tribute to the Morrigan and turned her, offering her power to become closer to her goddess and a lot of pretty lies.

Then he proceeded to make her life a living hell trying to break her will.

Except he didn't count on Bronach being a natural telepath and having enough will of her own to break free of his control long enough to club his head in with a rock and getting the hell away from him, no matter what. So for a while she was half starved and half mad until she got a hold of the whole vampire thing. Then she encountered an incubus trying to rape a defenseless girl one night. Despite all of his power, the incubus really didn't know how to use all of his strength, while Bronach did. He fell, the girl was safe and Bronach had an epiphany.

And then Forest was born while Bronach died.

Forest became the most sought after assassin for the supernatural until she built up enough wealth and reputation to strike out on her own, where she eventually earned the title Law Unto Herself given to her by a vampire bard with a serious crush. Of course, she made plenty of friends and enemies on her rise of power. Had her heart broken by an unusual Faerie that she loved but he didn't love her as much in return. Found her sister reborn several times, befriended one Lady Wynn Noreen Umbra of the Unseelie court and became godmother to her "abomination" son.

Flash forward to modern times where Forest is, as she was titled, Law Unto Herself with more money than most current day cooperations due to good investing and a shrewed mind for business. These things gave Forest the luxury to do things that most vampires would never due to fear of the Vampiric Council and the Circle.

You can read more about Forest here.
Weakness: Since Forest is a vampire she's not fond of holy objects with true faith behind them, holy ground pisses her off, especially Christian churches. Fire, Sunlight, wooden stakes to the heart, and beheading are the four ways to kill her. The only way to bind her is with magic or silver. Zombies.  She has a severe phobia with zombies due to a past trauma. 
Likes: Bruce Campbell.  Bad horror movies.  Sports cars. Gemstones.  Paranormal romance novels.  Anything written by Joss Whedon that’s not “Alien Resurection”.  Comics.  Cu Culihian (the myth).  The Morrigan.  Gabriel.  Large, manly men (redheads are a plus).  Heavy metal.   Lavender. The color violet. Leather dusters.  Steel toed boots. Oranges and most other fruit.  Warmth.
Dislikes: When people try to rape her.  When Wynn gets too friendly. Being cold.  When people are assholes for no reason. The fact that she’s an “eternal virgin”.  Zombies.  Douche necromancers.
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2014, 03:44:04 AM »
Name: Amelia
Race: Human (Dread Hunter)
Age: 14
Height: 5’6
Weight: 130lb
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Appearance: Having undergone growth treatment she is physically much older then she actually is. She dresses in dread fighter armor when hunting, otherwise dressing in simple clothing such as t-shirts and jeans, or sundresses.


Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Servant Scale (despite being human):
Strength: C
Agility: B
Speed: B
Magic Resistance: A++
Magical Ability:
Amelia was born with a massive amount of magical potential. However that was all destroyed in the Dread Hunter ritual, converting all her magical potential to physical ability and magical resistance.

Other Abilities:
Due to the Dread Hunter ritual, her impressive magical potential has long since been converted into physical power and magic resistance. Because of this she is highly capable of fighting in melee combat. In addition she is also capable of producing an anti-magic field, which can be projected onto tools and other people, allowing for her weapons to not be affected by magical abilities. Should it be projected onto others it causes an adverse reaction to those with magical potential such as magical circuits or spiritual entities. It can be used in a few ways.

Antimagic Wave: Amelia’s magical resistance given a projectable form, resembling red lightning. When it strikes a target it expunges all magical energy from the target and prevents production of more magical energy for some period of time. It can passively be maintained around her body.

Antimagic Reinforcement: Enhances weapons with the antimagic wave, allows them to easily bypass magical defenses and impose the normal antimagic wave on targets which are stricken by the enchanted tool. Can be done to explosives, blades, or even her armor.

Antimagic Enchantment: Amelia’s is so skilled she is able to infuse others with the antimagic wave. Doing so grants them a temporary boost in magic resistance. Giving someone with no resistance as much as B-rank.

While she is a skilled killer she is not a skilled fighter, and as such people capable of matching her physically that has more skill are her worst enemy. She can also replicate the Dread Hunter ritual should she find someone to take up the oath.

   Dread Hunter Armor: Powerful and light armor worn by Dread Hunters. It allows Dread Hunters to use their antimagic wave to enhance their magic resistance further by channeling it though and around the armor. Armor:

   Swords: Amelia has a wide arrange of blades, from kabanas, rapiers, or simple straight swords. She chooses the blade based on the target, however generally prefers long curved blades.

   Mask: An enchanted mask which hides Amelia’s identity. While on her person it prevents people from recognizing details, such as hair color, eye color, etc. It allows her to hide herself in plain sight while hunting. It also serves as a mental hardening tool, making her calm and cold hearted while having it attached to her arm.

   Bombs: She carries a wide arrange of explosives, including C4, grenades, flashbangs, smoke grenades, poison grenades, tear gas, etc.

   Guns: Amelia has a wide arrange of guns and projectile weapons.

   Dread Hunter Helmet: Not normally worn due to the protection of the mask. Filters air of particulates as well as having vision modes, such as thermal and night vision.

   As a child born with abnormally large magical potential, she was kidnapped by an organization from eastern Asia called Dread Hunters, an organization which view magic as an abomination and hunts magi and monsters which are connected to magi, such as Dead Apostles. She was raised believing her family was killed by a Magus’ experiment and trained as a mage killer, undergoing the Dread Hunter ritual at a young age and undergoing treatments to enhance her rate of physical growth, leading to her requiring drugs every day, if she is unable to take it she suffers a mental breakdown due to addiction.  She has always hunted magi and Dead Apostles with extreme hatred, brutally murdering them.

The organization of the Dread Hunters have a creed, “Magic is sin, magic is cruel, so we shall become the hunters all those who hold sin Dread. To be hope for those who have no sin, monsters will become those who hunt their old kind. We are those Hunters, forever hidden, and forever hungry to consume evil.” It shows that they, who once could use magic, a great sin in their eyes, have traded that ability away for the sake to be able to consume and destroy magic.
   After arriving in the Nexus city she has continued to hunt people with magical potential. All the while she has started living a normal life during the day and has in turn to mourn many of her targets, as she would get to know many of them as she would find in order to best plan their murder, and in turn learned they were not evil. But even still, magic is evil, and thus magic must be hunted.

Weaknesses: People with a high level of skill that can match her statistics, non-magical opponents, incredibly friendly people, most human weaknesses, her conscience.
Likes: Flowers, ice cream, warm weather, friendly people, families, her ‘medicine’
Dislikes: Magic, cold weather, loud people
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
« Reply #3 on: May 24, 2014, 04:05:03 AM »
Name:Ragna The Bloodedge
Age: Non-child Protag years old, so basically I have no clue. It’s not like age means anything in Blazblue anyway. Birthday on March 3.
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 78 Kg
Eyes: Left is green, right is red
Hair: White, previously blond
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Scale: Mortal
Strength: EX (Blood Kain Idea: B servant)
Agility: EX (Blood Kain Idea: C Servant)
Speed: A (Blood Kain Idea: C Servant)
Magic Resistance: E

Magic Ability: nope

Other Abilities: Blazblue, An imitation of the Azure Grimoire: By releasing his imitation of the azure grimoire by saying the words “Restriction 666 released, Dimensional Interference Field Deployed! BlazBlue, Activate!” He gains power over darkness in the form of body parts of the black beast(black fire goes chomp chomp slash slash, basically). The blazblue can go out of control, however, causing great risk to himself and those around him, as in an extreme case he can turn into the black beast, devourer of half the world’s population.

Made of seithr, interfering with seithr itself (energy in the air) can make the Azure grimoire inactive. Celica A. Mercury’s particular interference has been warded against, but others may affect it.

Blood Scythe: A sword slowly devours the opponent’s soul on contact. When awakened, turns into a scythe with an energy blade made of Seithr.

Drive: Soul Eater: As Ragna fights, he regains vitality as he lands strikes on his opponents.

Life Link: He’s life linked to Nu-13, so he, and she, can’t die unless they both get a killing blow at once.

Idea Engine: Given by Lambda-11, this engine allows him to nullify outside interference(like that of Hazama/Terumi) in the usage of his Azure Grimoire and allows him to reach the true azure. It also prevents the Blood Kain mode from wearing down his lifeforce while active. Negates interference with Seithr when active.

Blood Kain Idea: Blood Kain is a mode that greatly increases his physical strength and strengthens his Drive, at the loss life force. This latter effect is negated by the Idea engine, thus the name Blood Kain Idea.

Origin: {EXTREMELY ABRIDGED}:A long-ass fucking time ago in a town called Kickapoo… Well okay no, see Ragna his fag brother and their dumb sister were all in a facility some day for some reason, and then a cat saved them and brought them to church where this sister who was once best girl raised him and his siblings in the art of swag, until swagmaster Terumi was all like “fuck dat shit dat ain’t true swag” and kidnapped Ragna’s sister, fucked with his brother’s head and cut off ragna’s right arm.

Then he got bit by a vampire or something and woke up with black shit as a right arm, which was like an Azure Grimoire made by Terumi, and his hair was white and edgy and his eyes didn’t match no more.

So then that cat popped up again and trained him and shit, and gave him this huge blade that can turn into a scythe and an edgy red coat. So then he ran around attacking Novis Orbis Librarium bases and wrecking shit until he got a huge bounty on his head, and while doing so rolled into kagutsuchi, where while wrecking shit and killing unborn womanchildren (Nu-13), he met Noel and his brother again, and they tried to kill eachother and shit and Noel cried some.

He wrecked some more faces and fought Hazama (Terumi) and got his shit wrecked because Terumi sealed his Blazblue until the unborn womanchildren’s bastard cousin popped by and gave him something that would let him use his Blazblue, the Idea Engine, and then he could blazblue again and wreck Terumi’s little anus. But not really. His sister was the big bad all along and Noel was also one of the unborn womanchild’s bastard cousins. So that fucked some things up, so he left to where his sister was chilling accompanied by a crazy cat lady.

So other other shit happened and he met the nun who raised him who was copy-pasted from earlier in the timeline, and around her his right arm (azure grimoire) and right eye (also azure I guess) didn’t work, and he learned the value of protecting those he loves, and it was gay. But he cussed so it was okay I guess. And then there was more fighting, and he went back in time to when the sister actually wasn’t the copy-pasted version and was real and made a beast sleep for a year, then he got mad at a cat after he came back to the future, and he prepped to fight his sister, and he fought the unborn womanchild again and then this huge titan thing that his sister was ordering around and then he got stabbed by the womanchild and went nuts and beat the shit out of his brother and Noel in her womanchild cousin form.

Then he woke up in Nexus. Fuck da police, here be Ragna.

Weakness: Ghosts, his temper, starving people, unstable nature of the blazblue

Likes: The sister who raised him, his Master, Ball noodles

Dislikes: Ghosts, the Novis Orbis Librarium, Hazama, being made to pay the bill for aforementioned starving people
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
« Reply #4 on: May 24, 2014, 04:29:27 AM »
Name: Phoenix (can be named by other players if they are friendly enough to it)
Race: Sun Elemental
Age: How old is the sun? Around that. (4.5 billion years)
Height and Weight: Variable
Eyes: holes filled with white fire
Hair: It’s a phoenix, so feathers? Unless the head crest counts


Alignment: Neutral Good
Servant Scale
Strength: C
Agility: B
Speed: A++ (flying), E (walking, it’s more of a hopping really)
Magic Resistance: EX (against fire, light and heat), A, C (against Water, however it can counteract water with its heat)

Abilities: Phoenix in a mortal form is incredibly limited, can only produce temperatures of 2000 degree C at its absolute maximum, with it burning out and entering an egg stage afterward. Phoenix cannot truly die, should it suffer ‘death’ it moves to an egg stage in advance. Even in its mortal form Phoenix produces mana passively, even though it does not use it, which fills the air around it which is an almost limitless fount of power for those capable of tapping into it. Phoenix’s flames however don’t only harm, as because the flames of the sun bring life to earth so does the phoenix to its allies. Its warmth relieves fatigue, eases and helps calm the mind, restores strength, heals wounds, and causes a massive growth of vegetation around it.  There are a few ways Phoenix can focus its flames to fight its foes or to help its allies.

-   Genesis of Flame Spirits – Phoenix lets loose many small fire spirits which resemble a mini-phoenix. These spirits attack enemies and melt everything they hit. This make them incredibly effective vs armored foes because it melt their armor and prevents movement, while also setting them ablaze.  They are also capable of basic tasks, but are otherwise not very intelligent. They make good pets if your Phoenix’s friend.

-   Solar Ray – By harnessing its inner flame Phoenix fires a ray of flame and light. This beam heals those it views as allies and burn away foes. However it causes pain and harm to phoenix because it uses its inner flame, its life, as an attack. However as a tradeoff it is a devastatingly powerful attack.

-   Blazing Wings – Phoenix is capable of releasing a massive amount of flame from his wings, in for from of simply a wave of flame, embers, heat, or light. It is a common go to attack phoenix uses. It can greatly augment its flying speed by using this ability to create ‘thrusters’.

-   Burn – Phoenix ignites, torching the surrounding area. When flying in the air it causes a rain of fire which burn all it flies over as well as evaporating the water in the general area.

