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Of Swords and Sorcery (chronological edition)
« on: May 05, 2014, 04:39:55 AM »
(Author's note: the discussion thread will be opened shortly, this is not a thread to post in, this thread is an archive for readability)

 Of Swords and Sorcery (chronological edition)

Wrinkled hands grasp a small, ugly switch of wood. Modern practitioners of sorcery would be horrified to have such a wand, but the elder holding it has no such vanity. He is known as a great sorcerer in most places, but all things being equal he might prefer to take his pipe, his snowy mop and his impressive beard and just sit with the animals and discuss the ways of the world.

Sadly, as the wizard knows all too well, he cannot sit idle. So Merlin the Magnificent, as the humans call him, sits in the cavernous room awaiting the start of grim matters of discussion.

Into the featureless room, eventually, arrive the other two wizards who the matters at hand concern.

The first is another elderly wizard. Unlike Merlin, however, the man chooses modern clothing. He is dressed in a pin striped suit and, oddly enough, tap shoes. Let it never be said that the Wizard Marshal had lost his sense of humor, even in the face of such a damning affliction as vampirism.

In addition to the two men, the final guest arrives. A woman with brilliant red hair, dressed in a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Aoko Aozaki, master of time, the fifth magic.

"It's not everyday I get called to a meeting. What's this about?" she asks, raising an eyebrow.

Merlin motioned for the two to sit down, before revealing a seemingly-ordinary rounded glass table and promptly dumping water on it.

Before the other two could question his action, a terrible image appeared in the water.

"I killed him" was all the Wizard Marshal could manage.

"Many times you have, and many more you will do so. However, there was one time you did not, one time where all good men failed and left open a window", Merlin added.

Aoko's face scrunched up in disgust at the figure depicted.

"Ugh, he's covered in sludge", she remarked.

"That is a curse that was brought forth by the Einzbern family. It is what, regrettably, ended your young student's life. Further, can you see it?" Merlin asked.

The two sorcerers focused for a moment, and then they turned to each other to see if they were seeing things; the look they had was mirrored by the other, so what they had seen was obviously true.

"Crimson Moon, covered in the physical manifestation of human darkness", Merlin said, confirming the truth.

"Plainly put, there is no way to win this fight as it stands", he added, stroking his long beard.

Zelretch frowned. "Well, no, perhaps not. But, couldn't we get Emiya to help defeat it?" he asked, remembering his descendant's heroic friend. 

Merlin shook his head. "No, and allow me to save you time. None of the heroes prior or after can defeat that amalgamated monstrosity. We cannot simply get one group's help, we need everyone, everyone from every reality."

Aoko blinked. "That's impossible. Look, I like crazy, we have an open bed relationship even though he's constantly drilling my sister, but you can't seriously be expecting to use the true magics to connect to everything. Just bringing two worlds together would probably kill all three of us", she exclaimed.

Merlin nodded. "Yes, as of this moment, you are correct. However I have a plan. Although, before I explain further, please understand that it is definitely not my first choice. What we do, well the western churches would cast us into hell."

Zelretch laughed. "That's every Magi plan ever conceived."

"Perhaps so, nevertheless I feel obligated to explain what I will need of you in full", the sorcerer replied.

It took an hour but, finally, the three resumed their seats at the now-dry glass table. Flecks of greenish matter clung to the bottom of Aoko's shirt.

"So what do we need next? I mean, OK, we have a great idea but, well, I think we're stuck if what you said is true", Zelretch sighed, tapping the table absent-mindedly.

Merlin nodded. "Indeed, not many can suit our needs as such. The ones strong enough or willing enough, like the Princess or Emiya, are bound by greater forces, still others are too weak to be empowered or have a power that consumes them, like Taiga Fujimura, Tohno Shiki or Shinji Matou. We only have three realistically left", he chuckled.

"Get on with it old man!" Aoko snapped, cracking the glass table as her palm connected with it.

Zelretch frowned and Merlin nodded. "The maid girl Hisui, residing in the Tohno house, and that friend of Shiki's, you know, what's his name, Arihiko? Those two and a young boy, Satoshi. These three are the only ones who stand a chance of doing what we need", the old wizard explained, adjusting his soft blue cap.

