Author Topic: DSM Community Game Project (Road from Yesterday to Tomorrow) Interest Thread  (Read 429 times)


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Road from Yesterday to Tomorrow

Plot of the Game: A group of characters (that would normally have nothing to do with each other) are stuck in the middle of a plot to destroy reality as we know it… and they seek to stop the plot, while they further their own agendas, whatever they may be. Can the heroes stop this plot that threatens to destroy reality? The clock is ticking….

Is it single player or multiplayer? Single player.

What are the mechanics? In essence, it is like Kingdom Hearts in mechanics, but without things like Gummi Ships or anything similar for world travel.

How is it played? Arrow keys for movement, ASDW keys for different actions in-game, and Space Bar for calling up the pause screen/player menu.

2D or 3D? 2D.

Which platforms will be supported? Windows and maybe anything else.

Who are the characters? Canon Nasuverse characters from the Tsukihime franchise and the Fate franchise, primarily the characters that live as of Sacchin Normal and Hollow Ataraxia... in other words, almost all the Nasu characters in that timeline (plus some original characters of the game creators' discretion).

Are they premade or will users generate them like in MMOs? All the characters in the game are premade.

Is the story linear? No. There are a minimum of four routes for the game to go through, and three endings per route, each being the Bad, Good, and True endings.

Will there be any known characters? Hell yeah! Most of the characters are known to the fandoms they represent!

Will there be any known musical themes in that case? Yes, especially if they're Nasu characters with said themes, because... what self-respecting Nasu enthusiast wouldn't have that happen?!

Who will be doing what on the game design team? Ah, right, almost forgot this question. I'm the project head and lead writer... and each team member is responsible for writing and handling a minimum of two characters. As point of reference:
  • Xamusel: Project Head/Lead Writer
  • Cherry Lover: Lead Programmer/Writer
And that's so far.

What all will this game be focused on, content-wise? The game will focus on Nasuverse and some other franchises, depending on what the group of writers agree on at the time. For example, it could easily focus on Nasuverse and Star Wars, as the bare minimum of what all it could focus on.

Anyone want to join the project?