-   Warmth – Phoenix ignites, healing and restoring all around it. When flying in the air it causes a rain of light which causes massive plant growth and heals all it flies over. Creates rainbows under proper conditions. 

-   Supernova – Phoenix enters its egg stage, during this form its egg continues to heal its allies and harm its enemies; however it is unable to change its opinion in this time. The time is variable, lasting for a day to years if forced to enter it naturally due to exhausting its power, or minuets if entering it willingly. When reborn Phoenix will be at peak condition again. Phoenix is incredibly vulnerable in this stage, if you can reach it. At the end of the stage phoenix will release a massive amount of flame, burning anything away by releasing flames above its normal max temperature, afterwards it will be reborn at peak condition.  Should the egg be damaged Phoenix will enter a weakened state, where it still produces mana but not heat and fire, along with being incapable of fighting.  It resembles charcoal in this stage.

In addition to its ‘attacks’ Phoenix has a few other abilities.

-   Emotion Reader – Phoenix can detect emotions such as anger, sadness, happiness, confusion, etc, and tends to reflect the emotions around it. The more numerous the amount of people displaying an emotion the more it impacts Phoenix’s natural behavior, independent people cannot impact it much if any. This can lead to unintended situations, especially if a fight breaks out due to the large concentration of negative emotions. Also phoenix is drawn to powerful emotions in general (especially positive ones), which can lead to it showing up at poor times (during a date, a wedding, while in the bedroom… not that it understands what’s going on). Phoenix can also attune itself to specific people to be able to pinpoint their feelings in the sea of emotions, making it flock to them if they experience powerful emotions. This is a very close bond for the Phoenix and does not use it wildly.

-   Flight – As a bird Phoenix can fly, kind of self-explanatory.

-   Supremacy of Sol – as an elemental being of the sun, the ultimate expression of fire, Phoenix is completely immune to fire, heat, or light, absorbing any attacks of that nature, as well as being able to harm other that have similar resistance by overriding the defense with its own authority as a true sun spirit. After all nothing can truly resist the flames of the sun. Because of this all its light and flames carry a ‘sunlight’ attribute.

-   Sharp Beak – Phoenix has a sharp and pointy beak. It WILL hurt when it pecks you, and it WILL peck you.

-   Size Variance – Phoenix is capable of changing its size, to becoming the size of a two story, to a small mouse which can fit in a person’s hands.

Origin: Once a formless elemental spirit of the sun, Phoenix was drawn to earth in ancient times while Gaia was newly born and took a moral form which was coherent with the laws of the world, shedding its old powers for something accepted by the world. An elemental of massive power, often confused for a phantasmal beast in ancient times, it always observed humans since their emergence in the world. Phoenix was sad that they always feared or worshiped it, despite it wanting to interact with humans, not wanting to suffer the same loneliness it did as a sun, which burned all close to it. It watched as they received blessing from other elementals, as children of the elements and gods where born. And on top of that rebelling against the world itself and brought about a new age, due to the leadership of that Golden King. And even still, through all that, afraid of rejection Phoenix remained alone, simply watching. Even after the other elementals and phantasmal races disappeared, even after the laws of the world changed, Phoenix remained, watching, always watching, as the eye of the sun itself. It never stopped wanting to no longer be alone, always wanting companionship.  The only one of its kind, it was alone. So very, very alone. And so, finally in face of such unrelenting loneliness it slept.

When it next awoke it was in the nexus city it made its roast in the torch of the Statue of Liberty. And it could tell. It was different. The sun was different, the people where different and the world was different. Perhaps here it could find and end it its eternal loneliness, all the while spreading its light to a new world which lacked it.

Weakness: Water (in massive quantities), people who can hide their emotions, attacks on his ‘egg’, schemers
Likes: Friendly people, fire, plants, life, happiness, friends
Dislikes: People that want to use it, cold (not that it can actually feel it normally), lots of water, loneliness

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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
« Reply #5 on: May 24, 2014, 04:29:47 AM »
Name: “Lucas Klein”

Race: Unknown, though it resembles a human body.

Age: Approximately 3,000 – he is immortal, after all. Physically in the range of 23-25.

Height: 5’7”, 170cm

Weight: 150lbs, 68kg

Eyes: Gold

Hair: Reddish-Brown   

Appearance: He has unkempt hair, with pale skin and golden eyes. Lucas looks like someone who doesn’t go outside much, but his slitted pupils betray that he isn’t human. He wears a newly acquired black coat, shirt, pants and shoes (he stole them from some random thrift shop). 

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Strength: A+ (Servant. Possesses monstrous strength when angered)

Agility: B (Servant)

Speed: A- (Servant)

Magic Resistance: C, any spells three-count or lower will slide off of Lucas. Also, illusion-based magic doesn't work on him very well. Plant-based spells, and to some extent, earth-based spells, have a very hard time affecting him.

Magic Ability: A, but in regards to all other forms of magecraft it’s below E.

Special Ability: “Beast of the World” – Something that grants the passive conceptual ability of “This person cannot be killed while they are touching the Earth”. Grants Lucas high-speed regeneration and full immortality while touching any part of the Earth. As long as biological matter from his body exists, and is touching the earth, Lucas will regenerate. 

When activated, the surrounding area will begin to become infested with greenery – any plants in the area will grow quickly to monstrous proportions. During this time, Lucas is almost unstoppable, able of going far beyond the limits of his body in order to crush the opposing area and his opponents… something that comes at a price. Drawing upon so much energy is taxing in the City, even with his immortality.

Other Magical/Special Abilities: In heavily forested areas, Lucas gains boosts to his abilities, depending on the level of greenery present. Correspondingly, he isn’t at his strongest in areas with less greenery. In areas with lots of greenery, Lucas also gains something comparable to the “Presence Concealment” skill of Servant Assassin.

Lucas is also capable of channeling energy from the Earth through his body, increasing his abilities to around 5 times beyond his normal output in forested areas. In areas with little greenery, though, this ability is not as effective, and at the very most 2 times Lucas’s normal output can be achieved, depending on how little greenery there is. He can utilize some plants as his eyes and ears, in a fashion that no one but him can seem to understand.

Lucas’s fighting style doesn’t have any real rhyme or reason, or at least it seems so at first glance. It is an incredibly brutal style of fighting that takes full advantage of Lucas's strength and reaction speed, crushing bones and ripping muscles. It keeps Lucas on the ground as much as possible, while inflicting terrifying punishment on his enemies.

Lucas has near-encyclopaedic knowledge of supernatural beings, due to the sheer amount of foes he has encountered. He is capable of utilizing the weaknesses of almost anyone he fights against them - this also means he would be a great resource to consult about various entities, if he actually bothered to give advice out freely.

Origin/Personality: “Lucas Klein” woke up one day, in the middle of a clearing, with nothing more than the clothes on his back and the name “Lucas Klein”. He got up, slowly, and started walking, unaware of anything else except the desire to move forward. After walking for a full year, knowing nothing but his name, he came upon the ruins of a great city.

Lucas had already found out he couldn't die at that point – after falling off a cliff and getting back up to continue walking, death didn’t really worry him anymore. After coming upon the ruins, a place of metal and glass infested by the surrounding forest, Lucas found a convenience store. Shortly thereafter, he proceeded to eat everything he could find – he had been hungry the whole time he was walking, but had learned to ignore it after the first month and a half of stomach pains and weakness.

Lucas had come across the ruins of New York City, after many, many years of desertion and neglect. Little did he know that –

[Long and short of it: Lucas isn’t his real name, lives on a version of Earth that was basically overtaken by Gaia, is basically some kind of super-Elemental-thingy, and fights zombies. That’s right. Zombies. The remnants of humanity and different animals/mythological creatures constantly plague him as he wanders through the world. Basically, he’s been walking and fighting for about 3,000 years – so he feels he deserves a break when he finds himself in the City. Of course, after seeing the way things are, Lucas can’t really relax, after millennia without human contact. He has almost no social skills, and prefers being a shut-in. He holes up in abandoned bookstores, if he can find them, where the plants quickly overrun the space due to his presence. Someone who doesn't like the world but is (very) slowly becoming accustomed to it. Severely weakened in the City due to the lack of greenery. In his overrun world, he would be capable of going toe-to-toe with any of the most powerful characters that exist in the Nexus. He stays mostly within the stacks of books that he accumulates within the plant-infested bookshop that he marks as his, appearing as a disembodied voice, or occasionally a flash of pale skin or golden eye. Very much embodies the idea of a "cranky old man".]

Weakness: As long as he is not touching the ground, Lucas is not immortal. The key to defeating him lies in getting him into the air and keeping him there. After using his full power, he is rendered temporarily helpless until he regenerates. Lucas also isn't as strong as he normally is in areas with little greenery… so basically most places in the City. He bears no Faerie weaknesses, though he dislikes most kinds of metal.

Likes: Forests, Plants, Dogs, Ruins, Really Big Trees, Writing With Capital Letters At The Beginning Of Every Word For No Reason, Abandoned Bookstores

Dislikes: Metal, Pollution, Cities, Humans, Almost All Supernatural Beings, People In General, Destruction Of Forests

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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Race: Deva in Mortal form (closer to a human Demigod in this state)
Age: 65 (Counting the years after his death, somewhere between 2800 and 7300)
Height: 182cm
Weight: 65kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White
Scale: Servant
Strength: A+
Agility: A++
Speed: A++
Magic Resistance: C (His Armor nets him some magic resistance, but he is no specialist. However, because his resistance is only taken into account after his armor nullifies 9/10ths of the magic affecting him, this stat is effectively far higher than it seems.)
Magical Ability: B. Capable of great healing using Kalari and has great natural gifts when it comes to manipulating fire. Great mental and magical prowess is also required to use Astras.
Weaknesses: Curses, Anti-divinity weaponry, attacks from the inside of his body, will refrain from using Astras upon anyone that do not have a chance of stopping them. Even if it would render him in an inferior position, Karna will fulfill any promise, which can be abused by opposition being aware of this.
Likes: Friendship, Effort, Reconciliation, Positive Thinking, Human beauty, Parentage (Parents, being a father and children alike).
Dislikes: The words “Communication skills”.
Alignment: Lawful Good

Other Abilities:
Kalaripayattu: (∞) An ancient Indian martial art. Without bearing upon strength and talent, it is the ancestor of all martial arts founded on the basis of rational thought. As a student of Parashurama, the sixth Avatar of Vishnu and the founder of the art who Karna surpassed in skill decades before his death, Karna is a master beyond compare at it and the use of the weapons involved with the art; swords, shields, bows, spears, daggers, katars, coil swords, sheats of cloth and sticks amongst others. His “infinity” rank in this skill represents that no one, no matter how many millions of years they practice, can ever truly match Karna in the art of Kalari.

Masseur: The first and most key principle of the art of Kalaripayattu is that one must be able to heal all the damage one does with the art. This manifests in the use of oil massage to relieve joint stress and muscle pressure. During the Age of Gods, where mere words could become spells, masters of the art were able to draw mana in the air into the person they were massaging, rapidly closing their wounds.

Authority of the Deva: As Karna has ascended to proper godhood, he can use his power as such to obtain knowledge about the world, including social norms and to a lesser extend, pop culture.

Discernment of the Poor: The ability to see through and understand a person’s character and thoughts. It expresses the power to grasp the true nature of the opponent possessed by Karna, who was blessed with the opportunity to inquire about the life and value of the weak due to being someone without a single relative. Thus, Karna cannot be deceived by words or actions.

Saint: An inborn ability to greatly influence the lives of people around the Saint through simple actions such as speech. Karna is the Hindu "Saint of Generosity".

Divinity (Sun): (A) Born half human and half god, and having ascended to godhood after his death, Karna receives massive defensive bonuses against sun-related demigods of inferior ranks than his own.

Prana Burst (Flames): A version of Prana Burst that infuses weapons with prana that imparts a fiery effect. In Karna's case, blazing flames can erupt from Karna’s weaponry and armor at will.

Warrior’s Senses: Instincts developed from a life-and-afterlife time of non-stop training and combat, Karna’s senses are far beyond those of a normal human. His eyes can track high-speed objects at a range of 10 kilometers, and his reflexes border on precognition.

Absolute Willpower: Despite possessing weapons capable of leveling entire continents in a single blow, no weapon Karna ever wielded was said to be as strong as his will of iron. Almost any and all forms of Mental Interference can easily be resisted, and even faced with decisive fatal wounds, despite having no particular survival skills against the sort and his lack of immortality, he can easily keep himself alive if he can steel his purpose for doing so, such as to protect others or fulfilling a promise. It is said that he survived for almost an hour after being near-beheaded by Arjuna’s final attack merely to give alms to two Brahmin (who he knew to be his father and Indra in disguise).

Praise The Sun: Karna can refill his mana and heal his wounds faster by praying to his father, The Sun God Surya, at noon.

Brahmastra: A powerful mantra acquirable only by the grandest masters of the arts of war by meditating on the god Brahma. It manifests as any kind of weapon the wielder can imagine and can then be fired. By invoking it’s name and chanting the mantra out loud, the mantra’s true purpose, that of a weapon of mass destruction, can be deployed. It’s destructive power is comparable to a high-yield nuclear warhead, and causes horrific environment damage in the affected area, killing plantlife as well as causing aftereffects like sterility for both genders if they come within proximity of the area. The Brahmastra cannot be avoided once it is launched.