Aoko seemed content for a moment and then sighed. "This kid, Satoshi, let's not beat around the bush. He's the only you intend to use, right? Because, correct me if I'm wrong, but you think the other two have too much self interest and it's easier to train a hero at a young age, right?"

Merlin nodded. "Mostly that's correct, do either of you see it differently?" he asked, wringing his hands.

The two both shook their heads and simply replied with "No".

Merlin stroked his beard and rose from his seat, retrieving a smoking pipe from his robes as he did. The pipe was made of a light wood only found on a certain island in the middle of nowhere, it was not exceptional apart from the fact that obvious care and long hours had been invested into its creation.

Zelretch chuckled as he stood up. "Smoking is a terrible habit", he said.

Merlin took the pipe in his mouth and drew a smile. "Indeed. Once you leave, the plan will start. We cannot stop, so I'll ask again, can you do this Aoko Aozaki?" he asked.

Aoko flipped her crimson locks back and smiled confidently. "I'm not just any magus, I'm a true magician", she announced, pushing her doubts down.

Merlin bobbed his head and watched them leave. A moment later, a blonde man appearing in his mid-twenties entered from a hidden side door.

"Well, master, it's time, there's only one thing left to do before the end", the man said as a large lion drew to guard him. The man laughed at this and petted the familiar.

"Don't worry, you get to see them, I promise", the man said.

The lion roared in reply.

"Well, of course Taiga too", the green-eyed man answered his furry companion.

The lion gently nudged his friend with his forehead and nuzzled against the man's hand.

The blonde turned to the old wizard, unable to face his friend. "It's time, let's go", he muttered.

Merlin nodded and watched the two leave. Just as he was about to step out himself, a familiar voice rang out.

"Old man, if you intend on turning me into a lion for some stupid moral lesson I'll shove that wand where the sun doesn't shine", the youth snapped.

Merlin waved off the blonde's threat. "Then I assume you're finished with the task I gave you?" he questioned.

"No beca-OW!" was the boy's attempt at a reply. Rubbing his head, the youth looked at the switch the old wizard had pulled, seemingly, from nowhere.

"Then get back to work!" Merlin shouted.

The blonde, defeated, dejected and somewhat ashamed, turned away to start back towards the library.

Before the boy left Merlin stroked his beard and said. "You are only fifteen, Satoshi, learn to enjoy life as it comes. There shall be plenty of time for swords and sorcery I think, you needn't outpace yourself trying to catch up to anyone".

The youth heard the words, but whether had taken them to heart was a different question entirely. Seemingly he did not, as he trudged back to the library leaving Merlin alone. The old man soon departed the room himself leaving the echoes of silence in the room.

Chapter one: The Universal Wrestling Federation presents: The Titanic Typhoon Type Tournament! Who will be declared the strongest?

Satoshi felt terrible as he let out a sigh.

'I've failed a lot' he thought, trudging out and down the ramp towards a large square ring. 'But I always come out pretty much even, now my blundering may well have caused a whole universe to collapse'. He sighed again as he cleared his throat.

"Due to a lack of opponents, I, as official for this federation, declare that Type Merc-", his words caught in his throat as two unidentified people dropped into the ring, the female of the two grabbing the ring microphone from the blonde.

"We, the Tower of Power, challenge Type Mercury to a cage match!" the woman shouted in a familiar voice.

Satoshi was utterly confused. Looking the woman up and down, from her red high heels to her skin tight costume, he remarked to himself that she was very attractive, despite his feeling that the circular hole displaying her midriff was unnecessary.

"We're Awesmazing, that awesome and amazing, and we're here to save your butt Clark", the muscular man dressed only in a luche mask and Speedos, both purple, said and, immediately, the gears in Satoshi's head clicked.

"Souji, Leysritt? You guys, Andromeda beat me and Mercury beat him like-", Satoshi started explaining, only to be cut off.

"Like your dad", Souji said, letting out a laugh.

"Even so, we will have to trust you to be a shield for us as you usually are, young master", Leysritt added.

Satoshi groaned inwardly. 'Damn it, I can't object to that', he thought, retrieving the ring microphone. "Ladies and gentlemen, due to a sudden challenge the event will be given an intermission to allow for betting", he announced.

