Author Topic: Cross Effects: Omake & Spoofs Thread  (Read 515 times)

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Cross Effects: Omake & Spoofs Thread
« on: November 30, 2013, 03:05:43 AM »
This thread is for Omakes and Spoofs of scenes that have already occurred, scenes that could occur, characters that might or might might not appear in the main storyline, or scenes that probably won't ever happen.


1. These are spoofs and Omakes, so take no offence to anything that appears here

2. This thread is for Omakes and Spoofs, not Lemons.

3. If an Omake/Spoof is good enough to add on to, you may do so.

4. No Arguing or Ranting. You know who you are.

Unfit for the Kitchen

? ? ?: Breakfast is served! *Places a steaming bowl of what appears to be a mixture of boiling tar and porridge on the table although it smells like orange juice*
Rin: What is this. Soup?
? ? ?: Nope. It's an omelet.
Rin: Archer. Would you mind kicking him out of the kitchen?
D. Archer & Archer: Nope.
? ? ?: Wait? Wha- *is promply picked up and thrown out of the kitchen*
Rin: Now can someone make a proper breakfast?

Newcomer: Logan

AxeCop: You! Its illegal to drink in public! If you don't stop now, I will cut off your head!
Logan: Go ahead a try, bub *continues drinking beer in front of AxeCop*
AxeCop: Fine then. *Swings axe at the guys neck*
AxeCop: You're made of Metal? That is also illegal, now I have to arrest you and then melt you down.
Logan: Just try it bub
Logan: Just try it
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