Karna cannot activate the Brahmastra due to the curse that made him forget it’s Mantra.

Brahmashira: The ultimate mantra, only ever possessed by Arjuna, Ashwatthama, Drona and Karna himself. An ungodly weapon possessing four times the firepower of the Brahmastra.

Karna cannot use this ability due to his curse.


Kavacha and Kundala: Karna’s golden armor and earrings, fused to his body at birth by his father Surya to protect him from all harm and leave him a single connection to his true kin. Made from solidified sunlight, it is virtually unbreakable and will restore itself rapidly if damaged. So long as Karna is clad in it, 9/10ths of all damage dealt to him will be nullified, physical, magical, conceptual or otherwise.

Brahmastra: See above.

Vijaya: Karna’s bow, given to him by his master Parashurama as a gift of pardon after he cursed Karna in a fit of rage. The bow automatically creates arrows as he draws the string.

Vasavi Shakti: A spear of lightning that belongs to the Thunder God Indra, a javelin that inflicts a concept of mortality upon anything it hits, allowing it to kill and destroy otherwise invincible, immortal or unkillable targets. Similarly to the Brahmastra, it has the condition of "will never miss".  Despite being his strongest weapon, Karna is extremely hesitant in it’s use due to the sheer power commanded by the spear, and it is very much his last resort, only to be used on beings that cannot be defeated otherwise that pose a great threat to the world. To use the Vasavi Shakti, however, Karna must forsake his golden armor.

Nagastra: A powerful Astra that Karna can use as an arrow. Inflicts horrendous amounts of damage through sheer brute force, and causes thousands of poisonous snakes to fall down from the sky and attack anyone nearby.

Bhargavastra: Parashurama gave this astra to Karna. It caused great damage to Pandava's army. This Astra possesses Parashurama's skill in archery. It could bring a shower of extremely powerful weapons of the gods from the sky, each equal or superior in power to even the greatest items of mortal craft.

Mohini: Completely destroys any illusion or magic in the proximity of the arrow itself. Upon being fired, the effect is spread over a wide area, instantly dismantling things like magic fields or Reality Marbles. If the arrow collides with a magical object, the object will, unless it is one of supremely high order (in which case it will only temporarily lose its functions), be made useless.

Suryastra: Creates a dazzling light that dispels any darkness and dries up water bodies.

Spoiler for Origin (Warning: Absurdly long) :
Karna (कर्ण) is one of the central characters in the Hindu epic Mahābhārata, from ancient India. He was the King of Anga (present day Bhagalpur and Munger). Karna was one of the greatest warriors whose martial exploits are recorded in the Mahābhārata, an admiration expressed by Krishna and Bhishma within the body of this work.
Karna was the son of Surya (a solar deity) and Kunti. He was born to Kunti before her marriage with Pandu. Karna was the closest friend of Duryodhana and fought on his behalf against the Pandavas (his brothers) in the famous Kurukshetra war. Karna fought against misfortune throughout his life and kept his word under all circumstances. Many admire him for his courage and generosity.

The form of Karna, who didn't know his own mother's face and who questioned whether his mother was motivated by dishonesty, couldn't be called beautiful. Though he possessed his father's brilliant authority, his form was stained black. His countenance was cruel, and his every action was violent. Because of his lack of a true mother, he didn't learn the subtleties of human emotion and spent his days being considered a nuisance by the people around him. That was how Karna was raised, but he didn't hate his mother or his surroundings. Instead, he accepted everything. His mother and father were the ones who gave him life so he thought that no matter what kind of person his mother was, he should not hold contempt for her, as if there was anyone he could hate, it was only himself.

In contrast to his appearance, Karna was an exceedingly virtuous and perceptive child. Possibly the cause of that was because, while he was the child of a god, he was also a child without a single relative, for which he was granted a boon. Karna was blessed with the opportunity to question others, their lives, and their value. As a result, he chose, of his own free will, the path where he persisted in his own fastidiousness. He believed that as he was born with more than others, he should display a 'proof of his life' greater than those of other people, since if he doesn't do so, the people without power would not be rewarded. What Karna had was simply the conviction to live without bringing dishonor to his father's authority and without shaming the people who compensated him. "Though he may be relentless and ruthless, he is also full of majesty," is Karna's stance given form.


Karna, who had grown to be a young man, participated in a conference of the Kuru family. At this conference, the five Pandava brothers indulged themselves in the martial arts they were so proud of and so famous for. The third son Arjuna's skill at the bow was especially magnificent, to the point that he was praised as having no equal. When the grounds were united as one voice looking for someone to equal the Pandavas, Karna leapt up to participate and displayed martial prowess far superior to even Arjuna's. Karna challenged Arjuna to determine which of them was superior. But to challenge Arjuna, a member of the royal family, one must be higher than a Kshatriya (military or royalty) and Karna looked to be a Vaishya (merchant class) or a Shudrya (a slave). Karna, whose challenge was refused due to the difference in status, was a laughingstock. The one who saved Karna in this situation was the eldest of the one hundred princes of the Kaurava clan, who opposed the Pandavas, Duryodhana. He became interested in Karna and announced that the son of a charioteer should from that day be considered the King of Anga.

This is how Karna was saved from disgrace, but his foster father, who had heard of his promotion, appeared and established his foster son’s status. The five Pandava brothers further ridiculed Karna, who displayed martial arts superior to their own, saying, "The son of a charioteer should have a sense of shame." These words enraged Karna. If it were about himself, he would accept and be resigned to anything, but he would not allow insults toward his foster father. Even if it was a foster father who announced himself out of greed, to Karna, he was the father who raised him, who Karna should take pride in. The antagonism between Karna and the five Pandava brothers had become something he could not step back from, but sunset had come and the curtain was drawn on the conference. From then again, Karna, as the friend of Duryodhana, who saved him and treated him as a king and equal, lived as a guest of honor of the one hundred princes of the Kaurava clan.

Kurekshetra War:

What awaited him many years beyond that was a cruel battle against the five Pandava brothers, particularly the great hero Arjuna. The antagonism between the Kauravas whom Karna entrusted his bow as a soldier, and the Pandavas that Arjuna led intensified and finally became a war with their territory in the balance. That war is called the Kurukshetra War, and that is where Karna's life came to an end. Karna continued to wield his strength in the hopes that the one hundred Kaurava princes, and consequently Duryodhana, would be victorious. On the Pandava side, the only one who could oppose Karna was Arjuna, but even Arjuna could only be resigned to the fact that facing Karna directly equaled death.

To ensure his own son's victory, days before the great war, The father of Arjuna, the god Indra, abused one of Karna’s oaths to take away his armor. Karna had sworn that anyone who came to him during his daily prayers in the noon and asked for something would not leave empty-handed. Indra disguised himself as a Brahmin (hermit) and came to Karna during his prayers, and asked for alms in the form of his armor and earrings, fused to Karna's skin at birth to give him immortality. Karna knew beforehand that he was being deceived (Having been warned by his father Surya, but also having figured the trick out himself), and yet he, without hesitation, pulled forth his spear and cut off his radiant armor and earrings, spilling his blood all across the garden they were in. When Karna then handed Indra the beautiful golden pieces of the sun, he admitted to seeing through the god's disguise, shaming Indra even further. When the now-regretful King of the Devas asked him why he would ever comply to such a request, even when he knew he was being tricked, Karna answered: "There is no need to hate you. It is simply a matter of being a step ahead. In fact--yes, Though you are a god, you are also a father. Such a thing brings me joy." Though Karna had lost the the only proof of his existence, the invincibility his dear father gave him at birth, he never stopped proceeding to the battlefield. He did not care that when he had lost his golden armor he had hastened his own death. Indra, who was touched by how gallant a figure Karna struck, asked why. Why did he continue to fight, having lost his armor, but without reproaching Indra, who had hatched this scheme out of love for Arjuna?

“Then why do you advance toward the battlefield?” asked Indra, to which he was responded: "To me, defeat is bringing shame upon my father. Even though death awaits me, I cannot run away." That was how Karna always lived. To him, who lived his life with pride in those who gave him life and raised him, his life was not his own.
Then, he added: "I owe Duryodhana a debt. For some reason, that impudent and timid man is so bright to me. It may be blasphemy against my father but, occasionally, I feel that that sweet light is the warmth of the sun." It was not the fire of the sun that Karna carried nor the absolute brilliance of Surya; to Karna, the sun was the imperfect charm that humans displayed.

Indra, who saw the divinity of Surya himself in that form, gave Karna the Vasavi Shakti, the greatest of all weapons. He had taken from this noble hero something greater than his life. Unless he gave something as compensation, his honor would be stained; above all—he was charmed with him: if it were this man, he could wield the greatest spear, that Indra did not trust to give even to his own son. After, Karna sent off the fake Brahmin, having lost his armor, and headed to the battlefield, as thin as a ghost.

Through several conflicts, pretexts, and mutual hatred, the war between this two camps arrived at Kurukshetra. Things having reached this point, Karna's mother, Kunti, wagered one last gamble: to reveal Karna’s lineage to him and draw him to the Pandava camp. Kunti told only Krishna, who was a friend of Arjuna’s in the guise of a mortal, of the idea, and the two of them went alone to meet Karna. Kunti revealed that she was Karna's mother, spoke how fighting with the five Pandava brothers would yield no benefits whilst weeping, and tried to persuade him that by fighting together with Arjuna, he would attain glory. Karna, without failing to show the friend of his arch-enemy Arjuna, Krishna, thanks, quietly listened to his mother's arguments.

Afterwards he said: "I understand your request. To join hands with the five brothers and return to my beloved family. That would be a story filled with light, without a single fault."
Then, facing the rejoicing Kunti, Karna continued speaking in an even softer voice: "But I wish for you to answer one thing. Do you not feel that those words of yours were too late?"
She was too late in declaring she was his mother. She was too late in looking back upon Karna. "If you do not feel that this is a shame, then please answer. You, who declare yourself my mother, if you yourself have done no wrong, then accept the past without feeling ashamed of yourself."

While Kunti was a selfish woman, that was due to her natural innocence and and simple-mindedness; she was most definitely not a shameless woman. She knew her own deeds, throwing away Karna and not acknowledging him at the conference all those years ago, he who had been born for just her own sake, and in turn knew that she was full of selfishness and reproached herself for that. And for that reason, she possessed a minimum amount of pride. She could not tell Karna, who had been raised alone until now, who was grateful to his foster family, who could never in all his life feel hatred towards another, a horrible lie.

Kunti broke off the negotiation without answering. Karna said this to Kunti, who stood with her head hanging:"That is a deception, a complacent love. The only one your love can save is you. Your love is directed at no one but yourself. But I shall answer that feeling. From hereon, during the war, I will not kill any of the brothers who come to match me. I will only use all my power against my arch-enemy Arjuna."

Karna swore to never to do more than disarm his brothers of the Pandava family who were inferior to him in strength. The countless times Karna allowed the five brothers to go after this was due to this pledge.

After that he concluded: "Return to the place that you obtained with your own hands. ...Though it was only once, I am grateful that you called me your son." Karna opened the castle gate and escorted Kunti out. That was the love that Karna bore for his mother, Kunti. It was not love for his mother at this late point in time but Kunti's resolution to raise "her feelings as mother" in the end... even if it wasn't genuine... That is what he answered. Kunti risked the danger of having her past come to light. To the hero of generosity Karna, such determination is worthy of compensation.

During the final battle with Arjuna, Karna was already without allies; his charioteer, whom he had won the trust of after many days of being talked down upon by him, had fled in abject terror when faced with the full might of Arjuna and Krishna. Karna had a large number of heavy burdens; his feelings towards his younger brothers. Due to his curses, the wheel of Karna's chariot was stuck in a rut. The string of Arjuna's bow was drawn back to its limits. These brothers who, for a long time, were manipulated by Krishna to compete for supremacy, could only in this moment strike one another with all their might and sure enough, Arjuna's bow shot down the sun.

It is said that after his death, Karna became one with his father Surya. Called "the Hero of Generosity," he was a saint with the creed of not refusing when people came to ask or rely on him. The hero who, while possessing exceedingly powerful abilities, was within a tragedy where he was the enemy of his brothers by blood, received various curses, and lost his life without showing his true worth—that is Karna. Shortly after his death, Karna’s identity as the brother of Pandavas was revealed to the brothers by Kunti, whom all of them cursed as they wept in great sorrow and regret when the man they had known only as an enemy was revealed as their eldest brother, a noble man who had spared their lives dozens of times and given his all to repay the friendship of his only friend, Duryodhana. Upon that day, Yudhishthira cursed all women to never be able to keep a secret ever again, and Arjuna was wracked with the guilt of committing fratricide for the rest of his days. Karna’s beloved wife Vrushali went Sati (the Hindu practice of a widowed woman joining her husband in death, typically by cradling his corpse on his funeral pyre) upon his funeral pyre without a single sound of agony, and Duryodhana was said to have cried so much during the cremation that his entire body was soaked in his tears for days.

