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This is a crossover Urban Fantasy RPG containing characters from the Nasuverse and many other universes as well, but as long as it fits into an Urban Fantasy section.

What is Urban Fantasy you ask? Well it is rather awesome, but its fantasy takes place in an "Urban" environment such as a city. Think along the lines of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files and Fate and Tsukhime are actually classified as Urban Fantasy too.

Also No Aliens
This is a Supernatural Role Play with Horror and Fantasy elements.  This is not science fiction or sci-fi.  There is a difference between the two.

The level of tech in the city is modern day.  I will allow some advanced technology such as cybernetics to a point, but this RP isn’t about mechs.  Artificial Intelligences outside of computer systems (read androids) will not be allowed.

I will allow Mecha if it is more steampunk like/magical in nature than super science.

The Basic Story is this: For some reason Nexus City has popped up in a pocket dimension, pulling things from other worlds randomly around with it. In this city you can see the Statue of Liberty at the bay, but in the center of the city is Tokyo Tower. The City is a huge, sprawling metropolis. Like all cities it also has its dark underbelly as well. Think of the City as the obese, bastard child of Metropolis and Gotham and you'd be half way there.

The City is full of factions and alliances of its own. Normal people are sort of aware of the supernatural goings on in the city but they don't speak of them. Mainly because they don't have the means to deal with magic users, vampires, werewolves, Servants, and the like. They try to go on with normal life as much as possible. Business is thriving in The City, the economy is good, and there aren't that many homeless people out there (they've gotten eaten).

Now, your character(s) have gotten pulled into this vast, dark city and are forced to survive. There are those who want to help you. There are others who would want to use and abuse you. There are others that would simply eat your face.

At the time, there is no "Big Bad" in this RPG except maybe the City itself. This is about survival and building a life. Now there will be fights. A lot of the members of the supernatural community are either ancient warriors or predators there will be combat.  However, this will not be a combat driven RP.

This is an RP about interaction and characterization.


1.) Treat Other Players With Respect.  Golden Rule here.  Treat others how they want to be treated.  If you have a problem with another player, do not spout insults at them.  Bring your qualm to them in a polite manner.  If that does not work, please alert the GM.

2.) Thou Shall Not Meta Game Or Godmode. If you have knowledge that your character could not possibly have, don't give it to them without a reasonable explanation. There will not be any Godmoding here either. You will get smote, and smote hard.

3.) Do Not Control Another Person's Character. This means if you say, "Character X punched Character B." You would stop right there and give the other player time to respond. DO NOT say, "Character X punched Character B, and Character B went down like the little bitch he is." You give the other player a chance to respond. Hell, Character B could be a master martial artist who could block the punch and pull the other character in an arm lock in retaliation while Character X is just some Normal Dude.

4.) You Cannot Kill Another Person’s Character Without Consent. If I find out that anyone kills off anyone that wasn't suppose to die I am within my rights, as GM, to either penalize you, throw you out of the game, or remove of one of your characters out of the game as I see fit. 
However, a character might, in certain circumstances, be taken over by another player for a while.  If it is a reasonable/plausible explanation. Example: Character A is a vampire with high ranking mental powers and Character B is Joe Shmoe.  Character A feeds from Character B and wipes their mind.  That would be allowed.  However within reason.

5.) Show, Don't Tell. Or rather demonstrate, don't explain. Some times info dumps are needed, but if your character is a smart ass bad ass, show them being a smart ass bad ass. Don't just say they are, back up your claims, and that also means no having other characters who don't know the one character suddenly talk about your character being the smart bad ass without reason to do so. I want this to be a fairly well written RPG.

6.) For the Love of God, Please Try To Make Your Posts Readable. It’s no fun if one’s posts aren’t able to be read.  Use proper capitalization, spacing, and punctuation in your posts whenever possible.  If there are constant infractions, GM action will be taken.  This should be a fairly well written RP that others can read like a story if they wanted.

7.) Give other players time to respond. Now sometimes two players will go on a tangent with themselves. It's expected and can be fun, and if their interaction is separate from most everyone its fine. Plus it would be expected in a love scene between two characters. Now if there is an event and other people are trying to catch up slow down. Like if a group of players are fighting something, and one of them has trouble catching up, give them time to respond.

However if a character does not reply within a 24 hour period during a time of “heavy action”, I apologize, but we will be forced to move without them. Don't worry, we won't kill your character and we'll say they did something neat during the conflict so they're not a mook.

8.) This is an Adult RP. Adult things will happen, such as relationships and sex. There will be erotic content in this RP. If you're not comfortable with that, do not join or just say so and anything that could happen with your characters will happen "off screen".

9.) Ten Characters are Allowed Per Player. Depending on how this RP goes, the character cap may be upped.

10.)Alternate Selves. Since this is a Multi-Dimensional RP, multiple versions of one character will be allowed, but only one per player and only three versions of one character allowed at a time. So that means Player C can play as Mind of Steel Shirou where everything went Grimderp and he let Rin kill Sakura, but that is the only version of Shirou he can play. Player A can play Fate Shirou who is following his dream. Player B can play Heaven's Feel Normal End Shirou who is Sakura's house husband. For the purposes of this RP Emiya Shirou and EMIYA Archer are separate characters. So there can be three Shirous and three Archers.

11.) No Aliens. Batman and Wonder Woman are fine. The Martian Manhunter and Superman are not. Or rather Arcueid and Alucard (both Castlevanyia and Hellsing versions) are fine, but most of the Cast of Dragonball Z is out.

12.) Their Power Level is Over 9,000!!!! In regards to “over-powered” characters, the GM may make demands such as depowering them to a reasonable level or force a weakness on them.  A weakness isn’t something like, “Afraid of spiders!” or something physiological.   A weakness would be like a wooden stake to the heart killing a vampire or silver being able to harm werewolves.  Or, without his helmet, the Juggernaut is weak to psychic attacks. 

13.) The Player Knows Their Character Best.  If a player has a character that has an ability to read others such as their desires and base selves and wishes to use it, they need to get in touch with the player who’s character their character wants to read.  Say Character 66 can know a person’s most secret, hidden desires.  They read Character 69- 66’s player has to go to 69’s player to find out what their deep, hidden desire is.  They just cannot guess it outright.

*** Please Note, All Character Approvals are on the Character Approval Thread ***

Here is a rough "map" (5,000 hours in MS paint!) of the city.  Very rough.

It's a general idea how the city is made up.

Basically, the "laws" for laws for magic are no killing, mind control, or wanton destruction of property.

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