The crowd rumbled and then died away, moving to their business for the break.

Type Mercury shifted, as if anxious, and Satoshi felt himself frown.

"Leysritt, Souji, be honest, do you think you can beat a humanoid opponent like Hercules?" the blonde asked.

Leysritt nodded in response, producing a photograph from between her impressive cleavage. Satoshi blinked at the photo, checked his eyes and looked again.

"I, what?" was all he could manage, but the look in Leysritt's eyes was serious.

Souji only laughed and straightened his hair into that wavy style he shared with his father.

"You got our backs like usual then, eh Clark?" he asked.

Satoshi nodded, despite his reservations. He then began to speak familiar words.

"Steel is my body, and fire is is my blood. A thousand blades echo in darkness for a single goal. I have endured unspeakable pain, all to see her smile. My life is for others, I cannot regret. I speak now, my silent prayer. Unlimited blade works."

A rainbow of colours swept outward, altering the world within the domed stadium. Normally, a reality marble would create a representation of the inner world of its caster, however the nature of types cancelled it immediately.

Satoshi began sweating. "Alright, in order to make this contest fair, the rules are as follows. Firstly, only opponents of similar size and physiology may enter the ring to fight. Secondly, this is a physical contest, as such no mid or long range attacks may be used. Thirdly, this is a skill contest, therefore no artificial weapons may be used. Fourth, only human strength applies". With the rules set, Satoshi gave a pained sigh. 

Type Mercury shuddered and seemingly collapsed into rubble. There was a confused hush from the crowd, before the rubble of the Type scattered throughout the area and a white haired woman with golden eyes stepped out.

The woman wore a blue one-piece leotard resembling a swimsuit and white thigh-highs with black high heels.

"Is this acceptable?" she asked, flipping her long hair back.

Satoshi nodded, muttering to himself and, then, grasping the ring microphone, began to address the crowd and contestants.

"Wrestlers to your corners. Ladies and gentlemen, to finally decide who the strongest is, we will now commence the final match", the green eyed man stated and, as the bell rung, battle was joined.

The match took three minutes, before a spinning pile driver from Leysritt ended it with Mercury face-planted into the mat. The group, however, would not celebrate long, as a mere minute after declaring the winner Satoshi collapsed, bleeding out.
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Re: Of Swords and Sorcery (chronological edition)
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Chapter two: To listen to the story again, flip the tape over to side A.

Crumbling stone and ashen dust clouds contrast against the purple sky. There, in the ruins of the city, is a grave. And, sadly, the man who filled it, standing in the dim light.

Without a sound, the swordsman removes the buckle-like device from his belt and drops it into the dirt. The sparking and whirring of its insides has become a sound he cannot bear. This act signals the end of his patience for the many dark absurdities the world has thrown at him.

The blood-drenched sword he holds is slowly, carefully cleaned. The man swears it is the last time he shall do so and sets the sword into the grave marker, not unlike the sword in the stone.

His breath is ragged, he has forgotten how to breathe. His eyes set themselves on the marker and the name, Esmeralda, written on it. The man nods to himself and, below that, adds a single word, Emiya. He tries to leave but, instead, collapses to his knees, saying "I'm sorry". They are the only words he has and he regrets that, if only because they cannot ever be enough.

His tears, the ones his mind refused to acknowledge, are wiped away by a soft hand, and its owner's golden eyes and pink hair enter his view. Tamano smiles at him and nods, saying nothing at all for hours.

"The world is often unfortunate" is all she utters, as night time falls.

The man nods and, after a small prayer, the two head off.


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Re: Of Swords and Sorcery (chronological edition)
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Chapter three: Original prankster.

Aoko Aozaki trembles with pent-up excitement and anger, her crimson hair flowing like a whip.

"You ready, bitch?" she snaps at the figure across from her.

Brushing the red locks behind her ear, Touko smiles, glaring at the wielder of the fifth with piercing eyes as a smoke hangs loosely from her mouth.

"Oh, I'm plenty ready. Are you sure you're free though? Being a teacher and all", Touko Aozaki said, mockingly.

Aoko stared straight at her dear sister and grinned. Not the usual grin or, even, a malicious grin but instead a sharp one, like shark's teeth.