According to the Mahabharata, Karna is the Saint of Generosity. Karna is bad at expressing his emotions, but he has the tendency to become angry when those who have picked him up and those who have supported him are scorned. Even if it is a relationship based only on mutual benefit, to repay a favor with a favor is how Karna lives. Possibly due to that selfless devotion of his, when people came to him, seeking something, he would always grant it to them, as long as they were being truthful. And this was without considering possessions or assets but with him considering the state of their heart first. However, a request for him to "yield victory" will go unanswered, and he would admonish his opponent, as such a proposal would have no benefit for them. "What a ridiculous misunderstanding. First of all, victory is something one must attain for oneself. Is a victory that I give truly a victory for you?" This is not out of ill intentions, but rather because the question of "Doesn't having victory yielded to you cause you to lose at life?" is matter of real worry for him.

Truly, he was an immensely prudent and superhuman hero. He had the virtue to accept differing ideologies, even if they were his enemies', and their accompanying ways of life and respect them as "ways to live." But Karna has difficulty conveying his true nature. Karna's speech and conduct pricks at those true natures. Words and actions meant to deceive oneself, behavior meant to gloss over, conviction. Karna sees through all of those things and frankly states "the true nature that his opponent wants to hide." As a result, he comes to be hated by the majority of his opponents and is forced to fight them as anyone would hate having their faults being spoken of, and often comes to be perceived as “a man who denies and hates everything”.

It goes without saying, but Karna's words and conduct do not contain any disgust at his opponent's faults. For Karna who affirms the position of every human, both faith that is not compatible with him as well as beauty and ugliness that he cannot understand are things to be held in esteem.

“Hear in brief, O son of Pandu! I regard the mighty car-warrior Karna as thy equal, or perhaps, thy superior! With the greatest care and resolution shouldst thou slay him in great battle. In energy he is equal to Agni. As regards speed, he is equal to the impetuosity of the wind. In wrath, he resembles the Destroyer himself. Endued with might, he resembles a lion in the formation of his body. He is eight ratnis in stature. His arms are large. His chest is broad. He is invincible. He is sensitive. He is a hero. He is, again, the foremost of heroes. He is exceedingly handsome. Possessed of every accomplishment of a warrior, he is a dispeller of the fears of friends. Engaged in the good of Dhritarashtra's son, he always hates the sons of Pandu. No one, not even the gods with Vasava at their head, can slay
the son of Radha, save thee, as I think. Slay, therefore, the Suta's son today. No one possessed of flesh and blood, not even the gods fighting with great care, not all the warriors (of the three worlds) fighting together can vanquish that car-warrior.” -Krishna
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Grigori 
Race: Deity (former human)
Age: 635(only appears to be 23).
Height: 6’4.
Weight: 180 pounds
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Appearance: As the male aspect Grigori is a relatively plain man with no facial hair and short black hair. Overall he is rather plain, and far from extraordinary physically. On the other hand you have the female aspect. She represents the idea that “The most beautiful things in creation are deadly” as a result she is extremely beautiful, and she moves with a grace unattainable by mortal women.
Scale: Mixed
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Strength: C(mortal) can be boosted to EX(mortal)
Agility: C+(mortal) can be boosted to EX (mortal)
Speed: C(mortal) can be boosted to EX(mortal)
Possessions: A handcrafted cloak that he personally weaved enchantments into during its creation. It provides decent defense towards physical assaults but proves exceptional when confronted with enemy magic.
Magic Ability: EX(servant) - Grigori spent the first 200 years of his immortal life studying the arcane arts. He didn't require sleep or food which allowed him to focus completely on his studies. This also allowed him to focus even more on his magic in combat situations. While other mortal sorcerers can be distracted by tiredness or hunger Grigori cannot be. He is proficient in the four basic elements, but he is more skilled with water and earth than fire and air. After consuming the Death God he also became incredibly skilled with entropic magics, however his skill in healing has degraded as a result. His ability to use light spells is decent while his control over the shadows is much more powerful however, anyone with natural talent can easily wrench control of the darkness away from him. He is also a master of enchantments and capable of using a magical version of telekinesis. He is also adept with barrier magic and exceptional with necromancy.  The creation of golems and dimensional magic are both fields Grigori has experience in. It is easier to say that Grigori knows about every field of magic to a degree, and is extremely advanced in almost all of them. Theoretically Grigori could do anything as long as he had the mana to power the spell.
Magic Resistance: B+(servant)- His cloak elevates his already existing magic resistance to an even higher amount.

Other Abilities:
Divinity: A+

Duality - because of his nature as the God of Death, Grigori can switch between a female and male aspect. Both act differently from each other, and they do not care for the plans made by the other aspect.

Memories Of An Elder God - After trapping the God of Death in the Promethean Cage he attacked it with dozens of light spells. He continued this until it’s essence was so thin it could barely be called sentient. Then he proceeded to consume what was left of the deity. Through this process he was granted his semi-divine nature. He was also granted the near infinite knowledge of the god. However, he cannot utilize this knowledge too often or the deity’s memories will override his own. Therefore he can only use it sparingly, but it is still an incredible amount of knowledge.

Apotheosis - Grigori assumes the position of the God of Death. His flesh rots away, and a cloak of darkness covers his body. All offensive magic is boosted greatly, however Grigori loses the ability to use healing magic. In exchange the bones that make up his body are incredibly durable, and when it is paired with the boosted magic he is nearly impossible to kill. Spirits also become very common when this is active as well. Even the weaker spirits become capable of materializing in the physical world while Grigori is in this state. Grigori also releases an aura of decay. Living things begin to rot, water is turned black and is unsuitable for drinking or sustaining life, and even buildings turn to dust under the effects of this aura. It is powerful, however this is completely ineffective against the undead.

Psychic Abilities - Grigori is capable of looking through the memories of others and sharing his own, but he requires prolonged physical contact to do this.

Willpower - Grigori was capable of controlling millions of undead during his assault against the kingdom. He was also capable of keeping his soul from being overwritten by the Death God’s. At this level mental interference is nearly impossible to cause.

Origin :A dedicated mage who wanted to further his studies by discovering the process of resurrection. Unfortunately Grigori was a bit too obsessed with finding the answer. After 10 years of no progress he lost patience and searched for the quickest and easiest way to find his answer. He summoned the God of Death. After several long years of waiting he could finally have his answer. However, the deity was not pleased to be summoned by a puny mage with questions about the nature of reviving the dead. With a word he cursed Grigori. Rotting his soul in a process not unlike Matou Zouken’ s, except it was accelerated.He had aged years in seconds and had left his body as fragile as that of an old man. However Grigori was not a kind man and believed in vengeance. No matter how high the cost may grow he continued to search for a way to defeat the Death God. Over the course of several years he discovered that the Promethean Cage(legendary for imprisoning the god of fire Prometheus) was currently held by one of the high ranking demon lords of the lower planes. In exchange for 100,000,000 souls they would give him the cage. His response was to slaughter the most populated kingdom at the time. Fire rained down on their heads and ice froze them from the inside out. Necromancy was his most potent tool at this time. With a word the dead became his armies. Towns that he laid waste too soon became additional resources in his quest for vengeance. After several years the kingdom fell and Grigori was given the cage. He summoned the Death God within the cage and proceeded to blast it with holy magic. After several days nothing was left of the deity but his essence. The quintessence of divinity, and Grigori devoured it all. Only his immense willpower kept the Death God from overwriting his soul and completely destroying him. This act came with several benefits. First was the rejuvenation of Grigori’s body and soul, second was an even greater grasp over entropy and necromancy, and the inability to age. Grigori spent hundreds of years researching magic with his newfound knowledge and power but he eventually grew bored. He abandoned his studies and began to seek entertainment in the world. Throughout the years he raised kingdoms, advanced science and magic, combated ancient beings, started revolutions, created wars, crushed man and beast beneath his feet, and created the vampires of his world. (They were only physically superior to humans and lacked any special abilities other than improved night vision. He deemed them failures and engineered their destruction through indirect means.).

Weakness: CQC, anti magic weaponry.
Likes: ambition, arrogance when it’s deserved, conflict, irony.
Dislikes: unearned arrogance., simple people, people content with their lot in life.

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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
« Reply #8 on: May 24, 2014, 05:13:12 AM »
Name: Zouken Matou (Zolgen Makiri)
Race: Human (magus)
Age: At least 500 years old
Height: 6’1
Weight: 174lb
Eyes: Dark blue/purple
Hair: Dark blue/purple
Appearance: Looks like a man in his late twenties or early thirties, and wears traditional Japanese clothes. 


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Human Scale
Strength: B (magically enhanced)
Agility: A (when magically enhanced)
Speed: B (when magically enhanced)
Magic Resistance: A (High for a magus but not on the level of supernatural entities (at most damage is reduced and mental interference negated most of the time))

Magic Ability: An incredibly powerful magus that does not specialize in direct combat. Zouken has several hundred years of magical experience and several grail wars worth of combat experience under his belt; therefor he can more than manage in combat situations. He has complete mastery of his insect magecraft, as well as the Makiri style of absorbing and binding something to one's self, which complements his already fitting water element. In addition to this Zouken is a master in familiars of all types as well as magical contracts, creating the servant summoning method for the holy grail almost completely singlehandedly, along with the command seals. In addition due to Zouken’s age and experience he has no issues using the magic on the Makari crest, which he has passed on, as many of the spells where he developed himself and those that were not he has long since learned on a deep level. There is little to no magical growth left in Zouken, and he felt is it time for the next true head to shine, the adopted jewel of the Matou, Sakura Matou. Zouken’s skill has long since the realm of simple ‘spells’, instead categorizing his abilities as ‘fields’ is far more accurate.

   Worm and Insect Familiars: Zouken is capable of creating many insect and worm familiars to aid him should he need it. They can be used for scouting, combat, defense, creation of large scale barriers, large scale magical rituals, or simply as gophers if necessary. Can also make clones of himself made of familiars, as he does not like leaving his safe zones. A specialty familiar is the Crest Worm which can grant otherwise weak magi far greater magical capabilities, however they will normally result in the users death or lasting negative effects if it is not handled with care on both Zouken’s and the one it is being used on’s part.

   Magical Contracts: Zouken is a master of magical contracts and is able to create binding connections between people. His masterpieces are the command seals, which he has learned to not only use on all manner of spiritual entries other than servants, but also on physical entities such as other humans. It is even possible for him to do so without the acknowledgment of the other party. However the mana cost for creation is massive. He is also easily capable of the creation of a geas, geas scrolls, self geas scrolls, and the like. To have mastery of this field one must also have massive skill in mental manipulation magecraft such as hypnotism.

   Souls Collection and usage: To maintain his soul through the ages Zouken adopted a method similar to the grail’s usage of heroic spirits as a power source, which took years of observing this process as well as being there as well as having a hand in making it. Instead, Zouken takes in weak spirits and the souls of those who pass away which are around him. These souls are then absorbed, bound, broken down for sustenance and used to maintain his own. This method is highly efficient, and he has already absorbed enough souls during the past Holy Grail war to last him multiple years, more than enough to gather more. Zouken worries at times what would have become of him if he did not develop this method.

   Bounded Fields: Zouken is highly skilled in the construction of bounded fields, with them having the tendency to have subtle effects along with being hard to detect due to using insects as the base and source.

   Restraining Spells: The Matou family has a wide arrange of binding and restraining spells at its disposal.  Some more effective against specific targets, or with varying effects, such as mana absorption, isolation, weakening, etc.
   Water Magecraft: Manipulation of water and liquids, useful to create binding attacks, barriers, or water based attacks, such as whips, waves, or pressurized jets. He is also fond of using this to manipulate mist and vapors to create and projection of himself to “directly” discuss with people, using a familiar as a mouth and eyes while he remains safe.

   Physical Alteration spells: Spells under the elemental domain of water. Example, some of his hornet familiars carry a liquid in their needle, composed of prana, ether clumps, and Zouken's blood. Once injected it causes conversion of the injected area into familiars usable by Zouken, this effect can be delayed till it has spread through the whole body however that gives time to counteract it.

   Spiritual Architecting: A special form of spiritual manipulation. It is capable of giving spirits a physical form which reflects it, such as an ether body. Was a fundamental part of the Servant system for the grail war. Such bodies can be very difficult to maintain that form without assistance from a greater source.

Origin: A Zouken Matou which found a superior way to preserve his soul then the method he performed in the normal time line. Zouken in this timeline remembered his wish of saving the world by creating a true utopia, along with remembering Justeaze sacrifice to become the core of the grail. This has caused Zouken to be less of a monstrous being then he was in the original timeline however, oddly enough, many events occurred anyway. The Grail War failed till the fifth, Kairya Matou was lost in the fourth (under different circumstances), Sakura Tohsaka was still adopted into the Matou family. Zouken still generally took a back seat to the events of the 4th and 5th wars, viewing it as a fight the current generation should be fighting, and simply acting as an observer.

Sakura’s training was also radically different while his worm familiars where still a major factor they were not involved in the same method. Instead Sakura was taught to create and manipulate her own, allowing for Zouken to pass on the Matou crest through a crestworm without threat of rejection due her to not being blood related. The worm itself as long since died and the crest has integrated properly into Sakura’s circuits. The greatest variance would perhaps have to be at the end of the 4th war, when Zouken realized the corruption of the grail. This led him to train and prepare Sakura to fight, win, and prevent the release of Angra Mainyu. This change in path lead to Sakura Matou, who was raised far differently than in the other timelines, to become a brutal contender in the war, which showed no mercy to the other combatants. In order to ensure she would have a proper mindset for a magus he used his full knowledge in magical contracts to cause a fundamental change in her personality ensuring her loyalty to the Matou and to him. After the death of Shirou Emiya on night of his summoning of Saber by Sakura’s Rider class servant, a well-known Greek hero (turned out to be female, which was a shock), Zouken Matou approached Saber and became her new master, ensuring a means to destroy the Grail.

Since arriving in the Nexus city he has turned the sewers into breading pits and established a massively fortified workshop, from where he uses his familiars to interact with people and gather information.

Weakness: Bug killing spray, unpredictability, fire magic, direct high energy attacks, most human weaknesses.
Likes: Magecraft, Peace, Bugs, Calm, Planning, the stock market (“not gambling you fool, it’s investment”)
Dislikes: Hotheadedness, “Young folk”, Gambling, Freezing weather

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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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"Songbird, Songbird, see him fly, drop the children from the sky. When the young ones misbehave, escorts children to their grave. Never back-talk, never lie, or he'll drop you from the sky!"

Name: Songbird
Race: Formerly Human
Age: Unknown
Height: ~25 feet
Weight: ~ 2 Tons
Eyes: Green (Content), Yellow (Neutral), Red (Attack Mode, Anger)
Hair: Unknown

Scale: Servant
Strength: B
Agility: D
Speed: C+
Magic Resistance: E
Magic Ability: E
Other Abilities:
All-seeing Eyes: Songbird can “activate” his eyes, forming a type of Spotlight. If you are caught in this, he definitely knows you are there, magically cloaked or just sporting camouflage, and will take action accordingly.
-C-A-G-E-: One can take control of Songbird by playing a specially designed pipe. However, none of these pipes are known to exist in Nexus City.

Origin: When Elizabeth’s powers began to manifest, Comstock commissioned Jeremiah Fink to create a guardian for her; to keep Elizabeth in her tower, yet provide company and companionship.

During development, Fink stumbled across a tear in Time and Space, where he met Doctor Suchong of Rapture. Collaborating with each other for mutual gain (Suchong was in the development of the Protector Series, using what he learned developing Songbird to perfect the Big Daddies), they developed Songbird through the use of genetically modifying, brainwashing, and conditioning a human subject. Outfitting him with a leather suit of armor, wings, and talons, they made Songbird into what would be the ultimate man-made sentinel.

However,it was all for not. Songbird was not imprinting on anything. If he was unable to imprint, he would be useless as a protector for Elizabreth. Deeming him a failure, they cast him out to die and went back to the writing board.

Songbird managed to escape his fate shortly after, by stumbling into another Space-Time Tear, which transported him into a dark and hostile city…

Weakness: Water Pressure. It doesn’t take much of it before the suit starts breaking down. Also, damage to the oxygen tube can severely weaken or outright kill him.

Likes: Whoever he imprints upon, spending time with the one he imprints on

Dislikes: Those who intend to do harm or to take away the one he imprints upon.
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
« Reply #10 on: May 24, 2014, 05:35:33 AM »
Name: Yukina Aikawa
Race: Human
Age: 98, looks 18
Height: 5'
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Dark Green; Black (In realistic settings)
Spoiler for Hidden:

Her two distinguishing features are her yukata, which she seems to wear regardless of weather and usually colored dark green with gingko leaf patterns, and her hair tied at the back, which either becomes a ponytail or a bun according to her whims or circumstances. Her yukata sometimes changes color and pattern, usually connected to the surrounding mood of the Order, and she changes to a more formal furisode on special occassions, again with color or pattern according to the occassion itself. Neo once commented that the only reason that people don't mind her style of clothing too much is because "they think she's a Japanese woman cosplaying a Japanese woman."
Alignment: Neutral Good
Charisma: D (Human)
Strength: B (Human)
Agility: C (Human)
Speed: C (Human)
Spoiler for Hidden:
When going out in public, she usually hides a kaiken, or Japanese dagger, which has a length of 8 inches and double-bladed, personally forged and created by her from the scraps of a kitchen knife, old nails and a leg of a broken chair. She usually keeps it hidden in her left sleeve. However, when fully prepared for battle, she usually carries a pair of swords, a 12-inch tanto blade and 24-inch wakizashi. Both are worn on the back of her hips and drawn from the left side, with her holding the wakizashi on her right hand and the tanto on her left. She uses the shorter blade for parrying and the longer for striking back. When assigned to a ranged role, she uses a compound bow for combat, as the traditional yumi bow proves to be rather impractical because their limited range.

Later on, she forges a katana, which she named Shiromaru after her father who taught her smithing. She created the blade using the traditional process, employing the Soshu Kitae method of folding the steel. She, however, replaces the hagane or hard steel of the sword with tungsten carbide to improve the hardness of the blade's edge, as well boron-alloyed tool steel for the shigane or soft steel to improve its toughness, sacrificing a crucial traditional point for the blade's overall strength. Although she states that she will use it "at some point", it has yet to see action for unknown reasons.
Magic Resistance: Paradoxical, can be affected by negative debuffs but cannot be killed by such.
Magic Ability:
Spoiler for Hidden:
Limited Immortality
This kind of trait allows her to stop aging indefinitely and fend off fatal attacks, although the progression of the healing of her body is still natural unless with scientific or magical intervention. Since this source of immortality came from a unknown source, Yukina has no way knowing how to replicate it's results.
Non-Magical Abilities:
Spoiler for Hidden:
Rattus commented that "Yukina has two strong contributions in this group. Smithing and mechanical troubleshooting. Everything else is just an added bonus to us." Because of her work experience, Yukina is able to repair and, to some extent, create machinery for the group, such as engines or firearm mechanisms. Also, because of her training under her father, she is able to forge bladed weapons, mostly Japanese-style swords, although she notes that she usually cannot do nihonto in a fully authentic style, because "that would be really time consuming, as well as impractical in fighting people nowadays."

In fighting, she usually uses a style of swordsmanship that resembles kendo, which she took up during her 17 years of mechanic training as hobby and therapeutic exercise, but actually lacks distinctive moves that can be associated to any school of Japanese swordmanship, as well as uses two shorter swords. She also seems to focus on countering rather than outright attacking her opponent, in which she usually dodges or parries first, then strike back. As a result, her style of fighting is highly unpredictable and defensive, which sometimes becomes her weakness, other times becomes her strength. She also took up a bit of kyuudou, or archery, in the same period as her kendo training, although she admits that she focused on its calming effect than improving her performance.
Spoiler for Hidden:
Yukina hails from the city of Hiroshima, Japan, although she implied one time that it might not be her actual place of birth, but she herself wasn't so sure, saying "Father might actually be joking, as he always do sometimes". Her mother, Midoriko, was a housewife and her father, Shirou, was a blacksmith, with her being the eldest of three children, all of them gapped by two years. Although her father was mainly training his little brother, Tetsuo, in smithing, Yukina and Saori, her little sister, would always join him and attend their father's lectures regarding the profession, which is why she picked up her skills in the profession. During this time of her childhood, she met Shinichi Kimura, a Zainichi Korean and her future fiance, as well as witnessing the slow descent of the Japanese Empire to deep ultramilitarization, starting with her brother's conscription to the Imperial Japanese Army on 1936 and her father's employment to Kure Naval Arsenal on 1937.

In 1938, during the ongoing Sino-Japanese War, one of Tetsuo's fellow soldiers, Satoshi Asahina, came to visit the Aikawa household after his mandatory service is over. He handed over a letter, which turned out to be Tetsuo's suicide note, citing his unwilling participation to a "great and mindless slaughter" back in 1937 and subsequent guilt as the reason. Satoshi also revealed that his body was found hanging on a forested area nearby and was thrown into a river under the orders of his squad officer. The news eventually infurated the family and reduced them to mourning, especially Shirou, who was appalled by the Army's treatment of his son's body.

When the battleship Yamato was launched from Kure Naval Arsenal in 1940, Shirou revealed that this was what they were building at the shipyards and also expressed his whole interest in serving as a crewman to the ship, wanting to make up for his son's "dishonorable actions" back at the Army. Despite his family's resistance and disapproval to the idea, he becomes a mechanic to the ship's boiler room a month later. A year later, World War 2 in the Pacific started, making the rest of the household worry.

Shinichi, under a bout of major depression after being disowned by his racist father for his relationship with Yukina, decided to volunteer in joining the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service in 1944, when the Allied counter-offensive is slowly crushing the Japanese forces, volunteering in a "special attack unit" named Yamato. A day before enlisting to the Air Service, he met Yukina in the playground where they first met and promised her marriage after the war, despite knowing that he will not be able to do so.

The news of Shirou's death came during the month of April in 1945, a week after the battleship Yamato was sunk by American forces while en route to Okinawa. Five months later, on August 6, the town of Hiroshima was struck with an atomic bomb, the first atomic strike in human history, destroying it. Midoriko dies trying to protect her children from falling debris. Two days later, Saori dies of an unknown illness, rendering Yukina the only surviving member of her family and driving her to vagrancy, which also makes her question why she survived the bombing. A month later, Japan is officially occupied by the Allied forces.

In 1947, Yukina found permanent employment after two years of vagrancy in an auto plant in Aki District, Hiroshima as an intern mechanic. After two years, she was fully employed by the company and in 1953, after four years of working with the company, she formally left, saying that she wanted to expand her skills in the field of Mechanical Engineering. During this time until the early 1970s, she worked as a mechanic on different companies, read books and attended seminars in order gain more knowledge.

She finally met Rattus and Neo in 1971 at Tokyo, when they were attacked by the Gotou-gumi. She hotwired a car and crash-dived it into the car chasing the duo, disabling it and killing a couple of people in the car. Only one survived, who managed to get out of the car and shoot her three times. The two men that were being chased eventually came back to see the wreckage, which lead to her discovery. After she was sent to the local hospital to be treated, Rattus personally interviewed her, which made her tell her life story, making Neo conclude that she might be another immortal, albeit the reason was "God knows why". She was asked for be a part of the "entourage", and quickly accepted the offer.
Spoiler for Hidden:
Yukina appears to be optimistic, lady-like and polite, sometimes girlish, even when doing machinery and dealing with hostilities, to the point of near-absentmindedness, which sometimes makes her get caught off-guard, such as when Neo tricks her with his jokes or when the Manor was being raided a couple of thieves. However, she also doesn't have an adversion to lying, especially when recognizes that the questions being asked have answers that can outright put any member of the Order or her friends into grave danger, although there were times that she blurts out an answer and only realized later that it can be used against them.

She seems to be very patient and hardworking, and explicitly states that she likes manually working as a mechanic and blacksmith and considers it as her "hobby". When Rattus asked her about her interest in engineering, she states that, aside that she thinks she has a high aptitude with field of Engineering, she believes that ironsmithing and mechanical engineering are like "two wheels in a cart". She said that she hates it when machines suddenly get on fire and it does trigger a phobic reaction from her, which Neo comments that "it's so fucking ironic, if you're working with machines, you shouldn't be afraid of fire suddenly coming out of it."

Aside from sudden fire, another thing that seemingly triggers a reaction from her are blindingly bright lights and widespread rubble, in which she finds a place to hide and shows signs of catatonia, followed by muttering. She also has a certain discomfort in sharing her life experiences to anyone else, although she only does so if the listener has genunine interest and will vow to listen carefully. She also has an overprotective demeanor and a strong motherly instinct, which usually manifests when the other members of the Order are in danger. She frequently declares that she dislikes using violence, although she will fight if pressed to do so. Because of her mother's last reminder to forgive people "even if it kills", she seems to take those words by themselves, which usually means forgiving everyone even those who heavily injured her in battle.

She usually can be seen playing games on a handheld console or reading manga, sometimes boy's-love doujinshi. She said that she only likes to watch anime if she hears that it is well-recieved, although she does an exploration of her own, usually romance anime or BL. She has a habit of collecting plushies from anime, games or VNs she has watched or played, as well as other things like cards or figmas, which she considers cutesy and endearing. She also has an infrequent tendency to eat someone's food without permission, in which Rattus noted "I will rather entrust a cat to watch over a whole plate of fish than to make her watch over these muffins and not expect that one of them has already been eaten and gone. And I do not even trust cats."
Weakness: Although immortal, her lack of regenerative abilities render her vulnerable.
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
« Reply #11 on: May 24, 2014, 05:39:44 AM »
La Folia Rihavein
Race: Human (Though she can temporarily become a Holy Spirit)
Age: 17 (A few weeks from her 18th birthday)
Height: 162cm
Weight: 49kg
Eyes: Turquoise
Hair: Silver-white
Scale: Mixed
Strength: B (Human)
Speed: E (Servant)
Agility: E (Servant)
Magical Ability: A (Servant)
Magic Resistance: C (Human)
Three Sizes: 85/55/88
Weakness: Carries a low amount of Curse Bullets at a time, anti-Holy Spirit armaments.
Likes: Heroic men (and pretty girls), experiencing foreign culture, The Fourth Primogenitor.
Dislikes: People who harm her friends and kin, royal duties.
Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: La Folia is, to put it mildly, absolutely gorgeous. The kind of girl that draws the lustful stares of men and the jealous glances of women on the street. Flawless pale skin, eyes like cut aquamarines and hair the color of falling snow complemented by an ungodly perfect figure, with large breasts and voluptuous, child-bearing hips, despite showing not a single hint of fat anywhere on her body. Truly she is a peerless example of female beauty.