Before she could reply, though, the main door of the spacious studio opened with a thunderous sound. The cause of the sound would, in future years, be believed by some to be the roar of an angry god, by others to be the trembling of the world and, still others, few as they may be, would believe it was the sound of the compression switch on the exit door as it collided with the wall, and of the hinges snapping off as the door was forced to open inwards rather than out.

Lunatics, all of them. Especially that last group....

In the doorway stood a blonde man with a sheepish smile, obviously startled by his own act.

"Satoshi?" Aoko asked, shaking off the awkward confusion that threatened to kill any chance at explanation.

Satoshi rubbed the back of his neck as Miss Blue marched towards him.

"Uh, uh, I didn't, I mean, I'll pay for the door", he said, avoiding her gaze.

Aoko waved it off. "Don't care. Your hearing was just yesterday, what are you doing here? And, what are you wearing? Seriously, I know you love your dad and all but the bondage gear thing really is just his thing, you're better off with that little prince look you have naturally".

Satoshi held up his hand to stop her tirade before it started.

"Girlga-damn it Souji stop giving my enemies nicknames", he muttered and, after clearing his throat, began again.

"A female version of Gilgamesh, um, has an.. affinity for me...yes. An alternate male Gil took exception to that, and the fact that she was helping Shirou by helping me. My armour got wrecked when I decided that the old family standby was the best option", Satoshi answered.

Aoko chuckled. "Ah, blocking the raging god with your face. You're looking good, wardrobe aside at least, but don't think that gets you off the hook mister. Explanations on why you're dressed like an S&M hipster and why here, now!"

Satoshi paused, slightly stunned by Aoko's tone change. "Well, dad's gear was all I could get to act as a haphazard Skull Suit while my bits healed up. Seriously, what's with the huff about my clothes?"

Aoko frowned and slumped awkwardly to one side.

"Zel came by and showed me stuff, ugh", she replied, looking fairly zombie-like.

"And now she feels icky for teasing you and wants to protect your purity from naughty predators", Touko laughed from her desk as she lit her cigarette.

Satoshi raised an eyebrow, but quickly dismissed the thought of asking further.

"Well, anyway, as for what I'm doing here, check the pocket book I gave you, look up Jim the fish. I came because I need your help to get places and Miss Aozaki's to create replica bodies", he explained.

Aoko blinked slowly as she snapped out of her funk and reached into her pockets.

"Need coffee and details", Touko snapped, taking a drag of her cigarette.

"At the kitchen table", Satoshi replied as Aoko found the entry.

"Shenanigans", she muttered, losing her energy once again.

Satoshi stopped to ask what his teacher meant but, before he could, Aoko came up behind him, slipped her arm around his throat like a nut cracker and began squeezing to choke him.

Sputtering gasps of sound erupted from the blonde.

"Just who exactly do you think you're messing with? You think you're funny?" the red head growled.

"You told me to do it", Satoshi coughed.

Aoko raised an eyebrow and stared at her student.

"I will eat a fez if that's true", she replied, disbelief evident in her voice.

The young man's emerald eyes struggled to find his pockets. Eventually, he managed to fish out the note, and handed it backwards to his teacher.

Snatching the scrap,  Aoko straightened it and scanned the paper.

"I...see..." she muttered, letting go of her student. Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, the immortal magician sighed inwardly before springing-to with a crazy look in her crystal blue eyes.

Satoshi jumped back as his teacher flipped her crimson hair and grinned.

"OK, details Toshi, when and why?" Aoko laughed.

Satoshi relaxed. "First a hospital, then, after Miss Aozaki is done, we have to go to a big fight. The years are on the back of that scrap", he replied.

Aoko turned it around and burst out laughing. "Oh god! Yes! S'go"

Satoshi was stunned as the burning-haired woman grabbed him by the back of his collar and pulled him towards her. In a flash, the two were transported to a barren wasteland. Satoshi, in keeping with his luck, found that his face was stuck firmly between the third-nicest pillows he had ever felt. His hands, however, had learned their lesson long ago.

"I ain't grabbin nothing, see?" he shouted immediately, feeling a phantom pain in his knuckles.