She wears a  black jacket-like trench coat with a short black skirt and a white button-up shirt decorated with a green brooch, complemented by a pair of knee-high boots. She has a habit of forsaking the use of a bra.

Origin/Personality: La Folia Rihavein is the eldest princess of the Kingdom of Aldeigia, daughter to King Lucas Rihavein. Although she has seems to have an innocent demeanor, La Folia is confident in her looks and quite shameless, but is also genuinely quite naïve about the world around her. She takes a quick liking to both people who treat her nicely and men of a heroic nature.
She is very kind and has an infinite curiosity when it comes to things or people she’s not familiar with. Due to her rather humorless upbringing, she is very susceptible to jokes or pranks and believes most things she's told, since she has little idea about those things herself.

She reacts with thinly-veiled hostility towards people who harm her kin or friends, and becomes quite cold towards anyone responsible of such actions, and will happily fill those she finds guilty of the above crime with enchanted .500 S&W lead.

Other Abilities:

Superhuman Physique: Use of Mana to achieve posthuman strength and agility. Due to La Folia’s massive Mana reserves, this is almost permanently active during combat. (Pre-counted into her sheet)

Blood of Aldeigia: Powerful latent magical abilities inherited by being part of the old Aldeigian royal bloodline. This also latently makes her an incredibly powerful Spirit Medium, capable of containing even Gods within her body.

Artificial Holy Sword: Völundr System: An Aldeigian magic system that allows the manifestation of swords made of spiritual energy. While these usually require airship-mounted Spirit Generators to be activated, La Folia can, using her royal blood, temporarily transform into a “Daughter of the Gods”, a high-class Holy Spirit that can generate a dozens-of-meters long Artificial Holy Sword by herself.

Royal Privileges: As a princess of a powerful kingdom, La Folia has, amongst other things; Diplomatic immunity, near-infinite wealth and, under circumstances that doesn't include taking a covert plane out of the country, a platoon of Knights as bodyguards.

Curse Gun: An ornate pistol with a mounted bayonet that fires bullets capable of destroying buildings and tearing humans in half. It is a semi-automatic 6-chambered handcannon shaped like a musket. The Bayonet is a blessed blade from which La Folia can manifest the Völundr System.
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
« Reply #12 on: May 24, 2014, 05:44:33 AM »
Name: Jan Neo Langraad
Race: Human
Age: 126, looks like 20
Height: 6' 1'
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde (both in anime style and realistic settings)
Spoiler for Hidden:

Neo's yellow blonde hair is at shoulder length, although there are strikingly noticeable strands of hair that are light brown in coloration and/or of irregular length, as a result of his frequent change of appearance from the past decades. He usually wears a t-shirt, usually tie-dyed, plain or has a political statement or a band logo written on it, denim pants and brown sandals, although he will wear a leather jacket according to the weather or situation. He could be occasionally wearing a green-tinted Lennon-style pair of glasses to his whims and, less often, a shot shell bandolier during mission runs, ordered by Rattus or otherwise. He also wears a ball chain necklace with four pairs of dog tags, two from the World Wars made with monel and steel respectively, one from Vietnam wrapped with rubber silencers and one with his real name written on it, with the words 'FCKYOUFGT" replacing the religious preference field.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Charisma: C (Human)
Strength: B (Human)
Agility: B (Human)
Speed: B (Human)
Spoiler for Hidden:
Neo concealed-carries either a butterfly knife, a M1911 Colt pistol or both when going out in public during times when the Order is at its peaceful state. When accompanying his fellows, however, he replaces the M1911 with a Winchester M12 shotgun, with its stock and barrel sawed-off, making it easy to conceal inside his leather jacket.

Aside from the after mentioned weapons, he also carries with him an assortment of medical and combat potions, usually two or three flasks, mainly when undertaking larger, offense-oriented missions. The most commonly used potions by Neo are the orange-colored "Exploding Potions", which is somewhat similar to a Molotov cocktail; "Space Bombs", which are actually potion flasks containing vaporized cannaboids and mainly used for disabling enemies who have never taken any type of illicit drugs and the green-colored and aptly-named "Healing Elixir", which generally speeds up regeneration of wounds and restores lost energy.

He had also used all sorts of improvised weapons, especially in areas where proper weaponry is either scarce or heavily regulated, some of them with a psychological impact, such as a pencil or a crucifix. In addition to this, he is also very fond of using his environment for his advantage, which translates to utilizing any potentially combustible or explosive material he finds as booby traps, as an example.
Magic Resistance: Paradoxical, can be affected by negative debuffs but cannot be killed by such.
Magic Ability:
Spoiler for Hidden:
As a magus, Neo seems to have an elemental affinity for fire, as manifested by his ability to create a small flame at the flick of his fingers, but it is usually employed by Neo as a lighter for his cigarette smoking habit, so the extent of this ability is unknown.
Range: Candle-like
Targets: One

According to him, his main role in the Order is alchemy, and indeed he is capable of concocting various potions and mixtures which could either be used in medical or combat purposes. Because of the childhood training he received and general temperament, he specializes in using these combat potions to cause non-fatal but astringent pain in his opponents, as well as psychological intimidation and sensory deprivation. He is also not adverse to using controlled substances such as PCP or LSD to either improve the combat abilities of his allies or degrade his enemies' fighting abilities. He has shown himself to be capable of transmuting many metals to other metals and making new compounds, given the time, space and privacy, although he could also work in a fairly efficient manner under stressing combat conditions.

Limited Immortality
This kind of trait allows him to stop aging indefinitely and fend off fatal attacks, although the progression of the healing of his body is still natural unless with scientific or magical intervention. Since this source of immortality is crafted as an accident, Neo has no way knowing how to replicate it's results.
Non-Magical Abilities:
Spoiler for Hidden:
Rattus notes that "Neo does very little killing with his alchemy although he is capable of doing so. He refers to be lethal in a very physical way." Given his background, he proves to be very fond of physical combat, in which he employs non-alchemical means of disabling or taking down the enemy. He also outright stated that his fighting style is "all about fucking with the enemy", which means that he has no specific fighting style and his focus is sapping his opponent's will to fight, as psychological warfare seems to be his staple of his whole combat doctrine. However, he will not hesitate eschewing this kind of strategy and could resort to focus on killing his opponent swiftly, although he usually does this under Rattus' commands.
Spoiler for Hidden:
Neo's childhood home is an abandoned medieval castle located somewhere near the Franco-Belgian border, where he once lived alongside Klaaus Langraad, a Danish-born English magus and alchemist who adopted him after he found him as an infant in the docks of Kristiansand, Norway. Unbeknownst to both him and his father, he is the love child of Niels Ullmann and Eila Linkola, an alchemist couple wanted by the Mages' Association for their radical and outspoken beliefs against the maintained secrecy of magecraft, as well as for bombing the workshops of prominent Association members all over Scandinavia. They apparently left him in the docks while trying to go out of Norway, due to their fears that their child will unnecessarily get caught in their situation. Neo started his magecraft and alchemical training under Klaaus at the age of six, and witnessed his first human experimentation at the age of seven, then did his own human experimentation at the age of eight. He did not go outside the castle grounds until 1897, when they visited a local fair and carnival in Dunkirk.

It was in 1901 that Neo discovered his being an adopted son, five years before Klaaus dies of heart attack at the age of 59. Neo was 18 during his adoptive father's death, and continued training himself and experimenting after Klaaus' untimely demise. On 1908, he met an alchemical accident during one of his costliest and most time-consuming experiments, rendering him immortal. He also ran dry of funding during those days, so he decided to immigrate to North America to find a steady source of income, as well as a venture to the outside world.

Upon arrival at New York, he first took residence in an apartment in Brooklyn and worked various odd jobs, such as store caretaker or chimney sweeper. After a month later, he decided to move out of his apartment room and deliberately become a vagabond, to reduce living expenses. Boredom from working and wanting an outlet for aggressive simulation, he resorted to robbery-homicide, with a local neighborhood man has his first victim. On 1911, he moved to the State of New Jersey and acquired a Colt M1892 revolver, his first firearm, through one of his victims, an off-duty police officer, and then another victim before leaving the state near the end of the year.

In 1912, he claimed the lives of three more people in the states of West Virginia and Kentucky, before being heavily wounded in a failed residential break-in in Tennesee. He then decided to recuperate from his wounds in Mississippi and trade his revolver with a Colt 1911 from an underground arms dealer. He also met in this state a group of armed robbers calling themselves as The Mississippi Merrymen, comprised namingly of John Henry Stone, their leader; Jane Donahue, Neo's future first girlfriend and the brothers William "Bill" and Christopher "Chris" Roberts. He decided to join the group and move to Louisiana with them, in which they started robbing stores and amassing money for themselves. On August 22, Neo was arrested by the authorities of New Orleans for his involvement with the activities of the Merrymen, and is sent to Louisiana State Penitentiary. He was prison raped by his cellmate upon arrival, which prompted him to do the same thing against his attacker. For the course of 5 months, he and the Merrymen discreetly planned his escape from the facility, culminating on Christmas Eve, which involved Neo successfully feigning his own death.

For the first 4 months of 1913, the Merrymen stopped all overt actions in the state of Texas until May 1, when they successfully robbed a bank in Corpus Christi, which started their streaks of successful bank robberies. However, on July 17, an encounter with the police in Fort Worth leads to a fire fight, killing John Henry in the process. Upon his death, Jane takes her place as his successor and continued their operations with greater caution. On September 11, Neo's birthday, Bill and Chris were killed in a botched bank robbery on Dallas, which prompted both Jane and Neo, the last two remaining Merrymen, to move toward Ouchita Mountains in Oklahoma two days later. They stayed there for the rest of the year and hunted and farmed for sustenance.

On July 16, 1914, almost a year after they stopped all illicit activity, they successfully robbed a major bank in Tulsa, only for Jane to get killed by the police in a shootout a day later. After 8 days, Neo launched an undetected but massive attack using an alchemized poison in order to take revenge for Jane's death, killing 32 officers, including the Chief of Police. After the attack, Neo assumed the name Henry Wilson Smith, and moved to Kansas on July 28, where he claims 10 more lives during the course of his stay due to robbery-homicide.

By the start of 1915, Neo moved to the town of Pueblo, Colorado and found work there as a pharmacist, as well as meeting Hannah Meier, a first generation German immigrant and Neo's future second girlfriend, who frequently visited the drugstore where he used to work. The United States entered the First World War by the latter half of 1917, which meant that Neo, still under the name Henry Wilson Smith, was drafted to join the American Expeditionary Forces and was eventually sent to Europe. He returned home in November 1918, when armistice was signed, only to discover that Hannah died from contracting the Spanish flu, which was an epidemic during and after the war.

Neo then moved to Utah the following year and made a living selling alchemized "patent medicines", under the name Dante de Medici. Aside from the growing cynicism from consumers and larger rivaling brands of medicines, he did not extensively advertise his products, which might be the reason why he was not able to sell well, although they did work as promised.

The Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution took effect on January 17, 1920, marking the start of the Prohibition Era. Neo, not meeting the expected success in Utah, moved to Las Vegas, Nevada three days after start of Prohibition. Three more days later, he meets Vincent Montagna, a caporegime from the Della Valle crime family's local faction, through an encounter where Neo assisted Vincent's men in a gang firefight. This course of action marked the start of his association with the family, as Vincent first referred to Neo as such on February 19, introducing him as "a friend of ours" to Giuseppe Montagna, Vincent's older brother and the boss of the Las Vegas faction. Neo furthermore cemented his status within the family when he killed a police informant to prevent a bootlegging operation from being uncovered.

In 1925, Neo was incarcerated when he was charged with aggravated assault with a motor vehicle for allegedly trying to run a pedestrian over due to a disagreement, in which Vincent monetarily bailed him out jail. He also met Maria Angela Romano, Vincent's confidante first cousin and Neo's third girlfriend, during this time. In 1931, the Della Valle family opened its books for new made men and Neo was recommended to be a Soldier, sponsored by Vincent and Angela. After he successfully assassinated a suspected turncoat by the orders of Giuseppe, Neo finally took the oath on March 19, making him a Soldato of the Della Valle family under Vincent's crew.

In March 14, 1933, Vincent was wrongfully accused and was found guilty of murdering a well-known card shark and was held at Nevada State Prison. Wanting to reciprocate the help given to him when he was jailed in 1925, Neo decided to be the temporary capo of the crew, in order to break him out of jail. His first attempt was on March 18, when he sent out five of his fellow crewmen to retrieve Vincent from the State Prison. The result was unsuccessful, with all five of them dying during a fire fight with the police underway. This frustrated attempt forced Neo to resort on using alchemy again and after two days, he sent another five men to attempt another jailbreak. The result was successful, but Vincent was disappointed with Neo's decision to border on breaking the Omerta by helping him escape out of jail, as well as his failed first attempt where five of his crewmen died and the notoriety gained by the family as a whole for the successful second attempt. Neo was also almost kicked out of the family for his unwarranted and unauthorized actions, but was kept in anyway because it showed his potential to be a capo, in addition to his decent reputation in the family. By the end of year, the Twenty-first Amendment took effect, which legally ended the Prohibition. In the following year of 1934, Don Montagna foresaw the potential loss of profits from the effects of alcohol re-legalization, so he allowed the family to venture into dealing marijuana and do labor union rackets. In 1935, Neo was found by Angela to be cheating with another woman, which prompted her to end their 10-year relationship. According to Neo, he deliberately cheated and provoked Angela to break up with him in order to hide his immortality, although he also states that she was already frustrated from his lack of decision about marrying her and "was just grasping on straws", waiting for a reason to validly break-up with him.

Both Vincent and Neo were caught in a fire fight with the police while driving their way to Carson City to meet a family friend for a drug deal in 1937, which claimed the life of Vincent. Neo then drove their car towards the Carson River in order to detract their pursuers and use the opportunity to escape from the state and into California. Neo then hid in the town of Lincoln in Placer County, under the name of Fabro Metzger, and worked as a pharmacist.

In 1940, Neo decided to join the United States Marine Corps, still known as Fabro Metzger, and was placed at the 1st Battalion, under the command of the 1st Marine Division. He fought in the Guadalcanal campaign, the battle of Peleliu and Okinawa, and the latter which he boasted that he made his whole squad survive "under a Typhoon of Steel". He also hinted that he raped Japanese civilians after the battle of Okinawa, saying "that's the first time I liked the sound of Jap women crying like the spineless bitches that they are." In 1947, two years after the war has officially ended in the Pacific, Neo went back home to Lincoln, then moved to San Luis Obispo County, in the town of Harmony and assumed the new name of Joseph Nestor. He layed low in this town and worked as a waiter from 1948 to 1961, occasionally trill killing in neighboring towns and cities, which increased his number of victims by 20 people.

Neo got drafted to serve in the US Army for the second time in 1962, during the rising stages of the Vietnam War. During his tour of duty, he noted that, aside from the fact that he had a hard time engaging Viet Cong forces due to their use of guerilla warfare, he also stated that he predicted at first that the US would eventually just withdraw from the war, citing logistic and tactical reasons, such as the frequent failures of new M16 rifles. Nevertheless, he continued serving during that time because he saw it as an opportunity to kill people with very little restraints. His service ended when he chose to leave in 1966, when the situation fully escalated, thinking that the US "might win after all", although he also decided to view the war as pointless, unnecessarily tiring and detrimental to his ego.

In 1967, Neo or "Joseph" decided to move to Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, during the Summer of Love, where thousands of college students from their spring break came to the city to take part of the then-vibrant hippie counterculture. He was able to fit in because of his dislike of Vietnam War, which the other hippies mistook as an opposition to all war, although he deemed their confusion to his ideals as irrelevant because he also expressed opposition to working. While attending the Monterey Pop Festival in June, he met "The Rainbowheart Tribe", a group mostly composed of Romanian-descent people who are also drawn to the counterculture. One of them was Martha Enescu, also known as "Starlight", a self-proclaimed vampire and Neo's fourth girlfriend. Since most of the tribe adapted nicknames after confectioneries, such as "Captain Jelly Baby" and "Miss Liquorice", Neo opted to take the nickname "Captain Candy Floss", a name which he proudly refers to himself up to this day. After being inducted into the Rainbowheart, he then moved to an abandoned industrial block located half a mile from the outskirts of San Francisco and was refurbished by them as a commune, which they then named as "The Candy Factory". Neo continued training his alchemy in this commune, avoiding human experimentation, which he now saw as "boring and repetitive ", and focusing on regeneration and growth, mainly to help the tribe agriculturally and medically. Because of this, the whole tribe became aware of his skills as an alchemist, and he opted to give them basic lectures on it, including the philosophy behind alchemy. In the following months, the numbers of the tribe started to dwindle due to some of them wanting to pursue other interests, although Neo already thought them enough at this point. Since the tribe's leader, "The Great Chocolate Man", was tolerant and supportive of his tribe people, he allowed leaving the Factory in peace. In November of 1968, only five of the tribe was left, and they finally decided to desert the Factory at the end of the month, as Chocolate declared that the commune's purpose has already been achieved. Neo and Martha also decided to part ways in good faith, with a promise of meeting again someday to each other. After this, Neo moved southward to Los Angeles.

In June of 1969, Neo flew back to New York City, the first time he ever did so, to visit "Fruitcake", an old friend and tribesman working in the Stonewall Inn, due to the latter's plead to help him "battle this unknown disease", which alchemy could not seem to fight or heal. They talked and exchanged knowledge in alchemy for the whole day of June 27 until the early morning hours of the next day, in which a riot between the bar patrons, including the two of them, and police raiding the place erupted. Neo stayed with him to help in finding a cure, only to have Fruitcake die a month later, after being hit by a moving vehicle which he failed to see due to the retinitis associated with his sickness. Neo opted to stay in New York even after his death, due to his nostalgia with the city and his continued studies on Fruitcake's work, as well as circulating rumors of a concert that will take place upstate. On August 15, he attended the rumored concert, now known as the Woodstock Festival of 1969, and actually met many of his former tribesmen, including Starlight herself. A month later, Neo goes back to Los Angeles and takes Fruitcake's research material with him, which deviated to making a panacea and he still continues until today. In December of the same year, he attended the Altamont Free Concert in northern California, which turned out to be infamous of its disorganization, chaos and violence. This event convinced Neo that the idealism of the sixties were over, calling it as "the day Sixties ended and died".

Neo decided to go back to robbery-homicide on 1970, which lead him to get discovered by Rattus, who was selling weapons to the Mafia during that time, after he tried to rob and kill him. Neo stabbed him on the neck and got shot five times in his chest as a response, which lead to both men discovering that both of them were immortal. He then asked of his life story and skills and, after finding out of his skills in alchemy, offered him to be part of the "entourage". Neo declined the offer and just opted to be his informant around the city. However, after a month has passed, he offered him again, under promises of having a "steady but negotiable" pay, and Neo quickly accepted.
Spoiler for Hidden:
Neo can be described as cocky, sassy, egoistic, rude and facetiously sardonic, although he freely admits to these quantities and is seemingly unashamed because of them. However, he sometimes berates other people for saying that he is egocentric, saying that egoism is different from egocentricism, as he could he "could put himself on other's shoes", but only ignores doing so, either because he already experienced such or he deems it as inappropriate. Albeit he shows signs of cynicism, he dislikes outright and excessively cynical people, saying that they are ruining everyone's lives by being "so self- absorbed, thinking that they've seen it all when you can never actually see it all".

He seemingly has no moral sensitivities on murdering someone, although he does have reservations on it because of its unacceptability in modern society, which makes him worry that excessive killing will not be good for his reputation and deems rape as something greater than murder, although he also states that "rape ain't that too bad as they make it either" and a large kill count could be used for basic psychological warfare. He also has hints of sexual sadomasochism and has outright stated that he could engage in bondage with some moderation and limits. His moral fiber is usually deemed either by his force of habit or the amount of satisfaction he will derive from an action, which meant that he will not do something considered traditionally unethical if he does not feel comfortable with it or he does not feel like doing it.

He also has a habit for spouting pop culture references unashamingly, even at inappropriate times or when it annoys other people, which sometimes push him to amplify this practice. In addition to this, he sometimes insults people's personality or mistakes just for the sake of insulting them, which usually elicits a reaction from the offended party, ranging from subtle to violent. His insults could sometimes touch the person's race, intelligence, sexuality, creed or age, and he intentionally uses politically incorrect, vulgar or offensive language, even when talking favorably about a particular group. He also has a liking for sexually harassing women or even men and states that being sexually harassed himself arouses him. Ironically, Rattus asks Neo to correct him if he uses a outdated word, much to his amusement and chagrin.

Neo has a particular liking for reading Western comics and playing video games, although he does watch anime sometimes, usually of pornographic nature, which he views as a good source of comedy. He usually spends his time surfing the Internet to chat, post on numerous forums, read articles or watch or read pornography, if not "continue his research", his all around excuse to keep his door locked, in which he either tells the truth or consumes marijuana or LSD, the only time when his personality radically changes. He also said that he played some visual novels before and has a liking for train groping or rape-themed ones. Since his room is sound-proofed, he could be heard playing music at high volume, usually an old or classic song that's appropriate or ironic to the Order's general mood or situation.
Weakness: Although immortal, his lack of regenerative abilities render him vulnerable.

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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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Name: Lawrence Frisvold
Race: Human/Sin-Eater
Age: 22
Height: 5'10
Weight: 160 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Appearance: A Caucasian male with a rather scruffy look and seemingly permanent short beard, Lawrence seems to be perpetually slouching, like there's a massive weight upon his shoulders. Fond of old surplus military items, he's rarely found without a jacket without a unit insignia sown on.
Alignment: True Neutral

Scale: Mixed

Strength: D (Human)
Agility: C (Human)
Speed: B (Human)
Magic Resistance: E+ (Servant)
Magic Ability: N/A; Though Special might be the better definition considering the source of the abilities he does possess (Servant)

Other Abilities: Lawrence, like all Sin-Eaters is bound to a Geist; a sort of weird mix between a spirit, a ghost, and a revenant that embodies the very essence of how it died - and often this matches up quite nicely to how its Sin-Eater died, their Threshold. Lawrence himself belongs to the Torn, a sort of catch all term for the Threshold of those who died violently or in gruesome matters. This ghostly pact is the only reason the Sin-Eater is alive, a sort of timeshare/cohabitation plan that allows the Sin-Eater to live, and the Geist to once again touch the world of the living. Many Sin-Eaters use their new life to help the restless dead move on through various means, and this pact also grants abilities to the Sin-Eater of a ghostly nature. Sin-Eaters can also use the energy of their Geist to regenerate from otherwise fatal wounds, even on the edge of death itself. An otherwise 'dead' Sin-Eater can sacrifice part of his own control to the Geist in return for resurrection as well, but this permanently scars the soul - regenerating most of your body or shoving your soul back into a corpse isn't exactly the healthiest thing to do repeatedly. Lawrence is still new to the whole 'Sin-Eater' thing, only possessing a knack for two 'Keys' of ghostly power, the Stigmata and Industrial.

The Industrial Boneyard - Upon entering an area, industrial machinery and mechanical devices seem to be far more responsive to his touch; able to spark to life with little difficulty. One of the primary powers of a Sin Eater, the Boneyard allows an area to come under their influence and observation - a bounded field specifically linked to their Threshold and Geist. Though it puts the user in a seemingly trance like state, the Boneyard can be fatal to underestimate - a lock can refuse to open, televisions spark to life and radios broadcast unearthly echoes and the sounds of the damned, machinery of all types suddenly whir to life and move on their own. Tools and manmade items fly through the air, telekinetically obeying the Sin-Eaters will.

The Stigmatic Boneyard - Spirits beware. While this boneyard is active, the Sin Eater can sense all ghosts and spirits within the area. For that matter, he can also set up wards, bind spirits and ghosts, or even drain their very essence from them without even needing to touch them, all with just a bit of willpower.

Industrial Rage - Lawrence can make machines fail to work in catastrophic ways and electrical machinery simply refuse to start or sputter and die. This same ability makes his weapons even deadlier, the rage of the items themselves fueling and guiding his own hands as the Geist howls into his ears.

Stigmatic Rage - Lawrence isn't too keen on this power - it's too similar to the Curse to really be used much and it's range is far less than the Industrial Rage. However, it can make people bleed from their eyes and ears, and ghosts ooze out their plasm. Fun stuff.

The Industrial Curse - Do you want your brakes to fail, garbage disposals try and shred your hand, the shower suddenly change from warm to flesh meltingly hot? That's what the Industrial curse does. The magazine in your gun falls out, your cellphone sparks into death, you break your clutch by just touching it to try and shift gears, and in general man made objects attempt to either kill, harm, or maim you, or if you're lucky, just don't work at all.

The Curse of the Stigmata - Possibly the worst power to be on the receiving end of within a Sin-Eaters arsenal; the Curse of the Stigmata is horrifying to experience - not that many live long after falling under it. Wounds refuse to heal and bleed profusely as old scars spill fresh blood, the souls of the dead torment their mind, drawn to the recipient like flies to a corpse, their eyes are filled with cataracts and the victims own body begins to eat him alive. Many commit suicide soon after falling under the curse, the effects simply too much to take. Lawrence himself rarely uses it - no one deserves to die in such a way.

The Stigmatic Caul - Many cultures believe blood is the source of the soul - for Lawrence, it's somewhat true. Binding himself within his Geist's power, he loses the need to breath, eat, sleep, his body functions crawl to a halt as blood simply refuses to move through his veins - yet he somehow still lives, still moves, still acts. For that matter, he's able to manipulate spilled blood in a short radius around him; forming ghostly specters of crimson to blind his enemies or manipulate objects.

The Industrial Caul - Real body horror. Lawrence is able to shove objects into his body to be used at a later date, and otherwise meld his body with machinery, becoming one with it. So yes, if he wanted to, he could have shotguns for legs. Who's to say he doesn't?

Lawrence himself is a rather talented driver, a skilled marksman and a mechanic that's very very good at what he does. For that matter, he can also see spirits and ghosts, even in non-manifested and spiritual forms due to his bond with the Redheaded Driver, his Geist. Oh, and he learned how to seal ghosts in beer bottles, and how to 'drink' their essences. So he's not popping off a cold one, he's drinking down a god damn soul.