Aoko chuckled. "Aww, you can grab me anytime, kiddo. Go on, squeeze away", she said, her hand holding his head still.

Despite his growth from a lost adolescent, Satoshi had still not purged his more ingrained reflexes. And, so, just as Aoko had wanted, Satoshi struggled out of her grip and tumbled backward on his rear end.

"You're my teacher! " he shouted, burying his now-bright-red face in his hands.

Aoko laughed, extending a hand. "OK, fine, I'll stop. Now let's go save his girlfriend."

Having calmed down, Satoshi nodded and took her hand. A simple grave marker greeted the two as they traveled towards a blistered landscape.

Aoko looked out at the red strained earth. "Rough" was all she said as Satoshi projected a shovel.

"I need you to turn back her clock", the blonde grunted.

Aoko turned back to Satoshi, finding his hands covered in dirt as he pulled a mangled body from its grave.

"WHAT THE HELL!?" she shouted, shock and rage clear in her words.

"You can change her temporal axis", he replied and, suddenly, she realized what she had missed.

Her student was tired, in every way. He was a terribly old man at that moment, something intangible had happened to him, and she could see what it had taken from him.

"Alright, how?" she asked.

Satoshi withdrew another slip of paper and handed it to Aoko.

Crimson eyebrows furrowed and a strange smile crossed her lips. Turning to the woman in his arms, she placed her hands on her.

Moments later, with a sudden gasp, the woman's red eyes snapped open, revealing to her the night sky.

"Cover your ears Sensei, you'll pass out from her speech", Satoshi explained as he began using Avalon to heal the half-dead beast-master.

Aoko raised an eyebrow, confused. "She's been mumbling in Japanese, why would that make me pass out?"

Satoshi paused for a second. "Oh, yeah...right, what was I thinking", he muttered, continuing to heal the woman.

Aoko, seeing Satoshi finish his healing spell, stood up and opened her arms, beginning to cast the time slip once more.

Satoshi, carrying Enkidu, sighed as he reached Aoko.

"OK, hospital now", Satoshi said, shuddering as Enkidu began talking.

In a flash, the three were outside a hospital.

"OK, you'll have to give me a minute kiddo...", Aoko stated as she slid to the ground, sweating.

Satoshi nodded and set Enkidu down beside Aoko.

"Just wait here, I'll buy lunch", he replied.

Enkidu recognized the promise of food and brightened up, speaking freely.

Satoshi stumbled forward immediately from the splitting pain in his head, retreating into the hospital on instinct.

One hour later, after finishing his business, Satoshi returned with the strikingly beautiful, white-haired woman Claudia in tow, and took the group to lunch.

After explaining the details of the situation to the two new women, Satoshi paid the check. With nothing left to do, the two women were left in the care of Bedivere in the new part of town.

"Good job hero, what's next? See the 'rents? Play with your sisters?" Aoko laughed, feeling genuinely happy.

"One more stop", the blonde answered, tossing a scrap of paper at her.

Aoko caught it. "Weren't you.. four then?” she asked, reading the scrap.

"Six", he corrected.

Aoko waved it off and created the opening. Once she had finished, however, Satoshi gave her a sharp kick to the stomach, sending her tumbling into the portal.

"Aqua and Jet should arrive any minute now", he muttered, taking a seat on a nearby bench and waiting.


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Re: Of Swords and Sorcery (chronological edition)
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Chapter Four: Destiny!

I don't like hospitals, they smell like the house on Sundays. But Momma says that I can see my little brother today, so I'll bear the smell.

A big hand ruffles my hair softly and, without a word, I'm scooped up. Daddy points out a room on the other side of a large window, full of babies. After a minute, he points to a small one in the corner.

"That's your half brother, Satoshi", he says, setting me down and taking a knee.

"Now, Sakura, Daddy has a special job. Do you think you can help me?" he asks, running his hand through his white hair.

I can see that Daddy means it, so I nod slowly, doing my best to look serious.

Daddy takes a breath and smiles at me. I don't know what, but something is wrong.

"Listen, it's your responsibility to protect your little brother, can you do that for daddy?"

I smile and nod. "Yes Daddy", I answer, hugging him.


Rin comes over and hands me a small book.