Weakness: Losing his Geist, lack of industrial machinery or mechanical devices around, spirit destroying weaponry
Likes: His old muscle car, old weapons and machinery, ghosts, 60's music, Hard Rock
Dislikes: Gang members, those who torment spirits, Sin-Eaters who exploit ghosts for personal gain

Backstory: Every Sin-Eater is born in death. Some obsess over it, some wish to truly die again, some simply see it as something that happened to them. But what really matters is how they died. Lawrence was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, having just purchased an old and rather battered '71 Firebird that he planned to restore as a project. Instead, he was killed during a case of mistaken identity, his car and body torn apart with bullets by a group of gang members looking for revenge against a member of a rival.

Lawrence bled to death in the front seat. So had the Redheaded Driver, a Geist in the form of a young man fresh from the horrors of Vietnam, wide eyed and riddled with bullet holes, who had been murdered himself in the same car by a jealous ex-boyfriend of his Fiancee. His spirit, consumed with fury and pain, had attached itself to the car, remaining within. Most of the owners had sold the car after a while, naturally feeling ill at ease in the presence of such an angry ghost. The Redheaded Driver wanted payback. It wanted Justice. It wanted to kill those who killed in anger. It wanted to feel the world again. So it offered Lawrence a deal, one he grasped onto immediately, coming back to life in the back of an ambulance covered in a sheet. The doctors said he made a miraculous recovery from the attack. Lawrence knows better.

Lawrence is now on the hunt, armed with the old .45 Automatic the Redheaded Driver had in paranoia stashed within a seat cushion forty years earlier (not that it had done him any good.) and his refurbished Firebird, plus a new arsenal of ghostly powers The killers are still alive, but he won't let them stay that way forever. The ghosts of the dead howl for vengeance and justice, and that's exactly what they need to move on. The Redheaded Driver doesn't want anything less than that.
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Re: Cross Effects: Rebirth (2.0) Character Page
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- "Do you not understand the beauty of a cold, unmoving, shredded, bloated, CORPSE?!"

- "Happy families are all alike. Unhappy families each are unhappy in their own miserable, entertaining ways."

Name: Ketsumoto Uchiten [血本内天], 'Uchi' to 'friends'
Race: Evil Spirit
Age: Something close to 900 years, current form looks to be in his early 20s
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Eyes: Black outer iris ring, inner iris white, and pupil is a black circle with a white center.
Hair: Black

Appearance: As a spirit, Uchiten can change his appearance at will, although it is much easier for him to assume humanoid shapes. His current main form is that of a handsome young man in his twenties, with slick, short black hair combed back, and unnatural looking eyes. He always wears discrete, rectangular shaped glasses with a thin metallic frame and dark red lenses. His clothes vary depending on his mood, although he always wears dark clothes. His two most common garbs are the black hakama and kimono combination with an inverted pentagram on its back, and sandals; and simple grey pants, shoes, tie-less black shirt, and a grey suit. Otherwise he tends to wear dark pants, a black t-shirt, boots and a simple jacket.
Something to note about his current physical appearance however, is that despite him seeming fair and completely normal, looking at him in person gives one an impression like staring at a corpse.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Scale: Servant
Strength: E
Endurance: D+
Agility: E+
Speed: E
Magic Resistance: D (By virtue of sheer spiritual power, his magic resistance should be much higher than this, but due to the rotten nature of his soul, it is greatly diminished. Additionally, effects with a purifying, exorcising, or anti-evil nature completely ignore his magical resistance.)

Magic Ability: A++
Uchiten is an undisputed master of Onmyodo that can be said to almost stand at the level of Abe No Seimei himself. Onmyodo is a school of magic and traditional esoteric cosmology based on the principles of Yin and Yang and the Five Phases, a system which also incorporates practices from Taoism, Buddhism and Shintoism. It deals with divination, spirits, exorcism, warding, curses, and Shikigami.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Five Phases and Five Elements: A
The Five Phases (Wu Xing) are a fivefold conceptual scheme that the explains the flow of phenomena and the elements on a cosmic scale, based on the cycles of mutual overcoming and mutual generation . The five phases, represented by elements, are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water in the order of mutual generation. The Five Elements (Godai) are a hierarchy of power that divides what makes up the world and classifies them into the domains of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void, in crescent order of power.

Having mastered the principles of the Wu Xing and the Godai, Uchiten has a great deal of control over the elements and their transmutations. Using the power of the Wu Xing, it becomes possible to overcome an opposing element through the one that conquers it, and elemental transmutation allows one to access the domains of all five even without the power necessary to channel all of them directly. On the other hand, accessing the power of the Godai permits using the various types of energy that exist in the world in accordance to their root element. Both concepts are closely associated with the pentagram, the Wu Xing as a cycle of renewal and destruction that represents perfection, and the Godai as a hierarchy of power that represents the whole of creation. With the power of the inverted pentagram, Uchiten is also able to destroy these connections - the ability to undo creation and to reverse the flow of the universe. He also knows many spells that call directly on the elements of either principle.

Shikigami: A++
The familiars of Onmyoji. Generally simple spirits contracted to the user and made to perform tasks for their masters. However, they are wildly versatile. While the most common shikigami are spirits conjured and bound to servitude, and those that are created by the caster and animated with a talisman, usually for a single task, animals may also become shikigami, and may be empowered by the caster to become stronger familiars. And of course, humans and yokai may also become shikigami, given the master is powerful enough to control them and supply them with energy.

Uchiten is prodigious at shikigami use, being able to create and control a great amount of constructed talisman shikigami all at once. Even these have considerable power, and usually appear in the forms of dark specters or inky animal shades when he requires them for anything other than menial tasks. But what is most impressive is the several high-ranking yokai and spirits he has under his command. Uchiten has contracted to him two Oni named Zan and Shi, a Tsuchigumo, a group of Kamaitachi, a Gashadokuro and a Kitsune named Homura. While they are all many times stronger than his talisman shikigami, using several of them simultaneously is straining.
Spoiler for Hidden:
(Servant Scale)
Zan Stats: STR B, END C, SPD A, AGI B, MRes D
Shi Stats: STR A, END B, SPD E, AGI E-, Mres D
Tsuchigumo: STR C, END D, SPD E+, AGI E, Mres D
Gashadokuro Stats: STR A+, END A, SPD /, AGI /, Mres D
Homura Stats: STR E, END E, SPD D, AGI E, Mres D, Magic Ability C
Kamaitachi Stats: STR E, END E, SPD B, AGI A, Mres E
(Human Scale)
Talisman Familiars: STR EX, END EX, SPD EX, AGI B, Mres -

Curses: A+
The practice of curses is the expression of a wish that some form of misfortune or adversity will befall a certain entity that is the target of the curse. In Onmyo magic, a Curse is embodied by spiritual power and empowered through negative feelings to bring about calamity to its destined target. Curses can take many forms, and the stronger the intent, the more malicious the curse. Feelings by themselves can be dangerous depending on what shape they assume, so Onmyo curses can bring about truly terrifying effects: controlling a person's mind, poison their body and thoughts, or even kill them. Eliminating a curse is a process called removal or breaking, which expels the feelings behind it from the sufferer of the ailment, often resulting in the reversal of the curse back to its master, or someone else.

Uchiten is greatly skilled at this type of ritual, even being a master of Kodoku. Kodoku is a kind of poisonous magic to artificially create a noxious curse through sacrifice of living beings - to create Kodoku, the sorcerer mixes a number of insects in a sealed jar and lets them kill each other only one survives. The remaining insect then becomes the core of a living curse used to poison an individual and control them, cause them misfortune, or kill them. The term 'kodoku' also applies to the insect spirit itself, which can be considered a kind of shikigami.

Lacing harmless gestures and words themselves with curses is the mark of a skilled hexer, and doing so is a simple matter to Uchiten, even when dispensing particularly powerful ones. Just communication, whether verbal or not, can become a curse in and of itself, and strong intent can birth similar hexes. When used purposefully, these can be the equivalent of high grade curses. Uchiten has the ability to exploit these idiosyncrasies to great effect and strongly affect others through them. This particular use of curses is closely related to the matters of sympathetic connections and true names, and the name "Ketsumoto Uchiten" can in fact be considered a curse as well under the power of its owner.

Barriers: B-
Wards and barriers are one of core principles of Onmyodo as a supernatural discipline of protection, placing great importance on the power of gestures and chants, as well as symbols and geometrical perfection, to restrain the undesired and keep away enemies. Traditionally, this practice was focused on warding off evil spirits and yokai, but it evolved to defend from other uses of magic and stop even mundane harm.

Despite not being his strongest area of magic, Uchiten can still create powerful wards. He can deploy potent personal barriers in an instant, and create high leveled boundary fields of both defensive and entrapment purposes within seconds with the use of talismans. When given time to do so, he can also create intricate barriers that warp space to create endless mazes and disorienting labyrinths.

Others: A
Other than the aforementioned abilities, Uchiten is knowledgeable in many other techniques of Onmyodo. He can cast many spells using only basic mantras (chants) and mudras (signs), surpassing the need for larger rituals and preparations. His use of paper talismans, made by hand, also increases his abilities as far as this is concerned, allowing for quick focusing of energy and fast spellcasting. Crafting paper talismans is a long and arduous process that requires concentration, but Uchiten has mastered it already, and always has a great number on him. Many are also inscribed in blood, which lends them much increased power.

When alive, Uchiten was a powerful diviner as well, and he maintains this ability today. As a spirit and powerful mage, he can also effortlessly levitate and fly if he so wishes. Complementing his power of the Five Phases and Five Elements, he uses the mystical power of the Four Directions and the Four Guardian Beasts, closely associated with the former two principles. Two of his most powerful offensive spells are the Buddhism associated mantra of the Fire Realm and the mantra of Fudo-Myou. Use of Kotodama is another skill he is powerful in, but one he is limited at - kotodama causes others, whether human or spirit, to abide by the words of the caster by speaking directly to the soul. As his own soul has become twisted, Uchiten can only use kotodama very irregularly. The same as most magic of this type, its effect is stronger if the caster has some sort of dominion or pull over the target (such as having heard their name from their own lips in response to his question).

Thanks to no longer being a human and dabbling in forbidden sorcery, he is extremely hard to kill by normal means. If damaged, he can disperse his body into black mist and recreate it elsewhere, and he can feed on the spiritual energy and souls of others to restore his own power. His patron god is Amatsu-Mikaboshi, the Japanese Star God of Evil, and he can beseech its aid if he so requires, but at a hefty price. And finally, he can travel large distances in moments using the pulses of the Dragon Veins (ley lines).

Other Abilities:
He is trained in kenjutsu and bajiquan, and has extensive astronomical and medicinal knowledge. He has also picked up several languages over the centuries, and has a talent for reading the expressions of others.
Since becoming an evil spirit, he has also attained evil eyes that inflict an overpowering sensation of fear on whomever he turns that power towards.

His unique countenance is repulsive to most of those who can sense his true nature and purely Good aligned beings. To Evil aligned beings however, it has the opposite effect and commands a sensation of both respect and awe to those weaker than him. His presence has the least sway over those of Neutral alignment, thought it may still subconsciously influence them depending on the sort of person they are.

Origin: Ketsumoto Uchiten was once a son of a noble family and a student of Onmyodo who became an Onmyoji of the Imperial Court during the late Heian Period. Since he was young he had been praised for his talent at divination and been greatly inspired by the fame and prestige of Abe No Seimei, of whom he was a contemporary and one-time student. His quest for success led him down the path of power, and he grew stronger and stronger in Onmyo magic over time. Unfortunately, his indulgence over power led him to engage in dark passions and evil desires, and over time he turned to the forbidden arts and the taboos of Onmyodo, seeking to increase his own power even further.

His dealings were discovered, and he openly turned on the Onmyo Bureau and the Imperial Court rather than let himself be taken in, starting a brief campaign of spiritual terror on the capital that was quickly subdued. Making enemies of the remaining Onmyoji at the peak of their forces, he was eventually caught and killed despite his great power, and the dark sorcery he employed was cleansed from the capital.

However, his death did not mean his end. His spirit lingered on as a wraith, bound to the world by resentment. Over many decades, his hate festered and his desire to cause even greater chaos and death as revenge grew. Uchiten's spirit was slowly driven mad and his soul corrupted. After almost two centuries of nurturing himself with curses and twisted desires, devouring lesser spirits and yokai to sustain himself, and feeding off the evil of the capital, he ascended to the ranks of the yokai and regained proper use of his mind.

During the centuries that followed, he accumulated power and slowly tormented Japan from the shadows, facing off again and again versus the Onmyo Bureau and its successors all that time as a constant enemy. Eternally locked in a dance of despair and strife, torturing his foes - there was nothing more than Uchiten wanted.

Weaknesses: He is much more vulnerable to magic than he should be considering his power. This is because of his nature as an evil spirit, which also makes anti-evil attacks, as well as rituals of exorcism and purification, extremely effective against him if they connect.
Although skilled at hand to hand combat and the katana, Uchiten is much weaker at melee than most of his Shikigami, and notably less resilient than them, if harder to kill overall.
And finally - despite being strong enough at Onmyodo to cast powerful spells almost instantly and bypass certain incantations, as well as perform rituals that usually require many practitioners by himself, Uchiten is heavily reliant on his paper talismans for this. He always has a vast number of them on him, but forcing him to use them up will limit his power.

Likes: Chaos, death, destruction, corpses, despair, watching the struggles of those beneath him
Dislikes: Necromancy, happy families, having his fun disrupted
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