“I... Archer, I just can't...", she exclaims, burying her face in my chest to muffle her laughter.

"The holy Grail war, by Satoshi, age four."

I groan inwardly as I read the title aloud.

“Today, I learned about something called the Holy Grail War. Miss Ryudou told me all about Daddy and how he and Momma won the war. She also told me about my Daddy's powers and that Uncle Archer has the same powers. She told me how Daddy befriended everyone and how the whole thing started because of Grandfather and Mister Kotomine. I didn't understand everything, but I know one thing for sure. My daddy is Megaman and Archer is Protoman.”

Finishing the short journal, I snap it closed and chuckle, before handing it back to Rin.

"Should we get you shades and a scarf?" she asks, still giggling into my chest.

Before I can answer, Satoshi runs up to us and stretches out his arms towards me, a present held in his small hands. I keep forgetting that today is my birthday.

I take the gift. "Can I open it now?" I ask.

He nods with a smile. Opening the gift, I hold back a laugh as I see it. I smile and pat him on the head gently.

"Thanks. Keep it a secret, OK?" I say.

Satoshi's eyes light up, and he nods and runs off to play.

"A blues CD, really. Sella needs to be reminded about teaching him subtlety", Rin remarks.

"Shirou needs to indulge him less... no, wait, this is definitely Dad's or Fuji-nee's work", I reply.


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Re: Of Swords and Sorcery (chronological edition)
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Chapter five: Ahead by a Universal Century.

Taiga Fujimura. Teacher, big sister and all-around great lady. In all the years since the fifth Holy Grail War, Taiga had not let anything bother her. Not the return of her charge's dead father, not the responsibilities left to her by her family nor, even, the onset of grey hair.

Upon setting foot in the Emiya household, she found the sulking form of her nephew and this, of all things, bothered her. If only because she had never known him to be sad.

Slowly she crept up behind him and then, in her usual lively fashion, swept him up into a big hug.

"Hiya Toshi! Tell Aunty all about your day", she declared, cheerfully.

The little blonde smiled for an instant, before just as quickly returning to frowning.

"I found a clock in the store house, Daddy said that he couldn't fix it without the parts. I went looking and found'em but the glass was sharp and I cut myself, then the clock exploded. Momma was really mad and yelled lots. I just wanted to help Daddy", he said, his voice cracking.

Taiga smiled softly and patted his head as she drew him into a hug.

"Shush now, it's OK. Your Mom and Dad know you were trying to help, they just want you to be safe, so no need to cry, right?" Fujimura asked, rubbing his back.

Slowly, Taiga reached into her pocket and pulled out a handkerchief, wiping his tears.

"Come on now, let's clean you up", she said, patting his head and carrying him to the bathroom.

A few minutes later the two emerged having cleaned up. Taiga leaned down and smiled.

"There now, all better. So then, tell be Satoshi, do you really want to learn to build and fix things like daddy?" she asked.

Satoshi nodded. "W-when I see broken things my chest hurts".

Taiga blinked, surprised.

"Ah, well then, I have the perfect place to show you", she said, taking him to the door.

After locking-up, the two started a walk through the city. Down in the shopping district, nestled in between an electronic store and a certain tofu restaurant sits a model shop. Sanada's. Despite the location, the business runs very well. Rumor is that it's a shady one, with mob connections.

If anything, the personal visit of Taiga Fujimura with her nephew that day only served to inflame the rumors.

"OK, Satoshi, this is Mister Sanada, he'll help you build things like your daddy", Taiga explained, patting the boy's head.

Satoshi looked up at the man. He was a man in his mid to late thirties with black hair, and hard brown eyes offsetting his otherwise-friendly appearance. His dress was simple, white shirt, brown slacks and a pair of black suspenders which seemed redundant given the fact that he, like most men, wore a belt.

"Pick out anything you like Satoshi", the man said and, with permission given, Satoshi began to wander about the store.

After a few minutes he came back with a model box.

"Oh, hmm, yes, this makes perfect sense. I'll get the tools", Sanada muttered, heading into the back.

After some time, he returned and sat down at a large table.

"Come here Satoshi, I'll teach you the basics", he said.

The little blonde joined him and began the first of many projects.